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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  February 26, 2016 4:00am-5:01am EST

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it was dangerous and could have been deadly the words exchanged when a man walked up to a philadelphia police officer sitting this his cruiser. dave kinchen, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning to you. popular japanese restaurant goes up in flames and smoke in germantown, fire crews are on the scene, a live report is coming up, lauren. >> thanks so much, dave. gunfire erupts in the nation's heart land as a shooter takes lives in kansas. the latest on the deadly attack. you have had nothing but problems, with your credit cards. >> it got nasty. the g.o.p. debate in texas last night topic that had gloves coming off between marco rubio and donald trump. >> good day, everybody. >> it is friday,
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february 26th, 2016. what are you doing. >> he is exciting he is on camera. >> yes. >> good morning, how are you. >> you know, that was the tenth debate g.o.p. candidates have. >> bickering continues. >> they are saying that marco rubio it is time for him to step up, were four primaries he is zero and four and then he went on with donald trump. but first sue, everyone looking towards weekend in the weather. >> yes, it will be a tail of two weekend when we get the to that forecast we will talk about that but when you look at radar in the morning and you see all of this snow coming across the state of pennsylvania you know, cold air is coming across the great lakes. that is what is happening. thinks lake effect snow that is stretching as far as central pennsylvania pennsylvania. not in the forecast for to us day but, if you see a flurry or two don't be surprised because some of that moisture could make its way here. what we will definitely make its the way here is the cold air.
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you will feel it during the day-to-day. it was pretty cold yesterday as wind picked up and temperatures dropped as predict during the day. we are starting off with 37 degrees, and we have wind gusting up to 32 miles an hour, and that makes it feel like 25, we will correct the super imposition, in just a moment. so here are your wind chills this morning. let's skip the actual temperatures to show you how it feels outside. it feels like 26 in philadelphia, seven in mount pocono and feels like 28 in wildwood. wind chill in wilmington delaware is 25 degrees. make sure you are bundled up enough. this time yesterday as you will recall we were in the upper 50's. the didn't get cold until will later on. the wind gust to continuing as high as 32 miles an hour here and in wilmington, delaware. we are looking at a high temperature that may only make to it 40 degrees but it will feel like the 20's all day long. wait until you see how it warms up by the end of the weekend that forecast is coming up, happy friday, bob
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kelly. >> tgif. we made it to the weekend. we have to get the through this workday situation. live look here at route one in bucks county right at the business route one, some left over construction, from the overnight, with the right lane blocked there. a live look at 42 freeway where if you coming in from south jersey there is a i new traffic pattern on 42 heading in to 295 that whole bellmawr reconstruction zone. otherwise we are in the the 50's here a across the board on the schuylkill, turnpike, they are still working on the northeast extension folks heading up to the poconos maybe early today for weekend watch for a crew between quakertown and mid county. they are working down here in wilmington on 495 heading northbound right before you get to naamans road and that i-95 split. i-95 out of the great northeast is looking good, in problems on the schuylkill, or the blue route, later on today the roving penndot crews will be out doing drain cleaning and potholes, filling, more on that in a second.
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9:00 to 3:00 watch for the crews and they are definitely going to tie us up. they got setback because of the rain, that is why they want to be cleaning out drains and mass transit at the airport looking good. the chris and lauren, back over to you. an intense fire fight overnight as crews take a popular restaurant in germantown. >> flames tore through the restaurant. dave kinchen joins us live from the scene. dave, good morning. >> reporter: i know this area well. the it it was located a few blocks from my first apartment when i moved to philadelphia and germantown. fire crews working the scene, right the now. several hours after the whole thing started. this is considered a total loss, we're talking about the house of jin which is a chinese an japanese cuisine restaurant. fire started around 1:00 o'clock in the morning. fire crews working hard to get the flames under control. the it took about an hour to get it under control. thankfully no one was hurt in the fire. no injuries. but the restaurant is considered a total loss right
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now. fire crews really blocking all of cheltenham avenue and pulaski avenue as they work on this case here. several units still squirting water on likely hot spots. again house of jin chinese and japanese cuisine restaurant completely destroyed by fire. no injuries were reported, the cause certainly not known at this time and investigators will be out here after they get everything taken care of as far as hot spots to figure out how this fire started, back to you. >> dave, thank you. two philadelphia police officers threatened by a a man making terroristic threats. >> this morning one man is in custody after even count their could have ended in bloodshed. those officers are praised. steve keeley joins us with the very latest on this, steve good morning. >> reporter: in the early days we wouldn't be standing in front of the police headquarters with the non-story but it became a big happy story because of last month's huge story of the try to kill a cop. here's the scene and video wednesday night at 6:00 in the middle of that stormy night,
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an officer is sitting in his patrol car doing paperwork, 20 year-old shariff heynes comes up, knocks on the window and officer rolls window down saying do you know some help. i should fing blow your brains out. >> i asked if i could help him and, of course, the response was i should blow your fing head off. >> all the attention turned to me because he started charging me. i said take your hand out of your pants. he d as he took another step, and it was just training. you really can't think. nothing routine about police work. it is just a reaction. and i reacted. we are both here today, because of it. >> the restraint they used is tremendous. it speaks volumes to the training that they are getting. we are dealing will with reality based training which these officers probably have not even had but they understand the climate and is what going on but restraint is nothing short of remarkable. >> reporter: hopefully he
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doesn't get put back on the street by psychologist says he is okay, nothing is wrong with him. hopefully he will get some help and doesn't have another run in with police that doesn't end so happy next time. the chris and lauren, commissioner ross says it would have been completely justified in his mind if that officer instead of treating it the the way he did, pulled out his gun and shot in self-defense. it would have been justified use of deadly force and no use of of deadly force. in a time when everybody thinks every cop offer every street is trigger happy here's a case that proves that is not true. >> steve, thank you. now to a developing story out of kansas, a shooting at a business there has left four people dead including the at alleged gunman. >> this is another mass shooting that took place in heston, kansas yesterday. at least 18 other people were hurt. police say it started with a carjacking and moved on to a parking lot and then to a lawn mower part manufacturing company called excel injuries. the suspect gunman was a excel
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employee. co-workers say they never saw any signs of trouble before this. >> he was a nice guy. i worked with him on second shift. we hung out. everything was good. didn't seem like this kind of guy. >> during late night news conference the sheriff explained what happened inside the plant, shooter was killed by a police office shore ran towards the gun fire. that officer already being called a hero. there is no word on a motive. 4:08. lock down is lifted in a bucks county high school, neshaminy high school went on lock down after a man barricaded himself inside a home near that school. this happened after class was let out for the day yesterday and remaining students were pick up by the parents. one person was taken into custody on the 800 block of granite have avenue around 10:00 o'clock last night. officials at shore medical center in somers point issuing a serious warning to its patients, hospital says more than 200 patients may have been exposed to hiv, hepatitis c or b this comes after a five
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three-year old former pharmacist fredrick mcleash was indicted that he sigh fond morphine out of hospital vials. the hospital officials admit to knowing the possible contamination as early as september 14 when they launched an internal investigation eventually firing him. >> somebody had contacted us and notified earlier maybe it could have been stop, maybe a woman wouldn't get pregnant but it seems awful that they waited this long to warn the public bit. a spokesperson did not get back to us. they also did not respond when we asked if anyone had tested positive. coming up on good day what legal options these patients may have and how this could play out in court. let's turn to you decide 2016 at 4:09 on this friday morning. g on. p candidates went at it the last night right before super tuesday which is coming up this tuesday. last night republican senator marco rubio was on the a
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attack, going after republican front runner donald trump for his position on immigration. listen to this. >> you are not only person on the stage find for hiring people to work on your project illegally. >> i'm the only one on the stage that has hired people. >> oh, it got so much more heated then. that rubio is not the only one looking to slow trump a's momentum texas senator ted cruz questioning trump's position on filling the current vacancy on the u.s. supreme court. >> donald has told us he will go to washington and cut a deal, so that means on supreme court he will look to cut a deal rather than fight for someone who won't cut a deal on the constitution but will defend his space. >> for other candidates john kasich and ben carson it is all about staying alive. focus pushes on to next tuesday in which 12 states will hold presidential primaries. the that is why they call it super tuesday. also, democratic candidates are focusing on south carolina the state will hold their
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primary election tomorrow. more on that coming up at 4:30. 4:11. still ahead this guy goes through a lot to break through a local fast food joint? what a woman to next that sent him off empty handed. also clean up underway in lancaster after a f2 tornado hit, just how much will the quarter mile path of destruction cost now you to clean up.
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good morning, welcome back.
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this is damage left behind we are taking to you lancaster county here a confirmed f2 tornado touched down causing quite a bit of damage. let's listen in about the clean up. >> there is a residence as well as barns. there is a one room schoolhouse that was damaged pretty severely and couple commercial structures. >> all right. lets take you to the town of gap, that is in lancaster county and people there are sifting through that debris. this is a barn there with the roof torn off. storms battled the rural farming community knocking over chicken houses with tens of thousands of birds inside. state police say there are dozens of scenes just like this all across that country. luckily there, were in reported injuries. the county emergency management agency estimates damage at eight million-dollar. now those suffering the most are trying to figure out how to rebuild, sue. >> it is so rare for this to happen, in february, but we have more information, about that tornado. it was an ef2 as you heard
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with max wind between 120 and 125 miles an hour. this was a big one. it was 400 yards wide the actual for to made owe and the damage stretched for 4.7 miles. think about how long that is, 4.7 miles, damage from that tornado and yes, pennsylvania averages about 16 tornadoes a year. the that is the entire state of pennsylvania. that is not very many. february tornadoes are very rare. second february twister that we have ever recorded was yesterday or day before yesterday, 1999 we had one in state college, a pennsylvania in february, as well. so, nothing like that in the offing for the weekend. we will see about next week, but, there is cold era cross the great lakes. the is there snow in pittsburgh as a result, snow in the buffalo area in the southern towns. we will zoom into see if there is anything, we have had a few flurries in south jersey that dissipated so it is not out of
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the question we will see a flurry or two this morning, but after saturday morning, the cold will retreat, high pressure expected to build in from the south and bring us southeasterly wind. second half of the weekend is expect to feel completely different then the first half and it will be milder. 37 degrees right the now in philadelphia, 32 lancaster. twenty-three, mount pocono. thirty-seven wildwood. wind chills this morning are in the 20's, wind sustained at 11 miles an hour. wind in philadelphia right now, we have gusts to 32 miles an hour. same for wilmington delaware. it is even windier in the mountains with a gust of 39 miles an hour. expect a very windy morning where we have to hold on to your hat, now high temperature from yesterday, is deceiving because it the came at midnight. it was 62 degrees. the as you experienced temperatures went down after that. seven day forecast has 40 degrees for today but it went feel like 40 because of the wind. the it will feel like the 20's probably all day long. and then temperature of 46, on
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saturday with a very cold start temperatures in the the 20's to start tomorrow morning, and then by sunday though we have zoomed into the upper 50's and we will stay there through tuesday and part of the wednesday, next week. maybe more on wednesday. we will get to that when it comes. the in the meantime bob kelly, you can enjoy the weather on sunday. >> sunday we have a big fundraiser for st. patrick's day at fop hall in northeast philadelphia tickets are still available. i will put a lincoln our facebook and twit are page. good morning, live look at the schuylkill expressway looking good in montgomery drive, come on down, no problems at all, opened for business here this morning and in problems on the bennie leaving south jersey up and over into center city. we are off to a nice quiet start on a friday but sue is whipping up wind there cranking up the fan so watch out for those construction signs on the work zones and hold on to your hat out on the bus stop even the little ones this morning that wind past couple days have been knocking
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those signs into the travel lanes on the overnight and a penndot crews get out there and picks them up. they are still working on 295 between warwick road and 42 freeway until 6:00 o'clock or so. same deal in cherry hill, they are working on route 70 at 295, right there, at p.o. n z io's and this weekend septa's air for the line is using shuttle buses as part of the track work project so keep that in mind on both saturday and sunday and for folks heading up to the poconos this weekend watch out for new patterns in the construction zone here between quakertown pretty much all the way up to allentown and they are still out there for maybe another half an hour or so. 495 northbound watch for some construction approaching that 95 split at naamans road. you know what, how could i for get, count down to st. patrick's day. of course, we are looking for, how are you getting ready for st. patrick's day holiday.
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how many folks have irish dancers? i necessity is there practice. send us some pictures, practice and make sure you you use that hashtag fox 29 irish when you post it tour facebook, twitter and instagram page. that big fundraiser for st. patrick's day parade, fundraiser on sunday but you you know the parade, sunday march 13th and you can catch it the here on fox, we'd love for you to join us live 12:00 to 3:00 on the parkway and rebroadcast parade for all of the irish on st. patrick's day itself, that would be thursday the 17th from 12:00 to 3:00. lauren, back over to you. a drive by shooting in delaware county leaves one person dead and now police want your help to identify this vehicle. it happened wednesday in chester just before 5:00 p.m. a minivan pulls up alongside a pontiac sedan on the 400 block of west third street, side door slides open, several shots fired in the car hitting 29 year-old jayron shaw. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. anyone with information about
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the shooting is asked to call police. a man goes through quite a lot to break in the local checkers restaurant but end up leaving without much of anything. you can see him on the surveillance video throwing a rock through drive through window. he climbs inside. police say inside he pulled out a gun announcing it is a robbery. a man and woman were working there woman started yelling to warn the other employee and that is when the suspect got scared, ran in the kitchen area, took off empty handed. 4:20. memorial service scheduled for former miss new jersey who died from injuries that she suffered from a horrible car accident. twenty-four year-old cara mccollum died monday a week after police say she crashed her koran route 55 in pittsgrove township hitting several trees. mccollum won 2013 miss new jersey pageant and was lead anchor for snj today news in south jersey. the memorial services will take place this sunday, february 28th, at 1st united methodist church, and in her hometown in arkansas. second memorial in new jersey
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is planned, however that date has in the been set. family and friends of lisa mccabe gathering in front of the burnt shell of her home in a candle light vigil. she died sunday when a fast moving fire tore through her boothwyn delaware county home. neighbors say her husband tried to rescue her but could not reach her. he is being treated for burns at crozer-chester medical center. the the cause of the fire is still under investigation. historic front of the center city building will be saved after being ravaged by fire last month. the department of licenses and inspections make going the announcement yesterday, however, the rest of the building on the 2100 block of locust street must be demolish. the building was built in 1899, and was being used for rental housing. the at least five people were left home less after that four alarm fire. still ahead a gruesome find in germantown dumping ground officials discovered in connection to the horrendous sport. in sports, as playoffs push begins flyers open up a six game home stand the position they are in without captain claude giroux.
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let's hepp they can keep winning, and here are your winning lottery numbers.
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good morning i'm howard
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eskin. flyers open up a six game home stand last night again without claude giroux out with the concussion. they are not in a good position behind four teams in the playoff push so they need wins, a tough one last night against minute so the a let's go to the wells fargo center. scored tied at two, in the period, pierre edward bellmawr will score, flyers up three-two but flyers needed a goaltender. neuvirth with the save, literally with the save, with three seconds left in the game, and flyers go on to beat minnesota three-two. most exciting player in basketball he is on fire to orlando stepp curry, ten for 25, 20 of 57, he had 51 points and golden state beats orlando. shot of the day in palm beach florida, pga and that is the honda classic, and this is alex c ej ka, 177-yard par three, yep, a hole in one. sergio garcia, however leads after the second round. the that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin.
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how about that. women and kid are being warned to stay away there tap water, the city that is dealing with lead concerns.
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the disturbing sign that happened in the large are operation in the neighborhood. dangerous situation that could have been deadly word exchanged, excuse me when a man walks up to a philadelphia officer sitting in his patrol car. developing overnight an area restaurant goes up in flames. quick response from the fire fight tore make sure it didn't spread to neighboring businesses. i think i'm fighting a cold here too. i know you are going to snuggle up and cuddle, because it is cold outside. >> but i don't want your germs. >> so you will show us the cold on the radar. we can see the cold. >> this is amazing, yes. you personify it perfectly. there is cold air moving across the great lakes. moisture from the lake combined with the cold air, makes snow and that is what we call lake effect snow. so, it is most common in the buffalo area, cleveland gets a a lot of lake effect snow, erie pennsylvania, pittsburgh has some today and stretching
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as far south as williamsport. even beyond. we are seeing flurries north of news northern new jersey right now. you cannot rule it out here, if you see a flurry or two let us know it won't be a big deal we don't think but we will keep an eye on it on radar this morning. more importantly it is cold out. this is 20 degrees colder then yesterday at this very same time yesterday, we were showing you 57 degrees on the map and now it is 37 and it feels like 26 with those 21 miles an hour wind, sunrise time is 6:39. we will jump to the wind chill map to show you how it feels outside. you make sure you have kids with clothes on the bus stop today. temperatures in the 20's and teens wind chill temperatures are. the that is how it feels, that air feels begins your skin. it is cold out there wind gusting up against 33, 32, 39 miles an her depending where you are, it is windy, chilly, we will have deceiving sunshine today and even with a high of around 40 degrees, if we make to it 40 it will feel like the 20's, pretty much all
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day long with wind gusting to 30 to 35 miles an hour, continuing through the day, sunset time 5:49 p.m. at least sunset is getting closer to 6:00 o'clock and days are getting longer but it is still cold out there, bob kelly. burr. >> burr. make sure kid if they don't have a full book back from their homework they put rocks in their pockets on the bus stop there. live look at the roosevelt boulevard looking good from northeast philadelphia down to i-95 no problems or delays, to report at the moment. you well feel wind rocking the car coming across the bridge like here on the ben franklin bridge this morning. they have not reduced speeds just yet but no problems, if you are coming out heading up and over. looking good on the new jersey turnpike, in problems on route 55, coming up from vineland but this weekend head up septa making changes they are using shuttle buses on the a airport line, because it is track work through the weekend that
4:32 am
project will last another month or so. i-95, they are doing drain cleaning. roving penndot crews will be out there cleaning up clogged drains that we realized were clogged the hard way with all that rain we had last couple of days. watch for some delays in the the airport all the way up to bucks county. as we mentioned the win, look out in the construction zone, so all this, past few days we have seen signs getting knock over into the travel lanes and along 202, i-95, and even in the neighborhoods some of those barrels for some of the local neighborhood construction project, and getting knocked over. you have obstacles out there. north on 495, some road work, right before you get the to naamans road, chris and lauren back over to you. now to a story reminiscent of the ambush style attack of philadelphia police officer jesse hartman. >> this time two police officers were threatened by a man while on patrol in south philadelphia. this morning one man is under arrest and officers are being praised. let's go to steve keeley for why they are being praised.
4:33 am
>> reporter: it was just one officer in his cara loan at first, it wasn't two officers involved at this until will he called for backup. there is a question about that. first of all lets go to the video and show you the office's loan doing paperwork on that stormy night, wednesday, a 20 year-old shariff heynes hopefully alive and getting mental treatment and not getting shot and killed because fill police officer was to help him. next was to ask for backup when shariff walk up to the patrol car, while the officer was seated by himself in the driver's seat doing paperwork and he leaned autopsy begins the outside of the door preventing the officers from opening it up, after he threatened to kill the officer. >> i asked if he he needed help. his first response was i should blow your fing head off. >> all the attention turned to me because he started charging me. i said take your hand out of
4:34 am
the your pants. as he took another step, i just think it is just training. there is nothing routine about police work. it the is just a reaction and i reacted. we're all here because of it. >> the restraint they used was absolutely tremendous. it speaks volumes to the training that they are getting. we are dealing with a a lot of real willty based training which these officers probably have not had but they understand climate and what is going on but restraint is nothing short of remarkable. >> well after jesse hartnett was shot three times by the guy out to kill a cop six weeks ago, police announced every office are would have a partner on every shift. that was not the case wednesday night in this case. the officer had to call for backup. it was that second officer who used his taser. so they got away with it this time. you have to wonder why that backup situation has stopped, maybe it is just because we can't afford overtime and have officers offer every corner with each other but this shows why backup in the car, not having to be called for it is
4:35 am
always better to have somebody a partner within arms reach rather than within a radio call's reach. >> good point. all about resources i guess, steve, thank you. 5:35 the time. the restaurant fire keeps crews busy in germantown overnight. fire break being out just after 1:00 at house of jin on chelten avenue. crews work fast to make sure flames didn't spread to any other places. it was placed under control at 2:00 in the morning. no injuries reported. unless germantown a disturbing case of animal cruelty when seven dogs are found dead, the dog were pit bulls, a couple of them just six weeks old, their bodies were found in the trash cannot backyard of the house on east rittenhouse street. the dogs were victims of a dog fighting ring and they raided this house before in 2014. >> this is like really horrendous. animal cruelty at its worse when you see something like this there is no words to describe this. >> spca says two dogs were alive and treated at
4:36 am
headquarters. at this time no arrests have been made but case is still under investigation. 4:36. race for the white house moves in south carolina as hillary clinton's lead in the polls have bernie sanders writing off the palmetto state? where he is shifting his attention to chris murphy. >> thank you lauren dawn johnson.
4:37 am
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let's turn toy decide
4:39 am
2016. democratic hopeful focused south carolina hillary clinton spoke with voters yesterday saying a democrat needs to replace justice antonin scalia. she accused republicans of trying to take away voting rights. >> we still need voting rights act to be enforced because too many people are being deprived of their right to vote in this country. >> knowing that he is struggling in south carolina democrat bernie sanders shift todd super tuesday and other contests in march. he got a big crowd in ohio yesterday, which doesn't vote until middle of next month. >> we have been doing everything that we can to make sure that billion airs do not the buy elections in the united states. >> sanders will be back in south carolina a today to visit historically black college and take one last shot at winning tomorrow's primary chris. city officials are warning the pregnant woman and kids five years old and younger
4:40 am
should stay away from tap water in the capitol city because of lead concerns this call is unclear, neither mayor nor public works department will, respond to questions about the number of household that is this water system actually serves. they have said to this is not another flint, michigan. still, the state department of health issued several quote recommendations. congress is proposing 250 million-dollar to assist residents of the flint, michigan and other american cities experiencing critical problems with their water supplies. chairman of the senate environment and public works committee says bipartisan legislation would increase nationwide funding for drinking water and would provide state fund and start up funding for new water infrastructure, finance, and innovation act program. 4:40. summer olympics are five months away but there is concern over the spread of the zika virus. games are held in rio di janeiro this year and brazil has been really hit hard by this virus, as you well know. a rio business woman told
4:41 am
u.s.a. today reporter that she contracted zika less than 2 miles from olympic park where games will be held. organizers say there is no danger of zika to the athletes or visitors though. making dreams come through for kid with special needs how a local girl is introducing a famous designer's new clothing line.
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♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> johnny cash, he was a boy named sue. johnny cash's birthday toys day. born in 1932, passed away in 2003. he was 71. sue, you hate that song. >> it brings back a lot of childhood drama, a boy named
4:45 am
sue. >> thank you. >> thanks, johnny cash. yeah. so, yeah, we have a look at the cold air, coming across the great lakes and moving in our area because that is what it is doing. there is cold air moving, down, to the south, and east, from the northwest, and we will feel it but we won't see too much of it, that moisture only goes it the seems as far as maybe harrisburg, where we are maybe seeing some snow from that but if you see a flurry or two don't be surprised it could happen this morning. now, we will look at the future cast and see what it has maybe up in the poconos a couple flurries, nothing measurable at all just an indication of how cold, windy it will be continue to be today. we heard wind whipping around yesterday. that will continue but eventually high pressure will build in from the south, over the weekend and that means, warmer air moves in, so, way it feels on saturday, we will
4:46 am
feel completely different from the way it feels on sunday. these are temperatures in the 20's and 30's but it feels like the zero's but make sure you have enough on and enough layers honest specially if you have to stand outside and wait for a ride or board a bus. 32 miles an hour wind gusts out there, even more than that up in the pocono mountains. windy day, colder day to day a high of 40 but it will feel like 209's. we will make it to the mid 40's tomorrow but what a cold start on saturday morning with a low temperatures in the 20's, tomorrow morning. the actual lows are in the 20's then we will get up to around 60 degrees on sunday and close to it on monday as we leap in the 50's on leap day, mostly sunny skies for first day of march it looks like we will come in like a lamb but then we will get more thunderstorms in the middle of the week. this is a habit these mid week storms that looks like we will get another one next week. >> it is a happen i, you use
4:47 am
all of the icon as veilable in your weather library over there. good morning, everybody. 4:47. hey it is friday, good morning to fort washington a live look at route 309, turning in the the turnpike there. in problems or delays. kind of quiet the so far on this friday morning. the it has been a rough past couple days. so we will take quiet start. here's i-95, camera shaking a bit there, hold on to your coffee cup and both hand on the wheel. not only coming over bridge but be ready in the construction zones here because the wind that has been whipping up over weekend and overnight and enduring the day has been knocking some of the construction signs into the roadway. so look out i-95, 202, the turnpike, even in the neighborhoods and for little once out there that only weigh 25-pound make sure they have a full book bag on them and hold onto them crossing the street with the wind whipping up throughout this friday morning. the wind could cause some
4:48 am
delays, at philly international. we will see that happening a lot. right now, everything is quiet and calm down there at the airport. not a bad idea to be prepared to check with the airline before you head down to the airport and using mass transit, for the airport over the weekend septa using shuttle buses this weekend on its airport line both saturday and sunday. then good morning to wilmington north on 495, a work crew right here near naamans road between exit number five and naamans road. they are out there until 6:00 o'clock or so, over in cherry hill, new jersey hello po thezzi o's at 295 and 70 where they are doing road work and 295 construction zone down into 42 and bellmawr. chris and lauren back to you. camden county church holding a mass on why black lives matter. >> it comes after signs promote ago this event were vandalized and taken down in recent days. but that didn't stop a huge
4:49 am
crowd from attending. church leaders say purpose is to engage the community and start the a discussion about race relations. we to continue to honor the achievements of african americans during black history month. >> this morning's spotlight we will take a look at two achievements in the music industry. this song was so popular in the mid 80's, every single day all day would you hear this on the radio. on this day, in history, lionel richie won gram a wards in several categories taking you back to 1984. right now lionel richie, can't slow down album, won best album of the year features popular song, all night long. >> feel good, feel good.
4:50 am
along with tina turner. >> ♪ what's love got to do with it the ♪ >> we cannot sing. >> yes. >> tina turner was what's love got to to with it had a big win in the 84 grammys. she pick up a record for best record, song earned her the best female pop vocal list. >> i can't sing like her but on a rainy day my hair looks like her. >> always a little tina turner inspired. >> very successful solo career after her partnership with ike in the late 60's. local kid with special needs give them a chance of a lifetime. >> i was just excited and...
4:51 am
unaudible. >> we will get a chance to hear from tommy hillfigure himself how he is making runway of dreams come true. should we lot at ben franklin parkway on this friday. >> let's do it. >> also, a boy named sue for sue serio. >> ♪
4:52 am
4:53 am
4:54 am
lots of times with a disability a simple task can be difficult like for instance getting yourself dressed. >> one major manufacturer has created an adaptive clothing line and found just the right model will for this new line. fox's shawnette wilson introduces to us kate friday garnett valley. >> so much fun. >> reporter: katie, had a time of her life recently, this is video of the runway of dreams a trail blazing fashion show in new york city that i she modeled in. >> i was very excited. i. >> the experience was all part of the launch for new clothing line by fashion designer, icon tommy hillfigure called adaptive wear clothing tailored for children with special need with disabilities. >> this is the dress she war. >> reporter: mom, marybeth shows us how it works.
4:55 am
>> if you look at the back, typical button on our typical kid dress. for these adaptive line it has a very powerful magnets on there i don't know if you can see them coming apart and stitched in. they go together by them self. they snap together and so easy. >> reporter: easier for her precious little girl who was diagnosed with a disease which is a rare genetic disorder that effects her speech and met or skills making it difficult to maneuver things like buttons and zippers. >> for her to be able to do something that other kids at 11 would be able to do, you know, i cannot even express my gratitude. >> reporter: i spoke with tommy hillfigure on the phone tonight. >> i think it is the disabled children need to feel just like everybody else. unfortunately at times they don't have the tools to pull up their dress or button the button. >> reporter: katie and her mom begun to order everything in
4:56 am
stock. >> it is incredible. it really means a lot the to me because when you have special needs you are limited with what you can do and opportunities thaw are granted. >> reporter: shawnette wilson for fox 29 news. 4:56. still to come area restaurant goes up in flames, overnight quick response from fire fighters to make sure it didn't spread to neighboring businesses. a gruesome find in germantown dumping ground officials discovered in connection with the horrendous sport.
4:57 am
4:58 am
apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo.
4:59 am
i should blow your fing head off. >> strong words that could have turned deadly why one police officer's quick thinking is gaining him praise this morning. >> gruesome find in germantown what officials found thrown out and how discovery is creating outrage, in that neighborhood. and last night the five remaining g.o.p. presidential candidates squared off in their final debate before super tuesday. >> you see rubio there and trump? man they went at it, it was a good, tense debate for the g.o.p. >> yes. >> bickering doesn't stop. >> but first we have unity, friendship and love, on this friday. >> sue serio is up next. >> hi, sue. >> i will say at least it the will not rain today. we have had rain for better part of the three days straight, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, today though very cold, so we will give you a
5:00 am
six, again, out of ten, because the cold air is moving down from the northwest, and we seen just a couple flurries in the area, not really anything to speak of but if you ever see a flurry, let us know and we can report it to the folks here on the tv, 37 degrees but look what it feels like. feels like 26 out there and prepared for wind chills in the the 20's, all day long. not all night long, all day licensing because wind will ease up, overnight but yeah, it feels like the 20's just about every where, wind chillies 19 in lancaster this morning. look at these wind gusts, 29 miles an hour in philadelphia, 30 miles an hour in mount pocono. 31-mile an hour wind gustness lancaster. that is why wind chillies so low. 33-mile an hour win gust in atlantic city. we have sunshine for today, but with the chilly start and temperatures, kind of staying in the 30's, the wind chills will stay in the 20's, all day long with the wind


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