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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  March 1, 2016 4:00am-5:01am EST

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wake up to this a family fight end with two people the shot, and now hunt is on for that shooter. speaking of gun violence, a string of violence has south philadelphia community on edge and how can help soda a affix the problem. >> zi k a a a virus made its way to the delaware valley with spring break around the corner what you need to know traveling to an area where it is transmitted. good morning it is tuesday, first day of march 2016. happy march. >> the keurig crisis continues? that is frustration and alliteration. >> i told you my brother, broke the keurig. i call 800 number got them on the phone and, less than a minute we were back in business. this morning sue serio, we're out again. no caffeine.
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no black tea. >> these are first world problems. >> true, true. >> it seems to be chronic. >> okay. we will have our issues this morning. we have no issues with precipitation. the yesterday a that the time we were anticipating the cold front that did come through with some showers, so that is out of here. now we will take a look at, no cloud cover. so, it was a chillier night as a result. 42 degrees with the wind chill of 37, this morning so dress for temps in the 30's leaving this morning. sunrise is getting earlier and earlier. 6:33 this morning. we have a temperature that are mostly in the the 30's ape not too much breeze, 30's ape 40's we will say to get you started this morning. a little chillier in some places then it was yesterday at this time. like 5 degrees chillier here in philadelphia a. wind are not a big issue this morning. the let's talk temperatures a as we head through the day. we will see sunshine. it looks like a nice day with
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high of 58 degrees and sunset at 5:54 p.m. clouds will be on the increase though and tonight we will get some rain, probably won't be, until well after dark but we will time it the out with the fox future cast and tell you how long it lasts. another wednesday rain is coming, and a it will be an event. >> oh, yes it is, that means another soup and grilled cheese kind of wednesday. hey, who didn't pay their electric bill around here? lauren? >> yes. >> you were charged this month with the electric bill. >> i hit submit. >> check is in the mail. hit the reset problem. entire grid overhead streetlights out here on i-95. it is not a big issue but it will catch you by surprise rolling down between cot main avenue all the way up to academy road. then look out at that construction zone so that the lane markers are temporary. that is northeast philadelphia a live look right new as we go to the next camera which is the schuylkill expressway a a
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westbound disabled right here near girard avenue, leaving center city, you have got disabled here at girard and then later this morning, starting around 9:00 o'clock penndot the will do emergency repairs approaching conshohocken. the westbound schuylkill will go down to one lane from 9:00 o'clock until made about one or 2:00 so leaving town today will be a hot in mess on that schuylkill expressway. otherwise right now coming in the city, in problems or delays. ninety-five looking good. if you are coming from the burbs you are in good had shape on 422 and pennsylvania turnpike. the chris and lauren back to you. family argument ends in gunfire two. people on the inside a north philadelphia home while eight other family members were inside including a within year-old boy. it happened just before midnight on the 3300 block of percy street. philadelphia a police say two men, 23 and 26 years old, were shot during the fight. one of the victims is in critical condition after being shot in the mouth and chest. the other is in stable condition. police tell fox 29 that they
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know who that shooter is and they are searching for that person right now. and a string of violence in a south philadelphia neighborhood is on edge after multiple shootings over past few days. >> we have a new mayor jim kenney and owe is trying to decide how to tackle this. the this has been a problem for a long time that has been hitting philadelphia. so as you heard what the mayor plans to do, the new mayor. >> reporter: yeah, new mayor old plan revisited and the mayor used that meeting last night, you are looking at video of to get citizens support for his first big budget address meeting coming here at city hall on thursday. he hopes his proposals help familiar fridays from prek care to rehabbing rec centers and libraries will cut down on youth violence and to cover the cost of his high hopes and hi costs marries unveiling borrowing and soda attacks plans, and parents and people at the that event last night to be as vocal to their council people as they were on
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vial tones get these plans passed. >> if we cannot stem the flow of guns and we will continue to try to do that f we get these kid off the corner and street the at the night we will stem these problems. we will go on thursday, going to introduce a budget that is going to ask for a 300 million-dollar borrowing to renovate, refurbish every rec center, library and park in the city. >> reporter: by sheer coincidence last night's already planned meeting a at vare recreational center was short walk from the latest teenage shooting victim in grays ferry the day bring where two kids accounts 15 and 17, standing outside a stake out were hit at drive by at the 31st and tasker. the chris and lauren. >> so sad. steve keeley, thanks very much. the city health officials have confirmed the first case of zika virus in philadelphia and another case in new jersey. >> what do you need to know traveling to an area where zika is translated. dave kinchen is live in center sit the which more.
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hi dave. >> reporter: good morning to you. the philadelphia a health department says a with man in her 60's has become first philadelphia resident to be, diagnosed with the zika virus after returning from the caribbean the health department says she was in the hospitalized and is recovering without complications, and there are, we also know, in fact, that the health department or rather cdc says there has been a second, confirmed travel-related case of zika in new jersey, the exact location is not known. you know that zika virus is spread through the bite of mosquitoes carrying the virus. the out break has pneumonia widespread in places like brazil, central america. the south america and caribbean in recent months. doctors a say pregnant woman or women who can become pregnant are among the highest risk of zika. our shawnette the will son talk about that with doctor mike. >> what is so worrisome is the fact, shawnette that there are cases that involve pregnant
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woman and this can lead to significant congenital defects, mainly something called microcephaly where the child is born with a are small sized brain. unfortunately we don't have a vaccine. we don't even have any good drugs for this particular virus. the i think that we will start to see more and more of a spread and my concern is that as the summer comes a along, we will see this spread up into florida, texas, and as the temperatures warms even up here we may see it spread even further north. >> okay. so all eyes are on the concerned, with the the zika virus. we have to turn to the biggest day in all primary season. today is super tuesday. now, that means that we have 13 states and one territory voting in their presidential primaries. new polls show donald trump
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and hillary clinton out in front. they are both expected home solid victories. ted cruz is holding the lead in his home state. voters will in the head to polls in our area but today will a affect us and we will discuss that later. meanwhile more controversy, for donald trump. how many times have we had that in our newscast. more controversy with donald trump. this time after a reporter is thrown to the ground by secret service. >> photographer chris marks seen in the video attempting to secure better position to photograph protesters at his event, after being refused by an agent, he is heard cursing at the man who grabs him and then taking him to the ground. agent has in the been identified. the secret service is investigating this. they are saying the exact circumstances to this. >> trump's campaign says it is not a aware of the details surrounding this incident.
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>> reporter: family, friend and loved ones will take good bye to the virginia police officer shot and killed on her first day on the job. officer ashley guindon's funeral is taking place in wood land, virginia. a scene of red and blue with hundreds of patrol cars filed in procession escorting the hers carrying her body to the funeral home. investigators say three two-year old ronald hamilton killed his wife after she called police during a domestic dispute on saturday. as police responded, authorities say hamilton shot and killed office are guindon and shot and wounded two other officers.. >> this is an officer's worst nightmare to go to routine call and wind up dead. that is something that people don't appreciate about our police officers what they face every day. >> hamilton is currently in the the county jail facing charges including capital murder and first degree murder. back here in philadelphia, montgomery county prosecutors fighting back a against
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comedian bill cosby. the lawyers for cosby are trying to delay a preliminary hearing in the entertainer's criminal sex assault case. cosby's lawyer want an appeals court to review their argument that cosby had an agreement that he would not be prosecuted over 2014 encounter with a temple university employee. the montgomery county district attorney says in the court papers monday at peel should than heard after the trial. the 78 year-old is a accused of drugging and molesting a woman he befriended, said the encounter was consensual. preliminary hearing is set for next week. third man quick of kidnapping and torturing a, philadelphia jewelry store worker will spend a decade behind barred. khiry gay was sentenced to 14 years in prison after pleading guilty to kidnapping, conspiracy and attempted robbery charges. prosecutors say last april he and two other men a approached a woman in the parking garage, kidnaped her inside a van, before dumping her in the the cemetery. other teen also pled guilty last fall to similar charges.
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police say local middle school students were eating more than what was on the school lunch menu who was serving up something special and how not the drug laced snack into the school. remember this dramatic house collapse in grays ferry over the weekend. a man had to be pulled to safety. investigator now know what happened we will explain a after the break.
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all right. we are starting off this morning very quiet on the entire east coast, no
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precipitation but we are watching some that is on the way for tomorrow, and there is some snow, in chicago and rest of this cold front and about a stretch it down toward st. louis. that is what we will get tomorrow but it is a mild breeze today, that front on our doorstep, the rain from it will start tonight, but mild air is in place and it will give us a pretty decent first day of march. so just when we can say march came in like a lamb, you know in, like a lion outlook a lamb, well, we have the opposite this year. then, wednesday's rain comes through, with that cold front, we will be left with chillier air so our next disturb a answer will be on friday, and that is when we think we could get frozen precipitation, winter is not over just yet. here's future cast for rest of the day to day and here comes the rain tonight, probably a after midnight is when we will see it roll in and this is going to be a morning event, for tomorrow. so tomorrow's rain just in the
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morning and we should clear up in the afternoon and get chillier after that. little different from what we had last two weeks where we had all day rain on wednesday. 42 degrees as you walk out the door right now. thirty mount pocono. forty-eight in wildwood. thirty-eight in lancaster. the average high is now up to 48 degrees. we will were well a above average yesterday and day before on sunday when we got to 64 degrees. today, we're thinking it will be about a high of 58 degrees. eventually the temperatures will start to go down at night we will have breezes, maybe ten to 15 miles an hour. rain rolls rolls in after midnight with an overnight low of 43 degrees. we are still crafting our seven day forecast because we have a couple of precipitation events shall we say. we have wednesday, we have got a light snow possible on friday and maybe something, something over weekend. we are working on on that right now. folks working out the there in
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construction, right bob kelly. >> they are been out there and we have a couple left over crews on i-95 working later on, the schuylkill expressway. i'll tell but that in a second. live look at the freeway kind of quiet, no problems or delays a as we say good morning to bellmawr. we have a disabled vehicle on the schuylkill at bell machines but later a the at 9:00 penndot will hit the road. they have to repair the expansion joint on the westbound schuylkill, right before the conshohocken curve. later on this morning through mid a afternoon westbound schuylkill down to one lane, that will be a hot mess, leaving town, from center city trying to get out to king of prussia i would go southbound i-95 and take blue route to gain accesses in toward conshohocken. there is the spot that they will be working on. the just figure out where you are coming from and where you are trying to get to and yep, it will be out of your way but if you go straight up the middle you will have a major delay during midday on that westbound schuylkill.
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right now we're in good shape 422, turnpike looking good, we will zoom into other road work at danhour bridge they will work on beginning at 9:00. remember that falls bridge still block with vehicle traffic so everybody is using city avenue bridge. mass transit, airport looking good. chris and lauren, back over to you. 4:17. eighteen year-old buckets county high school student remains in jail this morning charged with selling marijuana laced brownies to middle school students. jacob francisco of pen he will was arrested after admit to go running a path browny a sale operation, for years. that salem township police say francisco was selling brown toys a middle school students who had been selling them to robert schaefer middle school. all fellow students, reported that as many as a dozen students had eaten pot brownies during the school day. >> we're not talking 20 years old here we're talking 14 year-old kids while they are in school. so how are they supposed to be
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learn stoned out on marijuana brownies. >> reporter: prosecutors feel bensalem high school student. he remains in the bucks county jail on 100 you this dollars bail. police say he is been dealing drugs since he was a kid. he had has been dealing drugs since he was 13. imagine that. we now know why a a building collapse saturday in south haddon street in grays ferry. l and i says failure of the stone foundation wall caved in the home leaving a man trapped. contractors expected to have the property cleaned up today. man was trapped inside the home is in stable condition and he is recovering. new jersey momma accused of burning her new born a alive, now says, that she is guilty. twenty-three year-old kimberly pleaded guilty to a, pemberton township woman doused her baby girl in accelerant and set her on fire in january. the baby was just an hour old. investigators say that she
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hid her pregnancy from her family. prosecutors are recommending 30 year prison term during her sentencing, that will be in april. three people are under arrest in connection with the shooting and attempted robbery of a cabdriver in philadelphia. kirstein carol and michael jones all 19 are all charged. investigators say they tried to rob a cabdriver at 28th and tasker, and two of the three, fired the cabby hitting him in the arm. that cabdriver still recovering from his injuries and he is out of the hospital. in south philadelphia police need your help tracking down these two guys whom investigators say they walked in the aloysius deli on south sixth street in january, and pulled a gun, demanded money from the cashier. police say they got away with cash and also stole 2iphones from behind the counter. if you have any information, give police a call. under cover investigation at drug dealing at an electronic dance cons monroe county has rounded up five people. police released mug shots of the four people they a arrested a at hyper glow tour at sharon theater on the
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saturday. police say these four either sold drugs to an under cover officer or had drugs at that event. authorities cited a fifth person for under age drinking. authorities investigating the officers involved shooting death of 24 year-old north carolina a man man accusing to police officer they were trying to arrest mant on felony drug charges when he was shot and killed by the officer. yesterday witnesses say the suspect walk out of the corner store pj's grill and groceries was shot as he tried to flee. police have not identified the man but his mother says it is akiehl jenkins and not arm. police chief there reporting a firearm was found near that man's body. take to you ohio where classes are canceled after two students were shot at school. police say a 14 year-old boy walk in the school cafeteria and opened fire, yesterday. teen is charged with two count of attempted murder and related charges. police say the teen tried to runaway before help caught him
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quickly. investigators say he does have a a motive for the shooting but at the this point they are not saying what that motive is. there have been a couple sixers fan still out there somewhere. >> they lost nine straight. >> i don't know. but there is some news this morning that may not be good news. the we will tell but that. blank. what about brady, big news about this dude, and here are your winning lottery numbers as well.
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fox 29 sport in one minute. >> good morning i'm howard eskin. flyers did not make any trade yesterday at the deadline but continue to work their way to make the playoffs. not wells fargo center before the ceremony, jimmy watson a fan favorite induct in the flyers hall of fame, jimmy, emotional and so were the flyers, as they smoked calgary. and brayden schenn with the hat trick, pass from street, schenn who has had a hat trick as i said five-three flyers over calgary. sixers turned in the sixers. just unbelievable what this team can do. they made a run in the third
4:25 am
quarter, nerlens noel the first three of his career with the jahlil okafor in the game. then 37-point for john paul, 37 for washington, washington wins 116-108. ninth street loss and they're limb nateed from the playoffs. there are eagles trying to sign quarterback sam bradford. if they want to place franchise tag on bradford it has to be done by 4:00 p.m. today. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. all right. new england patriots quarterback tom brady just signed another two year deal with the team. brady had two universe left on his contract paying him nine million-dollar in 2016 and ten million-dollar the year after 2017. sources say the contract extension will span through, the 2019 season, so you wonder how oldies brady, he has been around forever, ever since drew bledsoe got hurt and brady took over and took them all the way. he is 39 now, so his contract extension is good for another
4:26 am
three years, that puts him well into his 40's. >> he can do it. he is good. >> he is still so good. >> very good. >> yes. let's talk basketball, almost time for march madness and it seems billion air warren buffet is jumping in the game in a big way. we will explain that one.
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a string of violence in a south philadelphia community is on edge but new marries resort to go an old fix to a address the problem. we will explain how it involves soda. good samaritan saves himself just moments after a dog fight, now police are after two people responsible for this violence. big pick me up for please touch museum months after filing for bankruptcy. good day it is first day of of march, first huge, test of the primary season. today is super tuesday, and 13 states go to the polls and then there is american samoa too that gets to vote. all eyes on the radar to see what the weather is like to a affect turnout. >> i don't have american someoa radar, it is down, we will work on that. i have to figure out where it is, first, as a lot of us do the not know. right, okay.
4:30 am
but for us there will be clouds to worry about, today. we have got clear skies, and that means we have got colder overnight. you can see the breeze in olde city, 42 degrees but feels like 37, so you'll need winter coat this morning for sure. maybe not so much this afternoon but sunrise at 6:33 this morning. we are looking a at 39 degrees in allentown and reading. forty-two in philadelphia. forty-five in trenton. forty atlantic city. forty-seven in dover. not a bad morning out there. just a little bit on the chilly side as it is march 1st after all and temperatures are chillier then they were yesterday. 19 degrees colder if you are comparing. so, for today your planner, looks like this. plan on sunshine throughout the day. our clouds will increase after sunset and it is well after sunset that we will start to get some showers. we are getting ready for a rainy, morning commute tomorrow, and at this time tomorrow, we will need your umbrella for sure. we will be driving through
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puddles and all that, we will talk about the wednesday rain, and the chance of snow in the seven day forecast. >> did she say snow. >> i thought i would sing it so it wouldn't sound so bad. >> snow. >> we are still in winter, yes. march snow. i remember st. patrick's day not too long ago we had snow like the day before. good morning, everybody. 4:31. we are looking live fort washington good morning to you no problems at all route 309, pennsylvania turnpike. we are off to a nice quiet start here. lauren did not put the electric bill in the mail or she did she just forgot to put stamp on the envelope. the old check is in the mail. lights are out. the whole grid, overhead street lamp, power grid on i-95 from academy down to cottman. lanes are opened but you will definitely feel and see the difference obviously rolling out of the driveway here first ones heading town in center city. they are doing work in wilmington adams avenue ramp to head north on i-95, closed
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for the next couple of weeks, just follow detour signs, they are also still working on 295 in south jersey, on the southbound side, as you are rolling to the freeway until 5:00 o'clock this morning. then midday work coming to 26th and pen rose on the out west philadelphia side of that platt bridge. otherwise mass transit looking good, chris and lauren, back to you. we have to turn to this. more violence. string of violence has a south philadelphia neighborhood really on edge. this comes after multiple shootings in the past few days. >> marries not turning a blind eye to the violence. he has an idea. fox 29 steve keeley is live with more on what that eye tea is, good morning steve. >> reporter: idea he didn't like five years ago when previous mayor was here in city hall and in charge. when mayor nutter first pushed for a soda tax then councilman kenney was against it and it never got passed. now mayor kenney is for a soda tax, 3 cents an ounce adding 60 cents to the cost of the typical 20-ounce bottle, $2 more for a 2-liter bottle
4:33 am
essentially tripling cost of the dollar bottles, hoping that raise hundreds of millions of dollars to cover cost of fixing up philadelphia's recollect centers, libraries and getting our youngest kid underage five in philadelphia to get them on the right homes and good homes and good behavior to stop violence before it even develops in young lives. >> but the other thing we want to institute is universal prek education for every three and four year-old baby in our city. because that will start to end the narrative of violence and narrative of poverty in our cities because our little will children are in the prepared to go to school in kindergarten and first grade, they are not prepared to be grade level at third grade and tenth grade they are dropping out. only places they are going is to the corner, cemetery or jail. this is unacceptable. >> reporter: chris and lauren, mayor asked to attend this meeting last night the at vare recreation center to ask for
4:34 am
his budget, borrowing ideas a and that soda tax all to be unveiled here thursday in his first budget address to the council. >> all right, steve keeley, we will see what happens. thanks very much. authorities are after the people involved, in a dog fighting ring. good samaritan witnessed a fight, tried to break it up, where a losing dog was left behind, beleaguered, taken to the brandywine spca. the organization is offering a $500 reward leading to an arrest in that case. the pennsylvania attorney general's office says later today it will a announce the results of the investigation of the state attorney general kathleen kane. kane faces charges of perjury and related offences in montgomery county. she's a accused of leaking secret grand jury material to a reporter and then lying bit. please touch museum is getting much needed help have after filing for bankruptcy. the city now involved offering the museum a $550,000 grant, that, according to the there is more good news for the children's museum. according to a court filing the city has agreed to give
4:35 am
the museum a big break on its parking tax claim reducing to it almost $100,000 less. the museum filed for bankruptcy, last year. erin andrews is in court and she takes stand speaking out the in the stalker who took a nude video of her back in 2008. hear what she says about what happened inside that hotel room.
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super tuesday is here and eventual presidential nominees could revealed after today. >> caroline shyly has more from washington. >> we are going to make america great again, greater then ever before. i love you. go out and vote. >> reporter: today voters in 13 states will cast ballots in the republican contest. donald trump has a 33 percentage point lead over his next closest rival, florida senator marco rubio hoist calling on trum top release off record conversation he had with the new york times in january. >> he told them what he really believes about immigration which is a apparently not the same as what he is telling alienses. >> reporter: eleven states and one territory vote for democrats today. hillary clinton's landslide victory in south carolina on saturday she has been shifting toward general election. >> the republicans, i got to give them credit they are persistent. persistently wrong but they are persistent. >> clinton lead bernie sanders
4:39 am
by nearly 20 points but vermont senator still expects to do well tonight. >> what this campaign is all about is having millions of people stand together and say loudly and clearly enough is enough. >> don't forget as a results come in tonight you can see them right here on fox 29 news at ten. new jersey governor chris christie says he will not rule out running for president, again. >> first time went so well. >> he made comment in radio interview yesterday. during the interview he said reason he decided to endorse trump saying he has the best chance to beat hillary clinton. meanwhile christie nominated superior court just david melvin at the state house. governor previously nominated him in 2012 but he never got a hearing and christie called out democrats for stonewalling. >> we had democrats throughout the state and around the country clamoring about
4:40 am
washington d.c. and the idea that it would be absolutely unacceptable for the republicans in the united states senate to hold up, the confirmation of a united states supreme court justice for 11 months. this seat has been held opened for six years. >> christie said bowman would make the makeup of the court to four republicans, two democrats and one independent. >> new battle being drawn in the fight between fbi and apple where they will face off today straight ahead.
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here we go, it is super tuesday and we are taking a look at what is going on with the weather for that in just a few minutes, 13 states, affected by that key. can you put my show in play, just hit the little play button over there we set up a little slide show for you, we are still working on this one for our super tuesday states. so we will be looking at that in just a few moments and what the weather is because of course, that effects elections. are we in. >> should be. >> okay. >> just a little behind the scenes, a little play button over there for chromea key hit, that is it. you really got that behind the scenes look, almost, because yes, we are standing in front of the green wall here, really it is called a chrome key. so everything is all right
4:44 am
right now for us and everything is all right for weather. we don't have any rain to show you. we have a mild breeze in place today. it should be a lovely day a actual which temperatures about 10 degrees above average, and the winds coming out of the southwest but the cold front moves in tonight, probably around midnight, and then we will get some rain, from that, cold air will be in place, when we get our next system, on friday, and that means that probably won't be rain, probably will be snow. lets look the at the future cast and show what you we're talking about. here's 11:00 o'clock tonight with the rain rolling in. it will be a rainy rush hour in the morning tomorrow, i think afternoon will be fine but for us here in the morning we will see pockets of heavier rain around four, five, 6:00 in the morning. should be gone before "good day philadelphia" is over a at 10:00 o'clock and then we have sunshine but chillier temperatures for rest of the day tomorrow. thursday is dry but chilly, here comes thursday night, and you see type of the precipitation it is with the white, purple there, that is
4:45 am
snow and it rolls rolls in on friday morning. the friday morning commute could be even more interesting, with the possibility of light accumulations of snow. 42 degrees right now in philadelphia a you are probably finish with all that. thirty in mount pocono. thirty-eight in lancaster. 47 degrees in dover, delaware. our average high is 48 degrees, well above average past two days with the the high of 64, today's high will be 58, still a above average, and then back to the 40's, tomorrow, after the rain ends, we have got 42 degrees, chilly on thursday, friday is a possibility of that morning snow, saturday, 44 degrees, and possibility of the wintry mix in the morning on sunday, before we get up to 48 degrees and warming trend after that. so we would just like to give you variety pack there, bob kill any our seven day forecast. >> do they still make little will cereals, the variety
4:46 am
packs. >> where you can put the milk right in there. >> yeah. >> can you still do that. >> tell us on twitter, facebook. >> we have to go shopping, 4:46. heading out the front door this morning here's a live look at roosevelt boulevard, in problems a at all heading southbound down toward the schuylkill expressway. looking good on the bennie, kind of quite it this morning but it will be far from quiet, later on today on the westbound schuylkill, down to one lane gang, beginning at 9:00 a.m., westbound out near conshohocken, that is all because of the joint expansion repairs that need to be made. the adams avenue, in wilmington the ramp to north bound i-95 is closed through the end of the month and we were asking for some irish pictures. check this out, someone sent this of their irish twin, irish twin dogs, check out pony tails with the irish hats. you have good irish pictures? put them on facebook, twitter, instagram use the hashtag fox 29 irish. we are what 16 days away from st. patrick's day and we have
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big parade before that, how are you getting ready for the parade, getting your kilt, bagpipes, you have got your green hats, there you go, st. patrick's day parade right here on fox, sunday march the 13th. we will take you up the parkway 12 to three see you their life or join us here on fox 29 and rebroadcast the parade on st. patrick's day itself on march 17th. back over to you. >> thanks very much. apple forgees a big win in new york federal court as they continue to fight the court out out of california. investigators cannot force april toll unlock an i thephone owned by a convicted drug dealer. government had requested april toll break phone's security code without wiping out data to access the contact information of other suspected drug dealers. the judge ruled that it is not apple a's obligation to assist government in the investigation against its will. today head of the both companies will face off on capitol hill in front of the house judiciary committee hearing.
4:48 am
coming up a at 4:48. emotional day on the stand for sportscaster erin andrews who is suing the stalker who took nude video of her back in 2008. "fox news" correspondent robert gray has the very latest. >> i'm's still so embarrassed and a shame. >> reporter: sportscaster erin andrews takes the stand in the nashville courtroom on monday. she's suing a hotel she says that should have done more to protect her from a stalker. that man secretly video taped andrews naked in her room. in a taped deposition michael david barrett explained how he figured out which room andrews was in, the at the nashville marriott >> i told the operator to ask what room erin andrew is in. they connect me, a house phone and it shows the room so i knew what room she was in. >> reporter: barrett altered peephole in the door to the hotel room and video taped her
4:49 am
coming out of the shower. he was quickly convicted in connection with the incident and sent to prison for two and a half years. andrew tribe what happened when she first found out about the individual ohio. >> i was screaming. it was naked all over the internet and i didn't know what it was. he said why are you screaming. i was freaked out, i'm naked all over the internet. >> reporter: andrews says she's constantly reminded of the name video. >> almost every day of my life i get a tweet or something makes a comment or somebody sends me a still of the video to my twit error someone scanning it right back. >> reporter: andrews is suing national marriott for 75 million-dollar. in los angeles, robert gray, "fox news". let's turn to sports here.
4:50 am
well, they could pay off big time if you are an employee a at warren buffet. the listen to what he is offering his staff for march madness, how about one million-dollar a year for life, and you don't even have to win the entire thing. the here's what you have to do, you just have to guess every pick in the first two run correctly and then there is more no one picks every team, the employee with the most correct points will win a hundred grand. >> is he hiring. >> right. >> bad news for all of you mcdonald's fans, starting to day burger chain will raise its price from two bucks to five bucks. yes, customers will be able to select between six items like big mac or fish filet or filet of fish, ten piece nuggets for five bucks. then the company offered a mcpick two for two menu that included, is this a commercial for mcdonald's, by the way? bunch of crap. it seems jay-z has 99 problems and tidal is one, why
4:51 am
the rapper's streaming service is under fire this morning, straight ahead.
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4:53 am
all right. a live look from reading, pennsylvania on this super tuesday morning at 4:53 in the
4:54 am
morning. 42 degrees. it is warming up. >> yes. >> now bad news this morning out of hollywood oscar winning actor norman kennedy has died. >> he won a oscar for his role in quick drag lion, the 1967 great movie, cool hand luke with paul newman. great movie. stapel on, 07's disaster epics, earthquake, movie airport come to mind and he will be the naked gun film that came out in the 80's n all he appeared in 180 movies and tv shows in a show expanding 60 years. kennedy died sunday, in idaho at the age of 91. new controversy surrounding jay-z's music streaming service tidal, john's manual from the band american dollar has not yet received any royalty from his tidal and filed a lawsuit.
4:55 am
the band's label a says it received some but not all of it, a representative say the company is up to dayton all royalties. tidal launched last year and was supported by many big name artist like rean a and kanye west but received backlash from smaller artist. an arrest ted again this time in georgia for an assault, on a pool store clerk. so officers say williams threw an item at a employee and hid behind the counter punched the worker. williams was lying on the ground ready to be arrested when police got there. they charged him with battery and released him of $5,000 bail. i was just at the least core assenter there at temple campus and saw the marquis that he will be performing there relatively soon. >> um-hmm, maybe not. >> remember villanova played temple. i don't know. we will have toe. >> we will see what happens. so diversity surrounding oscars may have contributed to the award show lowest ratings
4:56 am
since 2008. >> neilson ratings show 34.3 million people watched on sunday night but last year, more than 37 million people tuned in. controversy around lack of diversity of some stars such as jada smith boycotting the awards may have caused lower viewer ship. neilson does not have yet an ethnic break down on oscar viewer ship. >> i saw that yesterday when that first came out. preliminary numbers. they have it broken down by demographics yet but people are talking yeah, it worked, it work, we don't know if it was lack of interest in the a award show or if it is truly because of jada smith who spoke out, and asked to boycott and not watch. >> that is whoopi, not oprah. >> what a screw up that was. >> yes. >> when that he was tweeted out. >> bad, bad, bad. >> and then your favorite. >> ♪
4:57 am
>> the top selling album of 2015 continues to rule billboard's 200, adelees 25 nabbed another week at the top mark for tenth week in first place. this weeks success after she won four award including british album of the year, last week. rihanna and beiber were up there also and so is drake. >> beiber is to 22 years old. >> it turns outsides really does matter, what one major fast food chain is promised to go do to make sure you get every inch you pay for.
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
this morning on the fox 29 morning news straight up violence at a south philadelphia a neighborhood is on edge, now the marries getting involved with an old plan he wants to bring back. developing overnight what started as a family fight end with two people shot and now hunt is on for shooter. and the first case of zika virus find its way in philadelphia more on how this is becoming a much bigger threat, then anyone thought. good day everyone it is march 1st, 2016. super tuesday. we have 13 states voting and a territory. it is also famous birthday day galore. >> you said justin beiber. >> keisha 29. ron howard six two. roger lead singer of the, the 40 is six two.


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