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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  February 20, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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>> happening right now a family trying to copy with the lost of a loved one after a fire in florence township new jersey. a 72 year old woman died.
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good morning. >> heart break for the victim's family and for several others who lost everything. fox 29, live at the scene of the fire you spoke with a family member who's devastated. >> reporter: i did. they are coping tonight with the lost of their under and loved one. take a look behind me, joyce, you can see work has begun. inboard ding up the after maths of this deadly fire, it was so severe firefighters could not get inside until early this morning. that is when they found the body of iran thorn. -- iran thorn. after seeing this fire they only just started boarding it up. you can see it is completely gut ted. this condo flex you can see completely gut ted. let's go to the interview that
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we had earlier with family of this woman who lost heir life here. >> she was kind heart ted person. she loved animals. she loved people, loved her family. she'd do anything to go out of her way for anybody. into. >> reporter: lease zoo read describes her aunt the 72 year old died after fire went through her condo building friday night. flames so fierce and fast two firefighters and police officer were among the six people hurt. >> it was well advanced to police and fire getting here. laura lot of structural damage. and the damage made it tough four firemen to enter. >> reporter: the collapsed roof pierced firefighters to pull back after search of the two story unit in the complex. investigators found her body on her couch around 10:00 saturday morning. until then her family said they see have been searching for her
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after learning of the fire on television. >> i happened to see it on the news this morning. i recognized the building and the address from there we made phone calls and flew over here. called red cross, called everywhere no, we don't have her. >> reporter: with daylight dim mink nearly 24 hours after flames first erupted in unit 39 investigators continuing to go through the debris looking for clues on where and how the deadly fire first began. >> it's very hard because everybody is older and she's one of 13 sisters and two brothers. and some of them have passed, so it's, especially a death like this pretty awful. >> reporter: th back out here life at this still active seen, there's six people hurt including two firemen and one police officer. they were released from the hospital today.
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all of them are expected to be okay. tonight eight people now without a home. authorities continue to investigate exactly what started this deadly fire. joyce, back to you. >> all right. thank you, well police are searching for two men who they say tried to set a bucks county bar on fire. you can see one of the suspected throwing a device at big head's bar. this is on county line road in warminster. the surveillance video was shot early thursday morning. the fire ball set a garbage can on fire. firefighters quickly put the flames out but the fire never did reach the bar. if you have any information police want to hear from you. now to a 12 pink story. police are looking for two men seen running from the scene of a stabbing at cuts town university. it happened just before 1:00 this morning during some kind of argument. several blocks from campus. someone pulled out a 95 and stabbed a 22 year old. that student is in serious condition in the hospital
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tonight. if you have any information at all police want to hear will hear from you. a scene in brooklyn this morning leavers two no, police officers shot. investigators are still trying to determine how it all went down. started around 3:30 this morning. police say first officers heard gunshots when they went to check it out. the suspect pointed his gun toward police. then took off in a car. police followed the gunman as he drove down the wrong way or a street. then they say the suspect ran flue one of their cruisers. a total of eight officer involved in the purr suited. at some point two plain clothes officers were shot. >> they were a letter. they were talk caitiff in fact. and it was so good to see them in the good shape they were in spite everything they had been through. >> suspect was also shot multiple times. he is in critical condition tonight. a great day and night to get outside. we take a live look in
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wilmington. temperatures climbing to 60 in most spots. not mad for web for february. how about tomorrow. it won't be quite as warm. won't be quite as wayne windy. still not a bad day. another warm day. temperatures may not get 20. still comfortable. wind will die down. a period of rain. not completely dry tomorrow. midweek storm those are the big headlines we are looking at tonight. just dropped down 48 degrees now. light breeze about nine miles an hour. high today was 60. and still pretty comfortable out there we see a few areas into the 50s like pottstown, mt. pocono. very comfortable. will not get down to freezing overnight tonight. we'll keep an eye on this tomorrow for the look ahead let's go to the computer forecast and show you exactly when we could be dealing with rain. not at noon it stays dry, by afternoon clouds will increase. rain develops say about three or
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4:00 just a few spotty showers. a bit more widespread by nine clock. look at the temperatures, forecast 40s tomorrow night. 38 in mt. pocono. no question this will be all rain overnight even monday morning it is clearing out could be above freezing. could be a case of midweek storm. >> thank you dave a are recovery option for a tug boat and barge that round a ground off the coast of atlantic county will continue tomorrow. the 77 foot tug boat loss power and ran a ground north of the inlet. operations suspended due to weather and tied conditions. it was a big day for folks democratic and republican candidates running for the nomination. crucial contest in the 2016 presidential race taking place today. the race were tied results not
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really until complete fovea surprise. foxs car line with the very latest now the information coming from columbia, south carolina. >> reporter: competitive contest as democrats go head to head in nevada while republicans duke it out in south carolina. donald trump becomes first candidate to win back to back. into in a there's nothing easy about running for president i can tell you. its tough. its nasty. its mean. its vicious. its beautiful. [ laughter ]. >> when you win its beautiful. >> reporter: the senator ted cruz is fighting as the winner of the iowa caucus he's the only candidate to beat trump. rubio making a strong showing in south carolina. jeb bush making the decision to suspend his campaign after the results. >> i remain optimistic.
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america 's best days are ahead. >> reporter: on the democrat side hillary clinton takes home a win in the nevada caucus. >> i am so so thrilled and so grateful to all of my supporters out there . . . senator bernie sanders congratulate ted clinton and says he's looking forward to future contest. >> it is clear to me and i think most observers that the win is all at our backs. >> reporter: on tuesday the republican caucus in nevada while the republicans are here. >> activist are showing support for a no, police officers convicted of shooting unarmed man. philadelphia is one of several states to hold a really peter lee yank. he's a scapegoat because of frustration of police involved shootings around the country.
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he was convicted of manslaughters for the 2014 shooting death of girlly. was hit by a bullet fired by the officers gun as he was walking down a stairwell. lawmakers, family and friends gathering in our nations capital to say goodbye to justice antonin scalia who died suddenly last week age of 79. >> it was a fit sink fair well for the conservative justice and devout catholic. >> thousands gathered today the largest roman catholic church urge north america to bid fair well to justice antonin scalia. today's funeral mass was celebrated by his son. >>the waters of baptism he died with christ. and rose with him to new life. may he now share with him what
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was attorney glory. >> speaking of his father antonin scalia the son his father's funeral should focus on. among those who gathered to grief and celebrate the life. supporters agree was a power house. his impact on the court will be felt for generations. >> hope does not disappoint. because the love of god has once
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test test test test test >> scary moments for a man in olde city after a stairwell collapses this happened about 6:30. firefighter called in to rescue a man after he got trapped. he was taken to the hospital for broken bones. he's okay he's in stable condition. annual 46 hour dance marathon at penn state as feet for for for some dancers it became impossible to make it to the end. some releasing a statement this evening that at least six dancers and one volunteer had come down with a nasty stomach illness and had to be sent home.
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symptoms include fever, no sha and vomiting. they had to send them home because a number of children there have compromised immune systems so the dancers are now 28 hours into anthony which is racing money to fight cancer. fierce oversee quarks wind sir fer says she contracted the virus with training in brazil last november. the world health. gold medical list says symptoms right in line with those with dreaded illness. a claim that could scare fans and athletes of summer olympic games from attending south america first olympics. france rejected a un resolution submitted by russia demanding immediate halt to all.
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foxes john has latest now from injury argues lam. >> reporter: as the fighting continues there's been some progress. today largest opposition group. high negotiation commit says it's ready in principal to agree on a temporary truce with conditions. with one step forward, two steps continue to be taken back in the sees fire negotiations. on friday, france shot done a russian sees fire. us called the proposal a distraction. turkey stepped up attacks on syrian border retaliation for bombing on wednesday. >> favoring national h face sink national security threats since the start of the conflict. from terrorists organizations operating there. >> one of the groups considered a terrorists organization by
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syria and russia has also become a major stumbling block in the sees fire negotiations. al qaeda, seer row jasmine option group wants syrian and russian forces to stop attack king as part of ghts conditions store a truce. russia said it will continue to strike those and it considers terrorists. there's another player who can destroy any seize fire if it happens. syrian president said earlier this week that no one would be able to stop the fighting and that he will retake all syria. injure argues lam john fox news. >> a big party tonight in delaware county for one of the oldest african american fraternal groups in the united states. they are celebration 200 years. fraternity held a black and white affair to mark the
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milestone in springfield. 700 members came so the to commemorate. >> the perfect prom dress with the perfect price. >> i found the dress. got it. loved it. now i'm going to another prom and i needed another dress. >> after a few tries she found it. >> i said yes to the dress. >> where is she finding these gowns. it's not a typical store its a charity called helping hands in the northeast. >> we get them all over the united states. people ship them to us. >> they are featuring a few both used and gently used. >> i'm a twin we need two and money, you can't spend 700 dollars on a dress any more. >> what are you going for what kind of look into different
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looks. >> all different looked for one a trait particular price twenty dollars which is donated back to the organization. >> total of 40 dollars for two dresses. >> its a deal you can't beat it. >> her daughter launched the prom dress drive a couple years ago. we featured the story in the past. she purchased the dress of her dreams. but couldn't go to the prom because of money. she's trying to lesson the financial burden for other girls so they can live out their prom fantasy. >> it gives me chills. and makes us feel like we are making a difference. >> it is fun to walk the red carpet. if you miss the event today it is going on again tomorrow from ten until one. we'll put all the information on our website jennifer joyce fox 29 news. it is not something anybody really enjoys taking your car to the mechanic. one auto shop is catering to
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women. when you get your haircut you probably throw it away. one dresser kept don len nones hair you won't believe how much she sold it for.
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>> in alabama violence erupted. a five year old was grace d in the neck.
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a 21 year old man shot in the neck in the mall. they are expected to be okay. police believe some type type of altercation led to that shooting. a florida middle school teacher facing a slew of charges after prosecutors say he had sex with a student. school officials say they first noticed the teachers behavior when she was eat ding lunch with the student. her behavior escalated. investigators say the student's mom was looking through the child phone when she recognized the teacher's name. the teacher traded nude pictures with the student including pictures of her bottom. at some point after that investigators say they had sex. she is charged with anyone counts. investigators now trying to determine if she had sexual relations with other students. >> they had time to try to work with the school staff.
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other teachers. and talk to any students moo might be concerned. >> folks will be placed on leave without pay during the criminal investigation. eps say the city of flinted state of michigan are not doing enough. while resident struggle through the crisis to get safe water. the director of the water enforcement division says some progress has been made but significant issues remain that need quote immediate attention. apple versus fbi fighting a court order to hack into the cell phone of one of the san bernardino shooters. apple ceo tim cook refuses saying that breaking the code would make every apple device vulnerable. the killer's iphone is essential and may include information. five business days to formally
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respond. feeling tired. you are not alone. more adults aren't getting enough sleep and it has something to do with where you live. couple finding a new way to get their sexy bad. saving their marriage. treatments many are relying on to turn back the clock. temperatures today warm one not quite near record territory. five ten degrees to go. warm after last weekend. we are going back down as far as temperatures go.
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>> did you know an estimate ted 65% of car repair customers are women? >> so it seems like a no brainer right for mechanics to appeal to that demographic, but you'll
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have a tough time find distinct an auto repair shop like. >> reporter: its a naturally intimidating place. the uncertainty, the pressure. am i getting ripped off? >> taken advantage of. most of us have been there. >> breaks are going out. battery is low. it cost $1500 we're going to fix it today for you. >> reporter: but the play book looks different at max will. >> we want to make sure they feel were good about it and they are doing the right thing eu after seven years in the car part business and business to hundreds if not thousands, susan found out anion tapped marketed women. >> we are also busy. i have a lot of things to do. i don't have time to sit and
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wait for my car. >> reporter: to hair and face to a kids air to gift wrapping hours of waiting can be made useful. i can have my oil changed and purse that gift. >> when it comes time to talk about the work needed on your car they'll walk you through it. >> they'll show you. >> reporter: if you can't be there in person no problem. >> every technician has a tablet electronic and they can take pictures of the vehicle or the parts while they are working on the car and then we are able to text it or email it to customers who are not here. >> we need a place like that in philadelphia. there's candy an thank you note waiting for them on the front seat. not bad. >> i want to go there. you didn't want to be here. high winds causing trouble in the midwest. in iowa it was a hard time for
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trucks trying to stay upright on friday. police say wind speeds reached 60 miles an hour. four overturned trucks caused traffic to turn up. no such problems here today as we take a live look at sea isle city in new jersey. head out to the beach i'm sure the water was probably very very cold day. but it was nice out. pack your bagging on down. >> no, ghts too cold. it was something in the midwest oh well 25 mile an hour wind gust. >> they had 60 mile an hour gentleman jot wind is dying down though. it brought in the warm air. temperatures will go down. it's almost a month away spring begins march 20th. march 13th you turn clocks forward so you get that extra hour of daylight at night. we hit 60 day. that's what we see april fifth.
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so, we're a little ahead of schedule. but the temperatures are going back down 60 down to 45. 40 we'll rebound a little bit tomorrow to 52 then drop to 38 degrees by monday morning. that will be the key temperature. because we will have some rain coming into the area tomorrow night. overnight to tomorrow to early monday. keep a close eye on the temperature. not a bad starter to tomorrow. mid to low 40s. rain does not look like much yet. pick up a little steam and gain a little energy by the time it gets here tomorrow evening see a little period of rain. it starts late afternoon or so to the south we'll see delaware, new jersey getting a little bits of light rain. looks like it's all rain overnight tomorrow night and early monday because the temperatures will be well above freezing. it clears out by monday. now here's the thing i want to keep a close eye on because the rain will be clearing out then temperatures will drop a little bit. dry out fast enough were okay but some areas could be down to
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write about or below freezing so might have ice on your car with rain coming down. the roads should be fine. watch for some icy spots early monday. very very early before these temperatures rebound. little problem initially because of the cold air in place. we'll get the brief mix happening. as you get the warm air coming on top of the cold air storm off the coast keeping the warm air to the south. also northeast wind will develop tuesday and wednesday with full moon on monday that could cause coastal flood king issue issues with higher tides. by wednesday night that storm clears out. this one gains energy here and pulse up very warm air. our temperatures soar into the 50s and 60. that will change to rain. there will be an initial period early wednesday where it could be a mix.
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heavy rain weans. it will clear out by wednesday night and early thursday. one problem to watch is the coastal flooding issue because that consistent northeast wind and higher than normal tied thanks to full moon. tuesday, wednesday and early thursday. now once that clears out it gets colder in the evening. go back down to 40. and there's the 29 back there drop down below freezing. and with a little bit of moisture coming through we could see a passing snow shower next saturday with temperature of 41 no 60s. >> like a roller coaster. works out pretty well. >> good timing. >> okay. astronauts program might be more pop you lar than ever after record number of applications. so just how many people really want to go to infinity and beyond? >> when you get your haircut you probably throw it away one hairdresser kept john lennon's
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or 15 years. you won't believe how much she just sold it for.
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>> community members in monroeville alabama remember mink the life the author of the classic to kill a mock king bird. county heritage museum, symbol to the literary great who made the building famous. it was used for those courtroom scenes from the film version of the famous nozzle. apparently there's a lot of people looking to get out of this world. nasa announced it received a lot of applications for it's next as stray thought class. more than double of the previous record for the first space shuttle. >> federal government is the us consumer says it will seize or recall any of the two wheel scooter if they don't immediate safety standards. 52 reports of fires that users
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say were caused by hoverboards. those fires reportedly led to two million dollars in property damage. feeling a little groggy tonight. the center for disease control says one of every three adults does not get enough sleep. about 35% f of adult are sleeping less than seven hours hours a night. lack of sleep can cause variety of problems. people in southeastern us get the lease the amount of sleep. well you county buzz love. you can buy a piece of hair from john lennon. some super fan paid 35 thousand dollars for a piece of his hair. a meme we'll yay collect base d in brit tan paid the price. a hairdresser kept the locks after giving len non a trim
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before filming how i won the war in which he starred. monday other items a copy of the famous butch choreal bum cover which went for 125 thousand dollars. finding a new way to get sexy back saving their marriages. >> there isn't any magic any more. felt empty. >> you see it right in your face. >> were not just talking about your. treatments many are relying on to turn back the clock. >> coming up tomorrow we got important tips to make family vacation better. going to help you if you are on that family vacation teaching children to swim. license plates why some of them are selling, all that tomorrow morning we'll see you at 7 a.m. .
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teaching your kids, choose, choose, choose. but at bedtime? ...why settle for this?
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enter sleep number, and the ultimate sleep number event, going on now. sleepiq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make. you like the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! only at a sleep number store, all beds on sale. right now find our c2 queen mattress starting at only $599.99. know better sleep with sleep number.
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>> high profile public figure. team mink up with philadelphia district attorney seth williams during the. tallest standing tour choosing vegetable. philadelphia mayor stepping in to measure how well they all did. it was for a good cause. the event will be used to preserve historic market and for our program. a manayunk local turned out for mummer's mardi gras parade. big event marched down main street. it's one more way to keep the tradition a live in the city since budget cuts led tory destructions in some of their. >> more and more couples are fighting the clock to keep that fire burning they are turning to a treatment that's been around for years. but it's not just about bedroom here. i met a couple who just won't
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slow down. >> candle light midweek after work. laughing. holding hands. making plans. feels like new love. not really what you might expect out of a couple of grand parents. married to each other. for a quarter century now. they weren't always this frisk key. >> there wasn't any magic there any more. you we just felt empty. >> they have grown tired, heavier, irritable, un interested or just plain unable. >> it's right in your face. >> i just won't accept the fact
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that there's no solution or this is the way it is. >> so she went searching for the way they were. or at least the release from her menopause salt tortures. >> what she found was a decade old treatment silver controversial for some reason its gaining popularity in our area. >> these are the exact structure found in the body. >> bile hormone y'all replacement. those are compounded hormones. >> tailored for each person not fda verified for safety or. toughness. >> some one personner one person might have estrogen or testosterone, everybody is a little differs. >> they come in avert of forms, pills, creams, gels and patch,
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synthetic or organic. >> you can't say that one is safer than another. >> ob/gyn doctor measures possible risk versus benefits for each patient. to determine if hrt is worth it. and for many women and men she says it can be. >> when they have a lot of symptoms that we can't effectively control with other methods. >> demand for these was enough for long time radiologist to retire from pulmonary critical care and set up a practice completely devote ted to hormone replacement therapy. he says his wife convinced him to see for himself. >> of course, when i went there this is not going to work. and i saw all these people so happy. i said i got to do this when i come back. >> he's still doing it in his stents 70s and he's not alone. >> most in early 40s, 42 to 45.
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>> older women and men too. >> i have one gentleman who comes in here he's 78. >> roscian is in her 50s. >> i said i'm miserable right now i can try it, i'll try it and see what happens. >> 3 to four times a year she gets estrogen and testosterone that dissolves overtime. >> put the potentially lats into. >> she says win weeks. >> my body started to come a life. >> she came after me and she was after me every day. >> i would say win six months to nine months i lost 20 pounds. >> challenging. >> andy got tested got his own, dropped weight and gained plenty of bragging rights among his
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buddies. >> at first they thought i was lying. >> love making is different not just mildly different dramatically different. >> i'd effect doctor miller says hormone levels are regulator ted. uterine being and facial hair growth. >> does it grow the hair back on your head? >> no hello. >> increased la bee dough is a perk he says not the only reason people want it. >> skies tolerance. decrease depression. isn't just for sex. >> andy and roseann well they're not complaining. ♪ >> oh, they are something else. well there are a number of doctors offering the treatment
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in our area and new office are opening up soon. but, you want to check with your own doctor the cost various depending on the method of the treatment that you get. >> that's interesting. a ton of college basketball today t i'll move on one big five team gets a disappointed game on the road for the first time all year. the fliers led up a lead in the first period they go to overtime
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>> flyers have lost three out of had out of last four games. and are falling behind in a very tight playoff iras. they gave up third period lead and lost in a shoot out giving appoint, they just desperately need. tonight they almost suffered the same feat. now tied. flyers on attack. overtime the flyers get a fast break. here's an opportunity and wins the game. the flyers win
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five-four. college basketball villanova still the number one team in the land. the coach doesn't like being in that position. he says earlier this week he basically puts a target on your back. today butler bull dogs. before the gameville nova showed love to the seep yours. celebration two winning guest guys in program history. butler was looking to spoil the night for the scene yours. that was part of a, nova would flex their muscle. nova create distance. beat for 7th straight win. saint joes second half, drives and wings he 35 points.
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hits the corner. saint joes wins 99-93. william and mayor ree and drexel. william and mary still have a chance to win the game. no good 74-69. ryan howard has finally received in clearwater. most of the guys are already there. there are so many knew players the few veterans have to take a lead. >> making sure we surround young
10:56 pm
people with. really good about the group. >> older guys want to make their mark. they want to compete against the younger guys, and the younger guys want to take their job. that's the nature of the business. [ laughter ]. >> that is our news for this saturday night. good day begins at 7 a.m..
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