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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  February 26, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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because the cold air is moving down from the northwest, and we seen just a couple flurries in the area, not really anything to speak of but if you ever see a flurry, let us know and we can report it to the folks here on the tv, 37 degrees but look what it feels like. feels like 26 out there and prepared for wind chills in the the 20's, all day long. not all night long, all day licensing because wind will ease up, overnight but yeah, it feels like the 20's just about every where, wind chillies 19 in lancaster this morning. look at these wind gusts, 29 miles an hour in philadelphia, 30 miles an hour in mount pocono. 31-mile an hour wind gustness lancaster. that is why wind chillies so low. 33-mile an hour win gust in atlantic city. we have sunshine for today, but with the chilly start and temperatures, kind of staying in the 30's, the wind chills will stay in the 20's, all day long with the wind gusting to
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35 miles an hour. we will call that deceiving sun shane later on when the sun does rise at 5:49. that is your weather authority forecast, weekend changes on the way, we will talk about it in the seven day forecast, happy friday bob kelly. >> good morning everybody. tgif, it is 5:00 o'clock, hello king of prussia, sue's second home on the weekend with the mall there at the even. king of prussia mall. live look at the schuylkill, turnpike, 202, nice and quiet on a friday morning. friday mornings are usually quiet. it that is second half of the rush hour and then midday in the evening where it gets crazy. live look at the benny, hold on to your steering wheel coming over ben franklin or any bridge this morning those wind chills, and wind speeds will rock the car, no problems at the moment, coming over the benny and that wind is also knocking over construction signs all week long, so watch yourself like 202, i-95, 422, those construction signs typically they got to put
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sandbags on there but they have to get knocked off or those bags aren't strong enough. even barrels on construction projects in the neighborhood could be knocked over. i saw some of the recycling bins yesterday, after the trash guys they pick them up and they got blown in the middle of the street. just things that we see early in the morning on the way in here. in problems at the moment but we could have some wind delays and heading to the airport this weekend and uses using septa's airport line a few extra minutes. shuttle bus ago long a portion of the the route beginning this weekend for next couple weekend. good morning to cherry hill new jersey road construction on route 70 at 295 our favorite spot, and then north on 495, watch for construction, at exit five and naamans road. an intense fire fight in germantown when a restaurant goes up in flames, fire tears through the house of jin on health than avenue just after 1:00 this morning. crews work fast to make sure
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did didn't spread. it took them an hurry to get it under control. the causes under investigation. two philadelphia police officers being praised for how they handled an intense threatening confrontation this morning one man is in custody after they encountered that could have ended really badly. steve keeley is on this for us, steve, good morning. >> reporter: viewers will remember just last month we had announcement from the administrators in headquarters they were putting partners, all police than on all patrols, but two in every unit is back down to one. one officer in his police car wednesday night in south philadelphia around 6:00 decided not use deadly force when they man shariff haines came up to his driver's window, threatened to kill him and would not let officer open up his driver's door leaning up against witt all his body weight. instead of grabbing his gun the officer grabbed his radio and eight year veteran called for backup abe got an is 11 year veteran who used his taser instead of his glock.
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>> i asked him if i could help him and his first response was i should blow your fing head off. >> once i stepped out of the vehicle all the attention turned to me because he started to turn to me. i said take your hand out of your pants and he didn't. i discharge the taser. >> when you take into the account of the backdrop of officer jesse hartnett which just happened it is remarkable he did not shoot this male. so fortunate thely for all involved, obviously the officers are okay and even this guy is still alive because the officers used less than lethal force. >> thank god they just taserd him because he tholed have have shot him and killed him. >> different story. >> it could have been a different story. >> commissioner ross say would have been justified using deadly force to this decided to go that way but very proud that these two showed their training, their experience and instincts to hold back and handle it a different way and heynes a alive because of it
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and hopefully he is getting good treatment and isn't just being put back on the street to threaten another cop because it may not happen, the same way it happened wednesday night. >> that is right. >> steve keeley, thank you so much. now to a disturbing case of animal cruelty. seven dogs are found dead. >> investigators say they are victims of dog fighting. and they are looking for those responsible right now. dave kinchen live from germantown with more. dave, this is so troubling. >> reporter: it is very disturbing. spca officials are asking for the public's help trying to figure out how several dead pup writes found at a property and who might have put them there. investigators acted on a tip that led them to the 400 block of east rittenhouse street in germantown. officers found six dead puppies about two weeks old in a trash cannot backyard. they also found a living dog in the yard and two more dogs inside the house one of them alive, other dead, investigators found blood on the walls in the house leading them to suspect dog fighting being involved, in the death
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of the animals. >> this is like really horrendous. this is like you know animal cruelty, at its worse when you see something like this. i mean there is no words to describe this. >> cruelty to animals, it is a shame. really a shame. nothing should be going on like that to animals. >> dog fighting and debris of these dogs, it is big money, okay, lot of money in it and, you know, it is a blood sport. >> reporter: two surviving dogs survived in fair condition they are in protective custody at headquarters. and property had been dealt with before back in september of 204, four dogs and two puppies were removed from there and some of them had untreated bite wound and other medical needs. animal cruelty is fighting charges were filed in that case. that case is still pending. but this current case is under investigation. back to you.
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immigration that driven this debate the truth ace lieutenant of these positions he is taking are meaningless. >> donald, if you want to be like in washington that is in the the a good attribute for president. >> five remaining g.o.p. presidential candidates squared off in the final debate before super tuesday, republican senators marco rubio and ted cruz wasted in time going after donald trump last night. both on the attacking after the front runner but trump was not backing down. >> you get along with nobody. you don't have the endorsement of one republican senator and you work. you should be ashamed of yourself. >> marco rubio and ted cruz are looking to slow trump's momentum for john kasich and ben carson it the is all about staying alive politically. >> our nation is heading off the abyss of destruction. we will not will solve any of these problems trying to destroy each other. >> the debate taking place in the university of houston in texas was last g.o.p. presidential debate before super tuesday which is now just days away on march 1st.
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turning to the democrats now hillary clinton apologizing for a comment that she made 20 years ago during her husband's 1996 presidential reelection campaign. she referred to youth gangs as quote, super predators. and said that they must be brought, to heel. that was brought up when pair of black lives matter activist interrupted the democratic presidential candidate wednesday night at a private fundraiser. the group paid $500 to meet clinton and asked her to say sorry for her word 20 years ago. now, clinton is addressing the comments saying i shouldn't have used those words and i wouldn't use them today. she goes to say my life's work is about lifting up children and young people let down by the the system or society, and unfortunately today, there are way too many of those kid especially in african-american communities. we have haven't done right by them. we need to. end quote. that just goes to show sometimes you say things wrong
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and it still comes back to haunt you. >> we just saw that with john kasich saying back in the 07's he tried to draw women vote out of the kitchen, and of course, many in his town hall, so, everything you say, and with google, everything now is public record. you cannot sweep it under rug what you said 20, 30, 40 years ago. >> you send something out on social media. someone can screen shot it. and that is what happened to ted cruz campaign manager too, he is out. >> yes. >> because of a tweet. >> officials asked shore medical center in somers point issuing a serious warning to some patients. >> hospital says more than 200 patients may have been exposed to hiv or hepatitis, so they are now being urged to get tested, this comes after five three-year old former pharmacist fredrick mcleash was indicted on charges he sigh funned morphine out of hospital vials and filled them with saline solution. hospital officials admitted knowing of the possible contamination as early as
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september 2014 when they launched an internal investigation, eventually firing the guy. >> that somebody had contacted these people ape notified earlier, then maybe it could have been stopped, maybe woman thought about getting pregnant she weren't get pregnant. it seems awful they waited this lock to warn the public about it. >> yeah. >> coming up on good day, what legal options these patients may have and how this could play out in the court system. coming up on a clarification on bowled water advisory we first told but yesterday. it is happening in chester county after e-coli was detect in the raw water. advisory was issued for business owners in the pine land village square in east pikeland. >> is what the difference between raw water and drinking water. raw water sample is untreated where drinking water is treated, and in this instance the water sample was taken at a well, the dep says. they will disinfect that well where that water was taken from. if all goes well, the advicery will be lifted.
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battle between privacy verse security taking center stage on capitol hill and in courts, what apple ceo tim cookies saying now about the real danger facing, those i thephone users. and kick off the flight for an allergic reaction? what was on board that sent this boy into a fit of sneezing. enamel is your teeth's first line of defense.
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in case you missed it late in the day yesterday it was confirmed by the national weather service a tornado in
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lancaster county from this storm that came through on wednesday, and it ended up with a classification of the ef2, which is, wind between 120 and 125 miles an hour. what is amazing about this tornado is how far it went, 4.7 miles and how bigot was, it was 400 yards wide so that was salisbury township in lancaster county it is very rare for this to happen. pennsylvania only averaging 16 tornadoes per year and that is the entire, large state of pennsylvania, and it happened in february, it is very rare. usually if we will get one it will be in the spring or maybe summer time, 1999, was last time we had a february tornado, and we have only other time so this is second one we have ever had and hopefully that is it. hopefully. right now we are looking at a result of the cold front that came through after those strong storms on wednesday, that is killed air from the northwest, and lake effect snow that stretches to about
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the central part of the state and as we look closer, you might see a flurry or two around as a result of that cold air but it is not likely as we look at future cast we don't see, anything in the way of precipitation for rest have the the day or night and not for the rest of the weekend. the it will be dry and we will see sunshine starting to day but today's sun behind will be what you call your deceiving sunshine, the cold will eventually retreat but not today, and not tomorrow, it will be a cold day tomorrow but sun take that weak get southeasterly wind rolling in with high pressure and that will make it milder. in fact, lot milder. we are in the 30's for actual temperatures but what matters is wind chill it feels like 209's every where. feels like 19 in lancaster. feels like seven in mount pocono with these wind gusting to 29, 30, 31 miles an her depending where you are. seven day forecast has 40 today. forty-five tomorrow. big change on the week friend
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45 degrees on saturday, to 60, on sunday, and then quite a jump, and that of course will be your better outdoor weekend day and it looks like that mild weather over the last few weekday on monday and first day of march on tuesday. >> my daughter's outdoor soccer practice schedule, kicks in this weekend. ouch. good morning, everybody. 5:16. live look at the blue route, 476 where it takes you up and over the schuylkill expressway. just the storm the other day this whole grid of offer head streetlights have been out. heads up there. somebody has to hit reset button on the circuit breaker there downtown charlie brown a live look at vine street expressway no problems coming in or out of the city. look out coming in for any events, that construction zone here where everybody kind of shift over the rain shift is in there and we are driving, there is a lot of potholes here on that vine street expressway. we will send chris murphy on pothole patrol later today riding shotgun putting him to
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work. he had his work boots on this morning when he walk in the station. are we ready for that? put him to work. you got it. northbound i-95 this weekend, if you get on the pothole project we will send him out on i-95. they will work tonight through sunday down to one lane in girard avenue. keep that in mine later tonight if you are on your way home from any of the events or on your way home from maybe sixers game. chris, back over to you. 5:17. a shooting at a kansas business has left four people dead including at alleged gunman. mass shooting took place in heston yesterday. at least 18 other people were hurt. police say it started with a carjacking and ended at lawn mower parts manufacturing company called excel industries. the officials say suspect gunman was a employee. co work are say they never saw signs of any trouble. >> he was a nice guy, when i worked with him we hung out, everything was good. he didn't seem like this kind of a guy.
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>> local sheriff says that the shooter was killed by a police officer, and that officer is being called a hero, so far there is in word on a motive. mississippi officials have a warning for pregnant woman and kids five and younger, they are urging those two groups to stay away from tap water in the capitol city because of lead concerns. scope of the warning in jackson is unclear right now, neither mayor nor public works department will respond to questions about the the number of household, the water system serves. they said that it is not another flint, michigan health crisis. the state department of health issued several recommendations apple is filing a motion to vacate a judge's order requiring the company to work with the fbi to access a i thephone belonging to san bernardino terrorist said farouk. >> company make the argument that the government's request if granted violates apple's first amendment rights and that the fbi is seeking quote dangerous power through courts. in an interview with abc news world news tonight anchor
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david muir, tim cook says unlocking the terrorist iphone would be quote bad for america. >> there is a lot of bad guys in the world and you don't need to look further to what has happened to our own government, millions of people have had their personal information stolen by hackers. >> apple's push back comes after fbi director james comby testified he understands consumers desire foreign corruption technology but worried about the licensing term problems it could have for law enforcement investigations. okay, listen to this. >> okay. >> a seven year-old boy kick off plane because he has an allergic reaction. little boy and his dad reporting from a legionnaire flight in washington state where he started to have a reaction the two dog on game. >> attendance move the pair to the rear of the plane but boy's sneezing didn't let up. they were removed from the flight and passengers started to clap. little will boy's dad has terminal cancer and in washington to see family since
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he is not sure how much more time he has left to live. >> i'm sorry, i'm sorry, i'm sorry, it is not my fault. it is your fault because within of them has a dog and said no way i'm not getting off this plane with my dog. he didn't. so we deboarded off the plane. >> how cute is he. >> what a poor kid, you know. >> legionnaire lines say it tried to accommodate family but on call physician who urged the boy to leave the flight for his own well-being. airlines did put him on the next veilable flight home to arizona. i travel with diamond often. >> your little dog. >> right. >> you have to pay to get the dog on game. once i pay to get the plane and find out one of the passengers might be allergic, then what. you don't want anyone to have a reaction but i don't want to lose my money bay i paid for her to get on. >> if you have an event to get to you may not be able to wait until the next flight. >> even the back story here
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which many of those passengers didn't know like we know, of the dad and everything else. boy, you put tonight context it makes it more complicated. >> true. 5:21. controversial coffee, why a big city, single will service pods, made famous by keurig's k cups. guess what bobbies doing. >> he is brewing. >> a k cup, cup of coffee. >> probably stooge because likely that you don't have these winning lottery numbers.
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welcome back. big european city banning single service coffee pods famous, of course, cure wrist k cups. >> but we now look the at controversial subject and to the decidedly differently -- >> what? >> this one right here. here's tom vacar. >> today, $5 spent on coffee are spent on k cups and competing single serving pod but almost all of the left over plastic cups, end up in landfills. ultimately emitting greenhouse gases. the combustible coffee ground inside them could be turning into plant receiving compost.
5:25 am
>> we love coffee ground. they help us make high quality compost. >> reporter: but ecology robert read k cups and other coffee pods are unacceptable. >> very, very difficult to recycle products that are made out of multiple materials. and really presents tremendous challenges and that is why there has within a big environmental resistance and push back. >> reporter: solutions say many is to ban them out right in favor of the traditional coffee pots and paper filters. but tens of millions of americans say they love idea of single service coffee but they would like to do something about unnecessary waste. well, a company that was born in san francisco, is figuring out ways to keep everything, everything the packaging out of the landfill. >> we got into this because we had to. it was way market was moving. >> reporter: this coffee company in king license is investing in technology and very close to making its coffee pod, one hundred
5:26 am
percent comp poseable. rodgers is currently at 98.5 percent. >> all of the other components except for small filter and paper are made out of plastic based resins which will go away in three weeks in an industrial compositing bin and two months in my home bin. >> reporter: final hang up, the water filter, it is essentially tea bag material that is resists comp posting and, millions of folks say they do in the want to waste some or all pot of coffee in families where people prefer different types or flavors. ultimately american consumers will decide. tom vacar, fox two news. well, i think bottom line is, if as a business person we heard from the guy at coffee manufacturing plant there they have to go with where the market is going. the these are so popular. however, think of a million of these little things to add to the landfill but they talk about how these can be recyclable if they make it out of that corn starch material
5:27 am
so they can just dissolve in the soil. >> you are a big fan of these because they are in the strong enough. they down pack a powerful enough punch for your coffee cup you are relegate todd just this amount. my wife gets so mad because i put so much coffee in the basket. >> really. >> it is lick ink, i love that it way. >> is that what is wrong with you, usually. >> that is one thing that is wrong. >> yes. >> we will talk about in better feeling then paying off, right a really wig debt. >> yes. >> the music video going viral about just that. giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy...
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. officers on alert what police told a cop sitting in a cruiser, that could have turn deadly. a lawsuit filed against royal caribbean after that infamous rough ride during a bad storm earlier this month. good day, everybody it the is friday, february 26th, 2016. so you are not staying in the studio all day to day. i hear you are going out in the street. >> aim not just going out in the street, i'm going in the street's afflict by these, pothole, every where around the delaware valley. so we will go out and fill some potholes or at least watch crew does that. >> you need to know where they are.
5:31 am
>> here's the deal, please use the hashtag fox 29 potholes to let me necessity about your neighborhood or your commute to work or school, where it is really bad like this, okay. >> all right. >> sues serio guess who texted me and decided to wake up at 5:30. >> who would that be. >> my brother, who is supposed to be here 30 minutes ago. >> that is right, i can't wait to meet him if he ever makes it here. >> i know. >> he will meet bus stop buddy, awkward transition but here we go. windy, cold this morning, old man winter, doing his thing, so buddy has got, flyers won last night, he has flyers cap on but you have to hold on to your hat today, scarves, gloves with the blanket the coat is a good idea because wind chills in the 20's this morning and we think they will stay in the 20's all day long. we will give you a six out of ten in your weather by the numbers. we have got lake effect snow, towards the central part of the state, not really making its way here, you can see flurry or two it is not a big deal. 37 degrees but it feels like 26 out there, this morning.
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20 degrees colder then it was yesterday at this time, and we expect to get to a high of 40 but it will never feel like it with the wind chills in the 20's, throughout the afternoon. we expect sunset time to be at 5:49 this evening. so, hopefully you have a good friday, you will as long as you bundle up and i love your idea, bob kelly, for little kid at the bus stop to put the rocks in their backpacks. >> you have to, because they have got the dora the explorer backpack and kayu back pock. throw some books and rocks in there. they need something to hold them down because wind is certainly going to take you flying here. you will feel it stepping out of the front door. good morning to downingtown a live look at the 30 bypass route 100 kind of quiet this morning. both hands on the wheel when you come over the bridge. you will feel the car rocking here, a live look at the benny, in problems, normal speeds for right now so we're off to a good start. we are off to a good start on
5:33 am
all major roadways. we will zoom in though to a down tree in blue bell, penlynn pike at old penlynn pike. watch for delays there north bound lanes on i-95 a weekend work zone beginning tonight, through sunday, they will be working northbound down to one lane at times at girard avenue. that is a hot mess, especially for folks heading home, after the sixers game tonight, we have got flyers, tomorrow afternoon, we have michael flatly in lord of the dance in town on sunday so just keep that in mind for gang heading north on i-95. this weekend, the airport line is going to be using shuttle buses on portion of the the route both saturday and sunday. otherwise we are looking good at the airport and in delays on mass transit. chris and lauren, back over to you. national weather service confirms an ef2 tornado was with wind of one hup miles an hour did hit east lancaster county on wednesday, number of buildings were torn apart by powerful wind as you can see
5:34 am
that left a quarter mile path of destruction. people living in that area had to sit through all that debris cleaning up the mess. likely officials say there were no reported injuries. county emergency management agency estimate damage at eight million-dollar, lauren. >> restaurant fire keeps crews busy in germantown overnight, blaze breaking out just after 1:00 a.m. at house of jin on chelten avenue. crews work fast to make sure flames didn't spread to any other places and it was placed under control around 2:00 a.m. no reported injuries. ambush attack of philadelphia police officer jesse hartnett. >> one man behind bars, two policeman are being praised for showing remarkable restraint. steve keeley has this story for us, good morning. >> reporter: viewers watching will be asking why are you standing in front of the police headquarters and doing this story on a police officer not shooting someone. because that someone is this man, shariff haines, who leaned up against a police officer's patrol car wednesday night, wouldn't let him open the door and when he rolled down window, haines threatened
5:35 am
to kill the officers seated in the driver's seat. just a month after somebody who actually, shot an officer in his driver's seat of his patrol car. >> i asked if he could help him and first response was i should blow your fing head off. >> all of the attention turned and he started charging me and i said take your hands out of your pants. he didn't. the as he took another step i discharged a taser. it is just training. you really can't think. there is nothing routine about police work. it the is just a reaction and i reacted, ripple effect and we're here today because of it. >> the restraint that they used is retrend us. it speaks volumes to the training that they are getting. we are dealing with a lot of reality based training which these officers probably have not even had but they understand the climate and what is going on and the restraint is nothing short of remarkable. >> reporter: haines mother told fox 29 news her son suffers mental illness and he has been treated, diagnosed already and lucky he only got
5:36 am
shot, by that backup officer's taser instead of his glock. even though he was still threatening and not complying with the two police men and what they were telling him and even though that video of jesse hartnett being shot, three times, is still likely playing in the office's mind like it is in all 6600 cops mind here in philadelphia these days, haines is lucky he is still breathing air and not 6 feet under. >> all right. >> steve keeley, thank you so much. >> 5:36. candle light vigil was held for beverly mccabe, 591 year-old died sunday when fast moving fire tore through her home. neighbors say her husband tried to rescue her but he could not. he is being treated for burns at crozer-chester medical center. causes still under investigation. and, historic fion the in this building will be saved, after it was ravage by fire, last night, and that building on the 2100 block of locust street. >> the building was built in 1899, and it is being used for
5:37 am
rental housing. five people were left homeless after that four alarm fire. two people filed suit against royal caribbean over that storm tossed cruiser earlier this month. lawsuit say royal caribbean was legitimate to start the trip and that the winter storms rocking of the vessel, caused severe injury. the suit, accused the captain and crew of ago wear of the storm, and being accused of everyone on board, anthem of the seas at the risk for going in to that storm. investigators say pilot error was probable cause of the aborted take off that collapsed the jet's nose gear in philadelphia in march of 2014. national transportation safety board says u.s. airways flight crew chose to take off rather than ensure it computer was properly conn figure. there will be more choices when it comes to eating out at curtis center. late they're morning city leaders will unveil new restaurant opening world renowned dining destination in that landmark building. the later on fox 29 morning
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news one major manufacturer create a clothing line for some very special local kid, we will have that after the break. (vo) shop all makes, models and colors in your neighborhood...
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all with worry-free ownership. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... shift your thinking about buying your next one.
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flyers open up a six game home stan without claude giroux out with the concussion. they are not in a good position behind four teams in the playoff push they need wins. the last night, at the wells
5:41 am
far go center, tied two-two in the third period. edward bellmawr will score for flyers. you are up three- two. flyers and their goaltender neuvirth, three seconds left in the game, he makes the save with 32nd left. flyers go on to win three-two over minute so the. most exciting player in basketball has to be step curry on fire. ten for five from three. that is a three for the half court shot. twenty for 27 on the floor. he had 51 points, of course, golden state beats orlando. shot of the day palm beach florida honda classic, that is alex s aka, 177-yard par three. sergio garcia, however lead after one round. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. beyonce stays beautiful on the red carpet, new look that she's rocking on the cover of her latest magazine cover.
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i love this. >> um-hmm. >> man, she was good. >> she is good. >> why are we playing her music when you have birthdays, you play them like who did you have on earlier. >> johnny cash. >> yes, you heard it here. >> yes. >> erika badu looks beautiful at 45. >> forty-five years old. that is one of her good songs you were just hearing there you are familiar with her, right. >> absolutely. a talented lady. today ape tomorrow will feel different to give you a preview but cold air moving across the great lakes causing a few streamers of lake effect snow, not really making its way here but we cannot rule out the a flurry or two but that doesn't look like a issue. look at the future cast as we move in the rest of the day, and we see temperatures will stay in the the 30's, most of the afternoon. we may make it to 40 degrees. we will see sunshine today but
5:46 am
this is deceiving because the wind will make it feel like the 20's, all day long. there we go 40 degrees by about 2:00 in the afternoon and even though it will reach 40 it will not feel like it. it will be a day we will talk about deceiving sunshine. cold will retreat middle of the weekend. tomorrow very cold morning with temperatures in the 20's, high pressure buildness and pie sunday we have southeasterly winds, which means milder temperatures. we're in the the 30's except mountains but it feels like it is in the 20's. do you see these wind chills. twenty-six in philadelphia feels like 19 in lancaster. it is colder in the mountains. the wind gusting to 30 miles an hour in mount pocono. 29 miles an hour in philadelphia, right now, so be prepared for that wind today, 40 degrees, feeling colder, 45 tomorrow, big change on sunday, and with temperature, around 60 degrees, close to it, on leap day, monday, and march looks like it will come in like a lamb on tuesday, but
5:47 am
get ready for more thunderstorms possible on wednesday, of next week. we are in the pattern where we get those storms in the middle of the week and it looks like it could happen again bob kelly next week. we will worry about that at the time. >> have a coffee, calm down. 5:47. good morning. friday, tgif, hello to southwest philadelphia this is i-95 right here near bartram avenue off ramp that takes you into the the airport park and ride, getting ready for sunrise in the background. in problems, up and down i-95 at the moment, good morning to bellmawr, new jersey for gang coming into philly, headlights starting to pick up some volume here, keep them on, and new traffic pattern in play here working your way in towards philadelphia, and, hold on to the steering wheel and look out for construction signs, last couple of days, we have seen construction signs getting knock over, in the roadway, they typically of those big sandbags that held them down but win has been so strong here, the construction
5:48 am
zones like 202, i-95, heading up pot poconos, look out on the extension and those big barrels that actually, are in the neighborhood, that some of the construction zones look out there as well. we're in good shape in problems on the turnpike, schuylkill looking good, coming around your conshohocken curve. we have this one down tree in blue bell, penlynn pike at the old penlynn pike. count down on less than a month away until the st. patrick's day parade and we are looking for your ideas of getting ready for the parade. as kids do their irish dancing, i know they have practice. maybe some pictures of what you will wear to the parade, make sure you use that hashtag, fox 29 irish so i can show pictures here on tv. it is all part of the biggest parade of the year here in philadelphia, st. patrick's day parade this year it the is new home here on fox, parade is on march 13th, from 12:00 to 3:00. we invite to you join us live
5:49 am
on the park which where we will all be out there and we will rebroadcast parade on st. patrick's day itself on march 17th. later today we will have irish band jameis in here to play for us and talk about a big fundraiser on sunday, for the whole family. >> we will tell but that later on. >> family fun event. >> okay. will we will continue to honor achievement of african americans during black history month in this morning's spot light. >> we will look at two musicians and their achievements in the music industry. >> thon day, in history... >> ♪ good african-american musicians won grammy award in several categories. taking you back to 1984 and lionel richie's can't slow down. it featured this popular song, all night long, all night. >> keeping with the music theme, tina turner's what's loft got to do with it had a big win in the 1984 flames. >> she pick up a win for best record. song earned her title for best female pop vocal list. you were a child in 1948. you were three.
5:50 am
>> i was three years old. >> i was older than that. i mean you could not go anywhere without hearing those two songs all day. >> my mom used to jam to that stuff. >> i'm probable willly closer to your age in your mom then i am to you. >> you are not, whatever. >> you know when you pay your student loan off, you want to celebrate. >> all night long, all night long. >> or celebrate. >> is there a party -- all right. >> a rap video cam back and has gone viral. >> guess what i did. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> this is so much fun, sally may, by if thei wap has received more than 5 million hits. >> it even prompted lender sally may to congratulate, how
5:51 am
did the loan get paid off. the months and months of barely making minimum payments, living off noodles, and avoiding phone calls from america's largest, student loan lenders. >> yeah you get that even if call, it is like block id you know you haven't paid your student loan. you can't answer because you don't have an excuse. >> it is a big, big issue for so many kids out of college right now, you pay off this mountain debt ever in your career. >> i graduated in college in 2003, i paid my student loan in 204. >> did you celebrate. >> sally may. it is bear faced beyonce. >> she's going without make up and rocks corn rows in the cover of this magazine issued yesterday. in the close up the 34 year-old looks, of course, flawless without a hint of foundation or mass car a her face surrounded by red, orange, brush strokes painted by fischer.
5:52 am
her appearance marks beyonce's first cover in about four months. >> so she's still getting backlash for what she wore during the super bowl half time show. >> yes. >> she has corn rows. she's going in a different direction with her fashion, her statements. >> yes. >> you are kind of making a statement with the yellow, a little, what is this. >> a little yellow eye shadow. >> yes. >> on fleek. >> let's zoom in if we can. >> looking good lauren dawn. >> look who came in. >> time out. >> dude, you are better looking then your sister. >> is that possible. >> have a seat real quickly. >> guess who is on tv. >> take your ear budd out. >> real quick, we are on the air for like another second. >> this is lauren dawn johnson's brother. >> this is justin. >> he over slept. >> you were supposed to get up at 5:00. >> long story we're here, right. >> he is out the of breath. >> i wish were you here
5:53 am
earlier because we wanted to get real stories from her childhood about how crazy she is. >> you live where now. >> atlanta. >> where you are from. >> they have been on our air. >> yes, i got you. >> yes. >> real quickly give us a 102nd story about her like her boyfriend was was his name. >> i'm not at liberty to say. >> we will be right back. blank
5:54 am
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5:56. a little paul mccartney, band made george harrison had a birthday, late the great george harrison. he died much too young at 58. garnett valley girls helped launch a lane of clothing for special needy signed by a fashion icon. is 11 year-old katie hassle is one of several children who modeled in the runway of dreams fashion show in new york city. experience was part of the launch for a new clothing line by fashion designer icon tommy hillfigure called adaptive wear clothing tail lord for children with special needs and disabilities. how cool is that.
5:57 am
>> her mom marry bet shows us how the clothing works. it is designed to give some kids some independence without sacrificing high fashion that other kid get to wear. new details about the warning of the possible hiv and hepatitis exposure in the new jersey hospital find out what officials may have first known about this contamination and it may trouble you. that story is next with mike and alex.
5:58 am
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if i could help him and his first response was i should blow your fing head off. >> wow what this police officer did next is giving him a lot of high praise. well deserved. this morning, details on his quick action, to bring an end to a potentially deadly situation. plus, it is last g.o.p. debate before super tuesday. >> thank god. >> candidates were on the attack. find out who had donald trump on the defensive last night. >> ♪ >> okay. i'm all in for guillen i, in the the top ten, she made it, we hear from the new jersey teen, yes, she lives in our


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