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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  January 26, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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streets plowed until wednesday. >> i don't know what you expect me to do, do you want me to go down there with the mop. >> chris christie taking heat for what you just heard, about new jersey. what one concerned citizen asked that got the garden state governor all fired up. hundreds of gallons of december ill fuel spilled in the schuylkill river what the coastguard is saying about the environmental disaster. you have a little problem with your water bottle a minute ago is what going on with that. >> when i have my lipstick on, it gets all around the top and then it looks kind of gross. >> good day, everybody, it is tuesday, january 26th. >> public, catholic schools in philadelphia closed again today. you can see all of those school closings and delays scrolling at the bottom of the screen. check out our web site at fox or, down load the app. >> with that said, schools closed and delayed and everything else, what number is sue going to say for today.
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>> let's be quiet for dramatic reveal. >> okay, sue. >> i will say a four. >> quiet now. >> you are too lowe went six, i'm a an optimist. it will get above freezing. so we will have a chance to melt. now having said that there are probably black ice issues, slippery spots here in philadelphia, where it is 25 degrees, 15 in allentown. twenty-one lancaster. but down to the the south of us, temperatures air above freezing so probably not those issues this morning. so, with little or no wind we don't have much of a wind chill. twenty-five. feels like 19. watch where you are walking. big snow piles are still there and undoubted the slippery spots for walking, sunrise 7:15 this morning. visibility we may have a few issues with fog this morning. it the is not too bad out there right now, visibility is pretty good but we will keep an eye on it the because there is more moisture in the air today and not a lot of wind.
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we're watching an area of freezing rain outside in approaching the central part of the state, and it looks like some of it is trying up before it can make it here but again, we will continue to watch, to see if there are any reports of any precipitation, in mostly our western count thinks morning. we will sees some sunshine but not much today, mostly cloudy skies, and showers, around, for the evening commute, for many of us, but a high temperature of 42 degrees. that will improve things a bit. we will give you the rest of the seven day forecast coming up, bob kelly is here right now, what is going on. >> hey sue, good morning. 5:02. things have improved greatly on our majors but we are still not there yet. any of that snow removal operations or efforts that were made yesterday, if it the looks wet, it is iced over this morning. we are 25 degrees out there. here's a live look at i-95 heading southbound a lot of wet road and all it will take is for those tires to pick up that icy patch, we have already had an overturned vehicle will on the blue
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route, crews are working along 202 this morning, northbound right here near 252 in chester county trying to get an extra third lane in. there is two lanes, opened and they are moving that snow with the the big front end loaders off to the shoulders. we will see that on the on and off ramps that morning. the lets go to the next camera a live look at philly international attempting full services today. best bet check with the airline. airport is opened, we're ready for business, the the runways are cleared, and passable, and it the is up to the individual airlines, so check with your airline before you head down to the airport, and a live look downtown philadelphia, ben franklin parkway, again an example of what we're dealing with this morning. maybe instead of two lanes is there only one, on and off ramp instead of the two lanes we're down to only one, so pack your patients, use some extra caution this morning. as far as mass transit goes septa will attempt full services across the board. that is the goal. now your best betties to go to
5:04 am which is their web site, click on system status, because the the bus routes whether they are operating, whether they are detoured will depend upon the conditions of the roadways in the neighborhood and that is changing, hour by hour. so before you head out the door this morning, system status and that will give us the up to date information on your individual bus route, chris and lauren, back to you. some city services are come back on line. trash services will resume this morning and septa says 07 s and bus routes are cleared, the philadelphia parking authority is not ticketing for metered parking and public garages, and they are still, $5. at least 42 deaths now link to the blizzard that pounded much of the east coast over the weekend, many fatalities were from car accidents, carbon monoxide poisoning or heart attacks while shoveling. too many streets including right here in philadelphia still covered in snow. >> but city's mayor jim kenney
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says crews have done a great job considering the record snowfall and more help is on the way, dave kinchen is live in west philadelphia a where is there still work to be donnas we can see behind you, dave. >> reporter: that is right, we're hitting those spots early this morning out and about checking out west philadelphia to see what still needs to be plowed. here we are at 52nd street. it is clear, wet. in problems here. but when you talk about other side streets like hazel where we are right the now i'll show you this street. the it is just a mess. the only tracks made are from the cars that have tried to get in and out of where folks live here but they have in the dropped a blade down this way in terms of the snow plow coming through. you can see the cars still boxed in here. mayor and city officials say progress has been made so far. 10,000 tons of salt spread out across city street already and they say that they have plowed more than 1800 miles of city streets but major challenges
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remain in the city with residents wondering when crews will get to their street. the mayor simply says, hang in there. ask people for patients during the clean up and remine them this is fourth greatest snowfall in cities history. as a matter on have fact in one night we received 18 some inches was largest single snowfall in the 24 hour period. we appreciate your patients. we're getting to the streets. we have to take care of the big ones first and get everything rolling and effects most number of people but we have not forgotten you. we are coming or we're already there. >> reporter: patients, patients, patients, requested by city officials but help, help, help requested by residents out here. like neighborhoods in west philadelphia anyway the city also says one important note that they are going to have all philadelphia through streets cleared by wednesday, by the end of wednesday. so we will certainly check and make sure that city officials are able to keep that promise, back to you good that is their
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job, dave kinchen, thanks very much. for those who depend on septa to get around, they are still dealing with delays because septa is still not back in full operation mode. is there snow left on the tracks as well as city and suburban road. many mass transit riders had similar experiences as septa tries to get backup and running after weekend snowstorm. riders experienced significant delays, another issue, some commuter parking lots have not been plowed. >> they canceled the 5:30. they canceled. they gave me no time. then i took the subway, took the the 55 bus to warminster and then i sat there and wait fod are this train so i can get home. >> i was surprised because i know a lot of people that do use this train. >> so those are two riders who had trouble. in fact, lot of people experienced delays of up to 45 minutes and some trains were
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canceled completely without any notice to the riders. but some say despite all of those problems septa was still best way to avoid those messy roads, perhaps the most safe with all that slipping and sliding. all right. i should say a video at least posted to new jersey governor chris christie is making round on social media. at a campaign event in new hampshire a girl with ties to new jersey asked the governor this. >> why are you here in new hampshire campaigning instead of there helping serving, the the damages done by the the coastal flooding from the storm. >> well, because it is already done. it is already done. >> okay. >> tell me why you think it isn't. >> i have friend, family calling me sending me pictures video all over the the state, flooding. >> all over the the state i don't know what you want me to do do you want me to go down there with the mop. >> wow. >> the fact is -- >> christie says only cape may county had flooding, only cape may county. the governor has come under
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fire for his response to that flooding, in south jersey. meantime storm clean up continues down the shore, steve keeley live in west wildwood, steve, how does it look behind me. >> reporter: it is a amazing we're still in the philadelphia area and while dave kinchen still shows people digging out here in west wildwood, it the is not snow they are still bailing out. if they are digging out here it is digging out of san. look at this woman's car a honda she had elevated driveway to avoid her car being damaged and flooded and the car gets knocked off the elevated driveway, and you can see two docks came from somewhere in the water, floated up to her house, smashed into her car with enough force to knock the car off and another dock smashing into her porch support there. you can see lad their use to go down to the bay and walkway that used to go out to the boats. we will cross her street and there uses to be a edwin rusk,
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they had a beautiful look out park on the bay and kid played around here. it is completely devastated here because this will show you power of the the bay water, again, we're not facing the ocean but just the the bay which is normally mild like it is right now. that is in the a bail of hey, i'm walking up to that is 150-pound of sea weed. look what is left of this you can sea water in the distance even at night but water came up here and smashed the sea wall. we will go to the left and you can see a good bulkhead they had here but not good enough because it obliterated and completely gone and it moved this look out. look at this kid play ground. these are concrete benches and steel benches tossed and this kid playground got blown away. when we see new a half an hour we will go to the playground and give you another look to the ground and see right through what used to be a sea wall with a better view of the the water accounts and they have a lot of work here in west wildwood, guys. >> steve keeley, thanks for the the update.
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this is the scene of the fuel spill, sky fox shot over the incident yesterday evening. the coastguard says that 250 gallons of december ill fuel spilled into the schuylkill river after a enlarger spill on land. multiple agencies are involved now, 4300 gallons of fuel, spilled at century link facility near 24th and market street. crews are now deployed absorbent material in the river to soak up the fuel, they will use vacuum trucks to remove that fuel from the water. path department of environmental protection is helping in this huge clean up. like most, folks are still digging out after nearly 2 feet of snow blanketed the city, is what happening on the streets of camden. we will look at that. >> the president is using his final year in office to make major changes, federal change he is pushing in our prisons.
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south jersey police officers broke out a snow shovel to help a elderly moon in need. blizzard snow her in so when the power came back on and mandatory evacuation order lifted two suggests, grabbed four other officers, and headed over to shovel out her driveway. >> love those stories of people coming to the aid of those in need, in these trying times. >> actually, i saw a local officer who saw some kid walking in the snow on friday, let them get in the cruiser and said this is what you will charge you, a selfie and they
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took a picture, a selfie. >> isn't that great, sue. >> i necessity there are a lot of stories in neighborhood of neighbors helping neighbors. we have an area of really light precipitation, it is moving through central part of the state. this is area of rain we're talking about for later on. a weak cold front coming through but it will produce some rain, and reason we're saying rain because we do expect temperatures to warm up before it the gets here. here's a little will a area of pink that is showing up on radar but not making it to the ground. so for rest of the day to day we might have a little bit of sleet in the morning in the lehigh valley or poconos but this is going to be rain, we will be in the 40's today for temperatures, so this is 3:00 o'clock in the afternoon and then as we head in the evening with this cloud cover we will retain the above freezing temperature. so we will have more showers further south we go we will increase chance that it will be rain. but it does last through about
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midnight at least south and east of philadelphia a so be prepared for some rain but should be only rain tonight. lets talk about this possibility, there is our weak cold front of this low pressure system that we were talking about yesterday, forming in the gulf of mexico, possibility of it coming up the the coast. it is looking increasingly likely not a guarantee but that it will take a track that will keep it to the south of us as it moves out to sea. part of the reason is this upper low pressure system that is keeping it to to the south. so that will help us, this area of snow well up to the north and keep us, hopefully snow free for the rest of the week and we will have to worry about is milder temperatures by the time we will get to the weekend. 40 degrees was our high yesterday. forty-two today and then partly sunny skies, tomorrow, high of 39, 40 degrees, by thursday, we will be watching the coast for the possibility of the storm and see how close it comes, maybe give us a
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little bit of precipitation but doesn't look real likely right now at least not for philadelphia and 48 degrees, 47, 48 for sunday and for monday of this week. improvement in the seven day forecast but first we have to get through this morning, bob kelly. >> it is a rough one. yesterday was first day back. today is second day. what they are doggies moving snow off of the travel lanes. this is a live look at 202 north approaching the schuylkill expressway. i came in this way this morning. they typically have three lanes here. they have one lane opened. they have big front end loaders picking up the snow and clearing out trying to open up those extra off ramps, to the schuylkill expressway. this is an area that has been repeated all throughout our viewing area, all through the the night, what is left behind, hopefully, an extra lane, but also, some iced over roadways because anything that looks wet, it is obviously going to be laying out there
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in the form of black ice. so just be careful this morning. the lets go to our next camera, which is allentown, good morning, living here in allentown, one lane here an example of the a lot of the secondary road an inside streets where they are trying to get their best to get one lane passable, anything that will make that left, right turn, if it is snow it the is that chun muching snow that made up of ice. allentown digging out here this morning. philly international, folks trying to get out of town and head something place warmer, we are looking good, runways are cleared, your best bet, check with your individual airline to check on your flight status, as far as mass transit, we are limping back yesterday, i just talk to septa and intent to have full service this morning. however, i can tell you in advance that probably it is the not going to happen in some of the the neighborhood. the buses are all depending upon the streets and conditions in the individual neighborhood. so go to and click
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on the system status and you will be able to see the individual bus route if it is on the due tour, and stay up to date throughout the morning. lauren, back over to you. across the river in new jersey camden district schools are closed this morning as the the city continues to dig out after this weekend's blizzard. most of the major roads are clear but still side streets that have not yet to see a plow. we have talk to frustrated people who are so sick of being snowed in, camden officials say crews are working around the clock to clear those streets. they hear what you are saying, public transportation on nj transit is backup and running for the the most part. city streets and crews say they will get the to your streets but they are asking everyone to please have patients. >> these are the the storms that after a day of sunshine you cannot look outside window and say it is sunny, how come i still have snow on my street. >> forty plow trucks working to clear those road, 24/7. so remember i told you about
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the officer, with the kid on the philly street. >> took a selfie. >> came and found the picture. it is officer stevens. he put that on instagram and said these kid were walking in the snow. do you see them bundled up. he said i will charge to you get home? a selfie. >> they all look very happy and warm in the patrol car. >> i know, good news for them. president barack obama is banning use of solitary confinement to punish juvenile in the federal prison. >> practice of ice lathing prisoners can cause long term psychological effects, particularly when used to punish young offenders and mentally ill. president's announcement comes as part of the package of reforms aimed at curbing use of solitary confinement in federal prison. the the president whip pitch new proposals, and revisit the some old ones where initially used budget next movement white house says that the president's proposals if enacted will provide more than 30 million people with access to retirement savings
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accounts. 5:20 this morning. that salad in your fridge, lettuce. >> yeah, we do. >> you have to be careful. one major brandies pulling them off super market shelves and we will tell you which ones and why. >> but first your winning lottery numbers. >> okay. since 1961, pearle vision has provided the neighborhood with expert eye care. that was dr. stanley pearle's vision
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and we still proudly carry on his legacy. today, doctors like lisa hamilton perform eye exams that can help detect diabetes. because we care for you... and your eyes. this is genuine eye care, in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision.
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dole is recalling all of the bagged salad after inspectors determined listeria bacteria caused 12 hospitalizations and one death. the the popular item, distributed in 23 states, including pennsylvania, and in new jersey, was pulled from supermarket shelves. consumers are advised to toss bugs and scrub any surface that those contents such. and in your money, the the hilton hotel train is trying to attract a younger crowd. their new you brandies called true, aimed at travelers looking to spend somewhere between 75, $90 a night, where hilton is trying to compete with the chains like comfort in and le quinta, it will be in a mix of airport, urban, suburban where ever they think young people will spend their dollars. >> nice help tell for 57 to 90 bucks. >> lets see how nice they are. >> good point. >> one man tried to take advantage of the weekend's
5:25 am
massive snow storm, so he posted a place to stay, on air b and b. >> okay. the here's the deal, ready. you bet are be ready to bundle up, the the posting for an igloo, in brooklyn. the ad for boutique winter igloo for two promises snow, most desirable getaway. the the cost, 200 a night. seriously. it the took air b and b to catch up and delete that post saying it didn't meek occupancy standard. >> that is for sure. >> totally. >> an igloo, 200. would i go with something else. >> the list is long. >> okay. over the years presidential hopefuls have been endorsed with celebrities and people with deep pockets. but what about an ice cream endorsement. >> vermont based ice cream company ben and jerry's standing by bernie saunders and design a ice cream flavor called bernie's yearning. the the co founder say the
5:26 am
flavor is in the for sale but can be won through a contest on his independent web site bernie's forty points of ice cream in his kitchen, 25 have been donated to the sanders campaign. >> i wonder what is in it. you know how they put on the the container is what actually in it. they are so descriptive. >> is what your favorite. >> i can read it, and it is like banana ice cream smothered with marshmallow, and i'm like, how do you say no to this. >> i think one of the funniest ones when they came out with anchorman two, scotchy scotch, scotch, butter scotch flavor. >> 5:26 this morning. a former eagles quarterback is in trouble with the law, why police are calling vince young, uncooperative.
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after trying brookside chocolate, people talk about it online. love at first taste. i would liquefy it and bathe in it. curse you, brookside! your nefarious plans have succeeded. nefarious? are we still talking about chocolate? brookside. talk about delicious.
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the snow has gone from pretty, to pretty big mess. why you might to have wait until wednesday to see your streets again. >> the jersey shore, the recovery continues from the damage left behind and some people are not happy with the governor after his remarks yesterday. >> oh, yeah. >> good day, it is tuesday, january 26th, 2016. >> go ate tweet from a
5:30 am
gentlemen hoist following us on twitter and says governor christie needs to think before he opens up his mouth. we will have much more why he tweet that had coming up later but first as a reminder public and the catholic schools in philadelphia are closed again today. >> so everyone still trying to thaw out. today we might get above freezing. >> that is true, and also, with bus stop buddy here, and we don't have the school bus because philadelphia public schools are closed, but i just posted a lincoln my facebook page that has the fox 29 school closing page, because not, that is not the case in all school districts. or going in on a delayed opening. to find out what your school district is doing go to fox i have got the link gannon sue serio fox 29. my facebook page, anyway. temperatures in the teens and 20's this morning, we've got the some black ice out there but buddy is ready for later on doing more snow shoveling and having some fun, sledding as well. in your weather by the numbers we will give you a six out of
5:31 am
ten. we are expecting some rain later on. lauren is right we will get above freezing every where today. that is what we expect but it is cold in philadelphia. 25 degrees. to the north of us with temperatures in the teens but above freezing in atlantic city, wildwood, in millville and dover delaware. our sunrise time is 7:15. we will see some sunshine today but anticipate ago this rain, we will get cloud cover increasing during the afternoon. so 25 and a wind chill of 19 is what we have in the city right now. we are keeping an eye on visability. they have not been a issue just yet but we will see he what is going on with this little a area of freezing rain in the central part of the state. i doubt if that a area around lancaster is making it to the ground, but, just walk carefully, drive carefully, this morning because there are many slippery spots. mostly cloudy skies throughout the the day and showers around for evening drive as we get to a high of 42 degrees. that is your weather at 5:31. here's bob kelly with a round up of problems.
5:32 am
>> round them up 5:31. good morning everybody. live look at the benny looking good coming into downtown philadelphia but just be careful this morning. anything that looks wet is out there in the form of the black ice. we have had a couple of vehicles eclipse some of the snow banks that you may find in that far right or left lane. one vehicle flipped over on the blue route. so there is no active incidents right now but all of the counties have active work crews out there removing the snow. they have been out there all night, trying to take mound of snow and opening up a second lane or an extra rain in the off and off ramps. they have been doing tonight allen time, same deal trying to open up all lanes up here on the main streets. now the progress of that snow removal not only here in allentown and philadelphia in the neighborhood will depend upon what bus routes are running, and every hour that changes. they open up an extra street that busings back, on to its
5:33 am
regular, on to its regular route. your best bet for mass trans it this morning is go to, click on system status and it will show you the individual bus route and where they are. as far as regional rail lines they will attempt for full service this morning as we had yesterday, anywhere from 20 to 30 minute delays. they are possible. i got word that there are possible car shortages on each one of the trains. so we will try to get the answer on that. so, again, it looks like it will be another rough morning ahead of us here good thing that the kid are off and that kept volume lighter yesterday and hopefully a repeat for this morning. as we say good morning to i-95 here heading southbound. do you see the glare there. if it looks wet there is a chance it is iced over at 25 degrees out there this morning. no problems, down in philly international but check with the airline before you head down to the airport. chris and lauren, back over to you. right now city workers are
5:34 am
still trying to clear those streets and all that snow, it has to go somewhere. this is a live look at broad and washington in south philadelphia. crews piling snow up here before it is loaded in those melting machines. >> some city services start to come back on line, track service will resume this morning. the philadelphia parking authority is not ticketing for meters parking and public garages are still $5. septa says about 70 percent of their rail lines and bus routes are cleared and back on schedule. why are you here in new hampshire campaigning instead of there helping, serving the damages done by coastal flooding from the storm. >> well, because it is already done. it is already done. >> okay. >> tell me why you think it isn't. >> i have friend, family calling me sending me videos, pictures all over the the state. >> all over the state. >> flooding. >> all over the the state, i
5:35 am
don't know what you want me to do do you want me to go down there with a mop. >> wow, you hear some people laughing, a lot of people shaking their heads after chris christie said that, only cape may county had flooding damage, is what he went on to say as well a lot of people are talking bit. governor has come under fire for that response. steve keeley joins us live from west wildwood with more, hi steve. >> reporter: well, maybe not a mop but how a bobcat, bulldozer or plane old good old compassion and that is what is hurting him in the the just here in new jersey but this became a national story and all politics is local and he is taking a beating nationally when it came to the topic of talk shows. here's a sea wall broken apart calling it minor, moderate damage. this is major damage. he said one county, meteorologist including scott williams and gary, head of the nws in mount holly said it three is counties in new jersey with major coastal flooding damage. look at this playground,
5:36 am
devastating. even little kid, a place where they play in the summer here in the bay front just completely devastated in addition to we're seeing so many houses here in west wildwood, one of the towns where people have thrown out so many possessions out front of their house. the these have people hoff been able to have sometime to clean up. governor christie, chris and lauren, his reputation at the the height of his political career is in reaction to sandy. how about this as reaction to this winter storm jonas doing him in for the end of his political career in peoples mind if this is reason people in new hampshire what happened here in new jersey this week. >> what they have noticed not so much the message and method. he was asked by a young are girl, she looked like perhaps a teenager, and he kind of stepped toward her and the word bully has been used when you hear about governor christie in the past. >> his tone. >> reporter: smart alex answer probably not a wise one because it is being played
5:37 am
over and over and over every where now. >> great work down the the shore, thanks again. let's head over to dave where he has found a collapsed roof, davis everyone okay. >> reporter: we're in the the 4200 block of lighty and what we understand here is that there are third houses that the roof that covered the porch roofs that came down. the snow is on top of them as they landed there the doors still accessible ape it is possible that at least two of these houses, are abandoned. you can see is what left here, which has yet to be plowed. cars would normally park here. three houses with the porch roofs that came down, one man walking by did not wanting to on camera but he heard a big, boom but wasn't sure where it came from last night. then he saw this. and he helped us get to the the scene.
5:38 am
so is there some out here. we understand fire fighter was out this way, and, it is on record, and, something that when the city has paperwork on but they have to clear up this n word on injuries as far as we know and this is something we will keep monitoring but crews will get out here and clean up this. that is very latest now back to you. the eagles making more moves for next season, will our quarterback sam bradford stay or go? howard looks at that straight ahead. ♪
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flyers trying to stop a two game losing streak abe it came to the final minute. in the wells fargo center, flyers trailed two to nothing. the tied it up at two- two. then the shot, brett copley deflect it in past neuvirth. that is three in a row. they lose to boston. eagles are starting to sign their core players. yesterday the eagles signed zach ertz to a five-year contract, just over 42 million, 20 guarantied but ertz with like his quarterback, back as well. >> a lot of guys would love to have sam back, jordan, and myself, in particular, kind of were rewarded with sam sam playing quarterback but at the same time we are very confident in doug, and, howie and mr. lurie to decide will be the best person to play quarterback. >> they will sign other players, fletcher cox, vinny
5:42 am
curry would be another and malcolm jenkins got the the call last night, he is going to the nfl pro bowl. that is sports in a minute, and i'm howard eskin.
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eddie is 61 years old today. lead guitar player for van halen look at close.
5:45 am
van halen fridays los angeles this album, came out when you were, three years old. >> really. >> yes, lauren johnson. the it is called 1984. >> no wonder i can use the excuse that i don't know much about them. >> yes. >> they were here last summer. >> did you go. >> at susquehanna bank center. >> did you go. >> no, it was a thursday night, had to get up in the middle of the night you are a fake rocker. >> how about ellen degenerous. ellen is turning 58 years old today. >> she looks good. >> she does. one of our former interns maria is head of the social media, she flew to los angeles to take a job, first tv job, working for ellen joe. >> look at you growing these interns to be successful. they are always asking chris to be successful. can you give us some advice. >> i have to tell you, it is called paying it forward. bill whittaker of cbs news took me under his wing. he said help people as they
5:46 am
come into the business. >> i agree that. >> help us along. >> yes. >> you're on your own. no, i'm kidding. we have refreezing going on this morning. we will call it black ice because the pavement looks wealth, and temperatures, with blacked out i should say, have fallen in the teens and 20's in some places, so the the pavement is shiny, and it appears wet but it is icy and that is why you have to step carefully. sometimes it that is first step out the door that will get you. so road shoulders, steps, sidewalks are probably the the most likely places where you'll see, some of that frozen, situation, and we have got 25 degrees in philadelphia, 22 in wilmington, teens and 20's to the north of us but above freezing temperatures to the south of us, in fact in wildwood it is 41 degrees right now, that is not the issue as you saw with steve keeley, cleaning up from the blizzard is the issue there. so wind chills are not that much different then the a
5:47 am
actual temperature. right now we're watching an area of precipitation, various types, it is a little bit of sleet, or freezing rain and little bit of rain starting to get closer to us but it appears to be kind of fizzling out before it gets here. having said that maybe in the pocono mountains, lehigh valley could get a little will bit this morning but we're all expecting rain later on in the day. i would say anytime after 3:00 r first area moving through. it is a weak cold front and it sinks south word throughout the the rest of the evening through seven, eight, 9:00 o'clock and should be gone by midnight and we think temperatures will stay above freezing so that it is only rain. 42 degrees is the the high today so with cloud cover we will not get below freezing, at least not before the the precipitation end. now tomorrow looks quiet, tranquil and not too much colder. that is what we meant by a weak cold front. then we have talking about 39 degrees on thursday. friday we are still watching a
5:48 am
possible coastal storm but looking less of a threat then dit yesterday. forty-two saturday. up to 47 on sunday. so, at least a little bit of the warming trend when talking about 48 degrees being warm, bob kelly, we know it has been cold. >> you're definitely right, time to warm up, dry out the gloves and the mittens that we have been using. good morning, 54:78. as you mentioned with the low temperatures anything that looks wet has the potential of being iced over this morning. we have had a number of accident, another one just working now on the blue route right here near broomall in which vehicles are clipping some of the snow that has not been fully moved off of the roadway and gone airborne here. so, until we really get the daylight it is stuff, crews have been out all night long trying to remove the the snow, to gain that extra travel lane and gain that extra honor off ramp. here's the 42 freeway coming toward the city. we have a live look at ben franklin parkway right here
5:49 am
near cathedral of st. peter and paul in center city philadelphia where again, city crews have been out all night moving the snow with the big front end loaders there trying to gain access to tonight just some of the majors but your secondary roads, i know they are coming your way to those side streets and that is where it has been most difficult. lets go to the next camera live lot ben franklin bridge looking good. septa gave meehan alert saying some of the busier regional recall lines like doylestown line, west trenton and warminster line will be running with fewer cars. so to that will cause overcrowding. make sure you wear your deodorant, and yesterday, i played a joke, on my 14 years old. you saw video we showed of everybody jumping in the snow. but i said lets do it, noah. >> yes. >> we took our shirts off. ready. >> you faker. >> now we will do it again, that is our deck, okay.
5:50 am
>> that is up to your knees. i said, one, two, three, go. >> he was a good sport. >> he is not the happy. >> i have to watch my back now because there is pay back time. >> your kids are good with the prank. >> so i have had a security guard at my bedroom door all night long just making sure, i'm glad my car was not keyed or my tires were not flat. out in the snow though, my legs red, freezing from that snow, in that short little period of time. >> you have to be careful. >> did you not belly flop. >> former eagles quarterback is in trouble with the law. >> serious note here. police in austin, texas rested vince young for dwi. he spelled of alcohol and slurring his speech and could not walk a straight line. in the report police called
5:51 am
young quote uncooperative, and polite. he posted bond and has been already released. brittany spears is coming out with new music, i'm not sure what this little teaser is. >> okay. >> yes. >> yeah. >> i don't either. >> hopefully she does. of course, gets everyone interested. >> yes. >> that was years ago though, 1999 that came out. it has been a we will. five-year old south carolina boy battled cancer and has become inspiration to thousands of people, how you can help with little jackson's wishes, up next.
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
a five-year old south carolina boy's battle with cancer is becoming an inspiration to thousands, jackson ingrammys fighting for his life. >> but thanks to post cards from strangers, both near and far he is not loan. fox's emily collins talks to the family about support coming from around the world.
5:55 am
>> everybody should pray for this family. >> family and friend are what five-year old jackson ingrammys all about, and in the last three months he has made more friend then most of us will make in a lifetime. >> give him card from all 50 states. but now we're starting to think. >> jackson's dad jason is referring to postcards since jackson from all over the world, dozens from london, this one from south korea, he has even received one from mickey mouse himself. all of them, bearing word of encourage. after jackson was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia back in october. >> we have got one from hawaii, two t-shirts and a hat, and i want to you visit. >> reporter: they have called him a rock star, even a hero,
5:56 am
his aunt kelly blackman is helping keep them organize. she said all of the love and support has been overwhelming. >> people we don't even know, sent support and prayers. it is just drawing everyone closer not just our family but everyone. >> reporter: according to his dad it is also helping keep his spirits up. >> he has had a couple bad days where he has been sick but for the most part, he is all right. >> instead it made him stronger, and. >> everybody be nice to each other. >> reporter: and a little wiser. >> if with you like to mail jackson a post card send to it jackson ingram at post office box 3043, lancaster south caroline, zip code 29721. >> ahh what a sweet kid. in the next hour with the iowa caucus next week undecided voters grilled the democrats with really tough questions, hear their answer from his last night's town hall will but first dig out continues, just across the river as what he hear from
5:57 am
some who say that their government in new jersey has forgotten about them. and of course, the biting cold of snow day play. that's why puffs is soft. puffs plus lotion tissues... ...are gentle on skin. they help soothe irritation by locking in moisture better. so you can get out and enjoy winter a nose in need deserves puffs indeed. for softness that fits anywhere, try puffs softpack. after trying brookside crunchy clusters, @carlybeyar tweeted: at this point, i should just be a brookside chocolate ambassador. well, i am sorry, carly... it's something you earn. brookside. talk about delicious.
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. i don't know what you expect me to to do, do you want me to go down with the mop. >> i kind of do governor chris christie taking heat for comment he made about flooding in the new jersey shore. what one concerned citizen asked him that got him so fired up.
6:00 am
still digging out we are taking a live look at broad and washington as the city continues to clear streets that have in the been touched by a plow, days after the blizzard. they are building, the mani-down there at broad and washington. the it will just keep growing. and we kind of want to help you, use the hashtag fox 29 snow and tell us, what complaints you have. we have a crew going around the city this morning looking to get so help. well, it is jen fred. i mean as much help as that is going to be. good day, it is january 26th. it is my other sister's birthday, kathleen. >> yes. >> busy week for birthdays. >> cost awe lieutenant of money. >> i have two sisters, a brother-in-law, it is a mess. >> do you use the blizzard as an excusey use the blizzard as an excuse, and i just text them. >> at least you remembered it all. >> y


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