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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  March 3, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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however, next week, we are talking major golf weather. >> is it true next week we could be in the middle 70s? >> it is true, many of us, we don't even see anything but that, so excited but speaking of seven's we go with a seven for today. lucky seven. we don't have any precipitation scheduled until later on tonight. so, even though it is colder, than normal, if it was cents warmer we would go with higher number it is it is real cold. see couple of lake effect streamers out there, indicating more cold air moving across the great lakes, common into our area, but not as windy as it was yesterday. so it is a dry at the moment. it is breezy. 28 degrees feels like 20 outside. so i would dress for those windchills, which are mostly in the teens, as you'll see in a moment. sunrise is official at 6:30 this morning. another milestone, we wait for those days to just get longer,
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and longer, right now, we have temperatures that are mostly in the 20's, 16 in mount pocono. but the windchills, as we mentioned, are mostly in the teens, not a lot of winds but every little bit makes it feel that much colder. so feels like 15 degrees in allentown, 19 in trenton, and 17 in dover. >> we are looking good, an accident earlier this morning on 95 near the commodore barry bridge, that's gone. power grid from academy down through cottman, so driving through in the dark. just make sure your headlights are on this morning. be ready for. that will otherwise, street
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road, still dealing with a accident, right at the pennsylvania turnpike, it is right at the under -- at the overpass of the turnpike, right off the philly bensalem interchange, eastbound lanes block, still working on northeast extension, maybe another half hour between quakertown and lansdale. north on 95, putting the cones in the truck, at cottman avenue. so we will have that ramp opened up shortly, and we will be ready for the morning rush hour, otherwise coming in from the suburbs it, 202 looking good west chester up through malvern in through king of prussia. no problems yet coming in from royersford, through observation in toward 202. and the cone zone coming today, working on the dannehower bridge for the gang at norristown 9:00 to 3:00. traffic will be restricted down to one lane. chris and lauren back to you. >> bob, just into our news room. two people are in the hospital this morning after an accident in northeast philadelphia, police were called out for an overturned car we know they
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were taken to the hospital, more information as soon as we get it. >> first, a 03:00, this developing story out of lehigh county, five people are dead, after car collided with a tractor-trailer. >> more on this investigation, hype, dave. >> the road ways are opened right now there is was scene after fiery crash, not too far from where we are now, hours ago, and scene of devestation, hours ago, investigators say, five people were killed when the car they were riding in slammed into a tractor-trailer, the victims were pronounced dead right on the scene, the crash happened here on route 222 near the route 100 intersection around 4:00 p.m. yesterday, and it was shut down for several, several hours. upper macungie township police say the vehicle with the victims inside headed north on 222 and crossed the median into the path of the southbound tractor-trailer and crashed, forensics had to be used to actually identify the
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victims, the condition of the tractor-trailer, driver, is not known at this time. again, five people dead, their identities not known at this time. investigators are working to try to identify them. a very tragic scene, we're trying to also figure out what else may have led up to this crash. what else may have played a role in it. but, route 222 and 100 open right now following this horrible crash. back to you. >> bad for the families, good for the drivers, dave kinchen, thanks so much. >> 5:04. happening today philadelphia mayor jim kenly formally present his budget to the city councils. >> i steve keeley live in center city this morning with a preview of what's on that agenda. >> hine we are, winter, clock starts ticking on the budget countdown in winter, they spent spring debating it, and fighting over it, and getting lobbied left and right. are they going to pass a big soda tax? the biggest proposed in the
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country. >> soda industry spends in advertising, most of the advertising takes place in minority communities taking advantage of young people who will drink the sugary leverage, make themselves less held healthy f they had 800 million to spends in advertising i'm sure they can afford to absorb this ticktacks. >> three sent an ounce is something never proposed even in philadelphia. mayor nutter twice tried to propose a 2 cents an ounce tax, and the close test ever got to being passed, chris, lauren, was when they width philadelphia down to a half cents an ounce tax, and that near lip got passed, but then that got defeated at the last moment according to city council insiders. maybe the mayor wants 3 cents at the start, just as a starting negotiating point. and then we will agree work little lower, maybe even be happen which 1 cents, but let the negotiations begin, and let the clock start kicking. >> that's right, steve keeley. during mayor jim kenney's presentation to city council,
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also hoping to equipment police throughout the sit which body cams. he wants 800 officers outfitted with cameras, that's going to cost $1.1 million. the city tested the cameras in a six month pilot program in north philadelphia. more cameras are on the way, so is policy for using them. >> it is for everybody. it is for both the police and the public, it serves so many turns. >> we're using them in internal investigation, showing them what somebody sado kurd didn't occur. >> over 250 septa officers already wear those body cameras on daily basis. still under review, though, how long the sitly store those videos. >> 5:06. personal information of nearly 11,000 main line health employees has been compromised, main line health says the employees fell victim to spearfishing scam, that exposed birthdates, and social security numbers. health system says employee respond today what they thought was legitimate e-mail asking for employees information. health system said it learned
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of the incident tuesday, main line says no patient information was released in the scam. only the employees affected. >> the west depford police department is looking foreman accused of scamming his way into an elderly person's home, then robbing them. they say the suspect knocked on the door and identified himself as someone from the water department. after entering, he began searching through the house, looking for anything to steel, some valuables, when the homeowner became suspicious, the suspect then ran out of the house. police say cash was missing from inside that home. >> disturbing video of woman passed out in a car with a baby right there in the back seat. >> yes, we have blurred the faces because the mother hasn't been charged yet, we want to protect the baby's identity. good samaritan walking along al gain any port richmond spotted the woman and recorded the incident on his cell phone. this happened around 5:00 on tuesday afternoon. the man says he tried banking on the windows, but the woman just wouldn't wake up. when he called police, and then decided to take a rock, break the window and get the baby out while he waited for help to arrive.
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>> seen her out of the corner of my eyes in the car. i went -- i was going to put it on blast on facebook. he was crying his eyes out, his diaper was soak. he was sitting in it for awhile. and it was just heart breaking. >> the man stayed with that baby until police arrived. police tell us the woman was high on narcotics. they are still trying to determine if she is in fact the mother of that baby. they say she tried to run when they got there. but they caught up with her, charges now pending, the baby was take never by dhs now turned over to relatives. right now the cdc testing for signs of viral outbreak aboard the crust ship battered by the storm on high sees last month. that ship facing possible threat of norovirus. >> that same ship, yes, you know it by now, royal caribbean anthem of the sees, to cut a travel short. this time the captain returned to port in new jersey two days
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early to avoid a similar storm. >> it had nothing to do with the vie just, as far as we know, and we didn't see anybody sick on the ship, although, i know there were some people with viral flu. but didn't affect us, majority of the people. we just wish it was longleat centers for disease control and prevention has confirmed 3% of those passengers fell ill with a gastrointestinal virus during that trip. >> all right, 5:09 the time. want to get rich quicker? >> yes. >> the new way pennsylvania lottery's allowing players to do just that. >> i sweards of the, damn, there go the potholes again. >> yes, you can understand what she is saying. swerve from potholes. what officials doing right now to solve the big pothole problem in philadelphia. the centers for medicare and medicaid
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services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3.500 hospitals. fewer than 6% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. slash eastern.
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>> read across america day yesterday, by picking up a good book. bo allen traded his football helmet for dr. seuss hat, red to about 50 elementary school kids. part of book donation event at martin luther king high school in germantown. bank donated 3,000 books to at risk kids, chris murphy. >> yes, and it is not just eagles players who grabbed good book to read. chris o'connell red green eggs and ham to second and third graders at the chester upland school of the arts in delaware county. oh, ya, he dawned the hat.
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chris looking very dapper in that cat in the hat hat. >> oh, hey. >> sue, we're sick of wearing winter clothes, sue. >> guess what? we hope we get a snow day. women, you know what? there may be, i'm just going to say this, it could happen. some delayed openings tomorrow. because now we have officially a winter weather advisory, it is in effect for the counties as you see highlight in the purple there. that includes half of bucks, half of montgomery, philadelphia, delco, chester, all of delaware, all of south jersey. it kicks in at 10:00 tonight. so, now, we are thinking of later start for the snow. and then goes until 1:00 in the afternoon on friday. but i really don't think the snow will last that long. so we've got these temperatures in place, that will be around freezing, tonight, when the snow begins it, will stick on non-paved surfaces, but we will have slippery conditions around, for the morning rush tomorrow. twenty-four hours from now, we will casino of be right in the middle of it.
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so, that's what you can expect right now. we don't have any precipitation, and there is the storm, which is going to kind of dip to the south, come on back as coastal storm tomorrow. so there is the path of this storm. and for most of us, it will be snow. there will be some rain mixed in, at times, and you see it about 1:00 in the morning, mostly see snow. by 5:00 in the morning tomorrow, we do see the rain sneaking in southern delaware, jersey shore, maybe some sleet inbetween, through 8:00, 9:00 in the morning. really depends on the exact track of that low pressure system, what you're going to get and when. there it is, through 1:00 in the afternoon, and the storm system then pulls out to sea after that. so yes, could be little messy, starting tonight, and going into tomorrow morning. some of the estimates we have here, there could be little bulls eye of three or more inches of snow down there in central delaware, two, 3 inches, southern new jersey, again, with this coastal storm, southern areas will probably get more than we do
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in the metro area. but, again it, all depends on the exact track of that storm. we'll see how it goes. but a messy morning for sure tomorrow. we've got 28 degrees in philadelphia right now. all of these other temperatures that are in the 20's, windchills in the teens. we should top off around 40 degrees today. with sunshine early, but clouds taking over later on, and it is cold, and that's why we're expecting snow and not rain like we had the day before yesterday, or yesterday, i should say, at this time, it was raining. but anyway, we do have that warm up. none of us really care about the snow as much when we see that 72 degrees. you casino of forget about how mess at this will be tomorrow, when you have that to look forward to, bob kelly. >> definitely tomorrow, make your plans today, or re-adjust those plans for tomorrow morning. right now looking good. dry as a bone, no problems on 95, the pennsylvania turnpike, looking good, outside a live look at the schuylkill. coming into downtown there spring garden street, no problems or delays into or out
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of the city. also casino every quiet on the 42 freeway here, coming in toward philadelphia. later on this morning, we will go to medford, new jersey, patty's cafe right at the flying w airport. >> this will be cool spot to take the kids this weekend. the cafe is located right there on the runway, so you can see the small planes come in and out, also the home, one of the landing spots for skyfox. going to be over there with the breakfast segment at 9:00. come on by. bring the kids, they can be little late for school today. street road, right at the turnpike under pass. eastbound lanes still blocked with an overnight accident that is still out there. westbound getting through, it is the eastbound side that is still block. and if you are coming in from the suburbs, 202, coming up from frazier, malvern, headed in toward chesterbrook, looking good. no problems yet on 422, picking up some volume as this 5:00 hour we start to see folks getting up, getting out, philadelphia international airport, if you are headed to the airport today, should be good flying day, no problems
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or -- for the first couple of flight in or out every philly this morning. northeast ex it end sean, work crew still out there near quakertown. chris, lauren, back to you. >> take a look at this scene after major car accident in northeast philadelphia. happened about 6:30 last night right near the intersection of castor avenue and ben err street. two people are in the hospital after two vehicles crashed including that jeep that ended up on it roof. police say medics transported one adult, one child, to local hospital. >> it is sure sign spring is nearly here. road crews are busy repairing potholes. >> yes, the philadelphia city streets department says they're trying to keep up with the pothole problem. you may have seen a truck around town. crews have been busy with this automatic pothole filner northeast philadelphia, almost daily. penndot says pothole problem isn't even nearly as bad as it has been the last few years, but that does not mean that we're okay. >> your break, everything messed up. >> it is horrible. if you don't see it, it will mess your axle up, break your
5:18 am
tire rods, you know, it will take you to the mechanic, that's for sure. >> penndot says the best way to get a pothole fixed is to report it, call in their hotline 1800-fix-road. give exact location and mile marker. penndot says they try to respond within 48 hours. >> well, chris murphy, here is the deem. back on january 15th, definitely more than 48 hours, right? >> go on. >> january 15th, driving in south philadelphia, i'm not sure if you're familiar. there is a target and a shop rite. >> i know. >> and there is a street that's full of potholes right there. >> right, right. >> i was driving down that street. >> where were you going? >> to target. >> okay. >> i hit a pothole. >> oh, no. >> i got a flat. >> what happened to the rim? >> it is bent. >> that's not a cheap rim. >> oh, no it is not, because i have something called i don't even know what those run flat something flat tires? >> oh, you mean some salesman, he up sold you? to buy an expensive thing like that? >> no, my car comes with those
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tires because of the way my car is. >> all right. >> so i had to go get new tire, that was about $200. >> right. >> then i had the roadside assistance, to wait in the car, it was colds that day. it was just a headache. guess what? >> yes? >> i still haven't heard from anybody. i called 311. i called fix the road. >> you don't want to hit the same pothole. >> i don't want anyone tolls hit it either. you try and report them so other people don't go through what you go through. still no help. >> what did the rim cost to fix? >> i had to get it bent back into shape. i don't remember. >> and were you all bent out of shape yourself. >> and i still a.m. , sore subject. >> right? >> pennsylvania lottery mobile app is now a feature that allows you to scan instant game ticket right from your phone. >> i like that idea. so easy to use. just point your phone camera at the bar code, see if you won, even better it is free, available on apple and google play stores, pennsylvania lottery is a sponsor of fox 29. you can see the low i little day right here, just, is it before or after the 10:00 o'clock news?
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after the 10:00 o'clock news? >> right after. right at 10:59 p.m. exactly on wednesday. >> in fact, look at your winning lottery numbers right there. did you win last night? >> i don't play. >> oh, you better get on it. what about this? >> it was a very long trip when i left here in february. i don't even know what day it was in february. i was 50. now i'm 52. >> he's back. astronaut scott kelly back on us soil, very special welcome call. the new jersey-born hero received, that is coming up next.
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>> scott kelly back on earth after record 340 days on the international space station. >> not taking all of the credit for what he accomplished, the mission was team effort, and a big, big win for america. >> talk about my year in space, and it is not mia chiefment. it is nasa's a chief: our country a chiefment. >> kelly went on to say the space flight is the biggest team sport, couldn't have done it without everyone at nasa who continued to his john. >> i and the president even called kelly to congratulate him on the mission. sent out this twitter account explaining the president made the call while kelly was on
5:24 am
his way home. >> this morning kim i back in texas with his family, he still has to undergo more testing after spending so much time in space. again, nearly a year. 340 days. kelly says leaving the space station was bittersweet. the mission generated tremendous interest around the world, fielded -- fueled in part by kelly especial media posts, he has 1 million followers on twitter and instagram, posted 1,000 pictures from space. >> i wonder if that's the longest time that he's been separate from the his twin brother? >> yes, good point. >> right? >> or from any other, well, he was up there with some cosmonaunts. >> right. >> but still. they are talking about the psychological effect they'll study, as well, but fist logically, he had muscle atrophy, bone density lost, all of that kind of stuff. so they'll see now how his body changes and recovers. now that he's back to earth. >> now that he's home. that's interesting. >> alabama police officer being charged with murder of un arm black man. >> the montgomery county district attorney says
5:25 am
investigators have obtained the warrant for the arrest of aaron smith, officials are calling the shooting an isolated incident, but say, they won't tolerate officers acting outside the law. the charge comes days after authorities say smith shot and killed a 58 year old man, outside of his neighbor's home. >> and the texas state trooper who has been indicted over the arrest of sandra blands is formally fired. announcement comes, three months after trooper brian was charged with perjury, accused every lying about his interaction with bland during the july 2015 traffic stop, bland was taken into police custody, later found dead in her jail cell. >> frontrunner donald trump will be on stage along senators ted cruz, marco rubio, ohio governor john kasich. fox anchors, breath bear, megan kelly and chris wallace, will serve as moderators. trump previously refused to attend the debate moderated by
5:26 am
kelly who he says treated him unfairly, but there is no indications that trump will sit this one out. >> one candidate not there tonight, doctor ben carson, released saying he will not attend the debate but not dropping out of the race just yet. carson said he quote does not see political path forward after seeing the super tuesday results. >> carson said i'll discuss more about the movement tomorrow. >> other size, republican president a.m. nominee mitt romney will hold news conference later today to talk about the state of the 2016 presidential race. so, he's been out of this, all the way up until now. romney hasn't given any other details about the event, which will happen in utah. now, he is not expected to enter the race or endorse any of the candidates, but, this has been such an unusual year for the gop, who knows, who knows. >> who knows what might happen. >> yes. >> we all know this is president obama's last year in office of course. but is he considering a music
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career? >> what? >> let's talk about that, straight ahead. >> okay. (vo) my name's nick
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>> look at this! look at this. a baby in the back seat. >> a woman passed out. police say she was high on drugs, you can hear someone beating on the window, she never answers, what they found in that car. good day everybody, it is thursday, march 3rd, 2016. >> you can hear, how upset that person was, shoot that video. >> so i grabbed chris' hands a second ago, said your hand is so warm, because i'm so cold in the studio. guess what he said, sue serio? my whole body hot. (laughing). >> is nothing a secret? >> we'll just use our imagination. >> stop. >> hey, there is a segway. buddy better bundle up. it is cold outside. >> it is colds and colder a lot colder than it was yesterday. windchills are in the teens and 20's this morning. so make sure you have that nice warm hat on the kids, i know, they'll argue with you, put the gloves and the scarf
5:31 am
on too. nothing on radar, in fact, skies are pretty clear right now. which is why we got so cold. so, enough of a breeze to make 28 degrees feel like 20 outside. milestone. sunrise time officially is 6:30. ya, the days are at least getting longer, but we don't expect the sun to hang around for the entire day. temperatures are in the 20's, as we said. but windchills, as we're also said, were in the teens. so feels like 19 in trenton, 14 is the chill in lancaster, feels like 19 in milville and 18 in wilmington, delaware. so, here's the deal. we have clear skies right now, so we start off with sunshine, but then the clouds increase, just after lunchtime, we probably hit high of 40 degrees, while the sun is up. and then showers and flurries much later on, after the evening rush hour is over. so we shouldn't have any precipitation as you are driving home after that it is a different story. and tomorrow morning, oh, really different story. very quiet out there right now.
5:32 am
let's hope we can say the same about the roads. here's bob kelly. >> well, unfortunately, sue, not. we have vehicle fire here just working on, this is 95, northbound, right at philadelphia international airport airport. and it involves attacks i cab, fully engulfed, fire fight remembers on the scene here, you can see, what's left, still smoldering here. this is 95 north, right at the bartrum avenue off ramp. as you can see here, traffic just starting to creep on by. once the firefighters got water on there, and the flames down, and it is safe enough to pass, they're letting traffic go through. again, it is at -- 95 north, bartrum avenue, right before philadelphia international airport. if you are heading to the airport this morning, from, say, delaware county, give yourself few extra minutes. no delays on any of the flights in or out of philadelphia international airport. but, again, get interesting could be little tough with the vehicle fire at bartrum. otherwise, the 42 freeway, looking good. you come in toward philly,
5:33 am
starting starting to see volume pop here as sue mention, tomorrow morning will be rough one. so take some time today and really look at what you are calendar has in store for tomorrow this time. >> working on the dannehower bridge the to 3:00. keep that in mind in or out of norristown. and in malvern, right in front of malvern prep, paoli pike, warren avenue, work zone again there today. mass transit, though, looking good. chris, lauren, back to you. >> this morning, one lane, route 222, reopened after deadly accident claimed five lives. the nasty crash involved a car and tractor trailer in lehigh county around 4:00 yesterday afternoon. >> the driver of the car and four passengers were pronounced dead at the scenement the truck driver suffered minor injuries. >> 5:33, happening today, philadelphia mayor jim kenly formally present his budget to the city council. >> steve keeley live in center city this morning with a preview of what's on his agenda. hi, steve.
5:34 am
>> well, lauren, since fill ill is classic rock town, making my second classic rock reference. call this the death leopard pour some sugar on me, here in philly. >> because they're identifiable project it, means something, district council person in the city ten of them, you want your recreation center libraries, refurbished, i think you do. if you are a supporter, most of our residents, i got elected based on pre k, so the mandate that i received, from the lectorate in the 2015 election indicates that pre k is important to people. so they'll hear from their con still ooh and the, here from the soda industry. >> i understand that, they will. but also hear from the con still ooh hadn't lil' kim children, who don't have access to pre k. the difference between pre k and not pre k is my kid can go to college without pre k. he can't. >> so also, here at city hall, soda distributor's union, the society a companies and the soda buyers will be firmly against it. they plan to show mayor ken
5:35 am
what i they already showed mayor nutter twice when you shake up soda, it explodes, chris, lauren? >> we will continue with your rock reference here, that leopard song off the albumn. >> as spring gets closer philadelphia gas works customers will soon see a slight increase in their bill. >> so, philadelphia gas works is set to increase natural gas rates to nearly $10 per year for customers, the company has already raised prices via a weather normalization adjustment. they call it? a weather normalization adjustment. spokesman explained the program. prevent customers from seeing even larger bill during the peak usage during the winter coldest days. 5:35, landmark in the philadelphia theater scene will soon be closing forever, society hill playhouse, operated as a theater at eighth and south streets for 56 years, is slated for demolition next month. its final performance this weekend will be the debut of the first play by the liberty city radio theater. billionaire investor carl icon says if new jersey a
5:36 am
proves casinos in the northern part of the state, he'll not pump $100 million into his newly acquired taj mahal casino in atlantic sit. >> i says his plans investment in the casino he acquired from bankruptcy court hangs on new jersey not approving two new casinos just outside new york city. icon says in-state competition will devastate ac. make it sort of impossible to invest that much monday my his new casino. a bill to authorize state-wide referendum on north jersey casinos is expected to pass little later this month. >> they treatise like gold. they respect us. they help us. they care for us. >> throughout the month of march we celebrate women's history month. coming up: how sterio typical farm laborers in california's wine region, change including more women.
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good morning, i'm sean bell. st. joe's on the verge of winning their 25th game of the season. way better than we thought they would be at the beginning of the season. now, they're trying to get revenge against saint bonaventure. but you can't get a w if you can't stop anyone, and they couldn't stop marcus. all night long. there he is. driving to the rack. had 47 points. the hawks move 98 to 90.
5:40 am
to the sixers, taking on the hornets, noel on walker, we know that mixed match. he drives to the rack. gets the one. hornets win 119-99. fall eight and 53. >> spring training, the phillies playing the blue jays, david buchanon with the strikeout, two shut out innings trying to get one of those rotation spots, as a pitcher. aaron, guaranteed to get right field. solo shot to left field. the guards ended when four-all tie after nine. no need for extras. that's sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. >> 5:40, we all know this as president obama's last year in office, is he considering a career in music? >> oh. that's interesting. >> very. >> and as we take live look from old city make sure you're prepared. changing temperatures with the fox 29 weather app. you can see live radar, get alert, sent right to your phone. you can find it in the apple and the google play store.
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>> sue's forecast straight ahead. find fantasy shows.
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>> the only thing i can do like the harlem globetrotters, is walk. >> you walk kind of like that, ya. >> sue said you do a great swing your hips walk. >> well, coming from sue, i'll take that as a compliment. harlem globetrotters showing off their skills. on septa trains, gave show to un suspecting customers riding the trains in trenton and philly yesterday. >> their subway take-over part of year long celebration of the exhibition team's 90 invert verse are you, globe trot verse record ten games in the greater philadelphia region. starting from yesterday through march 12th. >> oh, how fun is that? >> that is exciting. >> they have style, as does sue serio this thursday morning, wearing leather and zippers. >> your favorite. >> oh, well, we try to mix it up. what can i say? here is the deal. we already have our winter weather advisory, in effect it, doesn't go into effect
5:45 am
until 10:00 tonight. and it stays with us until fridy afternoon. all of these counties that you see highlight in the purple, south jersey, all of delaware, chester county, delco, philadelphia, the southern portions of bucks and montgomery counties, all under this advisory. for several inches of snow. now, temperatures, when this precipitation begins, will be around freezing. and the snow will stick on non-paved surfaces, arrival time will probably be about 8:00, 9:00, 10:00, tonight, depending where you live. then talking slick roads for the morning rushing, 24 hours from now, we will be in snow mode, yes, winter is still here. right now, we don't have anything to show you on radar. the storm we are talking about is here in the midwest. this low pressure system, with various types of precipitation, depending on temperature, what will happen is, and we will show you on this map it, will come off shore and develop into a little bit after coastal storm.
5:46 am
now, it will be pretty far away, by the time it leaves us, but, while it is here, it will be enough to give us maybe coating, couple of inches of snow. so, now, by 2:00 in the morning, travel con a little slick. specially on untreated surfaces. and 5:00 in the morning, around this time tomorrow, we mention, mostly snow in the area. but you see some rain starting to sneak in from the south. that's milder temperatures off the ocean, as that coastal storm, well, the center of the storm off shore. so we will be getting sort whatever you call the backlash that far storm, so the rain will try to move in, i think the snow probably will win. it will be slushy, accumulations of just several inches. but, it is the timing of this storm that's really lousy. because it will happen during the morning rush tomorrow. so today, nice and quiet. 40 degrees. tomorrow, the mess in the morning, 39 degrees. i think we will have sunshine before the end of the day friday. saturday looks quiet. with a high of 44.
5:47 am
still pretty chilly, and then on sunday morning, with temperatures starting off below freezing, we could have a bit of a wintery mix before woe get sunshine in the afternoon on sunday. monday we start our warming trend. fifty's, monday, 60s, tuesday, 70s by wednesday, bob kelly. >> what do you think thursday will be like? >> i can't even imagine? >> yahoo. 5:47. all excited here on a thursday, double five's on the blue route, double five's on the schuylkill. the problem is on i-95 right in front of philadelphia international airport. taxi cab caught fire in the last half hour. so the northbound 995 off ramp, to bartrum avenue, here is the parking lot, for the airport there, in the background. you can still see some of the white smoke, smoldering from the taxi cab. it is behind the bus here, but, 95 north, open, just it is the bartrum avenue off ramp, into the airport, parking area, where we're down
5:48 am
to one lane and watch for the delays. otherwise, if you are headed to the airport, we're okay, no delays on arrivals or departures there, coming in from south jersey picking up volume on the freeway, still working out there on the turnpike near allentown, they'll be out there for most of the day, until about 1:00. otherwise, the new jersey turnpike, looking good. no problems on route 55, and lauren, here is a irish picture for you. >> okay? >> oh,. >> maybe dress up little diamond? >> oh, so cute. come on, lauren? can diamond come to the parade? >> diamond is invited to the parade. >> i love it. >> diamond can get little outfit, bamm, there you go. speaking of the parade, it is the countdown two weeks until saint patrick's day. and we're looking for your favorite irish pictures, decorating the pets, they got the outfits on, you got the kids out there doing the irish dancing, whatever you got, pop them up on facebook, twitter, instagram, use the hashtag fox 29 irish. of course saint patrick's day parade with lauren, diamond,
5:49 am
and the rest of the gang, is right here, on fox 29 sunday march the 13th live on the parkway 12:00 to 3:00. we can invite to you come down, join us live in person or catch it here on fox, then we rebroadcast the whole thing again on saint patrick's day itself. >> bob, getting all deng out for it. >> you know we're getting detectives out. >> can't wait. bring wilson, also. >> the obama's will headline this year's south by southwest, but that does not mean the -- some people saying the president might have career in music later. who no, sir. but barack will kick off the festival's 30th anniversary on, barack obama. >> you call him just barack now? >> sorry, on the 30th anniversary, in austin texas. >> how is michelle doing? >> michelle anbar ac obama are fine. i apologize. >> i mean, you can get away with sasha and malea? >> michelle anbar ac obama. >> i'm not letting you off the hook. >> sorry. i got excited.
5:50 am
>> by the time, first time signature president, the 44th mr. barack obama has ever participated in the annual event on march 16th, michelle obama will give the opening keynote address for south by southwest music, and we will will talk about her let girls live movement. >> what are her girls names. >> i just said sasha animalier a pop star britney spears is looking good-bye the way. she is your age, almost exactly. she was born in december of 1981. >> okay. >> she is 34 now. had little trouble, flight. >> he has. >> let's take a look at her now. >> she still has it. >> boom. >> featured three different covers of magazine, britney spears, her debut studio albumn, baby one more time, in january of 1999. in september of that same year, v magazine published its first issue now nearly two decades later still one of the biggest names in music and the fashion magazine celebrating its 100 issue. so, to commemorate the occasion, v chose britney spears for the inaugural
5:51 am
issue. >> inaugural. i was therefore the inaugural of barack. >> january, right there, in the mall. >> idol fans, people magazine issuing a special edition for the shows final season. >> people magazine releasing a collector's edition book celebrating all 15 seasons, hits news stands tomorrow. you can either get the book, or you can get the e-edition which will be available on your tablets. you can watch the final season of american idol right here on fox 29. every thursday night. >> hey, throughout the month of march we celebrate women's history month. how sterio typical farm laborer's in the farm region, well, the whole landscape literally is changing. we'll tell you more about that. >> who you, chris murphy? >> thank you, lauren johnson.
5:52 am
sesame street live let's dance it's sesame street live like you've never experienced it before leeeeeeet's dance! sesame street live let's dance playing liacouras center april 14th through 17th tickets on sale now!
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april 14th through 17th at enterprise, we guarantee it. next vehicle purchase? head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone...
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change your thinking about buying your next one. >> we continue to celebrate women's history, during the month of march. >> in the last few years, women have entered the once men-only ward of vineyard workers, now represent about 25% of the work force. a huge number in agricultural work forces. >> it was rare to see women out in the vinyards. but now, the industry has changed, and the culture has changed. >> rose, and madeline, never work in a vineyard until two years ago. the previously low-paid food
5:55 am
processing plant workers dedicated themselves to better pay, and better life. and today both are four women leaders of vineyard crews. >> well, now -- >> i did it for many reasons. one of them was wages, and the other one see the treatment that i was getting of the other company. >> rumors of possible abuse concern madeline, but she wanted something better. >> they treatise like gold. they respect us, they help us, they care for us, and they have a lot of patience for us. >> the five year old napa valley farm workers foundation funded by grape growers, says it wants big and stable local work force as possible for equal pay, equal rights, equal opportunity prevail. >> our people the front line for sustainability. people in the vinyards, first point of developing a great wine and great region. >> work force paid at least $14 an hour, starting pay,
5:56 am
plus benefits, vacations, and more. >> but it is also sophisticated, you know, getting scholarship, four year university, writing a five year plan for your life, banking, legal, i mean, the list goes on and on. >> just the fact that we know we have reliable personnel that we can count on. >> our translator, human resources director for vineyard management. as a child, though, she worked alongside her farm worker parents? we also provide in a household. >> and its working. >> i never thought i would be a leader but now that i am i like t i want to continue to grow within the company. >> first time in my life i have a job where i feel stable and i feel secure. >> farm workers still have plenty of issues, that need to be addressed. but what's going on up here in nap a?
5:57 am
deserves to be noted, in the agriculture industry, fox two news. >> fresh offer super tuesday, republican candidates will debate again on the fox news channel, find out, how much, who is skipping out this time.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> new details this morning about a horrible accident, that claimed five lives. >> conviction overturned, why delaware supreme court overturned for convicting -- distributing child porn. >> passed out on drugs with a baby in the car. who came to the rescue of this one year old trapped in a back seat? >> good day everybody, it is march the third, it is three-three-16. >> that's true. >> hey, everybody. >> good morning. >> good morning, everybody. >> oh, i haven't had one of those in a while. >> please tell me higher than a three today? >> it will be hire than a three today. twenty-four hours from now, probably different store. >> i two years ago today, horrible snowstorm. >> yes, it was a big-'. >> huge. >> yes. >> huge. >> i'll look up how much snow we got that day, but at least today is


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