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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  January 25, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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right now at 6:00 homes and businesses are drying out on the jersey shore after some serious flooding after the massive winter storm that pounded our area this weekend. skyfox above north wildwood this morning. shore residents not unfamiliar with the dangers that come along with living on the coast. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. a lot to get through tonight as we recover from that winter blast. philadelphia public and archdiocese schools are closed again tomorrow. keep your eyes on the screen more closings and delays for tomorrow scrolling at the bott bottom. we begin tonight with fox 29's jennifer joyce in that hard hit stone harbor area and jennifer, officials say water rose higher than expected when that high tide hit. >> reporter: yeah, the tough part about this storm, lucy is there were people down here during this storm because there weren't ordered evacuations but rather emergency rescues. as the storm intensified, and in the aftermath a lot of damage to beaches, businesses and homes. rebuilding has begun. just one day after a powerful
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storm barreled up the coast devouring dunes in north wildwood flooding homes and businesses and forcing at least 150 evacuations. >> this is all bay mud covering the floors. >> jim flynn of flynn's real estate agency says the storm surge forced 14-inches of water into his business. compared to 8-inches during super storm sandy. >> we did not prepare for this severe tidal flooding. >> reporter: north wildwood mayor patrick, says the tidal rush was about a foot higher than predicted. a greater intensity than makes a huge difference. >> the beach came right up to this gazebo and now there's about a 15-foot drop from the gay is he bow down to the san. >> reporter: acting governor toward south jersey with dep officials. she said it's too early to make any damage assessments some people in cape may county say they will spend at least the next several weeks cleaning up and they think governor christie
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is underestimating the aftermath in the southern part of the state. >> there are children who couldn't in their homes all weekend who have no food, they're clothes are ruined. this is a totally different area than north jersey. and he's not always aware of that. >> reporter: and it will take little while for these damage assessments to come to fine out what federal aid, if any, could come to some of these south jersey shore towns. iain? >> all right, jennifer, thank you. we are watching the temperatures for you tonight concerned about refreezing with nightfall. >> chief meteorologist scott williams live outside our old city studios. scott? >> yeah, that's certainly right g evening, iain and lucy. temperatures have been above freezing during the heat of the day i guess i shall say with that sunshine out, but don't be fooled. take a look behind me. you can see the roadway here market street it looks wet, however, that shine, that is going to turn into black isolate tonight. let's talk a little bit about this system and take a look at the current u.s. snow cover.
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we're looking at pretty much of the lower 48 dealing with some type of snow exception places like texas, oklahoma, louisiana and florida but look at the bulls eye of snow for our area in mid atlantic take look at baltimore, 29.2-incinches. 22.4 in philadelphia. allentown you're biggest snowfall ever 31.9-inches. so once again, you can see the roads they're wet now but they will refreeze especially those untreated surfaces. but the high today's made it above freezing. atlantic city 42 degrees. 40 in philadelphia. we saw 38 in pottstown. and right now those temperatures dropping to freezing in pottstown. 32. already 28 in allentown. we're looking at 29 degrees currently in millville and here's the concern. once again with that black ice those temperatures falling below freezing and watch out on the pavement because looks can definitely be deceiving. especially this time of year when we have systems move
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through. there's melting during the day with that sunshine. then overnight temperatures drop below freezing so in particular watch out on those road shoulders, steps, watch your steps on the sidewalks as well. so things can still ab little icy as well as dicey. so dry and quiet right now but across sections of the midwest there is a little disturbance that can move in our direction tomorrow afternoon and evening with maybe a shower or a sleet pellet. we'll have the timing of that and more on this warmup when i come indoors. back to you. >> thank you very much, scott. philly's 311 line now taking your calls if you're stuck in the snow and need to get plowed out. city officials say dial 311 with non-snow emergencies to keep the actual emergency lines open. i'm hearing it takes about at least 20 minutes to get to an operator be patient. the center is open until midnight. two days after the blizzard of 2016, crews are still working around the clock clearing all that snow from city streets some of that snow ending up here sky fox over broad and washington in
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south philadelphia. crews are piling the snow up there and they will letter dump it into melting machines. work is not over yet. a lot of cities on the smaller side streets still covered in snow. fox 29's bruce gordon joins us live in northern liberties tonight. bruce, the city telling people who have not yet seen a plow to be patient but i'm sure patience is in short night right about now. >> reporter: for many many years in the city of philadelphia folks who lived on side streets had no expectation whatsoever that a plow would come anywhere near their street after a big storm. but that changed during the street administration. now the city has the equipment and the ability to hit pretty much every street in the city. so expectations rise and when they are not met, yeah, frustration follows. city crews work feverishly to remove mountains of snow dumped at seventh and popular where a massive melting machine was on sight over the weekend. the machine moved on the intersection needed to be cleared. just one of a thousand logistical hurdles to be cleared
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when mother nature dumps 22-inches of snow. drivers were at their witness its end. >> i feel like you need four wheel drive for lot of these streets that are not plowed. >> reporter: we found trouble spots throughout the city. south philly at fifth and fitzwater cabby rasheed was stuck on an unplowed stretch. >> i just drop customer now. i just dropped the customer i jest of just went to move i was stuck. >> reporter: you dropped a customer off and you can't get out of here. >> yeah. >> reporter: in north philly on master street good samaritans were doing their best to push and pull crystal evans from foot of mushy snow. go, go, go. >> evans runs a cleaning service or the least she tries to in this weather. >> i've been here for three hours. >> reporter: stuck for three hours? >> you got to laugh instead of crying, right. >> that's all i do. >> reporter: in west philly on the 5400 block of norfolk street rosland jackson was using a broom and pillow cover to clear
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snow from her car while waiting for the snowplow to arrive. >> eventually they'll get by here. seconds later as if on queue, a city contracted backhoe arrived to begin removing snow from the block one bucket full at a time. mayor kenny says 10,000 tons of salt has been laid down. 1800 miles of city streets have been plowed and in short he says, we're doing the best we can. >> we do appreciate your patient. we're getting to your streets. we have to take care of the big ones first to get everything rolling. >> reporter: again, as lucy said call 311 that's the city's help line if you have an unplowed street in your neighborhood. the kenney administration is making a rather bold promise. they say every through street in the city of philadelphia, that is, everything other than those little narrow alleys dead end into something will be cleared by end of the day or evening wednesday. we shall see. >> really? >> okay. i'm watching. thank you very much, bruce. patience, of course, is the
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word officials in lehigh county are using as well tonight. parts of allentown are under nearly 3 feet of snow. private contracts are helping city workers plow the roads. trash service that's suspended until further notice and schools in the allentown school district are closed tomorrow. the mayor of allentown says crews are trying to get the streets cleared as quickly as they can. but they're dealing with an unprecedented amount of snow. it was history making. septa also trying to get back up to full speed after the snowstorm it canceled most of its services on saturday, of course. >> the system is trying get trains, trollies and buses running at full capacity. our shawnette wilson joins us loo front of jenkintown tonight much what's slowing up services? >> reporter: well, a lot of tracks are still being cleared. but you know a lot of people tell me that they planned last night to take septa today and you have to guess that with this much snow that we received there are gonna be delays but many people we talk to today say the delays were worse than expected. so we're here right now at the jenkintown station where the
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regional rail trains are kiming through but certainly not without delays. some riders say they check septa's website and initially it said to expect 15 minute delays. but upon arrival, a message over the loud speaker was warning passengers on the platform of delays possibly up to 45 minut minutes. and there are on the problems. >> this morning it was even later. it was like 40 minutes late to jenkintown from warminster and right now it is 30 minutes late back to warminster. >> a lot of snow. i mean i know i'm sure the bigger train stations like warminster something they probably plowed more but i was really shocked that they didn't really -- it doesn't look like it was tempted. >> reporter: all right. so take look at what that last young lady is talking about. the parking lot here is covered. so hardly any spaces parking spaces. those stalls are available for commuters. some people just park wherever they could probably not even legitimate spot.
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so the best advice, though, septa does warn on its website that some of the parking lots the stations may not be plowed. so you'll want to check before you decide to venture out and take the trains tomorrow because it's one thing to get here and have trains delayed but it's whole other thing to get here and realize if you drove that you have nowhere to park. we've put link on septa's website, go to and click on seen on tv. we'll link to you septa so you can check how service is being restore. >> sounds like a plan. thank you very much, shawnette. in cam skyfox over the city in a whole lot snow still covering the streets there. and just like in philadelphia, officials in camden say if you haven't seen a plow on your street yet, well, crews are working as fast as they can. fox 29's bill anderson has been talking to camden residents today. many are still snowed in. i'm getting all kind of tweets, bill. >> we're hearing about it, lucy. they're snowed in and even with record amounts of accumulation some are questionings if the city is real appropriat appropry handle hasn't link the snow real
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move. officials another mitt it's been challenge but there's several concerns that residents should consider. the blizzard is over for now and attention now turns to dig out. in camden, like in many places, residents called us wanting answers about when their streets would be cleared. >> i seen one plow friday night when i came out here to do my walkway to keep up on the snow. i seen one. he was riding with his plow up, didn't drop a pitt of salt. report roar as residents vent about unplowed streets, camden officials told me they want all the streets plowed but they've got a prioritize. >> our main effort was to keep all the vital arteries open for emergency services, our ambulance, fire, police. we coordinated well with them. >> reporter: they told me unplowed side streets are a problem. but there are other things that residents also want them to focus on. >> so the areas around the schools is something we're concentrating on, and we want to maintain our municipal services so we're working to get our trash trucks through and make sure that normal municipal
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services are done. >> reporter: several hundred miles of streets to plow with a total of about 40 vehicles and understandable that there are delays. but restless residents told me enough is enough. they want to see plows on their streets. >> main roads are take taken care but these side streets, man -- get it done. clean it up. it's ridiculous. >> reporter: listen, we're all dealing with the snow. we're all frustrated. but it was instructed to hear officials explain the need to prioritize resource. 40 trucks, several hundred miles of major roads. and like it or not, patience appears to be our only choice. >> all right, bill, thank you very much. right during the morning rush a man target add woman. what's he did he mapped from her and why police want to catch him so badly. >> and cheese the mitri arc of a well-known family. momma dietz celebrating 91 year young. she's got no intentions of slowing down. >> howard. >> eagles are getting it done. eagles signed one of their core players offense zach ertz will
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be here for while. he talks about what he wants with sam bradford and what chip kelly meant to his career coming up in sports.
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♪ we now know one person was taken to the hospital after an incident on i-76 in south philadelphia. the road was closed while police tried to help the person found on the highway. dispatchers say the person was hit by a car traffic is now moving again. we don't now how that person got on the busy road or got out of a car. prosecutors say archer ambush officer jesse hartnett in his patrol on january 7th. archer carry out the shooting in the name of islam. and doctors released officer hartnett from the hospital on friday. he was shot thee times in the arm. the fbi investigating the incident as an act of terrorism. philadelphia less are trying to fine the guy who stole w's purse last week. right in the middle of wednesday morning's rush. happened in franklinville on the 3500 block of camac street.
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cops say the guy walk up to her and demanded her purse. she did what investigators recommend and that is hand it over. he got away with her phone and everything else that was inside that bag. but she's not hurt. fox 29 weather authority now. >> we're couldn't to go dig out and we had mild temperatures so we get a little bit of melting out there today. >> oh yeah. >> good and bad. >> freezing is the issue of course. >> yeah, it really is. we saw the sunshine, temperatures above freezing. but once again tonight, teague a look at the roadways. they're shiny but that will turn into black ice. so that's going to be the concern overnight. watching the temperatures, 36 degrees right now. so still above freezing. the high made it up to 40 degrees. winds right now out of the south around 6 miles an hour. but it's already below freezing in lancaster. 32 pottstown. 32 trenton much freezing for you. millville right now looking at upper 20s. so those temperatures will be dropping so anything that melled will refreeze. ultimate doppler dry and quite take look at this disturbance off to the west. that could move through tomorrow
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afternoon maybe a spotty shower or a wet snowflake but not a whole lot of moisture to work with. so tomorrow morning, sunshine, clouds are going to increase as that disturbance approaches from the west. here's lunch time. you can see green indicating that temperatures will be above freezing and there is a chance for couple of spotty showers, so it should not ab big deal with that system tuesday into early wednesday. however, we are still keeping tabs on the potential for coastal system take look at the clock by wednesday 7am tomorro tomorrow's system will be offshore and then we'll watch an area of low pressure that will try and develop along the southeast coast thursday into thursday night and friday but most if not all of the models right now are keeping most of the moisture and that system out to sea. so that would be isn't good news. we'll of course keep you posted. before tonight, fair skies. watch for icy spots. teens in the bushes upper 20s in the city. so it could be icy and dicey early tomorrow morning. and then temperatures above
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freezing 42 degrees for the high temperature increasing clouds, once again a spotty shower late, maybe a sleet pellet with that system. that will be moving through but not anticipating a whole lot of moisture. so we'll take you hour by hour. by noon sun and clouds, 34 degrees. and once again during the afternoon and evening watching that little disturbance moving through. the seven day forecast shows we continue to warm up above freezing each and every day. but those overnight low temperatures right around freezing and that will be the concern with the icy patches and black ice. but look at how mild it turns as we close out january and head into february next week. mid to upper fours. >> all right. looks good, thank you scott. >> you know if you're from philadelphia you've her the name countless times dietz and watson right guys. >> yes. >> with lunch meats, franks and sausages. today momma dietz turned 91 years old. she started coming to work with her dad in 1979. employees celebrated momma dietz
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birthday with a cake and of course specialty sausages. of course. right? >> hey, howard. >> i've dined with momma dose. >> have you? yes i have. >> of course you have. >> why not? >> eagles coaches from the front office will be heading to the senior ball tomorrow but they took care of one of their starters today with a new contract. zach ertz will be an eagle for while. hear what zach has to say about sam bradford want chip kell dull for his career much that's all coming up in sports.
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♪ ♪ with the name trusted for nearly 80 years, you have the courage to enjoy the ride. independence blue cross. live fearless.
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♪ a lot of guys would love to have sam back. jordan and myself in particular. >> the eagles have players they want to make sure they sign. zach ertz wants sam bradford signed and back as the quarterback. he is supperly since zach ertz just signed a big deal that will keep him here for while. zach ertz signed a five year deal which keeps him here for another six years it's worth 42.5 million. the important number is the guaranteed money zach ertz will get which is 20 million. zach ertz was drafted three years ago in the second round coming in with chip kelly as the new head coach. so how much did chip kelly mean to his numbers and his career? >> chip pushed me in ways aren't reflected in numbers.
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i think my blocking has progressed these three years to a level i probably wouldn't haven't reached if it weren't for him and coach peel. they pushed me to be player that i definitely wasn't when i first came into the league both on the field and off the field and i owe a lot of my success and a lot of my future success to coach kelly. >> all right. zach ertz made a point today saying money was not a driving force to the deal he wants to play his entire career here. be around for championship. money not the fact because of his personality. >> i'm very cheap off the field so i don't really spend so the money is never something that i have paid attention to. i don't really care about the money. honest all i care is about winning football games and this many the eagles have placed in me is something i take a lot of pride in. >> i guess he's not picking up the check. super bowl 50 denver and care line in a. carl line gnaw what 4.5 favori favorite. they were playing -- their game was three hours before the carolina game was final.
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all right. but after his game that would be cam newton which was a late game yesterday, cam played dumb as to his opponent was. >> it's not over yet. it's not over yet. i don't know who we're playing yet but we'll be ready to go in two weeks. >> i know you're a big dreamer. you're playing denver and peyton morning. did you ever think in the super bowl you'd oppose him. >> he looks at the scoreboard and,ing. >> all of them said that. they had no idea. >> nonsense. >> that's what they were saying. >> that does it for us here at 6:00. >> we'll see you right back here at 10:00. have a great night. inside edition is up next. ♪
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♪[ music ] what blizzard? ♪ [ music ] ♪ new york >> and blizzard bride. imagine getting married. in this? then -- >> ronda rousey. >> warning from her new boyfriend's wife. >> i'm so excited to be here. >> after she appears on snl with a ring. and donald trump. did he really spend the night at a holiday inn express? then, she killed her husband. >> we the jury find the defendant guilty. >> now she's speaking out. >> this is what really, really just breaks my heart. >> will she finally reveal who the father of her baby is? >> why in the world did you get pregnant agai


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