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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  February 8, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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affect your next three commutes. >> former eagle lesean mccoy under investigation for a fight at a philly club that sent two off duty cops to the hospital. your news starts in 30 seconds. right now at snow is falling around the area. looking live in wilmington right now. winter storm warning about to go into effect for many of you watch to go night. live radar shows the system covering our area right now and it's not going away until
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wednesday. >> depending on where you live you could see several inches of snow like in reading on the left. flooding down the shore as you see there in sea isle in the middle or just a few inches of snow in the pocono mountains. moving to bellmawr, new jersey, this wint blast to make a drive in tomorrow. >> chris o'connell is live in chester county. but we start with our weather authority team coverage. kathy orr tracking this storm. kathy. >> right now, we're seeing light snow passing through you saw that behind chris and right now in chester county and some areas of interior south jersey seeing light snow making it to ground but like spokes on a wheel these waves of snow will be rotating through the first ones during the overnight an break and then another one during the day tomorrow. so it's not going to be a steady snow between now and wednesday morning. that's very important to understand. you can see some rain mixing in in dover but as it moves across philadelphia, the temperatures will be cooling down below freezing overnight and it will be sticking.
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during the day tomorrow a different story. we do have that warning in effect for those areas in pink and advisory to the north in the lehigh valley and the south in southern delaware. this is what we expect along the i-95 corridor. by 7a a half an inch and a half inch of snow. by 7:00 p.m. tomorrow an additional one to 3-inches of snow but a lot of this sticking to grassy surfaces because temperatures will rise above freezing. and then between the evening and early wednesday morning an additional one to 2-inches of snow. now as we look at the timeline the snow continues to spread east through 11:00 o'clock, 12:00 o'clock tonight. heaviest late tomorrow afternoon into tomorrow evening. that will be when we do see the more impactful snow and then the snow ends early wednesday between midnight and 4:00 a.m. now, as far as the accumulations are concerned, we are looking at general two to 4-inches of snow to the north and west of the city. also toward the south and east lesser accumulations with mixing down the shore and then an area of three to 6-inches where the heaviest band set up places like
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salem county into parts of western gloucester county, wilmington, new castle and into parts of chester county. philadelphia you're right on the borderline. i think in the city we'll end up between three and 5-inches of snow. now, we do have a coastal flooding threat and big concerns down the shore for tomorrow morning. for more on that, let's send it over to my colleague scott williams. good evening, scott. >> hi there, kathy. yes, we do have that coastal flood concern. we have flood advisories but he also have some coastal flood warnings. take look at those counties highlighted down the shore in that dark green. a coastal flood warning until noon tomorrow. the lighter green once you move toward the delaware river area we're talking about some minor flood problems along the delaware. but in particular, the high tides to note. as we move down the shore, atlantic city tomorrow morning we're watching you around 7:42. roadway flooding is definitely likely. rough surf that will be an issue as we move toward cape may,
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watching the clock around 8:16 tomorrow morning for you. moderate to low end major flooding. if you live in one of those flood prone areas, you probably should move your vehicles as we move toward tomorrow morning, rehoboth beach eight cory sool six watching the clock there for to you. new moon tide and we are also looking at that roadway flooding. take a look at some of the rough surf right now. looking at anywhere from about three to 5 feet and then as we expand the view you can see some of those waves already pretty choppy right now. over 13 even 16-foot wave heights once you move a little farther out to sea and the winds are picking up as well. so not only are we tracking that snow but we are tracking the coastal concern. back over to you. kathy. >> thanks very much, x coming up we'll take a closer look an update the snow cumulations and go city to city for specific towns in your neighbor. we'll be back later in the broadcast with that. >> kathy, thank you w was ick up make sure you're ready to walk
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out the door as we look at allentown from philadelphia international airport. travel problems to the forecast, alcohol closures and delays, bob kelly, sue serio and dave warren have you covered starting at 4:00 a.m. >> we're getting another coating not as much this time. but enough to make things a little slick out there already. our chris o'connell is live in land berg chester county it's already coming down, chris. >> reporter: yeah, lucy, it's been snowing here wet snowfalling at a pretty steady clip for the last hour and a half here in chester county. if you see the roads behind me just wet right now. not really sticking to the roadways but tomorrow, thome be a different story. >> private snow cranks like juan is filling up a gas tank for a big night. in his world white means green. >> depends how much snow accumulating. less than twenty fours probably
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not. >> you're hoping for more. >> yeah. more than three is good for us. >> reporter: road crews and plow drivers are gearing up for what might be a 24 hour snow event. deldot drivers spent all day spraying brian solution from the 10,000 gallons tanker. >> certain reaction it has from keeping the snow from freeze on to the road. >> we went along for ride to see how the crews are keeping roads safe. but they say the biggest challenge is keeping their drivers safe. >> stay away. back off little bit. take your time. don't rush. you know, we're out here trying to make sure the roads are safe for everybody. >> reporter: and as the snow begins to fall, there are many who will watch and wait including the area students and teachers. will there be a snow day? susan lee hopes so. >> i never mind a snow day. people don't realize that teachers love them, too.
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>> reporter:. (laughter). >> not just the kids. >> reporter: crews tell me although there's not lot of snow forecasted for tomorrow, this is supposed to be a prolonged event like kathy and scott were just talking about. so no matter where you are in our area it could be a long day out there on the roads tomorrow. iain. >> good advice, thank you, chris. penndot crews are tracking the snow moving into our area. they say trucks are loaded with salt and ready to hit the road. penndot officials say workers began preparing for the storm this morning. treating the roads with that brian. they'll have 283 plows out for this storm and add more as needed. penndot is hoping lulls in the snowfall can help them keep up with the snow removal. they are ready for a couple of days of work. >> with the storm we see warmer temperatures which means wetter snow. easier to deal with however tuesday night temperatures are expected to drop. so we could be dealing with this storm well into wednesday. >> meanwhile the city of philadelphia is canceling trash
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collection for tomorrow. so if you're out there you're asked to hold your trash until next week. south philadelphia live right now take the weather authority with you with our fox 29 weather app. you'll see live radar get alerts sent to your phone find it in the apple and google play store. >> developing to night former eagle lesean mccoy under investigation for alleged fight at a philadelphia nightclub. the altercation sent two off duty cops to the hospital with broken bones. a bottle of champagne may have started the whole thing. police are trying to sort all this out. shawnette wilson joins us live at central detectives. shawnette? >> reporter: iain, police were interviewing witnesses late into the evening here at central detectives and we're told that since then this case has been handed over to the district attorney and charges could come tomorrow. recess lounge in old city was the scene of a violent scuffle early sunday morning. investigators say an altercation broke out between two off duty philadelphia police officers and
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four people associated with the nfl. police are investigating whether lesean mccoy a former philadelphia eagles player was involved in the fight reportedly over a bottle of champagne. >> at some point in time it leads to a physical altercation four suspects more or less jump the one complaint nan knocking him to the ground, punking him, kickinkicking him. once he's on the ground they begin to stomp him. >> reporter: police say the four men meet an off duty police officer. a second off duty police officer and club security tried to break it up security cameras inside did not capture the fight but another camera caught the group being kick out. blood still visible on the sidewalk outside the club. >> something just makes no sen sense. again over a bottle of champag champagne. go buy another bottle. >> the names of the suspects have not been releas released. mccoy's team the buffalo bills released a statement on twitter. saying they are away of the allegations against mccoin are in the process of gathering
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information. >> again, i don't know in regards to their current standing in the league but that's what i'm told in terms of suspects involved. >> reporter: and back here live, both officers were taken to the hospital. one was treated. the other actually admitted for his injuries. iain? >> all right, shawnette, thank you. the woman convict evidence assaulting a gay couple in center city back in 2014 will spend the first of many nights in jail. 25-year-old kathryn knott appeared in front of a judge today. the judge sentenced they are five to 10 months and two years probation. a jury convicted knot late last year of simple assault and two other offenses. the victims say knot was part of larger group that used gay slurs while they assailed the couple. to other men got probation after pleading guilty last year. man accused of of dragging a police officer with his car is facing numerous charges tonight including aggravated assault. the suspect has been identified as kevin cook. we told you last night police say they pulled cook over for
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driving without his headlights on. police say he tried to drive away and knocked over an officer who was dragged down lancaster avenue when police spotted cook's car a second time they say he tried to run. tomorrow voters in new hampshire forehead to the polls for the first primary of the election city. candidates spent this day making their last big push in the sta state. weather slowed the pace of the campaign and it could become a factor in tomorrow's turn out. meanwhile, drum system leading among the republicans and the focus is turning to who will come in second. jeb bush, john kasich and chris chris tee stepping up their attacks on senator marco rubio. ted cruz there as well. bernie sanders still hold as strong lead in most polls but hillary clinton isn't backing down attacking sanders credibility. as he tries to solidify his populous image. we'll have continuing coverage of the new hampshire primary tomorrow night throughout our 10:00 o'clock newscast and of course on
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winds howl as 30-foot waves pummel a cruise ship. passengers told to hunker down. they are still on board. a local woman describes the terrifying night. >> a new mom ferreous. a nurse takes her newborn son she thought it was for a physical. but the mistake put her baby boy in surgery. >> and armed robbers burst into a local deli dispatchers and police calls for help from a security firm are left to ring. >> i'm calling the number. it's just ringing. yeah, it's just ringing, cath. >> some believe there's a better way. why isn't this community doing it? fox 29 investigates ahead. >> plus a guy on a bike targeting women in one neighborhood. what they say he's doing to their feet before he takes off.
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♪ >> snow a already falling across all right its parts of our area a live look at wilmington. one of the areas that could get hit the hardest. live radar shows the system that could be stick aig round until wednesday. your weather authority is tracking the totals in your neighborhood just ahead. from one storm to another. but this one was on the high seas turning a relaxing vacation into a nightmare. >> crews ship winds up in the middle of a violent storm at a local woman is on board. take a look. the huge waves are enough to make you sea sick watching this video. our jennifer joyce talk to the woman who is still on that ship. jennifer? >> reporter: iain, passengers tell us it was a terrifying night. a massive royal caribbean cruise ship with more than 6,000 people on board was slammed by a storm one of those passengers from south philadelphia tells us
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she's been on a number of cruises. this was by far the scariest. she's happy she's okay and able to share her story with us. listen to the howling winds and watch the suck the drapes the deck doo open its on. this was a long scary night royal caribbean anthem of the seas. >> things are falling off alleges and people were falling the food off the table. >> passenger rose of south philadelphia face timed with us from the ship this afternoon. >> i was praying. i was just scared. >> reporter: she says the stormy seas started churning around 2:30 p.m. yesterday. by 3:30 everyone was ordered to their rooms. they had to take the stairs elevators were not an option. >> you had to hold on to the beds. people fell off beds. people were in hallways. you name it. handicapped they couldn't get up to their room. >> reporter: they stood put until the sun came up. she went about 15 hours without
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a meal. >> about 9:00, 9:30 brought us two bottles of water, an orange and m and m'. >> she zen us pictures of overturn chairs and pieces of the ship' ship's interior rippet by the storm. the ship left new jersey on saturday twenty eight headed for fort canaveral florida. because of the forecast it's headed back to the garden state right now. >> i don't know where i am right now. >> fear at sea and fear back home in philadelphia. >> i woke up almost every hour on the hour. >> it was hours before michelle was able to make contact with her mom and find out that she is okay. >> it was a sigh of relief. thanks goodness. >> she'll better when her mom is back home a frustrated rose says she'd like to know when that will be. >> people are disappointed in the way it was handled. yeah they are giving us our money back. but they don't update us. we haven't had an update in hours from the captain. >> we have no exact time when we
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will get back to new jersey. >> reporter: royal caribbean tweeted there have been no serious injuries from the storm. rose says that the cruise ship made an announcement earlier today everyone will get their money back and get 50% off their next cruise. she actually already had one scheduled for april. i guess she has something to do on that one. >> i know i would jennifer. raphael rob the former university of pennsylvania professor who pleaded guilty in 2007 to killing his wife the year before has a parole hearing tomorrow and montgomery county attorneys want to make sure he stays in prison. today prosecutors gathered with attorneys for family members of the victims. their urging parole board to end rob's bid for early release. prosecutors want rob to serve his entire 10 year sentence for pleading guilty to voluntary manslaughter in the beating death of his wife ellen inside their upper merion home in 2006. attorneys for family members agree.
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>> a monster in this case is raphael rob. he should not be let early out of prison while ellen gregory lies in a grave and in a coffin from which she'll never escape. >> parole hearing is scheduled for tomorrow. rob is now in enterin entering r of that maximum 10 year senten sentence. >> in delaware county one man is dead another is in the hospital after a deadly confrontation with police. family of the men say they heard dozens of shots fired over the phone. police say it all began when officers tried to stop an suv but the driver just kept on going. this morning in chester, the officers began chasing that suv which ended up crashing. family members say one of the men was on the phone with them while it all went down. relatives tell fox 29 shall lamar longer died and his cousin is injured. authorities have not said if all the shots came from police but no officers are injured.
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>> my mom just told me to get my stuff together and stuff like that. everything will be okay. everything won't be okay but my cousin is dead mine brother is shot. >> the delaware county district attorney's office is expected told a new conference about what happened tomorrow. a developing story tonight out of north philadelphia. a football stadium on the campus of temple university is now small step closer to being a reality. opponents protested today on campus. the university's board of trustees approved funding tonight for initial designs and studies of on campus stadium and retail project. opponents say the stadium would hurt the surrounding community with noise, parking and lights. university officials promised to slab brought with the neighbor. >> a very special symbol is back in place at a church in manayu manayunk. >> the saint john baptist parish celebrating a big goal today the church raised a restored cross to the top of its cathedral inside the cross a time capsule filled with prayers. they're previous cross was damaged in a storm about five
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years ago. and last year, parishioners raised $1 million for the repairs to the church. the church building was built in 1894 and the top of the tower was originally placed in nope 05. >> guy just looking for some advice to fix his car called an auto repair shop. the response outrageous. what the me capping in called him was so offensive we can't even say it on tv. >> people called the police when they see this naked man run aig round watch he told cops was in his pants that they wrestled him to the ground. >> she stole the show at the super bowl half time, of course but beyonce beyonce''s night wat starting. where queen b stayed after her performance. >> now with tomorrow's traffic. here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. penndot still working on the ramps 95 the aramingo avenue ramps to south knife, the girard avenue ramps to north 95 remain blocked all part of a long-term
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construction. they're also going to be working schedule tomorrow weather permitting to be working along i-95 in northeast philadelphia. the stretch at grant of a and then keep in mind that falls bridge remains closed city avenue is the way to go. could be a tricky morning rush hour. we'll kick the off for you bright and early. we'll see you bright and early at 4:00.
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now your winning lottery
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numbers. ♪ here's live look at trenton tonight. if we get hit with our latest blast of winter by the time this storm is over some parts of our area could have several inches of snow. >> it's been snowy up in connecticut as well and authorities are trying to figure out if that's why a bus crashed as many as 30 people are hurt about noon today this charter bus rolled along i-95 in madison earlier reports listed many people as critically injured but too night we're hearing no injuries are that serious. though, one person does have broken bones. the bus was on its way from new york city to mohican sun casino in connecticut when it flipped over. man police say followed six-year-old girl who macy's bathroom pushed her down and put his hand over her mouth says it's all a big misunderstanding we told you last night florida police were looking for this guy. that little girl screamed and he ran off. police now say the 18-year-old man turned himself in. he says he accidentally went into the woman's bathroom and when the little girl started
10:25 pm
screaming he panic and tried to get her to stop much he's charged with battery. serious allegations against a mechanic an a arbor michigan repair shop. a driver called to get his car fix. >> he was on the receiving end of discrimination and at the very least unprofessional behavior. that customer was looking for advice on repairing his own fuel pump of the mechanic told him he was leaving fantasy world then called him a derogatory name. if that wasn't enough, when the conversation ended the mechanic texted the man from the station's phone once again calling him that derogatory na name. fox reporter went to the station looking for answers. >> got a text message from this number calling him bleep. >> do you know anything about that? >> no. this is crazy. get out of here, dude. >> can you tell us about this text message? >> i'm assuming it was you who sent it. was it? >> i'm just surprised to be sitting here at work ton see --
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just like costume or real or what? >> it's real. the mechanic is not an actual employee it's not going renew his lease when it runs out next month. new mom is furious a nurse takes her newborn son she thought for a physical but the mistake put her baby boy in surgery. armed bandits held up a local deli security firm alerted police but their call rings and rings before anybody pick it up. is there a better way and if so why isn't the town using it? fox 29 investigates. a live look at allentown tonight. our latest round of snow moves in. kathy is working hard tracking the storm. >> that's right. we are looking at snowfall at a rate of about half an inch to an inch by tomorrow morning. and then it will accumulate during the day. but it won't last all day. we'll talk about how much to expect where you live when we come back.
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>> the snow is coming down. live look at landenberg chester county. you can see that snow falling. radar shows the system that
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could dump several inches on our area by wednesday morning. >> moving to wilmington now, one of the areas under a wint storm warning not just snow that's a concern. >> areas down the shore could see more flooding. of course, kathy starts our weather authority team coverage right now. >> the snow already beginning to fall in philadelphia not making it to the ground just yet but it will be. you can see outside our weather window looking misty out there in philadelphia. the temperature 33. so above freezing. it will be a wet sticky snow and then overnight will fall below freezing. wind chill at 25 degrees. the wind at only 9 miles an hour. you can see temperatures in the poconos pick up a couple of inches of snow. cold enough for a packed powder and then wilmington a wet snow at 32. in philadelphia right now 33 degrees. ultimate doppler we are seeing waves of snow pivot through and you can see the swing from the southwest toward the northeast and that's the way it's going to be moving in more snow showers over baltimore and washington that will be moving through
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philadelphia during the early morning hours. as we time it out, through the early morning hours, some snow and then by 7:00 a.m. when you're watching good day with sue serio and bob kelly and dave warren will be in. there could be little bit of a lull then the snow come back in and it will be heavy in the afternoon for the rush and into the evening. some mixing to the south and east limiting accumulations there. and then really after the midnight hour, it just really sweeps out and wednesday morning for the morning rush it is dry. now tonight we are looking at a light accumulation by the morning about half an inch to an inch by the time you wake up. i did make some adjustments with new computer models and guidance moving in and pulled this three to six further to the north there are some occasions that higher accumulation go from northern parts of chester county and into the lehigh valley. so we'll continue to update that one more round of information comes in during this show before the end of the newscast. if we have to update this we will. general two to 4-inches you can see throughout the region. philadelphia around four, little bit more and you can see through
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coatesville into wilmington, newark, three to six everies one to two down the shore. here's a look what we're looking at for tuesday's tomorrow. temperatures in the 30s. it will be a wet slushy snow. it will be sticking not until the evening hours when the temperatures fall below freezing so during the day tomorrow, mainly on the grass. scott is looking neighborhood by neighbor at these snow cumulations and it is interesting how it varies from one place to the other. >> that's going to be the key. the location what you'll see in your backyard. let's start with the immediate philadelphia area. and also the i-95 corridor. look at the chem hers blow freezing tomorrow morning watching for slick spots. those temperatures climb into the mid upper 30s during the third day and then again tomorrow evening. they dip. so it looks like we will see about two to 5-inches in the philadelphia area some melting and also some slick roads. what about allentown, lehigh valley not in a winter storm warning but winter wet advisory. temperatures will be colder for
10:33 pm
you. 20s to start tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. and then during the afternoon, warming a couple of degrees above freezing. two to 4-inches before all is said and done. so several chances once again for some snow. wilmington looking at your forecast. temperatures to start below freezing and then they warm above freezing by several degrees. so it will be that wet slushy accumulation but you could see three, maybe up to 6-inches of snow bra all is said and done. what about atlantic city. we know you have coastal flood warnings. the next high tide cycle between 7:30am and 8:30 so watching not only for the flooding but also for minor slushy accumulations temperatures for you will be well above freezing during the afternoon. almost as warm as 40 degrees. so a whole lot to watch with this system. down the shore with the flooding and also location by location will be the amounts of snow. >> absolutely. there will be a lull in between the waves of precipitation. here's a look at our forecast during the day tomorrow, periods
10:34 pm
of light snow that winter storm warning continues temperatures above freezing in philadelphia. then as it gets colder tomorrow afternoon and evening it will be sticking and snow still comes down through the evening period then it's out of here wednesday morning turning fairly cold over the weekend. snow shower possible saturday. otherwise, frigid for your honey on valentine's day. >> aww. (laughter). >> hug your honey. >> 7 degrees, that's kind of cold. >> me and my kitties will be snuggling as we look live at reading to night make sure you're ready to start the day with to the tweaks weather and traffic authorities. bob kelly, sue serio and dave warren have you covered starting at 4am tomorrow. new mom is still in the hospital. she thought a nurse was taking her newborn son for a routine physical. >> hours later she realized she was very wrong. her baby boy was taken into surgery without any parental consent. surgery that was supposed to be for another baby. this happened at a hospital near nashville, tennessee.
10:35 pm
jennifer melton's attorney says the procedure cut a flap of skin under the baby's tongue. >> essentially they took our child who was 100% healthy nursing well, no issues at all and just took him out of the nursery and cut his mouth. at that point i began to cry hysteric klee. >> there's no excuse for cutting on a healthy child. there's no excuse for mixing babies at the hospital. >> family says the doctor admitted his mistake writing in a hospital progress report that he asked for the wrong baby and likely performed the procedure on the wrong child. he wrote he admitted the mistake and did apologize. >> well i hope the baby is okay. people call the police when they saw this naked man run aig round what he told cops was in his pants as they wrestle him to the ground. >> a guy on a bike targeting women in one neighborhood. what he's doing to their feet before he takes off.
10:36 pm
>> she stole the show. beyonce''s night was just starting. where queen b stayed aft they are big performance.
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♪ army veteran hoping is shame the thief that stole his pick
10:39 pm
up. the truck was stolen thursday morning from outside his texas home 20 year vet. james huff decided to make the crime public writing a message on big piece of plywood. that message reads in part, took the worthless dirt bag that took my truck i gave 20 years of my life serving in three armed conflicts to protect your freedom. i hope your mother se sees thiso she knows you stole from a soldier. police don't have any leads on the stolen truck. >> in your money tonight. which it pohle has an apology. the restaurant chain shut down during lunch so employees could attend meeting about the recent food safety scares why e. coli and norovirus to make up for its late start today, chip potty system giving out free burritos. you had to tech the word rain check to certain number to catch you had to do it by 6:00 p.m. today. you might have used air bnb before. but the digs you're about to see from the site are fit for a queen. queen b shouted out the site and
10:40 pm
showed off where she relaxed not rehearsingrehearsing or performe super bowl this weekend. sitting by the outdoor fire pitt. the home goes for $10,000 a night and in california. the home sits on 12-acre lot come with five bedroom, eight bathrooms, an orchard with 60 fruit trees if you have time to pick some fruit and cool views of san francisco. >> there you go. >> all right. a bizarre string of attacks on women in houston. >> a guy is going around and stomping on their feet just taking off. several women say it's happened to them over the past few months and she says that one of them says she took this picture of the guy riding a way the woman are usual ale loan waiting at a bus stop or riding the bus. they say the guy walks up or rides over on his bike, stomps on their feet then runs or rides off. >> i immediately pushed him off of me and asked him what the f he was doing.
10:41 pm
he said that this was normal for him. just casually road off. and then looked back and smiled. >> i yelled at him to stop. he again started laughing and then he rode away on his bike. >> at least one victim says when she called police they told her they don't have enough information but that the case is open. armed bandits holding up a local deli. security firm alerts police but their call rings and rings before anyone picks up. >> i've been trying to call for a few minutes and all did it is ring. >> is there a better way. why isn't the town using it. fox 29 investigates is next.
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fox 29 investigates is looking into the fears of residents and mer chants in new jersey town they believe their police dispatch system needs to get scrapped. >> they say moments of terror during an armed robbery has exposed serious flaws. fox 29 investigates is working the story. here's jeff cole. >> reporter: for nearly 30 years, the one-stop deli offered groceries, snacks and gossip along route 130 in penns grove. >> we do a good business there. we make a living, and we're part
10:45 pm
of penns grove community. >> reporter: now fear is served up as well. a masked robber is barreling waving in a gun. >> it's hard to sleep now because of it. it's hard to eat now going through that situation alone. >> that's ron with the pistol in his face just 2:00 on the morning of december 17th, 2015. a worker in the kitchen hit a panic button oh private security firm when the bandits rolled in. he just wanted to survive. >> a lot of things were going through my mind at that time. we're getting robbed and first thing that comes to mind after that take it. i don't want to go home with a bullet hole. >> robbers swiped smokes and cash they ran out the back door. he called penns grove police and alerted dispatcher michelle alexander. >> penns grove police. >> this is ron we just got held up. >> ron.
10:46 pm
>> yes. >> you just got held up at one stop. >> that is correct. >> is the person there? >> no. they're gone. it was three younger males and they were armed. >> about the same time workers with the security firm monitoring the deli called to dispatcher alexander. >> no one is answering. this guy a filing a police report. >> he's on the phone with the police. >> but police said because she was on the phone with love fus fuss -- >> he had a description of the guys. >> she let the phone ring. >> i'm calling the number it's just ringing. yeah, it's just ringing, cath. >> deli owner eileen was angry. the calls from the security company she pays to watch over her business and workers ran repeatedly before alexandria finally picked up.
10:47 pm
>> i've been trying to call for a few minutes and all did it was wrong. >> my husband went to the dispatch station to get an explanation. >> what did they tell him? >> that sometimes the phone doesn't work. >> we received the same stunning information from the chief of police. he said they'd been having trouble with the phone at the dispatch desk. he didn't know about it but both phones have been replaced. but the confusion on the morning of the armed robbery calls in to question once again this tiny borough's refuse al to join the salem county 911 system. >> police dispatch. >> the county's 911 dispatch center places at least seven and up to nine state trained and certificate fighter dispatchers at phone lines and monitors 24/7. eight of the counties nine law enforcement agencies are part of the system. penns grove is the lone resist. >> records show officials have been talking about joining salem
10:48 pm
county's 911 since 2010. but have complained the county has failed to turn over budget information. the county says it would like the borough in. in a phone call long-time penns grove mayor john amount washington se said he thinks his dispatch is faster. >> deli owner believes the mayor is endangering the public. >> we need to go to the 911 call center to the only for the community but for the officers, too. they have to deal with this every day. >> reporter: i got your driver's transcript. you're suspended. it's not the first fox 29 investigators has found trouble in penns grove. >> last year we reported the councilman carl washington who back then oversaw police was driving around on a suspend license. he locked himself in the clerk's office when we tried to question him. >> does that mean you are suspended and you do drive?
10:49 pm
>> no, it doesn't. >> can i show you the transcript then. >> no, sir washington said he didn't know he was suspended and later got his license back. and something else about that armed robbery. penns grove police say dispatcher michelle alexander who the mayor tells suss his goddaughter will be reprimanded for failing to properly handle the multiple calls the morning of the robbery. police wouldn't say what the punishment would be. but they claim her actions did not result in a delay in getting officers to the scene. >> i'm jeff cole from fox tv. >> alexander refused to answer our questions. we wanted to know more about why she struggled to handle the calls that morning. robbery. >> yes, i'm -- >> can you tell me what happened, michelle? >> call the police and get away from me. >> can you please answer that question what happened that day? >> call for the police. >> as for the clerk, he's back
10:50 pm
working overnight at the one stop keeping a sharp eye on the front door. >> they still stole more than just money that night film what else did they steal? >> my piece of mind. >> three teenagers were arrested last month and charged with the one stop deli robbery and two others. means while penns grove's mayor says under pressure from the state he expects to join the county 911 system this year. jeff cole, fox 29 news. >> bizarre morning for people at one hotel in atlanta. a woman called 911 saying a naked man was running around when officers arrived, sure enough a naked guy was running around the road in front of the hotel. officers say the man appeared upset and under the influence of drugs. when he started yelling that he had a bomb in his pants except that being naked and all he had no pants on. police called for an ambulance when that man started to bank his head on the ground. we got by what the individual's actions are in this
10:51 pm
case this individual was not attacking or trying to hurt the officers. he was trying to get away. >> medic took him to the hospital to be val weighed. police say he'll be charged for violating some city ordinances. >> okay. howard is here with what's coming up in sports. >> villanova has done something for the first time in school history. and cam newton show us his true colors yesterday? and the sixers did tonight what they do best. but they may have out done themselves. that will be coming up in sports.
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10:54 pm
the 76ers. eight wins this season we're going for theirs first two game winning streak of the season. that would be monumental. la clipper team that decided to not show up for three quarter tonight. the sixers became the sixers. sixers up by 19 in this game. under 20 seconds left. they're up by three. now the best three points here in the nba reddick. they leave him wide open. sixers have a chance to win it. seconds left okafor hits the backboard. he hits the back bore not the rim. tied at 88 going into overtime and the clippers with the first eight. 98-92. sixers lose it but they cover.
10:55 pm
don't have a babb team ranked number one by the associated press college basketball pro. the first time in school histo history. nova coming off a win against providence and now has a 20 20-three record. >> we know we got to keep ge getting better but changes how people approach us. how teamings come after us kind of like we got nothing to lose let's try to beat number one. let's play our best game. >> eagles have spent the beginning of this off season signing their own players to contract extensions. giving out a lot of money. today they released a veteran player to clear more salary cap. riley cooper released after six seasons here in philadelphia. cooper a fifth round draft pick back in 2010 out of florida. this best season was 2013. chip kelly's first year. when he caught 47 passes had eight touchdowns. it saved the eagles almost $3 million in cap space with free age see starting marc march 9th. the watch is for sam bradford.
10:56 pm
will the eagles or won't they sign the quarterback. >> now to the broncos. the other quarterback got crushed. cam newton showed his real colors not showing any leadership then at times i think he was showing up his own teammates after the game when things didn't go his way he was disgraceful and in my opinion very immature. >> you take that to heart? >> no. can you put a finger out why carolina couldn't make play glass got out played. >> question from reporter. >> nothing different. >> anything particularly memorable. >> nope. >> can you put into word the disappointment you feel right now. >> we lost. >> two minutes of cam newton and he's history. because he couldn't dab after the game. couldn't make all those extra
10:57 pm
endorsements or go to disneyworld. (laughter). >> well, he could come to philadelphia area and get some snow. >> he can. >> he could. here's update. i just looked at the computer models the last run of the night. two to 4-inches even in philadelphia with mixing going on by midday tomorrow. >> all right. thanks for watch having a good night.
10:58 pm
10:59 pm
11:00 pm
>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: von miller threw an epic party after the super bowl, featuring lil wayne and we got inside. ♪ >> he's rapping along too. i mean, it looks like the party to be at. >> i want to know, was peyton manning there? >> no. peyton manning was icing his whole body. [laughter] >> the weekend and bella hadid. they went to craig's in west hollywood. they walked in and they walked back out in five minutes because they didn't like the table they were offered. >> it was a taste of the best table at craig's. having to go back to the economy, it's like going to the premium/economy at an airport, and then you sit in


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