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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  January 22, 2016 3:00am-4:01am EST

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♪ right now a wicked storm just waiting to strike. live radar shows the system that could bring more than a foot of snow to our area and it's now less than 24 hours away. here's live look from wilmington tonight. a blizzard watch declared for most of our area ahead of the storm. >> major preparations already underway, of course. store shelves cleared out around the area and all day trucks have been out treating the roads getting ready for inches of snow and icy conditions. of course the question is how many inches? live look at allentown from the lehigh valley to the city and down the shore. we're all in the storm's path. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. we have live team coverage tonight from your weather authority busy tracking snow totals and the timeline to your fox 29 crews out in the in the
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field as you get ready all eyes are on this blast of winter. in weather we're talking about the storm tracking it with ultimate doppler you can see right here severe weather in the deep south but look at the back side of it in places like arkansas, louisiana. some snow and that's going to race toward us by tomorrow at this time. here's a look at our watches that winter storm watch in effect to the north and west from i name corridor adjacent suburbs in pa, new jersey and delaware. a blizzard watch in effect and we're talking about heavy snow accumulations. not much has changed. snow begins from south to north friday evening between 8:00 p.m. and places like wilmington, dover in south jersey to 11:00 p.m. in philadelphia and its suburbs. we're talking about a possible lull as well. the snow is not going to stop but late saturday morning into early saturday afternoon it could lighten up a little bit and then when the storm pulls away on the back side, it will be heavy again. the snow will end from west to east.
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the poconos and our suburbs toward the shore sunday morning between 5:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. so a long duration snowfall and those snow oles fall rates could be an inch, 2-inches an hour at time. not the whole time. here's look at our snow estimates three to 6-inches in the poconos. a sharp cut off with some dry air to the north. six to 12 in the lehigh valley and extreme northern and western suburbs a swath of 12 to 18 right along that i-95 corridor. and six to 12 in south jersey and parts of central delaware. three to six as you head closer to the shore. some lesser accumulations down there but we do anticipate mixing in millville even in dover and that could keep the accumulations on the lore end of things there. now when off blizzard watch, you just don't need snow there's another key ingredient. for more oh i'll send it oh to have my colleague scott william. good evening, scott. >> hi there, kathy a lot to talk about with this storm. we have blizzard watches posted for much of the area. so what does that mean? what do
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we need to have in order for the system to turn into that blizzard? as far as the conditions, we need to talk about those winds. it's not just the snow. we have to have sustained winds or gusts 35 miles per hour or greater as well as the visibility reduced from falling or blowing snow to a quarter of a mile or less and that has the last for at least three or more hours it looks like the ingredients will come together to produce that blizzard if in fact we have a blizzard warning it will be the first time since 2010 for philadelphia. take look at future wind gusts. you can see by friday night starting to pick up in intensity across the area. but look at this. as early as saturday morning, we're talking winds gusting 40, 50 miles per hour south and east of the i-95 corridor. and then look at 10:00 a.m. gusting near 60 miles per hour in while wood also take look at the hour by hour visibility. conditions rapidly deteriorate overnight friday into saturday
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morning at 4:00 a.m. zero visibility philadelphia, zero in wilmington as well as atlantic city. that would give us the blizzard warning across the area. we'll have much more on the broadcast to help you stay ahead of the storm. now back to you. all right, thank you very much, scott. things got -- we're also looking at the possibility of some dry air working in talk more about that plus going neighborhood by neighborhood with the snow accumulations as we get new information into the weather center throughout the broadcast. luce glee talk to you soon, kathy much busy note at least a weekend snowstorm means no rush hour traffic to contend with, right? penndot is hoping to have the roads in decent shape by monday morning. this is the scene on the major highways all across our area today. crews are treating the roads and highways with brine to make cleanup easier once the snow begins to fall. penndot says it has 300 traffic management cameras it will use to monitor the roads and 450 plows ready to go across the area. crews will work 12 hour shifts
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all around the clock. >> went dot is ready. we're ready to go. it will be a challenging one obviously upwards a foot or more snow. it will be a long storm and one we'll be through sunday. working through sunday to get the roads in good as condition possible for monday morning rush hour. >> now if you're driving behind a plow reminder from penndot, it says you need to keep at least six car lengths behind a snowplow and do not pass them. it's the safest place to be behind them. fox 29's bruce gordon live in center city where city officials say they're ready for whatever may blow this way. bruce? >> reporter: yeah, lucy, our weather team no surprise has been busy fine tuning their forecast all week long. no matter where you go and who you talk to the projected snow total numbers have been consistent. a foot or more of snow in philadelphia and much of our region but frankly some folks, well, they're just not buying it. visions of 2010 blizzard no doubt creeping into their nightmares, the kenney
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administration broke into thursday evening newscast to assure the public they are ready for the big one. >> we are in a blizzard watch. that begins friday evening and extends through sunday morning. >> reporter: since last year at this time late january 2015 forecast major winter storm. >> eight to 12-inches. >> philadelphia six to 10-inches. >> reporter: turned into a whole lot of nothing. >> a whole lot of talk and the big storm is pretty much a bust for our region. >> reporter: you let us have it. >> in the future, why don't you just say somewhere between zero and 36-inches. >> reporter: on a cold but clear night in which the only snowflakes were decorative the snowman was made of plywood and the only ice was confined to an artificial ring it wasn't hard to find folks who still aren't sure a real blizzard is on the way. >> i hope so. >> reporter: you think so? >> i hope so. if not i won't -- we'll get nothing. imagine that. >> reporter: do you believe a big storm is coming this week jenn.
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>> no. >> reporter: you don't? >> not al all. >> sometimes they get it right. sometimes they get it wrong. >> reporter: you're not convinced yet. >> i'm not convinced. >> reporter: city officials feel your pain which is why a snow emergency taking parked cars off major thoroughfares won't be announced until friday midday. says the mayor -- >> i would love for all of this to be wrong and the sun comes out on saturday and it's 65. but that's probably not going to happen. so let's prepare for the worst hope for best and be prepared for whatever comes. >> reporter: of course those snowplows also double as trash trucks and some of the inconveniences already going to be felt around here. if you normal vol friday trash pick up in the city, of course it got bumped to saturday because of the mlk holiday. don't expect it to get pick up on saturday. those trucks will be doing snow removal duty it will be next week before you can get your trash taken away. could be to busy weekend and again we're confident this is a real storm. iain. >> we are, bruce. thank you. as you head tore the coast they are preparing for more than just snow. oddly enough a full moon on
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saturday night is adding to the problems this storm could create. fox 29's chris o'connell is in ocean city with a look at how people there are getting ready. chris? >> reporter: that's right, iain. while most of our viewing area right now is preparing for a blizzard, down here at the shore, they are getting prepared for much different circumstances predicted major coastal floo flooding. here in ocean city and towns up and down the jersey shore, they are preparing for worse case scenario. the warnings are ominous. a winter nor'easter down the shore. >> the city anticipating, you know, a storm that could rival some of the worst in the past decade in terms of flooding. >> reporter: it's got cities like bellmawr scrambling to build temporary sand dunes like this one to protect the precious beach front. in ocean city, much the same. just two months after a multi million dollars beach replenishment project major beach erosion is the threat. >> police and fire departments
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are preparing their deep water vehicles in case they need to access residents that are on flooded streets. >> reporter: major winter storm here brings up nightmares like this. flooding, lots of it. >> sometimes bad. we're nervous. little bit nervous. >> reporter: familiar unless ocean city are preparing to hunker down at home for the weekend. businesses along asbury avenue are already packing sand bags and the forecast is even more concerning because of a full moon and high tides. >> if it's going to flood as bad as they say it is with the tides the way they are and the full moon. >> reporter: it's going to be long weekend. >> it is. >> reporter: many residents say dealing with the weather like this is the price of living down the shore. >> try not to act like everyone else and panic. just relax and do what you need to do. >> reporter: steven paul who remembers the historic storm of 1963 says you never know what cards mother nature will be deal. >> it's hard to tell. they always have trouble predi predicting what is going to happen along the coast whether we'll get snow, ice, freezing
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rain or just rain or a mix of all of it. >> reporter: you got to prepare fort worse. >> you got to prepare for the worst. >> reporter: and several shore communities say they will open up emergency shelters in these communities but only as an as needed basis as the weather comes out. no announcements just yet. officials really reminding everyone to make sure they have enough emergency supplies to last two days just in case of power outages or being stranded. so the preparations in full gear here at the shore. iain. >> chris, thank you. a live look now at philadelphia international airport where this impending storm is already causing some cancellations. american airlines says it's got plans 42 airports to dole with the snow here in philly airline cutting the number of flights tomorrow night that is when the storm is expected to move in on saturday all american airlines flights are canceled at phl. it's hoping to resume operations on sunday. whatever airline of course you're flying with be sure to
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check the status of your flight. here's live look at reading to night make sure you've got the newest information about the storm with our fox 29 weather app. you can see live radar, get alerts sent to your phone. you can find it in the apple and google play stores. a driver weaving all over the road obviously distracted. what he admits was going on on his lap that had his attention. a home engulf in names the first crews on the scene thought it was a lot of cause until they saw someone waving from a window inside. what they told that woman to do next in order to save her life. and shawnette. >> reporter: heated meeting at the school district of philadelphia building tonight. i'm shawnette wilson. src decides whether certain public schools should become charter schools. and the schoolbus driver in big trouble tonight out of a job and facing criminal charges. what he told police he through at little children hitting one girl in the head. and we're all breaking out winter gear ahead of this
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weekend's winter blast. a warning doctor there is from doctors tonight why that same stuff that keeps you warm could make you sick.
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major winter storm about to move inform you can see right now live radar still on the southeast but less than 24 hours that mess will be here. a live look at allentown tonight and this time tomorrow we could be seeing snow. everyone around the area getting ready for salt to shovels bottled water and stocking up the fridge most are not taking any chances with so much snow on the way and that means many store shelves are now empty of all those searches. >> fox 29's dawn timmeney takes to us one store in chestnut hill prepared for days exactly like this. >> reporter: it's been non-stop all day at killian
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hardware company in chestnut hill. a steady stream of customers clamoring for rock salt and shovels since the neighborhood store on germantown avenue opened its doors today. >> this is not what i was expecting for thursday afterno afternoon. it's been nuts. this is even britt even snows, um, so it's been mad. >> reporter: many making a mad dash for supplies with predictions of some serious snow for saturday. it seems no one wants to be caught unprepared. diane roseman going for two shovels. >> definitely need one, okay, but there are two different types and i'm not too sure which is the best so i get one of each. this is my second trip here. because when they started telling us that this snow going to be 12 to 18-inches i figure i might need more. >> reporter: lilly hill stocking up on salt. her friend and neighbor harold hays out grabbing another shovel just in case. >> are you the designated
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shoveler? >> yes. (laughter). >> that's all i got -- yes. >> reporter: do you like to shovel? >> no. >> reporter: next stop the grocery store. to get what else -- >> bread and milk if it's not all gone already. >> reporter: marie williams stocked um on food. she was only after one thing today. >> getting rock salt. i called everywhere, home depot, lose, everywhere, they don't -- they all out. >> reporter: already? >> yes. so we in the neighborhood. >> reporter: for some reason this 102-year-old family owned store always seems to have salt when no one does. >> we're magic like that we fine ways to get salt and we have more coming tomorrow. >> reporter: killian hardware is expecting another big shipment of salt tomorrow. doors open 8:30. they say if today is any indication get here early. dawn timmeney fox 29 news. wise advice. taking a live life look at trenton. when the snow starts to fall,
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show us what it look like where you are. you can tweet us your pictures using the #fox29snow. pennsylvania governor tom wolf orders all flags placed at half staff to honor 12 missing marines among the 122 from pennsylvania captain brian kenny from chester county they were officially declare dead today after their choppers collide add week ago off the coast of hawa hawaii. coast garces spended the 5-day search yesterday after boeing unable to find any sign of the marines. governor wolf invites all citizens to take part in honoring those marines. one person is at the hospital after getting hit by a car in south philly. skyfox over columbus boulevard at tasker. victim was trapped under the car. police had to shut down the southbound lanes of columbus to investigate what exactly happen. we do not know the victim's condition. some parents are trying to keep their kids elementary schools from becoming charter schools at tonight's src meeting school officials voting on the
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fate of three different philadelphia elementary schools. fox 29's shawnette wilson was at the meeting where the src just made a decision. shawnette? >> reporter: iain, it was a late night meeting that ended with the src voting to match cooker row and wister elementary schools. those three public schools are on the way to becoming charters. >> cook cooker row rhee rep click and vote no. >> a pack room of parents, children and educators all making passionate plea where is the school resource commission. on the fate of philadelphia public schools. >> i am judging the idea that charter schools proliferation is the road that educational success and equity. >> src is deciding whether to turn cook and huey elementary schools into charter schools. and whether to reverse the decision to allow wister to remain public. >> the only ray of hope i had when mass terry came around. they didn't approach me. i approached them.
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>> reporter: danielle campbell doesn't want her son devon's school cook to become a charter. >> i'm really frustrated that it appears as though instead of putting the type of debtor indication and commitment that they need to into our public schools they're willing to sell them off to the highest bidder. >> my class can be crazy from time to time but when it comes down to it we do our work. >> reporter: others like will yup jackson father of five support the charter conversion for schools the district considers low performing. >> what's happening at wister 3% of the kids are proficient at math. for me that's not acceptable. >> the district has been failing for eight years. how many more resources do we want to pull -- pour in that hole? >> reporter: and back here live, a spokesperson for the school district just told me moments ago that applications still must be submitted and approved. those applications need to be submitted by the charter schools that want to take over those three public schools but again it looks like wister, cook and
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huey on the way to becoming charter schools. iain and lucy, back to you. >> thank you shawnette. right now people across the country are helping those affected by the water crisis in flint, michigan. >> that includes celebrity with ties to philadelphia. people in flint have led poisoning from contaminated drinking water. residents there are blaming government mismanagement for the crisis and now the justice department is investigating. people around the country are sending clean water to that area. tmz reporting philly rapper meek mill sent 60,000 bottles of water and gofundme college students at u penn are raising funds to buy some clean water and send it to the people of flint. 35 surgeries left her eating through tubes. her time was running out and after three false alarms she got the life-saving call she's been waiting decades for. the incredible ahead. >> chaos on the streets of new york city. what went running right passed this cop that started a very weird police chase.
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may the force be with you. unless you bought one of these for your baby. was just recalled because it's too dangerous. ♪ now with tomorrow' traffic here's bob kelly. hi i'm sue serio in for bob kelly this week this is the last night of this construction project on i-95. the northbound on ramp from princeton avenue closed until 5am so if you're going some late or leaving really really early tomorrow take another way. this is the last night of this particular construction project. we'll have the latest on traffic and that weather that we have for the weekend it's all starting at 4am on the fox 29 morning news. ♪
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now your winning lottery numbers. ♪ scary moments at the los angeles zoo worker falls into the gorilla enclosure that's 61-year-old employee was working on the sprinkler system and somehow fell in. rescue crews safely secured the gorillas and paramedics carry the guy out of the end closure and brought him to hospital. officials say he may have a broken leg. british judge says russia is responsible for the deaths of one of its former spice.
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in 2006 alexander, drank tea with a dose of poison in it. he had turn on his russian count parts and was working with a british government on an investigation involving two members of the kgb. during that meeting that british officials say russian agents poison him. like out a movie. at this time russia says it will not extradite either man accused of of poisoning him. terrifying moment for woman in georgia trapped inside her burning home. >> but someone was there to save her. the house was engulfed in flames yesterday when police got there officers james wheeler was the first on the scene. he noticed a woman calling for help from a second floor window. he couldn't get inside because the fire was too intense. all he could do was encourage her to jump. >> she told me that if it wasn't for me she wouldn't have had the courage to jump out. >> that woman and another person who was inside the house were
3:25 am
both flown to an atlanta hospital to be treated for smoke inhale laying. they're expected to make a complete recovery schoolbus driver in big trouble out of a job facing criminal charges. what he told police he through at a child hitting one little girl in the head. kathy. lucy new information into the weather center. it's really indicating a change in the timing of the storm. we'll take look at that plus new information and fine tuning the snow amounts coming up. >> all right, kathy, thank. driver weaving all over the road. obviously distracted what he admitted was going on on
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>> winter' wrath on the way. >> bracing for massive storm. bringing more than a foot of snow. >> i'm getting rock salt. >> i call everywhere, home depot, lose, everywhere, they all out. your weather authority wor working harder to keep you safe.
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>> right now that storm is over the southeast you can see on live radar it already looks menacing it is big bringing so much snow and wind blizzard watch declared for our area less than 24 hours from now we'll see the snow start to fall. your weather authority tracking what we can expect. let's get right over to kathy orr. >> all right. iain let's start off with tonight. it is quiet, it is dry, many of those roads already treated for the snow that will come tomorrow. 30 degrees in the city. winds out of the west northwest at 7 miles an hour. temperatures below freezing everywhere already in the teens in the poconos but tomorrow we will start off with some sun, then the clouds and still mild temperatures before the main event. here it is strong area of low pressure snow on the back side severe weather on the east side. what's going to be happening by tomorrow afternoon we see the snow spreading into the delmarva peninsula, and interior places like west virginia and virginia. this area of low pressure, this
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storm, is actually going to jump off the east coast, redevelop into a massive northeast coast snowstorm and we'll see all that wrap around moisture associated with it as it continues to accelerate and strengthen toward the northeast. now when we look at the timing there's been a change in the timing of the precipitation that i want to draw to your attention we'll take look at the hour by hour map. we start tonight. we see the snow moving in tomorrow evening between about 8:00 and 10:00 p.m. into philadelphia and then spreading northward during the overnight. by saturday at noon, we see a little bit of drying going on and mixing throughout south jersey and delaware. and then continues phil until about 3:00 o'clock heavy snow moves back inform the change when the snow ends this is midnight sunday morning and it's already ending in the poconos it will continue to move offshore and end from the west toward the east by 6am sunday morning. the snow is already gone. so it will be ending in philadelphia during the wee hours of the sunday.
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so that helps in the cleanup. here's a look at our wild cards we still have to look how far north and west mixing will occur. it will mix with some sleet possible in south jersey. where will that banning of snow occur the heaviest snow where the warm air to the south meets the cold air to the north also the possibility of that dry slot late morning and into the early afternoon on saturday. the snow will not end lighten up a little bit. our snow estimates still 12 to 18 along the i-95 corridor. the highest amounts. if you live in the zone you are going to be seeing the possibility of blizzard conditions as well we're talk bowing conshohocken, physical, media, haddon feel, west deptford, voorhees, glassboro right on the line between 12 and 18 and six to 12. towards collegeville you are on the line between six to 12 and 12 to 18 as well. the best chance of seeing those blizzard conditions along the i-95 corridor and to the south and east. we're not just talking about gusting winds and blizzard conditions in this area. we're talking about south jersey and into delaware. then scott we have to talk about
3:32 am
the shore because it could be a major problem with flooding down that. >> that's certainly right. this a nor'easter it will be major snowstorm so we get those northeasterly winds that will cause a coastal concern. so let's take look at what to expect down the shore. we are talking about beach erosion, coastal flooding and winds that will be gusting 50, 60 miles per hour so expect numerous roadways to flood especially around the time of high tides. speaking of that, take look at the key times for hoy tides. saturday morning 6am to 8:00 a.m. on saturday. then saturday night seven to 9:00 p.m. then again 7:00 a.m. to 9am on sunday. so if you live in some of those areas that typically flood you'll probably have to move your vehicles due to the flood concerns. also look at future wind gusts by saturday 1am already gusting atlantic city 41 miles an hour it picks up as we go later on into saturday 9am, 63 miles per
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hour wind gusts. lee wes, delaware, 52 in wildwood and you can see we continue with those winds gusting 50, 60 miles an hour down the shore and that could lead to power outages. take a look at the power outage index for saturday with this storm. especially south and east of the i-95 corridor. that is where we are lookin loot most likely power outages due to the win but also inland because of some of the that heavy wet snow we can also see power outages. >> and that's amazing that's changed since this afternoon you can see some of those outages creeping a little bit more inn land. we're also talking about some changes in the forecast at least after the storm we'll be seeing some warmer air. here's a look at the forecast for tonight we're talking about temperatures well below freezi freezing, moonlit skies, dry and quiet, can i dry and quiet tomorrow as well. as you plan your day 28 in the morning. by the noon hour not bad increasing clouds even after school the kids get home, get home from work, even at 7:00 p.m. cloudy skies 33 degrees. and you can see on our seven day
3:34 am
forecast, the snow begins friday night. heavy overnight, through saturday, light tense up saturday night, ends by early sunday morning that is a change in the pour cast. it will be over by midnight in the poconos. clear the coast by 6am sunday we clean it up and look at the temperatures we warm it newspaper 40s after that. >> all right. got to bring your animals insi inside. we her the mayor talk about that important. >> absolutely. >> all right. thank you kathy. bus driver in michigan is in trouble with the law for what authorities say he did to student on his schoolbus. 63-year-old patrick brennan is now oh out of a job. he was drive for the melvin dale school district near detroit. cops say that he admitted to yelling and cursing at some kids who misbehaving he injured a student arc detective read part of his statement for the court. >> i pick up a baseball ball and threw it down the aisle. >> some of that ice hit an 11-year-old girl who authorities say was not misbehaving. girl was bleeding because of getting hit by that ice. brennan is now facing a list of
3:35 am
charges including fourth degree child abuse and assault. chaos on the streets of new york city. what went running right passed this cop that started a really weird -- >> mate force be with you unless you bought one of those for your kids. what was just recalled because it's too dangerous. >> and we're all breaking out that winter gear. ahead this weekend's winter blast. a warning from doctors tonight why that same stuff that keeps you warm can make you sick.
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♪ ♪ because you don't think i know what you've done but when you call me baby i know ♪ >> a lot of talent the last auditions for american idol final season. so fun to watch. 23-year-old from queens among those getting a golden ticket to hollywood. hollywood week gets u way right here on fox 29 next wednesday. in your money, a recall tonight of a popular star wars product for your children. disney is recalling about 10,000 of these one cease because of a
3:39 am
possible choking hazard those snaps they can come right off. the recall involves the darth vader body suit and disney 60th anniversary body suit. walt disneyworld, disney lapped and disney cruise ships sold both between february and november of last year. if you have these one cease contact disney about a full refund. you looking for a good concert to at 10 this summer. citizens bank park nounsing today billy joel is coming back to the ballpark. the musician will become the first artist ever to perform at the ballpark for three years in a row. the piano man sold out in 2014 and 2015. the summer's concert will be on july 9th. philly phanatic was at today's announcement to celebrate. he too was a bill big billy joel fan. live radar shows the storm brewing right now. getting ready to dump feet of snow on the northeast so are you ready to battle the elements since we've had such a mild winter? take a good look at what we're about to face this weekend but listen to this.
3:40 am
the very things that keep us warm could also make us sick. >> doctors say if you don't wash your coats, scarves and gloves you're probably spreading germs. not only getting yourself sick but putting other others at riss well. >> they're very exposed to viruses and bacteria from e. coli to viruses, cold viruses. you name it. >> i think what's really important is they don't take their gloves off with their teeth. >> i never washed my gloves. >> so the solution doctors say you need to wash your gloves and scarves at least once week and clean your coats as well. makes sense. 35 surgeries left her eating through tubes. her time was running out and after three false alarms she got the life saving call she's been waiting decades for. the incredible moment ahead. >> a driver weaving all over the road. obviously distracted. what he admits was going on
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♪ check this out. new york city cops chase after criminal cow. it escaped from a live poultry and meat shop in queens earlier today. police eventually steered the cow into a parking garage and loaded it on to trailer. thankfully no one was hurt including the cow.
3:44 am
>> for now anyhow. poor thing. reading very good thing, of course, how did one missouri man get citation for, you know, just looking through a book and stuff. you'll see. >> what are we looking at on our tablet over there? >> i was reading. >> you were reading? why you doing that? >> james paterson novel. evidently just too good to put down. after noticing he was we have beening on the road a police officer pulled him over and asked what are you doing? you heard his response. he was reading. police of course recommend you put your phone in your glove box to keep that phone out of sight. roller coaster year for one local woman whose life has been in the balance and need add rare organ transplant ready to travel at a moment's notice for her life saving treatment. >> fox 29's joyce evans shows us what happened when she got that of the call she has been waiting for. >> finally here comes a
3:45 am
helicopter into the hospital. report roar the nervous hands behind the phone camera belong to steven. >> my pipe is just racing. my heartbeat is going like cra crazy. i'm freezing. my hands are shaking. >> reporter: he had just a couple of hours earlier covered his wife carlene possibly for the last time. >> they walk around the back, open the door and out comes this blue cooler. >> reporter: she and the world renowned medical team at med star georgetown hospital stood ready to perform a rare and risky organ transplant. >> that's what was in the cool cooler. >> reporter: hit been about a year since we told you how time was running out on carlene. who needed all of her intestines replaced after decades and 35 surgeries left her eating and discarding. >> that's what they call the b bag. >> threw tubes and bags. >> there is an end to this
3:46 am
nightmare. >> there are a lot of things that have to line up. >> in perfect order for southern mats motto. three times they got the call at their home in spring city, pa. prepped at med star georgetown in d.c. but it wasn't to be. >> that cooler arrived even thought, well, okay. here we go. said a quick prayer that everything was going to be good. >> reporter: it took 11 hours. it was challenging. >> remaining bowel she had was very deceased. had to remove that. and she had a really low stump of her rectum and so we transplanted a full small bowel as well as a large bowel a col colon. >> reporter: all new plumbing. >> all the white is her new bowel. this was probably about a month afterwards. we were just check to go see if there's any abnormalities in her abdomen and it looks pretty
3:47 am
good. >> reporter: good enough for carlene to be released in time to spend christmas with her precious granddaughter ava. >> i miss her. words can't even be put to it. how much i miss her. that is priceless. >> reporter: infection interrupted their new year's celebration and landed carlene back in the hospital for a few days. we caught up with her at a follow-up visit waiting for doctor and eating. >> it tasted like heaven. >> reporter: why is this such a big deal. >> because i haven't really eaten food for 12 years. >> reporter: tasting and absorbing calories and nutrients. slowly. >> it's wonderful. >> reporter: at least the iv and feeding bag are gone but the last connection for flowing out is still about eight weeks away. >> you're eating. you're doing very well. >> so far you're right on track. >> that's a good thing. >> no sign of rejection or other really bad complications.
3:48 am
still -- >> we have to always be very cautious. >> so it is low but not low enough to be admitted roar report her blood requires a boost after that infection. they're infusing a really high powered medication. it's done every done two weeks to keep rejection away. >> reporter: it takes several hours. steven's engineering job allows him to work from here while they have to live in town close to the hospital for a little while longer. >> i go every week now. >> he's been documenting her journey. >> the only thing that i can remember is hanging on to steve and telling him i'm going to be okay. >> reporter: she still can't look at the pictures yet. >> all i do is cry and i cry because i'm sad for the donor. she says the gift of life came to her from a young athletic woman leaving behind a career and family. it's because of a donor i have
3:49 am
tomorrow. i didn't have tomorrow before that donor and i do today. >> she had some family down in texas so i would love the opportunity to at least talk to them and give them a big hug and, you know, i don't know i'll say. >> reporter: back at their d.c. apartment, carlene prepares dinner. anything low fat, low sodium, low fiber taking it all lightly. >> i actually feel like i got something in there and it's exciting. >> reporter: what are we doing now? >> we are hooking up an antibiotic. >> three antibiotics. >> reporter: carlene's meds are many some costing thousands of dollars a month. plus they're d.c. apartment rent and more. not all covered by insurance. they're getting help from friends and neighbors back home and non-profit help hope live. >> we have the attitude, we'll deal with it somehow, some way. >> i'm not stopping. because there's a long way to go
3:50 am
ahead of me. >> reporter: after all she's planning a 5k run with ava in a year. >> thank you for joining us. thank you for allowing us to share our story. >> reporter: joyce evans fox 29 news. >> joyce has been on this story and on that journey for awhile. >> a great story. wow. howard is here with what's coming up in sports. >> weather. what else is there? the forecast has done a lot to change the college basketball schedule on saturday including the villanova game which was to be televised here on fox saturday afternoon. and the flyers pittsburgh penguins do something they have not done since 2013. that's all coming up in sports. >> howard you do it all. in the weather center we're ta talking about new information coming in our new gfs model i'm looking at it right now and i'll have the very latest wait means and how it could change the
3:51 am
3:52 am
♪ [ woman on p.a. ] now boarding track 6. ♪ do not leave bags unattended. [ male announcer ] maybe you see something suspicious. but you don't want to get involved. it's nothing, you think. can you be sure? ♪ if you see something, say something. report suspicious activity to local authorities.
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>> a little sports here. flyers had a big test ahead of them tonight on the road against the penguins. if you are starting to look at the standings the flyers were only one point behind pittsburgh. let's go to pittsburgh.
3:54 am
flyers actually had a lead in this game. a good lead. power play. flyers already up one to nothing in the first and jake vorachek will score. two to nothing flyers. third period the flyers down three-two. castle scored one goal for the penguins. three on one. it's four-two. that's against mason. with the score for-three seconds left in the game. seconds left of the the flyers actually had a chance witness extra attacker. oh, and brayden schenn fans on it. flyers lose four-three. first time the penguins beat the flyers since 2013. >> the weather forecast changed college games. college games postponed from saturday and moved listen somebody has got to get the snow -- can't have snow shovels it gives them some time. the villanova game schedule to be televised on fox 29 saturday at noon has been postponed reschedule for sunday at 1:00 p.m. and that will be here on fox 29. the other games moved were st. joe's lasalle from saturday
3:55 am
moved to sunday at 5:00. smu mustangs with larry brown coming back to may temple has been moved from saturday night to sunday. still no time set. and the sixers boston game on saturday night so far still on. not an issue with 10-inches likely to be the same snow or no snow. there could be a weather problem for the nfc championship game with arizona at carolina. the forecast could have an an inch of ice. they can only do so much to the field not good for arizona as a dome team even though i think the cardinals really are the best team in the nfl. our coverage of the nfl game between the cardinals and panthers starts sunday at 6:00. and who would figure weather in carolina dome teams aren't good there. you guys -- kathy can you get to this. i got to get a snow shovel. >> you can never have enough. >> never have enough. >> i love you. >> all right.
3:56 am
let's talk about these snow accumulations new gfs model came in i'm counting up all the totals still 12 to 18 in philadelphia. could have at least a foot by the time nightfalls saturday evening and then additional accumulation you can see six to 12 in millville, lesser down the shore but in this bulls eye of heavy snow for us moorestown, haddonfield, west deptford, penns grove, media, the mape line of philadelphia looks like we're all going to be in it and we'll keep you posted blizzard like conditions are possible with this storm. gusty winds it all starts tomorrow night. >> all right, kathy, thanks. full hours of entertainment news is next. tmz followed by dish nation and chasing and the simpsons. >> back he
3:57 am
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
of course, our top story this morning is the weather. >> all eyes are on the radar this morning. a blizzard watch declared for our area. >> good day it is friday january 22nd, 2016. we have team coverage of the winter storm heading our way, and chris, why would we not do anything and check with our sue serio because she's tracking it you will. >> she has been as we saw this develop a few days ago. >> we were talking about this since monday, at the very least, yeah, so, it is almost on our doorstep, not just yet but when we look back in years to come we may be saying, i remember the blizzard of 16. not here yet and not expected to arrive here until much later in the the day. you still have time to prepare. i have been


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