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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  February 24, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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ben franklin parkway pretty much soaked as the big storm heads our way, even bringing the change for some winter thunderstorms this afternoon and tonight. how about that? listen to this guy. we weren't expected to win too much now we're winning, winning, winning the country. >> the donald celebrating another victory this morning there is time in nevada. what his third straight victory means for the other candidates, in the republican race. >> plus, the saga continues for lesean mccoy, what came out after lengthy meeting with the da's office, as the investigation into the brawl at the recess lounge drags on, and we have new pictures. >> and, x marks the spot tonight. a big x on their court. it is their biggest test, as number one, villanova, gearing up to take on a top five team on the road. we recap what happened the first time nova took on
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xavier. they smoke them. this is a road game. this is huge tonight, ladies and gentlemen. >> huge. >> huge. >> donald trump. >> huge. hi, everybody, it is friday, no, what is it. >> no, it is not friday. it is wednesday. >> there is a f involved here, february 24th. >> wishful thinking on your part? >> i got a f for that. >> trued yan slip. >> number of the day, because of the thunderstorms possible later on, we go ahead with a four out every ten, yucky day, bad hair day, bus stop buddy, his three hairs covered up with his raincoat. rainy start to the dayment temperatures are in the upper 30s, four's, to get you started, but you're going need that umbrella all day long. and later on if you get caught in thunderstorm it will probably blow inside out. so looks like the heaviest rain is in bucks county, right now, but scattered showers just about everywhere including here in old city. 42 degrees, our current temperature, feels like 36,
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sunrise, 65:42, officially this morning. now, in addition to the rain, we've got some fog out there this morning, including, reduced visibility at philadelphia international airport. two and a half miles there, and a lot of other places in the region, with fog, we've got some breezes out there, ten, 15 miles an hour, 62 degrees, our high temperature, which is about 20 degrees warmer than average. but the trade-off will be those thunderstorms late in the day. we will tike it out for you coming up in a few minutes. bob kelly how are they doing on the wet roadways? >> wet roadways on a wiper wednesday. 6:02, i hope you got good set of wiper blades. you'll need them this morning. current check, live look at the schuylkill expressway, you got the heavy rain coming at you sideways at times. you got the spray coming up off the cars and the trucks in front of up. this is going to be one of those yucky starts to the morning, live look at i95, southbound, already tapping the brakes from cottman in through girard. the benny slowly disappearing in the fog here. you come into philly, socked
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in with some fog down in delaware, along i-95. if you are going to be flying out of philadelphia, or expect delays today, with the weather, just checked in with the airline, airport is open and moving but probably seeing delays through the day. 295, route 70, cherry hill, right near ponzio's, where chris was yesterday, watched for some construction, running lit late there this morning. otherwise, volume but nothing major on the freeway, same deal, on the pennsylvania turnpike. mike and alex being back over to you. >> winner winner chicken dinner vaguest, what the gamblers say, alex. numbers from nevada, nevada caucuses are coming in. and donald trump is your projected winner. and if not even close. fox news has him winning by at least 20%. third straight victory for donald trump in the gop race. he lost in iowa, then won three straight. >> you know what's kind of close? second place, marco rubio has slight heat over senator ted cruz, kasich and rubio behind.
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>> sean mccoy, we know him as shady, met with hours for local police and prosecutors yesterday to talk about his involvement in a fight inside after old sit night club. >> so dave kinchen live in the district attorney's office with a look at the ongoing investigation, what this meeting was about. dave? >> that's right. well, you know, the investigation certainly is being handled here, the district attorney's offers, but interestingly enough, that meeting did not take place here. we ' tell you why in a sent mccoy left two hour meeting with prosecutors and police without making any comment to media. he was surrounded by cameras and reporters on list way to an uber car, mccoy's attorney did some talking, not a lot, but some. but two hour sit-down with investigators actually took place at the offices of mccoy's attorney after a planned meeting here at the d.a.'s office, was scrapped once the media learned about it, and even national media -- media in town, sources say mccoy wanted to hell his side of the story. but investigators would not
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comment. now as we move to our second piece of video here, the meeting came as fox 29 obtain pictures of officers darnell jesse, one of the offer duty officers allegedly kicked, punched, stomped on by members of mccoy's party during fight over a pricy bottle of champagne, and recess lounge in old city more than two weeks ago now. jesse and the other officers suffered broken bones, fractured ribs, cuts, and hairline skull fracture, we talked with attorneys for the officers and mccoy. >> here's what i want to say, okay? i want to talk, okay? this is very simple thing. he would love to talk to you. woe love to talk to you. but i'm not letting him talk to you. because there is ongoing investigation. and you're going to have another question for me, right? but i'm not going to answer any further questions because that's not what we're supposed to do. we don't want to try any of these matters in the press. >> the one quote i have, on the public record is: exactly that, you did not wrong. i've seen the pictures. i think the pictures are clearly indicative of the fact
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that both of these off duty officers, the victims of violent assault that night, inside the night club, it is clear they've suffered serious permanent injuries as a result of the beatings. >> of course, this high profile case has left mccoy under a constant scrutiny, and investigation along with four, 45 of his friends, now the national football league and the buffalo bills organization are watching these developments, closely, of course, but they're not commenting. no charges are expected against the off duty officers. we're told there is no word on the fate of mccoy, and his friends, involved in this case. d.a. says there will not, not be a rush to judgement. one thing is clear, though, everybody is watching this case, in the sport world, all across the country, guysment back to you. >> talk about cnn yesterday. all right, 6:06. >> let's get to lawyer win more top stories. >> good morning, two early morning fires keeping philadelphia firefighters busy this morning, first one happening 1600 block of north tenth street. it was just before 3:00 a.m. some of the people who live in
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the building were forced to evacuate. crews got the flames under control in about 20 minutes, and no one was hurt. >> just after 3:00 a.m., flames broke out on the first floor of a row home on the 1900 block of north fifth street. fire crews there reported seeing heavy fire, when they arrived on scene, but were able to put the fire out pretty quickly. no one was hurt in that fire either. the murder after young trans gender woman sending shock waves through the community as police search for the killer. police say, 25 year old mia young who police say is trans gender woman, was found stabbed multiple times in the 4800 block of penn street in frankford. she was discovered just before midnight on saturday, but died shortly after at the hospital. those who knew the young woman are struggling to understanded why it happened and say it is becoming all too common. >> mia is definitely somebody who was a sweet person, so the idea of somebody trying to hurt her is unimaginable. >> it is really s you know, the community is suffering. keisha was just murdered, before that london was murdered, and we're on our
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seventh murder here in philadelphia of transgender women of color. >> $20,000 reward for information leading tore arrest and conviction of murder. those are your top stories, mike and alex being back to you. >> supposed to be for collecting clothing donations to help the community, not lauren, but people who drive by. there it is. instead, city officials say they're a nuisance, find out what the city is trying to do to clean up these illegal clothing bins.
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>> cracking down on what many say are eyesores in their neighborhood. >> talking dozens every clothing bins, usually attract a big mess around them, from graffiti, to dumped clothing. >> they get full, and people put the clothes on the ground. although, some of the bin advertisers are for charity, 17 of -- 70 of them, in fact, have been labeled illegal by the city. seventy, that's a lot. that's because they're either owned by for-profit companies, or are placed on private property. so, city officials calling them a nuisance. and they want them out of here. >> but nobody request these bins, no one looking for them, great for the community, look at what an asset they are.
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they're an eyesore. they're a problem. >> see that thing right there from l & i? after owners received notice of the city's intent, to do that, the bins marked nuisance will be demolished. just like that. and then recycled. >> as for charities that would normally benefit these bins, places like the salvation army and good will, they've minimized or stopped using the bins. so, instead, for come, drop off locations, people still drop them off. >> probably out of your way, but the way it is. coming up, well, it is 12:00. >> severe weather outbreak with deadly results in the south. looking at the damage left behind by several tornados yesterday. >> tornados in february. >> it keeps coming down, like going back up.
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>> another 30 people were hurt, two killed, seven in critical condition, from tornados, another died after possible tornado in mississippi. other tornados hit in alabama, and i know i came here from myrdle beach, i notice in the myrdle beach the schools are closing because of the tornados and the weather expected to happen. >> all moving to the northeast, so that would be south carolina right in the cross hairs, but that's a lot of tornados for february, sue serio. >> right. spring like weather pattern really, just little early. and look where the tornado watches are now.
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georgia, and florida. so, there is the line every thunderstorms coming through there. same ones we were just talking about. and of course, we're at risk of that happening little further north, later on in the day. and for us, we're going to get little warmer, and then we get cold front, and that puts us at a risk for severe thunderstorms at the very least. so, it is just widely scattered showers, right now, just enough to make a yucky out there. and few heavy downpours up in the lehigh valley. marginal risk of severe thunderstorms for us, then if you go further south, the risk is a little bit greater, but we expect those heavy downpours to roll in probably late morning, but the thunderstorms, not until after 7:00, when we are most likely, but inbetween now and then, just lots of rainy weather, we will probably, though, be in the 60s, for our temperature today, so, it is 62 degrees for today, 52 is our early high tomorrow, and then temperatures drop throughout the afternoon. winds will pick up, so, late
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thursday, and friday, will be very windy days, and the chilly, too, especially friday, and early saturday. look at saturday morning, we wake up to high of 27 degrees. but by sunday, mid 50's, and should stay therefore our leap day on monday. bob kelly! >> good morning, sue, good morning, everybody, 6:17 on this wiper wednesday casino of morning. check out my new dash cam here. you ready? we can drop the lower third. check this out. limb dash cam? >> oh, yes. >> okay? cup hole nerve there? i got to get a new cassette deck. i had eight track in there. >> you ripped it out? >> exactly. so we're riding in, got the skyline in the background, here's what happens when i hit the wrong button, and i get a dash cam video there. so want to play with. that will weather delays though at philadelphia international airport, coming our way, already, 90 minute delays out of the gate, leguardia because of the rain, you know what happens there? when we have delays in new york, just rolls quickly, back
6:18 am
to our area. so if you are indeed tending to fly today, i would check with the airline, so, up-to-date there with the delays. here is a live look at 422, we got some raindrops on the win shield, and spray coming up, it is one of those yucky morning rush hours. kind of day you just want to plug the laptop in and work from home. i wish i would have thought of that this morning. the ben franklin bridge, again, dealing with some fog, and delays coming into downtown philly. even here south on 95, jammo, i don't know whose bright idea it was to wide load through the beginning. morning rush hour, but construction guy trying to squeeze through here at cottman avenue, right near the christianna mall. there is a shot of our 95 camera, noun delaware, so rain, the fog, give yourselves extra time it, will take you longer to get there today, than it did yesterday, and we're starting to see delays on the freeway coming in toward the city, and also, westbound on the turnpike, headed over toward valley forge. mike and alex back over to you. >> you trumped them again.
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>> three wins in a row. he's winning, winning, winning, as he says, republican presidential candidate donald trump pick up a win in nevada caucus yesterday putting him in good position ahead of super tuesday. >> and he won by a wide margin, too. more than 20%, and of course, you know trump, he wasn't shy about touting victories in speech last night. >> we won the evangelicals. we won with young. we won with old. we won with highly educated. we won with poorly educated. i love the poorly educated. >> have you ever heard politician say that? i love the poorly educated. >> it sounded weird when i heard that, like, hum, all right? well, marco rubio in second, close whether it comes to rubio and cruz, it is close, but rubio inning out more. he's struggled winning since the cake just eye owe washings ted cruz has been. >> yes. well the democrats don't have another vote until saturday, primary there in south carolina. last night they had a chance
6:20 am
to win over voters. with a town hall. >> senator bernie sanders continues to call out hill had i for hers ties to wall street. and it seems to be working. there is now pressure on both candidates to release the transcripts every campaign speeches. they gave to special interest groups, something that sanders says he's not going to hesitate to do that. >> secretary clinton said i will do it if other people do it. >> well i am very happy to release all of my paid speeches to wall street. here it is, chris. there ain't none. >> it is everybody does it, and that includes the republicans, because we know they have made a lot of speeches, but look, what is this about? this is about whether i have the best plan to go after wall street. >> well, many of the polls have clinton beating sanders saturday in south carolina, after that, both parties, they're going to focus on super tuesday, 12 states vote less than a week from today. >> that's right. man, it will be a big day, super tuesday. 6:20. >> well, new faces of the phyllis altogether on the
6:21 am
diamond for the first time, but familiar piece making headlines with his comments yesterday. >> he is the big piece. >> here how ryan howards is responding to off season of criticism. >> man, tonight is the night. where are you going to watch this thing? villanova tonight taking on top five opponent, and they're going to be on the road. it is the number one versus number five, that's going to be tough. numbers!
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>> back in the line up ahead of schedule, but flyers playing their second straight game without the captain, claude giroux. game is tied at one, in the second, but jordan staal right there gives the kings two to one lead, go onto win it three-one. it comes to an end. how about the 76ers taking on the orlando magic at the center, night belonged to nicholas. the former 76er owns this team. he scores season high 35. magic irks 124, sixers win. temple owls looking at win for tulsa last night. too much goal end hurricanes. they rain three's all over the owls, 74-55. your final in tulsa. and the big game in college basketball, it is coming up tonight on fox sports one. it is number one villanova. and number five xavier. nova beat xavier by 31 back on new years eve.
6:25 am
that's sports in a minute. i'm tom sredenschek. we should watch that tonight alex for sure. you know we will. the phillies taking part in their first full squad work out in clearwater yesterday. did you recognize any of them besides ryan howard? although this year's all about the new faces, one familiar face spent time responding to recent criticism already. >> well, you know ryan howard isn't facing issues offer and on the field, depending himself against the al-jazeera report, struggles over the past few years, this most likely has final season with the phillies, and likely split time at first base with the younger guys. well, he wants to put all of the criticism behind him and just focus on this season. >> i'm looking to be able to go out there and just play. that's it. i just want to go out there and go play. i mean, like i said, check the numbers, check the track record, all of that good stuff. i know i can hit left. it has been talk in the media, all of this casino of stuff over the past three years, this and that and whatever about not hitting lefties, whatever, i mean, man, it is
6:26 am
about just going out there, go doing it. >> just go do it, as far as the report linking him to the pedestrian's, ryan said i'll let his attorneys handle that. and focus on baseball. he vehemently denies using ped's and having his attorneys take care of. that will. did you see the news about the zika virus? more concern over it, what the cdc says it is now investigate that bridges newcomb flex at this to how the virus is spread. all over pennsylvania. and with more than 500,000 winners of match 6, cash 5, and treasure hunt every single week, that's not a big surprise. winners, winners everywhere! play today!
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>> the latest on shady mccoy's involvement and off duty police officers and the pictures of the aftermath. >> where will we see the four, five other people involved in that? plus, revived, then charged. why police are showing tough love to a man they brought back from the brink of death on a septa bus. after he od on heroin in front of the other passengers. >> give me an example every these guitars? >> eric clapton. >> really? >> pretty cool. >> can you play the guitar though? >> chris murphy can, woe want to play. >> he plays air guitars. just saying. >> what did they caller i can clapton? slow hand. >> slow hand.
6:30 am
rainy start to the day, bus stop buddy, is ready, the boots, the rain gear, the umbrella is open, temperature are in the upper 30's, 40's, just about every place, this morning. we've got look at ultimate doppler radar, which is showing just widely scattered light showers, throughout the area right now, roadways are wet, 43 degrees, feels like 38, enough of a breeze for, that sunrise coming up in a few minute at 6:42, visibility, is an issue this morning, many places, as well. dover, delaware, down in wildwood, only 2 miles visibility at the airport this morning. will keep us cloudy and ran i all day long, but will get mile. only in the four's, today, high of 26 degrees down to 50, scattered thunderstorms, the greatest risk every thunderstorms would be between
6:31 am
seven p.m. and midnight. they could be loud, so, bob kelly, taking little nap after your grilled cheese today, you might get woken -- >> wasn't my plan. nap after my grilled cheese. 63:00; buses instead of the trolleys route 34 here this morning, because of some equipment problems, watch for the puddles, they're out there this morning, little ones, going to be jumping across the puddles to get to the school buses, weather delays coming our way, 09 minute delays at leg guards ya, that's going to roll downhill, here into philadelphia. good morning, to fishtown. live look at i-95 everything wet this morning, expect slower than normal speeds, and few extra minute, extra getting there this morning. here comes the fog, rolling in slowly but surely here, and just about taking over mid-span of that ben franklin bridge. forty-two freeway, again, slower than normal coming in toward philadelphia, and also new traffic pattern, in play there, along that freeway, as
6:32 am
you head in toward 29a so with the rain, and don't have the daylight yet, tough to seat lane markers, south on 95, about 25 minute trip. twenty-one on the schuylkill as you work your way inbound and then north on 202, watch it through the work zone? on this wednesday, 6:32, lesean mccoy, local police to talk about his involvement in a fight inside an old city club earlier this morning. >> supposed to go over to seth williams office and meet with some prosecutors, or the district attorney's staff. but then we got wind of that, didn't we, dave? why the meeting was abruptly canceled, district attorney's offers in center city moved to another location mccoy left two-hour meeting with prosecutors and police without making any comment to the media he was surrounded by cameras, reporters on his way to uber car mccoy's attorney
6:33 am
stopped, did some talking two hour sit down with investigators took place actually at the offices of the mccoy's attorney after planned meeting, at the d at a's scrapped, sources say mccoy wanted to tell his side of the story significant piece of video here, kick on, stomped on, during fight over pricy bottle of champagne, at the recess lounge in old city. more than two weeks ago, suffered broken bones, fractured rinse, cuts, and hairline skull fracture we talked with the attorney about mccoy. >> this is very simple thing, woe love to talk to you, but i am not letting him talk to you. there is an ongoing investigation, you will have another question for me, right? but i won't answer any further
6:34 am
questions because we won't try any of these matters in the press, one quote i have on the public record is exactly that. did nothing wrong. >> meantime attorney representing the officers injured in this case say that these pictures under scores the severity of the incident, that took place, this high profile case has left mccoy under investigation and constant scrutiny, him and four or five other, friends, also involved. the nfl and the buffalo bills organization watching this case, very closely, but not commenting . >> safety concerns a rising over the stabbing of young
6:35 am
transgender woman in frankford. >> we learn so much mo ever more about the victims, told us victim trans jenner, so they began to wonder, and immediately investigate if that was a motive, in this killing, and also, looking into the victim's recent record every prostitution arrests trying to find out if the victim was, again, working as prostitute, when killed saturday night, just before midnight. twenty-five year old mia young did some time in prison, probation, for prostitution charges, as recently as last summer when she was sentenced six to 12 months. >> i'm in shock. but it has become what we would consider the norm. you know? this is coming 18 hours after finding out of another trans woman color murdered in california. she was found in a hotel room. so we're like trying to deal with that, and how many, the growing number of trans women.
6:36 am
and it gets to mia, now, close behind. when i say so close to home, my mom lives right there. so it is like litter lay knock on my doorstep. >> well, 21 transgender people killed in this country just in 2015. the most ever since people began counting these numbers. two of those 21, right here in philadelphia, and advocates say because discrimination, they face in job searches, prostitution becomes their only alternative means of support. so, again, what we had the last time a transgender person was killed in this town, somebody killed while working as a prostitute may be the motive robbery, maybe discrimination. >> we'll have to find out. 6:36. lauren, what's going on? >> state attorney general says her offers will consider whether to charge electrical workers union boss john dougherty after a street fight with non-union worker. some of the january battle caught on surveillance video. >> this happened in the south philly neighborhood of third and read. where new housing is being
6:37 am
built. worker says his knows broken after dougherty punched him, dougherty said the worker started the fight and threatened his family. no word yet when that decision will be made on charge. man overdoses on heroin on crowded septa bus. then police rush in to revive him. police say 25 year old michael mean i of middletown township, was arrested yesterday, after he was treated with narcan by police for overdosing on the bulls, police have used narcan to revive over ooh heroin victims. hope new program can help get treatment for addicts. >> i'm saying that it is wonderful to save a life. but what does it do about the addiction? nothing. >> by arresting him, sentence may be some sort of mandatory drug treatment, which otherwise would not happen if you simply saved him with the narcan and sent him on his way. >> says there is not enough funding demanded by the heroin epidemic. he hopes if a few people get help that's better than sending them back on the streets, he'll be here, how
6:38 am
his department is dealing with the heroin problem. the issue of privacy took center stage at the walnut st. apple store yesterday while products were being sold inside, apple supporters were outside protesting the federal government. the protests over privacy recovers around san bernardino shooter farook's iphone. in hopes of gathering new evidence, but apple says any help would compromise the security of all iphone users. some say they're too long sacrifice a little privacy, in the name of homeland security. >> i would rather be safer than be secure in terms of the data. i trust the government and i trust a.m. >> i not everyone agrees to have their privacy threatened. >> we need to know about it, because it is us our private communications, everything that you people keep on an iphone, which is most of our lives. >> farook and his wife killed 14 people and injured 20
6:39 am
others back in december. love has a new temporary home in philadelphia, the iconic love sculpture was moved across the treat to dilworth park. the move is to make room for 16 million-dollar renovation project happening at love park. it will add more green space and renovations at the welcome center and jfk plaza love sculpture will move back to love park when the project is complete, in about a year. mike anal next. >> a year without love. >> i'm sure the city hall backs up nice for the love park sound. >> i love it. but sitting right there. >> zika is spreading. the virus can be transmitted through sexual contact, with more than dozen potential cases here in the united states. >> chris murphy, here gee. >> yes, new reports from the cdc, guys. officials from say they've been surprised by the number of suspected cases of zika being transmitted sexually, right now investigating 14 new reports of potential sexual
6:40 am
transmission, here, in the u.s. at least two of the cases, women were infected when only known risk factor was sexual contact with an ill-male partner recently returned from zika afflicted country. four of the other women tested positive for zika in preliminary lab tests are awaiting final confirmation, cdc says eight other cases remain under investigation. the agency did not specify from which state, those cases originated. in addition, the cdc had add trinidadian towbago and marshall islands to the countries where zika transmission is ongoing, guys, of course we'll keep an eye on this as it develops. >> i know you're not a doctor, but only way sperm would have to hit blood snow. >> correct. so initially you get infected by mosquito, right? then to pass it from human to human the only way through sexual contact is our understanding. >> that would be sexual contact with a, see, we're in the doctors, with a pregnant woman? >> that part -- >> or any woman? >> that part i am not sure. i had heard any woman. not necessarily a pregnant woman.
6:41 am
but again -- >> but would not and problem if you weren't pregnant? >> i think any woman can contract it, but only if you are a pregnant woman then you will see -- >> if you are not pregnant it would go away within a month? >> maybe we can get doctor mike to weigh in on this. >> but if you are pregnant it may affect your baby is the problem. >> exactly. >> 6:41. >> when you had bid on guitars. >> i mean legends, legend, i recognize that black and yellow one in the background there. >> and, one boss is unusual requirement every employee at his insurance firm in georgia is required to do. this might make you uncomfortable if you work there. >> let's go to florida
6:42 am
6:43 am
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>> 6:44, that's preallot. >> i it is prep. >> i prettier there than it is here. oh, computers, printers, and firearms, and insurance company in georgia is getting a loft attention because the owner of the company, insurance company; requiring all of his employees to pack heat. >> the company provides insurance to private jet owners, and the ceo says as soon as employee gets a license to carry concealed weapons he gives them a gun. he says, that stories about recent home invasions and violent crime in atlanta inspired him to create this new office mandate. >> i've always been armed, my family's armed, and my employees are armed. >> we have locks, alarm systems, and but it is that extra measure of somebody breaks through a window or breaks through a door, i can take care of myself. >> all businesses should consider giving employees guns as long as they agree to go through the proper training and get the permit. >> we should all be packing right here on the set, right?
6:46 am
guy lance, i am avenue seen interviews with him. >> sue? has been packing for years. >> it is concealed. >> oh, ya. anyway, thank you, we've got tornado watch in effect part of georgia and florida, this morning, that possibility sexist g right now that changing, so, for today drizzle, fog, throughout the morning. and a little bit of rain, maybe heavy downpour here and there, breezy, warmer this afternoon, into the 60s, evening thunderstorms, some of these could be accompanied by high winds and heavy downpours one week ago we had line every thunderstorms move through. with similar set up. and it did cause some roof to come off of buildings, and things like that we see there is rain around it, will continue casino of rolling in.
6:47 am
>> heavy downpours up in the lehigh valley, but we are at marginal risk of severe thunderstorms later on in the day. keep your eyes and ears open for that 62 degrees, casino of four out of ten, just yucky all day. rain should ends in the overnight hours, early high tomorrow of 52 degrees, but then, the winds will kick up, and temperatures will drop throughout the afternoon. and we are talking a chilly day on friday, and saturday, actually, we wake up to temperatures in the 20's, by sunday, though, we recover into the mid 50's, and we stay there, as we leap into the 50's monday, the 29th of february. leap. >> sorry for those folks who have birthday on the 29th, only get to celebrate what once every four years or so. good morning, with the rain, some equipment problems on the route 34 trolley. so septa using shuttle buses, this morning, so that will
6:48 am
probably throw few extra minute in the commute. weather delays at philadelphia international airport. ninety minute delays out of leg guard y all of those flights naturally delayed. so check with the airline as you head out throughout the day. accident northbound lanes of 495, right before the split for i-95 there in wilmington, otherwise delays on 422, 202, and there is your speedometer reading there on the schuylkill expressway, going to zoom on into an accident, pottstown, cherry lane and arm and hammer boulevard. outside we go, to live look, example every all of the majors, hopefully we do get into the gridlock scenario. that will keep the accident countdown, at least the nasty accident. fender bend letter come our way here and there, but we've seen the trucks kind of sipping pretty fast. and here is the fog, shot of the ben franklin bridge, socked in with fog here. coming up and overall of the bridges, and the freeway heavy, as well. headed in toward philadelphia. countdown is on. less than month to saint patrick's day. so we're looking for your suggestions.
6:49 am
this is mike's first time hosting the saint patrick's day. and he keeps asking me: what am i wearing? what do i snare send us a picture what you think mike should wear. >> or send us picture what you will wear to give me an idea. >> we'll take mike shopping later on. >> yes. >> send that, put your person on your facebook, twitter, instagram, use the hashtag fox 29 irish, pull it up. big day, saint patrick's day parade on march 13th, again, catch it live here on fox, or of course come out, join us on the parkway noon to three. myself, mike, kathy orr, the whole gang, everybody is irish for the parade on march 13th. mike and alex back to you. >> thanks bob kelly. 6:49. talking guitars hundreds of classic guitars are on the auction block today. >> for one day only, though. the music entheusiasts from around the world have chance to buy instruments from some of the world's greatest musician. >> more than 250 guitars will go up for auction in new york city. now, actually, it will be this weekend.
6:50 am
i'll give you exact date here in just a second, saturday, saturday, the collection features instruments from big names, eric clapton, stevie ray vaughn, eddie van halen, ringo starr, even though he played drums, he did play guitar every now and then, john lennon of course, and moore. >> he probably likes to do it in his spare time. >> sure he does. >> say these are s most unique guitars in the world. and also guitars on sale dating back to the 1800s. >> when something great comes in, i am he ann declined to take it, why stand on ceremony, why, say, gee, little too late, you passed the deadline. no deadline. it is something as wonderful if you know it is genuine, that's our job, to produce, you know, the most exciting things. >> this is worth a trip up to new york, the auction takes place, yes, saturday. it will start at 2:00 in the afternoon. and as you can imagine, some of those guitars are expected to go for big, big dollars.
6:51 am
>> oh, ya. >> hundreds of thousands of dollars, i would think. >> so are you going to get one? >> no. 6:50. 6:51. >> okay, well, we continue with our black history month spotlight in a little bit. we will take a look how lauen hill made big impact in music back in 1999. >> she broke a record in 99.
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
>> we're taking a life look at weather. we introduce to you crumpler, became the first african-american woman, in the united state, to earn the m.d. degree. on this day in history, back in 1864 earned that agree, spent much of her time caring for sick neighbors, credited for influencing crumpler's career choice. >> on this date, grammy night. a singer lauryn hill, made history. she became the first woman on hip hop artist, to win five grammy awards in one night, that was in 1999.
6:55 am
>> five grammys. >> i remember everybody loved this video, too, so cool seeing her in two different ways. >> miss lauren him, took home albumn of the year, best new artist, best performance, best r&b song and best albumn. >> where she ranks? >> right. >> taylor won the other night, three,. >> yes, best albumn. >> woman or just person in general? >> human. >> if i had to guess, michael jackson? >> it was michael jackson, yes. might have been for thrill i love that picture of him. >> well, tough test for the top ranked wildcats tonight. big game, they take on five xavier, and have to do it on
6:56 am
xavier's home court. thinks traveling is an advantage for his team. >> this would be thunderstorms this afternoon, wow. remarkable things are happening at your local acme.
6:57 am
we're making changes, and we're getting better every day. cleaner. friendlier. fresher. like fresher meat and seafood. and fresher produce and hundreds of organics.
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to top it off! we're lowering thousands of prices throughout the store. get lean cuisine favorites entrees. 5 for $10 when you buy 5. and hatfield center cut pork chops or roast $1.99 a pound when you buy 3 pounds or more. low prices, great quality, and friendlier service. acme.
6:59 am
>> wash out, chance for thunderstorms this afternoon. when this moves out, and when do we warm up? plan caught shooting up on a septa bus then falling over. police saved him, then track him down days later. too much or tough love? >> donald hits the jackpot in nevada last night, trump trains roll on. big question this morning, can he be stopped? >> the future of the flyers is here. plus green eggs and spam? are the eagles ready to hatch new season? with bradford at the helm. >> good morning. >> it is, and it is raining
7:00 am
again. >> sort, coming at you sideways. >> everybody, one, two, three. >> thunderstorms later on. >> okay. >> exactly. >> like really? we have eight got a rainy start to the day. bus stop buddy here with you. temperatures are in the upper 30's, and 40's out there. it is just rain. that we're seeing. unless go farther north to scranton, then see freezing rain mixed in, little chillier, but for us just yucky day, 43 degrees, right now. feels like 37, we had our sunrise official at 6:42, and visibility no picnic either, only mile and half at philadelphia international airport. lot of fog around this morning. >> so, yes, wind driven rain, at times, as bob kelly


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