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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  February 8, 2016 4:00am-5:01am EST

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the denver broncos have taken super bowl 50. >> good morning at 4:00 o'clock, well, could this be a super up go to payton manning's super career. highlights from super bowl 50, straight ahead. ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> b.a. san, three superstars joined forces for pepsi half time show, cold play, bruno mars and queen b did you see her almost all in her performance she held it together and didn't, we will shoal you the performance. >> our big story the weather all eyes on the radar as we
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prepare for threat of more snow and it could come and how much can we expect. good day it is monday february 8th, 2016. >> half time drama. >> it it was, where she almost lost her footing. she kept going. you never would have known. >> she may have slipped. >> she's good. >> bruno mars, good to see him back. i think he put on the best half half time performance ever. >> yesterday, it the reminded me so much of michael jackson, his costume his moves, everything about it. >> so much talent. >> sue serio did you stay up and watch. >> i held on through half time show and i fell asleep but a lot of costume was a little hefty bag looking was that big, but it was good, great dance and great show. but here's is what going on with the weather. first of all we have this storm and this storm. the this is tomorrow's concern, and this is today's and it is really close call for this coastal storm, perhaps you heard talk yesterday of some snow a along the coast possibly or even some rain.
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none of that is happening right now but you can see how close this system is, and we will see if any of this precipitation makes it to the coast. the there is a winter weather advisory in effect for this morning but for ocean county that is closest county we have under the advicery. the it looks like we may escape this one for the most part the and then draw our concerns into tomorrow. so 39 degrees, right now with the northwesterly breeze, and it feels like 29 out there. it is a a bit of the chilly start. it is wintertime. of course, it is a chilly start. other temperatures 29 mount pocono. thirty-six in trenton. thirty-five in lancaster. we have 38 in millville. 39 degrees in wildwood. we have some wind, this was wind speed of 21 miles an hour, and it looks that way, i have to check my data there, but 13 in wilmington. 13 miles an hour in wildwood. we have a plan, for some sunshine today but very little, of it. owe mostly cloudy skies, we will probably make it to
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41 degrees early, but possibility of some flurries for this evening, it is later on that we will start talking about that next storm and that is one with the greatest chance of bringing us light snowfall, on tuesday, but for most of us today appears to be dry and we will talk about tomorrow coming up. never boring, is it bob kelly, never boring. >> keeping us on our toes good morning sue. good morning everybody. back on it on a monday morning i wore my broncos orange and a disabled on the schuylkill expressway. the westbound right at the curve here look at how he is all the way off kiss ago this barrier. he is not playing any games waiting for hopefully a penndot arrow truck or police vehicle to pop up and arrive on the scene there otherwise we're in good shape, in problems at all on 476, the schuylkill, i-95. most of the overnight construction projects like on the vine were postponed last night the to give pen to the guys a chance to catch the super bowl. the southbound i-95 a disabled right here near philly
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international the air poverty and a crash in trainor, delaware county at ninth and maine. otherwise, there is that disabled i just showed you in the camera there on the schuylkill expressway near conshohocken. past a couple penndot crews who are putting down the brine. i it the looks like a fork in the road and squirted the hose on the schuylkill expressway, blue route getting ready for whatever comes our way later on today but attempts hanging in there at 39 degrees, so we're in good shape. falls bridge remains closed to vehicle traffic for the next month or so and everybody using the city avenue bridge as the alternate and we're in good shape on mass transit except market frankford and subway using shuttle buses until 5:00. chris and lauren, back over to you. happening today a philadelphia woman will learn her faith the faith for the role in the a attack of the gay couple in center city. >> this case has captured national attention. steve keeley is on it the from the criminal justice center.
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>> reporter: "good day philadelphia" will talk to the noted defense lawyers who make their living at the criminal justice center. say while possible it is highly doubtful knott will get a jail sentence. one, two men charge with her got sentenced to just probation and community services and lgbt center after pleading guilty in the case. the and because injury a quit had not not of the more serious charge aggravated assault. lucky for her it is only judge and not jurors who decide their sentence because after deciding her guilt of lesser charges, jurors thought that it didn't sound so easy. >> she was to become a better character if she said you know what i messed up, i said some things, it was stupid but i felt like she had a air of inn vince built. >> it is so bad, she didn't appear apologetic, it was like it wasn't a big deal. the it was a big deal. it was a big deal for
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everybody. i am so offended by everything about her. >> this young woman is not homophobic. we all say things at times we wish we could take back that they don't come from the heart. >> i think they needs a couple years to think about her behavior. >> should she go to jail? >> i think so. >> reporter: jurors weren't so happy with her testimony when she took the stand in her own defense, lauren and chris. we don't know if she will speak before sentencing. we don't know whether the two victory zachary hess and andrew hall will say anything at sentencing as well this happen september of 2014 just a few blocks from the courthouse here. >> we will continue to follow this case, steve, thank you. story out of west philadelphia where a 22-year old man is fighting for his life after being shot in the head. police say the victim was found just a after 10:30 last night on 53rd and master street in the the carol park section of the city. he was immediately rushed to presbyterian hospital in critical condition. they believe robbery may have
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been the reason behind the shooting, no arrests has been made at this time. and students, are going back to class this morning after a incident over the weekend that has some people a little troubled. temple police investigating how a group of men may be connect to a racial slur, and a hate symbol that were written on a car park on university campus over the weekend. they want to you get a good look at images tweeted out by police. they are being called persons of interest right now. the university released a statement saying they are actively investigating exactly what happened. terrified moments for three teens in bucks county when they break through the ice on a frozen pond. >> luckily people living in that area heard their screaming and then rushed to the rescue. the boys ignored posted warning signs and ventured on the ice in chalfont yesterday afternoon. the ice skate gave way and plunged in the, frigid water from 40 feet from shore. a good samaritan reached the other two struggling in that
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water and trying pulling them to safety. >> i went in the what the tore try to get them and was trying to break the ice but then it just got too much, it gets deep plus all of the mud and everything. we were able to get one kid out by using a giant branch. >> i could not feel my hands. they started to bleed. >> the point pleasant dive team arrived on the scene to help out. boys were treated for hypotheria and in the seriously hurt. a suspect is in custody this morning charged with dragging a police officer with his car. just before 2:00 a.m. sunday 19th district officers had a sill will versace 2008 infinity, pulled over for driving with its light off near 60th and lancaster. the officers noted that the driver's eyes were glassy and smelled of alcohol inside the car. that is when authorities say the driver put the car in gear, hit one of the officers and sped away dragging the officer down the street. phil richard owned the nearby business and watched the initial traffic stop. >> they have a hard job, really hard, they don't get enough credit for it.
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>> thankfully the officer was not injured and police caught up with the the driver near ridge avenue and kelly drive. he tried to get away again but was later arrested. hollywood is coming to philadelphia today, stars timal on pam greer from project runway and daisy martinez will be in the city to shoot a promotional video for 2016, dining out for life, aid fundraiser. that will take place at a the hotel monaco on april 14th. you can see offering from participating restaurant the money raised benefits organizations that promote hiv and aid services. did you watch the super bowl. >> difficult. >> i watched the first half but we have to get up so darn early. >> good thing living in the west coast the game starts at 3:45. here it is 6:45. >> yes, i took a nap during the day. >> you watched every single will play in the half time show. >> i did. denver broncos are your super bowl 50 champs. >> we knew denver's defense
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was so good to fight off cam newton and this is how it played out. the first touchdown of the game came off a defensive play. broncos von miller sacked cam newtown ain't the ball comes out. denver recovers it the touch down. they go up ten to nothing. so we will head to the fourth quarter, and again it is von miller, stripping the ball right there from cam newton again. denver would score a touchdown a few plays later and go up 24-ten. no surprise, von miller is named the super bowl mvp. >> well, he deserved it. beside broncos winning the other big moment from has night's game, of course, was the half time show. cold play, beyonce, bruno mars all took the stage but a moment that happened with beyonce that sent social media all in a twitter. >> not another wardrobe malfunction. >> no. >> no.
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all right. we are starting off this morning with a look at ultimate doppler radar and a couple of things to look at. the first that area of green you see just off the coast, that is our current storm, and the next one is the one that we see out here, out to the west of us, which will actually, reorganize, as a coastal storm. so that energy will kind of move to our south and tomorrow we will be looking at a very similar weather, situation where it is a coastal storm
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but for today this is a really close call. do you see where leading edge of this precipitation is coming pretty close to the coast north of atlantic city which is where we have that winter storm, winter weather advisory in effect just in case and what could happen here, according to this computer model, the one we're looking at right now that is we could get a tiny bit of light snow, or maybe freezing rain, just in ocean county, by 1:00 o'clock in the afternoon, and then rest of the the day looks dry for most of us. then we will start to talk about after midnight tonight where we see that second storm and that precipitation start to organize, and come on in. so by 4:00 tomorrow morning we may see snow flakes. then we have a situation where this storm hangs around on and off with the snowfall throughout the day. we don't expect to it add up to a lot but it will last, for a while, this snow, and it will be throughout the day, on and off with some southern freezing rain possibly
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involved, a chance to accumulate a little bit through the night, tuesday into wednesday morning and we will sianni still have snow flakes. this could be a more than 24 hour before it is all out by early afternoon on wednesday. so how much, we're thinking at to this point and it does depend where this storm sets up maybe two to 4 inches in our area little less further south you go where you may get mixing with rain. so that is the deal for today and tomorrow, and even into wednesday morning at current temperature 39 degrees in philadelphia, 35 in lancaster. twenty-nine up north in mount pocono. thirty-seven in dover. 39 degrees down in wildwood. but we have wind making it feel colder. 21 miles an hour wind in philadelphia is the temperature right now and wind gusts higher then that. so, as we look back over the weekend and see what our high temperature were. i hope you had a good time. the pretty quiet weather-wise.
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43 degrees saturday. 46 degrees yesterday. little bit the more like wintertime is supposed to be and now we're talking about snow, late tonight, 41 degrees, for most of us. unless you are in ocean county you may see some today. occasional snow tomorrow high of 38. early high of 40 on wednesday before the really cold air, blasts on in. it will really blast in on thursday and friday. we may only make to it freezing by the end of the the week and even colder, over the weekend with high temperatures in the the 20's. both saturday and sunday. so that will end up being a much bigger head line then the snow once that cold gets here, and high of 26 degrees on a saturday, bob kelly, that is gorgeous this morning as you are pulling out the driveway you'll see penndot crew where is out there putting down that brine that salt water solution that will prevent any flakes we will get from sticking to the road surface. the here's i-95, kind of
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quiet, disabled truck southbound near philly international airport. off to the shoulder not bothering anybody. no problems at all on the schuylkill expressway, looking good on i-95 working your way out of the northeast and downtown. but westbound there is a a disabled right here near conshohocken right the at the curve and then, south on i-95 as i showed you in the camera there a disable right here near the airport. so just those two items. otherwise we're in good shape traveling north on 202 just watch it, the traffic pattern shuffle between route 30, the bypass and heading up toward route 401. otherwise we're in good shape. speedometer readings in the 50's. a a brake tap in city avenue probably a traffic light cause ago this delay there. train or delaware county ninth and maine outside of aston watch out for an accident. falls bridge closed to vehicle traffic. everyone has to use that city avenue bridge to jockey across
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the schuylkill river there. and market frankford line and broad street subway, using that night owl shuttle bus serve is until 5:00 o'clock this morning. heading down to the airport no problems at the moment at philly international, chris and lauren, back over to you. time right now 4:18. police are trying to track down a gunman who targeted a man in olney. police say victim was shot standing on the sidewalk in the 200 block of nedro avenue early monday morning. the victim was rush to the hospital and told investigators he does not know who shot him. he was shot in the stomach and at last report was in critical condition. nearly a week has come and gone since the car plowed over a mother and her two young kid in south philadelphia. police are still searching for that driver. police released surveillance hoping that you might recognize the car. take a look they say clues might help you spot that car. crash knocked out mirror on the passenger side and car's hood might have damage. last turse the mother was crossing broad and dickerson streets with her five-year old
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and five month-old daughter. that is when police say a red two door honda accord ran them over leaving them in the street without stopping. that family, thankfully, survived. in millville cumberland county the red cross is helping one man forced out of his apartment by fire. the man lives in the june ate above kildare ease tavern where fire broke out in the 500 block of south second street no one was hurt. meanwhile, fire fighters say fire prevention need to be a daily part of your life, and days after a 12 year-old boy died in the house fire in norristown, the fire department and red cross went door to door on markly streets to talk fire prevention and hand out smoke detectors. on friday, 12 year-old sanford harling, died after running back into his home, to save his dad, but investigators say his father jumped out of the window to safety while the boy got stuck inside. the officials have not sure if smoke detectors were in the home. >> having a smoke detector will increase your chance of
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survival. that is a fact. we know it. with an early warning detention, helps people with danger inside the home and gives them enough time to get out of the dangerous situation. >> officials say don't forget to check your batteries and if you do not have a smoke detector you can check with the red cross or your local fire department about getting one. 4:20. u.s. secretary of state john kerry saying north korea's rocket the launch threatens international peace and security. still images released from north korean state leader shows kim june uncelebrating the launch. the north korea media outlets said they put a satellite in the the to orbitas part of the peace space program. many believe the launch is cover now for ballistics missiles test that could send a nuclear nuclear war head a as far east as the u.s. the u.n. security council discussed the next course of action. a mess to clean up in lower manhattan, three days after a deadly crane collapse.
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crewing using blow torches to break apart 565-foot the boom that crashed down friday morning. one person died, several ended up in the hospital. the the inn investigation into what went wrong continues but the city has already announced changes to make sure that this never happens again. >> for example, at the end of one workday if there is a forecast for these kind of wind levels the next workday, we will require that the crane be put into the secure mode the day before. >> the mayor went on to announce that there are also more than doubling the fine for any contractor, that don't secure a construction site during high wind. investigators are looking into the equipment for friday's collapse and how personnel handled that situation, lauren. cam newton didn't have a lot to say to reporters after a disappointing super bowl loss, what he did after one reporter asked him a question did he did not like. payton manning and his denver broncos get the
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lombardi trophy but will this be the end of the road for 39 year-old qb. more in sports in one minute. but first your winning lottery numbers, good luck.
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good morning i'm sean bell, super bowl was more like thursday night football,
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sloppy play by both teams but at the even the living legend gets to walk off in the sunset. first quarter, von miller, comes around the corner, they get the sack and fumble, that goes into the end zone, broncos get the touchdown, they go up ten to nothing. sixteen-ten, broncos von miller, with the strip, he had two and a half sacks, those two forced fumbles, the broncos score a touchdown, right after that, cj and are son punches it in and von miller is your super bowl mvp. broncos win, 24-ten. payton manning riding off in the sunset. flyers/capitols third period tied at two, terrible defense. he moves all the way up the middle for easy goal. flyers lose their second straight, three -two. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. carolina panthers star and
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big time quarterback, cam newton, not taking last night's loss well. he walk off during his post super bowl news conference. reporter asked cam if he was disappointed for his teammates concerning how close that they had come, this year and cam said he was done. shook his head and just walk off. all right. he didn't like that question. >> no, no. >> i feel lake this is his first super bowl. >> he is 26. >> he is not a kid. >> is 26 a kid. at what point are you an adult. >> maybe i should say he is not experienced in this arena, should i say that. >> no, i think he is. they were so good this year. i don't know. >> bad behavior. >> exactly. >> i'll take that. >> racial slurs and an offensive symbol left on the car at temple university over the weekend. the students are uneasy as they helped back to class, we will tell you more about these three guys in this picture coming up.
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the lassus peck charge in the brutal beating of the gay couple back in court today and their faith the faith now in the hand of the judge. big game is over, broncos beating the panthers this morning, we will break down all of the big moments from last night's super bowl 50
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game, plus during the half time show, that sent session media in the whirlwind. >> did you see it. >> i saw the first half. i had to go to bed. >> and read about it with lauren dawn johnson. good morning. how are you. >> did you watch it. >> i did. >> did you wind up with a big group of friend. >> no, we have to get up, go out to the party and then having to leave, and took a nap during day, woke up, went to the couch with diamond. >> yes. >> sue serio, did you host or do anything special for the game. >> no, in fact, my husband went down and was with my family in baltimore watching the super bowl. >> roofus and i were home, and we did fine because we watch puppy bowl first in the afternoon. that is cute. >> it was so cute. >> and animal planet, and then, you know, that other game happened. well, we're watching this system, first of all, that is starting to edge closer to the
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coast. this is a really close call with this storm. then we have another one that doesn't look like much out west but as it reforms tomorrow, in the coastal storm it could give us light accumulations of snow. really close call here in ocean county it looks like but maybe even parts of atlantic county for chance of some rain, maybe even, some wintry weather, so ocean county under winter weather advisory for this morning but that is it for our region for today. the it is different as we start talking about tomorrow which we will do, next time. 39 degrees, but look at how windy it is. we have a 21 miles an hour wind which makes it feel like 29. dress for temperatures in the 20's this morning. you may have to hold on to the wheel in your car because it the is very windy out there, this morning. the these are sustained wind speed at 17 miles an hour in wrightstown. 12 miles an hour in wrightstown. 15 miles an hour in wildwood. gusts that are even higher. it feels like the 20's just about every where, in the teens in mount pocono, and
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30 degrees is your wonderful chill in millville. so it is a chilly start to your day. it will be mostly cloudy throughout the day. we will make to it 41 degrees and then well after tark tonight that we're expecting the first flower fridays our next storm, and we will break that one down for you, coming up, next time, at 4:32. happy monday, bob kelly. >> back at you, sue, you got it, 4:32. the penndot crew where is outputting down that salt/brine solution last night getting ready for the storm later on today, and tonight, into tomorrow, in our area still seeing some of the wet roads on and off ramps but they will dry up quickly no problems the blue route, schuylkill expressway, kind of the quiet the start this morning, even though here in cherry hill, new jersey route 70 at haddonfield road, the old mall there in the background looking good on the schuylkill and i-95, coming in the city. in problems, in construction crews out there at all. is there a westbound disabled vehicle on the schuylkill, right in the conshohocken
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curve, off to the shoulder there. there is a disabled truck southbound i-95 right here near philly international the airport. and then that new pattern working your way north on 202, between the bypass, and route 401, otherwise, we're in good shape in the 50's at blue route, schuylkill. in problems up and down city line but down in trainor delaware county an early accident at ninth and main. falls bridge again close todd vehicle traffic for the next month or so. society i avenue bridge would be the best bet. if you are using mass transit until about 5:00 o'clock shuttle will buses on both market frankford and broad street subway and no delays at the airport, chris and lauren, back over to you. >> bob, thanks very much. happening today woman found guilty in the center city gay assault is sentenced today. >> this case has captured national headlines. steve keeley is on it with very latest now, steve, good morning. >> reporter: if you don't recognize catherine knott's face from the file footage from the day she was found guilty a little refresher
4:34 am
source as we, run mug shots and surveillance video. it was public so outrage from the start that helped police id and track down defendants, matching group photos on facebook with that initial police surveillance video they put out showing investigators schill pictures that matched outfits and then even identifying the restaurant the group had just left by the decoration. aiding police who went in the place and found out who was there and a who had paid the bills. three of them were charged with attacking two men on the center city sidewalk on a late summer night the in september 2014. two men pleaded guilty, knott went to trial, got the acquitted of the most serious charge but found guilty of lesser charges. however some jurors were convinced of her guilt and wanted her punished by doing sometime this young woman is not homophobic. we all say thing the at time that we wish we could take back that they don't come from the heart. >> she wanted to become a better character to me if she would have been like, you know
4:35 am
what, i missed up, i said some thing, it was stupid. i felt like she had a air of inn vince built. >> it is so bad that she is not sorry for what she did. she did not the appear apologetic. it was like no big deal. but it is a big deal. it was a big deal for everybody, and i am so offended by everything about her. >> reporter: well, when asked one juror wanted her to do two years to have sometime to think about what she was doing but because the two males, co-defendant, who took guilty plea deals in exchange for just probation and 200 hours of community service at a lgbt center and because not the not was found not guilty of aggravated assault, criminal defense lawyers say while jail is in the guidelines and possible, chris and lauren, it is not probable in this case. >> all right. we will wait and see. steve keeley, thank you. students going back to school, this morning after an incident over the weekend but temple police investigating how a group of men may be
4:36 am
connect to the racial slur and a hate symbol that were written on a car park on the university's campus over the weekend. they want you to take a good look, at these images tweeted out by police. people are being called persons of interest right now, the university released a statement that says in part, that they are not by the action that is happened here and that they are searching for the university. the temple university condemns use of these symbols and language in the strongest terms. the incident has been reported to the temple university campus police and actively investigated. 4:36. denver broncos and their fans are celebrating this morning. >> they they are your new super bowl champs. thousands of fans, taking to the streets to celebrate, the broncos, 24-ten win over carolina in super bowl 50. police closed off several roads, that for the most part they say the celebrations were peaceful. as for the game itself it was a defensive affair by broncos.
4:37 am
linebacker von miller was your mvp. he had two and a half sacks and two forced fumbles on cam newton. only two offensive touchdowns scored, one by each team and broncos came out on top 24-ten. we have all heard of mystery menus, items not on the menu but still can order them? now taco bellies offering one up and it is going to cost you.
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on february 8th, 1944, harry s mcal pin became first african-american journalist admitted to a white house press conference. former navy war correspondent received his requested credential toss attend a press conference with president roosevelt. there are reports that mcal pin approached the president at the end of that conference and shook his hand. even though he was admitted, he and other black journalist still faced racism that controlled credentials for congress, and the white house. okay. last minute, to sianni thrive on main stream college campuses while fighting racial stereotypes according to a new study through university of pennsylvania research found black male students gain confidence by taking on campus leader ship rolls, that help change perceptions among their white peers and faculty. it followed more than 140 students and 30 predominantly white colleges. coming up on 4:41.
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twitter is testing out a new button to send gifts through the mobile app. the reports changing user time line by organizing tweets using an algorithm instead of the standard chronological order but company ceo says that is not true. he says they will continue to work on the live stream feature. you have heard of preorder movie tickets and video games but what about fast food. >> um-hmm. >> taco bell took some order for a new menu item on the the menu but the new item was a surprise. the customers, paying $2.99 but they could not find out what they were getting until they pick it up. taco bell adding the mystery item to its menu nationwide, this week. and they tried to tie it all in with the super bowl and it the one on a commercial. >> but it is edible, it the is a menu item. >> yes, it is edible, you can eat it. >> i think they released it because james harden was in the commercial. it is some kind of, not a children's book but something like that. >> if you think bit, it is probably going to have
4:42 am
ingredient of a meat, bean, cheese, lettuce, tomato, some sort of either fried, or warmed up tortilla. >> i don't know. >> because everything that is mexican food is the same thing, just prepared a little biff differently. >> it is so good. >> it is no way butter not squash in there and cream fresh. >> no, beans, cheese, it is good right. it is my favorite thing to eat. >> mexican food. >> do you like salsa, really hot. >> i like anything, super, spicy. >> okay. >> three superstars, one stage and this morning we are breaking down all of the highlights from super bowl 50 and the half time show. stay with us.
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winter weather is possible tomorrow and this is in effect tomorrow for this winter storm watch for counties highlighted here. the it goes from late tonight, through late tuesday night. as we told you earlier this snow tomorrow will be an all day event. we are really closely watching this off shore storm because, so far, it hasn't come a shore but it is getting close and as we look at future cast we will show thaw is there a chance of, some very light snow, in ocean county, maybe even extending down into atlantic county or atlantic city where it could be rain or snow. this is before the morning is through, maybe even six or 7:00 o'clock. this is different computer model then one we shed you last time with greater chance
4:46 am
of this coastal snow. it is really ocean county northward where we have a greater chance of this happening this morning and hardly any chance of seeing any snow flakes in town, this morning here in the city. so that is today and then all of that, end up going off shore, by tonight, and then we will start to focus on tomorrow, and the way it looks now since the storm we're talking about tomorrow hasn't actually formed yet, it is energy from the storm out to the west it is difficult to predict this one but it does look like by early morning tomorrow we are seeing snow spread nothing, rain to the south of us from this storm, and then it is on and off throughout the day. it is not initialing too well on this particular model, bye it does look like we could add up to several inches of snow in the metro area which is why we have a winter storm watch, in effect. that is what is going on with. that as you walk out the door this morning be prepared, oh, by the way, we have our predictions for maybe two to 4 .
4:47 am
this number could go up or down depending on the location of that storm. now, it is windy out there. 21 miles an hour sustained wind in philadelphia, with gusts that are even higher, 28 t gives us a wind chill in the 20's this morning, just about every where, it feels like either 29 or 30 degrees. be prepared for that as you are dressing yourself or the kid, for waiting outside, this morning. it is in the 40's over the weekend, it will be in the lower 40's when all said and done today. then we will focus on that occasional snow that adds up, tomorrow, 38 degrees, and then after the snow is finished with us on wednesday morning, very early, then the cold air is our focus and it will only be around freezing, on thursday and friday, and high temperatures in the 20's. on saturday, and sunday. so, we may start to be talking about polar vortex, bob kelly, once again. >> that is okay for sunday because it is val types day. >> you have to cuddle. >> a snuggle up, cuddling.
4:48 am
>> good morning, enough on that cuddling and snuggling, kick those covers off, time to get moving. live look at the schuylkill expressway, right here near spring garden street. no problems or delays at all. kind of quite it this morning. live look at the city line right here near presidential boulevard. penndot was out last night putting down that salt brine solution getting ready for the mess that is coming our way later on tonight. about 5:00 o'clock, shuttle buses running on both market frankford and broad street subway trains kick in after 5:00 a.m. southbound i-95, a disable truck right here near the airport but otherwise we're in good shape heading to and from the the city on i-95. we had had an earlier accident in trainer at ninth and main, and the falls bridge, remains closed to vehicle traffic. so everybody is using the city avenue bridges specially during the rush hour, and add some extra time there chris and lauren, back over to you. chris slept through the super bowl so now we have to talk about the entertainment
4:49 am
highlights. the let's start with lady gaga she sang the national anthem in an opera style. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> that was in opera style. however did you notice that she had matching eye shadow, blue nails and her american flag inspired shoes. she was hold ago this very silver microphone. the 29 year-old, nearly wiped a tear away at one point during her performance. >> i didn't know she had a voice. >> i went to sleep, i set my
4:50 am
alarm clock for 6:30. i snoozed and when i woke up, it was kick off. i missed the national anthem. i was so sad, that my twitter time line was blowing up but how incredible it was. >> yeah, she nailed it. such a performer too. it really was a triple threat from that point on. you had half time show, right. the show's head liner was cold play. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> they kick i have festivities with yellow answer transitioned in to kid, playing in the orchestra. it was kind of cool. lead singer chris martin sang paradise before launching in adventure of a lifetime. >> chris martin was married to gwyneth paltrow and they had their kid apple and apple was there. >> there was a cutest picture
4:51 am
ever of apple and blue ivy walking in the stadium together. >> that is cute. >> it was soup's adorable. >> think of how rich those two kid will be. >> after cold play it was bruno mars returned and he went to old school back in the day. i thought it was like michael jackson. tell me what you think. >> ♪ >> ♪ the. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> yes, fantastic. i loved it. they did uptown funk. bruno, paid homage to mc hammer, who is from the san francisco bay area from oakland right up the street from santa clara a and black eye peas. >> and then beyonce, what a wait until after commercial break. she has a little moment where everybody is like huh, and then she makes it the through. we will show you after the break, so stay with us.
4:52 am
4:53 am
4:54 am
spokesbox: ♪ go paperless, don't stress, girl ♪ ♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪ 45:00 -- 4:54. sea isle city, big daddy graham has a house there we should talk to him in about an hour to talk about the big game last night. >> do you remember beyonce.
4:55 am
>> no, blue ivy and apple. >> chris martin's daughter. they have found it. >> which one is blue ivy. >> come on, you know. >> so now we have to talk about blue ivy's mom because this is what some people are calling the biggest moment of last night's super bowl half time show. >> ♪ the >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> what happened. >> so here's the deal. she released a new song on saturday, it is called formation. okay, ladies lets get in formation. release video on saturday and then sunday she performed it there at the super bowl, it gets better. especially with all of the fans. she announced that she's going
4:56 am
on a stadium tour, which starts in new york, l.a., baltimore, she will stop here in philadelphia june 5th at the link. the she's going to hershey park, pa. >> fun. >> so get in formation and get your tickets because it will be sold out. >> so did she, something happened, i heard that she fell. >> if you blinked you could have missed it. she sort of stumbled during the performance but she takes a step, watch right here. she almost take a tumble right there. wow. she quickly regained her footing, kept on dancing. >> we should try that. >> see how hard it is. >> you know, she just had haddon risers. but did you see all of the side by side picture of her and michael jackson when he first sang at the super bowl. she sort of dressed like him. >> it was a great performance. >> yes. >> you missed it. >> so sorry i missed it. >> you can watch it on line.
4:57 am
>> i will be glued to that. some celebrities, getting set to come to town today, to raise money for a deadly disease. we will tell but that after the break.
4:58 am
are you busy? i'm just day-dreaming. about your dream trip to italy? yeah. with your sisters, to shop and see the sights. is it that obvious? you've been staring at that new instant game from the pennsylvania lottery. yeah, it's the price is right.
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with top prizes of $300,000. is that painting crooked, or is it just me? [announcer] want to see your dreams come to life? you could scratch your way to instant winning. the pennsylvania lottery. bring your dreams to life. suspect charged in the brutal beating of the gay couple will be back in court and her faith the faith is in the the hand
5:00 am
of the judge. the big game is over. broncos beat carolina panthers. from the highlight of the half time of the super bowl 50. we will have it covered for you. good day, it is morning after, monday, february 8th, 2016. >> a lot of people lazy, moving slowly because you were up late watching the game i'm still digesting everything that came to the super bowl party we were at. >> what was the worst thing you ate. >> i was there with rob wasserman, at his house and he owns rouge, so all kind of food there. michael schultzman opened up doublenot the not so all of these restauranters in there. michael made a giant pig, thing. i know you don't eat pork but it was fantastic with cole slaw and all kind of sauces and bread, these big homemade sandwiches, sue. >> and lauren and write home respectively with our dogs watching tv.


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