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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  January 29, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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new crime concerns surrounding a mosquito born infection with possible links to the birth defects. the what the the pennsylvania health department is warning us about the zika virus. philadelphia police trying to track down this guy, walking in, accused of robbing people, with a gun, what he used to find his victims though. >> let's address the elephant not in the room tonight. >> donald trump is not the here. >> show went on, republican presidential candidates went head to head with one person, clearly missing, what donald trump is saying this morning about being absent from the main stage. well, creative, the elephant because that is a symbol for the republican party, donkey for democrats, elephant not in the room. >> yes, we got it yes, we did. >> it is friday, january 29th, 2016. i dare say this is last friday in the the month of january. >> do you have any big plans
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for weekend. >> whatever you are doing let's hang together. >> tonight happy hour. >> what is going on tonight. >> where is the best happy hour in philadelphia. >> lets talk about the weather for happy hour so you know where to go. >> some of these restaurants especially around rittenhouse square they still put tables and chairs outside on the sidewalk, like you will sit out there in 22 degrees. >> it might feel like that right new but go out to happy hour later much different weather compared to what we see now. number of the the day would be higher, early but it drops down later. we will average it out to a five because by this afternoon we are seeing temperatures dropping, and will feel like the the teens with the wind chill. even though it is not as cold now still below freezing. cow get that slick spot there anything that melted yesterday, refroze again, and that has been the pattern here the last few days. twenty-eight in philadelphia but still fairly mild in a if you places to the south. we are at or above freezing. maybe just some wet roads but watch one of the areas of ice, and have that again this
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morning. ultimate doppler cleared but watch this big storm just off of the carolina, taking the the rain, with it but as it intensifies, we will see gusty wind develop and that happens around noon and there could be a few flurries around this afternoon and authentic. the wind gusting to 30, 35 miles an hour work temperatures, dropping, into the the 30's. the it will feel like the teens. you will will see this number around noon and then drops in the afternoon. clouds winched, clouds early and cold breeze with the temperature of 42 degrees. bundle up, you will need it tonight. may not feel like it right now. what you might need on the roads. there is a a i few problems this morning. tractor trailer jackknifed along the new jersey turnpike southbound, and just past 95, the right lane is blocked there. blue route is all cleared this morning, near conshohocken and it is looking good but the burlington bristol bridge, set to opened up at 5:05. and it is opening right about
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now, and the tacony palmyra bridge, well, that is all cleared, chris and lauren. >> thanks very much. 5:02. let's talk about school closures. many school districts in pennsylvania reopened after last weekend's massive storm but we have some students out of the class. >> lets start in reading where school district announced schools will be closed to day and the easton area school district will be operating on a two hour delay. the last weekend's blizzard is officially the fourth most powerful snowstorm to hit the northeast, in more than 60 years. that is according to the national ocean and at the months fear administration. they should know. that is the storms ranking on the northeast snowfall impact scale this storm affected more than 102 million people, and covered 434,000 square miles over 26 states. basically, half of the country. >> yes, huge. okay. also developing this morning philadelphia a police trying to track down a guy they say arranged meetings on line to pretend to buy your cell phone. >> but then he shows a gun to
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that would be seller and robs them. steve keeley is on this from police headquarters in philadelphia, steve. >> reporter: what this guy is using is the on line, deal site, offer up, as a crime set up. and the philadelphia police headquarters here can play into this. i'll show you how. but first let's show you something else. here's surveillance video not of the crime but of the criminal, soon after the the crimes shopping at a convenient store, maybe with his criminal profits. the the surveillance video, this guy on lane name was ant on the offer up site, posing as a buyer of iphones in at least two cases, that the police know of so far in the olney area, both near seventh street. the seller shows up with their phones, the guy shows up with his gun. taking the the phones by force, instead of buying them with cash. now police say that on line deals, like this, or craigs list deals should always be completed, at or in front of a police station. a lot of police department put
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on their facebook pages this year and in 2015 that you are allowed to use their lob toy complete any deals so you don't become a crime victim like these two folks. that way you know right away before you even go there if the deal is legitimate because if the buyer, seller, suddenly back out, refusing to near police that should tell thaw something is not right, right away. either the the buyer plans to rip you off or seller has a stolen item to sell or plans to steel your cash when you show up to buy something. and, offer up, has a trust and safety link, at the bottom of their page with ways that both buyers and sellers have been rated in previous deals and then a way an id can be validated. if the guy doesn't have any ratings or renews to validate his id that should tell you that you shouldn't do any kind of a deal. now, the reason you use these police departments, as a place to do deals, chris and lauren, i have checked, lots of criminal history and so far there have been no armed hold ups here at philadelphia
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police headquarters, how about that, so you know it is safe. >> they necessity where not to go. >> thanks, steve. in delaware county police make make arrest. the the 234 year-old david milbourne of media he posted on line threats toward law enforcement this comes after a 17 year-old girl was taken in custody for making on line threats toward several schools and students in, chester. the authorities say it all started with a bunch of girls, a at a slumber party. >> certainly, they were in shock, and very surprised, to learn that you have had numerous police officers in your house, inquiring about threats that you may or may not have made on the internet against students in school. >> well, not just any students, she said she would go and kill black people. >> yeah. >> the detectives say that the cases though are not related. okay. is there a growing concern about the zika virus, mosquito born infection with possible links to birth defects. >> head of the world health
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organization says it is on a alert. dave kinchen is live, in center sit the which what we might expect. >> reporter: it the is a major concern for local health officials here, there will be a press conference that will take place, really a tell teleconference between officials a at pennsylvania medical society and local doctors as well, because this zika situation has really been spreading, certainly across latin america. now it is such a big concern it made the top of the front page of the philadelphia inquirer, under scoring how seriously local officials are taking it. the pennsylvania medical society will have a panel of experts to talk about the the virus, since three new yorkers contracted it, after returning from countries that have experienced an out break, there are currently 31 zika a cases in the you had, health officials say the virus effects people through mosquito by the. it has been found in latin america, caribbean, africa, spread to go 23 countries and counting.
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is there major concern with the olympics being held in brazil this summer and three to 4 million people in the americas could be exposed in the next year. >> the level of concern is high as is the level of uncertainty. the questions a bound, we need to get some answers quickly. >> there is certainly reasons to be concerned about this disease. i think that is what, that is explains the the federal response that has been mobilized here by the united states. >> word is spreading fast as is the disease. we are quite concerned about the the potential complications to the fetus of a zika virus infection in pregnant woman. we are advising that pregnant woman seriously consider postponing travel to these areas if possible. >> reporter: officials say most infected people, most affected people do not need to be hospitalized, by the way at 7:30 this morning on good day philadelphia, doctor damon croft of drexel university will be in the studio to talk about infections, risk to
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pregnant woman and treatment options. one more quick note, more airlines are actually offering refund to people who booked trips in areas where an out break of zika is taking place. so that is a new development there as well, back to you. let's address the elephant not in the room tonight. >> dominating the news cycle for months, donald trump was in the head lines again after skipping the g.o.p. debate last night. the just as he said he would. instead, trump held a counter rally just 3 miles down the road in des moines and raising money for veterans reportedly to the tune of more than $5 million. it was no coincidence it began exact same time he would have been taking center stage for that debate. >> i didn't want to be here, i have to be honest. you have to stick up for your rights. when you are treated badly you have to stick up for your rights. >> and while it may have been hard to ignore the donald
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drama at fox moderators did try to bring focus back to the actual issues sparking a number of heated exchanges. the here's what new jersey governor chris christie when questioned about profiling. >> you have said we should not profile. how do you square that with the san bernardino case. >> because you can do it without profiling, megan. we can do it the on the facts. >> after a wild week on the campaign trail, last night was the last time, the presidential candidates will have a debate, before monday's iowa caucus. and then at that point we will see which of these candidates drop off, after the results come in from iowa, lauren. republicans, democrats, we are six months from the kick off of the dnc nominating convention here and party leaders are canvassing our city. the convention will run from july 26th through 28th with the nighttime events staged at the wells fargo center. networks, corporate sponsors and convention delegates will combine to pump 350 million-dollar right in the local economy.
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>> we have got to stay, they have got to eat, they need their building set, they need rugs, they need flowers, they need cars, they need all of that sort of thing. it is goodbyes, it is more cost effective and more cost efficient for them to find those things here in the city of philadelphia, then shipping them in from their headquarters in atlanta or new york. >> tight security at several venues killed business during the pope's visit to philadelphia last september but mayor kenney says the security restrictions at the convention center will be fewer, so convention ears will be likely to spend more freely then papal pilgrims. >> i was napping, clearly. >> um-hmm. >> when a bunch of big booms surprising people all over our area what us contacted them? it happens all the time but why this time they shook the east coast. the we will look at that people were scared. dozens showed up last night to the benefit the for the officer who survived ambush three weeks ago. outpouring of support for
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jesse hartnett.
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good morning i'm dave war when your weather authority forecast. call is despite the calm, temperatures down below freezing, a little chill in the air but not quite as cold but any areas that melted yesterday, will refreeze. calm is the word for now, it changes later, it feels like 28, it is 28, later in the the 30's but feel like the teens, very cold wind chills on the way, not as cold now but wait
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until noon time, that is when that cold blast comes in and it gist brief, the wind will pick up, 30, to 35 miles an hour wind gusts and heading out tonight keep that in mind because there is cold wind chills in with the teens. twenty-eight right now, and mid to low 20's in the surrounding suburbs, ice developing, again we have had that in the past few mornings. ultimate doppler clear but watching the storm just off the companies, all of the rain, and potentially snow will stay off the the coast with this storm but it will continue to intensify as it works its way north, and it will start to pull in very cold air this afternoon and this evening, and maybe a few flurries here, passing snow shower. this is right at noon time. this is when the wind picks up. temperatures will be at the warmest right about then. the throughout the the afternoon the numbers drop, wind chills really drop as win gusts 30 to 35 miles an hour. just a few clouds passing by throughout the day on saturday. and so warmest right about noon time today and as far as temperatures go it will be right about mid to low 40's,
5:16 am
maybe up to 41 with some sunshine and a few clouds, dropping from here, on out, and this is what it feels like, 30, in the teens and this will be by tonight, here. so that wind chill really drops, air temperature drops but wind increases so it feels colder. teens overnight tonight and early storm, but nice and improved here by the even of the weekend. see the seven day forecast backup to 49 degrees, no wind here by sunday. monday, tuesday the the warming trend continues into the the 50's and maybe a drop on tuesday with some rain, wednesday will be the warmest, up to about 63 degrees, passing rain showers, and then colder air comes in, 63 down to 49, and by next thursday. so some major melting happening here in the seven day forecast, and roadways, this morning, well, there is a little issue here, heading towards the burlington bristol bridge, it is opened right now so use an alternate route if you are heading that way, new jersey turnpike, jackknife tractor trailer, the right
5:17 am
lane is block, this is southbound, side there on the turnpike, and patco still using alternate schedules the special schedule continues today until 3:00. check out that web site for train times because they may have changed, chris and lauren. >> dave, thanks. from the carolinas to the jersey shore and conn net questions have been coming in about the big shake up yesterday. >> so it the may be hard to see, right? but this video shows one of the homes in south jersey where people felt the ground, shake. >> look at this glass door, yes. cape may home owner says vibration was so strong it shattered it. the fox 29 weather authority was bombarded with questions, everyone, wondering what the heck was going on. >> talking about the shaking in south jersey and felt elsewhere across the delaware valley. there was seismic activity and the center for climate and sciences at the columbia
5:18 am
university said no seismic activity. >> scott reaffirming that with his nod this was a sonic boom. several of them caused by two super sonic jets. it is on a test flight over the eastern seaboard. >> i remember, i told you i was on my way to brunch. i was on facebook talking to people. someone said i just felt something, call your news people. >> our assignment desk got bombarded with calls, what was it. >> i'm sure. >> huge show of support of appreciation for philadelphia police officer jesse hartnett. the the officer was greeted with an emotional standing ovation, as the the fraternal order of police lodge last night. officers from all over pennsylvania, new jersey, new york, road island, every where were among dozens who turned out for a benefit dinner. the officer hartnett the released from the hospital last friday after being ambushed and shot in the arm three times, three weeks ago while on patrol. >> he is truly lucky to be alive, with what how many shots fired, 13 shots.
5:19 am
>> he was only hit three times only in the arm. >> my goodness he is lucky. >> yes. emergency workers helped evacuate 150 students and adults at the a middle school yesterday. doctors and nursees were on site at the that school checking students for symptoms. some evacuees were taken to the hospital after reporting nausea and headaches but no serious injuries were reported. school districts spokesperson says the leak likely came from a boiler at the school. classes there have been canceled, today. the so-called, affluent teen is back in the u.s., mexican authorities arrested ethan couch last month after a possible probation violation. >> that is the 18 year-old getting escorted through dallas fort worth international airport after dropping his fight the against extradition. he is going to stay in a juvenile detention center. couch is waiting to hear if he will be tried as an adult. his probation stems from a june 2013 dui crash in which he killed four people and his mother was caught up in his drama as well. >> now mother claims she's broke.
5:20 am
>> 5:20. south korean court sentenced an american to 20 years in prison for a deadly stabbing. arthur paterson was sentenced from california for killing a student at a burger king restaurant way back in 1997. paterson was originally given 18 months for destroying evidence and then fled to the u.s. while authorities, there were investigating the case. 5:20. philly's own kevin hart being called out on social media for types of movies he makes. why the comedian feel what people are saying is in laughing matter so he fired back. >> he will be laughing all the way to the back if you have these winning lottery numbers.
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♪ the. >> i see all these muscle cars but i don't see no muscle. >> it is funny, right. >> i don't see no muscle. >> kevin hart, he is responding to someone, on twitter, because, one of his follow's accused the comedian of making stereo typical black movies. hart fired off series of responses last night. >> of course, ride along two, right.
5:24 am
>> yeah. >> i went movies for everyone. i'm ago out i overseas promoting my movie on a international level. hart goes on to say he works hard on films with the the hopes that the next generation of actors of color can eventually get the title of black movie category removed from projects, they star in. >> the conversation comes in the wake of the oscars so white controversy this happened and everyone is talking. it is a larger discussion on race issues in hollywood. i mean, okay, so that scene, in particular that we just showed i can see how some would say that is very store yes typical. a all of his rolls i wouldn't say so because when he was in the move which will ferrell and other movie, i cannot think of the actor's name, the the wedding ringer, i don't think those are all stereo typical rolls but i can see someone complaining, don't buy into that kevin hart do something different. that is his niche. >> is blame to be placed on the director and then producers and then the hollywood corporate white machine.
5:25 am
>> no, i'm not -- not in my opinion. at some point you can say i'm not playing this role. >> then you don't get that eight million-dollar paycheck for doing that role. >> i think it perpetuates some of stereotypes in the african-american community, i'm not going to take this role. or you can say we can take this role if we work it or rewrite to it look like this but when you talk about this, sometimes people forget and they take a check and you cash it. >> it is a tough discussion, all right. so kevin hartist also making news after being named as presenter to this years very controversial academy awards. >> another big presenter is whoopi goldberg, lady gaga, sam smith will perform. >> we will see what will happen with all of that. one of my favorite guys, paul stewart who much what he is our show and tweets us. erect mended how about this place, mcmenamin's tavern at 7107 germantown avenue. >> maybe he can send you pictures so you won't be so
5:26 am
confused. >> speaking of you being confused i'm tweeting, texting and talking to people and i look up over my mirror. i wanted to glance over on the other side of me. >> yes. >> guess what i have to see. >> look, look right here. >> yes, nice profile. >> you are every where, i cannot get rid of you. >> look at my hairline receding even more. >> grease live hits fox this sunday night, and we hear that the cast and crew has been rehearsing non-stop for this weekend's broadcast for very good reason. >> preparation underway to make sunday's three hour grease live production electrifying. only break will be during commercials, that the cast will make quick changes for their next scenes and with so many hit songs you know good day, well, we just tried to do one of them. >> ♪
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>> you can watch the full video on our web site at fox right now we are in the only real lull of the nfl season, big daddy graham here to talk about that and other sports. super bowl and the the eagles.
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growing concern about a mosquito born infection with possible link to the birth defects. what the pennsylvania health dep is warning about the zika virus. >> south jersey crossing guard suspended for what she called taking a stand for our children. the update. we have to get her job back. she was only suspended. good day everybody it is friday january 29th. >> suspend budd she's losing money. we hate when that happens. you saw the snow in that picture with that crossing guard. that snow will stick around because it is below freezing. >> in the for long. >> buddy is bundled up. >> that is right i may not feel it this morning but big change these afternoon. right around noon, between noon and 2:00 that is the big change. right now it is in the bad but we are prepping for the cold. twenty-seven, 32. any areas that melted refroze. you will look at that again
5:31 am
this morning. twenty-eight. it has dropped down to below freezing in philadelphia below freezing in the suburbs. wind chill at 28. these numbers are the the same, it will be quite a bit different this afternoon and then tonight. little cold inner allentown but not as cold as yesterday, lancaster 21. pottstown 22. millville is at 27. dover still right at 32 degrees. the change, it is causing this is the storm here. a lot of the rain, moisture will stay off the coast, and it continues to intensify though and it will pull in this cold air, and here we are at 6:00 in the morning, and a few light snow flakes coming down as that cold air comes in, these are the the lake effect snow showers you get when that wind picks up out of the northwest over the great lakes and that can bring a few snow flakes here this afternoon but cold air we will feel every where and wind gusting to 30, 35 miles an hour, maybe a few cloud throughout the day tomorrow. so 40. this advertise around noon and dropping. and 37 with cold wind chills north and west, just a touch
5:32 am
warmer, one or 2 degrees. south and east with the cloud around this morning but as the storm moves away, the clouds go with it and that wind picks up and it gets cold this afternoon. chills in the teens tonight. load ways this morning, well, watch for those slick spots, again but we also have a few issues out there. new jersey turnpike, southbound, this is just past 95, and right lane is blocked, on the turnpike because of the jackknife tractor trailer. city avenue along 76, looking good this morning just a few more headlights, so some added volume but moving along nicely. conestoga road is there work going on there so we have that road closed between mill lane and valley creek road until 6:00 o'clock. so 28 minutes from right now if they go back that schedule that road will reopen, chris and lauren. we have growing concern about the zika virus, mosquito born infection with possible links to birth defects. >> head of the world health organization say it is on a rampage. let's bring in dave kinchen.
5:33 am
what is philadelphia planning to do to keep people here safe. >> reporter: well, local health officials are actually going go to hold a press briefing around 2:00 o'clock this afternoon to talk bit. because it is a very, very big concern in our area, a as well. it is especially with zika out breaking all across latin america. here's what we know, path medical society will have a panel of experts to talk about the virus, and since three new yorkers contracted have, after returning to countries that have experience thanked an out break. there are 31 zika cases in the united states and health officials say virus effects people through mosquito by the. the found in latin america, crib use and africa spread to go 23 countries and counting and is there a major concern with the olympics being held in brazil this summer. zika has been link to 4,000 cases of birth defectness brazil alone. the experts say three to 4 million people in the americas could be exposed in the next 12 months.
5:34 am
>> this is spreading like wild fire throughout latin america and caribbean region. >> we don't expect a major out break in the united states, despite the fact that there is considerable problems in south america. >> in the season where there isn't a lot of mosquitoes because it is cold. the mosquito needs a certain temperature and what the tore reproduce. in the following months and weeks there will be more cases. at the moment we're in a preventive phase. >> reporter: officials say most infected people do not need to be hospitalized but they are studying whether they, whether some severe birth defects can be linked to infection during pregnancy. by the way at 7:30 on good day philadelphia, doctor kay damon croft of the drexel university will be into talk about the the risk to pregnant woman and treatment options and symptoms. stick around to that at 7:30. >> it is a growing problem and, of course, growing fears over this. how about delaware, the house rejects a bill to get rid of the state's death penalty. legislation does not apply to inmates currently on death row
5:35 am
was defeated, the the vote was 23-16. last year chairman and opponents of the measure agreed to release it the for a vote by the full house. governor jack markell has said in the past he would sign the the bill if it reached his desk. so keep an eye on that. and in new jersey, struggling atlantic city casinos have decided to spend big bucks and make major renovations. tropicana announced it will spend 25 million-dollar to redue 500 hotel rooms, a casino area and outdoor lights show. that announcement comes two days after borgata said it will spend 50 milan projects this year, including an outdoor pool. okay. a south jersey crossing gar started her two day suspension yesterday. >> so jean a baum was suspended after she texted runnemede boro mayor on monday. here's y she asked for a street corner to be plowed, for the safety of the kid, that she sees every day in that crosswalk. well, her suspension, created a fire storm of such on social
5:36 am
media with most calling the suspension unfair but the mayor says after 16 years as an employee, baum knew a chain of command was in place. so the guards have been warned before for not following protocol. there has been this sort of pattern. this time was the same. she didn't go with the protocol. so, her dock in pay for two days comes about $80 and she's expect to be back at work next week but still. >> $80, it is hard. that is a bill. >> absolutely. back here in philadelphia apparently a deal is in place to keep a historic ship afloat. >> ss united states has been nothing more than a rusty shell for the past two decades but it sound like it is getting a new lease on life. preservationist says they have an agreement with the new york development partner and they plan to divulge more in a news conference that happens next week. one time luxury ocean liner still holds the record for fastest transatlantic crossing. naughty things have been happening in the fox 29 news
5:37 am
room. >> by naughty, you mean you. >> yeah. >> this is my desk, transformed, sabotaged, violated,. >> it is a revenge plot that involves chris murphy, and the sales department, we will explain, how philly silly string is at center of this. >> this is a work place prank. ♪
5:38 am
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one. if any would move forward i would have to be responsible for making that happen. i know that to be true right now. >> and you no he what is called at fox? it is called owning your world. >> okay. >> she has owned it too. man, has she come up, the the television host and producer was name the most influential woman in the world by time magazine. she shot to the the top while hosting the oprah winfrey show, of course. did you know it was the highest rated. syndicated program on tv, not just for a few years but from 1986, and until 2011 when she decided, to close it down. >> truly a rags to richest story. she grew up in horrible poverty. she wore dresses made out of potato sacks which local kid made fun of her, according to wikipedia. her grandmother taught her to read before the age of three. she was called preacher a at church because she knew how to
5:41 am
read all of the bible verses at that age. she has had it from birth, really, born to be successful. >> born to be great. yes, so yesterday was have fun at workday. the chris roped me in to have some fun. >> you loved it. >> let me just say this i didn't get as involved as you did. >> here's the background. the news roomies fun. we went up to the fourth floor where salespeople are in their cubicles all day. we had, silly street and we were prayed it. there is stephanie in sales. she's really fun. >> yelling and screaming. >> yes. >> and then he said let get murphy back. >> yes. >> we had time lapse video. i love this. >> this is my desk. >> everybody was waiting for you to get here this morning and then this.
5:42 am
>> who the the heck did this. >> this is great. >> i love working here. was that bad or have fun at workday. >> you know what was bad your reaction. >> i was half asleep. >> big daddy graham has been up talking about so much going in the world of sports. he is on this very anchor december income two minutes.
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and good morning i'm dave warren here. 22 degrees in pottstown. we are seeing refreezing happening again this morning, down to 28 in philadelphia a little warmer to the south there in the mid to up 20's right at the freezing mark there in dover. watching this coastal storm, it is staying off the coast, but, close enough we will see winds start to pick up here. out of the range of the radar here but it will move up the coast, pressure drops rapidly and there is that wind picking up, all this happening between 12 and 7:00 o'clock tonight. wind gusting close to 35 miles an hour, maybe a few snow flakes coming down but big story here is the wind and wind gust and what it means for the wind chill. starts afternoon nice and comfortable this morning but gusting over 30 miles an hour this evening. these wind chills down in the teens, it gets calmer, saturday, just brief, here, tonight, and early saturday, before we start to see the wind die down. increase in the 22 miles an
5:46 am
hour an then up to 30, 35 miles an hour, tonight out this evening, grab the coat, bundle up, wind gusting to 30 miles an hour, slowly starting to drop, overnight tonight. forty is the warmest we will see, between 12 and two and then dropping tonight, and then wind chills drop rapidly. seven day forecast, look at the end of the weekend backup to 49, 50's 52 on tuesday. there is rain in the forecast on wednesday, and even though we are up to 63 degrees. and that will drop down to 49 degrees on thursday. wednesday is warmest a all this snow should be gone by then with a temperature like that. what is it like on the roadways right now? let's check out the traffic authority alert and we have 95 approaching woodhaven, let's see some more cars people heading out to work but moving nicely. jackknife tractor trailer, still on the turnpike southbound, past i-95, that right lane is blocked. schedule change, patco, check your schedules, check the web page there, it the is until
5:47 am
3:00 o'clock today, just some different train times, that end at 3:00. chris and lauren. okay, right new we are in the middle of the only real lull that happens during the nfl season the two weeks before the super bowl. >> that is right but eagles staying busy do that you go two weeks lock up a couple key players. so these are free agents, including quarterback sam bradford, what will happen with him we ask? brent celek resign. zach ertz. we have big daddy graham from wip here to talk about what is going on in the off season. >> did i sign with the eagles. >> you you are sign with us. >> can we get that in writing. >> this is one of my favorite cities in the the world sea isle city back strong from that big storm. but they are back strong. they will be opened for business, polar bear weekend, the entire city. zach ertz signed. good move. real good move. some people have a problem with the amount of money that he got but when the the smoke
5:48 am
cleared he will not be the fourth the highest paid tightened in the league he will be about eighth because is there tightened yet to sign that are going to command more money then him. and then celek, he readjusted his contract so more money under the cap. i like celek. he has been a great, loyal eagle. by the time his career is over he might have played in more games than any other eagle ever. so hats off to howie roseman, dairy say it. >> you know what, you always show love to howie. >> it looks like he is 13. >> it looks like he is a little boy. >> it cracks me up. >> he has to do more nfl work here. you know what, he did take care have of these two deals. the lets just make this clear because i know people just can't stand the thought of roseman running this eagles franchise again. lauren, chris, he is running the franchise.
5:49 am
back to the future. >> they are talking to some guy from the steel tours help with the personnel department. it will be howie roseman in charge. >> is howie going to keep sam bradford. >> i have flip flopped on this ten times, this week. >> zach ertz say that bradford wants to be in philadelphia a. >> of course because he had his best games with bradford. >> he will not be an eagle. >> wow. >> it could change next week. >> why is he not going to be. >> because the the people who matter troy age mans in the world are just not worth that kind of money. they will end up listening to those people. >> the greatest basketball player in the world comes to town tomorrow. >> world be freey love world b free. >> i remember when he was lloyd. >> but you know what i never thought that i would say that there was a player who was
5:50 am
best player in the world, while lebron james was still on his spot. it is really close. i'm a lebron guy but steph curry, we did the stats and went over every single stat where it was and it is cure which a tiny heartbeat edge. he is just so much fun to watch. >> wells fargo center, and i hear stub hub prices are through the roof. he has become a really popular player. >> yesterday green eggs cafe, couple 76ers eating, drinking, saying what do we have to do. >> maybe they should put some curry powder on their food. >> good villanova game sunday begins st. johns and don't forget senior bowl, i meant to mention that talking about howie roseman. you get to see casey wentz who has become the quarterback at the moment that the whole league is looking at. and the the pro bowl is on sunday, i wanted to show a
5:51 am
photo of andy reid in hawaii shirt but we don't have a screen that big. >> ouch. >> i'm sorry. i had to go there. >> you have an appearance coming up, do you not. >> don't i always? >> two funny philly guys comes to the theater in pitman, new jersey, saturday night before that i will be in birds bureau, pennsylvania, and go to big daddy to get your ticket. >> so once again though villanova game is on fox 29. >> yes, fox 29. >> here it is villanova verse saint john's. >> how is that. >> only on fox 29. >> you did that very well. >> i do my brent mustberger there, only on cbs. >> do you remember him doing that. >> i remember him talking about the quarterback's life, miss alabama. >> it was only like five years ago. >> well, that is way back for some have of us. >> he is married to like a
5:52 am
miss america contestant. he is, and he fauned all over her, on the air and it gave musburger some great street credit. >> you won only get this on fox 29. >> 5:52. imagine forgetting your shovel when a big storm hits, the snow just magically just goes away. how it is real willty for one new jersey family. >> only on fox 29.
5:53 am
5:54 am
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welcome back at 5:55. playing jefferson airplane because airplane paul cantnor died at seven 46789 more sad rock and roll news. another lost. all right. a new jersey family didn't settle this right way at all after the blizzard last week even, thanks to the state of the art technology it all melted away shortly after hitting the ground. okay. here is the deal. so this is a home, in france, powered bayou sneak geothermal systems solar energy, warms rainwater to 100 degrees, and then that water is stored in tanks until it is used. when it is needed to clear
5:56 am
some snow, they heat water up the pipes, and under the sidewalk, and then, under the driveway. no snow on the sidewalk, no shoveling. >> so when the the the snow comes, all we use is the earth and the sun to fight it. that is the point. by insulating yourself, just enough from the environment, you can tap into it, to then manage your indoor space. >> so, the hope here is that the the eco friendly house can inspire others to live in the house that does not harm the environment. that is fascinating and cool and wish i had one in my house right now. my driveway is still covered in feet of snow. in the next hour is there growing concern surrounding mosquito born infection with possible links to birth defects what the pennsylvania health department is warning about when it comes to the zika virus. emergency workers' vac wait 150 people from the texas middle school what made them so sick it forced them to go to the hospital straight ahead. puffs knows winter...
5:57 am
5:58 am hard on your nose there's the endless runny noses. the sneezes that just won't quit
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6:00 am
did you hear it, boom. >> yes,. >> sonic booms throughout new jersey and much of the east coast. the it happens all the time, but why was this one different? >> and more boom. >> i didn't want to be here, i have to be honest. you have to stick up for your rights. when you are treated badly you have to stick up for your rights. >> and the show went on, anyway without donald trump, the the big debate last night for the g.o.p. so what were his opponents saying on stage, without the elephant in the room, as megan kelly put it. good day, it is january 29th, 2016. dave warren doing double duty. >> good morning. >> boom, boom. >> we have another boom, going one felt that sonic boom. i was in south jersey. >> what was that. >> were you wondering what was that. >> i said i think we just had a sonic boom, my exact quote. >> i'm not kidding.


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