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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  January 22, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EST

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song. it is called, waiting for tonight. >> yes. >> because the the snow is coming tonight. >> yeah, so j lo coming through. >> that was good. >> karen hepp, joins us it is friday january between the second, 2016. she's creating a dirty grand pop picture for you. >> yes. >> and, it is coming out right now. >> what she said, we don't need to add any filters to that because he already looks like a dirty grand pop. >> i love you. >> i love you. >> just a joke. >> back together and stronger then ever. miley cyrus and liam they are engage, they have confirmed it, alex. >> is this proof, if you love something let it get and fit comes back that is how you know. >> right. >> classic case of this. >> i believe it is. >> we will talk about it. >> and a new mommies getting praise on social media why other woman are calling her, and, they are praising her, and, mother hood.
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>> i'm not naked. >> here's what you have to do, you have to keep kids occupied, busy, during the snow days. denise is here. just so we're clear, mike this is a tennis racket. yes, that is what we are doing, good stuff. >> that is cute. >> the reason why we have all gathered here together to talk about waiting for the storm tonight is because one sue serio. >> yes, i wanted to show you first, and a look at all watches and warnings, we have and, as a result of the. and, guess what. >> and high wind warning. coastal flood warning. and 7:00 o'clock tonight. and, officials, and in time is
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end 10:00a in sunday. i think snow will be over before. that it is looking like 7:00 a.m. sunday. >> that is good. >> it will still snow all day, and all night tonight, and all day tomorrow. that is a lot of snow. here are estimates, ready. >> yeah. >> twelve to 18 inches for that i-95 corridor, and we move south on i-95, baltimore washington they could end up with 2 feet of snow or maybe even more. those are estimates. we will see where these band, and. and, you know, far out west is memphis, tennessee it is snowing, and then this heavy, heavy rain all through georgia, and florida, and then it is now starting to move into virginia. so that is where we will see leading edge of the storm. we will see bright white there, really heavy snow, so, again, eta here in philadelphia a for snow flakes should fall around 8:00 o'clock tonight. >> that is why we're going on at 6:00 o'clock in the morning for our coverage of the snow
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here on good day philadelphia just everybody in the building will be on the air with us. we have done it before we will get through this. nobody panic. so already on twit they are morning i have had five or six requests because every time it snows people remember steve keeley getting hit with plow snow. >> yes. >> do you want to see it? here it is. >> couple of plows demonstrating... >> steve keeley. >> steve. >> steve knows snow. are you ready to go out there again, steve. >> mike, i have never seen that video, i'm glad you ran it today. >> how often do people ask you about it. >> all i can tell you, i got a e-mail from the delaware department of transportation, that is an instructional video. it says don't do this, if you are on the road.
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>> don't stand on the highway. >> i heard we made a promo and it is two years old this march. i haven't seen promo because i have been too busy working but mike, you and i try to cut corners whenever possible, take lazy man's way out. how about this, eggo french toast sticks. you don't need bread, milk and eggs, because it is already done for you. >> that sounds good. >> how about that, mike. >> that is a party. we have been having those for years. put them in the toaster, breakfast. >> evenly sliced. >> i like, two slices, 230 calories. if you eat the whole box it is only 4,060 calories. that is not bad. >> i might do that tomorrow on the air eat the whole box. >> my recommendation here's the key to eating french toast real mapel syrup not that fake stuff. i don't know what that fake stuff is. it is real mapel sure rupp. remember jerry brought the in the the syrup, and from the
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deli said in outside syrups. all right, anyway. helping us out with all this is sandy brown, and ron carr. i have ron over there because ron is working. do you you see ice melt. that pallet was full at 8:00 o'clock. you can see other identify, almost done and sign used to say limit four percuss more but they had to change it to two because they want all customers to get it and it is amazing how fast it is selling and it is sold out of where else. they have a few more but they have sold i would estimate 4400 bags because it was 4300 bags a hour ago. 4300 bags of that just since wednesday. so people are in panic mode. wow. you keep yourself stocked somehow. you have all 27 registers going. lines are not as long as we saw in washington last night. this will be great news for you, i guess in the grocery business. >> it is, you get this big huge build up and in flux of business and then next three
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days after it hits you have nothing because everybody has got plenty of food. >> so saturday is normally your busiest day and it will the not be busy because everybody is shopping now. >> saturday and sunday are our busiest days and obviously we will be opened but i don't think we will have the traffic that we usually do. >> here's what i remind people on twitter. i asked people to go shopping at you have store. you are thinking food but power outage is key. key things to buy, just think what would i need if my power goes out, and would you need a flashlight. >> flashlight, batteries, and it is a all good and well to have those can goods but if you don't have something to open them up with, you have a problem. >> kid don't necessity what that is and wouldn't necessity how to use it. >> that is right. >> two bucks will get you this nice can opener. >> if you have canned food because power will go out and can't open the can you will beat them against the rock. >> plenty of candles. >> yes good they will smell nice at the same time mike jerrick so you can light them up and have a niece fragrance.
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>> we will go to mike's house. mike is one of the few guys that has a bath tub lined with candles. >> i believe it. >> i have never seen, by the way, i have a grocery store that sells flat screen tv they are and big seller here. >> yes. >> but rock salt. >> 50-inch. >> it is the biggest seller. >> yes. >> how are you able to get so much of it. >> yes. >> you and i talked earlier. you are in charge of and unload here and go to the other stores. one whole truckload from here. >> never made it to the the other stores. >> yes, there is a guy in line holding a book, why are people buying so much of this stuff. >> i think it is first one, first one is always the worst. so you get everybody in crazy mode, with snow shovels and rock salt. >> i just got the rap. so greg, let's walk to the
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check out area, because i'm finally done, my fox 29 duties for the the day and until i come in at 3:00 a.m. to go to the shore i will start my second job right now and i'm officially now bagging groceries, as you can see, i will cover my fox 29 thing with my new name tag and bagging groceries for the the rest of the morning. we will see you tomorrow. >> what? >> i said when you are bagging put all of the cold things together and dry things together. because annal moms like to have our stuff specifically organized. >> karen, my specialty is paper in plastic. people usually walk from here far and they get on the bus. they want them in the to have the bag ripping a apart. i don't even ask, i give them both. that is why i'm so good at this. >> we will see you tomorrow morning, bright and early. he will cover the shore for us. >> and flooding and all that. >> so most of those people are
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in there to do what, buy what? what are they buying? >> the milk. i got to get the bread and milk. i got to get bread and milk. i got to get the bread and milk. i got the to get the the bread and milk. i got to get the the bread and milk. i got to get the bread. >> i like this guy. >> somebody is tweeting, please, please, i have to see this video. that is what it feels like people running to the store. >> i never understood it. >> one of my friend say people worried about bread and milk don't forget toilet paper. >> as a matter of fact we did find of the five things you should get more than bread and milk. canned foods just like sandy brown said before. because you know, the the power goes out. your refrigerator stops running you will ruin the food you bought but cans will still be good. >> that is true like soup, beans, dried fruit, crackers and stuff that went spoil.
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if you lose electricity you will be dealing witt for longer. >> kids like soup when they come n bottled water. make sure you have at least a gallon of water per person, per day, it could happen where electricity goes out and have that last at least three days. >> make sure your medications are up to speed. would i do that at the pharmacy today, check and see if there is expiration dates good and then toilet supplies because is there anything worse than running out of toilet paper what would you use? a washcloth or something. >> i don't think we need to get into that. >> i'm just trying to provide suggestions. >> well, i have acorn of the cobb, i did that on the farm. >> if you are feeling really strong in that area paper towels. >> i have had to use paper towels. >> we use that here. >> those are too rough though good yes. >> basically. >> have you ever been out camping and have to use leaves.
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>> poison ivy. >> yes. >> well, we are too technical but do you need it. >> yes, do you for certain things. >> i have some guys tell me they don't need it. >> probably very healthy men. >> yes. >> well we're natural. >> it may be good to check that area out afterward. >> all right. >> i don't know. >> you lean up against a trunk of the the tree and then squad. >> you need a light source too. come on, you need flashlights, batteries are powered up. i would get some candles ready to go in case electricity goes out. >> someone tweeted and said don't always do candles do flashlights too that way it is safer. >> flashlights are safer. >> it was on facebook please remind everyone. >> yes. >> and candles are fire hazards. it could be a a problem. >> forget i said candles, flashlights and lanterns.
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>> battery operated lantern. >> unless you are someone with someone special you want to spend a day with, maybe then you can light some candles. >> lighted candles. >> you can have a good weekend. >> this whole thing will look like a snow globe, beauty of our television station we're only ones with ground floor studio. >> snow globe. >> a new you mother is showing off her post partum bod which a very candy selfie. >> her name is erika andrews from ohio and this is spread all over the internet. the this is just 24 hours after giving birth and she put this on facebook. baby in sling, in the skin, adult diapers and a rosey glow my body feels like it is a open marathon. this is her fifth child. it is getting so much attention. we see stars, they come back
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with their body back and three weeks, four weeks later but they don't show big deal about kate middleton. after you have that baby you have a mommy pouch. you still have that weight in the front that will take, months really to lose. >> yes. >> it is an honest portrayal. stars come out and they are like in your own skin. >> yes, they go into hiding, until it is time to show things off. >> kim card dash an did it in 30 or 40 days. this is my body after 40 days. >> in the beginning everybody has that. so people like kate when she came out of the hospital. he didn't have a skin tight thing on. you can see she had a belly pouch. >> it looks like my belly. >> does it. >> yes. >> you have heard of phrase if you love something, let it go. if it comes back to you it is yours. if it doesn't, it never was. >> wow. >> why are we talking about that. >> liam hemsworth, they are engage again.
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>> yes good a source close to the couple told people magazine that miley is beyond happy. you will remember they before in the 2010 film the last song. they got engaged in 2012. then they called off the wednesday nothing late 2013. bev been apart. now they are spotted together again, and she's wearing her engagement ring over past week. then they spotted a u-haul truck outside of his place. maybe she's moving back in. >> really. >> she moves by u-haul does she. >> yes. >> and maybe, maybe she has people that does that. >> you know what she brought in. >> a wrecking ball. >> yeah. >> she came in like a wrecking ball, it was weird. >> you were witness to the whole thing. what was interesting they got engaged so young and then he was here shooting a movie. she sat around doing nothing, nothing, nothing and it got boring good she lived in my apartment building. i would see her every day at star bucks at eighth and walnut. >> yes good she cut off all of her hair one day, boom. >> when you break up with someone there is that period where you you are considering getting back with him and get
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back together this was two years. the those mean this must be right. you probably were trying other things, you had other people. then you are like hey, you know what i wanting to back to this one person. it is right for me. >> to second years is a long time. >> she emerged again. what happened was she was that teen star. they were together. then he blew up. he was a huge sensation. making movies. what was she doing. nothing. during that time she found that cut the hair, spikey. then she grew up bigger than ever. and then he wants her back now you that she's edgey doing stuff and phenomenon once again. then i remember why i loved this person. when she was sitting around doing nothing. >> people, again maybe she won't like him anymore. >> you have to reinvent yourself, the the whole madonna thing. >> maybe he was just like you know what, no one compares to miley. no one can get on the wrecking ball and lick metal lake she can. >> well... nobody cab lick
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the hammer like she can. >> my goodness. >> sledge hammer. >> she was doing that in the video. >> yes. >> yeah. >> one weekend my agent came down, larry, he has one of his daughter, allie she is in the the music big. hughes miley cyrus fan. i for got they were in the building. they come over to visit. we get on the elevator, it stops, miley cyrus gets on the elevator with us. >> freak out. >> she knew, her parents didn't recognize her. allie, the doubt are almost passed out. >> did she get to say anything. >> did you intervene. >> no, no, no. >> you didn't say anything. >> is that miley cyrus. >> yes. >> i let it go, i didn't want to embarras myself. >> if we are ever in the elevator, with beyonce. >> i think you will recognize herry need to you recognize her, beyonce, can you take a a picture. >> i dent want to take a
9:17 am
picture to you. i will dot the introduction. >> another big weekend at the box office, i guess, it is kind of the bad time of the year for the movies, but apparently they are lining up for several films. the fifth wave, have you heard of it. >> it can't be good. >> don't get caught. >> you guys. >> okay. >> who can give me derivative of x. >> what is going on. >> did you see that. >> my god. >> well, my goodness that was dramatic we played the plane crash scene, kevin, what is this movie about. >> mike and alex, good morning. real quick it business an alien evenvation that takes place in five waves and, we necessity from films like hug. on and she's very good in the film. overall problem with the movie, it vice familiar.
9:18 am
you have seen it before. feels very predictable and cheesy. i gave it two out of five. it is based on adult novel series. three books, two are out, one is coming out this may but overall not impressed. i gave it two out of five. it is a d on my scale. wait for a scale good lets talk about dirty grand pop. did you like it. >> is it funny. >> it surprised me to be honest. it was kind of fun to watch deniero in this type of role. ridiculous concept, zach efron and his grand pop, are driving down today tone a beach from a atlanta and a lot of elements occur. it is very, very profanity driven, lots of element, not for kids whatsoever. i will say they do over utilize r rating too much, and gets uncomfortable but overall i did laugh out loud at least ten times. i gave it three out of five which is a c or matinee. it is worth seeing if you you want to see demere owe in this role good when you say this type of role some people are saying for deniero this is
9:19 am
beneath him, would you agree. >> i mean listen, it is no where near caliber of what he has done in his career, taxi driver, godfather part two, raging bull, those are all, phenomenal, brilliant films this film is definitely different from that. in where near those movies. it was fun watching him in this role, are big departure. >> we will binge all weekend what should we watch. >> okay. the best thing on netflix, there is a pretty good list here. making a murderer, phenomenal show if you have not seen it. breaking bad, the the entire series, greatest show of all time is on there streaming. saved by the bell, all six seasons are available on netflix. pulp fiction, jumanji, snow piercer, phenomenal film and hot fuzz. snow piercerser, rent that immediately it is phenomenal. >> appropriate for this weekend. >> nice tie too,e you you next
9:20 am
week. >> thanks. are you hoping to fly out of here sometime this afternoon. >> you might still be in luck but we are hearing tomorrow everything is canceled. no flights in, in flights out, we will tell you everything you need to necessity before you you head to the airport. >> lottery numbers.
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well, you better gut outside now, because it is can as long as bringing a travel expert. jennifer did to see you. >> hi again. >> is there any chance of getting out of philadelphia this afternoon. >> what you really to have look at is where is that plane originating from. >> where is it now? >> where did it start from? because, there is a domino effect going on, right now, in charlotte, and they are having bad issues. if your flight was an american flight flying from charlotte to philadelphia, philadelphia
9:24 am
somewhere else, there is going to be a lot of problems. >> find out where this plane is. >> i have a great web site, it is called flight >> flight view you put in the airline and flight number and it will tell you where it starts, and where that flight is flying from first. >> we will put it up here on our computer. so, well, maybe not. >> so you put it in, where do you put in it. >> you put your flight number and it will tell you where it start. >> what if i'm saying i am trying to get out of here can i go to the different airport and drive somewhere else. >> this is a blanket effect that is coming from the south. which is unusual. because usually it is something, it is chicago gets the the flu, we will get a cold, because we have a ripple effect that happens, and i think if you were going to go from boston tomorrow, you will be okay. just like charlotte right now it is having problems, so we will have that tomorrow. >> tomorrow, there is no flights in or out of philadelphia or any airline.
9:25 am
what have you heard from boston, new york, baltimore, dulles. >> so washington d.c., dulles, baltimore, and they are all on this check your flight status and different airlines have canceled. >> we now american has canceled out of washington d.c. southwest is already issued warnings for flights that are canceled out of baltimore. >> we're not going anywhere tomorrow. >> suffice it to say. >> but might not go anywhere today either if your flights started somewhere south of us. >> and that is what we want people to necessity before they drive all the way to the airport. it is in the snowing here we should be fine. you really do need to look at where that flight is coming from. sometimes airline will bring in a new aircraft, but that is unusual. >> it is rare. >> that plane may be stuck, at an airport, that is snowed in. >> and it is in the coming out good people coming home think they will be okay. >> but if that flight was coming from atlanta, coming from charlotte, they have had ice, they have had bad conditions, they cannot handle ice. >> i'm sure they are not used to it. >> tell us the the truth, if
9:26 am
somebody wanted to still get down to the game in charlotte which starts at 6:30 sunday night, they have a shot? >> i wouldn't even want to drive down there right new. >> no. >> i would say if your flight is going to day and it is leaving and it starts in philly or came from let's say detroit you should be okay to get there. charlotte's airport is closing. so, i don't know maybe you go to raleigh-durham. >> and then drive. >> and then drive. >> oh, geese. >> this will be a big game good yes, stay here and watch it on fox. >> right here at fox at 6:40. >> if you have power. >> well, there is that. >> you have a generator. >> jen, thanks. >> thank you. >> safe travels as they say. >> lets go from one jen to another. >> you know i love, jenny doncsecz from a town, allentown. the the moms are going to be on overtime, tomorrow to keep kids occupied. >> right good we will come back, visit crazy awesome stuff that we have at home.
9:27 am
>> thank you, we will be right back. daredevil in all of us.
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do you have any things planned, karen, the kids will be like i want to go out, i want to do something. >> my husband goes stir crazy, i'll be at work, so he's going to go crazy, he is a going to go to his mom's house. >> they'll have a little help. that's the challenge keeping the kids occupied all day long. >> remember, this is going to be a 24-48 hour storm, right? so here from well painted home, i have to say you always have great identify we homemade stuff. so this will be all hands on deck? >> yes, all hands on deck, get your wine ready, all of these
9:31 am
supplies. >> every actual mommy know begins with get your wine red. >> i no one is saying get gloves, get hands warmers. say it again. >> get your wine ready, then spend ten minute getting these supplies, give them to the kids, and go get your wine. you'll have an hour and a half of peace. then towel it all over again, then you sends them outside. >> you know, i've never been home during a snow day, but tomorrow will be the first time, so i have to look like the olympian. >> mom of the year. if you are not already. all right, spray bottles, you will fill them with water. you will add some food coloring, and they can paint the snow. >> really? >> yes. >> and it doesn't get all messy because it is a spray bottle? >> you're outside. who cares? color up your snow. >> love that. >> use yellow to fool your neighbors, yellow snow, fun one, then come in, put their stuff in the dryer, while stuff in the dryer do all of this. send them back out again, repeat, over and over and over again. >> okay. >> the next one is leggos, marshmallow leggos, do a pack
9:32 am
of toothpicks. >> which we already have, mini marshmellows, building, one of urine tenser just spent build an hour building this, i couldn't get her to stop. fun. fun for all ages. even after you and your mom drink wine, the moms can do it, too. >> that's interesting, too, we will buy those things so they have something to put in the hot cocoa, but they never put enough in. yes, you don't want them to go -- and crusty, good, whatever you want to do. >> the next one, favorite at my house, you want to -- >> say hello to jill from buck man's then the aforementioned intern. >> same the leggo expert. so take small light weight pingpong balls, actually practice golf balls, wrap them with velcro tape. i guess the only thing you need to buy. everything else you have. then velcro tag, you will throw it. >> that's awesome. >> yes, it is like paint ball. >> by the way did you see how cool he was? >> he is the perfect target for me. just stand still, turn your head. okay, see, same? >> yes.
9:33 am
>> okay. so, again, they won't mess up the wall. >> won't. >> but doing something. >> paint ball without the paint. and the gun. >> did you come one this by yourself? >> i made all of this up. i actually created the internet, as well. >> all right, next? >> you want more? >> okay, these are fancy paper plates, i don't normally have them. >> i was going say, i buy those at wegmans christmas eve only. but, you can use any old paper plates. >> regular? >> regular paper plate. flimsy, use a couple. i have glued popsicles sticks to the back. >> i have those too. >> yes, blow up a balloon. >> by the way i was supposed to bring the balloon. >> i'm a flake. balloon tennis in the house, nothing breaks practice. >> oh, yes, because can't go to tennis practice, everything is caned. >> reuse the pingpong balls. >> oh, no. but again, it is not really hurting anything. >> right? >> it is fun. >> maria better watch out. >> drink some more wine, you and your girlfriends will be playing that one, too. >> what do we have next?
9:34 am
>> oh, okay, with a balloon, you will take this string, you will tie it to the dining room chair, tie it to another dining room chair. before you tie it you will split a straw through it. this one is like a little bit like bill ny the skies guy. so if the string ever went through here, would you put the straw through the string. >> and then? >> take some tape. take a balloon to the string, blow up the balloon, hold it tight, let it go. it is like a science project. they'll see cause and effect. >> oh, you do recall that i went to public school in florida. >> right. you recall that i didn't go past the third grade. >> last thing we wrap it up, i have to say, i showed this to my kids the other day, basically you pour the -- >> pour the chocolate chips. >> okay. >> layer of chocolate chips. >> then? >> layer of marshmellows. everyone will be doing this. >> and then? >> layer of marshmellows, stick it in the off glenn melt it? >> put it on the boiler at the last, make it toasty. >> love it.
9:35 am
>> one stop shop smores. >> we love you. happy everything tomorrow. >> thank you. >> that's kneel. >> love it. thank you, jen. >> she looks so ready for the snow, doesn't she? >> she is a snow bun. >> i did you hear the x files is returning to fox. >> i love this show. it was creepy and cool and aliens. you know what they say, never really went away. >> really? >> ♪ for the girl scout meeting... okay. for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting... how many meetings are you having?! at giant, prices are down. savings are up. which makes the checkout lane, victory lane. my giant.
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it must be it's back, after 13 year break. >> my entire lent of myanmar and. >> can i not believe. >> breaking news there.
9:39 am
>> she was talking about her ex. >> oh. >> look what jillian anderson sent me. she is scully? >> skull. >> i what you got in the box? >> i don't know. watch. >> okay. >> can you open it? do you need help? message in there, mike. >> look at this. >> the truth is still out there. >> do you still want to believe? >> so canvases of the different characters. now, what i am going to do with this, i have no clue. >> you can hang it around your desk. >> i will. >> or your desk. >> i could use some more painting. >> does it go with your color scheme? >> not really. >> this is going to be after the game on sunday, and it will be the first of six episode series, and your girl,
9:40 am
jillian anderson, and david on the back. >> molder,. >> and dave a skull. >> i his first name was actually fox, fox molder and dana scully d they get it on? didn't they get it on toward the ends? >> of course they d and david in that crazy show, call important case. >> and then he talked about how he was a sex addict, in real life. >> real life. >> yes. >> that's his real life. he probably has plenty of the x files then. >> how many people do you think lost their jobs to get this box together for every tv station in america? >> oh, my gosh. >> okay, also this weekend, because we are sitting at home, right, we have to support our philly guy. a big fight weekend? come on, let's do this. >> yes, danny swiss garcia. >> beat the ghost. >> he's fighting robert. >> do we have with a this tv show? >> yes, we do, will air at
9:41 am
8:00 tomorrow night right here on fox. >> oh, and he signed it, look. >> look at that, well, thanks. let's see those hands. >> hands of steel. >> now you know he grew up in hunting park. >> hands of stone. >> and he is 31 and o. eighteen knock-outs. >> yes. >> anger error 38, three and one. we have to see. danny, we're rooting for you. show us what you go. >> come on, karen. >> heat don't hit me in the face. >> anything but the face. >> did we say when the fight is? i want to see that. >> it will be right here on fox, so pretty much we are tomorrow starting 6:00 a.m. you just want to watch. just watch us all day. >> by the way, did you hear the villanova game, ranked fourth, supposed to be women tomorrow at noon, to move it because of the snowstorm, supposed to air it on fox, right, sunday in. >> okay. >> so that's been moved over. >> yes.
9:42 am
>> a day of sports on sunday. >> exactly well first to the morning, we will all be here. >> that's tomorrow. >> yes, tomorrow. >> tomorrow and sunday, it will be -- this is sport weekend. don't see a need when you are snowed in. maybe netflix? >> netflix and chill. >> netflix and chill. >> is there a song for it, though? >> adele is about to sing t move over, adele, if you have seen the image of this teacher who i really think nails the ad he will song for her classmates, her schoolmate, her children. we'll show you the whole thing, it is really good.
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
♪ the kids already out snow boarding. >> do you think that's blue mountain? beautiful shot. it is blue mountain, got it right. >> you win the trip. >> well, it will be an amazing weekends to go skiing, already putting out ought of their tweets and emails, fresh prouder. >> real snow, right? real snow. >> we went skiing last weekend, little dusting, everyone got so excited. >> did you really feel the difference? >> chunky, granular stuff. >> guy like me who is a really good snow boarder. >> really? >> okay. >> each flake is a little different, you know. >> each flake? >> each one unique? >> kids, probably won't get off from school this time, of
9:46 am
course not, because they don't have school on saturday days. >> some kids might. >> but even teachers love the snow day. so much so, one teacher is singing her face-off about it. >> so her song, turning out to social media of course, and lauren, you will play it for us. >> i am. so she is third grade teacher. she said she loves snow days. she rewrote the lyrics to adele's hello and titled it snow. she sang the song at a school, parody in front of her fellow teachers, they loved it so much they convinced her make a music video. >> ♪ >> ♪ i have to keep my students inside one more time ♪ for recess i'm going to lose my minds ♪ i love it
9:47 am
when i get the call ♪ that i don't have to work at all ♪ i can't take this things all day i can't even ♪ >> meet mary morris from strawberry planes, tennessee, famous for belting out her parody. mike, alex and karen, closure eyes. >> okay. >> now when you hear her music, i don't know if they can play just a little bit of it, it kind of sounds like adele's voice. than video is so well produced, it is like man, what are you teachers doing at that school? you better get out of there. >> i don't know how auto tunes worked, but could she have come up, is that adele's voice? >> no, because it is her lyrics, if the lyrics were the same we could say maybe it is adele's voice. >> could you get adele's voice
9:48 am
saying these other words? >> i don't think so. i think it is her voice. >> wow. >> half million people have watched this on youtube. >> she is good then. >> who knows how long she will be teaching, right? >> oh, she has to move on. >> sound like she has, continued of working, idol auditions was last night. >> and the last season, that's the truth. >> yes, she should be on it. lauren, thank you. >> lauren, i want you to listen to there is even though you aren't a part of it, you need. >> this there are few questions to ask yourself about the person you have been dating before offering them a permanent position. >> what's that, to make them official. >> make it off english or give them a ring, put a ring on it? >> yes. >> you with a tonight hear them? this is the question. are you the center of their universe? be aware, it might feel nice to be worshiped, but that will get old fast. >> they have no life outside of you. >> you are the center. do you want to be the center after man's universe? >> i guess not. >> in the beginning. >> i thought you did.
9:49 am
>> what? >> you like to be treated like a queen. >> that doesn't mean to be the center of the universe, we can be king, you know, you be the king, i will be the queen. >> okay. >> i don't have to be a queen, look at you. >> this one so true, maybe going out to dinner first date, couple dates, how do they treat the wait staff? so awful when you get a good, you know, vibe on somebody, how they treat somebody when they don't have to be nice. >> that's true. >> that's real revealing thing. >> or even strangers, that casino of thing, how do you treat people? >> family members, and then do they call their mom more than they call you? >> and unless their mom is in the hospital, recently widowed, grown man shouldn't need to check in couple of times a day with mommy. this is according to their site. >> interesting i don't think call their parent that much anyway, you're close to your parent. the talk to my parent every day. >> you look at the he is treating his mother, that's
9:50 am
howell treat you eventually. >> do you call your parents every day? >> not every day, in some form, maybe quick text. >> every day on the drive in or the drive out. morning or night. >> what do you talk about? >> what they did yesterday. they like to eat so they go through all of the meals. >> what's going on in the news. >> well, for breakfast it started when pancakes. >> it was oatmeal. they had somber eggs and some yogurt. delicious lunch, salad, watched the sunset. >> do you call to jessica and joe every day in some shape or form? >> no, i try to go as long as possible, not every day. normally i text every day. >> some form of communication. >> a picture of the kids or whatever. >> yes. >> and you responds? >> yes. >> heck, thanks. >> is kate hudson jealous? look at this. this is casino of a photo posted on social media allegedly to get back at nick jonas who she was dating. we'll show you the full pick after the break.
9:51 am
9:52 am
9:53 am
9:54 am
>> ♪ slay bells ring ♪ >> yes, oh, hey, listen to there is septa was going to have -- put it off another five, six minutes, we'll stream the news conference, getting ready for the storm. so, we'll stream it at our website starting the minute they start which looks like it is right up at 10:00 o'clock. also be back air on at noon for kin's news conference, streets department, how they want to handle the storm. >> and everyone move the cars, get the cars out of the way to get the plows down them. >> don't want to get towed. >> not at all. on wednesday i announced very first annual good day philadelphia golden shovel award. this is what happened. on wednesday, we had scott williams, kathy orr, on the desk predicting snow total,
9:55 am
the inches, right? >> yes. here is a reminder. who will win the shovel? >> my best estimate right now, i would say 11.5. >> wow. >> okay? >> great guess. >> scott? >> thirteen-point a. >> fourteen. >> okay. >> you saw that? >> yes. >> now we're on. >> so i'll nouns the winner, we put the name of the winner of who ever come closest, we will get the golden shovel monday. >> and the prize. >> the name will be on the shovel? >> right here. will it say sue? will it say scott? will it say kathy? >> get on twitter and facebook, what do you think we'll get, hamminess. >> let's just do numbers. >> but do you have do it today.
9:56 am
because tomorrow, i mean, by the time we get here tomorrow, because we will all be here, the snow is already on. >> no cheating. do it before the snow starts. it is how much they measure at philadelphia international airport. >> that's right. >> which is always -- >> we're very specific. >> when the whole thing is over. >> predictions, saying 12-eight, some of the predictions. >> okay. >> wonder you. >> who want to look at kate hudson's rearend naked? we'll get to that after the weather. >> everybody want to know, when is it going to start? here we go. this is 5:00 p.m. already gun in delaware and south jersey. here is 7:00, 8:00 that's when it starts moving into philadelphia, it doesn't take long before it starts to snow pretty heavily by midnight, doing maybe inch or two per hour snowfall rate by about 7:10 in the morning, starting to see some rain mixing in in southern delaware, and southern new jersey, predicted lower snowfall totals, it is snowing heavily all day on
9:57 am
saturday, into saturday night, we don't see this thing getting out of here until 6:00, 7:00 on sunday morning. >> okay. >> we'll see you tomorrow morning at 6:00 that's for sure. so kate hudson is a actress, dating nick jonas, one of the jonas brother. they broke up. >> right. >> so she put out picture on stain gram. >> bearing it all. so she reportedly had her stylist post this photo of her kerr ear on instagram. some people are thinking it is simply to get nick jonas jealous. you want to remind the 23 year old what he was missing because they've been on and off. >> she is older than him, i think? >> apparently back on, it works. he looked at that, you know what you say. >> look back at it. >> yes, i am coming back. >> i'm going to put back at it in person. >> exactly. >> see you tomorrow morning, watch the press conference at noon, and we'll stream the septa press conference starting in about three minutes. >> but be sure to join us tomorrow starting 6:00 a.m. we will be on for as long as we need to be. >> let it snow.
9:58 am
>> fox 29 snow. >> let it snow.
9:59 am
10:00 am
live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. >> my girls are always turned out. >> straight, no chaser. >> now, here's wendy! >> wendy: so nice. thank you. very nice. welcome to the show.


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