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tv   Good Day Philadelphia Weekend  FOX  January 30, 2016 8:00am-10:01am EST

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right now on "good day," breaking news in west philadelphia. a search is under way for a missing girl. jennifer joyce is gathering information. >> plus so many of us are so concerned about the zika virus. we've got the answers for you. if you have a question, post it route now use our hashtag #fox29goodday. >> there's an old saying everything is negotiable and there are some things you should really negotiate to save some good cash. we've got the goods for you coming up. >> and good morning, everyone. this time last week we were this
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high in snow. we are very happy to be with you. good morning karen, good morning, dave. >> the big question everyone wants to know is the snow going to be. >> going down. it's sort of this high right now. it's going down. the temperatures by the end of the weekend will be pretty much all gone. definitely by the end of the week. it doesn't feel like it right now though. you step outside over though we have the sunshine, as we look live along the ben franklin parkway. the wind has picked up but the wind chills is down quite a bit. this will be the coldest part of the weekend right now. look at the temperatures 20s. we're getting that melting and refreezing again. we've watched it all week, it happened again this morning. a little slippery out there. it's the cold wind chills we'll talk about this morning. they're as low as we're going to get. some rain back in the forecast. this is what it feels like, 9 when you factor in thatten wind, teens in between.
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there's a 20-degree temperature in millville. a good bit of sunshine here today. but look for a few clouds approaching by the end of the weekend as the temperatures get even warmer coming in, it's holding off to the start of the coming week. it's dry today with temperatures up about 40. not much warmer. the warmer air doesn't move in quite yet. chilly day 40 degrees, 41 to the south. close to 60 in that 7-day forecast coming up. >> we're following this breaking news that comes to us from west philadelphia this morning. there is a missing girl, she is just nine years old, and her mother so upset, desperately hoping police are going to find her and son. >> let's get right on you to fox 29's jennifer joyce. you spoke to the little girl's mother. what can you tell us? >> reporter: she tells us that this search has been going on for the last eight hours, and so far nothing. she was last seen here in this area. philadelphia police are still on scene here as they continue this
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search. the nine-year-old has been missing since about 5:00 yesterday according to her mom who said her daughter was upset about something and she left the house. she has not been seen since. police have been out all night searching for her. she was wearing her school uniform with her purple jacket. police have been focusing their search in the area of 58th and baltimore streets where one of her friends lives. they called all of her friends and no one has heard from her. the child's mom indicated that she has never been away from the house this long and they're very worried and they just want her back. her picture is circulating facebook spreading the word. if you see her you are urged to call philadelphia police. >> thank you so much. in other news, a man is dead this morning after being struck by a car.
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this happened on i-95 in bucks county. it was just after 5:00 this morning in the southbound lound at exit 37. so far no word on whether the driver of the car will be charged. >> and only on fox. it was a brutal murder that sent fear and shock waves through a philadelphia neighborhood last summer and the victim's family spoke exclusively with fox 29 about their grief on the six-month anniversary of the unsolved homicide. >> it felt like i was thrown off a cliff, there was nothing i could do about it because i wasn't here to protect her. >> he has a heavy heart that no amount of time can seem to lift. he still lights candles. it was back in july when 22-year-old stephanie was shot execution style in her bedroom. her two-year-old daughter in the house. when someone ran inside and
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called her. the suspect fled and was captured running from the scene on surveillance video. >> i mean, we feel like there's been no leads whatsoever in six months. like, why. >> and now six months later, family members and friends are asking the public to come forward with any information to help solve the crime, help the police. homicide detectivives have been working the case and sources tell us they do have credible leads. >> there's a montgomery county school bus driver charged with sexually assaulting two special needs students and this happened for six years. there's the suspect now facing a long list of charges. investigators say he was the driver for the penn ridge school district, he inappropriately touched two female special needs students. investigators say he also exposed himself to those two girls. the school district says he is suspended without pay and banned
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from school property pending the outcome of that investigation. and also in montgomery county, a man is facing more than 100 felony charges after authorities say they found movies of pictures of child pornography in his computer and phone. he is in jail on $100,000 bail he'll be arraigned next week. >> authorities in new castle, delaware need your help tracking down a person of interest in a homicide. investigators are looking for this man. 52-year-old gregory parker, according to police officers got a 911 call for a welfare check on a home. when cops arrived, they found 5i 37-year-old man dead inside. police say parker is 6'8" tall and about 225 pounds. >> we do want to notify the community and the residents of mallard point that this is not a random act of violence. it appears that the victim and
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the suspect, there is some type of relationship. >> now, authorities say the crime is not random. that the two men knew each other. they need your help. if you have information, please call police. >> ms, investigators are looking for a woman who tied up an employee during a robbery at a phone store in bucks county. police have released surveillance pictures. they say a man barged into an at&t wireless store. he is accused of flashing a handgun before police say he and the woman got away with several smart phones and cash. one employee was tied up but nobody was hurt. >> we're waiting to hear whether charges will be filed in a gun-related incident at ben franklin high school. we blurred their faces because as of last night charges had not been filed. police say five students were taken in for questioning just before noon yesterday.
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and police say someone fired a gunshot inside the school, forcing it to go on lockdown. no one was hurt, and police say they found a 45 caliber shell casing in the stairwell and a gun was recovered shortly after. health officials say it's exploding and the zika virus affecting more people around the world. >> it is so scary and some of the parents or new partners are so concerned. and coming up dr. mike is here to answer your questions. you can just tweet us or facebook us, use the hashtag #fox29goodday. >> these new toys, what exactly are they and why does our jen fred hate them so much. >> it seems like the world is dominated by selfies. but one local photographer is taking pictures to bring us back to a different era. the special photos she's taking
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straight ahead. >> you can share your photo with us, right? >> absolutely. >> throwback photos. >> what should we do with them? >> get people to record videos. whomp there it is. >> maybe we'll do it the lip sync challenge. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. it is 8:11 right now. brazil mobilizing its military to combat this virus, the zika virus. while in the u.s. the head of the institute of infectious disease weighing in. >> much of central and south america is trying to fight and screen for the virus. brazil is trying to eliminate breeding areas for the mosquitos that transmit the disease and researchers are concerned the zika virus is linked to rare birth defects including thousands of cases of babies in brazil born with small heads and brains that don't develop poly. officials say they're prepared for the outbreak. >> prepare for the possibility of a major outbreak. but in reality you have to sar we believe, we don't know, we believe is that it is unlikely that it would happen. >> wow. well the cdc says pregnant women or those who are trying to get
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pregnant should consider postponing trips to countries with zika. there are currently 31 people in this country who have been diagnosed with this virus including a woman from new jersey. we've got a lot of questions so we decided to bring in our own dr. mike. good morning. >> you guys look fantastic. no zika virus here. >> none. >> there is a lot of concern about this. there's only 31 cases, 400 million people in the united states. so should we be as concerned as people are? >> i think we should be concerned and we should think about the fact that when the summer comes, mosquitos will be around. and there lies the problem. when mosquitos are able to transmit this virus, and the warmer weather comes, then i think we're going to see many more cases. so as was stated, we just have to be prepared. >> and it's not just central and south america, we're now concerned about puerto rico and some of the caribbean as well. >> if you are planning a trip to the caribbean, whether that be
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puerto rico, the u.s. virgin islands and you're pregnant, i would think twice. i'm not trying to scare anyone, i'm just telling you, you don't want to get the zika virus if you're pregnant. it could lead to a condition, as you mentioned, called microcephaly. it's a condition where the baby's brain does not grow properly and it could be a very, very serious problem and a lifelong problem. >> we don't want to scare people, we do want to inform people. how do you know if you have it or if you're developing symptoms or you should be protected. >> well, if you go to the bribian or somewhere -- crabbin or somewhere where the viruses, you can get infected.
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>> weekend wendy is so excited to be out of the house after being snowed in last weekend, an here's something fun to do at the penn museum. it's the chinese new year celebration and it's today from 11:00 in the morning until 4:00 in the afternoon. all kinds of activities for the entire family. with a backdrop of chinese artifacts that date to the 19th century. so lots of fun and some history too at the penn museum today. day of, what's the -- dave, what's the weather? >> get out of the house and enjoy it here. 11:00 just above freezing but then we hit 40, finally 36 degrees. not nearly as windy as it was
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last night or even now. it is getting better. temperatures are still into the 20s in mount pocono. 18 in allentown. not quite as cold but down below freezing. you get the melting, everything refreezes. watch the slippery sidewalks or the front walk between the driveway and the street. could have a little coating of ice. still into the 20s to the south but getting a little better today. ultimate doppler is all clear and it will stay clear today. no passing snow showers but things will start to change by the start of this week. we'll talk about warmer weather and then the rain. so the rain stays clear throughout the weekend but look at the temperatures, only dropping into the 30s overnight tonight. we're into the 40s today. it's tomorrow where you see the big warm-up. mid 40s by about noon and trying to get up to near 50. we'll be close. in fact a few spots might hit 50 but this is our warming trend, it is well under way. it will be a little cooler as the wind picks up out of the
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south and keep the temperatures down just a bit. north and western suburbs climbing into the 40s and 50 degrees. we'll cleem up to 40 with just a few clouds. not quite as windy as today. here's sports with sean bell. >> good morning, i'm sean bell. the eagles keep giving money away. sirs they sign zach ertz now they've locked up their other tightened to a three-year contract. a 3-year, $13 million deal to stay with the eagles until probably the end of his career. he was drafted by the eagles in 2007 and his entire nine-year career was been with this team. the longest tenured eagle. >> this is one of the greatest days of my life. to be able to say that i'm going to be a philadelphia eagle for life is it's a dream come true. and when i figured it out, i
8:19 am
couldn't esleep. i was so excited i probably had tears coming out of my eyes. >> they also locked up wayne johnson a deal worth $63 million. over 35 mill guaranteed putting him in the top paid offensive lineman. >> i'm good with signing our own players. let our players get some of that money. coming up, i use uber right here on my phone, it's super popular, but there's some bad guys out there who are trying to get a free ride on your dime. >> coming up how hackers are planning to steal your information and what you can do to protect your uber account. alex? >> it's time to negotiate. there are some things you can negotiate for and get a better price. we're going to tell you the tips to help you save some serious cash. coming up.
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♪ whomp there it is >> it's like flash back. >> we're kicking it old school. can you dig it? >> they're going to do the sixers game. >> you see what i'm saying? good morning to you out there. let's take a look at some of your viewer videos. a good friend of our good day family dealing with a part of our family as well. baby's first steps. you can send us your videos, we would love to play them. hey alex, what's going on? or not. >> reporter: you've heard it before. everything is negotiable. but what should you really push for and what should you just let go? our jen fred and financial expert they have some tips for you when it's time for cashing in. >> i'll be honest. i'm not afraid to negotiate for the little things. but what about big things?
8:24 am
>> big things you should negotiate. do you have a card? >> of course. >> do you know your credit kwoer? >> no. >> you need to find out your credit score because if you have a good score anything over 700, you can call your credit card company and tell them you want a better rate. >> really? >> absolutely. if you have a $5,000 balance which is average, if you lower your rate by half, you can save 500 bucks. >> that's insane. >> i know this sounds gauche, but my parents are having financial trouble with their medical bills. >> it's not uncommon. 62% of all bankruptcies in this country is because of medical bills. so we have insurance but we have ductables. there's this new thing called the patient advocate. a lot of providers have them. check it out you might be able to save some money. look at if you have a stack of bills they can help you negotiate it down. >> or you can call the hospital? >> you have to say look, i want
8:25 am
to pay you but you've got to work with me. >> here's one. mike my camera guy, he has a daughter going to college and he's going crazy because it's so expensive. >> luckily she's smart like her mom. here's the deal. tuition can be negotiated. column colleges don't say that, but if they want that student they're going to do what they can. make an appointment and sit down with them and say this is my first choice. let's see if we come up with terms of a deal. >> it works? >> it works all the time. >> i know i'm a little sloe. you've given us the big picture. now i need details. everyday negotiating. first be polite but don't be shy. if you don't ask, you're not going to get it. always pay with cash when possible. how about the last thing. make sure you're talking to the decision maker. don't talk to someone who can't make the decision. make sure you're talking to the
8:26 am
right person. >> ask for the supervisor. >> always. >> here's something i would like to negotiate. how much i see in my paycheck every two weeks. >> here at fox? >> some things can't be negotiated. we're doomed there i'm afraid. we're cashing out. >> okay. >> last night we had one of the biggest events in our city the black tie tailgate for the car show. wait until you see the vehicle. the pope's fiat to the highest bidder. so how much was that highest bid and who bought it? will it be in our area? we'll let you know. >> the proud new owners got it. we've got all the details for you. >> so many kids ask for a new kind of toy for the holidays but at least one partner wasn't buying it. why our jen fred said she just had it with the latest craze.
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since 1961, pearle vision has provided the neighborhood with expert eye care. that was dr. stanley pearle's vision
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♪ ♪ >> throwback saturday.
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why are we playing debbie gibson? she's coming into town. >> that is going to be a show not to miss. if you want to kick it real old school. >> it is 8:30 right now. we want to get you caught up on the top stories that are happening. police officers in delaware county will be the first in the world to carry a nasal spray version of narcan. this is different because it's the nasal version. it's used to reverse the effects of a heroin overdose. officers in severalle local police departments carry it but it has to be administered with a needle. this nasal spray version is better because it works faster and when seconds count that's a big deal. also it's easier to use and requires no assembly. the county used federal grant money to buy the devices. >> officials at penn state
8:31 am
university are considering renovating beaver stadium. the university is discussing adding i menties like updated bathrooms and better wireless internet. they say they prefer to do that than to rebuild the facility. >> all right. a car that made history, there it is. hitting the auction block. in this is so cool. the fiat pope francis tooled around in was auctioned off last night at the philly auto show. what do you think it sold for? >> do you want me to guess? $1 million. >> too high. >> $82,000. so let us know what you think. do you think it would go for more or for less. who bought it? >> michael and kate chapman of chapman auto stores which means it probably will end up on ebay for $1 million. the second papal fiat will be on
8:32 am
display. >> i know the chapmans. they're's going to put it in the showroom so everyone in philly can check it out. >> my neighborhood. i'm going to go see it. >> here's a good one from michael, down the shore there, there's just a few clouds out there morning not a bad start. we'll call it blah though because it gets better with our scale, up and up. not quite great but maybe by the end of the weekend, it's just until tomorrow morning it could be good. breezy this morning, a little bit of a chill. ultimate doppler clear no snow out there, the snow has cleared out. this is showing nothing but sunshine. throughout the west of the weekend the temperatures will get a little warmer especially tomorrow. but here's some rain. we'll keep a close eye on that because that will impact us not only just one day, but a few days this coming week. 20s now below freezing a little slippery out there, above
8:33 am
freezing this afternoon and getting even warmer. those numbers in the 7-day forecast are coming up. here's alex. >> there's a new craze among kids. have you seen them? they're called shop kins. >> reporter: this is not going to make me very popular with girls ages 5 to like, i don't know, 12. i have something to say. it's pretty aggressive. are you ready? i hate shopkins. i can't figure out what the purpose is. if you haven't seen shopkins yet, this is it. that's all they do. they don't do anything. i even said maybe we should put them on a pedestal. that's not what they do. this is what they do. they're right there. and there are some weird little i don't know toys that are good for inspiring kids. but i don't think i want my kid to grow up to be a winking cup cake or a hat that wears
8:34 am
sunglasses. and what are you supposed to be? i don't get shopkins. i hate them. they're useless, they're he expensive. this is my favorite. this is a talking sprinkled doughnut. my daughter got all kinds of things for christmas and this is the thing she loves the most. how long can this last? i want them to go away. i am ready to pay whatever it is. i hate shopkins. hold up. before you say i'm not a nice mom or i'm not a fun mom, look at the junk behind me. i bought all that stuff, no one plays with it. i also bought this. a light-up yo-yo. shopkins you have to prove your little doughnut-shaped heads to
8:35 am
me. you've got to show me that you're worth my money. >> i think the boy equivalent of what you step on is the legos. >> i've even done that. that hurts. >> we know they're popular. we are totally doing our throwback. we've got a little bit of "we got the beat." the "go-gos." have you gotten your w-2 yet? >> i don't know. >> i don't know i'm in no hurry to do my taxes. unfortunately tax season means that scams start gaining steam. there's a phone scam that has a lot of people concerned. the police are getting involved. what to do if you get that call. >> hopefully by now you're dug
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out. poor allen down didn't have school for the week. maybe we weren't properly prepared for the storm. so we have the items that you need in your home right now. >> you need food. you need a tv so you can watch "good day." that's it. after trying brookside chocolate, people talk about it online. love at first taste. i would liquefy it and bathe in it. curse you, brookside! your nefarious plans have succeeded. nefarious? are we still talking about chocolate? brookside. talk about delicious.
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it's time to introduce you to our fox 29 athlete of the week. this is one of our favorite segments because it allows our junior reporters to go out and
8:39 am
meet some spectacular high school super stars. this week katy introduces us to a hockey phenom. >> reporter: he is this week's fox 29 student athlete. at 6'2" and 205 pounds, number 33 is a force to be reckoned with in the net. so far this season with 212 shots against, he has always led in 14 -- let in 14. the team is having a solid season with two wins, four ties and two losses. >> strange i think would be the john coffee has put a lot of pucks in the net for us. i think goaltending myself and zach started out extremely strong this year. it's really more of a family than a team sometimes and it's a lot more than just our team. the fans themselves come to our games they're really supportive of us. off the ice i get a lot of
8:40 am
people talking to me about the games. not even students. it it extends beyond our team to the entire school. when your back on d, he keeps the d in check really great communicator back there and obviously making a lot of saves that are keeping us in games and is really a huge moment yum breaker for the team. if he's playing well, we are all. >> when i think of monty and what he brings to our community, he is the ultimate model. he has been a leader both by example and what he's accomplished, but he is also a very strong scholar. >> and monty plans to continue to strive for greatness past his senior year by applying to west point university. >> it's a great way to give back to my country and continue my academic career as well. >> reporter: monty considers being at least of the week an honor. >> it's great to be recognized for something i love doing and
8:41 am
it makes me feel good about myself and about my team. >> reporter: do you have someone you would like to nominate? tweet us or post it on our facebook page. just make sure to use the hashtag #fox29goodday. >> ever since we started doing this, you find out how many talented athletes we have in our area. >> absolutely. a lot of them go on to play professional sports. so many tonight will be using uber. it's a great way to get around. there are some bad guys out there and they are trying to ride for free on your dime. >> coming up we'll tell you how hackers are trying to steal your information and what you can do to protect your uber account. >> when it comes to pictures these days, it seems like the world is dominated by selfies and instagram posts. but one local photographer is taking pictures that bring us back to a different era. the special photos she's taking straight ahead.
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8:43 am
8:44 am
>> it's throwback saturday here on "good day." sounds like a throwback song. >> all the way back to last
8:45 am
year. >> so many of us like to get around and we use lyft or uber. we have dr. mike who's been in. he answered some of our questions. he's going to be back in the second hour. we have this one here from brian who says can you ask dr. mike what impact to children the new virus will be if they get sick. we will ask that question in the 9:00 hour. >> we will get answers for you. just sit tight and stay tuned. >> cyber thieves are looking to uber users to basically steal your money and ride for free. >> it's a scam. it's a new spin on an old trick. the only thing that's changed is the target. typically the hacker will send the victim an e-mail telling them something you want a free gift card or something like that. when you click a virus is downloaded to your device that reports every single thing that you type. once the criminals have your info, they sell it online. here's how you protect yourself.
8:46 am
the best advice is just avoid the click. get one of those pop ups, you don't know what it is, don't do it. but if you do get caught, here's some advice. >> as long as the consumer has used a credit card to link to the uber account, as opposed to a debit card, consumers have stronger rights with credit cards versus debit cards. >> okay. this is a full-on scam. they even have a market for it. the info is actually being sold for $4 to $7 a pop to anyone shady enough to be willing to buy your credit card information. >> there are always people out there that are just trying to get some more money out of you. it is 8:46 light now. let's take a live look outside and see what is out there. i just got a facebook post from one of our viewers saying their flight was cancelled waiting for a rebook. so we hope you get wherever it is where you are going. why would a flight be cancelled
8:47 am
out there today? >> possibly not the weather. it looks good out there this morning. fedex is taking off so your packages will make it to where they're going. a live picture shows we are clear but cold. 28 degrees. a light breeze, a wind chill of 23. so a little bit of a breeze today. not like yesterday where these chills were into the teens. we are looking at a calmer day today. watch for the ice right now. anything that melts refreezes. i'm getting tired of saying it. the snow is pretty much gone and it will definitely be gone over the next few days. we're warmer sunday and it gets even warmer this coming weak. it stays dry, ultimate doppler no snow showers out there. a few passing by well to our north but we are looking at the rain coming in this coming week and it will start on monday. here we are mostly clear today just a few passing clouds. the clouds begin to increase late in the weekend and here comes the rain. it's moving through the state monday. this is early monday.
8:48 am
the warm air up ahead of it, some colder air comes in behind it so the temperatures might drop just a little bit there on tuesday and a big warm-up with a lot more rain coming in on wednesday. right now we're in the mid to low 20s out there. still teens snow on the ground doesn't quite want to leave yet. 18 degrees in allentown. so warming up to the mid to low 40s today. upper 40s tomorrow. entertainment purposes only. groundhog day, we could see a little sunshine tuesday morning. bright and central so we'll certainly keep an eye on that. the temperatures today are into the upper 30s but let's look at the big warm-up we have in the 7-day forecast. a little cooler tuesday, 62 wednesday with a good bit of rain. and it does get a little cooler there on thursday and friday. >> thanks, dave. >> now it's time to take you in focus and this week we have a story we're excited about. a local photographer who's taking some old-fashioned
8:49 am
pictures. bill, these photos are definitely not selfies. >> i was doing research for this story and i came across the art of pin-up photography. naturally i decided i've got to go check this out. >> let's see it. >> a little bit straighter, you got it. >> reporter: for the last 11 years, photographer celeste has worked hard to get the best. >> at first i was a little nervous and it was awkward. she made it so comfortable and easy and we could laugh about the goofy faces i was making. >> people travel from all over the country just to have their pictures taken by celeste.
8:50 am
>> our clients are pretty much everyday women. totally different look than they're used to every day. >> some liner and a little touch-up underneath her eye. >> photos for her husband. >> we're crazy about each other. we have two kids. sometimes i kind of side track you and you become distracted with the relationship. it just adds a little extra fun, extra element to our relationship. saying hey, i'm thinking about you. >> women come in for all different reasons just to have a photo of themselves. they'll come in if they're getting married, to celebrate a
8:51 am
birthday. if they've lost weight, if they've battled cancer. >> the holidays are the busiest. >> it makes every woman feel sexy and feel confident. you can be anything you want to be for the day and it gives women the chance to do that. >> i don't think i'm going to have it out in our living room, but yeah, probably in his office. and then he cannot forget about me while he's working during the day. >> well, so that throws you back to a different era with the lighting, the make-up, the outfits. >> it's amazing. the work that celeste does is outstanding. >> it makes you speechless. >> it really does. >> here's another thing, denise married with two kids, a regular woman, she's not even a model but she looks like a model. >> you heard 99% of the people that come in are regular
8:52 am
every day people. >> denise is know regular person. smoking. shanks so much. >> bill and karen, back to you. >> you would so do that. >> 8:52 is the time right now. a daring rescue captured on a police body camera. >> three people fall into an icy pond in colorado. the amazing video and what the move one officer made that saved their lives. >> you've got uber for a ride, you have tv on demand, what about moving furniture? no fear, there is an app for that now too. details coming up.
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8:55 am
>> we've got some comments coming in. thank you for the flashback music. you are welcome. >> and also this picture for you. my first teeth. >> all right. so cold weather, winter time. it's fox food bite. we've got chef tracy and you're going to teach us about hot chocolate. >> we have some delicious homemade marshmallows.
8:56 am
>> when it gets nice and frothy we're going to throw sugar in there. while we're doing that, we're going to make hot cocoa. you can make it easily at home. and not only that in this mix you can control the amount of sugar that your kids get. so what i have here is a cup and a half of sugar. this is half a cup of dutch processed cocoa. we're going to mix that together. and this is the secret ingredient that the manufactures don't want you to know about. are you getting tired? >> no, i'm good. >> stop for a second because you're better than i expected. we don't want to overwhip it. this is dry powdered milk. these are your three ingredients. we're going to put them in an air tight container. >> that's it? >> three ingredients delicious hot chocolate. >> this will keep forever.
8:57 am
four table spoons it's best to mix it with hot milk and it's delicious. now i'm going to add a little bit of sugar and once again you can control how much. while you're doing that, we're going to throw in a little bit of va necessary la extract. you have -- va nel la extract. that is perfect. otherwise you wind up with butter. if you don't have a piping bag at home you can use a baggy. put it in and cut up the end. you've got a nice little thing to pipe your whipped cream with. if you put the whipped dream on the mug, it won't fall down into the -- >> now we need to drink it. >> okay. >> cheers. let's make sure it's delicious. >> cheers! >> mine looks like a sundae.
8:58 am
thank you chef tracy. >> thank you. >> this is fox food bite and i'm going to drink the hot chocolate.
8:59 am
9:00 am
we continue to follow breaking news in west philadelphia. a search is under way for a missing girl. we'll check back in with jennifer joyce in just a few minutes. >> right now can you believe we are only six months out? the democratic national convention coming to our town in july. how you can get involved as philadelphia makes history once again. >> plus a daring rescue captured on police body cam. three people fall into an icy pond in colorado. coming up the amazing video. you see a little piece of it and what happened to the boys. mike? >> moving from one place to the next can be such a pain, but don't worry about breaking your back. help is on the way. an app click away.
9:01 am
making your move easier coming up. >> and good saturday morning. thank you so much for joining us for our second hour. bill anderson, dave warren getting ready for this day. >> big day ahead. we've got temperatures trying to warm up a little bit but it's not until tomorrow where we see that nice big warm-up. so if you like the warm weather, just got to wait it out one more day. first off if you step outside we have sunshine to warm things up, that's exactly what we have. this is looking at allentown. >> thank goodness. they were walloped. >> they need that snow to melt. that's the renaissance hotel. they had no school all week, but the road is finally clear. getting this melting during the day and the refreeze overnight. that's what you step outside and
9:02 am
allentown is 29 degrees. speaking of melting, one week, last week and this is now. our headlines showed we had the calm wind chills this afternoon. it's getting warmer but there's some rain on the way. that's the deal with a little bit of rain maybe it holds off until after the weekend. 13 is the wind chill in mount pocono. really the wind is dying down, you're not seeing the big difference like we had last night. these are the wind chills to the south only into the low 20s. ultimate doppler is all clear. no passing snow showers. we still see a few clouds coming in. sunday a few more clouds but we're staying dry. by monday that's when we have to talk about that rain. it's moving in and it brings in some warmer temperatures. much warmer temperatures. it's all in the 7-day forecast coming up. >> all right, dave, thank you. it is 9:02 we have some breaking news we are following right now. >> right now a nine-year-old girl is missing and her mother is desperately hoping that
9:03 am
police will find her and find her son. >> let's get out to jennifer joyce. you spoke to the child's mom. what did she say? >> reporter: i did. at this point she has no idea where her daughter could be. very, very upset. unfortunately the search has been going on for nine hours and still no update this morning. her mom did give us a picture and told us she has been miss tg since 5:00 yesterday according to her mom who says her daughter was upset about something, she left the house and she hasn't been seen since. police have been out all night searching for her. she was wearing her school uniform with a purple jacket. her hair was in a bun. police have been focusing their search in the area of 58th and baltimore streets where one of her friends lives. they've called all of her friends, no one has heard from her. the child's mom indicated she's never been away from the house for this long and they are
9:04 am
worried, they want her back. the picture is circulating on facebook, spreading the word which will hopefully help locate the child. again if you have any edewhere she is, if you recognize her, if you see her walking these streets, give police a call. >> you probably remember this story. it was a brutal murder that sent fear and shock waves through a philadelphia neighborhood. it happened last summer and the victim's family spoke exclusively with fox 29 about their grief on the six-month anniversary of the unsolved homicide. >> it felt like i was thrown off a cliff. my heart was ripped out and there was nothing i could do about it because i wasn't here to protect her. >> he has a heavy heart that no amount of time could seem to heal. he still lights candles. it was back in july when the 22-year-old was shot execution style in the bedroom of her
9:05 am
home. her two-year-old daughter was in the house when someone ran inside and killed the port richmond dental hygienist. the suspect fled and was captured running from the scene on video. >> a lot of unanswered questions. we feel like there's been no leads whatsoever in six months we feel like why. >> family members and friends are asking the mub to come forward with information to help the police solve the crime. homicide detectivives have been working the case and sources tell us that they do have credible leads. >> it is 9:05 and we do have some breaking news. new developments right now. we have just learned a 16-year-old student has been charged in connection with a gun that went off at a high school. our cameras were there when several students were taken away. police say five students were taken in for questioning. now one of them has been charged. just before noon yesterday,
9:06 am
police say somebody fired a gunshot inside of the school. the good news nobody was hurt. police say they did find a .45 caliber shell casing in the stairwell and a gun after that. this video comes to us out of colorado from a police body camera and it's the rescue of a boy who fell into some freezing icy water. the boy and two others fell through the ice in a pond. the cops grabs a tree branch, then the emergency crews pulled two more boys from the icy waters. tragically they did not survive. using that tree branch. there's the boy, pulling him out alive. what a scene there. it is 9:07 right now.
9:07 am
and philadelphia getting ready to make history once again. >> the dnc, the democratic national convention will be at the wells fargo center in july. but why should the politicians have all the fun? coming up how you can get involved when the race for president comes right through philadelphia. >> it's almost time, tag team back again. you remember them. "whomp there it is." they will be live in our studio.
9:08 am
9:09 am
9:10 am
the democratic national convention, the convention will run from july 25th-28th with most of the big events out at the wells fargo center. >> party officials say that networks, cooperate sponsors will combine to pump $350 million into the local economy. >> wow. >> we have one venue at wells fargo, we have our hotels and all our restaurants, bars, brew
9:11 am
pubs everything open in between. have no fear there will be lots of places to have fun. >> there will be some serious talk but a heck of a lot of fun at conventions. the fun won't be resolved for our delegates. >> so of course we've got to tell you how you can do that. the democratic national convention will bring a chance for you to help philadelphia shine on the world stage. to tell us how to do that, the ceo of the democratic national convention committee is here with us. good morning. >> thanks for having me. >> six months away. >> are you getting nervous? >> 177 days. but who's counting? >> so you're on this. >> we did well when the pope came last september. i think we've got this. >> i agree. i think we've got this. it's one of the reasons we chose to come to philadelphia because of the wealth of experience philadelphia has with putting on big events. >> one of things that came around there was a lot of excitement.
9:12 am
there was some concerns about the economic opportunities. so people would be able to get involved. can they get involved in this event? >> absolutely. the hallmark is our involvement with our community. we need 10,000 volunteers to help us put the convention on. so we encourage people to go to our website and sign up to be a volunteer. we like to have volunteers. delegates like to interact with the residents and they ask questions where can i get the best cheesesteak, where do i get a coke or shows, they want to know where local people go. >> we have those questions too. >> and where can i get some of that -- do i get that little vest or something to wear. >> you get a volunteer t-shirt, you do. >> what do i have to know? do i have to study up a little bit? >> no. we ask people to fill out a little profile so we know where to place you and the jobs are very varied. you may be at the airport
9:13 am
greeting guesting. you may be one of the folks on the street helping to give people directions. so you don't have to know a lot. if you live here, you already know enough. >> yeah, probably do. >> comfortable with the security. that was another concern with the pope. so everything will be fine. smaller numbers. >> smaller numbers. i like to remind people that the democratic convention is smaller than an eagles game. so you guys are accustomed to moving folks in and out of the city's center for eagles game and we're smaller than that so you won't even notice us. >> you're not putting up big fences or anything like that? >> the security we leave to the secret service but we try to be as inobject trucive as possible. we know people have to go to work and school. >> 15 years ago the republicans were here. >> yes, they were. the democrats haven't been here for 70. >> we're here to break that streak. >> do you think the candidate will be settled by then or will we have a wild convention? >> no we're going to leave that
9:14 am
for the other side. >> we'll let them fight it out. we'll of course our conventions are fun. if you've seen them, we've got dancing in the aisles. we've got all the great entertainment on our side. >> we plan to be there with you. >> it's going to be fun. >> in the gop in cleveland? >> yes. >> head and shoulders. >> good luck. >> if you need our help, just call us. >> will do. thank you so much. >> a brand new exhibit opening at the academy of natural sciences today. weekend wendy is beyond excited. it's about tarantulas. this exhibit runs all the way through may 30th but they have a lot of special activities today because it's the opening day.
9:15 am
runs 10:00 in the morning today until 5:00 in the afternoon. so dave, what's the forecast? >> a little scary there, sue. 8-legged hairy things. i held one yesterday. i was told to. >> i was pretty impressed. >> it was the scariest 20 seconds of my life. >> because it could bite you. >> it could and they have fangs. go check that event out. it looks great. temperatures will be nice and warm. you finally get out no snow to clear. watch that first step it could be slippery as that snow melts and you get the refreeze. we'll finally be able to stop day that. all the snow is going to melt because the temperatures get a lot warmer by the end of the weekend. we're still into the upper 20s and lower 30s. ultimate doppler not adding to the snow. had a few passing snow showers yesterday. they're gone. the wind will die down and things will stay clear today. it looks pretty nice but look at the warmer temperatures. into the mid to low 40s today
9:16 am
and then dropping overnight tonight, barely down to the freezing mark. tomorrow is the big day. into the upper 40s maybe close to 50. just a few areas trying to touch 50 degrees. we're saying warmer than the rain. there won't be rain tomorrow but it is getting closer. in fact the cause of that rain is pulling up this warm air. by tomorrow afternoon, much warmer especially to the south. it will be cooler along the coast, might even see some low clouds and fog developing as you get that warmer air coming in. especially if there's snow on the ground but these warmer temperatures helping to melt that snow. today 35 and we're up to about 40 with sunshine, dropping down to 38 degrees. so it's not quite as cold as ttion this morning because of that wind. the wind is dying down. warmer weather today and much warmer weather in that 7-day forecast. a little more rain, i'll track each day and show you what to expect in just a little bit.
9:17 am
>> so we made this big announcement, so much fun and we're really excited because we are your new home for the st. patrick's day parade. >> and it's going to be a party. >> it's mike that's the newbie. >> it's time for fox unfiltered. >> where members of our team respond to your comments. and this week it's all about the praise. mike here, cathy here, bob here. let's take you back a few weeks ago on "good day philadelphia" when this happened. >> here's the big announcement. stop the news! here we go! are you ready! the biggest parade in philadelphia coming to fox 29! >> the saint patrick's day
9:18 am
parade here! >> boy that was a fun day. and the reactions are fantastic. >> unbelievable and it's such an unbelievable history. the irish community is so excited as well and of course mike you're going to be a part of it. >> the viewers reacted the day we had the band on. >> this is great news. i missed bob so much at last year's parade. >> fabulous news, congrats to fox 29 on behalf of the irish culture club of delaware. it wouldn't be st. patrick's day without cathy and bob. >> it's cathy, bob and mike. the three of us. >> can i ask you a question
9:19 am
though? >> sure. >> we got an e-mail saying that you hang out with nuns at the parade. that was from kate that she missed me talking to all the nuns along the parade route. what's that about? >> i had a lot of interaction with nuns early on in my career. >> the knuckles. >> but i'm looking forward to seeing the nuns and all the other great folks along the route. we're going to have some fun. >> it is on a sunday. >> it's the sunday before saint patrick's. sunday march 13th noon to 3:00 right here on fox 29. >> it's on the parkway, right? >> on the parkway. >> there's over 200 groups so have you to do some homework. it's just not any parade. it's the biggest parade in philadelphia and it's right here on fox. >> the oldest parade. >> you guys know so much. >> so much fun.
9:20 am
it was actually my son's birthday. you have to be careful not to sleep. you lose an hour of sleep that day. >> after you do our show are you going to go out to the parade. >> you can't miss it. by the franklin institute. >> we'll be out there. you know what we're going to be doing, we'll be out there interviewing people. so maybe you've gotten your mail and you've gotten your tax information, your w-2s, it is tax time. >> i don't even like the word. unfortunately it means that scams start gaining speed. there's actually a phone scam out there now that has a lot of people concerned that police are getting the call and we'll tell you what to do if you also get that call. >> plus moving, such a hassle. don't you wish they had an app for that? there is. the uber for moving. we'll explain coming up.
9:21 am
9:22 am
9:23 am
♪ ♪ ♪ lease a 2016 lincoln mkx for $399 a month only at your lincoln dealer.
9:24 am
the moment we've been waiting for all day. >> this one comes from one of our twitter followers. can you play "the power of love"? >> it looks like it's warm and welcoming even though it's freezing. >> so i'm trying to see what's trending right now on twitter. let's check in with mike and alice and see what they have. >> reporter: good morning everybody. i'm mike jerrick. >> and i'm alex holly. this is the trend. >> wait until you see this, a professional skeer, woman, tumbles a thousand feet down a mountain in alaska. >> you see her fall, flip and then tumble 1,000 feet down the side of a mountain. after this tumble she amazingly radios in. >> i'm okay. i'm okay.
9:25 am
yeah, i'm fine. and i can go back up. >> the fall actually happened last spring but is now being used to promote skiing safety. >> is the add to promote skiing safety with a horrifying crash? >> it's showing uh-uh don't want this to happen to you. >> that's true. >> let's get to another survival story. this one is out of ohio. look at the dash cam video. he was directing traffic following a crash as he was doing that the railroad track arm came down pinning the semi in. the train slams into the semi, causing the truck to careen right toward the deputy rolling over him several times. he suffered a gash to the head, a broken arm and needed 25 stitches but he says he's waiting to get cleared to go back to work. >> that's the trend for this
9:26 am
week produced by scott doll. >> it is coming up on 9:26 right now. facebook changing some of its policies. >> it was a weird policy to begin with. coming up what the social networking site is now banning. mike? >> after getting walloped with 2 feet of snow last weekend, i think we all learned there are certain supplies we need to keep around the house. coming up, the essentials you'll want to stock up on for your storm survival kit. >> also a really cute picture. thank you for sending this in. this is chloe's first time sledding. so cute. >> if you like the music we're playing, thank our in-house dj.
9:27 am
our cosmetics line was a hit. the orders were rushing in. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn't need a loan.
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we needed short-term funding fast. building 18 homes in 4 ½ months? that was a leap. but i knew i could rely on american express to help me buy those building materials. amex helped me buy the inventory i needed. our amex helped us fill the orders. just like that. another step on the journey. will you be ready when growth presents itself? realize your buying power at
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>> the federal government is refusing to release 37 pages from hillary clinton's private e-mail server saying they contain top secret information. the state department spokesperson says the documents were not top secret when they were sent but that the intelligence community asked for them to be upgraded. clinton's campaign says it objects to the decision to block the e-mails. >> facebook says it will be cracking down on private gun sales. the site says it will ban users from coordinating sales of private firearms. but it will not be stopping licensed gun dealers from doing business on the site. >> who knew selling guns. >> and the university of missouri professor who called for some muscle to help eject a student journalist from protest site cuts a deal with
9:31 am
prosecutors. she will have to do 20 hours of community service and won't be allowed to break any laws. i don't think any of us are allowed to break any laws. click was charged with simple assault more than two months after the incident that then went viral. >> and dave warren here, look what we have this morning with our weather question. he is literally bringing it to life. >> good morning everybody at fox 29 "good day weekend." we've got a birthday party to get to so dave how's the weather going to be? got you again! >> andrew, come on. be aggressive. don't let her walk all over you like that. >> that's the first time i've heard wendy's voice. >> me too. >> birthday party forecast, the
9:32 am
forecasting is a little tougher here than forecasting what andrew was saying. we've got a good day today, nice day tomorrow. temperatures are warming into the upper 50s. monday we have that rain in the forecast. so ultimate doppler is clear. those snow showers are gone. that rain is approaching from the west and here it is by sunday night. let's see the clouds are increasing. we'll maybe have some low clouds and fog developing as that warmer air comes over the snow which will still be on the ground but not for long. those showers are approaching moving through the area on monday and we'll have more rain in the 7-day forecast we'll show you when coming up in just a little bit. >> in a story i was following yesterday, some local college students facing serious charges this morning. the nine rowan university students could be in big trouble after allegedly scamming a local 7-11 out of nearly $35,000 over about ten months. one student who worked at the convenience store is accused of
9:33 am
stealing money and giving some of it to the eight other students. >> the student was working for 7-listen 11 and he started refunding students for merchandise they didn't buy at the 7-11. 7-11 noticed while reconciling their records and came to the university asking us to do a more thorough investigation. >> the students have been charged with theft and some could face jail time depending how much of the estimated $35,000 that they individually stole. >> there may be thousands of people across our area being targeted by an irs phone scam. have you gotten one of these phone calls? police say it is the largest they have ever seen. >> i'm calling regarding an enforcement action executed by the u.s. treasury. >> that's how the phone call starts. and we are getting into tax season right now and people have been getting these phone calls from men claiming to be from the treasury department demanding your personal information like
9:34 am
your dirt date, social security number and threatening legal action. we have a viewer who said she got two calls from the man just this week. >> it totally infewerauriates m. he was trying to be intimidating. >> they will never call you, the irs. police say it is all a hoax and you should never give your personal information over the phone to someone who calls you. if you get a call, hang up and call the police. >> you know moving can be such a hassle. but typically you know a move is about to happen. but sometimes if you just need a piece of furniture put someplace else in your house or maybe you buy a piano and you want that moved to your house. as for many things in life, there's an app for all of that. as we see in this week's tech tank. >> reporter: we cover all sorts of innovation out here and
9:35 am
usually it's coming from outwest like california, even a little bit closer, new york. let's talk a little something going on in south jersey. what cue haul does is offer an uber-like service for moving. let's say you need to move some gym equipment, even your whole house. you log into a website, put where you want to go and where things are going from. people will come and grab your stuff and take it to the location. this is another what they call disruptive technology, basically trying to change an industry. so will q hall compete with u-haul? who knows. but technology is allowing us to do amazing things and this is something we need to look at. if you want to talk about in other innovative technology, reach out to us and we can continue the conversation online. >> it was a super mistake at the
9:36 am
super bowl coming up what ground crews in california did that had them scrambled. >> we're also still answering your questions about the zika virus. coming up next our dr. mike back in studio to answer some of your questions that has so many people very concerned. >> and we're getting a lot of questions.
9:37 am
9:38 am
9:39 am
welcome back. let's get wak right to your questions about the zika virus that is causing a problem where there are babies that are being born in central and south america with very small heads. we know you have a lot of concerns and questions dr. mike is back with those. >> and the questions continue to come in. and you've been seeing them as they get tweeted to us. so here is one of them. question for dr. mike. what is the impact to children, the new virus will have if they happen to get bit by an infected mosquito? >> remember this virus is not really something that causes lots of problems, unless you're pregnant. now, any kind of virus, if you're a young person or you're an elderly person, you might have more severe symptoms. but when it comes to the zika
9:40 am
virus, you have a rash, you feel terrible and it goes away. the rub is if you're pregnant because it increases the risk of microcephaly which is a problem. >> let's get to our next question. we have another one that came in by twitter. this is lisa, i have lupus what are my risks? >> well, as long as you are not pregnant, the only thing to be concerned about is patients that have lupus sometimes take medications to reduce their immune system's response. so you might get a more severe case of it. but if you're not going to get pregnant or if you're not pregnant, go have fun. >> one more came in and let's take a look at this question. you talked about it for the young and the elderly, significantly more impactful to the elderly? >> sure. any type of illness whether it be a virus, anything like that, is more severe in the elderly
9:41 am
and the very, very young. again, this is not a problem for the rank and file folks out there. it's the folks that are pregnant. and that's what we're worried about. in fact, you should know this. one out of -- only one out of five people that have this virus actually know they have it. they're sick. >> so they could spread it. >> well, they can. >> here's what scares me so much. no vaccine, no treatment, and we don't have a cure and you think it will be coming into this country as we head into the warmer months. >> it's coming to a town near you. we're going to see -- right now cases are coming from people that got it down in the caribbean, south america. they're coming up traveling. what we're going to see in the summer is a gradual progression through mosquitos of the virus throughout the united states. my prediction is it will start in florida and texas and louisiana and move its way up over the summer. so we just need to be prepared. and how do you prepare? right now there's no vaccine,
9:42 am
there's no antibiotics, there's no drugs. what you need to do is prevent mosquitos from biting you. and i think we're going to see a lot of mosquitos control this summer. >> no reason to be paranoid. we will keep you informed. information is the best way to protect yourself. >> listen, if i have the opportunity to go to the caribbean, i would go. just don't go, in my opinion, if you're pregnant. >> thank you dr. mike. >> i love you both. you look great. >>
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
. last weekend we all learned how important being prepared for a blizzard can be. so what do you need in a storm survival kit? let's put it together. karen hepp lets us know what we need to have around the house. >> for today's around the house we're trying to keep you and your family safe when we have storms and we know we're in the thick of the season when we have ice storms. we have beth allen. a lot of us know to put together a safety kit where we have some things we can eat, snacks for the kids, and to have the batteries and the flashlight and the water. let's go beyond that for a second. what else do we need to have? >> well, if you are on prescription meds and you know the storm is coming, make sure you get your prescriptions filled. when it comes to losing the contends of your fridge and freezer when the power is out,
9:46 am
that is an overwhelming fear for many people. before the storm hits, take zip lock bags full them full of water or soda bottle, pack it with ice. the usda says you have 24 hours for a half-full freezer, 48 for a full. so you'll buy an extra day of food safety. and you have 8-10 hours on your refrigerator. make sure when the power comes back on you check your food immediately. if you recheck it. >> how do i keep my kids from getting into the refridge traitor. >> immediately we tape the door shut. >> another jug of water, what's this for sm. >> if you have a well you loose that electric pump. we want to have jugs of water around for flushing and washing. >> we always worry about our
9:47 am
cell phones dug and we can't call. what do you suggest? >> you should always gas up the car so you can charge it. but they also have these great little phone booth kits that will give you 90 minutes of a charge and it allows you to stay in touch with the world. there's also now fm radio apps that you can load on your cell phone that you don't have to use your data so you can stay in touch with what's happening outside the world. kids in the dark will love the glow rings. use jar candles instead of tapers. they're safer. >> good point. i always worry a lot of people that en ratetors. >> with a generator you want to make sure that you are not overloading it. that you are keeping the generator outside, not in a carport or a garage, and you never want to plug your whole house electricity into the generator because it can backfeed and actually kill a
9:48 am
lineman. so make sure you're following the guidelines when you're using it. >> a space heater would be something good. >> you can plug that space heater, just make sure you're using it safely. >> and have a carbon monoxide detector. >> always. you want to call peco as soon as that power goes out. because the more they know about the outages, the more quickly they can get the crews in play. i suggest you get this in your cell phone and also write it on your emergency list where you keep the baby sitter and the doctor numbers. >> we appreciate it. >> also let us know if you have any tips in your neck of the woods use our hashtag #fox29goodday. >> and we want to know if you have a storm survival kit in your house already, that's the subject much today's instant reaction poll. of course you can vote on the
9:49 am
good day section weekend of or you can vote on twitter. use the hashtag #fox29goodday. the results coming up in just a few minutes. >> let's get a super bowl mistake. ground crews are busy preparing for the big game they had one of those huge oop sies. they painted the bronco's logo on the wrong side. they fixed it all. you no the panthers have an end zone of their own as well. let's get a check on the forecast. look at that. some people flying out of town. >> good day to fly here. all clear just a light breeze out there. so that wind makes for a cold wind chill this morning. now things have calmed down just a bit.
9:50 am
we are 29 degrees. there's a light breeze about 8 miles an hour so it feels like it's 23. that's the wind chill. not really much of a factor anymore. it will get closer to that temperature this afternoon as the wind dies down. calmer today, no gusty wind. watch for ice right now. still below freezing. anything that melts, refreezes. finally we'll stop saying this because much warmer weather is coming in tomorrow and even this coming week. so all of that snow pretty much will be gone. it's a blah morning here with that cold wind chill but it gets better and stays there tomorrow. our scale is going up. so the coldest part of the next few days happening right now when you step outside. ultimate doppler is clear. watching some snow pasz by to our north. no more snow showers. they cleared out yesterday as that colder air came in but we have rain back in the forecast. here it comes. the timing of this looks like it waits until after the weekend but these showers develop and move slowly through the state, warm air up ahead of it. monday we'll have a few showers and then we have some more rain
9:51 am
again on wednesday. maybe right in the middle there. groundhog day we could get some sunshine. it means more winter if you're into that kind of thing. 62 degrees on wednesday. by thursday we're at 47 degrees. few clouds on friday. by the way, national weatherman appreciation day is friday. ♪ whomp there it is >> you know it, we've been playing it all morning long. tag team. so hugely popular, even disney did their own version of it. >> we went digging to find that one. tag team is back again. tonight they're performing at the sickers game but before that
9:52 am
they're here joining us exclusively on "good day philadelphia weekend." we need your names. >> first of all i cannot believe you played the mickey mouse. >> we love that one. >> i'm blushing this early in the morning. >> we were happy. mickey is my boy. >> you guys are still doing this, still having fun with it. it's still catchy. surprise you that it's had that type of staying power? >> yeah, very blessed and thankful and gracious that we still get to go and be kids again because it was a long time ago. the 1990s and when you're that successful we still get to do what we love to do. and we'll be performing at the philadelphia 76ers game at
9:53 am
halftime. we invite everybody to come out and we are going to really party tonight. >> it's going to be a great game. >> want to transfer that energy to the team and pull out a victory. >> we've got a little bit of energy to pull out of your own. disney, let's start off with dave warren everybody. let's take it away. do a little whomp there it is. >> so dave apparently is going to lip sync to the mickey mouse. >> he's on his own. >> they don't know the mickey mouse version.
9:54 am
>> where does "whomp there it is" come from? >> just about having a good time. one of those things in the '90s. >> we've got to do something. we're going to come up. >> let's do it. >> this is how it's done. >> free styling. free-styling. >> we can't freestyle because we have to perform at the show tonight. >> one, two, three -- whoomp! there it is. >> great job. thank you everybody.
9:55 am
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>> and the results are in. do you -- >> 50/50, we're split. half the people do, half the people don't. >> that is going to do it for us. thank you for joining us on this saturday. tomorrow we have a huge announcement! big announcement. we'll play that video again. >> i'm actually looking forward to that.
9:58 am
we're going to have a good time. >> have a happy saturday. we'll see you tomorrow monk at 8:00.
9:59 am
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