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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  February 28, 2016 10:00pm-10:37pm EST

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next at 10:00 this truck sprays a toxic mess all over a local neighborhood too dangerous to touch. say good-bye to the sunshine, we're tracking two storms heading our way, news starts in 30 seconds. sglifrjts right now a south philadelphia neighborhood do you seeed in a disgusting mess, and it's all caught on surveillance cameras. that is a philadelphia city truck spewing a sticky oily mess
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on homes, cars on it sidewalk. what's left is two dangerous to touch. good evening i'm iain page >> i'm dawn timmeney. lucy is off. neighbors want to know who is going to clean up this mess, fox 29 chris o'connell live in that south philadelphia neighborhood tonight with some answers, chris? >> reporter: well, dawn, this is something you do not want to come home to. an oily coating of hydraulic fluid spewed all over homes here in south philadelphia. as you can see i have my rubber gloves on. this is oil. this is hydraulic fluid caked on to the windows, car doorss. front porchs all over south philadelphia. what had happened here. it was a city garbage truck that blew a piston, spewed this fluid all over the houses. now city residents want to know if the city will come and help them out. >> just oily. you know, you have to just keep cleaning it.
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>> angela spent the last three nights cleaning up her front stoop in south philly. >> i thought i was going to die. like what happened here. >> reporter: what happened was captured on video from her surveillance system. last thursday, trash day, you see city of philadelphia garbage truck pull up to the 1800 block of ca make street. when it stops, a piston on the back of the truck pops. spraying hydraulic fluid all over cars the sidewalk, front doors and windows. a few seconds later, another explosion of the toxic fluid. >> hydraulic fluid is like brake fluid. if you get it on your skin, it can burn you pretty bad. >> reporter: neighbors were given this accident report by the philadelphia streets department. but other than spreading down some chem dry, three nights later, fluid still remains. caked on windows and front doors. some already have appointments with cleaning crew this week that could cost them thousands. >> i feel like it's very
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negligent, you know, they're making it sounds like it's all of our responsibility to get it cleaned up and taken care of. when they've done the damage. >> reporter: back out here live you see some of that chem dry they spread down here to soak some of that fluid up. now, just a little while after we started making calls, the streets department employee came out here to start taking pictures here. a department spokesperson tells us a manager from the streets department will be out here first thing tomorrow morning to help these residents clean up and hopefully get the repairs they need. guys? >> let's hope so thank you two teenagers shot blocks apart in philadelphia's gray's ferry, the first a 15-year-old shot twice near 31st and tasker. he's in critical condition chop. the second near the 1700 block of south -- he is in stable condition, both shootings appear to be connected. no word on suspects.
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a big emergency response in one north philadelphia philadelphia. a number of fire jens and police cars crowding the area as crews put out a fire in a building there. firefighters got the call about 7:30 tonight. flames were quickly brought under control and no one was inside the building at the time. no word yet on what sparked the fire. wet changes ahead. a live look trenton. after near record breaking temperatures most places saw above 60 today. >> we've a very active weather pattern. one system moving in after another. tonight, no weather issues though. little bit of a breeze in the air but you mentioned it today's high temperatures running about five to ten degrees below normal in reading. 65, philadelphia 64. close to the record of 68. wilmington, allentown in the mid 60's, trenton, atlantic city sitting at 62. still mild out there. with temperatures still below normal. consider this, the average high for this time of year, is 47 in philadelphia.
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it's still 52 even at this late hour, 49 in wilmington and 45 in atlantic city. on ultimate doppler we're watchinging snow on canada. and rain tracking through parts of the midwest. that is going to be moving our way during the day tomorrow, and another storm moving in not that far behind it. this one is going to be more powerful and that will be coming through during the hid week period. our first system will be rain, some mild air during the day tomorrow. but it also are will be bringing wet weather. do expect showers possible for your monday morning. not a lot of rain. we'll talk about that mid week more significant storm coming up a little bit later in the broadcast. i join you with that seven-day. for now we'll send it back to you. as we take a live look from wilmington in the top box in the airport in the bottom box, make sure you're ahead of of the storm with the fox 29 weather ap. live radar and alerts sent to your phone, search for it in the apple and google play
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no winter coats for many walking along the parkway. a nice break if the cold for people around the region. lots of people actually out and about tonight enjoying mild weather. amid the warmer temperature, some officially say good-bye to the signs of winter. sabina kuriakose live at penns landing with the latest. >> reporter: river rink still packed. we're in the landfall half hour of this season. the spring-like temperatures had people soaking up the sun. >> those holiday lights, these ice skaters. looks like winter but feels more like spring. >> really nice comparable to california. you're almost there. >> reporter: maybe it's the leap year but seems mother nature got the memo taking a spring break of her own. kelly drive packed with runners and joggers in the warm sun, if you didn't check your calendar you'd be forgiven for mistaking
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february for may or even june. >> i like the unpredict ability of february. one minute it's snowing, next it's 60. i love it. >> hoping for no more snow >> looks like march is coming in like a lamb. >> i believe the ice was melting a lot. there was a lot of water in >> it was melting >> yes. >> reporter: the warm weather a double edge sword pour winter fun. getting in one final as to the ice rink including river rink on delaware valley closed for the season, just in time too. >> it was hard to skate with the water and if you fell you would be soaking wet. >> reporter: back out here, live still a pretty good crowd out here, even though we are in the last minutes out here. you can see these holiday lights, they are going to be shut off, gone for the entire season in just a little bit. but what way to go with a day
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like this. >> thank you. police in thomas river want to track down the guy who broke into the home while a family was asleep inside. this happened 4:30 saturday morning. the guy seen in these surveillance vice went into the home, took two purses and left the house. if you recognize him, give police call developing a virginia police officer shot and killed on her first day on the job. officer ashley guindon ambushed shot and killed at the scene of a domestic dispute. two over officers hurt. the alleged shooter in custody. as condolences poor in for her family. christian fisher reports. >> reporter: shooter has been identified as ronald hamilton. 32. he was assigned to the pentagon and now accused of kill a marine veteran working her very first shift as a police officer. >> 28-year-old ashley guindon had just been sworn in friday. the police department posted a
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picture with the caption welcome officer steven kendall and ashley guindon who began their shift today. less than 24 hours later she was dead >> not only park the but exceedingly intelligently. she struck us that way prior to hiring and rehiring her. it's the type of officer we're seeking is that type of passion and intelligence. >> reporter: two other officers were responding to a call about a domestic disturbance at a home. police say when they approached the suspect opened fire. all three officers were hit. officer guindon died at the hospital. other two are still there recovering. as for the suspect staff sarge hamilton surrounded. when officers were finally able to search inside his home, they found his wife dead. also found the couple of 11-year-old son scared but not hurt. he's now facing several charges including first-degree murder of his wife and capitol murder of a police officer. this isn't the first tragedy for officer's family, her father in
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the national guard committed suicide after returning home from iraq. now this the suspect is due in court tomorrow morning. >> so sad, investigators say they don't know what provoked the gunmen. attorneys say they were likely seek the death penalty a man attacked in his own apartment in west philadelphia, sitting a home when two men burst in and started beating him up it happened around 2:00 this morning from the 4700 block of chestnut street. the men got away with two cell phones, a wallet and car keys. victim was taken to penn presbyterian with cuts to his face and injured ribs. another ill faded trip for this royal caribbean crews ship call the in a nasty storm earlier this month. the anthem of the seas is once again returning to port early. >> the company announcing the reason the storm on the way and an outbreak of norovirus. it's not clear how many on board are sick. a few weeks ago the ship got caught in hurricane force wind and 30 foot waves forcing it to return back to port in new jersey.
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one passenger from that cruise filed a lawsuit claiming the company ignored the warnings before sailing into the storm. take a look at this guy, caught on camera taking a picture up that woman's skirt and then running off. at first, the woman doesn't even realize it. what brought her back to the scene the next day. group of armed burglars break in an apartment. target, a two month old baby found safe a day later. mystery police still can't figure out. an 87-year-old pilot trapped inside this plane hanging upsidedown four hours. how crews were finally able to get him down. sprinting to a grocery store this guy getting chased by police until a shopper steps in with her grocery cart. the bizarre reason police say he was running in the first place.
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87-year-old pilot trapped in his plane hanging upsidedown for hours. you can see the white single jen cessna hanging in the trees. the pilot an adams county man crashed into the row of trees saturday afternoon. took off from the getberg airport to fuel up when he ran into problem >> he was in good spirits the whole time. he was conscience, alert, oriented.
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the whole incident lasted almost four hours. i think by the he wanted, he was a little anxious to get out. as we all were to get him out of the situation he was in. >> firefighters used ladders to climb up and get the guy down. incredibly. the elderly pilot was able to walk away from crash without any injuries. you decide all candidates preparing for super tuesday tonight the kla n new controversy for donald trump >> days before voters in 13 states and one territory will pick their candidate. fox mike emmanuel breaks down the build-up. >> reporter: on it day gop front runner donald trump received his first endorsement by alabama. the billionaire candidate now getting criticism for his response after former kkk leader david duke voiced support for trump >> i'm pretty sure i didn't meet him and i don't know anything about him. tweeted, saying i disvowel and
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back in 2000 trump did mention his name in a "new york times" calling him part fringe element but critics say he has not strongly denounced duke >> we cannot be a party who refuses to condemn white supremeist. >> there is no doubt that if donald steam rolls through super tuesday that he may well be unstoppable. i don't think that will happen. >> i believe a first rate contrast is on the verge of taking over >> i call him little marco. he's a very nasty guy. they're establishment guys and as far as, you know, the con man very insulting. you know my career. i built an unbelievable company >> on the democrat side, hillary clinton attacking gop candidate and largely ignoring rival bernie sanders.
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>> but beat him by 50 points in south carolina in saturday >> i believe we got a shot at minnesota. colorado, oklahoma. massachusetts and vermont. we're looking to the if you have no. >> reporter: the latest polling show clinton and trump, but trump does trail ted cruz in the loan star state with 155 delegates up for grabs. in nashville, mike emmanuel fox news. don't forget as the results come in on tuesday, you can see them here on it fox 29 news at 10:00. a 23-year-old man accused of posing as a teenager and enrolling in high school in harrisburg is now facing a sex charge. sam rin. investigators say he had a squall relationship way 15-year-old student. he was arrested last week. accused of using an alias and fake documents to roll in harrisburg high school in 2012. to those who knew him say he was actually a model student.
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that he participated in rotc and the national honor society. >> everybody so surprised. some people felt sorry for him because they knew -- he meant well at least as far as as far as they knew. >> what he did was wrong, he was trying to get education and better himself. >> investigators say he stayed in the united states after his visa expired and enrolled in school. last week he was also charged with identity theft and tampering with public records. a driver loses control of her car and smashs into a deli in oxford circle. the crash leaving a decent side gaping hole on it outside of the building. police were called to produce on al gonzales avenue around 5:30 this morning re the driver was taken to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. cause is still under investigation. those who want to be police officers were put to the test in cherry hill new jersey today. candidates that passed the
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written test in january were invited to put their skills to the test on an obstacle course this weekend. one fox 29 photo journalist took a crack at the course, fox 29 jennifer joyce has the details. >> reporter: it takes two minutes to find out if these men and women have what it takes to become a cherry hill police officer. it's an obstacle course set up to simulate a foot pursuit. jogging jumping, climbing through the course in under two minutes or it is these recruits are out of the running >> we're trying to guage their physical agility and fitness levels. >> reporter: michael age 36 a fox 29 photographer stepped up to the challenge. with a go pro strapped to his chest. he held his own. and completed the course in one minute and 54 second. albeit a little winded.
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it's a high pressure test that takes endurance a trait that he says is essential to policing. >> as long as you're if good shape you should be will the hget through it >> i ended up with a score of 147. >> reporter: for the first time the cherry hill police department is making the recruitment process public. chief monahan says local leaders religious groups and organizations have been invited to sit in and watch each phase of testing. including the interview process next month. >> it's important especially in today's environment to have transparent cy have an understanding of how we operate and what we do. >> reporter: it's a competitive process. recruitment numbers are double what they seen in the past. 800 people vying for a handful of spots. in cherry hill new jersey, jennifer joyce fox 29 news
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a popular pizza shop in mayfair is getting ready to change hand >> after 46 years, tony's place is getting new owners effective tomorrow. the former owner retired and sold the business to three businessmen from bucks county. tony, which is on frankford avenue has actually been in business 64 years. of course, it's famous for it is tomato my. tony will continue to operate without menu changes. the new owners may do little remodeling. a trip to the liquor store end with a trip to the hospital when this police car comes barreling in. what happens before the officer lost control it only happens once every four years, we're talking about leap day. how you can really cash in tomorrow.
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california police are trying to determine if anyone involved in a violent fight at a
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kkk rally has the right to claim self-defense. three people are in stable condition when a violence erupted. more than two dozen people showed up to grant the kkk. five klans men and seven were arrested. some people under investigation could claim self-defense but it's not clear if it's the klan or the other protesters. a scary situation in front of a baltimore liquor store when a police cruiser loses control and barrels in. check out this surveillance video from friday night. you can see a police van and cruiser speed past the store on the way to a call a few seconds later. a third cop is racing by when a car turns right in their path. the cruiser hits the car, sending it careening into the parking lot. pushing a parked car right into the store. >> it was bad. every car. even the police air bag was up. i was like my god. is this person ok?
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. >> two people involved in the crash had minor injuries. police officer behind the wheel hitter his knee but is going to be all right. a two month old snatched from her home during a robbery is safe tonight >> the baby girl found hundreds of miles away from her florida home. police in south florida put issuing an amber alert after she was kidnapped friday night. investigators say the baby and her mom were fast asleep in their home in for the alloweder dale when a group of armed people burst in and kidnapped the baby. she was found the next day safe, abandoned in an apartment in orange county 200 miles away. >> scary, really it is. i know that's why i try to keep my child as close to me as possible. it's scary. >> the police say they arrested a suspect an hour and a half away from where the baby was found. 23-year-old stephanie augustine is in jail. facing numerous charges, including kidnapping, burglary and assault. the baby was taken to the hospital as a precaution. police say they still don't know why the baby was taken or how
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she ended up so far away. take a look at this guy caught on camera taking a picture of up that woman's skirt and running off. it force at first the woman didn't realize. what brought her back to the scene the next day. kathy? >> a series of fronts moving our way. first comes through tomorrow morning. you can see packing some rain. but the second one even more potent. we'll talk more about that coming up with the seven-day when we come back. this guy getting chased by police until a shopper steps in with their grocery cart. the bizarre reason police say he was running in the first place.
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right now at 10:30 the search for this guy caught on surveillance cameras taking a picture up that woman's skirt. that woman says she never even noticed it happening >> until the next day when some something didn't feel right.
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she was in line at a grocery store. you can see him take the picture and then run out the door. the victim telling police she went home but just felt like something wasn't right. >> well, police say they don't know who the guy is, what he's doing with the pictures and if there are more victims out there. they definitely want him off the streets before he strikes again. this has got to be one of the weirdist police chases we've ever seen. check it is out. you can see a man burst through the front door to this portland grocery store with a few officers behind him. well, the chase just continues, comes right to an end when a shopper actually rolls a shopping cart in the guy's path trips him up. police quickly arrest him. what's more odd about whole thing, it started when the police tried to talk to the guy about jay walking.
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the size of your airline seats could be changing for the better. senator chuck schumer want the faa minimum seat sizes, they have shrunk the size of seats and reduced leg room. he asked to review a bill to set standards for seat sizes tomorrow we get a little something extra. everyone gets a leap day. >> for those of you looking to save. companies are target you with deals. several retailers, restaurants and other business are offering coupon codes, special events to get you to buy something. you're going to want to check airlines. look out there if you're, if you're a leap day baby, companies have something just for you. for example, the medical rose georgetown hotel has a forever young package that includes dinner for two, complete with birthday cake and a champagne toast. >> i like that. we're two weeks away fer philadelphia's st. patrick's day
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parade >> we're excited at fox 29. hundreds showing up at hero hal in north philly to raise money, there were familiar faces, mike jerrick, bob kelly and kathy orr will be the host for this year's parade. a lot of us will be out there in streets. fox 29 is your home for the st. patrick's day parade. watch live beginning at noon on march 13th. #fox 29 irish. let us now how you will be celebratinging saint patty's day. you think it felt warm here. how about in clearwater, phillies spring training. the fanatic in the crowd. they took on it university of florida. look at that sunshine. you weren't that far off here damage we were in the 60's. >> gorgeous. very close to record warm and to airport today we made it to a high of 64 degrees. you can't beat that. the normal high for this time of
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year is only 47 and right now, it's warmer than 47 in many locations. 52 in the city, 50 in allentown, reading 53, 50 in dover's 49 in millville. shore temperatures in the 40's. northeast, pretty much in the warmest spot you can see up through canada and the teens, upstate new york, buffalo at 58. that's unheard of. it's been one of those strange winters. as we go hour by hour, we'll see a clear sky overnight. clouds rolling in early tomorrow morning. but they shouldn't impact the morning rush. we'll watch a round of showers moving through. by about 9:00, 10:00 in the morning, they move through the i95 corridor and clear out. then warm up for monday. that's first front. tuesday is quiet. nothing going on. just a mainly clear sky and then the intention storm system comes in on wednesday. wednesday a more powerful front, warm air ahead of this, cooler air behind it. originally looked like there
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would be enough moisture left behind this front that we could see some snow. but now, with our newer guidance suggestinging the front long gone, the moisture lifted north and by the time the cold air moves in, rain is offshore. the moisture is offshore. you get that wrap around that cold air extending down to places like scranton and upstate new york. but right now, iarc it will be a liquid in the form of rain for us on wednesday. then we're watching a coastal low by the end of the week. once again that will be a miss or more likely rain. as we look ahead as the work week, rainfall tomorrow morning, seeing about 8/10ths of an inch. then a higher accumulation by wednesday when we total around half inch of rain's maybe a few thormdz for the mid week period. overnight, just pretty cool but in the cold. 44 in the city, 40 in the suburbs. clear throughout the evening and the clouds move in toward the morning rush. during day tomorrow, temperatures rising, 60 degrees.
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a few morning showers then increasing sunshine with winds getting gusty in the afternoon. when you wake up in the morning, head out the door, it will be pleasant increasing clouds late morning seeing the showers, by noon, partly sunny 52. mild in the afternoon and mainly clear by the dinner hour, still holdinging on to 50. really feeling like late march instead of late february. on the exclusive fox 29 seven-day tuesday sun and clouds, 55, 58 a warm but wet wednesday and behind that cooler weather, thursday, 45. look at friday. 39. saturday, still dry, sunday looks good at 50. there is a coastal system for friday but looks like it's going to be offshore and south. so we'll keep you updated on that. if anything changes, but if you heard any rumors about that. don't worry about that right now: >> people like to talk on social media; right? >> exactly. >> just shy of the record today though. >> four degrees. pretty close. >> incredible.
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>> enjoy. >> i will. can you give us a 14-day outlook for st. patrick's day parade. >> i think we're going to be ok. forecasting sunshine and how about 60? >> sound perfect. >> we're going to hold you to that, kathy. >> thank you, kathy. that will do it for us, on it fox 29 news at 10:00. >> keep it here for sports sunday. have a great night thanks for watching >> let me break the news to you it could be 90 in buffalo. i'm not going because it's buffalo. tonight on sports sunday, the a day where the sixers are as bad a team as you can imagine but the real anger is on the golf course. and who are these phillies? it's a team where the coaches are not sure who the players are on the team. i had a chance to spend time with mike schmidt to talk about this team coming up on sports sunday.


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