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tv   Good Day Philadelphia Weekend  FOX  January 23, 2016 8:00am-10:01am EST

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effect here. live look at the ben franklin parkway and then we'll take a look in new jersey. this is going to be trenton. >> trenton. >> we want to see wilmington? >> let's see wilmington. >> come on, baby. >> ooh. >> oh, yeah. look at that wind blowing. >> and the camera shaking. >> it all looks the same. >> what a saturday, januar january 23rd, my sister susan's birthday. i'll have to call her later. happy birthday. look at the snowblower right there. >> look at the snow behind us. it feels like we're in a snow globe right now. someone is shaking us up right now. >> never good. >> let's do this. cover both sides. look behind us. >> that guy is really blowing snow over there by the wells fargo bank. >> it's all blowing back. >> right in his face now, kathy. wow! >> that hurts. >> we got people all over the place. jenny joyce she moved to bear, delaware now. >> that's right. >> and then we have -- they're taking a look at the snow outside our studio. >> he went out of frame. >> we have steve keeley live in
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brigantine, inform dealing way lot plus a house fire going on. >> there's karen having a great time in mays landing, and bill is the smart one. he got into a car. he headed to the northeast. great northeast of philadelphia. >> and then we also have our sue serio and kathy orr as well. there's jenny. >> there's jenny. >> in delaware. >> i think she moved to bear. >> update on my omelette guy the guy was going to come make food for us. >> yes. >> just like at your house right now. he's on emily street i think it's 916 emly. >> uh-huh. >> people down south philly going, emily street is really tiny street. just above schneider. no plows going to make it down that street. your omelette guy will have to shovel himself out. >> wow! sounds like eating eating only let's for breakfast, lunch and dinner maybe tomorrow. >> he'll eat our food? he's a big strong guy, kathy. he can shovel himself out. >> you know what i was going to bring all this food and then i was told that don't worry, mike will have the guy come and cook fours. >> oh, no.
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>> i was so impressed. i'm on good day. i'm so excited. next time kathy you've learned the hard way. just bring it any way. >> sad face emoji. i learned that lesson while ago. >> i'm so happy to be here. >> we love having you kathy. >> i'll save that for later. >> all right. we'll have that with some coffee bob kelly. let's talk about the snow. it's beginning to pick up a little bit. we're going to dry, n a dry slot even in philadelphia. light snow falling but i can tell by the camera outside our weather window that it is picking up already. that will be filling in the snow will get intense again during the morning and into the afternoon. wind chill at 10, winds out of the northeast sustained at 28 miles an hour. gusting to 35. and you can see on ultimate doppler there's that little bit of the dry slot filling in now. seeing the snow cumberland county, cape may county when we go to see karen hepp, karen, i expect that changing back over to snow. milder air working its way in but it should be changing back over during the morning hours. you can see right now, we're
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seeing some of the heavier snow to the north. but as this fills in it will get heavier in south jersey and back in philadelphia and wilmington again reducing visibility again you saw that wilmington camera visibility at 1 mile little bit better in philadelphia. look at wrightstown at zero. half mile to the north with heavier snow those visibilities will go down. current winds 37 in philadelphia. 43 in wilmington. and wildwood gusting to 53 miles an hour. wind chills in the teens some single numbers in the poconos it feels like one below. here's what we expect through the early afternoon. winds gusting inland 35 to 50 gusting to possibly 70 down the shore. heavy snow rates of town 3-inches during the height of the storm late in the morning and early afternoon and even the possibility of thunder snow. we have seen some on the doppler radar, and in maryland that's where they had the thunder snow watching for that as we work our way into the afternoon. and then the slowly moves out tonight. sue, what do you have? >> well, i have a little break
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from forecasting because we'll talk about some of the many, many things that were canceled because of the blizzard of 2016. including the game that was supposed to be here on fox 29 this afternoon. the villanova game. was it basketball? >> basketball. >> they're fourth in the nation. >> yes. villanova is doing great. so you know the whole crew that was supposed to work the villanova game was -- they can't work today. >> you mean the tv crew. >> the tv crew. including my brother. >> your brother is a camera person? >> yes. and so they brought him in yesterday,. >> what's he look like? >> here he is. >> he looks like sue. >> this is mike serio. >> hi, mike. >> that's my brother. where do you live, mike? >> baltimore. >> you know. >> about 15, 16-inches of ground on the snow there already. >> yeah. i heard mike jerrick had breakfast. i came all the way here for breakfast. >> oh, no.
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>> hold on. he came all the way over from baltimore. >> he came all the way over from the ritz carlton. (laughter). >> all right. so the deal was you do free lance camera work on the weekends you were supposed to the game and then what happened? >> and they moved the game to sunday so i said the only way i can get here if i came up before the storm which, um, luckily my wife is not in the viewing area because she's going to be home shoveling without me. (laughter). >> that's a good thing. >> she's so pleased with you right now. >> yes. >> not even talk to you when you called last night. >> it was a little colder on the phone than it was out here. so, um -- >> i'm thrilled you're here. what are the odds but you know what this is the way this business work. it's crazy. >> i came for the krimpetting. >> that's right. >> leave with plenty of krimpets that might be all you get unless you go back to the ritz carlton. so that's our weather update and our family update as well. >> what time is the game tomorrow? noon?
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>> 12:30. >> 12:30. >> and we'll have that here on fox. >> of course we will. villanova. >> look at that. >> go nova. >> at least you get more family time, sue. that's always good. >> mary gill began, alex and mike your sweaters are almost matching but not, it's huring my brain. we didn't plan this. >> i woke up like this. >> i woke up like this. >> oh, my goodness much. >> let's check on steve. he's in brigantine checking out this fire. ugh, can you imagine that. >> when we last check in with him he last got on the scene. let's get the update. steve? >> reporter: we've got no snow and no rain but we've got the winds that we warned everybody about and it's hard just to standstill. so you'll see jared who had a trouble driving a van in these high winds try to stand up, and you can see the wires that are blowing. you can see the water that's now filling the streets blowing. look at that back bay. look at the white caps back there and you can see the water is already gone over the see wall and if you keep your eyes on it you'll see the occasional wave fly up over it. as we are passing the first high tide and again with these winds
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imagine something catching fire. well that's what happened so many of these beach front cottages have turned into multi plex in terms of condo. this was an occupied try plex condo right on the bay. so they're getting the brunt of these winds and that's why the flames really, really spread so fast. the good news is, everybody got out. you can see the top floor almost all gone and we're still seeing flames kick up now and then. hardly stand facing to talk because not only do you have the winds take your breath away, you've got smoke filled winds taking your breath away. so the brigantine fire department excellent job getting here. somehow getting that fire out because when you put a hose into this wind the water shoots right back at you, but nothing but trouble out here and again we're seeing high tide not just in the back bay but actually on brigantine boulevard. look at the wind below the flood waters right down the street. so just terrible out here but we're seeing a lot of people dry because this is a working casino
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town. i've been here when this boulevard is completely underwater, and these people probably coming and going to those casino jobs. those condos they're also bay front. then you switch right on the other side of our van, these are bay front buildings as well so you can see this a tiny strip of land and this warning they're about with tomorrow's high tide the third one because this high tide will go back into the ocean with these winds blowing. you can see the waves coming up over that sea wall. so just the first of the terrible high tides we'll see here at the shore this weekend along with these high winds. cute you kudos moo man jared for driving and standing in this stuff. >> thank goodness you guys arrived safely it. >> looks jared holding the camera can barely stand up. he's going back and forth. >> because of that wind. unreal. >> 66 miles an hour some places down the shore. >> we'll go to delaware because jenny joyce has moved and now she's in bear, delaware. hey, jenny. >> reporter: good morning, mike and alex, and we are right off the exit to bear, delaware off of route 1. we're here at a wawa i just
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wanted to give you a guys update before we continue on down to smyrna. governor markell is holding press conference at 9:00 o'clo 9:00 o'clock. just seconds ago i just retweeted him. did he upgrade this to driving level two conditions. that means that no one is allowed to the road knowledge person may operate a motor vehicle on delaware roadways except for essential personnel so we do see some people driving out here again it was just announced on twitter one minute ago at 8:06 so a few minutes ago so the message clearly has not gotten out to everyone yet. conditions have gotten a little bit better so people may think that it's okay to venture out because the snow has temporarily stopped falling. but now you have to know that the governor issued this level two warning. so no one is allowed out there on the roadways. mike and alex. >> off the road. get off the road in delaware. that's what the governor says. all right, jenny, thank you for that. 8:09. >> take a live look in
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washington, d.c. we just took a look at the white house. >> there it is again. they tweeted out they have 1 foot of snow on the ground. what is it? >> 12.5. >> you're being exact, sue. that's great. >> it's important. >> 12.5 at the white house. >> there's probably more because the snow is continuing to fall. >> that's true. it's still going. we can see that. >> what you're saying it may go to 13 in a matter of minutes? (laughter). >> easily. >> i want to if the obamas are culling out and sledding and having a snowball fight. >> somebody would get mad at them for doing that. >> keep sending us your pictures. here's another one. theresa says the view from inside contemplating a bathroom break. i wouldn't do it. i'd hold it. don't do it. >> and then karen says our gray mound did sprints in the snow it's up to her chest in spots because of the drifting. >> up to my chest walking in. >> and then this is from edith. brrr from vineland, new jersey. this wind is fierce. >> where is the street? you can't see it. >> these are great. we know what snow looks like. what i want to see you around
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the kitchen table eating only let's and pancakes that we're not eating because -- >> that will make it worse. >> again, if you're in south philly, michael my omelette guy says emily street is kind of -- is widen enough for a plow. >> okay. >> if you have a plow truck could you go to 916 emily street in south philly and pick michael up. he'll bring pancakes and only let's in to us. >> please! ♪ >> i beg of you. hi, mike. good luck at the game tomorrow, brother. go nova.
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>> i know it's hard to see. they got all the planes out of here, didn't they. >> they sure did. the airport is completely shut down today. now, remember, mike, yesterday we were asking people to make the predictions we'll compare it to what happens at the philadelphia international airport. right? >> yeah. >> so i just checked in with kathy orr. it's not official but she thinks right now they have about 10-inches. >> well that's where you get your official reading like you said, right, alex? >> they're plowing out there, though. >> yeah, they are. >> make sure it doesn't get too piled up because tomorrow i think thing are supposeing to a go. >> kathy w did that ever get started with the weather people where you measure your official measurements are airports where no one lives? >> very interesting. >> what's the point? >> well -- >> you got a -- >> back in the day, right -- >> nothing is around it. >> they had the people that actually went out and measured. >> that's right.
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>> took the calculations. >> now we're -- >> now they have auto mated -- >> we're a country buses. >> observations and no one has to go outside any more. >> all right. >> well, at least to measure the snow you have to go outside. the snow so far across the region is ranging between about 10 and 12-inches in many locations. this just in from tabernacle. we appreciate you tweeting us your snow totals and going out and measuring for us. 12-inches there. 10-inches iinches in horsham thn flourtown 12. king of prussia 11.6 and port penn, delaware 11.1. nothing official from the airport just yet but we did previous report from philadelphia and we had about 10 to 12-inches. so we're thinking we're around a foot at the airport. look at this. we had a little bit of a dry slot working into philadelphia because of a gravity wave that's a difference in the atmosphere and the ocean. tries to reach equilibrium we pick up dry air now it's filling back in. look at the wind blowing outside our studios gusting to 35, 40 miles an hour at times.
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we're sustain at 2028 miles an hour. the wind chill is only 10. you can see ultimate doppler here come the snow. it's filling back in. so if you had temporary lull, the snow is coming back. that dry slot is filling in and the snow rates will be picking up. visibility will be reduced to about half mile in philadelphia within the next hour or so. and winds still very gusty. 43 miles an hour gusts in wilmington. gusting to 36 in wrightstown. 37 miles an hour gusts in philadelphia. late fluffy snow temperatures are in the 20s. some packed powder in the poconos. but more of a wet situation little bit of a mix in millville and wildwood right now. let's send it over to sue serio who has the very latest on more information on the snow and also the flooding we have another high tide coming in tonight and that could be a big problem down the shore. sue. >> right, because with each successive high tide, we get more of that back bay flooding, because the bays don't have a chance to empty out before the
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next high tide comes in. these northeasterly winds just jamming in there. we'll start off with a look at our future wind gusts just to prove that this is far, far, far from over throughout the rest of the day. we expect 50, 60 miles an hour wind gusts most of that at the shore and possibility of power outages especially along the shore and in southern delaware where the winds are going to be the highest and we will talk about our next high tide but most of the high tides that are coming up next now we've already had our first one of the day, mike and alex, will be at around 7:00, 7:30 tonight. so for folks at the shore points that's going to be a particularly challenging time. >> okay. andre our steward just tweeted us. >> uh-huh. >> what do you want to eat? i'm on my way. >> oh, look at this. >> and then a guy on instagram said i heard your chef is snowed in. i'm a young chef from the restaurant school i'm only down the street from you guys. i would love to cook you guys breakfast. what's his name. >> i can't sit back and let you hard workers go hungry.
8:18 am
please let me know. instagram -- it just says rags to riches. i don't know. government name. he says he's a chef. >> his government name. >> why is that funny? >> you don't call it that? >> yeah, i do. >> momma given name. i don't know. >> momma give him. >> hot plate that's all we have. but come on down. be careful. let's check out northeast philly. >> a lot of people saying what about filly? what's going on in philly. bill anderson -- >> let's go. >> reporter: yeah. while you guys are trying to get somebody to bring you food, we're moving around talking to the folks. this time in northeast philadelphia. so we're at cottman and torresdale. you can see that more people are starting to make their way out which personally i think pretty bad idea. but they're coming out. moving around the plows are getting out here. quickly, we talked to penndot, and they said bare in mine folks they're dealing with a lot of the same issues we are. so they've got poor visibility. they've got blowing. they're getting out there and doing everything they can with the plows, but they need to us stay off of the roads unless you
8:19 am
absolutely have to be out. you can see over there some people much like you guys trying to get some food so they're grabbing quick things but most people are staying in enjoying themselves. we have somebody who stopped us on the street and asked us if they could go some place and get beer this early in the day. they're trying to have some fun but mostly people are staying off the streets letting the snowplows do their job. we'll continue to move around the northeast and other parts of the city to let you know how people are coping. >> oh, my gosh. all right, bill, thank you for that. good job out l his first day of ever broadcasting a snow coverage. >> he still looks happy about it. >> yeah. i get up about 4:30 this morning. on my way to work -- >> you get up 4:30. >> maybe it was 5:00. got up at 5:00. i leave the house about 5:20. >> uh-huh. >> i live in an apartment building close to fourth and walnut. >> in the area. >> in that general area. i go out, and our security person is a woman, you know, at the front desk. >> um-hmm.
8:20 am
>> roll tape. here we go. i look fantastic don't i? >> do you. >> good looking shot. >> good looking man right there. >> keep telling yourself that. >> this is the lobby of my building. >> we have a drift outside the window. can i get out? it's about 2 feet high. >> i got to -- >> we can't -- i can't get out my own door. i can't get out the door. i can't get out the door. do you think the back way -- i can get out the back way. >> the back way is better. i think so. i can get out my own door. >> that's the first time in my life i've been locked inside my own house. >> why did you have her doing it and not you? >> because she's stronger than i am. >> aren't i was gentleman, rea really? >> she's much stronger than i am. i tried. >> look at that. >> i can't me move it an inch. thank goodness my building has a
8:21 am
back door and it was more secluded so the drift was only a foot high. >> yeah. >> i can go out -- i could push it open. >> i can only imagine the work that will be happening the people that got to shovel and thing. look at this picture someone tweeted out to me. they found a creative way to shovel again through the snow there hopefully we'll be able to show it. they're on haver board. this is easy. i'm in beast mode. it has to be dangerous, right? >> that is a recipe for disast disaster. on your hoverboard shoveling snow. >> fantastic. >> hey, break. ♪
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♪ look at kingston, new jersey. kind of pretty looks like a postcard. but it's dangerous, folks. there's flooding in margate up and down the shore there's a lot of flooding and the water being blown down the street. >> oh my goodness. >> look at that. >> wildwood, too. >> it does look like a river. ice flow basically northern atlantic. rough. take look what's happening outside right now. people joining the snow globe. >> hi. they're jogging. >> i thought they were going to have a snowball fight. >> see that woman right there? she's ready to jog. hi, kids. >> they look excited. >> want to join them for a morning jog. >> we should have snowball fight after the show, mike. >> to be young again. (laughter). >> enjoy being out there. >> definitely that's the only
8:25 am
way to be going out. walking doing some jogging you don't want to be out on the roadway. live look at the schuylkill expressway. they finally got one lane open here on the westbound side plow trucks have been making their travels through all the roads. eastbound they got disable tractor trailer stuck in a snow drift near conshohocken. here's live look downtown philly the vine street expressway again think about where you're going. we have seen very few vehicles out there this morning. so really stay at home, hang tight, hang with us, have some fun here's live look at route 38 over in south jersey now dart service suspended services today and no driving on the delaware roadways as just mandated by the delaware governor. no parking on the snow emergency routes here in philly, new jersey, delaware, all of the townships that have already issued a snow emergency route. make sure you get your car off of there. we showed i was picture of philly international. all the flights canceled for today and none of the airlines kept their planes in
8:26 am
philadelphia overnight. so even if you have a ticket for tomorrow, you want to check. those planes got to get into philly before they're able to take you out sometime tomorrow and there are only two septa services that are operating today. the market frankford and the broad street subway. mike and alex, back over to you. >> thank you. keep the pictures coming. >> now people are sending us pics of their breakfast rubbing it in. look at this. this is gina. that looks beautiful. spinach, mushroom and cheese fratatta with fruit. >> michael our omelette guy was going to make a fratatta and bring it in. it's already made. via picture in the control room if you want to see it. >> here you go, mike. more food there. kathy baker. >> that's a rub in, isn't it? >> and then ooh, cherry cheese danish in bed and we'll be shoveling. that is husband's birthday. nice little tray. one picture we'll show you when we come back. one guy has great set up much he's about start cooking. >> they'll be shoveling over there at the birthday house. ♪
8:27 am
>> look at this. dennis nelson greetings from lee county florida he made a sign for us and it says stay warm up in philly. oh, come on! >> dennis. >> push him in the water. >> that's rude! he's fit.
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>> hi mike and alex it's grace
8:30 am
and mckenzie and i just -- we just woke up and we this looks like at chadds ford we have a foot of snow and our table is covered. it's like a blizzard like storm. hope you guys stay warm in the city. back to you. >> oh, my goodness. >> so cute. >> i love gracie girl. hi, grace. >> hi grace. she'll ab reporter i know it. >> i know it. >> hopped gave and gave a weather report. >> how about that kathy. >> we'll city here. isn't sue and i want to make her a meteorologist. how is that. >> watch out. we better watch out. >> weather we're talking about that drier air that was over philadelphia and part of the south jersey. it's gone. the heavy snow is definitely moving back in. here's wild cards we've talk about over the past couple of days that we're still watching. we're taking a look how far north and west the mick log occur right now looks like it will stay in south jersey and central and southern delaware. where will the banding set up
8:31 am
20-inch of plus inches along the i-95 corridor north and west a good bet. and the possibility of another dry slot coming a little bit later on this afternoon. but as you can see, the snow picking up again and we will see those visibilities being reduced everywhere where we saw them improving just a few hours ago. ultimate doppler shows the heavy snow being pulled back in so our karen hepp was in south jersey in mays landing. i think she's going to be seeing wet snow right now as we continue to see this pushing up from the ocean toward the inland areas. right now visibility reduced to three quarters of a mile in philadelphia. pottstown a half mile the same in allentown and mount pocono wrightstown and that means more heavy snow to come. that's the very latest from he here. hey, sue. we know your brother is here. >> yeah, he is. >> mike visiting from baltimore. >> isn't it something? >> whose older? >> oh, definitely me. (laughter). >> your baby brother. >> you can't tell. i was 10 when he was born. so there's -- four kids and he's
8:32 am
my baby brother. isn't he cute? >> come here. got to show how cute you are. you know what, tell us about the report of getting here from the ritz carlton. >> so it was about 10 blocks. i walk the whole way, no, i did not. tie act cab it might have been the last cab driving. snow mobiles out on the road. >> wow. >> can we show this? >> go to the outside camera. >> oh, my goodness much that is so cool. >> isn't that neat? >> wow! >> right here on market street. >> that's how you enjoy a snow day. >> yeah. >> mike you neede needed a sno mobile. so the ritz carlton is basically by city hall and you walked down market to fourth street. >> yes. pretty rough, it's tough out there. >> yeah. that part isn't a joke. because we want to you try to stay safe and warm wherever you are. and especially at the shore. just hopefully you prepared for power outages because that's
8:33 am
what we're really worried about today. >> sue has the gift of gab. >> yes. (laughter). >> you think? (laughter). >> we've got more weather stuff coming up. you know what, it's on-going. we're with you for the duration. >> sure. we'll be here. >> okay. one of the most interesting shots we just punch the up a shot -- where was it down the shore? like an ice flow in the street. >> it did. it was a river happening there. >> so steve keeley is now in atlantic city. i wonder if he's seeing similar stuff out there now. >> i think -- are you going to margate? where you going? >> reporter: we're in atlantic city and we're trying to get up to the boardwalk. we're at a traffic light right now. but we're on martin luther king boulevard which is like mid casino area so the revel would be to our left, and the tropicana and bally's to our right. this is a main drag much this is the way you would normally take out to the white horse pike which is shut down as you heard our previous phoner say. we have people walking in the street and that's because everything starting to flood out
8:34 am
here. we were in the inlet section notorious forgetting hit and nor'easters because that's where the bay and the ocean meet up, and we had to keep making detours because everything was flooded and we saw some cars stalled out and everything. so very tough and then you can see in front of us right now people are just walking in the street. this is still a resort town and it is still a weekend with a lot of people here visiting, you know, you have 39,000 residents but usually have 100,000 people in town when you counsel the visitors and all the employees. they have nearly 50,000 employees here, too. so still very busy, and the problem s you can't tell when you see a layer of slush that under the slush is six, maybe 10-inches of water that's the problem. so we've got the combination of whatever fell from the sky and then we have the back bay flooding and then things come up from the sewage system because the sewers can't drain when the back bays are so flooded. so we are approaching what used to be the sands casino an empty lot they never developed on it you can't really see much in
8:35 am
terms of visibility when it comes to the ocean right now because it's so cloudy out here. but now on atlantic avenue and pacific avenue, atlantic city still in business and we'll give you a look when we get on the ground and from the boardwalk and show how high the winds are blowing give you a look at the waves when we see you neck. >> sounds good, steve. hang in there. >> 8:35. keep the pics coming by the way. >> someone tweeted me what hash tag should we use. #fox29sno#fox29snow. >> astronaut scott kelly this is the view of the massive snowstorm blanket the east coast. it's visible from the space station. you know it's big then. >> it's huge. >> people sending us pictures of making breakfast. this is from rob andrews. you have the aunt gentlemen mime ma box out and the scrapple. he said it's about to go down. (laughter). >> it's about to go down. >> aunt gentlemen mime ma. >> we have nothing. >> i know. >> i know it's my fault. he's trapped. 916 emily street.
8:36 am
could you dig this guy out he's bringing us food. >> go to someone else. anybody? ♪
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8:38 am
♪ okay. we're taking a live look at philadelphia international airport. even though you can't tell, you can't even see the airport any more because the snow, you know, lulled out for a little bit but now it's back and the wind is definitely blowing. we'll also take look at camelback mountain. look at that. look at all that pretty snow
8:39 am
that's out there and still blowing. there's nothing fake about that snow at all. and then let's check in atlantic county, new jersey. where i think this is steve keeley's car he's driving trying to get over there to the water in atlantic city. so we can see what it's looking like there along the boardwalk. i'm sure he should be there momentarily but want to make sure they're being safe. we'll check on what penndot is dealing with right now. charlie metzger on with us. i've been following the penndot account on twitter, i know some people are tweeting saying hey the roads aren't bare. what are you guys doing they responding saying you can't expect the roads to be bear with the kind of snow we're dealing with now. huh? >> we expect the roads to be snow covered because when our snowplows do their snow routes, it takes about two hours to do a circuit. so with the amount of snow that's coming down when you get 2-inches an inch an hour by the time our guys come back, there's going to be 2-inches of snow on the roadway. >> yeah. >> so we got all of our roadways -- all of our trucks out bringing in extra equipment
8:40 am
to handle drifting issues. we just instituted a band on large trucks, tractor trailers, rv's, from our inter states just so they don't get stuck on the inter states so we can keep our inter states open and get our plow trains going. but bob kelly saw little earlier he mentioned earlier a couple of groups of trucks. they were staging areas for plow trains. we waited for equipment to be mobilized to get to that one area and then everybody head out all at the same time. we're working hard. we got speeds reduced on the inter states. we're trying to make sure that people stay safe but if you don't have to go out, don't go out. stay home where it's nice and warm and you'll be safer there. >> we're showing market street but you guys don't -- you don't cover the city, do you? >> the city we have municipal agreement with the city they cover the state routes, surface city streets. we handle the express ways in and around the city, but we have
8:41 am
municipal agreements throughout -- we have 98 of them throughout the five county area where certain roadways which will be better serviced by the municipalities they go out and handle and we handle the express ways and major roadways to make sure that we're providing efficient service that way. >> really quickly have you seen any accidents? >> there's been some spin outs people driving too fast for conditions. >> yeah. >> even though we're in a lull right now, we're expecting the snow to pick back up again with the wind. so we're still working. people if you don't have to go out, don't go out. stay where you are. we do have some issues on 309 with some tractor trailers that are stuck on 309 near lawn avenue in bucks county. so we're sending people there to help them out, but, you know, like i said, we got all of our equipment out. we're bringing in extra equipment to handle issues as it prolongs the day. but right now we're facing the teeth of the storm right now
8:42 am
and, you know, we're going to keep all hands on deck until this thing is finish. >> the headline tractor trailers, get off the roads. >> if you can stay at home. >> stay off the road. restrictions on large trucks and tractor trailers. >> thank you so much. >> we'll check back in with you before noon i would imagine. >> keep sending your pictures. use the #fox29snow. remember you have to use that hash tag so we can see it. how cute. breakfast is here. mommy delivers. rub in it. >> listen mommy come over here to fourth and market. >> joy said good thing i got the milk, eggs and bread hash thai cliche snowstorm breakfast. >> just for you mike. next snow day, snow day breakfast with the bennetts she's inviting you to come on over. >> tammy, i'm on my way. >> walking the dog this morning. >> walking the dog. walking the dog. he's doing a good job across the street with that snowblower. >> sure is. ♪
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
(laughter). >> we got tips. we're out here at fourth and mark. what's your name. >> fritz. >> fritz. good to see you, that's trevor. >> what's the name of the dog. >> tip he's now tangled up. >> go tip, let's go. come on, tip. >> come on, tip. >> pull bob kelly. >> he likes bob too much. tip, hold on. no, come on. come on tip. come on tip. go on tip. come on. come on buddy.
8:46 am
>> he is a husky, right. >> he's a husky shepherd mix. >> i'm afraid we'll have to do it ourselves. let's go, guys. >> he needs a team for this. >> let's go. we'll help tip. (laughter). >> you got it. see you later. look at that. i think bob kelly was a little heavy, mike. mike needs to put a coat on. what is he thinking? >> i know. man -- >> bob kell always wants to go out and have fun. here the thing people making us jealous because we haven't had any food and wee haven't been eating this puts it over the top. clint sent us a picture saying being snowed and enjoying him moment mass while watching you guys. oh, it looks like mike is pointing right to it. but cheers to you guys. kathy would you like a mimosa. >> i would love a mimosa. >> maybe after the show. >> i'm on my way over. that's my favorite. >> really? >> cranberry juice added in there. >> okay. maybe a little lime perhaps.
8:47 am
yeah. little too early for that. >> it's never too early it's a snow day. >> so far we are looking at the snow accumulations totaling over a foot in many locations. sue and i have been going through all the social media reports, ally weather service reports so please continue if you can get outside, measure and send us your numbers because you are eyes out in the field so to speak. west chester 13-inches. pottstown 13.4-inches and coun counting. king of prussia, 13.3. allentown 10.5. philadelphia international alex you asked about this earlier, 13-inches and counting. in the city our fire companies are reporting over 15-inches of snow. here's another list we went through pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware. and west chester 14. plumsteadville 12. franklin township, that's in new jersey, 12.5. mt. holly home of the national weather service office. 11. and in trenton, 10-inches of snow. let's take leak peek outside. i don't see bob kelly still on his dog sled. i think he's coming inside.
8:48 am
all right, bob. nice and dry. but you can see they're beginning to clean out these sidewalks but the winds are so strong it's just blowing the snow back where they plowed unfortunately. temperatures still cold out there. about 25 degrees in philadelphia. and you can see all of this moisture from our classic nor'easter our east coast snowstorm being pushed back inland. we had a dry slot. the last of it over delaware county and that is being filled in. that means visibility will be reduced again and you see a little mixing through the bay and through delaware, but in south jersey most of that is changing back over to snow. visibility half mile in philly. 1 mile in wilmington improved there and improved where we're seeing the mixing down through south jersey and delaware. only going last the next couple of hours you will be changing back over to heavier snow. wind chills in the teens and single numbers. in the poconos one below blue mountain they had race scheduled for today but nope, too much blowing snow and the snow tubing has been canceled because of those brutally cold wind chills.
8:49 am
so we have the wind, a major issue with blizzard conditions at times and sue, we have the shore with two more high tides and of course, the full moon adding insult to injury for flooding concerns. >> you know what, else kathy? >> bob kelly just asked me, he asked me to feel his cheeks. >> what? >> feel my cheek. >> the ones on your face. >> come on. >> feel my face. i can't feel my face. >> frost bite. >> what are the chances of huskies walking passed the station. >> that's not weird. >> okay. coffee. >> just the face. that's it. >> that's all. >> family show, sue. >> exactly. so, yeah temperatures are in the 20s right now. but that doesn't matter as much as those single digit wind chills that kathy was just talking about. look at these wind gusts. this is currently 53 miles an hour wind gusts in wildwood, new jersey. we're at 37 miles an hour in philadelphia. look how windy it is in wilmington with a 43-mile an hour wind gust there. so we want to check once again when the next high tide is in
8:50 am
atlantic city. because that's going result in more of that back bay and street flooding and it's 7:09 this evening and then there's one more we have to worry about tomorrow morning at 7:30, guys. so it's not just snow which keeps piling up and really alex and mike, as soon as we put up a snowfall total, it's invalid because it's piling up so quickly. >> that's true. >> so quit putting them up. >> we want you to know you have at least a foot -- we have at least a foot. >> that's true. >> on the ground. >> she's staring at a foot. >> this is a cruel joke. that's wait says from jenn. you want to go outside but you can't get out there. ♪ >> this one, i'm pretty sure that's a smile. yes. that's a pitbull right there. and syracuse fan. remember guys we're getting a lot of photo but you're the #fox29snow so we can see it. we'll be right back. >> look how cold my face looks on that billboard. >> i guess technically we're out in the snow, right? >> pretty much ♪
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
>> i'm brody and i live near conshohocken. >> what's the snow like? >> it's snowing right now. >> how much snow you think we have? >> a foot. >> a foot? >> yeah. >> how tall are you? >> um, i'm like four something and this is coming -- >> that's brody frederick jenn frederick's son.
8:54 am
>> he's fallenning. >> good one. >> maybe he'll do a snow angel later. >> i'm going back in. >> we're done. we're done. >> i think steve made it to atlantic city now. let's see how things are. i think he's going toward the boardwalk. >> steve? >> reporter: mike we don't have to put those on. welcome to the world famous atlantic city boardwalk and we're at the part of it that was broken apart three years ago during the big storm and hopefully as they try to rebuild this finally you can see it is getting battered down there as the bay and the ocean meet and jared will spin a little and give you a shot at the ocean. look at the white cap waves. they are blowing. we are now starting to get rain which we didn't have. i think it's rain and i think it's not anything blowing off the boardwalk but, wow, these winds are immense out here. we'll spin and give you a look. got a little visible we can see the steal peer and look in the for ground of the steal peer you can see the waves and that would be in front of the trump taj mahal and there's the still shut down revel standing strong in
8:55 am
this. but we have seen the back bays flood the inlet area of atlantic city but look somebody walking around on the street there. so a lot of people are out. the casinos are open. and boy, look at this straight down the boardwalk there. we're seeing the waves crash up about 30 feet in the air there. they're hitting the sea wall over there. we're going to go live over there about a block off the beach when we see you next that's quite a site to see back there but for now we wanted to give you an idea of the boardwalk you can see how the snow just here drifted from one side. it wasn't plowed over there on the right side. there's no plows down here because this boardwalk is busted up here. so the wind just blew whatever snow fell overnight to the left side of the boardwalk. you can see it's high as 10-inches or so on one side and you have no snow on the other. but boy these winds are bad. jared got out of the van even watched him below down the boardwalk before he could finally grab on to the mirror on the side of the van from the back of the van to the front of the van and i was able to do this live shot because i stopped laughing.
8:56 am
(laughter). >> oh, man. >> list zone to that. can't believe that's the exact spot, too. >> from sandy. three years ago. >> thanks steve. someone tweeted us really quickly tina said mike, your sweater is clashing with alexs. >> we didn't plan this. i borrowed this from chris murphy. >> maybe i'm clashing with you. >> i agree with that. >> he's the one clashing. >> the nerve. >> bob kelly is nerve clashing always dressed to the nines. >> got a little bit of the maroon going on there. it looks nice out there. just like we were just out front shredding but it is brutal cold. so stay right where you are in front of the tv in front of the fireplace. here's a live look at route 30 nip much this fellow tried to take the off-ramp at norristown hit the speed bump if there's a plow crew that comes by they make a speed bump of 2 feet high of snow and that's always what we see out front trying to cross the sidewalk. here's a live look at the 42 freeway where you can see the wind kind of doing its trick blowing the snow across the road surface there.
8:57 am
here's a live look at -- this is route 202 out near henderson road up there in king of prussia. as far as mass transit, all of the dart servic services are su. no parking on the snow emergency routes here in philly. all flights at philadelphia international airport are canceled and check with the airline as far as tomorrow's schedule and what that holds for us. mike and alex back over to you. >> we just had a request, please show steve keeley being hit by snow with the plow from -- >> two years ago? >> last year i think it was. >> just last year. >> last year. >> we'll play that for you. why not? >> keep zenning us your pictur pictures. we got good one. look at this baby. baby patrick's first snowstorm and the drift at the front door is taller than he is. >> he still looks excite. >> we showed a people earl l earlier of people drinking mimosas the kids are having their own cheers. enjoying the first hot cocoa of the storm with sue serio. cheers. she's in the background on the television. >> that scene is being played out all over the delaware valley right now. it's cold.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> from the fox 29 studios, this is "good day philadelphia". >> straight up 9:00 o'clock on snow day. we're at work on a saturday alex holley. >> yes, we are because of the blizzard of 2016. so this the ben franklin park wage it's a live look there. >> here's the thing. it looks pretty, doesn't it? >> i know of the. >> especially the parkway but it's not. >> it's possible pretty when you're not in it. you know. >> let's check out trenton a shot of the state house there. let's see. the golden dome. here's my golden dome. >> really, oh, yeah. golden. >> golden. >> living the live like it's golden. >> can i -- oh, man. barely recognize -- good morning, trenton, new jersey. >> let's check out wilmington. >> are you talking about the first state. >> i'm talking about the first state. >> yesh. >> that camera is shaking. >> it looks cold because it is. >> let me remind you one more time ladies and gentlemen i'm getting a lot of heat on twitter. alex even did not talk to each bout what we were going to wear. >> no. this is not planned.
9:01 am
>> this is kind of rust. >> and mine is more avenue cranberry. >> cranberry and rust. >> we know this doesn't real work. mary said -- someone tweeted saying we're clashing. she goes, well, solve this problem have mike take his sweater off. >> you want to see some of this? >> no. >> no, we don't. >> kathy orr? >> we say no. >> people all over right now steve keeley is in atlantic county, new jersey, in atlantic city. >> in fact right there on the boardwalk. there's bill anderson. he's roaming the streets. last time we saw him he was in northeast philly. we'll check out where he is. >> and then we also have our own sue serio and kathy orr they are standing by they're inside, though, so kathy, we'll start with you. >> okay. >> all right. i'm ready. yeah. i was just kidding. >> no you weren't. >> you can take your sweater off. please don't. >> oh, boy. here he comes. >> here he comes. >> here we go. >> oh, my gosh. >> i've been doing this 20 years and that's never happened to me on live television. here's a look what we can -- >> really? >> no more.
9:02 am
>> ukee never took his clothes off? >> no. (laughter). >> bob kelly never took his clothes off. >> i know. brown of the storm through 2:00 o'clock this afternoon understand winds gusting to 35, 50 miles an hour inland. down the shore seriously talking gusts 60 to 65 miles an hour could touch 70 at some time. so still dangerous situation. heaviest snow during the height of the storm late this morning into early afternoon snow rates at one maybe even as much as 3-inches an hour and spots where that deformation zone actually lines up that's where that warmer air meets the colder air and you can see even the chance of thunder snow have had some reports of this in maryland little bit earlier on this morning. so we'll keep an eye on that. in the meantime you can see the snow is moved back in to old city philadelphia. visibility reduced that will continue into the early afternoon possibly into the late afternoon. ultimate doppler shows the flow moving inland. our nor'easter, our major east
9:03 am
coast snowstorm really developing in intensifying as it moves towards the northeast and you can see where we had the drier air all filling back in as snow. the mixing line is shifting a little bit farther to the south still in cape may county and sussex county, delaware. but a little pocket in delco where we're seeing a little bit of a lull in the snow right now. visibility down to half mile in pottstown but look at this. an arc of heavy snow through lancaster, reading, allentown, trenton, quarter mile visibili visibility. visibility 1 mile in wilmington. it is only a quarter mile in trenton. wind chills in the single numbers. so not good to be outside for a long period of time. if you're going to clear out the snow remember blowing snow is going to continue to be a problem. in the philadelphia area to the north and west a light fluffy snow with temperature in the 20s. to the south and east that's your wet heavy snow and this is the area that is more likely to see power outages with heavy snow extreme winds and obviously some milder conditions.
9:04 am
current winds gusting to 43 miles an hour in wilmington. only 22 in pottstown. 53-mile an hour gust in wildwood right now. as we look ahead to the future cast, we'll be seeing that heavy snow continuing through the late morning. where you see those dark purples that is very heavy snow. the heavy band lifts to the north late this afternoon and then our storm begins to pull away after 7:00 p.m. that snow will lighten up and i think by about 3am this will be clearing the shore. i think we'll be speeding up that end time by midnight 2:00 a.m. i think the snow will be out of here and then tomorrow will be sunny. sue serio, do you believe it? we'll be able to dig out. >> we'll need that time. we'll have all day on sunday, and we'll see what happens as far as you kids are going back to school on monday. the thinking right now we'll probably see some delays but probably will have to go to school. it is little early to talk about that. we're taking a look now at the predictions still and it looks like we'll probably end up being
9:05 am
on the high end of a lot of these number that is you're seeing here. 18 to 24-inches in philadelphia. we already have 13-inches measured at the airport so far. i thought you might be interested in seeing this, because this is a list of the top snowstorms that we've ever, ever had measured at philly international. so the most snow we ever that was the blizzard of '96 we got 30.7-inches of snow out of that storm on the low end is from 1909 when we ended up with 21-inches of snow that christmas and the day after christmas that year. so i think maybe we could break -- move up to maybe number three or four on the list of the top five snowstorms that we've ever had by the time everything is said and done. of course, you just saw the future cast. kathy also mentioned some power outages out there this morning. we have this one map that we can show you that predicts where they are most likely and luckily we haven't gotten too many reports of power outages so far but these winds will be just
9:06 am
with us all day just whipping, whipping, whipping. so eventually it will wear down some of those trees that may knock power lines down especially east and south of philadelphia. so that is what we have for you so far. but we keep getting the numbers from folks going out there with their ruler. we appreciate it. >> yeah. there's a shot of old city. fourth and market right outside of our tv station. we got at least one blower going. we got the shovelers. look at that ergonomic one on the right hand side see the yellow. >> yeah. >> he's got both hands -- it's real wide handle. that's good. >> it is good. >> td bank doing the job today. >> they are getting it done. this is just in old city. let's check in northeast fill. >> hold on real quickly. i just saw the snow globe shot again right there. let's go to bill and talk about it. >> we'll talk later. >> hey, bill anderson. where are you? >> reporter: we're in the northeast cottman and torresda torresdale. i'm still having fun as i was telling everybody. but look, you can see over there
9:07 am
the kids are coming out. people are starting to get out and enjoy it a little bit the people who can enjoy themselves. and someone else who may like the snow as much as me my man tom. you said you love the snow. why? >> love the snow. get, it's a great opportunity to come out and make some money. my job was closed today so i still got another way to provide for my family. so that's what i'm out here for. >> reporter: tom is getting his hustle on. we saw tom cars got stuck he's got the shovel, he's digging people out. making pretty good money so far. >> absolutely. i just came out the house and made $40. >> reporter: all right. northeast if you need some help, look for tom. he'll be wandering around the area. as for the snow accumulation, you can see right here in the street we just saw a couple of the plows go by. they're doing a pretty decent job. hitting it but as you heard when you did the interview with the department of transportation, the tough part is, they go through, it's coming down pretty hard. so then another hour later, you've got 2-inches and then it starts to pack down. which can be at least slippery as the accumulated snow. a couple people stopped us on
9:08 am
the road and said they got out here. they're sorry that they did. they should have stayed in the house. so heed that warning, folks. you're hearing us, you're watching us, you're getting all the updates you need it's a weekend. as long as you're going to grab the sled come meet me gone have some fun shredding. you don't need to be out in the cars. it really is pretty dangerous. still accumulating and as kathy and sue have told us, it's going to continue to keep coming. so stay home. you got everything you need on fox 29. i'll have the fun for you. you have fun watching and as a quick fyi. >> yeah. >> we almost had a keeley situation going on out here. i had my back he he preparing for tom and at the last minute, plow comes going by like whoa! >> jumped out of the way. i was almost a youtube sensati sensation. >> so close. >> we can hope. is that boston mark going to open? >> reporter: it doesn't look like this boston market actually looks like they're not even making plans to open. but, you still hungry.
9:09 am
>> yes. have you eaten? >> reporter: i got you guys. i'll find some food. >> i love you. >> reporter: and bring it to you. we'll hook you up. >> thank you bill. >> reporter: right behind us somebody who is trying to go too fast. >> whoa! >> spin out. >> on the sidewalk going all out of the control and that's exactly what we were talking about. >> relax. >> where you trying to get to that quickly. >> oh, my gosh. >> all right. guys, watch out cabby. that's why you have to be careful on the roadways. if you can just stay home, guys. >> bill -- i think that guy in the white suv just having fun. >> doing doughnuts. >> sometimes people do that. they try to employee the road by driving. >> plow your own road by spinning out. we have update on my omelette guy. >> oh. >> who's is down in the 900 block of emily street. >> he's doug himself out. >> now he's stuck halfway down the street. >> oh, no. >> he's just spinning out. he's in that suv in the middle of the street there. >> oh, no. at least he's really trying. >> he's got the food in the
9:10 am
vehicle. just can't get off emily street. oh, man. >> this is terrible. >> okay. weep keep checking on him, mike. >> keep your pictures coming. we'll take a break.
9:11 am
9:12 am
>> there goes a couple of plows demonstrate wagon i said hitting us. there you go. here comes another one. >> four plow trucks -- four plow
9:13 am
trucks and you can still -- >> i can't watch that enough. that was two years ago, wasn't it? >> that's right. steve, how you doing today, brother? >> not standing by the roadway i don't think. >> no. >> reporter: we're not doing that great because jared -- we were on those high winds and the boardwalk and our driver door broke because the wind took the door and broke the hinge. we were lucky to get it shut or we wouldn't be able to drive home. >> oh wow. >> reporter: our wipers broke because of the winds and now we're on the bay. we'll turn around and give you a look at the ocean. we can't walk too much further from the van. you can see how crazy the ocean looks right now this is where the boardwalk was busted up and you can see they are finally doing some of the work to rebuild the boardwalk and good thing they got that big pile of sand right there in front of us because that's helping us at least be able to stand up straight. but they're using their surplus military vehicles with the 8-foot high tires here in atlantic city to get the to
9:14 am
people whose roads are flooded, and tough sledding again for the people here in the inlet section with roads flooding really bad. we're on one of the roads that's not as bad as one we're seeing the ram areas with a whole lot more water in the street then you're seeing here. so very windy here. again, the snow has stopped. it looks like it's raining occasionally. we can't tell whether the water is being whipped up off the ocean and hitting us in the face or if it's actually fresh rain. that's the problem you have when you have 60 miles an hour winds. so real bad out here. let me just put that it way. yes, it feels like the plows hitting us again as we're trying to stand here and get knock over by mother nature this time, not man. >> my goodness. that sound is almost worse than the view. >> it looks like he's toughing it out out there, too. >> how high are the winds, kathy, are you heard. >> 50, 60 miles an hour. they can get up to 70. i've had reports oh winter from
9:15 am
ocean city the roads flooded as well. you have to be careful out l you have it freezing up. a hard go for the next 24, 36 hours down the shore. please be careful. here's a look at some of our snow totals. many of you have been asking so far spring city 16-inches. limerick, pa a foot. well low grove a foot. horsham 10-inches. philadelphia fire company number 33 thanks for reporting in to us, 9-inches of snow so far. ultimate doppler shows, yeah, down the shore where the green on the doppler radar screen, a little bit of rain moving inland and look at that. sue, thundersnow. >> yeah. >> can you zoom in on that. >> i sure can. >> 9:15 that looks just west of berks county. some thundersnow. we had reports earlier this morning along the eastern shore of maryland seeing thundersnow. so a lot of dynamics in the atmosphere creating this. >> i stop the loop so you could just see where that is. >> wow and heavy snow. the only place we're seeing a little bit of a lull right here
9:16 am
is in western parts of delaware county and eastern parts of chester county, but don't worry, that will be filling in. sue, let's zoom in down the shore. wintry mix in cape may county sleet mixing in, cape may seeing heavy rain and in southern parts of cumberland seeing dry air but other than that, we are seeing the snow and look outside. they're sending me out here in just a few minutes. >> you're going to go out. >> i'll go out and look for your food. >> welcome to fox. hey, by the way, kathy -- >> very blustery conditions. >> aj over at the omni -- now they call it franklin hotel. >> yes. >> at fourth and chestnut,. >> i love the old omni. >> they're open of course because it's a hotel and the chef is going to send food over if somebody goes and gets it. >> i'll go get it. >> i'll go get it. >> can i go get it? >> every single in the person said i'll do it. >> sign me up. >> why don't we all go. >> we'll get bob's dog shred and take that. >> we're coming to get it aj. thank you. >> i'll get it aj. >> sue, what do you got.
9:17 am
>> plenty of volunteers much that's what we got. of course, a lot of folks are experiencing horizontal snow out there and bad visibility and that is one of the main reasons why we don't want you on the road. not only is it tough to get around with foot or more of snow blowing and drifting around. the visibility is bad only three quarters of a mile at philly international. only a mile at atlantic city international and less than that up in the mountains. so this what it feels like. if you are going to go outside to shovel snow, if you're going to go outside to play in the snow, keep in mind, that wind chills are in the single digits most everywhere now the further south you go it's wind chills in the teens but no matter where you are, these could be dangerous wind chills if indeed you're out for too long. so the idea is to take it easy when you go out and either play or work in the snow to try to shovel because you're going to need to take frequent breaks. look at this wind gust in wilmington.
9:18 am
51 miles per hour mike jerrick. >> 51? >> in wilmington, delaware. >> what is tropical force whipped? >> 41. >> 41. >> yes. >> then hurricane force is 70,. >> 74. >> we've had 66. >> right in between. >> uh-huh. >> it's windy. >> in the control rook do you have the pic i sent you? staff? >> we got it. >> okay. my omelette guy, these dudes came over and doug him out and pulled him out. >> wonderful. >> so he's on his way. (applause). >> sounds good. buffet over here son we're doubling up we got the franklin hotel food and we got my guy. >> wait, wait, wait let's not say that until the food actually here. >> that's true. >> okay. take break. we're going to karen. (laughter). >> he's not getting a break in this weather. >> this town is miss named. it's called summers point. i know it's not spelled that w way. >> reporter: all right, guys, so we have a lot of power outages i want to show you can you see these downed wires over
9:19 am
here. >> yes. >> reporter: lot of people that are shoveling out. i got a shoveler. so we have -- we tried to get into ocean city the bridge -- you can't get over there. so much flooding downtown we can no longer get into ocean city because of the inlet and back bays and i'll show that you. in avalon and stone harbor, they don't have power. we've got about 30,000 people without power right now that's according to ac electric. >> karen we'll have to leave you. >> come right back to you. we're having press conference governor markell speaking right now. >> let's go. >> more than 500 folks from deldot have been working through the night. they're working on 330 plows. they've also been working since the middle of the week when they started to pre treat the roads with brine to work on equipment and to fill up stockpiles of everything from road salt to diesel fuel to wiper blades. we also have 246 members of the national guard who are at work as well. after wort its reporting to work at 7:00 a.m. friday and working non-stop since then and through
9:20 am
the night hundreds deldot employees are out there now working and plowing roads and fixing equipment and alike. as well as you can see the men and women behind me who are coordinating all of that and i'm pleased to be joined behind me today bisect of deldot jenn cohen, by the general of the delaware national guard frank satisfy low by the secretary of the department of safety and homeland security jim mosley. by gene donaldson who's the director management operations of the transportation management center and by mark alexander who heads up the -- he's director of maintenance and operations at deldot. deldot is responsible for more than 13,000 land miles to the workers have an exhaustive and -- exhausting and extensive task in front of them and even as the storm subsides, we're going to ask for your patience and understanding as they work to clear the roads. we're incredibly grateful to all
9:21 am
of our law enforcement officers as well, our ems and fire company personnel and of course doctors and nurses and all hospital staff who will be called upon to do vital work in the midst of these extreme conditions and i thank all of the volunteers who are at our code purple shelters. yesterday evening i issue a state of emergency for all three counties to allow for the deployment -- >> our camera froze up down there. the weather conditions. but i think you got the gift of that from the governor of delaware. jack markell. state emergency just like here in pennsylvania. and new jersey. >> they have a lot of crews out trying to handle it. >> i think they've gone to level two. i'm sure they have in delaware where you're not supposed to be on the road dodge not be on the road in the state of delaware. >> bob kelly saying that's right. >> 9:21. we'll check on our pictures then. if you have to use the #fox29snow. this one from tiffany. the kids are having fun. already. and this one so cute from tanya.
9:22 am
sean's first snowstorm. that will be hard to beat on adorability. so cute. >> i don't know. we're getting good one. we'll show you more when we come back. >> okay. ♪
9:23 am
9:24 am
>> look at that. we're supposed to be looking at wilmington, delaware but hard to see anything because that snow is really blowing, bob.
9:25 am
>> the best thing about this storm it's coming on a saturday. opportunity for everybody to just stay right where you are and enjoy that family time, get the hot chocolate going. it looks pretty, but it is brutal cold out and if do you venture out, you could get stuck like this fellow. this tractor trailer on the ramly from and schuylkill to the blue route and even though this fellow is stuck everybody behind him gets stuck in the snow drifts that are out there. here's live look at i-95. we haven't seen a vehicle up and down this stretch here for the last 10, 15 minutes in delaware county. here's live look at the bennie. clear visibility about an hour ago but again we're starting to see the roads and the bridges here become snow covered and here's a live look at the 42 freeway right where it meets up with the atlantic city expressway. so we're snow here. but down the shore, where steve keeley is set up, obviously it's turned to that rain and sleet and freezing rain. here's an example of route 309. fellow tries to get off at norristown gets stuck up, spun
9:26 am
around and everybody else stuck behind him. so again, stay home unless you really really have to go out there. evening our medical crews have to get in. firefighters, the police officers, we thank them for their service. they have to get to where they're going. a truck and trailer ban though the entire stretch of the pennsy turnpike and the northeast extension. if you really must head out there are only two services septa's operating right now. market frank toward and broad street subway two big train work horses running every eight to 10 minutes or so on. amtrak on modified schedule. i would definitely check ahead before you head anywhere all the dart services are suspended and as we heard from the governor no driving permitted on the delaware roadways an important here no parkin parking on the sw emergency routes so that the plow trains can come through and open up the major roadways. not only here in philly but in all of the townships. alex, back over to you. >> you have to see this picture, bob kelly. are you ready for this. >> i'm ready. >> cuteness alert. we just got a picture avenue
9:27 am
baby i think this wins the day. >> aww! >> okay. this is from russell it says can't wait to play in the snow. that face i cannot handle. it is so cute. >> cute. >> i can't. i'm done. we're done. >> we can't be done yet. >> no, we're not. seriously that is a cute pictu picture. thank you for sending use the #fox29snow. >> you talk about a picture this is the best studio for snow coverage in america. >> let's make the face the baby was paying while the snow is behind us. >> ready? ♪ >> that's kathy orr ladies and gentlemen, welcome to fox. >> wow! this is fun. (laughter). >> oh, my gosh. guys we'll be back. we'll have a snow report from old city philadelphia when we come back. it's picking up now, guys. ♪
9:28 am
9:29 am
9:30 am
♪ 9:30. another food update. by the way -- look at the snow now. >> that dry slot is long gone. >> yeah. >> it's really coming down. >> i thought you didn't like that phrase. >> i don't. sometimes you have to say it. >> that's true. >> trenton we believe. let's check out cape may county. man, the -- >> nope. >> we don't have it. >> the beaches look really bad. >> they do. and this is northeast -- >> bill anderson is in northeast filly. >> good job, folks. almost no one is out. got that one car and that's about it. >> stay home. if you don't have to be out,
9:31 am
don't be out. >> now kathy orr is big snow pile at fourth and mark. the longer we talk the longer she has to stay out there. >> yes. >> let's keep talking. how is your day going? >> let's talk about what i did last night. >> i texted you last night. >> my battery was dead. >> my boss text me have you heard from mike. >> they were looking for chris murphy and they thought we would hang out together. >> you're always together. what do you mean? you dumped me for chris murphy. >> pretty much. >> we were having a bite to eat. kathy still out there -- >> yes. she's still out there. >> hello? >> please come to meme hi, kathy. >> okay, mike jerrick. you're going to get this right in the face. >> oh, man. >> i miff. >> good snowball weather, isn't it. >> it is. judging by the jacket test here to see if we got a little pinking going on a little more icy, it's a little bit more icy with the colder temperatures and maybe a little warmer air mixing in i'll tell you this win is
9:32 am
brutal! i know exactly what karen hepp was talking about because that's a 36-mile an hour wind gust in my face. you have this is the big snow pile right outside our studios at fourth and market. i'll tell you by the time we are cup, i think it's going to be twice as big. i'm going slide down this is something to be seeing on live television. we done that since i was a killed and walk down the street. there's nothing more beautiful, though, than being in old city no one is around. there's not a bus. there's not a cab. but guess what you can find? uber. the uber guys -- >> they're out. >> come on. he passed by earlier. what are you doing? >> wrong side of the road. >> he said i got a drop off but you can drive on the wrong side of the road, mike, because there's nobody on the roads. >> ask him how much surge pricing is right now. that's what i'm thinking about. >> what do you want to know al alex. >> how much is the surge pricing. >> what is surge pricing alex wants to know?
9:33 am
>> i'm sure it's got to be -- >> 1.9. >> okay. >> wow! >> 1.9. >> 1.9 times the normal fair. >> have you been busy? >> all day. it's been non-stop. >> where is your neck pick up. >> i don't know. it keeps going off. wanted to talk to you for minute. >> you're so cute. >> listen, you got to pick up your fare. if you want to pick us up some food and come back, well take it. >> all right. >> listen good luck. be safe isn't he's got another call. >> make that money. >> goodbye. >> we'll continue to mosy down here really quick. and show you what's going on. because visibility has been reduced. we have winds gusting to about 36 miles an hour, and if you look towards city hall, which typically we can see, if we stan in the middle of the street, guys, we can't see it. i think visibility is about quarter of a mile or less and at times blizzard conditions but sue, i'll tell that dry slot is way gone and i think we'll
9:34 am
achieve our forecasted snow amounts. >> it's looking really good like that is going to ham. i was thinking of the last time we were able to run down the middle of market street was when the pope was here back in september and we were saying at that time it's like a snow day. well, you know what it is a day day and let's look at radar and prove what we're talking about. this storm playing out like we thought with the thundersnow out to the north and west around it looks like maybe berks or lancaster county. we're filling in with the snow starting up again and the dry slot is shrinking and we're seeing mixing with rain in cape may county and parts of sussex county delaware as we zoom in we see that the snow is starting to get heavier again and you certainly saw here in philadelphia. now here's what we're worried about these wind gusts, 40 miles an hour wind gusts in philadelphia right now. 47 miles an hour in wilmington. and down at the shore in wildwood it's a 53-mile an hour wind gust. we've seen higher today and we will see more high wind gusts with low visible.
9:35 am
a quarter mile at philly international with single digit wind chills in so many places and if not it's in the teens or 20s really cold out there. if you're going to go out and have fun like we've seen so many people in our neighbor you have to just limit your time outside and as we take a look at project of the storm, we do think it will be out of here by midnight but it is only 9:35 in the morning. so we have a long long way to go. these are snowfall estimates 18 to 24-inches mike and alex and you know when we had our little estimates the other day for the golden shovel award. >> yeah. >> i said 11 and a half we've beaten that. >> kathy said. and we're getting close to that. i think kathy will win. >> she'll probably win it and get the golden shovel on monday. >> i know. >> kathy you'll get the golden shovel array ward for sure. >> yea. >> i just got great tweets. we were surprised the uber driver said the surge pricing only 1.9. well rose san surge capped at
9:36 am
1.9 with uber because the state of emergency. >> they can't go any higher. >> why don't you guys send uber out to get you food. >> that's what i was going to say i couldn't squeeze it in. >> i asked him. >> he got another call. >> kathy asked him. >> bob kelly says he's going to go over to franklin hotel at fourth and chestnut and pick up the food. >> oh good. he'll take his sled. >> wait, here it is with the sled. ready? >> you're like a sherpa. >> austin wanted to know what happened to the red sleighs i left. we going to load this up on to fourth and chestnut? >> fourth and chestnut. >> do you have something to cover it so the food won't get wet. >> i'm expecting a nice because of if any when i come back. get ready. >> thank you. >> be carefully with that. >> i got it. pressure to. >> we have pictures. let's check in on that. remember use the #fox29snow. this is from danielle. campbell and cassidy ready to play all bundled up in cute. >> happy grandson snow baby slept 12 hours about that and mommy is happy about that, too. that's cute face. >> that kid is ready to go now.
9:37 am
you can tell. i'm rested. let's do this. ♪
9:38 am
9:39 am
♪ you know what we got to do is probably get a report out of delaware again because they've gone to a level two. >> yup. >> you're not supposed to be on the road at all. >> then we were checking in with the governor, governor markell but it got cut off. let's get an update from jenn
9:40 am
west off from deldot. good morning, jenn. >> are we dialing her now? >> hopefully. one ring guy dingy. are you with. >> if you'd like to make a call -- >> we did make a call. we'd like to make a call. >> we thought we were making a call. >> apparently we're not. >> okay. >> we'll try to dial him jim west off things are did you have down there. got a message from my brother who lifts in croft ton, maryland. >> 20-inches of snow in his backyard. >> 20-inches i'll bet in the front yard, too. >> check with d.c. last time we look over they had a lot of sn snow. >> check on our -- >> omelette guy made it. >> what? >> oh, my goodness. >> come on. would i let you down. >> he's here. >> i would never let you down. you know that. >> right here brother. >> coffee pot and all. >> perfect. perfect. yay! >> how did you get here. >> we got -- oh my god it took forever the streets are horrib horrible. terrible. >> where you live in south philly. >> yeah. >> renee' are you newt tow was the tow truck got who got me out.
9:41 am
thank you. >> he's a plumber he pulled me out with his pickup truck. >> that's great. he was great. he just stopped randomly and pulled me out of my street. >> we have egg white fratattas. >> i'll move the coffee pot. >> cherry tomatoes. turkey sausage. and potato. >> sounds good to me. >> what's the name of your catering place? sano catering. >> thank you. >> we'll set up haven't a good time. >> okay. sounds good. somebody want to make the coff coffee. >> let's get this party started. somebody asked us on twitter. it's almost 10. you guys staying on. >> we're not going anywhere. stay with us. okay. and zen us your pictures using the #fox29snow. we'll check on some more. another cute one. happy snow from eric. first snowstorm. they look warm. another baby what are doing in this thing? michelle sent this one in. okay. keep sending your pictures and finally we get to eat.
9:42 am
we'll go on break. ♪ michael setting up. keith go ahead put it in there. put the hot plate in there.
9:43 am
9:44 am
♪ 9:44. >> we're taking a look in wilmington.
9:45 am
try if we can get jim west from deldot on the phone. jim, are you here? >> jim? jim? from deldot. >> i don't think we have him. >> jim west off. >> maybe he doesn't want to talk to us. that could be. that happens to me all the time. >> i'm pretty sure. >> i talk to people out in public they refuse to return my messages. >> really? >> yeah. >> you didn't return mine yesterday. >> jim? he's still not there. >> okay. kathy still outside or is she here. >> she's inside. okay. >> did you have fun outside. >> how you feeling? >> how you feeling? >> i'm feeling pretty g. >> here i'll come over here with sue. here i am. i had tore poof. extra poof. >> you look great. >> you look fantastic. you were outside. >> i was outside. i going to so my hair gets better. >> it was so wet and so cold and i'll tell you it really comfortable if you're inside. when you're outside you're like this isn't so fun. >> i is have a question. >> you had one dry slot. are we going to get another one this afternoon.
9:46 am
>> we could get one much there's a chance we can get one more dry slot later this afternoon. and then phils back in and then it will be ending think about it. not even 10:00 in the morning yet. and this storm is going to go the whole rest of the day. >> yeah. >> and it's falling pretty hard out there and also -- it's almost like raining snow. that's wait felt like out there. >> sometimes it's horizontal snow because of wind. >> yes. >> it's crazy. >> thanks, ladies. >> you're welcome. we'll be here for you. >> are you serving me, very ni nice. >> look at this. that's a forty three at a time at a. >> are you taking those at your house right now? >> someone did zen us a picture avenue from a at a time tam that's nice looking. nice looking. i'm ready to eat. >> one for you. are you getting one, i'm sure. >> i've got one over here. >> my big fat head there and each different flavors. i wouldn't which one we got. some potatoes. some spinach. >> i'll get plates for the ladies. >> okay. you want to show some pics. >> let's do it. do we have some more pics. >> we'll check in on bill. >> that's more fun much he's having a lot of fun enjoying
9:47 am
every moment of this. his first snow show. let's check on him. >> where are you? let's go. >> i'm having a good time. we're having so much fun in the northeast. that we are still here in the northeast. look at this. all right. i talked about the fact that i'm about sick feet tall. what this makes this about 4 feet as we are lounging playing in the snow but a little bit of a serious note, one of the challenges with this, you can see over here in the street is that the plows are making their way down the street. but once they do that, they're plowing all of the smaller streets in. so they're coming down taking this foot plus of snow pushing it to the side and then we're seeing bunches of cars that can't get out of places that they were already -- had all right been shoveled. so they're getting plowed in. side streets haven't been touched at all. one of the other challenges we are here at the dunkin' donuts. mike, i was trying to get you food. so we were sitting there talking to them. it's a little empty.
9:48 am
it's warm in there. okay. you got to work. >> yes, i did. >> it was okay? >> it was slightly okay. it was not as bad as it is now film what time did you come in? >> about 3:30 this morning. >> nobody else made it? >> except my co-workers. >> you'll be here all day working like us. you going to come out gone sledding all that good stuff? >> yeah. >> people can come by. >> pretty much. >> a couple of people made it out but that's about it, mike. we're going to go -- you see these smaller houses back if here. we started getting some tweets and some comments both from people who are kind of snowed in and would like a little bit of help. but also on our on-going request to get you some food, there is a diner about a mile up the road that sent a tweet that said if we can get there, they would offer food for the entire team. >> yes. >> we just got to get there. >> okay. >> it's only a mile up the road. >> this is your new mission. >> we'll make our way there. we'll have like scrapple and stuff and settle in and have
9:49 am
breakfast we'll be thinking about you and then we'll make our way back to you so you guys are fed as well. >> sounds good. >> we're fine. >> march on down that road the there. >> we have enough food seriously. >> i'm thinking about you. we're knowing spirit. >> appreciate it. >> have a good time out there. >> i'm telling you it's almost too warm in here. >> look at you trying to rub it in. rubbing it in. >> let's try this one more time. jim westoff are you here? >> yes, good morning. >> good morning. we've got you. >> we don't have any time. we'll see you later. i'm just kidding. (laughter). >> give us the situation in delaware because we were talking to the governor. he said kind of a level two. is that what you call it? >> yes. a level two driving restrictio restrictions. you know, only people who should be driving or the search personnel people. hopefully that will clear the roads and give us room to do our jobs and we can be a lot more effective in plowing the roads. >> how are the roads out there as far as any accidents?
9:50 am
>> yes, we've had a number of -- we've had lots of accidents, lots of abandoned vehicles. but, you know, haven't heard of any serious accidents yet. >> thank goodness for that. >> hopefully, you know, we'll get through this okay. >> any power outages? >> yes. thousands of power outages. one of the big challenges this year with storm. a lot of snow and we have heavy, heavy winds. so a lot of power out down in the southern part of the delaware. >> the driving restrictions, if you are out on the roads, would you get fined or what do they dork what do the cops do? >> well, it's kind of i think the cops tell you turn around and go home or something. i'm not quite sure. >> okay. >> i wouldn't want to test it. >> i'm not testing it. that's for sure. >> jim, thanks a lot. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. take care. >> we'll be checking back in with him for sure. you got that right. 10 minutes before 10:00 o'clock here. people want to know you normally go off 10:00 o'clock in the morning. we'll stay on with you. >> we'll be here. keep zenning us your pics.
9:51 am
>> there's one. >> little miss kitten tail thinks this snow is fun. look at that. and then snow day in blue bell from dan. >> hey joe danner in the control room. do you see bob out there, bob kelly says he's got his sled with the food from the other hotel now. >> he's coming around the corner. >> we'll have a full buffet. there he is. i see him. >> i see him. here's comes bob kelly. >> look at this. >> coming around the corner good i gotcha. >> you got to be farther out. >> there he is. >> we got eggs. some pastries. >> you love pastries, bob. >> some sausage, hash browns. >> i love hash browns we're coming in. (laughter). >> there's mike serio is helping us out. >> good work. >> thank you franklin hotel. >> the guys at the franklin.
9:52 am
9:53 am
9:54 am
okay. it's few minutes before 10:00 o'clock now. you know on "good day philadelphia" we like to have a lot of fun. and we'll continue to do that throughout the morning and into the afternoon. it's getting real serious down the shore. real serious. look at that flooding. >> especially in wildwood i remember when we first came on the air we got tweets from people they say -- heard flood sirens as early as 5:00 o'clock this morning and now we're getting updated picture of the situation happening in wildwood. >> that's three or 4 feet up the wall there? >> my gosh. >> all right. let's get back to this -- back
9:55 am
down the shore. somers point, karen it looking like. my goodness. look at that. >> reporter: it's a mess. we've been trying to get to some of those -- they're all barrier islands whether you're talking about the city i'll, ocean city, the wildwoods all of them. as we were coming down somers point is its get way to get over to ocean city. they're not letting you over the bridge. you can see the water out there white caps on it it is so high it's flooding. we were coming down this street and all of a sudden it became a river. oh, no. we're driving right into what we tell everyone not to do. don't go into the high water. this is restaurant where i come all the time great little shack fabulous food. this is not a place by the bay. it's now the restaurant in the bay. we had these huge gusts. gusts are leading to massive power outages. i know that we have at least 30,000, 40 those its thousand tons of people, avalon, stone harbor without power. i'm seeing their tweets. i'm seeing a lot of the pictur pictures. north wildwood pictures thank to you all of our viewers sending in those chris o'connell is also down that way.
9:56 am
i called in to ocean city. they're like the whole downtown is flooded. i called into the fire department. get over fourth, fifth street all over the place the flooding because we do have this massive high tide now and steve keeley has been talking about it once this water is pushed in this is the back bay, the inlets. then we'll have it shoved and staying in because we have this nor'easter that acting like sewer is he i don't know kathy orr coming up the coast that will keep the water back. it will get progressively higher. this is as far as we could get in ocean city direction coming in from this bridge. you'd have to do a big end around and i think we'll probably try to do that. but we're also trying to help out some of the other -- i can't believe this. couple when you see? this high water and all of the pictures we've been seeing and some of the issues zero trying get to some more of those it is serious as you talk. i've got downed wires behind me. take look at this. nice folks latigoes over here. but we have downed wires over here. you just drive and one way or another and all of a sudden you're looking water behind me and wires in front of me.
9:57 am
>> that's true. >> you're not watching you could drive right over that. >> this is got real bad, didn't it? >> yeah. okay. >> yup. >> keep the pictures coming. like i said before, you know our show we like to have fun and we'll continue to do that. but it's getting real bad down there at the shore. >> this is heavy snow, blowing snow do not mix well a foot of snow on the ground. northeast weather. keep sending us your picks so we can know what's going on he is special physical you're in north wildwood. tweet us. let us know if you're okay want ♪ ♪ it's not about being wasteful either. ♪ you just gotta find that balance. ♪ where taking care of yourself takes care of more than just yourself. ♪ lease a 2016 lincoln mkz for $289 a month
9:58 am
only at your lincoln dealer.
9:59 am
♪ >> from the fox 29 studios this is "good day philadelphia". >> well we've made it to 10:00 o'clock covering the blizzard of 2016 here. look at that. that's center city philadelphia from our camera over in camden, new jersey. it's really thick right now. >> let's check in allentown and lehigh county. we're also seeing some of the
10:00 am
same things. wind is really blowing. you can see it's coming down thick. >> um-hmm. >> sue, what kind of totals are you getting out of like lehigh, berks county, et cetera, something like that? >> we are seeing most of our snowfall totals as of this point are either side of a foot of snow but what we're showing you here and working on getting this information to you. we're just getting it together right now. because of the pictures that we saw of the flooding down at the shore, we're already talking record flooding lewes, delaware which is right, you know, the cape may lewes ferry, when you go across there and go on to the very tip of delaware, we're seeing record flooding at the delaware bay there. so we saw pictures from wildwood undoubtedly it is just as bad there and are we in play there. >> you're good. >> you're good. >> okay there. we go. all right. now we're looking at this map because of the sustain high winds and i just put on my facebook page sue serio fox 29 a
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