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tv   Chasing News  FOX  February 23, 2016 12:00am-12:31am EST

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♪ >> imagine living next door to this, a house overflowing with junk. >> it blows my mind that this guy is an absolute denial. >> i am from believer, sunbathing seals are forecasting the start of spring. >> looking for warm water. >> coming down the driveway looking at it. >> this is the front lawn. all over the front lawn. >> the best thing that ever happened to these kids. teesix you are in brooklyn chasing a story. one of your neighbors is a hoarder. >> imagine living next door to this to my house overflowing with junk.
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neighbors here on avenue well sit a house is full of so much garbage that the owner can't even sit in there. >> so much stuff in they're he can't even live in their himself. >> accused of harboring raccoons in rats. one neighbor estimating whenever estimating it has been this way for almost 20 years. the city has yet to take action. manyaction. many don't want to go on camera for fear of retaliation. cars and trailers with pennsylvania license plates parked all around town. >> the inside of the vehicle is loaded. it can't even be driven. >> i am told in hoarding situations generally the department of health doesn't step in.
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knocked on the trailer in the house, no answer. bill: many people will tell you. it sounds like this man needs help. >> a lot of neighbors, he has connections with the government. that's why they think nothing is happening here. >> a mental illness. a lot of times this is a person poses a threat to others. this guy is an absolute denial. he has a garage that is also full. is going into the street. at what point does the city go you need to deal with this. >> the most annoyed by this
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they say it's been going on for over 20 years. one neighbor show me. the sanitation department is saying we don't really see evidence. we really don't see evidence of the debris. hello, you just have to come for yourself. i will keep you updated. >> i think i need to see some complaints 1st. then they can take action and investigate. >> if the neighbors aren't happy about this. >> of the neighbors aren't happy they can go to the authority. >> are you kidding? they ought to be digging in and solving the problem. bill: "high speed chase",. >> flagler county, florida.
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three other accomplices. charged with burglary and criminal mischief. >> ii am returning this. i want my money back. so they ripped everything up. throwing pizza boxes, parmesan cheese containers. a thousand bucks worth of damage. >> the new jersey transit strike, not boding well at all. i'm calling it commuters who get it. an absolute disaster if it happens. ♪ >> on the schmooze barry river. it has been popping up on social media.
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the thing coming to check out skeleton island. not allowed. see just how close we can get. >> pretty happy out there. it's february, 50 degrees outside and sunny. just this morning i was out on the beach. hanging out right here on the beach. now, actually just popped up. that popped up to get a little cool down here. come out here early in the morning. the hundred on sunday, 50 today. a little bit hard to see these amazing seals up there.
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they will do what chasers do. ♪ >> him out here. we got in chad. >> were just hanging out. bill: what are they doing here? >> eating fish. >> they are here. popping the head out over here. at least 50 since this morning. a bunch of photographs right here.
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>> there they are. hanging out. >> of any of them sealed the deal? ♪ [laughter] bill: so rohan, they eat the little fish. >> the sharks eat the seals. >> you are trying to see some sharks. bill: cycle of life, rohan. but you're going to have sharks. don't go overboard. >> out here they start showing up. having a little fun. looking for warm water. bill: all right. thanks, rohan.
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nicely done. >> coming down the drive. >> it's not right. >> they are sick to the stomach. >> i was so disappointed. people take the time out of their day. bill: somebody, probably several somebody's. wheeling out all over the property. >> kostas our gardens. a rain garden. kostas a lot of our activities. >> the front lawn out in front. drove down all over the front lawn.
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drove right down the sale. just complete disregard. a couple of different places. encourage them to sound the alarm. >> they have come from the clubs. get the word out. community volunteers, destroyed. >> police obviously have the incident under investigation. offer a helping hand. talking about something, $12,000 worth of damage. likely much more. the neighbors have offered
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to help. security cameras are about to be installed. meeting with people to believe that wreckage is mainly a case of highly destructive drunken vandalism. concerted efforts to destroy if you know who did this call philadelphia police. it's one thing to see the pictures. quex's probably the best thing that could ever happen to these kids. now they can rebuild. bill: thanks. >> i wanti want to be a racecar driver but i'm a reporter. >> he lives in japan. is actually really happy. grumpy. 35,000 instagram followers.
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44,000 followers on twitter. >> mixed with a little bit. comes to us with a have six letters. some of our laws. onethem were lost. one of the employees came in and bottle fed them. >> 2013, passed away monday after a car accident.
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♪ >> well, our hearts are deeply saddened as we remember former ms. miss new jersey 2013 and passed away monday after being in a horrific car accident about a week ago. a bright young woman on our show. most recently a host of s and j today. they shared a video. video. so full of life and lots of energy. >> you're going to miss me when i'm done. >> the post went on to say
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she passed away at 4:31 a.m. surrounded by family. the speak to her giving nature before she died she made the selfless decision to donate her organs. at this very moment she is saving lives. our heart goes out to her boyfriend who just days ago asked people to continue to keep her in their prayers. shared pictures of them at disney world and said she was is everything. her puppy mr. dearly. monday evening there will be a special remembrance at princeton university. we spoke with those from the ms. miss new jersey campaign who are heartbroken at this moment. they say this young woman will be deeply missed and mourned. bill: to police know what caused the accident yet? not even that she was speeding but maybe going too fast for conditions. >> i don't wanti don't want
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to speculate. they did say she was not wearing her seatbelt. it is just really an unfortunate matter. she ended up having to undergo brain surgery. it sounds like the family was keeping her alive. that way she could bless others. bill: spent her last week are bad road conditions. >> i could be anybody. >> song says the government miss me when i'm gone. ♪ ♪ bill: south carolina primary , it's behind us.
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donald trump, huge win. >> separation saturday. first, of course winner and front runner for the commanding first-place finish. seems to be the establishment favorite. the place for the values. >> the 21st century conservative movement, the son of a bartendera bartender and the made from cuba who is one step closer. >> marco rubio surprised some with the spanish. joyce and 81 percent approval rating. >> roger stone. what happened on saturday? is trump on an inevitable march to the convention?
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>> the american people want a radical change, an outsider, somebody unconnected to the mistakes. more and more that is emerging is donald trump. bill: the northeastern primary, new jersey, new york. what do you do you expect to happen? you think trump has steam now? is going to roll right through we will have a good idea whether or not he can be the nominee. >> i think for the 1st time in a long time to new jersey primaries going to matter. as the establishment goes all out on like reagan they will never throw in the towel. all of these latebreaking states will matter. >> the price is vice president marco rubio? >> he is a dealmaker but he also sees the big picture.
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i don't think he has ruled anybody out or in. but the way you get trump commit you can bully him. >> is it occurred to anyone the maybe he's the best thing that happened to the republican party? >> i certainly agree with that. before this they have no no ability to reach out to new people. there was no way to get african-americans comeau why catholic democrats. these people were unavailable to us. trump is a breath of fresh air. bill: all right. thanks. >> beautiful weather. >> cleaning all that winter grime off of your car. ♪
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bill: coming up next, what some people will do look beautiful. bill: "chasing news" is beautiful. bill: "chasing news" is coming right back.
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♪ i've been a turkey farmer my whole life... and i raise turkey for shady brook farms®. we don't use growth-promoting antibiotics, that's just the way things should be done. that's important to me. my name is glenn, and i'm an independent turkey farmer. (female announcer) shady brook farms®. no growth-promoting antibiotics, just honest, simple turkey. ♪ >> nailed it.
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bad whether might be coming our way. thethe east coast is starting off with some beautiful weather. you should take advantage of it by cleaning all that winter grime off your car. only if you have a little help. unfortunately i reallyi really don't think my dog would help me out. you know. >> typically something most people try. one of the main ingredients. sterilize droppings that come from japanese nightingales. trying to bring to the us.
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>> onceus. >> once i got there i changed. she just examines your skin. then the moment we have all been waiting for. >> the.of the bird droppings is to exfoliate the skin. help that process. sterilized using uv light. then takes the powder. >> makes the skin brighter. and exfoliates. >> just kind of out an organic is to it. as soon as she finished applying it. once the droppings are all is pretty much a traditional facial from there. a rough day at work.
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>> i feel like a new woman. >> superstition. bill: everyone who has been pooped on. >> the 1st thing i did. bill: how did you do? >> this guy. nothing on that guy either. >> actually inspired by geishas. it's funny. the reason they found out comeau where a lot of lead paint on their faces. they were dying and getting sick. i would do it again. >> your skin looks flawless.
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bill: how gross? >> i can only imagine. ♪ >> this is a fox 29 news update. >> good morning, i'm fox 29 meteorologist kathy orr. we are in for a cloudy night. the clouds will increase. it will be chilly. the low 36 in the city. 30 in the suburbs and then all eyes on the rain that's moving in from the south. so these showers will be the appetizer a bigger storm will move in on wednesday expect the rain to begin by midday across the region. full details cupping ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪
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