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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  January 25, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EST

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at the the airport. we have more details for you. we are not alone, entire east coast buried by this blizzard and the cost they are adding up. a look at the economic impact from his this nearly 1 billion-dollar storm. hey, old verse new, super bowl now, super bowl 5050 set to go. we are picking a living legend verse a rising superstar. the it is broncos/panthers. >> we had to go in denver and pay tongue kept going out there, and the broncos kept scoring and i could not catch up and my line wasn't protecting me. i kept getting sacked. payton kept saying omaha, omaha. >> some people having fun with tom brady's face. >> is that what he was saying to his wife, gisele.
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>> payton kept saying omaha, omaha. >> yes. >> and weren't they complaining about the tablets at one point too. >> yes. >> they are always having problems up there. >> tom brady had a off throw, over throwing, under throwing. so it is broncos, and panthers. pretty good match up. >> yes. >> in the super bowl. >> did cam do the dab. >> he did the the dab. >> yes. >> i went to to bed. what was the the final score, does anybody know. >> it was 49. >> i mean cam newton was hanging out on the sidelines having a good time. there was in point. >> by the the way, the big news of the day is philadelphia public and catholic schools, closed to day. >> yes you will see, do we have anything at the bottom yet. >> yes. >> we will run there. >> there it goes. >> we will be closing at the bottom of the screen and you can go to fox and double-check there. >> drop your kid here at the
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station by 11 we will take them to your house. >> i will take them to the please touch museum. >> yeah. >> that is a lie check out the school closing at the bottom but no public and catholic schools. they are all closed. are we doing weather now? are we talking about the the snow emergency has been lifted, ppa will not enforce meter park to go day. >> you know that, right. >> yes. >> so you get within more day of that 5-dollar park nothing city garages. >> sound good to me. >> now we can do weather. >> which is a seven out of ten in your weather by the numbers. it will be bright and sunny today. that will help in the clean up to day hopefully. >> we've got bus stop buddy, with an icy start this morning, wind chills in the teens, out there in many places, and not too much of the wind thank goodness. we have got 25 degrees, and you can see the flag is kind of tranquil right now. 7:15, will be your official sunrise time. the the sunnies up.
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we've got 12 degrees in pottstown. nine in lancaster. eight in millville. a cold, cold morning with lots of slippery spots, and 23 degrees, now, 36, by lunchtime, that is our high temperature actually and a refreeze after dark when temperatures drop below freezing once again. we will talk about what is coming up this week and it could get interesting once again. we will have that forecast for you. bob kelly, so many problems, even though the roads look like they are in good shape. >> they look like they are in good shape and folks get a false sense of security. many folks haven't driven so this morning is first time even though they dug their car out they are navigating now. look at this fellow head on in the snow drift right here. this is a a live look at route 309. so that is one accident. this fellow just spun around. we have police in the background. this is 309, right here near orvillea road and a example of the icy, dangerous conditions,
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that are out there. a lot of folks don't like to drive-in snow to begin with. really think burr travel plans, here for today, first ones out of the gate, already having a problem. good morning to the shaders, look at this mess, live look at 38 on to route 73, you can see, some of the ramps may to still be snow covered. and that snow is being pushed on to some of the travel lanes, and and already an accident here. the first trains out of the gate are running with ten to 30 minute delays on the regional rail lines. so check with go to the systems status and you will see the exact train, bus, trolley that you plan to take today. same deal with the buses and the trolleys, the the cct, paratransit they will prioritized the appointment for medical and dialysis appointments today. northbound on the northeast extension an accident mid county up to lansdale. crash on the 42 freeway.
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new jersey transit will attend full service but they are running with 20 minute delays. those delays will depend on the road conditions, in the neighborhoods, and northeast philadelphia, germantown, manayunk, roxborough, some of the streets are not going to be able to be passable with some of those buses, so delays are certainly rolling out here this morning. mike and alex, back over to you. we were talking yesterday this will be a much more difficult today then saturday was because saturday, everybody just stayed home. >> yes. >> now people are trying to get to work through all of this. look at this mess. this is, a shot we shot yesterday, down the shore. look at that beach erosion. it was horrible, the flooding, people have ice water basically in their homes. up and down the jersey shore. >> that is where steve keeley is, he has been here all weekend. he has seen how things could change. >> he could not get out. he is in north wildwood right now. >> hi there, steve.
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>> i have the the best way to illustrate the beach erosion here and dune erosion. so i'm on the bay side of the dune. you can see cut out, way higher then i am. this is on the back end of the dune, okay, and you can get a sense of how high the cut out is. of course, the ocean is coming in. now look at this side, i don't want to get soak but i will run over here before the next wave. look at how high it is. >> yes. >> you look like a little guy. >> i look like an idiot too, trying to out run the waves. >> building a sand castle. but you have to stand next to this and look at the dune fence here. so this dune got beaten up from the front and then it got sucker punched in the back. here we go, sorry, this is not for dramatic effect i'm trying in the to have my feet wet. i will stay here and wrap it up from here. if we can we will give you an idea about how big, you are waiting for a blooper, mike,
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aren't you. you can see how close the houses are and why they need these dunes here so bad. so the dune did it job but you keep saying what will we call the next blizzard or storm since we're still only just one-third of the the way through winter and the the worst nor'easters in my experience as a reporter going back to 83 and 84 when i covered my first one in march of 84. worst ones are toward end of the winter and start of spring. all right. i may get out here. i am out of breath. you guys will have the the mayor on and he will tell you how bad it is and how high this tides was. all time highest tied. no surprise how this dune got caught out on both side, but again you, a at least dunes beat up, not homes and certainly not sue serio's lovely condo down the street. >> right down the street from where you are. >> seeing steve keeley, my gosh. >> that looks really good. perfect television, good visuals there.
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>> as you know, allentown, what did they get, 31.9 inches of snow? >> yep. >> they got the most snow and that was a new record. >> new record for allentown. >> we are taking a live look at allentown right now. they are digging out, and still, of course, in snow this morning. >> it looks like they have a good path cut through that section. dave, he is there this morning. what are you seeing, dave. >> reporter: we are seeing some traffic. folks able to get out, they are on the road right now. the thinks seventh street going into center city allentown. you can see, in fact, that it is the traffic that is helping kind of clear some of the roads here but they are moving very, very slow. look at these vehicles boxed in. this person with the parking lights on parking because they cannot get out. it looks like there is a bit of the cut out in the back side but that is how tricky it really is just to try to dig a little cut the away to get out. this is usually a lane too think about that. so we have all of this snow in boxing in these cars and a bit of the lane as well, but
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people are digging out indeed, a lot of neighbors are complaining, they say the plowing, the city of allentown hasn't done a good enough job in getting to the the side streets and we are seeing in some of the video there. although, the city of allentown did put out in an alert saying that they will start another round of plowing, by 7:00 o'clock, this morning. but still, the folks are talking and they satisfaction they just cannot get out. >> the plow trucks has been doing the main road, that is it. >> they have not really done their job because they have been getting stuck or they just can't do it. >> i'm on our own. we dug ourselves out so i can get to work tomorrow. >> reporter: meantime another live shot of allentown going in to center city allentown here. you can see the the situation there, two police cars and a tow unit. cars have been park nothing business parking lots, overnight, probably because there is no place else maybe to park. maybe they will park there
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over the weekend. but just another messy situation looking down toward allentown. people are still trying to killing out, back to you good are their schools closed too in will allentown. >> reporter: from what we understand there are school closure is here. >> undoubted here. >> just like here in philadelphia, public and catholic schools, what we call parochial, archdiocesean schools, catholic schools, they are closed too. the schools are all closed. hey, thank you for all of the pictures you have been sending. i should say pictures you have been sending, videos. it has been quite entertaining all weekend long. have you seen all of the videos of people with no shirts on jumping into the the sand. >> the snow challenge or something. >> snow challenge. >> bathing suit, jumping out. >> you take your clothes off and hop in the drift. i have not done it yet. >> you will do it. >> you never know, days early. >> that would i like to see. >> at this point i am sensing that we might put them on tv
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here. >> okay, so this one, this is from kate, the snow as high as my two and a half years old in west norriton might gosh, so cute. that is one way to measure the snow. >> and then, did what i could yesterday, finish to day. talking about shoveling out. caroline has her work cut out, don't you. i think we have another one since the the snow is so bad. >> it is so bad it is just dark. >> do we have one more. >> i over the weekend saw a bunch of different swim tools, high school and college swim teams. they got the in to their swim trunks and then they would just jump in the snow and just swim do you want to see that. >> yes. >> lets look at one of of them right there. >> take your marks. >> there is another good one right here. >> boom. >> there we go. >> i love how it looks when
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they do that first dive in. >> yes. >> here we go. >> it is so stupid. >> can you you imagine what their body feels like. >> there you go. >> what do you think is waiting for them,. >> would i go right to the hot shower. >> boy that would hurt though. >> high school swim team right there. >> you know, a lot of shrinkage. >> the front page of the metro. >> can you dig it. >> we can dig it good we can dig it. >> can y'all dig it this is how i cleared my sidewalk just enough to walk through, you know what i mean. >> yes. >> there were a lot of tunnels. >> a a lot of tunnels. >> yes. >> hey, sue. >> you know, we should warn people know what is underneath the that snow before you go diving in. we show these pictures and people will be jumping off second floors of their houses and stuff and it will not be
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good. be smart, and then of some fun. top snowstorms, we're number four blizzard of 2016. >> sue? >> yes. >> you and i, have covered three of those storms, three of the top four. >> 2010. >> iowa is here. >> 2009. >> i was here. >> the one we had. >> were you there for that 1909 christmas song. >> yeah. >> it was a white christmas for sure. >> i loved it, yeah. >> and today is a january, 25th, so it has been a month since christmas so weather we wanted on christmas is just one month away. 31.9 inches at lehigh valley international. of course, that was a record. there is the blizzard of 2016 in the middle of the atlantic ocean. unfortunately it is taking aim towards scotland, wales, and, great britain, because it will give them a lot of rain unfortunately. the future cast for us, we're
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jumping ahead to tomorrow evening. it looks like we will have a few rain crops rolling through. it shouldn't be a big deal. just call a nuisance storm. that would be late in the day tomorrow. it should be well above freezing. we shouldn't to have worry about anything but rain. that is just a shower on tuesday evening. and then we are watching the possibility of a coastal storm this one is still a wild card though right now. we will let you know more about that tomorrow. but, a warming trend as we get into the weekend, by sunday we will be up to 48 degrees. that is your weather authority forecast, bob kelly, so little time. todays is the first day everyone will attempt to drive back to work. here's an example of one intersection in south injuries that i will get us in trouble. you cab see so much snow on either side of the roadway but that patch of ice or snow that fell off the back of somebody's carries going to cause for some slippery conditions this morning. good morning to the 42 freeway. if it looks wet it is probablyized over.
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23 degrees. headlights come in towards the city and rough go here on route 309. lot the fellow on the right side of your screen. look at that. he is trying to rock it to try to get out of the drift, that he wound up going into. this is route 309 near or villa. we have had a couple of accidents. you see police in the upper left there in the background. this fellow on the right, look at this guy, yeah. >> passing with the snowplow there. i just hope he doesn't hit the gas and comes out like a bull the on the right identify there, wind up hitting somebody, that is an example of is what out there. even though the the roadway is clear of snow we have slippery spots. >> yes. >> mass transit systems are giving it their best go. we are 20 to 30 minute delays here and there on the regional will rails. platforms slippery, buses and trolleys, manayunk, roxborough, bridesberg, port richmond, germantown, watch
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for some detours because of all of the snow piled up in your neighborhood. mike, back over to you. >> hey, bob kelly. >> yes. >> come over here and stand with us because we will do a guy thing, a man thing. just a bunch of guys standing around talking about sports. >> okay. >> how does that sound. >> i'm ready like they do on the nfl show, some reason they hold football while they talk. >> let's do it here. >> yes. >> you are from where. >> i'm from sports radio 94 wip. >> that is correct. >> let's act like the guys on fox on sunday morning, standing around with the football in your hand. what do you think, it the is panthers, broncos, do you like the match up. >> great match up, young verse old, newton verse manning and two, outstanding defenses. this weekend proved again in the nfl despite what chip kelly threw down our throats for three years that defense wins football games. >> let's talk about the first
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game, which one was that. >> afc championship game. >> yes. >> i was watching the guys early on before the games started. most of the analyst say that new england was going to go into denver and beat them. >> they did not. >> i didn't feel good about it. >> they went to overtime patriots and broncos. the the broncos won that game just like they won this game. >> it seems like brady was a little bit off. >> he was not comfortable. >> over throwing, under throwing. >> without him they are not in this game. the line was like quit on cheese. nobody was helping out in terms of his receivers. the the only one was gronkowski. bill belichick flat out lost that game. >> what do you mean. >> they are down eight-point with six minutes to go, fourth down situation, they are in field goal range. kick the the field goal make it the a five-point game. denver is doing nothing in offense. you will get it back and you will win in the end. they didn't do that.
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>> clock management. >> it happens. >> sometimes. >> i don't know if this is on the air but in my monitor we have panthers/cardinals. boy, panthers looked good, don't they. >> they look like the team to be. the it be tough to beat that team on both sides of the football. what is interesting this super bowl match upcoming up with carolina and denver f you look at points scored and points allowed both are separated by only a point. they are very evenly matched teams despite the two different styles that they have, especially looking at the their offense source broncos offense and if you look at the defense if you are a at the broncos defense. >> who wins this game, broncos verse panthers. >> i think that the panthers are the more complete team in this scenario. they have a better offense. they have just as good a defense. broncos, they have payton manning as a quarterback but he hasn't been pay tongue manning for two years, really. >> so one touchdown this year.
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>> he has had quite a streak. >> week six they were six and zero and he said we're six and zero and still waiting for our first victory. >> just because he has not been the the guy to lead them. >> you are going panthers for super bowl victory. >> i am too. watching yesterday's game i always try to compare it to the eagles. watching these games with the eagles. i'm watching yesterday. i'm watching how great that panthers defense is. it reminded me of the jim johnson defense from years ago. i flash back to high school watching great eagles football. i'm thinking to myself, these guys, the the eagles could have waited a few more weeks and they could have had orchestrate or of that defense sean mcdermott. they could have got him. instead they have doug pederson. they didn't even interview him. >> i know, that is my problem. >> never on that radar. >> say it to yourself, eagles head coach is doug pederson. >> instead of sean mcdermott, super bowl winner.
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>> possibly. >> possibly. >> bob, who will you picky will go denver. i just denver because they beat new england. >> you don't know anything. >> get out of here. >> real quickly here, we have had hey big day of basketball here in philadelphia yesterday, because of the snow, everyone played yesterday. how about smu, 18-zero comes in number eight in the country and they go into north philadelphia and they get beat by temple owls. >> it was great because larry brown came here. it is larry brown. >> i like larry brown. >> but larry brown had a great comment at the end. it was very passive aggressive as you see him right there with the the fans storming the court. he said, oh, man, temple one of the most winningest teams in a all of college basketball storm the court for elite smu, you know, and very passive, very true larry brown. it was great. >> well, he said earlier in the year i cannot imagine, when i started this program at
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smu that anybody would circle smu, but that is a big game for most teams now in america. >> yes. >> i want to explain what i see happened to villanova number four in the country they lost to a very good providence team. >> yes good i'll tell you why they lost. >> let's roll footage of the villanova providence from the wells fargo center. i will tell you why they lost, because the the sixers had to delay their game, to last night to saturday, villanova could not put down their logo, on the the floor. they didn't have the big v for villanova on the center circle there. if you play on a sixers logo you will lose. >> that is it. >> good observation by you you. >> is that it. >> that is best analysis i have heard in sports. >> thank you. >> you were in high school in the mid 2,000's. >> yes. >> get out of here.
7:22 am
>> villanova, a big v on it, on the court. >> right. >> they were running over a sixers logo. >> as a temple guy i had no problem with that. >> is that a great win by temple. >> phenomenal win. >> they have beaten seven, top 25 teams, in the the last couple of years. >> um-hmm. >> they have been doing great. they have been doing phenomenal, they have beat cincinnati as well. no one expect them to do that. they have been doing it a phenomenal job. fran dunphy has them in the right direction, no question bit. >> last year when they came to temple too didn't they win. >> no, smu beat them three times last year and why temple didn't make the tournament now that they have beaten them and now maybe they can make the tournament. the station will catch on fire if i don't throw to break right now. here we go, thanks, guys. >> i felt like hugh and howie long there we will show you the east coast and shovel some snow.
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we cannot find chris murphy. also we will talk to the streets commissioner, you have a question for our streets commissioner, you know get on twit error facebook let us know your concerns. coming right back.
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♪ give it to me i'm worth it ♪ ♪ baby i'm worth it ♪ ♪ uh huh i'm worth it ♪ ♪ gimme gimme i'm worth it ♪ ♪ give it to me i'm worth it ♪ ♪ baby i'm worth it ♪
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some people say the blizzard of 2016, it was good timing. it felon a saturday so people didn't have to get to work. but the problem is, it still may have cost us, right lauren simoneti. >> it was expensive, not as expensive as we feared but early predictions, say this storm was 850 million-dollar. they were predicting a billion. so it is less. the the area which hit you, me, washington d.c., this is an area that does $16 billion in output per day. do you know on a machine through friday, that helps us. no major power outage. how did you fair with the storm. >> we did have some power outages, we did but here's the the thing, if no one had to go to work, why was the the cost so high. >> well, you know, restaurants, the bars and the shops were closed down but then other people say you had a big transfer of money.
7:27 am
maybe you didn't go to to your local store but you bought something on line instead. 300 movie theaters were closed down, so that could have affected broadway was shut down for a day. >> wow. >> you did have epic closures but people bought other things. you had to gear up. bought new hats, scarves, boots, we had a shifting of money. >> i had the baby out to see her first snow. >> i saw the picture, how did the baby handle it. >> cold. >> she was very confused. she was not cold. because i could not have bundled her more. she was sweating. she is like mommy what is this white stuff all around a me. >> i don't like it she tried to eat it. >> well, thank you so much, lauren, great to see you. >> yes. >> hopefully we won't have another one at least anytime soon. >> 7:27. we will be right back.
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look at this new born baby, rough timing here, meet the local mom who gave birth on the side of the road because her baby decided to come at a bad time. man, caught on the highway, the pennsylvania turnpike, backed up, they were caught here for 30 hours, on a bus. we have the the temple
7:31 am
gymnastics team here with the coach, they were stranded on that turnpike for 30 hours, can you imagine. >> it seems like they are having fun. >> they are in their 20's and they are young and having fun. sue, real quickly here, what is the temperature like right now. >> the temperature is in the mid 20's. >> yeah. >> some of the suburbs, we have had teens, so bus stop buddy is bundled up. playing out in the snow. just about every school is off. seven out of ten. is there the exact number. 25 degrees to answer your question. and there is no wind chill. and there is not much win. so we have temperatures in the teens to the north of us, 18 in reading, 15 in trenton. eight in millville. and right now. and then the planner is for a high of 36 degrees. we will have a chance to do a little bit of melting today and then this is as soon as the sunsets and temperature drop below freezing, everything will freeze up all over again. that is the cycle after a storm like this sunset time is
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5:11, bob kelly. >> good morning, sue, good morning, everybody. 7:31. bun a rough go. first folks, it could be worse, look at this guy here headfirst in the the snowdrift right here, along route 309, right near or villa. so icy conditions. already delayed. take your time. for many it is first time you are driving the car since the storm hit . an accident on the ramps from route 07 to 295. accident in both directions on the extension between mid county and lansdale, and here's the latest from september, no serve is on the norristown line between bryn mawr and norristown, all of the regional rails are attempting full service but already delays up to about a half an hour, watch for the slippery platforms, the the stairs, and there is limited parking spots at all of the septa stations, mike and alex, back over to you. i'm looking up and down my twitter feed here.
7:33 am
fishtown, i need a plow. hey ryan in the control room i'm sending you a bunch of tweet is here. lets get our streets commissioner on the phone right now, hey, don, welcome to "good day philadelphia" again. >> how are you mike. >> i'm fine. of course, on a day like today i'm getting tweet after tweet, in plow down my street but i know you are out there the. i see the plows and big dump trucks with snow taking snow off to different places. you are plowing. what can i say to my friend on twitter. >> well, a storm of this magnitude, it is real difficult, mike. the the situation happens where the storm comes, we have some streets that were serviceable in the beginning of the storm and after they were serviced we had another 12 inches of snow. then we had wind drifts that took some neighborhoods up to 39 inches, totallal when you add snowdrifts. it is a continuous battle.
7:34 am
we will tell resident in the storm of this magnitude it tease us 27 hours to get to every street. >> seventy-two hours to get to everybody, right. >> to everyone, exactly. our main focus initially is those primary and secondary roads to get septa up and running. also, primary to get these secondary streets opened so individuals can get to work. the then and these other streets are a challenge for us with this accumulation of 22 inches. where we're still turning at it. we're not neglecting anyone. it is a battle. we have been out there since the first flake and we are still battling today. >> and, in the control room, tell me where this street is. this is in west philadelphia. this is a live shot, thinks a street that needs to be plowed. it it does than the look like it has been plowed, maybe. >> i do see that.
7:35 am
it looks like it may have been plowed. you see snow pushed up, that is a plow went through, early. >> the the plow did that. >> exactly, exactly. so these are streets that we are talking about that may have gotten serviced at the beginning of the storm but then received another foot of snow just after. but the actual snow pile near the the car shows a plow did go through there at some point. >> look the at this guy double park. that is a challenge. some neighborhoods where parking is a challenge, we had individuals who impede our progress at times. we had to make ways to get through blocks where you become on the back end. it was a difficult storm, just from the the length of the storm, again, it started on friday, and it didn't end until midnight sunday. so it was a challenge again, our responsibility is to the citizens of
7:36 am
philadelphia our responsibility is to try to make these streets as safe as possible. we're still plowing. we have 200 pieces of equipment out lifting the snow, that have been pushed on the corners to clear these storm drains. it is a process. this being the fourth largest snowstorm in our history i think we have done good so far but we are trying to make sure everyone has service we should have. >> again, control room, this is south philadelphia, can you give me a street here because this thing look like a mess. the also, don real quickly i was talking to a guy on market street this morning. they say that they are putting the the snow into giant dump trucks and taking to it port richmond is that accurate. >> i think i lost don. >> hello. >> are we -- i see dump trucks going by with absolutely loaded to the rim with snow, in the dump trucks, where do
7:37 am
you take all that snow. >> we have designated locations throughout the city, that we identified place that he is we can dump the snow, some city installations, some isolations are places that we work with other departments to secure. again you saw we a snow melter out there to melt some of this snow. it is a type of storm you have to pull out all stops and address everything from every angle. snow melts hasn't been used in over 16 years and we had to bureau that from a particular department and we are looking at ways to remove this snow as soon as possible but dump trucks hauling the the snow, snow melter, the 200 crews, and other aspects. >> i want to see this snow melter can you bring it by fourth and market, i want to use it. >> it was at fourth and market last night. >> i want to physically use it myself. >> it is really cool. >> that is something we will try to do different.
7:38 am
we are trying to do anything and everything possible to remove this snow. streets like you are showing, are streets we will be working at for next day or so trying to get these streets cleared. it is a challenge. >> good luck to you. i know you have been on the job for about two weeks now. >> about two weeks now, yes. >> welcome. good luck to you today. 7:38. we will take a quick break. we will go out to the streets when we come back.
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come to, please plow my street. >> there are so many areas. they are saying we need help out here. >> we will get to south philadelphia a then we will take care of the other sections of the city. there is jen. >> hey, here's what i want to say. there is some pretty bad road, pretty bad streets. like this is, this is the 2600 block of south hicks street. and this is, a mess. like the streets commissioner said you can see a plow went through at some point but also like you said there was then half a blizzard that came afterwards. but mike the the photographer and i have been seeing is that number one, this was an epic, record snowfall. we all know that right.
7:42 am
so look at this. this is shunk. i mean in years past a road like this this would not have been cleared for a week or more. we used to do what is bugging you stories and come out here. this type of the road was never, ever cleared. so there are many, many side roads, that are cleared. then there is roads like this that are not clear. i think we have talked to a couple people around this area of south philadelphia specifically who said that they put their car in a lot because sue said this would happen or they park on the end so they tried to get out easier. the the news, i keep saying it, it is pretty good, and pretty bad. >> hey jen, backup, i'm so oldy remember john street administration. >> yes, yes. >> reporter: didn't he create the little bit i plow that could go down a street that you can go down the street like that. where are they now. >> reporter: for tv because people are tweeting us streets like this we are seeing these.
7:43 am
we have seen plenty of streets just as narrow as this that are clear there are plenty of streets on clear. people are yelling at the me because i'm talking about the the fact would i say 50 percent maybe even more are clear. this is the abnormality, i want to you know that. this is real, but it is not the overwhelming story, in south philadelphia. >> if your treaties clogged with snow, the the most important street to you is yours. >> that makes sense. >> but she said it is 5050, at least in philadelphia. >> we will go to west philadelphia, north fill and get you covered here after the break.
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7:45 am
7:46 am
the wildwoods got a lot of national attention. >> we were showing videos of the flooding going own there. we have north wildwood mayor patrick on the phone. >> mr. mayor. >> why i, good morning. >> what does it look like there. >> it is a a beautiful day at the shore. sunnies out. the ocean has calmed down. we just to have start the clean up now. >> we are looking at the flooding here. storm surge was a food higher than sandy. >> it was, yeah. on at day morning, and that is really what was unexpected,
7:47 am
saturday morning as that tide came in we expect it to come in at eight and a half feet which would have been a half foot under what we saw during sandy, it ended up, coming this to about nine and a half foot, a half of food over what we saw during sandy. that doesn't sound like a lot six to 10 inches but that is the difference between water, coming into some of the lower setting homes or not. that is what we started to experience on saturday morning. >> was water coming from the ocean or from the bay. >> you know that was also something that was different during her kane sandy, then saturday. during hurricane sandy, it was almost exclusively water coming up from the bay. just because of the way, hurricane sandy hit the coast. during this northeast to ter we actually started flooding first up by the light house and it is at the very northeastern point of the island. so the nor'easter that close
7:48 am
and intensified we were getting 60 plus mile an hour gusts from the north east, driving waves, over our sea wall. so we started to get ocean water flooding, early which was then, compounded as the bay levels rose. >> here's another thing that was mentioned over the weekend, governor christie said that you know, if the shore towns would just build up these dunes, some resisted building dunes, we wouldn't have this problem. is what your reaction to that. >> i will say north wildwood is very fortunate in that about seven or eight years ago the army core of engineers completed a sea wall on our northeast section a mile and a quarter long. without that sea wall this storm would have been much, much worse for us. that really protected a huge part of the town. likewise our dunes, while they took a major beating during this storm, that helped, they helped tremendously. the obviously dunes and sea walls will not stop the bay from coming up but they do
7:49 am
their job on the ocean, there is no question bit because had this storm hit us in the years before we had our full engineered beach, this storm would have been absolutely devastating. >> mr. mayor still when we're looking at this damage, it still looks bad. we have to say some resident who say we don't like the fact that governor christie made it seem like it is not the so bad. >> i think that there was some misunderstanding and miscommunication there first, i don't think the the state realized what was going on, on the ground on saturday morning. i think it was somewhat localized. the level that we saw, a apparently were localized to avalon, south, through cape may. but tide gauges don't like. i know wildwood and other areas exceeded sandy and on the ground, that we agreed
7:50 am
with those gauges because that is what we were seeingy don't want to interrupt you but you can tell that the governor did not go down to the wildwood because he never would have said hey lets all go out and enjoy this sunday, had he seen this? he undoubt thely did not go far enough south to see all this flood damage and if we knew it was this bad sad day morning because we had it live on our air. >> yes, i saw the the fox 29 van all over town saturday morning during the storm. >> apparently the governor wasn't watching us because we had video footage to prove that things were bad in the wildwoods, in margate, and all the way down the shore. >> have you talked to governor christie has he called you, reached out to you. >> i have not spoken with the governor directly. i have spoken to several mens of his staff, but we are expecting lieutenant governor and commissioner of the dep
7:51 am
here today to see some of the damage firsthand but i have not spoken with the governor. >> if you want to get a hold of him, he is in iowa. all right, mr. mayor, thank you. >> thank you. 7:51. >> we are thinking of everyone in north wildwood down the shore. >> that is for sure. >> all right, sue, i would imagine most people are not the down the the shore because it is the middle of the winter. >> when sandy hit, it was closer to the time when there was more population there but icy start to the day to day, sunny skies, some melting on the way but then we are watching possibility of another storm, another possible coastal storm but there is model disagreement. thirty-six today. forty-three today. forty on wednesday. we will see gradual warming trend toward weekend but thursday into friday is when we are watching for possibility of coastal storm. but first lets recover from this one. it is not easy. >> it nights easy out there it is not easy in here either.
7:52 am
7:51 heading out of the front door. port richmond here we go aramingo avenue and somerset an example of the neighborhoods, germantown, manayunk, north east, south east, southwest, again, rough go, once you dig yourself out, again anything that looks wet is most likely iced over. live look at i-95, lighter than normal volume on the major roadways so far but an accident over here on route 70, ramps to and from 295 are blocked at norristown high speed line and servicing only bryn mawr up to norristown, alex, back over to you. >> thanks very much. 7:52. from pandas in the the snow to a man in the panda costume these are some of the wild video that had us talking from the blizzard of 2016. one way to entertain yourself.
7:53 am
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
boy, not much going on at the airport. >> no. >> officials say airports in new york city, philadelphia, baltimore are resuming very limited services this morning. the right now you are looking live, at philadelphia international airport. more than 800 flights were canceled by major airlines, but most intend to resume services today. the runways are clear. they did a good job. i see a plane moving there. >> but usually we will see more than this. >> a lot more. >> yes, but, you know what, some tarmacs, some tarmacs still covered in snow. look at that. >> okay. >> the headlines said it all, digging out. >> true. >> so chris murphy, he is a strapping young man. >> yes. >> he has a shovel. he has gone to germantown. we have a lot of tweets from germantown, help. >> hey guys, i got to tell you it is a mess here in germantown. parts of the center city, they are plowed. here in germantown. we are at the corner of knox. do you see that gray jeep back
7:57 am
there past the stop sign this guy hats been spinning his wheels for ten minutes. he is stuck. as are so many other people living here on knox street. this is something you look at there, this is a handicapped spot. she has literally no where to go. i could dig her out but she could not back out the because of this big giant joe mount that was left by the the plow. the plow has had to stop because this dodge suv was basically stuck right in the middle of the knox street when the storm hit friday night and all day saturday. let's run over here and talk to faith, if you can, faith, thank you for coming out in the cold. this is your minivan in the handicapped spot. >> yes, good morning. >> are you frustrated. >> are frustrated with what they have done. i'm a disable person. the signs are there. they came in and plowed me in this other vehicle has been sitting here and we don't know who it belongs to. >> it is blocking the road. the plows cannot the get
7:58 am
around here. >> is there nothing you can do. >> what will you do. >> i can't do anything. i have had to cancel my appointments i have for this week because there is in way to get out and do anything. i will to have go catch buses. >> you have lived here since 1972. have you ever been stuck like this. >> no, it has never been this bad. i thought mayor nutter was worse then this but this marries something else. >> you want city hall to help you out. >> city hall need to do something about this problem. >> reporter: you are on knox street. you want knox street cleared. >> we want knox street cleared. >> hopefully you have enough patient toss get through the the day. will you take the bus. >> i'm not the sure, i will just cans my appointments for the day. >> do you need a hug. >> yes. >> get through the day can i at least dig part of your van out, report. >> yes. >> i wish you the best. >> this guy need help digging out. the lets walk up here real
7:59 am
quickly. we love you thanks for watching fox 29. come than up here, how are you doing what happened. >> you are stuck. >> wait, you guys have an suv, four-wheel drive. what the in the world is going on did you think you would have travel were four wheel drive here. >> we didn't think we would have any trouble. >> reporter: is what your name. >> seane. >> is what your name. >> al. >> reporter: how are you doing. >> i'm doing good. >> it looks like were you spinning, spinning, spinning and where are you heading. >> well, trying to go to work. >> trying to go to work. >> do you think you will be late. >> oh, i will be late. >> you have a germantown neighbor faith who is frustrated because she's stuck here. it looks like your neighbors will have a hard time getting to work. >> i don't think anybody is getting to work on time at all. >> none of the buses are running, the the h, 53, none of that is running right now. we have no option but to drive if you can. >> i have a shovel.
8:00 am
i will go help you guys out. >> thank you we are head to go mt. airy because people in mt. airy are stuck too. >> oh, yeah. >> i think shawne needs a hug. >> i you just want to give her a hug. >> her boyfriend is right here. >> she is pretty. >> very pretty. >> if you have an area that need to be plowed and you need chris movie toy go out tweet us using had hashtag fox 29 snow. remember, you just did an interview with the philadelphia streets commissioner. he said you have to give us 72 hours to get to these streets. >> should we roll an open to make it seem official. wire digging out from the city to the suburbs to the shore, the clean up continues, after the the blizzard of 2016. what you need to know right
8:01 am
now. and school's out this morning, it is a snow day, tune in before you head out. the closures around the delaware valley this morning. and temple on the turn pike, temple gymnastics team stuck in the snow for 27 hours. they are with us in the studio blizzard baby boom, big prediction from nine months from now. popular app a lot of you were down loading during the storm. we know what you were doing. >> what? >> i cannot beat that. >> that is a adorable. >> yes, it is a snow day, hey, kids. go out and play. all philadelphia arch a diocese and public schools, are closed to day, because of what did we get, sue? we got 22 inches officially at the airport. >> two 2.4. >> two 2.4. >> since the kids are at home
8:02 am
and two 2.4 is a lot of snow to play w we will want to see how you are enjoying your snow. send us photos using hashtag fox 29 snow. >> idea file to you beat the the cute picture we just saw of the kids in the laundry basket. >> but we are worried about the roads here. we have people sending in pictures of the roadways. this is west philadelphia street, still snow covered. >> look at that. >> that looks pretty darn good to tell you the truth. >> compared to other areas. >> yes. >> that is what we want to see nasty pictures. >> traffic? , bob. >> mike said it earlier this is first day driving the car out of the driveway and a lot of clearing off but watch it. everything is iced over. we have snow. here's live look at 295 at the ramp for route 7o ramps are closed. and with temperatures at 25 degrees. fit looks wet it is most likely icy. here's the platt bridge coming into southwest philadelphia, all it will take is for your tires to kind of clip that
8:03 am
snow that has not been moved off of the roadway. we have had a number of accidents so far this morning. the let's go to septa norristown high speed line operating no service bryn mawr to norristown. they will attempt for full service all across the game. delays upwards of a half an hour on some of the trains, slippery platforms, it is limiting parking spot at all of the septa a lot here. your best betties to go to, click on the system status, and for your exact train or bus and then again, the bus detours and delays will all depend upon what the streets are like in each different neighborhood. so they will attempt full services there today as well. new jersey transit, running with 20 minute delays, amtrak on a modified schedule. patco and dart attempting full service. the as we have been showing you all morning long if the streets are block the buses will not work their way up. we have check with the airport. they are slowly but surely getting back. your best bet if you have a ticket, check with your airline, your individual airline for the the flight status before you head to the
8:04 am
airport. sue, back over to you. >> so now that the sunnies up, bob kelly, we will have additional sun glare to what we would normally see on a morning like this because of the snow pack. but we're giving you a seven out of ten because we expect to get above freezing today. bus stop buddy ready with his shovel, clean up, and the sled, let's have some fun today. sunshine and temperatures in the teens and 20's to get started this morning. the shady spots could still see black ice. no wind chill to talk about. just temperatures that are pretty cold, ebb with the sun up. it is only 5 degrees in millville right now. these are headlines. icy start to the day and we have, plenty of sunshine, some melting but we are watching forstrom later in the week. use that hashtag fox 29 snow. we will keep track of it all and thank you very much, all on social media this morning. can you believe how many pictures we got on saturday. >> i just got this one in, five seconds ago from james
8:05 am
adorna, please help. 800 block of the watkins street, basically ninth and watkins, and then using the hashtag 311 is a joke. >> people are frustrated out there. >> we tried calling it earlier this morning right around six, i guess we should try again and see if we can get through. >> it just went to their web site. >> it says go to the web site. >> reporters there covering a lot of the hard hit area this morning. dave kinchen is in allentown where they have set a two day snow record this weekend. 31.9 inches. the chris murphy is on the move in germantown but we have to start with steve keeley. >> steve keeley live at the shore with all of that flooding, hi there, steve. >> reporter: mike, we have work our way south from sea isle at 4:00a a.m. and out to west wildwood. they always seem to get pummeled the worst in any kind of a storm. here we are. you can see full tides meant
8:06 am
full tilt for this motor boat where the engine is now scraping the street. you can see no parking here to corner. at least that boat is legally parked because he is in the on the yellow line. very cold down here. you can see poplar fee we can make it polar street because it is a street of ice here. you coon see a lot of the stuff that was somewhere and where it isn't supposed to be. this mailbox here not for this address because they have their mailbox. who knows what neighbor that mailbox came from. i don't know if mail delivery is back to normal. they didn't have mail delivery. you can see the force of the water coming up here, it pushed up this driveway 3-inch thick concrete there and we are seeing sewer lids that are in where near the holes that they came from. this is near some kind of column hole but the the concrete came up have the the last time they had a newspaper delivery was inquirer. we didn't position it like
8:07 am
this this is how it stood, braced for the worst. looking down the driveway is there somebody's wedding, somebody home here, i don't know if they will come out, but they will go on, and, and sheet, and we are starting to see power trucks, coming by, and, salt trucks, here comes a salt truck, ice covered this road was, as the clean up continues, and pick up continues, look at the back bay. look at that reflection on on there. it is a smooth sheet have of glass this morning after being torn apart. the there is another home own's cross the bay there looking to see how bad things might have been but good news is when you see utility crews walking around and fix up crews going by us right now that means new jersey knows how to come back from storms and come back has already begun, alex and mike. >> thanks very much, steve. >> unreal. i saw so many reports from the wildwoods, on national television over the weekend with all of that flooding.
8:08 am
my goodness. ice water basically in your homes. >> like the mayor said the storm surge in north wildwood is a foot the higher than sandy three years ago. >> yes, a nor'easter. from flooding down short to 30 plus inches of snow in allentown. >> look at this. >> yes. >> that is down the the shore, we're going to allentown now. thinks a time lapse of the blizzard rolling in over the weekend. >> look at that. >> look at all that snow. >> that is where dave kinchen thinks morning. >> hey dave. >> up here nearly 32 inches of snow. a record here in allentown. look at the traffic jams. these are people who were able to get out of their driveways, and garages, of course, that wouldn't be a problem. if they are park in the side street like this well, they are not going anywhere. take a look at these vehicles in the snow stacked up almost as high as the vehicles but looking further back i can
8:09 am
barely see some cars. i can see more snow then cars. some people are digging out, cutaways to try to get out of there, other people they just said they are not going to work. we know buses are running, later. they had a delay up to noon. now the bus system is delayed just until 9:00 o'clock. less than an hour the the buses will be moving here. we also know the allentown public schools aren't closed, another look, down, seventh street right here. people are moving very, very slow. this is a smooth ride. people are in the going very far. good news is that the roads are at least a little bit more passable because of all of the traffic. i have to tell you when we came up here this morning it it was bad, not only was it hard flying to find parking, for the the truck but it it was like a park steady improvement. >> it looks like there is a lot of improvement to see
8:10 am
those doors moving down. good thing they are taking things down. >> yep. >> thanks so much, dave. keep send us your snow picture using the hashtag fox 29 snow. this one says, lou and t out and b they are bundled up as they should be. but keep sending them use the hashtag fox 29 snow. we will want to sees what you are doing with the kids we know schools are closed. we want to see what you are doing with as far as shoveling your cars and your roadways. 8:10. temple on the turnpike did you hear about this story can you imagine being stuck in the snow for more than 20 something hours. temple gymnastics team that is what happened to them. what they did to keep busy. >> they are in our studio next. (vo) if you have type 2 diabetes,
8:11 am
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8:13 am
the bills started to pile up. i had nothing to give. we had nothing in the refrigerator. i would be dead and not sitting here right now if it wasn't for pond lehocky. we're still shut down i295 ram tops and from route 70 all because of an accident and some icy conditions. here's a live look at state and linden in the middle of your screen there you can see that right turning lane still snow covered. for a lot of folks, this is first day trying to drive in
8:14 am
the snow. market frankford line, alex tweeted me a picture from one of our viewers of a small fire along the tracks of the market frankford line. we are waiting on comfort nation on septa, and ppa not enforcing meters or kiosk parking but make sure you clean all of the snow off the car. don't be reeling out of the driveway and put that snow back on the roadway. we have up to delays, about a half an hour. watch for slippery spots on the platforms and no service on the norristown line from bryn mawr to norristown. >> yes. >> well, the the snow will go splat. quick look at the radar. the storm that was the blizzard of 2016, it is now, threatening to myth the british aisles with tons of rain. so this thing is still, wreaking havoc, but for us, it
8:15 am
is just cold. it is 25 degrees, in philadelphia, it is 16 up in allentown where they are still digging out from that record snowfall, and 15 degrees in millville. it is contagious now. anyway, it is looking okay for the the rest of the week. small amount of rain, tomorrow afternoon and evening. that shouldn't be a big deal. we are watching possibility of the coastal storm towards the end of the week but there is uncertainty about that one. that is your seven day forecast, mike. >> at 8:15 we are trying to recreate what it was like on the temple university gymnastic bus, on the pennsylvania turnpike. how are you everybody. >> hi. >> three cheers for the bus driver. >> would i say, let's move but the the bus wasn't moving. >> no. >> coach good to see you. >> give me your full name. >> sale em beasley. >> you are the coaching of the temple gymnastics team. >> yes.
8:16 am
>> we have two of the members of the team, is what your name. >> hanna. >> hanna. >> and reagan. >> reagan. >> welcome. >> we have bob, alex and sue. >> we're in charge of the snacks. >> they were stuck in the snow on the pennsylvania turn pike for 30 hours. >> yes. >> where were you going. >> we were heading to the university of pittsburgh and i had a competition. >> did you not make it we did not make it. >> where were you stuck. >> we were stuck on a incline, the turnpike, which why is the difficulty happened. >> trying to get through you. >> yes, in between bedford and johnstown pennsylvania. >> thirty hours. please tell me there was a rest room of the bus. >> we did have a rest room. >> please tell me we had heat. >> we had heat, yes. >> and the bus was able to stay running for the the 30 hours. >> we had a large amount of gas in the tank which was very helpful. >> reagan. >> yes. >> what did you do for 30
8:17 am
hours did you ever get off the bus. >> we did, some of us decided we wanted to take a walk, see what the traffic was like. >> sure. >> enjoy bedford. >> you know, abe we also did watch movies. a few of us did homework and caught up with some reading. >> you guys are good students then doing homework being productive. >> have you ever been through anything like this good definitely not. this was a once any a lifetime experience. >> are you from the state of texas. >> yes. >> do you get snow like this. >> no, mostly ice, if anything but definitely not 2 feet of snow on the side of a road. >> i have a big question, ladies, if you were on the bus at 30 hours what hour were you thinking thinks enough, i got to get out of here. >> when it was all said and done it didn't feel like 30 hours because we all looked ahead, maybe one more hour,
8:18 am
maybe three more hours we will get off. >> what burr cell phones did everybody have a cell phone. >> we did, and it didn't work, so we ended up having to charge our phones and lap tops. a few of the girls had portable chargers that we had charged. we did. we were able to continue to have power, through our phones but it was difficult. >> coach were you ever nervous. >> i don't think we got the to that point. we tried to to stay upbeat. we knew we were going to get out. it was uncomfortable for a little while but never did we get to the point where we were fearful. >> there were a lot of cars. >> yes. >> stopped, right. >> yes. >> i have heard duquesne's mens basketball team was out there. >> we heard that as well. we never found them. >> that would have been fun, girls, and guys. >> mike? >> yes. always trying to start
8:19 am
something. >> lets look at this footage. >> it is just unreal. did anybody tell you what started all of this? was somebody stalled up way ahead of you. >> yes, because we were on that incline some of the tractor trailers weren't able to get up the hill. at the point where we were stuck there was only 2 inches of snow on the ground but the trucks weren't able to get up so they were stalling and then just ended up getting stuck, and that caused pile up. you watched it from 2 inches to 20 as you saw on the puts. the wheels on the the bus don't go round and round. >> did you guys dig it up, did everybody in get out the when it came town to move. >> we got plowed out. >> the turnpike commission came in, removed the barrier so we could get on the other side of the turnpike which had been plowed. >> when dit start. >> we left campus at 2:00 o'clock friday afternoon. >> you got back to campus when
8:20 am
>> 7:00 o'clock last night. >> and then they did this, they let out the a cheer, welcome home. >> well, maybe they didn't. >> there you go. >> welcome home, everybody. >> yeah. >> how is the team doing. >> we are doing very well. we have won some of our conference competitions, it is early in our season. we have a large stretch less for this year. >> had they made to it pit they would have beaten pit. >> that was our goal. >> good to have you all back. >> thank you. >> let me pull this thing over. let's go find jen fredrick what do you say.
8:21 am
>> yes. >> okay, guys. it doesn't look that bad and then there is a wall, there is a wall at the end of the street. come on back we will tell you where we are in south philadelphia, the the music is nice. roads are not.
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
look at this. is this a trope footage, megan? >> yes. >> they send up a drone. is that the the drone too, megan? havertown. so that is a drone, somebody sent down their street. >> yes. >> look at that. >> i said dave edward >> that is kind of cool. >> i want a drone. >> i need a drone. >> we code need a drone. >> we have to register it. >> it is more than 4-ounces. >> more than 4-ounces you have to register it. >> that is a cool shot. >> that is a good one.
8:25 am
>> see i thought i was doing something because yesterday i went out and started to take pictures of the snow. i have to show you my pictures because i got a new camera over the holidays. he is not paying attention at all. >> can we punch up this mobile unit that is driving a along. do we know where this is. it is in mt. airy. >> yes. >> this street looks great. >> that might be chris murphy, chris murphy started in germantown and headed to mt. airy to some of the side streets that have not the been cleared like this one but that looks good. >> it does look good. >> i will tell what you street that is but i don't know it is a lot harder for the residential streets. >> we are coming to you. >> chris will help you shovel. are you going to read this.. >> that is a joke, right the. >> now you have to read it because everybody is wondering. >> i'm not the reading that. >> okay. is that what we just saw. >> no, now we're talking about something else.
8:26 am
>> my favorite footage from over the weekend. >> that was great. >> the panda at the washington d.c. zoo. you you cannot beat this. the panda goes, you know, it took me, you took me from my country and mike me live in the cage. thank goodness it is finally snow. he just loved it. is that fantastic. >> that is so cute. >> so cute. >> yes. >> so people across the country started acting like this, there is a guy in maryland, not the far from the zoo, he dressed up as a panda outfit. his name is jeffery perez. he puts his suit on and tried to recreate the footage from the zoo. even touching the bottom paw. >> who has a full panda suit. >> is this what he was for halloween. >> i tried to find a panda outfit for chris movie toy get the in today to do this but we
8:27 am
could not find one. >> we cannot find a squirrel outfit. >> true. >> are you sure you don't want to read what that says. >> no, no. >> okay. >> keep sending your pictures. megan, do we have any. i can't. i can't. cute. >> adorable. >> okay. >> bad, not cute, thanks john farly. >> the city blocked us in by snowing off oregon avenue on to the 2600 block of chadwick street.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
well, it is 8:30. should we call it a blizzard baby boom. big predictions nine months from now. popular app that apparently a lot of you were down loading, during the storm, um-hmm.
8:31 am
we're on to you. and there is some heat in all of this snow. the devil has come to los angeles. what the devil? fox's new show lucifer is premiering tonight. i have seen parts of this show, and it looks like it the is going to be good. lucifer. >> lucifer. >> yes. >> you shouldn't play about the devil. >> a show about the devil. >> i know, but i hear it is pretty good. >> i will watch i have seen parts of it. >> look, from lucifer to bob kelly. >> there you go. 8:31. rough go here, thinks 295 and ramps for route 07 in cherry hill, new jersey. iced over. police on the scene. today is first day for a lot of us driving in the snow. thinks 202 at montgomery county. police are on the scene of the crash. septa attempting full services but there air lot of delays on the regional rail lines.
8:32 am
some slippery platforms, the stairs, the parking spots are limited because of all of the snow. no services between bryn mawr and norristown, on the high speed line, this morning, but the buses and trolleys, they are trying their best, but the the buses detour will depend on the conditions of the streets and different neighborhood. we have chris murphy out and about doing some plowing for us. your best bet go to check systems status of your particular bus or train and that is best way to stay up to date. so we have some sun glare now. >> it is made worse by the snow pack now because that will make it even brighter. butt are buddy is off but he has plenty to do. bundled up. a little shoveling and sledding. temperatures in the teens and 20's. as we just mentioned, very bright, sunshine. so it is a seven out of ten in your weather by the numbers and there is our snow covered neighborhood, 25 degrees right now, and at 16 in allentown.
8:33 am
11 degrees in lancaster. five in millville. seventeen in wilmington. getting to a high of 36 degrees. so with this sun, and inching just at least a little bit a above freezing we will have some melting today and then, tonight, down to 29 degrees and refreezing. we will get melting and then it freezing up again tonight. >> shall we hit the streets. >> lets go back out in the street. >> i think jen is still in south philadelphia, jen. >> hi, guys, we are at chadwick and ritner street. we're kind of ritner you will know, it is cash a's bakery we go there on thanksgiving. this is traffic. we thought it is plowable, shovellable but then you turnaround, and then you realize, there is a snowplow wall, okay. so even if these people, i will say, they probably did it this way because it is one waying ago this way but goodness gracious look at this car, completely plowed in. people are talking about
8:34 am
problems this is the problem. people can get by here or ritner but trying to get through on chadwick, that is where the problem is. mike, we have talk bit. it is the small streets in south philadelphia that are the problem. ritner obviously is not a huge, huge street. but as you can see it has been plowed, many, many times. a lot of these roads have been salted, so, while of course there are roads that look like this because of plowing, and snow, and everything, there are plenty of roads that are super clear. epic snow storm, south philadelphia, perfect storm for parking problems, back to you guys. >> yep, understandable. we are trying to get to many parts of the city to day. by the the way, real quickly here do you see what happened to d.c. over the weekend. they had a snowball fight that they organized on twitter but it had a star wars theme. >> it certainly did. >> and they are enjoying
8:35 am
themselves. we are seeing how hollywood stars pass the the time during the storm. in d.c. this one couple, their photos, engagement photos they took during the photos. >> alexis and johnny enjoying the snow in glenside, pennsylvania to our north. thank you lah toia. beyond natural grain free pet food
8:36 am
is committed to truth on the label. when we say real meat is the first ingredient, it is always number one. we leave out poultry by-product meal, corn, wheat and soy. and, we own where our dry food is made - 100%. can other brands say all that? for grain-free nutrition you can trust, does your food go beyond? learn more at
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8:38 am
everybody needs help. that main road in allentown is clear. other road in allentown side streets, bad. 32 inches of snow in allentown, wow. >> so, up in manhattan they got hit, new york city, they got more snow that was forecast ted, maybe 30 inches, something like that. so, celebrities, they went
8:39 am
out, and because they had a driving band, this there were no tabs on the street, quiet. >> just walk around like normal people. >> yes, like jerry seinfeld on the upper west side he went over to central park. the there is his wife jessica with him playing in central park. i think that was jed because skies were pretty clear. >> then ivanka trump she pick up her son looking cool in her sun glasses. she posted instagram of her making snow angels in park avenue new york. >> park avenue saturday news it. >> hugh jackmanny believe his name. >> yes. >> he decided to have a snowball fight. he is 4.6 million followers. he got pelted with snow. he wrote what to do after the blizzard of 2016. let's have a snowball fight. >> can you teach me how to do that slow motion stuff. >> i can show you video. >> justin, now he is, is that the dude married to jennifer
8:40 am
aniston. >> yes. >> look at him. >> wow. >> he is gone,. >> complete thely gone. >> like a magic trick or something going on. >> that is really good. >> alex baldwin shared a picture of his wife, look at that. >> she's a ohio and struck or of course. >> they did yoga pose in the middle of the street in new york city. >> wait a minute those are two women, right. >> i think alex baldwin took the picture. >> yes. >> and then you know i saw cnn was doing a interview and aero smith walked by. >> i saw that. >> what is his name steven tyler and his daughter l iv, walk up, and they did an interview. >> and then this couple, in d.c., they decided because they need engagement photo to go out in the middle of the blizzard and tape their engagement photo. they have been so great. all they did was run around.
8:41 am
they wanted to take pictures of the snow. so they had had everything on stand by. the blizzard is coming. so let's go we will go out here. there is one that is so cute of them like kissing in the middle of the roadway. adorable. >> their lips got locked. >> look the at that. >> is that romantic. >> their lips got stuck together. >> they both went over and licked a metal pole and their tongs got stuck. >> this is what you want in love. >> yes. >> you like that romantic stuff. >> yes, it is a cute idea. >> yeah. >> blizzard, you know, relationship goal, picture goals. >> that is lovely. >> what did i do yesterday. >> stayed insidey went out and took picture by myself. >> is there a pretty picture of you walking down the street. >> i took that by myself. >> how is that possible. >> no, no. >> no, somebody took that. >> there is no way you took
8:42 am
that picture it is called a try pot. >> you have a a tripod. >> i have to show you. it is on my instagram alex holley to tv. >> you are like kim kardashian. >> no. >> you took that. >> i took that. >> that is like a model pose. >> thanks, mike. >> look great. >> so sweet. >> if i had my friend, i would show you. >> maybe you will find a man and you will take engagement photos. >> thanks, mikey don't need that i have fun by myself. >> i was doing something i could not tell you what it was. >> what were you doing he still won't tell me what you were doing. >> it was so embarrassing, and it has to do with chris. >> where are you now. >> unaudible. >> if we dig all of this out. >> yeah, he is so cold his microphone is buried in his coat. we will pull his mike out of
8:43 am
his coat and see what he is doing. he is trying to help the people in mt. airy. hi, don't look frustrated he will be fine, we will be fine after the break. the republicans in harrisburg were fighting each other over the state budget. that's right. each other. the republican state senate passed a responsible budget that "begins" to fund education but the republican house of representatives has insisted on a budget that fails to fund education and balloons the deficit. call your legislator, tell them to pass a budget that's right for pennsylvania.
8:44 am
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8:46 am
whole big giant storm, happiest faces of all we are looking at this beautiful scene, pocono mountains sky top lodge. they have a decent snowfall of real snow after a rough start to their winter. 8:46 is the time. we have an icey start, went sunshine especially shady spots, watch out there could still be slippery, areas, sunny, skies, just like now, all day licensing until 5:11 sunset, some melting, and then yeah, the possibility there of another storm coming up a little later this week. we hope you were with us on saturday for a live storm coverage because you would have gotten a family action going on. alex do you remember this when my brother. >> yes. >> yeah, i was interviewing him. >> isn't he cute. >> that is mike serio who was here to shoot villanova game.
8:47 am
meaning he would run camera forville know of game but it was canceled. he had to wait a day, and then he did his job yesterday. he does freelance camera work on the weekends. i don't get to see him very much. this is great. >> when he came we basically put him to work. >> we did. >> he was setting up things. >> he loved it. >> i felt so bad. >> he was nice bit. >> that was great. >> so nice to meet him again sue. >> i know. >> nothing like family. people all around the area still digging themselves out from the blizzard, know storm dumped almost 23 inches on our area in the sit a loan. this is fourth largest snowstorm we have seen here in philadelphia chris murphy, we have been sending him out. people are still trying to basically goat out of their driveways, chris? >> one car and this is where it was, guys on gilbert street in mt. airy and in large part it is probably due to this. the ice melt that they used.
8:48 am
to take a look at gilbert street. it looks like the plow went down the the street and stopped and then just backup. so if some of these cars you see here, tried to get out, and this would be a lot of dig to go get this car out if they drove forward is there no where to go. they would have to back down the the the street and try to get out. now there is crystal here. you live here. >> yes. >> on gilbert. how are you. >> good. >> you look beautiful with your lipstick on. she said i want to run inside and put lipstick on. so you did. what will happen here. are you guys kind of paralyzed here. >> yes. >> this is frustrating. >> we had neighbors outside, but we ran out of steam. >> it is a lot of work. this is heavy, heavy snow. do you think your neighbors will just wait until the it warms up and this snow melts to get their cars out. >> most of them, yeah. >> what about work. i mean all these people have to go to work at some point.
8:49 am
>> right. >> to get to the store and do all of the things toe do. is that what you do take the the bus. >> i know yesterday my neighbors took a bus and left her car stuck in the snowy want to draw your attention to this white van over here. some guy you know owns this company. >> yes. >> he has to go to work. >> yes. >> we will dig him out. >> what is his name. >> okay. >> thanks, good luck. >> mt. airy, it looks just as bad as germantown. we will check out other neighborhood and check back with you guys. >> nice job. >> look at all that snow. >> wow. >> text him my address. >> are you snowed in bob. >> i will send my chris. >> saturday when i talk to that omelette guy, the the city went by and said are you the omelette guy. >> really. >> you got the power in this
8:50 am
town. >> that is right. >> you better believe it. >> so i saw this video yesterday, a guy snow boarding, in the streets of new york city, being drug around. >> this can't be legal but it sure looks fun. we will show you the rest of that he got nabbed by the way. >> yes. >> after the show, when we went outside, bob kelly. >> let's show that, okay. >> all right. >> we have lottery numbers last night.
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
good morning everybody light volume so far but now we are dealing with the sun glare and that is wicked off the the snow here. live look at a the schuylkill heading westbound out toward king of prussia.
8:54 am
septa giving us their best but watch for delays from ten to 30 minute delays, scattered across the board on the different regional rail lines. platforms could be slippery. there is limited parking spots in septa lots. the the norristown high speed line no service, bryn mawr to norristown, all of the buses, they are giving it a full attempt today but the conditions of the roadways, in the neighborhood is going to determine the delays, and the detours throughout the day. mike and alex, back over to you. >> 8:54. >> i'm trying to answer some tweets. >> of course good whether just happened, i missed it. >> i was looking at my phone. >> but i'm doing it and listening. >> multi tasking. >> men can't do that. >> i have a hard time. >> professional you tuber, casey nestak made the most of the extreme weather in new york city. he had aid friend, bring him around on a snow board.
8:55 am
>> he gets so close to that bulldozer. >> the dude has a suv. >> that looks like so cool. that is so good. >> i can't imagine. my god. >> great shot. >> oh, yeah. >> i don't know. >> great shot. >> it has got to be a drone. >> chilling out with frank. >> it almost made me not want to show, you know, i'm from the the south, southern girl. this is only second time in my life i have seen this much snow. i went to school in miss surey you digress. >> yesterday i was like hey
8:56 am
after the show we were on for six or seven hours. i said i want to play in the snow. this is what we did. >> and we're going inside. i don't have a coat. >> bob kelly was like people do that attach you to the truck. >> baby steps. let me say work on a hill and then a car. >> that was at fourth and market. we are going from fourth and third. >> in the middle of market street. >> it was great. >> thanks, guys. >> blizzard baby boom. >> now do you think in nine months, from knew there will be a lot of children, born. there is a popular app out there, lot of you are down loading during this storm. a lot of were you down loading during this storm if you know what i mean. we have a couple of cases of
8:57 am
up loading too. up and down loading.
8:58 am
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9:00 am
lot sky fox, zooming in on the tower there you know the the shore. >> yeah. >> is that truly sea isle. >> that is sea isle. >> road looking good on the bay side there. on saturday we showed some shots of the bay coming up on to the the deck isn't that a pretty shot down there. >> look at the beach erosion, here. this is sea isle, wow.


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