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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  February 1, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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february of 2015 was one of the coldest we ever had. we are starting off the month kind of mild. we will go with the six out of ten because there is rain in the forecast and clouds throughout the day but we are off to a very mild start were 43 degrees. 7:10 is your sunrise time. we have 44 in trenton. thirty-one in allentown. thirty-four in helding and lancaster but at the shore we're in the 50's to start the day. 54 degrees in wildwood, 50 in at atlantic city. so some rain out in the western part of the stay. it will take a while to get the here. we are calling for afternoon showers, and anytime afternoon you can start looking for rain drops but probably by lunchtime we will reach our high of 56 degrees which is well above the average of 41, a a few showers about the afternoon and evening, rush hour, today, so plan on cloud, there could be a little bit of fog. we're not seeing any measurements with fog with visibility just yet but we are keeping an eye on that situation for you. as these days get longer, look
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at the sunset time 5:20 p.m. that is your planner for monday from the weather authority. bob kelly is off today, so we will take a look at traffic to get you started and it has been quiet, at least for the first hour we have been here. lets see about now. this is i-95 north bound at cottman avenue. construction is blocking off ramp to cottman but that should be reopening at any minute. now, over to the blue route heading southbound at saint david, the road is all clear there, pretty dark but all clear. thinks a biggie between ridge avenue and mlk drive, the repairs are scheduled starting today through april 1st. you will not be able to drive over the east falls bridge, chris and lauren. >> good head up there, thank you very much. in other news, in new jersey, where police are on high alert after they arrested a juvenile for making a threat in the text message against cherry hill east high school. >> here we go again with the on line threats. steve keeley is now live in cherry hill with more on
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this, steve. >> reporter: you'll see a lot of these cherry hill police pennsylvania will troll cars outside all cherry hill schools today. this case showing simple text to another person can be a alarm to a large community. whether they are serious, meant to be a joke or venting frustration, context is acid in many text sent from smart phones. so very unsmart in these current times where so much regular school violence around this country. police check out cherry hill's biggest school over the the weekend, its largest high school, cherry hill east yesterday, after the the school superintendent sent out a letter letting everybody know that a threat was put on social media against the school. it was investigated by police and a juvenile was charged with making a false public alarm. now the superintendent says that police will watch over the the school leading up to the school day to day and be among the increased security presence to day that both at cherry hill high schools and all cherry hill schools checking on the schools and to check and make sure that all safe and make parents feel all
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clear but there is a lot of on line talk and conversation among students and parents last night showing a lot of worry about the possibility of a shooting threat. hopefully, any fear and concerns will be gone for all schools here as they opened up as planned today, with police close by to let parents know that they too are just as concerned for all of their kids safety as school here in cherry hill today. lauren and chris good steve keeley, thanks very much. also happening today new information set to be released about the deadly amtrak crash in port richmond. that accident killed eight people and injured hundreds of others. >> the report could reveal exactly what went wrong as that train headed from d.c. to new york and traveled more than 100 miles an hour in that curve in philadelphia a dave kinchen live at 30th street station, dave, where that train started from in philadelphia and then pick up so much speed, so quickly. >> reporter: it really did. it was going twice the speed limit before that crash happened. this report is going to be the
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the biggest set of documents related to the investigation, for months now, in terms of what happened to amtrak train number 188, last year. so here's what we know, the national transportation safety board has wrapped up investigation face, in the crash that killed eight and injured about 200 others on may 12th of 2015, attorneys bob mongeluzzi and tom kline who represent many of the victims and will address the media, after the report is released, sometime this afternoon. the release will be the the first big development in the investigation since the ntsb said excessive speed was a factor. the train reached 106 miles an hour before it engineer activated the emergency brake. they probed whether train 188 was struck by a projectile before the derailment. interestingly, the washington post is report ago this another amtrak train headed from washington d.c. to new york last night was struck with another object, in a totally separate case this
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happened last night. no one was injured, and that is a separate investigation, the timing, of course, very interesting, with this report coming out, set to come out this afternoon, guys, back to you. >> that is true, we will see what it says and reveals. thanks very much. now to a developing store friday lehigh valley two people are in custody for shooting of two teenagers. a 14 year-old boy and 16 year-old boy were shot on saturday evening. police say two teens were walk ago long city street when they were hit by gunfire. both boys were taken to the hospital and one listed in critical condition. the other is in serious condition. police say a man and woman were taken in custody yesterday. motive for the the shooting has in the been released. charges filed this morning against person accused of stabbing a passenger on a septa bus. bus driver kick a man off of his bus friday in the frankford neighborhood. that driver said the man didn't have bus fair. when the the man refused to leave the driver called for septa police. the delay though waiting for the police to get there got some of the other passengers upset and witnesses say one of
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those passengers pushed the guy off of the bus. well, a fight started. police say a man then pulled out the knife and stab the other passenger several times. that person is in critical condition. police are right now looking for a hit and run driver who ran over an already, injured man, officers say the accident happened in the tansboro road and white horse pike air were in berlin, new jersey on friday. a man was hit by a car as he was crossing the street. that driver pulled over. but then the man was hit by a second person, whom police say, kept on going. the the the man was taken to the hospital in critical condition. that was at last check. police say a tow truck driver was hurt while trying to help a tractor trailer that got stuck on train tracks in collindale last night. police say the driver of the tractor trailer lost control and drove down the tracks getting stuck, when the the tow truck driver was working to get it the out, the the truck jumped the tracks and pinned him between the the two vehicles. he was taken to the hospital and his condition is in the yet known. the the driver of the tractor trailer was taken in custody
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for suspicion of being under the influence of drugs. a local business owner out the of thousands of dollars after robbers busted into his business. police say they burst in the car detail shop off geiger road armed with guns telling the shop owner inside they were cops. gunman tied them up with sip ties, demanded drugs, money, they got away with a you this dollars in cash. >> it was kind of like shocking that it could happen right next to my office. we're always in this area we're right next to the gun range. this is like, probably better protect then most backs. >> people were able to call for help. shop owner freed himself and jumped out of the second floor window, after the suspect left they remain on the loose. bill cosby offering inside in how he perceived his relationship with the woman now accusing him of sexual assault. he said an attraction andrea constand began the day they met at temple university. cosby described their relationship as romantic but constand's lawyer says he was only amen for and trusted
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friend. their relationship will be explored as the the judge allows the 12 year-old case in trial tomorrow. they stem from a 2004 encounter cosby's suburban philadelphia home. starting to day, your car will be able to cross the the falls bridge, they will not be able to cross the bridge in the east falls for the paces week. crews started rehabilitation work and today the bridge will be closed to all vehicles, however, pedestrians and bicycles will still have a access. the work is expect to be complete by april 1st. >> we love it the in the summertime. it is one of the most popular events in the city. today starts your chance to get in on the broad street run. registration lottery starts today. it is opened through february 12th. new once you register spots for the race are chosen at random. every year, tens of thousands take part in this, 10-mile race, that kicks off at broad street and end at the navy yard this years race is sunday may 1st. >> how far did you say 10 miles. >> 10 miles. >> start up there and down there.
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>> do you know how far i can run for. >> 1 mile is my limit. >> here's the funny thing you are my track star in a earlier life. >> a star, i ran track in college, and in high school. >> what did you run 30 or 40-yard and say i'm done. >> man, i'm done. >> yes. >> that mile thing. >> we had to train with the cross country team in the off season. you know, i have asthma. >> yes. >> i was like really. >> and you know coaches, you want to be part of this team, lauren. but my asthma. but, but, all right. >> you have asthma. i would think that would be a valid excuse not to run 10 miles. >> he is like you have an inhaler. >> in college you want to compete or get off the team. >> or do you want to live. >> 5:10. crime is running out for presidential hopefulness iowa, what he had to say to voters before today's huge event. problem is, turnout might be affect by a foot of snow in
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the forecast. >> my goodness. growing concern over zika virus out break and how it the may effect the the olympics this year.
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i just accused chris murphy of not listening to me. >> um-hmm, right. so the big melt has been going on for over a week now but we still have 11 inches of snow left on the ground in
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allentown where their temperature average is lower than ours but here in philadelphia we are left with 3 inches after two 2.4 we got during the blizzard. we have been melting at two and a half to 3 inches per day and these record high temperatures on wednesday should take care of the rest of it. the record is 62 degrees for wednesday, not to day but for wednesday and we're expecting 63. now allentown may not get to their record of 63 but it will be well above average with mid 50's there and at reading, 60's in the forecast for wilmington and atlantic city. meanwhile there is a big winter storm, coming in from the west, threatening the central part of the country, including iowa. what is happening today? the iowa caucus, chris murphy. >> yes. >> there is des moines. there is a a blizzard watch for des moines and the northern part of the iowa today. the winter storm watch for the rest of the state. there is a little bit of rain there right now, in wichita,
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kansas and we are not seeing any precipitation just yet in iowa, it is on the way. it is as that storm gathering strength for the rest of the day. that is a concern for the political candidates today. new we have got the some rain in the western part of the state, it is expected to continue its journey from west to east and give us some rain starting at 2:00 in the have afternoon. so this cold front comes through slightly cooler tomorrow and we are going to be watching, punxsutawney, pennsylvania for the groundhog. now, if he sees his shot owe, that means six more weeks of winter. we kind of wish for a cloudy day for that situation, we will see what happens. 43 degrees in philadelphia right now. forty-eight in dover. mid 50's in wildwood to get this day started, and a remind their last year we averaged 25.8 degrees for the whole month of february of 2015. that ended up being the seventh coldest february we ever had and coldest since 1979. we are off to a mild start.
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foreground hog day 52. sixty-three for wednesday. we're back to the the 40's for thursday, friday, saturday and sunday but still a bit a above average, for that entire time. watching the possibility of a coastal storm on friday, too early to tell on that one, but of course we will keep an eye on the situation and keep you posted. is there your rather mildish, seven day forecast, lets check traffic on this monday morning. we will see how things are going. we will start off with a look at the vine street expressway, no problems at all heading in both directions. that will go over to route 202 northbound at the schuylkill it is all cleared, as you make your way in to king of prussia this morning no reported delays, at philly international this morning. lauren. >> sue, thanks very much. time is running out for campaigns and presidential hopefuls in iowa because iowa caucuses get underway at 8:00 p.m. tonight. g.o.p. front runner donald
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trump expect to several hundred people in iowa. he said he is the better choice for republicans because he can win states like michigan which a republican date has not won in 30 years. trump says that a presidency would make a lot of americans happy, again. >> but in a short period of time if i get in and we will do a great job. you will not be angry anymore because we will win so much. you will be people again. >> he is promising happiness for everybody. elsewhere among g.o.p. candidates ted cruz made his last minute push to get out and vote for home. health care and education reform are top of his list if he makes it into the white house. >> we will pass common sense health care reform that makes health insurance personal, portable, affordable and keeps government from getting in between us and the doctors. in the days that foley will instruct the u.s. department
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of education that common core end to day. >> donald trump lead nothing iowa but ted cruz is a few percentage points behind. let's switch to the democratic side. what would have sounded unlikely just a year ago bernie sanders,/hillary clinton neck and neck as they helped toward the first balloting of 2016. >> monday night, could be a historic night for this country. we can make history. >> reporter: what we need -- >> what we need is a plan and a commitment, and me, yes, thank you. >> well see who will emerge victorious later tonight, as the field will be narrower before the new hampshire primary on february 9th, chris. >> a week from what, tomorrow. >> yes. two virginia tech students are in jail connected to the death of the the 13 year-old girl, the girl had been missing from her virginia home since wednesday night. her body found over the weekend near the north
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carolina border. eighteen year-old david ice even hours and 18 year-old natalie keepers both charge in the death of the nicole lovel. police say in blacksberg that eisenhower and the girl knew each other before they disappeared but went say how. they say he used that trust to then abduct her and kill her. keepers is accused of helping eisenhower dispose of her body. three convicted inmates are back behind bars. the last two were returned to the southern california prison they escaped from. this is video released showing two of the three men in orange prison jump suits led from the car into that jail. both were taken in custody on saturday after escaping prison and being on the run for more than a week. third inmate turned himself in on friday. growing zika virus is causing concern in 2016. a event for summer games was supposed to get people really excited but instead, fear of the out break over shadows those events. several wrestlers discussed staying in their hotels to a
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avoid zika carrying mosquitoes. brazil has been hit the hardest with more than a million cases on have the virus. international olympic committee assures athletes and travelers that the game will go on. >> actions are being taken with special vehicles, and informing the community. so this is work that has been done so far and we will continue leading up to the games. >> other latin american countries are trying to combat zika since mosquitoes spread that virus. nicaragua is trying to remove trash and standing water. cyber thieves are using uber to steel your information. it all starts with an e-mail claiming to offer you a free gift card. experts say once you click on that link mal wear will down load on your device and logs everything you type including your uber user name and pass word. once the thieves have your information, they will sell it, starting at $47 per account. the best advice toys avoid drinking on the link in that
5:20 am
e-mail but if you do here's some advice. >> as long as the consumer has used a credit card to link to the uber account as opposed to a debit card. consumers have stronger rights, with credit card verse debit cards. >> if you do use a debit card check your account on a regular basis for anything that looks unusual. all right. it turns out, our love of sweets has nothing to do with taste, why scientists say you want to reach for that piece of chocolate. the the scientific reason coming up. aretha franklin wants a piece of the pie when it comes to soul food, who is she trying to dethrown at the cash register. >> here are your winning lottery numbers, good luck. ♪
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sue, are you a awake. >> i'm awake. >> she's awake now because done eberle is 79 and he is singing to you, sue. >> sure is. >> yeah, baby. >> you woke up really early this morning, too and she took a video of herself.
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>> well, my husband did. >> yes. >> why? >> it is coming up. >> now that is a reason to stay tuned. >> yes. >> there is a reason we find it hard to resist cakes, chocolates, sweets but it has nothing to do with the actual taste of these things. >> thinks getting scientific now. those scientists say we are drawn to unhealthy food because we see it a as dangerous. and attractive. >> whatever. >> it is the same lure of what make dangerous people irresistible. researchers studied how they saw different food. people pay attention to things that are dangerous, so when we see it, we cannot help but be lured in. the the more unhealthy the the food, the harder it is to exist. >> whatever. you sold it honestly the way you read it, you sold it the but whatever is all i will say about that. whatever. you want a piece of cheese cake not just because it is dangerous, it is because it is good. >> it is dangerous and good.
5:25 am
>> it is good. >> aretha franklin is launching a food line. >> soul singer, start add a new food line that will include deserts that are dangerous. >> and good. >> and her own brand of chile, gum bow, bake chicken. her contemporary patty labelle made headlines over the holiday season after wal-mart could not keep patty's pies on the store shelves. franklin said she has nod tasted labelle's deserts but quote. >> it is dangerous and good. >> that is not what she said. she said this, miss patty will to have move that pie to the side. as for where you can get aretha's a food that has in the yet been determined. so we will have to stay tune. >> how would aretha franklin say miss patty would have to move that pie to the side. let's hear it. >> miss patty is going to have to move those pies to the side because she's a lady, you know. >> and a diva. >> yes. you will not be a all patty, you have to say it like a lady. miss patty, you have to move
5:26 am
your pie to the the side. >> super bowl, it is coming up this sunday. the super bowl 50, right. >> yep. >> so, one of the biggest days of the year for pizza a sales what better time for poppa john's to launch a new marketing campaign. they want to prove it is worth to it pay more for their pizza. use football players such as jj what the and others to pledged that any customer dissatisfied with their pizza can get the next one for free. if you hate the the first one you will a's hate the second one even more. >> not true. >> also a little tlc in the second one so you won't hate it the that much. i have never ordered food that day because to me it just seems like a disaster waiting to happen. >> correcty feel like you should just either buy the pizza early before everyone gets there or pot luck it and have everyone bring something and you don't to have rely on a driver getting lost, your piss ace cold because they have 19 deliveries. everybody just bring something. doesn't that make it easier.
5:27 am
>> or go to the friend's house and bring a beverage. i'm here. >> bring something. >> yes. >> did you catch grease live right here on fox last night? coming up inside scoop from the cast, that we reveal which songs, may have been the hardest to long. >> which one did you live. >> summer loving, had me a blast.
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so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive
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save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. a threat to a local school end with a teenage's rested. how the school is making sure students are safe. we may finally find out what happened in the deadly amtrak train derailment, is what expect today that could shed new life on what went wrong. today starts black history month look back at how moth long celebration in fact, started. >> that is right. >> it was part of a national basics of law and recognition, what year that was. >> good day, everybody it is monday, february 1st, 2016. >> it will be a warm one. >> i know. >> i mean typically this time of the year sewer's in the the 30's like last year was really cold. >> yes, last year we had one of the coldest februaries ever. our average high is 41. we expect to be, above average
5:31 am
today. that that your goal every day. a six out of ten. we are seeing quiet weather but dry. 43 degrees. sunrise happening at 7:10. don't look for a lot of sunshine with that rain/way. thirty-one in allentown. but mild, 50 in atlantic city n wildwood we're already at 54 . here comes the rain, from the western part of the state, and it is getting held foy leave the pittsburgh area right now. it the is not expect here until probably after lunchtime. mostly cloudy skies, in the meantime and a high of 56 degrees. remember, the average high is 41. it is above average. your sunset time is at the 5:20. so longer days ahead, little bit more melting going on today. we will talk about the rest of the forecast in just a few moments but at 5:31, let's check traffic. we will get started with this accident the that we will show you, it is a live look at route 202, right lane of 202
5:32 am
northbound just past conestoga a road at mill road on ramp. major delays already on that portion of route 202, even this early in the morning, so, plan a ahead and maybe go another way, now, we will check i-95 at highland, wide opened this morning, travel times no impediments to get from the blue route to the vine on the schuylkill and on i-95 southbound from woodhaven to the vine it is a 14 minute trip, chris. >> thank you. 5:32 is the time. we're following developing news. police have charged a juvenile for sending a text message threatening cherry hill east high school. that message spread quickly on social media. steve keeley is live in cherry hill with more on this, steve, good morning. >> reporter: police here quickly got the the word out on their facebook page and they will put patrols out all over the school district just to make sure parents feel safe sending their kid in school today. they will be in all schools as word went out from both the
5:33 am
police and school district. police were called about a threatening text message where they check and everything is okay and all clear but, police will be here, all day to day. the the juvenile who sent that text was found, a arrested, charged with making a false alarm. the the school superintendent, sent this letter out yesterday, telling everybody in cherry hill about this on line threat, police investigation and that a juvenile was arrested. on the cherry hill facebook page, is what up section, still more than 100 comments and concerns about the text threatening a shooting at cherry hill east school today. hopefully today police presence opened discussion about the the superintendent in that letter he sent out immediately yesterday to calm all concerns and school day will go on as planned for all student except that one juvenile chris and lauren facing criminal charge and school district, and hopefully maybe a little bit more discipline from mom and dad at home. >> yes, other kid locked up last week and now this week. hopefully they are learning
5:34 am
there is consequences steve keeley. >> time to turn their lives around, they are young. 5:34. today we could find out in a new report what may have went wrong in the deadly amtrak train derailment. eight people died, several others injured. >> a lot coming up now. dave kinchen is live with this story at university city, dave, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. for eight months there have been a lot of questions as to what exactly caused amtrak train 188 to derail last year. well this report is coming out today promises to answer at least a lot of those questions. here's what we know. the national transportation safety board is in fact, wrapped up its investigative fash that killed eight and injured 200 others offer may 12th, 2015. attorneys bob mongeluzzi and tom china dress many victims and will address the reports after the the federal government issues its findings. this release will be the first big development in the investigation since the the
5:35 am
ntsb said excessive speed was a factor in the crash. the train reached 106 miles an hour before the the emergency break was hit. interestingly this happened last night. an obstruct another amtrak train passing through fill at brideberg section heading to new york from washington d.c. according to the washington post. freelance social media editor taylor lawrence tweeted out this photo of shattered glass calling it a a bullet hole. it is not exactly clear what exactly created the object of what you see in that picture there. that is investigated. good news is no one was hurt in that incident, guys. >> dave kinchen, thanks very much. 5:35. another nfl pro bowl in the books after the big play and some of the eagles plays delivered on the field. giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy...
5:36 am
5:37 am
kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever.
5:38 am
this is fox 29 sports in one minute. >> good morning, i'm sean bell . villanova a lost to prove dense last sat the day, and had to wait a week to get back on the court. they decided to take out all of their frustration on saint john's. that game was in the garden, the medic a first half josh hart with the steel, throws to it miguel bridges and the the show time, poster, in at the 13 points off the bench. nova went on to win 68-53. and, temple in south florida, quinton decozy showing off a
5:39 am
hand look, shakes his man, goes to the rack and gets easy lay up. he had 30 points, seven board on the night. owls get the the w70-63 pushing their record to two-eight. now in the australia open no vac djokovic showing off his dominance. andy murray, no shot. he won six-one, seven-five, seven-six his sixth australian open championship. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. okay, with no meaningful football games yesterday, i decided to go to new york. the fans had to get their fix vee at pro bowl. >> familiar faces on the field for eagles fans including darren sproles, who caught that pass from team irving right before half time. that is for team rice on the play. team irving would win 49-27. the lombardi trove a lives
5:40 am
in san francisco. the football greats roger craig escorted it to its new home for the next week. the trophy was on display at a party for the home of its the maker tiffany and company. after the super bowl this coming sunday, that trophy will be engraved by tiffany's with the names of the winners, of that game. >> the big game. >> have you ever bought anything at tiffany's do you know how much we're talking tiffany's made that trophy and then they will engrave it. >> pricey. >> it was just a sport story, you have something in your teeth. >> yeah. >> all right. >> steph curry came to philadelphia. we're thinking, they will kill us. >> best team in the nba. >> within of the best of all time it was a close game that went down to the wire, sat the day night. >> i think the warriors have lost three games all year. they have lost games all year. isn't that crazy. >> they almost lost to us. >> i know. >> we have had a turnaround.
5:41 am
we have ish here, and then. >> philadelphia a 76ers record,. >> seventy-six are 15th in the eastern conference standings. >> we're 15th in the standings. >> chris doesn't do anything on the phone without asking this laid toy look up everything. my theory is the the droid i don't know what her name is. >> we're seven-41. golden state warriors record. >> the the warriors are first in the western conference standings. >> their record is 44 and four. we still almost beat them. >> close game. >> it was good. >> good. >> it is february 1st as we told you, that means today marks beginning of the black history month. coming up a look at how this celebration and why it all got started. puffs knows winter...
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♪ >> nobody, nobody. >> that is my favorite song, from them, be in can drag me down. >> this song is dragging me down. >> play some rock and roll. >> wish him a happy birthday, harry styles. >> elvis pressly's daughter is celebrating a birthday. >> don't take away from harry's moment. >> thank you. this is harry styles. he turns 22 today. everyone necessary him because he was a part of the one direction. he and his band mates had five
5:45 am
successful albums and performed on two worldwide tours, they won all these award, but now they are saying, we're splitting up. >> they're done. >> why. they are not going in one direction but they are going all over. >> harry styles do you think will come out with all kind of gold record on his own he will come out with something. >> his name is the best known, don't you think. >> yes. >> the one with the hair. >> zane became popular when he was first one to leave the group but harry styles was the name of the group. >> these guys are good. >> yeah. >> they are a good pop group, pop music. >> look at our sunset times through the month of february which starts today with a 5:20 y valentines day, we will talk about after 5:30 and we will be coming up at 6:00 o'clock sunset, pretty close by the last day of the month. so, right now, we have got at
5:46 am
a leap year this year too, don't we? i think so, staff? yeah. rain on the western tart of the state. thank you, michael. is there rain, heading our way but not until this afternoon. the it is behind a cold front. we have a early high temperature today in the mid 50's, by 11:00 o'clock or noon and we may reach high of 56 or higher. and then here comes the cold front with the rain and it starts about one or 3:00 in the afternoon. it is generally light rain, but it will impacter the evening commute, with that light rain today and it will be slightly cooler tomorrow,. >> and 43 in the city, 34 in lancaster and reading. and, 62 degrees, in the wildwood, and then we mentioned this before. last year we had the seventh coldest february ever, coldest since 1979 with a average monthly temperature of
5:47 am
25.8 degrees. that was february 2015. this year we're starting off with all temperatures above average including a possible record setter on wednesday. we will not only get record high temperature on wednesday but we're thinking record amounts of rainfall as well. that will be windy, wet, wednesday, and then we're back in the 40's through the weekend. that is your seven day forecast. let's check traffic out on this try, monday morning, and we will start off with, trouble, on the the schuylkill expressway, westbound, this is going out of the city and you can see flashing lights there, right there at university avenue. police are on the scene trying to get that accident cleared out but the delays are building on that part of the schuylkill westbound at university avenue. let's check ben franklin bridge, still pretty clear heading into the city. a remind their start to go day the east falls bridge is closed for repairs between ridge avenue and martin luther king drive and this is in effect through the first of
5:48 am
april we think. because it will take a while to repair that bridge. you will not be able to drive across the east falls bridge lauren and chris starting to day. >> because we have to make up our mind. either we want to have segregation or integration, just like there shouldn't be a black history month, you know, we're americans, period, that is it. >> that was stacy dash, who just a few weeks ago she was sharing her thoughts on why americans should do away with black history month and other organizations aimed at recognizing the african-american community. it was in the middle of the oscars so white controversy. this month we would like to acknowledge the accomplishments of african americans who contributed to the success of this country. >> we will kick off this month with how and why black history month got its start. man behind the movement was carter g woodson. at so, for negro life and history in 1926. the historian announced the second week of the month would be negro history month that week was chosen, chris because
5:49 am
it coincided with the birthday of abraham lincoln who forever freed the slaves. and fredrick douglass who became a prominent leader in the abolitionist movement. from the beginning the emphasis was placed on placing coordinated teaching of black history in schools back then. woodson thought it was essential to guarantee the physical and intellectual survival of that race within a broader society. the idea received luke warm acceptance in the beginning, and then, the idea to expand the week to a full month, was started at kent state university. >> right. >> and it was officially recognized in 1976, so it took decade, by the u.s. government to do this. president gerald ford encouraged to honor too of neglect accomplishments of black americans. here we are today, still celebrating. >> it is so cool to learn about so many different accomplishments and who was behind these movements. like you just learned and we didn't even know this, george jefferson was born in philadelphia. >> yes, and we will do his walk, a little bit later.
5:50 am
>> do you want to do it. >> you try it. >> with his hand behind his back. >> you do it, the wrong way. >> yes. >> you guys can be the judge. >> but the -- back to the importance of this years because of what stacy dash said. >> right. >> the oscars where we have no african americans being nominated for any role in any move think year. >> right, right. >> and she says we should do away with bet, do you remember that? so tomorrow, i think we will talk about bet. >> yes. >> when did bet start in the 90's or late 80's. >> i will school you tomorrow. >> okay, thank you let's talk entertainment as we kind of are, already, vanessa hudgens dedicated last night grease live performance to her father who passed away saturday night after battling cancer. >> the performer worked hard for months to get everything right for last night show and that hard work showed. >> ♪
5:51 am
>> live audience on three different stage, joined the millions watching at home, hudgens recently opened up about what it took to turn herself into rizzo. the hardest part, learning the the word she said we go together this one right here because, so much of it isn't really real word. plus once she found the rhythm, it all came together. >> what is it. >> cindy crawford who didn't love her as a young man growing up, retired from modeling n a recent interview she told the magazine that she doesn't want to keep proving herself. her legendary career has lasted 20 years. runway star became a household name and a celebrity brand when she rose to super model status in the 80's. crawford will step away from the camera after she turns 50, later this month. >> do you remember her beauty mark that everyone used to love, all woman were trying to find one on their faces, where is my cindy crawford mark. i remember a as a teenager
5:52 am
going, i don't know, an eye liner, lip liner, and you know. >> did you put a little mark there. >> i wanted a cindy crawford mark. >> i have got something here, should we try it. >> i don't know if i trust anything in your make up bag. >> you could do it with this. try that. to you see, that would work. give it a shot. >> no,. >> it is right there. >> it noise the like that though. >> no. >> what do you think. >> is joel on camera. >> cindy crawford would be proud. >> richard gear come here. are they still married. that was a few years ago. >> yeah, get it together. >> who is hotter cindy or me. >> not you, baby. >> fifty, she's stunning. >> i know. >> a german shepherd in minute so the ace hoping for a new lease on life and find and forever home, how a rare
5:53 am
defect is not going to slow him down.
5:54 am
5:55 am
a stunted dog with a rare condition looking for a home this morning.
5:56 am
meet, they is, quasi mow toe, the the true bread german shepherd with short spine syndrome from minute so the ace gaining fans on line with his story. his shortened torso formed when soft vertebrae compressed causing the spine to shrink. his rare condition has no impact on his ability to love. >> he is a healthy, dog that doesn't seem to be in chronic pain. looks are in the everything. it is important to get to know somebody, including a dog like quasi, and when you do you will fall head over heels in love. >> a ah, he will need surgery in the coming days not for that condition we told but because of complications from living his life out on the streets. he is only the 14th known dog to have that rare condition. such a cute dog. 5:56 this morning. time is running out for the presidential hopefulness iowa, what some of the candidates said to voters before today's big event, and, the the 2016 pro bowl it is over, but we are still breaking down plays,
5:57 am
touchdown made by one of the philadelphia's own eagles players.
5:58 am
5:59 am
well, second school threat in only one week, where students and school faculty around new jersey will see increased security this morning. national transportation safety board is wrapped up its
6:00 am
investigation into last years amtrak train derailment, could new fur set to be released shed light on the cause of the deadly accident. monday night could be a historic night for this country. we can make history. >> the ticking of the clock in iowa because tonight is the night, the caucus gets underway, it is big, we have been building up to this. >> the other wild card is the the wind because they have a blizzard warning in effect for parts of the state. >> there are concerns about how this will affect voter turnout. >> with their caucus, they stand around in some 1800 precincts and gather in places. >> the same as going in the voting boot. >> but getting there might be an issue because of a foot of snow is expect knowledge and high wind. >> yes. >> well, good morning, it is february 1st, 1st of the month, 2016. it is also the the first day of black


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