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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  February 4, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EST

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signal back we will take you back out to the scene, and again, at least one of our ground crews is closing in on the scene now. >> as soon as we get that signal we will punch that up, too. good day, thursday being february the fourth, 2016. georgie here. ♪ can't stop believing ♪ oh, not that john. >> i no, journey, in the studio this morning, love her. you may know her from full house. if not there what about friday night light? what about the movie temptations? well, now just saw the new series, it is a john legend produced drama that tells story of the underground railroad, it does it in a different kind of way. pretty cool. >> beautiful. >> scientists again want answer why cuddling is the key here. >> superbowl is this sunday. rupp ready? if not we'll show you how to pull off the perfect party. can you get that fancy?
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will your food look that good? it will if you watch the show. >> happy birthday to dave martinez, he turns 12 years old today, he like to watch this show. >> happy birthday dave. there he is. >> probably at school by now, but -- >> i'm sure his mom, dad are recording, it. happy birthday dave. >> almost a teenager. >> some of the superbowl ads have been leaked actually have been released so we can watch them. never used to do this. do you have wait until the game. this is years ago, 25 years ago, would you have to wait for the darn game to watch the commercials. which i thought was good idea, now they release them early, i guess so morning shows like us will run them for free. >> so here's the thing though, this new one it, has kevin heart in it. you know we love our kevin hart. really is funny. so it is all about protective father. >> okay? keeping an eye on your teenage daughter in. >> when she going out on date. >> oh,. >> watch what he does. >> oh. you look good.
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>> thank you. >> hey! >> taking my little girl out? >> yep. >> hhh. >> why don't you go ahead and take my new car. >> thank, pops. >> go ahead, baby. >> ♪ >> watch this. >> boom. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ you're messing with the wrong daddy. >> i'm taking you home. >> why? >> back so soon? >> here you go, sir. >> because a dad's got to do what a dad's got to do. >> honey, what did you guys do tonight? >> awesome. >> all right! >> it will be hard to beat superbowl, people.
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>> you're messing with the wrong dad. >> i so, the ads for the car, right? >> yes. >> car finer on it. >> car finer. >> i like, that have you done that, mike? be honest. >> one of your daughters go on date. >> yes, i've followed my daughters. >> really? did they know were you following them, that's the question? >> no. >> just finding it now? >> totally know. >> there he is. >> that's fun. >> i. >> you told you about spying on my daughter jessica. >> i remember one time, some guy double back on us, with girl in the car. he pulls up next to me, i look over, he knows me, and i've got six, seven girls laying flat in the suv. and i'm talking to him, you know? >> wow. >> now, when i was dating, my parents just had a rule, if you're going out with my
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daughter you will come in the house, sit down, we talk, you will meet us. that was like from when i first started, i mean, probably high school like all the way through. so -- obviously in college you can't do that. >> a lot of guys it was a deterrent. what, i got to go in and sit down with your dad? i don't even know you, it is the first date. >> i know. >> so i'm out. >> yep. i'm out. i got that a lot. yep. or they come in and just sit there, yes, sir, knows, yes, sir, no, sir. >> now, what if he didn't like him your dad? >> well, woe let me know. >> oh, woe? >> before the date or when you came back? >> when i came back. when i came back he would let me know. but i could tell, i could tell. by the type of questions he asked by the answers he was getting like oh, this isn't going well, no. >> i would just have them come into the kitchen, meet for the first time as i'm cleaning my rifle. >> oh. here is the thing, my dad is an attorney, also municipal judge. >> oh, oh,. >> so he would be like he would tell stories about when he goes to the jail, you know, if he does anything, you know,
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he has a lot of police officers out there. >> he would say that to these young men? >> one daughter, one human child, right? >> yes. >> gorgeous little precious one person. >> so what do you do, mr. holey? >> i'm judge. >> i'm judge. >> and an attorney. >> i sign warrant for a living. >> oh, mo. >> i know all of the officers in town. trust me, you don't want to mess with me. >> did you ever go out in high school? >> really. >> let's take a look at some of the other favorite protective dads in movies, tv shows, different great characters. here's one. >> did we eat pot rose for dinner tonight? >> yes. >> was it under cooked? >> no, it was just rare. it was a little rare for my taste. >> do you think i want to see my youngest daughter stand by some fish ether's hook? >> i'm 16 years old. i'm not a child. >> don't you take that tone of votes with me, young lady.
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>> (beep). >> hi, i'm reggie. >> what you doing here? >> came to see megan. >> what? >> i came to take out megan. >> how old are you? >> i'm -- >> you look 30. >> you have an adorable little girl who looks up to you and a doors you in a way you could never imagine. >> dad, we're getting married. >> i'm sorry, what did you say? >> i'm getting married. >> ahh. >> right then i realize my days have past, might want -- >> dad, it is okayment i'm casino warm. >> so there is chill on the air and you've been on a plane? >> i'm fine. >> it is kind of cold out. >> it is? all right, thanks, i'll get my jacket. >> oh, man, i can so relate to that movie. yes, i can't watch that movie. >> but here is the thing, though, i'm supposed to give my dad little credit. we go on date together, lining i've done double dates with my parent even high school, go to the movies, right? so i would sit down, the guy, i was dating at the time, we would sit down, you know,
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trying to decide where you are going to sit in a movie theater, my dad is no you'll sit down below, we'll be up top. so we can go down and look and see what you are doing. whole time in the movie, they're sitting above us. >> okay, okay, does the guy know before the double date that it was a double date with your parents? >> well, you know, i was like hey, let's go the to of moist, then, you know, okay, so my parent are coming at the same time. >> your dad is kevin hart. >> i know. i can't say no to my dad. how is that going to make me look? dad, i don't want you to come. >> he would be like why don't you want me to come? what are you doing you don't want me for? it is a movie, you're just going to watch, right? >> double date, young man. >> and then her paranicus ends in the car. >> okay, sometimes men need a lot of help understanding what's going on inside of a woman's brain, right? >> you guys do need help. >> one guy recently asked his wife to draw on piece of paper
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>> what was she thinking? what she came up with is this. this is what stephanie's wife steven is the name of the guy, that's what she says going on in her head. >> it is hard to read, but name everything going on in her life. she has written down. and there is a lot. >> did that person look at me funny? am i looking at them funny? >> my kids. >> i want to make him happy. he is my best friend. >> we can do it now. >> guys, do this, get out piece of paper have, them write down their thoughts. so i asked these two lovely
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women to do that. before we did the show. >> alex, and what's in her head right now. michael b jordan, what else are you thinking about there, sue? >> work hard play hard. >> see anyone? >> mom and dad. social media queen. what would beyonce do? >> first, let me take a selfie. >> where is the party at friday? >> really? mike jerrick? >> a picture of yourself. >> yes. >> i think that's a hint. >> then, jen does one. do you want to see it? >> no. >> (laughing). >> no, she did a real one. here go. >> wow. >> awe. >> steve keeley. >> i love it. >> my new best friend, mom squad. is it friday yet? look at the lovely picture every mike jerrick.
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>> okay, that sums it up. >> quickly, on your brain, can you tell us a story about why you didn't get something? >> so, okay. i love this. parent night out thing. we were injured, went up to the pocono mountains, like a drop your kids off thing. steve said he couldn't drop the kids off. they were registered to go to this thing. >> at the l many wood zoo? >> no this was at an event. >> but you can drop your kids off, then two can go away. p this is brody and laundry frederick. you didn't register them. we have to hang out with all of our friends, other couples, were able to do it. >> so finally i'm like what, i don't understand. he looks at something and he goes, you know, i forgot. my pass for the weekend, let me check. goes over there do you have a brody and laundry keeley? and they go yes, they're right here, all signed up.
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when i called, and did my -- and reserved my family, steve fredericks badge for the whole week toned get around this vents it said steve keeley. and just got discount by saying i was steve keel. >> i because the people there really thought were you married to steve keelie? >> yes. high, this is jenn frederick, my kids brody and laundry are coming, so of course steve keeley is registered, brody keeley. laundry, sang the song. steve keeley is not my dad. >> use today sing that song. >> there is a constant debate on how parent should raise their kids. now, there is atlantic city. new research is suggest that children, who are cuddled and pick up, over and over, grow to be better adult. i've always believed this. >> steve keeley was not -- >> this is the university of notre dame. okay? found that kids who had more affection when they were young turned out to be healthier, less depressed, kinder adult,
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the study also fawn children who spend a lot of time, quality time with their parents, had better coping skills. they say that it is impossible to spoil a baby, quick, thinking that, and parent can actually ruin the baby's development by letting them cry. so there is the debate. >> they said that. that is not altogether new information. what they say is specially when they need, you know, when they're cold, or when they're scared or something, do that only time when you're not supposed to pick them up crying is when you put them to bed. >> i don't even believe that. >> no? >> i believe the baby cries for three reasons. they want to be held, they poo their selves, or they're hungry. >> right. >> isn't it our job as parent if they're crying they need one of those three things. >> take care of it. >> when you feed them, they poo, and it is midnight, on a tuesday. >> you decided to have a baby.
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>> they need something. they're crying. >> they never did cry for two hours but they did cry for 15 minutes. >> this is also the man talking with nanny joe, he said he just puts ted nay room and closes the door. so, let's -- >> she is four. she deserves it. >> i was kidding. >> when she hit her parent, her mom, she will come up and smack her right in the thigh. >> oh,. >> you don't do that. >> okay. >> no, never spanning my kids. there is a new series airing on wgn america. that tells the story of the underground railroad. >> but, it is not the typical way to tell it, though. okay? so, john legend, is one of the producers. >> that's interesting. >> uh-huh. and it stars of course the beautiful and talented journey, and here is the clip from underground. >> very smart.
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feeling row girl named rosa lee, delicate nature, well made. negro man named zeke, pushing 300 pounds, considered very dangerous negro man named moses. neck row boy named henry. >> ain't no white man going to be able to stop her. >> ♪ >> high, john. >> i hi, good morning. >> you look fantastic, woman. >> oh, you look fantastic, man. >> i'm a mess. >> he's all right. >> so when does this premiere? >> march 9, 10:00 o'clock. >> looks really good. >> ya, man. >> look so action pack. >> yes, really is. it was intense. i mean, we did a loft our own stunts. you know, inherently the grounds grounds railroad was very desperate, dangerous, people running for their lives literally. so it required a lot of physical challenges, for us, as actors. but, i mean, this is one of the most exciting project i think i've ever been on. >> who did you play.
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>> rosa lea young house servant who works in the -- works on the plantation never been outside of the plantation her entire life. and -- she works in the house, yes, with her mother. she has kind of been brainwashed and really has, you know, victim every mental end slavement. because she doesn't believe that there is a life better than this. until noah played, comes along. he comes along, and is the first person to acknowledge to me that he has dreams, as well. i mean, dreaming in 1857 foreign slaved manor woman was something that could get you killed. >> yes. no dreams? >> yes, nowed dreams. you had no right. >> but thought you would be there the rest of your life. >> yes, took mat nerves their own hands, rebelled. >> could your age us. >> were courageous, heroes, can you imagine running 600 miles for your freedom? i mean, you have dogs chasing you, police catch ers if they don't catch you then the element, might kill you.
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because just running in swamps and running without food, and in the heat, and in the cold, i mean, it is just mind blowing that these were actual things that happened. >> when i was watching some of the clips from this i have to admit it casino of reminded me the feel of it like jenning owe a little bit. >> you know, the thing is we've never seen television show or a film about the underground railroad though. >> true. >> it was a first integrated civil rights movement in our nation. >> came through philadelphia certainly. >> absolutely. i mean, you had people from the north, working with people in the south, you had people from all walks of life, native americans, african-americans, white people, you know, all working together. and a lot of them didn't have much to gain. i mean, we have characters, played by jessica and mark lucas, you know, elizabeth and john, they live in the north in ohio. they don't have a lot to gain by helping. but yet they know their conscious can't live in a world that you know has slavery. >> can we talk about some
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other things, too? >> let's do that. >> where were you born? >> born in new york. >> what was going on in your house? >> what were your parent feeding? how many brother and sisters? >> there are six of us. i have four brothers and one sister. >> are they all named j? >> yes. >> go through then. >> jo-jo, jessie, journey, jake, jockey. >> lie take. >> did you say jest me? >> that's right, because jesse is your brother? >> my brother on empire. he plays jamal. >> we know who jesse is. >> wait. hold on. >> i have to make sure. >> well -- >> ahh. >> that's us. ahh. >> you guys pretty close? >> oh, my goodness, all of us are so close. i mean, we are kind of like our own country. our own way, our own language. >> really? >> we're so close. i mean, our parents, you know, wanted to -- one of the greatest gifts they gave us are each other. >> what do they do?
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>> my mom, you know, was our coach. and our protector and our manager growing up. and my dad worked for at&t, his, you know, for over 25 years. >> now do all six kids have your energy? and jesse, the same way? >> the energy. we love the energy. >> what's it like eating dinner. >> our dinners are epic. >> we all cook. we're very competitive. i mean, we have this whole system called tear one. where only four of us, or actually, are on tear one, four of the six kids, you know, can be considered tear one cooks. i mean, we're kind of snob i shall with food. >> tear one? >> i'm absolutely a tear one. >> are you married? >> i am. >> who is this guy. >> my husband, he is an amazing man. >> look, look at her smiling. >> but here, i know you are married. but i am a little jealous i have to admit, avenue
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confession. because you, on friday night lights, you have done some things that i would like to do one day. >> michael b jordan. >> you kissed michael b jordan, hon. >> i oh, god. >> what was that like? >> mike is one of the coolest people, i mean, i swear, the entire cast, i mean, we just had so much fun. it was criminal, you know,. >> real quickly here, when we run -- we ransom clips. was that a clip from full house that i saw go by? >> yes, yes. >> okay. >> it was. i was like four. >> are you going to be a part of the reunion? >> fuller house? >> no. no. >> that's long. >> i'm doing all kind of things. >> i got underground. i can't do more than one show. >> we're excited to see it. >> why are you in filly? >> i'm here because tonight myself and the amazing legendary beautiful singer
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monica will be at macy's. we will be talking about black history month and paying tribute to those -- >> which macy's? >> and what time. >> which macy's? >> is it the one on state road? >> center city. >> two different ones. >> no? we'll figure it out. we'll put it up little later. >> we're in center city? center sit. >> i over at 13th and chestnut. you know where it is. >> that will be cool. wanamaker building. >> what time? >> 6:00. >> can you sing? >> you know, my husband is the singer in our family, but dow sing with him. >> oh, they do duets together. how cute? >> look, she is just fantastic. >> i know, my gosh. >> oh, keep going. >> look at the dimples, geez. >> i can't get rid of it if i tried. >> oh, it is cute, we love the dimple. >> smile.
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enjoy philly. eat like a cheese steak or something. >> where should i go. >> we can't say. everybody will get mad at us. >> off camera. >> yes, we will talk about it commercial break. >> i'll write it down. >> good luck with underground. >> thank you so much. >> looks great. >> really good. >> march 8th. >> march 9th. >> ninth. >> wednesday, march 9th. wgn america. >> would you like to hold a skunk? >> no, i'm good. thank you but no thank you. >> so parent, here is the thing. if you want to spends valentine's day with the nice romantic evening, but don't want to have the kids around? >> get a skunk. >> take them to the zoo. yes. drop them off at the zoo. we'll tell you why this will make sense when we come back.
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>> valentine day for you and your kids, what's the elmwood park zoo have to do with that? how could this scening help you get a date for valentine
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day? sam, here from the elmwood park zoo to tell us how. >> high there. >> this is a fabulous idea. it is happening next weekend. >> that's correct. saturday, february the 13th, starting 5:00 p.m. >> so, we can bring our little kids to the elmwood park zoo, leave them there, and go have some dinner. >> that's exactly right. >> what time does it start? >> starts at five. and it ends at 9:30. >> perfect. okay, so, it gives us time to really have maybe a romantic evening. and these are some of the animals that you brought that the kids will be interacting with. >> that's correct. this year is bri, baby skunk, and she is de-scented we don't have to worry wore about. >> but named after stink i cheese. >> certainly is. >> so will the kids get to touch. >> would you like to touch her back right here, you sure can. >> oh, so the kids will get this experience. >> exactly. >> now, you will be able to drop them off, then would i lever the phone number like i would do with any other
9:26 am
babysitter where we will be, where you can get ahold of us? everybody has a great time. >> that's right. there will be lots of games, and movies, and crafts, and of course, all of the animals. >> brilliant, all right, who are we brinking in next? >> give us one second. >> okay. >> looking at some of the other animals you will be able to see while there at the elmwood park zoo, which is just the sweetest zoo, could you ever go to, and you're located hello, hi, this is a red tailed hawk, right? >> yes. >> her name is wendt. >> i wendy. not weekend wendy, not windy william. wendy. the red tailed luck. how close we will get? as close as snip. >> yes. >> kids will be able to? okay. >> oh, yes. >> we will not pet her though. she has sharp beak. >> i wasn't even going to make advances toward wendy, but the kids learn all about the habitat, and bird every pray. >> and wendy has a boyfriend, so she is a perfect valentine day animal. >> okay. >> we will learn about love
9:27 am
among the animals? >> exactly. >> pg of course? >> yes. >> all right, so now, we've got wendy here, you also have -- >> i have over here, cream sickle. which is a snake, and you can pet him. >> oh, so pretty. yes. now, wendy is identifying up cream sickle. >> well, weensy not going for cream sick. >> i we made sure wendy was full before she came here. >> he can actually, they do like to eat snakes in the wild. >> that's wonderfulment so give us all of the details of this is happening saturday february 13th. >> that's correct. >> we have to register ahead of time? >> yes, preferable. >> so we call and register, bringing two kids over, then what happens? >> and then you will drop them off. >> okay. >> and the kids will have awesome time. and you're going to have an awesome time. and then you'll pick them up, and it will be -- >> can i tell you how in love i am with this idea, get it? >> i get it. >> thank you so much. who did you bring with you. >> this is alisa.
9:28 am
thank you, you're very brave. probably in the very light weight animal, is it? >> actually not that heavy but on the tips of your fingers, little heavy. >> all of the details, elmwood park zoo valentine night will be available on our website have a lovely time. >> thank you. >> bob kelly, what you doing? >> hey, sue, i'm making cinnamin french toast hala. live from roselli market fresh. good morning to marlton, new jersey. stay there, whether we come right back.
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back on this breaking news at 9:30 chris murphy made to it this school bus accident, chris? >> good morning, we have just arrived on the scene, mike. you can see on commerce street from the street level that overturned bus. that is the school bus that crashed with this toyota rav4. we understand the the driver of the toyota was pronounced dead at the scene here. this happened at 7:42 this morning. so almost two hours ago. self kid on that bus were trans ported to spherion medical center with minor injuries. as we just said the person who perish was the person inside that suv. one adult bus a passenger was taken to cooper medical center with serious injuries. cross our fingers there. so that counts. this is a all preliminary information thus far. this is very much an active investigation. they have not righted that bus just yet. you can see fire truck just pulled up as we arrived on the scene there but again, you can see the active scene here. it is scary as you drive up
9:33 am
here on commerce street, this is right next to the public library, cumberland county public library and a charter school. as we drove here, we were in atlantic city earlier this morning there are all kind of school buses going past us. you cross your fingers for those kid. we understand kid just suffering minor injuries, very luckily but nonetheless a fatal crash here, that one passenger inside the suv. for now that is information we have. we have just arrived five minutes ago. we will try to get more information and pass it to you when we get it good job, chris. took out the fence and everything, on the side of the bus on the side. thank god kid only had minor injuries, some of them. all right. it is time for breakfast with bob. >> he is in marlton one of our favorite places, hi there bob. >> good morning to you, everybody. everybody up bright and relevant i, good morning, marlton, new jersey we are here from rastelli's market fresh which is a along route
9:34 am
73, just south of route 70. i know you you remember the old marlton circle there with that olga's diner. olga is boarded up and this is spot to be. with me is chris from rastelli, thank you so much for inviting us out. we are next to the promenade. >> south of the prem men made. >> this is huge. how long have you been here, what is the concept. >> we have been here 18 months and our concept toys kind of fall in love with food shopping again. we don't want food shopping to be a chore. we have put a blend of specialty with conventional. one stop shop for our customers. >> are they deviled eggs on that table. >> they are. >> my gosh, okay, devil egg a alert, hold on, here we go. everything that is ordered here you can come do your food shopping and then eat at the same time. >> you can do full food shopping, you can go to our chef inspired concept and order from eight or nine different concepts we have. everything from taco toss sushi. >> you have a bed so i can
9:35 am
stay all day. >> we have a full wine and spirit departments too. the it makes it one stop shopping. i thought bob would enjoy that. >> let's go down the line here. >> absolutely. >> so chef inspired. we do everything. this is our belgium waffles. this is our chocolate chip with banana a we have a blueberry belgium waffle. we have the classic eggs bendik. this is inspired by one of our guest which is over easy egg, with belgium waffle. >> i love that idea. >> parfaits, people from the gym stop by every morning and they grab it to go. >> i would come have the eggs bendik and take parfait too work to let people think you're eating better. >> yes. >> is this a egg salad. >> yes, that is a favorite in the morning. then we have various breakfast sandwiches, multi grain rolls and you can bill everything you want to the kiosk. the it is all order screen. you can be the chef, bob.
9:36 am
>> wow. >> so what do we have down here. >> omelets we have ten different once that we do we have a great kosher section. we do nova on bagels. choose your bagel. we do a beautiful sandwich there. again we have nova platt their we do. just want sliced nova a cutout carbs for new year do that as well. >> can we wrap it all up and even is it back because i hear mike and alex licking their chops back there. >> absolutely we will take it back. >> we are live from marlton, new jersey. how is the food everybody. >> great. >> if you like me to come to your favorite hot spot all you have to do is hit me up on facebook and twitter. mike and alex, back to you in the studio. >> fantastic. >> do i like a place where they will give you the locks, salmon with nothing on it, you know what i mean. neff a scotia will salmon. >> he is hungry. >> oh, baby. >> are you hungry. you know who made it through for american idol. >> this mckenzie kid did he
9:37 am
make it through. >> i will tell you after the break.
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♪ >> oh, yeah, we have just confirmed another booking for "good day philadelphia" tomorrow. the roots are on good day. >> roots picnic just a announced their line up. >> usher. >> future. >> swiss feet. >> dmx. >> alycia a come too. >> i don't know. >> maybe, you never know. they will start tomorrow.
9:41 am
>> okay, cool. >> so, i want to know. >> you want to know. >> mckenzie is a boy. >> mckenzie is a boy. i promised i would let you know there were 75 people at this point, end of the hollywood. we will begin, i just wait for it with number three. >> okay. >> we expect more from, and some lived up to the task. it is always hard when we get to this point to make the decisions that we have to make but at the even of the day we have to send people home. >> but that is not you guys. >> wow. >> i made it through. >> that guy made it too. >> yes.
9:42 am
>> the married couple. >> are you kidding me. >> there is one person that you cannot see in that room. >> his wife. >> and. >> the blonde girl didn't make it through. >> no. >> she's in a vodka bar in new york city, they will be fine. >> i didn't know they did it this way. >> yes, that is how they always do it. >> three rooms, and in a hotel or whatever, and two of the rooms don't make it through. >> other two rooms they go in. it is opposite. so first room they are like you guys were terrible. we were so disappointed in you. you are the worst people ever. so you have to stay. >> and then, the or one they are like you are were so amazing, you have a a big future but you have to go. >> they showed all that. >> of course. >> this is how it works. we have seen some pretty good people so far. >> yeah. >> i want people to know this, i know that you, mike jerrick and you alex know this.
9:43 am
season is cut in half. so you now, we get invested in these people. >> get to know them more. >> yes. >> you already know mckenzie, christian you love too. >> how about the woman i said was winner has she made it. >> yes. >> she was in the room. >> so, this sunday i'm running out of time to get the my party together. >> i'm coming. >> i invited my friends over to show me how to display my food, you know what i mean. >> yes. >> they are popcorn fantastic. >> it is all in the presentation, mike. >> we will discuss in a minute. >> can i have water.
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i'm running out of time for our super bowl party. we have to get it together. what is it, thursday. >> yes. >> it is sunday. >> won't be long. >> our good friend tiffany, i have a question for you by the way. >> sure. >> you good are at this party planning. what is the name of your business. >> tiffany chalk events. >> that is it right there. >> yes, easy, right. >> is that a champ bailey uniform. >> yes, it is all right, champ. >> we know how are rooting for. >> but we will say broncos. >> let's get started down at the end. what are those little flags. >> down here at the end we have buffalo, i'm so i broncho buffalo sliders. they are made out of grilled
9:47 am
chicken breast with hot sauce, cheddar jack cheese, lettuce and blue cheese mixture. >> so all that turns into these. >> turns into these. >> blue cheese, that sound good. >> blue cheese milk with cheddar jack cheese what about these. >> they are sliced footers. >> okay. >> i get it. >> get it. >> yeah, we get it. >> what did you do plan out the logo. >> we printed it out. it is not the official nfl logo but it is nfl logo and we wrapped it around. >> where did you get the logo just off line. >> yes. >> royalty free images but not the official one. >> rules. >> mile high meatballs. these are just your regular italian style meat balls dipped in mar nature a a sauce and we made them a mile high by making it a kabob. >> could you hand one of those over to me. >> sure. >> they are from the top, that
9:48 am
is why we left room on the top >> i almost fumble. >> these balls aren't deflated though. >> good one. >> yes, yes. >> anytime i see bacon. >> these i personally didn't make but these are carolina carmel bacon brownies. >> um-hmm. >> go panthers. >> yes. >> i think the bacon is what tops it all off, alex. >> where do you get flakes with the different logos. >> those flakes are not from the local party store. >> okay. >> brownies are amazing. >> those are official nfl plate, caroline, broncos and super bowl 50. >> now you bought these, right. >> i bought the cups but i made it, it is called panthers popcorn. it is apartmenters because we have panthers blue and it is a mixture. it taste good, you know you will taste it. it is a mixture of marshmallows, m and m and semi sweet check late. >> you can switch it if you
9:49 am
are a broncos fan. >> yes. >> make it blew and orange. >> you know what you should do? get the some fig newtons and make them cam fig newtons. >> look at you. >> i like that. >> touchdown. >> there we go. >> you got it down, mike. >> exactly. >> everybody has to have the water. >> stay hydrated. >> so those are the same label that we used over there, those are same labels we used for hot dog wrappers and we just took off the dear park label an put on our own customized label. >> these drinks really look interesting. >> so that is, keep pounding punch. that is a non-alcoholic version. the is there an alcoholic version as well. that is lemonade. >> it is good. >> lemonade, polar glass hawaii punch and ginger ale. >> did you invent this.
9:50 am
>> yes. >> i wanted it to be blue, panthers blue and alcohol you just use vodka. >> sure. >> but you still use lemonade and beginning are ale. >> it is great to have all of the great foods but you have to have the presentation. how did you make this field here. >> well, it was so much fun. i went to the local home depot and i bought artificial grass to use as the turf and this is just white duck tape and number on the front they were just numbers that i got at the craft store as well. >> it cost about ten bucks to make. >> very simple, maybe took less than two hours to make, simple and great. >> can i just take this table home so i don't to have do any work. >> do you have a van. >> i will figure it out. >> you you are more than welcome. >> i have a van down by the river. >> my god. >> you need food too, mike. >> tiffany you are the best. >> thank you.
9:51 am
>> i a am torn, my panthers or broncos fan. >> are you an eagles fan. >> no. >> just say yes. >> i want to come back so yes. >> yes. >> that was close, mike. >> it is tiffany chalk events. >> yes. >> call her. >> great idea. >> this browny is amazing thank you. >> thank you so much. >> j lo is getting real. she's starring in a new instagram video with her boyfriend, i wouldn't call it starring but people are like my goodness the way she's looking she's giving us a fresh face. have you ever seen her without make up. >> i have not until we see this tape.
9:52 am
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
you know my friend mark, basketball time again. please join me for bringing hope home a event, the peachy and joyce celebrity charity basketball game. it the is this saturday doors opened up at 11:30, tip off at noon. the it companies ten bucks per person. kid get in under free under is the. former nba player will be on my team alvin williams. >> are you playing. >> i might. >> and, survivor remember the tv show jarvis peterson, mo'ne davis is playing from the taney dragons, doug overton will be there, former wild contacted villanova wild cat will be here as well. bunch of or players. >> it is growing every year. >> great, great event. >> very cool. >> congratulation is we want to see you pick up the ball. >> wait until you see my shorts. >> yeah. >> okay. >> i can't do it. >> you can show us. >> yes, preview what is to
9:56 am
come. >> it is all for good day weekend. >> good day weekend starts at 7:00 a.m. we have more good day weekend starting this weekend every saturday and sunday, the show is on seven days a week and starts at 7:00 in the morning both days saturday and sunday seven to 9:00 a.m. >> join us. >> wake up with us. >> jennifer lopez, decides she will go instagram with her boyfriend, casper. >> yes. >> you see them together quite a lot now. >> she has no make up on. >> let's roll it. >> star bucks, yes. >> chipotle. >> yes. >> yes. >> more star bucks. >> yeah. >> star bucks. >> yeah. >> chit chipotle. >> they are really good friend is leah. >> and she does that without make up. but, again, i can put on pound and a half of make up and i do not look like that. >> she looks so cute. >> i love it when they do that. >> like show your funny side.
9:57 am
>> what, mike. >> well, when i saw it, i didn't know it was her. >> really. >> she looks young without make up. >> yes. >> but still good. >> what is she 46, 47. >> mom of twins. >> yes. >> she does have her on fur road, she's keep it jenny from the block real with her fur robe. >> yes. >> late 20's, 30ish. >> okay. >> get it, girl. >> get it girl. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> i was asking are they official, is this just a boy toy. >> yes. >> she wrote about it. >> you miss that had complete thely, never mind. >> you got what i was trying to say. >> i was than the enlist evening to tell you the truth. >> listen. >> listen. >> roots or ton tomorrow. >> quest love, and plus the roots picnic of course, tickets go on sale tomorrow. >> yes they do.
9:58 am
>> hey thank y'all for being with us that was fun today. >> it was fun. >> do it again tomorrow. >> okay. oh remotes, you've had it tough.
9:59 am
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