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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  February 25, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EST

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a judge's ruling that is now the focus of a site that's far from over. >> can your friends affect your credit? lenders want to look at your facebook page, but the government says not so fast. 7:00. we have twigs, stuffy just brought in when i walk in two blocks from high house. there are plenty more twigs and branches all over the place. >> did you trip over any? >> i was tripping little bit. ways tripping last night when the lightning struck. how was the dog last night? >> look at him. i've got a photo up, if you take my weather maps right now. >> weather maps. >> this is 10:00 last night. there he is. look at his face. >> poor dog. >> so scared. >> i put the thunder shirt on. ya, we were just not having good night. >> that's 10:00 last night. >> it was. >> were you still up. >> i took a preemptory nap. >> you knew it was coming. >> i knew it was coming. >> we do have some school closings and some school
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delays. nativity of our lord school, they decided just to close all day. >> the council rock school district, two hour delay. and then the kitty academy of warminster opens at 9:00 this morning. so yes, weather having effect on our area. >> now that is that it is getting light out, we can assess the damage little better this morning. >> okay. >> and we still actually have some rain around. it is a six out of ten, for your number of the day. bus top study has the umbrella, cloudy, breezy, some temperatures in the 50's, and there you see the last gasp of this storm moving through with showers, in our area, here in philadelphia, in delaware county, in chester county, berks, even down as far as south as salem count any new jersey so we have 53 degrees, 23-mile per hour winds gust to go 29. it is still windy in the city. sunrise happened 6:41 officially, see, little bit of rain around, little bit of sunshine around, temperatures falling throughout the day, and wind picking up, it will
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be a blustery afternoon for sure. bob kelly, high. >> good morning, everybody, accident here on the 42 freeway, this is northbound, right at that 295 construction zone. it has been a mess in there, in the bellmawr area. earlier flooding, in the work zone, but right now dealing with a crash northbound lanes at 295. platt bridge into 26th street. about dozen vehicles that got flat tires last night on 95, in port richmond, near the girard avenue work zone. saw another car with a flat tire. so look out. not only obstacles like the branches and the trees and the downed wires, there is huge craters all the sudden develop. power problems on the paoli line. they couldn't get all of the trains started this morning, so some of the inbound cars are short.
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that will make things little tighter, weather delays at philadelphia international airport. eastbound on the schuylkill, some flooding and debris, at the gladwynn onramp to head eastbound into philadelphia, the lincoln drive flooded out, do not drive-thru the high water, someone tried to get through here, near rittenhouse, got stuck, and everyone else is tuck hine him there. so flooded out on the linc at rittenhouse and for bod end drive. also flooded out along brooklawn circle the access points like 130 and 47, that high water making it a rough go this morning, mike and alex back over to you. >> throughout the morning, ac electric has now about 2100 people out of power. pseg has about 3600, and peco still has about 10,000 without power. ppl lancaster about 1200 still in the bark. >> we'll update in the next hour or so, getting lower and lower. those numbers getting lower by the minute. we have crews all over the area. steve keeley live in cherry
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hill, assessing damage over in new jersey. >> first to dave kinchen live in lancaster county where we think tornado touched down looks like it from the way the bar is -- barn is hine you. >> just found out from county officials here the ntsb will be out this way along with the office of emergency management sometime after 8:30. >> could be home own their looking at the damage and destruction here. >> this house completely dilapitated being see debris litter across the ya, also show you the farmhouse right back there, we don't know if any animals might be in there or trapped inside. we do know thankfully no people have been injured all across the county that's what the county officials tell us, but could be as many as 40 property, structural damage, or you might have total destruction including amish school in lancaster county
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what authorities are telling us right now. no one hurt, people still trying to get up now that the sun is, well, coming out so to speak, now that it is getting lighter. ntsb will be out here sometime after 83 back to you. >> thank you, 705:67:89 heavy rain and winds last night, they left a mess which are out there looking on the roadways, steve, dealing with? >> to cherry hill, steve keeley standing by there, what are you seeing, me? >> from the east side to the west side at cherry hill they got wallopped. police say it was wild night. look at the huge tree across laugh early drive. that explains why pse&g is out here. because that tree likely had some casino of responsibility for pulling the power lines down, and let's show you some video that we have. home, house in cherry hill from southern new hampshire university, on break, and he went out and did some spot news work for us last night
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shoot shock video of tornado exploding and lighting up the street white hot. so, big problems out here in cherry hill, the people are still without power, and as we come back it the live picture, still very windy out here. we are waiting for the rest of this family siding and rain spots, see all of the electric wires, all of the cable wires still dangling in the street as both the cable company and the cable company with the police trying to figure out where do we begin with this mess here in cherry hill. guys? >> all right, 7:06. steve, we check back with you, pennsylvania governor tom wolf makes a big announcement yesterday. about his health. he's being diagnosed with prostate cancer. listen. >> because i had routine checkup, it was detected early so i can do something about it so i want to make sure that this is an example why routine
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checkups actually matter and make a difference. >> boy, sure do. it was routine checkup that led to the prostate cancer diagnosis for our good friend, steve morrison of mmr over at preston and steve. his doctors, matter of fact, talk to him about it was doctor mike. steve you and i at event saturday? talking about this very topic how you got diagnosed. what was it, a blood test? >> psa test which is the only thing, and doctor mike can verify, as well, only thing of the err ray of tests i was getting any indication i had something going on, and it is a blood test, it is acinal blood test that's the test that saved my life. i had no symptoms of anything. pretty much, nothing, nothing going on, just that checkup that indicated it, and when that is happening, and you're not symptomatic of anything, chances are you're out ahead of it. very manageable. >> very manageable, doctor
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mike, and no excuse for any of us guys not to get this blood test. what would be the treatment for governor wolf, doctor mike? >> well, if it is caught early, like it sounds like it is, then there are all kind of options. he can elect to have his prostate taken out, like steve did, that's kind of the gold standard of treatment. co-do radiation. and some people think that might be what he is going to do because he said the treatment will go on for several months as opposed to just going in, having it taken out, and then end of the story. but there are also people who elect to just watch and wait and see how it goes. >> so, steve why did you make the decision you did? >> i was never a fan of -- i'm considered, believe it or not, younger-ish, in the age range of people who get prostate cancer. even though i understand doctor mike maybe you can verify this that it is actually shifting down little bit. but i felt i wasn't a fan of having cancer in my body. >> right. >> and every time i took a meal or something that i was
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also feeding that, that was in me, and i wanted it out. i didn't want any possible issue at all, and it is the kind of cancer that can basically be extracted in one shot. and it was. and i've been -- my psa level has been undetectable since getting the operation that's been over a year now. >> so doctor mike, for steve, i mean, is he in the clear now? >> i think he's going to live to 110 to be honest with you. i always give all of my patient a 30 day warantee. but he is cancer free. now, for a lot of people out there, doctors, in particular, there is a lot of controversy about the psa, i believe personally and professionally it is a very important test, and if you are out there listening, you need to do two things, when you go to your doctor, have what's called digital rectal exam to see if there are any nodules on the prostate, and you need to talk with your doctor about the
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psa. i am a believer it is a piece of data. and in the case of steve, i believe, it saved his life. listen, you can't tell whether a prostate cancer is going to be life threatening or not bother you at all and you will die from something else. now willing to take that racing. >> you know yesterday, governor wolf has cancer, oh, my god, are you kidding mement and then go well it is prostate cancer. things improve so much with prostate cancer, that we can casino of relax when we hear that's what it is. doctor mike? >> i don't think anyone should relax, amazing new treatments coming along, we have robotic surgery that steve underwent i was out in a day or two going hiking. >> one night in the hospital and i was up walking an hour and a half after the surgery. >> so the thing is, the only thing you need to fear is fear itself. we've heard about that before. you do the right thing. if you are a man, you man up. go to the doctor. you get your exam.
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up get your testing. >> if you have it, you deal with it, and you look as good as steve. >> steve, how has it changed your life? >> first big pro pope and the of paying it forward, such a positive thing store to spread, mike, that if you get pro-active, there are people, no one need die of this if they just take the precaution every getting the checkup as it was discovered with governor wolf, as with me, simple blood test it, saved my life. doctor mike's goal and my goal from here on in would be to get the word out. don't be scared. don't be frighten, very positive thing that can happen. i am here to a test to it. >> i know your awe busy on your radio show this time of morning, we appreciate your time. >> thank you. >> doctor mike, we love you, of course. >> thank you. steve, say hi to doctor shivers for me. >> he is scaring the hell out of my life at home, thank you. >> talk to you later guys.
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>> there you go. >> governor tom wolf. >> lauren, your turn. >> it is, delaware county mother, mike, demanding answers following her son's violent end crower police, her 22 year old son has schizophrenia. on tuesday night he called police because i got a tad bit confused. the situation he will call ated when officers forced their way inside their home. there are reports that he grabbed a knife and used it she watched her son tasered twice and within minutes -- >> next thing i know he was laying on the floor. shot. he was bleeding out. he lost a lot of blood. >> she said she feels like her son slipped through the cracks, and now hopes the storely spread awareness of mental health issues in our country. >> funeral arrangement made for former miss new jersey, after being critically injured in a car crashment memorial service will take place this sunday february 28th at 1st united methodist church in
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arkansas, her hometown about 50 miles outside of memphis, tennessee. mccollum won the 2013 miss new jersey pageant was lead anchor for snj today news in south jersey. mining anal next. >> thank you. you know what i'll do, i i'll toss it over to a woman named sue serio. >> yes, we get new what's going to happen today. because it sure will be different than yesterday. but showers are lingering into the morning hours today. you can see quite a few clouds as you look at this, view of old sit. wind will pick up as temperatures drop. we will see limited sunshine today. there is still rain around this morning. as we zoom in. we see some showers here in philadelphia. just couple. mostly in the northeast. let's see. chester county, bucks county, around the allentown area, slightly heavier rain. up in the poconos mountains as well as salem county, and gloucester and camden count any southern new jersey, so you see why the flood warnings are still in effect, flooding lingers even after the rain ends. and it is still raining out to the west.
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so just watch out for the ponding on the roadways, and the future cast, continues to show sunshine, and those falling temperatures, as we go through the rest of the afternoon, it will be tough for full sunshine, we will get that tomorrow. here are the temperatures, as you walk out the door, a 3 degrees in the city. mid 40's, in mount pocono, reading, lancaster, 48 degrees in wildwood. so starting to cool off already. and winds, out of the southwest, picking up, 23-mile an hour sustained winds, in philadelphia. wind gusts of 29 miles an hour, and out in lancaster recorded 33-mile an hour wind gust, so, still challenging around there. we are looking at temperature that will fall throughout the afternoon today. 40 degrees tomorrow. isn't it getting coal tomorrow with the windchills probably in the 20's and 30's, tomorrow. 44 degrees on saturday. then we warm up nicely on sunday. and monday. into the 50's, and we may even sustain that into the first couple of days of march, tuesday and wednesday of next
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week. so, looks like march may come in like a lamb. bob? >> exactly 7:15, sue, on a thursday morning. accident on the 42 freeway. northbound in toward philadelphia. we are bumper to bumper from the black horse pike all the way up to the ramps for 295. that's one of the obstacles we'll have this morning. here go, schuylkill expressway, was flooded out overnight, everything open. all of the majors are good to go. you are going to find some debris though out your front door, the driveway, some of the on and off-ramps from the result of last night's major storm that rolled throughment the power issues also continue on the paoli thorndale line. some of the inbound trains will be short some cars. so could be little over-crowding coming into center city on that line. weather delays expected, at philadelphia international airport, as they try to recover from the storms last night. a lot of concellations, and flights were re-routed so check with the airline before you head down to the airport. also, eastbound on the schuylkill, volume between
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conshy and belmont. gladwynn onramp has some flooding and some debris. lincoln drive was flooded out earlier this morning at both rittenhouse and forbidden drive. there is a lot of debris, also, along the lincoln drive. brooklawn circle, where 47 and 130 casino of come together. watch for high water there. and also, mt. laurel, new jersey, hainesport and grant, dealing with some downed wires. i95 southbound, jammed up with a accident at cottman. and watch for those big craters, in the work zones, plus, the construction signs, the high winds, have knocked over a lot of those signs that didn't have the sandbags to keep them in place. almost like taking the driving test again this morning, mike and alex, back over to you. >> okay, well, villanova couldn't pull off that big win in cincinnati last night against xavier. >> yep, they lost number five xavier, 90 to 83. now there is only three games left in the season before the biggies tournament.
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>> hey, matt cord is here to talk hoops. you know all about hoops. >> i love villanova. >> i do, too really rooting for them. i predicted they weren't going to be able to do it. >> i blame you then. >> blame me. i put out negative energy yesterday. >> they are really good team, aren't they? >> at least you know how to say xavier and not x xavier. >> gentlemen task to somebody in the lobby who works now. >> don't call us out. >> who works for us? >> x xavier, his name is chris. >> oh. >> last name murphy? okay, okay. >> no, like we were just talking before we went on, tough place to win. >> always has been. >> yes. and villanova's ranked number one, xavier number five. they played them back on new years eve here in philly. villanova beat them by 31-point. so revenge game. xavier didn't have their best player. last night i think he was six rebounds, so the kid is a stud. it is one lost, will it knock villanova out? sure it, will but they'll be top five. they got three games left against people they can beat.
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can beat georgetown, can beat die paul, then the biggies tournament which they will go far. they can actually play xavier again in the torn. >> probably will. >> and then sunday two, weeks from sunday, so, villanova still has good shot to be number one seed. >> okay. >> and number one seed in the east. and the east will start in brooklyn at the barkley center. >> and then move to philadelphia. >> right. >> next rounds. >> sweet 16. >> sadly i believe if you play at least three games at the wells fargo center you can't be sent to that region. >> , no you can if you play four, that's why they purposely only play three games. >> oh, it is four? >> yes. villanova purposely scheduled usually four, five games at the wells fargo there is year, you know, sweet 16, lead eight be there there, only scheduled three. so they play there. >> what you are telling me is this? if they can hang on to the number one seed, villanova. >> in the glees would go to brooklyn. >> and then come home to the wells fargo center and those games would be for catholic university good friday, and easter sunday.
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>> oh,. >> how cool would that be? >> come on, lord. >> oh. >> here is the problem with villanova. they don't know -- the last two years they haven't gotten past the first weekend? one and done. >> last year number one seed, lose to north carolina state. two years ago number two seed, lost to uconn. so they have to get past. >> pick up the defense, defense kind of lacking. >> they got foul trouble last night, they shot poorly, all of the things do you to lose a game. now, alex, always says to me. >> what? >> we talk so much about villanova. do you see what st. joe's is doing. >> can't leave st. joes out now. >> you can't. there is a shot. st. joes will probably make the tournament like eight, nine seed. there is a shot st. joes could be in that east bracket in brooklyn and the two of them could play each other. >> oh, would that be something? >> tell me this, matt cord. >> what's that, mike? >> weren't doesn't sane joe joes the fantastic record crack the top 25? >> because they're st. joes.
7:20 am
>> don't get the national like villanova. >> st. joes -- >> with jameer nelson, gentlemen, west, number one. >> sports illustrated. >> i think i had to go to a wed that saturday when they were playing really well. >> you know bill murray was at the game last night? his son luke is assistant coach for xavier. and if you remember, back in september, luke got married in philadelphia. >> right. >> to franny cassidy's daughter, used to work for the sixers, yes, as far as xavier guess in these, you know, in the tournament, you'll see a loft bill had your. >> i real quickly here, i'll show you the back of the daily news right over here. matted mat, you follow football too. >> yes. >> is a sam brad for the going to be starting in september here? >> i would say no. but i'm just so sick of this topic. you know what? what would we be talking about if shady mccoy didn't get in trouble? >> thanks, shady. >> he gave sports radio another three weeks of something to talk about. >> that's true. >> yes.
7:21 am
>> sorry. >> well if not sam then who? >> rgiii. >> oh,. >> wow. >> what a head line. boom. >> hey do you like the mustache? >> truthfully? >> well, it is so -- it is so thin and slight that i didn't even notice stud. >> oh,. >> oh, why do you have to do that? >> he's been growing it for three weeks. >> no, i had a beard, and when i shaved it like i didn't want to lose the whole beard. >> ya. >> you should join us foreman scape monday. it is a pod cast that dow. >> ya. >> he's not interested. >> bye, matt cord, thanks. >> you know lauren, dunking over lauren at the sixers game friday against washington. >> what, lauren johnson? >> yes. >> all right. >> dunking over lauren? they did to it to me. >> friday. inbetween the third and fourth quarter. >> lauren is taller so be careful. is recording police officers, in other words, with a video camera, or a still camera, protected in our first amendment rights? one philadelphia judge does not think so. his decision creating a lot of
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controversy. experts are weighing in next. what do you think? >> and determining your credit worthiness, based on facebook friends, lenders wanted to make it happen. but the plan has been shutdown. find out why. ♪
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>> new york city, we take to you live look. this is in rocco way, off queens here, where us coast guard boat has run a grounds. >> yes, doesn't look like it is too bad here, run awe grounds, apparently on rescue mission, trying to help crew of a fishing ship, fishing boat, all five members on the coast guard boat both are okay. as well as the crew that they were trying to help on the fishing both. so looks like they got the job done, is that the coast guard on it? >> i think that might be the fishing boat. >> that doesn't look like anything like the coast guard boat both. that's the fishing boat but i think the coast guards is headed off to help. they've simply run a grounds near far rock away beach, which is on the southern part of long island, it is actually
7:26 am
in the borough of queens, but just as queens boarders the rest of long island. >> hell copter headed? is that what you are hearing? >> coast guard helicopter coming in, you know, kind of hovering around the shift there, so helping out, as well. >> so everybody off, the coast guard vehicle, the helicopter, now back, at it base. the person to determine your credit worthiness based on facebook friends is over the explain that to me. >> thank goodness for. >> this basically going to checkup on you, start looking at your facebook page to determine whether lenders were going to? >> isn't that weird? >> facebook friends to get my credit record? >> way to learn about you, isn't it? >> what? >> yep. if you need to keep good company on facebook, apparent lip, yes. this is big push by several on line lenders and some start ups. facebook itself, but now everyone seems to back off the idea of you can get alone if we look who you're friends with on facebook, because just
7:27 am
doesn't make sense, there will be regula tour hurdles, some foams just calling the whole idea creepy. to r my personally i can see extending a loan to a small business based on who their customers are on facebook, that can maybe demonstrate your future sales, et cetera. but as for people, little different. if they use all caps, they say it proves they are not as credit worthy. so companies have all sorts of cookie ways to determine if you should get a loan. this was one every them. now your facebook friends, yes, not so much any more. >> lauren call facebook and tell them to get out of my life and it credit people too. >> let's do a new fashion book emoji button for this one, a roll eyes, all right? >> yes. you know the new emojis? >> are you sending out emojis now in your messages? >> no, i actually never do. i don't think i've ever done
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that. i'm too lazy i think. >> oh, i've been overdoing it. >> you were? >> i'm sorry. >> never happen again. >> what's your favorite one? >> i like that one that says yes. i sent one out last night to my fiancee, the struck sell real. she's having struggle else with her hair. >> oh, talking about the little buttons? talking about something completely different. >> bit emojis. >> all right, see you tomorrow. >> i don't think she knows what they are. >> how about a confused button right now? >> i'll sends it to you. >> confused, there go. >> i'll sends it to you. i hate you both. win american idol last night, there was something a little weird and new. >> how four of the 14 remaining contestants were fast cracked to the top ten. >> she has got eyebrows, wins that. >> they're sweet.
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>> he guts the fun assignment. >> sugar daddies, sugar babies, here is our sugar baby >> she says good this fell on the park and not on the cars. tree fell over in hunting park, so at least it went in the right direction, see a loft damage this morning, as a result of the storms last night, temperatures mostly
7:32 am
50's, bus stop buddy still has the umbrella, because we still have few showers moving through the area probably seeing limited sunshine going through the rest of the day today just couple of showers around, as well. so that's your planner for thursday, looking at the weekends coming up next. >> 6:32, two jams in the traffic cams, good news, because keeping the speeds down, hopefully the accident count east on 422 heavy from trooper road, on in, north on the freeway. >> all of the regional rail lines, car shortages on every line. for example, the 5714, original train out of thorndale, is going to now become an express from
7:33 am
villanova into center city, because it is stack and pack. instead of four cars, it only has two, so, between nova and center city it will zip on past, everyone else that's waiting for that train. so, expect delays, and that's going to have ripple effect for the morning, weather delays also throughout the morning, at philadelphia international airport. the lincoln drive flooded out northbound lanes blocked at gypsy lane. however, the southbound lanes are getting bike, mike and alex back over to you. >> 7:33, do you have the right to take pictures or videotape police officers? according to a federal judge, by the way, here in philadelphia, without expressive conduct the answer is no. you have to have a specific reason, according to this judge, to take a picture every videotape after police officer. the decision is based off two lawsuits, filed against the city of philadelphia, one in 2012, a woman says she was restrained while recording police arresting protesters at
7:34 am
a fracking protest, this is in 2013, so that was in 2012, then in 2013 a temple student says he was placed in a police van after taking pictures of police officers outside after house party near the temple campus. let's bring in attorney fred, good to see you. >> thank you for having me. >> from the aclu, mary catherine roper, i just can't speak today, so i'll let two talk. >> good morning, mike. >> so fred, what is the judge thinking? i'm big supporter of our police officers, but why can't i take a picture every him? >> who, me? >> yes, fred. >> i didn't hear the fred part. well, you can, mike. i mean, what this judge said, conduct is speech is protected by the first amount: if it was a sit-in, someone wearing an arm ban, protesting, that's protective. but under the first amount. but in this instance these two people honestly testified that the guy said i'm just here taking a pictures because i thought it would be a good
7:35 am
picture. the woman said i was just taking pictures, interestingly, either one said i'm here because i'm concerned about the police conduct, i want to make sure it gets documented i think you would see very, very different outcome. >> marry kate rink, do me a favor, make sense of this? >> our pegs was different one. we think you have a right to take pictures or record the police officers in public, i'm not talking about private things, but when they're doing their job, in public, it is a public job. we are the public. we get to take pictures of them. whether we think they're doing something wrong at the moment, whether we think they're doing something right at the moment, whether we plan to hold that photo for later, or whether we plan to put it up on facebook right away, and that's, frankly, what we will argue to the court of appeals. >> fred, where is this going? >> well it, will go to the court of appeal, do you have
7:36 am
realize, what this judge is saying is this, realize that the first amendment does protect conduct as speech. but it has to be some form of expressive. what the judge said in this case was that these two individuals, who by the way still have their fourth amendment right against the police for unreasonable seizure, and they're claiming it against the police for excessive force, those claims are still in the case. what the judge said is that this speech, as expression, is not -- is not un feather. there has to be some limit on t and if you were just sitting there in the middle of the street, that's not speech and expression, if you were at sit in, look at all of the facts and circumstances around it, all of this judge is saying is expression as speech does have some limits. and he's not worried about that. >> hold on fred. so let's say i go down, on broad street today, i take a picture every police officer across the street. >> for no reason what soar. >> i like the horse he is sitting on. >> that's fine. >> well, nothing wrong with
7:37 am
that? >> no. there wouldn't be anything wrong with that, you know, because under your, you know, not taking pictures -- >> nothing specific that i'm doing. just i like his horse. >> what if you saw after arrest, you decided to take pictures other than no reasons than you thought it would be good picture. why the said that's not enough. in you wanted to take a picture because you were concerned that the police were going to be acting in a certain way, or were you concerned, then you have unfetters right to do. that that's conduct. >> mat marry catherine, do you understand it the same way? >> something to understanded here. judge did not say and the city of philadelphia did not say it is illegal to take that picture without any reason. so, don't anybody think that you cannot, that you could be arrested just for taking pictures of police. that's not at all what the judge is saying. >> what's the ruling mean then? >> they just don't want you to do it, stop? >> basically the question is whether you have a first amendment right, if that police officers comes up to
7:38 am
you and says stop taking pictures, whether you have a first amendment right to keep taking those pictures, or whether the officer can tell to you stop. >> what if isn't is taking a picture of me, air right to say quit shooting, don't shoot my i am snack. >> not when you are in public, no. >> well then why -- if i have an uniform on? >> again this isn't about whether it is illegal. this is about whether you have a first amendment right, essentially, to sue the police officers, if the police officer interferes with you recording. by the way, i will say, you talk to any fief over -- photographer, talk to any artist, talk to any journalist, they would be really surprised at the idea that taking a picture not first amount amendment protected. >> thank god the acls out there. but i disagree, if a photograph is her, there he is therefore a reason, there is to conduct an investigation. he is thereto report the news. he has unfettered right. and i think this judge very clearly said that this is limited to the facts of this
7:39 am
case. these two people were therefore no other reason than to take a picture, he just said that's not nut for first amendment. search and seizure, still allowed to proceed. >> whole legal thing and all just makes my head hurt fred. >> welcome to my world. >> i can't even imagine. >> i should have been flying jets for united. >> no wonder our pilot. take your minds off. >> yes, this is minds numbering. >> stupid. by the way, fred. could you call the police, philadelphia police, i want alex arrested. she took a picture after police officer. >> i think you are more worried about your right of publicity. this is an important, this is expensive i am. >> she should be handcuffed right now. >> marry catherine, thank up, nice to meet you. >> thanks, mike. >> fred, always good to see you. >> thanks for having me. okay, a no show apparently at a houston town hall who didn't make appearance in front every megan kelly. three guests, who doesn't like megan kelly?
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>> i smashed myself in the head yesterday. >> you didn't do like this. >> no, this beautiful pole we have over here. >> oh, you hit that thing? >> yes. >> oh, man. >> but i think now i'm just now feeling the effect. >> okay, so the republican presidential candidates, at least four of them, join megan kelly for a town hall meeting in houston, yes. >> if you bring up the name megan kelly, you know it will be donald trump. he didn't want anything to do with her. >> even though he wasn't there, his name was there. a lot of people brought him up last night. specially, ted cruz mark rubio continue the fight for second place, both senators mentioned real concern for trump's ability to actually lead, as america's next president. and republican candidates will face-off in their next debate tonight, and that's going to be in houston at the university of houston. >> so marco rubio didn't show up. so she was too long sends satellites to these guys. >> no, that's not what happened. >> she asked trump, they said hey consideration we work out this? he said oh, timing, no, just
7:44 am
can't work out the timing. >> my point was she was too long sends it to marco rubio, so willing to send a satellite to donald trump too. >> my point was there is a schedule conflict, they couldn't do that. so we -- >> i think we made total sense there. i hit my head last night on the democratic side, bernie sanders is playing catch up, trailing hillary clinton by double digits now in south carolina? just days from the primary, of course the primary saturday, but hillary clinton may not be worried. >> she just pick up big political endorsement from senate minority leader harry reid. >> harry reid for hillary clinton. just like our mayor jim kenney, for hillary clinton.
7:45 am
7:46 am
after trying brookside crunchy clusters, @carlybeyar tweeted: at this point, i should just be a brookside chocolate ambassador. well, i am sorry, carly... it's something you earn. brookside. talk about delicious.
7:47 am
>> breaking news, long island sound, off queens, chopper zooming in now on a coast guard vessel that is still upright in the water, over to its right, darn, we don't have control of this chopper shot. maybe we'll go back. there was a small coast guard craft, there you see it, upside down, upside down, very near the shore. it was en route to help a fishing boat that that had begin a ground on the, the
7:48 am
southern side of long island. and everybody's fine, though, but that little coast guard vessel was headed to a fishing boat that had five guys on it, and there is a coast guard helicopter. but the five guys simply ran aground, and then they got off and they were fine. and everything is back in order, looks like, in new york city. 7:48. >> we'll wager the wind had something to do with that situation, because we had very high wind move through the area last night. we're not finished with rain yet either. we will take quick look at radar, show you it is still raining in berks county, lehigh valley, montgomery county and bucks counties. little bit of rain. we've been fighting with the sun and the clouds in philadelphia, pocono mountains, seeing some rain, now we see this one last cell move through new new castle couy delaware around middletown. flood warnings continue through the rest of the morning, for mercer county, and out to our west, it is 53 degrees in philadelphia, right now, but from here on this, we look for temperatures to drop throughout the rest of the day through the 40's, and
7:49 am
40 degrees, tomorrow, but it will feel even chillier than that. so, tomorrow, will be winter coat day for sure. 44 degrees on saturday. a chilly day, but then sunday up into the upper 50's, so, nice change, warm change, middle of the weekends, bob kelly? >> twisting the kids arm trying to get them to put a coat on after the warm temps we've been dealing with, 7:49. morning, everybody, accident on the schuylkill. this is westbound, involving, this tanker truck here. right at vare avenue. so, anyone leaving south philadelphia, coming over the walt whitman bridge, trying to get in toward the city, the wind rocking the camera, penndot moving it off, focus there, so westbound accident at vare. south on 95, heavy cottman through girard. some power issues across the board, on all of the regional rail lines. they had sole trouble getting the cars started this morning, every single rail line is experiencing shortage of carson each one of the trains, for example, the express from
7:50 am
or the 5714 thorndale train is going to go express from villanova to center city, because it is so crowded. instead of four cars they only have two which means everyone between nova and center city will stand there on the platforms as the full cars kind of zip on by. so expect delays on all of the regional rail lines, also, expect some weather delays down at the airport this morning as everybody tries to recover from all of the flights that were re-routed or canceled, from last night. mike and alex being back over to you. >> no delays getting to the american idol studios with jenn frederick. >> did you vote last night, mike? >> i sure did, i voted often. >> jen, were you voting? >> i've never voted for any show in my entire life. that's the truth. isn't that weird? i've never voted? >> but we're still rooting for our local girl. >> this girl, she may not be our local girl, but she is one of my favorite, and there is a local connection, her is name is avalon.
7:51 am
>> ♪ >> what hurt the most ♪ >> it was a beautiful song choice. >> you can't fool me. i know that's twin continue from last hour, i love her. >> you know your secretary of labor and you know your american idol contestants, very proud of you. the go is do we have this hour's contestants? >> avalon, staff. >> ♪ >> you can't lie to me, jen, i don't know why you keep trying to fool us. that's that dove i mackenzie. >> yes, here's what's going to happen. >> what? >> we will regroup. we'll have a guest join us at 8:00. i can't tell you. >> go ahead.
7:52 am
i haven't seen her in a long time. say it. >> no. >> she is kind of well known, jen. >> that's why i want to wait. >> avalon? >> it is not avalon. but someone with a popular weird name. >> yes? >> in fact i'll tweet her name out. and i might put it on instagram. >> so, few dates for regroup. >> sounds good to me. >> put it on your resume tape. >> okay, we continue to track the clean up from last night's big, man, i am telling you, raining so hard, i swear there is a tornado up in lancaster, we will take you there live.
7:53 am
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
>> new frisco app. >> yes, the app, you can become a member of the fox news team? >> likes look ty davis made 25 books, via frisco. that's in linden, now, when this would that have been? sue, when could that have been? could there be a rainbow before the moon soon hit? >> good question. that's really good question. >> was the sun ever out yesterday? >> we didn't see any sunshine yesterday, could have been this morning. >> you're right. >> we did see sunshine, really a battle between the sun and the clouds this morning, with the rain around. >> hey, ty, why don't you tweet us, what's your twitter handle? >> alex holley fox 29. >> probably mine easier, mike fox 29. thanks, ty. >> tip i can will you you learn your state capitols in elementary school. i know sister lou ella taught us fifth grade the state caps. likely we forget them. you know, before you even
7:57 am
graduate fifth grade. >> well, wallet hub. com put together list of best and worse state capitols. based on affordability, economic well-being, education, and health and quality of life. >> well, let's get to it. >> okay? >> trenton. >> came in at number 45. >> oh, geez. >> that's way down. >> yes. >> specially only 50. >> that's good, mike. >> you know what mike? >> what about -- delaware, dover, is ahead of trenton. >> sounds like everybody is ahead of trenton. >> the city ranking lands on 43. >> gosh, why are we solo? oh, my, harrisburg is 40. what are we doing? our capitols suck. >> how about we feel better by looking at last place? >> what's worse than us? >> hartford. >> connecticut. >> that's a dump. >> oh,. >> want to know what number one is. >> glike tell.
7:58 am
>> they want to keep things weird. >> austin, texas. >> austin, texas. >> everybody says it is a great city. it is a fun sit. >> i so much fun. sixth street, all of the music. >> uh-huh. >> you get little bit of like the political world, there you get little bit of downtown, texas stuff, you got good food. you got water and all of that, just -- >> water? >> yes. >> it is landlocked? >> oh, the river. >> lake travis, big lake. >> they have a bunch of -- >> true, the bridge, you can go to certain time of night, watch all of the bats. >> i tell you what it is, sunset, they slide off into the sunset, i've done it, as fantastic. >> so have i. what were you doing in us a snip. >> doing story about big bats. about the bats under that bridge, i forget the name of the bridge. i also got to hold can be. >> a bat. >> fruit bat. >> with your bear hands? >> yes. >> you have lived, hon. >> i and i saw albino bat. and all white bat.
7:59 am
it was a bat straight out of -- >> you're bat. >> i that's where i got batty when i was in austin. coming up on 8:00. good day to you thursday february the 25th. february is almost over. >> it is, can you believe that? >> 2016. >> i'm ready for spring. >> from the fox 29 studios. this is "good day philadelphia". >> morning mess, whipping winds, crushed cars, watch meat right now of the powerful system that plowed through our region last night. >> out after job, 30 workers now out of work after failing the verify process at a local restaurant. the mandatory screening lead to go longer local unemployment lines. e-verify. >> now you see it, now you don't. parent listen up. why you could miss the mold that's lurking in your kids'
8:00 am
zip cup. >> what? >> tweet is on good day. so, no, not that tweet. tweet. >> ♪ >> she joins us after huge night on american idol. our big predictions before tonight's debut of the top ten. i know who i want. >> ♪ >> such talent. >> there it is, there goes my shirt up over my head. >> look at you. >> oh, my mike. >> oh, my. >> what's most memorable for you. >> i haven't seen her in a long time. she will join us on the show? >> new albumn coming out. she was tweet before twitter. >> exactly. >> let's show footage from the rain. i swear i was in viet nam last night. it was raining so hard, or a jungle or something. >> the winds. >> and look at the damage. >> look. >> knock over burger king sign. >> hope it didn't damage the
8:01 am
hotdog. >> a lot of damage, a loft power outages, and i've got to tell you, i don't know that i've seen that heavy of rainfall in years. i mean it, got to be scary. >> remember, it is only february. >> i know. >> normally what would happen in the spring. >> exactly, raining so hard, ever was over at the sheridan last night for an event, and they, of all of the doors around the sheridan's lobby, society hill, they had to put towels up because the water was starting to come n loud. >> flashflooding. >> so want to get to the pour outages right away. >> yes, we keep checking on there is peco reporting nearly 9,000 customers are in the dark. pse&g more than 4600 without power, ac electric reporting outages for 2300 customs ers, and ppl lancaster has about 1200 customers that are out. >> i think having hard time. they have storms first, as everything came from west to
8:02 am
east, it was bad. >> may have gotten tornado. >> they did the tornado warning for awhile, national weather service. >> we've had flooding, accident, accident right now on the schuylkill expressway westbound on the schuylkill, right at vare avenue, tanker truck there involved, so everyone leaving south philadelphia, actually, looking live as the firefighters are pulling up to the scene here. >> coming over the walt whitman bridge, looks like they're going to block the left side here, and only that far right shoulder is going to get on through. so we go basically from what six lansdowne to shoulder, so jammo, west, on the schuylkill, your best bet take 95 to the vine expressway, and that will get new center city and around that delay for raindrops on the benny cam here, no delays coming into the city but it is rough go all around the board.
8:03 am
we showed some of the debris in chaddsford some flooding, here is a picture, sent by mrs. jammo, my wife, carry, on her way to work, pick up this delay. obviously wasn't listening to me this morning because i said 926 was closed at creek road. >> you know theroid you take to work? it is flooded. thank you, honey. car shortages, delays on all of the regional rail lines this morning, coming into center city. and i just heard from the airport, weather delays and concellations because of last night's storms. so they're trying to recover here this morning, check with your airline before you head down to the airport, and sue-be, i think the wind will play factor, as well, in our weather today. >> temperatures will drop. winds will pick up throughout the day today. even though better than yesterday a six out of ten. see bus stop buddy still has the rain gear, still seeing temperatures in the 50's, but still seeing rain move through the area, the very last gasp
8:04 am
of this storm that we'll remember for long time. now down to 50 degrees, we have 15-mile per hour breeze out of the west. and we see temperatures continue to drop throughout the day, but you may see a shower or two as well. sunset time, guys, 5:48 p.m. >> hey, sue, you know trying to figure out when the rainbow pick, when the rainbow pick happens? >> did you hear back? >> yes, i d i tweeted our viewer, ty davis. he said this was this morning, we were right. 7:00 this morning, he said, actually two right next to each other. other one kind of faded. >> oh,. >> i guess you can see that. he is a dj too. >> hi, djty. i like the double rainbow, not just the ice cream, but also the real thing. and i just got one from a viewer, i think the same darn rainbow of course from voorhees, nice. nice shot. >> you should tell them to send it to frisco news. >> i know. >> that way they can get money for it. >> bob, you're not going to get any money and ty will get 25. i would do this immediately.
8:05 am
download frisco news, the app right now. >> you don't want to be like bob when you can be like ty. >> you don't wash toil cable, you want to be direct tv. hang right now, crews are cleaning up. manny think we had tornado in lancaster county last night. heavy wind, rains, possible tornado, ripped across the area last night. >> so the national weather service going to go out, there that's why we're saying possible, because they have to assess the damage, make the official ruling. >> just showed up matter of fact. >> said they would come around this time. police say buildings collapsed and about 40 had have some damage, no injuries though, for people have been reported but two chicken houses with 16,000 birds inside, well they were knock down. some of the chickens may be little hurt. >> did you just say two chicken houses can house 16,000 chickens? >> that's what it says here. yes. >> makes me sad. so crowded. last time we check on steve he was this cherry hill. are you still there, steve?
8:06 am
>> the home of purdue chicken country farmings, i think it is called, two biggest chicken makers, yes, frank lived in saulsbury. so i can tell you first-hand, that, yes, you get thousands of chicken? these long chicken houses, and there is nothing worse than the smell after chicken house in the summer and people, they have commercials on tv down there, they use up all of mia lot dollars time to talk about chick tones put chicken farm on your property, and they will feed the chickens and take the chickens away. anyway, mike, that's how they get all of those chick glens hold on. frank purdue man who dedicated his life to chickens lives in saulsbury, more of a safe town. >> yes. >> yes. >> this is the way to stay warm. >> yes. >> only you. >> you know what? this is the casino of stuff that makes this show completely different. now while i'm still down south, three hours south of philly let me quote dolly parton, you mention rainbow. she said if you want the
8:07 am
rainbow you got to put up with the rain, i am doing that so how about that dolly dolly partn quote, too. >> we could go on for the next hour and a half. >> do i have any time? >> could i have any time for my story now as we do dolly parton jokes? any do, i will show you why we have power outages and road closings all in one picture, here we are in cherry hill right behind chapel avenue. that's an elementary school right there, there are apartment high-rises along main drags. right out back, behind the tennis courts, opine tree has gone down, and taken the power lines down with it. and look beyond the power lines, and the pine tree, and you see the telephone pole ready to get pulled down because the power lines are putting pressure on, that we showed you earlier the other side of the tree where the transformer exploded so they've got the road closed and the fact that nobody's here yet fixing this tells you how strained pseag is for
8:08 am
similar scenes like. >> this i'm opine tree veteran, i wasn't start like you, i stupidly moved over here. see all of the branches missing offer the bottom? this is how the trees blow over. what happens all of the snowstorms we get, heavy wet snow tears the big branches that stick out like your christmas trees off the tree earlier. then what's left is just a top of a tree. and these trees end up like flag polls. so the next winds storm we have with the saturated ground, that is how these big pine trees ends up blowing over because all of the support on the bottom gets taken off by the snowstorm. one storm weakens the tree for the next casino of storm, and there is your pine tree history as well not get that anywhere else any other station. dolly parton, saulsbury steak story, saulsbury chicken stories and how pine tree guess down. you are not getting that on the other stations. why would you turn anywhere else? >> steve thank you for opining that information. >> all right. >> i had no idea those pine trees got that tall. >> i didn't know either. >> woman up in canada, graced
8:09 am
on line fire storm after posting pictures of a zip cup she says is covered in mold, you know, down until the little hole. and it is making her friends child sick. >> so karen help in the news room explaining this one. of course you know she watched it. maybe places we're not washing too careful fully? >> people forget. i have had this happen to me, to my friends, circling back to the chickens, i have the two chickens, one of my chickens has turned very mean and it attacks me as it did this morning. turning to the zip cup. >> this has a lot of people talking. posted it up on facebook, people have been saying this, what do we do to prevent the mold? look at that, gross, discusting, black and it is thick, started with a facebook post by a woman named marie. she said her friends' son kept getting sick over and over again. so he broke part of the zip cup that keeps things from leaking and then he opened it and saw ew, all of this gross mold. that part never really get washed. this is what the company that makes these specific cups says, tommy tip i says difficulties have arisen when
8:10 am
liquids that are not recommended for use in the cups have been used but these are liquids, what else would you put in the cup? thick formula, pulley juice and warm liquids. we also recommend the cups are not left for long periods before being cleaned. so, how do you properly clean these things? experts say you should fully take it all apart and then wash it after every single use. use soap and warm weather and fully dry it, before you put it all back together. >> simply take the whole apparatus apart, put it in the wash washing machine. >> people don't realize this part comes apart there is part of it. >> they don't want to break it or anything. >> you don't even realize. like when you are a parent, no one gives awe manual on everything you have to do. >> and so much to do. >> thank you.
8:11 am
>> take the stupid zip i cup and put it in the washing machine. >> oh, go feed your chick glens have you ever watched a zip cup in your strife. >> yes. >> never. >> yes, i have. i have two daughters and two grandchildren. i have washed a zip i cup. >> all right. we'll check yours and the mole. 8:11. off the job. thirty workers now out of work after failing the e-verify process at local restaurant. >> what? >> the mandatory screening lead to go longer local unemployment lines.
8:12 am
8:13 am
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8:14 am
>> umbrella just end up recently our neighborhood, still seeing some rain. now, this is the last gasp of this system pretty much. but you got to be prepared for stray shower or two here and there, throughout the rest of the day, allentown getting some rain, getting some as i just mentioned here in philadelphia, pocono mountains, seeing some rain, very slushy up there, and
8:15 am
also, down here in new castle county now moving across to salem county in new jersey. so, we still have flooding in the area, flood warnings in effect, not only the aerial flood warnings out to the west, where it is still raining, but, some of our creeks are still swollen, like the perkioman creek, so those flood warnings have been extended throughout the day today. because the flooding persists as we know even after the rain ends, so it is temperature dropping to the 40's today, very chilly day tomorrow, clearing and windy, we will see sunshine, and chilly temperatures, on saturday, but then we warm to the up ear's, on sunday, so, it is really the tail of two weekend days there chilly saturday. >> all lanes from the schuylkill merged together here, you have the folks
8:16 am
coming in from south philadelphia, 95, coming from the airport, trying to again access to center city, look at this, only the far right shoulder is getting on through, we got tanker truck, they got car squeezed in the middle here, then philly firefighters pushing everybody over to the right. if you typically use this stretch, trying to get into center city, i would take 95 north to the vine expressway, that's the way to go, and avoid the westbound schuylkill, out of south philly, trying to get into downtown. south on 95, just got report of an accident at academy road. and now also jammed all the way in through girard avenue. some flooding, in chaddsford, here is a picture of the flooding along 926 just off creek road, so the barrels and the cones are up, do not drive-thru any of the free standing atwater. guys news less than month oohing to saint patrick's day, looking for your suggestions of the best irish pubs, the best restaurant, where you can take the kids and celebrate the irish culture.
8:17 am
pop it up on your facebook, twitter, instagram, use the hashtag fox 29 irish of course the saint patrick's day parade right here on fox. it takes place sunday march the 13th, on the parkway live, and you can also catch it from the comforts of your own home. noon to 3:00 on the parkway on sunday march 13th. >> well, have you heard about e-verify, on line screening process that works to determine if someone is legally eligible to work in america. a lot of politician haves been talking about it, now leading, as well, causing concerns, more people could be out of work because of it, in fact, after restauranteur, mark vetri, sold his group to urban outfitters, employees screened now 30 of his staffers are no longer employed. we reached out for comment but told mark vetri is out of town. we bring in our expert to explain what employers and employees in the area need to know about e-verify. >> good morning. >> here is the thing, 30 people out of work, at least
8:18 am
one have been working with this restaurant group more than ten years. you have to feel for them. what's the difference? mark vet tree said hey i looked at paperwork. >> 8 million undocumented workers, 30 less as of the other day after the 30 folks have lost their jobs. >> just one restaurant. >> just one. so here is the way the process works. employers are required to basically ascertain that the identification of an employee is okay relative to our work laws. meaning they are either citizen and/or have the proper papers to work. now, many employees, like the vetri group used the paper form which let's be hon zest not the most air-tight way to do this. right? there are lots of ways that you sort of glance, oh, it looks okay. >> he even calls it eye-balling. >> eye-balling. the e-verify system however, electronic, taps into the department, so verifies can find out the employees are eligible to work here legally. new owner, urban outfitters,
8:19 am
using the system, discovered these 30 folks who allegedly are not able to work here legally. there is an appeal process however. >> so there is something they can do. what's that process? >> appeal process. we have eight days to appeal t1 of the workers feels that they were, you know, mix-up in say the paperwork or something like that, they can appeal the process while they are appealing still keep their job. however, look, we know that this is a big problem, not just here in philadelphia, with terms of vetri but throughout the country, front and center in our presidential reelection right now, as well. what we've done unfortunately we've mixed politics into this issue, created back economics in many examples. here is the thing, talk about politics, we do know pennsylvania lawmakers trying to bring this to make it mandatory for all businesses. >> yes, pennsylvania one of 16 state that already has some level of mandatory verification for contractors to the state or subcontractors. there is a move a foot to make it mandatory for all
8:20 am
employers, in the state of pennsylvania, as is done in other states as well by the way. new jersey and delaware do not have it. and there is pros and cons on both sides. right? reality we should know who is, would g here, they should all have some sort of legal stat us, that's good thing for all of us. but the same time, we can't simply get rid of 8 million workers overnight, and not expect the economy to suffer. that's obvious. >> true. because looks like from the recent information here about 5% of employees have already been flagged. e-verify. >> 5% of employees, 5% of our labor force are here without the proper documentation. that's huge economic issue, as well, political issue. i would suggest there is thoughtful ways to solve this problem. if we move away from the extremes on both sides. >> okay? well, thank you for explaining that. >> meantime we pay little bit more for pizza because this probably means wages will go up. >> true. >> yes. >> thanks for the warning. >> you got it. >> okay, because i like extra cheese and extra pepperoni on mine. >> why not? >> 8:20, another day, another kanye rant. here's new target, the
8:21 am
grammy's. why he's threatening to boycott next year ' shows.
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
(♪ what would this day be without another kanye west rant? >> the latest target the grammys. he tweeted has anyone at the grammys ever heard march madness? yes, avenue problem with the grammys. he added all artist haves a problem with it, i'll fix it for all of us starting right now. >> thank you, kanye. >> answer didn't stop there. his rant goes on with, first order of business, we the people need to see future at the grammys, not just me and jay in a suit. and then talking jay-z, so tend of the rant, putting out new albumn, this summer, but he he also said something that stuck out to me yesterday. he said a lot of people oh, kanye always saying all of these crazy things, he said i'm not crazy, i'm free. people ask why i speak on public forum, my voice is my
8:25 am
freedom of power, of dreams, basically i'm happy free and confident not crazy just free. that's good point. when you are afraid to say something, it is because you are worried about what other people might say or react f you are not caring and just living your life, maybe it is free. >> well, it is freeing. >> i don't think he cares what we think of what he thinks. >> people will sure give that opinion, aren't they? >> sure. free. he is free, man. >> he is free. >> he want more future. and we're talking about it. i can't feel my face. >> no. >> i mean. >> that's the weekend. >> getting them confused. >> i wish he would have included the weekend there, too, i like the week end. >> weekends will be at the oscars. >> yes. >> so there is that. >> george pair a in the building. haven't seen you in a while. close look at iconic local chef. i'm looking at him right in the face right now. how you can go inside that beautiful restaurant and inside the mind of one george
8:26 am
perrier. it is scary in there.
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
>> ladies if you want to hear the wedding bells, the specific day coming up where you can propose. >> christie is in the hot seat again, what she decided about her unborn child that's so controversial, it is actually banned in some countries. mike? >> this story of philadelphia's iconic chef, george perrier, and his famous restaurant, on walnut st. now a documentary, and it is good. >> french chefs that come to the u.s. more than 40 years ago. >> but we can.
8:30 am
>> ♪ >> he is the best ever. >> he has young chef now. nick. magician. >> i have friends who take under the restaurant, stuffy. >> we talk about being partners, eventually his stepping back, letting me take control of the restaurant. but he's never going to let it go. it's his life line. >> oh, i miss that restaurant, george, good to have you here on "good day". >> glad to be here. >> erika the film maker good to have you. nicholas, good to see you again. how are things over on passyunk? >> i know it. >> now you see, now he is going to make a lot of money. >> the restaurant is laurel. >> yes. >> fantastic reviews. >> is he the new you? >> he is better than me. >> oh, no, no, no. >> real quickly here, how good is he?
8:31 am
>> well, i mean, when thomas keller told him you are the best at something, that goes a long way. >> carries fair amount of weight. >> you know one time i was in rome, well, let me throw that around, i am in italy go, to fancy restaurant, and the guy says where are you from? and i go philadelphia. and he goes do you know george perier. you're famous around the world. you know that, don't you? >> yes we are. >> yes we are? >> yes, i am. >> there is no yes you are. so, say the name of the restaurant. le bec fin. >> but around here, le bec fin . >> when did that close? >> two years ago. >> bought by another company. >> why was it time? >> because after 44 years, i was tired, i was really tired. because you know this business, this is just -- i'm
8:32 am
too old for this. >> oh, i don't know. don't you miss it? >> i do miss it every day, but, you know, you cannot regret. ii have a fabulous guy here, and he is great. it was the restaurant of philadelphia, in america. >> erika, why did you want to do this? this has been how many years filming? >> started filming in 2010, i started filming because i'm south identify of philadelphia. if you agree up anywhere in this area you new george, the biggest personality. and in the city when i heard the restaurant was closing i just thought it was something historic for philadelphia to lose that restaurant. >> did you have to congeale, talk him into doing this? this is pretty invasive with a camera in your face all the time. >> i came down, live in new york, came down from new york and i think i spoke to george and nick for like 20 seconds, he asked if i had a boyfriends, george rolled his eyes, that was the end of the story. and then we filmed.
8:33 am
>> i so hope you captured his interaction with women. >> oh, yes. >> legendary, george. >> i know nothing. >> so how do you come -- you have seen it, you say you like it, how do you come off in it? do you assume like an angry man, happy man? >> no, just what i like about this, because it showed me on my good face of life, very nice, calm, quiet. >> sure. you're the original gordon ramsey. >> triggered the character, shows the highs and the lows of what it is like to be with him as like a genuine, one of the most gracious men i've ever met to being with him in the kitchen where let's just say he is a little bit more intense. >> maybe pom pus ass at sometimes? not that far? >> how have you -- what's the worse thing anybody has ever said about you?
8:34 am
>> i think it is very funny. everybody always expected me -- i was tough, but i was tough with me, too. not only tough with my employees, and i saw somebody, and he thanked me, thank you so much, because of who you are, i am who i am to be. so that's the redeeming -- >> no matter what, overall of these years, you've always been highly respected. >> absolutely all over the world, everywhere. >> yes. >> when can we see it how can we see it? >> it is opening in theatres on demand tomorrow. it will be opening in l.a., new york, philadelphia, it will be at the roxy, and the bryn mawr film institute. then expanding into lancaster and pittsburgh, so also itunes, amazon. >> nicholas, thanks for coming in. >> nice job on this.
8:35 am
really really good. >> thank you so much. and good to see you. >> so nice to see you, thank you. >> all right, hey, sue-be, don't you miss his food? >> yes! very much so. >> i know where i'm having lunch today, that's for sure. winds which showers out there this morning, most of our temperatures are still, though, hanging on in the 50's, expect things to get chillier, take bus stop buddy's advice, have the umbrella one. because there are many areas of showers around. as we look at radar this morning, we look to the north and the south, and we see showers, we just had a shower roll through center city. now down to 48 degrees. winds out of the west at about 15 miles an hour, and we will see temperatures continue to drop all afternoon, on this blustery day, bob kelly? >> watch for the wind weighs mover through the day, those construction signs, or anything that's not bolted down, is going to get thrown around. here is a live look at the schuylkill expressway, jammo,
8:36 am
looks like a line that used to get into le bec fin right there. westbound, you got it, king george's, jammo into vare, all because of the accident there. got truck squeeze in the with tanker truck in the middle there. if you are trying to get into center city, coming over from jersey right at south philly take 95 north today vine. no problems on the vine, but looks like we are starting to see rain roll through again, and that is just goes to cause mess for part two of the rush hour, american idol was last night. jen is here this morning with all of the details. >> we have a surprise guest, that will join just just few minutes, in studio local contestant, all on next.
8:37 am
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hi dad. uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. ♪ think about it ♪ there must be higher love ♪ down in the heart what do you think? ♪ and in the stars above hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you're going to like these numbers. ♪ bring me a higher love ♪ i could rise above
8:40 am
>> we're going to play a piece of video here. you will remember this. because i really like her. >> ♪ >> let's get to the american idol studios. because it is jen, and tweet. >> hello, how are you, thank you for coming back. >> thanks for having me. >> i know you are a big american idol fan. ill play these people, i want you to react to them, okay? first one, her name is jen eve. >> okay. >> she might be little polarizingment check her out. >> let's see. >> ♪
8:41 am
>> larry connick said you're either going to get it or you're not. >> she tried. just didn't go over quite right. ya, it was a great try. >> the shame of it, she has a good voice, right? >> she does. she tried. but it didn't work. >> there is a girl that we are falling in love with. you said you saw her -- >> on her auditions, and she is incredible. >> she is from jackson, new jersey, and she has a famous mom. check her out. >> yes. >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> that's a 15 year old. >> that's incredible. and she has so much personality, and just so much energy.
8:42 am
it is amazing. she was amazing. >> if you know her mom, and you look at them back-to-back, i mean, that's the same. >> same person. >> it is amazing, right? >> yes. >> okay, thank you so much for your opinion. we're so happy you're here. you'll perform for us at 9:00. >> all right, mike, gianna isabella, you love her? >> totally, from jackson, new jersey. >> yes. >> we are fans. >> yes. >> and i can't wait to hear tweets on the song. >> i want to ask tweet a very personal question. >> oh, no. >> that will be in the 9:00 hour. >> oh, i'm sure she's real excited about that. >> brenda kay star, isabella's mom. that's her mother, that's one of her famous songs. >> doesn't it look just like her? >> they look exactly alike, anyway, 8:42, did you wake up to the storm damage in your property? is there a tree on your car? who is responsible? it is the neighbor's tree. do you have to pay? or does the person who owns the tree have to pay?
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
>> still see the poke necessary this morning, flood willing linger, long after the
8:46 am
rain is over. soap, we take a look here, at some of the maps, where we've got all of these flood warnings, now extended throughout the day, including, the perkioman creek here, and also down at brandywine river, we understand, over its banks, in many places, so, remember, turn around, don't drown. we still have rain moving through our area, although we are starting to see the beginning of the end. we look up to the north. and to the south of philadelphia. we've seen umbrellas up here in the city as we have this one heavy downpour that's with us, and also some steady rain down in new castle county, delaware. so here is the deal for the rest of the day, showers link they are morning, wind will pick up today. temperatures drop throughout the afternoon. we will see mike and alex, limited sunshine. >> limited. >> i'm just happy all of that high wind and rain is gone. my, it was winnie last night. so many trees have been toppled over. >> yep. a lot of power lines were down last night, but a lot of people are still without power. and a lot of the debris ended
8:47 am
up on cars, on room tops, people's fences, all over the yards, so second tree in cheltenham township. >> remember the big giant tree over the rodeway inn cherry hill we saw this morning with steve keelie? all over the delaware valley, insurance people are scattering all over the area. trying to help out the neighbors. so our financial expert, what's the first thing do you? >> dazed, confused, waking up to next to tree in your bed potentially, so here's what you need to do first. make sure the site is septa don't go anywhere if the site is not safement secondly take photos. take photos of the damage. take photos of the tree that maybe crashed through your garage, roof, or something like, that the next thing call your homeowners insurance company. don't start fighting with the neighbor because it was their tree. that doesn't matter. you want to call your homeowners insurance company. >> could the neighbor be response be? >> great question alex. here is the deal. typically if the tree fell and damaged your structure, even if it was your neighbor's
8:48 am
tree, it is your homeowners policy that will cover that, unless, unless, that neighbor was neglect, maybe that tree was rotted out, you have warned that neighbor about it, they've done nothing about it, that's tough to prove though, so probably your insurance company. here is something in advance then, do you have neighbor that has a tree ready to come down, go videotape that now. >> document, hey, this thing is a mess. bring it down. even though it will be hard to prove. >> couple of things, people showing trees in their yards everywhere. do we have to pay for the true or can my insurance? >> great question. typically insurance will pay for it, if the tree damaged structure, if the tree just fell in your backyard, n convenient, ugly, it is on your own. >> what if it is a big tree? >> too bad. if the tree damaged your garage or car, and cars are whole different topic, the insurance kicks in. >> we look up at lancaster, we think that's a tornado, them ' determine that probably by the end of the afternoon. boy these people, i mean, can you have tornados insurance?
8:49 am
>> it would be covered under your homeowners policy. that's where you want to be sure you do have good policy. even if you didn't have a didn't have any damage, today is a good day, even if you didn't have damage, dust off your homeowners policy, take a quick look, be sure you're covered. >> i always heard no such thing as flood insurance. >> great question. flood insurance is separate. you buy that through the federal government. most people don't have t most people don't need it. if your house is damaged because of the rains last night, and if that rain came in because after tree damage, you're probably covered. if it is just a simple flood and you don't have flood insurance, probably not covered. >> do you have information for people down the shore it, frequently floods, can they get flood insurance? >> down the shore there are some areas where you must have flood insurance, if you have a property at the shore and you have mortgage on that property you don't have a choice, you have to have flood insurance. where we get into trouble where property owners doesn't have mortgage, they may drop their flood insurance coverage, that's usually really bad idea.
8:50 am
>> good information. >> we're going to put out list here in in just a little bit, sexiest professions out there, right? >> got to be mine. >> well, where would you put insurance? >> oh, insurance, down the bottom. but financial advisor close to the top. >> is that right? >> no question. >> i think you're wrong, i'm show this list, and is doctor still the sexiest profession going? no. ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪
8:52 am
♪ we buy any car dot com ♪ ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪ ♪ any any any any ♪ did you know trading in your car at a dealer could cost you money? a recent study found consumers who trade in their car pay an average of $990 dollars more.
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so don't trade in... sell it.... to we buy any car. learn more and get your free online valuation now at we buy any car dot com ♪ find out how much your car is worth at ♪ ♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪ >> you know i used to do there is used to take pictures every my food and send it out on instagram. >> i like to do this this way, stands up, see the whole table setting. >> here is the thing. stop doing this everybody. i've stopped, and you can stop, too. known cares what you're eating. >> what? i don't mind if it is at a
8:54 am
restaurant, i don't like what people do their stuff at home it, just doesn't look right. >> i don't care what you are eating. i don't want to know you are having better life than me. >> there is that. so, it could be a bad thing, might want to start doing. >> this new stud fry st. joseph's university and the university of san diego found -- >> our st. joseph's? >> that's right, our st. joseph's, people take pictures of their food actually enjoy their meals more. >> what? the reason, researchers say, is by taking a picture we delay eating which builds up our anticipation of enjoyment. >> what? >> well it is true. they slide it in front of you, my inclination is to pick up a fork immediately go after t now i have to get my phone out. >> how long does that take? it is like 52nd. >> really? >> you know? just -- >> well, for you takes little longer, but the average person. >> little delayed gratification.
8:55 am
>> twenty-second could be a lot you. >> don't buy this. >> now no. sure, i'll take pictures every my food. >> i don't why you are dissing one of our great institutions here in the city. >> why did you have to put it like that? i'm not dissing them. >> good basketball team, you just trashed them. >> all right. today, we are going to lunch, i'm take a picture every my food first. >> where should we go. >> you always know. >> suggest place for lunch. what's new? i have been to all of these places. so get on twitter. >> okay. >> if swiping right is how you find a date these days, explain that to me. >> well, no, on tinder looking at people, i've never done it, don't know if you sweet right, yes. okay. swipe right means you know. >> she would no, on tinder constantly. >> swipe left means no. you want to be swiped right. >> i was with a woman the other night she was swiping her face-off. i mean, how -- she could barely see what they look
8:56 am
like, oh, i can tell. >> are you sure she was on twinnedder? >> i know she was. >> this guy. okay, so here is the top five for women. >> top five what? >> people who get sweet right on. >> sexiest professions in. >> people you agree to. >> for women, teacher? >> yes, teacher. and then pr communications. >> really? >> pr. then entrepreneurs. >> my friends shane an over at cashman's, she's hot. >> gets swiped right a lot? then we have inch dear year designer, then -- interior designer, then one, physical therapist. >> it makes sense. >> you get in shape. >> i need a kink work out of my back. top sexiest foremen then? >> five, tv radio personality. >> five? >> at least we made the list. we didn't make it for women. >> pure sexuality. >> four is doctor. three, five firefighter. >> i can she.
8:57 am
>> two, entrepreneur. >> okay. >> maybe an organization? and then number one, pilot. i kind of like this. like oh, you can take me places and we can go to different countries and travel. you know i love traveling, mike. >> i know you do. they fly a mile high. >> or is it mile high -- 7:47's the best for that. >> i wouldn't know that. >> back bathroom. >> too much. too much. >> what are you thinking about? you reminiscing? >> no. i have a friend, she used to be on the show, and her husband is a pilot. >> yes? >> his name is dave. i saw him on stain gram. >> then you get passes, too, ladies, so just win-win. >> then you fly around the world. >> yes. >> ladies if you want to hear wedding bells, should you propose? >> i don't know, mike. >> there is a specific day of the year that women should do this. >> the day when it is okay? >> yes, i think it is always okay. but the day when it is really
8:58 am
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