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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  February 6, 2016 3:00am-3:31am EST

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>> local school is taking action after cell phone video captures a student being attacked on his way home from school. that video is difficult to watch as the boy is completely unaware he's about to be targeted. good evening, i'm dawn timmeney. >> i'm chris o'connell. to night both the boy in the video and his mom are talking about what happened. fox 29's brad sattin is live outside the memphis street academy charter school in port richmond tonight. brad? >> reporter: chris, this just seems to be the latest video on social media that students have been seeing in the philly area in recent days. this victim a seventh grader here at memphis street academy. this is a charter school. a middle school here. we know the school and the police are trying to get down to the bottom of things here, but it also seems the roost problem may be social media. a warning, this video is very tough to watch. >> imagine watching this video and it's your 13-year-old son being blind sided on his way home from school struck in the head not once but four times by
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two other boys. >> as a mom, seeing your son beat up by someone, when i don't even hit my kids, it really made me upset. >> reporter: kara's son derek a seventh grader fortunately was not seriousing hurt. >> i was walking up. i heard footsteps. i didn't pay attention. i felt a punch hit me. i drop to the floor. another kid hit me. >> reporter: as in so many cases what ended here on a street a few blocks from school started on social media where derek says a week ago he corrected a classmate on her grammar in an instagram post. >> after i corrected her, she got mad. she told her boyfriend that, he texted me and then i texted him do you want to fight? >> derek admits provoking a fight with her boyfriend but says they work it out or so he thought. someone recorded the blows and suddenly unbeknownst to derek or his mom the video was everywhe everywhere. >> with social media being the way it is, those kids saw that video. somebody should have called in.
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>> reporter: derek says he and his friends were attacked again thursday a few blocks from school by two different older boys. who accused of them of reporting the video. his mom is frustrated. >> social media is a problem. and you got to look cool. so what's the fastest way to look cool? let me beat up this kid, put it on social media. get 50,000 hits. oh, i'm famous. >> this neighbor who has seen it before agree. >> when i was younger it was always just words many it was a lot of name calling. now today it is embarrassing kids and using social media to do the bullying. >> reporter: the charter school ceo is promising vigilance to move quick once they have all the facts we do know again that two have been suspend the two in the video and they could potentially be expelled. part of the problem not all of the kids involved even go to school here. again they're trying to sort it out and we also know that police are now involved. chris? >> thanks, brad. tragedy in delaware county this morning after a tree comes crashing down on to a broomall
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home. this massive tree smashing through an elderly couple's bedroom. it left the man seriously injured and his wife dead. police say a neighbor called 911 around 8:00 this morning reporting that someone inside a house on james road was yelling for help. officers arrived to find that tree smashed through the bedroom trapping the couple in their b bed. authorities say 77-year-old marjay cooper died. her 79-year-old husband alan was rescued by first responders. >> he talked to the rescue company during the whole operation when they brought him out, he stopped at the end of the driveway and talked to a relative. so he was conscious and alert. >> cooper is expected to be okay. tree removal crews were called to lift the heavy tree off the home. investigators say that tree may have call you fallen some two hours before neighbors heard the cries for help. a 12-year-old boy sacrifices his own life for his dad's. investigators say he ran into a burning home to save his father. the unimaginable tragedy
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happening at their home in norristown. now a community is coming together to try and help the grief stricken family deal with this unthinkable loss. fox 29's joanne pileggi is live in nor list list town. >> reporter: we've all heard it before, never ever go back into a burning building. what would you do would any of us do what 12-year-old sanford harrelling did this morning to try his father. now that boy is being called a hero and the community here is coming together to try to support this family at a really really difficult time. >> he was so sweet. even though he played around too much but that's still my little cousin. he's not going -- it's not going to be the same. >> nothing could be the same for the harring familiar until norristown. they lived through an unthinkable nightmare of a fas fast-moving fire jumping from windows. running for safety. but worse, 12 year old sanford
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harrelling made a decision that cost him his life. >> the type of kid that sanford was is the type of kid that he showed. he ran in after his father. wanted to make sure that his family was safe and unfortunately he didn't make it out. >> reporter: five harrelling family members were home when the fire started just before 9:00 this morning. sanford harrelling the second was recovering from hip surgery and was apparently trapped on the second floor. >> there was heavy fire coming out all windows on the first floor front and side. heavy smoke from the second and third floor. >> reporter: witnesses say the younger sanford ran back in to try to find his father who eventually jumped from a window. >> my mother to a mother arc parent to parent my prayer to both the parents. >> sanford's father broke his back when he jump. he's in the hospital. the red cross took the others to a local hotel. the police athletic league helped to set up a gofundme page and a drop-off location for donations. >> they've lost everything.
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so at this point they could eighty two use whatever they could get. >> he was an mazing person. >> reporter: back here at the scene of this fatal fire, it is dark like the mood here in this neighborhood. fire officials are of course investigating. if you would like to help, you can check our website to fine out more information about the gofundme page. live tonight in norristown, joannjoanne pell live gee fox 29 news. >> fbi has been contact after robbery suspect leads police on a high-speed chase. this all started last night when a man allegedly robbed a verizon store on columbus boulevard sip tying employees and stealing smart phones. shortly after police caught up with the suspect's vehicle but he took off. he was speeding down i-95 eventually crashing into a ditch near wilmington, delaware. police say there have been a number of other cell phone store robberies with a similar patte pattern.
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authorities in delaware county are trying to track down this guy they say he shot a convenience store worker during an attempted robbery. it all went down at a 7eleven store in upper darby. >> now police need your help in finding their guy. it happened last night in the toe store on long lane. police say the man demanded money, the clerk handed it over but actually the clerk refused that's when the guy pulled out a gun and fired it twice. authorities say the clerk was shot once in the leg and other employees were locked in a freezer. investigators say the accused gunman then ran out of the store empty handed. >> i label these individuals that do these type of robberies as urban terrorists because that's what they are. they put fear in. they walk into a commercial store and this particular case the victim should have gave up the money but he didn't. he got shot for it. fortunately, he's going to live. >> police are trying to figure out if the man is connected to other recent 7eleven robberies in some nearby townships.
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breaking news right now out of camden county. police responding to burnt mill road in voorhees where a man was shot earlier tonight. >> let's get right to our shawnette wilson who's life out there now. shawnette, what are you hearing tonight. >> reporter: dawn and chris, still a very active scene at this hour. behind me you can see police cars investigators still here on the scene of the investigation into exactly what happened continues. let's go ahead and take a look at video we were able to get a few moments ago to give you a closer look at the scene as we said this incident happened in voorhees on the 100 block of south burnt mill road. that is between somerdale road and woodcrest. investigators are telling us this happened just before 8:00 o'clock tonight. we do know an adult man was shot. he's been taken to cooper hospital. we're hearing on the scene he may be in his mid 20s, possibly shot in the stomach. but that information not confirmed. so far investigators you'll notice in the video are going in and out of a home where this shooting is believed to have happened. collecting evidence looking
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around with flashlights. it's still unclear again exactly what happened whether this was a domestic incident, whether it was an accidental shooting but we can tell that you police have not given us any information on a suspect they're looking for anyone. so again a motive still unclear but again a man in the hospital tonight, his condition at this hour is unknown. back to you. take look at this car, crush flying debris and twisted remains of a huge crane left laying in the middle of a manhattan street. that crane crashing down this morning this video from tmz showing rescuers freeing a person from car be 19 the mangled metal. not everyone was lucky. one person is dead. and free three others are injured. cell phone cameras were recording the moment when the crane gave way speeding towards the ground. this video taken by glenn zito working on a construction site nearby. investigators say the 500-foot tall crane toppled on worth
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street and west broadway after 8:00 o'clock this morning. that crane hit surrounding buildings before toppling on to several parked cars. workers were trying to bring the crane down because of wind gusts when it toppled over. as winds topped 20 miles an hour, this particular company instructions were that the crane should be put in a secure position if the winds were approaching 25 miles per hour. >> right now investigators are still trying to determine if wind is to blame for bringing the crane down. the pennsylvania supreme court deciding today not to reinstate the suspended law license of attorney general kathleen kane. kane argued that justice michael eakin shop have participated in the original vote to suspend her license because of an involvement in an e-mail scandal. the high court says kane made that request too late and was denied. rapper meek mill back in a philadelphia courtroom after violating his parole. why the hiphop artist is going to be spending a lot more time
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in the area. we have new information tonight on the zika virus. doctors now saying it can spread in more ways than just by mosquitoes. >> and residents on one island nation are awakened by a powerful earthquake. now the search for survivors is on after buildings are turned to rubble. scott? >> dawn it looks like a pretty nice weekend shaping up. temperature changes ahead.
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>> pennsylvania department of health increasing efforts to monitor for potential zika virus cases statewide. right now there are no cases reported in pennsylvania. but state health officials
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officials will follow guidelines by the cdc to identify those at risk. mosquito born illness linked to birth defects earlier this week health officials in texas recorded the first case of zika virus being sexually transmitt transmitted. >> if you're pregnant and you live in the continental u.s., please don't go to a place where zika is spreading if you live in a place where zika can spreading please protect yourself against mosquito bites. >> the world health organization says it's classified zika now as a global health emergency. philadelphia rapper meek mill is going to be spending even more time in the area after violating his parole. today a judging meek mill whose real name is robert williams to serve a minimum of three months house arrest because of violations related to 2009 drug and gun case. meek mill also must serve another six years probation. now during his three months of house arrest, the rapper is not allowed to work and he can only leave home for community servi service. >> he wants to get an education.
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he wants to better himself. and he can do a lot of good for people. i mean put him in state penetentiary wasn't going to help anybody. i'm glad the judge made that decision. >> one of the stipulations the judge made is that meek mill's community service must be with adults. this order coming one day after meek mill addressed a group of west philadelphia high school students about being successful. a special tribute to a legendary singer song writer carol king. >> the philly pops opened up her song book at the kimmel center tonight. ♪ >> show featured songs from king's iconic tapestry album famous hits she's written for other artists natural woman recorded by aretha franklin. a local veteran has a new set of meals wheels tonight thanks to his caring community. motor car makeovers in blue bell giving the gmc ukee i don't know
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to u.s. army denton martins. martins and his wife both have been diagnosed with cancer. motor car makeover ceo scott jacobs announcing back in december he was looking to donate a car to veteran in need. so a community member who wants to remain anonymous donated the suv and then people voted online for martins to receive that new ride. >> are you serious. >> i'm so serious. >> oh, man. (laughter). >> congratulations. >> go over and take a look. >> big smile there. martins served as a sergeant in the army from 1979 until 1988. unable to repair his old car he was in fear of not being able to get to work but now there's no need to worry. a major earthquake rattles southern taiwan early saturday. right now at least three people are dead including a newborn baby in the city of tie nan. the quake measuring 6.4 on the richter scale. rescuers able to pull more than 200 people from high rise
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apartment building that collapsed there. the quake struck around 4:00 in the morning local time when many people were inside their homes sleeping. a live look at wilmington, delaware torque night. what a difference 14 hours makes. most of the snow that fell this morning is already gone. we may see some more next week and also going see warmer temperatures. chief meteorologist scott williams has look what's on your radar. a little everything these days, scott. >> that's right. a lot of temperature swings. snowfall chances and look at the temperatures right now. we're looking at 35 degrees. winds out of the north at 6 miles per hour but this is the deal. it feels like 30 but also with those temperatures dipping below freezing we'll have to watch out for some black ice. already 32 degrees right now in wilmington. 25 cold right now in millville. 22 in the pocono mountains. 30 in reading, pottstown as well as allentown. so that is a popular number. so for tonight, take look at those overnight lows. it will dip into the 20s in the burbs. upper 20s in the city. mostly clear, watch out for some
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patchy black ice from that slush that we saw earlier today with that snowfall. take a look at your saturday snapshot. by 7:00 a.m. temperatures in the upper 20s. so a cold start running those errands. but look at noon. sunny and cool upper 30s. by the afternoon high temperature we're looking at about 45 degrees. for your saturday out, 7:00 o'clock numbers dipping back into the upper 30s. so temperatures all over the board. here's a look at ultimate doppler. earlier this morning looking at that rain that changed over to snow and rapidly moved out of here. look at ultimate doppler it's dry and quiet not only for us but for much of the nation right now. however, temperature changes will take shape as we move toward early next week. a dip in the jet stream will allow cold air headed down from canada to the delaware valley and take a look at the snow chance. moving toward next week. we'll be watching those temperatures watching a couple of systems that could bring not
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only snow on monday but also into tuesday. so here's the timing. it's dry, quiet for your weekend take a look at the clock here. sunday night, still no problems but watch what happens. monday night into tuesday we'll watch some of that snow move in to our area. the seven day forecast showing temperatures across the map. 45 tomorrow. on sunday we're looking at high temperatures near 50. and then look at monday into tuesday. temperatures are going to drop watching the coast maybe late night snow on monday into tuesday that's the best chance and then look at those temperatures. tuesday upper 30s. dropping into the low mid 30s that's it for high temperatures by the latter part of next week. >> sunday will be warm. >> yes. sunday is looking good. near 50. >> all right. crazy. >> sean in with sports. bad news for the fly boys i hear. >> bad news for the flyers. they were just getting in a groove. just getting things going. then they suffer a big loss.
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we'll tell who is out and for how long plus the sixers are back on the court after a 38-point loss to the hawks. it wasn't bad but wasn't very good either. watch john wall get a first next in sports. now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. >> good evening, everybody. tgif getting ready for the weekend. so a penndot working all weekend long in the neighborhood of grays ferry avenue right at 34th street all day tomorrow and on sunday. double jammo in south philly. first of all, flyers at 1:00 o'clock. that crowd will empty out. put down the hardwood bring in the sixers fans so a change over and a lot of volume in south philly tomorrow and it's the last weekend to catch the car showdown at the convention center. watch for extra volume down here in center city. have a great night and we'll see you bright and
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>> with the sick certification you never know what you're going to get. tough down at the last second game against the warriors or a 38-point blow out to the hawks. but for the most part you definitely know they're probably going lose. they're on three game losing streak and the wizards made sure it went to four. third quarter trying to mount a come back over a turnover. smith taking it down the lane kicks it to cannon. he hits the three ball in transition. that brought them win 11. in the fourth quarter john wall puts an end to all of that he binds bradley with a wide open ally-oop. that gave wall his first triple double of the season. the sixers lose 106-94.
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in hockey the flyers dealing with issues at the absolute worse time. three game winning streak. four points back of the final wild card spot and playing consistent hockey today they lost one of their key piece pier about a month. sean couturier will miss at least four weeks with a lower body injury. what exactly the injury is and when it happened is not specified but the good thing the flyers have won the last three games without him. a tough loss but something they'll have to overcome. >> it is a big loss for our team, but, um, like i said, i'll say it again. we got a bunch of guys in here that believe in what we're doing. everybody is going to have to chip in and pick up a little bit of that slack. one guy is not going to step into that role and do it all. >> he's obviously a huge piece for this team. he bring it both ends for us. plays pk, pp, obviously real valuable but an opportunity for other guys to step up. >> got the big game super bowl 50 on deck.
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we may see the last of the greatest quarterbacks to ever do it. a guy that has almost every record in the book especially regular season records. peyton manning, we all assume this will be his last game but right now he's just focused on what's ahead. >> have a chance to play in this game super bowl 50, i certainly think our players understand the significance of that. we are grateful for the opportunity and looking forward to finishing the week with hopefully a couple of good practices and we can translate on to the field sunday. >> check this out. all for fun runs but look at this in the uk. would you do this? >> run through fire, though? >> i did that. >> you did that. >> spartan race in july. >> please tell me you didn't run that was fire. >> iran threw fire. >> ran around or put sand before you jumped on that thing. i'm no way going to run through fire. >> i did all of that you're seeing right now. all of it. >> that's crazy. >> i survived. >> you survived. >> video to prove it.
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>> any burned corns on your feet. >> i made it through. took about 2.5 hours and i through up twice. >> thank you for sharing that. >> through up twice much his story. >> would you do it again. >> not fire. fire? >> fire. >> i would have been scared. i'm sitting this one out. >> i'm out. i'm good. >> scott, one last look at the weather here. >> there might be some patchy black ice spots out there tomorrow morning with temperatures below freezing. but look at the temperatures by 3:00 o'clock. 45 degrees. then a chilly saturday evening out. but look at the weekend foreca forecast. mid 40s for high temperatures on saturday. nearing 50 by sunday. but take a look at monday into tuesday. watching the coast it looks like more snow in the offing and turning chilly by next week. >> that will do it for now. our fox 29 food bite special coming up next then your life mega?c
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♪ >> good evening, thank you so much for joining us for this
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fox 29 special report, food is delicious, and it is pretty universal, we all eat and brings us all together. >> good thing, i like this. i'm excited to share with you amazing recipes you have seen on "good day philadelphia" weekend. these are type of food ideas you can see every saturday and sunday morning from 7:00 to 9:00 right here on fox 29, and we like to eat. >> so let's get started. we will begin with an appetizer that will totally wow your friend. a delicious carpatcho, lets take a look. >> i'm chef luke at valley forge casino. today we're making hand cut beef carpatcho, and thinks your fox food bite. it is a variety of different cuts. i like use tender loin and we use a grass fed tender loin. i like the flavor of it and silky texture of it. you can use a block of surloin or any other cut off beef. lets he pick a mar made here.


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