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tv   Good Day Philadelphia Weekend  FOX  January 31, 2016 8:00am-9:01am EST

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this morning a man shot in his car in west philadelphia just glocks from where a police officer was ambushed. our brad satin gathering some information right now, he'll be joining us in just a matter of moments with a liver report. >> group of good samaritans rush to the aid after woman being attacked to the aid after man with a box cutter. why one of the men say he did it. mike? >> you have heard it before. spiderman, spiderman, does whatever a spider can. but can humans really be like spiders? believe it or not, spent time and money to answer that question. the results of their study, coming up. from the fox 29 studios. this is "good day philadelphia". weekend. >> spiderman. i used to have one of those things when i was a kid it, would attack to your wrist and
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shoot-out silly spring. >> i have wander woman bracelet, with the bullet? did you have the under oos? >> i had the batman, the under oos, yes, as you can see, very mature group of people with all of the information for you, welcome to "good day" philadelphia. weekend. everybody's good? >> yes, absolutely. thank you so much for joining us, we have tons of breaking news today that we want to get to. a lot of you are starting your day right now, 8: 01, a check of our weather. it will be pretty nice,. >> i. >> breaking weather information, here are some areas didn't drop below freezing. that's a little change from what we've had. so, getting a little warmer, of course, allentown, did drop below freezing, watch for some slick spots, on the roadways there, and that is our live look this morning. how about sunrise? panorama style. nice picture coming in. it is from gabby, right around mt. laurel, beautiful shot this morning, nice colors in the clouds there. warmer breeze developing today, high pressure moving off that cold gusty wind is
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gone. a warmer breeze develops. that will will help push our temperatures up above 50. so the warming trends continues. very warm air, just off here to our south, our temperatures right now, just above freezing, here in philadelphia, but, few suburbs, especially to the north, upper 20's, not nearly as cold, getting warmer today. so, ultimate doppler start off clear, a warmer weekend, the end of the weekend, as temperatures climb into the 50's, but, as you see this time of year, when you get the warmer air coming up, being pulled up by a storm will bring some rain, few showers holding off until the end of the weekend. but we will keep close eye on this, more on -- >> did he just say, let me get this, i got you, chair in the way. (laughing). >> i had one job this morning, one job, karen said move the chair. >> thank you. so continue with the forecast, make a good one. >> back to you, i'm done. >> all right, thank you, dave.
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we have a lot of developing stories, let's get right to them, clicking over to 8:03, police investigating overnight homicide, it happened in a very dangerous corridor at 60th and pine streets. >> they say a man was shot multiple times in the back of a car. and our own brad satin in west philadelphia with more. brad, a lot of interesting information, and the location is pretty familiar to people for a similar situation, not too long ago. >> reporter: yes, guys, you're right, officer jesse hartnett was shot. he's recovering, that was about three and a half weeks ago, that happened just two blocks from the scene here. take a look at the scene here, crime tape still here, this actually happening just across the street here from flash cleaners, as we show you the scene, just before 11:30 last night. we don't have name at this point of the victim. family members still being notified watch we do is that this man was 25, 26 years old, shot several times, while he was seated in the back after dark hyundai sonata with
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shattered windows as a result of the gunfire. he was taken to presbyterian hospital and pronounced dead. we do know as well there were several other people in the car at the time. no one else was hurt. a motive for the shooting still not clear. no arrests at this point, police continue to search for a suspect. the shooting happening just two blocks away from where officer jesse hartnett was shot, that was three and a half books ago -- weeks ago. again, he is recovering, doing well, he was shot few times in his left arm. there has been suspect arrested who is still in custody, again, we doesn't want to insinuate in anyway that had anything to do with. >> this police continuing to investigate again, one man dead, believed to be in his mid 20's, and suspect this morning. still on the loose, guys. >> even with no connection, the residents have to be concerned. hopefully we get more information and we can share. thank you, brad. >> also, overnight, bar fight in west philadelphia leaves one person in critical condition, all started around
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2:00 this morning inside baron the 6200 block of arch street. that continued on to the street. one person was left unresponsive, beaten on the sidewalk, and was taken to the hospital. that person is currently in critical condition. and police are still investigating trying to find a motive. >> that's not too far from where brad is right now. also, two police officers repeatedly punched overnight, trying to break up a fight outside after night club. it happened about 3:30 this morning, on the 9,000 block of bustleton avenue. it is right outside the pearl ultra lounge, it was closing time, everybody was getting out of the there. there is one of the bars in the area, as well. they were called out to the scene because there were reports of shots fired. nubbing fact see the shell casings there on the ground. this is outside the goodlife. there were so many people that were out there, the male and female office remember now recovering. >> also, a group of good samaritans take down a man they say slashed a woman in the face with a box cutter yesterday. this was all on video. wow. watch as the men pin the
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suspect to a snow bank until the police arrive. that is a big man, they look like they know what they are doing right there. bristol township authorities say about 11:15, over at the queen ann shopping last when the 53 year old victim was getting out of her car. she reached back inside for her purse, and that's when police say there 06 year old suspect attempt topped rob her, she screamed for help. we spoke exclusively to one of the heroes. >> i just figured it was the right thing to do. you know, good people should help good people. >> i think that's despicable, 60 year old man to act like that, and attack a woman, to commit a crime like that is pretty bad, and to be 60, he should way know better than that. >> reporter: david, thank you for stepping in and getting involved and helping out. the victim suffered some minor cuts to her face, the suspect is in custody on $100,000 bail. and some more violence in our area. violent evening as police are looking for two men in northeast philadelphia, who robbed a man at gunpoint.
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the man was ambushed behind a gun shop on geiger road around 8:30 last night. the robber stole the man's cash and then took off in a car. fortunately, the victim was not hurt. detectives in new castle county, delaware named suspect in connection with the murder of investigation in mallard point. arrest warrant is now out for gregory parker. the detectives say the victim 47 year old sean expense, lose body was found in parker's home on ider court thursday, he has significant physical injury, but did not release any details exactly about how he was killed. police are hoping new surveillance video will help them catch the person accused of stealing from a fellow passenger on septa bus. wow, look at the scuffle. all started when the bus driver tried to get one of the pass inning towers to lever the bus quite physically because he didn't have the proper pass. when the man refused to get off, he called for septa police, then the driver wanted offer the bus, he pulled out knife and stabbed another
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passenger. the victim is in critical condition. the as sale and the ran away. >> all that over a bus fare? wow. >> it is 8: 08. there is something positive, something you need to do, maybe you want to get in shape, great time to do it because the broad street run, only three months away. start training. >> no, i don't run. but you may. want to be a part of the largest 10-mile in the country? one of 4,000 runners, but you have got to register, how you can do that, is coming up. hey, mike? >> superman, batman, spiderman, they're all pretty awesome. but could these superheros exist in real life? that was actually something scientists have looked into. the results of their study next. >> also, we are fewer than 12 hours away from the big event, grease, happening tonight at 7:00. so much fun. great to watch with the family. so if you missed our good day version of it, you will not want to miss out. we will play it again for you. it will be fun.
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let's go back to ride he will high. also, accepted us your pictures, we have pictures. >> pictures every events that they're doing this weekend. we want to see them all. >> and also a few birthdays, already birthdays in, bar mitzva. show us what's happening in your life. we'll show it on good day. >> i think i just lost my cool card. >> we'll be back.
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>> more questions about the time being every bill cosby's case, saying the district attorney's waited too long to file charges. there are so many questions ahead of fuse's scheduled hearing, that is coming up, everybody is following this case. so, we wanted to get through it, get all of the details, and here to answer some of those questions are legal analyst, ken rotweiler. good morning, sir. >> morning, bill. so all of this is about was there a previous agreement that says they will not criminally prosecute bill cosby? is that basically what this whole case is going to hinge on? >> well, that's what the hearing is going to be about on tuesday, going to be very, very interesting hearing. bruce castor the former d.a. is saying that back in 2,005, that he had an agreement with bill cosby's criminal lawyer, that there would be no prosecution, which would allow bill cosby to testify in the civil case. so, bill cosby's lawyers are
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now raising that in this hearing, but the problem, though, bill, is that there is no writing to verify this at all. >> this was a verbal agreement, and it was supposedly a verbal agreement between bruce castor, bill cosby's criminal lawyer, and andrea constant, the victim's lawyer. the problem is that bill cosby's criminal lawyer died last year. so that can't be proven through him. and andrea constant's civil lawyer denies that any such agreement was ever made. >> now, the new argument, or perhaps the expanded argument, current da kevin steel is making is that correct, one, former d.a. bruce castor didn't have the authority to make this agreement, and even if he made it, without writing, current da is not obligate today live to up it. so from a legal stand point does he have to respect this, even if it was made? >> well, i believe if there was an actual agreement, let's suppose there was an agreement agreement, a written agreement, that confirms that this agreement was made, i believe that a future da
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would, in fact, have to honor that agreement. i don't think a future da could say, no you know, because i'm new da i don't have to honor that agreement. i think if a government official, a da, makes that agreement, and it was, you know, put in writing, that i think a future da would, in fact, have to honor it. >> another interesting discussion that cosby's lawyers are putting forward is statute of limitations aside, agreement aside for a minute, saying that the prosecution waited so long, bill cosby's attorney had passed away, you can't proof a lot of the evidence, that even without statute of limitations or this agreement, it is impossible to prosecute this case. is there any legal america at this time that? >> i think there is legal america at this time. that will there is actually a constitutional argument, a due process argument, saying that bill cosby has been, you know his rights have been violated because it has taken so long to bring this case into a courtroom. they would site that his criminal lawyer has died, you know, some of the facts that
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are very fuzzy now, you know, some 12 years later, so i think they will make this argument. and i think actually, bill it, may tie the case up. because they may go through the appeals process that could put the trial of this case off for quite a long while. >> we'll keep following it, ken rotweiler, always a pleasure. >> good to see you, bail, take care. >> appreciate t so much more information we will stay on top of it, you stay with us. it started yesterday. and it is going through february 7th, the philadelphia auto show. it is happening at the pennsylvania convention center. and you can bring the kids, it is always fun to look at the cars as a family, 700 concept exotic luxury and classic cars, and again, pennsylvania convention center all the way through february the seventh. this will be a great weekend to get out and have some fun after being snowed in last weekend. what's our forecast for today, dave warren? >> looking pretty good, there sue. wendy not even wearing the hat
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and gloves, temperatures didn't even make it down to freezing, and we climb above or close to or slightly above 50 degrees. getting warmer today for the philadelphia auto show. speaking of taking the kids, look at michael here, sent us this picture of kia, grab the carseat, putting in the car, need help, let me know, i'm pro at. that will but looking pretty good. even the weather forecast for seoul, new jersey, maybe even little warmer, we're at 50 in philadelphia, could be low to mid 50's to the south. thirty-four in philadelphia, still, down below freezing, north and west, maybe some re-freezing there. but that snow is finally going to be gone eventually as the temperatures get even warmer. not only today but this coming week. 39 degrees there in millville. still right about 40 in mid to low 40's, to the south there in dover, wildwood, atlantic city. so very mild start. considering where we've been. storm bringing out the warm air, we bring in little bit of rain, not a lot. ultimate doppler clear for now, will stay that way today, as we watch these temperatures climb into the 40's, and mid 50's, then dropping to the mid
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40's, look how warm we get tomorrow. upper 50's, but some cooler air coming in, that will be a few showers moving through. so just a little bit of rain tomorrow, as this front moves through. it will drop the temperatures a little bit. see the big warm up and near record temperatures in the seven day forecast, i'll have that coming up a little bit later. >> i love it, thank you, dave. fifty's, 60s, good stuff. hollywood awards season continues with the screen actors guild award. they were last night in l.a. so who took home the top prizes? >> and the actor goes to ... >> amazing, she is ageless, phenominal film obviously, the critics thought so, too, taking home the award for the best motion picture calls. as for the leading actor, leo dicaprio took it home for his revenant. taking home for show sopping
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performance in room. mike? >> and now it is time for knocking the king, where we get to show our howard eskin who is boss. >> this week one viewer has some words for howard about alabama's national championship win. go ahead, jay, knock the king. >> ♪ >> hi, my name is jay, and i heard what howard had to say about alabama winning the national championship. >> alabama won the national championship last night. i'm already sick that far team and sick of their head coach nick sabin. it is not hard to win when you get the best players each year. all nonsense. hey they won because they have the best players. >> come on, give them the program. don't you want to win? >> no, i want to lose, jay. and that's what i'm doing right now, because i'm talking back to you. all right, jay, did you dude
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me? you gave me a dude? well, then why don't you use your real name and just not jay? she dadd me. are you kidding me? not fair fight. alabama for whatever reason gets the best players. now, certainly you want the best players. but that's not fair in college football. there is no caps. none of these things that protect the other schools. those other division one schools they want those players, and they go to alabama. i don't know if it is for the education, because it is because. cash a, it is alabama, they won national championships. you want a fair fight? i just want to see if he's real a good coach. if that's the case, make it a little more equal, and spread out the wealth of good players. no, you don't want to win with -- you want the best players, but it is not fair. that's my point. okay, dude. think you what it takes, dude, to knock the king? shoot your video, sends it to us, dude, and i'll talk to you next week. >> dude, dude, dude, dude.
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there you go. thank you. >> we know relationships can be tricky. but there is one thing you can do that could spell certain doom for your relationship. >> i need this information, too. coming up: the so-called kiss of death, what i want to avoid to remain happy with your significant other. >> building a better work out. your trip to the gym could be doing more harm than good. coming up the tips to make sure your work-out isn't just wrong. >> ♪ >> winning lottery numbers. we hope you have them. good luck.
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>> ♪ >> all kinds of cool things there. may want to check it out. >> i haven't been there in a minute. the franklin institute is awesome. >> big time fun. have the greatest time there. let's talk about relationship for a moment. you know the olds song. >> oh, good, let's back relationships. >> breaking up is hard to do. so, you have tried to avoid
8:24 am
it, obviously it, rips your heart out, you cry, psychologists are saying there is one thing you may do that could be the kiss of death for your relationship. >> what my baby wants, my baby gets. >> i wanted 12, baby wanted 12. >> why would you want 12 lemons? >> because i am making a centerpiece. >> so no one is actually eating them. they're show almost snobs. >> show lemons. shown on the table. glad you find that amusing, but i cannot fill a vase with only three lemons. >> can't you use like maybe a drinking glass? >> this is so men and women, what we prioritize, according to the stud at this all comes down to superior complex, feeling smarter, better, or more sensitive than your significant other means you're less likely to see your partner's opinions as valid. but also, less willing to put yourself in their shoes. >> so know it all's, people
8:25 am
don't like know it all's. >> that wasn't an example of know it rawle's, that was guys thinking in practical terms. you are don't need 12 lemons for a centerpiece. show centerpiece. what's that nonsense about? >> but it is just going valid. >> see? >> go ahead. >> i'm listening to you, i want to hear. >> i read the greatest article about a guy who sent his wife because he didn't put his dish -- left his dish by the sing, the wife had to keep nagging him, can you put the dish in the sing. he said i don't care about the dish in the sing. it was not caring about the dish in the sing. it was not caring about her opinion. it was not caring about what she thought and she wanted. >> run. you're better off. >> all right. >> go. >> mike, save us? >> superheros are super cool. but could they actually exist? believe it or not, some people actually looked into that. sue serio explains. >> this may be the most silly study we've come across in quite some time. did you know scientists have just proven that spiderman cannot exist. don't tell peter parker.
8:26 am
according to researchers at the university of cambridge, spiderman would never be able to climb walls in real life the way he does in the movies. our doctor mike explains how a type of lizard called a geck gecco unraveled the real truth about spiderman. >> geccos are the largest creatures on the plan that's are able to walk straight up on a slippery wall. they can do this because their little feet and their little hands are full of adhesive pads that allow them to be sticky. now, we can't do that as humans because we would need about 40% of our body to be like velcro. so we can't do it. and you don't need spiedy senses to understand this study is kind of silly. or that our doctor mike is super human to us.
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federal investigators expected to release a report tomorrow that could finally clear up the mystery surrounding that deadly amtrak derailment. few weeks after the crash, last may, the national transportation safety board said excessive speed was a key factor. but, why the train accelerated is still the huge unanswered question, the new york times is reporting on monday that the ntsb will likely say it was due to something called
8:30 am
lost situation al awareness. the report is suggesting the train's engineer had confused the frankford junction curve for another, and may have been distracted by a rock thrown at the train. eight people were killed and more than 200 other passengers were hurt in that crash. intense manhunt for escaped inmates in california has come to an end. on saturday, a woman pointed out a white van to police, that she recognized on news reports. officers realize the van was stolen, and was linked to hussein niari and jonathan tieli police say when they approached the van, one ran, caught, and jonathan was found inside of the van. on friday. the third escapee turn himself in. yep, runners get excited, get your mark, it is almost time. the broad street run lottery will officially open tomorrow. you know it sells out every single year. such a fabulous event. run verse until february 12th to register, there is no benefit of doing it early.
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everyone has equal shot in the lottery. the 10-mile race down broad street there is year's run will happen on sunday, may first. may day. so our pole, for all of the runners out, there we want to know do you plan on entering the broad street run lottery? that's the subject of our instant reaction pole. you can vote on the good day weekend section of not 29. com or do it on twitter fox 29 yes. fox 29 no. if you are going to be entering. it is a good challenge, sometimes even not a runner, stealth as a goal and do it, result, just 10 miles, that's more than just a challenge. >> put the bar hi, bill. you have done it before, right,. >> i. >> i ran half marathon once. >> how about that? that's 13 miles. >> that's impressive. good for you guys. nicely done. >> yes. >> good stuff. >> good stuff. yes, that was a great run here for the city. and we are looking at some great weather. speaking not broad street, lehigh, lehigh avenue. bill sent us sunrise picture this morning, looking pretty
8:32 am
good, just few clouds around, nice start to the day. temperatures didn't make it down to the freezing mark. so it stayed right about 34, 33 degrees, the roads ways should be just wet. ultimate doppler, nothing yet, but that's changing by tomorrow. we will see some rain, showers, moving through, not big area of rain. temperatures are just about freezing, or slightly above from philadelphia to the south. except for wilmington at 28. still below freezing up north. wet areas, refroze, so could be little slippery this morning. showers tomorrow. this is by 2:00. so, today we are dry. tomorrow it is even warmer. but that front moves through, bridges with it some rain, then the cooler temperatures come in behind it. maybe a few clouds will try to push into the areas in western pennsylvania, that will be tuesday morning, groundhog day, we will be watching that closely. so as far as what to expected to, 46, up to 48, closer to 50, then dropping to 46. not all that bad. but 50's, 60s, in the seven day forecast. i will have that coming up a little bit later. right now, here's alex.
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>> in your health talking about working out, more than just working out. how can you work out smart err? the fox medical team joins us this morning to talk about this because beth there are some things we've been doing wrong when it comes to working out. >> good morning, alex, definitely r couple of the bigees right at the beginning of the work out. number one not warming up our muscles before we start, stretching, so going into these stretches with cold muscles, that are tight, you know, and that can lead to injury. then the other thing we're not stretching once we start stretching properly. so, alex, you look around the gym, the guys are bouncing, and they're twisting, and they're jerking as they do these stretches. that's casino after recipe forgetting hurt. and we talked to a guy named orlando ballmer in great shape. you know, he looks like football player, he is 43, and he was not doing any stretching or really warming up to speak of at all. and he ended up hurting his
8:34 am
lower back, to go through eight months of physical therapy two, three times a week to try to come back from that lower back injury. so really important to get things going out of the gate. >> so we hear about stretching. i know a loft people oh, stretch before you work out. but for how long should we be stretching? should i just touch my toast, count to ten, go on about my way. >> see you want to be doing a combination, i think, of warming up and stretching together. so you are looking at probably a total of anywhere from five minutes to about 20 minutes. starting with that warm up, which you can do walking, run, jogging, light jog, getting on the treadmill, riding on stationary bike, anything to kind of get your muscles warmed up and moving and a little bit more limber and flexible before go into the stretching. then from there, i would dot stretches before go into the work out. and that way, you're loose, your muscles are ready to start working, and your a not going in there specially when it is as colds out as it is, you are not going into it from zero to 60 in a minute or two and really putting that much
8:35 am
pressure on your body because you could get hurt. al next. >> that's the thing we do not want to get hurt right? but the problem is i get confused, beth, sometimes you work out, the next day i feel it, i feel it, people say no, that's a good hurt. there is a good hurt and then there is a not so good hurt. >> right. and i think the knot so good hurt if it is really hurting badly, and getting those sharp pains while working out, or if you are not recovering, you know, very quickly from your work out, if you are hurting for days and the pain doesn't go away, that's real assign that you have over done it and you need to rethink your work out. you may need to get checked out. because you don't want to be exercising an injured ligament or injured muscle just be causing more strain. you will ends up in a position where you have got a serious injury, and now you have got to go through physical therapy and everything that goes with that to try to get yourself back on track. so you don't want to end up there, al next. >> okay; there certain kind of stretching we should be doing, for example, i guess, if i am going to be running, make sure dow all of my legs and thighs, or are there certain things we
8:36 am
should always be hitting with it when it comes to stretching? >> it gets little confusing. a loft us, when i grew up in gym class, we did these static stretches, you just hold these long stretches being not moving at all really. really they are moving more in the direction of dynamic stretching now. that's moving, controlled, easy stretches, to kind of warm your body p, actually getting your body ready for the activity you're about to do. so if you are running, just tacking about some nice deep, you know, kind of moving stretches, rather than those static hold it in one place stretches. and then easing into your work-out that way. alex? >> perfect, sound good. well, mart i'm already starting to stretch a little bit right here. thank you, beth. i'll make sure it is five to 20 minutes. we appreciate your time. >> thank you. >> okay, karen, and bill, time to do some better stretching. >> absolutely. we already know about this, get our stretch on. all right, they tell me babies can be stressful, toddlers can be stressful, teens can be
8:37 am
stressful. so which ones are the hard toast deal with? >> i think whatever you have going on right then. coming up actually a study on. >> this they have the specific years that they think are the toughest on the mothers. so we'll reveal that. but can you not let us know your guesses as well on twitter. >> celebrations, happy birth did a to my friend matt. celebrating his fifth birthday today. we'll all be together for his party later. >> i have a birthday party today, as well, how about that? yes, a lot of fun. kathy a celebration in nerve house, happy birthday sunshine. alyssa, happy birthday to you. >> and our good friends of the show, andrew, wants to wish mozeltoff, his friends sarah, she had her bat ms. have a last night. mazeltov. congratulations, we celebrate all of you, happy birthday.
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good morning, i'm sean bell, the worse team in the league versus the best. sixers taking on the warriors, goaling end state, 24-point lead at one point, but the sixers, fought all the way back, under 30 seconds to go, sixers down by two, soft pass, knocks it out of his hand.
8:41 am
schmidt with the dunk to tie the game. and now, second left in the game, warriors with a great ball movement. that was just four seconds left on the clock, the sixers fought hard, but it wasn't enough. the warriors win 108 to 105. and in college, st. joe's in rhode island, the hawks all, everything players getting it done. with the steel. the lay up, and one bucket. he had 15-point, ten boards, st. joe's gets the win 64-55. the hawks took their seventh straight win. that's sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. >> one more sports note right now, the australian open has won that one. >> very nice. a lot of people are concerned about that trending good stuff. hear that music in the background? that's grease. grease is the word. have you heard? we've got little grease lightning of our own around here coming un. >> oh, there it is. oh, my goodness. >> this will be so much fun.
8:42 am
coming up we'll show you our good day philadelphia tribute, greatest musicals of all time. that's my favorite. pictures, keep them coming!
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our cosmetics line was a hit. the orders were rushing in. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn't need a loan. we needed short-term funding fast. building 18 homes in 4 ½ months? that was a leap. but i knew i could rely on american express to help me buy those building materials. amex helped me buy the inventory i needed. our amex helped us fill the orders. just like that. another step on the journey.
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will you be ready when growth presents itself? realize your buying power at >> i have been feeling for the poor people of allentown who had no school for their kids for a whole week. snowed in for seven days. >> rough on the parent, not so bad for the kids. >> speaking every kids, let's talk about the different ages that can be the most difficult. moms it can be a struggle sometimes, certain ages with your children. the most difficult time, the study says, when they are in their early teens of the during those years mothers experience the most leanly necessary and stress. >> this is according to new study from arizona state. the problem period, they call it, the middle school years between the ages of 11 and 14. a lot of hormonal, physical,
8:46 am
cognitive changes taking place as child goes into adolescence, that causes maternal stress, leaves many moms with a feeling of emptiness and anxiety. on the flip side, best years for mom, child's infant and adult years. >> awe. >> you experience some of these, you don't have the high stressful period of time? you have the infant time. >> i love babies. i was out last night, borrowing someone's baby in at the bar. >> hard not to love babe us. >> a reason i encourage townsend us pictures of the chin, karen's mood immediately ahh. as soon as the pictures come in. so keep them coming. >> all right, a check of your forecast right now, because it is an amazing day no matter what you want to do with the kids, or your pets, or your furry kids. >> name it. whatever i want to do. hit outside. weather getting warmer in fact some areas didn't drop below freezing, wilmington of course not one of them, little ice on that road out there as we get the melting happening 28 degrees. today and tomorrow, we are pretty high on the scale here. looks pretty great this
8:47 am
afternoon just above 50 degrees. still pretty good, okay tomorrow morning. just few showers, should say midday tomorrow. that's why we are little lower here, just passing shower, not everywhere, but there is rain in the forecast. thirty-four right now in philadelphia, so, just at or above freezing, wet roadways, but watch for some icy spots, north and west, 40's, to the south. right now, you have the warmer weather to the south. that will be pulled up ahead of this cold front. put it right at where we're seeing these showers, that will be tomorrow. not today. midday tomorrow. will move through, will push off to the east. cloudy skies maybe. we'll stop it right here, 7:25. go to this tiny little hamlet in central pennsylvania. groundhog day maybe few clouds out there, so, we'll see what it means for us, for our winter. still looks like another storm and warmer weather, on wednesday. so, day after groundhog day we will see record high temperatures. it is a very heavy rain moving in.
8:48 am
temperatures could be into the 60s on wednesday, then dropping a bit, all in the seven day forecast, here, we're into the 50's, upper 50's, maybe cooler tuesday, right back to the 60s on wednesday record high of 62, our record in philadelphia for that day. one day of very warm temperatures, though, because it gets a little cooler nurse and friday. friday watching the coast, a storm could impact part of the area, with a little mix it's clops, we'll keep an eye on it, but one day to watch here over the next few days, guys. >> as you may know, we've got big event tonight on fox 29. it is grease live. famous musical comes on our air in a whole new way. boom. >> i like when they do these life musicals, so much fun, it is great to have it on a sunday night. so of course we had to get in on the act. take a look.
8:49 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
8:50 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
8:51 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
8:52 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> yeah, that was so much fun. thank you for doing this us on that one. we had a great time. chris murphy cracks me up. >> out of his mine. one of the cool parts about this, you forget that you have the clothes on. so i left the shoot that we did, and went straight to the store to get something to eat. still with this on. and the t-shirt, and everything else, and people are looking at you, i'm like what? ya. little bit. but it was fun, it was cold. >> it was really cold for the boys, we were lucky to be inside. also a lot of bloopers, some
8:53 am
of the things that went wrong. right on our website if you want to check it out. you can watch it again, that's you can check it out. and if you want to watch the whole thing live, it has got a great cast. >> it does. i'm excited to see. >> this the main event that we've all been talking about is tonight grease live 7:00 p.m. right here on fox 29. they are doing it live in front after live studio audience. and then right after that, of course, you want toasty zero stay with us for the "fox 29 news" at 10:00. >> also, have some big news right now. >> we do have some big news. >> yes, we are tada, going to be expanding the show. >> thank goodness, so many of you have asked oh, i wish it was longer, i wish you were on earlier. we are making the change, much simpler, on at 7:00 in the morning now go from 7:00 to 9:00 both saturday and sunday. so no more just one hour. two hours on sunday. that's again next weekend, so we will be here to bring more of the news and stuff you want to know and some of the fun. >> excited about it.
8:54 am
>> we sit down with 2gop frontrunners donald trump and ted cruz, and analyze trump's gamble, democratic dead heat, hillary clinton's escalating e-mail problem. on a special edition of fox news sunday from des moines, iowa.
8:55 am
8:56 am
♪ ♪ ♪ lease a 2016 lincoln mkx for $399 a month only at your lincoln dealer.
8:57 am
>> i lover the songs we are playing. i have to hold onto my cool card, wake me up before you go-go. >> you keep talking about it. i don't know. >> i'm crazy respected in the cool community. >> all right. let's take a look at our pool results. do you plan on entering the broad street run lottery? >> liar. 67% of people are not running 10 miles. >> it is a huge, 40,000 people will be doing it, and they have to hold a lottery because so many people want to do it to get in. >> thank up, michael, another great show, we appreciate it, you enjoy your day, as well. >> and we have this one right here, from steve, the grease video you did on today's show was great. thank you for watching it and enjoying t thanks for this cute picture. thanks for joining thus
8:58 am
sunday. have a wonderful rest of the. >> i check out grease. >> see you next week at 7:00.
8:59 am
9:00 am
i'm chris wallace, the candidates make their final pitch. the day that two gop frontrunners, donald trump and ted cruz. you get 30 seconds to respond to me. >> your question was you disagreed -- >> you don't get 30 seconds. >> today, senator cruz is here for round two. >> i know you like to argue about the rules, but we're going to conduct it -- >> if you ask one more main question, i may have to leave the stage. >> ted cruz from des moines, iowa. >> then -- >> look at the cameras. >> donald trump boycotts the fox debate. but will it hurt him at the caucuses? >> will i get more votes? will i get less votes? nobody knows. who the


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