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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  January 29, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EST

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debate still had plenty of fire works. >> list even if my husband did what bill clinton did i would have left him long ago. >> that was just the under card. other candidates square off with each other and moderate ors. it is the hottest ride in the city right now and it can be yours. we're getting you behind the wheel of the pope mobile. >> i want to drive the pope mobile. >> lets get to the black tie event tonight and see pope mobile. >> do you get a tour of it. >> yes. >> we will take "good day philadelphia" a to the convention center today too to look at the that pope mobile. >> hi dave. >> are you going to the auto show. >> i was thinking about it. >> black tie tailgate. >> mike master, ticket master mike. >> they are expensive. >> yes. >> i got you dave. >> yes. >> let's check out this
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morning's moon, nice and clear, on this cool and chilly morning. thanks, pete. number five today, that is if you are looking at the morning it would be higher. afternoon lower. we will average it out right in the middle. not too bad, 29 in philadelphia, 19 in allentown. that is a chilly start. the trenton is a at 24. anything that melted will refreeze, and until that snow is all gone, it is going soon, don't worry, looking at warmer temperatures in the seven day. in the quite warm enough today because of what is hatching off the coast of the north and south carolina big coast willal storm there is staying out to sea but it is really going to intensify and pull in much colder air starting around noon time today. there is a a few passing snow hours but a cold blast tonight. we will satisfaction it is brief because it is in the lasting all weekend. it is tonight and early tomorrow. forty, midday and then dropping, 30's there north and west, 42 and then it will drop quickly. a few problems on the roadway this morning, lets get out to
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near exton, route 100 south you the bound. the interceptions are tied up there because there was an accident. only the turn lane looks to be getting by. traffic is backup there 95 cottman slowing down, we usually say that this time of the day. slowing down on i-95. travel speeds, dropping a little bit but still not a bad commute, so far, slowing down along the schuylkill expressway, mike and alex. okay, i would imagine the moms and dads in allentown, and reading, have had it. they have not had school all week. >> can you imagine finding a weeks worth of activity. >> the reading school district closed again today. the easton area also on a delay. and i think allentown was in there too. we skipped allentown? reading and allentown school district closed. okay. easton on a delay. it is almost over mom and dad. >> we said this already but last week even's blizzard is officially the the fourth most
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powerful snowstorm to hit the northeast in more than 60 years. >> we knew that. >> but now know ace confirming that. >> it is official. >> okay. the administration announced that the storms ranking on the the northeast snowfall impact scale is the fourth largest. >> thank you in storm affect 102 million people and covered about 434,000 square miles in 26 states. >> i didn't realize that half of our states got touched by that one storm. >> can you believe it. >> ohio. >> we have a big storm in the health world. >> people are send nothing questions about this. zika virus. it is happening in the caribbean right now. spread by mosquitoes. but now there are cases in the you had. >> oh, yeah. >> health authorities on all front making comments about it yesterday afternoon. that is why we have put dave kinchen on it. he is in center city. >> reporter: that is right. the white house, president other bam a had a session with health officials, and members of the his national security team in the situation room. white house is taking this
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very seriously as are local officials here in the philadelphia area, amid the the zika out break across latin america. here's what we know, it the is such a big concern it made the top of the front page of the philadelphia inquirer they are morning under scoring how seriously local officials are taking it. speaking of which the pennsylvania medical society will have a a panel of experts that will talk about the virus , annes three new york are contracted it after returning from countries that experienced an out break. there are currently 31 zika cases in the you had. health officials say virus east affects people through mosquito by the and it has been found in the caribbean, latin america and africa spread to go 23 countries, and counting, and there is major concern with the olympics being held today. experts say through 4 million peel in america could be exposed in the next 12 hours. there have been several thousandses of cases of birth defects linked to the vei various. in a half an hour we will have
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a doctor, doctor will be into talk about this whole thing from drexel university. we will after an expert on this as well. >> dave, exactly why we're asking to send in their questions, send it to alex holley fox 29 and i will make sure we ask when we talk to them. as we get the more cases in the u.s., the concern is starting to grow a little bit. >> no question bit. let me just a say this, lauren, boom. >> i know. you felt that shake, yesterday, so did a a lot of other people down to the carolinas, south jersey, they saw what they thought was an earthquake. the it wasn't. it may be hard to see in this video. it shows one of the homes in south jersey, where people sort of feel the ground shaking. you can see it shake a little bit. cape may home owner says that vibration was so strong it shattered a glass door. we had several reports of the shaking and people wanting to know exactly what was going on. we have found out. it was several sonic booms caused by two super sonic jets on the test flight over the eastern seaboard. we're learning more about how police in delaware county
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were able to track down two people accused of making violent threats on the internet. the late's rest, 23 year-old david milbourne of media investigators say he posted on line threats towards law enforcement officers and that arrest comes after a 17 year-old is taken into custody for making on line threats toward several schools, and students in chester. the authorities say it was part of a dare. the police department's internet team was able to get warrants to track the ip addresses and then make very quick arrests. lawyers for bill cosby demanding all charges against him be dropped and the that the district attorney removed from the sexual assault case. his defense team filed their final motion yesterday before a key premile hearing next week. the cosby had a prom fridays authorities that his testimony in the civil suit would never be used against him. they also accused prosecutors of playing a game of gotcha, by waiting 12 years to charge cosby. former district attorney bruce castor is expect to testify, for the defense on tuesday, and cosby insists his relationship with the the accuser was consensual.
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some police in our area are now having a new way of saving people overdosing on heroin. it is called narcan in nasal spray form. officers in delaware county will carry the the nasal spray just in case they come across someone who has overdosed. it is an easier way to administer the drug an anecdote to heroin and prescription painkiller overdosees. the drug was previously only approved in injectable forms. dozens of people showed up for a benefit for philadelphia police officer jesse hartnett. he is the officer who survive a violent ambush three weeks ago. officer hartnett walk into the fraternal order of police lodge last night, and to a standing ovation, and a crowd, filled with emotion. a dinner and benefit were held in his honor after he survived an ambush earl they're month. surveillance captures the the suspect walk up to his patrol car and start shooting on them. many dropped off donations, said thank to you hartnett including officers all the way from new york, new jersey and rhode island. >> the way that he went have after this perpetrator that, you know, the worst harm to
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him possible and he plea prevailed. he just did everything right. >> a absolute hero, a warrior. it shows the the training that he received kicked in. he is very lucky. he had a guardian age well him that day. fop john mcnesby spoke on behalf of hartnett saying he is hang full for the outpouring of the love and support. real quickly did we ever resolve how quick you have to break the sound barrier and create a sonic boom. >> 760. >> 760. >> yes. >> we don't know. >> we know. >> he is confusing me. >> yes he initially whispered over my shoulder, 670. >> you said close to 800. were you right because it is 760. >> yes. >> she's taking her earrings off next. >> yes, wrap up the hair.
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>> let's go get him, lauren. an all out manhunt, this guy is ripping people off, with a gun. >> and here's the the thing, people who know they are trying to sell their cell phones. he puts the it out saying i want to buy your cell phone. the once they meet, exchange the money, he has a gun and he wants a lot more, steve? >> steve? >> well, they kind of got a big long patio, front porch here at police headquarters and not considered a place for a flea market but if you do an on line deal with someone on craigs list this is where you you may want to meet them. we will explain why. because some guy is making the old saying, buyer beware, a case of seller beware. he is using the web site as an offer for a crime set up. police put out video and still pictures from surveillance cameras from the convenient store this guy visited afterward and has been since identified by two victims, crimes not caught on video just yet. but here's how he looks. he goes by the name of ant on
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the offer up site. he has a mustache. you can see the north face jacket. and he posts as a buyer of iphone in at least two cases so far in the olney area, both near seventh street. he pulls out his igun. he doesn't have any cash. he has no intention of buying these phones but just stealing the phones at gunpoint. and police say that on line deals should always be completed, at or in front of the police stations so you know right away if the deal is legitimate. if the guy is going to rip you off he will in the want to meet you at the police station. he will call the deal off. fit is okay you have a guarantee that somebody isn't about to pull a gun on you right in front of the police station. offer up does have a trust and safety link. if you are in the lazy, you will go down there and click on it the because they have got ratings for the previous deals, somebody may have done. so if this is a first time deal, or the id on that web site not validated you might want to back out of the deal. the i have done some research alex and mike.
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so far we cannot find any proof that anybody has been held up with a gun here, in front of the philadelphia police headquarters. it is pretty safe here, would i think, to do an on line deal. >> you would be pretty bold to do that. >> yes. >> or dumb. >> dumb and bold. >> thanks, steve. we will check back with you. 7:11. listen to this... >> let's address the elephant not in the room tonight. >> that is a pretty good line by megan kelly talking about donald trump not being at the the big debate last night in iowa. doug luzader, let's talk about this. we will play some of these clips what do you say. so let's have done old trump mention why he didn't want to be at the big debate. he was just down the road. >> reporter: sure. >> i didn't want to be here i have to be honest. you have to stick up for your rights. when you are treated badly you have to stick up for your rights. >> like were you saying, doug, who knows if that hurt him or
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not. >> reporter: mike, you could see that playing either way. his supporters may see this as a sign of his willingness to stand up to the establishment, whatever that is, you know, on the other hand, iowa voters may be angry the the fact that he skipped out on a debate, just days before the caucus but predicting donald trump is a dangerous business and this may ultimately benefit himy thought ted cruz got to stand right in the middle of the stage, no trump standing next to him. we were able to see him command the stage. i knew he would do this. he started making fun of donald trump, listen to this. >> i'm a maniac. everyone on this stage is stupid, fat, and ugly. ben you are a terrible surgeon. now that we have gotten donald trump portion out of the way. >> if you guys say, ask one more main question, i may have to leave the stage. >> now doug, those are all practiced lines but they were pretty good. >> very rehearsed lines but rehearsed lines in debates are
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sometimes, the best thing. you are no jack kennedy. that was clearly rehearsed but it it was a line you remember. so yeah, that went over pretty well. real opportunity for ted cruz to be at center stage unopposed because he is so far above all of the other candidates. he was shoulder to shoulder there in iowa at least. it is a real opportunity for him. >> i want to play this because it involves our area, our police officer was shot three weeks ago. marco rubio talking about philadelphia. >> radical muslims and radical islam is it not just hate talk but hate action. they blow people up. look what they did in san bernardino. look at the attack in philadelphia that the the white house still refuse toss link to terror. a guy basically shot a police office three times, he told the police i did it because i was inspired by isis, and to this day the white house... >> doug that was strong by rubio. >> it was, and you know, rubio is good at these debates. you can see him drawing a contrast between him and rand paul hoist more isolation
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republican with rubio arguing you have to be engaged internationally because of these threats out there. >> in the earlier debate, carli fiorina she mentioned clintons again. she's obsessed with what went on with the affair from almost 20 years ago. the let's listen to this if my husband did what bill clinton did i would have left him long ago. >> hillary clinton has been climbing ladder to try to get power and here now she's trying for the white house. she he's probably more qualified for the big house, honestly. she's escaped prosecution more times then el chapo, perhaps sean penn should interview her. >> those are practiced lines too but again, biting. >> it resonates with the crowd there. that is the thing that they are playing too is that crowd in iowa. republicans in iowa. that message may change. whoever the candidate is, whoever the nominee as they set her up in the general election but it is all about stoking those partisan fires on both sides.
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>> hey doug have a good trip to iowa. we will see you there monday. >> sound good. 7:15 exactly. >> that is time for weather, isn't it. >> sure is. >> 7:15 every day. >> time for weather, 7:15. we are calm would your wind that way but that will not be around one or 2:15 today. twenty-nine, 29 that is temperature and wind chill. that wind really picks up later today. the that is first head line we have here. it is not as cold as right now but wait until noon, then the cold blast comes in later today. wind gusting to 30 miles an hour. that is leading to bitter cold wind chills. twenty's and teens's, so that is melting, refroze again, same day after day but soon that snow will be gone and these temperatures climbing we have to wait until after we get a cold blast out of the way. it is dry, ultimate doppler showing that the area of rain moving off the coast of the north caroline, that is the storm, the big coastal storm that is staying off the coast, a and thankfully, shore wise bringing a lot of moisture up our way but it is close enough where it will start to pull in
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some very cold air. it happens around 2:00 o'clock this afternoon, maybe a passing snow shower, and then it is about the the only precipitation we will get out of this and it continues at 5:00 o'clock tomorrow where win dies down. so these temperatures will be warmest, right around noon time today, upper 30's, lower 40's, and then dropping, and then here are the wind chills. it the is what it feels like on your skin, around 12:00 o'clock, three 36789 by six or 7:00 o'clock tonight, down in the teens. so bitter cold wind chills, overnight tonight, early tomorrow but it will get better by end of the weekend. it is not lasting all weekend here. sunday we're back up to 49, not bad. fifty-five, getting warmer there on monday and then groundhog day, a few showers, but there will be a couple of clouds around for the groundhog, keep that in mind. showers and warm weather on wednesday, up to 63. all that snow should be gone as temperatures really climb but it will drop on thursday, down to 49 degrees. and let's check your traffic this morning. we have a couple of fire department activity, this is
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along i-95. right about academy road. the northbound side, so, it is taking a little extra time there, it looks like two lanes are blocked. little extra time there. blue route off ramp to springfield. there is an accident there. this is right around baltimore pike. so watch that at route one. patco on a different schedule check out that web page, because train times are different until 3:00 o'clock this afternoon. the the eagles, front office and coaches are back from the senior bowl but they are working. today they will interview the the director of pro scouting from the the pittsburgh steelers, brandon hunt. >> eagles are still lying for i player personnel man for their front office. >> by the the way, is that one of the famous hunt family members like lemar hunt, and then he went to the kansas city chiefs? wonder if that is the same family. >> don't say dallas and point up to me.
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i had someone point to me saying you are a dallas fan. i said no. >> no. >> whenever you say dallas, you point at me, dallas and they are thinking cowboys. >> i know you know that story the lemar hunt family. >> yes. >> did they make their money off canned tomato isn't that the same hunt? staff. >> sue. >> dave. >> what would dave be. >> could you look up lemar hunt, well, and see if his brand of hunt has any relationship. villanova looking to bounce back from the loss over weekend. i told you why they lost. they had a sixers logo on the floor. >> wildcats are ranked number six, after getting upset sunday at home. they will play again this sunday against a saint john's team that has not won a team since december 13th. >> geese. >> jay wright and wildcats are hoping to avoid another upset with this one. >> okay, i will be watching. i might go to that. >> it will be right here on fox 29. i will be watching. it all starts at noon on
7:19 am
sunday. the nhl did suspend dennis wideman of the flames for hitting a referee. we will show it to you again. >> he appeared to be shaken up after he got hit and then he goes over to the bench and he just, wait for it, he goes over, and there is the referee. watch it happen. boom. >> cross check the referee. >> he said it was just an accident. i was kind of out of it. well, suspension is even definite pending a hearing between wideman and the league next week. there is no game on tuesday. so it is not like he is hurting him really. >> he will be suspended for games. >> that is when the hearing is on tuesday. >> yes. >> he is suspended until then. >> i heard it might be a long time. >> maybe. >> you cannot we have the referees. it is one of the best traditions in basketball. i love this. let me try to explain what this is. >> okay. >> it is that arizona state university. their basketball games, right. the fans underneath the backboard, try to distract the opposing team.
7:20 am
they call it the curtain of distraction. right underneath the basket. when you you are trying to shoot a free throw all sorts of weird stuff happening. >> yes. >> horses making out, whatever, yes. >> what is this. >> people doing jumping jackness their underwear. you name it, they do it at the or's university. do you want to see what happened last night? >> that is michael phelps. >> my goodness. >> look at him. >> is that a bow tie around his neck. >> my goodness. >> he has his medals on. >> he is wearing a speed o. >> look at him go. >> the guy misses free throw and then he comes up with his pants down. >> that would attract me. >> what a great college tradition would that distract you. michael phelps in the speed owe. >> i don't know if is it, because i didn't know about
7:21 am
the the curtain of distraction. i sent it to my friend. all of them are just men dancing at the bottom and doing this weird tough. >> where did you see this. >> i'll just show you it is pretty bad. >> no, he was just dancing really funny. >> if you have been feeling blue recently you may want to move to one of these states i will tell but. we have a list of the happiest states in america, where do you think pennsylvania ranks? >> i'm not sure. but back in philly we are live with the philly auto show with a special look inside that fiat, the holy fiat the one pope francis use. >> not the that one that is the pope mobile. the fiat he rode around in philadelphia. >> we will figure it out. remarkable things are happening at your local acme.
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kevin durant doing a free throw. >> will guy. >> yes. >> okay. this list comes out every year, they rang the happiest states in the united states of america. where do we rang in this tri-state area here.
7:25 am
hi lauren. >> hi, are you guys happy. >> yes. >> i feel good. >> yes. >> hey, we have a lot of energy this morning. >> all right. >> do you feel good about your finances, your life life. >> sure. >> exercise. >> i'm broke. >> we're just happy. >> gosh darn it, pennsylvania on this list comes in at number 33. folks in new jersey are happier then you. we're 40 in new york. do you you want to know where happiest, healthiest people are, how about delaware. >> could you look up delaware. >> yes, i can, i can, i got it, your wish is my command. delaware is, is, is. >> going through 50 states. >> i am no, it the is not delaware is number 27. >> smack in the middle. >> but still that is all low. so where, let me guess, it is
7:26 am
states with beautiful views. >> yes. >> number one and two. >> yes. >> is what number one. >> number one is hawaii. >> yes. >> number two is alaska, not even the the lower 48 here. now, number three is monday tan, four colorado, five wyoming. the just think open air. >> yes. >> it is beautiful. >> yes. >> bit is cold. >> monday tan ace coal. >> let me guess the worst state. >> poor mississippi always end up 50 out of 50. >> mississippi. >> nope, nope, not even in the bottom five. >> michigan. >> west virginia. >> oh, no. well, use. >> poor folks in west virginia. >> but apparently you are unhappen any kentucky, oklahoma, ohio, indiana too. >> just not happy. >> poor west virginia. >> i like west virginia. >> i'm happy. new york is not rang in the top here. you guys are happy, you are not at the top. >> real quickly give me the
7:27 am
the first... >> yes. >> so what was the criteria, is it the weather and your finances and love life. >> physical health, social connections, and finances, and your sense of purpose. >> well, i have no sense of purpose whatsoever. >> that is the problem with new york, people don't have a sense of purpose. >> just going around intive rent directions. we don't necessity what we're doing. >> lauren, be happy, we will see you monday. >> if you are happy and you know it, clap your hands. >> that is enough. >> yes. >> she has a baby yes. >> dawn tell. >> we have to get back to this story, the cover of the philadelphia inquirer this morning above the fold talking about the zika virus. >> i have been getting questions about this virus and i will ask our expert doctor damon in a few minutes. blank
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there is the car that carried pope francis in the streets of philadelphia now it is back. i promised alex holley i will buy it for her tonight. it is the black tie event. how much do you think it will go for at auction, tonight? we will find out. oh, look at all of the snow. look at that. man, it will be a beautiful weekend. quincy harris, is going to blue mountain for r and r,
7:31 am
snowmobiling and he might slide in the bathtub in the shape of the champagne glass. naked. officials will be meeting monday to deciding whether the zika virus out break should be declared an international healthy mergecy. u.s. centers for disease control say the disease is now more than 20 countries and a few illnesses have been link to a microcephaly wear birth defects where they are born with an abnormally small head. zika virus has been, found in america and caribbean. people pregnant have been told not to travel there what are the symptoms? are there any treatment? there is a the lot of scare. good morning to you good morning, alex. >> i understand is there a big meeting on monday but locally a lot of doctors and officials are coming together. what are they discuss to go
7:32 am
day. >> correct. the basically was we need to discuss is what we need to tell the public about what the zika virus is. it is in the the media. i think people are a little bit worried when they hear international the public health officials say there is a public health crisis. so what we want to talk about is what zika is, as you said. it the is a mosquito born or transmitted virus. typically, it doesn't really cause severe illness in those who are not pregnant. the issue is specifically pregnancy. women pregnant can suffer a defect called microcephaly. it means small head. that can apply severe brain abnormalities that can cause neuro developmental problems in babies when they are born. >> when you say small head, i mean earlier we showed a video of the babe that i has the the virus and it is shock to go see. can the baby survive and live a long life. >> you know what, we don't really know, what the zika virus infection, can do, in this setting, so, it is
7:33 am
possible that these babies might survive but we do know that they will have severe, nerve developmental abnormalities once they are born. the these won't be babe that is will meet their milestones, walking, talking, and things that we expect our babe toys do these are babies even if they do survive they will be very sick. >> well, we did take a look the at map of the country right now dealing with the zika virus. we know that if you traveled, to some of these country you may be at risk. when it comes to the u.s. we have not had any cases that have have happened here locally they are all brought over by someone who brought it from these countries. >> there have been no cases here reported. this is changing so rapidly. we have to keep on top of it. but there has been no cases transmitted within the you had. all of the cases that have been, found in the united states, are people that have traveled to countries where thinks an epidemic and who traveled back and then were tested while they were in the united states. >> but here's the the thing. the let's say they traveled back here. can only the the transferred only from mosquitoes. so you get a mosquito bite,
7:34 am
they take your blood. or does it have to be human to human contact. >> at this point we feel primarily the the vector is mosquito born. the mosquitoes transmit it from person to person. so, there have been a few reports in the media of transmission, between people, but that has not been confirmed just yet. i think when we need to be careful about what we talk about until we can confirm with good data that we actually have had that happen. so primarily it is mosquito born and transmitted by mosquito. >> we are getting questions. i will give so if you don't mine, doctor croft. >> sure good this is from adele mullens. she said my 21 year-old sonnies making plans to go to puerto rico in march, should he in the go. >> i think for a male, it is probably okay. he is still, could potentially get zika and could still get some of the effects of the fever, the rash, things like that but he probably will be fine. >> if he gets it later in life and he wants to have a child could that affect something, if he -- >> as far as we know right now
7:35 am
and again, this is relatively new and things evolve but as far as we know it should not affect his ability to conceive a child in the future. >> peter durant says besides bug spray what else should i bring, anti viral medicines, is there something you can do. >> there is no treatment at this point. there is no kind of treatment, there is no treatment that we can use if we diagnosis a woman with the zika a virus. all you can do is prevent the the mosquito bite that transmits the the virus. that is using medications and tropicals with deet in them, using things that wearing long sleeves. those types of things that prevent from you being bitten by mosquito. the right now is there no medical treatment in terms of medical treatment and treatmenty know i'm not a doctor but it sound to scary to say is there no way to treat it. i wouldn't want to travel. >> that is one of the things that is being discussed. i think it would be prudent, so it is reason for most women pregnant for sure and even those who might be pregnant or consider pregnancy to a avoid
7:36 am
those areas right now. it is a good idea. the it is true, we don't have a good treatment. if you get infected is there not much we can do except provide diagnosis. >> one last thing but i want to ask this. i'm getting questions from people maybe you are a woman not at child rearing age right now should you be concern. what if i have a young girl should i be concerned about her getting it. >> i think, again, thingse have involve but as it stand right now as long as you you are not pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant you you should be fine. it will be something -- >> even years down the road what i'm planning ten years from now. >> that should not be an issue. things could change but as the the information we have right now that should not be an issue. >> thanks very much doctor croft. we appreciate it. the as you said more information will be coming out. there will be a meeting later this afternoon and another big meeting on monday and we will keep you updated. >> it is important to keep on top of that. >> thank you you doctor croft. >> thank you 7:36. well, another music legend passes, this time a founding member of jefferson airplane,
7:37 am
a look back at the life and career of paul cantnor.
7:38 am
7:39 am
7:40 am
founding member of jefferson airplane, has died. >> he died yesterday. organ failure apparently. he was admitted to a san francisco hospital after falling, earlier in this week. >> he was one of the few that stayed with the band as it transformed from psychodelic rock and pop with jefferson star ship in the early 80's. >> he was induct in the rock and role hall of fame, back in the mid 90's. >> he was 74 years old. all right. a big revelation from the the doctor, who inspired the movie concussion starring will smith that highlights the concussion issue in the national football league and the long term effect is it has on the players. it is known as cte, that is what it is. so doctor bennet who first discovered cte in football players.
7:41 am
he is new saying that he believes, o.j. simpson has cte. >> the the doctor told people magazine that he would bet his medical license on it, that o.j. simpson, who won the the heisman trophy at u.s.c. and became first nfl player to rush for 2,000 yards in the season has, cte. but how far back? in 2012, when he was facing trial for robbery and assault, he tried to convince the court that he suffered the effects from repeated blows to the head. his attorney gave up, on that defense though but now the doctor is coming to his defense. >> the disease can only be confirmed after death, but doctor says o.j.'s profile fits some have of the symptoms of cte patients which includes, violent tendency and exaggerated emotional reaction toss every day stresses. >> we can only dot diagnosis, after they are dead. so we will have to wait and see, so to speak.
7:42 am
>> we have an update and it goodies, from a tragic beginning to spreading a awareness, we check in on our friend, remi. >> now dog serving a an ambassador to stop them. >> remi is here. >> lets take a break.
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7:45 am
it is exactly 7:45. >> perfectly and the numbers are below freezing. i would wait until about 2:30 we will see that wind pick up and temperatures get coal. until then enjoy the sunrise, thank you, andrew. beautiful shot. just a few cloud. below freezing. anything that melted, froze, slippery on the sidewalks. careful taking that first step outside, just the same situation when you get all that snow, it takes a while to melt. it will eventually melt. numbers getting warmer in the seven day forecast and we could see a little bit more. just a few light passing showers. the big storm we have been watching, moving away, off the coast, and a few snow showers, are possible, and storm intensify. we are talk about wind picking up this afternoon. that is pressure drops then we will see that wind develop and it will be this afternoon.
7:46 am
morning looks okay. a light breeze. by this afternoon wind gusting to 20, 30 plus miles an hour and with the cold air coming in bitter cold wind chill tonight and early tomorrow, and by tomorrow evening, much calmer, with the temperatures which are trying to warm up wye the even of the weekend. here they come 20 to 30 miles an hour wind gusts and that drops our wind chill tonight and early tomorrow. a little bit better by the end of the weekend. fifty-five on monday, and tuesday, a few showers, maybe just a little cooler, ground hog day but wednesday up to 63. showers, very warm and colder breeze on thursday. warm air just around for one day, in this coming, seven day forecast. check on the traffic this morning, well, we had a disabled vehicle, in the right lane near belmont but it has been removed. traffic moving nicely here. the it happened about a minute ago, westbound side, blue route, northbound, this that is route one, exit the ramp to the exit there is
7:47 am
active slowing things down just a bit. travel times, well, they have gone up a bit but not too bad on a friday morning. lighter volume. seventy-six, 95, looking okay, a a little slow, eastbound and southbound, mike and alex. >> what is weather going to be like for poconos saturday and sunday. >> saturday, cold in the morning, and nice and easy, pretty good on sunday. >> yes, cold. >> that is where quincy is, hanging out, are you at the pocono pala ace. >> i am, a am, hard work today. really good on the snowmobile. liz, are you ready to ride over. >> yes, we are. >> okay. this is his first ride on the snowmobile. >> turn, okay. >> how fun is this. >> it does look like fun. >> okay.
7:48 am
>> was it. >> no, he is about to say something. >> no, not at all. >> he's in the done. >> no. >> we have to come over here. new liz how are you doing. >> i'm good, how are you. >> we have to take our spots. >> lets get warm. >> what do you have going on for this love weekend coming up. >> we have a lot going on, valentines day weekend is coming up, a few weeks away. we have a lot going on in the pocono mountains, pocono palace and all of the resorts. great place to come to get away with their significant others. outdoor recreation, winter is here, we have got snow, we are warming up by fire. snowmobiling, skiing, everything that the whole entire region has to offer right here in the pocono mountains. >> i'm excited. >> reconnect. >> i'm a world class athletes, lot of people know my snow boarding skills are through the roof. that is why we're in the doing to it daze. it would be just unfair. this is what we will do because we are having so much fun. we will hop back on these snow
7:49 am
mobiles and in the next hour we will go inside one of these rooms and check out some of the sense you'll, hot tubs and heart shaped bed that we can check out, we will bring our significant others up here. >> yes a lot of romance in the next hour. >> we will keep it clean, mike, don't get too excited. >> yes. >> and he is off, ladies and gentlemen for the the heart shaped tub. >> i can't wait to see this. >> yes. >> it the remind me of beyonce, she did naughty girls and music video she was dancing in the champagne glass. >> just like that. >> yes, it is. >> yes. >> have you ever been in the champagne glass. >> i have done it, and i almost hurt myself trying to get out of it. because it is on two layers. >> they don't have steps. >> yeah. >> you were distracted.
7:50 am
>> yes. >> who will you take up there, slide in the champagne glass. >> i said i want to see one in the poconos. if i go i will pull a beyonce. >> pull up a clip when he gets there. >> maybe we will recreate that with quincy in the champagne glass. >> you you are so funny. >> you will never necessity what you will see when you look out your car window, especially like on the vine street expressway or the schuylkill expressway. i have seen some weird stuff. there was one yesterday. look at this, a dude on a bike. >> oh, my gosh. >> look at this. >> with all this construction and stuff. >> this can't be okay. >> it is not, you are not allowed to ride on the expressway on the expressway on the bicycle. is that a woman or a guy? that is crazy. >> that is crazy. >> my gosh, this is not the first time we have seen this happen, mike. >> why. >> do you remember, it was a couple of people, on bicycles. >> and it is ride share bikes,
7:51 am
yeah. >> look at this. >> indigo bikes. >> they are probably from out of town. they went down ramp and i'm on the vine street expressway this was over the summer. >> boy, i bet they were freaking out. >> i would be, hurry up broad street let me get off. >> i don't know what i would do. >> don't do that folks. >> are republicans taking shots below the the belt? a look at some of the nasty things donald trump has been retweeting overnight about megyn kelly. wow.
7:52 am
7:53 am
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:55. yesterday during our show while the show was on the air, over in rome, vatican city, leonardo dicaprio was meeting with pope francis, listen. we see a blackened sky that
7:56 am
representing so much to me of is what going on in the environment, today. >> how about that, leo breaking out italian. >> yes, look at that. >> they met for 15 minutes. >> they switched back to english. >> big exchange of gifts, they expressed their share concern over the environment and he gave the pontiff, just as he described it, certain pictures as well as from his own charitable foundation. he asked pope francis to use money for charity works close to his heart. and then, they went into a screening room and they watched the wolf of wall street together. >> i doubt that. >> maybe revenant, maybe django unchained. >> that certainly wasn't the wolf of wall street. >> maybe titanic. >> oh, yeah. >> there is one scene in there that would be august war, a
7:57 am
couple scenes, the painting, the car, the the sketching. >> frozen. >> great gatsby. >> well, the pope is not, he has been around. >> has he. >> well, not that way, but nothing would shock him i don't think. cell phones, we all have them. we all used them. but some are using them, too much, and that is, deforming their hand. >> some are calling this the the smart phone pinky. >> it the is kind of crooked. >> smart phone pinkies are bends, and little fingers, where you use to hold the phone too much. maybe your phonies too big for your hand. >> um-hmm. >> so indentation is caused by weight of holding your phone. >> that is bad. >> it is bad. >> do you hold your phone like that with your pinky underneath it. >> i hold it like this. >> i'm more like this.
7:58 am
>> if anything like this. >> i'm one of these. >> if anything is messed up is my thumb. you. >> you text with your them. >> only one. >> i'm months it like crazy. >> yes. >> i will check back in ten years to see what that thumb looks like. >> okay. >> good day, everybody. should we do another hour. it is called good day philadelphia we have two more. it is kansas became a state on january 29th, 1861. >> aren't you just a plethora of information. hold on, i will work on it. >> roll the open and we will work on our vocabulary. listen if my husband did what bill clinton did i would have left him long ago.
7:59 am
>> the republican presidential candidate, rips into hillary clinton, why some believe her hits are, well, below the the belt. an incredible story of survival, little remi has melted hearts all over the country and this morning he is in our studio. where you can meet this cutie, tomorrow. a big weekend at the box office for kids especially moms and dads. listen to this jack black, kate hudson, brian cranston share secrets from the movie, kung fu panda. and he is known a as one of the sexiest music videos. >> ♪ >> but who is now putting brittany to shame, the the actress recreating this famous dance. by wait, it is 8:00 o'clock. now reading, and allentown school districts have in the
8:00 am
gone to school all this week and they are not in school today. >> they have had a record amount of school. >> 1996, here in philadelphia, my mother taught in upper darby. they were off for a one whole week. >> easton area school district will operate on the two hour delay. i want to redeem myself, by speaking, i was right, mike's always makes me doubt myself. it is plethora of information. plethora of food over there plethora, plethora. >> you just had a plethora of plethoras. >> that is true. >> but you always make me doubt myself. >> you've got to be strong. >> okay. >> i was like that and i realized it is just mike. >> yes. >> dave, let it go. >> beautiful segway. >> that is tv stuff right there. >> we are at 59. we would be above it, if we count morning, below five in the afternoon so we will take the average, and put it right at a five. because right now it is no the too bad, not too cold, 22 in
8:01 am
allentown. philadelphia is 31. refreezing happening this morning. as the temperatures slowly climb this morning, it will be nice with just a light breeze but by this evening the wind picks up a and these temperatures will drop, especially wind chill, a few snow flurries are possible as this cold air comes in, a lot of that rain off the coast is moving away, look at western parks a few snow showers moving in because that cold win will develop by noon time today. wind start gusting over 30 miles an hour, passing snow shower and then wind chills in the teens, warmest part of the the day right around noon, 40 along i-95. warmer to the south. that is what we're dealing with for the start of the weekend. how burr commute this morning. we have welsh road at stump road. i know this area well. live right near the area. there is a disable tractor trailer blocking the interception so cars getting by there slowly. vine street expressway, moving along with no delays. just some light volume this morning. travel speeds, not bad, at the
8:02 am
the schuylkill there westbound lane, we have a disabled vehicle in the a area earlier so we will be moving about 12 miles an hour as you go past belmont avenue, mike and alex. >> okay, let's talk about that zika a virus. the twitter ace live about the the concerns over this spread by mosquitoes, continuing to spread across the united states. the cases have been reported in new york, new jersey, california, and this morning pennsylvania and philadelphia health officials are putting together an action plan to protect ale of us from this zika virus. the the causes a rare birth defect that causes incomplete brain development. these poor babies are born with a small brain. >> yeah, symptoms in adults are mild though. illness is not spread from person to person. but we have learned earlier we had a doctor on and they were saying basically we're still learning a lot bit. we don't necessity long term effects of it. >> that is scary part of it. we don't necessity anything bit. it the is so new. some people say they may not have a vaccine for ten years.
8:03 am
>> wow. >> so if you are pregnant, i think would i stay out of south america. >> yes, that is what the doctor recommended. did you watch it the last night i saw most of it. g.o.p. candidates held their final debate before monday's iowa caucus. >> donald trump did just as he said he would he would up skip out of the debate and held a counter rally 3 miles down the road raising money for veterans. a as for remaining candidates they tried to capitalized on trump's absence. they went head to head on health care, immigration and terror threats. so it is going to be interest nothing about an her we will get rating from his last night, okay. cnn, ms nbc did exactly what i thought the they would do they concentrated on trump the whole time, the debate was on fox. so we will see the the effect of the ratings for fox last night. >> trump said it would. >> he with the brag about that this morning. >> so, then this happened afterward, trump refused to participate in the debate because he said that "fox
8:04 am
news" anchor megan kelly is bias somehow against him. hours before the debate, he retweeted this picture of megan from her gq photo shoot. wow. the tweet, he didn't say this but the tweet also referred to as a bimbo. so he had to decide if i will retweet that with the word bimbo tonight. either he did it or member of the campaign staff retweeted it. is that gone too far. that is not a good thing to say. >> yeah. >> megan is really good. >> i thought she asked fair questions too, i don't get what he is talking about too. >> fire works weren't confined to twitter, not a at all. there was also a hot moment in the under card debate. this is where some of the other candidates who didn't make it to the main stage they debated a little while before the big one. >> what do you call it, kids table, card table. >> jv debate. >> carli fiorina went off on democratic candidate hillary clinton.
8:05 am
>> listen if my husband did what bill clinton difficult would have left him long ago. >> hillary clinton has been trying to climb the later to try to get power. she's trying for the white house. she's probably more qualified for the big house, honestly. she's escaped prosecution more times than el chapo, perhaps sean penn should interview her. >> all rehearsed lines there but she does necessity how to make a head line. >> she came out, punching. >> she is still talking about 20 years ago with the affair of monica. >> is it appropriate to talk about hillary clinton's personal relationship with her husband? does that affect how you lead? i guess you could effect your decision making. >> i don't know. she did get a head line even they she was at the kids table. >> again we will be on there monday. we will have reporters in iowa, caucuses are monday, finally. >> yes. >> monday. >> we will see how people believe with these candidates and not just the polls, because they have to vote.
8:06 am
eight there 05. i have been in the business a long time. >> you, mike. >> yes, it all started about 5,000 what the radio station in kansas. i digress. but one of my favorite moments certainly of last year is when the pope came to town, right. >> it was a special moment. >> do you remember when he got off airplane, he is going down to the limousine. he got in a little fia at. >> so cute. >> everyone was just like my gosh we love the fiat. >> one of the biggest parts. >> i had in idea he used two, identical and they left them in philadelphia. >> yes. >> they sure did. >> so, chris murphy, he is with one of those fi at right now. >> hi there chris. >> what is up, guys. it is right behind me. the this is david here. he is head, chairman of the 2016 philadelphia auto show. david, thanks for having us. >> i'm so pull and to be here. >> this is like no other. >> 115 years of the auto show here.
8:07 am
this features the pope mobile. >> yes. >> i can claim exclusive rights, the the 115 is definitively different then 114 in that we have two papal fiat. you cannot replicate that. >> take us through this now. he had 2fiat. these are the 500l, one of which here is on display the the whole next week during the auto show. the other one is hidden back there with an exclusive media agreement. only one installation watch it right now. you can come, auction and buy this car. >> somebody will buy at least one of these tonight. we guarantee to have this one on display the whole week. so tonight, 8:45 we will make history. we will auction one of the papal fiat his donated, for the papal visit. proceeds will go to catholic charities. by coming to the black tie tonight you will help chop. real charitable night and successful night and we will auction one if not both of these cars tonight.
8:08 am
it will be a tremendous exciting experience. >> can you imagine, owning the car that the pope rode around in. >> you will remember i'm a chairman and a car dealer and i will tell you, i will be a bidder as well tonight. i can imagine. >> what will it the go for is what your guess. >> it is six figure but i don't know, the the good news is you don't have to, you can come in and get on at any level. we have to say it is an unprecedented auction. the car itself is listed for $25,000. it is worth $25,000. but then the pope sat in it. what is that worth. >> you you don't even need insurance, right. nothing will hit this thing. the it is blessed. >> if it hits it, it happens after tonight, chris. >> yes. >> how exciting is this? >> the auction is tonight 8:45. auto show has so much more than the pope mobile. >> first of all, tonight, you can still buy tickets to the black tie, philadelphia's
8:09 am
black tie, philadelphia's greatest night to the town. we will break a record for attendance. but, then we are opened for eight more days. saturday, through sunday, we are killing it. it looks great. weather is great. we are an entertainment experience. you can ride inside, outside. >> the the weather, again, it the is divine intervention. >> yes. >> well, we have a commission off of it selling this car. they gave gust weather. >> one auctioned off looks exactly like this let us peep through but they said let your cameras out of there. >> can you imagine picking someone up from the airport and sit in the seat in the back right there. >> yes. >> you cannot touch it, you cannot open up the doors. >> are you kidding me. mike jerrick is asking if i can get up there and sit inside where the the pope has been. >> i tried, i tried it, security guard tackled me. i can attest that is not going to happen. >> plus you would ruin it if chris sat in the same seat. >> take a a ride down,
8:10 am
seriously. >> love you chris. >> bye, chris. >> we will see you later, guys. >> the the collapse of parenting, boy, this has been, raising well, not eyebrows getting attention around the country. are we raising our kids in the wrong manner. the mistakes you're making. we can fix that up. a guy said we are doing it a all wrong. it is a big weekend at the box office for kid, moms and dads, listen up. jack black, kate hudson, brian cranston share secrets from the set of kung fu and a but there is something for to. we're talking about 50 shades of black.
8:11 am
8:12 am
8:13 am
we have ice out here, a melt, refreeze, and this afternoon, the big change is the win. we will pick up, the the storm just off the coast begins to intensify, and keeps a lot of the rain, off the coast, and really developed. it starts to pick up. it will be right about noon. the morning looks calm but around 12:00 wind starting to
8:14 am
gust, maybe a passing snow shower and continues to gust throughout the afternoon and evening. creating wind chills down in the teens, and tonight and early tomorrow. thirty's tomorrow. but look at the warm up in the seven day forecast. fifty's and even 60's, by next week, so, all that snow should be gone. warmest day is wednesday at 63 . roadways this morning, we're pumping up the volume. added volume on a few roads. here's 76 at montgomery. added will volume coming, it the looks like eastbound. westbound moving nicely. i-95 at cottman crawling this morning, and, still moving along nicely. travel times, it is a little slower along 76 and 95, looking okay, southbound from woodhaven to the vine street expressway, mike and alex. >> lets go to the movies tonight what do you say. >> i wanting to. >> i want to see that marlon wayans movies. >> here's a clip from 50 shades of black.
8:15 am
>> what do you owe your success. >> natural instinct to what makes a person tic. >> please. >> what. >> you need to know why you don't have a real relationship with me. >> let's just say my wife wasn't always easy. >> what is wrong with that. >> you start throwing around all these big sat word. >> that is communication. >> yeah. >> my goodness. kevin mccarthey, it looks hilarious and tell me it thinks funny. >> he is skypeing with us from los angeles. >> hey, good morning, alex and mike. here's the thing i'm a big fan. i grew up, i loved, scary movie, and all of his other
8:16 am
movies this film did not screen to critics in the d.c. area i actually just saw it, five hours ago in los angeles. i haven't really slept. the film is pretty well donnas a parity, and the trailer you just saw, the the funniest scenes are on the trailer. a real good job of bringing to life why 50 shades of gray was a weird concept. they made fun of that idea but in a smart way. i love the way he deals with this comedy. there are some very, very funny moments in this film. i think the the first 20 or 30 minutes, you will be rolling, in the laughing so hard. the problem is, some of it loses steam throughout, a little bit, gets a little too overtop and gross at times but i think it was decent. overall it is worth seeing in the matinee and theaters. great with an audience. i gave it three out of five. it is not as good as don't be a menace or scary movie but
8:17 am
definitely worth seeing. >> what is this other movie the finest hour, what is that about. >> it is a true story based on these two oil painters who were destroyed in 1952 by a blizzard and coastguard rescue mission went out and they, take 32 men that night. incredible story. the film itself, some of the visual effects look vague but over all the the story is what sells it, make sure you skip this move any 3-d. see it in 2d. it is a very dark movie. the 3-d adds too much to the screen. i gave it three and a half out of five. great performance by casey afflict and chris pine. >> okay. had about something for the the kid, kung fu panda three, kevin. >> yeah, so this is kind of cool. i sat down with jack black and kate hudson, one of my favorite actor ever brian cranston, and we talked about dramatically, the best way to
8:18 am
have a great extra. i asked jack black and kate hudson is what a dramatic entrance song but then i asked brian cranston a really funny voice acting question. check this out. >> if you have a little tape recorder and you can put your theme music and open the the door. >> yes. >> that can help. >> good one for that is, what is the the who song, kick it down, kick it down. >> yeah. >> yes, exactly. >> perfect. >> yes. >> little stand up and shout. >> no doubt. >> yeah. >> i sort of like the thunder strip. >> ac/dc. >> that is one of the greatest ever. >> it is just i know it is a real sports song but when you hear that, i just want to go do it. >> yes. >> when we see you in a scene where you have all of the things in your mouth, when you have to voice that.
8:19 am
>> yes. >> do you put food in your mouth. >> it helps, yes. >> but you have to still be audible, you know, so, yeah, i , did i shoved a bunch of food in my how the and then you have to prevent yourself from laughing too much. >> i want to see brian cran ton deliver breaking bad dialogue with food in his mouth. would i pay money toe that, for sure. >> kevin, one last review, i don't know if you have seen this or not but it is called got day fill grease video. we will role a clip of it right here. here you go. >> ♪ >> have you seen it. how many stars out of five. >> i have seen it three times. >> i have seen it three times new. >> yes. >> i texted alex, her performance is unbelievable. mike, i give you five out of
8:20 am
five. alex, you get the a ten out of five. you are unbelievable. both of did you a great job. congratulations. seriously the the way it was shot, edited, the way you guys dressed up, chuck taylor, phenomenal job. >> thank you, kevin. >> detection me. >> so sweet. >> we will roll it again just before wendy williams she again today good thanks, kevin get some sleep. >> have a good weekend. we will see you soon. >> poor guy has been up all night but he is in hollywood. >> we don't feel sorry for you did you hear about what wendy said about kanye. >> yes. >> she had a lot to say. >> um-hmm. >> should we play it. >> yes. >> yeah. >> yes. >> we will talk bit. plus it is one of the sexiest music videos, and this one, do you remember this one, mike? yes, but now someone is putting brittany to shame, actress who recruited this dance.
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
that is the actress who plays the big bang theory. >> kailly. >> she's doing brittany on lip sync battle. >> yes. >> this is the the most epic show. i want to be on it. i want to be on that show. i feel like it the is just wonderful. so, she has a albino python. >> she killed it, that is good. >> you know who i like is the co host christie. >> yes. >> she has a ton have have energy to the show and l.l. cool j, he never ages. >> when does the show go on we only see viral clips, do people sit down and watch it. >> in the last two weeks i have sat and watched all of the episodes. it is on in the evening. >> i have no idea. >> and i have to sit there and watch. >> sometimes in the evening i
8:25 am
lose track of time. >> i wonder why. >> i have no idea. >> wendy williams has never been afraid to speak perfect mine. she did yesterday. she put in her 2 cents, i say two bucks worth, on the feud between kanye west and wiz. >> this was a hot topic. >> yes. >> and she went on for a while. so, yesterday we told but how wiz bashed kanye's new album title called waves and there was a twitter war. we could say what we could say on tv. but kanye, he saw one of the pieces referencing his wife kim kardashian, kk but he is talking about wiz. he is taking shots at amber rose calling her a stripper. you may remember amber rose dated both kanye west, dated him first and then wiz, had a baby. >> kanye was second you are in second place all the way around in your life. >> wendy williams was like i will recap this and give you as mike said my 2 cents or my two bucks. >> idea that he ising after
8:26 am
wiz like this is crazy. idea he is talking about amber being a stripper. you are in the saying that she hasn't admitted herself. the as a matter of fact, you're the one who gave this stripper her come up, and by the the way, we recall meeting your wife, on her back. >> and then we went on to say she's questioning their marriage. what kind of man if you are married with a wife why are you referencing something that was like your x and as if you are offended. you shouldn't be concerned about amber rose. you have a wife. >> and then it evolved into certain types of sex. >> and she hinted that kanye may not be straight. >> it got real. >> oh, wendy was like no she didn't. >> she did, she always has. >> i saw the dog in the green room. >> okay. remi is back and looking good.
8:27 am
after all of the surgery. he was in dog fighting rings. well, the guy that saved him, he is with us too. >> remi is back. >> i can't wait the to see him.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
we've got some break news out of delaware. police are investigating a suspicious death overnight. police say they were called out to a home in the 900 block of the court in let's see, the original call was just to check on the welfare of the person inside the house. when they showed up they found a man dead inside that house. the right now, they say the circumstances surrounding the death are very suspicious. they are not saying much more about the the investigation. but we will stay on it. we have a big update for you. >> back in october we told but an incredible story of survival for one little dog named remi.
8:31 am
>> humane police officer rus harper found remi in bad shape on the side have the road in chester city. >> he was laying there in the weeds and he was cold, lifeless. i thought when i picked him up that he was dead. >> remi showed signs of a dog used in the dog fighting ring. he have was missing fur in various places. he had severe bite wound infected and he was extremely weak. the doctors at keystone emergency worked tirelessly to save little will remi vowing to keep fighting for the puppy. >> as long as he keeps fighting and showing he is getting better and we will continue the fight the with him. >> remi has been fighting. look at remi now. >> that is a live shot of remi today. >> of course, we have the humane officer, rus harper here. >> hi. >> how are you feeling. >> it is just wonderful the way that he has recovered. multiple times we thought he wasn't going to make it.
8:32 am
he was in terrible, shape. >> let me get a shot of his face. >> that is fill, our cameraman. >> we're stepping into recover and housedog. >> he is having multiple stitching, every place was tore up from the fighting. it wasn't one fight there, was different healing, throughout all of thetive rent wound where we suspect probably ten fights that he was in. >> he had old wounds and new wounds that were there when we found him. >> did you think he would make it. >> i didn't, on the way to the vet, i actually named him remi at that time because i didn't want him to die without a name. >> that is nice. >> so, his first public appearance. >> this is his first public appearance. he is partially due you to dawn timmeney, fox 29 when she covered this story. he is known worldwide for his fight to recover and he has
8:33 am
given a lot of people inspiration on what it is like to fight for survival and as well as, you know, attention that this is such a heinous crime. >> now it is like he has been seen around the world. it is like he ace an unofficial ambassador for dog fighting. >> absolutely, his recovery cost where is almost $20,000. >> $20,000. >> we had good supporters coming up, and donate for his care, as well as the event that we're here to talk about today, rock for paws event. >> when is that. >> tomorrow. >> where. >> it is saturday. 2300 arena. >> that is a new place in south philadelphia. >> yeah, new event, actual foundation, owner of the club has made us the the exclusive partner for them. we're able to recover some of the vet bills and things that we have put out. >> $10 at the door. >> yes. >> you get a free drink. >> you get a picture, you you get to meet remi.
8:34 am
>> rock and roll. >> rock and roll band will be there. great night. great cause. >> as a humane officer i know you got the call saying remi was on the side of the road. is this something you see all the time. >> you know what, the the partnership chester city police officer, and waited with him for an hour for me to get there and to make sure he was safe. partnership with chester city police, saved him but we get calls all the time for this kind of abuse because it happened to remi, it got late with the story but this is what we do every day. we realize 100 percent on people donating. we are not funded by g or state. all donations go to their care. >> justice rescue. >> we will see you tomorrow night. >> 6:30. >> that is great. >> thank you, remi. >> thanks for coming in. >> now we have a good look. >> yeah, now we are enjoying tv time. >> good boy.
8:35 am
>> 8:34. learn how to be a show stopper. >> you know what i'm talking about. >> she's in town in philly to help you, how you you can learn the right moves from a pro. >> is she on our show. >> she will be on our show. >> good.
8:36 am
8:37 am
8:38 am
moving on, the coolest star was kit from knight rider, right. >> they is. >> that is old news now, the cars that feature are on display right here in our area the at philadelphia auto show. >> best thing about the philadelphia auto show for me besides black tie event tonight, you can see cars you have never seen before. >> yes. >> cutting edge cars. >> you can see future in cars. >> there is chris murphy at the convention center. >> hi guys, i'm in, i don't
8:39 am
even necessity how to say this a new venue for auto show. auto show has been around for what 115 years. they have never had this before. let's bring in kevin executive director of 2016 philadelphia auto show. what did you do here? where are we. >> this is what we decided to do is listen to attendees over the years. they wanted a place to go. we have the garage. a brand new place all upstairs, food, bar, games, everything for having a a great time. it is a place where people can meet. people here three and a half to four hours. so it is a place to rest, refuel, and then go back out. >> have you heard in years past. you have been doing the auto show now for 20 years. >> correct. >> wasn't enough, i don't know, opportunities to sit and relax and get off your feet and have a drink. >> absolutely. >> so this is where they can do it. you can find your next and maybe meet your next. it will be a great place for people to enjoy, and of course see this beautiful display area with the lexus, mercedes.
8:40 am
>> if you want to see brand new lexus cars and mercedes you come home here. >> i have been to most auto shows around the world. is there not a better venue to see motor vehicles then old train shed and lexus, mercedes. tonight is black tie tailgate. we will end up here toward even of the night dancing having a great time. of course, raising money for chop. >> we will have have live music, across from frustrates, h jelly rolls. >> this place will be hopping, and rolling, and it is just a great time for everybody. we are getting set up for that. media day to day. we will start tomorrow at 9:00 . we will run for nine days through sunday the seventh, and we will have over 250,000 people looking for their next automobile. >> this garage, it is going to be really cool, fun little aspect of the auto show. >> yes. >> nice addition. >> are you going. >> yes. >> everybody is asking. the are you getting me a ticket. >> that is exactly what they are saying. >> chris, we will see you tonight you will put down a
8:41 am
list, i'm the fourth person to say something bit on the show today. >> i'm broke. >> rob kardashian just got worse yesterday afternoon, tossed out by his own sister, yep, the drama continues and tmz has the the story. and quincy is in the poconos. i'm still here at pocono palace. this is just too much fun, but you know what i think it is time for me to warm up, because they have some nice rooms here. let me see. >> excuse me. >> come on in. >> hello there, how are you you doing. >> i'm good, how are you. >> i was snowmobiling having a good time. the. >> these rooms are amazing. >> absolutely. >> welcome to the land of love. >> i can't wait. >> this is what i will do, i will slip into something a little bit more comfortable and we will talk to you when we come back.
8:42 am
>> absolutely.
8:43 am
8:44 am
yeah, this is the lake, in the poconos and a cold start this morning. the it looks like, a few
8:45 am
flurries trying to come down here. that is expected, a passing snow shower is likely today, and as that cold air, begins to move in, and that starts to push into the western suburbs. 28 degrees in mount pocono 206789's this morning. anything that froze or melted will refreeze, so it is slippery on the roads this morning. watch out for side streets around here. maybe a passing flurry, expecting this a big storm staying off the coast, abe light snow showers a are moving n a big storm will continue to intensify, and then that holds in even colder air, that gusty wind develops this afternoon and that is why we will see these passing snow showers here throughout the day-to-day. big story that wind chill, dropping into the teens overnight tonight, and by the end of the weekend it is not bad, back up to 49 degrees, 50's and 60's, monday, tuesday, wednesday that comes with some rain, and gets cooler on thursday. cooler breeze back down to 49 degrees. mike anal eggs. >> rob kardashian has been in
8:46 am
a spat for a while with his relatives. >> he has been out of the spotlight. people are talking about rob kardashian because of hoe is dating and dax holt with tmz, i'm not the sure this is happening. is he really dating black china or is he just trying to get people talking about them. >> they are really dating. it seems like they are happy together as well. they have known each other for years and years and year because kim and black china were friend for a long time and her and tiga started to break up and it has been a debacle. they don't like black china. but rob kardashian has own like her and moved into her house. chloe was get out of my house. black chine and rob were in chloe's house. she came home, and walked into them in the kitchen and was like what is she doing in my house. he is now living at her house, indefinite thely and the the public side is she's motivating him to get out of
8:47 am
the house, to go to the gym, this is the most we have seen rob over the last few years. >> yes. >> he has been in and out of the home, like i said, working out, having a good time and she makes him really happy. so all of that is a plus side good do you think he is trying to stick it to the the kardashians. >> you know, we're hearing he is not doing this in spite of the kardashian. >> really he just like black china. i can tell thaw tim is coming around to it, we're told that she has gone okay, whatever he needs to do to make himself happy. >> she has to be because i feel like the way i think i am not even talking to you how does that relationship even form, you know what i'm saying because i cannot be talking to you. >> yes, well, i don't know, they used to be neighbors and apparently he really likes her. >> neigh he needed sugar one day and knock on her door. >> yes. >> brown sugar. >> look at mike. >> lets talk about wiz and can use west. because they blew up twitter. i think amber rose did it.
8:48 am
but now they are making t-shirts, with their twitter feud. >> well, it is pretty funny. there ways t-shirt company out there that was, basic, basically their idea was to put phrases on the shirt from twitter beefs. they were in the concept phase on wednesday when this twitter war broke out between kanye an wiz and they said this is the the greatest thing ever. they have put out two t-shirts, one saying you let a stripper trap you, the other one saying i own your child. they sold hundreds, and hundreds of shirts, with this in the first 24 hours. they made ten grand just like that on it. they are saying this was the greatest idea, thank you kanye and thank you wiz. >> we're waiting for amber t-shirt. >> do you happen to know if amber rose if had she said was on the third. >> probably on the back. >> the the finger emoji to show up on the shirt. >> yes.
8:49 am
>> real quickly here. >> is cuba gooding junior is he playing o.j. simpson in that o.j. movie. >> he is. >> now people are asking do you believe that he did it, did owe j do it. >> yes, they asked him at screening of the show and he goes look i have been in this role for last seven months and after all of this work i don't know because either just so many pieces, i just don't know. i think that is a pretty revealing answer because he has been so immersed in the o.j. saga in the last few months filming, it is pretty interesting. >> twenty-one years ago since that trial. dax, we will see you next week. >> all right guys have a good one. >> thanks, dax. lets get to this breaking news. we are at sky fox live over a school bus accident in gloucester township. >> it looks like they have a stretcher out there. officials on the scene at the back of the bus there. this is happening on sicklerville road and the court. we don't have any official
8:50 am
confirmation of whether any students are on the bus or if there are any injuries but we can see that there are a lot of emergency officials on the scene and working from the back of the bus there. they have that stretcher right there. >> it looks like a gerney. >> hold on a second. >> i cannot tell what this is official is doing. >> they don't seem to be frantic. i'm not the sure what he is working on but he is doing it by himself. it looks like, obviously that mini van whatever that carries smash in the back of the bus. >> right in the back of it. >> crushing the entire engine there. >> so can you tell what he is could go? i can't. >> we will continue to follow this and we will bring you updates. >> we have not seen any kids at all, hopefully that bus just had the driver. >> we will keep an eye on it in the control room and find out what he is doing, we will let you know. we are hoping he is in the trying to take a child out to the back of the bus bye i
8:51 am
don't think he is. >> more on that in a bit.
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
here in camden county look at this accident, involving a school bus. we have seen some body board out there. this is again in camden county, sky fox over this accident, gloucester township. you can see a car slam really hard in the back of this school bus happening on sicklerville road at byson's court, what else have you found out. >> we are getting information in right now, possible injuries there, we are getting new information. we saw students walking off the bus earlier, so, if there were some injuries they want to keep them on the bus until they can be treated but... >> you're watching sky fox before it went on and you did see student coming off that bus. >> that is what i was told. >> couple of fire fighters who watch the the show every day,
8:55 am
they believe that the guy in the back of the busies trying to put a color possibly on somebody injured. it looks like they have that backboard out trying to put a color around the neck of son laying on the floor of the bus. >> they don't want to move him. >> people in the back might have been jolted. they don't keep them on the bus, they stabilize them and bring them off if there are injuries there. >> that is it, they are putting a c collar on the patient is what they are doing. >> yes. >> so certainly we are getting new information on this and there is the ambulance on the scene. they are treating this. we will have new information and we will have continuing updates as long as we get new information in. we will be right back. the orders were rushing in. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn't need a loan. we needed short-term funding fast. building 18 homes in 4 ½ months? that was a leap. but i knew i could rely on american express
8:56 am
to help me buy those building materials. amex helped me buy the inventory i needed. our amex helped us fill the orders. just like that. another step on the journey. will you be ready when growth presents itself? realize your buying power at
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i'm here to get the lady of the house back on her feet. and give her the strength and energy to stay healthy. who's with me?! yay! the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in! >> it has been a rough morning. it is a school bus accident, gloucester township, it the is in camden county. the last 15 minutes or so we
8:59 am
have been seeing students being taken off the bus. a a lot of emt folks watching the show this morning. they really believe there is probably someone on the floor of the bus in the back they are trying to take off the emergency exit off the back, securing a collar to their neck. we see ambulance is pulled up there. they have a gerney on the opposite side of the bus ready to transport someone with. sicklerville road, dave, is it sicklerville road. >> sicklerville road at bryson's court. we don't necessity what school they were heading to. i cannot see the name on the side of the bus there but it is that same bus company that services mess of the delaware valley. >> gloucester township on the side of the bus. >> yes. >> not good. >> we saw many students walk off the bus thankfully out the front door, that is the front door but it looks like somebody has been injured. we will stay on it. if that changes in the control room just punch that it up and dave will get information with the police right the now
9:00 am
getting more information because anytime we have this, parents are going oh, my gosh is that my kids school bus. >> understandably so. >> we will figure out what school they were heading to. good day, it is friday, january 29th. karen joins us now. good to see you. >> hi karen, happy friday. before you snap another photo of yourself, up with your selfie stick, listen up. yourselves may be ruining your love life and relationship with other people. >> i think i know on one that happened to that we all know. >> what? >> karen has the tease. >> okay, ladies, if you love, two shoes but cannot pull them off with the feet that you have. we have help for you. the type of shoes thaw need in your closet. >> certain types of feet that kind of make your feet look smaller in a way, right. >> yes


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