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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  February 14, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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>> happening right now, the winds are finally dying down, as we take a look live into trenton this evening. but that arctic air is still hanging around. >> and live look at ultimate doppler radar shows it drying out right now. it will not stay that way for long. good evening, happy valentine's day. i'm iain page. >> i'm joyce evans in for lucy tonight at 6:00. if you are planning to do some traveling on the president's day holiday, it could get a little tricky out there. >> meteorologist, kathy orr, keeping an eye on the storm, and maybe, maybe, a eventual warm up. catty? >> definitely, that is in the cards for the seven day. but for now, we are talking about clouds rolling in, temperatures still in the teens, then snow moving in during the morning hours of monday. yes, happy president's day. we're looking at winter weather advisory in effect from philadelphia to the north and west for one to 3 inches
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of snow, so light accumulation of snow, but then it changes over to heavy rain. we're watching area of low pressure, bring the snow into the philadelphia area, monday morning, getting heavy in the afternoon, and then the warm air surges to the north. so by dinnertime, around 6:00 p.m., we see rain to the south, and some snow to the north. on the i95 corridor, little mix, then the warm air takes over and we see very heavy rain monday night, and even during the day on tuesday. so here's look at what to expect. a messy evening drive for monday, more snow, and little bit of ice to the north and west, heavy rain, tuesday, and heavy rain and potential flooding during the afternoon and evening on tuesday. we'll break down the snow accumulations, and show you what to expect where you live, before the rain moves in on monday. for now, we'll send it back to the news desk. >> kathy, thanks t has been one of the coldest valentine's day on record, causing a lot of people to slightly alter their plans. >> today people are saying
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enough is enough. they are headed outdoors. fox 29's joanne pill edgey live at penn's landing where sweethearts are taking to the ice, now, that's brave, joanne. >> reporter: absolutely brave, joyce. i have the warm jacket, check. i have mittens, check. a hat that may not match my jacket, check. but all necessary gear when you're out here braving this latest cold snap. well, we found people out today. they were tired of staying indoors. and many of them tell me they needed a change of scenery. well, yes, it is cold. yes, it is winter, freezing cold, with biting winds, but two days of this and many are getting a little stir crazy. so, a perfect activity. the blue cross river rink, at penn's landing, where you can be outside, be active and enjoy valentine's day with tore without a date. >> a lot of fresh air, sunshine, and just lot of love. >> that's really nice. >> ya. >> i mean, we weren't so
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certain that there would be all of these people here today but? >> well, me too. i was thinking that the cold weather was going to keep people at home. but i was wrong. just the diehard skaters are here. >> so you said i've got to get out of the house, is that what you said? >> we were laying around, watching cop shows, and we said we would rather be on the ice today. so we came out here, never missed an season, and we got our ice on. >> of course, toasty fire pit or two, when you come off the ice, and find the need to warm up. welshing we thought that you may have a little more ice to yourself this evening because the temperatures dropping, the sun went down, but check out the river rink right now. it is packed with people on valentine's day, lots of people holding hands out there. word of caution of course if you are headed out, layer up, don't stay out too long. happy valentine's day, everyone, from the colds snap here at the river rink. back to you, joyce. >> happy valentine's day,
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joanne, stay warm out there. and you can stay ahead of any winter weather by download g the "fox 29 news" app. it is like having your own meteorologist right there available at the touch after button. just search for it in the apple and google play stores. >> we've got some breaking news we're following out of north philadelphia. a 46 year old man is in critical condition after being shot in the head. police called out for shots fired just before 4:00 on the 3100 block of north 15th street. police took the victim to temple hospital, right now, they still have no weapon or suspects. >> men impersonating utility workers bus into home in philadelphia's point breeze section, on the guns, they attacked two women inside. >> and those men are still on the loose tonight. brad satin live tonight at the 17th district of philadelphia mid, brad you spoke with one of the victims? >> scary moment for sure, all taking place around 8:30 this morning, 1100 block of mole street. the victim and her mother, who is dealing with pan pancreatic
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cancer, they actually fought back against these two men with guns, maybe she even admits not the smartest thing to do. but she did. they say they do not know who the gunmen were, or why they were the targets. >> it was just before 8:30 this morning, when susan got a knock on the door. two men claiming to be with a unknown water company saying they wanted to check her pipes for any leaks. >> i was talking to them like through the cracks and he pushed himself in and then my -- it hit the door hit me, my nose was bleeding. >> with the blood still on her jacket, she tells us the men, both with guns, burst in on her and her ill mother. >> another guy came inside the house and said where is the money? and i said: what money what are you talking about? and my mom has pan kree aid i can cancer, so she is all bald. then i said look, do you think we have money look, my mom is sick, you know, we're going through chemo. i don't understand why you are doing this and the guy pushed
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my mom down, went upstairs, started ransacking it. >> the second man went up into her bedroom that her mother has since cleaned up. downstairs the first man still with the two women. >> me and even my mom were struggling with this guy. i'm like fighting them get his gun away from him. >> the ordeal last bad 15 minutes, luckily, she says, the guns never went off. the man upstairs came down, and they both left. she believes without taking anything. but she was left to get three stitches in her head and asking herself: why her? >> maybe they've been watching me going to work, or what? i mean, i don't understand -- i don't know. >> reporter: police obviously investigating, they don't have a lot to go on as far as a description, simply identified as two black men in their 20's or early 30's, one appears to have had a short beard, again, the big question: why were these women targets? they say they're just not sure, iaian. >> brad, thank you. northeast detectives are investigating after a bar
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fight leaves a woman in critical condition. it happened in the holmesburg neighborhood, just before 2:00 this morning. police say the victim was dancing at a bar off the 7300 block of frankford avenue when a woman hit her with a beer bottle and then swung that broken bottle cutting her face and neck. the suspect has not yet been arrested. >> ursinus column sink resuming classes tomorrow, despite the number of six students continuing to climb. the college says that number has now reached more than 200 students who are sick, but the frequency of the students showing symptoms has decreased. ursinuses continuing to work with montgomery county health officials, to try to figure out where the illness came from in the first place. in most cases, those who got sick say they were feeling better within 24 hours. flags around the country are flying at half staff, as the nation mourns the death of supreme court justice, antonin scalia. died sunday while on hunting trip in west texas. chief legal correspondent
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shannon beam says takes a look at the judicial legacy justice scalia leaves behind. >> he's been described as larger than life, and that was true of justice antonin scalia both on and off the court. a spirited jurist, often the most aggressive questioner from the bench, and one of the most likely to provoke laughter, even during the most serious cases. >> also an original is, believing looking at the words and what they meant when they were written. >> i looked to the words of the constitution but i is a what did the words mean to the society that adopted them. that's the same things dow with legislation. what do those words mean? what's the fair understanding of them? >> scalia known for being rather immoveable. once he reached a decision, and often tense fiery defense when on the losing end of an opinion, descends from the court's decision to legalize gay marriage last year, scalia felt the majority had ignored the will of millions of americans who had voted at the
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state level to preserve the traditional word of marriage. wrote, quote, a system of government that makes the people subordinant of nine does not deserve to be called a determine okay as rasi. went ton add quote the opinion is couched in a style that is as pretense us as its content is ego tis particular. following scalia's sudden death the court is left to wrestle decision this is term, on affirmative action, abortion, the president's use of executive power and the hhs contraceptive mandate, all without the voice that would have undoubtedly been the most spirited in the mix. in washington, shannon beam, fox news. today pennsylvania governor tom wolf warded -- ordered all flags to be flown at half staff until scalia's funeral. >> check out north bonn sal, the fire happened around 8:00 or just after 8:00 a.m. crews had it all under control in about 30 minutes, no report
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of any injuries, or what may have started it. >> and, this is what it looks like today, in philadelphia's frankford neighborhood, after a massive fire tore through six buildings. more than 100 firefighters battled the blaze and frigid temperatures for hours to get it under control. investigators say the fire started in an auto body shop, winds of nearly 30 miles per hour quickly fanned those flames. took about five hours to contain it, still, crews spent the night putting out hot spots. >> tonight police are looking for a final suspect wanted in connection to a series of armed robberies in atlantic city. police want to find dunn, police say dunn and two previously cam toured men, robbed three convenience stores last month and earlier this month. dunn is facing various robbery and weapons charges. in newark, delaware, this man is accused of brutally abusing his estranged girlfriends. police say wayne carter junior held the woman in a home for several hours, and repeatedly
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assaulted her, they say carter also stabbed her in the arm. the victim was able to call police, once carter eventually left. she was treated at the hospital and is expected to be okay. carter was later arrested at his home in wilmington. a pennsylvania highway is back open tonight, after a massive pile up yesterday left three people dead. state police re-opening i78 in lebanon county around 7:00 this morning. more than 40 people were taken to the hospital after the crash involving at least 50 vehicles. police say that a passing snow squawl created white-out conditions around 9:45 saturday morning and that played a role in the crash. sports illustrated releasing the covers for their annual swimsuit edition, and there is something different this year. so different that it had us all gathered around the computer and news room. what grabbed the attention after lot of the women. >> and it is national donor day across the country. finds out how special group of
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recipients are thriving after getting a second chance to live. and what would valentine's day be without flowers, astonishing amount of money is spent on them this month. but where do they all come from? and how do they get here? howard has the answer. >> basketball teams played in what turned into a tougher game than it should have been. and one of the area's own talked about playing final nba all-star game. that's coming up in sports.
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>> georgia community coming together. attempt to go serve a warrant outside of atlanta thursday, when he was shot and killed. >> now the community remembering the office here spent 17 years as a firefighter in south jersey. for all of the good he did. fox's porche bruner has the story. >> still a police officer at heart, he didn't take much credence in the fact that he had a white shirt, that he had a title. >> i would say that him being a police officer was just him being himself, wanting to, you know, do things in the community to make a difference. >> reporter: all friends and family every major greg barney have left our memory, assistant city manager that the and jane mingo, say he was committed to always encouraging and protecting other. >> i have never seen major barney disrespect anyone regardless of what they're charged with. he treated everyone with
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respect. >> river dale municipal court judge ronald freeman remembers barney from his time as a courtroom bail i have. he tells fox5 the veteran officer took every opportunity to save a life. >> woe explain to them why what they did was wrong, and why they shouldn't do it again, and they just had a lot of respect for him. >> reporter: that's why his death is particularly hard breaking. the gbi says 24 year old jaron ross fired his weapon at barney when clayton county police assisted by barney showed up to his home on a narcotics search warrant. says ross fired and fled as barney chased him. police don't believe barney new ross who had been in jail before forbath are you and robbery in could be county. the community now left with images of the crime scene, and the pain of losing a man they say lived to help others. >> it has been devastating for not only the people that worked with him, but the citizens in this community.
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>> major greg barney spent 25 years as a member of the river dale police force. >> thousands of emails released offer shocking insight into the decisions that were made leading up to the flint water crisis, shows several government agencies discussing lead and legionnaire's issues long before the problem was known publicly. one e-mail from april 2014, a week before the city switched its water supply to the flint river. the water quality supervisor there in the city of flint warning that the plant was not ready for that switch. he said if water was distributed from this plant it, would be against his direction. he asked for more time to train staff, but he did not get it. >> cruise ship anthem of the seas is back on the water after being cleared by the coast guard. just days after the ship was battered in rough waters on the atlantic, passengers once again boarded the royal caribbean ship hoping for a smoother ride. fortunately, no one was
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seriously hurt during the ordeal last week. the ten month old ship had to have some repairs to the propulsion system before it could set sale. pope francis is keeping busy on the second full day of his five day visit to mexico holding a mass in the notoriously city, just outside of mexico city, hundreds of thousands of people gathered listen to the holy father, yesterday, the pope called on the government to do more could come back mexico's struck struggles, epidemic claimed more than 100,000 lives in just one decade. mexico is the second most popular catholic country after brazil. it is national donor day, recipient across the country are pausing to remember the person or people who made their second chance at life positive possible. in philadelphia today, fox 29's jennifer joyce caught up with a group of people who aren't just living, they're thriving. >> she's breaking records on a national stage and competing all around the world.
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>> live it. love it. then give it. >> meet a retired dhs social worker from the nicetown section of the city and top ranking athlete in dough nightlife us and world transplant games. >> 5us states, four words. >> achievements dennis never could have imagined ten years ago. >> that was real. i mean, not be able to breathe, not be able to walk and breathe, it was just crazy. >> janice diagnosissed when heart failure at the age of 49. one year later, she underwent a heart transplant. a set-back that inspired dennis to live life to the fullest. >> i decided i was not going to sit on the side lines and being that -- be that spectator. >> this heart was going to get a beat down. >> it is national donor day. >> i have a liver, pancreas in my intestines -- >> four organs from one donor, seven years later amoia howard is going strong. gift of life and the franklin institute are teaming up to share these stories and
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encourage people to donate. >> people are dying every single day waiting for valuable organs. you have the chance to make such an impact. you can be a hero. you can save a life. i really hope you will consider it. >> recipient says organ donor saved her life. she was diagnosed with heart failure in college. she was a premed student, now she's a doctor, running 10k's, and eager to give back. >> i work now as a pediatrician. i have the chance to touch lives of patients and families. >> lasalle university freshman jacob spent his birthday spreading the word about organ donation. >> please be aware of the need for organ don't gloria? he was gift add newhart at just seven months old. >> i am very proud of him today. this is one of the first times he got up like this. >> if you are feeling inspired by janet, jacob, bryn, ramona's stories, i don't blame you. how can you become a donor? just a click of the muscles. head to our website we will post all of this information there. reporting from the franklin institute, i'm jennifer joyce, "fox 29 news".
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a teacher who has spent decades helping students find herself in hot water, and it is all because of some hot cocoa. >> and what would valentine's day be without coup schmidt why hundreds of runners stripped down to their underwear to run in the frigid temperatures. >> american idol winner since for you. >> what are these guys doing, mike? they're daisy duke's and padded up shirts. >> that's the drexel rugby team in studio live.
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investigators say they've discovered a suicide note following the death of two
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arizona high school girls found dead at school. happened near phoenix, officials have not released what was written in that note. but on friday, the bodies of two, 15 year old girls, were discovered before classes started. each had been shot once. still not clear if the cases, case of double suicide, or a murder suicide, student say that the incident has left them all confused. >> i feel like shocking, because nothing like happened. it is like this before. >> and it is like we feel unsure now because this happened. >> counselors have -- counselling has been underway and will continue at the school classes are scheduled to resume tuesday at that high school. and act of compassion got one teacher kicked out of class. >> teacher took a student don't get some hot chocolate to try to comfort the girl kind of going through a rough time. janice graph, an art teacher in long island, permission from the girl's father to take the student off campus.
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but it is against school rules to take student off campus during school hours. so graph was removed from the classroom and put on administrative duty for violating school policy. now the teacher wants to get back to work and has the full support from the student she helped. >> my whole life, has been told to trust the teachers, go to them with you need help, and that's what i did. >> i'm fine with it, she got my daughter back to school and she took care of my caughter. >> school board is considering what steps to take next with the student, and in a statement says that the board acts in the best interest of students a staff. >> it was unusual find for hiker in the arizona desert. twelve puppies left to die. the dogs all two to four months old were taken to a tuscon shelter to recover. volunteers there say they were all malnourished, dirty, left for dead. the pup list now go up for adoption in a few weeks when they're health. >> i theory of einstein finally proven a century later.
6:26 pm
we told but this a few days ago. scientists finally did it. the moment that made them go oh, my gosh. >> and, what would valentine's day be without flowers? astonishing amount of money is spent on them this month. where do they all come from and how do they all get here? >> as long as they get here, iaian, that's all that's important. tracking the snow, we are watching clouds that will be on the increase tonight. temperatures falling into the teens and single numbers. and snow arriving for president's day. we'll let you know how much and when it moves out coming up when we come back.
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since 1961, pearle vision has provided the neighborhood with expert eye care. that was dr. stanley pearle's vision and we still proudly carry on his legacy. today, doctors like lisa hamilton perform eye exams that can help detect diabetes. because we care for you... and your eyes. this is genuine eye care, in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision.
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we told you last week scientists heard a wave cause from the two black homes colliding which produces gravitational waves. >> the groundbreaking discovery proved einstein's theory of general relativity, and the existence of space time. fox's kacie talked with some of the scientists who about it about the movement they new they were onto something.
6:30 pm
>> listen to, that that's the sounds of two black holes colliding, and it happened a billion years ago. the violent event created gravitational waves, a ripple in space time, in september, researchers at the lazer gravity until wave observatory heard that wave. >> oh, my gosh. it took us 25 years and two detectors, to finally detect the grab tear until wave. >> got his ph.d. in physics from the university of texas in 1990. back here in austin, researchers are thrilled about the discovery. >> it completely proved einstein's idea, about general relativity and the existence of space time. that's phenominal. >> expert on black holes. >> as they go through space, it is like casino every like taking a bed sheet and
6:31 pm
flapping it cautioning vibration, takes energy, that's why they're coming to the, then the vibration, that space, that movement of space, traveled to for a billion light years, came toter, and it wobbled the instrument. >> just little refresher, what is a black hole again? >> okay, let's just say for a minute i am standing inside a black hole. doctor says if i were to shine this lazer point near the void it, would come back around, and hit me in the back of the head. even though the existence of black holes is a known fact, the lazer pointer tricky just did is still just a theory. but it discovery may not be for long. >> we don't have confirmation of with a goes on inside after black hole. but i can say for sure this stuff that's coming out of ligo, coming out right now is going to test that at remarkable decision, and so, i think we will get there relatively soon. >> physics professor doctor fish letter says the study of grayer tear until waves will shed light on our universe.
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>> spectacular discovery, but becomes a tool in the future, may be a fool for us to look at the universe, in a way we don't have the capability yet. >> doctor fishler says this discovery about how the universe behaves is up letting specially when so much tragedy around the world. >> now, let's take a look, live, at blue mountain courtesy, our pocono mountains camera. some skiers out there braving today's low temperatures for a chance to get out on the slopes. >> good for them. i know people love skiing, but i know larry was trying to go i think yesterday. i told him you might want to rethink that. >> yes, i know you wanted to go? >> just too busy. >> yes, my family, we are thinking about it and i just, you know, i put a stop to. that will let me show you why. because here is a look at the temperatures from this morning. look at these morning lows. we didn't break any records, do you believe it? in philadelphia, the records
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was -- we felt to eight, wilmington fell to eight, record four below, then in trenton and in reading, both locations, we fell to 4 degrees, but the records were colder, and this is the one that i wanted to focus on, mount pocono, this morning, this is why we didn't go skiing, yes, look at this. 11 degrees below zero this morning. that was actual temperature in the poconos. the record, 12 below. so didn't even beat the record in the poconos, but windchills as you below about 20 to 30 below zero. now, things are quieting down, at least the winds is quieting down. and we are watching clouds moving in from the west, and snow showers, moving through the mid-west, associated with a area of low pressure, all of this moves toward the east, and by tomorrow morning, through south jersey and delaware, we should be seeing some snow showers. and they will work their way northward. right now 18, at philadelphia international airport. the winds out of the northwest, just six. that's big improvement. windchill still sitting at ten. temperatures mainly in the teens in the poconos, sitting at 4 degrees.
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and even with a light winds, when it is this cold, it feels even colder. nine in philadelphia, seven in pottstown, and reading, six in allentown, and feels like five in the poconos. that's a big improvement. we do have president's day storm, moving our way, we are going to see some snow, we're going to see little bit of sleet, and then we will see some rain. by the dinner hour, we should be seeing that transition, the pink, little bit of sleet, changing over to rain, and then very heavy rain into tomorrow night. now, the brunt of this storm is going to be through the mountains of virginia, west virginia, and to the west, through kentucky, we will see the least snow out of this particular president's day storm, unlike many other years. chance every ice every course in the storm's track, for the delaware valley thinking to the north and west of the city, we could see a little bit of freezing rain, and this would be a little bit later on, like monday night into tuesday morning. as far as snow accumulations, as you head down the shore, not specking anything, interior south jersey, less than an inch of snow, about coating before you transition to rain.
6:35 pm
philadelphia, along the i95 corridor, about an inch, to about 2 inches as you head toward northern and western suburbs, then two, 3 inches of snow possible, and our northern suburbs, lehigh valley and the poconos, before you change over to rain. but remember, the rain is going to wash all of this away eventually. then here is a look at the rain, late monday into tuesday, about one to 2 inches of rain expected, then flooding concerns move in with that. so, overnight tonight, 14 in the city, suburbs nine, increasing clouds, another cold night. tomorrow, 37, seeing some snow moving up from the south, during the morning hours, changing over to rain by evening washings light accumulation of snow before the real rainstorm moves in. the rainfall's heavy at times on tuesday, and then wednesday chance of morning on wet snow shower or rain shower before that ends, and then pretty quiet for thursday, friday, and saturday, with temperatures in the 50's, sunday looks good, as well. slight chance of shower saturday, that's clipper, jury still fought it will make it this far south, but once we
6:36 pm
get through tuesday, things are looking nice. >> does look good. thank you, kathy. >> okay, thank you. well, sports i will state dollars releasing the covers for annual swimsuit edition, and there is something different this year in a has all of us gathered around the computer in the news room. so, what grabbed the attention? go to see it, of all of the women here at the station. >> all right, what would valentine's day be without cupid? why hundreds of runners stripped down to their underwear to run in frigid temperatures?
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>> single digit temperatures, frigid temperatures can cause health problems, for animals used to a warmer climate, and the zoo has 1500 animals to care for. >> we do have temperature guidelines for all of our animals, we monitor them very closely, any animals that are not going to do well in the cold are going to stay inside when it gets this chilly. >> zoo keepers say animals have other defenses like putting on some extra weight during the winter. meanwhile, polar bears and the zoo's new arctic foxes are feeling right at home in the dramatic cool down. back here at home, young
6:40 pm
beauties got a special opportunity to get all dolled up. >> collingswood, new jersey beauty salon holding special event, for kids, the little cutest getting their first taste of professional hair and make up at verdict a, salon. theme is beauty and the beast, why, the broadway play is in town. so, some of the girls got braids in their hair just like belle. the salon says it is all about making a little one feel just like a princess. >> it is one of those feel-good days, you know, a loft our clients, our moms, a lot of my team members are moms. so just wanted to have a fun day for little girls to come in, feel like a princess, get all dolled up, perfect timing having beauty and the beast in town, so we partnered up with them. >> niles. the money from the event will benefit the chop center, at virtua in voorhees. salon owner hopes to make it an annual event. >> more than 600 young athletes got in the pool today, olympic dreams, boys and girls, nine through 14 years of age, competing in
6:41 pm
both individual and relay races hoping to qualify for the junior olympics. swimmers are from all over southeastern pennsylvania, and delaware, and new jersey. the annual president's day show-down is held every year at the salvation army crock center sports illustrated is making some history with its annual swimsuit edition. for the first time in 52 years, there will be three different covers, with three different models. ufc champion rhonda rouse, body activist and plus size model, ashley gram, and newcomber, haley, each gracing their own cover of the magazine. nice. >> also a lot of guys giving their girls flowers today. but, one high school senior took it to a whole other level. why he made the rest of the boys look bad.
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according to a survey, 36% of americans will get their sweeties flowers for valentine's day. and, they're going to spends nearly $2 billion buying those bouquets. >> so where do all every those flowers come from? majority are imported. fox news correspondent elizabeth pran describes how
6:45 pm
the flowers make it to your home. >> the fresh cut flowers your valentine may be getting you this weekend just one of more than a billion on us soil, after being grown in countries such as columbia and equidore. but before they reach your home, they've got to be hand approved, as disease, and pest-free. >> taken out of the cargo planes, will then go through all of those samples. if they detect anything that could be harmful, they work did the us argue to determine what is it and can that harm be mitigate dollars through fumigation or does the product have to be destroyed. >> the hub for fresh cut flowers being imported into the united state, almost 9% of the flowers that come this time of year, make their first stop right here, at miami international airport. >> us s customs and boards
6:46 pm
err, hundreds of agricultural sperm list frost all over the country, they're looking for smuggled illegal drugs to more than 1400 different types of pests, some insect such as mice or beatles are a small as a pinpoint, some diseases are a little more than a blemish. >> our agricultural really very highly educated, many have masters degrees, we have some with hhd's, they're really experts at looking for the kind of tests and the kinds of diseases that would harm american ago. >> why so much work? fresh flowers are a lucrative and growing business reported 21% increase in processed cuts stems from 2014 to 2015. but if infected with pests or diseases this blooming industry can quickly turn into a nightmare. >> they can actually in some of the things that you see cause harm tosh agriculture industry. >> the national retail federation says couples spends
6:47 pm
about $09 on average this weekend buying something for their sweetheart. totalling projected 2 billion customers will be shelling out this valentine's day. in miami florida, elizabeth pran, fox news. >> hayden godfrey made all of the other guys look bad friday, handed flower to every girl in school. 800 flowers, he handed out, wasn't for a date, because he's already got a girlfriend. >> i don't think a girl should be left out during valentine's day. >> to watch every single one of those girls walk out of school with a big smile on their face makes me very happy and very proud of him. >> hayden's been building up to this for years, as a freshman woe deliver 20 to 30 flowers to girls around the school. one of the first things to comes to minds is is cube.
6:48 pm
>> i did their best cupid impersination, braved frigid temperatures, wasn't all about having just a good time. fox's pj ziegler explains it. >> it is freezing. >> 700 runners gathered in saturday's freezing colds at the house of blues in downtown cleveland to of all things we're not kidding race in their underwear. >> that's a little chilly out here today. >> it is, very cold. >> the race is not just for fun, it is an event that raises money for the children's tumor fund. >> children's tumor fundraises money to hopefully finds a cure, unfortunately, not cure yet, but hoping with the monday that i we raised, that
6:49 pm
there one day be. >> the big event was the fourth time it has been held in cleveland. it has been around since 2010, but what started in one city has now grown to 39, and has lays dollars $8 million. >> for support ago good cause,. >> freezing our buns off for a great cause. >> well worth it. >> i think that is great organization, great cause, and i think it couldn't be any better on a cold day like today. >> supporting the kids. >> i love the cold. >> following the 15 minute run, racers treated to heart hosted by the house of blues. they were able to celebrate and most importantly get inside. >> getting bigger and better every year. we hope it will continue. and we're so appreciative for the support here in cleveland. >> here's howard with a preview of what's coming up in sports. >> with all due respect for the people in cleveland, polar
6:50 pm
plunge in sea isle city so much more of a -- top people in cleveland, please. spare me. go to sea isle. all right, that was yesterday. temple making that late rush to get enough wins to get ncaa bid. but they have to push just a little bit. and kobe bryant talks about the feeling of playing in his last nba all-star game, that's coming up in sports. >> american idol winner. >> he is singing on the next good day.
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
>> temple's basketball team need to win out to get a n aa tournament bid unless they win their tournament. every game is tough, today it was a lot of work against temple against the south florida team only 15 of 25 games this season. to the liacouras center, temple playing at home. second half, field by temple in the white. this is a 11-zero run t did get a little too close.
6:53 pm
all right, they score right here, jaylen bond, and quint ton de coast i will hit the three. temple goes onto win. tonight's nba all-star game has no 76ers, that's not a shock. but does have one player from our area playing in his final nba all-star game, kobe bryant playing in his 18th all-star game, this will be his last one, with players that idolize kobe as they were growing up. >> i'm showing guys i'm playing, with tearing the league up, my first, you know, and it is truely, i mean, how many players can say they played 20 years, actually have seen the game go through three, four generations in. >> not many. dumb contest, some of the best you will see, become more athletic rather than just guys showing off. aaron gordon, he didn't even win, over the legs of the mascot.
6:54 pm
zach was the winner now, from the foul line, remember, i saw julius erving do that. i know did he all of that stuff. did it in the 70s, but zach, under the legs now, that is athletic. second straight year, wins it, plays for bad team, minnesota. >> shooters, snake toronto, clay thompson, this is unbelievable. >> this is not an easy shot. and these guys from goal end state, let me throw another one in, he beats his teammates, steve can you how won last year, clay thompson there is year, almost have to move the line back, move into to into the seat. really. all right, the most prestigious race of the nascar tour, has a 20 year old that qualified for the pole position in next week's daytona 500, to the daytona speedway. that would be chase elliot in the 24 car. had i father bill will won this when chase was just a
6:55 pm
little guy. his top speed just over 196 miles per hour, again, the youngest driver to ever take the pole position, billet yod, who had won it before. pebble beach, has to be the most scene is place to play golf on the tour. >> just beautiful, yes, real nice, almost opportunity just look at the scenery rather than play golf. if you do play golf, phil mickelson, struggled, fell behind there is one, 14, when he had tide for the lead, he bogus on 14 vein taylor who hasn't won a tournament in 11 years just qualified this week 28 footer on 16. now, that gives them the lead at 17 under. phil mickelson has a chance to tie, 5 feet 5 inches. this put on 18. would you believe that's the first put under 7 feet that he missed all week? he was 23 for 23. that's a give me for phil
6:56 pm
mickelson. woe have won the playoff. >> yes. >> but makes the masters. >> i say lets guess to pebble beach. >> i played it, it is gorgeous, those greens get bumpy, but doesn't matter. >> all of the scenery. >> kathy will tell us we're not getting any weather like that. >> no, pretty scenery, might see some white scenery. little bit of snow, yes, golf ball, you can think of it that way if it makes you feel better. little light snow moving in tomorrow. it is not a lot of the then we are seeing rain moving in after that. it will be a president's day storm though for some. specially virginia, west virginia, light side of the snow, here comes the rain from the south with a surge of warm air into the evening then becomes rainstorm for your monday night and tuesday, as far as snow accumulations, less than an inch, i59 corridor, two, 3 inches as you
6:57 pm
head toward the lehigh valley before the rain moves in by tomorrow evening. so, just take it slow tomorrow. many people have the day off. >> true. >> president's day, he can actually, then we got some warm weather coming behind that, so we'll melt all of that stuff. good for me. be sure join us tonight for "fox 29 news" at 10:00. man with a cane gets sucker punched at a liquor store. what that man was asked before the bad guys took a swing, and landed on the floor. >> and performers on stage when smoke starts billowing up. what they didn't know was happening until the audience tipped them off. >> that will do it for thus sunday evening, thanks for watching. >> your live lottery drawing is next, followed by the simpson's.
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