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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  January 21, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EST

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who police have in custody, and what's being done now? >> it is become being all too come on, one philadelphia lawmaker wants to tighten up the rules on hoverboards, why mom and dad could be fined. >> and is she the next american idol? who stood out and the duds from last night. >> it is january 21, 2016. this is going to happen saturday. you bet your bottom dollar. somebody will try to save their parking spot, after they dig it out, flight. >> with their lawn chairs. >> with their lawn chairs, so the philadelphia police have put out music video, saying, you shouldn't be doing this. okay?
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roll tape. >> ♪ you need to call us on your cell phone ♪ call us on your cell phone ♪ >> ♪ >> call me on your phone, if you see that cone. >> because when we their dispatch ring, that can only mean one thing. >> yes. >> so, i notice that on the philadelphia police department's facebook page. did you know they have a facebook page? >> you know the moves. >> and their twit is her at philly police hashtag no savesies. >> know savesies. >> oh, my goodness. >> that's going to happen. >> well, they say they'll confiscate if they fine your lawn chair out there. >> they'll take your chair.
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>> yes. >> 7:02. and we're starting with radar, just to show you where the storm is now. and it hasn't really formed into much of a force to be reckoned with, oh, but it will. and, we'll continue of course to watch that situation as it gets some strength out of the gulf of mexico. and, eventually, moves up the east coast, and that's when it becomes the coastal storm that we've been warning you about for dwight a while now. so, as we get into that, there we look at the loop of radar, and now we show you the number of the day. we moved up from yesterday, now seven out every ten. wind chills in the teens, bus stop buddy warming the blanket coat, and his sixers cap. they won last night. 27 degrees with sunrise official at 7:18. but you can see the sun coming up right now. feels like 18 out there. and these are windchills in the teens we've been talking about mostly in the teens.
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>> below average, with a high of 38 degrees. plenty of sunshine, so we will, the latest on the approaching storm, but on the schuylkill expressway, approaching belmont avenue, we are moving along right now, as we check traffic for you. but get on the road soon. because that road, the schuylkill, will get crowded pretty soon. i95 at cottman avenue, already, slowing down, you can see crawling on the way into the city, just like every other morning. and checking your travel times this morning, it is a little slower on both the schuylkill and i95 southbound from woodhaven to the vine, it will take you 21 minute, mike and alex? >> sue, i just want to say thanks. soap, loading up the salt truck. that's already taking place right now. >> yes? >> there, putting down some brine already. that's big brian truck. but we want to check in at the shoprite in south fill. >> i we sure do, people are trying to stock throws
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refrigerators, aren't they? >> here we go. i feel a wall. >> tell us what you got here? >> i got the necessities, bread, milk, eggs, water some hundred cheese, some good east. >> trying to get in before the crowd get in. >> so shopping for your mother, too, ahead of the storm? >> yes, i am. >> and then i have to get up and take my daughter to school. >> ready for the storm coming up? >> i'm ready, snow, snow, what are you going to do. >> i got you, i got up, but you got the shovels, mine, salt, everything? >> salt, shovel, need few nephews to come around, shovel more my mother. >> then you're all set. people go to stores across the area, too. i know wegmans, weaver video people shopping over at the wegmans, there, too, you know,
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first big winter event coming, i guess better late than never? >> yes, but i mean you don't want something this big, you know, all at one time, bury people in, and, you know, for the older people, don't do them no good. >> true. good point. mike, thanks so much for your time. a lot of people coming out of the shoprite here in south philly, snyder, got the water, seeing that, seeing milk and bread of course, haven't seen anybody bringing out any shovels really buying any just yet, the good news is maybe people know where their shovels are, and that sort of thing, because sometimes you tend to forget when you need them the most, especially, if you have a really, really big garage, right? >> the one guy who had whiskey earlier, he's got the important stuff you need? >> hey, thanks. >> we had one shovel my entire life, made of metal.
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>> really? >> yes. you know, this day and age, you get the plastic ones, they break. >> that's true. >> you got to buy a shovel every year. >> that's true. >> so where is your metal one? have you checked it? are you going to pass it down? >> i don't know what ever happened to it, i don't know. somebody just sent in idea what we could eat saturday morning, we will be here saturday covering the snow. >> yes, chef jennifer says that scrapple stuffed french toast. >> that sound discusting. >> she's a chef. i'm sure she can make it taste good. >> snow you the way. >> scrapple shoved into french toast. well, i'll give it a shot. tomorrow's storm, well, going to start snowing about 7:00 tomorrow night. >> tomorrow night. >> right? bringing out new concerns over the safety of the center city building that was destroyed by the fire yesterday. >> the building inspector there monitoring what is left of the building, at the corner of locust street and van pelt. >> basically between 21st and 22nd. destroyed in four alarm fire on tuesday night. officials say the structure is
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work to go demolish part of it before the storm hits because of all of these concerns that the weather could cause more damage, even though the surrounding buildings. >> worried about the building on both sides. >> with the snow coming, this weekend, we want to be extra cautious with this building, because of the additional loads that the snow will place on the remaining interior structure, so we will start a demolition from the roof line down. we are hoping we can save the majority of this building. >> fire also forcing people out of the amounts in the adjoining buildings on both sides. >> this is rough time to not be able to go home. roads in the area so closed until crews remove part of the building in danger of falling. so might be little bit. >> yes, also new this morning, philadelphia police, have received apparently phone threat from somebody who wanted to hurt our officers, this just two weeks after a city police officer was ambushed in his cruiser. >> soap, they are taking the threats very seriously, of course, not taking any
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chances. >> steve's on the story right now in center city. steve? >> all of the cops on the street happy to hear this morning that cops have really resolved this one unlike that previous one, remember, it was just last weekend, where we had that reporter about the three guys that were out there even more radical than the guy that shot jesse hartnett. police outlook being for those guys, and having to fine them, then find out whether they were a threat. well, they found this guy, almost instantly, two anonymous calls, one here to philly police, one to new york police, and the caller names the same guy in both calls. well, we have learned that the guy is an ex-con, 36 year old marcus shelton. and we learned whole lot about him because turned out he wasn't so much a threat because he walked in to a detective bureau, near yankees stadium in the bronx, all by himself, and said here you guys are looking for me. now he has violated parole, got 20 prior arrests and the parole violations were very minor things like fare evading on the new york subway,
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smoking pot, when not supposed to be doing those things on parole. but no armed man, and certainly no threat, according to police, sources right now. but, they are still holding him as they try to find out why somebody would make these few calls from upper manhattan to both police departments to say that this guy had a gun, and he had a plan, and he was pledging allegiance to isis just like archer did here in philadelphia, and was also planning to shoot cops both in philly and new york. here are top commanders from both department, talking about this yesterday. >> because of the things that have happened not only here but in new york and around the count rip, gout to take it very seriously. >> one of the phonecalls indicated isis, not the phonecall to philadelphia, but rather the phonecall to new york, and we are taking it serious, based on what happened in philadelphia. >> and when you got people threatening lives, police officers, just because the uniform they wear, i mean, obviously, we figure it all out, we want to remain as we are, just for the safety of the men and women that wear
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this uniform. >> so, they are holding this guy on the parole violations, and just because they got this guy, alex, mike, doesn't mean the threats to police have gone away at all. only been two weeks to the day that jesse hartnett was shot two thursday's ago, and we also have some good news on that front, because he has finally been upgrade today stalled, several surgeries already, probably few more surgeries to go. but, surgeons have saved that right arm. that was a big fear, and he's doing a lot better. and the police still doing everything in pairs around philly and probably up in new york, as well. >> for sure. all right, that is some good news out of that. steve, thank you. 7:10. >> let's get to lauren? hi, authorities still trying to figure out what sparked large fire in montgomery county, this was the scene as flames shot through the roof of this house on welsh rd. lower moreland yesterday. firefighters fully extended the truck ladder to get handle on this one, took them nearly three hours to get the fire under control. one firefighter had minor injuries, no word yet on what started the fire. prosecutors in the bill cosby sexual assault case say
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the comedian is seeking special treatment. trying to have this case thrown out even before the first evidence hearing. cosby filed request to dismiss the case but the d.a. says he can proof from new evidence the comedian drugged and molested a woman in 2004. >> cosby says it was concentual, scheduled february 2nd about the dismissal. ac leaders planning emergency meeting next week to consider asking the state permission to file for bankrupt i move comes after governor chris christie seed vetoed package to help the struggling city and its eight casinos, mayor says he feels like he has been stab in the back by the state. city still trying to fight off proposed take over of its finances and major decision-making powers, mike anal next. >> lauren dawn, thank you. >> president obama in detroit pledging his support for the people of flint michigan, as they continue to deal with that ongoing water
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contamination crisis have but michigan's golf more want more from the federal government. governor rick snyder filed appeal for federal disaster declaration saying more money needed to fix the contaminated pipes that have caused elevated lead levels in kids, more than 100,000 people just can't drink their own water. >> i know if i was a parent up there, i would be beside myself that my kids health could be at risk. >> yes. at risk big time, lead in the water? you know, can ruin your brain. so far $5 million in federal aid has been approved, now considering request by the governor for $28 million in additional state funds to help with this problem in flint. >> 7:12. happening today, the obama administration expected to announce new visa requirement for some european travelers, they include people who are dual nationals in iran, iraq,
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syria, sedan, or anyone who has visited those countries in the last five years. the move aimed at making it harder for europeans who fought for the islamic state group to enter the united states. >> good, attorneys for ethan couch, you know, they call him the afluenza teen, i call him the spoiled brat, say he'll return to texas from mexico probably in the next two, three weeks. >> now, initially, he had been challenging his deportation, but his attorneys say they're no longer going to fight to keep him in mexico. and they didn't give reason for this change, authorities allege that couch and his mom crossed into mexico in december, as texas prosecutors investigated whether he violated his probation in a 2013 drunk driving case. >> all right, 7:13, almost 7:14, we will get to sue, big star today. >> yes, well, lots to talk about, that's because here we are, more than 36 hours out of the event itself. but we already have watches and warnings going up, in our area, it is winter storm watches. but, down in the
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baltimore-washington area, blizzard watch. then you move to the north. long island, and new york, blizzard watch. what's the difference? the wind. it is not necessarily only the amount of snow. but when you factor in very high wind, see how vulnerable, new york; of course with washington, d.c. area being in the bull's eye of the storm, that's why they're under blizzard watches. we'll keep close eye on whether our weather service issues any upgrades during the day today, of course, and post it right away, in fact, more details will be posted as often as possible on the facebook and twitter, sue serio fox 29. all right, here is a look at the storm as it is now. starting to form in to something. starting to seat beginning of this counter clockwise flow, as it forms into bonafide low pressure system, will gather moisture from the gulf, move up the coast, and become as we said a force to be reckoned with. but nothing today. in fact, it will be very tranquil day, arrival time of the storm, it looks like well after the evening rush, on friday, so you will get to work, get to school, get home, hopefully, and then it is in
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the overnight hours that this thing starts to crank up, and we see heavy snowfall at a rate of one-2 inches of an hour in parts every everywhere you see the dark were you here. then we start to watch this rain-snow line. that's going to be the big wild-card here. where this actually set up. and cuts off snowfall and changes it to sleet and/or rain and heavy rain because, remember, this is coastal storm, and there will be a lot of impacts at the jersey shore. it looks like, also, this thing will be with us throughout the entire day on saturday, into the early hours of sunday morning. so, not only a powerful storm, but also, a storm of long duration, that's truck all every us. so we stick with these snowfall totals for now. expect them to change as we get closer to the event. lots and lot of snow, we told you, one to 2 inches an hour, 12-18 inches possible in this i95 corridor. much less, though, at the jersey shore, because of that change-over to rain. so, south to north is how it comes in. after 9:00 start looking for
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those first snowflakes friday night, heaviest overnight into the early afternoon hours of saturday, peak wind gusts of 35 to 40 miles an hour. that's when we factor in the wind. but nothing will be like the wind at the shore. coastal impacts will be huge, because this is coinciding with a full moon this weekend. couldn't be worse timing for this for coastal flooding and beach errosion, and the winds we expect to gust as high as 60 miles an hour, at times or more, so the wet snow will mix with the rain, and of course make a big mess, so with the snow clinging to the trees and the power lines, that's a big concern, again, it is friday night, into saturday, and probably sunday morning. that's your forecast, let's get to the roads, because we do have a few things to show you here, including what's going on in browns mills, new jersey. a serious accident on route 70 westbound at lakehurst road with all lanes blocked on that part of route 70 for an overturned vehicle with what we are hearing are serious
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injuries, medical helicopter has been requested, alternate route would be pasadena, wood man's road. travel speeds around the region are is slowing down little bit, especially on 295, guys, in new jersey. >> 7:17. former eagles coach chip kelly introduced as the head coach of the 49ers yesterday at a press press conference. >> first time he spoke to the media after being fired by the eagles three weeks ago. he look happy, smiling. >> he look somewhat refreshed. he had a tie on h no hat. he didn't have his advise or. >> now he was asked about what went wrong during his time here in philly. and his answer, well, it was an interesting one. >> yes, yes. >> what we did well, what we did poorly, how can we improve as a team, and i was in the process of that. and really i don't think it was a south to me, because i got fired, i looked at it more like an autopsy, i'm in the middle of the up a zip right
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now still looking at it, sent toxicology reports out, see when they come back, give you full answer in terms of what went owning. >> making jokes and everything. >> yes. >> we all know that chip made some mistakes. he admits that here in philadelphia. specially when he was given control of the personnel, the players themselves lags year. chip seemed to wrestle that control a was from the front office mainly howie roseman. but when asked about having control in san francisco, like he did in philly, chip said he'd lever those decisions up to the front office in the bay area, and had nothing but good things to say about his new bosses. >> when i met jed, you know, i was just struck, i never look at him before. i looked at his track record, if you really look in the past five years, jed and his family built the best, and then when you talk about trent, trent is a football guy. i like to think i am a football guy. 's grinder. i can't tell you what a blast
7:19 am
it has been in the last two weeks just talking football, talking visions. >> he's a grinder. >> he is a griner. he mean football guy. he said that a lot. i'm football guy. >> the guy likes 12 years old. >> buffalo bills made history yesterday afternoon, they have female coach. >> that's right. the first female coach. catherine smith. >> full time coach in the nfl. >> that's her name, name special teams quality control coach. bills coach rex ryan consulted when bruce recently hired jen with the eras assistant coach. this was administrative assistant for rex ryan last season, previously worked with the jets for seven years, and ryan of course previously the jet head coach. >> that's how he knows her. >> okay, if you give your child a hoverboard, did you get a hoverboard for christmas? >> here is the thing, where can you use it now? i mean, you can't bring it on a plane, you can't -- >> the first city in america. philadelphia has a new proposal could lead to you getting fined if your child,
7:20 am
12 and under, isn't wearing proper equipment on the hoverboard. we're the first city to try this. >> and salt trucks aren't along in preparing for the winter weather. find out what airlines are doing to ease the headaches sure to come to the airport this weekend. >> we have lottery numbers.
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>> beautiful sunrise. >> by the way our helicopter skyfox is traveling to a water main break, in lawrence township. lawrence township, is that right, rachael? we'll get there in a little bit. get to that scene. >> so the east coast, prepping
7:24 am
for the big storm, right. >> that's right. for airlines, flying, well, they're having some offers to ease the pain. >> it might be good idea, lauren, couple of people already changed their flights, instead of flying saturday, they switched to today. and tomorrow. >> that's smart. >> and the airlines helping out, right? >> yes, you know, we know about this weather, ahead of time. so why not make it easier for so many people to get to and from their destinations. so, most all of the airlines are really working with you right now. you want to check with them for the exact cities, and dates, that are included here. but, american, dealt, a united, they're refunding the difference, if do you have change the fee, they'll pay the difference, waving change fees. if your flights canceled tomorrow night, saturday morning, or if it is delayed in a big way, they'll actually refund your ticket price for you. >> are you working saturday? are you going to work saturday, lauren, alex and i will be here saturday morning. >> oh, i haven't been asked to yet. are you going to volunteer me?
7:25 am
>> maybe we will. we would like to have you on the show with us. >> sure, why not? are people talking about it in new york? i saw the cover of the new york post. >> my husband actually going down to fill toy report all weekend. he's not a reporter but will be covering the story. >> he is not a reporter but covering? what does he do then? >> he is an engineer. >> ah. >> new truck, if you see it, go in and say hi, who is lauren's husband. >> what's his name? >> mark. >> mark. >> simonetti. >> welcome to fill. >> i i saw the cover of the new york post, ryan in the control room, if you could bring that up. cover of the new york post, the headline, did you see it today? >> no, i usually check out the post, too, what did it say? >> your boss owns it, so you probably should read it. >> calling you out.
7:26 am
>> city covered in snow. and it says -- >> hold on. i want you to get it right. >> this weekends will be dot dot dot whiter than the oscars. >> new york will be whiter than the oscars. >> oh, the post has the best headlines. >> they do. >> okay. see you tomorrow. no, yes, see you tomorrow. >> it is not coming up on line for me. >> must be an execution disbelief alex has the power. bip, see you tomorrow. >> bye, lauren? so i want to get at least go look at it, a piece of history from the pope's visit to philadelphia. it will go up on the auction block. find out when you can bid on the pope's wheels. >> the fiat. >> and philly auditions part two, happened last night, so we will fill in you on who wowed the judges. this is the last week of auditions, we're going to hollywood. >> all right.
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major discovery in space. a new planet maybe? plus, don't get stranded in the snow. experts show us what to pack to keep you from getting stuck if you're forced to venture out in the storm this weekend. >> mike? >> hey, you know a lot of people got hoverboards for christmas gifts, you know, like the kids all over town. a lot of people have been
7:30 am
following. we'll show you a lot of people falling. cows ill man at large, bill greenly, introducing a bill along with allen dom, co-sponsor? >> one of the co-sponsors, few others. >> good to see you. >> good to see you, good morning. >> we brought a hoverboard in. these things are actually very heavy. >> very heavy. >> yes, so, they're fun, no question about it, but people are falling off of them. there is tons of video all over the internet. mike tyson fell right on his face. >> yes. >> so what's the bill say? >> it says that children 12 and under must wear protective equipment, which include helmet, wrist pads, knee pads, and elbow pads. >> do it again. gout to wear helmet? >> yes. >> you got to wear wrist pads. >> which i don't know i've ever seen wrist pads. because people have fallen on to the cement, and breaking their wrists. >> yes, the rothman institute said there have been let a of
7:31 am
these casino every injuries, and a lot of them to the limbs. >> elbow pads? >> elbow pads, and then the knee pads, correct. >> let's say my kids running up and down my street here in philadelphia, and is riding one of these things, doesn't have the wrist bands, or the protective equipment. what happens? >> we're antis pat to go start with that the police will give warnings to people. >> okay? >> but, the legislation says that an individual can be fined $25, and the parent is held liable for that cost. >> so would you stop the kid. >> uh-huh. >> you don't have a helmet, take me to your parent, and they would get fined. >> or give me your name if your parent rent home. >> get me fox news channel on you here. >> okay. >> the government's in my business. i don't need the government to tell me how to take care of my own children. >> uh-huh. i disagree. >> what do you say to that? >> i say government has a
7:32 am
responsibility for its safety of people. and it certainly has been proven this isn't something that one or two people have gotten hurt, a lot of people, just very short time, and a lot of them children, have been injured with this, and using this equipment, because i think a lot of kids just don't know quite know how to handle it, you know, it moves much faster, than a lot of people realize. >> what are the speeds? >> i think up to 25, 30 miles an hour. >> that's craze. >> i yes. >> and it is casino of like a segway. i can actually ride a segway, because you have handlebars. >> this, right. >> just loose, judges your feet. >> yes. and i think people don't understand how quickly they can loose control of it. >> i know that doctor mike and a lot of doctors, emergency room doctors, have been quite a few people coming into emergency rooms. >> absolutelier. >> since christmas morning. >> yes, absolutely. >> and then national safety product safety commission has recommended that everyone should wear these protective equipment that we're putting in to law. >> first city to come up with
7:33 am
this? >> apparently, yes, yes. >> wouldn't you know it, philadelphia many i'll come at you one more time. >> okay. >> i'll make the decision for my kids, if they don't want to put the pads on, why does the sit have i to get involved? >> because i think one of government's places is to try to protect the safety of people. >> okay. >> and we're starting with children. i would recommend, as, you for example a non-medical person, everybody should wear this equipment. but we're starting with children, because children are the most -- can be the most volatile and hurt the worse. >> so 12 and under. >> and under. >> yes. >> thirteen year old -- >> do you have cut it off somewhere. >> i know. >> twelve and under. >> so allen, your co-sponsor, one of them, he fell off one of these, didn't he? >> that's the report i got yes. >> do we have footage of it? >> i've not seen t i would like to see it my disbelief that would be great. >> look at this. now, watch this one. have you zone this one, bill? she as running around, now watch her. and the darn things goes into the pool. >> that's right.
7:34 am
>> remember, this thing is motorized. >> when does it come up for vote? >> just be, just introducing it today, it will be assigned to committee, not sure which committee that will be, then we'll have public hearing on it, so anybody can come in, express their opinion, including in the fox news approach. >> that's right. >> i'll be there arguing. you have been in offers since what 2006? >> correct. >> did you ever think you would be bringing this up? >> no, never, never, had any idea what a hoverboard was. a lot of things i didn't know existed back in 2006. >> good to see you. >> thank you. >> get on twitter. >> this is lawrence township, water main burst. oh, darn, we lost the shot again. oh, it is back, good. >> oh, no. >> what are you hearing about this, sue? >> well, this is, as you said, lawrence township, new jersey, the location, princeton pike between franklin corner road
7:35 am
anistonkerr drive. so that road is closed in lawrence township, princeton pike, and your alternate is brunswick pike, here is a map to show exactly the area we are talking about, again, lawrence township new jersey, big old water main break has closed, princeton pike right there. now, we go to accident, on the schuylkill expressway. it is just past route 202, and already slow in that area because of volume. travel times gotten much slower between the blue route and the vine, will take you half hour this morning. now we go to weather watch the map the storms start to take shape down to the southwest of us. and of course arrival time not until friday night. we will see some sunshine today. but we have windchills in the teens, so your pal bus stop buddy, even with the sixers cap on, very bundled up, in
7:36 am
the blanket coat today. we've got seven out of ten in your weather by the numbers, sun up, 27 degrees, but it feels like 18. and windchills are in the teens, mostly, throughout the region, so don't let down your guard, still got to bundle up this morning, should get to high though of 38 degrees, and that will, believe it or not, be the warmest day of the work week so far. >> do you know that malea owe bamm, a the president's daughter; graduating from high school in may, already? >> what? >> so, who should they have as the commencement speaker? >> yes, get down with me here. >> now, you would think it would be your dad, right? >> yes, but, he is saying he's not going to do it. >> not going to do it, we will tell you why he's in the going to address the class of 2016. >> okay.
7:37 am
the republicans in harrisburg were fighting each other over the state budget. that's right. each other. the republican state senate passed a responsible budget that "begins" to fund education but the republican house of representatives has insisted on a budget that fails to fund education and balloons the deficit. call your legislator, tell them to pass a budget that's right for pennsylvania.
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>> so whether the pope was here in late september, he was riding around in a fiat. well, i didn't know this. there were two fiat, and he was using both of them. >> everyone so excited about the fiat, because you're expecting big pomp circumstance, with flag, everything. little fiat. so now it is hitting the auction block. >> yes. >> the pope actually used two fiats during his visit. the fiat corporation donated the cars for the big event, now, leaders from the world meeting of families and philadelphia auto show say they'll auction off one of those cars, at the auto show's black tie gala, on friday the 29th. >> have you ever been to one of those? >> i've not. i heard it is fun. >> it is fancy. >> not fancy but fun. >> fancy. >> yes. >> so the money raised from the auction will benefit select ministries of the diocese, the other fiat, yes, there were two, will be on display for the public during the duration every the auto show. so take pictures with it. >> pretty cool.
7:41 am
going to go, mike? >> i think i will. that's a fun party. >> so the black tie gala? >> yes. >> are you going to take me? >> i'll take you. you walk around convention, it says convention center right? >> and you walk around the cars, take pictures in your lovely gowns, fancy. >> fancy. >> is the inches president spoken at so many graduations during his time in offers, people think may maybe speak at his own daughter's graduation. >> that would make sense. >> nope. not happening. >> why not? >> well, during the visit to detroit yesterday, president obama said he won't speak at malea's graduation because he will be too overcome with emotion, his little girl growing up, might even cry during the is her moan. >> i i could see that. >> earlier this year he said he tiered up when malea started visiting colleges, so he knows once this graduation moment happens, dadly get work up. >> i cried at both my daughter's graduations.
7:42 am
>> crying earlier this morning. >> did you hear this? we have a new planet. it is a big break through in space. scientists think they discovered something big on the outer edges of our solar system. we are going to find out what that big thing is. jen? >> i want to see. >> yes, guess what? tonight is the last idol audition night ever. so beginning to really take some looks back. so we will talk about that, after the break.
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7:45, view of our city from across the river, and the ad ventura car yum in new jersey, very tranquil day in store weather wise, today, and actually, most of tomorrow it, really isn't until tomorrow night, that this gets cranked up. now, i posted just now, some more details about this effect down the shore, with this winter storm, but, this is what we've got. because of the full moon, it is the full wolf moon, we will have even higher tides than normal, and then, add the coastal flooding, it will be kind of a mess there with the winds, 60 miles an hour or more, wet snow, mixing with rain, so get more details, sue serio, fox 29 my facebook handle and it goes to twitter, too, sue serio fox 29. snow begins south to north, after 9:00 probably, for most of us friday, then cranks up
7:46 am
pretty quickly so in the overnight hours until the early afternoon on saturday, we've got that heavy snow falling, in the places that gets snow. peak wind gusts inland, 35 to 40 miles an hour, so this snow, that heavy wet snow, will clinic to trees, bring some of them down potentially and power lines as well. so, you have to be prepared remember prepare don't panic for power outages that could happen. winter storm watch in effect but down taught southwest blitz blizzards watch, because of the wind, and that has such an impact on blowing the snow around. so, it is not just amount of snow, that determines the blizzard watch, we will keep an eye on our situation here, as well. the storm starting to form down to the southwest, but no precipitation expected, in fact, should be nice looking day, still pretty cold though, with below average temperatures, so, i'll show you some of this future cast here, as we see this snow starting, after 9:00, and then
7:47 am
getting intense very, very quickly. but what we are watching, as we told you earlier, is the line between the rain and the snow, and it seems to vary every time we get model run, but that's going to make big difference in the snowfall totals that we get in the end. we post projections, on social media, as well, 36 degrees, today, our storm is friday night, saturday, all day, and probably into part of sunday morning. so, not only intense, but long in duration, that's your weather, here's traffic. at 7:47. the road closed for a water main break in lawrence township, new jersey, what road? it is princeton pike, between franklin corner road and stoneker road. we still have accident on the shoulder of the schuylkill expressway, just past route 202, traffic is pretty slow around that area, as well. so, as we check your travel speeds on your major roadways this morning, the biggest problems are on the schuylkill
7:48 am
expressway just around route one, and up around route 202, as well. mike anal next. >> did you hear this? scientists may have made a major new discovery about our solar system, researchers at call tech say there is evidence of very large planet orbiting in a bizarre pattern on the outer edges of our solar system, the thing is huge. >> they say the planet appears to be about ten times more massive than earth. but no one has seen it yet. the potential discovery made through mathematical modeling and computer simulation cents. >> there was a moment sitting right here in this office where we saw something that we had not anticipated at all, that was the moment for me that was kind of it was jaw dropping, but not jump up and down say and say hooray, it was more like stunned like oh. this is real. >> oh. >> scientists estimate that the new planet called planet nine for now would take about
7:49 am
ten to 20,000 years to complete one orbit around the sun. >> well, a 20-ton boulder, hold on second. so derrick pits walks into the show, our friend over at the franklin institute. if it is so big, why can't we see it yet? >> true. >> and have i forgotten, is pluto not a planet? >> know, it is not. >> they took pluto -- oh, so we could call it planet nine? >> yes. >> taking pluto's place? >> i want to give it a better name though. >> planet nine? okay, let's come up with something. >> pluto we could call it. >> i'll just just call it pluto doesn't two? >> pluto .2? >> oh, that's cute. >> is it? >> so what's the one that's further south now? is it your anus? >> is it? >> no, neptune, i guess. >> up in tune. >> yes. >> you just wanted to say uranus. >> yes, i'm 12 years old.
7:50 am
>> we know that. >> 2010 bowel err blocking highway, look at the size that far darn thing. they blew it up. with dynamite. >> it took 3 pounds of dynamite mike to below this huge rock to pieces, blocking traffic for hours, after landslide. no one hurt in the blast or in the landslide, but crews were able to move the smaller pieces so the traffic could pass through. >> but thank the lord nobody -- >> road runner cartoon or something? >> where they bring out the dynamite? >> yes, mee-mee. >> can you imagine a car coming down in front of your car. >> oh, mama. so last night, we had some more philly auditions on american idol. >> you know there is the good and the bad. but there were some scenes there. >> and then there is jen. >> and then there is me. just one more night of the city auditions, and that's tonight. so the idol producers continue to give us a look back, last night, we saw some of the amazing duet. >> ♪
7:51 am
>> ♪ >> you guys are killing me right now. >> you guys are killing me, man. >> ♪ >> that was complete torture. >> don't like the idea every just picking one. >> terrible. >> this is our dream. >> this is our dream. >> mike, you know this. this of course a big set up for two of my favorite people from last night. >> okay? >> brothers self described nerds who although don't look like it they went to art school. you can't see them yet. but -- >> we have been pretty much singing since birth. >> that's them? >> that's them. >> from cadillac, michigan. >> yes. >> are they good?
7:52 am
>> yes,. >> would you like to hear from them? >> ♪ >> they didn't get through. coming up 8:00 a.m. what does harry connick junior really think of j-lo? also, i found a guy for alex on american idol. >> more than that, she told me she found my future boyfriends. >> oh, i will ' look forward to. that will more than 24 hours away, guys stocking up, to south philly the shop rite, being swarmed like humans. >> no savesies. more of the unique way philadelphia police are
7:53 am
reminding people it is illegal to save street parking lots. >> they made this music video? >> they brought in drake to help with this one. >> wow. >> ♪
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
>> stunned hollywood, biggest talker how long she has been living with that diagnosis. she became a household name when she starred as meadow, which is tony's daughter in the soprano's, said she was diagnosed 15 years ago, when she was just 19 years old. she got the news right before the show's fourth season. and, you know, she recently married cutter dykstra, already i's son, mother of two year old boy named bo. she said she was largely symptom-free for years, but
7:57 am
now she has to think about every step that she takes, and she can't run. so, we wanted to finds out more how multiple sclerosis is, and you how live with it, bringing in doctor thomas lies, director of multiple sclerosis center at jefferson here, to help us better understand what she is facing, what other patient are facing, because of course ms has been around for years but can you remind people exactly what it is? >> so multiple slower owes says disease that affect the central nervous system, that's the brain, that's the nerve that goes to the eye, it is part of the brain, and goes to the spinal cord. it belongs in the family of autoimmune diseases, and it is casino after family member of rheumatoid art right, related diseases, but specific to the brain, and it affect more women than men. >> can you be diagnosed? i mean, she was really young when diagnosed.
7:58 am
>> she was off puberty, so from that point she is immune originally an adult person, and multiple letter sews cyst highness women in their 20's, 30's, so from that point of view shocking she comes out now after 15 years, but on the other hand this is not an unusual situation. >> yes. why do you say it is not unusual? because so many people are, you know, dealing with ms? >> because average person that i see and diagnosissed when multiple slower owes says young woman in her 20's and 30's. >> so she fit right in that. now she said when i walk i have to think about every single step. is that insight into what people are dealing with when they have ms? >> so obviously she has now had according to what she disclosed ms for 15 years, which means she probably over time had some event that she may not have shared with the community at large, and she has now perhaps experienced some injury to the central
7:59 am
nervous system, to the nervous system, spinal cord. >> we don't have the cure obviously but makes it easier for people to live with ms? >> so there are at this point in time 12 treatment approved, two more on the way, and it is a disease that for many can be manageable, on the other hand, it is still the leading cause of non-traumatic disability, in young adults. >> do you feel positive, though, encouraged by some of the new treatments being developed? >> absolutely, absolutely. >> because what, 2.3 million people are dealing with ms. >> we don't have a census for there is probably somewhere between 40,500,000. >> wow, well, thank you so much, doctor. >> my pleasure. >> 7:59. coming up on 8:00. good day to you it is thursday, january 21st, 2016. >> barring towards the east coast, major winter storm
8:00 am
headed our way. get the bread. get the milk. what you can expect this weekend. >> why your winter gear could be making you sick. >> why some think she cross the line. ♪ >> okay, i'm gaga from lady gaga. new cd in the works. but surprise here. the rock-and-roll legend she's joining forces with. >> ♪ >> i'm a fan of lady gaga. >> you are? >> she is very talented.
8:01 am
>> very. good singer. by the way, i just saw this, well, i saw it yesterday afternoon. it is national squirrel appreciation day. >> you know, you see squirrels every day. >> true. >> do you appreciate them? >> no. >> i think i take my squirrels for granted. >> i do too. i kind of run from them. they kind of square me when they get too close. but just an opportunity to make chris murphy have to put on squirrel outfit and walk around philadelphia, are you ready to go? >> chris? >> do i have to do this again? >> this stupid head is hot and sweaty. you guys talked about gloves being full of germs and stuff. >> that's right. >> wait. national hug day, too, hole on. hi, it is national squirrel and national hug day. can i have a hug? >> sure. >> what's your name? >> nicole. >> hi, nicole. thanks for helping me out on national hug day. wait, this could turn out to be kind of -- hey.
8:02 am
>> put your head back on. this is the same outfit that i rented last year. >> uh-huh. >> we go back yesterday afternoon. >> national hug day! >> to get a squirrel outfit. lost the tail. >> what happened to the tail? >> they can't finds the feet or the tail. >> wow. >> what did you do? >> let eight get wide shot. tail less squirrel. put your head on. put your head on. >> oh, my goodness, there are the shoes. >> so he has no feet. and no tail. >> a hole where the tail should be? >> turn around, let's see that tail. change your tail feather. >> oh, ya. >> oh, no. he's twerking. >> oh, my goodness. >> i don't think that's a twerk, sue. >> if you want to talk to your good day philadelphia squirrel, bet got over to the clothespin right now. >> oh, my goodness. poor chris. >> you know, so cold out there today, i saw some squirms warming their nuts, in washington square perk.
8:03 am
>> trying the segway, there is none, oh, i just was going to show that you twitter picture, i'll get it back on, some snow that fell in millville, new jersey last night, got scolding as predicted. we thought that it would happen to the south of philadelphia. bus stop buddy with the sunshine, teens this morning, so we have seven, as our number of the day. current temperature is in the 20's, but we have seen windchills in the teens all morning, so, with plenty of sunshine, only 27 degrees, and it feels like 20 out there. plan on high of 38 degrees. and there may be a few slippery conditions in parts of the area, hope you can see that, that's millville, new jersey, from nanny 727 on twitterment thank you very much, sioban, actually, her name, for sending that. now, we have some traffic to he will tell but as bob kelly continues his vacation. serious accident in browns mills, new jersey, all lanes
8:04 am
block on route 70 westbound at lakehurst road. overturned dump truck. and we understand there are serious injuries involved in this accident. medical helicopter was requested, alternate is pasadena, woodmans road. looking at the overturned dump truck we are talking about, again in case you missed, this is browns mills new jersey. and it looks like not only has the truck dumped its load, but the cab of the truck is really smashed up. so that's where that is going on hopefully you can get around that. we also have that water main break, in lawrence township, new jersey princeton pike. your alternate brunswick pike, your travel times have slowed down a lot. on the schuylkill expressway, from the blue route to the vine it, will take you close to 40 minutes, and on i95 southbound from woodhaven, to the vine street expressway, it is a half hour. >> a while since we've seen a
8:05 am
truck that smashed up. >> serious situation. >> skyfox over it. oh, my god. all right, almost 8:05. it is 8:05 this thursday, the day before the day of the storm coming lane thief in the night. >> 7:00 tomorrow night. snow should start hitting. >> after 8:00 probably around 9:00. >> still people out there in south philly getting their stuff. >> they are. when i was looking at dc, dave, everyone buying up cheese for some reason? >> south philly what's the main thing? >> bread, milk, some people eggs for french toast and everything. by the way just called on the loud speaker for every available cashier. already getting pretty slam here. stacey tell us what you are here getting? >> up was up at 6:30, so might as well get out the door to
8:06 am
beat the crowd. >> so you have all of the bread and milk and everything? >> i need bread. i need milk, i need everything. >> you said you didn't use your shovel much last year. so you're all set. >> yes, we had new shovel for last year, barely used, we have tons of salt from last year, barely use that, so good to go. >> we have video, just tell me, they just called for every available cashier pretty much in there. >> how do you feel about going in there with all of the big crowds? >> little nervous because this is pretty much the only grocery store left in the neighborhood. two of the other main stores recently shutdown. so always a matted house in here. in casey get hungry and get through. >> all right, there you go. stacey thanks so much for your time, we hope you survive the winter like everyone else, by the way people are shopping from home, and so they're ordering items, and having them delivered in trucks like this one here.
8:07 am
so, i don't know, maybe some milk, bread and eggs in there possibly. >> i don't see any, serial good too. anyway that's one way to do it. back to you guys. >> slowing you all of the things you need once the store hit. mike? >> i got my suv out here, i'm a complete dork, i didn't put my coat on before i came out. jane out here with triple a. hop up here. you are fairly tall woman. so, we have to have the stuff in the car before this storm hits. let's show what we need to have in our car. >> yes. >> in case we get stranded out on the road. you could get into a traffic jam that lasts six, seven hours. >> exactly. no one ever plans to get stuck in traffic. >> true. >> weather-related. >> let me look at your fails. you are a good looking woman.
8:08 am
>> thank you. nobody ever plans for it. >> so let's hop in the truck. here we go, ladies and gentlemen. look at all of the stuff we need. let's just start on the right and go left. >> absolutely. you definately want want a collapsible shovable, parked at strain station, and plowed in, you will be able to dig your tires back out. a fresh ice scraper, you definitely want to have some non-perishable some food. >> what do you have there? >> pretzels, protein bars, crackers, if you are traveling with infants, small children, you don't want to forget the diaper bag. >> right. >> some food and formula. >> medications in. >> medication, if you take medication regularly, you want to always have dose or two extra with you. >> gloves? >> gloves, hats, scarfs, extra socks, if you're out there for a while, might want to refresh with dry things. blank tote wrap your kids in in the back seat, you definitely want to have extra de-icer, rock salt, kitty litter, extra traction, you might need to throw it under your tires to get moving again. >> any litter under the tires? >> absolutely. de-icer get the ice off your winds she will, always first
8:09 am
aid kit in your car. >> i love these things. >> these are fabulous, from to get in and out the snow accumulating quickly, and you want to get your hands warm. these are great for boots and gloves. >> jumper cables? >> road kit, flares flares, flashlight that works. >> i don't have half of this stuff. where do i get it? >> might want to travel with me. >> i know, are you married? >> yes,. >> i am darn. what's in that bag? >> triple a emergency road kit that has the jumper cables, extra gloves, batteries, any tools you might need, start off with full tank of gas. >> and an extra battery source for your cell phone. >> but don't carry gasoline in the back of your car. >> slutly not, absolutely not. start, fill up tomorrow. tomorrow is friday. fill up for the weaken. you never know. >> do it today. why paper towels? >> might have to do little work under the hood, you get
8:10 am
dirt. >> i clean yourself up. >> you be careful out there this weekend? stay warm. stay safe. >> alex, i have no coat. >> yes, run back inside, don't want you getting sick mike, especially because we're working saturday. hopefully join us when we do the snow coverage, special show this saturday, we prepare you and tell you everything that's going on for the snowstorm coming in. 8: ten, when you bundle up, are you actually making yourself sick? apparently there is unseen dangers, that are hid never your winter gear. we'll tell you all about it before mike puts on his coat, but first, positive impact on our community. big brother, big sisters, celebrates mentor day. how you can make a difference. >> we will take another look over burlington county, where there is an over turn dump truck, this is in browns mills, new jersey. route 70 westbound, at lakehurst road, all lanes are blocked, we will get you more info on this one. look at that truck.
8:11 am
8:12 am
8:13 am
spokesbox: ♪ go paperless, don't stress, girl ♪ ♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪ >> boy this is one of the worse accidents i've seen in a while. look at this dump struck. >> we were talking about the dump truck. looks like another car that's involved. in a a van, knew. >> looks like white, like box
8:14 am
truck or van, you're right. >> yes, so mangled, really hard to tell. what kinds of vehicle it is. but we saw logo on the side from different angle here from skyfox. it does look like it is a van that -- crashed into the dump truck. dump truck then overturnedment you can see all of the papers and things, whatever was in that dump truck all over the place, and probably whatever was in the van, as well. >> the van is obliterated. >> right. specially the cab of the van, which is truck, to be sure. now, where is this? it is in browns mills, new jersey, on route 70. so, all lanes are block, at this point, westbound, at lakehurst road. so route 70 lakehurst road avoid it at all costs, because i think that lane blockage will probably be in effect for awhile. your alternate is pasadena wood man's road, as we get more information on that accident, of course, we will bring it to you as soon as we k another thing to alert but this morning, burlington bristol bridge will be opening
8:15 am
at 8:45 a.m. >> might want to take that one instead, talcony palmyra. 8:15, segway, into our weather forecast, as we anticipate this coastal storm for friday night into saturday. >> the new york long island area, there are blizzards watches up because of the high winds expected and we'll monitor our area to see if there is any change, erring on the side of caution at this point just to make sure before we issue anything here, we've got our storm forming now, starting to draw some more moisture out of the gulf of mexico. eventually a force to be reckoned with, but nothing today, in fact, today very tranquil weather day in store. >> will not happen in
8:16 am
philadelphia, until probably 8:00, 9:00 you see it just starting to inch into southern delaware by 7:00 friday night. and then, as soon as it gets here, it increases in intensity, talking snowfall rates of one to 2 inches per hour, so this snow will pile up pretty quickly, go ahead, to the seven day forecast and show you what's going on with that, because it is not only an all-day saturday event, it now is becoming more and more likely that this snow will continue all the way through sunday morning and looks like plenty every time to pile up. >> this is our preliminary estimate, i think there is will change as the storm get closer. >> you think it will be really wet snow, too, heavy? >> wet heavy snow, very difficult to shovel. and you'll have to take frequent breaks, i think, you know, just be careful. >> not the light fluffy stuff?
8:17 am
>> afraid not. >> let's talk about one of my favorite organizations in the sit. >> i talking big brothers, big sisters, organization really positively impacted the community. >> i love you, you're the best. >> for more than 100 years, just celebrated this big milestone. and little picnic places like franklin square last summer to the big night out gala at the kimmel center that was fun. >> we were therefore that. big brothers, big sisters has been able to raise much needed awareness about the agency which is committed really committed helping people in our young people in our region. >> let's get to our guest. >> so, of course, our guest here, we have a big, we have a little, and we have the big ceo of big brother, big sisters. >> good to see you. >> i'm awesome, thank you for having us. >> today is what national mentoring day? >> exactly. >> jamal, thank you to the show. how are you? where did you go to high school. >> monastery high school. >> you are a mentee. >> and the mentor, bruce lee, coolest name ever. >> that's your first name bruce lee.
8:18 am
all one word? >> one word like the martial arts ledge end. >> what made you want to be a mentor? >> oh, well, when i think about mentorship, i think about giving back to the community, i think about where i was raised, how many people it took to raise me. >> where was that? >> so i was raise in the miami, florida so so it took a village to raise me, so i figure, you know, i want to be part of the next generation village. so i got involved with big brother big sisters through marcus allen as well as my father, todd rose. >> okay. >> and what is the job after mentor? >> well, that is a very broad question. >> i know. >> because so many times, you know, people who are interested in joining a program becoming big, they ask the question am i appropriate to be a mentor, and what we say is, you know, do you have compassion for what our kids are going through, do you have two to four hours a month to spends time with a kid at risk? right. >> and real amen tore, we're not asking our mentor to be a tutor or teacher, a second parent, just asking for these kids, asking for a friend, to
8:19 am
listen, so one they can talk to about their issues and problems and not feel judged. mentor is loosely, our big, come in these mentee's life. and get something they don't get every day. should is show one in three kids by the age of 18 won't have a mentor in their life. that's something to address particularly in this area, greater philadelphia area, we know that there are almost 200,000 at risk kids, so we know that there is a need for a lot more mentors. >> absolutely. >> and all waiting foremen tours? >> they need mentors. and our job is to make sure they get them. >> so jamal, what sort of things do you do with bruce lee? >> we go out to eat, talk about sports, or relationships, in college. >> uh-huh. >> and we play, bowling, stuff. >> what does it mean to you then to have him as a mentor? >> it means a lot. >> why do you say that? >> because he is like a big brother i never had. >> so tell us about your family.
8:20 am
do you have siblings? >> yes. >> tell us. >> i have one sister. >> do you like her? >> i don't liver with her. >> oh, you don't live with her. second question to you, what do you guys do together what is important to discuss with jamal? >> various things we do together. my objective with jamal to expose him to things that he typically wouldn't expose himself to. so we do things like go to museums, go to the library, fun activities such as sports, playing football, but, really, my goal is to prepare him to become a man, so get him through high school, start focusing on college, and getting that degree, and one day raising a family. so anything that i have learned, over the years, i'm passionate about, so can he go pay it forward. >> here is the problem, we need 200,000 of you. >> what would you say to someone sitting at home right now thinking hey maybe i should do something like this? >> listen, if you are sitting at home thinking about mentor, i would say get to it. because there are plenty of
8:21 am
kids that are at risk that are in need of just some guidance. looking for someone that can just, you know, zoo being to them about school. speak to them about relationships. and don't be nervous. think about big brother big sisters. it is great organization. they provide plenty of activities to do if you are little. and it is not even -- everything is affordable, meaning, you don't even have zero spend any monday which your big. your little. you just have to spend time. >> i know bruce lee your big, you have something for him? >> what? >> uh-huh. >> wow. >> oh, open it up. >> oh, oh. >> i'm getting nervous now. >> i want to know why you're nervous. >> yes, what do you think he's going to be giving you? >> oh, this is beautiful. >> turn it around. >> yes, turn it around so we can see it.
8:22 am
>> oh, this is gorgeous it says my mentor, my friends. >> look at that. >> that's really nice. okay, how do we become a big brother? do it in ten seconds. >> you can become a big brother, call our office, you can also go on line, independence you can fill out an application, to become a big, on line, or call our offers. >> is that a new name? >> yes. so we just merged with officially with south jersey, so now we're seven counties, philadelphia, gone are you, as well as burlington, camden, gloucester counties in new jersey. >> thank you for all do you. >> thank you so much. >> one hundred years again, and thank you for being a mentor. >> oh, thank you so much. and thank you for having us on the show. >> no problem. >> bruce li peng punk bruce lee. >> show us some moves. >> listen to this. >> thanks, guys. >> ♪ >> it was a stop sign. totally paused. >> you try driving in platforms. >> oh. >> talks like a valley girl?
8:23 am
bradley cooper and other hollywood actors try their best audition, but there is another reason why we're talking about clueless this morning. >> oh, we are talking about her, too, don't you worry. what do you think about what she said yesterday? >> by the way the national school appreciation day. so chris murphy is in his girl outfit over by city hall. it is also national hug day. i think that's what he is really up to. >> i want a hug, mike. >> calm down.
8:24 am
what makes thermacare different? two words: it heals. how? with heat. unlike creams and rubs that mask the pain, thermacare has patented heat cells that penetrate deep to increase circulation and accelerate healing.
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let's review: heat, plus relief, plus healing, equals thermacare. the proof that it heals is you.
8:26 am
>> elton john has has confirm, he and lady gaga are in the studio conjuring up some music, magic hopefully, fresh off her oscar nomination, golden globe win, the 29 year old, 29 now? gaga has hinted at giving fans some new hot harmony, sometime
8:27 am
this year. hot harmon. >> i is that from a press release? where did we get that? >> hot harmony. >> what are you doing? you don't know, do you? >> oh, he's making cookies. do you know in. >> it is lucille ball. >> yes. >> making cookies here at the cookie factory, guys. we'll be right back.
8:28 am
8:29 am
winners are showing up all over pennsylvania. and with more than 500,000 winners of match 6, cash 5, and treasure hunt every single week, that's not a big surprise. winners, winners everywhere! play today!
8:30 am
>> it is national squirrel a appreciation day. if you see a girl, hug it, also, nash million hug day. boy, he didn't have any tacklers nope. would you hug a squirrel? a large squirrel. >> wait. she's going. >> why? >> it is chris murphy.
8:31 am
>> true. >> she want -- well, maybe. >> coming in. >> all right, if you want a hug, get over to city hall. >> i don't know if i would hug a squirrel. >> i don't know. okay, so, let's roll footage from lucille ball, was this from i love lewesy? she was working with ethel, her neighbor, as chocolate factory, and they couldn't keep up. so they start, well, little later on, there, the conveyor belt speeds up. >> they start eating them. >> they start eating them so they can keep up. >> this is when it is all well and good. >> funny part is later. so, of course -- >> here you go. >> here you go. oh. >> definitely, the hat. >> so quincy do my job. >> 's been a repo man, hairstyle ers -- >> now he's cookie maker.
8:32 am
>> we're here here in bucks cou, the cookie chef. cookie, i'm going to learn how to make cookies today. >> yes, you are. >> okay. >> now. >> we will be doing a new vegan cookie bar. >> you know i like vegan cook us. >> we did hear. that will all set to go with that. >> what's the ingredients in this gooey cookie we're about to make? >> pretty base being, we use in place of eggs gold end flax seed, combined with water, gets gel athen us egg. same consistency as egg. then dark cocoa prouder. >> okay. >> and we use earth balance, probably already in here, in place of butter, a compressed oil. it is healthier than but ther. >> should we pour the whole thing? >> not just yet. sugar, she'll still helping me get that started. >> how long does it take to make all of these cookie's. >> this batch, 100 pounds batch, get bus a thousand, will take us about two
8:33 am
minutes, minute and a half. >> we can do that. >> yes. >> you guys are doing something big with donation today as well? >> correct, donate to go rolling harvest, local charity in bucks county we've become involved in. >> we have this little station here? >> yes. >> what's all this? >> this goes in here. >> what's this? >> this is the same type of cookie without the mint, double chocolate we have. >> so basically fill up the hopper here. you put it in them all ready to go. >> i want to get pucking. >> okay? >> pucking. that's with a p, a p. >> yes. >> now, how do we puck? we want to puck. >> what the -- okay. now, how long -- >> we increase the speed, we have to way them, and they come out, and so we can
8:34 am
bewaring them. >> say too heavy, what do you do from there? >> you have to be fast. >> oh, oh,. >> we stop it. >> you can keep, yes, threat roll. let it roll. i'm fast learner. >> okay. >> okay? wow, look at this. >> becomes like i love lucy after a while. >> pretty quick. this is pretty rapid. correct, back to you guys. >> faster, faster. >> come on, lucielle. >> come on, come on, common. >> quincy ball. by the way. >> you don't have a beard either. >> skull cap! >> looks cool, makes it look off english true. >> you know, from philly, the guys with the big beards?
8:35 am
>> is it a hairnet? if you don't have hair. >> sue? these are deep thoughts. >> the head covering for sure. you will need more than that if you're out in the storm, that is still starting to take shape down the gulf of mexico, of course, hug the coast, impact us friday night into saturday. for today, rather tranquil but cold, in the teens with bus stop buddy, seven out of tenure number of the day. so, currently, with all of the sunshine, only 27 degrees. and it feels like 20, thanks to those light winds, out there, high temperature later on, of 38 degrees. sunset time is 5:07. the calm before and you know the rest, we'll have the forecast coming up in just a few minutes. taking a look at traffic, on your thursday morning, it has been pretty busy out there this morning, we still have that accident, blocking the route 70 westbound, at lakehurst road. this is in burlington county, in browns mills, new jersey. police, fire department, and ems all in the scene or this
8:36 am
dump truck that hit a van and returned both of them, overturned both of them. terrible accident. that will will be blocked for awhile. that part of route 70, at lakehurst road. >> it is 8:36. i'm going to roll some music here okay? >> and then we will discuss. >> ♪ >> west philadelphia born and raised on the playgrounds where i spent most of my days, chilling out -- >> okay, fun song, right? >> yes! >> we want to hear from you on twitter and facebook. >> ♪ >> let's say you are sitting on the couch, making out with your friend, your lover, which song would ruin the mood? so start thinking about it. what song would put you out of the mood during a romantic moment. >> oh,. >> i got one. >> well, i think i have one, too. >> ♪
8:37 am
8:38 am
♪ i had an injury to my neck. it wasn't as serious injury it was a herniated disc. anything that could go wrong went wrong. i've been in the hospital twenty three times since. the bills started to pile up. i had nothing to give. we had nothing in the refrigerator. i would be dead and not sitting here right now if it wasn't for pond lehocky. when we go to the store, i find my box of honey bunches of oats and i'm checking to see if i packaged it.
8:39 am
best cereal in the world right there. if the last 3 letters were p22, that's me.
8:40 am
>> this is a new shot, new camera angle from the pocono mountains. we're right behind the snow blower, alex. you should put your face right in front of it. >> what, so it can freeze off? >> so you'll get used to saturday. >> oh, ya, saturday. we will be here working though. >> so we will be on 6:00 saturday morning, if the storm earlier, we'll be here earlier. we're here for you. you know what will happen saturday afternoon? people will dig their cars out. >> put all of that work in. >> and you want to save your spot. >> so you put your chair out there, cones, buckets, that's ill league at according to the philadelphia police department. those are called savesis. so they went to -- drake has
8:41 am
this song hotline bling, right? they did their owner have sean of it, no more saveies. here it is. >> ♪ you knee to call us on your cell phone ♪ >> ♪ >> so you get the idea? call me on that cell phone when you see that cone. >> oh, my goodness. i want to know who comes up with these things? >> i don't know. i just don't know. >> casino every funny. okay, so, okay, here comes the cold weather. you dig into your chest of drawers or your cedar chest or your closet and you find the gloves from last year. right? >> right.
8:42 am
>> and your mufflers, and your scarfs. >> you grab it, and you immediately put it on and go about your way. >> you better clean it up. winter gear is designed to keep you warm. you know what doctors tell us, they don't always protect us from germs. which might be basically lodge in the all of the clothing that's been, you know, in the closet for over six months. >> the problem, doctors say, that we don't wash them often enough. think about it, because we wear these coats and gloves every day, touching all kinds of things, doors, sometimes you might drop it on the grounds. >> right. >> and those germs, just hanging out, having good time, hanging out on our gear making us and others sick. the solution, doctors say, is you need to wash your gloves and scarfs at least once a week, and clean your coats, as well. >> i will tell you this: i'm 108 years old. i've never washed a glove. much less once a week. >> no wonder you're always sick. >> how would you wash a glove in would you throw it -- >> throw it in the washer. >> in the wash being machine?
8:43 am
>> the ski pants, pea in the ski pants. go pea pea in the pant, you wash the pants. >> up on the black diamond or something, you can't get down. >> oh, a dog came by, oh,. >> tmi. >> usually below seven years old. >> hey, you know who is amazing, jennifer lopez, you know what we will do, let you look at her even more there is season all about it. >> okay. hershey's miniatures.
8:44 am
we pour 'em! we pass 'em! we pick 'em! delicious fun for everyone. hershey's miniatures are mine, yours, our chocolate.
8:45 am
8:46 am
>> all right, a look at our wimpy chris murphy, who decided that you couldn't stay stands it outside in this nice warm squirrel costume on squirrel appreciation day. >> he is in the coffee shop. >> list inch, squirrels get cold, too. okay? i'm looking for some pastry with nuts. >> all right, he is nuts. 8:46. let's get to t winter storm watch continues for our area. but doesn't start until friday night. and it goes all the way through sunday morning, we will watch all day for changes on that posted on social media as soon as it happens, storm still taking shape. now we go through the future
8:47 am
cast pretty quickly, just to show you, what's going on now. lots, lots of heavy snow, overnight saturday, or friday into saturday. we are watching this rain-snow line all day, to see where it ends up. it will make big difference in the amount of accumulation, but somebody's going to get over foot of snow out of this storm. so, these are your snow estimate, as of now, this will probably change, as far as where we put these bands, but the least amount is where we see the most rain, and that's along the jersey shore, in southern delaware, and there are someplace in the i59 corridor that will get much more than a foot of snow. and that is your weather for your thursday morning. >> you know? wow. >> i know. >> by the way, we talk about american idol and jenn fred, a reminder, alex and i, sue serio, and one kathy orr, will be with you at 6:00, saturday morning. that's saturday morning. >> where we will be working. >> we're here for you. >> i've n cite dollars
8:48 am
jennifer lopez to join us for that broadcast. >> really? >> jen, i've not heard back, not heard back yet. >> in vegas doing her show. >> yes, make the money. >> i'll be there, too, just cutting. everyone loves jennifer lopez. >> jennifer lopez becomes as well rounded as you have. >> that's what i want to give to the audience. >> i'm really happy i get to meet the amazing judges. >> oh, my god. i don't know what i am ' going to do when i see keith your ban. >> connick, like -- >> i can't believe i'm going to sing in front of him. >> jennifer lopez song. >> i feel like a lot of people who have come in today we haven't felt like a performer, somebody who can really feeling the lyrics, and giving us that whole package, and i felt like did you. >> oh, thank you very much. >> my favorite look of her. >> yes, the red lips, very classic. >> kind of 40's almost.
8:49 am
>> but very sassy. >> yes. >> so, the question is, would you believe that j-lo wishes that her voice had one major change? no idea who that was. >> okay. >> a change in her voice. >> what do you think about jennifer lopez, she is the film, music, and now she is appearing in las vegas, i mean, about as well rounded as you can get. >> the show is called all i have because that's what i want to give. >> like i say, my favorite look. >> the woman that you will probably see in the 8:00 hour, named join, she got through, and the question is how about the philly auditions at 9:00 a.m. we'll show you more from the judges, from their visit to the city of brotherly love, and i'll introduce you to who i think should be alex's boyfriends. >> what's that you say? >> you see a guy that should date alex? >> i mean, should be under consideration. >> now listen. >> should be under consideration. >> jenn fred has brought some suggestions to me before, and
8:50 am
let's just say we don't have to do this. >> she would rather data squirrel. >> we don't have the same taste. >> but you admit after you look -- >> professional athlete, good place to start? >> you know what? if i finds a squirrel i'll give him a hug. >> i think we keep saying this so maybe we will see the squirrel. >> yes. >> and there he is. without his head. >> what is the point of ac squirrel if you don't have a head? >> all right, i'll put the stupid head on. are you happy? >> ♪
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo.
8:54 am
>> popular movie cluely making come back, so holding audition. >> they are, with four of hollywood top actors going at it for this role, aren't they? >> big competition for the role of the main characters. >> okay, like right now, for example, the the hateians need to come to america, but what about the strain on our resources? >> but it is like when i had this party for my father's birthday, right, i said rsvp, because it was a sit down dinner. so people came like that did not rsvp. so i was like totally -- >> that was one of the best scenes out of the original move. >> i share, in her cute little sweater there, that alex has on today,. >> oh, yes, i didn't realize that. >> debate about immigration policy about her classmate, amber, and there is a reference to a garden party. >> so okay. like right now. for example, the hatians need to come to america. but some people are all like what about this strain on our
8:55 am
resources in about but it is like, when i had this garden party for my father's birthday party i said rsvp because it was a sit down dinner. but people came that like did not rsvp. >> so i was like totally bugging. i had to hall the kitchen. >> squish extra place sweating but by the end of the day it was like hey, the more the merrier. and so, if the government could just get in the kitchen, rearrange some things, we could certainly party with the hatians, in conclusion, and in conclusion, mighty please remind if you does not say rsvp on the statue of liberty. >> okay, i apologize for screwing that, i should have set this up in this way. so she shared us her bit 20 years ago in the movie then they had famous actors. >> like jake, bradley cooper. >> do the same scene. >> uh-huh. >> kind of fun. >> i it is casino every funny. you know what? i feel like after what station i dash said, i don't think i want to look at clueless the
8:56 am
same. she looks the same, but my goodness, what she is saying. >> never saw stays any that particular clip there. but you know that was her co-star. stacey dash was in clueless. and there she is, from yesterday. on fox and friends. stacey dash, speaks out, about the oscar controversy being too white. right? >> uh-huh. >> she want to get rid of bet. she want to get rid of black history month. >> you just have to hear what she had to say. >> there she is in the movie clueless.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
>> national appreciation day, also hug your people day. yes, no, no, that's chris murphy, in the squirrel outfit. i'm really surprised. who but this guy?
9:00 am
well, no sneakers. oh, this guy. >> no men have come up to hug you yet? come here. >> awe. >> he paid that guy. >> just want to let you know he is not afraid to hug a man. >> that's right. >> if nobody said this yet, he looks more like a chipmunk than a squirrel. >> that's because it is a chipmunk. >> i agree. >> i've looked all over for a squirrel outfit. >> jen, can't find ones. if you have a squirrel outfit for next year, let me know on twitter. >> or facebook. >> hold onto it because we'll need it next year. >> good day everybody, jen's in here, thursday, january the 21, 2016. did you see this? hayden? real wonderful actress. good singer, too. all of this stuff about her


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