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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  January 21, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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you safe. >> in the air? >> and philly police on high alert this morning, another threat, aimed at our officers, is spread interesting new york all the way to philly. good day everybody, it is january 21, 2016. bob kelly off this week, hi, sue. >> high. >> so just basically waiting for the snow. >> yes, all through the day today, and i think most of the day tomorrow, will be fine. >> tomorrow night? >> it is not until i'm thinking 8:00, 9:00, first snowflakes. >> okay. >> by the way, we are going to be on the air saturday morning. >> yes. >> sure will be. >> snow day, snow globe. >> so make sure you spends it with us. >> it will be fun. >> what? >> fun. that's to be determined. now it, doesn't look like much now. but we are starting to see the storm gain a little intensity here. and it has got a big area that is encompasses, as well, drawing some moisture from the gulf of mexico. but, still, nothing that
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organized to look at just yet. just you wait. we've got seven out of ten in your weather by the numbers. here is bus stop buddy. it is another cold start today. but, at least he's wearing sixers cap for a change, they actually won last night. they beat miami. went chills in the teens this morning. >> i don't like when they win. >> why not? >> i want ben simmons. >> oh, okay. well, he has his reasons. anyway, we still have the cap on bus stop buddy. and we have 27 degrees, but windchill of 19 this morning, so that's still pretty cold out there, bundle the kids up. windchills are in the teens, except in the mountains, where we have 4 degrees windchill. so dress for windchills in the teens. i think you got that. high of 38 degrees today. so, it is a little better than yesterday's 36. but still below average. so chilly one, but plenty of sunshine for your thursday. that's your forecast, at two minute after 6:00. it is time to check traffic, as bob continues his vacation. in new castle, delaware, we
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have an accident, blocking all lanes, at route 273 at prangs lane, apple bee lane your alternate. we check now the blue route approaching route 30, and it is all clear for now. travel times for you this morning, smooth sailing on the schuylkill from the blue route to the vine. and on i95 southbound, from woodhaven road to the city is fine for now. so, of course, the earlier you leave, the better. alex, mike? >> sue, watch this. >> okay? >> this is production value right here. watch this. >> thank you, sue. we will talk about what's happening now, storm preps have began, not tomorrow really, in friday night into saturday. >> yes. >> anticipated snowfall. so, officials are asking residents to be prepared, by stocking up on shovels, necessary winter gear. we get to dave live in south philly, with the latest on this, and plus, dave, you found someone already going to the grocery store trying to stock up. >> andy williams. >> yes, that's right. we're here at the shoprite in south philly, and you know
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they open up at 6:00 a.m. so, let's show you the crew inside right there. everybody's casino every lining up and getting all of the gear, because listen, what you see the shovels right there, everything is going to be gone in a little bit. someone has a cartright there. i think i saw some rice chris piece, but you know you need the bread and milk, if you ever saw the comedy bit, got 14 million views on youtube, get the bread and milk because the snow is coming. joe here for that, and little more, right? >> little more. normally i shop here saturday mornings, but in anticipation of the storm, you know, my wife chased me out of the house, she said make sure get everything. she is at home in bed sleeping. she is comfortable. you know, and after i get finish during everything that i need here i have to go home, make coffee, get breakfast ready for her. >> so what are you picking up smear. >> normally on a saturday morning i get my meat and chicken and produce, the eggs and the bread of course, you know, all of those staples. you know then i like to mess around with my cashier that i see here every saturday morning. i have a good time down here.
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>> are you all set with shovels and salt, things like that? >> i live in a high-rise in the square. so our staff has shovels. but they let meows them once in a while just for the old days, it is fun. >> just to keep up in the feel of it? >> exactly. >> joe, have fun, be safer with all of the weather coming our way. we will be talking to folks as they shop here. and we will talk to you soon guys. back to you. >> shoppers, clean up on aisle five. >> already, clean up. >> hey, was that guy named joey? >> joe. >> joey wolf. i know him. >> you know him? you know everyone. >> yes, i know that dude. small world. >> deli, yes. >> they're already busy. i apologize. they are calling for staff inside to go to the registers, and things like that. >> register, joey wolf here to buy something. >> that's right. he's going to get his shovels, but needs everything else, his wife kicked him out of the house to go shopping. >> he said it, not me, i'm
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just repeating it. >> i got up, you're just the messenger. 6:05 almost. >> well, major airlines there getting ready for the storm. several major carriers have already issued the travel waivers, to customers, american airlines is allowing customers traveling through nine airports, between philadelphia and southern virginia, to change their flights without penalty. southwest has customers from boston to washington, can reschedule if they plan to fly any time this weekend. and, delta airlines, waiving its change fee to travelers planning to fly at 19 airports, between boston and washington. so here comes the decision. should i try to make it out or just go ahead and reschedule? >> i say cancel, rescheduled. >> you don't want the headache. >> did you see wilmington? >> sure, there is wilmington. >> who doesn't? i love shots of wilmington. live look from wilmington on the right. one of the first spots that could see snow, as it comes from the south to the north. when you can -- you know, sometimes, when you're not by your tv, but you want to know the weather, you know what i do? i get the fox 29 weather app.
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>> great. >> not a stinking thing on radar right now, but that's going to change in the next 36 hours. >> and whether it changes, you'll want to see it. because with the weather app see live radar, weather alerts to your phone. >> sure. >> just look for it in the app store. >> i have it, alex has it, lauren has it. >> i do have it. and you should get it, too. okay, let's talk about this, philadelphia police on high alert this morning, after the department got anonymous phonecalls threatening violence against cops here. and in new york city. this just this week after officer jesse hartnett was ambushed in his crews nerve west philadelphia. now, city police are requiring two officers to patrol in each car. the threat was tracked to upper manhattan it, mentioned another man in connection with alleged plot to shoot an officer in philadelphia, and an office nerve new york. sources say nypd investigators were questioning a person of interest after he turned himself in yesterday afternoon in the bronx. >> because of things that have happened not only here, but in new york and around the count rip, gout to take it very seriously, we figured it all
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out. we want to remain as we are. just for the safety of the men and women who wear the uniform. >> investigators and the fbi continuing to look into that threat. there are new concerns over the safety after build that was destroyed by fire. four alarm fire on tuesday night, gut add building, on the corner of locust street and slam pelt. officials tell us 22 ants, were destroyed, officials of philadelphia's licenses and inspections are monitoring the scene. they say the building is in imminent danger. crews are already demolishing parts of it, and officials say they're concerned about the winter storm expected to hit our area this weekend. alex, mike, i have to tell you this. one of our viewers down in puerto rico. she downloaded the app. she is talking to us on facebook. >> she makes me sick. >> well, at least she is checking on us by download g the app. >> check in on the elderly, check in on me. want to own a piece every history? how you can score the famous fiat that pope francis road around in. >> we can have that? >> yes, you can buy it.
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>> must and blessed car, right? >> oh, ya. >> plus of course winter weather headed our way. and we're checking on folks hitting the stores, to stock up. we'll check back to shoprite. >> oh, that's exciting. this price can't be right... that's the right price! it's that low. what other things on this list "can't be right?" looks like a list full of "can't be right's." seriously? at giant, prices are down. savings are up. my giant.
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at giant, prices are down. savings are up. herswe pour 'em!ures. we pass 'em! we pick 'em! delicious fun for everyone. hershey's miniatures are mine, yours, our chocolate.
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is so wholesome... and it doesn't take the whole paycheck. giant's exclusive nature's promise. eat well for less. my giant. >> the little fiat the pope was riding around in in philadelphia, we thought he would be in a limo, no, a little fiat.
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>> it was a little itty bitty black car. >> and it was so cute. now, it is on the auction block, the pope actually used two fiats, during his visit to the city brotherly love. >> oh, i didn't know that. >> the fiat corporation donated the two cars, now the world meeting of families and the philadelphia auto show say they'll auction off one of the cars at the auto show's black tie gala on friday the 29th. >> we can think of no bet r twi officially close the visit of pope francis to philadelphia, than to have his papal fiat drive off into the sunset, while benefitting so many people in need. money raised from the auction will benefit select ministries of the archdioces. and if you can't attend the black tie gala, no worries, the other fiat will be on display for the public during the duration of the ought show so take pictures. >> both of cars in filly? >> both of cars are nil. >> i okay. hey, money troubles continue for atlantic city, what leaders may have to do to help
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that struggling town, ac.
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6:45, are you going out shopping today? this is the wegmans in king of prussia last night. people stocking up. >> love wegmans. >> wegmans is a good store. >> ya. >> i like shoprite, too, though. i like them all. >> i like any kind of grocery store. just give me food. >> and then there is this.
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>> shopping like college kids on a weekend? little bit of everything, last and gentleman, pasta, milk, cheese, everything smacks you could have for kids. >> got to get some rock salt and some extra logs, and just few other things, just because i don't know how long we will be holdup in our house in the event that there is snow. >> that store was packed last night. >> these people getting head start on the storm, and crews treating the roads to the duration of the storm. funny the guy was like college kids. you know, whenever we had huge snowstorm, you went to the grocery store, right, though the grocery store side and the liquor store side? the grocery store was pack. then go to the liquor store side, completely cleaned out. >> nothing. >> the university of missouri, that's all they do is drink. >> not true. >> all tooth less hill bill us. >> oh, look at you. so kansas is supposed to be better. >> much better. >> i see you're wearing ma zoo
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colors. >> where are your kansas colors. >> hillbillies with teeth? >> tooth less hill bullies? thanks for helping me out. >> we were hillbillies bus we had teeth. >> at least you had that. >> the storm actually taking place to look like something, sort of just these scattered areas of rain and snow. >> what is this? >> well, it will draw moisture from here, you see, starting to get the counter clockwise circulation there? that's it. and then, see, as it gets down, dips in here, it gets some energy. i am looking at him, i should be looking at you, before the further trek up the east coast. okay? so nothing yet. we had the little area of snow that came through last night, haven't heard much about it here is what we have to watch. the rain snow line. first we see 5:00 friday.
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it hasn't started yet. so i think by the afternoon rush, we should be fine. we will get home. but it amps up pretty quickly. once the snow starts it, increases in intensity by 11:00 seeing heavy snow in delaware, starts to get heavy overnight in philadelphia. now, we are starting to see this rain-snow line. some of this warmer air from the ocean is going to start mixing in. and this is what is going to really affect those snowfall totals. so 7:00 in the morning, in philadelphia, still snowing pretty hard. but starting to see the rain-snow line move little further northward. now, these, again, still, you know, almost 48 hours out. so, this could change. but this looks like it will move little further northward, then moves south again. plenty too far toil build to up foot of snow. but the snow totals will probably and lot lower at the jersey shore, looks like it is lasting through sunday morning, and our snow estimates, we're going to stick with what we've got right now, the i95 corridor,
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maybe foot of snow or more. and then maybe closer to those higher amounts, north and west of the city. but down here, at the jersey shore, like i said, in southern delaware, much, much lower, because of the mixing in with rain. our winter storm watch has been issued by the national weather service, down in the baltimore washington area check it out blizzard watch already in effect friday night into sunday morning, so, to put it altogether, we've got tranquil day today and most of tomorrow, friday night into saturday, and probably sunday morning, is when we get our winter storm. that's your seven day forecast, luckily, this morning, traffic hasn't had a whole lot as far as issues are concerned. but, we do have an accident on i-95. and it is blocking one lane right here. it is i95 right around street road. so, traffic is going to, yes, going very slowly there. so, it is street road right where it meets i95. cottman avenue, part of i95, building volume. seeing some slogan travel speeds are still okay on most
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of our major roadways this morning. mike and alex? >> cause of a house fire in montgomery county under investigation. this is the scene last night flames shot through the roof of the house on welsh rd., lower moreland. firefighters fully extended the truck ladder to get a handle on this onement took them nearly three hours to get the fire under control. one firefighter had minor injuries. no word yet on what started that fire. >> two-car crash involving police officer injuries two children in fairmount park. nine year old girl, and two year old boy, recovering, from bruises and cuts to their faces, and the officer driving an unmark car, was on his way to crime scene when the collision happened at the intersection of del month and montgomery around 6:00 last night. investigator say the officer did have the right of way. police suv damage in the crash trying to stop the suspected carjackers the scene near half forwards, police spotted car reported as par of the carjack
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when the officer tried to stop it both crashed. officers arrested both people inside the car, they were after. the officer was not hurt. police are still looking for two suspects. atlantic city leaders are planning an emergency meeting next week, to consider asking the state's permission to file for bankrupt i the move comes after governor chris christie vetoed package, to help the struggling city. eight casinos, mayor gone done guardian said he feels like he has been stabbed in the back by the state. the city still trying to fight off proposed state take-over of its finances. and major decision-making powers. >> cvs has agreed pay nearly half million dollars to pennsylvania, to settle allegations that it sold items past the expiration date. the drug store chain will shell out $450,000 said cvs agreed step up screening of expired products and training of store managers and
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employees, mike, al next. >> the entire northeast gears up for this big snowstorm. how big is it going to be, we're not sure. >> but the first wave already brought our nation's capitol a stop. what else is expected for the rest of the week? >> oh, that's just a little mini storm last night. that's a woos. >> the real deal is coming. >> that's right. buffalo bills making nfl history. hear about this yesterday? it all has to do with that woman. we'll tell you.
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>> this is fox 29 sports in one minute. >> eagles agreed terms with 15 of their coaches yesterday. actually, seven returned from chip kelly's staff. now, chip kelly introduced yesterday, by the 49ers, and made some mistakes here in philadelphia. he was one, that said, when he always, and he will, always selfie val ate himself after games. so with 12 weeks between jobs, he was asked if he looked at what went wrong here, chip continues to move his lips, and say nothing. >> what we did well, what we did poorly, how can we improve as a team, and i was in the process of that. and really i don't think it was a doubt to me, i got fired, i looked at it more as an autopsy, i'm in the middle of the autopsy right now looking at it, sent some toxicology report out, sent them back, give you terms
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whatever went wrong. >> never takes that long to do things. sixers on the road last night to orlando, sixers isiah cannon led at the half 47-46. but in the fourth quarter when they turn it on. thompson off the inbound, will get it back, he scores, sixers beat orlando 96 to 97. that's sports in a minute. >> oh, no, the sixers won. >> and i was watching the press conference with chip kelly. >> chip kelly? >> hey what do you think how philly treated you, media, and he said i'm not governed by the fear of what other people say. >> i was like whoa. >> i get. that will he related to an autopsy. we'll play the sound bite from it? who knew the guy had a tie or had hair? >> i new he had it on the sides. >> and without a hat? >> and he was smiling? >> he actually laughed at one point. break through. >> the buffalo bills made nfl history yesterday afternoon by hiring the first woman to ever be a full-time coach. >> her name is catherine smith.
6:26 am
and she was named special teams quality control coach. bills head coach rex ryan consulted with arizona cardinals coach bruce, before making the decision. arizona recently hired another woman, jen walter. >> i remember jen. >> yes, as training camp assistant coach. >> yes. >> smith was administrative assistant for ryan and the bills this past season. she previously worked with the jets for seven years. >> who knew that rex ryan had a tie? >> look at you. >> no word on if she has nice feet. inside joke. now -- >> i'm not that inside, am i? >> i'll show you on youtube. >> now is your chance to take a bite out of crime. >> how one bakery is using el chapo to make some serious dough. >> that's ridiculous. >> look at that. >> and the weekends, and i'm talking not talking about saturday, sunday, i'm talking about the performer. >> there he is. >> yep. kendrick lamar, adele, music biggest stars are all taking the same stage where you can catch them this year. >> i like that line up.
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the republicans in harrisburg were fighting each other over the state budget.
6:29 am
that's right. each other. the republican state senate passed a responsible budget that "begins" to fund education but the republican house of representatives has insisted on a budget that fails to fund education and balloons the deficit. call your legislator, tell them to pass a budget that's right for pennsylvania. >> enjoy the weather now, because by tomorrow night, it will be a different story. snow is coming our way. >> how road crews already work to go keep you safe. putting down the salt already, brine already put down. here we go.
6:30 am
>> philly police are on high alert. another threat aimed at officers, this time, spreading into the big apple. >> good day everybody, it is january the 21st, 2016. of course, the big story, here in our area, is the weather. >> and i feel like now at this point just waiting and looking at totals, and getting red. >> i let's look at raid or or something? >> okay. >> i mean, we have nothing to do except wait. >> because we know it is coming. >> let's look at sue first though. >> look at sue looking at radar. >> oh, okay. >> you get everything. yes, ma'am, here it is. now, every time we look at radar, we're seeing little more on this map. as this storm starts to develop. so, here's the circulation around the low pressure system. we expect it to kind of dip to the south and combine with this area of rain, pick up a lot of moisture, and then it becomes more after force to be reckoned with. so we'll give you the future cast in a few moment, bus stop buddy off to cold start, blanket, coat on this morning, sixers cap, because they won last night, wind chills though are in the teens, still cold, kids, at the bus stop. we have seven out of ten, in
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your weather by the numbers. and 27 degrees in philadelphia. feels like 19 though, so dress for 19 degrees. sunrise is at 7:18. officially this morning. all of our windchills except for the mountains are in the teens this morning. so, plan on the 30's all day long, we stay in the 20's throughout the morning, we will probably get to high of about 38 degrees, couple of degrees milder than yesterday. sunset is at 5:07 officially. that's your thursday planner. now let's talk about things on the roads, because we're starting to get a little -- few incidents out, there including this accident on street road, right where it meets i-95. one lane is blocked, and traffic is really slowing down on that portion of street road this morning. now, we go down to new castle, delaware, there is an accident on 273, it is right where 273 meets prangs lane, all lanes blocked there, all lanes blocked at 273. so apple bee road will be your alternate to get you to route 301. now, route 42, creek road, in new jersey, building volume.
6:32 am
so far no delays. mike anal next. >> hey, out to shoprite. i see dave kinchen has somebody, as they put down the salt, we know all about salt, what that is, you know, but dave's at the shoprite, because people are shopping. who do you have? >> yes, we got ed jones here from south philly. and i know you said this is your regular store, right, but getting all of the milk and bread. tell us what you got today. >> yes, i got few of the essentials. i got milk, naturally, and bread, and of course, some salad, some other items that i needed. and, you know, it is one of the deals i come out at 6:00 in the morning to beat the russian beat the crowd. i was out here yesterday for my mother and i left after picking up few items. so it was quite crowded. >> people of course hitting stores all across the area, all across, you know, the delaware valley. and are you set with salt and shovels and things that far sort? >> i did that last week, i went out, bought three bags of salt. i have one in my truck right now. so, yes, my shovels, i had for 40 years, i don't buy one every year. >> i feel like if i was
6:33 am
hunkering down for the weekend would probably need more stuff, more food and stuff like that. maybe that's just me. >> i have beer, whiskey and everything else already at home and other essentials. >> all right, ed jones from south philly, thanks for joining us. appreciate that. >> mike, alex, we send it back to up. a lot of people coming out to the shoprite here, it is early, but they're coming out and getting the stuff they need. >> hey, find out what that guy's name s because i want to go to his house. >> do you know him too? >> i don't know him. >> i heard whiskey and i heard beer. >> he's going have a fun time. >> that's the big, big headline. >> but headed out early, you don't want to be there with the crowds, fight for the stuff and then wait in the long lines. get up early. what? >> that's the point, yes, the point that man was trying to make, he has whiskey and beer. >> yes. >> whiskey and wine? >> bread. >> french toast. >> oh, that sound good. you know, tomorrow, no, saturday morning, we will be in here, you and i will be working.
6:34 am
>> starting 6:00 in the morning to cover the snow. we should have a chef come in and make us omlets or something. >> like one of our fun chefs from cuba lib ray, we love their french toast. >> oh, i love her. >> it is good. while the northeast gears up for this big storm, the midwest already cleaning up from a wintery mess, drivers were sliding all over the place in kentucky, and tennessee, especially, due to the icy conditions. the washington dc area expected to get hit the hardest this weekend, but snow already falling last night. volunteers signed up to help the elderly shovel when the snow hit hard starting friday night. >> did you hear about the carolina's, too, supposed to get a lot of snow. >> yes. >> oh, specially north carolina. all right, in new york city, while it has been a mild winter just like here, many home the storm doesn't cause too many problems, just in case the big apple's emergency management workers are ready. that's what they say anyway, they're ready. >> common sense is the key to this. again, i think people have
6:35 am
just dealt with really mild winter, so they're not ready maybe for the snow. >> so, i heard weather forecast out of new york, they think they'll get eight to 10 inches. soap, we'll see. dc, maybe 20 inches? >> they'll be right in the middle of it all. >> wow, and then there is us. you want to look at wilmington again? >> let's look at wilmington. >> i like looking at that guy's butt going in, over and over. >> wilmington? >> there we are. >> of course they'll get it before we get it. because it is coming from the south up to the north. >> you know, delaware really is the first state. >> yes, it is the first state. >> kidding. >> but again -- >> thanks from the pitty laugh. >> sure. >> i urge you to get the fox 29 weather app, so when you don't have sue in your face, you can at least get the information. >> that sound good. because there you can also see live radar, get alerts into your phone, you can find it in the apple and google -- are you running somewhere in google play store? >> yes. >> all right, let's got to the other story. this is more important than what we've been jawing about.
6:36 am
developing right now, philadelphia police are on high alert after the department received anonymous tips, phonecalls, threatening violence against their police officers, also, officers in new york. >> so this is happening just weeks after philadelphia officer jesse hartnett was ambushed in his crews nerve west philly. so we're learning more about this threat, steve keelie? >> yes, we got some good news to report for once, police have gotten to the bottom of this threat, whole lot faster, than they did that first threat last weekend. we've learned the guy in question, 36 year old, marcus shelton, is his name, police up in new york now believe really not a threat to anybody. he's an ex-convict, 20 prior arrests, was out on parole, was wanted for violating by just smoking pot and fair evading on the new york subway, one thing that showed he wasn't really something after threat to police, as the anonymous tipster said, he walked in on his own to a detective bureau yesterday, once he heard that police were out looking for him. and so two anonymous tip calls
6:37 am
came into the two biggest police departments in our area, new york and philadelphia, saying that the same one guy shelton pledged and lil ands to isis, was planning to shoot police officers here and up in new york. well, we learned from the police source that chelten turned himself in, at a police precinct near yankee stadium in the bronx yesterday, soon after family and friends were telling him the cops were looking for him. and so far he's not charged with making any threats or plans, just for now, those parole violations. >> there was a time when, you know, were you just cautious about it. and any more, because of things that have happened, not only here, but his new york and around the country, you got to take it very seriously. so when these things happen, the authorities really start working very hard to try to get to the bottom of it, as we're doing with this case. >> one of the phonecalls indicated isis. we are taking it ear just based on what happened in philadelphia. >> well, both the phonecalls
6:38 am
to philly and new york police, trace to the same source, and upper manhattan. now police wonder was it somebody that just wanted to see chelton pick up off the street. meantime, we are two weeks to the day jesses assassinated in his patrol car. good news on that front, as women. upgraded this week to stable condition. and it was fear here, we weren't reporting it, but, among the officers, it was talk that he may have lost his arm, because the doctors were having so much trouble saving it, but the good news is they have saved it, they have saved him, and he's now out of danger in stable condition. >> yes, that's good. he had three bullet in the level arm, yes. hit in the bone. >> steve, thank you for. that will 6:38. >> to lauren with more top stories. >> good morning, alex, 15 years in federal prison for philadelphia man convicted in the kidnap and torture of jewelry store employee. he will be 38 years old before released, apologized before
6:39 am
the judge handed down that sentence, pleaded guilty to slew of charges, in the botched robbery of national watch and diamond exchange in old city last april. he's one of three men prosecutors say abducted and assaulted the worker leaving her with permanent brain damage. >> prosecutors say bill cosby is seeking special treatment and wants his case thrown out. >> this comes just before the first evidence hearing. cosby filed request to dismiss the case, but the d.a. says he can proof from new evidence the comedian drugged and molested a woman in 2004. cosby maintains the encounter was concentual. hearing is schedule for february 2nd, about the dismissal. if you have any expired prescription drugs in your medicine cabinet, you now have safer way to dispose of those. city officials have set up boxes across philadelphia, where you can drop off old medication. instead of letters you drop expired pills and such, you will find the boxes at police district throughout the city. it is is all part of pilot program to keep expired unused medications from falling into
6:40 am
the wrong hands. >> all the statistics nationally and of course here in philadelphia show us that the majority of people who are addicted to heroin began their addiction as a result of being prescribed painkillers. >> philadelphia has the highest rate of drug overdoses in the state last year, 650 people died in the city from ooh an overdose. >> is that right? back to the state of michigan. what's the dawn submit. >> during visit to michigan president obama pledged continued support to the water christ us. >> print mitt michigan. people there continuing to feel the effect of on-going water contamination. so the crisis started in 2014 when flint water source was switched from the detroit river system, to the flint river system. since then, several class action lawsuits have been filed, claiming contaminated water is responsible for many health issues. specially, with children. there is lead in the water.
6:41 am
actually, lead from the pipes. getting into the water. >> the president declared a federal emergency in flint, and met with the city's mayor. >> i told her that we are going to have her back, and all the people every flint's back, as they work their way through this terrible tragedy. >> so, yesterday michigan's governor, there he is, files appeal saying flint needs more federal aid to repair the entire water system. including plumbing, and just about everybody's house, about 100,000 people are unable to drink their unfiltered tap water right now. >> well, today the obama administration could announce new advice a requirement for european as, rules would affect european travelers, dual, who have been to anyone who has been to any of the countries in the past five years will be affected by. >> this the idea for homeland security to make it harder for european who have fought for isis to enter the united
6:42 am
states. see if that works. and, okay, let's go to lighter topic. what do you say? last night yeah low opening up about american idol. the one way she says being a judge has changed her life. >> ♪
6:43 am
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>> snowmobile? >> we could use them saturday. >> that's true, that's true. 6:45. dc is getting a coating of snow, ahead of this weekend's storm. of course, president obama arriving at the andrews air force base last night, after spending the day in detroit. and he almost slipped on one of the snowy steps. >> what? >> yes. >> but again, this isn't the big storm. this was a precursor of our storm for saturday. >> it is the warm up. even though it wasn't warm at all. >> i want to get in your shot. >> i don't think they'll show me, mike. maybe they will. >> that's more than a coating. that's some snow right there, kids, that's not flurries. >> but still not anything compared to what we will get.
6:46 am
there we are. they are showing us. good morning, sue. >> am i right on that? that's not the big storm? precursor? >> yes. it was that little area that came through last night that we were telling you about that we were totally ignoring, because all we're doing is paying attention to the friday night saturday storm. so, there is the formation of the storm, we are watching it happen, hasn't turned into what is going to be, but it will be intense, once it gets here, nothing happening right now, one area of snow, just to the way far to the north of us, north every williamsport, near the new york border every pennsylvania, so we don't have to worry about. that will now, here's what we are watching. here is the wild cards in all of. >> this the sharp cut-off that will develop, saturday afternoon, between rain and snow. and it will affect these totals probably dramatically by 11:00 starting to see things amp up little bit. i don't see anything starting in our area, until after maybe 8:00, 9:00. and then, it starts to increase in intensity, this snow. here is 4:00 a.m.
6:47 am
it is snowing pretty hard at the rate after inch or so per hour. now, we move ahead to 7:00 a.m. look at this, there is the line between rain and snow with some sleet possible inbetween. we watch that line move little further northward, at least for this run of the computer models, by 11:00 in the morning saturday. so, that means, we change over to rain, and southern delaware, part of the jersey shore. now, we see the whole time it is still snowing here in philadelphia. but, all we need is just little change in track of this storm, and it will change everything completely either to more snow for everybody or less because this line keeps moving further northward. so that's what we are examining. but still sticking with these estimated totals, think this will change before the storm actually get here, but 12:00 to 18 inches along the i95 corridor, little lesson either side. and whole lot less down in southern delaware and the jersey shore. so, winter storm watch is in effect already for friday night into saturday. and don't forget about the wind, talking about snow amount, but whatever we get
6:48 am
will be blowing around a lot, especially, at the shore, and that is your seven day forecast. it is time to check traffic. and we start with an accident. yes, this one's on the platt bridge, and it is slowed things down completely, westbound, on the platt, just before the mid-span, the right lane is blocked, and traffic is crawling. so, avoid that bridge if you possibly can. vine street expressway building volume, traffic is slowing down quite a bit on the vine, and we're still taking a look at the accident, it is on street road, near i-95, one lane blocked, but police are working to clear the scene. that's your traffic, mike and alex? >> thank you, sue. >> sue, listen to this. i need your opinion on. >> this infamous drug lord epochal owe back in the news. look that the. >> really? >> yes, in mexico, there are cupcakes that portray el chapo wearing a dirty t-shirt. just like the one he was wearing when he was taken into custody by mexican authorities, earlier this
6:49 am
month. remember that police officer with his hand on his neck? a pastry chef says the reaction on social media to his work has been shocking. now, i don't know what that means. inningly good, or shockingly discussed? shockingly bad? >> maybe surprised or shock by the fact that people are talking about it? the fact we are talking about it, the fact it is a news story. >> the artistry in that. >> of course he's a glorified drug lord, but the weight t's in haddonfield, can all do -- can do all sort of sculptures. >> they put the faces on a cupcake? >> on a cake, but not a cupcake. >> i want a cupcake. then we will eat them saturday morning as we do the snow coverage. >> okay.
6:50 am
listen to this. #. >> some of the performers for this year's grammy awards have been announced, so the weekends, he'll be there. he's up for seven grammy awards. including cd of the year. my friend, kendrick lamar, who is nominated for 11 this year, will be there. and, ten time grammy winner adele will perform. >> oh, it will be good. country band, little big town, will also hit the stage. more performers will be revealed in the next coming weeks. and ll cool jay will come back, to host. and here is the interesting thing. it is on a monday this year. >> what? >> first i thought something was wrong, monday? but superbowl sunday, so the gram his to be pushed back to monday. >> is it the monday after the superbowl? >> i'm pretty sure it is. >> oh, really? >> yes, so like back-to-back.
6:51 am
>> that's cool. >> yes. >> did you ever notice ll cool jay, never ages? >> well, you know what they say? >> black don't crack. >> exactly. >> i've known him since the early 90s. >> oh, you know him? >> i know him. >> that's your homey? >> i wouldn't say homey. but certainly -- >> then what would you call him? acquaintance? if he was walking down the street and and you went up hey - >> he would have no idea. >> then you don't know him. >> don't know him. so i was watching american idol last night. >> yes? >> and i saw some fill any there. >> you were watching. >> yes, i was. >> wow. look at you. >> i saw some fill any there. >> yes, and san francisco was there. but, people went in front of the judges, gave it their all last night. >> did they? >> they did. >> oh. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> shockingly, she made it through. she is from florida her name
6:52 am
brook. >> oh, she's good. >> you know, j-lo talking about she said she told inch style magazine that by helping these rising stars, on american idol, she has become a better performer herself over the years. how about that? she is taking her own advice, in other words. okay, american idol on again tonight. >> on fox of course. >> wednesday and thursday nights, that would be tonight, yes. it is the closet you'll get to -- what? >> it is the closest. >> what? >> not closet. the closest. >> oh, okay. >> it is the closest you'll get to living in a frozen castle, like elsa. where you can go to the ice tunnels, caves. >> they're kind of like closets. >> you live in a closet, don't you? >> i'm coming out of it.
6:53 am
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>> ice builders putting the finishing touches. recent warm temperatures could have jeopardized the cast they will year, luckily the cold weather arrived just in time. there are 60 towers of ice, the castles include tunnels, caves, fountains, waterfalls, and even slides. look at. that will that's amazing. the builders say the structures are built from home-grown icicles. >> all of the ice you see out here is just 100% water, no dye or additives. just blue ice. spray the water, and it catches on the ice, and freezes, and builds up and up and up. that's how we design the whole thing. >> very cool. it takes crew up to 20 people,
6:56 am
and 12-hour days to complete the structures. the ice castles are open to the public on saturday. have you ever been to something like this, mike? >> i have. actually they do that every year. it is fantastic. >> it looks fantastic. >> they put lights inside. >> oh,. >> really cool. >> you know, i think in some cities they have like ice bars, too. >> oh, yes. >> you go in all made of ice. have you ever been to one of those? >> do you remember the build that burned yesterday? that's what it looks like this morning. >> wow. >> that's locust, between 21st and 22nd. i went by there yesterday. just tragic. >> it is. >> seven families without homes. anyway, so, they're going nuts in washington, d.c. right now. they think they're going to get really hammered by this snow. >> this is live look in washington, d.c. right now. >> the traffic is really backed up. i don't know what the deal is, people trying to get out to get groceries and stuff like that, i guess, yes, it is a major problems in d.c. >> look at all of the brake lights. >> sue, thinking maybe 20 inches down there? >> could be, yes.
6:57 am
really in the bull's eye of the storm so far. the republicans in harrisburg were fighting each other over the state budget. that's right. each other. the republican state senate passed a responsible budget that "begins" to fund education but the republican house of representatives has insisted on a budget that fails to fund education and balloons the deficit. call your legislator, tell them to pass a budget that's right for pennsylvania.
6:58 am
6:59 am
(watching and waiting, winter storm barreling down on us, where it is headed this morning, and how much snow are we going to get? >> and another threat on our police. anonymous tip.
7:00 am
who police have in custody, and what's being done now? >> it is become being all too come on, one philadelphia lawmaker wants to tighten up the rules on hoverboards, why mom and dad could be fined. >> and is she the next american idol? who stood out and the duds from last night. >> it is january 21, 2016. this is going to happen saturday. you bet your bottom dollar. somebody will try to save their parking spot, after they dig it out, flight. >> with their lawn chairs. >> with their lawn chairs, so the philadelphia police have put out music video, saying, you shouldn't be doing this. okay?


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