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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  January 25, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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good to see you again! the usual? veggie burger with the works. see ya. sounds good matt! thanks! gus, the second most famous groundhog in pennsylvania! that's me. and this is for you! gus bucks ! the new instant game from the pennsylvania lottery- with top prizes of a hundred grand. it's the best game yet.
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'cause you're on it? well... keep on scratchin'! ♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪ massive clean up is i wand i. road crews are making sure that this morning's commute is as safe as possible. it is monday, january 25th, 2016. >> we have all of the information you need to before you leave the house dave kinchen is in allentown. jen freddie's roaming through the philadelphia area. >> we want to hear from you. show us your weather pictures show us your hashtag fox 29 snow. until then sue serio will kick us off at 5:00 o'clock hour. >> for a day where a lot of folks are home because kid are
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off school, it will be a day of cleaning up and maybe having some fun. temperatures will go above freezing. we will give you a seven out of ten here is the crews cleaning up our neighborhood on market street to make sure there are parking spaces this morning. so much snow, over 22 inches of snow. now it is 22 degrees, in philadelphia, and, not much of a wind at all. so that is a a good thing as well and it is cold enough without the wind. 7:15 is your sunrise time and 16 degrees in mount pocono. eleven in lancaster. eighteen in atlantic city. nineteen in dover w all these temperatures below freezing and wind chills lower than the actual temperature you will to have watch out for slippery spots this morning. what you do not have to worry about today at all is precipitation. we don't have any in the forecast for today and all. the lots of bright sunshine, and maybe just a blowing snow but it is really not going to be windy enough for. that tonight we're down to
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29 degrees, and that is your overnight temperature, so we will have some melting during the day with that day time high of 36 degrees and then, refreezing, happening, tonight, and that will be the cycle probably for a few more days, until we will get those snow packs down. you have heard about a possible storm, near the the end of the week, we will break that down in just a few, here's bob kelly right now. >> another storm. >> yeah, another one. >> good morning. 50:00 46789 it the is national irish coffee day so lets just go with some coffee for the morning rush hour, and say good morning to 295 here at an example of the opened roadways, major roadways will be good to go. the it is getting out of the driveway, your secondary roads, side street and snow humps in order to get to the majors where we will see the problems. anything that looks wet, let's just assume it could be icy as temperatures showing it right there are 22 degrees. here's an example as you try to make that left or right turn. you have to roll role through
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some snow, maybe some chunky ice there along the way. forty-two freeway looking good. on and off ramps could be a little more narrow then they were on friday. an example, typically two lane on ramp could have one lane opened or two lane road could be a lane a a half, and in and out of the suburbs. live look at i-95, opened, ready for business but a tight squeeze in that work zone. there is no shoulder. so all that snow could be hugging, those concrete barriers, on either side. angry al sent us a tweet and says what is up with the norristown high speed line. the let's be happy al and jump aboard a train. septa is attempting full service on all of the regional rail lines and the norristown high speed line. slippery platforms, stairs, limited parking spots for the the exact set up with your bus or trains go to and click on the system status, and that is how we will do it
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throughout today, chris and lauren, back to you. take a look at the bottom of your screen. many schools are closed for delays as we dig out from that historic storm. >> so here's where we are as of this morning. philadelphia has, lifted its snow emergency, delaware state's mergecy ended at midnight. new jersey is still dealing with major flooding down the shore. that is where steve keeley is right now. take a look at this with his photographer jared vol, steve, good morning to both of you. >> well, we are in stone harbor now staying in cape may county but further south then sea isle where we were which was very see icy, and they have sandbags out but look inside the window here at fred's and see early morning clean up, dry up, and mob up, and that is a wet vac. hardwood floors took a hard pounding from a storm. that is a raised floor from the outside, already busy trying to get fred's tavern back opened. one of the place that he is was closed. it was very sad because this place was shut, everybody was
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complaining they had to spend 15 bucks for martini's at the reid's. so sandbags were out. you can see thinks a couple steps up and water still got in here. they are trying to get that water off the floor. i guess good news is that it looks somewhat dry here in the morning after. look at the sidewalk as we walk down the street here on 96th and third here in stone harbor. all of the sea debris in front of the uncle bill's pancake house. the wouldn't that sound good for all of the people who survived a weekend to have a nice stack of uncle bill's but probably not going to happen right now. it a says thank you for a great season, see you in the spring. a lot of people are hoping the spring comes on pretty fast. so you can bet, chris and lauren, the idea here is to get everything back and going by tomorrow morning at 5:00 because it is taco night. i think people would look forward to that. >> absolutely. >> taco night, i will be there. >> taco night, thanks, buddy. here's a look at allah
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even town from the renaissance hotel. that is where dave kinchen is, they had record snowfall over the the weekend, 31.9 inches in two days, dave. >> reporter: that is right. this is allentown. everybody with the name allen has to come out with their shovels because it is an absolute land of really almost 32 inches of snow here. we're just off the main drag downtown and you can see just how tall these snow piles are. the roads are still very tough to get around. you can see this car here going really slow. really dealing with the walk around to walk in the street. let's zoom around this way. this guy here has been trying to get his car moving. he is shoveling right there getting in the car, shoveling and then gets back in, has trouble, gets back out, shovel a little bit more. he is trying to make a pathway there. it has been hard for people to get out of the side parking spots that they had or driveways that they have had. they are indeed digging out.
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we will show you in the video, things haven't improved that much since yesterday because yesterday they were spinning out and struggling to get around it if they could even get out on to the road. a lot of the residents were complaining about the the way the the snow was cleared from streets as far as government. they were criticizing saying the snow is off the main roads, or at least cleared the main roads but different story on the side streets. they say they are stuck. >> the the plow trucks didn't just dot main roads and that is it. >> they just can't do it. >> i'm on my own, we dug ourselves out, so i can get to work tomorrow. >> how deep right there. >> back live here, you can see people moving through the the intersection here. this truck the wheels spinning there you can see those wheels spinning. we have another truck coming
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up at red light full of snow. it is an operation similar to philadelphia where we have got these big trucks loaded up with snow and they are taking the snow somewhere to get rid of it. we will figure out exactly where that is. i want to show you one last quick thing here. we have businesses with cars parked there because it looks like at this early hour people had to park there because they could not park in front of their house. the it seems like that is what we are seeing downtown. back to you guys. >> it is hard to get around. dave kinchen thanks so much. time is 5:10 on this monday morning. officials are blaming this storm for at least three deaths in our area an autopsy is scheduled for today and this is so sad on a 18 year-old pregnant woman from pottstown. >> a friend told fox 29 that she had a heart attack after shoveling snow. they said 54 year-old allentown man collapsed and died shoveling snow. in berks county a man died of carbon monoxide poisoning after a snowplow trapped him inside his running vehicle. you have to be careful out there. >> such a sad outcome.
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officials say airportness new york city, philadelphia, baltimore, resuming very limited services this morning. right the now are's looking live at the philadelphia international airport. >> more than 800 flights were canceled by major airlines, most intend to resume services today. that 800 was just philly international. up and down the east coast, 7,000 flights were canceled. travelers being urged to check with their airline before heading to any airport. >> be prepared for a slow start if you are hopping on septa this morning. officials say it is doing what it can to make sure that the next few days run as smoothly as possible after suspending majority of the services over the weekend, some trains are still having to get a once over after standing still the past few days and if you are taking the bus, they say, like the tracks, the the streets have to be cleared. >> septa will update us around 6:30. they will have a news conference live on good day. the last count though for the the bus services, about 35 percent was the the buses
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were scheduled to run. so we'll if that he up that this morning. >> also remember, trash and recycling collection in philadelphia canceled for today, so those trucks can still be used to plow the streets. so if you are normally scheduled for monday pick up you have to hold on tour trash until next monday. >> don't hold onto it, leave it there the with lid on it well away from the stink. clean up, happening all over, after a snowstorm that slammed much of the east coast. we will look at how everyone is digging out.
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so nothing to show you on radar except for this satellite picture of the middle of the ocean? why are we showing you this? well, this is blizzard of 2016 that has moved in the middle of the atlantic but it hasn't lost a lot of strength and new threatening wales, scotland and england and with rain. their temperatures 2 miles with that. it is not finish wreaking havoc and it ended up being for philadelphia at least the fourth highest snowfall total for any storm that we have had since we started measuring. the oldest of all of these was christmas snow of 1909. in fact, just thought of this, it has been one month since christmas because today is january 25th. it took a month to get the snow that we wanted most of us only for christmas, here it is, and it will be around for a little while. lets talk about tomorrow, because we're going to have a chance to warm up in the 40's, not that is warm but
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comparatively speaking. a little area with rain with a cold front comes through in the afternoon maybe four or 5:00 in the afternoon. very spotty showers. you may or may not see it, but temperatures look to be mild enough that it is only rain when we're talk about and not much of it and it is gone by overnight hours of tuesday, into wednesday. so that is just one little will episode, now we're watching the possibility of another coastal storm. i know. just the words, coastal storm. nobody wants to hear that right now but this lies like later on in the week. this will develop in the gulf of mexico and it could go either way, really, hug the coast which wouldn't be good or stay out to sea a lot of uncertainty. we will loath you know. thirty-six today. forty-three tomorrow and 43 for a high on wednesday. we are in the 30's for thursday. each day we will get above freezing but in some cases toward the end of the week we will freeze up, again at nice. we don't have any
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precipitation in the the forecast at least in the seven kay. and then wye sunday we may be approaching 50 degrees, bob kelly. >> good morning, sue. got to love that. 5:17. it is only 22. good morning to moorestown. here's what you are dealing with once you get out of the driveway there. make sure you get all of the snow cleared off your car first of all. all of it. roof, get all of the junk off the trunk there before you pulled out of the parking spot. fit looks wet it could be icy. this is main street in moorestown where again a full lane, if they catch one tire a little bit of that snow and ice and that could be hazardous this morning. here's a live look at broad and spring garden in center city philadelphia the bulk of the snow pushed off to the left and the the right but that packed down snow is frozen, solid, and that is where we will try to stop on as this fellow tried to make that left turn off of 15th street on to spring garden street. so it is a slow start, as we
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all try to get back to normal. the buses, trains, trolleys will attempt full service operation, expect delays, some detours on the buses, for the the exact set up with your bus, go to, click on system status. they will give us their full shot the to try to get everybody back to normal for cct and paratransit they are running on limited services today with medical appointments taking the priority on the regional rails, again attempting a full call out this morning but remember some of the trains, actually all of the trains and buses haven't been turned on in a couple days. it may take a while to kick start them. watch out for slippery platforms, limited parking spots. they lost 35 percent of their parking spots due to the snow, so expect some delays, and then again go to and click on system status for an update with your train. >> be save out there with slippery surfaces, shoveling, i love our facebook friend, bobby cahill says be safe out
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in the snow. thanks, bobby, we appreciate it. our continuing team coverage is with jen fred just moving throughout the city right the now. she's in south philadelphia, hi jen. >> reporter: i have to say this of all of the snowstorms we have ever seen, mike the photographer and i, they have done a pretty good job. this is reid street. it is not a main street but definitely that is passable. so we have been around 11th street because we heard there was some problems there. i have to tell you, we had to go from street to street to street to find a half street like alder to find something that was, you know, impassable. so obviously these cars are basically, parked in, snow in, that is going to be quite difficult for them to get out. obviously they can still shovel themselves out, hopefully they can have a neighborhood effort. but even the the sidewalks look good. this is again is south philadelphia. we did drive through, fifth street and sixth street even on south street those kind of area if you live down here,
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and i have to be quiet because i am in someone's neighborhood at 5:00 in the morning. if you live in those areas you have to really look for one of these half streets where there is a lot of parking but look right here sidewalks, plenty of salt, there are some problems, we have got problems in south philadelphia. we have heard of them. we will try to find some. feel free to tweet us. if is there a street you want us to check out we will go there but for now i'm jen fredrick back to you in the studioy love your boots. you are prepared, girl friend. >> i know. >> looking good. >> much like here, many parts of the east coast now digging themselves out from record snowfall. some new york are weren't expecting to get so much snow in parts of the region getting more than 2 feet. washington d.c. saw a good amount of accumulation but it didn't live up to expectation was lower snow totals then originally forecasted. that did not stop people from having good old fashion snow fights in du pont circle and others in the east coast were taking advantage of that weather.
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>> i love it. but it is an inconvenience for everybody trying to get around and dig their cars out but other than that i'm enjoying it. >> the beautiful white winter landscape isn't expected to last with temperatures warming up along the east coast into the the 40's, chris. professional you tuber casey made the most of the ex-supreme weather conditions that hit the east coast over the weekend. >> ♪ >> this is how lauren gets around the city. pulled along by a sport utility vehicle, dare devil teamed up with friend to go snow boarding around the streets of the new york city. the roads were shut down and that is not very often that they shut down the road in new york, no cabs. so they took on a whole new look and people had a different kind of fun. >> that does look like fun good didn't he get pulled over
5:22 am
while on the snow board. >> i don't know. >> i think he did. >> yeah, police pulled him over. why? just because. >> that is crazy. >> all right. with blizzard, and 2016, i guess that within more appropriate way to say it, a lot of businesses, really lost a lot of money, right. one company happy you child out this weekend though. >> look at people out and about.
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all right. sing it, chris murphy. this is from joe, three and a half feet outside the window of my master bedroom sitting window. piled up on the roof below. >> hot in the bedroom and cold outside. >> and then, mike jerrick just walk in the studio, city crews working hard to plow philadelphia streets. many are still impassable. we saw you across the the the street. did you slip. >> no, i'm fine. >> they are hauling the snow off, with a big front end loaders. they put tonight dump trucks. they take to it port richmond. >> that far. >> that is what they told me they put tonight port richmond your hometown.
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>> can i feel your ears. >> where is your hat and gloves. >> don't try for me argentina. >> you cut yourself shaving. >> a little bit. >> under the chin right there. >> a little nick. >> we love you. >> he will be on at 6:00. experts say this weekend's blizzard on the east coast could have a economic, 850 million-dollar, and over all the impact might be a wash. many businesses have made extra money for people to stock up on things. food, shelves, other items. >> makes sense. >> net flick and chill. >> i sure did. >> yes. >> guess what show i watched. >> what sit. >> chelsea does, chelsea handler says forget this, or whatever. i will go to netflix and do it. >> what is advice i heard was don't ever, texan x when you have been drinking. >> yes. >> makes sense.
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>> good. >> that is show i got into. >> yes. >> i love perfect. 5:26, this morning, it is the super bowl. >> it is set. >> yeah. >> we will explain.
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it looks quiet right now in the pocono mountains as a massive clean up efforts is underway, they don't to have make snow for the first time in a long time. we will have live team coverage from the areas hardest hit. plus do you need help getting rid of the mounting snow? the number you need to call, this morning. what about chris murphy's cell phone. good day, it is monday, january 25th, 2016. >> aren't you going to go out and help people dig out. >> yes. >> did you sign up or were you volunteered. >> i was asked if i would do it. >> you agreed. >> yes. >> that is good. >> then we had someone tweet us last night they tweet had you, i and mike saying were two women wheelchair bound stuck in and they need help. >> i said, of course. >> absolutely united states. >> are so kind. >> it is karma, pay back because yesterday my car wasn't in front of our house so our neighbor thought laura was home with the kids and she yelled out thanks brian but
5:31 am
chris is coming right now. >> lets look at pictures, people sending us their pictures. the here's one, this is from mickey, and this is lah toia, this is my hubby johnny was too exited to grill in the the snow in glenside, pennsylvania. continue to end is us your pictures. we will put them on tv a loft people spend to go day digging out the because we are smothered under snow: >> before this storm our whole total was half inch, so we got a whole bunch all in one, a whole season's worth of snow, so once we get through this we will see what happens but bus stop buddy, kids are off of school today, many of them, most of them i think, so the the pieces of equipment you need, snow shovel and the sled, of course, we're off to an icy start and eventually we will sees he sunshine but wind chills in the teens right the now. we will give you a seven out of ten, considering what happened over the weekend and with the bright sunshine
5:32 am
later, it will be okay. sunrise time 7:15. 22 degrees right now, and we're still seeing crews hard at work in our neighborhood this morning which is awesome. so temperatures, mostly teens and 20's a couple single digits like millville with 8 degrees, and then the wind chill or maybe a little bit, cooler then the actual temperature but nothing dramatic here today. still everybody is below freezing this morning black ice will a bound on untreated surfaces. so, 36 degrees today with bright sunshine, some melting, and then a refreeze tonight, because temperatures will go down to 29 in the city, colder in the suburbs. that is your fox cast for monday, dig out day number two, bob kelly. >> definitely. we will try to get everything back to normal but just got to take it with the a grain of salt here this morning where they will be delays. things will be slippery. here's a live look at aramingo and ann as you attempt to dig
5:33 am
out. there is just so much snow that we're running out of places to put it. you go to make that left or right turn here off of sit it side streets we have to go through some of the snow bumps there. the here's a live look, good morning to the shaders, route 73 in maple shade, new jersey. an example here as this fellow comes through the intersection that snow being pulled out into the major stretch of route seven 36789 the temperature of 22. if it looks wet it could be icy. we have an accident northbound 202 on the ramps to the schuylkill. this ramp i told but earlier where they typically would have two lanes, it is down to one. that bottleneck is naturally going to cause delays through the rush hour. the let's talk mass transit, all of the mass transit systems will attempt to get back to full services, however, the neighborhoods and the street conditions will determine whether those buses will be delayed or on a a detour. just go to and click on systems status of your individual buses. cct and paratransit will run
5:34 am
limited services today. regional will rail same deal they will try for a full service but trains haven't been running for the past couple of days, so some of them may not kick over like they are supposed to this morning. slippery platforms on the stairs, parking areas, and all of the snow has taken away 35 percent of the parking spots at regional rail parking lots. keep that in mine. paoli thorndale line having some switch problems this morning, both patco and dart also going to attempt a full services this morning, dart buses could have some problems, through the neighborhoods or local detour and amtrak running on a modified schedule. new jersey transit same deal, trains, light rain, buses, they will give it a shot but expect some delays, chris and lauren, back over to you. philadelphia 311 health center opening up early in about 30 minutes. they will take salting, or other requests you may have. call 311 or down load that app tour smart phone.
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officials say airport, in philadelphia, baltimore, new york city are resuming very limited services this morning. more than 800 flights were canceled by major airlines in our area they will continue to resume services today. >> if traveling you are urged to check with your airline before you head to any airport. the blizzard of 2016 has done serious damage around the region as well. one of the hardest hit area being the new jersey shore. people in margate, atlantic city, wildwood, you name it, got several inches of water into their homes. the roads, lot of them look like rivers. >> steve keeley has been out there since friday keeping an eye on the hardest hit towns, hi there steve. >> reporter: well, for philadelphia getting life back to normal after a blizzard on a monday morning usually means stopping at a local wawa but here at stone harbor the wawa got hit. i cannot interest you guys in any salt water short he is, can i. they have thrown out so much food here. the staff is working very hard
5:36 am
inside the store where you see steam on the windows as they try to clean up, throw all of the bad foot that went out because power went out and get all new food in here. the the idea is get this story opened by 7:00 o'clock, until then, coffee and hoagies have to be bought at rio grand outside wildwood. i know how hungry you get. same you you are not here. i can get you a free short and carmel ben and jerry's, unopened but squishy. >> i'll bring it back. you got it. i will leave it on your desk. >> sound great. >> thanks, budd. record were set over weekend with the blizzard of 2016. allentown got 31.9 inches in just two days. >> people in allentown are they allentownians? what would you call them. >> yeah. >> they are getting roads cleared to get back to somewhat of a normal routine. continuing our team coverage, dave kinchen made his way to allentown from center city,
5:37 am
good morning, dave. >> reporter: good morning to you. that trek up here was something else's specially heading when you had to deal with the roads all the way between center city and allentown but where we are right now we have got the some cars making their way through here. this is the hard part. when you look at the roads here, it is, well, this is a tillman street by seventh. we have this truck coming up with snow, and what has been happening is these trucks are filled with snow and they are hauling this snow away. it is really tight areas that have been packed n the other problem is that a lot of these roads like this one right here chris, if you can pan down and show this area, thinks where folks with smaller cars even with that one that just finally park we have been showing you the the driver trying to park that car before they were having a a hard time trying to take care of all that because it is just so hard to get around. anyway that is very latest here back to you.
5:38 am
>> dave kinchen. police reminding you about the dangers of blocked car tail pipes. we a saw that from this picture from dave kinchen. >> a new jersey mother and child died of carbon monoxide poisoning. police say a 23 year-old mother was sitting in her car with her one year-old son and three-year old daughter and the dad shoveled snow around it. >> exhaust pipe was filled by snow and filled the car with carbon monday on sykes. the three-year oldies in critical condition. police say driver should check their exhaust, pipes during large pile ups of snow before you get inside those cars. >> who would think that could happen, great reminder though. we will show you latest trending viral, some people are making light of the weekend's heavy snowfall coming up in just a minute. the centers for medicare and medicaid
5:39 am
services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3.500 hospitals. fewer than 6% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. slash eastern.
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denver/carolina in super bowl 50. now we can hear about payton manning for next two weeks but it was denver's defense that won the game against patriots. tom brady was hit 23 times. it comes down to a two-point conversion with seconds left, patriots down 20-18. no two-point conversion, intercepted and denver goes on to the super bowl with the 20-18 win. then carolina made it look easy, to charlotte, cam newton two rushing touchdowns one right here, two passing touchdowns that made it 34-seven. they win it, 49-15. they go, to the super bowl,
5:42 am
carolina does. sixers didn't show up last night to the wells fargo center. watch this, this is evan turner. there any defense. are these guys still shoveling snow. they lose 112-92. that is great for fans that came out in the snow. temple beat last undefeated team in the country, they beat smu89-80. that is larry brown's team. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin.
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alycia a keys is 35 years old today. the she's first sing tore receive five grammy award at once after releasing her debut album songs during her school days. she's 35 today. she graduated from professional performing arts school as valedictorian. >> no, i don't like you how you say when it was in a liner >> in a miner. >> in a miner. >> yes. >> you want to bring up all of the stuff i have screwed up in the last two years. >> no. >> i have a half an hour sleep
5:46 am
and i never. >> in a minor. >> i know that song at least are you crying again. >> yes. >> here we go. >> in a minor. >> in a minor. >> let me reread that, can i. >> is this live tv. >> yes, it is. >> doh. >> goodness. >> we're two for two. last week she cried, this week she cried. >> it is only monday. >> she loves the album, called in a minor, the the actor turns 59 year-old. lewis, what is a's love got to do with it, think like a man two, and too, not two. and currently starring in the tv show blackish. is everything okay. >> you read that one beautifully, sue serio.
5:47 am
>> i don't know what to do for you. >> i never heard of that minor but five grammys a at once. >> okay. oh, boy. we've got nothing to show you on ultimate doppler radar. we have moved out the to the west and we will see this weak disturbance, by the the time it gets here, it will not be much, and abe it will be milder, and we will expect to get in the 40's tomorrow but we will not talk about snow nothing like what we saw over the weekend. our blizzard of 2016 goes down in the record books 20 years, more than 20 years after the the blizzard of 96. we have two 2.4 inches. the that is the exact number that we list as our average snowfall for a season in philadelphia. we average one 2.4 inches, so that is exactly what we got a whole season's worth in one storm. now, the the system i was showing you yesterday, here's rain that we expect to come
5:48 am
through probably not until after 5:00 in the afternoon. it will be widely scattered, pretty light showers, and through about 11:00 p.m., gone by midnight, and that is the system and again, it does look too mild for it to be rain. so, now we will talk about toward the end of the week. you see this system developing in the gulf of mexico, on wednesday. the it could be a thursday night, friday system for us. the it could be i saw because there is a lot of model disagreement, some have it a coatal track, solve it an out to sea track. more reliable storm from last storm was one calling away from the coast. the it boils down to uncertainty. even if we get something it will not be the same a as we had over weekend. thank goodness. 34 degrees was the high yesterday. we did manage to inch above freezing, today 36 degrees, and then milder air moves in tomorrow with that slight chance of rain, late in the day. then we're dry through the
5:49 am
wednesday, for thursday, we are watching that coastal storm for friday, and then it looks like we will get milder over the weekend maybe in the upper 40's by the time sunday gets here. that is a look at what is going on in your seven day forecast, just because a lot of the main roads are clear, bob kelly doesn't mean we don't have problems. >> don't be fooled because those main roads are cleared and you could end up like this fellow off in the snow drift here and probably getting a 300-dollar bill from the toe company. this is 422 eastbound right before the the schuylkill expressway, king of prussia so coming around a the curve his tires probably pick up on a little bit of ice and off in the snow drift he went. that is a rough start for this guy. chris's favorite city, office, the pp thea not enforcing meters or kiosk park to go day. >> yeah, right. >> free parking for everybody today, just today and make sure you clean all of the snow off your car. look at this picture, check
5:50 am
this out. they have eye balls, nose on the front, okay, it is cute but clear it off before you pull it off the driveway. all of the snow roof, hood and get that snow off the trunk there as well. go outside to i-95, lighter than normal with kids being off from school with you back to work. everybody is back in. watch yourself here on i-95 with the temperatures in the 20's anything that looks wet could be icy. ben franklin looking good, in problems up and over the span. the a as far as mass transit everybody will give it their best shot the today. pack your patients, full service, delays, detours expected on a lot of the septa abuses. those buses, it is all going to depend upon what the city streets look like. go to and check your system status. speaking of those philly streets let's go to south philadelphia with jen fredrick. >> good morning, bob. welcome back. we are here along ninth street.
5:51 am
buses could probably get through here but there are these side street they will not get down. look at the the mcclellan street the 900 block. we spoke with one gentlemen who was walking from his house to his daughter's house and he told his daughter not to park on this street because she would have trouble digging out. he parked in one of the more major roads and was able to dig his car out. that is what will happies that neighbors will to have help neighbors just dig these cars out. i talk bit on facebook, that there are no kid that are going to school so this could an ultimate do opportunity for them to earn some big bucks and just to do their neighbors some favors. as you can see here if you are on one of these like not really a side street more like an alley or corridor that is where you have some trouble. chris, i necessity you will get out later. this is probably some of the areas they will want you to
5:52 am
shovel. >> how many areas am i shoveling. i can shovel like -- i'm not sure. >> hey. >> quite a few hours, you can handle it. jen is doing it. >> i'm in the 23 anymore. >> people in south korea bundling up country seeing coldest weather this winter and record low temperatures. >> for a temperature in sewell, dropped below zero, the chilliest temperature since 2001. 2001 that is same year alycia keys songs in a minor, and, south of the mainland was hit by a heaviest snowfall in more than three decade. hundreds of the flights have been canceled, due to the snow. >> who needs a pool when you have snow and lots of it. >> because record breaking snowfall this weekend many people decided to take a dip in the snow.
5:53 am
>> take your marks, go. >> what that. >> who does this. >> my goodness. >> okay. >> all right. it is all over social media. >> they are swimmers from the the west virginia swim team. >> that is so funny. >> classic. >> classic. >> when we come back, meet the the blizzard babe hoy just could not wait to make an entrance in the world.
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5:56 am
we have been celebrating a silver lining to saturday ease storms, 4-pound 8-ounce baby boy brandtly was born just minutes from lehigh valley hospital. his mother mariah had to deliver him herself because roads were too snow covered to get to the hospital in time. >> he was coming. he is here. >> i turned and opened up the car door and the baby is right there. >> giving birth, here, and, he is not calming at all. >> even dad got stuck to hitch a ride to meet his son for the first time. brandtly is at lehigh valley hospital doing well and could
5:57 am
go home in the next few weeks. time right now 5:56. in the next hour many road still covered in snow we will have continuing coverage for you this morning.
5:58 am
5:59 am
we have a snow day. they are working hard on
6:00 am
market street digging up all of the snow, putting it in big trucks, taking to it port richmond. the public schools are closed, public schools, catholic schools, pretty much all schools, closed to day. let's go out and play. lets look the at roadways in south philadelphia. as ovulate last night, they still hadn't seen a plow. plenty of cars there are buried under inches of snow. >> are we concerned about south philadelphia? are they going to be okay? in just a few, what? we will take to you allentown, man did they get a lot of snow. record breaking snow in allentown. we're live there. it is a different story down the shore a storm surge flooding coastal community, cities and towns up and down the coast will be drying out for a while. a lot of people are dealing with damage. >> look at that erosion there good day, everybody it is january 25th, 2016. man, we have had a snow


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