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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  February 9, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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we've got snow, rain and coastal flooding. in other word it is a snow day. hi everybody. >> we are going to go take a live look in delaware we have a reporter there to give us an update. >> they will get it before us. >> from delaware to down the shore, we have you covered, just in case anything happens, we're also checking highways here including i-95. it looks like around cottman. >> look at you on the money. >> i'm all over it, bob in case you ever quit. >> he might take your job, bob. >> filling my personal day request. >> good day everybody it is a snowy day to day. it is also fat tuesday. it is primary tuesday. the it is february the ninth, 2016. this isn't going to be a blizzard. i have a metaphor for what it will be. the it is a picture i took on
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the way in. it is not the gross -- >> what? >> i beg of you just put it up. >> do we have it. >> yes. >> gdp. >> that is "good day philadelphia". >> yes. >> right. >> okay, thanks. >> what were you trying to say, gross. >> gross national domestic product. >> gross domestic product. >> but i could not think of it. >> it is a smattering of snow overnight. >> i like that, smattering of snow. >> dust off the windshield. >> he may take your job too. >> that is okay. on a day lake today so tough to information cast. the challenges will be on and off throughout the entire day, and night. we have put a villanova v. >> they are making history today. >> they are number one, they are rank number one, so, you know, if you didn't go to that
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school and you think buddy is preferential, let him have his moment because it is pretty nice. wind chills in the 20's, snow and rain on the way if you are not getting it right the now. the here's what we have right now, we have rain, in delaware, in the southern part of the state but it has change over to snow and moving northward, so i think we will see snow in philadelphia, before the morning is through, and just like this morning, we will have a lull for a while, it will snow for a while, rain, may mix in depending on the temperature, and it will be that kind of day where it changes hour by hour. 32 degrees, it feels like 23. sunrise at 7:01. don't look for sunshine. temperatures in the 20's and 30's, right around that freezing point. we have cloud, and snow, at times, through lunchtime, through the rest of the day, on and off, we will give you accumulations, coming up in just a few minutes, bob kelly, right now mostly just wet, roadways. >> yes, you know it is one of those storms and kids want to wake up and look out the
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window and see some snow. the it is not happening this morning. the as we just saw from what sue showed us, it is inching up, coming our way, and the road conditions will change, and throughout the morning. make sure you have your fox 29 news app on your phones so you you can follow along once you head out the front door, heading to i-95. live look at cottman avenue roads are wet, they have put down the brine and salt. traffic light out here at eighth and race right here in downtown philadelphia. so police are on the scene there and for gang down in delaware we're probably going to see the snow hit first this is a live look just outside dover speed way, so road are still wet but salt crews have been out there they have reduced speed on the turnpike, salting the atlantic city expressway, speed reduced on the bennie and walt whitman coming into philadelphia expect weather delays heading to the airport this morning. mike and alex, back to you. >> why don't we look around and see is what going on in the delaware valley.
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6:03 on a tuesday. >> lets start with dave in wilmington. >> reporter: we are here at rodney square and we are getting the snow coming down. flakes getting bigger. you can see the philly news hats here. we will show you what is going on in the intersection here of market street. there is some salt that was dropped by some salt trucks and a bit of the glaze on the roadways, and some snow on some of the cars that had been park overnight because they did get a dusting that came down overnight as well. a dusting here in the actual rodney square, as we pan over here, on the grass, and they sometimes have demonstrations here but now it looks like the snow doing protesting, on the ground right there on the grass and you might than able to see it blowing through the camera, the snow kind of blowing from different angles there. i will tell what you public works officialness wilmington they took a lot have heat for,
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residents, said and it took a long time to dig out from that last storm. so public works officials here in wilmington, they are saying that they got out well a ahead of this storm coming into get some salt on the roads and to get some brine down as well and dell dot is taking it very seriously in new castle county. they were brining the roads waiting for weather conditions to change because it is mostly rain in southern sections of delaware but new castle county they got salt down and all authorities here pretty much are ready to go for this one to come through, guys. >> you got that right, as bob said a key to the storm like this is to get that brine down. pen to the crews tracking the storm moving into our area they say trucks are locked and loaded with salt and brine, and they are out there all night. >> workers began preparing for the storm yesterday, treating the roads with brine. 283 you mr.s will be out for this weather, we're expecting and more, will be added.
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penndot is hoping it can help keep the with snow removal efforts at this point. they are ready for a couple days worth of work. meanwhile city of philadelphia is canceling trash collection today and residents are asked to hold their trash until next week. >> hold their trash, lauren, hold tonight their arms. >> that stinks, right. >> we are waiting to hear whether charges will be filed stemming from a fightin side a philadelphia nightclub. that brawl is involving four people associated with the nfl and two off-duty police officers. authorities say mala erupted inside recess lounge in olde city early sunday. investigators have not released any names but they are trying to determine whether former eagles player lesean mccoy was involved. his team, the buffalo bills, released this statement on twitter we are aware of the reports recording lesean mccoy and in the process of gathering more information. did it trick attorney seth williams has the case and is expected to release his findings at some point today. delaware county district attorney's office is expected to hold a news conference this morning, about yesterday's deadly confrontation involving philadelphia police.
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one man is dead, another is in the hospital, after a family of the men say that they heard dozen of shots fire, over the phone. police say it all started when officers tried to stop an suv but the driver kept going. officers started to chase that suv which ended up crashing in chester. family members tell us that one of the men was on the phone with them when this all went down, and authorities have not yet said if all of the shots came from the police. that is a look at your top stories, mike and alex, back to you. from the shore to delaware and new in between, jen freddie's roving around trying to find the first flake. jen? well, she will be out there, in just a second. that was a tease i think. >> it was. >> but first steve keeley is live down the shore, which is possibly, lot of people are concerned about the the flooding. >> flooding yesterday that is for sure. >> there he is. >> alex, let's just dispel with the notion and fiction that mike jerrick doesn't know what he is doing. he is trying to systematically change this show.
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>> maybe. >> systematically. >> i am like beyonce i have all kind of different motives report rorrer you have my primary debate there, rubio robot. somebody is yelling in my ear what are you saying back there in the control room, go to break? all right go to break and we will see you afterwards. giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy...
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever.
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they have been working there. but a lot of focus down the shore because of the flooding they have been dealing with. >> we have had flooding yesterday, it the will happen again today. hi, steve. >> mike, because it ace above freezing here we have rain falling but just a light drizzle but we are three hearst before high tide on the back bays. you can sea water on the back bays, already encroaching in the shoulder here on west end avenue. and notorious road that floods. we will spin around 180-degree and show you back bay. you can sea water coming at you. that is where streetlights are is the black horse pike, route 40, always shut down. greg will walk toward me and show me barricade they had up from yesterday. police decided to leave them here today because they know they will need them. they expect black horse and white horse pike to shut down during the high tides on the rush hour and back bay always hit an hour, hour and a half, after the official high tide
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time 7:42. do you see red light there west end avenue likely to be a deadened at black horse pike, by and towards end of the show final her for sure. >> that is for sure. >> this comes up we will see that better. 6:12. >> primary day in new hampshire. voters in the state of cast their ballots, of course. >> and nine people cast their vote just at 12:01 this morning. we have results in. but bob, as they say on cnn, it is just too early to call it. >> too early to call for a snow day because i know kids are probably not excited looking out window this morning. no snow yet but it is on the way as we head for a ride heading down into wilmington. let get down to philly international, if you are getting ready to travel out of town we will check with the tote board. sue has the forecast, all that when we come right back.
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we are keeping an eye own radar all morning. is there a variety of precipitation in and near, our viewing area we have updated snowfall totals coming up, in just a few minutes. here is new hampshire. >> yes. >> not snowing yet. >> not snowing yet. >> but it will later tonight. >> i see. >> because why is she mentioning new hampshire.
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primary day in new hampshire, granite state. some voters in that state of cast their ballots. it is a fun tradition, dixville notch is one of three community in the state, they are allowed to hold midnight votes and they all came out all nine of them in di xville notch. john kasich is winning there with three votes, donald trump had two votes. on the democratic side, vermont senator bernie sanders swept all four votes. hillary clinton didn't get any. it the is four to nothing so far. and they will get today and into tonight, there is a cliche, lot of eyes will be on new hampshire in the first in the nation primary. it is a tradition that dates back a hundred year in dixville knocks, is that where you are, doug, i doubt it. hi there, doug. >> reporter: i'm not sure if you can get a live shot out of dixville notch. it is pretty remote.
6:17 am
we are in manchester. it will be a busy day all over the state. those polls opened very early this morning but it will go all the way to seven to 8:00 o'clock depending on the precinct and we will start to get results n but a lot is riding on this interesting you noted that bernie sanders got a shut out there in dixville notch, sorry, it is kind of cold here. he is certainly favorite to win, statewide, the question is how strong a showing will hillary clinton have even if she comes in second. the as always, the first votes were cast just after midnight in tiny dixville notch where anticipation was high even if the steaks were low. just nine votes. g.o.p. winner by one, john kasich, but all four democrats went for bernie sanders. take from that in what you may in a state where so many voters are leaving their options opened. >> rubio or trump. we are still undecided. >> it is just now that we are starting to look at the candidates.
6:18 am
>> phone calls, five or six every night, i feel sorry for my post men because he is getting all of the mailers too. >> reporter: men what is especially the last minute there are a ton of undecided voters here. according to the monmouth university poll only 60 percent of likely democrat he can voters in new hampshire are, decided. only committed to a candidate. the it drops to 50 percent for republicans. the steaks could not be higher for 29 front runners, bernie sanders can't win here it is not sure where he can win. if donald trump doesn't deliver after being heavily favored he is in trouble. >> there is question of the mechanics of the turnout game on election day. truth is motivation is always the best thing that gets people in their cars, on a snowstorm like we will have and gets them to the polling spots. >> reporter: beyond motivation truth is some of the people showing up at these final events are undecided and we mean undecided. >> it is still a big toss up for me right now.
6:19 am
it could go to hillary clinton, it could go bernie, it could rubio, it could go kasich, it could go bush. >> reporter: welshing we will see how this all plays out in the the course of the day. there will be some attrition after these results come in. some republicans that no doubt decide to drop out. there was a report yesterday, mike from political that hillary clinton's campaign will go through a big staff shake up. they are denying that. they are brace forgo a loss here in new hampshire. >> last guy you interviewed, he might say doug luzader has a possibility he is all over the map that guy. >> reporter: you talk bun decided if you don't know what party you support, that is undecided. >> in new hampshire you can vote as a democrat and vote republican, and independents can vote for anybody. >> reporter: it is pretty wide open. so anything can happen. these things, it all depend on turnout. they are expecting a massive turnout, something north of 60 e
6:20 am
historic. >> and they can handle the snow up there, for sure they will get some snow up there. latest poll out there said trump still way ahead but rubio has vaulted in to second place with ted cruz third. doug, we will see you later in the 7:00 o'clock hour. best way to watch all this is to wait until it is all done and tune into the 10:00 o'clock news, or you can check all day long at fox >> could there been soon be another big political name thrown in the race for the white house. former new york city mayor michael bloomberg is exploring a run for president in the middle of the unpredictable election season. he said he was looking at all of the options. new york times reported last month that his team was investigating the possibility of running as an inn. if he choose toes run bloomberg would have to put his name on ballots beginning in march. sue? >> yeah, we are keeping a clothes eye on radar because if there is one thing about this storm that we can say
6:21 am
that will be consistent, it is change. the it will be changing all day long, and you can see now there is snow spread nothing to new castle county, dave kinchen should be seeing that snow soon and eventually moving northward it will hit delaware county and philadelphia for light accumulations but further south you go you will see some rain. pockets of heavy rain around georgetown delaware, here along the jersey shore we are seeing light snow flakes falling as far north as atlantic city and gallon waste township. gala way township. the as we look at future cast, it is on, off, rain mixed in with snow, it is on, it is off, it looks like it will be on throughout the evening rush, throughout the night and into the early hours of tomorrow, and before we are finally pushing this thing out of here maybe seven or 8:00 o'clock this is morning on wednesday but it is long in duration but just not a lot of snow depending where you are. this one little will pocket here, three to 6 inches, possible but two to 4 inches is the average we are calling
6:22 am
for just about every where else. at times we will see, above freezing which is 36 degrees, tomorrow, snow in the morning, clouds the rest of the day, 37 g weather headlines, cold, cold, cold, all the way through valentines day and even into president day, possibility main of some snow on presidents day itself but you may wake up in the morning on sunday, bob kelly, if you venture outside to 15 below zero on sunday. >> let me get my valentines flannel pajamas out. good morning. 6:22. pyramid club lighting it up in downtown philadelphia all of the road are wet the but with the temperatures hovering right around 32, what you don't see is what will get you in the most trouble, some on and off ramps where temperatures are hovering around that freezing mark, if they have not been treated there is potential for slippery spots. i-95 backing down from cottman down through girard avenue. the as sue mentioned this will
6:23 am
change. road conditions will change as we move through the morning as we fly south on i-95, past wilmington. nothing yet, we will check in on the campus of the university of delaware, u dell hope the kids did their homework last night the because classes will be out there. big question is what will happen later on today? i know my kids will go home from school. will we get that even if call at noon time or 1:00 o'clock? drop them off at mike's house on the way home. eastbound on the schuylkill in, problems yet, south on i-95 just under 20 minutes to make the trip, mike and alex back over to you. quick look at radar. if you can the not be near a tv throughout the day you no he what to do get that weather app. >> that is right our fox 29 weather app, down load it from the google or apple store. >> it has radar on it. >> lottery numbers.
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good morning i'm howard eskin. sixthers with eight wins this season going with their first two game winning streak of the season. they had an l.a. clip are team that decided not to show up for three-quarters last night and then sixers became sixers. the lets get to the wells fargo center. they are up by three, best three-point shooter in the nba, jj reddick and they leave him wide open. so they go in overtime, sixers failed to win in regulation.
6:27 am
deandre jordan with the jam. clippers beat sixers 98-92. villanova is rank number one for first time in school history, by the associated press pole. nova is now 20-three on the season. eagles made another ross for move yesterday not a surprise that the eagles released wide receiver riley cooper after six years with the team. riley cooper's best year was 2013 when he had 47 receptions. the eagles, by the way, pick up three million-dollar in cap space. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin.
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all eyes are on the radar because we are seeing an interesting mix of ice, flooding and possibly some snow. >> we saw it spit nothing wilmington delaware about 20 minutes ago. the lets see fit is still happening. hard to see on that shot. dave kinchen says yes, it is sleeting at least. so from delaware, down the shore we are all over the place. we're also in an intersection. exactly 6:30. good day, it is snowy, it is tuesday, it is fat tuesday, primary tuesday, february 9th, 2016 a lot going on, on this tuesday. >> are you giving up something for lent. >> today is your last chance. >> i have until midnight. >> you wore purple. it is fat tuesday. the she's kind of purplish. >> yes, lauren is wearing purple.
6:31 am
>> lauren has purple on. >> doug luzader had purple on. >> howard eskin had purple on. >> purple, green, yellow. >> fat tuesday. >> you know why, we put a little v on bus stop buddy's hat the because someone else is number one. >> that is history making. >> it is, indeed, that is why buddy is happy to commemorate it. wind chills in the the 20's. if you are not getting it yet, snow and rain is on the way. be prepared with waterproof gear like bus stop buddy. it is a four out of ten in your ever changing weather by the numbers, all day, all night long. you can see the snow starting to get heavier in new castle county delaware on its way to delaware county, pa, eventually philadelphia, chester county, so we may get more light accumulations in addition to what happened overnight the because we did have some snow move through overnight. you'll see it on the ground perhaps when you go outside this morning. 32 degrees. we're right at freezing in philadelphia but feels like 23, thanks to the 12 miles an hour wind and temperatures
6:32 am
every where are either below or at or just above freezing, but reason we are seeing rain in south of dover, a and south and southern new jersey in some places because 37, 36 degrees, and we may get there ourselves before the day is through. on and off snow, some rain, milk in, all day long. all night long. light accumulations, we will have the map for you to tell you how much we will get coming up in just a few minutes but it is a day of challengees. best advice toys a allow yourself extra time. >> we will go with the purple, i went with the salmon in honor of lent. you cannot eat meat on friday. we will have fish and salmon. >> it is a stretch, but that is how we got it. >> schuylkill expressway right here near conshohocken curve. roads are wet. this all depend where you you will begin your trip and where you will end your trip. the road conditions will change throughout the entire morning. jammo coming into downtown,
6:33 am
little bit of everything, folks coming off ben franklin and off of i-95 coming in from downtown philadelphia if it looks wet with temperatures right around 32. they have put the salt and brine on the majors but those untreated road surfaces could be slippery this morning. good morning to the gang down there at dover air force base, down in delaware, where it is just wet, right now, but we're starting to see that change over, slowly work its way up, from the south, new jersey turnpike, and clocking you in at 50 miles an hour here up and down the. they have speed restrictions of the 35 and 45 miles an hour on the bennie and whitman. >> if you look at it closely. >> yes. >> a salmon tie looks like a fish. >> here's the tail. >> yes. >> eye balls would be right there. >> do you see that. >> yes. >> no meat on friday. >> a guy is wearing a fish. >> he is. >> yesterday he was wearing broncos colors. >> he is the man. >> he knows how to get it
6:34 am
covered. >> it is raining down the shore. >> 6:34. we have steve keeley live, with flooding concerns there but we will start with dave kinchen live in wilmington where he is seeing some snow, there, dave. >> we have flakes. >> reporter: we have got flakes. it is official, the the snow really flakes coming down right now at a pretty good clip here, biggest clip we have seen since this morning. we will show you roadway market street in downtown wilmington, just off of rodney square. it the has already been salt on the ground there and now the snow is coming in and starting to stick. we want to show you big chess pieces. that is coating from last night. it looks like there might be a salt truck coming through here. we're checking to see fit is some kind of a utility truck. the folks who run the public works department in wilmington, they have been taking a lot of heat since the last storm. the residents didn't really get on the roads, get salt and brine down quickly enough but
6:35 am
city officials say they were going to get out well ahead of this, i don't want to call it a storm but this winter event coming in today and so that is a good thing too. you see windshield right there, fox 29 official windshield for truck is 11 and it is more like water right now but that snow is starting to stick on there. just in the last 20 minutes i would say. dell dot is busy, brining the road getting everything prepared. the roads are largely wet this morning but right now brine is down and salties coming down as well. we are seeing it here, most significantly since the morning began, guys, back to you. >> biggest concern, of course, down the shore because of the flooding. >> that is where steve keeley is, live in atlantic city, hi there, steve. >> reporter: we have mother nature putting down the brine here on the sea wall. we are right off of new hampshire avenue in honor of the new hampshire primary a block back. this is the main avenue
6:36 am
memorial where the old boardwalk got blown away in sandy, and you can see this sea wall pretty sturdy today, high tides still a couple hours away here. we have calm in the back bay and inlet section. you can see that old brick house that get beat up and we are seeing crane now. we are seeing the sunrise. watch this sea wall here. i tell greg to be patient to hang onto the sea wall. wait for it and see big wave comes. here's another big one coming. it is crashing off the sea wall. watch this. that gives you a sense of how tide rolling in and worst of it is at 9:00 o'clock. you can see what it is like already a couple of hours ahead of time and likely where we are standing will be under water. somehow this sea wall withstands that pounding and punishment, day after day. this road main avenue flooded out yesterday. a lot of the roads throughout here yesterday flooded yesterday and boy that is
6:37 am
the big concern down here. just a little mid in the air from the sky and ocean but kind of salt water combination that dave kinchen is talking about delaware, and brian, mother nature lays down the road here and it is not too kind to cars, that get caught in it. one thing to get flooded with fresh water, and rainwater, but salt water really does damage when it gets in your car system. alex and mike, we will be here, sunnies up and the worst will be toward the end of the show and we will give you a look around atlantic city and how people are coping but expect major highways in and out of town to be shut down again today. >> i would not be surprised, at all, okay, the sea was angry, my friend. 6:37. it is a horrible situation in southern germany. at least eight people have died and over a 150 are on seriously injured. that is a live look in germany right now. the this is a train crash. police say two regional trains, alex, they crashed head on. >> and all of the injured
6:38 am
passengers have been rescued from the wreckage reportedly taken to the hospital for helicopter. but this crash is, superintendently in investigation. we see officials on the scene. >> it looked like it happened by a river too. it is primary day. first one in the country this year, in new hampshire and some voters, have already cast their ballot because just after midnight, you can vote in a little town. >> yeah, when we say some voters you mean nine. >> dixville knocks is one of the three communities in the state allowed to hold midnight vote under new hampshire vote. dixville has nine voters. on the g.o.p. side john kasich won three votes, donald trump has two votes. >> it was close. >> on the democratic side it was not close, vermont senator bernie sanders one were four votes, hillary clinton had zero. >> it is early, lauren, it is early. >> we will see what happens there. happening today the former university of pennsylvania professor, who pleaded guilty in 2007 to killing his wife, a
6:39 am
year before, has a parole hearing in montgomery county, attorneys want to make sure that rafael robb stays in prison. the prosecutors urging the parole board to end rob b bid for early release. they want robb to serve out his entire ten year sentence for pleading guilty to voluntary manslaughter and beating death of his wife ellen inside their upper merion home in 2006. robb is entering the last year of that maximum ten year sentence. new castle county delaware police are investigating after a man was found dead on it side a tgi friday's lays night. police say the victim was shot to death at 7:20. it was outside the restaurant on north du pont highway. police are working to interview any potential witnesses. no no arrests have been made at this time. would the man quick of assaulting a gay couple in center city back in 2014, spent her first of many nights behind bars. the yesterday a judge sentenced 25 year-old catherine knott to five to ten months in jail and two years probation. jury quick knott late last
6:40 am
year of simple assault and two other offenses. victim say knott was part of the larger group that use gay slurs while they assaulted the couple. two other men got probation after pleading guilty last year. man accused of dragging a police officer with his carries facing numerous charges including aggravated assault. police say they pulled kevin cook over for driving without his headlights on, and that is when they say he tried to drive away and knock over an officer who dragged down lancaster avenue, when police spotted cook's car a second time, they say, that he tried to run over again. but they caught up with him, mike and alex. we will take another look at ultimate doppler. if you can't be near a tv, and see the forecast because we are expecting more weather, just down load the fox 29 weather app.
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6:42 am
6:43 am
it is 6:43. do you want to see what the streets of philadelphia looks like. >> it does seem fine. >> we have jen fred outside. >> how sit looking out there, probably pretty good.
6:44 am
>> it looks pretty good so far. we are in coatsville. we have been through west chester. we've really been all through delaware and chester counties. we have to see the roads. ladies and gentlemen, those are the road. so again this is like downtown coatsville. i can tell you right new we have a temperature of 31 degrees. there is a i slight mist that is happening, and jared and i as we past coatsville towers we are trying to figure out if it is warm snow or cold rain. because we are right in that mix right now. sue and bob have talk about that. i can tell you this, guys, the road is a peer to be wet but as far as we can tell they are not icy. the that is because the road crews and i think we are seeing some right ahead of us are have been treating the roads really well this morning on the schuylkill, on the side road, we have seen lots of plows and different types of city and state trucks, really getting out there and brining the roads and that is what makes a difference in one of these storms.
6:45 am
now jared the and i talk about it like this guys, when you are in the dine are and you have a half cup of coffee, it is getting kind of stale, and waitress comes and she wants to warm it up. that is what hat happened overnight. we had grayish brown snow on the sides of the road and then a dash of snow that came on made it all pretty, again, on the sidewalks, in the grass, but on the road itself, it is just really not sticking so far. obviously we have about this hours to go in this storm but sue, that is what it is like and i have to tell you, the kid waking up, man, are they going to be disappointed but this is the not the end of the story, right. >> not at all. we have snow showing up on radar and conditions that are worse in other places. we are going to start off with a look at a picture that we got from twitter, and of the -- you cannot see much.
6:46 am
that is the point. the there is poor visibility in glass co, delaware where they have had, some snow mixed with rain for the past couple of hours, or so. so once you get it, you will get that poor visibility. you might get light accumulation, pretty quickly and we're seeing everything edge northward from central delaware down, up, i should say in new castle county now you starting to sneak into delco in, to cumberland county in, to salem county, new jersey and as well as, gloucester and camden county. you will see it coming our way is what we're saying. the there is a chance for light accumulations, possible slippery conditions, poor visibility in bethenny beach, it is just rain but it is probably snow from cape may to atlantic city and further northward at the new jersey shore. so how much? we're thinking when all is said and done even though it is an all day event, on and off, on and off, maybe two to 4 inches for a lot of us but in this one area under the winter storm warning you could get three to six.
6:47 am
it depend where those band set up. pinkies winter storm warning. the rest of us under a winter wet are advisory for the rest of the day. the coastal flood advisory for the delaware river for the jersey shore, high tide is any where between 7:30 and 9:30. who have he have this long span because 9:30 is for back bay flooding which comes an hour after the ocean high tide. along the delaware river between noon and three we will start to get minor tidal flooding. temperatures in the 30's today. wet sticky snow, slushy road when you are getting snow. then you get a break. then you'll get more. as jen mentioned accumulation is just on the grass and on the sides of the road, because of the road have been treated but you have to be careful and allow yourself a lot of time all day long, all night long, into tomorrow morning when this finally ends and then this is when we get cold air blasting in on thursday, staying with us all the way through the weekend and even through the presidents's day holiday for kids. if we get snow on presidents
6:48 am
day that is good for folks who like to go skiing over weekend. >> i thought you were going to break out in lionel richie. it has been a rough morning so far but don't get that false sense of security. as jen was mentioning, it is a change over. this is one of the situations where as the day moves on the road conditions will change. here's an accident, at 309, south, right here near welsh road and we're peeking kind of through the sign for the movie theater there. that image isn't available. we will go to this one north on the freeway, coming in toward philadelphia, starting to see the beginning of the morning rush hour, everybody put down the brine, all the of the states put down the salt. that is keeping the road wet and preventing them from freezing. secondary road, side streets, kid are standing outside on the street corner wait if you go that are school bus, odds are those roadways are not been treated so we could have slippery spots there weather delays expected at philly international this morning, and bennie and whitman have
6:49 am
knocked the speeds down to 35 to 45, just as a caution and then 50 miles an hour on the new jersey turnpike, from exit six all the way through the george washington bridge. >> it looks like watching the radar, and cameras, and it is starting to inch its way from the the south into wilmington. we are seeing flakes pop up down toward dover air force base. as you you know temple football on the rises specially after last year. matt ruhle doing a great job this morning a football stadium on their campus on north broad street the may be closer to a reality. >> opponents though they protested on campus yesterday, and, throughout the university board discussed these meet that is they were having. they approved funding for some studies of an on campus stadium, but they say it will hurt the surrounding community because of the noise, parking, lights. university officials say they prom toys collaborate with
6:50 am
neighbors as they move forward. >> well... the debate rages on i guess. they would even play on saturday's right. >> but we have events during the week as well. >> i guess concert and things like that. >> there are some things you can have. >> it will be located with close to the the liacouras sent there are on broad street. the sixers will be selling tickets exclusively through stub hub, starting, well next season. >> tickets will be sold on through a stub hub platform. fans will be able to buy all their tickets in one place and just look at one seating chart. you can buy multiple sellers a at one time. selling on stub hub will allow the franchise to achieve sales date a because they base it on their past purchases. >> i'm still optimistic over
6:51 am
the next two years. 6:50. beyonce is still at center of super bowl controversy. former new york mayor rudy guiliani says america deserves decent, whole some entertainment instead of what she had to offer sunday night at the super bowl. >> beyonce performed on the levi stadium grounds there at the middle of the field, in a blackout fit in, question bit, surrounded by dancers sporting afros and black braids. many believe it was in reference to the black panter movement and the black lives matter movement. rudy guiliani ripped apart this whole show calling it an outrageous, attack on police officers. beyonce spoke and said she anticipated this. she knew backlash was coming with the release of her new sipping will, new cd, her new song called form nation. boy a lot of people around america are talking about
6:52 am
that, she created quite a stir. >> big conversation this morning. here's a big conversation in the city of philadelphia, shady with a late hid as one paper says, in the next hour, shady mccoy could be facing charges later today for his potential involvement in a fight that sent two off-duty police officers to the hospital, are arrestness this case imminent? many are saying yes.
6:53 am
6:54 am
hey, time for the black history month spotlight.
6:55 am
this morning. >> welshing we will begin with one of the greates movies, the color purple, by alice walker. >> all my life i had to fight. i had to fight my daddy. i had to fight my uncles. >> yes, today in black history author alice walker was born in 1944. walker won 1938 pulitzer prize for fiction for her 982 novel the color purple. remember that was oprah's first movie role. she knock it out of the park. whoopi goldberg was also in that movie, do you remember danny glover was in it. it was direct by steven speilberg. and when it comes to alice walker she was youngest daughter of share croppers and grew up poor. her mother work as a maid to support the family's eight children. she it was born in georgia. she began as a social worker, and took part in the 1960's civil rights movement in mississippi before writing the color purple. >> very nice.
6:56 am
>> 6:55. and an this date in 1995, bernard harris junior became the first african-american astronaut to walk in space. i remember this. this was done during the second of his two space walks. >> satchel page got to see him play. satchel page was induct in the baseball half of fame. denied entry in the major leagues. he began his career in the negro leagues back in 1926. that is not when i saw him, alex. don't even go there. >> he became famous, and he finally broke through the majors, as a 42 year-old rookie and was induct in the the baseball hall of fame in 1971. he died in june of 1982. >> i believed i saw him play for kansas city monarchs and he was barn storming around america. i remember as a little boy, my parents took me to see him. 6:56. you know later this morning
6:57 am
hollywood star is coming to our studio. >> it will get fox i up in here. >> fox i brown. >> look at him. >> that foxy brown. >> she will be here in the studio for us a friend of mine saw her and said she looks good
6:58 am
6:59 am
watching and waiting we're tracking another snowstorm, who will get hit the hardest
7:00 am
and the concern for the flooding, along the shore. former eagle lesean mccoy, under investigation for a fight at philly club that sent two off-duty cops to the hospital. why charges haven't been filed. early votes are in for nation's first primary, we have the lead this morning as a presidential race, heat up, in new hampshire. welcome everybody, it is straight up, 7:00 o'clock, boom. congratulations, wildcats. >> yes. >> we will tell you why villanova, is making history, this morning. it is never happened before. they have a game tonight in chicago. will they make it out? they are probably already there. probably. >> jay wright is a good dresser. >> he remind me of you. >> you could be brothers, don't you think.


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