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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  January 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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afternoon, but very scary tends situation happening inside. >> they had police going room to room, searching for a weapon after gunfire interrupted an otherwise calm toned a school day. good evening, i'm karen hepp. >> i'm chris owe con em. still a lot of unanswered questions tonight. let's get straight to fox 29's shawnette wilson live outside the school tonight. shawnette? >> chris, you mention unanswered questions, that's right. we're still wait to go hear whether those five student taken into custody will be charged and what role if any they played in this incident. in the meantime, we can tell you, a shell casing and gun have been recovered. >> ben franklin high school, student and staff reported hearing a gunshot. >> my son called me just saying that it was -- they heard gunshots inside the school, then they found a case inside the stairwell. >> just before noon, police were called in. they say they found a 45 caliber shell casing inside. their search later turned up a gun, also, found inside the
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school, according to police. alledgedly at this point group involved in a fight. i don't know what the sent of the fight was, what it was about, anything like that, so right now we're being told another individual fired a shot we don't know whether it is true or not, but we do know the shot was confirmed by a security officer on location. >> our cameras captured several students being taken into custody. we have blurred their faces, no word on their involvement, and charges have not been filed. some parent rush to pick up their children. the school was on lockdown for several hours. >> actually it is a good school. you know, i sat down, i called a couple of the teachers, principal, it is a real good school tonight hear something like that happened, i mean, i just want them out. >> reporter: back here live, still no word on what that fight was about that proceeded the gunshot being fired. good news again as we state, no one was hurt. back to you. all right, shawnette, thanks. you can see from shawnette the wind blowing there, her scarf,
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it is a cold night out there this evening. but things will start to get better, here's a live look, gorgeous on the ben franklin parkway. we've got some mild weather to look forward to. let's get over to your chief meteorologist, scott williams. >> it is blustery stepping outdoors right now, but milder air it is in that seven day forecast, but not this evening, if you are stepping out for your friday evening plans. grab a jacket, 38 degrees right now. the high made it up to 42 degrees, right now, we have sustained winds, out of the west northwest, 20 miles per hour, still, with gusts up to 30 miles per hour. earlier, in the day, ultimate doppler was tracking some rain, even some snow showers moving through the area, it really didn't amount to much. and most of the region right now, dry, quiet. still some flurries out toward the central part of the state. but, look at those wind, gusting still to 26 miles per hour in philadelphia. gusting to 28 miles per hour out of the north and west, in millville. so, take a look at the air temperatures right now.
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33 degrees pottstown, 25 right now in the pocono mountains, we have mid 30's, millville, but you factor in the wind, how your body react, how you should dress, dress for single digit right now, in the pocono mountains, feels like nine, feels like 18 in lancaster, feels like 28 degrees currently in philadelphia. so hour by hour, blustery and cold by 9:00 looking at 32 degrees, upper 20's by 11:00. so, take a look at your saturday snapshot for tomorrow. a cold start, sunshine, but the high temperature of 41 degrees, that is seasonable for this time of year. soap, still kind of cold across part of the northeast, and new england. but, take a look to the south and west. it is 76 degrees right now in dallas. looking at 70 in houston. we will talk about when milder air heads in our direction, with the seven day, coming up. chris, back to you. >> scott, see you in a few minutes. a bus and suv collide in camden county sending more than dozen people to the hospital. this crash happened just before 8:00 this morning, in
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gloucester township. police say the school bus was slowing down, on sicklerville road, when an s.u.v. slammed into the back of the bus. the student were on their way to ann mullen middle school, 12 student were treated for minor injuries, and so were a man and two young children. in that suv. well, a woman is returned to the hospital after she jump from third story window to escape her burning home. happened early thinning more 6300 block every morton street, east germantown neighborhood. the woman was returned to einstein medical center where she is in stable condition. a baby also in the home was not hurtment still no word on what caused that fire. >> investigator need your help to track down a person of interest in the connection with the homicide, new castle. investigators are looking for that guy, he's 52 year old gregory parker, and according to authorities, officers got a 911 call to check on a home where he lives. the 900 block of ida court.
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when they got there last night, they found another man, who was dead inside. forty-seven year old sean penn, police say, parker is a large man, 6-foot 8 inches tall, and 225-pound. >> we want to notify the community and the residents of mallard point, that this is not a random act of violence. it appears the victim and the suspect, there is some type of relationship. >> this do note each other, and the crime is not random, so the community should not be worried. if you have any information please call the new castle county police. >> supporters after delaware bill to abolish the death penalty vow to continue to outlaw capitol punish: this comes after the measure was closely defeat dollars in the state house yesterday. support earl plan to file a measure to reconsider the bill in hope to sway three lawmakers needed to past the measure. and are some philadelphia police officer already gramp bye our new mayor?
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it seems that way. and it is so often the case, you know, what's responsible, social media is in the middle of it. at issue comments made by jim kenney after the ambush shooting of police officer jesse hartnett. >> come end criticized by some as being add the with the facts of the incident. our bruce gord or -- gordon live in the news room with this tonight. >> chris, let's be very clear at the outset. we are not suggesting some massive revolt against kenny by rang and file officers of the philadelphia police department, but clearly, some cops did not take kindly to the description of the man behind the hartnett ambush. >> police officer ryan -- >> mayor kenney was front and center at the police department graduation sermon i welcoming newest philadelphia police academy graduates to the job t seems some cops already on the job are not so thrilled with his honor. this showed up on facebook during last weekend's blizzard shared by some cops, favorably commented on by other.
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mayor ken at this says just said that this storm has absolutely nothing to do with snow. reference maimed after jesse cart net was shot and wounded back on january 7th. photos of the shooting are played by philadelphia police at a news conference. >> in no way shape or form does anyone in this room believe islam or the teaching of islam has anything to do with what you have seen on that screen. >> but at the same news conference, police shared archer's comments under interrogation. >> pledges his allegiance, follows alah, that's the reason he was called upon to do this. >> some viewed kenny's comments describe wag the hartnett shooting was not as premature. others claim he was being politically correct the head of the fraternal orders every police was at the graduation ceremony friday. so i asked john mcnesby: >> is there tension between your members and the mayor? >> listen, i was elect today lead the f.o.p. we're leading in the right direction. the mayor, the mayor, whatever comment he made at that time,
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he made. he's talked to officer hartnett. they've had conversations. and i'm good with that. >> i showed the people to kenny at city hall later. >> that's kind of funny actually. i don't take offense to that. >> kenny was quick to say he has spent most of his adult life supporting police and their issues. >> if you look back at my record, the votes that i have taken, position i've taken, effort i've done chart bridge, when raising money for police, police bikes, everything that police officers need to do their job, my record could stand up and surpass just about anyone. >> kenny said i made his comments to try to scapegoat the broader muslim community because of the actions of one criminal f that makes some people ankle rip, he said, women, that's okay. chris? >> all right, bruce, thanks. pennsylvania governor tom wolf says a new initiative can help prevent sexual assault on college campuses. the campaign is called it's on us pa. it builds on a national
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campaign first introduced by the white house. >> rye inch forces very, very negative characteristics, of the environment. it promotes culture of unfairness. it promotes a culture every discrimination. it feeds on the idea that some people have clear clearer right than others. >> one in five of college women are sexually assaulted it's on us pa is the first state-wide pa focused on sexual awareness on college campus. >> and coming up new at 6:00 at least nine local university student, very big trouble, for what investigators are calling a scam, what they are accused of taking from the 7-eleven store, and it is not a big gulp. >> and the coast guard comes to the rescue of two men whose boat burst into flames. guards had some help. who is getting those big kudos tonight? sean? >> once again, howie roseman gives out another fact contract extension, and the
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wildcats getting ready for a game against saint john's. jay wright speaks later in sports.
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two feel saved after the engine room of their boat caught fire off the coast of new england. lots of flames there. us coast guard says the two fishermen had done their suit, and jumped into the water when their boat became engulfed. so smart, there was nearby fishing vest they will came by, to fish them out of the water as coast guard crews put out the fire, amazingly, nobody was hurt. well, there are nine rowan university students in a lot of trouble. facing charges after investigators say, they stole thousands of dollars. >> and according to authorities, it was all part of a debit card scam. fox 29's bill anderson joins us live from the news room,
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now, with how they pulled it off, bill? >> chris, it has been going on for awhile. for almost a year, students got away with taking small amounts of money, from a local convenience store, using actually a pretty simple scam. when the total added up to tens of thousands of dollars, the store caught on. now there could be some serious consequences. >> what start as a stupid decision here, has grown into money making scheme that could possibly sends several student to jail. >> the student who was working for 7-eleven, and he started refunding students for merchandise they didn't buy at the 7-eleven. 7-eleven noticed while reconciling the records then came to the university and asked for us to do a more thorough investigation. >> over approximately ten months, the 21 year old rowan university student allegedly added nearly $35,000 to several students' borough
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bucks, debit cards, the cards they used to buy food and other services on and off campus. >> students don't realize the implication. if you're an education major, you're done. law major, you're done. so what might have been few hundred dollars for a particular student, getting refund, it has an impact for their entire lives. >> walking around campus many of the students i spoke to were shocked at the size of the theft, and disappointed that the dumb decisions after few could possibly reflect negatively on so many. >> they obviously got too greedy, got caught. >> that's a full year of tuition here. so that is also a lot of big gulps. >> most of us every day just trying to get the degree, so to try to screw the system, to take away what we're trying to do. >> so far nine have been arrested and charged with theft. and both police and university officials tell me that it is possible that more charges could come as the
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investigation continues. >> some weren't charged criminally involved. and they'll account for what they had to do as well. >> what will the consequences be? ride ranges of punishment depending how much each individual stole. if it is under $200 it, could just be a misdemeanor, over two grand, likely, a felony. so, in initially small time scan, may well sends some student to jail. karen, we'll stay on top of it and keep you inch fonder. >> i know you will, lesson learned there. final preparations are underway. i love this event. it is so much fun to check it out of the if you need a new car it is the auto show in philadelphia. it is the big black tie gala, when everyone gets all fancy pants, will auction off one of the fiat's that pope francis used when here in philly. that's so cool. the other fiats will be on display for the public for the rest of the show. it will hope tomorrow, tan will run through february 7th. i know a lot of years the auto show weather's a big deal. a lot -- not so this weekend, scott. >> looking pretty good this
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upcoming weekends, karen, chris. snow pack still on the gown for most. the shows snow, once you move north and west, still pretty good coverage as you move around, harrisburg, and to hagerstown as well as north and west of baltimore. nice fresh powder, in the pocono mountains, it will be great weekend to go skiing, as well. ultimate doppler, earlier today, yes, look at the moisture, looking at some rain moving through the area, a long with some flurries that didn't amount to much. most of the air, dry, and quiet. but, it is pretty blustery stepping outdoors right now. look at those current wind gusts, 30 miles per hour in the pocono mountains. almost 30 miles per hour in millville, at 28, 26 right now out of the north and west. >> we have 25 degrees right now in the pocono mountains,
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35, in wilmington, as well as millville. factor in the win, how your body react, feels like single digit right now. in the pocono mo. mountains, feels like 21 in wilmington, feels like 25 right now in millville. so, it is still going to be cool start to the upcoming weekend, high tell tomorrow around average for this time of year. >> it is blustery, quiet overnight for your saturday plans, a lot of sunshine out, there maybe washing the car from all of the salt. few passing clouds later in the afternoon, but weekend, it is going to be dry. as we time everything out over the next several days, quiet for us, quiet for most of the country, our next best chance for rain, really not until a little disturbance moves through on monday. and then take a look at this storm system that will take
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shape around the four corners monday. that will move into the planes and the midwest. temperature for us will climb to the 50's and six's, by next week. >> so for tonight, fair skies, teens, 20's, it will be cold, watch out for some patchy ice. 41 degrees, for the high temperature tomorrow. that is average. 50 degrees on sunday. fifty-five on monday. couple of showers. little cooler on tuesday. but still high of 50 degrees, above average. and look at wednesday. 62 degrees, a couple of showers, maybe even rumble every thunder turning cooler, by the latter part of next week. still average by next friday. >> thanks, thunder in the middle of the week, thank you. >> sean bell, eagles bussing at the checkbook today. >> giving out cash to everyone, if you're an offensive vet, you're happy because the eagles are just handing you dough, all over the place. another guaranteed contract given, and it is a lot of money. brent celek, little guys
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receiving that money. look like celek will end his career as a philadelphia eagle. we spoke with him first time after signing the deal today. what did he say? that's next in sports. winter is hard on your nose. from first sniffles to endless runny noses. puffs plus lotion is soft. they help soothe irritation by locking in moisture better
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so you can face winter happily. a nose in need deserves puffs indeed. and try puffs softpack today.
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>> eagles clearly have a lot of cash to bring out.
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they definitely know who they want to stay. zach ertz, they lock in, guy who has been here probably the longest out of any guy in philadelphia, in any sport, tight end brent celek. celek has been an eagles his whole career, nine years, drafted by the eagles in 27th in the fifth round, veteran, lockerroom, respected by all, and now, today he talks about his three year, $13 million deal. >> this is one of the greatest days of my life. to be able to say i'm going to be a philadelphia eagle for life is a dream come true. and when i figured it out, i couldn't sleep. i was so excited i probably had tears coming out of my eyes, and i just went downstairs and sat on my couch and just thought about, you know, everything it took to get here. >> the latest player to get extended is lane johnson. he just signed six year deal, reportedly worth 63 million
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over 35 million guaranteed. that puts lane in the top five categories when it comes to guaranteed money, is he really worth that much, lane johnson, top five, justin also spoke today about staying an eagle. >> i can lead by example, you know, sometimes i let my mouth get the best of me, but, you know, i speak to my heart, and from that stant point, i mean, from now on, i'll lead by example, help the younger guys along the way. >> all of these offensive signings won't mean anything if you don't get sam bradford or some type of quarterback for the long-term. villanova still top ten, but nobody cares what they do right now. so, about the tournament, last saturday they had a taste of what march madness is like, but failed in the clutch. they are still dealing with that over time lost, providence, where they let the second half, 11-point lead. they are getting healthy all week, because they had a week off. now they have to face saint
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john's, a squad that's seven in 14. but the wildcats, pass, they have very, very recent history of upsetting ranked teams at home. >> any league game in this conference, you can get beat, you know, you can -- i think duke went up, got beat there. you know, they get that guard going. they're a good enough team. they can definitely beat you. that's why all we can do is get back to work this week and try to be a better team than we were against providence. >> but don't you all want to be an eagle right now? giving out money to everyone, connor barwin, is he next, sam bradford, who will you give to dough next? >> i'll be the ball boy. all right, that does it for us here at 6:00. >> we'll see you back here at 10:00 tonight. have wonderful night. tgif. we have inside edition up next.
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let's address the elephant not in the room tonight. >> did megyn kelly really compare trump to the harry potter villain? and what's up www.the false eyelashes. then, zika virus. is this the event that's now throwing the world into chaos. and cheer coach fired. did she deliberately try to trip a high school cheerleader? plus, death threats for the doctor who lost it. >> call 911, oh, yeah. >> the disturbing letter found on her windshield. >> hoping you never see this letter because you've already crashed and died. then the new tv movie about ma


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