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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  January 25, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EST

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lot sky fox, zooming in on the tower there you know the the shore. >> yeah. >> is that truly sea isle. >> that is sea isle. >> road looking good on the bay side there. on saturday we showed some shots of the bay coming up on to the the deck isn't that a pretty shot down there. >> look at the beach erosion, here. this is sea isle, wow. doing a very good job there.
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>> protecting that water, going up in the neighborhood. >> did you see governor christie talking on saturday at a press conference saying selfish people like towns like margate who don't want dunes blocking their views. i think a lot of the damage came from the bay. hi lauren. >> mike jerrick. >> you are all laced up and ready to go. >> you look like a shoe. >> yes. >> just me. >> hello everybody. everybody is out of school. cherry hill, i think somebody tweeted me they are just on a two hour delay. so they are going to go to school today. maybe easier to get around in cherry hill then the the tight streets of philadelphia.
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>> yes. >> on some heat in all of this snow. fox has a new show on tonight. lucifer. it stars tom ellis, does he play the devil? >> he plays the devil. >> then apparently the devil is on our show. >> embracing the competition, beyonce finish her new album. what is the hold up, b. it turns out she wanted to let another star shine. she's so generous. >> it she your b or your bae. >> i don't know. >> well, she's queen but but she's your bae. >> in my head. >> yes. >> here's another one of my baes, jen fred. >> wire finally digging out on chadwick. >> who is that. >> that is my friend.
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he dug himself out and, we are in south philadelphia this morning. the digging continues. congratulations, buddy. >> since the kids are at home or a the lot of them, probably enjoying the the snow, look at tracie, my grandson, duke as, his first. >> so cute. >> hi, kid. she loves it. the street is closed there. >> yes. >> well, these are boring. >> oh, my god. >> i can barely see because of the camera here. >> that is jackson's first snow. you cannot get much cuter than that. >> adorable. >> giant orange gloves. >> last week we had sue, the
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kathy, and scott williams, make a few predictions about the the snow totals. >> yes. >> i didn't know, we did this. >> you are not ready let's not do it. >> let's wait. we will make sure we have everything together. >> kathy won the prediction award. i was going to make a shovel with her name on it, engraved. >> here's the problem. >> um-hmm, is what the problem. >> our guy, charles is using it. >> right now. >> yes. >> to shovel the sidewalk in front of our tv station. >> it is neededy will to have craft something for kathy later, she won a snow prediction award, kathy orr. >> got it. >> well, you know, kathy knows. >> she's the weather authority. >> authority. >> authority. >> kathy knows. >> she does have a little will scary. >> she scares the the heck out of me the voice over for fox. >> coming up tonight, lucifer.
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>> yes. >> but kathy knows. >> she does know. >> okay. over the weekend it was nothing to do. did you see, 99 percent of the humans that were watching television this week stayed in their homes, right. >> true. >> after our coverage went off the air, what was there left to do. >> well... >> get it on. >> let's get it the on. >> yeah. >> yes. >> no excuses, we have nothing else to do. >> right. >> anytime there is a power outage is there a big baby boom nine months later. so i was checking out new monmouth medical center and jersey shore medical center had a double digit increase in births nine months have after hurricane sandy that was three years ago. they kept the the records. so is what nine months from right now. >> it would be october, right.
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>> um-hmm. >> so will there been a lot of october birthdays. >> guess who has an october birthday. >> is that you. >> your parents were getting it on in the wintertime. >> yes. >> what time was that in. atl. >> atlanta. >> might have been cold enough to get together. >> cold enough to cuddle. >> might have been new years eve too. >> that is true. >> um-hmm. >> a lot of plowing going on. >> i'm talking about snow removal. >> yes,. >> january snowstorm, make october new borns. >> yes. >> i got that. >> yes. >> that is good. >> yes. >> record snowfall also had singles trying to find somebody to cuddle with on line. apparently on line was exploding, people looking for something to do, something to cuddle with. >> where do they turn to find someone? craigs list?
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really. they want to find a partner this winter. they are looking for a snow buddy. >> yes. >> so that is a term coming up in a lot of listing. they specify they have a desire to cuddle, not sex and they are offering food, drinks, movies. apparently there was a major weather event these apps comes up. >> who does this in real life. >> craigs list used to have a category where you could just hook up. >> um-hmm. >> how do you know about this. >> i used to use it all the time. just kidding. >> who wants to cuddle with a stranger. >> well... >> depend on what she looks like i guess. sound horrible. they took that category down years ago. >> they should have. >> it is not good. >> people on tinder, why don't you come on down. you have to make your reservations. when you know the storm is coming. once the storm is happening who will come out in the blizzard to come get you, you know what i mean. you have to get it early. >> if you are a few blocks
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away, i'm there. >> i'm in northern liberties all by myself. >> i a lot of my friend over who will be my snow buddy. >> really. >> yeah, you find someone you can stand for two days and you go hang out with them. >> really. >> why are you so shocked. >> i'm shocked. >> i did this with someone else last week and they were shocked too but that is how it was in missouri. whenever there was a snowstorm coming you will be my snow buddy. >> but this would be somebody you know. >> yeah. >> that is different. >> yes. >> it is not a stranger. >> no, when i was in college only other major snowstorm i experienced in my life. it was a group of people. i didn't know everybody. we all got snowed in together. >> i will admit what i was doing yesterday. >> first, set it up. so yesterday, mike and write by myself all weekend. >> your friend were all out of town. >> i decided to go out, and i have gotten a camera and i
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wanted to shoot some things. i want to be outside and shoot. mike doesn't live far from me. i will see if he wants to hang out. >> football game was on. >> no, there was a game. >> it was 3:00 o'clock game was on. >> well, who cares. >> so, i hit up, and said what are you doing. i want to make sure i get this all the way. i don't know if i can read all of it. but i said, what are you doing? you are like i cannot say. >> so i was like. >> this is at 3:00 o'clock. >> i was like tell me. >> he said, i can't, i won't. >> i said if i call him i won't pick up but if i face took him, he will pick up. i said he will pick up. he says i am not picking up. that is what he sent me. then i said i need to necessity what are you doing. he goes, it is a guy thing. >> i aid what? >> he a said what, mind your own business. >> i said oh, my goshy cannot tell you what i was doing at
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3:30. so first question is what did you do? what are you doing. now you are saying you are ready to tell. >> what were you doing. >> i was watching the the game, in my apartment, and there was something in the kitchen, making turkey chile. it was called touchdown turkey chile. >> why couldn't you tell me that. >> because it was chris murphy. it was chris murphy. basically on a date. he came over and made turkey chile for me while i watched the game. >> a bromance. >> and you could not invite me over. >> i was too embarrassed. chris murphy and i are basically on a date in my apartment. >> snow buddies. >> i was trying to be p.c. but when i asked him he said i cannot say, it is too gay. >> why would you say that. >> you didn't say that.
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>> no, would i never say that. >> did you have a good time. >> it was fun we were watched both games. >> did you cuddle. >> no. >> the the show must go on. >> in the middle of the blizzard and travel ban in new york city sat the day night. >> the name of the show, snl. >> yes. >> they still went to midtown manhattan. all of the characters walk to midtown manhattan and they went to 30 rock and they put on the show saturday night live. >> the entire cast including host rhonda rousey, selena gomez. it the blastard turned in the the butt of the a lot of jokes. even the show's promo changed. >> hey, i'm from snl live with guest rhonda rousey and selena gomez. okay, did you get cut. someone help celine a i hear you, baby.
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>> michael there joked during the weekend update that his boss, lorn michael was own one ignoring the cities travel ban. then tina fey made an appearance as sarah palin announcing her support for donald trump. somehow she found the same top that sarah palin wore, earlier in the week. >> ladies and gentlemen, governor sarah palin: >> wow. >> thank you, iowa. i wanted to take a break from my full-time career of writing things on facebook. >> it went on and on. it got funnier, and funnier. >> did she do it all. >> yes. >> it was great. >> they also did the controversy on the the oscars.
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>> staging their own white actors were nominated for smaller rolls in black movies. >> the the story of the first black supreme court justice, thoroughgood marshall. playing the role of dave, barry peele. >> do you love me. >> yes, i will get to work ten times as hard as these white folks. it is only way it is going to work. >> hi, guys closing time in five minutes. >> my goodness. >> he won the oscar for that. >> that is funny they say chris murphy. why can't i get myself together. chris rock. >> yes. >> that was producers to redo you because they finished what he was going to say during the oscars but they met to least do it now so he can address some of the oscars, and an eye on the controversy. so it will be redone now. >> i like to hear this.
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i wonder will they approve whatever he says since he is writing far in advance. >> he sat down with the producer. he will have a hand in it. he will be, a little sensored but hopefully he says what he wants to say or he will be like i don't want to do it. he have is a strong person. he can easily say forget it. >> yes. >> well... >> once you are on live, just go for it. >> say what you want. >> reason why you are thinking of chris murphy, he is up next here on "good day philadelphia". >> she's always thinking of chris murphy. >> he is mize tv beau. >> he is in love with him. >> chris, are you still helping people shovel. >> i will get down the street here, but i want to show you good, bad, ugly. this is the good, okay. halfway down the block that is pretty bad. then the ugly is that black suv where you see those folks crowded around, again, another car just spinning its wheels trying to get out. what a mess this street is. rugby street in mt. airy looks
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like so much others in north and west philadelphia this morning, guys. hey mike. >> chris. >> how did you like that chile. >> that chile was fantastic. >> you make some great touchdown turninge chile. >> was he wearing a apron. >> pretty much. he wasn't wearing anything. >> i want to embrace the bromance. >> we have embraced it. >> it looks like a city plow truck is down the the street. no, left, left, left. >> we have progress over here. >> we have a plow. >> look at that. >> we have not seen any plow trucks. >> there are garbage trucks from the city and then a lot of people that have their own private companies. >> there is two of them. >> you see way up the street. >> trash truck going by. >> yes, our trash trucks, look at this guy spinning. >> those wheels are spinning.
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>> someone on instagram said it because we mentioned someone else earlier in the show, and they say if you get kitty litter put it under the wheel it will help. >> that is something i her. we had a triple a representative and she had kitty lit inner her trunk. >> so you you can get traction. >> sometimes it helps. >> yes. >> you have to lay down a lot of kitty litter. >> better than just sitting there. >> true. >> i'm too scar ad of the snow. >> don't be afraid. >> if you are sliding down break but i will freak out and hit the break. >> this is what you do. >> yes you turn toward the the way you are driving. i will pretend like you you are in a car. i hope you can hand this will car. this carries 16 strong pound. >> there we have the wheel. >> now if you start sliding this way. >> which way am i turning. you turn into the the slide
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and it brings you back around. >> okay. surprise me. >> owe kay. >> no, turn into it. >> i would crash into someone's front yard good do you have a car. >> i do. >> it is parked. >> good. >> so this is a weird trend that started, i haven't seen it before this particular blizzard. people taking their clothes off and diving into the snow. >> yes it is strange. >> yes, lot of videos on social media they call it the snow challenge. here we go. >> this is a swim team, boom, go. >> isn't that wild. >> that is deep. >> it is done with just the dive itself. they try to swim. >> those are hill bill is from west virginia.
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>> no. >> it is west virginia university, mountaineers the the mens swim team. i saw a lot of those. >> do you want to watch another one. >> yes. >> watch this. >> any words from the swimmers. >> that is video, hageers town maryland, the snow was so deep, that the pair almost disappeared as you you can tell. i don't know why i'm telling you that because this is not radio, and not television as you can see for yourself they disappeared. >> another one. >> to. y ren lions said he and his wife decided to do a snow challenge. they sent this out on twitter. i thought it was hysterical. he jumps in and encouraging his wife to dot same thing.
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now listen closely as he tried to get her to do it. >> she wants me to be part of this and i don't even know why. >> yes. >> new challenge. >> wow. >> she knew not to do it. >> she falls on her butt. >> is she okay. >> i did not hear back. the that is last i heard of them. >> she did not bother to do it. >> did you realize it is restaurant week in philadelphia. >> yes. >> this is the second week. >> guess where i'm going to take you.
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>> take us somewhere. vesper it is a speak easy and they have a secret room and a lot of celebrities in philadelphia, hide in that room. >> they to. >> yes. >> did you hide in there. >> no selfies allowed in this room. >> it is behind these bookcase. the lets get there next. the vest per.
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well, it is restaurant week. we are looking for not just a meal but a new experience. >> mike has a suggestion for you. >> but you have to know the pass word. >> ♪ >> hey everybody, come here. come on. come down this alley. you go down it all the time. sideham street and i'm in a speak easy, it vesper. >> this is the owner and chef here. as i remember if i got my history right this used to be
9:24 am
a private club. >> vesper club. >> yes. >> by the way, jay, thanks for the music. you sound great. i lime a little. >> it is like being in the 20's and 30's, right. >> yes, that time of the year, and they designed it to escape the blue laws. >> well, we can all come, opened to the public. >> we just reopened it and that was the idea. >> let's dig n you say you can get this fish off of the jersey shore what is it. >> it is christy skate wing nice mild white fish. we pan seared it. >> it is white. >> yes. >> that is really good. >> very light. >> yes, word got to you i'm a big fan of short ribs. how did you you do this one. >> we marinated it in red wine for 24 hours good last weekend i marinated for 24 hours. >> you are almost done.
9:25 am
>> yes. >> that is fantastic. >> i have done this before on tv. people freak out. are people ordering it. >> yes. >> it vice popular, people do it. they like to through weird stuff. >> do i like weird stuff. >> so, all we did was seasoned it, and roasted it with a little bit of of fig jam and a little bit of sour bread toast. >> look at that, it it is jello. >> you are really going for it. >> it may look like is not but it is good. >> it is so rich. >> it is. >> you can get a lot in there, mike. >> i have never seen anyone do that much. >> never. >> ever. >> it is really good. >> is there a place downstairs
9:26 am
too. >> yes. >> it is a speak easy. >> okay. so right by the front door, but it is in the really a bookcase, is it. >> fox good day. it says come on in. >> it is like a cellar. >> what is the idea, come down and hide. >> the idea was to maintain the exclusivity have of what vesper was. >> real private. >> yes. >> well, sorry, i spilled the beans and now everybody knows. >> good to see you. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> you got the to try this. >> i would like to go. >> i'm gone. >> you you cannot take your cell phone. >> i didn't know. i was just texting on social media they said excuse me you have to put your phone away. >> wonder what goes on there. we have to check it out, vesper 9:26. even in all this snow, the the devil has come to los angeles.
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we are talking about fox's new show lucifer that premiers tonight. and the star tom ellis is on good day this morning. hershey's miniatures. we pour 'em! we pass 'em! we pick 'em! delicious fun for everyone. hershey's miniatures are mine, yours, our chocolate.
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>> ♪ >> oh, good stuff, running with the definitely. we will be doing that tonight, because apparently the devil now lives in the united states. >> yes, los angeles. >> but i believe the devil is a brit originally by the name of tom. here is a clip from tonight's show. >> any witnesses? >> lucifer morningstar.
9:31 am
in a stage name? >> god given, i'm afraid. >> why don't you tell me something? how does she ends up killed in a hail of bullets and you get away without a scratch? >> tom is with us, welcome to philadelphia, you devil. >> good morning, mike, alex, how are you? >> good, thank you. did we get this right? so you are the original fallen angel? >> yes, well the character i'm playing, let's not confuse the two, yes, yes. >> so what's that like? when you get a call from your agent, the rule is you're going to be playing the devil lucifer, do you go, i don't think i want this? >> i had the opposite reaction actually. i don't think i've really took on what gravity that might have. i was taking it more as an individual project, and the script for me was absolutely hilarious. so i just thought this was something i really want to do.
9:32 am
the whole devil gravity that comes with it afterward was oh, okay, my first experience yesterday flying into the states, and one of the guys saying to me, you're lucifer, right? >> oh, wow. >> oh? i looked around, line of people behind me going i'm really not. but, yes, it is quite interesting. >> how do you prepare for role like that? how do you prepare and study to be the devil? >> yes, what the hell? >> i mean, the script that we had, the episode that we shot to start with was so kind of rich, there was so much stuff in there, that it wasn't like i went elsewhere and going what, what do i need to do to make this more devilish. i just kind of wanted to put my spin on it really. it was so full of humor, and just charmed, really, i just kind of -- i wanted to make
9:33 am
him the opposite of arch in evil in many ways. >> so what does lucifer do for a living? a night club? yes, he owns a night club in los angeles called lux, the den of inch it quit i. piano in the middle of it, here music playing from his dj, or plays his piano, just lives an alien lifestyle, you know, playboy-esk drinking. >> are there a lot of flames and things in there, pitch forks? >> few flames, no pitch forks, we don't allow sharp instruments in the club. >> we could use flames here in philadelphia, we have 22 inches of snow on the grounds here, tom. >> oh, my gosh, oh, my gosh. i saw something on the news the other day that said snow was hitting you guys. how are you all coping? >> we're coping. >> we're still digging ourselves out real. >> i we could use a little bit
9:34 am
of your heat, i'm telling you that. tom, congratulations, you seem quite charming. doesn't he look charming to you? >> yes, he does, i'm excited, this will air tonight. >> oh, i hope you enjoy t i hope you enjoy, guys, good fun. >> thank you, we will be watching tonight. >> thank you. thanks, guys. 9:34. >> are you going to watch 9:00 p.m.? >> weird, isn't it? >> it is weird. he said it is kind of funny. so at least some lighter parts to it? >> i've seen some clips, there is some humor in it. >> a lot of people in the building saw it and they say it is good. we have to check it out. let's check in on jen. >> jen. >> reporter: of course, avenue present for you. check that out. right there. look at that. >> a plow? >> yes, 18th and read getting it done. come on back. because they're helping people out in south philly, right where they wanted it. >> and then we have some more snow pics.
9:35 am
cars. >> big snow fail. >> and then another, asking for help here, east harold street. >> and then they like alex holley. he's shoveling out his truck. the bed of his truck. how weird is that?
9:36 am
look around pennsylvania and it's not hard to spot winners. and with over 2 million winners match 6, cash 5, and treasure hunt every single month, that's hardly a surprise. winners, winners everywhere! play today!
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>> jen, in south philly, looking to dig people up. jen, what's up? >> we've seen a plow now, so there is that. >> yes, we've seen plows, but as soon as we saw them, poof,
9:39 am
they're gone. but they were head today another assignment, again, the city pretty calculate bad what they're doing, how they're doing it, where they are doing. so this is erp street. as you can see, there are carps here but not a ton t looks like the people here have been like going back toward cleveland street, to get out, and that's part of what you'll be seeing, is that people will make the decision to dig a left, to dig a right, they go up, they go down. i have to tell you guys funny thing. you see someone digging out at the ends of erp there. mike the camera guy and i, yes, it is mike, his middle name is this, his last name is camera guy, hi, guys. have you been digging out? >> yes, since yesterday. >> live on tv, don't say anything naughty. how do you think it looks over small. >> not too bad right now, if you have four wheel drive you would be fine, people can get around. >> well, good luck. >> thank you. >> you're on erp street. >> mike the camera guy and i were parked for little bit at our other location in a spot that had been shoveled out. right? over thereon hick street?
9:40 am
a woman came over and, mike, she pulls up her car next to us, and she is like, and we were like, high. and she like, no. and we were like, high? no, it is cool. she's like no. she dug it out. and i was like, mike, move the car out of the way because that's the rule. like, if you know who dug that out, can you not park there. so we've seen a couple of, you know, like the cones and stuff, the savesies even though there is no savesiis. there is no savesies but if you have dug this car out, come on, you got to go back in there. >> ♪ if there is a cone get on your cell phone ♪ >> okay? i don't quite think that's the melody. >> that was before we had an epic storm. that was before the storm. >> true. >> my man, are you getting through everywhere? hey, are you bruce willis? you look like bruce willies. >> that was bruce willies. >> he is his stunt double. i swear it's real. >> got to be. >> you got to be a diehard.
9:41 am
>> i don't know, i don't know if i would mention this, but i've been out in the cold since friday night, and i think i'm frozen, i think my brain is frozen, i think the whole thing is frozen. guys, yesterday -- >> jen, let it go. let it go. ♪ let it go ♪ >> threat go ♪ hey, mike, you missed my 8:30 facebook show today where the people overwhelmingly, i think 248 people asked me for one thing, do you know what that one thing was? >> what? >> to stop singing! >> stop singing. >> ♪ you love me ♪ >> please, stop. >> oh, please. girl? >> anyway, the bottom line is as we've said all morning, on serious note, they've done heck of a job. there is still a mountain of snow to move out of south philadelphia, and other areas. >> yes. >> but, that being said, this compared to even smaller snowstorms, jim kenney, by the way, jim kenney lives in south philly, so not surprising they've done pretty good job down here, you know? >> jim kenney our mayor.
9:42 am
here is another thing: remember mayor michael nutter? remember that i go? >> ya, i know him. >> he was around here for like eight years? on snow days he would come here and sit at our desk, almost every snow day. where is mayor kenney? i thought he was a french our show? -- friends of our show? >> those in south philadelphia said, south philadelphia said, you better not leave until everyone of these streets is taken care of. >> oh, oh? >> because they know his number, i'm sure they know his number. oh, that's steve keeley violation right there, steve keeley violation. >> yes, had to clean off the top of your cars. >> i have stuff to do. you go back to your studio. i have people to yell at around here. >> oh, i have to quickly say, out of three people watching our show who love. >> we have three people watching right now? >> three that i know. >> sounds about right. >> wilma, alfred, lamont, hello, aling. >> oh, they like al next. >> they say hey. >> hey. >> ya, hey. >> hey, all right. can we just wrap this up now? good day philadelphia
9:43 am
challenge? >> work out challenge? >> supposed to try to get you some eastbound by february 1st. >> how is that working? >> here is the best way to get abs now a day. you planning. >> oh? >> plank. this is what a plank is. elliot, do you want to show them what a plank is? >> that's the best plank i've ever seen. and two will plank. >> what? in my dress? >> what? >> mike, when are you going to do a work snout. >> i'll do a plank toed. coming up in two minutes.
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9:46 am
>> in the month of, brand new year, to get abs by february 1st. how is it working out for you? >> it is not good. but one of the best ways that you have always said, because she is a certified personal trainer, is planking. >> that's right. >> could i just set something up here? a planking contest. >> oh,. >> no, no. >> you, you, and you. >> you, mike. >> jenn frederick. >> what? >> and chris murphy. >> what about you?
9:47 am
come on. >> let's get you down. you can do this. >> do it, do it. >> six year old emma, you come over here, help me plank. >> okay, they want to see an exercise first. >> to warm up. >> let's dot one exercise. everybody's been like trying to wrap up, you know, i'm going to show you one exercise. >> here go. >> and everything else is on my website. it is called long jump by -- >> oh, my. >> do it. >> do it once. >> we will go down on a squad decision. >> squad. >> oh, mike? >> nice squat. >> yeah. >> that, and that, and that, and that. >> and you guys can see the rest of week four on my website. >> working the glutes? >> that's working the groups. you swing your arms forward. ready, and go! >> pop it back. >> let's get this going. everybody down. >> you can plank in snow.
9:48 am
>> whoo. this is exciting. >> should we do elbows? >> yes, elbows, of course. >> boom, i'm up. >> ready? >> wait. 9:00. let's go. >> get down, on the ground. >> oh, okay. butts up. here we go. start planking. >> we are planking. >> hold it, hold it, hold it. >> my stomach hurts. what's this working? >> full body work out. >> oh, geez. >> a lot of your core. >> oh,. >> oh, no. i feel the trembling. >> oh, geez. >> the trembling is real. >> how long? >> thirty seconds. almost there. halfway there. breathe. >> going for a minute? >> going for full minute. >> ain't no real work out if it is not a minute. >> oh, my bowels. >> that's right. hold it. good job. and i'm just going to roll on everyone.
9:49 am
>> oh! >> oh, oh. >> nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. >> yes! >> okay? >> what's your website? >> www opinions ffaviani. com. >> oh, check it out. >> just laying out. >> super plank. super plank. we did it. thanks so much. >> you guys did awesome. >> look at chris dancing. oh, my gosh. >> whoo! >> hey, wait a minute. >> there is getting good. >> hey, ladies and gentlemen. it's been good to know you. >> week four was amazing. >> it was. >> thank you so much. >> awesome segment. everybody loved it. everybody is inspired. >> believe it or not we've had a lot of people taking the challenge and posting them on line. >> that's right.
9:50 am
>> and videos? >> don't you ever come back here. >> i would love to. >> well we got mike to do something. >> when we come back, let's talk about beyonce. what do you say? >> yes, please. i'm always here for that. emma! new albumn but there is a delay. why she is letting someone else shine. >> emma, can you plank (come on, emma. let's see your best plank. let's do it. coming right back. past .
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will the 53, even the oscar meyer weiner mobile had
9:54 am
a problem this morning. take a look at this shot, sent into us here. don't be a hotdog out on the roadways this morning, even though majors are clear, getting there is going to be the problem. we talked about saving your spots here, okay? got couple of other pictures that came our way. how about this guy? they already have the, looks like, the table out there, in hunting park, and look at this guy giving his best shot of saving spots. he's got mary, and joseph, giving it his best shot. i don't know. >> nobody's going to move that. >> nobody's going to move that one at all. and we're not moving at all here. the eastbound 30 bypass, an accident right into the ramps for 202. mike, alex, lauren, back over to you. >> okay. >> last time your weeny spun snout. >> been little while. >> all right, you know i actually have driven that oscar meyer mobile. >> weeny mobile? >> yes, it is not east. >> i how long did you drive it? >> couple of miles. >> just couple of miles, that's it? doesn't it go across the country? what city were you in?
9:55 am
>> they get young people for a full year, their job is to drive, drive it around. >> that's cool. >> and promote weeny -- >> how comes yours only last but couple of miles? >> shooting videos. >> what city were you in is my question? >> actually fort lee new jersey. >> that's good. not like los angeles, new york, where could you have gotten careened? >> went across the gw bridge. >> okay. >> very cool. >> can we talk beyonce now? >> who was the hottest recording star of the late 2015? like november, and december? >> adele. >> boom. >> hello. >> so they could be head-to-head, though, for their albumn this year. >> who? >> beyonce and adele. >> beyonce releasing the release of her albumn to let adele shine. >> that's a laid. >> i so delayed until the hype dice down, and her new one will be out, and people are saying she can use superbowl performance next month to release new details about her albumn. >> that's crafty. you know, sometimes rappers
9:56 am
get into these mix tape battles. >> try to compete? >> one, then late their day ... no, beyonce said i'll be a lady, let adele have her spot in the spotlight. >> is she going to wait and do another secret albumn and drop it, or let us know what's happening and then -- >> you mean, drop it like it's hot? sure. it was hot. >> it is always hot. >> remember a secret? then all the sudden i woke up one day. >> like what? we're like when did all of this happen? you. >> perform at the superbowl, launch it that very night. >> people already talking about it. speaking of new albumn, kanye west released set for upcoming albumn called swish, and tweeted handwritten list. >> swish. >> swish. >> look at that. so there will be ten songs, will appear on studio albumn, comes out february 11, of course already thinks it is a hit, happy to be finished, quote, the best albumn of all time. >> okay, can i just say this? i'm judging. >> what?
9:57 am
>> handwriting, it is like the northwest write the less? >> awe. terrible. >> what is this? >> i can't talk. i don't have good handwriting. >> are you with me? >> yes, alex, your handwriting is horrible! >> no. oh, my. no, that's just scribble because it is for the show, not trying to like write nicely. >> so small. >> did you ever notice intelligent people have very small handwriting? like my brothers a nuclear physicist ... >> i know, right? write love notes and stuff, you don't know what i am doing. >> isn't lauren so annoying? >> lauren really stinks. >> i can't stand mike jerrick. just kidding. >> it is all about the snow and snow totals. >> watching the game yesterday i think it was on cbs, what was rihanna doing with jim nance? they did promo together. >> oh, they're talking about the fact the superbowl is one night and gramaries on monday. >> oh,. >> like we have to compete, then that's how they decided to work it out. >> got it. >> on our channel.
9:58 am
>> true. >> okay, guys have, fun digging out. enjoy the rest of your day. for the girl scout meeting...
9:59 am
okay. for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting... how many meetings are you having?! at giant, prices are down. savings are up. which makes the checkout lane, victory lane. my giant.
10:00 am
>> wendy: >> wendy: it's the play of the day. it's going to be one f the best. with all due respect, it's several seats. my girls have always turned out. i give it to you straight. >> now, here is wendy. [ applause ] >> wendy: thank you for watching.


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