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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  January 28, 2016 4:00am-5:01am EST

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good morning at 4:00, two cases, early similar details, what children did to get away from a couple they say wanted to take them off the streets. >> plus, what local crossing guard said she did for student's safety after the blizzard t got her suspended. we'll tell you about it. >> the city promised by midnight that all streets in philadelphia would be passable. >> this morning we head out to see, well, was that promise kept? >> good day everybody, it is thursday, january 27, 2016. >> yes, who let the dog out? dime's here. >> diamond's here. so this morning she saw her travel bag on the floor. she went crazy. because she's here because we're doing a segment in the 8:00 hour about little dogs,
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how many people actually trip over them and end up getting injured, as a result of their cute little puppies. >> is this the cutest little animal ever made? high, diamond. >> very cute. but i'm partial. diamond, don't lick chris' hand. >> yes, you don't know where these fink verse been. dave warren, good morning to you, sir. >> good morning. >> watch out. keep that dog off the floor. i'll trip over it. >> that's what i am saying. >> i've done it so many times. it is usually the dog that gets hurt. >> you try to prevent them from getting hurt and you get hurt. >> maybe not that dog, but other, yes. number today, we are talking about a seven, not bad. there is a little melt that happened last night, it is refroze end, so refreeze happening. watch the first step outside. anything coming down the down spots, off your roofs, little snow melts until the parking lots, first step outside could be little slick. watch for the ice. twenty-six philadelphia, teens in allentown, lancaster, let's get closer view, see what we have here. a lot of 13's, 14's, coming
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in. further north and western suburbs, chill is in the air. light breeze though. so not all that bad. but 20's to the south, just little warmer, and we are clear, on ultimate doppler radar. little wider view though shows we have some rain just off the coast of the carolinas, and this is the coastal storm we've been watching it. will stay off the coast, maybe just bring us just few more clouds to the south here throughout the afternoon. there they are, by tomorrow morning, maybe few light flurries coming in tomorrow. really not today. what to expect? more melting as the temperature climbs above freeze withing just few clouds, and little warmer to the south, temperature up to 41 degrees. that's a look at your wet they are morning, gets you out the door, but hey, roads, well, not looking too bad out there. start off with little bit of construction on 95 northbound that ramp from princeton avenue is closed until 5:00 this morning, woodhaven road, bethlehem pike, there is some icy spots on the roadways there. you can see it with that
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camera. so watch the intersections like we talk becomes temperatures down below freezing, anything that melted will refreeze, not many problems there on the ben franklin bridge this morning, it is all clear, to and from philadelphia to new jersey. chris, lauren? >> okay, dave warren, school may be back in session for student after last weekends' big blizzard, symptoms schools in some areas are still controlsed. >> here is the latest. right now you are taking live look through our lens of the reading camera, reading school district has announced schools will remain closed today and tomorrow. but all offices will be open. school officials say that they intend to reopen today, but that the storm left so many areas unsafe for students so they couldn't. >> so reading isn't the only school district closed. allentown school district also closed today. activities in that area also canceled. you might remember they got 31 inches of snow there. and for the easton area school district, bethlehem school, parent should expect late starts, delays, both today and tomorrow. few other delays this morning, the oxford area school district in pottstown school
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district on two hour delays, pottstown also has a modified pre k schedule. >> so the snow from the weekend storm is melting, right? leader say all roads in philadelphia would have been cleared by now. didn't they say midnight last night? that was it, right? >> that was the dead glean we sent steve keeley out to see how it is looking, he's in germantown, steve, good morning. >> chris, i prom ills not to be as awnry and angry as i was yesterday. on air apology. but chris if i fall on the ice, all bets are off for 4:30, how is that? >> exactly, especially if you break something. >> all right, and by the way, as angry as i might be, because i have that thawing and refreezing of my blood since we're all out in this stuff like what is it seven days straight, the real anger could be for the folks here on tacoma street in germantown, right off wayne ave. this is parallel. so, here we are, thursday morning, 4:00 a.m., how many hours and days has it been since the last snowflake fell?
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this is about two and a half, 3 feet of snow in the middle of the street. greg will take the camera off your shoulder, so the scale it, goes up as high as this car hood. now, the reason it is dugout here is because the people dug their cars out, and it looks like they're zig-zagging maybe through where everybody shoveled their car out and maybe they can get up to the street that way. but they would love one of those little bobcat bulldoze that's come through here, as we showed yesterday, in south philly, so, look at this street. and this stuff, when you don't plow it right away, greg, come back this way a bit, and we talk about refreezing overnight, it is no longer just fluffy snow, it is like rock hard ice. and donald carlton the streets commissioner was talking to reporters yesterday, and he said we got 99% of the streets done, the ones that we don't have done are street like. >> this and he said it is not a plowing operation, it is a digging operation. and they've got to get construction equipment in here. and so we'll hope with our attention this morning that they'll get some construction
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equipment in here. because even mother nature warming up, and i see we could even hit six off next week, tuesday, it is going to take a while to melt two and a half, 3 feet of frozen solid snow which is like an iceberg right now. look at this big pile. we come back to where we started. you can get the idea, little pathway through here, you can see how they're zig-zagging around the piles of snow in the middle of the street. but look at this pile here. greg, put your camera down again on the ground. this is higher than the door. this would reach the window height of a car. you can see the van over there. and he's kind of blocked in. so he can't get out because of this pile of ice and snow right here. so imagine thursday morning, you want to get your kids to school, you want to get to work. and this is what is blocking you in on your parking spot. you pay your taxes just like everybody else. so we talk about the one per ers, wealthiest people in the country, this is the other 1 percent, 1 percent of philadelphians who still haven't seen a plow down their street just yet. >> and i know they're frustrated.
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>> and the frustration builds, here we are, thursday morning, steve, thanks so much. >> developing story out of chester, two people dead, two people injured, in two separate shootings in delaware county, both shootings happened within hours of each other. chester police say they found 31 year old man dead inside a car on 16th and upland streets around 6:45 last night. witnesses reported seeing a man running from the car after that shooting. no arrest haves been made at this time. meanwhile about an hour later shot fired on the 1100 block of morton avenue. this all started when firefighters working in nearby trash fire heard gunshots, and then witness add car speeding away. when police arrived, they found three people with gunshot wounds, they were taken to crozer-chester medical center. twenty-seven year old man died after being shot in the back. two other men are still in the hospital recovering from their wounds. no arrest haves been made. >> 4:07 the time. big night for politics. donald trump remaining firm. he will be a no-show for tonight's gop presidential debate on fox. will trump's absence hurt his chances with the voters?
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republican front manna period on the owe really factor on fox news channel last night. trump told owe really he doesn't feel he is miss ago opportunity, he won't appear out of principal. >> i was not treated well by fox. they came out with this ridiculous, like, drawn up by a child, and there was a taunt and i said, you know, how much of this do you take? i have zero respect for megan kelly, i don't think she is very good at what she does, i think she is highly over rated. >> o'reilly asked him to reconsider. the debate is the last one before the caucuses in iowa monday, instead, trump says, he'll hossa fundraising event for veterans at drake university. again you can watch the debate tonight on the fox news channel, top polling candidates will be on at 9:00, except the one who is polling best, donald trump. >> let's go to this developing news out of new jersey. right now police investigate to go see if two attempted child luring incidents
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happened minutes apart are in fact connected. >> jenny joyce live in evesham township with more on this story. hi, jenny. >> reporter: good morning, lauren and chris. one happened in oakland, new jersey, the other happened here in evesham township. they are about 15 miles apart, about 30 minute drive from one another. as you mentioned, police are now investigating to see whether or not the two attempted child lurings could be connected. we have some surveillance video from the evesham township police department. they released of this incident, that happened on january 16th. they happened again about half hour from one another, one was at 4:00 p.m., the other as 4:30, police say, the evesham township luring happened in the sanctuary neighborhood near a playground off of peter heard way. the video shows a ten and 11 year old boy, who were approached, in oaklyn. it was a six year old boy and his friends who were the victims of the attempted lurings. they were playing football on manor avenue. we talk to one of the boys moms. she did not want to be
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identified but was able to describe the interaction between the suspect and her child. >> my son described him as an older couple, and they rolled down the window, and they were speaking quietly to try to get them to come closer. and then they said we have, from my son's account, they said come on, weaver candy in the car, why don't you get in our car. we'll go to our house and have fun. he said he was aware whatever to do and what not to do beforehand. he was a little confused at the time because he didn't know what was going on. and now he's more aware of what to do in the future. >> both oaklyn and evesham police departments say the suspect offer the children candy and invited them to hop in the car to, again, as the mom said, have fun. in both cases the male in the vehicle was described as a white man in his 60s or 70s with white hair and glasses. also, there is believed to be a female passenger with him. if you recognize that vehicle or if you have any information
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on this, or think you might be able to help police, call evesham township or oaklyn police departments. chris, lauren? >> good thing that kid new what to do. wow, thanks so much, jen. >> big honor today for the philadelphia police officer who ambushed raised tensions across the country. fraternal order of police will hold a benefit for jessie hartnett. >> officers from the new york police department 17th precinct honk order officer hartnett, presented him with the plaque he has in his hospital. released from the hospital friday. edward archer ambushed hartnett in his police car on january 7th, in the name of islam. hartnett was shot three times in his arm, but managed to shoot archer, archer now in jail, and due in court in march. the fbi is investigating this incident as an act of terrorism. >> ahead this morning on good day, we will share you how help officer hartnett on his road to recovery. >> delaware state senate just approved increase in minimum wage for work earnings. current minimum wage of 8.25,
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will go up by $2, over the next four years. wages will increase by 50 cents p annually starting in 2017. supporters say, that will help struggling low-income workers. critics say it could make businesses cut jobs, and cause young people to leave the state. the bill still has to go to the house. delaware's governor hasn't said whether he supports that bill. 4:12, from flint, michigan, to, if the drinking water controversy hits closer to home. the accusation now being thrown at our sit's water department. >> and police need your help finding a man terrorizing cell phone store employees and customersment we'll show you the surveillance video after the break.
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>> ♪ >> j coal, happy birthday. >> how old is j? >> thirty-one today. >> thirty-one. doesn't like a day over 30. >> you know what, when you are playing his music on tv, you got to play the cleanest version you can find. >> do you know where he was born? guess. it is not in the u.s., believe it or not. frankford, germany. >> was he? >> yes. >> he grew up in what city? >> where? california, north carolina.
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>> north carolina, that's it. >> you know, he graduated mag in a calm loud from saint john's university. >> he's very smart. you can tell him. i went and saw him over in camden when he was in our area. >> how was it. >> so good. >> was it like an opening bands? >> no it, wasn't link floyd to open for j coal. >> now, that would be interesting. i would go to that, i would go to the first part that far show. dave warren, who are you doing well? >> doing well. not a bad start. you got this pattern where you get the melt and the refreeze, at 26 right now, 45 yesterday. anything that melted now a sheet of ice this morning, watch that first step outside coming off your roofs, your front step, or the intersections where you can get the slush. that's frozen this morning. storm is just off the coast, and it stays there. it will pick up the wind tomorrow specially tomorrow night. we are looking at some cold windchills. look up this morning, moon passing right by jupiter.
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great spot shot this morning. it is clear but it is cold. twenty's and teens, little colder up north. still have a lot of snow on the gown, in the city here, 26, dropping to 20 in millville. so cold start. but it will warm up back above freezing today. ultimate doppler is all clear. we are watching the carolinas, we've been watching the storm all week, it will stay to our south, and as it moves by tomorrow it, really starts to increase, the wind speed, as it intensifies rapidly. we will see clouds increasing coming up just to the south here overnight tonight. then they clear out tomorrow. the storm rapidly intensifies, now getting the cold winds picking up by tomorrow night. tomorrow afternoon and evening. so there could be flurry or two, but definitely feel the wind pretty much everywhere. what to expect. well, the winds could be gusting close to 30 miles an hour, even though look at the temperatures which are into the mid 30's, by tomorrow afternoon, and evening, they'll drop down below freezing again, it feels like it will be into the 20's, and
4:18 am
by the time you wake up early saturday, it could be into the teens. but the wind dice down quickly. so saturday midday, not seeing that cold windchill. just very, very early on saturday. what to expected to. well, the temperatures will climb to up about 39 degrees, then drop tonight as the clouds increase specially to the south. in the # day forecast, not cold for long, after this weekend we are warming up quite a bit here saturday and sunday and then look at the temperatures by monday, tuesday, even wednesday, tuesday is groundhog day, that's close to 60. that's some major melting going on, not much more to melt after you see temperatures climbing into the 50's and 60s. so that's a look at your wet they are morning, like we said, the traffic will keep an eye on that because there are some icy spots on the roadways, especially 202 near johnson road, look at that slick ice there, and they've also been trying to clear up some of the intersections, so that could bring in little more snow on there. just watch the roadways here,
4:19 am
especially around intersections and areas that saw the melting. i-95 at cottman all clear this hour. travel times looking pretty good a lot of green's out there on 76 and 95. chris? >> dave warren philadelphia's water department insists the city's water is safe to drink, this despite a report that came out last week. that report cited philadelphia as one of number of us cities that down plays the amount of lead found in water samples. the city's water department post add six page response on its website to address what it called concerning statements and inaccuracies in that report. the department says they follow best practices and sampling which are approved by the state. we'll definitely keep you posted on. >> this of course this all comes as flint michigan deals with the public health emergency over its lead contaminated water supply. much going on in flint coming up a little later, lauren. >> a man behind string of robberies, police say the man hit at least three stores in recent weeks, ordering
4:20 am
customers and workers to back rooms, then tying them up. he then steels cell phones, tablet, and other items and carries them away in a box or rolling suitcase. no one has been hurt in any of the robberies. but the theft have employees at these types of stores a little on edge. >> if something happened, that would be the worse thing, but ... >> police want people to take notice of the suspect's walk, they say he has a limp. they hope will help identify him. anyone with information is asked to call police. >> the bucks county coach who knocked a referee to the ground stripped of his coaching duties. the neshaminy school district board has dismissed jerry devine from his coaching job. he was suspended from coaching after a video surfaced on line shortly after the incident. now it is final. school officials tell us devine will keep his teaching position but he will not be allowed to coach. >> 4:20. let guess to south philly where a second strike with racist graffiti has hit at the same bar. now, we showed you the station
4:21 am
bar and grill on mckean street last month. but blurred the offensive symbols and words spray painted on the building. yesterday afternoon philadelphia police confirmed, it has happened again. no word on whether the two crimes are connected. police are after the people of course behind this. >> crossing guard in camden county won't come to work this morning because she said she was fired simply for doing her job, now people are rallying behind her on social media. >> for the last 16 years, gina has been crossing guard at bingham elementary. snow piled zero up on a corner where she works. she record add video and asked for assistance, her boss wasn't at the police department so she decided to text the mayor for help with the snow's removal. well, now she was suspended for two days foreign sub north nation and not following the chain of command. >> i understand i broke the rules. i'll be the first to admit it. but i think in those circumstances it was okay to break the rules. >> runnemede's mayor and police chief said in a
4:22 am
statement the employees are required to follow specific procedures when reporting situations. parents poured out support for her on social media. and started a petition, actually, post add picture on our facebook page and told the story. i was like wow. >> we'll check in with runnemede's mayor and see what's going on there later today. >> one of the fiat's used by pope francis during his visit to the u.s. arrives at the pennsylvania convention center. it was yesterday for the auto show. the vehicle will be up for auction tomorrow, the other fiat will be displayed throughout the week, all proceeds are going to children's hospital of philadelphia. and the city's catholic archdioces. >> kind of cool. neat to sit in it. the pope sat here. >> future eagles quarterback sam bradford up for question right now. what the new coach doug pederson has to say about sam staying in philly that's coming up in sports. >> ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ lease a 2016 lincoln mkx for $399 a month only at your lincoln dealer.
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at the senior whole practices, the players he talked about were the condition ones, biggest questions again. about the return of sam
4:26 am
bradford. >> sam and i have had a great conversation couple every days ago. look forward to working with him. you know, it is just something as we continue, again, continue to evaluate. you know, we'll pull that trigger one way or the other when the time comes. >> that's the thing we got to continue to look at and, you know, you know, will definitely fit the type of offense and structure that i'll bring. >> the flyers trying to break a three game losing streak to washington, tide three-three in the over time. jake bore check shoots 378 seconds in the ot. he scores second goal. flyers win it over washington four-three, and the sixers did it again, up by ten in this game. they end up losing by 13. reggie jackson, 27. sixers lose to detroit 110-97. that's sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin.
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>> what children did to get away from a couple think say wanted to take them right off the streets. >> the city promised by mid so four and a half hours ago that all streets in the city would be passable. this morning we head out to the roads of philadelphia to see if that promise was in fact kept. good day everyone, it is thursday, january 28, 2016. you. >> remember yesterday when steve keeley was out, talking about it was the first day
4:30 am
back to school for philly schools, catholic schools and the bus woulds have some troubles turning, all of the snow mounds on the corner. i watched it happen at northern liberties, tires spinning, couldn't back up, causing so many like headaches for people. >> almost like steve keeley's clairvoyant at times, right? seen it happen year after year after year. >> so dave, nice and clear, but cold right now. >> yes, it is cold out there this morning. we've been talking like we've been about the snow that melts, you get the refreeze. watch it, because it is to all comes out of your down spots, maybe front step, intersection, right between the driveway and the street. little bit of patchy ice out there. certainly cold enough, things froze quickly, will warm back up above freezing though. twenty-six, high yesterday, was about 45 degrees. that windchill, also 26. just calm start to the day out there. teens and 20's, little colder up in the north and western
4:31 am
suburbs, there, very little wind, though, so not talking about windchill today. that will will change tomorrow. twenty-six in philadelphia there. just down to 20 in millville. radar, all clear, but watching this coastal storm, coastal storm for the carolinas it, will stay to our south today. we will see few clouds work their way up from the south, that will be tiny -- timing wise, 8:00, 9:00. there are the clouds, there is the storm it moves off, winds will start picking up tomorrow. freeze willing, today sunshine, few clouds, few more clouds to the south, up to 41 degrees, cold by the time we get to next week, looking at big warm up in our temperatures, and that is coming up a little later. but, first off, we want to get you started with a look at some of the traffic conditions out there. let's go to patco running on special schedule from wednesday until friday 9:00 to 3:00. so running that special schedule now. plan accordingly. state road at cottman, there is some icy spots out there.
4:32 am
you are seeing the little glaze on the roadway. these are all intersections, could be slippery, could play out pretty much everywhere across the area, construction i95 northbound from princeton avenue, it is scheduled to reopen at 5:00. right now though that northbound ramp is closed. chris, lauren? >> the snow from last weekend storm as dave just said is melting, refreezing, but city leaders said all roads would have been cleared by right now. >> so, let's go to germantown. steve keeley i was in germantown earlier this week, on monday. and it was awful. it looks like it is getting a little bit better. >> reporter: well, you know what? it depends on how you define passable. is this passable? i mean, i'm passing it, right? see howell vat dollars i can get. this is passable. look, i'm getting by. look. it is quite passable. i don't know what anybody is complaining about. looking, you know? tacoma street here in germantown. you know what?
4:33 am
there is nothing like snow when it is like four days old and it has been frozen solid. look, i'm not singing down so look, i can play for the sixers now as i'm as high as noel. look, you know i was angry yesterday, because we didn't have a wireless microphone, so now cameramen love it when you tell them what it do. so i'll have graying take the camera off his shoulder go, down to ground level. see the truck there? i just tweet add picture that far truck. so the truck dugout a spot. but what good does it do you if you had what speed racer had, the jack to jump him over stuff. see how high the snow s the snow goes up as high as his door, i don't think he'll get it out of there. all shoveled nightly out of the truck, but until somebody comes down here with some kind of equipment, a lot of these people on tacoma street in germantown will have to walk out if they want to get out. you heard dave warren say we're in for big warm up. temperature 59 or 60 for the
4:34 am
high next wednesday. here is my advice. hey you waited four days, what's another week and let mother nature dot plowing for you, right, lauren and chris? >> i agree. man, it is a mess in some places still. i mean, the streets are clear, but mounds of snow on the sidewalks, i told you walking to the gym the other day, it was a work out before i even got there. >> steve is out of breath and he's in fantastic shape. all right, following developing news for you out of new jersey this morning where police are investigating to see if two attempted child luring incidents are in fact connected. >> jenny joyce live in evesham township with more on the story. hi, jenny. >> good morning, lauren and chris. evesham township police released surveillance video after car that they believe was involved in the attempted luring. they release philadelphia hoping that maybe someone out there, one of our viewers, will recognize this vehicle and perhaps know the people involved in this. this is a residence, private security camera, it has some video of the dark colored sedan, believed to be involved, both of these
4:35 am
attempted child lurings, there was one in evesham township, one in oaklyn, new jersey, on the same day. january 16th. they happened about a half hour apart from one another. now police are trying to figure out whether or not they could be related. one happened at 4:30 p.m. the other at 5:00. police say the evesham township luring happened in the sanctuary neighborhood near a playground off peter heard way. video shows ten and 11 year old boy who were approached. we talked to a cousin and brother of those victims, we are concealing his identity. teen says this is extremely concerning. >> they were startled. they were shaken. because we don't expect it. it comes out of no where. we're in our neighborhood. we should feel safe here, like our kids shouldn't be in danger, my brother shouldn't be in danger. >> in the oaklyn incident, a six year old boy, and his friend, were the victims of the attempted luring. his mother told us a they were
4:36 am
playing football on manor avenue, the mother also said that apparently the suspects told the children they have some candy, and offered a fun time, if they got into the car. so police again are still investigating whether or not the two incidents could be related, we do have similar descriptions of the suspects in both incidents, one man described to be in his 60s or 70s, with white hair, and glasses, and there is also believed to be a female passenger riding along with him. chris, lauren? >> hope they catch these folks and question them soon. all right, jen, thank you. >> have you gotten any fast-food lately? >> no, i try not to. >> that might be good news for you. because major chain just announced they've been hit by hackers. >> well, there is a hint. might that be the place? >> that's it. >> all right.
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>> if you love fox food, and have been to win i's not good. >> if you have paid with a debit or credit card, you could have been hacked. customers reported unusual activity on their cards after using them at some of these wendy's restaurant, law enforcement and cyber security experts are of course looking into this. if you see anything suspicious, call your bank right away. >> it is the largest seizure of its kinds, us history, and it just happened in chicago. us customs and border protection agents just announced, they've seized 16,000 counterfeit
4:40 am
hoverboards. authorities say hover lords have become such a hot commodity, some producing knock-off versions. >> missed out on getting springsteen tickets? could you name one bruce springsteen song? >> ♪ born in the u.s.a. ♪ i was born -- >> yep. >> that came out -- >> i like that song actually. so we can still go see him? >> few more chances to see the boss, guess who is not going. springsteen and the e street band announced madison square garden concert which was canceled sunday due to the blizzard has been rescheduled, the band extending its tour, not sure about the dates exactly yet. we'll check it out later. >> ' name another song in a second. listen to. >> this valentine's day, right around the corner. >> you know he has a song called valentine's day, one of my favorite songs of his. >> it is on the tunnel of love
4:41 am
albumn. go ahead. >> so here is a idea. i don't know if we can do this here. i don't foe if there are any waffle houses near us. but you can take your sweetheart to the waffle house for candlelight dinner. >> really? >> it is the ninth year in a row the breakfast restaurant serving up their classic menu, but his time you get the white tablecloth, you get a candle. so these are instagram pictures of couples that went lags year. >> this was like all over instagram and social media yesterday. people talking about valentine day at the waffle house. >> what if your sweety took you there? would you be happy? ya? no? sometimes the laugh speaks a thousand words. >> (lauren laughing). >> specially because we have our producer whispering things in our ear. >> tyra bang making new announcement. has the super model smiling this morning.
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>> happy birthday sarah mclaughlin, 48 looks great. >> yes, and sounds good, too.
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>> we'll tike a doctor, how many times does it happen that you trip and stumble and get hurt. you're trying to not step on his pause. >> if i step on his paw, 160 pounds every me, she is only like 4 pounds. that dog would be toast. >> hurting, yes. >> right? i've done it before, they squeal. >> dave war send worried about tripping again. he tripped and fell in his own home and suffered a broken rib. now he's playing hurt. >> playing hurt. >> we can't miami him laugh. >> don't make me laugh. >> because it will hurt. >> don't make me sneeze. >> and don't go to the bathroom it, all hurts. >> oh, man. >> good luck, dave warren. rough life. >> see now he is laughing. seriously, that hurts. >> not too bad. i think i have turned the corner. it is getting better. >> so it within awful if i sent dime over your way right now to play around your feet? >> oh, no. >> it would be awful for her, awful for diamond, yes. temperatures right now are pretty bad.
4:46 am
they've dropped town to the teens. so we get that refreeze that we've seen, icy spots out there. fourteen in allentown, pottstown at 13, philadelphia's 26. anything that melted, that's a sheet of ice this morning, watch the first step outside. you get that little ice on your front step. maybe your downspouts, little crevice there, right between your driveway and the front street. specially if it is trash day. watch it, pretty slippery out there, sliding the cans out there. ultimate doppler this morning is all clear. slightly wider view. we do have some rain, there, off the coast of the carolinas, north and south carolina that's with this coastal storm we've been watching. it will be a big one, but just off the coast. thankfully. little too soon to be talking about another storm. but there is a lot of rainout there. and what it will impact us by is because it really is intensifies, you'll get the cold northwest wind developing. that will happen tomorrow night. maybe a passing flurry, get some colder air coming in. but certainly feel that drop in temperature, and the drop
4:47 am
in windchills tomorrow evening. it stays off the coast. but the wind will be gusting about 30 plus miles an hour, just a short period of time though. it is just friday afternoon, friday evening. gusty winds, maybe few snow showers, cold windchills, if you are out friday night or very, very early saturday. gets little calmer by saturday night. these are the windchills. they drop into the teens by 10:00, 11:00 as night, stay right about there. doesn't get bitterly cold. in fact, they'll start to climb a bit getting more sunshine and the temperatures warm, saturday morning, to saturday afternoon. so it will feel like it is into the teens, just brief period of time though. thirty-six up to 39, more melting tonight, and then more refreezing overnight tonight. now the clouds will increase as the storm passes by, just off our coast overnight tonight. we will look at little warm up here coming up in the seven day forecast, got to wait for it, though. because it will start next week. there is the showers tomorrow,
4:48 am
saturday and sunday not too bad, big warm up sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday, where we see the change, groundhog day tuesday, 52, then up to 60, it does come with some rain. but with lows not down below freezing, no refreezing, may not be any more snow to talk about once you get through the middle of next week. want to get through the roads this morning. here is a look out there. and this is trooper road at audubon, there is the intersection ice that we are talking about. little slippery out there. so slow it down just a little bit. making a turnoff of main road, could hit patch of ice. vine st. expressway, all of the majors are clear this morning. and travel speeds looking pretty good 50's everywhere. even few 60s out there. so no major delays this morning, chris, lauren? we all know tyra banks is really cute. >> anything cuter than this, though, look at diamond just loving this. look how much fun diamond's having. all right. diamond, now, listen to this. super model tyra banks again
4:49 am
in cuter than up, big announcement, right? >> super mod toll super mom. social media message late last night, tyra banks announced she had welcomed a baby via surrogate. she along with her current boyfriends, who is a norwegian photographer, now the proud parent after little boy. banks previously opened up about her fertility issues back in september during a discussion with fab life host christy teeing and who also shared her struggle on the daytime talk showment banks is calling the bertha miracle. >> biblical. >> it really is, you know, at her age, when you have all of those troubles, wonder will i ever have kids, is this going to happen, did i wait too late, these are the thinned that go through your age, even at my age, 34, when go to the doctor every year and get your annual, they're like so what's your plan. >> so what? >> freeze the negatives. >> so we're, you know, no one is really watching. you can tell me. what is your plan? >> i don't really have one. that's how i live my life. >> every day, just get up? >> just see what happens.
4:50 am
>> see what happens. where is the winds blowing. all right, so, it is a surprise, rihanna anti-albumn is out now. >> her new albumn, after months, accidentally up loaded giving quick finger fans a chance to share the track list, full versions of every song, eighth full lent albumn includes work featuring your boy. >> drake. >> that's right. >> none of re re re's songs on the albumn, american oxygen, 45 seconds, and be better have my money, ya, you know that. >> have my money. >> got to have my money. >> i was like, wait. why does that read like that? >> because you can't say the first part. >> didn't make the cut. >> who is drake not playing with these days? drake's on everyone's albumn. >> everyone. who doesn't want him on there? >> everyone wants some drake. >> everyone except meek mill. >> philly's own. >> donating water to the folks at flint michigan. >> a loft water, and money,
4:51 am
too. >> editions for american idol are all done, now the contestants compete against one another in hollywood. >> hollywood week is giving us a close up look at the incredible talent this season. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> look at her face. is he good? >> that's the best song, sam smith. >> he's great. >> what's that sweater? >> it is eye cat print? is that what it is called. >> i call it a mistake. i wouldn't wear that. in front of all of those millions of people watching. >> you long for that. >> it ain't right. >> can someone tell me i know it is ikat. >> you are speaking whole new
4:52 am
language for me. you are not looking to me for that answer, are you? >> american idol is on tonight. don't forget to tune n1 republican presidential candidate singing new tune this morning, and it is all thanks to your girl. >> add snell. >> what does she snipping. >> hello. (laughing)
4:53 am
4:54 am
4:55 am
good morning, welcome back. >> something got in my eye. >> oh, no. that could be occupational hazard. >> should i go home? >> no, i don't like this on the show alone. hate when you're gone. >> mike huckabee has a new -- >> new campaign slogan of sorts, right? it has to do with adele. here it is. >> ♪ hello ♪ >> oh, no, this song just officially ruined. huckabee, hello, by replacing the lyrics with references to iowa. bernie sanders and even poked fun at himself. the video shows him meeting iowans, looking tired on the campaign trail, saying hello owe into his iphone. pulled eight out of the republican cans glitz he has new commercial. is that what new ad is about? >> new new campaign ad.
4:56 am
what's so interesting to me, the ad he will song aside, such a weird packer for those two, how many republicans are still in it? >> seriously. >> like marco mali too on the democratic side pulling like 1% and bernie and hillary clinton are running away with it. >> a lot of people are like why is chris christie still in it. >> still in it. >> i can't even talk. >> the words don't come out. yes, see how things play out. because here we are inside 2016. then we have what another nine months to go until election day. so, all right, possession of marijuana has been legal in d.c. since early last year. where new legislation could prevent residents from lighting up coming up after the break.
4:57 am
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4:59 am
>> two people hurt in two separate shootings. what witnesses reported seeing right after the shooting. >> two cases targeting kids, local communities, with early similar details. what children did to get away from this couple they say wanted to snatch them right off the street. >> she's doing what she is supposed to do: watch out for the safety of our children. >> she is talking about a local school crossing guard who has been suspended for taking a stand. what was happening on her block that made her demand action from her city's mayor? >> we will keep an eye on what's going on. and runnemede, coming up on
5:00 am
knife in the morning this thursday. good day everyone, it is january 28, 2015. hi, lauren done dawn johnson. up brought a furry friends. this is diamond. can i just hold diamond again? >> yes, you can. >> you brought diamond in because a little later on good day philadelphia, you will talk about the dangers a little tiny dogs. >> they get under your feet sometimes, you trip up and fall. >> yes. >> couple of people have broken arms. >> yes, and then you've got that exacerbated with the icy conditions out there. so take it slowly out there. we'll talk more about that later. first looking at the icy conditions, dave war glenn icy conditions, take it lying down, just like diamond. careful out there. anything that melted now frozen. that's been the trend here the last few days, you get the melt, the refreeze, happening again today. not a bad afternoon. we are headed back above freezing, up to seven for number today. because just light breeze. and temperatures into the upper 30's, maybe close to 40, right about where we should be this time of year. watch for the ice right now. it is still pretty cold in


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