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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  February 5, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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alex? >> well, just like the snow is coming down, at the airport, we have you covered this morning. we have alive reports out there to let you know what the the roadways are looking like. and with snow comes trouble on the road. that is why we brought bob kill any today, standing by, actually he is sitting by with what you need to know. it is slick out there folks, be careful. at least it is friday, february 5th, 2016. welcome to "good day philadelphia". there is bob here. sue is here. alex came in too. >> yes, what did you wear. >> what are those cuff links. >> my snowplow cuff lakes. >> this isn't plowable. >> well, we have salt in the back of the truck. >> yes. >> we have that. >> that is best way to describe it is sloppy. >> it is sloppy. >> yes. >> it is a half and half kind of a day because after 12:00 noon the sun comes out and it is a pretty decent
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february day. so we're giving you a a five out of ten. >> that is perfect. >> half of it yucky half in the so much. we have bus stop buddy ready for sloppy start with boots on and umbrella because even though it is snowing, it is like raining snow, and it the is temperatures in the 30's. we are seeing accumulation, mostly, on the grassy surfaces but you have to watch the roadways, just allow yourself a a lot of extra time. that is best advice we can give you. it looks like the changeover is mostly complete at least temperature with the change of precipitation from rain to snow, it will look more in depth. you can see is what happening in olde city big flat snow flakes falling 36 degrees, sunrise at 7:06. thirty-seven in allentown. we have 33 degrees in pottstown. down a at the shore, it the is 33 in atlantic city. close to freezing all these temperatures. it looks like the sun will emerge by noon at least around here around the city and dry
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evening with temperatures falling through the 30's but a very wintry sloppy start bob kelly, how are they doing, are they behaving themselves. >> no, they will get that false sense of security and the road may look wet but then that quickly there is snow that has been sticking to the road surface. there is a live look at 295 in mount holly, willingboro where an accident just popped up here on the northbound side of 295, and slower than normal speed not only on 295 but also on the new jersey turnpike, they kick in a speed restriction down to 45. there is a live look at upper state road, and doylestown road, you can see here just in the last half an hour we went from wet roads, to now partially snow covered roads. everybody put down the brine new jersey dot, dell dot and penndot, they have the salt crews out there, waiting in the wings as mike mentioned. it is not a plowable situation but it will be slippery nonetheless. the as we look live downtown all of the bridges have speed
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restrictionness play, couple accidents north on the freeway heading in toward the black horse pike. also a crash on the new jersey turnpike, north bound at exit number six, mike and alex, back over to you. bob and sue they are talking about the jersey shore might get the most accumulation so lets get to steve. >> he is down there in atlantic city, hi there steve. >> reporter: mike, i don't know if you saw complete forecast before you went to bed, one to 4 inches of snow but two to 5 million mentions of the phrase and news speak jargon i-95 corridor. i think we are halfway through both right now. by the way we are at taj mahal and there is a name you don't see much in the news these days, um, and that is only spot where you'll see the full letters trump because it seems on every other sign the lights are out and it doesn't look like anybody is fixing them here. we have half you here. chris, walk up to me. in m lit there and it is eye. somebody is not paying bills
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here. top of the casino you have i rump, anyhow, we are in atlantic city where we are seeing least amount of snow but sue prom zest and should keeley come back with his crew where it is snowing worse because we had worse conditions. she said nope, it is coming this way. we will be here on the boardwalk corridor, later for our next hit but i want to show you how much it the is raining out here. puddles. you want see rain drops. chris, come over here. people are still making a way in full rain gear, but on his bicycle f somebody can ride a bike that tells you you can have no problem riding a car just if you are wise, just don't go too fast because even a slushy sloppy mess is hard to drive n we had no wind in our last location as we were entering atlantic city. a as we get close to the beach a little breezy. the that means the snow will
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be flying at you again like hyper space in star wars. so, we're waiting for worst of it at the shore and we will join you from the boardwalk corridor. we will take pacific corridor and missouri corridor and be on the boardwalk corridor and we will see you there next. >> put your rump back in the truck. lets get to chris murphy with the top stories. >> montgomery county school leaders are urging parents to keep a watchful eye on the kid social media habits. the request comes after at least five fights erupt inside abington senior high school over the course of just a few days. now some of those brawls making their round on social media take a look at this, sent from a student to student with the hashtag, abington fight week. school district officials sent letters home to parents informing them about this violence you see here. school officials say, no one was injured but in one fight the school resource officer was punch. police are considering whether to seek criminal charges in light of what they see here. philadelphia police
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arrested four teens they are saying behind several armed robberies a along schuylkill river trail among teens arrested a 16 year-old and 17 year-old. investigators say they rode bikes and targeted walkers and joggers. group started trouble sunday night when they held up two men minutes apart. officers increased patrols along the trail but they robbed a third person, wednesday night, and then punch the man and kick him. city leaders set up a special committee and they want to add lighting, telephones, cameras, right along the schuylkill trail to make people feel safe. irs says it is resolving a computer system outage and is again accepting electronically filed tax returns. in the the statement last night agency said it resumed processing individual and business tax returns, a day after a hardware failure forced a shut down of several tax processing systems, including the e file system, and the irs commissioner says taxpayers should see little if any impact on the returns, and refund. the guys, that is a look at
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your headlines. >> chris, turf tell you that was a nice report. >> nice job. >> i look forward tour next report. >> not one stumble, that was great he is always great. >> he is always smooth. >> yeah, right. >> officials say it was a tough democratic debate last night, i was watching this, it got feisty, man. hillary clinton, bernie sanders, squaring off one last time before the new hampshire primary which is next tuesday. >> snowing, it is snowing. wait until you see the mix right there on ultimate doppler, you know, in all of the year i have never said ultimate doppler. i just did. >> i am complete. >> look at dave kinchen, he is on some kind of a curve, what is up. >> reporter: we're here in willow grove easton road and york road where they split. i just take a little walk here and snow is caked in pretty good here and we will tell you
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more about the road they are wet but we will have much more coming up after this break. ♪
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that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ we have dave kinchen in the snow. >> it is really slippery on the sidewalk to the point where easton road meets york road but i want to show you the road out there, definitely wet, some people moving at a pretty good clip.
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we saw first round of salt trucks coming through here, we still have a couple plows but they didn't put blades down because it is as the snow is taking care of itself. wet, very slick but no snow to clear. we will she you how it is cake in here at this advanced urgent care center. if you drive too fast or too dangerous you may need to go to urgent care so be very careful about that. but yeah, it is coming down, and it is cold rain earlier this morning. some people getting up early shouldn't know when should take a rain coat or winter coat but, a little will bit of both because you have to be prepared, of course. you just have to be careful. my hat is telling me, giving me a little bit of heck, when it was raining but i bring it out when it is snowing. no love, this hat is telling me. >> it almost looks like singing in the rain, singing in the snow. >> singing in the snow.
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>> singing in the snow. >> he is probably fall right off. >> is there a pole out there. >> yes. >> i don't know about that. my hat the might be able to. >> come on, gene kelly, let's go. >> reporter: yeah, right the are you kidding me. you don't want to lose viewers. >> we will look at radar because it looks like it will move flaw pretty quickly here and out to sea. >> it does, sue is saying we will see some sun today. >> we will see some sun. >> the sun will come out today, bet your bottom dollar that. >> today. >> we will be going to break.
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6:15. just when we got rid of the blizzard snow or at least most of it, here comes a fresh coating this morning. yeah, it is a nuisance storm that is with us and the timing, could not have been worse. just during the morning rush hour, on a friday, this is your winter weather advisory. it expires at 10:00 a a.m. for the philadelphia area and along the shore points at noon, as the storm exits from west to east. there you can see what is going on. rain we had wednesday that frontal system stalled on shore and we have low pressure moving up along that front and temperatures dropping, here we go, we are seeing change over from rain to snow over past couple of hours. little dry slot working in to new castle county delaware but
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it is coming down, montgomery county, bucks county here in philadelphia, delco, chester county, all of the delaware getting snow and it is accumulating quickly. it is wet, slushy but can be very slippery. we are hearing folks on twitter saying it is slippery outside. so take your time. here in philadelphia it is falling heavier then it is to the north and west of us here. the it is not expected ton an event at all. unfortunately for poconos mountains where we love to have more warm snow, is there cape may, pretty heavy snow there as well as where steve keeley is. this continues through the next couple of hours, and then we will start to see toward nine or 10:00 o'clock that the snow end, tapers off from west to east, still snowing though at 9:00 or 10:00 a along the shore points and we expect more accumulation there then we will get here and then by noon this is an off shore storm and we can get ready for sunshine. that will happen from west to east as well throughout the rest of the afternoon.
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so three to 4 inches of snowfall along the closer you get to the ocean, one to 2 inches probably around here. 43 degrees our high today. forty-five tomorrow. get ready for a nice weekend with 50 degrees on sunday, we are looking good, but clouds increase on monday, and our next storm system is set to arrive on tuesday. of next week. more snow is possible. that is your seven day forecast. within storm at a time, right bob kelly. >> one at a time, you got it. 6:17. good morning everybody. live look right here looking down hartford road, bam, just like that in the last five minutes we went from wet road to quickly snow covered. so those untreated roads, secondary roads, side streets although it the is in the deep, not really a plowable snow, slippery nonetheless. the here's the roosevelt boulevard right here near wissohickon where road conditions are changing as we roll through rush hour. live look at the benny down to 35 miles an hour, speed
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restrictions because of the weather, northbound lanes at 295, a jackknife tractor trailer, right at the mount holly, willingboro interchange and i just showed thaw camera from this a area in south jersey, watch yourself, moving along, road are wet and that quickly the roads go from just wet to snow cover and slippery. remember those secondary roads or side streets with those pack down snow still may be out there next week. the that is ice underneath there. we have a fuel spill at ellis avenue west chester pike. north on the freeway coming toward city jammed up approaching the black horse pike. we're also looking at speed restrictions the entire length of the new jersey turnpike. it looks like new jersey will get the worst of it, for folks down the shore but on the pennsylvania side for all of the details lets bring in our budd friday penndot charlie met ger good morning, charlie. >> good morning bob. >> how are we making out as far as the pennsylvania roadways, 95, schuylkill and blue route. >> major roadways have been
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treated with salt brine yesterday. we brought the in nearly 200 trucks overnight. we have them ledded with salt. they are out the patrolling putting down salt. as traffic starts to move around as people, make their way out to get to work and school or where ever they are going. >> now charlie, this isn't a plowable snow. i saw trucks out there i didn't see the plows down. you are putting salt down after the brine that went down yesterday. >> we do not expect this to be a plowable snowstorm, just more salt intensive. so we got 106,000 tons of salt, we have plenty on hand to put down. a as the snow starts to come down, and covers the roadway, motorist come in, start working the salt into the snow, it might be slick, people need to take their time, and you know, just leave a little extra time to get where they are going. >> do you think this will be a problem for evening rush hour? obviously crews are out there
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this morning for the morning rush hour what about lunchtime and that friday night commute home. >> if the day goes on we expect temperatures to rise above freezing so whatever is happening and laying on the roadway we expect to melt throughout the day and clear off the roadways, so we will have our crews on during the day to day and we will work through the evening rush to make sure that everybody has a safe trip home. >> you got it, charlie, thanks for checking in. thanks to the penndot crews out there keeping us safe during the rush hour. mike and alex, back over to you. there is snow business like snow business. >> yes it is coming down all over, we have you you covered, we will be right back. >> 6:20.
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this is fox 29 sports in one minute. good morning i'm sean bell. it is almost two weeks, without football and, reporters are running out of questions, to ask. media week for the super bowl is always a circus, filled with dumb questions to be honest and cam knew ton had to deal with one of them. >> why are you wearing socks with san also. >> why are you wearing jeans with shoes. it is just, comfort. we're still at our team hotel. so, give you guys something else to talk about. >> in hockey, flyers/predators
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jay voracek on the fast break, pass to claude giroux, and he gets it in, flares have an offensive explosion, beating nashville, six-three. in college temple and tulsa, went late. quinton decozy rushes down the court, coleman in the corner. hits the three ball. that takes it to overtime. in overtime they dominate, they get the win 83-79. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. still exciting at liacouras center last night. >> mike, why aren't you wearing socks with your shoes. >> i have officially run out of super bowl questions asking a man about his socks. >> really. >> let's just play the game, all right. >> speaking of that, all a of the united states people are making their prediction about will win the super bowl this sunday. >> so a within year-old orangutan at a utah zoo believes carolina panthers will win, according to zoo officials, the young ape never touched anything with the den letter broncos branding in salt lake side i yesterday. >> who?
6:25 am
who? who? who? >> it is not a owl. >> no, it was an orangutan. >> who, who, who is going to win. who, who, who? >> by the way, we will have a panter and a pony in the studio this morning. >> we have a panter. >> well, it is a little black cat. >> good day version. >> we will have a little seven pony and they have to walk over and touch which logo they think they will win. >> will it be like my little pony. >> it is in the pink but a brown popey a real pony. >> and a black cat. >> and in california, workers, at a chinese restaurant are making customized fortune cookies guessing this sunday's football champ. since 1962 the company has been providing winning lottery numbers and inspirational quotes, so they can do super bowl stuff too. >> okay. >> again in the 9:00 o'clock hour you will see a little
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pony, and a panter. >> well, black cat. >> black cat. >> and we will choose. >> and they will walk over and stand on the logo that which team will win. >> but maybe if you like to keep your eyes opened, and really look and imagine it will turn into a panter. >> it is a little bit i panter. they are both cats. it is the cat family good they are probably cousins. >> identical cousins. >> 6:26. >> it is friday. >> look at the radar, we have some rain and snow. it loss like a hoagie.
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there is willow grove but looks like this all over delaware valley. it is snowing but we may see sun by the end of the day. do you want to check on the airport alex. >> receipts's do it. we are checking on the roads too. >> hold on now. >> it looks all right out there. little windy. you can see the camera shaking around. >> sue, it is a very sloppy morning. the worst thing is the timing. the it will end up being a nuisance storm more than anything else but it is kind of hugging the coast from new england all the way down to the carolinas. for us the rain has completed the changeover from rain to snow. we are seeing a little will bit of dry area moving into wilmington delaware. but where ever you see bright whiteys where heavier snow is and that is happening on the
6:30 am
shore points. it is a big, wet, heavy snow flake that is falling and it is making some road slick. this winter weather advisory expires at 10:00 a.m. for the metro area, along the shore points, closer to the coast at noon and that is when we expect everything to end. dave warren is in this morning, he is in but out, he is outside, on market street this morning. you are experiencing those big wet snow flakes, first hand. and they were bigger, driving in this morning right along the schuylkill expressway. it is still wet roads but it continues to come down heavier and heavier with the temperatures above freezing, you can see it coat roadways. here in philadelphia red ways are wet, sidewalks are wet but maybe a little further north and west you will see that slush on the roadways. you will still to have clear off your cars by a half inch or inch on the cars this morning. untreated surfaces maybe one
6:31 am
or 2 inches and that will continue. but temperatures are the key right now, just about freezing, maybe slitly above. you can still get snow coming down, with these temperatures that are still just above freezing. the roadways though just mainly wet but as that snow comes down heavy on the radar it will quickly start to accumulate on paved surfaces. looking to the south we have temperatures of 33 in millville, at atlantic city at 33. how heavy is the snow come down? half mile in millville. that is heavy snow working through south jersey right now, further north, clearing up in allentown and reading, and with 10 miles. this will be on untreated surfaces, or your car, one to 2-inch's long i-95, little more down the shore as that snow continues to come down. speaking of the roadways here they are wet but maybe some problems there we are getting heavy snow for that. lets go back inside to bob
6:32 am
kelly, hey bob. >> you come in we have hot coffee for you. one of the tough situations is the road conditions are changing, as the morning rush hour, progresses. here's a live look at the schuylkill expressway right here near city line avenue. brine went down, salt went down, snow laying on the grass surfaces here and major travel lanes are wet but watch the on and off ramps, untreated rose ways are slippery. good morning to marlton here's what it looks like route 70 and route 73 in front of the old olga's diner over there. it is not a plowable snow but it is that wet, slushy sloppy kind of snow to deal w here's a live look in delaware route 13 we are dealing with that slushy on and off ramps and dell dot penndot new jersey dot crews have been out there all morning long. arrival and departure delays starting to pop now not just here in philly but in the insuring airports and that will have a come minute necessity effect here in philadelphia.
6:33 am
north on the new jersey turnpike and 295, there are speed restrictions and there is a jackknife tractor trailer on the off ramp from 295 to mount holly willingboro. for gang in west chester pike at ellis avenue an accident that new has a fuel spill right there in newtown square. north on the freeway coming in towards the city an accident approaching black horse pike. the speeds reduced down to 45, from exit number one from the delaware memorial bridge up to exit number 12. there is an accident in the middle there at exit number six which is turnpike connection bridge. slower than normal speed all together and more snow down toward the shore, so parkway and the expressway, speed are reduced there as well. mike and alex, back over to you. 6:33. we have to look out the roads, crews all over this morning. dave kinchen is live in willow grove but we will start with steve keeley in atlantic city. look at that snow, steve.
6:34 am
>> reporter: yes, snow, slush, and even some surf for you. we have left both interior south jersey and extreme south jersey, how could you have possibly done. that we are on the continental shelf now, we're out over the ocean. you will remember this shot the during the blizzard. we are out over garden pier and i love making fun of the the night time weather folks with their jargon. i wanted to show you the build up on the pier which is same as the boardwalk the chris will shoot down and show you my feet here. you can see we are seeing a slushy build up. for you folks with boardwalks at your home, be careful this would be your back deck. if you are letting fido outside be careful. this is what bob kelly is warning everybody about the steps. a lot of people have wooden steps. wood seeing a slush accumulation from the shore all the way out to where willow grove is, you can see snow as we go up to the now no where lit boardwalk because
6:35 am
you can see revel to our right, completely dark you cannot even see it, and very sad, and show both bet to the left. it is desolate and dark down there. mike, i don't know if you think i haven't been paying attention but you broadway classics and a patty duke theme song in the last 20 minutes going to andrea mcardle and ethel murman and annie get your guns and identical cousins from the patty duke show that nobody knows beside you and me. i will leave with you this as we show you the snow, snow starting to build up, your thought of the day is you you can lose your mind when cousins are two of a kind. >> cousins are two of a kind. >> patty duke. >> he also mentioned it will murman. >> everything is coming up roses for you and for me. >> you are full of song this morning. >> i'm full of something. >> all of those impressions
6:36 am
they are all sounding like sammy davis. >> candy man, the candy man can. >> it is exactly the same. >> it is also johnny mathis. >> chances are. >> it gets sue every time. >> the candy man. >> let get out to dave kinchen standing in the snow in willow grove, hi, dave. >> you were going to toss to me with a sammy davis reference but i have to cover my use he only had within eye. we have two eyes to show you what is going on here in willow grove, easton road where it meets york road. they are very wet, as you can see, right now, just snow continues to come down. plow trucks coming flaw but not dropping plow that is not needed just sprinkling salt. sidewalk is also, littered with slick spots here. even standing still i have to make sure i can dig feet in more to get traction. james, you were coming from horsham working here at
6:37 am
manhattan bagel how was your drive. >> i came in around 4:30 it wasn't too bad but it started to pick up and it is kind slick. >> reporter: are customers talking about the roads. >> yes, they are saying it is pretty slick out here. >> reporter: good news is, sunnies coming out we will not deal with this too long. >> that is right. >> reporter: any other thoughts or advice you can give drivers. >> just slow down and be patient. >> reporter: we saw an ambulance racing by hopefully not to a weather-related call just before we came on the air but you do have to be very careful and traffic is starting to slow down a little bit but that is more because of the backup. than very careful out here guys you need to take your time back to you. >> i don't know if i would be standing on the curve this morning but it is a a good location just be careful. >> reporter: we have got insulation, we're keeping an eye on it to make sure to stay pretty safe. >> sound good. let get to camden county.
6:38 am
hey susan thanks for joining us on the phone. >> good morning, yes, thank you are you still a freeholder over there. >> yes, i am good job. >> how is it looking? >> you know, i just wanted to let everyone know to stay cautious behind the wheel, give yourself extra room, and, time. our public works employees are on the job keeping the roadways, passable for the county residents. >> have they been putting the salt down. >> yes, they are salting this morning. >> your cell phonies breaking up so we will let you go. lets time lets talk on the land line how does that sound. we will come right back. good day philadelphia
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6:41 am
let's get out to the roving snowmobile, with jen fred. we are heading out of town, like the vine street, a little bit other areas, it looks better. i think now obviously cars are
6:42 am
going slower and as you you can see good news is as the snow continues to fall, can you hear me. that is what you are seeing in the suburbs. the most of the suburbs, are either, not on the delay or just a two hour delay, because, you can see, the blacktop. >> you can see we are stuck in traffic, this is the schuylkill, right around the city avenue area and we are going westbound for away from the city. >> well, that is fantastic, just keep that shot up, we will take you throughout the morning, thanks for that nice shot. >> you mentioned weather delays, check on fox to get delays, and particularly at the bottom of the screen. >> i just had a friend text me from lower merion schools on a two hour delay, you know, typical of the area.
6:43 am
>> she says, start snowing an hour ago in south jersey and roads are like ice, slid down driveways, and, so that tweet came in about an hour ago so that is just one example, don't get over confident, it is just wet out there some places are slippery as we look, we see a dry area, moving into new castle will county delaware, in the next couple of moments but, heavy ban of snow moving in, for burlington county, and shore points. you can see, northeast philadelphia, really getting slammed with the heavy wet the snow that piles up quickly. it is lighter as you get toward the pocono mountains there. not much natural snow but colder temperatures over the weekend. heavy snow, is falling in atlantic county, cumberland and, will start to dry out
6:44 am
from west to east during the 9:00 o'clock hour, and still snowing along the shore, that is why we will expect higher snowfall amounts there. by noon, it will take up half the day, morning half, the rest of the the day, and we will see sunshine rolling in from west to east, same direction that we had, with the snow. this is morning event only, just a timing is pretty lousy. outside at fourth and market, to experience it firsthand, is dave warren, so. >> heavy wet flakes. it is 50 or 60 degrees yesterday ape if the snow is heavy snuff, it the is still
6:45 am
quickly accumulating on paved surfaces. the that is the big story this morning. here on market street, things are moving fine. main road are treated. they are fine. lets check out these temperatures and show you exactly what is happening, here. right about freezing or slightly above, that is what we have right now. even though the snow, just heavy for a brief period of time, millville that is where we will get that coating there and quickly accumulates. half mile visibility, in millville, two in philadelphia, three in pottstown, up to ten, in reading, allentown and mount pocono. it looks like things are winding down there. seven day forecast, with a nice even to the day to day, road will quickly improve once that sun comes out. forty-five tomorrow, 50 a bit warmer on sunday. now we are watching the chance for maybe some more snow as the next storm develops monday into tuesday, we will keep an
6:46 am
eye on that. sun returns. temperatures 35 degrees there next thursday. here road are fine but there is problems elsewhere. lets get to bob kelly. >> 6:47. they are scrolling across the bottom of the screen there. westbound on the schuylkill expressway, heading out of the town jammed up from the boulevard all the way out to belmont. just take your time, it will take licensing tore get there today then it did yesterday, and road conditions are changing. this is probably worse part. stepping out of the front door. road are wet the but getting to the major or ease you will go more snow you will encounter. here's the new jersey turnpike, and, burlington mount holly. and poor visibility here, on the vine street expressway. head heights off the schuylkill and downtown. wet road on the the 42 freeway. majors are wet.
6:47 am
secondary roads an inside streets that you have to watch out before you even get to the major roadways and new jersey turnpike, speed restrictions are in play from exit one to exit number 12, we have an accident in the middle north bound on the turnpike right here near exit number six for the philadelphia interchange and as that shotty showed you of the the snow in mount holly, is there a jackknife tractor trailer at that interchange, it is 295, the off ramp to mount holly willingboro and a accident with the fuel spill in newtown square at ellis avenue and northbound side of the freeway, watch for a crash near the black horse pike. all bridges have speed restrictionness play, because of the weather this morning, down to 35, and we're expecting some arrival and departure delays at the airport. lets get the skinny from the airport with diane calling us from philly international, diane, good morning. >> good morning, bob, how are you. >> good. so give us details on what exactly is going on there at philly international, for some will folks that are maybe
6:48 am
moving out of town for on place warmer this weekend. >> welshing bob at this moment we're in good shape. flights for the most part appear to be running on schedule, and any aircraft that was here overnight is being deiced so there might be minor delays associated with those flights. we have crews standing by in the end that the snow begins to accumulate so we will be prepared for that. the most important thing is that if you are flying out of philadelphia this morning you should definitely check your flight stat with us your car year, and also with your planning to come to the airport you should also check the flight status with your car year. >> diane, good advice. it looks good. we're looking at our camera from the airport. we have a lot of activity runways look wet which is good. what is time frame for that plane to get deiced. how much extra time does that
6:49 am
add to that take off. it depend on the size of the aircraft. generally this is interesting during the winter months. the airlines allow for this in their schedules. it is enough to get the aircraft, it is necessary, to beat the ice, and get the aircraft on its way but again it depend on the size of the aircraft. it can take anywhere from 15 minutes to maybe a little bit longer than that on get the aircraft dized. our guys do a good job you do a great job down there dianne, thanks for checking in. have a great rest of the day and weekend down there at philly international, mike and will alex, back over to you. >> nice job, bob. we will take a look at the schuylkill because jen fred is in our roving car she's taking a live look there. >> she's stuck, well, pretty slow moving traffic on the
6:50 am
schuylkill. she's heading northbound, i think she's trying to get to lansdale where there will be a pep rally with think morning because one of our super bowl players went to school up there. yeah, north penn. >> wonderful.
6:51 am
6:52 am
all right. any snow flakies a happy flake, isn't it in the pocono mountains, of course, it is just a little bit wet, yucky
6:53 am
sloppy snow that we're getting now. this is mostly a coastal storm not affecting pocono mountains. we appreciate all of your pictures on twitter, like this one, i hope you can see it, of how the snow is piling up very quickly in sicklerville, new jersey it is piling up on the grass, piling up on the bushes and if it is not so traveled roadway it is piling up on the road as well. many roads are wet as you heard bob kelly say all morning but this is a storm affecting all of the east coast pretty much down to the carolinas. we are seeing tapering off, is there another band moving through chester county headed toward delco, montgomery county and even if we get a little break it is not quite finish yet but throughout the morning we will see things gradually end from west to east. here we are in philadelphia where wet snow is still coming down. light inner mount pocono where we just were and then along the shore points and in delaware,es specially sussex county is where we are seeing
6:54 am
the snow start to pile up. so, for the snow, this morning we're expecting three to 4 inches, falling very quickly. in atlantic county, cape may county, one to 2 inches on grass surfaces here in the met the tro area and coating to an inch north and west of the city. more of a nuisance then anything else but best part mike and alex, it is gone by noon. >> gone by noon. >> so we can do all of the after parties after the wing bowl. it is wing bowl 24 happening right now, at the wells fargo center. get on twitter and try to tell me what is the most boring shot of the wing bowl i have ever seen. >> are they still setting up. >> i thought it started. >> come on, people, it is already underway. is there howard eskin's son. >> and big daddy graham, is that, i don't know who that is. is that cindy webster. what does she do. >> pr for wip. >> pr for wip.
6:55 am
>> as you can tell thinks the setup. we will get it together and show you the wing bowl when we come back. >> do you remember last year consumed 444 wings in 26 minutes. >> who could not do that. >> 444 wings in 26 minutes. >> could do you that. >> no, it would be projectile. >> come on, it is too early. >> then molly shuler i just got beat out last year, a slender woman i have met her. >> she's back this year. she won wing bowl 22. >> two years ago. >> she wants to take the crown away. >> her and patrick. >> once we get set up we will take you back out to the wells fargo center because it is pack with what, how many people fit into that place. >> it is pack. >> 25,000. >> 20,000 people. >> and get on twitter and explain to me how do you explain the wing bowl tour friend around the country, is what a wing bowl. >> last year the release of governor christie, is
6:56 am
something they will put out. >> i would think. >> something with trump, somebody will be dressed as trump. >> yeah. >> lets check with jen our snowmobile still on the schuylkill, you you can tell it looks like up around roxborough, something like that. >> but it goodies it is gladwynn that they are taking a look, because you have to be careful in weather like this. >> i can see gladwynn exit coming upright there. >> we will be right back.
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
they call it a wintry mix, as we head into the weekend. the snow is coming down, right now. when will this let up? by the way, we're already tracking the next snow round. arguing about positions, let's talk about what we should do. >> yes. >> the democratic candidates go toe to toe or face-to-face, just days before the next primary up in new hampshire. so who came out on top last night? and demarco dallas drama with dez? will demarco murray stay or will he go. 7:00 o'clock on a friday and we have snow, as graphic says, we're tracking the snow, our crews are standing by with the updates. we have a couple dave's on board, dave kinchen, dave
7:00 am
warren, we have steve keeley. >> we will a hear from them in a little bit but first lets hear the latest from our sue serio and with the traffic bob kelly. >> here we go, sue. >> it is a sloppy start to your friday morning at least friday and this will only a affect morning commute, afternoon, drive home, should be fine, we have five out of ten with half and half day, in store, snowy start for bus stop buddy, make sure you wear something warm and waterproof as you walk out the door today because you'll need it. he does have umbrella because it is very wet snow that started off as rain. change over has happened to snow and i am seeing a few band continuing to move through the area and little bit of the dry area as well in new castle county delaware and delaware county, pennsylvania. we are looking more closely at radar in a few minutes. winter weather advisory in effect until 10:00 o'clock in philadelphia, until noon in atlantic city as that storm end from west to east. we have


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