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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  January 28, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EST

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circumstances it was okay to break the rules. >> why a school crossing guard says a text message to her mayor got her suspended. >> i don't like being taken advantage of. in this casey was being taken advantage of by fox. >> donald trump still standing de fight and the, sitting out tonight's republican debate. is it a good move for the gop front runner? >> i don't know, what do you think? get on twitter and facebook. >> even though sitting taught will feel like he is there, be the topic of like conversation. >> live tweeting it. >> probably doing that too. >> hi everybody, january the 28th, how many days are in january? >> thirty-one. >> it is the longest month of the year. >> really isment and it feels like it. >> at least it is thursday, so but probably feels like short week for some people because of the snow days. >> look at dave in for sue. >> hi, dave. >> hey look, it is dave in for
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bob. >> there i am. and here is the number. looks like we got a seven today. not all that bad. so temperatures are nice, little freezing out there, so watch for some slick spots. but, a nice start. couple of pictures, that were sent to me. beautiful shot here. now, bill's my friend. i said go take some pictures of the planet. that's jupiter by the moon. and there is venus. and then he stops, he says stop, i feel like it is homework assignment. mars and saturn out there, as well, a lot happening this morning: ebola beautiful stop to the day. dow dropped down to ten in allentown, lancaster, 11 pottstown. and doylestown, so, cold start to anything that melted, certainly, refroze, 25 in the city but down into the teens and 20's, just little warmer to the south. watching the storm off the coast, storm will stay to the eels. as it end fence nice moves up it, will bring in some clouds, wind will start to pick up. windy day tomorrow.
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with few passing snow showers. melting again, 39 along 95, 36 north and west, 41, to the south. now, on to the roads. big problem here. that we are talking about in delaware. i95 northbound all lanes are blocked approaching route 141. this is south of wilmington. north of newark, along 995 northbound, so watch that area there. also, approaching ridley park, this accident here. they were blocking center lane. not got block two lanes. this is northbound along 95 near ridley park, one lane getting by, crews are on the scene there. roost develop boulevard, at winchester avenue, an accident blocking one lane. and this is where we have a septa bus, and a car. so few accident to talk about this morning. big one there along 95. mike anal next. >> 7:02. police in burlington county try to track down that car right there. they say it was used in two attempted luring cases.
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a couple, a couple, trying to pick up a little kid. >> jenny joyce live in eve ham township. because two incident that happened pretty close to each other. >> yes. >> yes, two incident that happened, within about 15 miles of one another, on the same day, within about 30 minute or so, and police say at this point regardless of whether or not these incidents are related they want people to be on the look-out. be aware of anything suspicious. so evesham township police did release some surveillance video. take a look at this. this is from residence private surveillance system, shows dark colored sedan, that police believe, was used in the luring. both of these attempted child lurings happened back on january 16th, it happened about a half hour apart from one another. 4:30 p.m. and 5:00. police say the evesham township luring happened in the sanctuary neighborhood near playground off peter heard way. the video shows a ten year old and a 11 year old, approached by this vehicle, we talk to cousin and brother of those
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victims, we are concealing his identity. the teen says this is extremely concerning. but the children new exactly how to handle the situation. >> they walk away. they came here and told my parents, and i think my paren called the police. >> yes, what was your parents reaction to it? >> i'm pretty sure they are were startled, they were shaken, because it is -- we don't expect it. it comes out of no where. it is very, very hard thing to kind of wrap your head around at first, then you realize like okay, it happened. we need to get things situated. >> in the oaklyn incident, it was a six year old boy, and his 11 year old friend. they were out front playing football. one of the boys' moms toll talked with us. she said that this happened on manor avenue, a dark colored vehicle, pulled up, the people inside spoke softly offering can i and fun if the boys got into the car and fortunately, in both of these incidents,
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the children seemed to know what to do. they went and they got help. this is just good remind tear to talk to your chin about stranger danger. and of course if you have any information, call either the evesham township police or oaklyn police, mike anal next. >> very scary, all right, jenny, we will keep an eye on that story for you. 7:05. well, some schools in our area are still closed today. because of the snow. look at. that will there is reading. the reading school district has announced schools will remain closed today and tomorrow. they are just blowing off the whole week. but all offices for those schools will be open. so the ad minute straight ores have to go to work. school officials there say they intend today reopen today, but the storm has left many areas unsafe for students, because they are having hard time clearing the streets. >> and reading is not alone. the allentown school district also closed today. a few other delays this morning. the oxford area school
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district and pottstown school district are a two hour delay. pottstown also has a modified pre k schedule. hey, alex? >> hey, mike. 7:06. deadline passed on mayor jim kenney's prom that's all city streets would be cleared by midnight last night. and, this is video, some of the streets we found still covered late last night. so, how did the sit dow on the mayor's promise? well, let's get to steve keeley because steve you fawn one street that they would really like to see a plow. it looks like they haven't seen one in a while. >> yep, they sounds like adele with her hit song when they call 311, because from one side the street to the other they can say hello from the other side. we must have called a thousand times, and still as you see, both ends of tacoma street here in germantown filled with snow, and you can see, how high up the snow goes, i'm standing behind this man's work van, this utility van. but he would like to take his van and do some work. but he is stuck in there.
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you can see, the snow is bumper high in the back. and of course door high on the sides. they aren't going anywhere. it looks like, no plows coming here any time soon. >> reporter: here we are four days after the blizzards, snow up to your waist here in the middle of the street. you can't move your cars in or out? >> nobody, we can't get up and down, certain people got to pull out, back out of the block, it is crazy. >> people got little work, so school, can't get out, if you can see, a lot of stuff going on, but most other neighborhoods, most of the blocks cleared. but out here it is not. >> the superbowl is coming up, the biggest betting day of the country. but i i want it gave you a different bet. who do you think will get to the street and get rid of the snow first, the city or mother nature when it goes up to 60 next wednesday? >> probably mother nature. >> reporter: on serious side
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of this, thank god there hasn't been a fire in the middle of these two blocks, because how would a firetruck get down here? and nobody has need add ambulance. but can you imagine somebody thinking they are having a heart attack because they were busy trying to shovel out their own street, then needing a ambulance, and the ambulance coming, turning the corn their on see more, and saying okay, we can't get down here. by the way, mike, i just called vaguest, to get the latest line, and the city, a two day un dog against mother nature in clearing the street right now in vegas. >> okay, it is tacoma street there. i thought we could get a plow over thereby 7:30. >> you have what, 20 minutes? >> twenty meant to go. steve, let us know, we'll punch you up. >> what happens if they don't get one by 7:30? what are you going to do? >> nothing. >> we tried. >> i'm inch effect all. >> not yet. you have 20 minutes. >> people are responding to 20 minute on this story. i'm little surprised. local crossing guard, you
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know, will not be at work this morning, after she says her quest to keep her kids safe, the kids across her street, she got suspended because she texted the mayor. >> we are talking about gina who works at big hammell mentally in runnemede. she said she tried to warn her bosses about potentially dangerous intersection, but how she it is it that got her in trouble. gina said she took this video of snow covered intersection, with the corners you can see they are not cleared, snow people up it, means a lot of kids walking on the the sidewalks that they go out into the street. so she contacted the bogs at the police department. he wasn't on duty. she said what's the next best thing to do? she texted the mayor asking for help. what's happened after that? she got letter notified hershey has been suspended foreign sub board nation, not following the chain of command. >> i under stands i broke the rules. i will be the first to admit it. i think in those circumstances it was okay to break the rules. >> so, we did reach out to
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runnemede's mayor. and the police chief who say they are unable to comment on these personal matters. but, in a statement, the town says, it has in place what? >> procedure employees are required to follow for situations they believe may constitute a threat to the health, welfare or safety of the general public or themselves. >> but lauren the crossing guards need to take care of it meade limb, because it was happening at that moment. >> we will see if she will appear that decision. hey, two people are dead two, people hurt in two separate shootings in delaware county. both of those happenings within hours of each other. chester police say they found 31 year old mandate inside a car on 16th and upland streets around 6:45 last night. witnesses reported sighing a man running from the car after the shooting. no arrests were made in that onement then about an hour later shots fired on the 1100 block of morton avenue. this all started when firefighters working nearby trash fire heard gunshots, and then witness add car speeding
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away. when police arrived they found three people with gunshot wounds, a 27 year old man died after being shot in the back, two other men still recovering in the hospital. no arrests made in this case either. >> philadelphia police looking foreman they say is behind string of armed robberies at cell phone stores across the city. man hit at least three stores in recent weeks, ordering customers and employees to back rooms and then tying them up. after that he feels phones, tablet, others electronic items carries them away in a box or he has ruling suitcase. no one was-burt hurt in nip of the lobbies but police want people to in the of the suspect's walk. apparently he has a limp. they are helping that will identify him if you recognize him, you are asked to call police. >> bucks county coach stripping of coaching duties, neshaminy school district board has dismissed jerry devine from his coaching duties. he was suspended initially from coaching after that video
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surfaced on line couple of weeks ago. well, now it is final. school officials say he can keep his teaching job, just will not be allowed, mike and alex, to could coach any. >> more embarrased about the video knock being down the refs or the picture of him holding his books? >> what? >> i think it is the video. >> do we not have another picture of this man. >> this video just is bad. pictures, not flatters, but the video, blah. >> still. >> okay, we have this. update for you. breaking news out of delaware county, delco times newspaper reporting that police have arrested a man now for making an on line threat against the chester police department. >> the report says 23 year old media man-made the threat on his facebook account. it is not clear right now if there is a connection with this man and remember the 17 year old chester hype school student arrested earlier this week, what yesterday? >> yesterday, threatening flea different schools. >> police say that threat, on line threat, shoot black
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student at the school and other. they don't foe if there is a correlation. >> we will fine out very soon i have a feeling. well, tonight is the night. donald trump is not backing down on his decision not to show up for tonight's gop debate, which is going to be on fox news channel. but look at that. last night he was on fox news channel. >> he sure was, defending his position and bill owe rally factor last night. >> donald was cited, well, has cited his ongoing kind of dis mute with megan kelly, who is a host of the clark show on the news channel, said she asked him unfair questions, back in august. but now one of the his opponent issued new challenge to donald trump. chris who is it? what's the challenge? >> of course it is ted cruz, and he is saying forget fox news and everything else, lets i you and i go back on one. senator tom cruise grange grounds on donald trump after knocking him for having sold
7:14 am
your soul, crusade want to go head-to-head with drum leading mow polls since this race again, but crews have been gaining ground, just nice ever few days ahead of the first up to bat iowa caucus, crews says trump should answer that the questions of the slot voters, last night choughs challenged trump to one-on-one debate saturday in iowa. >> go you are colleague mel megan is so scary for him earnings then i would suggest that you could moderate, many -- >> i'll be glad to do this. ill gladly do that. >> you would be fantastic. we have venue, already reserve of the. i've told donald. can he invite half the people. we'll invite half the people. you know what? if you're too scared, then we say fine we do no monday rate or, just have the men and women of asking questions. that's what we owe the voter. >> so the big question is sean had i too too scarry?
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trump put out this tweet yesterday, not only say he has already beaten crews in the previous debates but also also said can we do it again in canada. >> knows job of kit send ships. crust was born in calgary. instead going to the crews crumbs, trump says he will hossa event to benefit the wouldn't dollars warrier progging. >> which is really smart. >> brilliant, flight. >> we ask people to weigh in on this earlier until the shop, looking at my phone. >> what are they saying. >> one guy says well trump has more money than all of them. he shows up where and when he leaks. >> another says another way to get public list. >> think about on fv now, will talk throughout the day. >> i will tell you this too chris. debate is on fox. you know what happened cnn. and msnbc will be doing tonight? snell ' be covering trump so get to the air time, good par listly to i at this, doing something, raising money for great cause. he will brayan at controlling
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the message. >> it is interesting, fu, he is going against a channel that i would imagine a lot of his supporters watch. >> so that's going to be interesting with the republican base. a lot of them are fox news fans. if he is so disparaged, by the way, been a guest of fox something like 132 times over the years. >> sure, have them on all the time. if you are megan kelly are you made sean henn did i and bill orion are talking to them? >> it is depending in new york. >> i don't think so. everybody is talking about it, something has to be as dressed. >> she it talking about it forecar cents. >> good ratings. >> a lot of publicity for her, too everyone talking about megan kelly. >> vanity fair cover. today marks 30 years since one of the darkest days in nasa hess interest, the challenger, blew up on live television. that was 30 years ago? >> yes, on this day in 1986.
7:17 am
it broke up 7th after take off. spacecraft then plunged into the atlantic ocean 7 miles off the coast. all seven crew members who were on board killed. >> there is christa mcculla, never forget her name, school teach here trained to take the flight and all of her school children were watching in their classroom. and watch that happen. thirty years allege dave today. >> i remember where i was. >> i do too. >> fifth grade up. >> well, i wasn't. you know, immigration to punch you right in the face. >> thanks, dave. he's walking out. >> i know. there he goes. >> fifth grade. >> 25 degrees, that's what we are talking about now, 45, we get the melting and the refreezing. the process continues. it feels like it is 25, because there is very little
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win out there. that will change. at storm off the coast, get windy tomorrow. there is some biller cold winds chills, you'll feel that tonight. there is jupiter or the moon. last glimpse when the sun comes out. 19 degrees in millville. so, that is where we are started. it will get little colder when you factor in the win chilled, passioning snow shower tomorrow. but here comes the warm up saturday and saw dawn up, up 30th's, 40 ace, 50's, we twin the trend 60 degrees with a few shower thereon wednesday. traffic thought now. ninety-five northbound, it is shutdown. six car accident there. blocking all lanes. police and fire crews are on the scene. ninety-five northbound, right now, you got one, two lanes blocked. because of an accident there. this is still the northbound side, one lane getting by. travel times are looking a
7:19 am
little slower this morning, as the volume continues to build. seventy-six, 95 there, nine the a little slow, southbound, woodhaven to the vine. >> fifth grade. >> fifth grade. >> you're still on that. >> the eagles front office owner and the head coach with some of his coaches are looking for players for their team of course, the philadelphia eagles. they are at the senior bowl, the practices in alabama, scouting some of these, well, guys, just last college to go to the pros. >> could be our incoming rookie. let's hope soap. biggest questions are about the current place, right? who will stay. who will go? start with quarterback sam bradford. >> sigh i had a great conversation kim he days ago, look forward to working with him. just something as we continue again continue to evaluate, we will, you know, pull that trigger one way or the other when the time comes.
7:20 am
>> i think he will definitely fit the type of offense and structure tail bring. >> so love to be back. >> that's what they all the same. see if they bring up the money. fletcher could be, i'm worried about him. >> common shall fletch. the flyers in action last night trying to snap a three game losing streak. and they did it, aling. >> on the road against one of the best teams notice league, the washington capitols. >> mike richards on the ice. flyers manage to push this one into over time. tied it three-all. >> taking things into his own hands, we were at the starring game last night four-three, how about that? headed to the all-star braining naught. clock 20. >> some scary moment in another nnl game last night. dennis wegman of the calgary flames gets hit near the board. appears to be hurtment skating back to the bench he comes oh, bang up, on one of the lines men, crosschecks him to the ice. >> what? >> yes, said after the game it was an accident, he was woozy
7:21 am
while skating to the bench just couldn't stop. before hit that rev. >> that doesn't look like an accident. >> oh. no, he wasn't penalized or anything but no word yet if the league will discipline him. >> they will a make a decision today. he does seem woozy there. >> skating offment skating back. why was the intentional, the lean innocent. >> clock 21, grabbiness fast-food lately have you? >> your credit card may be at risk then. wendy is asking customers do something after unusual activity on cards, hasn't found people going to their restaurants. one last time, how the judges are feeling after the first night of hollywood week. that was pretty good last night, i have to tell you. she is really good. >> you watched? >> yes, that's amy. >> nice.
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>> every now and then i like to go to wendy's, one somebody
7:25 am
' walnut, get your frosty and sometimes stick my french fries into my frosty. lauren, ever do that? ever been to a win i's? >> oh, yes, i like the chilly. i look the frosty's and french fries, just not together. >> okay. but you eat that chilly, and follow it up with a frosty. there is nothing better. >> , no the french fries apparently dipped in the frosty, that is the best thing to do. >> what's the problem with wendy's this morning? >> okay, major security breach affecting customers, but the issue is we don't have any answers. we do know that wendy's has hired a cyber security farm, have launched an investigation to figure out how many customers are at risk from swiping their credit or debit cards at wendt he's restaurant, what states, what restaurant are affected when the hackers got in, how they got in, and if the system is a-okay and safe right now. like i said, very few answers. so what do you do? if you did eat at a wendy's
7:26 am
recently, maybe from the end of last year, that's the time frame, i keep hearing, and on, check your credit card statement very very careful l many look wendy's isn't expensive. pay cash for that frosty. >> yes. >> for those fries, for that chill. >> seems like everywhere is getting hack. you just have to continue to check your account and make sure there is nothing fraudulent going on. >> probably should do it every day. >> do you do it every day? >> to you even look at your account? >> no. but i should. i should. >> i used to do it all the time. i don't any more now. >> i used to do it every day not kidding because it was fun to watch your ko1k to go up, then it started going down, i stopped looking. you. >> put the blind ers on? >> yes. >> lauren, thank you. >> thank up, see you guys later. >> all right. >> she is so good looking. >> i know. >> almost hard to watch. >> no, i like to watch you. >> like to look at her? >> she is great. >> very prep. >> i so donald trump, i'm not
7:27 am
doing your stinking debate on fox news channel tonight. so what do you think? is that a good move for him? or bad? or is it just for his opponent? then there is jen. squash. >> hey, guys, okay, we are talking about squash this morning. i've actually never seen t my first time. so mike and alex the question for you. which celebrity loves squash so much they own a court? chelsey handler, eddie murphy, bruno mars, or kanye, go to my twitter, i'm doing a pole on t we will talk about judge squash might be cool, and in fact in some ways easier than tennis, come on back. we're doing this game.
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>> we will keep up updated on if it becomes available, breaking news, virus, that is spread by mosquitos, mosquitos bite pregnant women. and infect the child inside of her body. >> so, we will keep an eye on it, un now concerned about it, donald trump not backing off his decision to say no i won't participate in tonight's debate, the last one before the iowa cake you go cents,
7:31 am
could bring big roll in winning over voters, maybe. donald trump sitting out over his future with moderator megan kelly of fox news channel. so let's talk about this, hey, good to see you joe watkins. >> we have a democrat here, as well, strategies for the democratic party. mike and braun strewn as well. we start with you, you are knee new to me. this hurt trump or does it help his owe pope meant. >> i don't suspect it will will hurt trump. i don't suspect it will his owe popement. right now donald trump is on all of the major news networks. he is talking about his candidacy. and, really, we're all sitting here right now talking about donald trump. so, i think that he's basically won the day with his move. running very unconventional candidacy, but it seems to be working for him. >> you know what joe? i think i would use this strategy like ted cruz is doing, oh, if you can't even handle megan kelly, how are you going to handle vladmeere
7:32 am
pout never. >> well, donald trump is great for ratings, so smart, he understands the media like none of the other candidate. michael is right. no matter what he does, everything is always talking about donald trump always controlling the story, making everybody talk about him, focus on him. and, this is a masterful move, it is a move that looks like for his supporters, that he's booking the establishment, as he so often does. at the same time, the whole time during the debate i bethel be tweeting about his other opponent. >> you know he is. >> horrible, doing terrible job what he will saying the whole time, not there. >> even last night he went on fox, which i casino of kudos to fox, for continuing to talk to him, he went on fox last night on bill owe really, you know fox news channel, because i am not there you are going to lose money. watch. >> you can do that any day. >> this debate now they will make much less, but i will tell you fox would have and still might, i hope they do, i
7:33 am
hope they do well, i don't really care, but fox will make a lot of money on the debate. we broke the all time record on cable television 24 million people. >> it was huge. so, mike -- >> he understands ratings. >> he understands. >> he does. >> but you know what, he says this because megan kelly asked him an unfair question. i don't think it was unfair. you know, about what he had said about women in the past. that was way back in august. so she addressed the donald not being on the debate on her show last night, at 9:00. >> breaking tonight an exactly 24 hours, seven republicans will take the stage right here behind me in iowa to interviews for the job of president of the united state. but for the past 24 hours, america media has been almost completely focused on a related story but not necessarily the story. one candidate who says he will not be here.
7:34 am
>> pretty slick. so michael i will ask you the same question i asked joe. if you are ted cruz, casino every closing in, the gap there, the polls, in iowa, don't you just say well donald trump, if you can't handle a reporter, how are you going to hand al world lied err? >> absolutely. >> that's the only thick you can say, right? >> absolutely. and go at him. but the thing is that i didn't really show any weakness on the o'reilly factor. he saw that interview last night. it was bill owe really, was having hard time with him. because trump was so entrenched in his views. he didn't really know how to handle them inside the interview. and i think that really understands the business of television. he understands the business of getting out in front after crowd. so it would be on twitter later today. talking about his candidacy, he is doing things that know conventional candidate has done. and he is winning that argument inside the republican primary. >> yep, joe, can donald trump
7:35 am
be the candidate? >> translate the pole numbers, doing so well in the national polls, bub he's got to translate the pole numbers into actual wins. so he has to get his people the people that like him and support him to the caucuses, they have to caucus him -- for him next week, then he has to win south carolina, nevada. if he does that he has very, very good shot of winning the republican nomination. certainly of having the mow men mum to win the republican nomination. >> joe look at me in the face. could donald trump be president trump? >> he could be. he could be president trump absolutely. i mean, this is a country of the people by the people and for the people. the people will decide ultimately who our nominee will be, who our president will be, but he could be president. >> bill o'reilly also i think our big boss actually roger called him yesterday and said come on, let's do this debate. then bill o'reilly said this last night. come on, come back to the debate, donald. >> do you me a favor? because i bought you so many, so many --
7:36 am
>> i bought you so many vanilla, you owe me, will you just consider, i want you to consider, all right, think about it, look, i might come back. forgive. go forward. answer the questions to the folks. just want you to consider it. you owe me milkshakes. i'll take them off the ledger. if you consider it. >> i don't know if it will work. michael answered real quickly 52nd each, he's only 7 miles away from the debate at his wounded warriors fundraiser. -- >> i think he could do it, he is a show man, i think he can do it, the scariest thing to me in this candidacy, but republicans seem to go going for it. >> co-be re-elected president of the united stay? >> unfortunately if he wins every primary becomes the nominee then he probably can become president. that's kind of the way it works unfortunately. >> joe, storm the stage tonight?
7:37 am
>> i don't think he storms the stage. i they stays rid war he is, control it even from another place. another location. >> yes. you know cnn and msnbc will be all over his wounded warrier fundraiser tonight instead of the debate. >> michael, joe, thanks a lot. quick break right after this we will come back with more on good day philadelphia. oh remotes, you've had it tough.
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that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ >> is is why i did not run for mayor. i asked for a plow to come bye-bye 7:30, now, nothing. >> next plan. >> 8:30. >> and then at 8:30 he'll be saying by 10:00 o'clock, next week, next month. >> listen alex holley if i have to i'll go out there and
7:41 am
shovel it in person. >> will you? >> tacoma street, and all of the people will come out and a door me. >> and you'll be like my people. >> my people of tacoma street. >> this is how mike day dreams. >> ya. >> seriously. >> my life is very pathetic. >> hollywood week in full effect on american idol. did you see it last night? there some good singers. >> judges looking for the best to stand out in the performances. >> listen. >> ♪ >> see, this is like tacoma street. nothing. >> nothing. >> i got nothing. >> still working on t. >> this one girl, beautiful. >> oh! >> ♪ >> have to be brutal in our cut. we hate letting people go.
7:42 am
we are find that we are not agreeing as much this year as we did last year. >> sorry about j-lo's dress, looks like she had some moth holes in it. >> you don't mind it. >> anyway, so american idol airs tonight here on fox of course. we got to take a quick break, if i here's jen. >> we're not going to squash this. >> here is the question on my twitter pole. who loves squash so much they have their own squash court? by the way, kanye is not doing well in the twitter pole. come on back, we'll tell how it is.
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>> the renaissance hotel at allentown, one of the roads clear, but it is the sidewalks, we want to worry about, because anything that melted yesterday, refreezing, thank you, andrew, by the time you get to the sidewalk, it is a sheet of ice there, things that don't drain, that water moment dollars yesterday could be slippery. so, watch those first few steps outside. maybe some intersections, or look at the bottom of your driveway, could be pretty slippery this morning, down, well below freezing, ten in allentown, 11 pottstown, 25 right there in philadelphia.
7:46 am
mount pocono at 17, making snow at the poconos there, love that temperature with the nice dry air in place. nineteen millville, right along the coast pretty cold into the 20's. >> close call here, bike we've been telling you, staying out to sea, the clouds will come in tonight, but by tomorrow moving off to the eelsment win picks up, cold gusty northwest wind, maybe a passing snow shower tomorrow. paces g flurry, 39, feels like it is down into the teens when you factor in the 30, 35-mile per hour wind gust. it will calm down bit saturday. then we are looking at the warmer weather for groundhog
7:47 am
day the day after, warm up comes with little rain both tuesday and wednesday roads ways this morning, still issues out there. this is along 76 westbound there, disable school bus blocking the right lane. so you see the volume starting to pick up, they are trying to get around the bus, but slowing it down a little extra delay here. burlington bristol bridge up river, babblier making it out there this morning. some fog, too. yes, burlington bristol bridge was open, so be careful, head that way might want to take little extra time, mike anal next. >> dave warren, have you ever played squash? >> it is like raquetball basically. >> it is raquetball. >> you ask him a question and you didn't let him answer. >> squash. >> i eat squash. >> no. it is a game with a hardball. >> a racket. >> apparently it is easier than tennis and burns a lot of calories. >> it does, jen, tell us?
7:48 am
>> eddie murphy has his own squash court in his house. >> oh, does eddie murphy. >> a lot of celebrities play, but apparently not this celebrity mike jerrick. >> that's now how you play squash is it? >> great squash court in berwyn. >> oh, really? >> uh-huh. >> yes. there is. there is a great one in berwyn. pam is here, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> and i have to say, i talk to you a little bit about tennis before. i have to confess, i've done every sport ever, i've never seen squash. in real life. i've never seen it. >> in general, squash is easier to learn than tennis? do you agree with that. >> i think that you can start playing a game in squash. maybe quicker than you can start playing a whole game in tennis. >> okay? >> as far as being an easier sport, no. i think they're equally challenging and they both have their wonderful fitness at buttes. >> you're good mommy. not picking a favorite -- >> no, i love racket sports.
7:49 am
>> okay. >> the other thing is you hear like through the mommy bin that oh, if your kid place squash they can go to ivy league. you say it is just getting popular everywhere? >> it is, gaining popularity, across the united states, popular around the whole world, united states in the past 15 years has put for the wonderful effort to bring softball to schools. including through universities. >> it is in the top five best workouts. >> okay? >> for any sport. >> so, explain this to me. so we have this top line that goes all the way around. this red lion up here. if a ball above that it is snout. >> correct. they are called outlines. >> okay. >> easy to remember. >> then there is another red lion there. what's that for? >> the cut line. that's just therefore the serve. so -- >> do you have to get above it? >> correct. you have to hit the front wall below the outline and above the cut line. >> after the cut line, after
7:50 am
the serve the cut line dis ace peers. >> i think it is easier to pick up a serve and get a serve that is in, it takes a long time to perfect good serve, different types of serves, but i this i that you can a kid, for example, maybe younger child, that's maybe five, six, with the different speed balls, can hit a serve that can land in and then start playing games better quickly. >> i can feel a little bit of confidence? >> absolutely. >> there is no like net that separate the two sides? >> , no as you can see, you're very close with your opponent, so sharing the court space. >> so what, i mean, i love all of these guys, what if one of the knuckleheads gets in my way? >> hopefully they know the rules of squash. so rather than swinging and after hit you, they call. which means, they stop and then they replay the point. >> okay. >> if the knucklehead doesn't get out of the way he gets to
7:51 am
redo the point. >> gets to re dot point. >> us open of squash is in filly? >> very exciting yes. >> last year? >> well, we had it in october. but we've signed i believe for the next ten years. actually going to be at drexel university. and that is huge. i mean, that's the us open for all united state. so that is a major, major accomplishment. >> so do you think we'll see more and more kids? >> absolutely. hot bed of squash. so it is to truly is some of the best squash players in the nation here, very fortunate, super lucky, all through middle school, high school, colleges. so, we are please take advantage. >> i'll try in the 8:00 hour, try to play. are you ready? what's your favorite, squash or tennis in. >> oh, anything with a racket. >> snow board instructor, watch this? >> what do you like better skiing or snow boarding? >> , skiing. >> oh, really? >> be careful though. i've been hit in the face in
7:52 am
the head with a squash racket. because it is very close quarters, and there is a lot of this going on. >> so you have played. >> by myself. >> okay. all right, not guilty. oh, i need your opinion on this. a dad facing charges for taking his own 12 year old daughter's cell phone from her over a rude text. oh, man. should those charges be dropped? find out why the charges were dropped in the first place. >> and did the mayor keep his promise? all city streets are supposed to be cleared by midnight. >> oops. >> but i think we found some trouble spots this morning. is that unfair for us, 100% cleared? shah possible?
7:53 am
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
>> man from texas is in court because he took his daughter's cell phone. >> in court? and three years later he he still has that phone, chris. >> yes. >> get the sense this is not the kid that's the problem but the parent? the issue a roast when ronald jackson found inapropriate text message on his then 12 year old daughter's cell phone. so, jackson took that phone, but few hours later, police came to arrest the dad. the girls mother told police she owned the phone. and she reported the confiscation as theft. this week a judge found jackson not guilty saying there wasn't enough evidence to convict him. so jackson says he has kept that phone in question. but again there is goes to the bigger issue, not so much the theft of this dumb phone, but parenting. what you take away, for how long, is my guess. what was on that text message that the dad was so upset
7:57 am
about? >> i'm getting sense that this mom and dad were no longer married? are you get that? >> correct. >> yes. >> and i'm getting the sense that that divorce was not harmoneous in anyway. >> no. >> i bought that phone for our daughter and then you took it, and i sent the police to -- oh, well, not arrest you but to find him. >> how about how can we parent together even though we don't live together? >> for some people though picking up the phone and have, that conversation is a lot. because, you know, they don't get along. >> they are bitter. >> sadly, though. but when kids are involved, you as the adult, so to speak, have to rise above. >> of course. >> let's put our petty differences aside let's do best for the child. >> this young woman now 15 years old? >> correct. three years late.
7:58 am
>> did she get a new phone. >> you know she has a phone. >> of course, she is 15. she is probably like this all day. >> probably look that the phone right now. as chris is speaking, thanks, coming you own 8:00 divine ride what i am calling this. >> that's what we can call it, divine ride? >> divide ride. >> blessed by the pope. back in fill. and i want to go see this fiat. >> you remember everyone going crazy over the fiat. it was like a fiat frenzy during his visit to the u.s. and that is the auto ride the pennsylvania convention center yesterday for the philly auto show. the vehicle will be up for auction tomorrow. and the other fiat is going to be displayed throughout the week. two. all proceeds are going to go children's hospital of philadelphia and the city catholic archdioces. >> do we -- did we go shoot the footage at the convention center. >> i don't know. i mean, do you want to see the footage of fiat just sitting by itself or footage of the fiat with the pope in it. >> i like the footage with the pope in it. >> exactly. so why asking questions,
7:59 am
sneak. >> if we didn't go yesterday, we could go today. >> true, see it getting auctioned off. we can work this out, mike. >> tomorrow night, tomorrow night, isn't it? >> it is. today is thursday, yes, tomorrow night. are you going? >> i think i think i will, so in see the fiat. >> loveliment you can dress up. >> i know, my tux, which doesn't fit any more, because i am bloated. i need spanks. good day everybody it is thursday, january the 28th, 2016ment here we go. >> help for her kids on the block. pet dangers. are your furry friends threatening your safety? >> what you need to know before picking up your puppy. >> jewelry, made from breast milk? fashionable, or broke? the big business for the
8:00 am
ladies starting the trend. how moms can turn jewelry into memories. >> unusual business meeting from hollywood to the vatican. why leonardo dicaprio is meeting with pope francis today. it is straight up 8:00. dave is in for sue. actually, in for sue and you are amazing, you're in for two people. >> double duty. >> you are the man. >> a lot of weight to carry. >> that's true. >> before we get to you, dave. i want to say this. many school district in pennsylvania of course have reopened, you know, classrooms for the kids. >> so there are some students, and here is the list. the reading school district announce that schools will be closed for the red rest of the week, they're blowing off the whole week. but administrative offices, they'll be open. >> al edge town school district also closed remember they had like record breaking number, 31 inches. all activities canceled,
8:01 am
easton area school district will be operating on two hour delay today and tomorrow. bethlehem schools will be open, parent are warned expect delays. >> not sure what that means, dave. >> welshing i guess buses are trying to get through some of the snow maybe, picking people up. >> how about the oxford area school district, and pottstown school district on two hour delays. pottstown, by the way, also has a modified pre-k schedule. all right, let's do some weather and traffic and give you more news. >> weather and traffic first off, start off with little freeze out, there so anything that moment dollars last night, frozen, we call it seven today. not bad. on the high rate of the scale, because up to near 40 degrees this afternoon with bright sunshine. there are the walkways this morning, it turns to a sheet of ice. so that is one thing that you want to watch if you are outside this morning. watch for that ice. twenty-four in philadelphia, 11 allentown, little close up view shows we have a loft teens out there this morning. so, cold start north and west. to the south, still below
8:02 am
freezing but on the way up with the sunshine we will be closer to 40 degrees, this afternoon. ultimate doppler is clear. there is some rain off the coast. that is our coastal storm, stays off the coast, but we will see clouds increasing here throughout the day today. the temperatures will be nice and comfortable, to up near 40. there is lack of wind, nice, too, because that has storm passes by, that wind will start to increase tomorrow. more melting, more freezing tonight, just few more clouds to the south. that's a look at the weather, how about the roads this morning? few trouble spots out there. first off, we have 95 northbound, it was closed all lanes block. now there is two lanes blocked. so this big car pile up there, this is between newark and south of wilmington. disabling school bus, right lane block, and it is backing up 76, this is westbound, near vare avenue, so watch for that this morning, travel times, they are increasing. forty minutes on the schuylkill from the blue route to the vine st. expressway, 95
8:03 am
southbound, 33 minute ride. mike and alex? >> thank you. 8:03, police in two south jersey towns are investigating whether two attempted lures are connected. evesham police released this video about hearing similar incident in oakland. police believe attempted napped child luring on january 16 near a bring gown on peter heard way. oaklyn police had similar report just 30 minute before, and it was all in the same day. we spoke to the mobile of one of the children who she says were out playing, when it happened. and she doesn't want to be identified. >> best signed as older couple, roamed down the window, spooking quiet throw try to get them to come closer. then they said from my son's account come on, weaver candy in the car. why don't you get in our darr. we will go to our house and have fun. >> well, if you recognize the car, have any information
8:04 am
about the suspect, call evesham or oaklyn police. >> okay, the deadline was passed. well, you know, the city government said they were going try to have all of the roads free of snow by what eight hours ago, midnight last night? >> now the question is somehow did the city do? on the mayor's proms? we are sending out steve keeley. he's been out since plaintiff the blizzard started. >> where are you, now, steve? >> mid block on tacoma street, not talcony. you can see the sun is in my face. i guess that's good. because at least mother nature is doing her best to plow the street. darlene jones, that looks like mount renear near tacoma washington in front of your house, you have the white siding down there. we had you trek down here in your mountain climbing boots, you fell because the street not plowed. so your little is -- leg is all messed up. >> yes, out here slipping and sliding.
8:05 am
i take my grandchildren to school to meet the school bulls. we can't even make it hardly. this is god awful. >> that snow is higher than the windows and doors on cars out in front of your house? >> taller than my grandson who is five. >> four days, do you always have problems on this street with whether it snowed in previous storms. >> yes, yes, it is like we are the lost park, you know, like we are on a whole another planet somewhere. that's how the city treats us. >> well if you are wondering, her neighbor across the street, robin cone, we talk to her, she is on tape now, one. people who made multiple calls to 31 is one. >> i did the 311. i called, they gave me confirmation, then when i got home yesterday from work, after taking all of these buses and seeing where everything was clear, and i saw this here, i said to myself why isn't anybody coming through this street? >> what's 311 tell when you you call to say we haven't been plowed? >> they like to tell us what we want it hear. and so far when i asked the
8:06 am
mayor's office yesterday i was then told well they said well why don't you call the street d i called the street department. they look it up and oh, well, whatever request you all have for that block, it was not in the system. so i had them put it in the system. they said somebody should be out there before 11:00 tonight. now here it is in the morning again, and nothing. >> so mike, to be fair to the city tune dot other side of the story, remember, they didn't prom tis would be plowed. they only promise that all of the streets would be passable. so, technically this is passable because as you can see, despite me going up 4 feet in the air, getting past, so technically they're not lying, because it is passable. >> don't fall. >> all right. >> just not passable with a car. >> you're in germantown. >> all right. >> it is tacoma street, and my pledge to this city is there
8:07 am
will be a plow thereby 10:00 a.m. >> you keep making these pledges. first it was 7:30. then i think it was what 8:30, now you are thinking that's not going to happen snap. >> it is not to up me. i am begging somebody with a plow. >> make that clear then to tacoma. >> i'm begging if you have a plow could you just go over to tacoma street germantown and clear that street? >> probably not the only street though. >> no, no, no, but is it fair that we are doing this? because can you imagine streets after a snowfall of 22 inches? >> at what point do you then go outside with a shovel and clear your own street? >> you know, someone said that, maybe the whole block should come together and just start shoveling? i don't know. >> why are they overlook every time? that one little street. >> you said by 10:00 a.m.? >> 10:00 a.m. >> please someone. >> there will be a plow there. if not, ill resign.
8:08 am
>> what? >> so let's get back to though crossing story. getting a loft attention on twitter, a crossing guard in camden county, won't be going to work this morning, after she was suspended because of what she did. with a text. >> karen, more on this, gina? >> she has work at bingham elementary in runnemede for 16 years. over the weaken huge snow. she began to think it was dangerous, on the corner where she work, she recorded a video, and asked for some help. her boss at the police department wasn't on duty. so, she texted the mayor there, runnemede, about getting some help for the snow removal. she says the streets were obviously complete mess, as we all know, but soon found out that her actions were not the right chain of command, not the right protocol. >> none of the corners were cleared o the streets were terrible. and it was just a hot mess for parent to drop the children
8:09 am
off. >> do you see that piece of paper? suspended for two days, that's what happened to her instead of thank you, thanks for brinking this to our attention, they said were you completely inch sub board nature in not following the chain of chant. mayor and police chief said police employees are required to follow specific procedures when reporting situations. >> i understand i broke the rules, i will be the first to admit it, but i think in those circumstances it was okay to break the rules. >> sometimes it is just a common sense police, do what needs to get done. word of the suspension spread like wild fire. lots of people talking about this one on social media. parent pouring out their support saying look you are trying to help our kids. they even started a petition, some parent believe that she was being punished, for thinking of the children first. we spoke with the mayor and the police chief, who were unable to comment as they say on personnel matters, which is what they always say when they don't want to talk about something. so, i mean, it is really interesting. trying to dot right thing. you get in trouble. >> i have got never trouble like that for not following
8:10 am
the chain of command. you know. >> but were you doing the right thing? >> no, not really. >> at least she was doing this for the kids. >> true. >> i think that whole thing will get reversed later today. if you're always sick, you know people always sick, you may not be very smart. >> what? >> the big roll your intelligence may play in how often you have to go to the doctor. >> but first, helping a hero. officer jessie hartnett was ambushed earlier this month. he is lucky to be alive. how you can join the community in supporting him this morning. >> let's do it.
8:11 am
listen up! i'm here to get the lady of the house back on her feet. and give her the strength and energy to stay healthy. who's with me?! yay! the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals.
8:12 am
ensure. take life in!
8:13 am
>> welcome back, weather authority looking outside, little cold out there. temperatures have warm up above freezing yesterday, dropped down below, in fact, well below in many suburbs. soap, look for little patchy ice here and there. all of the melting refreeze z quickly, feels like 24, it is 24, no windchill out there, that's about to change. so we have the storm off the coast. it gets windy tomorrow. and bitter cold windchills, tomorrow night. just missed moon and jupiter
8:14 am
together. that's what you saw this morning. could see it again tomorrow morning, nice clear sky. temperatures are into the teens, well, down below the teens there, 11 allentown, pottstown at 11:00, 12 in reading and lancaster, still down in the 20's not quite as cold across the south and eastern suburbs, all the hat doppler clear, here is the rain, big coastal storm, staying off the coast, little too soon to talk about another big storm here. that's what this would have been if it was little farther west t stays well off the coast. we ' see clouds overnight tonight early tomorrow. then it really intensifies, watch what happens here. there is the wind picking up, that bridges in the cold air, that's the time of this, look like, tomorrow afternoon, and evening, if you are heading out friday night, a cold gusty winds. and it feels much colder when you factor in those windchills, temperatures will stay cold over the weekend but they get warm in the seven day forecast, back up into the 50's, and 60s. look at the traffic now, 95 northbound, this is right
8:15 am
before kurland street. we have a disable vehicle, blocking the right lane, so things have slowed down quite a bit there. that's 95 northbound, disable tractor-trailer blocking the right lane on 295 northbound. watch that there in jersey and travel speeds, they are down pretty slow here right around 76 and the sit. so take a little extra time, alex. >> thank you so much. the fraternal order of police are hoping for big crowd tonight, when they hold it a benefit for hero. hero by the name of officer jesse hartnett. >> ♪ >> police call it an ambush, according to officials, 33 year old police officer, jesse hartnett, was on patrol january 7th, and in west philadelphia. when a man, claim ago league ands to isis, walks up to officer hartnett's patrol car and fired multiple times, some at point blank range, surveillance pictures, captured it all. >> somehow, hartnett was still able to get out of his car, and fire back. >> how are you doing?
8:16 am
>> after several surgeries on his arm, he left the hospital last week as a fellow officers stood in salute. just yesterday, group from the nypd came here to present hartnett with the plaques for his bravery. >> and many people are still talking about the fact of how brave officer hartnett is. so we have f.o.p. president john mcnesby here with us. >> how are you? >> we're good. the question is somehow is officer hartnett? >> his spirits are good. he is looking forward to tonight. been tremendous outpouring from everybody, from the community, from the police department, from the command staff, just been really good. >> because it has been what 15 days he was in the hospital. >> right. >> he had major surgery on his left arm. >> yes. >> what's the status of his arm now? >> he's still has a long road to recovery. he's going to go back in for few more surgeries, so, you know, his spirits are good. he's looking forward to getting back some sense of normalcy. >> will he be able to use it then? >> that's a good question. i think the doctors, the
8:17 am
jersey still out on that, but he is getting great care. the administration, commissioner ross, the city have been great, whatever he needs, they're going to do. they've assured us of that. and that's just a good piece of minds to have. >> do you think, you know, when we look back on video and what happened that night, how brave he was, the fact shot multiple times, some at point blank range, he gets up and he goes after the suspect. we just think about the bravery there. do you think he'll ever get to be a cop again? >> i think that he can have whatever he wants, we have talked both commissioner ross and mayor kenney, they both assured that if he want to be a police officer he will be. so it is to up jesse. but that's for, you know, weeks, month down the line. right now we want it just give back to him, make sure his more all is good. the officer out there on the street, moral, are good, the 18th district making sure we're safe, making sure we give him little something to boost his spirits. that's what we will do tonight. >> wonderful. talking about nypd just
8:18 am
yesterday, i mean, they heard about a story, the whole nation heard about the story, but the fact they came down. what did they do for him? >> they came down, group of 30 to 40 officers came down on their own time, presented him with a plaque, at the fifth district, which is close to, you know, it is out of the way area. he was really very happy, his spirits were lifted. and it was just a nice thing for a group of officers that many to come down. >> because they can identify. i mean, isn't it something if you think about whenever they are on a shift, this could happen to me? >> they lost a couple. we re so kate god forbid lose somebody, we're there for them. they have done the same for us in our time of need, for jesse, we could have been planning a funeral. 'd guardian angel over him that day, he was very lucky, and, you know, glad to have him here today. >> that was our turn to show him how much we appreciate him and to show our support. what's happening tonight? >> tonight fundraiser for jesse, asking everybody to come out, not asking for dollar o, come out, come by,
8:19 am
say hello have, a drink, just more all type thing tonight. we'll have dj, elect the off initials there, commanders will be there. >> where is this going to be. >> f.o.p. 1160 caroline road 16:00 to 11:00. 6:00 to 11:00. >> east are hero t-shirts. >> i like it says vale or, great courage in the face of danger, especially in battle. >> and these were made up by officers on the street, 100% of everything tonight goes to jesse. >> wow, jesse and his family as he continues his road to recovery. >> wonder null what you are doing. please know we have him in our thought and prayers, whole community. >> i know, listen, everybody's been great. the outpouring, and i've never seen such a gathering and of the community behind one. >> do you think he even realizes what's bank happening the past 15 days? >> that's a good question. i think, you know, maybe six, eight months down, when recovered, the lights go away,
8:20 am
the reporters go away, he has a minute to think, i'm sure i'll see what actually everybody has done. >> something we certainly won't forget. >> absolutely. thank you. >> thank you so much. >> hope it goes well. keep us updated and how it goes, how much is raised. >> and i have some shirts for you guys. >> thank you so much. >> well, 8: 20. hollywood meets the vatican. leonardo meets with pope francis, the shared interest that may be bringing these two together. leo and the pope? then? >> hey, guys. talking about class this morning, you know, it is a great great sport. this is a public club, high school kids, elementary school kids, get to play here. i'm going to try it coming up. taking on lili in the purple. she going down. she probably going to be really scared.
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
>> teens who go tanking, can likely get skin can't err by the age of 40. things need to be put in place to help keep teens safe. >> do you know someone who is always sick? you or that person, you are probably not smart. that's according to new research done in the uk. intelligent people are healthier, and they are less likely to catch a disease. >> and there is more. clever people are also less likely to be overweight or develop altzheimer's, the study found traits linked to disease and thinking skills, they share the same genetic nun cents. >> oh, and you're probably -- you know, do you get sick a lot, mike. >> i'm stupid. >> no. >> that's what the study says. >> i mean, casino of. >> if you're stupid you're sick. >> no, it is your sick all the time. just don't get sick a lot. >> okay. >> ya. >> all right. hold on, everybody, are you ready for this? a texas mom has an unusual
8:25 am
business creating wearable memories out of her breast milk. >> while some of you may be grossed out by this, apparently she is has a lot of fans across the globe. >> it is, well, it was through her own experience with breast feeding that bridgette bordoy, her name actually brigette barred owe, came up with the idea to make jewelry with her breast milk. the unconventional artist admits when people first hear about her creations, their first reaction is ugh, but she has a following. women from all over the world are seeing her facebook page and walking something, you know, to remember their breast feeding experience by. so apparently, i don't know how she makes it, but here she is. >> i know what it is like to breast feed. and i know what an amazing time in my life this has been.
8:26 am
for a lot of women, breast feed sag very struggle that they've overcome. they really want to wear it proudly and say i did this. >> so bridgette there says that it took about a year of trial and error to come up with the process that she uses. it takes about a half ounce of breast milk, and some ten weeks for customers to have basically whatever jewelry they want, maybe a ring or necklace or earrings, made from that milk. now, i still haven't seen an article that tells me exactly how she takes the liquid and it turns into a hardened form to make a ring or earring. >> maybe she puts it in like a pays, or mixing it with something and that hardens. >> probably. >> and part of the mixture? >> puts it into a mold then? it hardens? >> well, hum. or maybe it is like paint? mixing it with taint -- i don't know. >> interesting.
8:27 am
>> if you but going have a piece of jewelry made from breast milk what would you want, a ring, brings let, broch, necklace? >> i guess a broch because it is near my breast? i don't know. >> maybe. maybe nip he will peering? >> okay, now you've gone too far. >> okay. >> it is thursday marks means it is fox fursday. we love our pets. it could also and problem when they're running around underneath your feet. did you ever trip over your dog? i know somebody that crack their head when they fell tripping over their dog. we're actually going to talk about pet related injuries next.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> people just can't stop talking about, what michael jackson himself has said about
8:31 am
who he want to portray him. what race he want them to be. >> apparently not recently. >> parent being scolded, kids wearing their jam us. >> it is fox thursday day, we are talking about pet related injuries. so, it is something most people with dogs and cat know all becomes trips, falls, over their furry friends. my little girl diamond, she is here with us in the studio, she does it all the time, gets right up neat my feet. it sayers me, she is 4 pounds, i don't want to crush her precious pause. so many times protecting them means hurting us. man who knows this all too fortunately richard joins us with doctor derek with the hospital at. tell me brief ooh your storey? you got a dog, bulldog pup. >> i english bulldog puppy. we had him a month at this point. and just took him out for a walk. >> lots of energy?
8:32 am
>> yes. >> little puppy, time had i him out for walk, unfortunately i didn't have him leashed, we were in the courtyard of a church outside our house, he heard fireworks, got spook and started darting for the street. >> so you are running to get your baddie? >> go down to pick him up, shattered my knee. >> four places. >> yes. >> the pain, intense? >> no orders would for it, immediate shock. then i was is the g there on the sidewalk holding this dog, unable to walk, and people are just walking by me, not saying anything to me, oh, here is some guy sitting on the sidewalk. >> with his dog. >> yes, so here it is, your dog is okay, but you have broken your leg in four different places in. >> three, four. >> tell me, this is kind of come on, like diamond is here to demonstrate. so she is right underneath my feet now. see this? whenever i have a toy in my hand, and she knows now i have a treat. this is what happens. the leash is between her and
8:33 am
myself. what happens, what do you see in your practice? >> absolutely, people, unfortunately, they lose site of the things around them. they tends to trip over their animals, or leashes, or toys and things that far nature. and depending on how you fall, and the mechanism, you can injury different part of your bod fry your low extremities, to your upper extremities if you land and try to brace yourself. >> now first let's talk about richard. when you saw him come in, man from a dog fall, what did you any? >> you know, pretty severe injury for falling over a dog. but not that uncommon, it can happen. >> even in your case, your wife i think tripped over a leash with your dog, is that right. >> she did, and broke her foot. fortunately she didn't need surgery but she was in a cam boot for little bit of time. it set her back for awhile. >> you think even so like i have these toys. so sometimes diamond will leave them all around the house. >> yes. >> so she doesn't necessarily to be on her leash. do you see people walking and they can slide, trip, fall on
8:34 am
those? >> absolutely. that's very common. as we are unfamiliar with our environment, different things can catch our feet and cause us to fall, like toys, carpet and things that far nature our, so pretty common. >> what's the worse injury that you have seen? >> from fall to dog or cat, up there, top five. >> so you were in a wheelchair for three months. >> wheelchair three month, crutches. >> now a cane? >> and steps, impossible? >> it hurt. >> five month out now? >> yep. >> physical they are. >> i were you telling me before we charted, real quickly, females sometimes more prone to it or different age groups? dogs more dangerous than cats, kind of quickly run through that? >> absolutely. females, two times more likely to be injured from one of their animals. dogs are seven times more likely to cause an injury than
8:35 am
cats. age group, zero to 15, more come on, over the age of 75, more likely to sus to sustain a fracture when they fall, makes sense as far as bone health and things that far nature are concerned. >> sounds so scary just to have a dog. look at this one. >> diamond can walk, you're better trained than mike jerrick, diamond. we love it. hey, thank you both for being here. >> thank you. >> get well soon. >> thanks. >> all right, alex, where are you, girl? >> i'm here. well, healing power, director of grease, said he recovered from an infection after john travolta got involved. what the star did to help his sick boss. >> plus this. >> one, two, three. >> oh, no. okay, so, it is fun at work day. so, apparently, we are going to do egg roulette.
8:36 am
yes there is right here. and mike, he's trying to convince me to do it. >> i don't know if i should. >> let's do it. >> i don't know, mike. i can't mess up my hair. >> you and me. >> i'll think about it. i don't think it is a good idea. >> you're not doing that black hair girl thing. >> mike? >> speak, speak, speak. >> diamond. remarkable things are happening at your local acme.
8:37 am
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8:39 am
>> dave has been following this accident. >> straw hill road salem county, confirmed deadly accident. skyfox is over the scene now, we're continuing to get new information, but, strawmill road runs there through near 259, and the turnpike, it to runs right through salem
8:40 am
county there. so looking at this live, and getting more information of course this and complete traffic un date along with the weather coming up soon. >> that's too bad. >> 8:40, earlier in the show i promised you, as the faux mayor of philadelphia that if we didn't get this tacoma street in joel and town cleared for you today, i would resign my position as the fake mayor. >> okay, now we go to steve in germantown. someone come wag plow, steve? >> thank you, ladies and gentlemen. >> after four days every waiting eight live shots this morning, look at that back home. you can see, it says philadelphia streets department on the back. and they have just arrived. and they've asked the resident to get all of their vehicles as much as they can, all backing out, like we told you earlier, so they want to clear the street completely. so they will back all of the resident as we pan left here, the resident shoveled out, the whole left side parking area, couple of brother, because they needed utility advance to
8:41 am
work. all of the resident would have to wake each other up, if anyone of them needed to leave the big fear here, if there is a fire, a lot of senior citizens here, if one needed a ambulance, in a emergency, and so apparently, some of the news report finally hit home says can do the job, he knows how to use this, will get the job done, because the snow has turned to ice as we can see, they need construction equipment, not just a plow. because it is rock hard in spots. as we've been showing you all morning. that's why you need something like this to plow it. plus, this probably can do a little bit easier maneuvering, than a big plow truck could. because the street, even though it is not as small as some ones in south philadelphia, certainly not wide enough for one of the big plow trucks you see on places like the schuylkill expressway.
8:42 am
>> yes, too bad they don't have one of those big dump trucks with snow and hall it out. but at least getting it off the streets. >> is this someone from the city? private? this is the city? >> it does say city. >> well, look at that, mr. mayor. >> well, ladies and gentlemen -- >> reporter: mike, looks like they are plowing us in, though, they are not happy with us, you notice where he put the snow. he is right in front of the fox 29 truck. so, the city will have the resident free, but we will be leaving here for the next few days until it goes up to 06 on wednesday. so, this is where i'll. >> you know, i endorse this move, snowing in now. jiggy nouns i am the fake mayor. >> what will you do next? >> i don't know, i'm get my staff together and we'll contemplate what my next move is. >> i thought would you say something like take over the worlds? >> i don't know.
8:43 am
maybe i play a game of squash today, jen. i haven't played squash in 20 years. >> mike, i've got ten minutes of lessons. >> borderline squash pro. >> practically pretty good. heck of a lot harder than i thought it would be even though you say it is easier, we'll explain the whole thing when we come on back.
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
(it the blue mountain area, every time we take these pocono shots, one day has going to go. they have snow there now. what am i waiting for? i have to get it together guys. what about this? squash. not a sport people talk b mike said he played it many years ago, but gaining popularity again. being played in a lot of unique locations, from the pyramids, in egypt, to grant central station in new york, to all the way in berwyn, with jen. >> this used to be known as super posh elite thing. but really open for the masses in. >> absolutely, berwyn is the oldest commercial squash club
8:47 am
in the united states actually. >> so any rook can i come in here and do it? high schools are playing here, elementary schools are playing here? >> correct. absolutely. conestoga middle school, you can come in, let court time, you can become a member. so -- >> have you ever taught a five year old? >> oh, yes. >> am i better than your five year old? >> sure. >> by the way, has tattoos, and the shoes, and owns her own racket. which means she thinks she is better than me, but she is not better than me; she, pam? >> of course she's not. >> you're better than me. we will start with the serve. so my foot has to be where? >> 1 foot has to be completely inside the box. >> there go. >> and then? >> you have got -- can you not bounce the bar, do you have hit it out of the air. strike it out of the air against the front wall. below the outline. above the service line. and it must land somewhere back in the this box. >> let's try one.
8:48 am
>> i got this. >> okay, it went. >> in, go. >> go, go, go,. >> team one. thing i should have gotten here, get there, and then run for the ball. >> and then real quick. the other thing mike the photographer said how is this different than raquetball? it looks a little like raquetball. >> so, okay. biggest difference is if you notice that it is out, if you hit the ceiling, number one, number two, the bottom red lion to the floor is out. that's never, ever in. and the ball, so the ball quite frankly is much smaller, it is very squishy. >> oh,. >> against the front wall. >> you want me to get back, which is like the mid until. >> t is the center of the universe. >> here goes.
8:49 am
ing it technically would you not get another serve. we would like to you get another serve. >> okay. >> so i think, i think we've done pretty well. by the way, lilly, you rock. >> thank you. >> okay? >> lilly, watches good day philadelphia which i appreciate. >> can we show them pickle ball? >> absolutely. >> mike? >> what are the two black boxes on the wall, what's that for? >> they said that those are for practice. >> oh, practice? >> they help with the coaches with the practice. yes, you are talking about practice? i'm talking about a game. you are talking about practice. we are talking about practice, practice. >> pickle balker pickle ball is next. hey, leonardo dicaprio visiting with pope francis? >> yes, they had a meeting today about the vatican doesn't release too many details except the meeting
8:50 am
just happened. >> in the afternoon over there in vatican sit. >> i so we're not clear on what the two talked about. i don't know, maybe his movie? talking revenant? >> maybe. >> both dicaprio and the pope have interests in the environment, the climate, something leonardo is passionate about, and the pope encourages a loft nation toss do more to solve those problems, especially rich nations. >> the pope made a similar movie called rev rent rant. >> in the catholic church, they have reverend? aren't they called priests? nice try though. >> healing power. the director of the film grease says he recovered from an infection, after john travolta got involved with his diagnosis. what what they did with the director of grease. >> ♪ daredevil in all of us.
8:51 am
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no question it has been cold over the last few weeks, to make light of the situation people around the world are freezing their pants, yes, their pants, and then staging them in the snow just so they'll stand up by themselves. if you wet them down they'll freeze. >> we have to do this next time we get a serious storm or something. >> i know. they're calling them invisible people. while some have gone for simple all pollutions, some have lavish tricks. >> really very fun. >> i i love it. >> that's great. >> i wish there was a way to do full body outfit. >> like they're walking around. >> snow boarding. >> okay, that's fun. >> i i guess we have to talk
8:55 am
with dave about what casino of temperatures we would need? >> would have to get down in the teens, single digits to freeze your jeans, i would think? >> you just dip in water? >> soak them in water then set them outside. >> but they have to hang somehow. >> i think -- >> lay them down somehow. >> but lay down they would be flat. those look like people were in them. >> you're right. i don't know how they make the bulk happens. >> maybe that's why it is so great. we'll fick it out. pajamas at school. we are not you can g -- talking about the kids, though, why parent are being scolded for wearing pajamas to school events.
8:56 am
hey gus! good to see you again! the usual? veggie burger with the works. see ya. sounds good matt! thanks! gus, the second most famous groundhog in pennsylvania! that's me. and this is for you! gus bucks ! the new instant game from the pennsylvania lottery- with top prizes of a hundred grand. it's the best game yet. 'cause you're on it? well... keep on scratchin'!
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>> good day, it is january the 28th, 2016. >> the kids are doing this duct tape challenge, new prank, and it is supposed to be kind of funny, but it is turning very serious. people are getting injured, one kiddie know has come close to dying. we'll explain not just the taping up, it is the getting out of it. >> barbie has got an intoed body. is she finally up with the times? big changes to one of america's most popular toys. >> plus: >> yep, it is national fun at work day. national have fun at work day. so we are ripping off jimmy fallon, you know this bit he
9:00 am
does. >> egg roulette. >> egg roulette. so you take dozen eggs, four of them have not been hard boiled, eight of them have been. then one at a time you put them against your head. >> that's fun. >> is it? >> have fun today t works. >> who are you doing this with? >> you i am have not agreed this. >> will you do it? >> i don't know, like, you know? >> listen, we will do it right at the end. show before wendy william, so then if your hair get messed up, and it will, you'll have too many to recoup by tomorrow morning. >> that's monday. >> i i'll pay for your hair. >> how much is sure hair to do? >> oh, my gosh. >> a hundred? is it a hundred? >> you know, black girl hair, little different, that's all i'm saying. >> her to than $100. >> my gosh, mike. >> it is just like that. yes. >> see, my thing, i don't know, ill think about it. it looks fun. what if i put a shower cap on? >> no, do you have do it for


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