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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  February 16, 2016 4:00am-5:01am EST

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on the way here, thank goodness it was a side street and i didn't hit the curb or any cars it is icy a and here's why, it is just crossing over to not being freezing so take a very, very slow approach tour morning commute. a person shot in center city offer night what police say happened right before those gunshots. villanova student under a arrest drugs police say he was dealing right out of his dorm room. good day, it is tuesday, february 16th, 2016. >> how are you. >> good. >> i was like you, i was driving so slow this morning, to work because i made my first turn and slid a little bit. in that moment you forget turn into the, i don't know. so i just took it slow. >> the force was with me sue serio because i didn't know how i didn't wreck my car this
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morning. it was just a side street and not on the schuylkill expressway. i had my husband drive me in because that is how bad our neighborhood was. >> i don't even have one of those. >> well, he comes in handy once in a while. he is wonderful. thank goodness. you know what, it says it is 48 degrees, in philadelphia a right now, temperatures are zooming up, apparently but what we don't have is any precipitation falling in the metro area at the moment, so, it is, all moved to the north and west but having said that there could be, some slick spots, around, but let's check our advisories. we have lifting freezing rain advisory for i-95 corridor it is still in effect north and west until 5:00 o'clock. we have a winter weather advisory until 7:00 o'clock for pocono mountains. we have a winter storm warning
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until 7:00 for lancaster county. we still have winter weather a around until we get change over to all rain and yes, this is really dramatic, and i'm not ensure it is right, 48 degrees in philadelphia when you go up to 48, it is 32 in pottstown and 39 in lancaster. right at the freezing in allentown 406789 in mount pocono. the this is a dramatic different. fifty-one in millville 567892 atlantic city but only 33 in wilmington. so, the changeover is happening, to milder temperatures and eventually we will get rain but with that warm air moving over cold ground only half mile visibility in wilmington, fog any pottstown, lancaster, reading, allentown and mount pocono. many travel challenges this morning because where temperatures have gonna above freeze ago this ground is still cold because of the temperatures we had over the weekend. we expect to get to 58 degrees today with heavy rain and wind and a possible thunderstorm. wind could gust up to 30 miles an hour. so we will get rid of the snow
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and ice and we will trade it off for some thunderstorms and heavy downpours, later on in the day today. we will time it the out coming up in just a few moments but all of us had our challenging coming into work this morning bob kelly, glad we are all hear safely. >> walking up the street with the manager of the new cvs up the street, coming in early to get a delivery and he almost slipped and fell. he is twice my size. i am a glad he didn't fall because he would have pull me down with him. speed restriction as cross the board on our major roadways. getting out of your driveway, parking spot, make sure you have an ice scraper you will need that today. it is not as bad as that car we showed you from the fire over weekend but your car is a sheet of ice if you parked it outside with that freezing rain last night. so start the car give it the a couple minutes for that defroster to work and get that scraper working to clean off the ice that will be coated on tour windshield, even door
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handles are froze up as well until these temperatures get well above freezing mark. i started out at 25 this morning, degrees on my speedometer reading there and for the temperature and up to 34, already. speed restrictions on all major roadways this morning. an accident east on the the pennsylvania turnpike right here near willow grove. here's a live look the at the schuylkill expressway where again the crews have been out salting all night but it looks wet let's just go with the idea that it could be icy there this morning. the that was going to be a shot down the shore. mass transit, everybody will be back to the regular weekday schedule, however, slippery spots on all of the platforms, chris and lauren back over to you. when are driving, walking you have to be super careful outside this morning. >> it the is messy, slushy, icy, dave kinchen is in king of prussia with a look a at conditions there. how are you doing, budd. >> reporter: you know, i
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haven't slipped yet we're right off of 202 and take a look at the chick-fil-a here, by the way, steve keeley i'm he sure will give me heck for the chip filet parking lot for where we are. look at all this ice. you have to break it up but it is deceiving and could be quite slick. these are obvious ice spot. the spots over here aren't so obvious until you get that glistening and that type of thing. we can show you that a plow truck, in fact, split is, just came through this chick-fil-a parking lot and cleared up some of this. same thing at the wawa off of 202 in king of prussia. this its what many people are fining. they are coming out and seeing their cars complete thely covered in ice and snow build up. we brought out the official fox 29 ice scraper. we get results for people. this isn't any ice scraper but thinks official fox 29 ice scraper. maybe someone will start a twitter account. we are trying to help this by
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out here overnight. nobody wants this kind of a mess when you see this: let me get on the other side to make sure i don't slip. this is what many people are finding as they wake up, especially the side streets here too in montgomery county they are finding ice build up and almost like glass if we are trying to get through. this will take a little bit more effort and elbow grease here. this get a picture as the icings flying in your screen there you have to give yourself time to dig out good real quick, give us a favor, ice the ice scraper in the microphone right next to each other and get into it. i love that crunch. >> yeah. >> for real this morning. >> dave kinchen thanks for playing along. >> reporter: back to you guys. moving to trenton and a live look we're going to take the weather authority. oh, it is parkway not trenton.
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weather authority app you can take it with you, get live radar alerts, search for it the in the apple and google will play stores. switching gears, we have developing news this morning police looking for a man shot another man as he walk with a friend over who night near 15th and locust. >> steve keeley in center city to explain this, good morning. >> reporter: we're two blocks down the street from city hall and i guess criminals have adopted the mailman's creed, neither snow, rain, nor sleet, nor dark of night should save these carriers from their appoint the round. it is 1:00 in the morning. two guys out here in the the heart of the center city around a whole lot of businesses, cosi, for instance that stay opened late, dunkin' donuts stay open late. this guy tries to hold up these two guys and these guys smartly won. this guy has a big gun and in the afraid to use it. the guy shot one of the guys in the arm but if he will shoot someone in the arm in front of the the academy house a a very popular apartment
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building right down the street from the kimmel center he could have blew them away point blank in the face and chest. guy is a at hahnemann and will likely survive being shot in the arm. ran to broad street and got some help. you can see, if you don't know any better, 15th street is one block from broad street. so he got quick help and hahnemann is up broad street on the other side of the city hall. so maybe a smart move running a away and running to broad street. here is inspector scott small talking about the lay of the land where this happen. >> fortunately where the shooting occurred the intersection of 15th and locust, it is all businesses and many of these businesses, on the corn are and 15th street do have exterior surveillance camera. hopefully those cameras recorded something to help us with this robbery, aggravated assault shooting insistgation. central detectives is on the location processing to scene to see if this is one large caliber shell casing and blood
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victim from our victim who did lose a lot of blood. >> reporter: so chris and lauren, there ara lot of attempted robberies and shootings in this city. what makes this different is where it happened center city where there is night life on a machine night, snowy night and where they are getting a lot have of luxury homes. and people will be upset hearing. that you can bet police will do all they can to solve this case here. >> steve keeley, thanks so much for that update. this morning we're waiting to hear exactly what caused a fire at an apartment building in newark, delaware. thirty people are displaced. fire officials got the call to the auto park apartment on winter haven drive at 4:30 yesterday afternoon. they found fire coming from the back of the one of the buildings. people showed up at home hoping their loved ones were okay. in delaware county unresponsive man fire fighters pulled from the burning home, had died. flames broke out inside the home on the 500 block of strat more road in havertown around 10:00 o'clock yesterday morning. the fire fighters found the man on the first floor of that
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home. authorities have not yet released his identity. the fire damaged the home so badly demolition crews took the rest of it down after the first responders wrapped everything up. 4:10. philadelphia street remains encased in solid ice this morning, three days after a massive fire, this is what is left of the several buildings in frankford. that ice may make it difficult for investigators to find out what sparked saturday's fire. we do know it started inside a auto body garage on griscom street and crews spent hours trying to get this under control. the we will show you video. fire fighters continue to wash for hot spots. the at least six businesses have been damage or destroyed. owner of joe's auto body he knew circuit breaker pop and then saw smoke and flames. not only did he lose his business of 26 years, he also lost his dog in this fire. people in that area tell us that it is a loss for the entire community. >> if your car needs fixing and you don't have money, you
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work things out, you short a couple dollars or something, he helped you out with. that whatever can do for you, he can do for you you can see what a loss this is. other business owners in the air contract will try to get inside at some point and see if they can salvage anything n word on how long it the will take to have all that ice thaw. all right. now we have a race for president. new jersey governor chris christie focused on state business. he will present his budget address. some contentious issues continues to pension, taxes, education and transportation fund. the christie delivers his budget a address at 2:00 p.m. this will mark his second to last budget address before he leaves the governor's office. he will be facing democratic conditions. chaka fattah continues to drum up support for his reelection bid this morning. service employees international union will announce its endorsement. the union represents 80,000 work's cross pennsylvania. the 11 term congressman continues to fight corruption chargees from his philadelphia
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mayoral campaign. almost 4:12. mystery solve at ursinus college what health officials say was going around the campus that left 200 people sick.
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lots to tell but the weather today because everything is changing so much. slick spots out there this morning. i just tweeted out a second ago if you can, delay, delay,
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delay, because the warmer it gets the better things will be on the road, but back road and many sidewalks as you have been hearing us this morning are very icy. temperatures are rising and precipitation will, eventually change over to all rain and we will get a lot of it. after 9:00 is when we will see heavy rain moving in, and some flooding will happen as a result. moderate to heavy rain, inch or more is possible, let's say between roughly 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. that will mean run off and frozen ground still and ponding on the roads. so the ground, remember is still really cold from the weekend so you have to keep that in mind even as temperatures rise, reduced visibility, it is foggy right now, even a rumble of thunder is possible. so what a mess we have. there is the mess affecting the whole eastern part of the country. now we have a warm front that came through and warmer temperatures are on the way we will get a cold front to cool things off again and touch off those thunderstorms. most of our area not seeing
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precipitation, right now, it looks like we are in a lull, dry spot in the poconos mountains. well, maybe some pocono areas but it is still slick up there with those temperatures, here in philadelphia a it is not actually raining, sleeting or doing anything like that but temperatures are all over the place. forty-eight in the city. fifty-one in millville. only 34 in wilmington. thirty-two right at freezing in allentown. below freezing in reading and lancaster. lots of travel challenging. i want to let you know the a arrival time, could be earl willer then 9:00 especially west of the city but temperature, yeah, upper 50's today after it was snowing yesterday. 45 degrees thomas we clear out but very windy. that high of 45 will come early in the the day. 40 degrees on thursday. the nice warming trend as we get into the weekend. by saturday and sunday. high temperatures, in the 50's. whacky weather week, bob kelly for sure. >> you got it.
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dave kinchen not the only one with the official fox 29 ice scraper. look at the this puppy. >> beauty. >> this is a weapon. i had to register this along with my drone yesterday. 45 miles an her speed restriction as cross the board on all of the major roadways and that is what sue mentioned, delay, delay, delay. the longer you can give yourself to step outside the front door the more time that temperature gauge will rise and then turn icy stuff into liquid. what you will have to do is give yourself extra time to scrape that ice off of the vehicle. if you park your car outside last night, it has a coating of ice on there already one accident here westbound schuylkill expressway, right out near conshohocken and notice the fog we're dealing with this morning. there is a a number of obstacles, you have crunchy ice on the ground, we have the fog, we have slippery conditions. the here's a live look downtown philly where the bridges are all have a tendency to freeze up.
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i think not the just driving but walking this morning, walking to your car, that first step outside the front door on your step or your driveway the little ones will have to walk on the icy sidewalks. here's a live look down the shore 47 and 347 which is snow covered yesterday morning. here's the fog on 202. mass transit on a regular weekday schedule today but watch for slippery platforms all around the board, chris and lauren, back to you. drug dealing in the dorms of villanova and now freshman student is under arrest. drug of choice, lsd. fox 29's bruce gordon has more from villanova's campus. >> reporter: those few villanova students willing to comment publicly on the drug arrest weren't blown away by the ideas of drug dealing on cam puts as they whereby the drug itself, lsd. >> that is pretty insane. >> i'm surprised to hear that. >> definitely pretty shocked. not a huge thing at villanova.
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it is an out liar. >> reporter: authorities say this man 18 year-old nova freshman justin yim from douglasston, new york was dealing lsd out of his good council dorm room. friday night a freshman man who turnout to be yim the's roommate was reported a acting wildly. >> the subject had walk into one of the facilities of villanova actually assault aid female, public safety immediately converged on him and attempted to make contact where he began a assaulting the public safety officers. >> reporter: the student was arrested and rushed to bryn mawr hospital before the night was out two other male freshman had overdosed and rushed to bryn mawr. a probe led public safety officials and radnor police to yim's dorm room where they discovered 37 tabs of lsd, nearly $9,000 in cash, drug paraphernalia and what appeared to be a package of marijuana als d is a powerful hallucinogen that can alter moods and can lead to
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reckless, dangerous behavior. >> thinks thought to be a drug of the past and it is disappointing that it made an appearance albeit hopefully brief back on our campus. >> reporter: all three students who had bad reaction to the lsd are believed to be out of the hospital and doing better at this time. a statement from villanova university reads they are continuing to probe this incident and those that are found responsible will be held accountable. justin yim faces possibility of expulsion that could be the least of his troubles if he is found guilty of drug dealing. on the campus of villanova university in radnor township i'm bruce gordon fox 29 news. we now know why more than 200 people became sick. montgomery county health department says the noro virus was cause of the illness that i can is end students and staff at ursinus college. the health department pointed out noro virus is common, often referred to as food poisoning or stomach flu. they say it is highly contagious but doesn't last very long. one student explains.
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>> unaudible. >> even when i was in the hospital, it went so quickly they should have done more earlier. >> officials now believe the out break is under control. still to come, phillies opening up spring training on wednesday but who is this team? we have the answers, next in sports. sixers may be looking to make moves before the trade deadline how the team could look different come thursday night. we hope so. here are your winning lottery numbers.
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phillies spring training is here. pitchers and catchers report tomorrow in clearwater. this team is so new i don't have a clue who most of the players are on the phillies. the in talking to bench coach larry bowa yesterday on sports radio 94 wip, i'm not the only one who doesn't know these players. >> guys are walking in today, i had to introduce myself. i have no idea who they are. i'm serious. >> did they no who you were. >> they came up, i just said
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sorry, i don't recognize you. we have a whole new roster. there is guys, it is unbelievable how many guys you don't know. >> villanova at the top again this week a at number one in college basketball. the first of two games this week at temple, in the big on villanova's city series big five title will but with a win they have won the city series. >> you have got all this going on around you, it really tests your team what you are made of. you know coming out of this right before tournament time and before the big east tournament, so it is a big game for us too. >> so sports in a minute, i'm howard eskin. maybe we can swap coaches, we can get jay to come up and coach sixers and sent brett to villanova villanova keeps winning, sixers roster could look different come thursday night. >> go on. >> trade deadline is thursday and now that jerry coangelo is helping run the show for the sixers, our howard eskin said they could make a move to bring in a player instead of
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just draft picks like we have been doing the last few years, right. two players howard says the sixers are gauging interest from around the league are their one big guys nerlens noel and rookie, jahlil okafor. no moves to report yet, stay tuned for thursday, right, we had michael carter williams, he is gone, he was rookie of the year when we traded him. he is our big hope for the future. right. >> you know what. >> what do you expect. >> how are your hawks doing. >> i haven't really been keeping up with them lately. >> i'll check in and report back. >> that is your start to the morning as we look live at philadelphia international airport. we're tracking change from snow to rain and there is potential icy commute. sue has your forecast bob has a eye on the roads.
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a tensionally slick start a live radar is showing the change is coming going from snow to rain. plus a person shot in center city overnight what police say happened right before, those gunshots. good day everyone it is february 16th, 2016. so does this look gross to
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you. i mean i think it looks fabulous and delicious. well, hi, sue i was than the talking about sue. >> oh, hi. >> i was just doing my walk of shame because i'm late. >> i'm loving your dress by the way. >> thank you. >> you just got that. >> yes. >> sushi, weigh in on this. >> is that granola in there. >> this is grape nuts with yogurt, and blueberries and a little bit of honey, and lauer undawn johnson is disgusted by this and i have in understanding of why. >> it is not exactly that i'm disgusted by. >> we will leave it at that. >> welcome to our show, everyone. and it is icy out there, and, i spun around, and 360 plus and it is okay. very dicey for my drive-in which i didn't because i enlisted my husband because he
4:31 am
saw my freaking out. neighborhood are what is icy now. you see in olde city roads are wet. they have been treated, if you are on a roadway that has been treated you are okay but never necessity when you hit that slick spot. take it slow or wait a while because temperatures are warming up. the problem is the ground is still very cold from the frigid temperatures that we had over the weekend. so we're taking a break briefly from precipitation, right now that is warm front. next is coming the cold front and it will bring some rain. we will see ice there in lancaster county when i said we were taking a break but not much in the rest of the region. the light pink, freezing rain advisory continuing until five. winter weather advisory in the poconos until 7:00. lancaster county winter storm warning we can see a build up of ice and it is really potentially treacherous outs there. temperatures are all over the place 32. degrees in allentown.
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forty-eight in the city. that will bounce up and down a little will bit. fifty-one in millville but 36 in wilmington. temperatures are warming. the bad news as that warm air goes over the cold ground it the creates some fog. the visibility is pretty bad. mount pocono, allentown, pottstown, lancaster and reading, all socked in with fog. you not only have potential ice out there so you can't see where you are going. slick spots but milder through morning drive. windy through lunchtime with heavy downpours and potential thunderstorms and then rain will taper a off by this evening. we will be rid of this weird storm. it is like a variety pack, bob kelly, in the cereals. >> yes. >> well, now what, today we want to pick the captain crunch out of the variety. >> yes, traction. >> crunchy ice. this is a live look at 202 an example of what we are dealing with on the roadways. crunchy ice, you have got the fog if it looks wet it could
4:33 am
be slippery, even though look we're already at 48 degrees. we jumped 15 degrees since we walk in the front door here. that is good. major roadways have been treated and you are okay, it is getting from the driveway, front step to the major roadways though. you will want to warm up, you have to your ice scraper, dave will tell us more about that coming up in a second. here's a live look at the shaders looking good rolling through 73 and fellowship road but it is those left to right turning lanes, parking lot and the steps for the kid heading out front door to school. the here's an example of upper state anal also house road. you are moving along and bam, you go to make a left or right turn, you are encounter the chunky crunchy ice we will call it this morning 456789 miles an hour speed restriction as cross the board on all of the pennsylvania major roadways. even the delaware roadways, have it knock down to 45 as well, chris and lauren back over to you.
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bob, watch your step when you get outside, it makes for a dangerous mix when you head out the door. >> dave kinchen you headed out the door a couple hours ago, where do we find you right now. >> reporter: we're in kop, when i headed outdoor leaving my place in olde city, i almost slipped. miraculously i didn't but i'll tell you so far i have been upright and it is a miracle because we are in the slick area right now off of 202. look at a the sidewalks here very accounts very slick. the shine from the camera rights there but by comparison there but look at around 202 there it is clear. not bad at all, right. do you see some glistening there. there is potentially slick areas but when you look at turning in these side streets like wawa here, the driveway that goes in the the wawa and chick-fil-a you might have some trouble because you can see where there is a slushy icy build up going in. this person is i think about to make a right turn to come out of here. no, they are going left, never mind. this gives you an idea of the
4:35 am
main roads that are clear, then some of these lanes that come up toward the curb that still has icy, build up in there and then sidewalks that that is a mess as well. so folks there will be crews who want to get some salt out here, because this is a pretty dangerous situation as well. new back to you. >> do that shovel as you move along be careful. >> yep. >> 4:35. an autopsy is scheduled for woman whom allentown police say was found dead inside a recycling bin. lehigh county coroner a's office says that was inside a larger container in the parking lot on sunday. >> police are calling her death suspicious. they say would the man is an 18 to 30 year-old asian woman. >> also new this morning police are investigating a shooting that happened just were 1:00 a.m. two men were walking near 15th and locust when another man approached attempting to rob the men. as they ran away one of the men was shot the in the arm. the shooter ran down locust street and got away. man who was shot is a at the
4:36 am
hospital in critical condition. police say hopefully cameras near the scene can help them locate that shooter. police in atlantic county, new jersey have charged a man they say assaulted a person and then made a false 911 call to throw off responding officers. hamilton township police say they got a call around 3c sunday morning for an assault in the area of, colon gardens. investigators got a 911 call reporting a drunk man with a knife in a their by wawa. police say it turns out the man wanted for assault karl poindexter made that false report in an attempt to divert police of his officers arrested him as he tried to board a bus. pope frances continues his visit to mexico when he stops at the a hospital, to halls are silent at one point. the ahead the performance that captured everyone's attention.
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and texas judge said she determined that a autopsy should be conduct on antonin scalia but then she changed her mind. >> judge changed her mind after talking with scalia's doctor who confirmed the justice had a history of heart trouble and other illnesses. the judge said medical history and lack of any signs of foul play makes the justice died of natural causes a and no autopsy was necessary. president obama a making history. he is first u.s. president to meet with leaders of all ten countries that make up at so, of south east asian nations also known as asia.
4:40 am
so, the obama administration wants to strengthen an alliance of nationness that part of the world in order to counter growing influence on china one of the major issues is china construction of the artificial island in the region. that means china is trying to extend territorial waters and potentially interfere with freedom of navigation and trade. >> since i took office we have boosted trade between the you had and asean by 55 percent. region is now our fourth largest goods trade partner including u.s. exports that support more than 500,000 american jobs. >> okay. so this summit has critics, mostly people half left progressive regimes. the asean group is scheduled to discuss anti terrorism efforts. they say they are planning to visit vietnam in may. pope francis currently was in mexico. yesterday he stopped at a pediatric hospital. >> crowded halls of the hospital went silent all to hear this.
4:41 am
>> ♪ >> ah, that 15 year-old is fighting bone cancer. she stopped pope francis so she could sing for him. he stood next to the girl as she sang and then bent down and kissed her cheek. after she finished sharing a few words. 4:41. due to high demand herrs decided to bump up release of the highly anticipated crab fries, chips where you can snag a bag, starting today. you say the price at the pump now is cheap, chris murphy, how about filling up your tank for pennies, the accident that started a pricing war between two gas stations.
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♪ >> you are crazy. >> yes. >> that is the weeknd and today is his birthday 26 years
4:45 am
old, so young. >> he performed here over the summer. >> also performed at the grammys last night. one thing i don't ever understand with him i get his style is his hair. >> he remind me, it looks like millie virginia philadelphia aish it is had half with the dread locks, i don't know, i just don't dig it but i do get his style. i like his voice. >> you stayed up and watched grammys, did you see him. >> i had such a long nap during the day and he did a great job. not everybody did a great job but he did. >> we will talk about that later on. we have a lot of grammy recap coming up. we have mild temperatures moving in the area right now displacing the cold air, thanks to the warm front and there is a cold front coming through later on in the the day, we're going to see, okay, there we go, we're going to
4:46 am
see some rain. all right. we have slick spots this morning, back roads and sidewalks, especially the ground is still cold but air temperature warming up. we have temperatures rising and precipitation changing over to all rain. after 9:00 a.m. we will start to see that heavy rain move in flooding as a result or thunderstorm, moderate to heavy rain, wind pick up, run off on the frozen ground, ponding on roads, so, travel will be different, but it is going to be a different set of challenges, reduced visibility and possibly rumble of thunder with mild air moving in and then cold air coming in, on top of it, so a a lot of heavy rain in the carolinas. we are at a break in the action right now but it will in the take too much longer, maybe a couple of hours before the rain comes back there in mount pocono and other mountainous area we are seeing a change over from freezing rain to rain. we don't have any precipitation in the the city right the new so maybe roads will get a chance to dry off a
4:47 am
little bit before we get the rain. the visibility isn't great north and west of the city, temperatures are all over the place, dramatic swings in temperatures over last hour we are up to 48 degrees. we're still 34 in wilmington but we will see a dramatic warm up in the next hour or so. so rain rolls in, by eight or 9:00 o'clock we're in the 50's already with these mild temperatures. the just crazy. then heavy rain, starts to see it the by tenor 11:00 o'clock but as a result of the earlier arrival of the rain that will get out of here earlier so it may not have much effect on the commute and then we will see falling temperatures throughout the night. so 57 degrees today, 45 tomorrow. only 45 on thursday but then warming trend in the weekend so we are in the mid 50's by saturday and sunday. so, you talk burr roller coaster ride, bob kelly, it could be driving on the roads that they are still icy, and then the temperatures. >> good thing is temperatures are going up, bad news you
4:48 am
will need a few extra minutes this morning to warm up the car. if your car was park outside last night, in the freezing rain it will be coated in the sheet of ice. you want to use your scraper, get all that ice off the windshield. a few extra minutes there we are picking up degrees left and right. we're up to 48. majors are okay. it is getting to the major roadways. this is a live look at harbison avenue where we have that chunky slushy ice here that far right lane. kids will have to walk on the chunky sidewalk to get to the bus corn they are morning. a few extra minutes and caution flags flying this morning. the here's a live look at the freeway coming toward the city, in problems or delays at all, bridges good are to go. they were nicely treated yesterday so we're in good shape this morning. however watch for possible weather delays if you are flying out of philly international this morning. slippery platforms on all of the septa new jersey transit patco trains and buses, and with yesterday's holiday everybody on a who will will
4:49 am
day schedule yesterday we're all back to normal on a regular weekday schedule. keep in mind first day back after a three day weekend is always crazy to begin w throw the mess of the freezing rain, snow in the mix here this morning. we're all going to have to pack our patients. it is first official workday for the service changes and fare increase on all the of the dart buses so make sure you have exchange change this morning. the chris and lauren, back over to you. we first told but this last month, herrs chip. >> herrs chip came out with a new chip flavor called crab fries and it is here. >> to to high demand herrs decided to move the release date of the crab fries chip to today. >> oh. >> now the chips take after well known stapel food at chickie and pete's so herrs officials say a lot of research was done to replicate salty, spicy kick off flavor. big kick off will be held at the restaurant's flagship
4:50 am
location at 11:00 o'clock this morning. >> i got the my fries and not a chip. back to the future in a good way. >> big mistake and customers took full advantage of it. >> workers a at a ohio gas station say a computer glitched mark gas prices at 49 cents. then they dove even more down to 17 cents. nearby gas stations saw prices dipping and that owner dropped his price toes compete and not knowing about this computer glitch, customers were not complaining. >> a awesome. >> i can't believe how low gas prices, they are saying they will dip even more no computer glitch included. >> i filled up, i want to say vegas but in new jersey last week. >> you were in vegas. >> your mine is in vegas. >> i filled up in new jersey last week for $27. >> fantastic. >> amazing. >> biggest a award of music are in the books, i should say, coming up we will tell
4:51 am
how took home the big award from the 58th annual grammy awards.
4:52 am
4:53 am
4:54 am
you you know who it was? >> two chains. >> left eye. >> and the b, she used to date husher. >> charisma. >> good try today february 16th, 1907, joe frazier. >> smoking joe fresher for the jimmy ellis for heavyweight title. after mohammed ali was stripped of his title following his refusal to be drafted in 1968. >> of course, to the the vietnam war. with the boxing world looking to crown a new champion, frazier took on buster mathis to win new york version of the title as ellis made a name for himself with both claiming to be champ there was only one way to decide who should hold the title. on this day in 1970, more than 18,000 people packed madison
4:55 am
square garden to see who would be the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world. after four round smoking joe frazier was declared a winner by way of knocking out, jimmy ellis. >> i like that, undisputed heavyweight champion of the world. >> let's get ready to rumble. >> okay, last night. >> biggest night in music. >> yes. >> fifty-eighth annual grammy muse ache ward held in los angeles and there were some big winners. >> singer/song writer thinking out loud, snagged a grammy for song of the year. 22-year old megan train or won for best new artist. and 1989 was album of the the year. she went up against artists like kendrick lemar. >> were you reading about take already swift and her ongoing drama with kanye. >> so kanye's new album, something about pablo or whatever. >> yeah, life. >> so he has a line in there
4:56 am
about how i made taylor famous. no, it was in good fun because i got her a approval and permission to use the lines. well, now her people in this article are saying, no, no, kanye never got her a approval at all. >> this happened in 2009. >> when he got up on stage and interrupted and said this isn't right. >> he felt like other people were more deserving of the award. >> give it up, dude, give it up. >> we got a big feud. >> doesn't he have some debt he need to be worried about, he is like 50 million something in debt. >> he is married to kim k. >> rean canceled at the very last minute. >> that was so disappointing. >> yes. >> i was asleep. >> coming up we will have a look at -- we are, some of the memorable performances of the grammys last night. >> why wouldn't we. >> mystery solve at ursinus college, what health officials say was going around the campus that left 200 people
4:57 am
4:58 am
4:59 am
light rain and drizzle mixed with yesterday's snow making for a messy morning, surprising change in the temperatures, coming our way. you wouldn't even imagine. >> see people just struggling with that ice. weather isn't your own dangerous element, a couple walking in center city,
5:00 am
overnight. someone tried to rob them. what happened when victims refused to give up their money. villanova student under arrest in an lsd bust. what police found inside his dorm room that you will in the believe. all right. pretty messy tuesday out there, on this february 16th, 2016. thanks for waking up with us. >> so messy, look outside, ben franklin parkway from our cameras at the united way building, it is hard to tell but is there sleet, ice all over the roads that will make it challenging for drivers. look at that camera shaking, wind picking up out there. hopefully no flights will be delayed because those runways how you slippery they may be landing or take off. >> don't talk like that anyone with a flight will be terrified. >> you know me i'm just keeping it real. >> with you, wind i'm guessing mean a whole different weather system is moving in. >> wind are picking up, we are getting ready for our next front. we are confronting the front. i don't care if it is in


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