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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  February 17, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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but we are headed for a warmup. let's check in with chief meteorologist scott williams. yeah, that's certainly right lucy and dawn. the weather roller coaster ride continues across our area. dry and quite right now as we look at the satellite and radar but there is a cold front off to the north and west. also, a few flurries some of that activity could move into sections of the pocono mountains but it will usher in some colder air for tomorrow but much of the nation pretty dry and quiet. however, take a look out to the west. looking at high winds as well as some flood concerns. the high temperature today in philadelphia made it into the low 40s. right now we're checking in at about 40 degrees but factor in that northwest wind it feels even colder in the low 30s. so look at the air temperatures right now. only in the upper 20s in the pocono mountains. we're looking at upper 30s wilmington, millville as well as wildwood. factor in the wind it feels a little colder. it feel like freezing in philadelphia, wilmington and millville f you're stepping outdoors tonight, those temperatures will be dropping. maybe headed to that villanova
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temple game bundle up. we're looking at temperatures by tomorrow morning in the 20s across parts of the area. then for tomorrow, it's sunny and it's a little colder than it was today in the wake of that front and also we'll have a bit of a breeze. but hang in there because we will see some milder temperatures approach our area just in time for the upcoming weekend. we'll talk about that warmup but lucy and dawn we'll also talk about the potential for more rain even some wet snow in the seven day forecast. back to you. >> all right. thank you scott. we're just minutes away from a big showdown in college basketball. students from temple and villanova anxiously waiting to tip off as the two teams prepare to square off. >> the excitement is building as temple looks for yet another upset tonight. can the owls pull it off is the question. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm dawn timmeney in for iain page. big game taking place tonight and that's where fox 29 chris o'connell is standing by.
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chris, you are a temple alum. so we already know who you're rooting for. >> reporter: yeah, i'm a reporter tonight, guys, but i can tell you it goes way beyond basketball. this is the biggest night in college basketball around the nation tonight. kicking off in about an hour. take a look. the number one ranked villanova wildcats hitting the floor for warmups. this is a big game, guys. you can hear the electric in the air. you see temple warming up as well. big game. check out the chaos outside. that was the crazed students at temple university waiting out for hours today to pick up their student section tickets. this is a game both temple and villanova had circled on their schedule every year. but now, now villanova ranked number one. this is definitely a rivalry more about basketball.
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this is about city bragging rights. suburban mainline wildcats again the tough guys from north phil philly. also a rivalry that's cutting across family lines. >> my brother and his girl friend went to temple and my dad went to villanova so i'm more a vol nova fan than temple. >> you might have a fight tonight. >> might be. >> more than just the game. upsetting number one much that's why we're here honest. >> what's this place going to be like if you do it. >> i can't describe it to you. i don't even know. >> reporter: the last time the stakes have been this high can s when temple was ranked number one in the country. that was back in 1988. february 10th to be exact. temple/villanova here in new york philly temple won that game and of course it was such a huge celebration they shut down broad street. whether that happens tonight, remains to be seen. villanova eight-point favorite
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tonight here in north philly. guys. it is electric up here. >> i'm sure it is. serve rooting for somebody here. chris, thanks so much. developing news tonight out of lehigh county, allentown police officer is out of the hospital after authorities say a man shot him while he tried to serve a warrant. police say it's all related to a murder investigation that began over the weekend. >> now the man who investigators say shot the officer is in custody. let's get straight out to fox 29's karen hepp live in allentown for us tonight. karen. >> reporter: yes, that suspect was injured. he came on stretcher about 1am this morning. he's in the hospital right now. we know the officer was a detective who was shot. shot in the arm. he was taken to the hospital you mentioned was released. this is the scene. so active out here overnight until they brought that person into custody, they have just wrapped up being out here all day getting he have. as you can see, they've boarded up this building. police found the murder victim in a blue recycling container like this one on valentine's d day. she were been shot to death. medical examiner says she was
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wearing petit an inform klein, girlish sweater and shield pennant with the letter r. co-workers at the at this pharmacy called her rose and confirmed she work here. last night when police came to this home the suspect opened fire police say shooting a detective in the arm. >> sounded really bad. really like an explosion. >> reporter: suspect was hold um for three hours until police storm the unit around 1:00 a.m. neighbors in this quiet community for seniors and the disabled are beyond shocked. >> she was a nice lady. and i heard, you know, three -- three, um, she was shot thee times. they found her in the dumpster up above there back of subways. and, um i'm thinking, man he might have did that. i putting it together, you know in my mine. >> neighbors say the suspect had been acting very odd recently. >> never spoke to him except for yesterday was the first time when the guy said hi to me and god bless. that was the first time he ever talk to me. i must have have seen him a hundred times.
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>> reporter: so police right now very very tight lipped about this case as they are investigating. they're not releasing the name of the detective who was shot nor the name of the victim or the suspect in this case. we are awaiting a lot more details on this one. from allentown, lucy, back to you. >> all right, karen, thank you so much. mystery in hamilton township, new jersey torque night. skyfox over a home at fox hollow and deerfield drives this afternoon. hazmat crews police and firefighters responded after getting a call about a possible gas leak. they found a man dead inside the home. right now authorities say they do not think his death is suspicious. they've not released his name. we don't yet know what happened but authorities say the area is safe. police are looking for the man accused of of stealing cigarettes in a string of gas station burglaries. investigators say seven gas stations in northeast philadelphia hit over a three-week period. surveillance video showing the suspects inside one of those gas stations stealing the cigarett cigarettes. police say the suspects break the windows of the gas stations
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to get inside. anyone with information anyone who may recognize or know who these guys are should call police. police are looking for the person who stole some packages from a doorstep in philadelphia's east mt. airy second. the woman walk up to the home on the 500 block of east durham street yesterday. surveillance video shows her taking the package right from the doorstep clear as day right there. if you have any information that could help catch her, give police a phone call. two people in new jersey are in jail accused of a string of convenience store burglaries. police say 35-year-old christopher will den and 37-year-old is breen in a gibbons broke in 15 stores between november and january. stole cigarettes, stole cigars and got cash. both now face multiple charges. philadelphia mayor jim kenney giving his first annual address to the greater philadelphia chamber of commerce. the mayor announcing several new initiatives that he says will grow business in philadelphia. the mayor delivering his address to a packed house of business leaders at the marriott in center city. among a long list of initial
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tiffs the mayor launching a campaign to recruit businesses from neighboring counties to open an office in philadelphia. in addition, the mayor hoping to draw more large events to town with the input of course of business owners. >> long pastime our local businesses had more prominent role when it comes to the city's recruitment of big concerts, major visits or large conferen conferences. >> the mayor adds that leaders of democratic national convention are already meeting with business owners to make sure the summer's event helps not hurts small businesses in philadelphia. the packer avenue terminal in south philadelphia is now exchanging goods with mexico in a whole new way. governor tom wolf and other leaders made announcement at society hilda. at lanate company shipping service runs from veracruz mexico up to philadelphia. it gives cargo carrier the option to use ships rather than trucks to move goods from mexico to the northeast part of the us. it will make weekly trips and wolf is hoping the increased trade will result in more jobs for the state.
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a dangerous situation that could be getting worse in a local neighbor. this is just one of several and in many cases neighbors say not enough is being done to keep them safe. fox 29 is working to get answe answers. heart warming video of a pup getting the love and the attention she deserves. that is a vet right there sitting in a kennel with the little girl having breakfast. when you hear gracie's story you know why this friendship is so special and howard is live in clearwater, florida. howard? >> reporter: this is a different, i say different phillies team. i'll tell you how different and why it is so different and also press the general manager on timetable. when is this team going to be competitive. that will be coming up in sports.
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♪ all right, dawn, we both love this one. >> emotional video shared by a georgia animal shelter shows the love of vet has for abandoned scared pups. the vet is dr. andy mathis. he set sat in the kennel next to gracie and ate his breakfast out of a doggie bowl. he did it over and over. gracie watch him and imitated him eating out of her bowl. she wouldn't eat or drink until then. she ended up at the shelter late last month starving and dehydrated with other medical issues. dr. mathis has been nursing her back to health noun thanks to this video people across the country are falling in love with gracie. i love it. >> um-hmm. happening now, home in kingsessing is without one of its walls tonight. check it out this was the scene today on the 5700 block of springfield avenue where a side of this home just came crumbling down. collapsing homes seem to be a problem that residents of philadelphia are having to live with these days. >> it's putting neighbors and
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homeowners all at risk. our bruce gordon joins us now from west philadelphia. bruce? >> reporter: staning in front of an example one of literally thousands of examples of this problem citywide. vacant crumbling homes battered by the weather, did he ought to be demolish but good luck with that. >> sounded like big rumbling. um, and a boom sound. you can hear everything crashing. >> reporter: next door neighbor roxanne tomkins was nearby late tuesday night when a wind and rain battered exterior wall of this row home on the 5700 block of springfield avenue simply toppled to the ground. occupants a mother and her son were unharmed. but on wednesday morning, city crews were on hand to label the property eminently dangerous repair or demolish. the vacant lot on the other side of the house had been a row home itself but had collapsed and was torn down just last year. butting tomkins next in line? >> i'm renting to own my home.
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wow, this is, you know, how old are these homes? and -- >> what kind of shape are they in. >> yes. >> reporter: a few blocks away on the 5300 block of chester street, three separate homes are falling down. each has a fresh sign warning the owner to repair or demolish. >> you know, they come and -- you better move. >> anderson allen has been living with raccoons and other critters roaming through the crumbling structure. he says these signs have been up for at least 15 years. >> like in the summer sometimes we be in the back, you know -- >> you don't want them out here with these building. >> not all al. >> across philadelphia 230 homes label end meantly dangerous with another 5,000 considered unsafe. but many of the openers of these homes are dead or gone. and the city has neither the money nor enough qualified demolition contractors to tear them all down. brenda mason lives at the other end of this crumbling stretch. >> it's an eye sore. you know, um, you have some
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homes here that -- owners try to keep them up, and this right here just make it look worse. >> reporter: just how dire is the problem? well the city's department of licenses and inspections reports a residential demolition budget of about $9 million a year. the actual cost to tear down all of those eminently dangerous or unsafe buildings if the owners can't or won't, closer to 90 million. lucy. >> yeah. all right. bruce. back to your fox 29 winter wet authority right now. >> yeah. little bit of a chill in the air. it wasn't a bad day, though. >> no, nice and pretty outside but it is getting nip tee tonight. scott. >> reinforcing shot of colder air moving in tonight behind a cold front but take live look outside of our studios. we're not looking at ice on the sidewalks or rain for that matter. so it's really ban roller coaster ride this week. today's high temperature was 43 degrees. 1 degree below the normal for this time of year but look how warm it can get. 1976 the record high 68 degrees.
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current temperatures across the area right now, we have 39 degrees in wilmington. along with millville down to wildwood. upper 20s already in the pocono mountains as a cold front will be moving in later on tonight. no real arctic air behind it but you can see 26 degrees right now in buffalo. 40 in philadelphia. so we will see some cooler temperatures for tomorrow but take look at the sunshine state. we have 70s orlando as well as miami. where loud ward is in clearwater temperatures right now dropping into the 60s. so high pressure that will return for tomorrow. bringing more sunshine. we saw passing clouds throughout date today. but tomorrow we're looking at bright sunshine. but once again tomorrow will be colder than today. so as we continue on into frid friday, 44 degrees. then 60 look at the upcoming weekend for the high temperatu temperature. well above the average of 44 degrees. 56 on sunday. then low 50 as we move toward monday and tuesday into wednesday we'll watch another
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storm that could potentially bring a combination of rain and snow. so for tonight it's mostly clear, cold overnight. winds out of the west five to 10 miles per hour. temperatures dipping into the low 20s in the burbs and then high temperatures for tomorrow likely stuck in the 30s. 37 degrees will be the high temperature tomorrow. winds out of the northwest 10 to 15 miles per hour. and with that wind, we'll have a bit of wind he would chill for tomorrow. temperatures rebound once again into the upcoming weekend. as we move into your tuesday, late into wednesday time frame, we'll be watching an area of low pressure move out of the south. if it tracks a little farther to the west, we'll likely see more in the way of rain. but also it look like the better chances for some snow will be into the lehigh valley as well as the pocono mountains. but we're not talking about a whole lot of snow with this system because it's going to be pretty warm. as far as the next seven days, you can see for tomorrow 37 degrees for the high temperature. partly sunny on friday, 44. and then look at that upcoming
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weekend. it will be beautiful area wide. maybe you'll hit the slopes, looking pretty good for that this weekend to head up to the pocono mountains. 60 degrees will be the high temperature in philadelphia. it's going to be a little windy as well. those winds warming us up 56 degrees. the high temperature on sunday. then partly sunny on monday and once again watching that system tuesday into wednesday. high temperatures on tuesday in the upper fours. and then as we move toward wednesday, 44 degrees for the high temperatures so it is going to be mainly a rain event for us but it looks like some wet snowflakes could mix in especially north and west. >> okay. >> kind of crazy winter so far. >> it really has been. >> who nodes to go to florida with temperatures like this. >> maybe howard needs to go to florida. he's got his -- you took your sunglasses off. i didn't even recognize you, howard. >> reporter: i know. well the sun is setting here in florida. the water and the beaches of florida. and there are no -- there are no snow events, no rain events, no
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polar vortex, just spring training and it is different. different than any spring training i've ever been to. while tell you why and hear from the general manager coming up in sports.
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♪ it's new, it's new here at phillies spring training. new players, new team, a lot of new faces.
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it's the most different spring training i've ever been to here in clearwater florida. one thing the fans want to know when is this team going to be competitive to win the nl east? i pressed that question to the general manager. >> i hope we get to a point are this team competes daily. competes nightly. i think that starts with pitching. if you can control the game on the mound you give yourself a chance. >> development of the players will dictate how many games we win this year, next year the following year, et cetera. >> all right. no organize work out today's. pitchers and catchers for physicals. but it sure is different than last year. >> what some veterans were here one trying to find a position this year on this team and that would be cody asche. he played third base last year, he played left field last year. but those positions are filled. but there's a lot of new players. what was it like not knowing many of the players now in the
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phillies camp and the clubhouse. >> it was a little different. um, you know, rough and i were talking about couple days ago. some of the familiar faces we grew up around here. no chase, no cole, guys like that, in the clubhouse. and even some of the guys, you know, like diekman who moved on to different teams. it's definitely different but i think it's exciting at the same time. >> reporter: with the new players comes questions. >> all right. who will be in the starting rotation after aaron nola. >> hear fresh from the ken giles trade from houston is vincent velasquez already into mid season saying all the right things in cliche mode. >> got to be optimistic. we have a lot of talent in this room and you know, i'm just here to help the team win. and any way i can, you know, i'm going to make things happen. we're all going to make things happen. there's no i in team. that's the way i see it.
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>> reporter: there's no i in team. but it is a different team. we'll have more tonight at 10:00 o'clock. and throughout the week here in clearwater, florida. back to you guys. it's tough here. trust me. >> we can tell, how war. >> i'll grin and bare it. >> all right. >> thanks, how war. >> do you that. >> he's a trooper. tell you what. be sure to join us tonight for fox 29 news at 10. deputy nearly run over by this car during a chase just barely able to move out of the way. but the real shocker here who is behind the wheel of that car. it's tonight at 10. that does it for us here at 6:00. we'll see you back here at 10:00. have a great night. inside edition is up next. thanks for joining us.
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epic coughing fit. what this specialist says hillary needs to know. >> there's actually a breathing technique that he says will shut off the cough like a light switch. then -- the fake doogie howser. >> you say you've been practicing medicine without a license? >> he even has a doctor's office. >> you examined a patient today. and death of a contestant from "the bachelor." >> how they tried to save her life. >> please send someone fast. plus -- here they are. the other winners of the largest jackpot in history. finally come forward. >> i lost a lot of sleep. >> i lost over ten pounds. and breast milk for sale on the street. >> it's $40. >> moms are making thousands of


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