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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  January 27, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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>> back to school today. sloppy streets this morning. day four post storm. some people still trying to dig out. we'll hear from mayor jim kenney as he promised that today would be the day that they would be all unstuck. >> that's true. so, it is also been one year since the center city billion dollars g collapse. free women inside the physical annie lohse until toll one victim said she is still suffering today. >> good day everybody, it is wednesday, january 28th, 2016. >> first day of school. two-hour delay. so yes, philly schools, back up and running, and a lot of work still being done around the streets of philadelphia. we'll check in with steve keeley, as well, as school buses try to navigate the corners, with a bunch of snow mounds dollars up still.
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>> it can be dangerous, because if there is no sidewalk, people think walking in the street, that's really dangerous. so be careful, careful, careful, careful. it will be a seven out every ten by your weather by the numbers washings we are talking about, this rain moving through, tail end after cold front. chillier air, behind it, not dramatically chillier, but more like normal. yesterday we got to 50 degrees. and we're still milder than average this morning, but in the upper atmosphere, there might be few snowflakes flying around, wilmington, elkton, maryland, could be a smidge slippery there. let's check our temperatures right now. we're at 32 in mount pocono, upper 30's in allentown, pottstown, reading, lancaster, down here in philadelphia, it is 41, we're 40 in wilmington, so at the surface it is above freezing. so we should be okay. forty-three in wildwood. after rack for march the
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ninth is 50 degrees. not for january. almost at the end of january. 41 degrees right now in the city. we watch temperatures go down throughout the morning. feels like 36. sunrise 7:14 this morning. yes, we should see sunshine after the showers go away. two minute after 5:00. everybody's back today, bob kelly. >> got to love it. smiles on all of the parent's faces, come on, hope did you your homework, pack your book bag, let's get it on. good morning, 5:02, an accident this morning, along i-95, 95 northbound, right at business route one. what you see, this fellow here off into the ditch, into the snow, into the snowy snow covered grassy median there. i'm not sure whether he hit patch of ice. i don't know traditionally black ice, but all of the melt i and slushy snow can be just
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as slippery, especially come to try to hit the brakes in the neighborhoods. all of the kids back to school today. a lot of activity in the neighborhoods in the city here with the kids on the street corner, parent dropping them off, no place to double park, northbound boulevard, inner driver, they'll be doing some work today at rhawn, same deal up in allentown that melting snow slippery on and offer ramps. back to normal on the norristown high-speed line. full service this morning, full service on all of the regional rail lines. side note, there may be some fewer carson some of the trains this morning, so expect some over-crowding, and still, tight squeeze at all of the parking lot today. full service on all of the septa buses and trolleys except for the 94 and the 95. but, just look out, for some slippery platforms, and the snow mounds, at all of the bus stops, chris, lauren, back to you. >> bob, breaking news to tell but right now. chester police say they've
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arrested a 17 year old, who is behind an on-line threat overnight. it is the female. the threat made on instagram and facebook it, reads, i'm coming tomorrow. shooting up every chester upland school district school chester community charter school both and chester high school, as well. all blacks must die. >> you notice there the threat, sink recalled out, african-american student. police say they track down that teen who is a student at chester high school. they say, she admitted to making that threat. much more on this very serious threat coming up throughout the morning here on fox 29. >> let's turn now to the weather, the blitz after of 2016 is over. dumped record snowfall @ cross the region now kids across the city, oh, see that person slip? you have to be careful. >> conditions on the narrow streets? >> normally real quiet at 5:00 a.m., even in a sit like fill that i doesn't sleep. and here are public works
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guys, not sleeping, this is wednesday morning, remind you, after the blizzard from the weekends, and look at all of this construction equipment. you have got this big bulldozer here, then straight down the sidewalk we are at 16th and mckean, they have the small little bulldozers, the bobcats, those kinds of things. and what they're doing is they're plowing a lot of these streets for the first time, believe it or not, and when they plow it, they've got to put the snow somewhere t looks like people are getting plowed in, a lot of these cars are going to have tough time digging out, then look here, right in the middle of the intersection big dump truck. and we mike was asking where are we dumping all of this? taking it to various points, then the trucks come back, see the snow peaking out of the top of the middle of the dump truck so they have it nearly full. i don't know how this driver knows how much snow he's got left to put in there. but they do. and they've got supervisor right behind them making sure everybody's safe and staying away. so, this might be going on, as kids are walking around all this stuff. during the school hours pretty
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soon, as we approach the first time back to school. so here comes couple of guys loaded with snow, we will gave you a look at what's going on, then the other problem is, they had no trash pick up. but people didn't take their trash back into their houses, so there are smashed trash cans, empty trash cans all around the streets, so whole bunch of road hazards all around south philly, that's only because we've only been in south philly. i don't know if the entire city like that, but people didn't take their crash cans in. and the trash, and the snow, are competing for space, and there is very little space as you can see on the sidewalks. and it is quite a busy active scene out here. but i am telling you, nobody complaining about all of the noise because this is the first time they've seen a plow, and they're going to be happy maybe the first time to see the inside of their car in a while, like it van across the street, see the snow still on the windshield on the corner, snow all around him. can you see the windshield, chris? there go. that person obviously hasn't been driving at all. they have nice corner parking
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spot. but you can see, it is not so nice, as we pull out from behind the telephone pole and you can see that guy will not be backing out of there any time unless they get the snow out of there, lauren, chris? >> thank you so much, steve keeley. and during the blizzard, philadelphia mayor jim kenney promised the city that all of the streets would be plowed, and cleaned up, by the end of today. but there is still a lot of work out there to be done. but we toss things out to dave kinchen out on the street, germantown mt. airy section to see what's going on out, there hey, dave? >> we actually moved over to west philadelphia. you know, we were here 24 hours ago and it looked a bit worse yesterday. here, definately passable, although, you still have some snow, and icy conditions, in the street. and the big thing is going to be hitting some of these spots, where people park, like this one right here. this is an area that could use a good plowing. we actually saw on our way from mt. airy to this area. we saw a crew working to clear
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some of the parking areas, but that all depend on when these cars get out of the way, but again, a lot of folks just don't move because they've been off for several days. and they don't want to bother digging out. we are moving further up toward 52nd street here, again, you can see, it is all clear with the exception of where people would park on the side. so this is probably the next part of the operation where crews will come in like we saw on our way here and take care of the side streets, i should say, the parking areas where people park. but, so far, at least with larchwood, it is looking better, we are going to hit another street, addison, that one still needs some work. overall, some work still needed here in west philadelphia. from what we saw yesterday, the mayor said 80% of the streets are passable, as of yesterday, so crews are still working at it. back to you guys. >> dave kinchen, moving around, thank you so much for the update. >> and easier to move around a little bit. speaking of the storm, throughout the clean up from this past weekend winter storm, city encouraging residents to call 311 if they
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need their street plowed. now we are hearing just how many people, in fact, use that number. the philly 311 system says it has received 21,000 calls so far due to the blizzards of 2016. that's eight times the norm. and it has received 6,000 more requests through social media. now, if you call and still haven't seen a plow, officials say hang onto your claim number, so workers can keep track of your request. >> city getting there. we're plowing and salting. streets departments been doing an incredible job, and it is a lot of miles to the streets, and city of philadelphia. >> and officials went on to say until crews can get to your streets, you can lends a hand too. like cleaning snow from storm drains, and fire hydrants. >> call in the extra equipment, front ends loaders, dump trucks, all will be around allentown this morning, and tonight, to help the crippled sit which snow removalment city officials say there are private contractors brought in to help expand snow removal operations, last night, they were busy along seventh street. signs were posted there
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stating it was supposed to be cleared the night before. business owners and people living there say the city has been slow, but they did have to tackle 31 inches of snow. >> showed you, a lot of people coming to get a haircut, and you know, don't have anywhere to park. >> he said they were losing zombies. >> yep, lose a lot of business. >> we all got together, shoveled the whole street to get our vehicles out. >> convoy of trucks to clear the streets will start around 7:00 this morning and end around 7:00 tonight. >> today marks one year, the roof of the lemon lulu store fell in after bricks from building next-door hit t the collapse hurt three women who were inside at the time. a year later now, and one of them is suing, saying, she is still suffering. >> allison freedman said she has been in pain every single day since that accident. tomorrow, she has to have spinal fusion surgery. she will spend the next few days in the hospital, including, friday, which happens to be her birthday. >> it is really sad.
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my birthday last year was spent on the couch in pain. >> suing walnut st. at owes agents, the property owner next to the property of the lululemon. so, it is justice appoint that a man who is the governor of the state of new jersey, man who wants to be the president of the united states would lower the discourse in a situation such like this. >> respond today chris christie's biting comment, what the garden state governor has to say, you might find a little surprising. >> and it looks like one republican presidential candidate will not be therefore the debate. why frontrunner donald trump says he's skipping it.
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>> okay, so starting off this morning with a little bit of precipitation. it was supposed to be gone, by now, as of yesterday's computer models, but, you know, things change, and this was a slower moving cold front than we thought. so what we've got are some rain showers, moving through the area, including couple of snowflakes mixed in, probably in the upper atmosphere, not at the surface where it is above freezing, as you move down from philadelphia, through wilmington, through on the way to baltimore, northeastern maryland, we call the i95 corridor. other roadways affected,
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garden state parkway, atlantic city expressway, with some light rain showers this morning. >> is it ville piles of snow, helped reduce them yesterday with philadelphia's high of 50 degrees, more lake march, than january. there you go. 41 degrees right now, in the city, right at freezing in mount pocono. so might have to watch out for black ice up in the higher elevations, 41 in dover, delaware, 43, in wildwood. watch raj hi, 41 degrees, about the past month, the average high of 40, so just tiny sign that we're getting closer to spring. tiny. 50 degrees yesterday. after 40 on monday. i think we'll probably have an afternoon temperature of 39 degrees. high already happened with probably end up being like 44,
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45 degrees, which happened around midnight, 40 degrees tomorrow, for high temperature, which is right around average, then, at night, tonight, tomorrow night, and friday night, it looks like we will have re-freezing, so melt during the day, freeze at night. have to watch for black ice every morning, but by sunday and monday, getting into milder temperatures, with a chance of showers on monday. tuesday, look who it is, it is punxsutawney phil fill the groundhog. >> if he sees his shadow, i forget every year, something like that, talking about his shadow, and winter. >> six more weeks, blah p, blah, blah. >> good morning, 5:16. yes, we don't have any report of freezing, black ice, that is good news, however, all the melting that happened yesterday, leaving behind, some slushy snow here, and that's just as slippery at times, as some of the icy roadways, so don't get that false sense of security, again, some of the on and
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off-ramps could shrill be slippery rolling out of the driveway this morning. weep got water main break over here in south jersey, williams town road right at annapolis drive, just off of the atlantic city expressway. right now good shape, 95, leud looking good all of the kids going back to school today, so that will be good news for the parent. watch for little ones out on the street corners specially in the neighborhoods like here allentown, they got so much snow, all people up on the the corner there, may not and path from the corner, god bless you, out toward the school bus this morning. and again, the ram raps slippery. good news for mass transit. the norristown high-speed line, back to normal. full service on the regional rail lines this morning, all of the buses and trolleys are running, except for the 94 and the 95. but just watch for the slippery platforms, and of course, same deal for the adult, big snow mounds, that are on the bus stops, make sure you have your boots on ready to do some climbing up and over-the-hill to get onto that bus this morning.
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chris, back to you. >> storm getting political, as women. things heating up in new jersey after the big weekend storm governor chris christie called the mayor of north wildwood, quote, one crazy mayor, the flooding was during than super storm sandy. yes, seen here, responded to those biting words from the governor yesterday morning, on god day philadelphia. disappointing, man who wants to be the president of the us would lower the discourse, in a situation, such like this. >> now, in a shock to many, the normally tough talking governor is backtracking on his comment made earlier this week. chris christie was back in new jersey off the presidential campaign trail yesterday. apologizing for the remark he made about that local mayor. >> it was not the first time that i've gotten carried away and said something that i later apologized for, doesn't happen often but it happens. my apology because i felt badly about it. had a night to sleep on it, i
5:19 am
didn't feel good about what i said about him. >> well, some say the sudden change of heart may be due to public backlash, or thoughts about christie's presidential aspirations. governor chris tie accused him of grand standing about the damage in the state of new jersey, lauren. >> and new jersey governor chris christie also spoke out for calling for a state take-over of atlantic city, the governor says the city un capable every taking care of its finances, take over best option for stable advertising the city economy. right now considering asking the state for permission to dray bankruptcy, but governor christie does not encore thank idea. >> cannot be under stated, we will move swiftly to pass this comprehensive legislation, i will sign it, so we can get on with atlantic city next and most important phase of the restructuring. >> christie previously vetoed financial aid package for his city. for that sit he says he expects legislation regarding the take-over to be introduced and passed sometime in
5:20 am
february. congressman chaka fattah faced judge in federal court yesterday. encouraged fattah to rethink his priorities. >> eleven term congressman facing federal corruption and bribery charges, prosecutors say he misused campaign donations and his four lawyers want off the case. because they say fattah hasn't paid them since august. fattah says he will pay his bills, but that he has to, you know, funds raise for his re-election campaign at this point. so the judge did not rule on whether his lawyers can quit, but yesterday, told the congressman to think long and hard about his priorities, as lauren said. federal corruption charge still set for may second. >> okay, there is a fox news debate tomorrow night t looks like the big headline earn, the marquis player here will not be there. >> yes, frontrunner donald trump said he is skipping this debate, and fox news network seemed to sort of have some type of rocky relationship, because earlier debate where
5:21 am
trump claims moderator and host asked other questions, will he threaten to walk as kelly stayed on as moderator? she is, he did. the trump campaign says instead of attend that debate, the presidential candidate will host his own event in iowa to benefit veterans and wounded warriors. >> so, he doesn't like the moderator. so he just quit. it is like if you're in, you know, high school. and you don't like your science teacher. you just skip class. >> just don't go? >> you just don't like try to rise above. >> and figure out a way to still go. >> correct. >> and still get your points across in your own way. >> correct. >> if you don't necessarily agree. >> man, you would be a good parent. >> you think so? >> ya, strong and smart. 5:21 the time. little boy take friend his elementary school by a stranger. school officials let the kid go. out of the classroom. the mix-up that frightened the boy and infuriated his mother. >> winning lottery numbers. >> grease is the words.
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the name most accepted by top doctors and specialists. and the power of a card... that opens doors in all fifty states. giving you the strength... to find what was in you... all along. independence blue cross. live fearless. three people killed, three other wounded shooting errupted last night at at
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seattle, and police say the victims lived there, and the shooting was very targeted. no one's been arrested. police say they're searching for two persons of interest. >> just south of there, oregon, leaders of armed group that has occupied national wildlife refuge in oregon for the past three weeks, are now under arrest, one leader and his followers were reportedly stopped yesterday by f.b.i. agent, another person was shot and killed by an officer, the organ newspaper identified him as arizona rancher. >> 5:25 the time. child protective services go into a classroom, and they pull a five year old boy out of class. now, here is the problem. it was the wrong kid. >> yes, says the minnesota officers came in, they asked him one question, what's your name. when he said it was after and tai, they took him out of school. >> they had him pack up all his stuff in school and brought him to another school to pick up the older boy. when they pick up the older boy the older boy got in the
5:26 am
car and said that's not my brother. >> he was gone for 45 minutes. >> the school apologized blaming it on human error, both by the school clerk and child protective services. protective services had no comment on the case. is that your snake? okay, we'll put you in the car with your brother. that's not my brother. >> i don't know how these things happen. so many checks and balances these days. so, perfect storm, clerk blew it, as well. >> wow. >> weird. wow is the word. >> switching gears real quickly, do we still have enough time to quiz chris? so, our friend, holland stewart, yes, you are always getting into trouble with music with chris, rice? ask chris to name one song off the 1977 grammy albumn of the year songs in the key of life. pen he put got him. >> sir duke. >> sir duke? >> biggest hit of 1977, steve i wonder.
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>> oh, boom. you got it. >> ♪ >> give me another one. >> bring it on. >> okay, new worries for americans traveling to latin america, due to the outbreak of the virus. the particular group doctors say you should really be on high alert.
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>> it is day four from our big snow. what mayor jim kenney promising to everyone by the ends of today. good day everybody, it is wednesday, january 28, 2016. >> so, it is also back to school for the first full day of school for so many in our area. specially, in philadelphia. >> so, we're going to check out the commute for in you just a minute. first, sue, the radar is actually fairly active, as well today. >> yes, we've had some showers around this morning, did somebody say back to school? yes, bus stop buddy here, along with the school buses. so here we go. there are a few showers around this morning, at this point, most of them are south and west of philadelphia. temperatures, though, in the 30's, 40's, most of them above freezing, so not seeing really problems with black ice, just
5:31 am
a little wet out there. seven out every ten, things will improve today, and we will have temperatures back around normal. now, having said that, we zoom in, we see just little bitty pink and white on ultimate doppler, around elkton maryland, so there could be a couple of snowflakes from the upper atmosphere, temperatures at the surface still above freezing. thirty-eight pottstown, it is at freezing in mount pocono, maybe couple of slick spots there. it is 40 degrees, in wilmington, 43 wildwood, so that's where we are at the moment. yesterday's high was 50 degrees. that's an average high for march the ninth. not for january 26th from yesterday. now, it is 41, sunrise, 7:14, we will eventually see sunshine today, and some more melting, with these temperatures, at least during the daylight hours, staying above freezing, but then, re-freeze at night. we go from 34 degrees during the evening return hour, to temps in the 20's overnight. so that's your planner for
5:32 am
wednesday. bob kelly, here we go. back to school. >> you got it, the big question at my house last night, you know, if you had a test, that was supposed to occur on monday, but you had off monday and tuesday, do you need to study for that test? because will it be today? >> can't hurt. >> in order to give the kids something to do, and i said yes, do you have study. live look here, stump and county line road. roads look wet. probably not ice, because looking at 41 degrees. but, all of that snow that's melted, slushy snow, can be just as slippery. so use some caution as you head out the front door this morning, then i think we will see jammo everywhere, because the kids are back to school, everybody's going back to work today. south on 95, no problems as you work your way through the construction zone. speedometers looking good on the blue route, 422, the turnpike, there has been slew of crews working on the overnight, trying to open up that extra lane at the sane
5:33 am
david's interchange, working out here in king of prussia on my way in this morning. see some snow moved around, but water main break over here in south jersey, williamstown road and annapolis road. norristown high-speed line, all aboard, back to normal, full service, full service on all of the regional rail lines, same deal with the buses and trolleys. except for the 94 and the 95, only two routes still suspended this morning, but just look out for the slippery platforms, and those big mounds of snow that are at all of the bus stops on the corner. chris, lauren, back to you. >> following breaking news this morning. chester police have arrested a 17 year old girl who is behind an on line threat overnight. it was made on instagram, we'll bring it to you, i'm coming tomorrow, and then she uses that devil emoji, shooting up every upland school district schools, chester community charter
5:34 am
school both and chichester high school as well that's the knife emoji, all blacks must die. there is the gun emoji, coffin, devil emoji again. >> as you just saw lauren read from that, the threat singled out, after can american student, so police say they've tracked this teen down who is a student at chester high school. they say she admitted to make that threat. very scare, it is not a game. >> let's switch to snow. the calm after the storm. >> kids all across the area including philadelphia are headed back to school this morning. both public and catholic schools are back open. will street however pose problem for parent, school bus drivers in particular steve keeley says yes, all of the snow piling up on the corner, bus haves to make the big wide turns. steve, what's going on? >> ain't no calm after a storm here, very un calm. you can hear that. they are really working out
5:35 am
here. this is little tiny chadwick street. what the people who live on chadwick street smartly did was park on the sidewalk both this direction, you see the cars on the sidewalk there, then in the other direction, and the reason they parked on the sidewalk, was because that allowed these plows and these bulldozers to get down their street finally and plow this street clear for the first time since friday. so they are very happy and the idea also parking on the sidewalk, that you notice, the people on the left, have their cars not plowed in, the people on the right, if we walk over, have their cars all plowed in. so it will be tough digging out, but once they dig out, they won't be stuck in the street like others were. and you can see, the mountains of snow here, being bulldozed up hi, and then toward the ride, you see dump truck down the street, which they're filling up pretty fast now. here is the problem. the kids in south philly maybe
5:36 am
have to walk around this. they have supervisor really helping everybody. he has his strobe lights on down there, blocking the street, nobody drives into this. and hopefully, the par lent make sure the kid don't walk around in this big think about re moving them, way higher than little kidsment so kids will not be seen from a driver as they cross streets, and so when you are driving through the streets this morning, watch out for little kids, because this stuff is eight feet high, little kids, 4 feet 3 feet tall. walking from around it. running the streets, the kids won't be looking out to see if they can see cars because they can't see through snow. car drivers also can't see, because they are sitting in the cars and these piles. >> talking about what problems they'll encounter, so when he says, tomorrow, he is talking about today. >> for us to provide timely
5:37 am
bus transportation, things are going to be running a little bit late tomorrow, most likely, because of the challenges on the street. we have a lot of small street in philadelphia. a lot of streets are not fully clean, a loft sidewalks are still lazarus. so it is going to be a challenge for student edge, but we are already in our build, we do want to ask parent for patience tomorrow for the school buses. we want to ask drivers, driving on the street, to be careful with student. they are going to have to most likely step outside, everybody has to have patience, be careful. >> these guys from anderson construction, working 48 straight ours without a break, one guy took a break, he worked 23 hours, he is taking one hour break-in between shifts. so, a big thank you for the team at anderson construction, they're responsible for clearing a lot of south philly streets this morning. and i tweeted about an hour
5:38 am
ago, at 4:30, bancroft street here in south philly right off tasker, not plowed, these guys saw that, went right over there, cleared bancroft street. the people on bancroft very happy, and they are sleeping through this, they'll be very happen which what they wake up to, it will be like christmas morning for them as little kids waking to up plowed street for the first time in a week. >> let's stay with the theme here, thank you very much. head to germantown where neighbors say they've lost faith in the city having all of the street passable by tonight. so, they've started shovel themselves. much of the city looks quite good. the mayor's office has reported 80% of the residential streets are now passable. but it residence within the other 20% who say they're always in the back of the line. >> if you guys come down at least once, cars can ride down, and we can make our own path. we at least need something, some type of help. and no one is doing anything. >> having people out here bring the fight and everything else, trying to get just home.
5:39 am
>> caring about certain parts of the city and not caring about us. >> the mayor says hones to have all of the street plowed by today. >> travel alert for due to the outbreak of virus, virus has spread to 25 countries including right here in america. officials are worried americans visiting those country, will bring the virus back, which is spread through mosquitos, but experts say, there is no need to worry. conditions right now not idea for moss kilos caring the virus in colder areas like the us. >> school of minnesota use being technology to solve some big time problems. smart phone app creep ate dollars by group of student getting a loft buzz, we'll tell you about it straight ahead.
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this is genuine eye care, in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision. >> know beil, alabama, for the senior bowl practices, but yesterday, the eagles signed their second player in two days giving brent celek a new three year contract worth 13 million. but six of it, that's the important number, 6 million of it guaranteed. sixers won last night it was easy. to the wells fargo center they played phoenix, have beaten phoenix twice this year. how about that? that was to now he will, 113-103, the sixers over the phoenix suns, obviously the head coach happier than he was
5:43 am
when the sixers were blown out last game. >> i was embarrased last night over the celtics, i thought it was one of the poorest performances wife ' had at home h few of those. we wanted to responds differently. >> we did. >> and the eagles need to site other players, how about curry and fletcher corks, that's sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. ♪
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>> ♪ matthews band. >> ants marching under single dreaming. great albumn. >> makes you want to whip your hair and take it, you know, go little crazy. >> the 25th anniversary tour for the dave matthews band, in camden. >> that's cool. >> tour will kick off in may. will have 46 dates around the country. >> oh, but all of the fans should be real careful. once the tour is done in september. >> that's it. >> that's all you can expect from the band. until the following year. >> to the general public -- >> who wrote that? did they write that in their press release? >> i'm sure they did.
5:47 am
>> goat iron tickets now, won't hear from the bands until next year. >> next year. >> until the fall. hi, sue. >> no farewell tour, so here are your weather headlines, skies clearing later on today, once we get rid of the rain. it will be chillier, than it was yesterday. and then we are down to the teens and 20's again tonight. so, once again, we will be warning you about watching out for black ice, more melting tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day. at sue serio fox 29 if you want to get in touch facebook and twitter. so right now, we do have some rain moving through the area, it is light rain. and it is mostly south and east of philadelphia, few showers around the city, but everything is slowly moving out to sea eventually over the next couple of hours. so you can see things drying up in new castle county and those light showers are holding together enough to head toward the jersey shore. but it is not going to be big deal, no deluge, just enough
5:48 am
to put the ground wet, and put the sheen on the piles of snow still hanging around. 50 degrees yesterday in philadelphia. really got warm for this time of year, and it did unable, some melting, now, above freezing in philadelphia, well above with 41, so temperatures will go down and then back up to the upper 30's in the wake of the cold front, mix of sun and clouds tomorrow we will see winds pick up friday, you definitely going to escape the southern storm we mentioned earlier in the week, so that's not an issue. we will be warming up, tuesday, groundhog day, may even be in the 50's. so see what the groundhog has to say about that. >> billy joel concert coming in july will be his last concert. >> in philadelphia. >> what in the world? >> good morning, everybody,
5:49 am
5:48. live look at the clean upment i morning, hitting the breaks here, of 422, on the ramps to 202 wegman as off in the corner here, earlier this morning, penndot salt truck overturned right here, looks up with eat swords forwards or 202, out there cleaning up, looks like they got the ramp block again so a loft confusion here in king of prussia, what's tough, coming around the blind curve here and hitting the breaks, so be prepared for that. if you are headed east on 422 this morning. good morning, northeast philly, roads are wet, see the glare, but also see 41 degrees. so we'll have had no reports of black ice this morning, but don't let that fool you. because, all of the rain that we had yesterday, and the higher temps, all of that snow snow slushy snow, and that slushy snow can be just as slippery, as ice this morning, especially with all of the
5:50 am
little ones out on the corner going back to school. looking good speedometer readings on major roadways for the moment. water main break over here in south jersey, williamstown, annapolis drive. mass transit, norristown, buses, trains, trolleys, regional rails, all back to normal full service this morning. chris, lauren, back to you. >> okay, we've first showed this post yesterday morning, two buddies built an igloo lou in brooklyn, offered it up 200 bucks a night, the site shut it down, didn't meet occupancy standards. but closer look inside the igloo. >> two friend say they went out during the height of the weekend blizzard and built this snow house, they dubbed, the boutique winter igloo for two. the brooklyn igloo took the internet by storm, pun intended, pulled it the post sunday night but before it did handful of people showed interest in renting the igloo. >> we had five people contact us.
5:51 am
>> one tried to rent the entire month of july. >> were going to ask 500 a night. thought it was ridiculous, kind of like renting out igloo in brooklyn would be totally ridiculous. comedian tracy morgan going back on the road in his picking up the pieces tour starts next month. and scheduled to make three stops in new jersey, include being, atlantic city, new brunswick. new brunswick theater just 20 minute from the tragic crash of 2014. >> it left him in a coma for two weeks. killed another comedian. yes, so good to see he's back on his tour. >> yes. >> doing what he loves. >> absolutely. hey, quick mention, we know the water problems in flint michigan, led poisoning, we heard all of the donations of water from cher, others. aretha franklin donating hotel and foods to the resident of flint a mid the water christ us. >> so nice. >> good for aretha. >> school in minnesota using
5:52 am
technology to solve big time world problems. there is an app for that. we'll tell you about it. we work weekends here.
5:53 am
because it works for our patients. here, at cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia, we give our patients the freedom to make appointments that fit their schedules, even on weekends. because we believe in being here when our patients need us, so they can keep living their busy lives. weekend appointments are now available here. learn more at
5:54 am
we all know each other, care about each other. >> small world community in the southern part of the state with rich fertile land.
5:55 am
known more for producing crops, cool technology. >> that all changed recent lip after the girls in kelly's business class -- >> brianne, beck, tina, paul, stephanie -- >> won the verizon innovative app challenge, state-wide competition ripping students to solve real world problems. >> they had their disagreement, but. >> the girl got brand new tablet, but for 16 year old olivia? >> called ugly names that i probably shouldn't say. >> trying to help others who have been bullied, or struggled with personal hurts. >> anxiety, depression. >> i think more of real world problem that many people have gone through, and will probably go through. >> and that's what casino of the app is for, just go to
5:56 am
friend if you don't have one. >> after trial and error they came one precise counselors or pack. >> we're just like rhyming words together hey that sounds cool. >> allow to instantly tech a real person anonymously for help. if they're ever down, or facing the typical challenges of life -- >> there is no judging, unless someone you don't know on an app, there is -- you don't have to be afraid if they'll tell someone, probably small school. >> project required them to develop short video, demonstrating how it works. even without any producing or acting experience. >> oh, my gosh. >> as the minnesota representatives, they're now facing offer against teams from every other state, for the privilege of working with tech experts at the massachusetts institute of technology. and $15,000 in cash, to make this small town idea into a big-time reality. >> time now 5:56.
5:57 am
breaking now, chester police say they're after he is -- arrest add between age girl behind on line school threat. dave kinchen on the scene with the latest details in this disturbing story coming up on good day philadelphia with mike and alex.
5:58 am
5:59 am
from the fox 29 studios this is "good day philadelphia". okay, everybody, get up, it is back to school time. back to reality for thousands of student this morning. but it is a city ready? well i
6:00 am
think so. alex? >> plus, an on line threat targeting certain student who police arrested overnight, as kids head back to school. >> and apparently a man of his word, donald trump says he is sitting out the next republican debate tomorrow night. why he's got a beef with fox news channel. hey, good day everybody, it is january the 27th, 2016. are you good? >> yes, great. this is teamwork. >> mirror mirror on the wall. >> looks good. >> thank you. >> we're glossed up, ready to go back to school everybody. >> let's get you the number of the day, we have a lot to tell but this morning, we have seven out of ten eventually the sun will come back out. we've got some rain around this morning, so for now bus stop buddy has the umbrella. for later we probably won't need it. because you can see these showers that are moving through with a cold front. starting to dissipate little bit. but there is still around. mostly in


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