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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  WTXF  January 22, 2016 10:00pm-11:31pm EST

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bears down on us. >> we'll be in the thick of it for the next several hours. weather authority team coverage is ahead. your news starts in 30 seconds. the blizzard of 2016 has arrived as you can see the snow has moved in across our area leaving a fresh coating of snow but the worst that is yet to come. >> the storm hitting the area fast and furious this evening.
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let's take live look at wilmington, delaware. you can see visibility being reduced as both the snow and the winds start to pick up there. pennsylvania, new jersey, and delaware all under a state of emergency tonight. thanks for joining us i'm dawn timmeney. >> i'm lucy noland. philadelphia is under a snow emergency conditions outside they are quickly deteriorating. not the typical friday night in downtown philadelphia. most folks they're staying home. they're hunkering down. >> in the studio can meteorologist kathy orr tracking the latest on this storm. kathy. >> it's amazing, dawn. we have seen conditions go from this cloudy skies and good visibility in a snap down to poor visibility and blowing snow. you can see on ultimate doppler waves of heavy snow pushing into the region, and win the next three hours we'll have band shifting right through philadelphia. at a rate of two to 5-inches an hour. it will be brief but it will be a big burst of snow. right now you can see moderate snow moving along the i-95 corridor on the jersey side through evesham and just to the north of gloucester. this is all going to be moving toward the northeast.
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so the heavy snow will continue as dawn mentioned the winds picking up in dover and also in wildwood gusting to 30 miles an hour. even in allentown we have a gust of 23. philadelphia gusting to 24. but nothing like we'll be seeing come tomorrow morning. visibility reduced in spots. in many locations down to three quarters of a mile in philadelphia. the same in pottstown, wilmington. down to half mile in dover and in lancaster down to three quarters of a mile but look at this. in the poconos still excellent visibility. the heavy snow still has not reached the mountains. we do have that blizzard warning continues through early sunday morning for most of the region. we're going to have heavy snow no doubt about it but we need that wind that strong wind element that will be moving in. by tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m., we're looking at snow accumulations between 3-inches in the poconos to 10-inches in dover and philadelphia about 8-inches of snow and in pottstown about 7-inches of snow already on the ground and counting. as far as the impacts are concerned, significant impacts
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come tomorrow. for more on that i send it over to my colleague scott williams. scott, we haven't seen nothing yet. >> that's certainly right, kathy. we continue to follow new developments with this storm system ultimate doppler, it is lit up with the snow. not just blizzard conditions yet but as we take look at those impacts, when to expect those blizzard conditions. we're talking about overnight and potentially through early sunday morning. white out conditions winds gusting inland 35, 45 miles per hour up to 65 miles per hour down the shore coastal flooding will definitely be a concern. dangerous travel. not advised to be on the roadways. visibility will be reduced a quarter of a mile or less. and then we're talking about power outages. that will be a concern. have your flashlights, have your batteries are there to go in the event of power outages. so let's break down that snowfall timeline over the next 24 hours. in the heaviest snow zone.
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now through 6:00 a.m. as kathy was talking about, we're looking at waking up tomorrow morning to eight perhaps even 10-inches of snow. we don't stop there yet. 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on your saturday another eight to 10-inches of snow. and then by saturday evening, on the back end of that system, we're looking at two to 4-inches of snow giving a grand total of about 24-inches the highest range in that category right along the i-95 corridor. so we're looking lesser amounts down the shore, due to mixing. three to 6-incheinches. head further inland places like dover, over to millville, more mixing with a little bit of sleet maybe some rain, six to 12-inches. interior parts of south jersey 12 to 18-inches and once again right along the immediate i-95 corridor we could see up to 2 feet of snow. lesser amounts but still impressive and significant snows north and west. of course, we had that coastal flood concern as well. we'll break down the specifics
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on high tides across the area and also when all of this snow will be moving out coming up in the broadcast. dawn and lucy back to you. >> all right, thank you scott. streets are quiet in old city as the steady snow continues to fall on market street. you can see it's definitely beginning to accumulate an live look now at i-95 in wilmington, delaware. already reduced visibility there. you can see that. delco crews are hitting the roads across the state trying to keep them safe. fox 29's shawnette wilson is riding in new castle county. shawnette, how are the roads there? >> reporter: well, let me tell you, the roads got covered really fast. we haven't seen a heavy amount of snowfall but what has been coming down has been coming down quickly and so as we take live look here at philadelphia pike we're driving through will morning ton right now of course in delaware. you can see the roads are pretty gritty out there. covered all the way through. we've been seeing trucks throughout the evening come by. you probably can't see this but
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there's actually a person making his way probably to the store up the road. but just gritty roads out here. and again the snow has been falling fast delaware right now is under a state of emergency. you should know. at midnight level one driving warping will go into effect put forth by governor markell. that means you shall use extra caution on the roads but you're encouraged of course to stay off the roads unless you have to be out for business or a health and safety reason which of course means an emergency. but we found many people out driving down the clock. >> i'm driving in the snow because i like driving in the snow. >> reporter: really? tell us what the roads are like right now. >> they're actually pretty g very good. the hills are a little slick but i haven't had any problems sliding or anything. >> reporter: okay. so she says she hasn't had any problems right but again we're driving on philadelphia pike through wilmington a car if front of us having a bit of a
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time getting up this hill, swerving going side to side making his way up the gritty roads there and again here's another car coming up on the side of us so there's a lot of traffic out here tonight or i shall say a good amount of traffic. people trying to get last minute stuff done i guess before those driving restrictions in place at midnight. and again they're not necessarily meaning you have to be off the road. officials urging you not to be on the road of course because the conditions are going to get worse. we do know that about 300, more than 300 i should say trucks are out on the roads across the state of delaware. spokesperson for deldot tells me they have about 400 plus people working the roads tonight. so if you want to track these snow mouse they actually have an interesting app you can just go to and download it and you can actually track snowplows and where they are on these primary roads once they get into the neighborhood. that's the good tool to use if you want to know as we move through the night into the weekend when your street is going to be closed. back to you in the studio. >> all right, shawnette we'll
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check in with you in a little bit. thank you. if you use public transportation in delaware notice from dart all pass and paratransit services are suss september the for tomorrow in addition service on septa's wilmington newark line will be shut down for the day. you can check with dart about how service is running on sund sunday. >> residents of ocean county new jersey had to abide by a mandatory evacuation order tonight. their neighborhoods got hit hard by sandy as well. and flooding is a big worry in parts of barnegat township during this storm. across new jersey the governor has issued a state of emergency. let's head out to chris o'connell live in southampton. how is it looking out there, chris? they have to clean off the lense of the camera. >> reporter: as you can see the lense has to be cleaned off, conditions reall really start deteriorate out here. started snowing about two hours ago. but for people who are living along the coastline, ocean county, atlantic county, these blizzard conditions are really not the biggest concern for th them. it is the major coastal
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flooding, the punishing winds and the high tied that is has now prompt mandatory evacuation in barnegat township. that is where about 300 people now are being told to leave their properties in low-lying areas. they were told to leave their homes by 10:00 o'clock tonight. now, in this part of town there's one road in, one road out so police were going door to door letting residents know they should leave. now under every apartment mandatory evacuation, police cannot force residents to leave their homes. but they say if you call 911, you want a fire truck, you want a police car or an ambulance, you are on your own. they will not come and get you. keep in mine this is a community that's very sensitive to major storms. in fact, many homes down there still haven't been rebuilt after hurricane sandy three years ago. well tonight they'll be leaving their homes. >> basically we're making a big decision because we were just told like at 4:00 o'clock it's
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mandatory evacuation whereas last night it was voluntary. so i have two-year-old and four year old. i'm kind of thinking like, you know, all right, i should probably get them out of here. >> reporter: as you see snowplows coming through burlington county. convoy of them that's four right in a row we see now. clearing those roads. they were here about an hour ago. but it is already snow covered. that's how fast this snow is coming down. now, the national weather service back to the shore expecting levels to approach top five recorded levels in parts of the area. so from what we saw many people are heeding those warnings but we also saw people who say they will ride out the storm no matter how fast, furious those winds and flooding comes they'll ride it out in their home. dawn. >> all right, chris. thank you. if you're trying to make it anywhere tomorrow you better have your own personal transportation or you might be out of luck across the east
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coast -- my goodness look at that. >> they fell. >> planes, trains and buses are staying put. philadelphia international airport has grounded planes through saturday. septa also suspending almost all service starting early tomorrow morning at 4:00 a.m. that is except for its market frankford and broad street lines. amtrak however it does plan to operate as normally as possible throughout the weekend. we intend to operate fewer trains than normal, but we will be running between washington, philadelphia, new york and boston. of course, our number one priority is the safety of our passengers and our employees so we'll be keeping a very close eye on the conditions and we'll adjust our schedule and operation as necessary. >> area transportation systems hoping to resume regular operations sunday. live look at allentown. mack sure you have the now west information about the storm with our fox 29 weather app. you'll get live radar and alerts sent right to your phone. you can type it in the apple and
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google play stores and zen us your picks to #fox29snow. remember, we are live tonight and will be live tomorrow morning beginning at 6:00 and mind you, don't put yourself in danger when you're out there getting pictures or videos. just do it in the comfort of your backyard. out the window. perfect way of doing it fox 29 news will be right back with more blizzard coverage. ♪
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the republicans in harrisburg were fighting each other over the state budget. that's right. each other. the republican state senate passed a responsible budget that "begins" to fund education but the republican house of representatives has insisted on a budget that fails to fund education and balloons the deficit. call your legislator, tell them to pass a budget that's right for pennsylvania. >> blizzard conditions will set in for some of us in must of just a few hours. >> live look at the philadelphia
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international airport. it is very quiet there all flights they are grounded. ton night joanne pileggi is in northern liberties much philadelphia under a snow emergency right now. >> septa is set to suspend most of its service. joanne, this is the first major snowstorm under mayor kenney. how else is the city responding? >> reporter: well, that's right. it is his first major snowstorm and the blizzard has arrived. the blizzard of 2016 and at this point, the city has declared a state of emergency. city officials working right now to ensure public safety. now the snow started falling in the city around 6:45 tonight. it started falling fast and furious. the city taking all steps right now to ensure public safety. the plows are already out. septa is planning to shut down all but two lines all but the broad street and market frankford lines, and if your car is on a snow emergency route, it
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will be towed. all of this to ensure public safety. here is major jim kenney. >> i think people's expectations should be that we'll get back to normal as soon as possible. based on how much snow we get. yesterday we were talking about 12 to 16 and knower talking potentially 20 or more and i'll hark ken back to 1996, 36, 37, it took a little while to get back. hopefully we won't have that kind of snowfall. >> reporter: all right. we've already seen the plows out. the streets department saying they have 400 vehicles out. 600 employees and they have a lot of work to do. they will be working around the clock to try to keep ahead of this very dangerous blizzard. obviously as i said they have a lot of work to do and they are urging everyone to stay put, stay home and stay safe. back to you in the studio. >> all right, joanne, thank you. taking a live look at ben franklin parkway. our camera at the united way.
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you can see the seventy three starting to blanket the area. look at that sky, lucy. >> all right. let's go over to route 202 in king of prussia. traffic is moving you can see it right there. the traffic coming toward us looks a little bit heavier you can see a good bit of snow on the road already. fox 29's sabina kuriakose is live at one of ben dot's yards. >> penndot says the storm like this they expect to see a lot of snow on the roads probably going to be difficult to plow because it just keeps oncoming and and coming. >> reporter: that's right. in fact they'll have transition over to plowing right from salting in fact because that they can salt and salt as the snow comes down the salt will get covered with the snow. they'll have to focus on plow pretty soon. the roads are layered and pack. this right now untouched spot. you can just see how much snow is already there. can you imagine what is on the roadways right now? penndot says it's already seeing spin outs happening through their traffic cameras. motorists losing control and
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they say speed is likely a factor in all of that. now, penndot says they have reduced speed limits on a number of major highways already. about 11 in all including i-95, 76, 476. also, parts of the turnpike now have reduced their speed limits to about 45 miles per hour. they actually did that sooner than they expected because of the severity of the storm. it is moving fast. now, penndot had about 450 crews and trucks and plows out on the roads. crews are well into their 12-hour shifts by now. the snow is falling quite fast as we mentioned. penndot says they're main concern is keeping up with all of that. now, drivers we spoke with say it has been rough going. some of the people have already been seeing aggressive driving early into the storm. >> i actually tested the brakes twice to make sure. they were fine. because somebody was a too close behind us and i wanted to mack
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sure they knew i was prepared to stop at any moment. >> last winter there were 552 crashes resulting in four fatalities and 279 injuries on snowy slushy or ice covered roads. these were result from aggressive driving behaviors such as speeding or making careless lane changes. >> reporter: now, as you heard there, she's quoting the statistics. they're not messing around. if you are driving out here, you have to be careful or something could very easily go wrong. that on the woman you heard from she's a mom. she has kids in the car. she doesn't want anybody tailgating her especially in this weather. so again penndot saying don't drive as we've been hearing from everybody but if you have to, drive very very safely. actually we just found out that the pa turnpike has just actually put into effect irrelevant that ban on tract and trailers and passenger cars together trailers and parts of the turnpike. they don't want that happening out here so again things moving
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very rapidly and very quickly out on the roadways out here. back to you guys. >> all right, sabina, thank you. stay safe. pennsylvania turnpike officials lowering the speed limit on the toll road effective right now. maximum speed limit from the delaware river bridge to breeze wood is 45 miles per hour. that reduction will remain in place through the day tomorrow. officials in delaware county have opened emergency services operation sent county leaders along with representatives from penndot and peco are on hand right now. that's the way it will stay. until the end of the storm. they say local municipalities and penndot are working around the clock to keep the roads as clear as possible. they're next major concern for the county is of course power outages. >> we're going to get a heavy storm. high winds and what concerns us the most the water in the mixture will be heavy with power lines and so that's what -- that what's we're concerned about as far as the county government is concern. >> and county officials are
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reminding residents if you lose power, call peco. the county also has a plan in place to make sure first responders can respond to any and all calls during the storm. and taking a live look right now at trenton hard to see there. as you get ready for the storm and when the snow starts to fall show us what it look like where you live. tweet us your pictures using the #fox29snow. from trenton to love park, remember to charge your phones in case you lose power. kathy and scott have been telling us this storm could bring down power lines. if yours goes out you can always watch us on the fox 29 news app. go ahead download that right now if you have haven't yet already. ♪ >> now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. dave warren different look at tomorrow's traffic. that snow coming remember the smart routes, emergency snow routes clear of those. you cannot park on them. try to park in garages stay off the streets give those plows a chance to do their work don not
10:21 pm
drive too close to those snowplows leave about sick car lengths and certainly do not go around. join us tomorrow morning bob kelly is here with all of the traffic updates as we continue our storm coverage until then stay safe. ♪
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welcome back. washington, d.c. directly in the bulls eye of this massive winter storm. the white house being blanketed in a thick layer of snow. >> new jersey is under a state of emergency tonight as you look live at the state capital. governor chris christie declared it a little more than an hour ago. but the governor cutting short a campaign trip due to the snowstorm returning to new jersey tonight. fox's dan dough went reports from newark, new jersey. >> reporter: after meeting behind closed doors with members of his cabinet new jersey governor chris christie thanking department of transportation workers at the newark garage crews that will be very busy over the next 48 hours. >> if you don't have to drive, don't. okay, the work week is over. you know, if the smart test thing for all to do on saturday afternoon stay home. stay where you are. >> with the storm moving in heavy snowfall is expected across the state and flooding could be a problem at the coast. state officials are urging people to stay off the roads and new jersey transit could begin
10:25 pm
suspending weekend service as early as 2:00 a.m. >> that will allow them to use the plows on the tracks, continue to heat the switching areas and make sure that thing are moving okay and then they'll make a judgment based on of upon off tee of the system of when they want to reopen. >> he had been criticized for delaying his decision to return to new jersey ahead of the storm after receiving a briefing friday morning he decided to come home. chris teeing if things are cleaned up by sunday he will head back to the campaign trail in new hampshire. >> clear the snow of off the ro, and make sure that plans are in place to restore power wherever it needs to be restored. and if i feel like that's in hand i'll go back to new hampshire. >> reporter: governor chris christie says his wife mary pat will spent the weekend shows he's not worried f the dot yard in newark, new jersey, dan bowens fox 29 news. and traveling north from washington, d.c. on inter state 95 bring to us wilmington. look at that. it is hard to see, my goodness.
10:26 pm
steady snow falling there. don't forget to share your pictures and videos with us on social mode ya safely of course by using the #fox29snow. kathy is here. >> our classic nor'easter is definitely taking shape. it will be racing off the eastern seaboard bringing heavy snow and blizzard conditions overnight and through tomorrow. even a chance of thunder snow scott even will break it down when we come back.
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right now 10:30 our coverage of the blizzard of 2016 continues just about our entire area is covered in all of that white and blue and pink as this
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massive wint storm dumps heavy snow. white blanket now covers mark street. let's go outside and take a look outside our studios in old city. that snow is coming down. city officials are asking drivers to stay off the roads if alt all possible. >> let's get over to meteorologist kathy orr who's tracking this monster of a storm. first we had nothing and bam it's amazing this afternoon there was still a lit bit of sun through those clouds and lucy we've been talking about this since it was over the pacific. remember? on sunday night. here it is. it's amazing we've been talking about it all week, and here it is our blizzard but no blizzard conditions just yet. that will come overnight and blizzard conditions expected during date on saturday. you can see mark street snow covered. these cars moving very slowly this one sliding a little bit you really have to take it slow and easy and just pretty much stay off the roads right knitwear degrees winds out of the northeast at 15 miles an hour. the wind chill 11 and that's only going to be driven down lower when those winds pick up and the temperatures fall.
10:30 pm
in mount pocono 19. 24 in the city. millville 23. everyone reporting in this snow is fluffy, yes, because you have temperature in the 20s but during the day tomorrow, when temperatures warm especially south and eve, that's when you'll see the heavier wetter snow. on ultimate doppler waves of heavy snow moving toward the delaware valley and we have one right here in south jersey, comer land, cape may county kent county moving toward the northeast. by 1:00 a.m. even in philadelphia we will have this band lifting through and these bands have about 2-inches, 3-inches, 4-inches an hour as they pass through. so that's some very heavy snow. visibility right now 10 in the poconos. look at melville 1 mile. dover a half mile with heavy band of snow, and right now in pottstown we have one an quarter mile visible expect those numbers to go down overnight. here we have combined the snow and the temperature to show was type of snow we'll be getting by tomorrow morning, four, five, six, 7am look at the warmth lifting up from the south.
10:31 pm
wet heavy snow in millville with 33 degrees. rain in while wood and then on the back side of the storm as it begins to pull away more of a northerly wind later on saturday. the cold air begins to come back in 28 in millville with heavy snow. after 7:00 p.m., it begins to wind down and by very early sunday morning possibly by midnight it could be clearing the coast. that's the good news. still looking at some things to think about wild cards how far to the north and west will that mixing occur. how deep into south jersey will it get? that could limit snow accumulations and where exact l that band of 20 plus set up? we have a good idea but not everyone will be getting 23 or 24-inches. and there will be a possibility of a dry spot tomorrow afternoon before the heavy snow comes back on the back side of the storm. with all of our computer guidance this is our best forecast at the time. 18-inches plus in the philadelphia area and our suburbs. but some areas will see over 20-inches. 23, 24-inch slots possible win this area.
10:32 pm
to the north and west, our extreme northern and western suburbs 12 to 18. six to 12 in the lehigh valley less in the poconos interior south jersey in burlington county southern and central parts of camden and gloucester 12 to 18. six to 12 in dover and millville cape may 3 to 6-inches of snow. now here's a look at what we expect in the brunt during the brunt the storm. 2:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. on saturday winds gusting to thrive even 50 miles an hour inland creating blowing snow. the heaviest snow band bands wil occur during the day on saturday. snow rates in these bands one to 3-inches. and even the possibility of thunder snow. something we don't talk about often. but we are anticipating the possibility of that scott in those heavier bands of snow. let's talk about the coastal impact. >> we don't want to leave the folks out down the shore. of course, we have that full moon tied coastal flood warnings through sunday. so take a look at those counties highlighted there in green. we're talking about those gusty
10:33 pm
winds water will be piling up down the shore and the time of high tide will cause some concerns down the shore even into the back bays as well. but take look. during the brunt of the storm on saturday, coastal problems. wind gusts 55 to 65 miles an hour. flooding, evacuations have been issued in some locations down the shore. offshore wave heights look at that, 15 to 20 feet. so this is going to be a storm for the record books. now, high tide those will be k key. atlantic city take a look at the three times here. saturday 6:00 43am that's the first one. saturday 7:09 then again sunday morning right around 7:30. as we move a little farther down the shore, cape may let's take a look at your key high tide cycle times for saturday morning. 7:17. he 7:43 and 8am toward sunday. we'll continue our tour down the road rio women beach looking at full moon tides four your
10:34 pm
saturday morning right around 7:00 o'clock. that's the% one to watch. the second one, 7:13 and the third one on sunday morning at about 7:45. let's look at how the winds play out. you can see by 1:00 a.m. saturday morning winds already gusting wildwood 44 miles per hour. lewes over 50 miles per hour and then they really continue to ramp up. look at this. 9:00 a.m. on saturday. avalon 64 miles per hour wind gusts. close to 60-mile an hour wind gusts in lewes, delaware that water will be piling up, winds will be how long and that will cause not only coastal flooding, beach erosion, but power outages will be a concern. even into the afternoon still looking at gusty winds take a look at the latest power outage index you can see the best chance or likelihood of seeing those power outages philadelphia points south and east down the shore this is going to be monster of a storm we have had the snow but we also have the major coastal concern down the
10:35 pm
shore kathy with moderate to major coastal flooding. >> that's going to be huge problem whipping winds and we're talking about sometimes these types of storms nor'easters can be worse than certain hurricanes. >> yeah. >> keep careful oh eu eye on that. we thank everyone for your pictures, tweeting them to us snow in fishtown, snow across the delaware valley keep them coming. here's a look at our forecast for tomorrow. of course the blizzard warning up to 20-inches of snow in some spots. it is going to be a very busy day. a good day to stay inside. i think the fact that it's on a saturday makes it a little bit easier to handle. sunday will be partly sunny believe it or not and able to clean up let the kids go out and play on sunday. less win on sunday. saturday is not the day to be out and then a nice slow melt look at these highs, four, 45 on tuesday. wednesday 41. thursday 40, friday 42. so we melt the snow during the day and then it refreezes at night. we like a snow melt when you have feet of snow. >> there you go. it will feel like a hot blaze of warmth after all of this.
10:36 pm
>> yeah. when sunday when you wake up the reflective have the so-off the snow you'll need your shades. >> nice. >> skiing and sledding could be a good activity for sunday. >> love that. >> all right. >> your fox 29 weather authority is where you should get all your blizzard 2016 news for tomorrow because tomorrow is the big day. we begin our coverage with "good day philadelphia" from 6:00 in the morning until noon. we will be back with hourly updates and then of course fox 29 news at six and 10. keep it right here. coverage of blizzard 2016 continues and the snow is really started coming down. please don't go out if you don't have tom i know we always say that but take look. this is why a blizzard warning in effect for much of the viewing area all flights in and out of philadelphia are cancel canceled. ♪ ♪
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♪ blizzard of 2016 coverage continues right now. it has arrived. at least leading edge of it it's really going to be blizzard conditions around 2:00 this morning says our weather authority. live look at center city shows just how fast the snow is coming down unless it is absolutely necessary officials say please stay indoors and off the roads tonight. here at fox 29 we will help you get through this storm. certainly was a mad dash to the grocery store for many
10:40 pm
across the area. people heeding the warnings of city leaders to be prepared, stock up, get what you need before the snow comes. fox 29's karen hepp in havertown, delaware county today. showing us how people were stocking up for the snow. >> reporter: tony has been directing traffic for three days the lines for gas are so long. today she took it to the next level and broke out the cones. >> had to do this because of the snowstorm because they're coming from that direction, this direction and they're all -- everybody fighting and screaming and i tried to put cones on to keep it a little calm but it's not work to go well. doug myers is fueling up now because as a nurse he's got to get in. >> i'm getting prepped because i work in wilmington and they have called me in they're going to sleep me there at the hospital where i work. >> reporter: twins jonathan and nicholas are bouncing with excitement allison says they have been waiting all winter. >> we'll shovel out some neighbors and we're going to
10:41 pm
probably make some popcorn and watch a movie. >> we're getting our sleds together, and we're prepping we're getting our wood so we can light a fire and snow and, yeah, we're ready to have some fun. we've been waiting for it. >> reporter: lots of folks have. check out the organized chaos at the giant. a storm is a great excuse to load up on the snacks and baked goods. heck, some people are planning snow parties for the kids it's almost like santa is coming. >> my son thinks it will be christmas because it's going to gnome he's sure it's christmas tomorrow. >> i'm going to bake some cakes christmas cookies i didn't make and just have some fun. >> reporter: karen hepp, fox 29 news. so many people smiling just like that. make sure you have the breaking details about this storm right at your fingertips just go to let's take another live look right now at old city just outside our fox 29 studios. man, fresh of snow covers sidewalks and roads even walking to night dawn i'm thinking could
10:42 pm
be hazardous. >> got to be careful out there. >> um-hmm. ♪
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♪ all flights in and out of philadelphia international airport canceled tonight and tomorrow. crews will have their work cut out for them clearing runways
10:45 pm
once this storm moves on out. all of the local college basketball games slated for tomorrow will now hit the hard court on sunday and tomorrow sixers, celtics game shifted to sunday as well. tip off at 7:00 p.m. live look at the new jersey turnpike near the delaware memorial bridge. not too many people out at all just like a single car coming by. a couple hours into the storm and the turnpike look at that already completely covered in snow. let's cross the bridge on over to delaware. >> which is where our shawnette wilson is riding around in new castle county. shawnette, how goes it? >> reporter: well, you know what, i'm noticing as well that here in wilmington the traffic is start to go thin out tremendously. awhile ago we saw quite a bit cars on the road but as we're driving now on philadelphia pike we'll give you a look. you can see virtually no traffic out here at all. just a single car passe passed s second ago. just about an hour away when a driving warning will go into effect for delaware.
10:46 pm
it does not mean that you can't be out on the roads but state officials you were you not to be unless it is for work, business or an emergency. the reason being, the roads are only going to get worse. snow fell fast across delaware. in a flash roads were covered and salt truck hit the roads. >> we're selling salt and shovels earlier. we ran out. that's a blessing. >> reporter: in wilmington, muhammed's store weathered the storm and stayed open late. he passed time during the lull on his haver board. >> don't matter blizzard or storm 12 feet, 10 feet, 2 feet we're open. >> they were open for people getting last minute searches. >> picked up some chips, eggs and milk. >> i'm coming out here honestly because i'm trying to do my ha hair. i'm trying to get bees wax while i'm sitting in the house. i'll get bees wax and lee twist my dreads. >> reporter: earlier in the day people tried to avoid messy roads by stocking up early but not for food.
10:47 pm
>> four bottles of red and a bottle of white. >> stocking up on alcohol. this says it all. >> my husband big john deere snowblower and the girls are going to drink while we watch him do that. >> that's a good point. >> and then i'll give him hot chocolate. >> reporter: hot chocolate sounds really good right about now. as we continue to take look at philadelphia pike which is we're driving through will morning ton you can see a thick coating of snow some ice down here on the roadway not a lot of traffic again officials urging to you stay home if you don't have to come out as we move through the weekend. snowplows are also out we're told in kent county, sussex county as well as new castle and if you want to follow them i mentioned earlier in the show that you can go to and get an app where you can actually track those, you know, snow trucks, snowplows plows and see where they are and how soon you'll be in your neighborhood.
10:48 pm
very good tool to use throughout the weekend. shawnette it look like you need better wiper that one side is not getting clear. be careful out there. >> time to check -- >> you noticed. we just had to clean them. >> i wasn't going to say anything. it was so obvious. all right. speaking of things that are obvious, the ever wor working ky kay. >> it looks like things are getting worse. >> they certainly are. we'll be seeing conditions that are going to worsen right into tomorrow morning so a lot of those roads snow covered i'm a little bit surprised at some of the icing that we're seeing already but temperatures are well below freezing. take look at ultimate doppler. you can see some drier air working its way right here our first lull that piece of energy that we tracked from the west coast over here reorganizing off the coast. and it's going to move up the eastern seaboard as a classic major east coast snowstorm and we're seeing some warm air moving up to norfolk may make it into southern parts of maryland and delaware during the overnight or tomorrow built for the most part we're looking at a
10:49 pm
mainly snow event everywhere with the exception of extreme south jersey and parts of delaware. here it is. this area of low pressure that is developing and is going to be speeding up the eastern seaboard a lot of cold air being build down from canada. it's going to whisk away by very early sunday morning and this is what the weather map will be looking by sunday. a partly sunny noise day. the blizzard impact significant through saturday night white out conditions whipped gusting thrive even 50 miles an hour inland, 65 miles an hour gusts down the shore. dangerous travel with visibility today quart mile or less especially through saturday afternoon into the evening. even the morning hours and a possibility of power outages with this heavy wet snow. right now winds gusting to 35 miles an hour in dover. 28 in millville. atlantic city and wildwood gusting close to 30 miles an hour in philadelphia and those visibilities will continue to go down. half mile right now in wilmington and dover we're seeing that heavy snow within the next couple of hours a band of very heavy snow will move through philadelphia.
10:50 pm
that's the latest for now. of course, scott and i will have updated information at the top of the hour. >> all right. we'll see you then, kathy. center city you can see people of listening to the advice and staying off the roads. pretty quiet out there. conditions are deteriorating though as the night goes on of course we'll stay on top of it all. >> in philadelphia we have changes to the city transportation as of tomorrow. >> yeah. fox 29's joanne pileggi with more on what you need to know if you're trying to get around center city. >> reporter: the blizzard of 2016 is here, it has arrived. here with a vengeance and it will be a very dangerous storm through tomorrow night. as for now, city officials have put their snow emergency plans in to effect. get used to this. the snow, serious amounts predicted and it's coming down fast and far yous. >> we're just going to keep running the routes to push the snow off as quickly as possible. the more snow that's on there it will take a little bit longer to get out of the way. >> reporter: in matter of an hour, after it started, streets
10:51 pm
were covered and it's only the beginning. >> with heavy winds we're concerned about the possibility for downed trees and activity to take on our power infrastructu infrastructure. >> reporter: septa shutting down all service with the exception of the broad street and market frankford lines starting at 4am saturday. >> we plan to keep both of these key routes running continuously. the broad street and market frankford lines are important to carry emergency personnel. >> reporter: and with major storm bearing down on us, the city declaring a state of emergency. >> we are going to do our best with the resources that we have as we've done in the past and to get it done i mean i wish i were cat in the hat and i could put all the snow back in the hat and make everything normal again it's what it is. >> reporter: obviously most events schedule for saturday were canceled. at least one was moved up. >> we had to make last minute reschedule link. and luckily valley green inn was awesome. they were able to reschedule us bring us in on friday night.
10:52 pm
most of the guests at patrick and hadley's wedding were able to make it they expected to abbreviate the reception so folk get home safely. >> it was luck of the draw i guess. i don't know. but here we are. >> reporter: well of course best wishes to the newlyweds. you've heard it before. this is a dangerous storm. you shouldn't go out if you don't have to. wait it out at home. in northern liberties, joanne pileggi, fox 29 news. >> from northern liberties we go live to reading. some people are still on the road. you can see them moving traffic lights there, right? snow falling. it's going to be icy pretty soon the blizzard conditions will h hit. again officials are asking everybody to stay home tonight if at all possible. back in a moment.
10:53 pm
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>> blizzard conditions are bearing down on us a few short hours away. the situation right now in allentown live. not expected to hit quite as hard as areas to its south but snow started falling there this evening and coming down fast and furious. >> sure s sabina kuriakose knows this first hasn't least in plymouth meeting checking out the roads. sabina, what is it like there? >> reporter: guys it's pretty rough out here. let's take look at the roads out here. tightly pack in the snow here. people of course they knew the storm was coming. they didn't expect the snow to start falling so fast. >> i went around.
10:56 pm
my son said grab some racks, i slid in the driveway. >> it started and kale down. >> jump start to blizzard 2016. snow falling fast and waist nothing time sticking to roads and in king of prussia. layered on to route 202. at wawa in valley forge cars lined up. >> keep a full tank when if i need to warm up my car i've got gas. >> penndot crews parking on the salt and heading out. 450 trucks out and about, crews working 12 hour shifts. the main concern, keeping up with the rate of the snowfall. >> our cycle times take two to three hours to complete a cycle. snowfall rates of one to 2-inches an hour mean you can have four to 6-inches on that road before we get back to cycle over that. >> people are driving way too fast and not safe enough. >> reporter: with all of the warnings from penndot officials about staying off the road, and driving with extreme caution if you are out, the williams
10:57 pm
familiarly from norristown says they've had bad experiences. tonight. >> passing in the expressway riding each other tubes, too much tailgating is a beep in a kuriakose roaring for us. thank you for joining us for fox 29 news at 10:00. back in a moment with cover much ratch of the winter storm. mega millions lottery drawing is at 11:00.
10:58 pm
10:59 pm
11:00 pm
♪ blizzard conditions expected
11:01 pm
soon. major winter storm has our region in our grips right now. take a look at wilmington. very hard to see anything much visibilities so poor. that snow started falling earlier this evening it has not let up. this is what it looks leak now right outside our old city studios market street covered in a blanket of snow. little bit better visibility here. usually though these streets are pretty busy on friday night. much much different story tonight. >> this is the reason dawn. major winter storm it has put pennsylvania, delaware and new jersey all under a state of emergency. we hope you are safe tonight. stay put. fox 29 has you covered. as we watch the storm roll on in. i'm lucy noland. >> i'm dawn timmeney. hopefully you have if you have anything and everything you need and there's no reason to be out on the roads until this whole thing clears up. our weather authority team is hard at work. meteorologist kathy orr and scott williams have been watching this develop for days now and here it is, kathy g lucy, it's finally here. we've been talking about it since inn fan so over the pacific that was on sunday. now look at it. heavy snow moving into the region.
11:02 pm
we have that piece of energy that we talked about early in the week losing its energy and transferring it off the coast into a full blown major east coast snowstorm overnight and tomorrow. create something significant coastal problems for the jersey shore. we'll talk about that a little bit later on but first the snow piling up throughout the delaware valley the heaviest snow in the south lifting toward the north and the winds picking up as well gusting to 35 miles an hour in dover. 25 in philadelphia and in millville. visibility reduced to half a mile in wilmington arc mile in reading and lancaster and three quarters of a mile in philadelphia. with the wind picking up and the snow intensity picking up we anticipate these will go to about a quart mile or less during the early morning hours of saturday that blizzard warning for most of the region into berk county the lehigh valley and now into the poconos a winter storm warning in effect through tomorrow into the early morning hours of sunday. by 7am we do anticipate a good amount of snow all right on the ground with the storm and
11:03 pm
pottstown 7-inches. philadelphia 8-inches on the ground. 9-inches in wilmington and the possibility of 10-inches just by the time we wake up an additional a cushion you accumulation. big impacts with this storm and for more on the blizzard impacts i'm going to send it over to my colleague scott william. good evening, scott. >> hi there kathy not quite blizzard condition just yet. but overnight, during the brunt of the storm, much of the day tomorrow, we're talking about winds. look at this gusting 35 even up to 65 miles per hour down the shore causing coastal flooding. beach erosion also dangerous travel with that visibility a quart of a mile or less. and also with those high gusty winds and at times some heavy wet snow looking at power outages across the area. so let's walk you through the next 24 hours in that heaviest zone of snow and break down the totals between now and 6am, we're talking eight to 10-inches of snow from 6am to 6:00 p.m. on
11:04 pm
your saturday, another eight to 10 itches. and then take look at 6:00 p.m. saturday evening until 11:00 o'clock an additional two to 4-inches so that's how we'll get the 18 to 24-inches right along the immediate i-95 corridor moving down the shore lesser amounts but still an impressive know fall total when you factor in what's happening across the area. now, down the shore we are looking at mixing in with some of that rain. that will limit some of the totals and as you move farther to the north and also to the west. we also have coastal flood concerns. take look at those counties highlighted in green. we're talking about water rises, vac weighings, possible, in those low-lying areas and also coming up we'll outline the three specific high tides cycles that you need to be mindful so a whole lot to still break down and talk about this storm coming up. lucy? >> all right, a whole lot to talk about. thank you scott. snowing hard right now in old
11:05 pm
city when we're not on tv, get our fox 29 weather authority app our meteorologists are a tap away on your smart phone any time at all. download it in the google play or apple stores. barn nat township ocean county police went door to door today alerting residents of a mandatory evacuation. emergency officials are very concerned about flooding in this area. this as governor christie puts all of new jersey under a state of emergency. >> let's head out to chris o'connell live in southampton for us tonight. chris, it looks like it's coming down pretty good there. >> reporter: yeah, guys. i mean, it's almost like these blizzard conditions you see the snow at some point going sideways. we have our an mom meter my trustee 3,000 showing wind chills now of 19 degrees right now but those winds smacking you in the face. here in new jersey, a lot of people under a blizzard warning but it's not so much the snow.
11:06 pm
it's the flooding conditions along the jersey coast that many are concerned with tonight. tonight police guard the only open road going into parts of barn gat township as high water rescue vehicle remains on stand by for rescues. this part of town under a mandatory evacuation nearly 300 homes affected. >> there's voluntary evacuation. >> barnegat police spent the night going door to door telling residents they should leave. some residents under mandatory evacuation that once goes into effect ambulance, fire and police service is not guarante guaranteed. here it's not the snow but major flooding that's the threat. >> traumatized from the hurricane. >> this family gets very sensitive when a nor either is predicted. family lost that are home to hurricane sandy. tonight they're leaving their newly built house behind as they evacuate. >> for the safety of the family you have to. you have to make those choices.
11:07 pm
>> reporter: with two generates at the ready scott nevins is preparing for the worst. he's zenning his wife top young children inland to be safe from the high winds and potential flooding. >> potential that the water would get in here i got to run around. >> as he makes his preparations for the storm he's debating whether he should leave town himself. >> maybe i shall go with her, take the generator and they'll have power there. i don't know what i'm doing yet. roar report now tonight many other shore towns along the coastline are putting up voluntary evacuations. really telling everyone if you're in low lying area, you don't want to be there tonight. especially through tomorrow morning. officials in cape may county, atlantic county and ocean county also telling people if you live in some of these low-lying areas the best thing to do now is move your car to higher ground. once again it's not the snow, it's the coastal flooding the concerns on the jersey shore tonight and tomorrow. guys, back to you.
11:08 pm
>> makes sense. thank you chris. live look at wilmington, delaware. where we're already a couple hours into the storm. but again there is a lot more to come. >> fox 29's shawnette wilson live in new castle. she's been keeping her eyes on the roads and actually has been on the roads. shawnette, how are thing going? >> reporter: you'll notice in a couple of seconds ladies that we pull over and we actually cleaned off the wipers. it just happens really fast with the snow coming down and the cold conditions. the wipers get clogged up really fast. but we did stop and clean them off so things are looking good right now. not looking so good for the roads though as we give you a look at philadelphia pike here in wilmington. still that thick coating of snow down there on the ground on the roadway here. not a lot of traffic out at this hour. just a few cars here and there. pretty much like a ghost town a lot of the businesses we forty five along are closed with the exception of a late night mcdonald's, dunkin' donuts and faithful trustee old wawa of course is open.
11:09 pm
but we're less than an hour away from when driving warning will take effect at midnight here urging people to stay off the roads. it's not mandatory. they suggest for your safety you stay off the roads unless it is an emergency. the reason that you need to be out. also, a blizzard warning is in effect for new castle and kent counties that will run until 10:00 o'clock sunday morning. a winter weather warning in effect until 10am sunday for sussex county. so again, this is just the start of it. and we are hoping that people will stay inside this weekend stay off the roads. saturday as we discussed in our news meter meeting earlier today will not be the day you want to be out and have the kids out playing. wait until sunday. the reason being the wind is also a factor as a as a matter of fact i talked to some people we were out earlier today and i asked the question, what is worse, the cold, the snow or the wind? >> the snow is terrible because it's very slippery out here right now. i jumps just fell back there. i got boots on. these are real leather so i almost fell.
11:10 pm
it's he can treatmently dangerous. >> reporter: okay. so extremely dangerous is correct. i believe she said she thought the snow was worse but wind is whipping up out here as well as we drive along we can see flags and things like that just blowing in the wind. >> oh yeah. >> reporter: blizzard like conditions we're seeing right now. >> this isn't the worse of it. it will come in the overnight hours, shawnette. >> in the morning. >> i know you haven't seen a whole lot of people out there. hopefully you haven't seen animals out there either to be honest with uh-uh got to get those animals inside. easy to understand why philadelphia international airport has no flights landing through tomorrow this is a picture. if you didn't fly out by now, you are with us in if youly. kickback and enjoy till sunday. very serious situation unfolding. fox 29 weather authority will get you through this all. ♪
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'cause you're on it? well... keep on scratchin'! we are under a blizzard warning until sunday morning. look at the radar much this map massive storm is swallowing just about the entire mid atlantic region. breaking new right now the united states post office has canceled services in philadelphia southern and central new jersey and delaware. >> and we have been showing you pictures from our cameras all across the area.
11:14 pm
this what it look like in old city right now. it's coming down harder and harder and harder. new information tonight right now. new jersey transit has just announced it's suspending all service beginning at 2am this morning rail, bus, light rail and access line service. service will resume as the weather conditions improve. makes sense and new jersey transit is saying it at least hopes to have access like running again by sunday at noon of course check in with nj transit by giving them a call or check on the website if you have any questions. that postal service cancel for saturday. >> gotcha. let's get over to kathy orr and see where we stan with everything, kathy? >> dawn and lucy it's been amazing watching the evolution of this storm. you can see old glory behind me. look at this flag waving in the wind in old city philadelphia. the visibility getting poor. you can also see the snow kind of going sideways as chris was mentioning as the winds begin to pick up throughout the region it is 25 degrees. this is a light fluffy snow in philadelphia and i think it's going to stay that way for most
11:15 pm
of the duration in the city and its suburbs. south jersey and delaware you'll be seeing warm air micking in during the morning hours of saturday. that will make it little bit of a wetter snow. right now the wind out of the northeast sustained at 20. the wind chill is 11 so tomorrow will be bitterly cold with the wind on top of the blowing snow. right now 19 in the poconos. 25 in philadelphia. and wilmington it is 23 degrees. ultimate doppler you can see this wave of snow lifting in and with the next hour or so there's a thin line of very heavy snow with snow rates at about two to 5-inches an hour and that's right about to lift into south philadelphia we'll continue to see these waves of heavy know another one through millville and dover pushing through during the overnight hours and into saturday morning. now as we look at the weather map we're looking at voice osama bin ladens bergere due as the snow gets heavier and as the wind picks up down to quarter mile right now in wilmington three quarters of a mile reported in philadelphia. on our fox future cast you can see during the day tomorrow,
11:16 pm
some mild air works in. we see a mix with rain in south jersey l bit of sleet making it into millville with milder temperatures with heavy wet snow. a chance of power outages through south jersey and delaware where you have the heavy wet snow and intense win winds. in philadelphia we'll see winds gusting tomorrow morning into the 20s. 20, their, even 40 miles an hour and then our winds turn more northerly late tomorrow afternoon and a cold air pulls back in changing everything back to that are heavy snow and then it moves out very quickly by sunday at midnight most of that snow could be gone. still looking at a few things how far north and west that mick log occur. that 20 plus set up and of course looking at the possibility of a dry slot late morning early afternoon especially in south jersey and delaware. we'll keep you updated on that. when you look at all the information, all that computer guidance we're looking at 18 plus in a swath in purple along along the i-95 corridor some spots picking up 23, 24-inches
11:17 pm
of snow. around the circle you can see 12 to 18-inches in our north and western suburbs through interior south jersey including trenton six to 12 we do anticipate some mixing in south jersey and three to 6-inches down in cape may and down the shore. lehigh valley six to 12 the poconos three to 6-inches of snow in the height of the storm the brunt of the storm through early tomorrow afternoon winds gusting 35 to 50 miles an hour heaviest snow rates in heft yesterday bands one to 3-inches an hour and even the chance of thunder snow and that's just the half of it. the other half is the intense coastal impacts. for more on that we'll send it over to scott. >> that's certainly right. coastal impacts, beach erosion, coastal flooding, let's talk a little bit right now about snowfall totals we've seen across the area. anywhere from one to 3-inches so far. i have it zoomed in right there delaware county prospect park reporting 2.5-inches so we'll probably add another three to 6-inches by sunrise tomorrow.
11:18 pm
but, down the shore, we don't want to forget about you. coastal flood warnings through noon on sunday. we have several high cycles to get through. take a look at the brunt of the storm on saturday. some of the coastal problems will be talking about winds gusting 55, 65 miles per hour. flooding evacuations in the low-lying areas. wave heights offshore up to 20 feet. so this is going to be the biggest test for the jersey shore since super storm sandy. high tide cycles atlantic city saturday morning 7:43am. again saturday evening, 7:09 and then sunday morning right around 7:30. as we continue our tour across the area, cape may county watching your full moon tides three cycles to get through. the first one at 7:17 saturday morning. then again saturday evening at about 7:43 and sunday morning at 8:00am rehoboth beach, delaware, you have to contend with those full moon high tides as well.
11:19 pm
saturday morning 7:00 a.m., saturday night, 7:13 and sunday 7:45 in the morning. so we have the high winds, the winds will rapidly pick up in intensity gusting once again 55, 65 miles per hour down the shore. take look. 1:00 o'clock tomorrow 57 miles per hour wind gusts in avalon. 64 miles per hour gusts in lewes, row hoe women beach and adding insult to injury take look at that concern for power outages as we roll the clock that index of the most likely power outages right around the i-95 corridor points south and east. of course, we'll continue to get new information about this and bring it to you at the end of the broadcast. back to you. >> hopefully it is not too bad. thank you scott. >> hopefully some improvement, right, sunday should be great. >> yeah. if you jump ahead. take a look at the seven day looking at brighter days ahead for shower. tomorrow of course we have our major snowstorm. wait a minute. where did that seven today go? scott can you queue that back up for me?
11:20 pm
>> he's working on it. >> technical difficulty here. >> tag teaming. >> can you get out of that? he's gonna -- he's gonna hook me up. there's your radar. >> we'll have to come back to it. we have a technical glitch there. but, yes, we are going to have obviously sunshine on sunday. it will be bright. it will be dry and then a slow melt because high temperatures will be in the 40s all through neck week. and low temperatures will be in the 20s. so we warm it up during the day and we refreeze at night. >> the slow melt is good. >> no flooding that way at lea least. >> to a minimum anyhow. take live look at center city. remember when starts falling we want to see what it look like where you live tweet us the your pictures using the hash ta #foxw make sure you don't put yourself in any danger for fox 29 weather authority where you can get all your blizzard 2016 news. tomorrow we begin "good day philadelphia" from 6:00 in the money until noon and hourly updates and your fox 29 news at six and 10.
11:21 pm
a look from our camera in trenton tonight. you can barely see the capital as we brace for the bulk of the storm to set in on the region. new jersey is under a state of emergency tonight. of course, not the snow that's really the biggest concern for our shore communities. many are concerned about flooding and the high winds that are in effect. keep it here. we're back. ♪
11:22 pm
11:23 pm
>> take a look at this young journalist. >> the route 70 in marlton, new jersey, wawa you can see a lot of people are thrilling of filling up here at the pump get something gas right across the street we have the shop rite within the last half hour we've seen a lot of people come in and
11:24 pm
out of the store. they're buying their last minute groceries. supplies before heading hole. overall lot of hustle and bustle here but we're sure people are going to heed the warnings and they're going to get ready, go home and get ready to ride out this storm. i'm andrew rowan from marlton, new jersey. >> i love it. >> great. >> junior reporter that's like a reporter. andrew rowan, great job. we love getting videos like these from our viewers and of course your photos too but please stay safe while taking them. >> share them with us on twitt twitter, facebook or instagram using the #fox29snow. that was great. >> really, really good. all right. take a look at center city philadelphia from our cam are on the ben franklin parkway. yes. it's hard to see because there's so much snow coming down. hope you moved your car off those snow emergency routes. hate to get them towed. >> that would be bad. >> snow emergency in effect for the city of philadelphia and you can see why. hopefully you're able to hunker down at home. most public transportation won't be running tomorrow in the city.
11:25 pm
fox 29's joanne pileggi roaring to night for us from northern liberties. >> the blizzard has arrived with a vengeance. a state of emergency in effect in the city. obviously city officials goal to keep everyone safe throughout this super storm. the snow started in the city around 6:45 tonight and it's not going to let up any time soon. the mayor and city officials taking steps to ensure public safety. as the storm bears down on the region. septa shutting down all but the broad street and market frankford lines starting tomorrow morning. now if your car is on a snow emergency route, it will be towed with a high winds anticipated you should be prepared in the event of a power outage. >> i think people's expectations should be that we'll get back to normal as soon as possible. based on how much snow we get. yesterday we were talking about 12 to 16 and now we're talking potentially 20 or more and al
11:26 pm
hark ken back to 19 nick at 36, 37. it took a little while to get back. hopefully we won't that kind of snowfall. >> the city streets department has plows out already. they've been trying to clear the streets as past as the snow is coming down. they will be out all night. trying to keep up with this storm that's going to last another day. in northern liberties, joanne pileggi, fox 29 news. >> all right. snow so far across the delaware valley basically between about one and 3-inches and buena vista township, new jersey 2.5. barnegat over 2-inches newark, delaware, two. pennsburg, pa1.8. philadelphia 1.4-inches of snow. on your seven day forecast, saturday winter storms, of course, a blizzard warning in effect. temperatures possibly getting up to 30 but then falling back in the afternoon into the 20s. sunday we dry the out then a slow melt we talk about this highs in the 40s lows in the 20s that means it will slowly melt
11:27 pm
during the day and then the snow will refreeze overnight expecting 18 in the philadelphia area. some spots getting even more. >> my goodness. >> 2 feet of snow we're talking. >> um-hmm. >> yes, ma'am. >> when is the last time we saw that much. >> 2010. >> we're back here at six app m for good day weekend. i believe some folks will be doing that show. >> i'll be here g sue serio will have the latest on the blizzard as you wake but we've got miss kathy, too. >> continuing coverage through the day. stay safe. >> absolutely. >> easy for mow to say. ♪
11:28 pm
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