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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  January 27, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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think so. alex? >> plus, an on line threat targeting certain student who police arrested overnight, as kids head back to school. >> and apparently a man of his word, donald trump says he is sitting out the next republican debate tomorrow night. why he's got a beef with fox news channel. hey, good day everybody, it is january the 27th, 2016. are you good? >> yes, great. this is teamwork. >> mirror mirror on the wall. >> looks good. >> thank you. >> we're glossed up, ready to go back to school everybody. >> let's get you the number of the day, we have a lot to tell but this morning, we have seven out of ten eventually the sun will come back out. we've got some rain around this morning, so for now bus stop buddy has the umbrella. for later we probably won't need it. because you can see these showers that are moving through with a cold front. starting to dissipate little bit. but there is still around. mostly in southern new jersey,
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and delaware. so, they're headed toward you in atlantic sit, they're in millville right now watcher temperatures all but freezing except for mount pocono where we're at freezing, 36 in lancaster, 39 in wilmington, 41 degrees in wildwood. and in philadelphia, right now, it is 41 degrees. so, just little bit of rain moved through overnight. we got little bit of wet pavement out there. then sunshine, will help, those snow packs melt throughout the day, we will be in the upper 30's, again, which we were, are right now, then refreezing again tonight. so that's your wednesday planner from the weather authority. seven day forecast, has some milder temperatures in it, we'll check it out coming up. bob? >> hey, sue, good morning, everybody, 6:01, this wednesday morning, as you mention, back to school for a loft folks, and had an early morning problem here in king of prussia. an overturned penndot salt truck. nobody hurt. that's good news, right out here in king of prussia. coming east on 422, heading into kop.
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on the ramp, to 202. so, for the last hour or so, folks have been exiting at swedesford, and making the u-turn laverne to get back onto 202. good news for mass transit riders this morning. everybody's back to normal. norristown high-speed line, full service, all of the regional rail lines back in full service, just watch for the limited spots in the parking lots, service suspended on the 94 and the 95, but, otherwise, all of the septa buses, trains, and trolleys, new jersey transit, dart, patco, all running with a full schedule this morning. the slippery platforms are still out there. even though we don't have the freezing temps, and those big snow mounds that not only the adults but the little ones will have to climb over in order to get across the street into the bus this morning. mike and alex, back over to you. >> 6:02, chester police, say, they have arrested a 17 year old girl here on line threat overnight. >> this got pretty serious, threat made on instagram and
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facebook for everybody to see. it seat switch was going to shoot up schools in the chester upland school district. community charter school, and chichester high school. it said, quote, i'm coming tomorrow, shooting up every chester upland school district school, chester community community school and chichester high school. it also said all blacks must die. more on that in just a second. >> interesting threat. we do have someone who is at the high school now with the latest on that. >> we'll get to that in about two minute. >> 6:03, the blizzard of 2016 is over. dumping record snowfall across the region, now kids across the city they are headed back to school this morning. >> sorry. you got to go back to school. >> yes, it's over. but, you know, it is a good news you, you learn a little bit, right, you had a little break, so, steve keeley, he is in south fill which more on this because there are still some concerns, even though they are back to school, some
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people still digging out a little bit. >> the mayor says the city hall says what 80 pegs of our roads now passable, right? >> that's right. >> today was the deadline. >> well, i think, look, it is close to 95% now, because he said that yesterday, we've been watching guys work all night like this guy behind us, behind the bulldozer, a bicycle, then the first kid of the day kid going to school with his book bag, now see people waking up, making the job of the snow removal a lot harder, but that kid is getting his way to school because these streets are now clear. and this is a private company, this is anderson construction, they normally do all of the paving in the city. we move to the right now. because we go up to the sidewalk over there. you will see this bulldozer further up the street is joined by another bulldozer, and then you can see backing up now is a dump truck, and so what they are doing is trying to get the snow off the street, some of the street here in south philly, we are
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817th and mckean just getting plowed for the first time now on wednesday morning, and there is ream now more room to put the snow anywhere. because they've got mountains on every corner, and these kids can't be seen behind these mountains. and that's another big problem today. you will have low visible when driving, when you get into a vehicle, you are sitting down, you can't see kids, kids can't see over here, the kids will be darting out crossing streets. so be careful today. still dark outside. now seeing the first kids going to school now in the dark. alex, mike? >> it is true, steve, thank you. throughout the clean up, from this past weekend's winter storm, the city has been encouraging resident to call 311 if they need a plow on their street. >> and boy have they been calling 311. now we're hearing just how many people called. the philly 311 system says it has received 21,000 calls so far because of the blizzard of 2016, eight times what they normally have to ends hal,
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also receive 6,000 more requests through social media. if you have called and still haven't seen a plow, hold on to your claim number so workers can key training of your request. >> yes, they gave you a claim number. >> city getting there. we're plowing and salting. streets department, a lot of miles to the street, and sit of philadelphia. >> officials say crews can get to your street, until crews can get to your street, you can lends a hand, too, like cleaning snow from storm drains, fire hydrants, also important to know when we have 21,000 calls, eight times the norm, only have about 406 at the call center handling all of that. >> 311. tomorrow night, another debate. >> but it will look different,. >> i yes, well, donald trump is making good on a promise. why the republican frontrunner is vowing to not go to this debate. and it is because of a woman.
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>> shoot-out in oregon ends with one person dead, several others also arrested. what led to a clash between officials and members of an arm malitia. you know the oregon stand-off.
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>> breaking flues, this 17 year old, chester high school, dave kinchen has the store. >> reporter: several schools involved here. we know from authority that a 17 year old chester high school girl is arrested in connection to a threat posted on instagram and on facebook, to shoot up school of the chester upland school district, and also, we're told, cheney and lincoln universities. now, the post cents on line, that was posted to instagram, says, i'm coming tomorrow shooting up every chester upland school district school and you will notice the gun emojis there, and chichester high school as well, all blacks my die it says with another gun emoji there. chester police team up with county and federal agencies, including the fbi. what they did was they traced that threat to a house on the 1300 block of hear shaw road in chester township, where police say the 17 year old girl was visiting for a sleep over. police say that she admitted to posting the message, and was taken into custody. we're also told that school board officials have been
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notified. and we're told that there is no long area threat, and that schools should be taking place without a problem now. again, 17 year old girl who attend chester high school taken into custody, in regard to these threats. back to you. >> all right, dave. 6:11, well, governor chris christie calling for a state take over of atlantic city. we've been following this the last couple of weeks. >> what says the city just can't do on its own. >> hey, bob? >> hey, good morning, everybody, 6:11, some good news, we cleared up the overturned truck on 422. so we're good to go. headed into king of prussia, good news, no report of black ice, but bad news, we got some slushy snow still on the roadways, let's go to the airport. pack your bags. where do you want to go, mike? >> i would like to go to cancun. >> let's do it. >> put your tray in the up-right position and we're coming right back.
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>> tame ends.
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cold front flew our area, chim year air behind it, see it from the lake effect snow, but only seeing rain this morning, because all of the temperatures above freezing, so around dover, delaware, and headed into cape may county, there is some rain. it is in atlantic county already. and ocean county, to the north of that. so, we've got that situation. the rain is very light. just enough to make the grounds little wet. but, with temperatures like yesterday, it is only rain. 52 degrees was the high in atlantic sit. we got to 50 in philadelphia. mt. holly, 49. same, for wilmington. so, these are temperatures that are more like marathon january. so it was a nice break there. 41 degrees, right now, well above freezing, upper 30's to the north and south of us. right at freezing in mount pocono. so be careful around those higher elevations. now, our average hi, this time in january, 41 degrees. we were there, right around there, on monday, well above average yesterday. i think we will be back this afternoon to around average with 39 degrees. it will be clearing and it will be chillier than
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yesterday. then, 40 degrees tomorrow. in the 20's when we wake up friday morning. and windy, with some sunshine, but we will escape that southern storm, we thought we might get, earlier in the week, last weekend of january, we see a warming trends. so by groundhog day on tuesday, it looks like we might be in the 50's, as we wait to find out if we are getting six more weeks every winter. but what a weird winter has been, bob kelly. >> definitely this morning, good news, bad news this morning, as we get ready to roll out the bed and hit the roads. don't have any report of black ice, that's good. but little rain. snowman probably lost a few pounds from last night, with the rising temps and the rain. up to 41, but all of the wet roads and that slushy snow now could make things slippery, as well. northbound on the freeway starting to see some volume. i think busy rush hour. we have to navigate some of the big snow mounds, look at this pile of snow. this is along upper state road, not only is it going to cause poor visibility, for folks making left or right
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turn, but the poor kids, are going to have to climb over some of the piles of snow in order to get out to pick up the bus. and the same for the gang in a.m. end town, as we go for a ride on 295, guess what today is? >> what day is it? >> wednesday. >> national chocolate cake day >> oh,. >> what happened to him? >> i don't nope, but i tell you what, i could go for like a dunkin heinz triple chocolate cake right now. >> oh, or sweet -- >> peck up end ten men chocolate donut, that's all they had this morning, but service levels back to normal on amtrak, new jersey transit, septa, dart, everybody's running at full service this morning, but you are going to find some limited parking spots in the parking lots, again, with all of that snow, mike and alex. >> mike still talking about how much he loves chocolate. >> speaking of chocolate cake, here's lauren? high, mike, incredible scene in new jersey neighborhood rock by explosion, today, marks one year since the center city building collapse.
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not in new jersey. the roof of the lululemon store walnut st. fell in after bricks from a building next-door hit it. that collapsed hurt three women inside a year later, one of them is suing, saying, she is still suffering. allison freedman joins her attorneys yesterday. she says, she's been in pain every day since the accident. today she has to have spinal fusion surgery, she will spend the next few days in the hospital, including friday, which is her birthday. >> my birthday last year was spent on the couch in pain. and this year it will be in the hospital in pain. >> freedman's attorney says they're suing walnut st. associates which is the property manager of the building next to the lululemon. new jersey governor chris christie calling for state take over of atlantic city, says the city incapable every taking care of its finances, best option for stabilizing the city economy. right now city officials are
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considering asking the state for permission to declare bankruptcy, but governor christie does not support that idea. >> the urgency of the city's current financial predicament cannot be understated. we will move swiftly to pass this comprehensive legislation, i will sign it. so we can get on with atlantic city next and most important phase of the restructuring. >> christie, previously vetoed financial aid package for the city he says he expect legislation regarding the take-over to be introduced and passed sometime in february. alex, mike? >> it was very interesting press conference, lauren, he also talks about his comment about the mop. you know what i am talking about? he said hey i'm just saying it is completely different from sandy. we'll place what he had to say about the mopping little later in the show. thank you, lauren. 6:19. oregon one person dead after shoot-out with an armed malitia group. the shooting happened when officials were trying to arrest the leaders of armed group that's occupied national wildlife refuge in oregon for the past three weeks. wall
6:20 am
millitant leader and followers headed to meeting yesterday afternoon when stopped by f.b.i. agent. that's when one person was shot and killed by an officer. and newspaper in oregon identifies him as an arizona rancher, in addition to bunny, police also arrest the five other people. >> did not end well. well, there is a fox news channel debate tomorrow night. and it looks like one republican candidate, the frontrunner, he's not going to show up. donald trump says he's skipping the debate. the billionaire businessman and the fox news channel seemed to have a rocky relationship now. used to be best buddies. since an earlier debate, where donald trump claims moderator and fox news channel host megan kelly asked unfair questions. he threatened to walk if megan stayed on as the moderator, well, she is staying on. >> so we'll see what happens.
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because he always says they get huge ratings, huge ratings, when he's there. so fox does want him on that debate panel. >> and he's saying let's see how they do without me. >> well, they're if the going to get rid of megan. >> instead he will be doing something more -- wounded warriors, at the same time, said i'll be doing what he feels is more productive. >> well, we will find out what happens tomorrow night. coming up in about 20 minutes, reaction from the other candidate on trump's decision to sit this debate out. >> okay, 6:21, eagles slice up deal with veteran player. which one is in it for the long hall? howard eskin has the details next in sports in a minute. >> plus, will superbowl 50 be peyton manning's last rodeo in that's the way he put it. what he may have suggested after the game on sunday.
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>> in know beil, alabama, for the senior bowl practices, but yesterday, the eagles signed their seconds player in two days, giving brent celek a new three-year contract, worth 13 million. but six of it, that's the important number, 6 million of it is guaranteed. sixers won last night. it was easy. to the wells fargo center.
6:25 am
they played phoenix. they've beaten folks innings twice this year. that was schmidt to noel, had 95 cysts, also 20 points, 113-103 the sixers over the phoenix suns. obviously the head coach, happier than he was when the sixers were blown out last game. >> i was embarrased the other night against the celtics. i thought that was one of the poor err performances we've had at home. we have had a few of those. we wanted to respond differently. and we did. >> yes, they d by the way, the eagles need to sign two other players. how about curry and fox that's sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> okay, fletcher, come on, now, you got it stay with us. >> i call him flech. >> oh, you're on first name basis? >> yes, flech cox. >> peyton manning, is the superbowl his last game? he kind of hinted at it, didn't he? >> he did. after sunday's afc champion game, met with bill belichick after the game, they had few
6:26 am
words. the cameras, caught manning say, though, how this may be his last rodeo. >> so the 39 year old, dealing with several injuries since 2011, maybe it is about time. you know what they say, sometimes it is good to go out while you're on top. >> if he wins the superbowl i definitely would retire if i were he. you know how they meet in the middle of a the game, hug each other, and he said this might be my last rodeo, coach. i just want want you to know that i really respect you. yep, and it's been a pleasure playing against you. >> were you there? my goodness, were you all in his ear? >> i listen to the whole thing. he called me afterward, ya, patron. some city streets still in pretty rough shape. some, some probably in the blizzards, the mayor says they should all be cleared up next. >> plus new development in the deadly amtrak derailment. what investigators think may have happened moment before the crash.
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>> back to reality for philadelphia school kids. headed back to class. will there be a problem for buses as they navigate the streets? >> it is very slushy out, i'll tell you that. >> plus, shocking apology in the wake of that historic blizzard, new jersey governor chris christie backtracks on comments he made about that
6:30 am
guy, the mayor of wildwood. he called him crazy but he called him yesterday. >> will the frontrunner sit on tomorrow night's presidential debate? what the other candidate have to say about his move. >> hey, good day everybody, it is january the 27th, 2016. it is not my sister's birthday. >> for once, family member is not having a birthday today. >> i don't know anybody who had a birthday today. >> are you all done birthdays? >> no, in a couple of days my sister joanne's birthday, coming up. here's sue. >> all right, all clustered in the beginning of the year? >> clustered. >> all right, showers around. clusters of showers, we'll show now second. temps in the 30's, four's, butts stop buddy he is back to school today. the umbrella just for the next little while. we'll see some clearing, as the day goes on, which is why we're going to give you a seven out of ten in your weather by the numbers, here is a look at the left, the rest of the rain, left over from the this cold front that's still making its way through.
6:31 am
now, there is chillier air behind t you see it with all of this lake effect snow, east of lake erie. but for us, just rain, mostly south jersey and parts of delaware, pretty light but it is out there just be careful. everywhere but mount pocono, where it is freezing, upper 30's, 41 in philadelphia. upper 30's to the south of us, in dover, wilmington, and wildwood, we have 41 in the city, 7:14, your official sunrise time, and look what happens. temperatures actually go down throughout the day. 38 degrees by lunchtime, but we will get sunshine, and some melting around, but then everything that melts during the day, you know the drill, bob kelly it, freeze up again at night. >> good news we don't have any report of black ice this morning. however, all of that melting still causing slippery conditions this morning at 41 degrees, that snow, slushy snow, right here, an accident, eastbound route 30, the bypass
6:32 am
on the ramps to 202. you got couple of vehicles right here in the splits of the headlight, all backed up, also starting to seat back up jammo, out of northeast philly. i think we'll see big jams this morning, everyone back to school, and of course, all of the parent definitely headed back to work, south on 95 at girard avenue. so far about 22 minute trip on 95. looking good on the schuylkill expressway for the gang up in allentown, same deal, still digging out that melting snow, watch for slippery spots on the on and the off-ramps. back to normal across the board on mass transit. amtrak, septa, new jersey transit and dart, all running full service with no delays. mike anal innings being back to you. >> i think most people have been plowed but if you haven't you say this. hey, you missed a spot. >> even if the streets have been plowed you still have the sidewalks, maneuvering around, get to go your car. >> i tell you where the problem is in the intersections when walking, is the slush. you can go ankle deep, halfway
6:33 am
up your leg, high, kids. they're do you have to school today. got to watch out for the shrub though kids. >> and yes, that's the big thing too. plus, since a lot of people will be driving, everyone going back to school and work, all of these mounds are building up on the roadway. may not see the kids walk to go school. >> careful everybody, back to school day. there is steve in south fill. >> i well, it is hump day. we always hear bob kelly says it on wednesdays, but today it means snow hump day. lots of humps of snow in lots of philadelphia neighborhoods like this one in philadelphia we're at 17th and mckean, they're doing their best to knock the humps down, pile them up in a big dumb many truck you see a block away, get them out of here. but right now, we are starting to see the first kids going to school, the first moms packing up the mini vans, trying to shovel out the mini-van first, because it has been plowed in if their street has been plowed. still a lot of work to do days after this blizzard, but you can see there is crew from anderson, they're private firm
6:34 am
that the philadelphia city hired to pay. and they've been working 23-hour shift, and couple every guys have worked 48 straight hours right now without a break. they are bringing food and coffee to them. so they are doing all they can to get every street cleared in time for tonight's deadline where the city said they'll have every street plowed and cleared and driveable by the end every tonight. now we walk this way, and you guys have been making everybody hungry by your talk of end ten men's, but see the corner place right there, 17th and mckean, we got to have them on in the next snowstorm, because french toast is their specialty t raisin bread french toast, soar dough french toast. they know i eat healthy because they watch the show. i say no toast for me, offering me a breakfast, egg white omlet, peppers, onions, and mushrooms. so even healthy food, here in south philadelphia. >> wow, how nice. >> that looks good. ya, steve does not eat french toast. we will eat that ricin bread
6:35 am
french toast. >> that's true, we'll take it off your hands. >> that's great. >> still steaming, see it hot. >> seventeenth and mckean. >> all right, so, did you see what happened yesterday in new jersey governor chris christie in the wake of the big storm, the blizzards, he's now kind of backing down and apologizing for his comment he made about the mayor of north wildwood. he called him craze. >> i yes, did he. this is the mayor of north wildwood. he said quote one crazy mayor for saying that the flooding in cape may county was worse, but than what we saw during super storm sand. >> i there is the mayor. >> so in trenton and off the presidential campaign trail yesterday, christie apologize for his comment, about mayor. >> it is not the first time that i got carried away with something i later apologized for but it happens. i apologize because i feel badly about it. i like to sleep on it, i woke up this morning, i didn't feel good about what i said about him. >> some say the sudden change of heart may be due to the public backlash where he really or talk about his
6:36 am
presidential aspirations, now governor accused of outstanding -- of grand standing about the damage in the garden state. he also later talk about what he feels is a very big difference what happened with the blizzard jonas and also super storm sand. >> i meanwhile, new jersey senators have been spending time down the shore yesterday. during the first-hand look at the storm damage from the past weekend. us senators bob menendez and cory booker both toured sea isle city, west wildwood, and atlantic city. flood waters damaged homes and businesses, and debris, now, fills yards, and city streets. >> we are following breaking news out of chester right now, chester police say they've arrested 17 year old girl behind on line threat overnight. >> yes, the threat made on instagram and facebook t said someone was going to shoot up schools in chester upland school district, also, the community charter school
6:37 am
there, and chichester high school. >> dave kinchen is live in chester, with more on this threat. dave? >> that's right, authorities are announcing this arrest, after getting wind of these threats last night. now, here's what we know, authorities announcing arrest of 17 year old, chester high school girl in connection to threat posted on instagram and facebook. now, the threat lists cheney and lincoln university, according to police now, the instagram post says i'm coming tomorrow. shooting up every chester upland school district school with the gun emoji there. chester community charter school both and chichester high school as well, all blacks must die. and you will notice, another gun emoji there. now, chester police teamed up with county and federal agencies, including the fbi, what they did was they traced the threat to a house on the 1300 block of harshaw road in chester township where police say the 17 year old girl was
6:38 am
visit forking sleep over. investigators say she admitted the threat and was taken into custody. police also say that school board members were notified and that the threat since neutralized not facing student. but 17 year old arrested due to the threats posted on social media. back to you. >> my goodness, all right, 6:38, thanks, dave. >> investigators have new theory on what caused deadly railroad crash in philadelphia last may. of course talking about the amtrak derailment. they say the amtrak engineer was distracted by radio chatter from other train operators. the ntsb is expected to release new details on the accident that happened february 1st. this includes the selling rumors that engineer brandon boss kin using his cell phone at the time. the crash killed eight people, and injured more than 200 others. >> well, septa police say that guy was caught after attack on passenger at suburban station.
6:39 am
police say jeremy wilson hit the passenger over the head with a wrench as the victim fell to the floor, he was hit again with a wren every, police think the attack was random, but say, wilson was caught almost immediately by police, meanwhile, the victim was last reported in stable condition. >> we have big controversy, what will happen tomorrow night at the gop debate? >> chris murphy, who does very a beef with here? >> megan kelly, you know her from your fox news days right? >> yes. >> he said megan kelsey asking unfair questions of him specially when it comes to monitoring debates. so he threat toned walk if kelly stayed on as moderator this time. she is staying. and he is not going to be on the stage. says instead of attend that debate the presidential candidate will host his own event in iowa to benefit veterans and wounded warriors.
6:40 am
other candidates are sounding off on this, gop ben cars owe tell fox's sean, it doesn't matter if donald trump is on stage tomorrow night. >> it really doesn't matter, because the debate is about dissemination of information to the people. so, really, doesn't matter who son stage. >> basically saying more time for me. >> i'm basically saying it doesn't matter whether he is there or not. i would be surprised if he's not there though. >> you think it would show up? >> i do think so. >> and ben carson isn't the only candidate not showing up. during his rally in iowa, senator ted cruz had these thought about donald trump. >> he announced he will not be there, apparently megan kelly is really, really scary. (applause). >> and, you know, donald is a fragile soul.
6:41 am
you know, if she asks him mean questions, i mean, his hair might stand on end. >> so the senator challenging trump for one-on-one debate if he doesn't show up tomorrow night. released a staple saying it stands by megan kelly and that she will still be monitoring that debate along about w fred bear, chris wallace, meanwhile according to the latest fox news polls released sunday, leads the fields with 34% support among iowa caucus goers, so he is a big lost, we'll see if it hurts ratings. but interesting, guys, in the statement from fox, they use the word terrorism, in a way, they said that we can't give in to terrorization toward any of our employees. that's why megan kelly is staying on. interesting, right? >> oh, yes. they'll stick with megan. >> oh, yes. >> see if trump shows up then? >> won't. he'll make more big news by
6:42 am
not showing up. >> true. megan kelly by the way on the cover of vanity fair this week. some do's -- news that rihanna fans will like, aling. >> promise to go do something big by the end of the week. here's a hint. she hasn't don't it since 2012. >> what? >> this is a throw back video, isn't it? >> ♪ puffs knows winter...
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>> i don't know if it will go well or not. you saw sneak peak behind the scenes there. we're rolling a grease music video at 9:00 this morning. because on fox network on sunday, they're doing grease live. that's our version at 9:00 this morning. >> so we'll see how we measure
6:46 am
up. >> okay. >> are we allowed to say where we did it, where we shot it? >> we shot it at plymouth whitemarsh high school. >> they were so nice. >> fantastic. >> that's sue serio, ladies and gentlemen, we'll get to her in just a moment at 6:46. two coatesville police officer deserve a pat on the back for their compassionate bravery after that blizzard. >> we saw the story on the police department's facebook page. >> yes. >> on monday, one of the officers heard about a woman who was stranded at home under 2 feet of snow. and almost out of formula for her three month old baby. so the officer and his partner drove to a wall grown's, bought the special soy formula, and drove it over to the woman's home. >> she lived on a hill so the officer had to leave their cruiser and walk up the hill, it was pretty difficult actually, through all of the snow. so they say they were just doing what police officers do but they do appreciate the praise from the public. >> you get a call from a
6:47 am
mother and an infant that needed help. tan just seemed like the right thing to do. just normal to help someone specially a child. what some people think is a amazing act for aguirre, you know, for him just the job that he's sworn to protect and search, although he is not out there fighting crime and arrest people, he is protecting and serving in a different way. >> the officer says the mother offered to pay him, but he didn't take her money. he said that she was appreciative and just he was happy to help. >> way to go, guys, nicely done. 6:47 this wednesday, here's sue. >> now it is my turn. next time i'll wait my turn. we have a look at the storm that we were talking about earlier this week, remember, there was little bit after concern, that we might have another coastal storm. looks like that is not going to happen. had it happen, it would have been a thursday night into friday event. but here comes the low from the south. but instead of hugging the coast, like the last one did, and made a blizzard there is one will stay off shore.
6:48 am
whew. so we escape that one. we may get some flurries north and west, it is a northern storm that will push that out to sea so thank you northern storm for that. we don't need another one. weak cold front coming through right now, already cleared philadelphia, camden county, gloucester county, moving toward the shore light rain, around dover, see forward, delaware, and at the jersey shore, may even see few snow flurries, mixed in, but they are aloft, not at the surface, because surface temperatures are above freezing, we had 50 degrees yesterday, a lot of snow melted but there are pretty big piles around there. so it will take a while for everything to get out of here. 41 degrees in the city. thirty-two mount pocono. there we are at freezing, but everybody is above freeze withing upper 30s, lower 40's, once the cold front is through, we will get little chillier before we get back into the upper 30s, for our
6:49 am
afternoon high temperature, got to 50 as we told you yesterday, today, upper 30s through the afternoon. we refreeze overnight, we wake to up 22 degrees 40 during the day, then we have some melting and then 39 degrees friday morning, windy with sunshine, more melting, 19 degrees on saturday morning, black ice around, but then getting milder as we get into the rest of the weekend, upper 40's by sunday, monday, may even inch into the 50's by tuesday, and tuesday, bob kelly, is groundhog day. >> cool. let's celebrate. 6:49. good morning everybody this wednesday hump day. snow hump day. live look here at the blue route, 476, between germantown and ridge. looks like we got three-car crash here. and again, as long as, you know, the temps at four; haven't had any report of black ice as we know t but, all of that melting snow as mike mentioned, it is slushy, slippery, tan can probably cause just as many accident, as the black ice out there.
6:50 am
starting to see it coming into center city again they tried their best in all of the neighborhoods, including downtown, to give us the extra lane or two on some of the on and the off-ramps. but as you try to exit for 30th street, watch for delays, crash over here in south jersey, route 38, and route 206 in pemberton, septa service across the board, some minor delays and over-crowding on the chestnut hill west line. otherwise we are looking good on buses, trains and trollies. mike, alex back over to you 6:50. >> kanye west making waves this morning, first announced new all bumm, then released the name of the albumn so help me god. >> so help me god. >> so we guess he didn't like, that so changed to swish. now he has changed again this time to wade. followed that up with a tweet saying this is not the albumn of the year. this is the albumn of the life. oh, that's deem. yesterday i was trying to figure out all of the people figuring out the wave emotion,
6:51 am
why are they treating this? trying it make waves like kanye. >> went from whatever the first one, so help me god, to swish, to wave. >> yes i don't know if it is wave or waves. >> wave. enough about him. they're not albumns, why dough we call them alliums. >> some people call them cd's. >> still being sold. >> what do you mean by a cd? >> best buy. >> yes? >> target. >> wal-mart. >> tower records. >> record, fye. >> fye. >> ♪ diamonds in the sky ♪ >> so if you are looking for a new rihanna music you won't have to wait long. finally the anticipation, or it is almost, going to release long awaited albumn this week,
6:52 am
yes, she says dan yeah west did not serve as her albumn executive produce they are time around. that's little different. because he has his own music coming out, little busy, but releasing like little videos, unlock the room. and all of this stuff periodically different times, now like finally it is almost here. >> i'm looking forward to that you. >> know she post add pick of her listening, new albumn, like $9,000 headphones on. they were amazing. >> $9,000? you know what? >> what? >> i was at an i think atlanta i needed headsets, i go into the store, i want your best head set, or buds, whatever, the guy goes, how much are they? a thousand dollars. >> i thought he was kidding. >> what brand was it? >> i don't know. but a thousand dollars? no, i was looking for like 40 bucks. >> why did you go in and ask for the best? >> i had no idea ear buds could cost a thousand dollars. >> rihanna, yes, coming to philly. she will be performing at the wells fargo center first weekend in april.
6:53 am
>> look what local kindergartner found in in his lunch. >> a lizard? >> yes. >> oh, well this only gets more bizarre, what the class did next to the lizard. >> they ate it. >> lizards for lunch. remarkable things are happening at your local acme.
6:54 am
we're making changes, and we're getting better every day eaner. friendlier. fresher. like fresher meat and seafood. and fresher produce and hundreds of organics. to top it off! we offer lower prices every day. right now, get fresh boneless
6:55 am
skinless chicken breast for $1.69 a pound when you buy 5 pounds or more. and select varieties of friendly's ice cream for $1.79. low prices, great quality, and friendlier service. acme. ♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪ >> looking at blue mountain, new jersey elementary school, well, they have a new pet. they found t guess where? inside after student's salad. >> yes, there is this kid, marquises burn, says, akin err
6:56 am
gartner, found a three-inch lizard inside of his salad. it was cold, and not moving. it had been in a fridge for couple of days. once the lizard warmed up, though, they figure out it was very much alive, because it started wig link around in his salad. so the teacher's name mr. eastburn, at riverside elementary, up in prince tons, the class has named the lizard, green fruit loop. even though it is orange. >> they must have been hungry. >> that's good protein. the eagles strike up a deal with a veteran player. are you excited about this? we have couple of tightened now. howard eskin with the sign of brent celek.
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
>> the break is over, but are philadelphia streets actually ready? a threat of violence at local schools targeting certain student. what it said, hoon police arrested overnight. >> donald trump with hash words this morning, why he says megan kelly is the reason why he's sitting out tomorrow night's republican debate.
7:00 am
wake up wednesday. we're here in willingboro, new jersey. you want to wake up your wife? >> yes. >> why do you want to wake up your wife? >> because she works nights. >> what? are you sure? >> yes, yes, she will get back to sleep. >> oh, boy. okay. we're waking up sean's wife coming up next. >> like his shirt says, just do it. >> it is january the 27th, 2016. >> good morning. >> good morning, everybody. >> i haven't heard one of those in a while. >> do you realize we got to 50 degrees? >> we had a lot of melting. >> melt and was everywhere. >> i'm melting, i'm melting. >> rain moving through our area right now. do you want no no where it is? we'll show you on radar. >> is it pink? >> no. >> little pink on the radar yesterday. bus stop buddy back at school. and the sixers won last night. now, that disappoints you. >> i don't like? >> because of the draft pick, but temperatures in the 30's,


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