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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  February 18, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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>> plus jack after using jacks. new warning for local, looking for love on line. >> today? >> i was born in canada, as you have heard by now. >> i've heard that. >> gop presidential candidate ted cruz, marco rubio, ben carson, facing pretty tough questions from voters in south carolina. what ted cruz is saying now about his american citizenship. it came up again last night. >> welcome to "good day" philadelphia. >> thank you for the welcome. good morning. >> sure, we're matching again. >> what is going snob. >> i get it all the time. do you guys plan it? >> no. >> we probably shut, but we are not that efficient. >> i kinds of like it is happenstance, that much more adorable. >> i love you. >> we never work if we try f we tried to plan it, never would work out that way. >> what's the number?
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>> a six. >> did you notice it was colder outside? well, adding one full extra layer on bus stop buddy. put scarf on in the hat that covers his ears, because it is a colder start. our windchills in the teens and 20's, as you walk out the door this morning. >> it will be colder experience, couple of snow flurries, showing up on radar, not a big deal. >> feels like 25, that's why we added another layer. sunrise at 6:50 this morning, and we are expecting plenty of sunshine, but with the teens and 20's you will have to bundle up. won't get out of the 30's today, expecting high temperature even with the sunshine of 37 degrees. that's your weather authority forecast, bob kelly, where is the problem? >> little problem on the westbound schuylkill, disable, police got bunch of flares down, because it is in the stretch where there is no overhead street lamps, so it
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comes up on you fast there, not really big shoulder either begin town charlie brown, live look at the vine expressway, no problems or delays starting to see volume pop. looks like everybody hitting the offers today. yesterday was little light rush hour. roosevelt boulevard, disable truck up at large, right thereby the oxford circle. headed down through the stadium area, remember the circumstance just town this week, show there today at 10:30, headed to the airport, good to go 29th and ridge, local detours in effect there. >> little mill road, just north of route 40, and then little further south there in vineland, delsea drive, which is route 47 accident, airport looking good, no problems on mass transit. mike and alex back to you. >> coming up 6:03 this
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thursday. >> following developing story out every west philadelphia, where gunfire erupts in the middle of the night. >> killer on the run. steve is on the story. >> reporter: when you open a business you want a name stands out. >> this man stands out for its name, but also now, for murder, because this is the third murder either just inside the front door just few feet outside cousin danny exotic go-go lounge, and here ask the scene from 11:00 p.m. last night. guy parking right in the front door area there, trying to get out of his mini-van still own, shot six times point blank, and killed instantly. >> it is pretty apparent that our shooting victim was the intended targetment due to the fact he was shot numerous times, and the fact that the shooter just stood feet away when firing so far shale shots
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at the victim who had just exited the vehicle that he had just parked, so appears intended target. >> somebody new this 31 year old guy was either headed into the bar, don't be surprised if he works there. this is now file footage from a bouncer, who was shot in the head and killed, back in august 2009 by dis grunted patron. just in 2014, three guys shot on the corner, just as they left one killed, so same scene of three previous shootings. >> my goodness. all right, 6:04, thanks, steve. >> well, gop presidential candidates, from voters at town hall event in south carolina. >> the other three will do it again tonight. ben carson, marco rubio, ted cruz, came up first taking questions last night at forum. one of the big topics of the
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night, apple's decision to deny an fbi request to break into the phone of one of the san bernardino attackers. listen. >> now, my mother was born in wilmington, delaware, she is a natural born citizen. i was born in canada, as you have heard by now. >> i have heard that. >> but, i was a citizen by birth by virtue every my mother's citizenship, so never been naturalized, never breathe add breath of air on this planet when i was not an u.s. citizen. >> we'll see what donald trump has to say about that tonight when he's at the town hall in south carolina, and speaking of the donald, no longer bragging rights, completely for the republican field. according to a new national pole. >> will include trump, bush, ohio governor, john case glike back to the pole. ted cruz leads donald trump by two points. twenty-eight to 26. and then just 24 hours ago,
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there was pole out that said that donald trump is up by 20 points. >> keeps changing, so we keep checking. to lauren johnson and more top stories. >> hello, mt. laurel police looking foreman they say is logging on for love. but really targeting women who have no idea they'll soon being victims. have been two incident so far, both happened in the early morning hours, on february 10th, mt. laurel police say the victims met the suspect on the dating site jack and arrange to meet near dunkin' donuts route 73. while the suspect asked to use both women's cell phones to call a friends that's when he takes off. police are using the profile picture that far man hoping they can finds him. facing number of charges accused of assaulting a man he was escorting out every police station. police commissioner richard ross has suspended 43 year old detective adam o'donnell with the intent to dismiss him.
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>> authority say o'donnell then put him in un mark car and dropped him off alongside of the road, prosecutors say that man fractured his feel or, and to this day it is still walking with a limp, mike and alex. >> civil rights advocates farley upset, court demand apple, the computer company and phone company unlocked san bernardino attacker's phone, how this real coy affect your privacy. what do you think? coming up. >> more than just a game. >> lined up for hours to get into the liacouras center for the biggest college game. the city has seen in a while. while this -- why this rivalry goes way beyond basketball, though. pea past .
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>> what happened to your voice? >> i was sucking helium before i did it. >> yes? >> let's hear it. >> someone just tweeted us. oh, okay. >> good for them. hey, liacouras center, north broad, last night, look at all of the folks in the stands, yelling, anticipation, and all
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of that, then temple came out, didn't play very well. they got taken out bynum beer one in the country, villanova, wildcats wake -- making the 18-mile trip to enemy territory on north broad last night, al next. >> it is a rivalry that really goes way back, for both teams, rivalry that the fans and the the mo moss fear makes the big five basketball. but in the end it was all villanova, the score, 83 to 67. >> gig five match up. i would argue, nothing than big five. >> so fresh off last night's win, villanova head coach jay wright, we talked to him last night. he says, you know, why didn't i just common the show tomorrow on friday. >> sounds good to me. >> okay, j, see you tomorrow morning. >> well, another big philadelphia game last night,
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st. joe's taking on 15th ranked dayton. having very good year, kept it going last night, become g up what could be their biggest win of the season, winning 79 to 70. that crowd looks pumped. >> tie at the top of the atlantic ten conference, gives them signature win, could help their chances of getting into the champion. >> should get in. what are they 22 and four? >> court demands apple, unlock the san bernardino attackers phone. how this ruling could affect your privacy, too. >> bob. >> the 42 freeway, not bad at all, working your way in toward philadelphia. some construction coming our way later today. i'm head today new spot for breakfast, and let's check in with philly international. come on, put your tray in the up-right position. let's get this party started. we will grab cup of coffee and come right back.
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in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, drive to your local car buying center. and three, walk out with your check in as little as 30 minutes ! so don't wait...get your free online valuation now at ♪find out how much your car is worth at♪ 6:15, your thursday morning, weekends is almost here, and there are just a couple of small changes from yesterday, philadelphia, and the suburbs, below freezing temperatures this morning, yesterday we were a little bit above freezing, and, just couple of degrees makes a big difference. now our windchills today, are in the teens, and 20's, and even with more sunshine, than we saw yesterday it, will stay cold all day long, we had a weak cold front come through
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last night, gave us colder air, breezing conditions, ten to 15-mile per hour winds today. so, here's what's happening. high pressure is building in today. it will give us plenty of sunshine. but it stays cold, as long as that high stays on shore. things will change though over the weekend, when it starts to get miler. seeing a few snowflakes, come all the way down from lake ontario, not big deal, but showing up on radar, so you may see couple of flakes flying around, that shouldn't amount to anything, it is more about the cold today than anything else. so, real temperatures in the three's, 20's to the north of us, teens up in the mountains, but here's what it feels like, it feels like the teens and 20's out there this morning, there is a 17 degrees windchill in wilmington, so yesterday we got to 43 degrees, today, 37 degrees, but then back to the low 40's tomorrow with cloudy skies and then much milder on saturday, and sunday, as we get into the 50's, that won't last either, by tuesday and wednesday of next week talking about storm,
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probably rain, but we'll have more details on that coming up. >> depending how you get, there mike and i are charting about some traffic related issues. >> yes. >> 6:17. eastbound, 422, an accident here, right on the ramps to the schuylkill expressway. penndot's moving the cameras around here, all just happened few moment ago, but look how quick back up. eastbound, 422 right before you get to the schuylkill, we got tractor-trailer involved, not sure if that guy is really close up to the tractor-trailer, or he is packed into the back there, nonetheless, only that one lane open, as you head eastbound, in toward kop. the first jammo, of the morning, south on 95, heavy from cottman avenue, in toward downtown. and then they'll be doing some line painting later today on 95, just watch changing lanes and you'll get that paint that gets kicked up onto your car. ninety-five delaware county, but add few extra minutes taking the kids to the circus today at 10:30, and coming
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from delco, because that will throw extra time into your trip there. who is hungry? >> i am. >> me. >> new spot for you, the one shot cafe, by the suggestion of lauren johnson there over the weekends, great homemade items, they have their own personal pay trist chef. >> one shot? >> one shot cafe. i don't know, i'll find out. >> really cool library upstairs. 9:00, northern liberties, coming your way. >> thank you, bob kelly. >> 6:18. so a california judge is demanding that apple help the fbi crack the code to one of its iphones, this is terrorism case. >> specifically interested in the one used by the san bernardino shooters last fall. the ruling law enforcement officials can continue their investigation into the horrific attack. what the judge is asking just can't be done.
6:19 am
>> oh, tech experts would disagree, chris murphy. >> absolutely, here is the deal, guys. apple says an order for it to help the fbi crack that phone, the california based company would have to engineer a whole new version of it ios operating system, can lead to problems for all users down the road. the company says developing the new operating system would make all iphone users vulnerable to attack by hackers and cyber criminals that would also like access to everyone's private phones, right? so, some versions of this debate has been happening for decades now, for years, top law enforcement officials push for new legislation that would force technology companies including apple to engineer programs to allow law enforcement officials with warrants to break into a phone if necessary. but civil privacy add co-says say way, they work to keep on line spying. >> it will only be used in this one case, but what a.m. sell saying is this is not
6:20 am
just one dimensional key, but master key that if ending up in the wrong hands could really violate the security of one's iphone all over the world. >> so at this point the government can't simply force apple to crack open the iphone in question. what happens now? apple has publicly said it will fight that court order. the company has five days to formally appeal that decision. >> chris, thank you for. that we'll debate that in just a little bit. >> let's get to lauren johnson with national news. >> good morning, lost ankle hospital said paid ransom to hackers to hackers who disable its network. paid nearly $17,000 because they believe it was in the best interest of the hospital. the fbi, currently, investigating officials say this is proof ransom wear attacks can happen to anyone from individuals to large institutions. >> and 18 year old florida man out of jail on bond this morning, after prosecutors say he was impersonating a doctor. authorities let robinson go
6:21 am
free. police arrested the teenager tuesday, after they say he performed a health exam on an undercover agent and gave medical advice. he has his own office, in west palm beach. get this, it is not his first run in with you law. he was stopped last year at hospital while wandering the halls wearing a lab coat and stethoscope. he is charged for practicing medicine without a license. >> sad news, mob wife star angela big ang has died, her rep released statement saying ang passed away at manhattan hospital just after 3:00 this morning. "tmz" also confirmed the news with family members. she was diagnosed with throat cancer back in april in december she learn the cancer had returned, and spread to her brain, and lungs, and she is survived by her two children and six grandchildren. she was only 55 years old. mike anal next. >> i just watched her on doctor oz on tuesday, matter of fact. that was fast. >> 21:00,. >> america's newest millionaires claim their big cash prize in florida.
6:22 am
>> the couple had one of the winning tickets from last monday's historic $1.5 billion powerball, and now we get to see him. so maureen smith and david, how would you say his last name? >> cultschmidt, live in melbourn beach florida. >> they bought the conditioning ticket at public's grocery store on january 13th, yesterday, lottery officials presented them with their winnings. the couple opted for the lump sum, are you ready, $327.8 million. hull owe. >> think he's been playing the same lottery numbers for about 30 years. >> i wonder if they are happy together? i would like to start dating her. >> what are they going to do with their wings? they'll teens. >> well, of course we will take care of family, and we have a lot to think about. it is very stressful. it is new. and really don't know. >> are they married? >> i don't think they're married. well, they have different last
6:23 am
names. >> well. >> oh, i wonder if that means a wed willing happen or -- >> listen, i can wear white pants too. >> first she said it is very stressful shall please, no, probably is. you know how many people now that it is out therey? remember maureen, we a class together, i'm going to go and ask her, i walk passed her on the street the other day. maybe she will give me a little something something. >> we were once married. >> she doesn't have any record of it. >> i'll put up with the stress. i can help you. the other two winning, somebody in chino hills won, then there was couple in a little town of mumford, tennessee, which i think only has about a thousand people living in it. can you imagine what their live is like? >> could you give a cut to everybody. >> everybody in the town, yes. hey, can you catch the midday results this afternoon on fox 29. >> yes, you can. >> that's when the powerball numbers come out? >> yes. >> or something like that. >> we'll take a look at these and be back.
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>> good morning, aim sean bell. temple on the outside looking in, when it comes to the ncaa tournament. but, a win against their cross-town rivals, and the number one team in the land, villanova, can go a long way. but this is why nova is number one, off the full court, temple, they break it, munson with the tray ball, nova cruises to easy win, 83-67. also, st. joe's, beat dayton, 79-70 up in a set. and it is baseball pitchers
6:27 am
and catchers reported to spring training down in clearwater, florida for the phils, the worse team in baseball last year, looking for a fresh start, the phillies general manager says it is all about the guys on the mound. >> i hope we get to a point where this team competes daily, competes nightly, and i think that starts with pitching. if you can control the game on the mound, then you give yourself a chance. and the development of the players, that's what ultimately will dictate, you know, how many games we win this year, next year, the following year, et cetera. >> that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. remarkable things are happening at your local acme. roy roy fresher.. friendlier. like fresher meat and seafood.
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>> lovers looking for love on line. >> is that what they are looking for? >> if i had this training back then, two lives would have been saved. >> would you know how to react if an emergency struck? what dozen in one local community are doing to make sure they're ready and prepared. >> hey shall everybody cents it is thursday, february the 18th, 2016. we have a number of on scale of one to ten in the weather, a six. >> yes, colder than it was yesterday. you feel it when you walk out the door. winds are little higher, air is a little cold, so we added a scarf to the bus stop buddy
6:31 am
ensemble today, hat covers up his ears wind chills in the teens, 20's, getting started this morning, so indeed it is a six out of ten. so, we trade off. we had whole lot of clouds yesterday. we will have more sunshine, but, it will be colder than yesterday, few clouds are still with us, this morning, once they clear, bright sunshine in store. and it is already starting to get little light out. sunrise is official, soon, in about 20 minute, at 6:50. 32 degrees, but it feels like 25. and there you go. that's what do you have dress for, the wind chills, which is in the teens, 20's, 14 degrees is what it feels like in lancaster, feels like 17 in wilmington, delaware, as we get started this morning, but expect plenty of sunshine, it will be breezy all day, high temperature of 37 degrees. and sunset is at 5:40. so, i guess another boring weather day, bob kelly, and it is all right. >> it is okay. we'll take a boring day. >> action little earlier this week. >> little action earlier this
6:32 am
week, something being up therefore next week, good morning, 31:00, live look at this accident on 422, couple of vehicles, and tractor-trailer, involved. they got a lot of emergency crews, still pulling up here, so this is causing a back up on roadway that typically is already jammed at this hour. eastbound lanes of 422, bumper to bumper from route 29 collegeville, headed on into king of prussia, again, with only that one lane open. because of that accident. otherwise, you are going to find some delays on 95, as you head southbound today in and out of delaware county, they'll be doing line painting south of the airport, down to the delaware state line. and talcony palmyra bridge just had quick opening, the tugboat headed northbound so any minute now traffic should start moving again, looks like the police vehicle here, going to start the process, so if you can grab your keys, head that way, i think you'll be okay. roosevelt boulevard accident at large right there northeast philly, otherwise the
6:33 am
schuylkill and 95 picking p volume. otherwise mass transit looking good, mike and alex looking good. >> 6:33, developing, police are investigating what they're calling an intentional homicide in west philadelphia. >> this is a place we know pretty well after all of these years steve. >> you pride yourself visiting as many dives and bars, but may want to pason cousin dhani's exotic go-go lounge, if you haven't been there yet, because the scene we will show you at 11:00 last night, third murder since august 2009, either just feet outside the front door, or feet inside that door there, here's inspector scott small. >> it appears the shooter was just feet away from the victim, when he fired at least six shots. now, based on witness
6:34 am
information, recorded camera information, our shooter walk up on the victim, this 31 year old victim, just parked his suv along the curb in the 300 block of south 52nd street. the victim exited the driver door, and when he walked on to the curb the shooter walk up, within feet, and fired at least six shots. >> well, he never had a chance. the 911 call came in at 11:00. he was pronounced dead at the hospital 11:19. similar case, as we heard back in 20099, we covered this murder, as well, 27 year old bouncer, orlando morrison, just feet in that front door and a guy walked in, shot him point blank in the head, and then we had another murder, a month ago, three guys shot, one killed, just at the corner there, outside the bar at
6:35 am
52nd and delancey. maybe it is a coincidence, a crowd that goes and hangs out there, but, boy, the homicide team is one of the crowds that's been hanging out there just little too much lately. >> that's for sure. i'll pass. 6:35. >> well, also developing this morning, mt. laurel police are looking for a man they say is going on a dating website, you know, asking like he's looking for a match. >> this is more after hook-up website. but instead, he is looking for victims instead of any casino of lovings. jenny joyce is live at the police department. jenny? >> reporter: good morning, mike and alex. we're live outside after dunkin' donuts where one of the incident happened here along route 73, in mt. laurel. mt. laurel police saying they are investigating two similar incidents, in both cases, these victims, think they're meeting a potential love match. but the suspect had other ideas. police say, they are looking
6:36 am
for a man who is using the match making website called jack to meet his victims. investigators tell us it is a scheme. he makes the connection with a victim, arranges a meet-up and then finds a way to swipe the person's phone. it happened twice in one day in mt. laurel, new jersey, police say dunkin donuts here along route 73, was one of the initial meeting locations officers tell us both meet-up happened in the early morning hours, of february 10th, mt. laurel police lieutenant steven widener explains the suspect's mo. >> once he got there, the suspect got in the victim's car. and the suspect said, hey, let's go to my friends' house, he lives around the corner. so he gave him directions, to the secluded area, which is very close to where the dunkin' donuts is, but a cul-de-sac. once there, they pull up to the rear of the house at the end of the cul-de-sac. and he said that was his friends' house. so he asked the victim if he could borough his phone, and called his friend, so they could get in.
6:37 am
once he did that, they walk up to the house and suspect took the phone and ran. >> and police got these surveillance pictures from a business in the area. they think this could be the suspect, but they don't know for sure, that's why we've learn the man's face. investigators are working with other area police departments, on this, making them aware of the situation. so that if, and when, the suspect were to strike again, they'll have that information immediately. mike and alex? >> i guess be careful with those apps. >> that's right. 6:37. half of the gop presidential candidates face questions last night from voters at a town hall in south carolina. >> doctor ben carson, marco rubio, ted cruz, came up first, because it is two night event, first round, each candidate had their own stage, their own time to talk on stage, also time to talk with voters. one of the biggers issues was apple's privacy battle with the fbi and whether or not the company should break into the phone of one of the san bernardino attackers.
6:38 am
>> i believe that what we need is a public private partnership whether it comes to all of these technical things, and cyber security. >> there has to be a way to deal with this issue that continues to protect the privacy of americans, but creates some process by which law enforcement and intelligence agencies could access encrypted information. >> so of course we should unlock their phones and find out who they're talking to, what text they are sending, and that's a basic matter keeping this country -- >> the second town hall held, will be held tonight, will include donald trump, former florida governor jeb bush, and john case he can, and these events are lead to go saturday's potentially crucial primaries. well, south carolina always crucial. >> poor john kasich has to be between donald trump and jeb bush tonight. wow. >> it will be interesting. >> he's pretty good. he is pretty good on his feet. lauren, what's going on? >> reporter: in new jersey if you live near joint base mcguire dicks lakehurst do not be alarmed the next few days live artillery training will be happening, base says you
6:39 am
can hear some loud noises even feel the ground shake that's training that starts today near route 70 and it lasts through sunday. in wilmington, it is sentencing day for david mat accused in the 20 shooting death of christine, at county courthouse. he was set to attend a court hearing when police say his father shot and killed the victims, then turned the gun on himself. he was found guilty of stalking, resulting in death, along with his mother, and sister. new information released about the man behind shooting at local homeless shelter this morning, we've learned judge has ordered a psych al at trick evaluation to be done on 32 year old john brock. philadelphia police say brock shot and killed a shelter worker at station house homeless facility a day after he was evicted last month. another man was also wounded in the shooting. a march 1st hearing has been set to review that evaluation. the lawyers for kathryn knott asking a judge to reconsider her sentence, knott sentenced to five to ten months in jail and two years every probation for her involvement in a 2014 attack
6:40 am
on gay couple. the victim says knott was part of larger group that used gay slurs while they assaulted the lawyers, knott's lawyer saying impose the sentence excessive, a result of public opinion. two other men received probation after pleading guilty last year. bill cosby fighting back against the woman accused of him of sexual assault, andrea constant, her attorney, her mother, and the national inquirer, named in a lawsuit filed by the comedian, paper state the group all subject to confidentiality clauses, that covered the settlement of lawsuits that constant filed against cost bee, and the tabloid in 2005, prosecutors used depositions from the civil case, to mount the current criminal sexual assault case against cost bee. mike anal next. >> thank you, 6:40. >> philadelphia saying good-bye to one of the ringling brothers biggest act. >> i forgot. i forgot which one, which one is leaving? oh, yes, the elephants.
6:41 am
>> a big crowd of spectators showed up at the wells fargo sent, elephants will move today's permanent home at the ring bling brothers center for elephant conservation, once complete their final show. circus in town through sunday, and end good day later this morning, going to be live at the circus, so casino of like the final walk. >> it really is. >> bye bye to the elephant. tune in, justin watching, right? >> hey, american idol on last night, what happened? >> high. is your mike on? >> i don't know. we can't hear you. >> get close it me. judge basically j-lo was hot. >> she is always hot. >> come on back. seriously. we'll get you all miked up.
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>> it's 6:44. >> would you know what to do in a emergency situation?
6:45 am
i think a lot of times you think you know. but if that situation were actually happening, what would you do? doctors and nurses at temple university, they took the time out to teach others, how to react in those kind of situation. >> yes, this is really interesting looking scene yesterday. they held a shooting re-enactment, to teach people how to save a life if they were ever in a similar situation. it is happening so much in our country, i guess it is a good idea, the two hour hands encores is part of temple's fighting chance program, designed to help high violence neighborhoods react to a shooting scenario. >> the goal of this training is to put the power to save one another, in the hand of the folks that live in the communities with the highest rate of gun injury. >> say fighting chance may break out into other neighborhoods every philadelphia. >> 6:45. >> it is 6:45, and going to be sunny today, but we have below freezing temperatures, and windchills in the teens and 20's, which means, it is
6:46 am
colder than it was yesterday, we'll have windchills with us all day long, so we'll get right to the seven day forecast, so kind of break it down as we get into the weekend. here's thursday, with a high of only 37 degrees. that's colder than it was yesterday. yesterday's high was 43. we're back at 43, on friday, with cloudy skies, much milder, on saturday, we give it nine out of ten already with 58 degrees, and sunshine, and mix every sunday and clouds sunday with a high of 55, we're in the 50's monday, as well, next chance of precipitation, and it looks at this point like it might just be rain, but it doesn't happen until tuesday and wednesday of next week. so, we'll have better idea of course after the weekend what's going on with that. in the meantime, lot to look forward to in weather. but, not looking forward to driving on 422 today, bob kelly.
6:47 am
>> yes, 422, rough go here, sue. 6:46. looking live at an accident now that we're starting to see daylight here. at least one truck, three, four vehicles involved, all 422 eastbound, right here, where 422 basically comes to an end. and splits for either the schuylkill or 202. it is all centered underneath this overpass, and as you can see, only the far left lane getting on by. we are jammo, already, from could the edge ville, put about a half hour on the clock, just to make it in from collegeville, around that saint gabriel's curve all the way in toward the king of prussia mall interchange. downtown we go, live look at the vine, stacked up the right lane here, these guys all lined up trying to get into 30th street station. delays speaking of 30th street on septa's 101 trolley, delays between 69th out of the gate down to congress avenue, all because of some equipment problems. if you are headed to the airport, good to go, so far this morning. down at philadelphia international airport. there is that delay on 422 with the accident, but
6:48 am
otherwise, coming out of chester county, downingtown, good to go on the turnpike, and then later on today, for the gang down here in delaware county, 322 down to one lane, from route one, all the way down to 95. that's always a mess to begin with. you may want to try using 452 if you are trying to get down to 95, or taking the kids maybe to the circus, which has a show later on today at 10:30. mike and alex back over to you. >> bob, nice job again. 6:48. you agree last night was? >> what was it. >> last night was a chance for all of us to really get to know the american idol hopefuls of this season. >> and i like to do, that because i want to know who i should be rooting for, you snow. >> specially in the last year of the show. >> true, the most important. >> and we keep talking about it, much condensed season. so, by next week, we are already going to know who the top ten is, people start voting next weekment tonight is some of the big former idols come back to do some duets. so, here's the headlines. jennifer lopez, looked hot. can i go home now? kidding. so there was another guy,
6:49 am
cory, a lot of people like. he made it to holly -- hollywood last year, let's check out how he did last night. >> ♪ >> i don't think he was great. the reason i don't think it was great because i didn't think it was particularly special. it wasn't incredibly moving to me. >> i felt like it was the most comfortable i've seen you on stage. and it was poinient that were you saying, you know, i'll be me. and i felt like we were just seeing the combination of what you will really turn into. >> i a dry. >> and i like that. >> mike just said do you think that guy is hot. and i said no, jennifer is hot. >> he looks sweaty. >> he looks nervous, right? because he made it this far last year, so we'll see how far he goes. now, he wasn't the only one
6:50 am
who failed the wrath of the judges last night. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> i know that you've hazing vocals, it didn't feel like it was in register or it wasn't sweet, tan wasn't cutting through the way you usually do. but, you know, i love you, shell bee. >> she loved her, shelby. i love shelby. she is a great singer, right? okay, now, mike, the last time i play american idol with you guys. >> yes? >> i made a big mistake. >> oh, oh,. >> what did you say? >> i'm going to tell you what i did wrong at 7:00ment and if you're out there in twitter, facebook, stain gram, snap chat land, do you know what did i? we made a big deal about something. >> what? >> and i was all wrong. >> when was it? >> last time i visited the idol studio, the -- >> a week ago today. >> idol studio.
6:51 am
>> okay. >> trying to think. >> if we counted your mistakes on this show -- >> oh, mike! >> had is a biggie. >> huge. >> all right, 6:51. >> support of kanye west, what is it. >> it is growing. supporters of kanye west, working together to get the millionaire rapper out of debt. according to a go fund me page, they're putting up people willing to get kanye back in the money game. he tweeted he was $32 million in the hole. >> how is that possible? celebrity dermatologist says kim, say it? >> i think going to different -- >> oh, we have moved snob. >> oh, i thought maybe a dermatologist was asking out with the debt? >> here is the thing, going back to that, only raised couple of thousand dollars, it is still a lot, with you when see that compared to 353 million. >> who in the world would donate? >> he has diehard fans. >> how could he be in the hole $53 million? >> i don't think, because later when they are doing story, almost 4,000 -- well,
6:52 am
they were saying he's invested 53 million of his own money, so it is not necessarily he's like in debtor about to go bankrupt, but over time, i don't know, i need to read the article again. >> i don't care one iota. 6:52, so this celebrity dermatologist says kim -- >> kardashian. >> -- spent a lot of money on cosmetic procedures to get her pre baby body back. boy, what breach of contract by spilling this to the gossip column. >> true. >> new york city based doctor says it appears that kim got a tummy tuck. >> oh, he didn't do it. >> liposuction and lazer treatment, probably just look at her and casino every guessed. >> estimate the cost of the procedures, $100,000. now, kim denies she had any work done following the birth of her son saint. rep also claims hey these are false, kim has denied plastic surgery rumors for years, remember, i think there was one episode of keeping up with the cards ash yan's where they did a dray or something of her, she was trying to prove, hey, this is all real. >> i remember that, yes. >> what's khloe done to her lips? have you watched her news show
6:53 am
cocktails with khloe? >> no, have you watched it? is it good? >> no. in the next hour of our show, he played a big part in helping the broncos win the superbowl, and now he's back in town. why in the world is he in our show? i should have done gown and talked at the temple game last night. i am a fool. philadelphia area native, brandon mcmannus, reflect on life as a superbowl champion. while taking in the temple nova game last night. he got a big round every applause. less isn't more.
6:54 am
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with x1 from xfinity. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪
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>> 56:00. >> we celebrate speed skater, sean i davis, first black man to be awarded, with an individual gold medal and the winter olympics in 2006. won the speed skating. >> won at the 2010 winter olympics in vancouver, duplicated that, becoming first man to successfully defends the 1,000-meter gold metal, and repeating as the 1500 silver medalist. >> in month, honor tony morrison, first to win five if literature, won the nobel prize in 1993. >> she won the pulitzer prize in the american book award, in
6:57 am
1988. for her novel believed, as oprah says, tony is known for her epic themes, vivid dialogue, her other notable works of course, the song of solomon, and the blue he is eye. >> this date born in ohio back in 1931. >> national drink wine day. i would like to curl up. do little sipping. find out which age group is consuming the most of it. >> people in their 40's. >> that's my guess.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
>> looking for love? how crooks are going after more than just your heart. another legal twist, for bill cosby. how he's back on the offensive, and targeting a national media outlet. >> and, privacy versus safety. apple, taking on the federal government. the fight over privacy, versus terrorism. >> and the boys of sum remember back, first boys of training are back this morning, we'll take you live to clearwater. straight up 7:00. high, everybody, going t


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