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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  January 31, 2016 10:00pm-10:37pm EST

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>> near record warmth. 40s right now. nearly hitting 60 today. what a difference a week makes. remember last sunday we were buried in snow. tonight in center city all the remnants of that snow are gone. people are out ice skateting. some don't have coats on. >> more warmth to rain on the way. let's get over to cathy who did not have a coat on. too nice out there. look at old city tonight. a little bit quiet. a beautiful evening to be
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outside. atlantic city broke a record of 64 degrees today. philadelphia 58. wilmington, trenton and red done in in the mid visits. one more warm day this week even higher than those numbers. right now in philadelphia 46. 46 in the poconos. that's unusual that you see a tied betweens. 37 right now. it is 54 degrees in dover. weather is going to change. we have rain on the way with this area of low pressure. not just rain concerns for flooding and also record temperatures. we will be challenging record warmth again as a series of scoresser storms approach delaware valley. temperatures staying above freezing right now. challenging records and watching a storm for friday. more of that coming later. for now we'll send it back to you. >> a local business owner out thousand of dollars after robbers breaks break into his
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business. what they said caught the owner off guide. northeast philadelphia how they pulled off the heist. >> reporter: two men raided a local car detail shop. at first they thought they were the good guys police officers it turns out it was all a trick. >> open up the door ask questions ask who you are give me a badge number. >> reporter: two men burst into this car detail shop saturday night. investigators say the suspected pulled out guns screaming they were the cops. >> like shocking. it could happen right next to my office. >> reporter: he says detailing recently opened next door to his company win the last year. >> i see the guy here all the time. every time i come somebody pulls out a badge not wearing a uniform. i guess things one of those things. >> reporter: according to police the detail shop owner was alone
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inside his office around eight when the alleged begun man tied him up and demanded drugs and money. they got away with a thousand dollars in cash. >> police always in this area. next to a gun range. this was like probably bet protected than most banks. >> reporter: in fact it was employees at the gun range who alerted police after the victim ran to them for help. authorities say the shop owner was able to friday himself and jump out a second floor window after the suspects left. not before they told him they would be back this time with a warrant. has tips for fellow business owners. >> ask questions before you open the door. don't go ahead and open up the door and say hey, come in. >> reporter: and business owners in that area say they do typically have good security. tonight police tell us those two suspects wanted for impersonating police officers. >> all right. thank you very much. breaking news tonight an arrest in a stabbing on a septa bus.
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late tonight police confirmed charges filed against that person. friday i think philadelphia frankford neighborhood a bus driver kicked a man off his bus because he didn't have bus fair. the man refused to leave the driver called for septa police. that delay upset other passengers. witnesses say one of them pushed the guy you see it play out. a fight started. a man and police say the man pulled out a knife and stabbed the other passenger several times. that person is in critical condition. >> huge customer up outside philadelphia nightclub puts police in harms way. police showed up to good life lounge on a shooting call early this morning. no one was shot. but police drove up on a huge fight involving at many as 25 people. they tried to break it up. one guy started yelling forb the officers to shoot at him and started to come as an officer. officer used pepper spray. another man jumped in another officer grabbed him he started hitting the officer. officer are okay.
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and three people were arrested. police are looking for a hit and run driver. they say a driver ran over an already injured man then kept on going. that crash happened in berlin, new jersey. that's where we find jennifer joyce to night. jennifer. >> reporter: the accident happened on friday night still two days later police are trying to track down this hit and run driver. the accident happened here along a busy stretch of white house pike. a man got hit by not one but two cars and second car that police are looking for. friday night around 7:00 this intersection in berlin borough was the scene of an awful accident. police say a man was hit by a car as he was crossing the street. the driver stopped, pulled over and tried to help. but then the man was hit by a second driver who police say kept on going. he drove by minutes later. >> i knew the person was not in good shape.
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saw a bag of gross he reese laying on the floor. then about 25 feet i'd say there was an individual laying face down. >> reporter: the man was writing motionless. he was air listed to cooper trauma center in critical condition. last we heard about the victim that he was in critical condition at cooper, police again still looking to track down this hit and run driver. not much of a vehicle description except its a dark colored vehicle registered in new jersey. if you have information call berlin police, lucy. >> thank you jennifer. nearly eight months after answering amtrak train derailed in northeast philly they found out what went wrong. eight people died. when it went off the traction. >> new evidence and new reports and the crash. fox 29 joyce evans with a look ahead. >> reporter: well guys we do no that train head from there d.c. to no, was going more than a
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hundred miles an hour when it kit the curb in port richmond on may 12th. twice the speed limit for that curb. the question, for eight months has been why the train was going too fast. and much of that focus is on the train's engineer brandon boston here the new york times reports tomorrow's evidence will likely blame something called lost situational awareness. the report suggests may have confused the curb at frankford junction for another curb and that he may have been distracted by a rock thrown at the train. two other trains in the area reported getting hit by objects just days after the crash he told investigator that he didn't remember anything for about three miles before the train derailed. after the crash, amtrak made good on its pledge to install positive train control. on the northeast corridor. that's a mechanism that can control speed if the train is
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going too fast. so far we've heard from the victim. we've heard from vest investigators still waiting to here the engineer speak publicly about what happened. >> all right. joyce, thank you. dave took a look at the investigation six months after the crash he talked to one of the passengers. see what we found on our website head to >> tomorrow voters will decide who they want to be parties nominee for president. candidates crisscrossing the state to get support. >> reporter: though loudest sign in iowa is ticking. clock because time is running out for campaigns the candidates and the undecided. donald trump is employing crews control in an attempt to slow down biggest rifle into sny wants to pretend he's robin
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hood. he forgot to mention he bur road a lot of money almost no interest. anybody in the room would take the interest rate. >> reporter: for his part ted cruz kicked trump in the bill fold. >> if you look at his financial disclosure he owes a lot of money right now and it could be bills and by the way with we pay them. donald declared bankruptcy four times. >> reporter: rube i don't remains hopeful. we're going to have great people working on our behalf we feel good about that. >> reporter: the socialist from vermont and the former secretary of state are neck and neck as they head toward the first about theting to have 2016. >> monday night could be a historic night for this country. we can make history. >> we're we need is a plan and a commitment and me, yes, thank
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you. >> reporter: while we don't know who will win monday night it's all but certain the field will splining before the new lamp primary february 9th. joel walter man fox news. >> breaking news from cherry hill police say they have charged a child after a threatening text message about cherry hill east high school made rounds on social media. they plan to have increased employees en sense at cherry hill high school east and controls at all cherry hill schools. that child is facing one charge with making a false public alarm. >> starting tomorrow no cars on the false bridge in east false for the past week crews started temporary lane closure to start rehabilitation work. tomorrow the bridge will be closed. all vehicle, pedestrians and bikes will still have access. work is expect dead to be finished by the first of april. >> dui handcuffed but his big mouth wounded him in more
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trouble. what he said. >> take a good look at your credit card statement. thieves or targeting a new place to use your card. warning sign that can tip you off before you get hit. accused of hopping behind a cruise ser and taking off. why police are looking for her tonight. ♪ into grease live taking the nation by storm.
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into in delaware a man is charged with his 8th dui. state police say william was driving on state road near millions borough when his suv started to drift across the center line he hit another car head on. the second driver has minor injuries but he was hurt. showed signs of intoxication, computer check revealed seven prior dui conviction. two students in jail connected to death of a 13 year old girl. that girl had been missing from her virginia home since wednesday need. >> hour body found last night near north carolina border. ice seen hour and natalie keepers both charged in connection to her death. eisenhower and the girl new each other before she disappeared but they won't say how they knew each other. they say he used that trust to abduct her and kill her. keepers is accused of helping
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him dispose of her body. >> it hurts so bad. now we know she's in a better place. >> focus of this investigation to reconstruct the timeline leading up hup to the death. this is the most devastating thing you can do to a family. we have wounded folks in the community. >> president of virginia tech sent a letter offering couldn't cole lenses and counseling service. >>a police chase in atlanta at a end in the worse of ways. a young boy an woman pleased to be his grandmother just innocent victims died when police say the driver they were after crashed into them. fox george franco has been speaking with people who watched it un fold. >> reporter: it was a horrific seen and tragic consequences. college park police sunday morning. >> he was flying.
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going so fast the car was off the ground. >> reporter: the suv struck the sedan killing the boy 10 to 12 year old and a woman witnesses believe he was his grandmother. they told me the suv blew the stop sign. >> both had the medical to the melt they were going fast and ran the stop sign the guy did. >> reporter: college park police told fox 5 the chase began with call of a stolen suv near the airport. suspect need as police open. >> suspect still at large at this point. our officer elected to give cpr and first aid and medical treatment to the victims in this case. and so its our hope that you know our condolences will go out to the family. >> reporter: georgia state patrol will scam the crash. the district attorney's office will determine if the department's chase policy was properly followed. >> 72 policies we are able to chase for forcible felonies.
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the investigation will bear out whether or not our officer were win that policy. but at this point we won't speculate. >> reporter: residents were not interested in policy after the lives of two innocent victims were lost. >> i'mi'm going to pray for the. >> have to see what happened. they should have broke it off. >> police are still after the driver they were chasing. thieves using uber to get your information. offer you a free gift card. once you click on the linc malware downloads on to device that logs everything you type including uber user name and password. once they have your information they sell it starting at 46 bucks an account best advice avoid clicking on a link. here's a valuable piece of advice. >> as long as the consumers has used a credit card to link to uber account as opposed to debt
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car they have stronger rights with credit card versus debt cards. >> if you use debt card check account regularly. students k through 12 spent most of this weekend in the north told classroom. they couldn't utter a word which sounds like detention. it was actually the opposite. surrounded bikings and queens brad went into the quieted zone to find out why these students wanted to be there? >> reporter: have you heard the one about the kids who voluntarily got up early sunday to brave the cold, sit in the classroom silent for hours concentrating so loud it looked like their brains hurt. >> i love everything about it u yes such kids exist. >> opportunity to focus better. >> reporter: it's all fun and games until. >> good luck and begin. >> reporter: the fun and games begin. >> panic you just got prepare
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yourself for anything: welcome to the check mate violence chest marathon put on pie peco and after school activities partnership. ask them to look into the future. >> helps them to prevent a lot of prabble because they are able to foresee a lot of mistakes and catch them before they make it. >> ever choice you make the outcome. >> reporter: funny thing happened to these kids who learned how to play, they actually liked it. >> last year qualified for nationals in tennessee and came in third. if you are wondering what that was like? >> that was like awesome. >> reporter: parents watching outside seemed tense. >> i think he'll be fine. >> reporter: were you nervous. >> yes. >> reporter: on the inside you could feel the confidence building. >> feel pretty good? >> you think you could take him huff. >> yeah. >> reporter: we saw interesting
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match ups, game to last three hours. its a lifeless sons demanding focus and concentration most of the time. brad fox 29 news. >> love that stuff. vanessa hutch engines dedicated grease live performance to her father who passed away. >> perform mercy worked hard to get everything right for tonight's show and that hard work showed. live audiences on three different stages joins millions watching at home. she opened up about what it took to turn herself nourices so. hardest song to learn we go together so much of it isn't real word once she found the rhythm it all came together. head to do us and fly back
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to england. the secret the flight crew kept passengers until they were safely on the grounds. >> and arrested this guy accused of stalking his former sixth grade teacher. what police say he did to really freak out the 80 year old woman.
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snow into california officers recovering after suspect grabbed him using the cops own cruiser of the officers after three burglary suspect in suv. all of them jumped out. a female suspect then jumped into an empty police cruiser. she reversed and the officer was trying to get her to stop, he was dragged for a short distance. he has since been released from the hop hospital. another officer tried to follow her but she got away. gentleman giant national travelers back after a scare in the air. technicals issues. pilots noticed a problem not two hours into the trip then announced the plane would head back to london. that was just one issue. while the plane was coming down something else un expected happened. >> it was clear that it was a problem. when she decided to do take us back to the airport min nail
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information. obviously glad we're on the ground we landed on three wheels. interesting to say the least. >> but they made it three instead of five. after making return to london the passengers ended up on another plane and head to do chicago. fax industry i couldn't is retiring cindy crawford she is done posing professionally. one of the world's most famous supermodels. she turns 50 next month. she doesn't need to do it anymore and she shouldn't have to keep proving herself which is too bad. a dui landed him in handcuffs his big mouth landed him in more trouble. hey cathy. >> talking about potential for flooding, rain and challenging record warmth. a real mild start to the month
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of february. but will it stay that way. we'll check out the numbers. >> all right, cathy, she better shape up. one pennsylvania judge says you cannot wear when he step foot in his courtroom. a little grease snapple coming on. our producer. ♪
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>> dash cam video shows two florida dep pew december at resting this guy handcuffed walkting to police cruiser one of theshot the suspect. >> investigator think that is all a lie. >> on the night of diseases 30th two deputies led a handcuffed man to the back of a cruise ser. arresting him for allegedly interfering with a dui investigation. >> he was a mouth thee drunk. not a very bad-mouth thee drunk. >> dash cam reese d you can here
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him talking to one of the deputies. then you hear their reaction. deputy shot the man twice. and then uttered a profanity. his story, which the sheriff relayed to the media that same day is that he took the deputies gun out of his holder and the deputy got it back and shot him. sheriff says the deputy's version of the events is not physically possible. >> while handcuffed to do this, do this and then get the gun out. didn't happen. >> especially not with a blood alcohol of.28. the other deputy on scene who was standing behind the cruiser said he never heard a struggle over a gun.
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according to the arrest after when asked after getting his gun back he replied he was in an advantage of being able to kick me, your me, wound me, whatever. shooting an unarmed person in handcuffs through testimony of another deputy offered no resistance because the person might kick you is not the legal use of deadly force. >> it almost was deadly one the bullets came win centimeters of hitterting the man's heart. the other bullet pierced his arm. he is out of the hop and the deputy who shot him out of a job and facing trying. >> he fabricate ted factor justified the unjustifiable. >> that deputy attorney's said he lost his job because he violated general order by use of force. he says his client good nothing wrong. criminal charges are not appropriate. take a look at this guy. police outside key tried arrested the 51 year old for stalking former i can isth grade teacher of the investigators say
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he called the woman repeatedly, starting back in 2011, creeping her out. she's now 81 years of age. he is now facing up to 18 months in jail. being held on 11 thousand dollar bond. >> a judge has interesting request for people who come to his court stop please stop showing up in pajamas. in fact, he's putting up assign telling people that's just not appropriately local law enforcement agreed so the police department snapped a picture put it on facebook. its getting a whole lot of like. more and more people are showing pj bottoms. he cannot enforce a dress cold he hopes people will follow his rules. [ laughter ]. >>they are curt table. i'm not grocery shopping them gentleman jots one of the most popular events in the city. >> broad street one the registration lottery open through february 12th to midnight. once you register spots are
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rosen at random. tense 10's of thousands take part kicks off broad street ends at the navy yard. this year's race. >> a long term forecast. >> might be what it is now. actually yeah feels like march, feels like april. we'll be pushing may by midweek period. right now in old city beautiful evening at 46 which is five degrees above the average high for this time of year. today's high 5817 degrees above normal. not much snow left. in allentown 11 i think. in philadelphia only three inches left on the ground after a big blizzard last week. melting at a rate of three and a half to three inches of snow a day. 51 in millville. ac at the airport 50. wildwood 50. dover 54 degrees. a few showers come ink pen tomorrow with a cold front. after the noon hour sweeping
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through and could last in south jersey into the evening rush. behind it some dryer cooler air with a bit of a breeze on tuesday. but it will be dry. big questions, ground hog day will phil see his shadow. then rain in records for wednesday. pope dental for flooding because of the snow melt. and also heavy rain that we expect. some warm temperatures. first let's talk about the rain. picking up an i think of rain wednesday. looking at both computer model about an inch. as far as the temperatures the record my for philadelphia onenesses 62. going for forecast high of 63. so expecting the to break the record in philadelphia, not coming close in allentown or reading. but at least tying in wilmington coming close in atlantic city. watching coast area of low pressure this that is for friday coming close to shore. but i think once again we will stay spectators with that one. overnight tonight 41 in the
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city. 35 in suburbs. tomorrow south westerly winds kicking us up to 55. afternoon showers. behind the front get into cooler northwesterly wind. 7-day forecast not too mad. monday, tuesday, wednesday, temperatures in the 50s and 60s. wednesday the rain pretty much all day. cooling down toward the weekend and keeping an eye on sunday. another coastal system could be bring ago chance of rain or wet snow. but it doesn't look like a big storm for us. keel weep you posted. >> that will do it for us. >> keep it right here you know what's coming up. it's sports sunday. ♪ >> coming up tonight on sports sunday two more than signings
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this week. talk to both. and the question that won't go away what do the employers want to see with quad back sam bradford. i asked the question if the team can be better without bradford. coming up on sports sunday.


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