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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  February 23, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EST

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♪ >> it feels like jail sometimes. >> does it. >> yes. >> sometimes. >> do you feel trapped. >> hi lauren. >> hi alex. >> hi everybody. >> good day, it is tuesday february 23rd, 2016. all right, ladies, next time your elbow deep in dishes. >> yes. >> blame your husband. >> i don't have a husband. >> no sometimes husband are elbow deep in dishes too but this time we're talking to the
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ladies. new study says a a lot of the housework is your husband's fault. how many extra hours of work is to blame. is your husband to blame. how many extra hours of work do you think you can blame on that husband. >> we are getting things started, aren't we. >> i don't understand what is happening. >> we bought you a hamsters. >> do you remember her. >> yes, sibling surprise, little girl from cape may shock her brother, buys him a hamster with her birthday money. we will bring in the whole family to talk about why this is so special. she took 55 toll are and bought something for her brother. >> yes. >> what? we will meet her. >> incredible evening for a local military family first vice from it carrie under wood and high seas adventure with american idol they never saw coming. we will talk to them live at 9:30 about the surprise. >> hey chris, what are you
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doing. >> well, speaking of surprises, all right, i'm here in the news van. we have just pull in the parking lot poncz see owe's which has been here since 196 one of the waitresses joan has been working here for 50 years, two years, and we will head inside and surprise her, with a little swag from fox 29, in just a minute. you will meet her, 50 years working in one place, can you believe it. >> no. >> i feel like i have been here this long. >> mike? >> no, it is a good thing. >> the catholic league has had a big basketball championship last night. >> yes. >> girls and boys. >> yes. >> and guess what i heard. >> what did you hear. >> archbishop wood, the girls basketball team champions of the catholic league. >> wow, wow. >> yeah. >> there they are last night. >> there they are. >> welcome. >> and here they are this morning. >> come on, a live shot right there in our studios. >> hi coach good to see you. >> how are you.
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>> let me get this microphone. >> how big is this squad. >> they keep going on and on. >> yes, coach, come back to me. we will stan in the middle. >> it is a big squad. push back to the window a little bit. goodness gracious. >> who is that assistant coach. >> yes. >> right here. >> keep squeezing in, middle. and get a shot of everybody. okay, coach, come on over here. >> is what your name, man. >> mike mcdonald. >> now, what is a a good michael mcdonnell song. >> i don't know any. >> is he always this way. >> yes. >> your coach. >> yes. >> step up here and show it. so this is, the net y'all cut down. >> yeah. >> i would have all introduce yourself and where you get to college but that would take the rest of the hour. so who did you beat. >> newman goretti. >> that is a good squad. >> very good team good what was the final.
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>> forty-36. >> were you nervous, everybody nervous. >> yes. >> who was leading scorer. >> you are bailey. >> yes. >> okay good do you live near the school. >> i live like 20 minutes. >> are you going on to college. >> i'm going to drexel university. >> a drexel dragon. >> that is not very far to drive. >> not really. >> your parents wanted to keep you in the city. >> my choice. >> it was. >> it was. >> congratulations. >> who had most assists. >> who brings the ball down. >> claire. >> claire good what year are you. >> i'm a senior. >> where are you going. >> i'm going go to desales university. >> where. >> desales university good where is that. >> it is in center valley. >> i should know that. >> congratulations to you. >> thank you why is the team so good. >> we play together, a lot of good talent, they battle each other all 17 kid on varsity
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battle each other every day and they play to go on the court, not the just one person but it is everybody. that is why we're successful. >> okay. why don't you step forward here, open up your jersey, do you want to hear my joke. >> no, no. >> okay. >> what kind of basketball doesn't bounce. >> what, i don't know. >> wood basketball. >> good one. >> yes. >> let's do, bill, can you do a pan of everybody. that is bill, he is our camera person. and wave to your moms and dad and all of your friends. we will pan all the way down. coach, get out of the way you have had enough publicity. >> congratulations, ladies. >> thank you. >> i'm very proud of you. >> now get out. you have to go to school now. >> i don't. >> bye. >> seriously, leave. >> bye ladies. >> bye. >> run out like you are on the court.
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>> okay, they are tired. >> they should be. >> that was a big win. >> by the way, also a big congratulations to roman catholic the boys won. hey coach who did they beat. >> they beat newman goretti too. >> leave newman goretti alone. >> poor know man goretti. >> they have enough championships. >> they have been champions before we have had so many employees who went to newman goretti. goretti girls, you know. they had a rough night last night. >> yes. >> would you like to get back at your x, that creep. >> if you had problems first time what is to say you will not have problems once again. why would you ever get back together. >> despite their troubles chloe kardashian says she would marry lemar odom all over again. they are still married. >> that coach is very talkative, isn't he. >> okay, listen. >> the best dream, it is okay, i hope that first marriage could happen again but really
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hard to like, you know, erase everything that happened but that is just building a friendship back is what i'm doing now and it has nothing intimately, nothing at all just pure love and i want someone to learn how to love themselves again. >> pretty good advice. >> i have been watching this. i hate to admit it. >> her chloe show. >> yes. >> how do you like it. >> it is a good move on her part. it is so annoying but i like to watch shows that annoy me sometimes. >> who hosts that. >> it is chloe and i cannot say her last name. >> because it is still lent. >> that is right. >> he cannot say the name. >> cocktails with chloe i can say. >> i just can't say. >> kardashian. >> that is it. >> what do you think, would you ever get back together with an x. is there a reason to ever get back. >> yes. >> have you done it. >> i have not, but i think it depend on why they are an x. if there is lying, cheating and they are deceitful and
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they are just like scum bags. >> don't say that war. >> sorry. >> then i just don't see it working. >> if they are like you break up because of circumstantial reasons,. >> i can think of only one reason to get back with the x. >> what? >> sex was good. >> i didn't a say that. >> some friend have gone back and at least i know what i'm dealing with. >> that is true. >> yes. >> i know it is i may have tried other stuff. i know it is comfortable. >> if you meet someone totally new it is learning them all over again. you start to know them. >> here we go. >> how many brothers and sisters do you have. >> i don't care. >> i don't care. >> what kind of music. >> then that is being lazy. >> yes, right good they are not for you, they are in the for you. >> you just want to get back, get back with your x. >> other reasons is my friends call it recycling. >> yes.
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>> recycling. >> that means it is not permanent, right. >> well, some women they value their number, so it is like you go back there and you keep it low. >> your number. >> that number. >> kind of like what you referenced. >> so you don't count that again. >> no. >> what is your number. >> is what wrong with you. >> i'm not pat croce. i don't have muscles. >> you have heard that before, right. >> yes, totally. >> yes. >> some guys may in the know bit. >> we are putting you up on game, mike. >> thank you. >> i could use it later today. >> women can have have a lot to juggle until their lives, you know, family, job, career, social life, social media, well now a new study shows husbands are adding to your
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wows. >> the research is from the university of michigan, and found just having a husband, just having him around creates an extra seven hours of chores every week for woman. >> oh, my god. >> on the flip side if you have a a wife she relieves the men of an her of work around the house. experts say it is because, general rules reassigned in marriages, and much of the work still falls on the woman. alex holley that is good news for us single laid is. >> welshing no the good news for one jen fred who has two children and a really lazy husband named steve. i'm just kidding. he is very energetic and does a a lot of work around the house but what do you think about that study. >> 100 percent steve. he doesn't do a lot of work. he mows the lawn in the summertime. >> that is it. >> and takes out the trash. >> that is it. >> he is taking out the trash. that is why i don't have a ten year-old taking out the trash. i will say this, it is insane
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to me that there is still this but it is beyond insane that the guys cannot pitch n you you know this. mike, our photographer and jared are both guys that get home earlier in the day. so they claim to make dinner every night and they claim to to do all of the laundry and grocery shopping but in the traditional relationship, right, you claim. >> it is untraditional. >> steve fredrick, he cannot find the wegmans if i drew him a map. when he travels for work like he is traveling right now, who calls the baby-sit tore get the baby-sitter in the morning and get the kid on the bus. steve doesn't call to get the baby-sitter there. speaking of wegmans, comes back in my house this is a true story. we wering ago way. can you bring the groceries in. just bring them in, okay. right. so then i'm packing up stuff, not paying attention. we went away with a couple families. we get up there at elk
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mountain, where there are no grocery stores. >> there is no food. >> they are still in the car. >> in the back of my car. >> i have to auto mode. i had the kid. but where is all of the shrimp i bought. he cannot even get the groceries out of the car, and into the kitchen. without a map. >> study basically saying if you didn't have steve your husband in that house your life would be easier and you wouldn't to have work so hard. >> yeah because other thing we wouldn't eat cheese its for dinner but steve need a dinner. since when is not cheese it is a fine dinner for a family. >> that is one thing that takes you longest, cooking. >> because men like to eat good we get from watching our moms, from way back. >> that is true. >> yes, a lot of your moms didn't have the j-o-b. my mom did not have a j-o-b, with the social media, with
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oh, mike jerrick needs a pumpkin pie in his face can someone go get mike jerrick. that is my favorite, oh, jen you live in the suburbs can you pick me up four cans of whip cream so i can shove tonight my face. >> today we need yoga mats you could have brought yoga mats. >> let me get my list, i'll just pick it up then. write it the on the the list. >> thanks, jen. >> that makes sense. >> oh, geese. >> seven more hours but you can see that. >> well, yeah. >> what is the longest job you have ever had. >> i was thinking about this, chris murphy and i were saying, five years is how i work in memphis for fox station. >> for me, three. >> your parents let's say how long did your mom work for the airlines. >> more than, my goodness, more than 20 years. >> more than 20. >> american 25 i think, and my dad, more than 20. >> yeah. >> you know, there is a woman who has had the same job for 50 years.
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>> jones over at p.o. nzio a's and so does chris murphy, hi there chris. >> i had breakfast here, guys two weeks ago and met joan browning for the first time. she has work here since 1966. okay. there is banners out front and everything honoring her here in cherry hill. she has been a fixture. let's go surprise her and put her on live tv. we will give her a swag bag. do you watch the grinder with lob low. are you going in. do you know joan inside. have you met general. >> no, i haven't you will be our blocker. you are on live tv right new, ready, ready. upon so. hey joan, how are you. you are on live tv on fox 29. how are you.
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>> are you kidding me. >> congratulations on 50 years, joan. hey everyone say congratulations to joan. >> you are here on fox. how are you. >> i'm in a state of shock. >> you have become a celebrity. what do you think about all of this. >> i don't know. i'm just doing my job. >> for 50 years. you started in 1966 at ponzio's. >> yes. >> ponzio's opened in 1964. >> right. >> you are how old now. >> i'm 74. >> you don't make a secret of that because we have talk about this two weeks ago when i was in. so, so much has gone on here in south jersey, tell us real quickly, who has been the nicest customer over the years. >> everyone is. >> who has been a real jerk any stories for us no. >> how about good tip are
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verse bad tipper. how about the most famous person to sit at your counter. >> it is 50 years. did frank sinatra ever come in or anyone like that. >> andy williams, cashus clay before mohammed ali. >> where did the the great mohammed ali sit. >> did he sit at the counter. >> no. >> you waited on mohammed ali. >> yes. >> that is awesome. >> yes. >> thank you for a all your service for 50 years. is she a good waitress. >> she's my mother. >> so were you born into ponzio's. >> yes. >> what is mom like at home, is mom also do all of the cooking. >> she's like energizer bunny she don't stop good is what your name. >> john. >> congratulations. >> she has been here 50 years good lets say hi to these folks here, first of all, how long have you work with joan,
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jim. >> nineteen years. >> nineteen years. >> i'm one of the babies. >> yes, what makes joan so cool. >> she's always smiling, always upbeat. never a day off. >> have you ever had joan wait on you. >> no, i have not. >> that is cool. >> guys, 50 years in one place. remarkable. right. >> remarkable. >> here she is. >> how sweet. >> just the smile. >> great smile. >> and i have all my own teeth. >> yes. >> being in the same place, same job every single day. >> yes. >> really. >> they love her. >> hey, joan. >> thanks, chris, nice job it
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is almost 9:18. sue. >> i'm coming up on 50 years, almost. >> you are not. >> it feels like it. >> six hours a day. >> yes. >> it is, we are seeing that on radar we are taking a quick look at ultimate doppler radar and shows you there is not only rain moving in but look to the north around berks county and we are seeing frozen precipitation. we had sleet in westes chester. it is raining at jersey shore in, delaware, in philadelphia, and now it is moving into montgomery and bucks county. so eventually everybody is going to be getting some but you are north, far north in the pocono mountains you are under a winter weather advisory northampton county too. we think those are the places where it would be more prolonged wintry precipitation. but for rest of us, three day, 45 degrees. tomorrow rainy day, 57 degrees. the possibility of thunderstorms late in the day,
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popping up and then everything cleared out for thursday. we will have a early high of 55 degrees on thursday, cools off during the day, we're in the 40's on friday and saturday. on sunday we are back to the 50's and same for monday, and it is only ones every four years that we have a leap day it is happening on monday. >> yeah. >> thanks, sue. >> a as long as sunnies coming back out. >> yes, i know. >> my brother is coming to vice it this weekend. >> you guys can go out and do something. >> 9:19. american dollies coming out with a new doll, we will reveal this new doll ape why you will want to pick one up. incredible evening for a local military family first a visit from carrie under wood it was a surprise, we will take you to the surprise and we will be in our studio talking about this, just a bit.
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hi dad. uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. ♪ think about it ♪ there must be higher love ♪ down in the heart what do you think? ♪ and in the stars above hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you're going to like these numbers. ♪ bring me a higher love ♪ i could rise above
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♪ >> so, a couple of order of business real quickly at 9:23. first of all on camera three, you have a curl. >> that curl is perfect. >> i only had one. other side is not there. >> hide it. >> you are diagnosis a good job. that is a perfect curl. >> what is going on back there. >> i know, lauren knows, we have to do all of our own hair. it is a daily struggle trying to get it all together. as soon as i go outside. >> i's be carrying an umbrella all the way home. >> you make it seem like do you that good two other things, roman catholic boys who won, if you contact us, we will have you in tomorrow. how does that sound. let's start planning for
9:24 am
monday, it is 29th, we should get everybody in, february 29th birthday to come in and fill the studio that would be great. >> facebook, twitter. >> facebook, twitter, instagram. >> and on the gram. >> got to tag us. >> so i got a picture from teddy, my granddaughter the other day. i think this is in palo, alto, california, she went to the american girl store. her daddy took a picture of her. she looks thrill. >> she's so cute. >> she is cute. >> how old. >> four and a half, born may third, coming up on her fifth birthday. >> do you have any plans. >> i will go out there for sure. >> that is a big deal. >> yes. >> yes. >> you have to stay lake this, may present is your present. >> my presence is your present. >> i will say it the other way. >> your present is my presence. >> yes. >> it is the same darn thing. >> in, it is not. >> you two.
9:25 am
>> did you miss that. >> if you get it, get it. >> your presence. >> your, my. >> my presence. >> is your present. >> present. >> present. >> we will work on this. >> we have time. >> we have plenty of time we got months. >> i bring up this american doll thing because american doll the company has come out with a new doll and there she is. >> this is melody ellison an african-american character who grew up in detroit during civil rights movement. she will ab a available this summer. american girl is also celebrating its 30th anniversary. >> they have been around 30 years. >> i didn't know that either. >> i love this because, you know, back a little bit ago they had a doll and she's still available but abby walker and that was a black doll. she was just off plantation, former slave and part of the story when you read the books she just got off plantation, searching for a family g to show an african-american doll in another modern setting. >> yes, more modern. >> okay. >> more than just that time.
9:26 am
>> yes. >> that time in history. >> i just met one of the martins. >> really. >> the martins we have been talking about all morning. >> yes. >> they go to the the car's underwood concert and had in idea that car's would walk over and say hello to them. they are all here we will meet them.
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after trying brookside crunchy clusters, @carlybeyar tweeted: at this point, i should just be a brookside chocolate ambassador. well, i am sorry, carly... it's something you earn. brookside. talk about delicious.
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> i love this music video. she really is dedicated to the military, and wants to thank them.
9:30 am
that's what the song is all b we'll see you again when you come back. so she was in concert last night at the wells fargo center, and some military families were invited, including the one you're about to meet. >> the martin's from lansdale. >> so she just walks out, back stage, they have backstage pass cents, walks over, hey, high martin's. blah blah blah, that's carry underwood. >> and arranged by operation homefront. helps military families and wounded warriors. and they've been working with carrie underwood and carnival cruise line to select military families a cruise, to see carry perform again. >> nice to be able to say thank you, i mean, your whole family really, because they're your support unit. but for what you do for us. >> first class jonathan martin was in the army, served three tours in iraq, and afghanistan, and his wife was in the army as a specialist.
9:31 am
>> they're here right now. tell me your names. >> erin. >> okay. >> your name? >> erika. >> and how old are you? >> i'm eight. >> eight? >> nine. >> nine. >> so how was it, i start with you, did i set it upright? you new you would get the backstage pass cents, flight. >> yes. we new woe would get the backstage pass cents, and we just thought we would go to the concert, and have a great family outing. and then the girls gather chance to hear wonderful music. >> then what happened? >> and then she walked out. >> she walked out, just like that? >> she actually walked to the side, because i was standing on this side of my husband, and i kind of looked over, and her head was like poking like right here. >> i did double take like wow. >> how you who did you think it was? >> i thought it look like somebody else than carrie underwood. >> really? >> yes, like oh, my gosh; this
9:32 am
care underwood? >> she is so cute. now, did you not realize it was her, too? >> i did but i knew it was her because i knew that she had blonde hair and she had her hair short. >> yes? >> and she was going to wear black. >> you new that? >> yes. >> you new that she had cut her hair? >> yes. we watch her videos. >> oh, what's your favorite carrie underwood song? >> blown away. >> okay, yours, what's your favorite? >> blown away, same thing. >> same thing. so are you fan? >> yes. >> you are? >> yes, we fans. >> so what did you talk about? like i wouldn't know what to say. >> honestly i didn't really say anything. >> i didn't either. the girls did the majority of the talking. i think she stayed for. >> stayed a long time.
9:33 am
they kept talking and talking. >> are they like that at home? >> yes. we are just chaperone for these two, they're really the stars. >> where did you search? >> i've been in afghanistan twice and iraq once. >> are you still in the service? >> i am. >> thank you for your service. >> thank you for what you've done. >> were you in the army? >> i was. >> special list? >> yes, sir. did you have to go overseas? >> i didn't. >> good, good. >> i know you said you didn't really know what to say this time. you'll get another chance to talk with her, aren't you? >> seems that way. i know we'll get to see her again in concert. >> on a ship? >> on a cruise. >> i've never been to new york sit before. >> and we'll see carrie underwood on the ship, too. >> are you excited? >> but we won't drown or anything. >> i don't think the ship is
9:34 am
even leaving the new york harbor. >> don't worry about it. >> i oh, i won't even worry about it. >> you have beautiful family. >> thank. >> the marin family, so nice to meet you. >> they'll never forget it. >> that's great. >> do you want to sing some blown away before we go? >> i don't know. >> i don't know heatsink sting. >> we'll leave it to carrie underwood. >> okay. >> real clip on it on the breaking news. >> oh, she wants to sing along with it. >> okay. >> we can maybe do that during a commercial break. >> you know, jonathan, cara, strap in. >> we're in for a wild ride. >> can you imagine these two in their teens? >> no. >> trying not to. >> these two girls are up for adoption if you would like to contact the martin family. >> i'm not up for adoption. >> you're staying with the family? >> yes. >> of course she is staying with the family, she wants to
9:35 am
see carrie underwood. >> look out lansdale, they're coming home. >> because i love my family so much. >> all right. >> she does. >> all right. >> mike knows a little something about that. >> i have two daughters, too. >> oh,. >> seriously. just pray. >> she is the older one. >> jessica is older, than jill. by two years. >> are they both girls? >> yes, they're both girls. >> and what? how old is jessica? >> they're both in their 30's, 32 and 30, yes. one is born in july, a cancer, and then jill's born in august, she is aver go. anything else you need? >> what, are they in any college? >> this is an interview. >> what? >> are -- >> jessica went to ucl a and then jill is a artist and she went to a small school in kansas city. >> if you don't know what you want to be when you grow up, i think we know, you should be a
9:36 am
reporter. >> well, i would be a person who would show people what the breaking news is like. >> okay. >> an anchor. >> oh, you want to take our job? oh. you better watch out, mike. >> can you just say -- hey, jen, what are you doing? can you say that? >> hey, jen, what are you doing? >> jen, what are you doing? >> well, it isn't breaking news, i'm sorry, i don't have any breaking news to tell you about, but here is the question. okay, you've heard of sexual chemistry. what about textual chemistry? are you texting the right things, if you don't text the right things, could you be denied? we'll talk about it with jade after the break. your daughter wants to stay organic.
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your husband wants to stay free from artificial ingredients. you want to stay free from artificial preservatives. and your debit card wants to stay on a diet. fill your cart with small victories like giant's nature's promise brand. great prices on over 800 items. eat well for less. only at my giant.
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>> mike -- mike has kicked me out of my chair because terin has taken over my job. >> are you coming in tomorrow. >> i might not. >> what are you doing? >> sounds like alex. >> well, i'm going to go to school tomorrow. >> oh,. >> you should go to school. >> i got that covered. what's your teacher areas name? >> mr. ford. >> okay, miss lord, terin is now an owning r a the fox, she won't be back to school. so now you can stay here the rest of your life. is that a deal? you got t see you tomorrow, right? >> yes. >> and then i'll go to school for you. how about that? >> you're about the same size. >> look at you. >> here is the thing. now, you got to do your job,
9:41 am
okay? are you dating anybody? >> no. >> okay, why not? >> because i don't want to get dated. >> that's good. because you're eight. >> yes. >> you're too young. now, closure ears, we're going to talk about date withing jen. so jen, are you ready? >> jen, are you ready? >> are you ready? >> i am, i am ready, and i love eight year old. so this will work out. okay, so we are talking a little bit about textual chemistry. jade is one of our web producers, we like to talk to you about social media stuff. good morning. >> good morning, explain what you're talking about. so you might meet someone, and then you exchange phone numbers, and then, in the modern era, you text couple of times. >> right. >> so for you what's the mow a noise thing? spelling spelling words wrong on purpose, like cool, kewl, instead of cool, or what, instead of what, wut.
9:42 am
like i don't get it. why do you spell words wrong on purpose? >> and if you don't have texting chemistry, you might not have like hanging out chemistry is the point, right? >> exactly. if you can't holds a conversation over text, then when you get in person, what are you going to do? when you have time to think about it when you are texting, what are you going to do when you're on the spot talking face face-to-face. >> so there are a couple of areas you identified couple of things you don't want people to be. talking about couple categories, judging some texts we've seen on instagram. like lovey dovey text. i miss you so, so, so, so much. what do you think that far? >> i mean if you are going to text like, that you better hope that the person that you are texting has the same outlook on g using a lot of emoji's, and a lot of o's, and i miss you sooo. much. you better like they doing that too or it would be annoying to the other person who doesn't have the same. >> and texting too often, like clearly they are texting too often?
9:43 am
>> right. texting too often, blowing up someone's phone, they have 10 million text messages from, like give me a break. it is too much. give me time to breathe and respond to your first text. >> boring, really bad. so check out, we have another example after text, hey, what are you doing? sitting. meet too. like this is not -- this is not someone you want to go on a date with? >> no, this is the extreme on the opposite end. like they were texting too much at first, this is like not even holding a conversation. like, telling me physically what you're doing instead of us talking about like some casino of idea or get to go know each other, or talking about our day at least. >> you are super funny on the text. come on over, let's get a shake at 3:00 a.m. the other person says if i come over at 3:00 a.m., i want to get more than a milk shake. you say funny but warning if you are super funny on a text? >> be mindful. because if you are not the same way in person you are giving off this kind of false
9:44 am
persona, you're so funny, crack these funny witty funny texts but in person okay, you're not that funny. i kind of feel like i'm being catfished a little bit. i like you because you're funny but in person it is not really the same thing. >> you have an hour and a half to think about that funny response. >> exactly. >> i love it. thank you very much. >> do not cash fish a girl, especially if you are eight years old. >> 9:44, sibling surprise. >> little girl from cape may shocks her brother with a hamster, you know this video, we've shown it to you. well, this is actual hamster right here. >> that's live shot after hamster. what's it have to do with this family? >> here is the video here. talk about why the hamster is so special. >> she gave up her birthday money to her brother. you have to meet her next.
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9:47 am
>> ♪ ♪ ♪ >> you know, we're had child psychologists on the show, they say one of the hardest lessons you can teach a child is empathy. six year old girl from cape may decided to use her own birthday money to surprise her brother, their mom new she just had to take a video. >> (movie clip).
9:48 am
>> are you crying? >> because i am. (crying). >> oh, so their mother, rachael, posted the video for her husband and family to see because her husband daniel was away at work. this is on president's day a lot of people have seen this, more than 2 million people have seen this. >> now you have seen t the stout family is right here. welcome. >> good morning. >> i thought it was the afternoon. >> no. it is still morning, woman. >> how long have you been up? >> she's shocked. >> so we have and gate here, right? >> i thought this was my lunchtime. >> are you hungry? >> ya. >> i can get you a sandwich. >> we can eat after. >> this how is that? >> okay. >> what's your favorite food? >> chicken? >> pancakes. >> pancakes? that's breakfast food. well, you can have it for lunch. >> good to see you. >> good to see too.
9:49 am
>> so what did you think when abigail gave up her 55 bucks and got awe hamster? >> i thanked her. i didn't know it was 55. >> well, how much was it then? >> mom? >> it was. >> sixty bucks. that's a good young lady right, there keeping track of her monday. >> i it was six a, mike. >> but daniel, were you surprised, right? >> even whether we went roller skating i gave up my other stack of money. >> stack of money. >> we need to hang youth with her more. she hacks stacks every monday. >> i do you know a young laid fry lansdale, teryn? you probably don't, she is in the green room. you have lot in common. >> we just talk with her. >> were you suprised, mom? >> no. >> why not? >> because they do stuff like that for each other a lot, pretty frequently, always been willing to make each other happy. get along really well. >> did you teach them that em patty? >> absolutely, yes. >> the importance of this
9:50 am
relationship, the sibling relationship is something i try to stress with them every day, i'm one of four, and my siblings mean the worlds to me, so i want to make sure they new what that relationship meant. >> and daniel, you said that you want add hamster, right? is that how she new? >> yes. >> all right, let's take a good look if you sucker watcher did you name him? >> cub. >> i why cubby? >> because it is a baby, and it looks like a bear. >> oh, it does kind of. man, what's he doing? >> and he goes in his cubby. >> oh, he goes in his cubby. well, yours is in his or her cubby hole. >> what's the name of yours, abigail? >> cookie and sometimes i call her key -- >> oh, she has a lot of names? >> for some reason? >> and she -- >> you guys live in cape may? >> yes. >> thanks for what, it is two hours? >> about an hour and a half, but traffic this morning was
9:51 am
pretty much. >> any place to get pancakes on the way back? >> we have to find a place apparently. >> how proud are you, dad. >> very proud, definitely, yes. they do stuff like this all the time. >> did you think though to have this kind of ring? i mean, they both started crying, it was so cute. >> i didn't think the reaction was going to be like that, but it was pretty amazing definitely. >> well, i can tell you why they're that way. >> look at this cage. it is really small. >> put her down. >> what's that? >> is that the hamster? >> yes. >> oh, so cute. >> cute. >> kiki maliki. >> can i ask awe favor can you promise to always be close even as you get older? >> yes. >> abigail? >> what did she say? >> not promising that? >> i say that all the time. just pretends like you didn't hear her. don't make any promise. >> good enough. daniel, i'm putting on you then. >> i know why they are so cool. it is because of two. you have done a great job. nicely done. >> thank you.
9:52 am
>> cocoa revealing the meaning behind her tatoo. why she decided a moth would be the best thing to cover up some old relationship inc. >> that's what i call my hamster. >> moth? >> no, kaly cocoa. >> oh, instead of kiki? ♪ i've been a turkey farmer my whole life... and i raise turkey for shady brook farms®. we don't use growth-promoting antibiotics, that's just the way things should be done. that's important to me. my name is glenn, and i'm an independent turkey farmer. (female announcer) shady brook farms®. no growth-promoting antibiotics, just honest, simple turkey.
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9:55 am
>> what time is it? >> it is 9:55, a it is 7:55 in denver. >> yes.
9:56 am
>> kim. >> kardashian, shared first photo of her son, saint. >> this was on her app, and website yet. saint remembers one of december 5th. >> explained yesterday was also her farther robert cards ash yan's birthday, got together to honor his birthday. >> armanian style. >> she wanted more than pancakes. >> in is at chris jenner's home, the reason why kim said she decided to share it, because she new that her father real i would like to meet his grandchildren, so she decided to share her child with everyone else. >> course he would. of course he would. >> that baby looks just like kanye. >> yes. >> cute babe. >> i little mini kanye. >> okay, you talk about this, caylee cocoa, she tried to move on from her split to tennis star ryan. but with a unusual tatoo. >> what do you mean? >> you know, some people they get the names of someone they dated on there. >> yes. in. >> wedding date right there.
9:57 am
>> uh-huh. >> boy she covered it with a giant moth. >> yep. >> and then when ellen asked her why? >> yes? >> she is like oh, no other insect has wings that paying. >> well, butterfly, like monarch butterfly or something? >> that might have started out as a butterfly. >> that's a moth. >> tattoos are tricky. >> that's the only thing she could finds? >> just the kings covered up. because i think i don't know if it was roman numerals, you know? >> couldn't -- does it have to be ann secretary, maybe an eagle? i don't know. >> peacock? >> if i -- if you had to get a tatoo, to save the free world, today, what would it be? >> oh, i have no idea. you know, i don't have any tattoos. >> i can't -- i don't know. >> common. >> lauren, what about you? i don't know. >> i have one. i have to show you a picture of it, i can't describe it. >> where is it? >> avenue picture, so when i get it. >> oh, not the one you already have? >> yes there is one right here is the one i already have. >> very small picture of my face, sweet.
9:58 am
>> mike, what about yours? >> it says wendy. let me describe where it is, welcome to jamaica, have a nice day. any any any any ♪ did you know trading in your car at a dealer could cost you money? a recent study found consumers who trade in their car pay an average of $990 dollars more. so don't trade in... sell it.... to we buy any car. learn more and get your free online valuation now at we buy any car dot com ♪ find out how much your car is worth at ♪
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hi dad. uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. ♪ think about it ♪ there must be higher love ♪ down in the heart what do you think? ♪ and in the stars above hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you're going to like these numbers. ♪ bring me a higher love ♪ i could rise above
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live from new york city, it's the "wendy williams show." ♪ now, here's wendy!


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