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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  January 21, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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to come together. but let's talk about today, because it is thursday, and you probably have a lot to do. we're moved to up a seven out of ten in your weather by the numbers. our storm is starting to take shape. it is pretty big area, too, that's going to gain some strength, and moisture from the gulf of mexico. but there is your snow that came through overnight. not too many problems with that, thank goodness, 28 degrees, but it feels like 21 right now in philadelphia. little bit milder than yesterday. but 21 degrees is still cold, and windchills in the teens in the suburbs as you see here actual temperatures in the 20's, but dress for the windchill, which is in the teens, feels like 10 degrees in lancaster, it feels like seven in mount pocono, feels like ten in millville. that's still very cold for the kids at the bus stop. so, plan on sunday shine today, it will stay chilly all day long, but we may get into the upper 30's, 36 was our high yesterday. 38 degrees we're expecting today. your sunset time is 5:07. so this is pretty tranquil. we'll tell you when this snow
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begins, how much we're going to get and whether it is out of here. all of that coming up next time, along with your seven day forecast, right now, let's check traffic. as we get started on your thursday morning, i95 at academy road, checking here, not too many cars. so looking good there. vine st. expressway is all clear for now. so your travel times are good for the schuylkill, from the blue route, to the vine, and i995 from woodhaven down to the vine street expressway. all is clear. >> all right, storm predicted to be on its way as sue just said. crews are closely monitoring its track, listening to what sue is saying to best prepare the roads for safe commuting, the national weather service encouraging the public to stock up on shovels and other winter weather gear. >> so dave kinchen on this now, live from south philly with more, hi, dave. >> reporter: guys, this is of course where penndot keeps their trucks, in fact, one is loading one salt right now. here in south philadelphia, part of penndot's game plan in place, in fact, that plan is
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already in play, as you see, person dot drivers already working over time, they were called in to treat the highways with a coating of brine last night. that operation continuing likely today, and trucks from the philadelphia streets department were out and about, treating city streets, as well. they will be out today, and it could be the start after long weekend, with that big storm approaching. we were talking to a variety of people who will be out in the winter weather, penndot driver, you will hear from, ups driver, as well, also tourist -- >> i don't know if they can fly in a foot of snow. i don't know. so i guess it means i'll be staying in philly and playing in the snow for the weekend. >> have another cheese steak. >> yes, yes, yes, why not? >> when you hear we could get 12 inches of snow, what goes through your mind? >> more work on the weekends. can't get away from it. >> this is my job. so more snow means more work for me, which means more money. but, you know, got to keep everybody safe. >> it has been pretty decent year so far. i hate the winter. >> not looking forward to the
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weekend? >> not looking forward to it. >> and not looking forward to t but the folks out with penndot keeping us safer, their job, what they do. so thinking about putting these down in your parking spot, after you shovel them, don't do that, of course, philly police out on social media, use the hashtag no savesies. can't save the spots. they'll be out making sure people don't do that, but people do it anyway. guys, back to you. >> loud out there, dave, so get in the warm truck. >> okay, while the northeast gears up for a big snowstorm, the midwest already cleaning up from a wintery mess, drivers were sliding offer the roads in kentucky and tennessee due to the icy conditions. >> in fact, the washington dc area is expected to get hit the hardest this weekend. but snow was already falling last night, volunteers have signed to up help the elderly shovel the snow. and it is really starting to hit hard by way of their forecast late friday night. so, in new york city, to the
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north of course, well, it has been a mild winter so far. many hope the storm doesn't cause too many problems. just in case, the big apple's emergency management workers are in fact ready, of course. >> common sense is the key to this. again, i think people have just dealt with really mild winter, so they're not ready maybe for the snow. >> about 8 inches of snow expected in the new york city area this weekend with more than foot expected in the dc area. >> still developing out of center city, this is the scene on the corner of locust street and van pelt, charged shell of 117 year old building. >> a four alarm fire tuesday night gutted the building, flames shot through the roof, for hours, before the flames were finally brought under control. >> officials tell us 22 apartment were destroyed, and that means dozens of people are staying elsewhere. officials with philadelphia's licenses and inspections out on the scene, they say the building is imminently dangerous crews are already demolishing parts of tee-off i
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shall say they're concerned about the winter storm expected to hit our area this weekend. >> with the snow coming, this weekend, we want to be extra cautious with this building, because of the additional loads that the snow will place on the remaining interior structure, so we will start a demolition from the roof line down. we are hoping, though, that we can save the majority of this building. >> the fire also forcing people out of apartments, in the building next-door. roads in the area still closed until crews remove part of the building, that are in danger every falling. >> to different type every danger, it is developing for you right now, philadelphia police on city-wide alert after they received threat of violence from anonymous caller. >> so just two weeks ago, philadelphia police officer was ambushed in west philadelphia, while on patrol, so, investigators are taking the threat very seriously. steve keeley, live for us this morning, with more on there is hi, steve. >> reporter: they learned a lot more about the guy in question. we learned it from them. his name is 36 year old marcus shelton. he has 20 prior arrests, and
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he's in custody. he was on parole coincidentally for assault, but wanted for some minor parole violations just for like smoking pot, and fair evading on new york subway. they got him in custody for the parole violations, the police up there don't really think he was a threat to anybody, in fact, he had a brother who was a former police officer up there. but still, new york and philly police have plenty of reason to realize being in uniform or on patrol makes them targets for terror. two weeks ago tonight, is when the philly policeman was shot by a guy pledging allegiance to isis. then up in new york two incident the year before. you had the guy who hacked two cops with a hatchet, who the fbi director said sought inspiration from foreign terror sources, then after that even worse, the guy who road on instagram he was putting wings on pigs before killing two police officers as they sat in their patrol car in brooklyn. so two tip calls yesterday morning to both departments
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from the same source in upper manhattan, saying that this guy shelton pledged allegiance , again had commanders of both didn't, issuing high alert to everybody who wears a badge. >> for the things that have happened not only here but in new york and around the country, gout to take it very seriously. >> one of the phonecalls indicated isis, not phonecall to philadelphia, but rather the phonecall to new york, and we are taking it serious, based on what happened in philadelphia couple every weeks ago. >> when you got people threatening lives, police officers just because of the uniform they wear, obviously -- i mean, we figure it all out. we want to remain as we are, just for the safety of the men and women that wear this uniform. >> so shelton turned himself into the detective bureau up at the 32nd precinct, near yankees stadium in the bronx. once he knew police were outlook r for him. so far no plans of threatening police, but he does have the out standing warrants for other crimes so they can still hold him and hope as they hold
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out hope jesse hartnett keeps getting better being shot two weeks ago tonight and getting improved to stable condition finally after being critical for so long. even fear he might even lose his arm, but the surgeons over there, doing a great job, and police here doing a great job working in this threatening environment today. >> officer hartnett shot three times in the arm, steve, thank you. the threat in philadelphia and in new york not the only places where officers are being targeted. in fact, we want to take you here to the city of capetown south after cam just released this footage showing the moment ambushed a cop during a traffic stop. show this mercedes here, okay, here is what happened. run the video again. see the officer, watch this man, look at the gun in his hand, goes right up to him, and starts firing. you see the gun go off right here. the officer ducks, fires back at the guy, the guy actually get away. they can't catch him. so the guy is still on the
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loose. and show it again. walks right up to him behind him. says asks to him, opens fire. >> this poor officer recently honored with the bravery award. what you don't see in the video by the way, lauren is that correct they go back then and continue giving the guy a ticket. >> wow. >> amazing. >> have very scary moment. >> prosecutors say bill cosby looking for special treatment and want his case thrown out before the first evidence hearing. cosby filed request to dismiss the case. d.a. says he can proof from new evidence the comedian drugged and molested a woman in 2004. cosby says the encounter was concentual a hearing scheduled for february 2nd about that dismissal. >> and what the pope was riding around in when he came to visit philadelphia at times got almost just as much attention as he did. who can forget that fiat pope francis used to get around the city in? >> you mean that itty bitty fiat? >> yes, the itty bitty fiat. >> well, that will hit the auction block. pope actually used two fiats
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during his visit to the city brotherly love. the fiat corporation donated the cars for the big event. of course they did. it was free advertising. now, leaders from the world meeting of families and the philadelphia auto show say they'll auction off one of those two itty bitty cars at the black tie gala on friday, the 29th. >> we can think of no better way to officially close the visit of pope francis to philadelphia than to have his papal fiat drive off into the sunset, while benefitting so many people in need. >> money raised from the auction will benefit black ministries of the archdioces. now if you can't attend the black tie gala, no worries, other fiat will be on display during the duration of the auto show. how neat is that? >> very cool. >> i wonder what's going it going to go for? >> that's the thing. can you imagine getting into that car? >> seriously, and then you can sit in the same seat the pope was in. >> where you're seated right now, friends, the pope sat in that very seat.
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can you imagine showing off to your friends? >> how do you know the person who drives it will talk like that? >> because it will probably be someone who can afford to show off. right? >> that's how they talk? >> president obama is pledging his continued support for the people of flint michigan. the federal investigation underway to end the water contamination crisis. >> speaking of water, cvs is in some hot water shelling out hundreds every thousands of dollars for things you may have bought. which items on its shelves causing a half million dollars settlement? ♪ it's not about hugging trees. it's not about being wasteful either. ♪ you just gotta find that balance. ♪ where taking care of yourself takes care of more than just yourself. ♪ lease a 2016 lincoln mkz for $289 a month only at your lincoln dealer.
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this is maybe what we're going to get. this is snow, which moved across tennessee last night, a sign after bigger storm expected at the end of the week. now, east tennessee schools canceled classes, businesses closed early according to local tv station there is. >> i saw some of my friends in memphis, posted on their facebook pages, ice, snow, just a mess, i was like that's going to be us. >> you worked in memphis. you saw storms like that a lot? >> i did, yes. >> sue, he can act same system moving our way? >> no that's a different system. that's the southern part of the wimpy system we had come through last night. here's what we've got going on with this system. it really hasn't pick upstream yet. but will. and we're going to show you future cast in just a second. there is some of the snow that came through last night, so, yes, i guess, you know, all going to combine, what i am saying, into this low pressure system. now, what we are watching is, as we look at this latest
5:15 am
model run, the line between the rain and the snow, and this is friday afternoon, and we are seeing that this snow is starting to get closer, it is in virginia, and we're again watching that rain-snow line by saturday mid-night it is snowing here, and snowing pretty hard. and the line is down there, southern delaware, but see it start to sneak further northward, so thinking lighter accumulations at the shore because we're going to be competing with this milder air moving in, and mixing some of this snow with rain, so, it looks like an all-day event on saturday. if you can at all, stay in. just plan to stay in, all day saturday. this may even last into sunday morning, the way things are looking now, there is sunday morning 3:00 a.m., and this model only goes out that far. but you see, still snowing there. so, how much, i think these numbers are going to change, but his is our first estimate. and it looks like the bulk of snow will fall on the i95 corridor. then we see drop off. we see the mixing every rain.
5:16 am
so 12-18 inches here. but three-six down at the shore. if that much depending on how much rain there is mix in with the snow, could see foot around millville, dover, but they may go more toward that six-inches. that's pretty big range six-12 inches. but again, this is still the better part of two days away from this storm. so, again, that's our first estimate there. but you can at least prepare for a lot of snow. and i would say the minimum probably get in philadelphia is 6 inches. but probably more. winter storm watch already in effect, look down to the baltimore-washington area, they issued blizzard watch in the morning yesterday. high confidence in that kind after storm. down the shore, full moon, coinciding with this storm, coastal storm, coastal flooding, beach errosion, not good, 60-mile per hour winds, wet snow, mixing with the rain. so that's whole different set of problems at the shore, even if they don't get as much snow as we will. soap, what we know is that we will probably see the snow
5:17 am
start, it moves in from south to north, friday, between 9:00 and 11:00 a.m., depending where you live. then looks like the heaviest snow will fall in that overnight time, through the early afternoon on saturday, and we will see wind, along with the snow, so it start off kind of dry, fluffy, then becomes heavy and wet, which is really not easy to shovel. and you really have to take frequent breaks when you are trying to shovel that heavy wet snow, which will also maybe bring down some power lines. so, this is the time to prepare, not panic, got it? >> thirty-six today, 35 tomorrow, all day event perhaps lingering more and more likely that will link near sunday morning, but then looks pretty good headed into the middle of the next week. there is your time, looks like mostly saturday event. that's your seven day forecast, and it is time for traffic. i think we have covered everything with the snow there. now we take a look at this construction on the pennsylvania turnpike, between
5:18 am
valley forge and bensalem, eastbound left lane blocked, and that's slowing folks down just a little bit on that part of the turnpike. but they do expect to pick up that construction soon. 422 past trooper road all clear with no delays, and route 42 creek road in new jersey, building volume, no delays just yet. chris, lauren? >> sue serio, thank you. 5:18 is the time this thursday morning, and cvs has agreed pay nearly half million dollars to pennsylvania for allegation it is sold items pales the expiration date. the drug store chain will shell off $450,000 for selling old over the counter drugs, infant formula, dairy products. pennsylvania attorney general office said that cvs has agreed step up it screening every expired products and training of store managers and employees. president obama pledging his continued tort for the people of flint michigan. >> this as they continue to deal with an ongoing water contamination crisis there. as fox news correspondent will car reports, federal
5:19 am
investigation is now underway. >> some 100,000 people in flint michigan remain unable to drink their unfiltered tap water. >> i know if i was a parent up there, i would be beside myself that my kids health could be at risk. >> this from president obama in detroit wednesday, this weekend he declared federal emergency in flint, and tuesday met with flint's mayor. >> i told her that we are going to have her back and all of the people of flint's back, as they work their way through this terrible tragedy. >> the crisis start in the 2014, when in an effort to save money, flint's water source was switched from the detroit water system, to flint river water. but then high lead levels were found in children's blood. it caused water to reach from flies. flint returned to water, but fear contamination is still an
5:20 am
issue. 500 aid dollars approved but so far the white house is stopping short of declaring the crisis a federal disaster. wednesday michigan's governor filed an appeal saying flint needs more federal aid to repair the entire water system including plumbing in homes. meantime, class action lawsuits have been filed, claiming contaminated water is responsible for health issues, miscarriages, to potential learning disability in children. in that officials new there were problems, but gave false assurances before taking action. the us justice department is now investigate. >> what took so long? because didn't take a scientist to tell us that brown water is not good. >> michigan lawmakers considering a $28 million additional state dollars n los angeles, will car, fox news. today the obama administration could announce new visa requirement for europeans. >> the rules would affect european travelers dual nationals of iraq, iran, suddan, or syria, who have been to any of those countries in the past five years.
5:21 am
the idea is for homeland security make it harder for europeans who have fought for isis to enter the us. >> do you have everything you need before the coming winter storm? people in our area stocking up on just to make sure they're safe. >> you mean, beer, wine and liquor? >> thank you. and your winning lottery numbers. >> and milk, eggs, and bread.
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>> state agencies moving into place, just as busy work to go keep you safe. they're also working to keep the roads clear. >> shawnette wilson in king of prussia, where penndot is gearing up for the potential impact this weekend. but, also, what we may see overnight. >> chris mcdonald left this busy wegmans with full shopping cart. >> hopefully just kind of over hyped, over blown, but never know. >> he's talking about the snow predict today hit the area starting friday. >> others are getting ready, too. >> little bit of everything. lasagnia, pasta, milk, juice, and everything smacks you could have for kids. >> got to get some rock salt, some extra logs, and just few other things. just because i don't know how long we'll behold up in our house in the event that there is snow. >> nearby, at this kop wal-mart, we caught heather
5:25 am
pennington following strict orders. >> my stepfather called and said, heather, you need to stop by and get a shovel. >> we moved, like, six months ago, so we had to get a new shovel altogether anyway. >> you probably won't need a shovel thursday morning. but penndot has trucks ready to salt, if necessary. friday, may need more planning. >> our managers will be gearing up their game plan based on what the forecast is telling us. we expect that we are getting snow. just matter of how much and how quickly will it fall? >> shawnette wilson reporting, and thankfully, she was right. no shovels needed this morning. but oh, just keep them hands. >> i i know. okay, new visual is agents released just yesterday, shows earth's long-term warming trend, five year averages, begins in 1880 when such measurements first started. >> so, using the average surface temperatures, from 1951 to 1980, as a baseline, the animation shows average temperatures below the baseline, in blues, and above it, in yellow/orange.
5:26 am
so, about the being of the warming has taken place in the last 35 years. teams of scientists say that 2015 was the warmest year on record. warmest december on record. here. >> only have one question. >> yes? >> whether is it going to get warm again? look at the fire behind -- oh, now. it was like looking like a fire. burning behind us. how scientific of you. >> all right, let's turn to. >> this the 36-thousand nypd officers on the look-out this morning, the warnings straight from police, after the department received anonymous threat.
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♪ give it to me i'm worth it ♪ ♪ baby i'm worth it ♪ ♪ uh huh i'm worth it ♪ ♪ gimme gimme i'm worth it ♪ ♪ give it to me i'm worth it ♪ ♪ baby i'm worth it ♪
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>> look at our philadelphia skyline there, where we, are yep, that's a lot of smoke from the industry of course. we're going to be seeing in about 48 hours, there is a whole lot of snow. we will break it all down for in you your weather authority forecast. lauren? >> and police are on high alert this morning, the imagine or threat aimed at officers in philadelphia and in new york city. good day everybody, it is thursday, january 21st, 2016. i was just on facebook talking to our people. >> our people. >> cookie says hey, good morning, guys.
5:30 am
i'm down in puerto rico where it will be 82 degrees today. stay warm, chris and lauren. >> listen, thank you, and that's great, you're connecting with us. but next time keep that to yourself. >> i just toll her, i said well lucky duck, can you sends us some sunshine? >> speaking of sunshine, sue, did you say it is national hugging day? >> i just looked it up. national hugging day. >> may we? >> come on over here. >> group hug? >> do you love whether you are meeting someone, they gave you a big hug? >> you what don't notice, they both smell fantastic. >> do you smell good, sue. >> i bathed! >> two out of three. >> yes, sixers cap on budd think morning, there is your big headline, of course, also a cold start today. the blanket coat is on. windchills are in the teens. don't forget the mittens. and, of course, you will argue
5:31 am
with the kids about the hat like always. isn't that great to start your day with a hug? seven out of ten in your weather by the numbers. we have our storm starting to really take shape, as something that will be forced to be reckon with, doesn't look like much right now, little area of snow overnight mover women -- moved well off shore. dry old sit which 28 degrees, and feels like 21, thanks to that 7-mile per hour wind. judge fee giant mount pocono, 6 degrees in wilmington, atlantic city, 17 degrees windchill in wildwood. plan on plenty of sunshine today. looks like decent day, temperature below the average of 40 degrees, 38 degrees high temperature, in store today. dry all day. 5:07 your sunset time. you never know unless we were telling you, weren't telling you, that there is a big storm
5:32 am
coming. there is, and we will talk all about it coming up. right now we take a look at traffic. bob kelly? lucky duck on vacation this week. crews just finished up, removing icicles this part of i59 at penn's landing, i hold my breath every day when those go through that, icicles hanging down, don't fall on me benjamin franklin bridge clear early this morning, and checking some of your travel speeds on major roadways, it looks like every single roadway just about is free and clear slow down on 422, we take it. >> national weather service predicting snowfall. what should you expect for tomorrow morning's commute? >> dave, to be a good citizens by the way, give someone out there working a hug. it is national hugging day. help keep them warm, okay?
5:33 am
>> the penndot drivers can use a hug, too, they do some really hard work, coming in here, at the south philadelphia site where they keep all of their vehicles, loading them up with brine, be out on the roads again today, part of penndot's game plan. that game plan is already in play. penndot drivers are working over time, they were called in to treat the highways with the coating of brine solution last night. and trucks from the philadelphia street department, were out and about, treating city streets as well. out today, and could be the start of a long weekend. >> talked with people working in the winter conditions including penndot driver. >> this is my job, so, you know, more snow means more work for me, means more money. you know? got to keep everybody safe. >> more work on the weekends. so can't get away from it. >> they say we could get foot of snow. how would that impact your
5:34 am
plans? >> well, i don't know if they can fly in a foot of snow. i don't know. so i guess it means i'll be staying in philly and playing in the snow for the weekends. >> have another cheese steak? >> yes, yes, why, why not? >> think about saving a parking spot after you've shoveled it, better re-think that. don't do it, philly cops hit social media with their now hash tal know savesies. out making sure people aren't saving the spots, of course some residents say that's what they do. meantime, one quick note: penndot officials say what they often say around this time, when they're out on the streets, let their crews do their work, make, keep safe distance between yourself and the salt trucks as they're out work to go keep everybody safe, guys, back to you. >> dave kinchen, thank you so much. >> and, philadelphia police are on high alert this morning, after the department got anonymous phonecalls threatening violence against police. this just comes weeks after officer jesse hartnett was ambushed in his cruiser in
5:35 am
west philadelphia. philadelphia police, take that threat very seriously, and now requiring officers to ride two in a car for extra precautions. >> and lauren, police officers in new york also on high alert right now, the 36,000 men and women on the force, are told to look out for potential assault aimed at them. precautions began after the department received anonymous threat, they say, someone with possible connections to isis wanted to shoot an officer. >> we are taking it serious. >> yes, philly police also received that threat yesterday, around the same time, as they did in new york city, lauren. >> man named in that warning in new york reportedly turned himself in to parole board in the bronx for questioning. nevertheless, the threat is prompting the head of nypd largest union to issue this message to officers. be mindful that any call regardless of how
5:36 am
insignificant it appears to be, may be a set up, rely on your training, and tactics, and trust urine stings. don't hesitate to call for back up when your gut tells you something is wrong. >> so i talked to jacky, our assignment desk manager from overnight. >> yes. >> getting coffee down in the break room. i said what did you hear from overnight? she said kinds of quiet night to be honest, but every five minute on the police scanner she says you hear police officers going back and forth talking to one another, if you see something suspicious, call the supervisor, and then they'll calm homeland security. it is get that serious. yep, this is someone, our assignment desk has heard this for years, says it is taking on whole new tone with the police in our sit. >> i i'm sure. scary time to be an officer. >> absolutely. >> old song gets a new twist. thanks to shoes and a ladder? >> ♪
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. >> chip kelly introduced yesterday by the 49ers, made some mistakes here in philadelphia. he was one who said he will always, always selfie sal rates himself after games. two weeks before jobs he said if he looked at what went wrong here, chip continues, to move his lips, and say nothing. >> what we did well, what we did poorly, how can we improve
5:40 am
as a team. i was in the process of that. and really, i don't think it was to me, i got fired, i looked at it more of an autopsy. i'm in the middle of the autopsy right now looking at it, sent toxicology reports out. see when they come back. i'll give you full answer what went owning. >> never takes that long to do things. sixers on the road last night to orlando. sixers, isiah cannon, hits the three, they led at the half 47-46. but in the fourth quarter, when they turn it on, hole as thompson off the inbound, gets it back, scores, sixers beat orlando 96 to 87. that's sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> sixers, beating bad teams, still winning. >> we'll take a win. the buffalo bills, winning, as they made nfl history yesterday by hiring the first woman to be a full time coach. >> this is so cool. there she is. catherine smith, was named, special teams quality control coach. bills coach, rex ryan consulted when arizona cardinals coach.
5:41 am
hired jan weather, smith was administrative assistant for rex ryan this past season, previously worked with him with the jets for seven years, so congratulations, to that organization. >> okay, you have heard of re mix, right? >> sure. >> p. ditty usually associated with those, now the harlem globetrotters say they'll get if the groove through music by remaking their famous theme song. >> ♪ >> festival of families paired up with music producer, to create an okay pell owe version of their theme song, the song coming together only using basketball shoes, ladder and beat boxing. the famed basketball team in the 90 year, certainly on 250 city tour. >> okay, 5:41, did you hear about this? station i made some comment, and she's catching some heat
5:42 am
now. she was responding to the recent oscar boycott, why the clueless star says america needs to get rid of black history month.
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>> ♪
5:45 am
>> she's all grown up. forty today. >> emma bunton, one of the founding members of spice girls, who also had success as a solo artist with her albumn a girl like me. i never heard that song, but i like it. >> pretty, hear what she is saying? comma little closer let's get it on. >> oh, is that what she said? >> yep, she is all grown up. soup serio, good morning. >> yes, that didn't leave a whole lot to the imagination, did it? you know what? you have plenty of chances to do that on saturday, all day long. >> yahoo. >> because we've got a storm coming. whew, yes. it will be a big one. still doesn't look like much. but has moved from the west toast to the central united states, stretch down to texas all the way to up nebraska. but again it, will start drawing moisture from the gulf of mexico, when it becomes a force to be rec orthopedics w off the shore, up at the pennsylvania new york border
5:46 am
won't affect us, so closer view, watch carefully to what's going on, i'll go over this way, so you can see what we've got going on here. now, this is 5:00 on friday. and it is, well, first snowflakes barely entering delaware. moves in south to north, as we've been saying for days, but look at this it, doesn't take long for it to pick up in intensity, by 11:00 p.m. it is snowing pretty hard. we could see snowfall at the rate of one to 2 inches per hour. we start watching, as we get into the early morning hours of saturday, here we are at 4:00 a.m. watching some rain to the south of us, in parts of delaware, still, snowing, in most of our viewing area, though, pretty heavily. but then that rain-snow line starts to move little further northward, according to this model, as some that far milder air gets mixed in from the ocean, we've got the northeast winds coming in, but that still looks like it will have it. then you see the rain-snow line moving little further north with ice, maybe sleet mixed in, no fun to travel in that either. but the snow still piling up
5:47 am
north and west of us. now, it is back to snow by saturday afternoon by about 5:00. but the other thing to remember with this storm it lasts all day saturday. it doesn't get out of here very quickly. it could linger into sunday morning, so, where that rain-snow line ends up, when all is said and done, really make big difference in those snowfall totals. so these are estimates so far. i think this will change, we still are calling for a foot or more of snow. and it is very possible that could happen. because it falls so quickly, and it changes over to heavy wet snow. very lighter amounts at the shore, i think might even take those numbers down little bit around cape may around atlantic city. and then maybe up those numbers north and west of the city where we could get more toward the 12:00 than the 6 inches every snow. winter storm watch in effect saturday night into sunday morning, this could link near sunday, and weather service in baltimore, washington area issued already blizzard watch for that region kind of going
5:48 am
nuts down there. so what we know is the snow begins south to north friday, 9:00 p.m., to 11:00 p.m., when the first snowflakes fall. picks up pretty quickly, falls heaviest into early afternoon, winds added to the weather picture, gusting 35 to 40 miles per hour. down the shore, it is unfortunate timing here because a full moon combined with this coastal storm means a lot of coastal flooding. beach errosion, as well, full moon tide, couldn't be worse timing, northeasterly wind gusts to up 60 miles an hour or more at the shore. that is tropical storm force, and wet snow mixing with the rain there. so, our concerns are for the snow clinging to the trees, bringing some tree branches, entire trees down, power lines could come down with the heavy wet snow, as well. and power outages, would result. so, wanted to just show you how some of the models are coming back on their snowfall totals. global, around the european, now going with eight for
5:49 am
philadelphia, or closer to 9:00 but again that could go back up again as we get continued model runs. so, we keep ion that situation, 36 degrees, and very quiet today. most of friday is fine. i think even stay dry during the evening commute. get home, get maybe hunker down for the saturday event, which is a one out every ten, in your weather by the numbers, and that's your forecast, let's check traffic on your thursday morning. >> we see some build up in volume here, i95, just little bit near the vine street expressway, more icicle removal just cleared, so, we're thankful for that. because we're going to be above freezing with our temperatures today, and vine st. expressway building volume but no major delays so your travel times this morning, still just fine on the schuylkill from the blue route to the vine, and on i59 from woodhaven, down to the vine street expressway, lauren, chris? >> snow and sleet move into central and southern tennessee, and unlikely friends seem to be enjoying the wetter.
5:50 am
>> so take a look at this, these are dogs. northwest of the capitol, which is nashville. enjoying all of that slipping and sliding and fun. they just love it. my dog, wilson, loves the snow, going around in it. >> diamond hates t she kind of walks in it, like what is this? i think it is too cold on her paw's. >> well, diamond is vedanta. >> i she is. >> too cold, lauren. >> we are having fun, though. have you heard about the story clueless actress and fox news contributor stacey dash, is catching some heat after her comments about getting rid of black history month. >> so dash is african-american. she was on fox yesterday announcing to recent oscar boycott. here is what she had to say. >> because we have to make up our minds, either we want to have segregation or integration, just like there shouldn't be a black history month, you know, we're americans, period, that's it. >> are you saying there shouldn't be a black history month because there isn't a white? >> dash also argues there aren't many rules for people of color in hollywood.
5:51 am
and there should be more differs people involved in the process of electing the oscar nominations. >> that's video of her when she was in that movie co-starring in a movie clueless, now a loft people of course calling her clueless for those comments, then some people reminding her because she also said that there shouldn't and bet, black entertainment television, like weren't you on a show that was on bet? and we have our -- can we have our check back please? >> speaking of belt, that network should just go away, the advise prep steven hill fired back on twitter, interesting, he said oh, dang, i love in you clueless, i had no idea that you actually were. >> yes, a lot of people talking bad about her yesterday after this. and you sort of understanded what she is saying, in parts of her comments, and her conversations, but like no black history month, no bet. i don't know. this is sparking conversation in my house at home, my parent talking about it and tweeting me and asking me questions. >> well, you are not the only
5:52 am
household saying, you know, react to go this. what's your household say? >> my dad has this shirt, my favorite shirt, i posted it on facebook few days ago, our race human. like can't we all just get along? i just hate when everything has to become such a racial story or it is like oh, it is a gender differ identify, a racial divide. can we just be fair and nice to people? >> are we going to celebrate black history month you andy? >> of course we are. we did it last week. >> we'll take quick break, and be right back.
5:53 am
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5:55 am
>> there was the last time you washed your gloves? >> never. >> we all have winter coats, our scarfs, gloves. but just think about it, how many things you actually touch, with your gloves, in the course after day. and doctors say if you're not washing your winter gear, or not washing it enough, you're risking the possibility of spreading germs, and making not only yourself sick, but other, as well. have you ever wiped your runny nose with your glove? >> sometimes. >> not all the time though. >> i don't want to get new new gloves dirt. >> i not me, not me, not me. >> i always keep tissues in my bag. >> i'm eight. think i she is pretty smart. >> for five years old, she sure is.
5:56 am
because doctors say your winter gear could be loaded with germs. >> i think what's really important is that they don't take their gloves off with their teeth. >> doctor manny alvarez fox news senior managing health editor. he says our gloves, scarfs, and coats, have the potential to spread germs. >> they're very exposed to viruses and bacteria. from e.coli, to viruses, cold viruses, you name it. >> the solution, doctors say, is to wash your gloves and your scarfs at least once a week. and, by the way, clean your coats, as well. >> you are contaminating the coat. your coughing into it, touching it, maybe little saliva falls into it. >> i've never washed my gloves. >> we're just trying to spread some helpful information, instead of spreading germs.
5:57 am
linda schmidt, fox news. ♪ >> what's america's best selling brands
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enamel is your teeth's first line of defense. but daily eating and drinking can make it weak. try colgate enamel health. it replenishes weak spots with natural calcium to strengthen enamel four times better. colgate enamel health. stronger, healthy enamel.
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that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ this is "good day philadelphia". >> are you ready? there is nothing on radar. but, there soon will be. as much as 15, 16 inches predicted. what are we going to get? you never know. you never know. we're on it. >> and press ahead of the storm. why crews on the gown and in the air are working to keep
6:00 am
you safe. >> in the air? >> and philly police on high alert this morning, another threat, aimed at our officers, is spread interesting new york all the way to philly. good day everybody, it is january 21, 2016. bob kelly off this week, hi, sue. >> high. >> so just basically waiting for the snow. >> yes, all through the day today, and i think most of the day tomorrow, will be fine. >> tomorrow night? >> it is not until i'm thinking 8:00, 9:00, first snowflakes. >> okay. >> by the way, we are going to be on the air saturday morning. >> yes. >> sure will be. >> snow day, snow globe. >> so make sure you spends it with us. >> it will be fun. >> what? >> fun. that's to be determined. now it, doesn't look like much now. but we are starting to see the storm gain a little intensity here. and it has got a big area that is encompasses, as well, drawing some moisture from the gulf of mexico.


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