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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  March 4, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EST

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the silver screen. and wait for it. >> ♪ >> justin beiber, said it best. >> what do you mean. >> or did he. >> the famous actor's epic rendition of love yourself. >> i love that song. >> i love you. >> ♪ >> welcome to tool time i'm mike jerrick. >> that is a great song. >> yes, it is. >> you might not like him but it is so good. >> the whole company is so good. >> good morning. >> we will bump back in and out with it. >> all bumps, will be for beiber. >> hi, karen. >> hi karen. >> happy friday. >> good friday to you. >> it is friday, march the fourth, it is first friday, the whole studio will be filled with people tonight. >> art gallery.
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>> yes. >> and think your kid, looks nothing like you you, you know how you look at somebody's kid and go man that can't be their child it doesn't look anything like the mom or dad? well, guess what there is a possibility that the baby might look like your ex-husband. >> i find this hard to believe. >> this is according to a study, babies may get their last from the mother's ex-lover. >> how is that possible. >> this is what they based it on, university of south wales, found that fruit flies their ex-mates could influence their off spring and they believe something similar could occur in humans. >> all right, fish face, and,. >> i have a hard time believing this one. >> but they are saying, that some of the, dna, material may still be there and that could influence, the child. >> i do not understand this at
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all. i think they all look alike. >> i have never seen a fruit fly. >> you seen that when they do tech talk, we should do that. if you bring a piece of fruit, a fruit fly will appear out of to where. >> i want to try that. >> really. >> milky way, get an intern to find an apple, cut tonight half and i will see a fruit fly before 10:00 o'clock. >> peach or a pair. >> we have peaches upstairs. >> peaches draw them immediately. >> in the convenienting machines there are peaches, they are probably in syrup. try to find some fruit. >> yes. >> anyway. >> and 3-d. >> so people, who are there. >> i don't see how that works. and the eggs, and obviously. >> we do not have three scientists sitting here.
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>> you try to picture everyone sitting at home, think about your x's would you want your child to look like this. >> yes. >> you are always dodge ago this bullet. a lot of times you don't want them. >> yes, that person is all angry. >> and, back in your life. >> what was i thinking, your face, magically changed. >> i have 20 women that would say that same thing today. >> every time you are with someone, the girlfriend, they are always the one, until will they are not. >> yes, just like when i say when we say you and your husband you say he told you or did you say to him this would be my husband. i always feel like when people say that, if you say to anybody and it didn't work
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out, that is crazy, so weird but because it did work out, it is crazy how it works. >> if i just said that to some guy i just met he would be like wow. then we would break up. >> he would say crazy for that. >> well, that is so sweet, how lovely, he knew. >> i said it to a woman every day. >> you say you will be my new ex-wife. >> you will be my next ex-wife. >> yes. >> here we go, karen, i want to hear from you on this one. there is this fitness model, we will put a picture up, this woman is eight months pregnant on the left, on the left and other woman on the right is also eight months pregnant. let me give you her name, chantell duncan posted this photo of she and her pregnant friend hoist only four weeks ahead of her to prove all women carry their babies differently. woman on the lefties eight months pregnant. >> what? >> so she is 36 weeks
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pregnant. she says she's still working out regularly and taking kick boxing classes. she has gain about 22-pound during her pregnancy and she has been posting these photos of her body as it transforms, on instant gram. >> so the most recent one at 29 weeks and then there is 31. >> man she's fit. >> yes. >> but i hate to be any person that is a, people do carry their babies totally differently. different between her and her friend is height difference, huge body type. you cannot compare. now we are at 36. >> now she looks lake she's a clearly a pregnant woman. you can work out. she looks a little thin but that is between her and her doctors. i don't want to get into that. she looks, oh, they brought me fruit as we have a debate. >> get on twitter, facebook, light it up on that within right there. >> scott doll, executive producer, scott doll, come on in. >> here you go, sir.
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>> not even a plate, nothing. >> i was so impressed. >> we were talking about this. >> scott kelly was here. >> put it on a piece of paper. >> now, keep an eye on this. >> if you see fruit fly, let me know. >> okay. >> you said a peach is better. >> peach is the best. >> yes. >> can you find a more gooey fruit somewhere. >> we will check. >> internist like what. >> go down to the 7-eleven or what. >> what kind of fruit. >> just something gooey. >> you know what there is a little deli on fourth street near chestnut i bet they have gooey fruit. >> where. >> down fourth street near chestnut. >> yes. >> mike? >> do you feel pressure now, karen. we will see fruit flies. >> it will never happen. >> it will happen at 10:01.
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>> you are looking at me like that. >> that was not nice. >> he says i sound like woody wood pecker. >> i think he is my favorite cartoon character. >> i do not sound like that. >> anyway. >> that is so mean. >> let me tell you one thing, the thing i like about mike, very funny but never mean, never mean. i feel like he is never mean. >> not on camera. >> he is very generous off camera. it is he will ellen's humor, it is fun any a very nice way. >> ellen. >> yes. >> he is good. >> we both find porsche attractive. >> yes. >> okay. >> here's the thing, milky way, in the control room could you find a picture of robert red ford back from the way we were, and picture today.
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>> yes. >> ♪ >> memories of the way we were. >> stop. >> that scene actually makes me cry in front of the plaza hotel. >> yes. >> at the end. >> and then they hug, and tight shot of his face and tight shot of her face. >> yes. >> memories. >> every time i hear it. >> one of of my favorite films. >> so sad though. >> why don't we get back to robert redford. >> hey, there is on the left when he was young and they is on the right now that he is older. this is george clooney's point. he said he is planning to transition like robert, to behind the camera, very soon, and focus on directing. george says, well, he told bbc, he is getting too old to be on screen. his exact quote nobody wants to see anybody age. george first came on to the
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acting scene more than 20 years ago as you know, playing on the series er. he was a doctor, 194. since then he has acted in a lot have of movies including the ocean's 11 series, and he won an academy award as an actor, soriano, and producer of argo. he is so wonderful. >> did ben affleck direct argo. >> yes. >> do you think that he should retire? i have seen robert redford in some films every now and then, horse whisperer. >> i don't think so. let's face it, we saw pictures, he got better with time. >> he has a better ten or 20 years. >> you know what is striking i watched star wars movies when you have harrison ford and what an amazing good looking man, he was just carried it so
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well. >> he is still is but it is so striking, i just binge watched when you watch them in a row. i watched four, five, six, and then return of the jedi and then the new one. >> he is still an attractive man but that is when you see it. people should be able to age. when lou back at someone in their prime like robert redfor, harrison ford and you're just like, there is nothing i would have done for him. he was so good looking. >> george harrison. >> i feel kind of sorry for them, how would you like to be an actor and look back, people talk but, lou so good back 20 years ago. >> that comes the water try. >> we don't have that. >> you you know what my dad says, you getting youlier every day. >> he said alex, enjoy it now because you will getting youlier every day. every day a little uglier. i. >> i wear a dress, i said show your figure new because it will be gone tomorrow. enjoy it while you have it. >> i love the positive energy. >> yes, the age you look best.
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>> when you feel the best. >> when you are in your prime. >> we did that story every three months and it number changes every time. >> i like this one though. >> there is whatever you did last night, why are you plugging your ears. >> i'm trying in the the to listen. >> he never listens to me. >> you never listen to me. >> where am iinging this weekend. >> you you are going. >> you don't know because you don't listen. >> where vandy, is that in tennessee or kentucky. >> where is it. >> it is national grammar day. >> nashville. >> i want, i have have been trying to do it for one minutes. robert deniero is in philadelphia. >> okay. >> why. >> he is selling vodka. he will be in in some liquor
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store. i want to talk to him. >> you stopped this, for that. >> this is more important than stupid grammar day. >> robert deniero, arguablably the best actor is in philadelphia, pushing vodka, and on twitter universe to help me out. >> i think i saw it on >> make this more interesting then bobby deniero being in philadelphia. go. >> it is too much pressure. >> it is appearing that grammar is really important if you are trying to date someone. it is about dating, wake up. you care about that. >> on line dating site, show that 50 percent of singles say bad grammar is a deal breaker. >> i would gree with this. >> in the world of on line dating. nearly three-quarters of the people surveyed said they have turn off for spelling mistakes. they don't like it. bad grammar and spelling is someone uneducated. others say the person is lazy. everyone grease that it is bad qualities in a person.
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>> grammar is more important for woman then men, but a slight margin. >> can you give me a piece of paper. >> he is just not here for me today. >> i love you. >> let's face it, a lot have people what do we do, we to text them, right. >> better sharpe. >> people analyze too, the text that you get, and everyone knows when you are first talking to someone they are like hello, how are you today. everything is spelled out correctly. as you go on what is up, what are you doing? wyd. >> i am so lazy, i just do k. >> if you just say okay, thanks for letting me know. >> here's one that gets me, we do it all the time. hi, i heard you. >> i do it all the time. >> now we have a banana. >> come on fruit fries. >> how long would it take. >> one hour. >> okay. >> so someone texts you back. >> i like you too, and that is a turn off right there. >> that is so common. >> don't you think on facebook
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nobody even knows the difference any more. >> i do. >> people don't do that. >> or there and their and they're. >> or they will do the contraction ur, is that your car. >> is that is right. >> well, you are car. >> you are a car. >> yes. >> your beautiful. >> yes. >> i heard someone do an apostrophe, like governor chris christie and change the script to make it right and they change it back to make it wrong. when you read it and mad when you are read that. >> i can do that all day long. >> somebody did it from the news room. >> a couple days ago. >> don't call them out. >> no. >> what about it was toward, you don't say the s. >> toward. >> i walk toward the store.
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there is no s. >> there is no s. >> here's another one. >> oh, look, meredith cassidy just text me. >> my goodness. >> he is active. >> even yesterday, because there was a debate, because twitter released gif or jif. people were talking about that. here's what i said. it seems like it is everyone says something incorrectly as long as everyone saying it incorrectly then in one cares fit is correct or not. everyone jumps on the band wagon. i looked up, and everyone says incorrectly or even if it comes to spelling stuff like athlete, is it athlete or athlete. library, library. >> library. >> i know, my point is. >> another good one. >> realtor, realtor. >> see, it is realtor. >> it is not a realtor. >> it is crazy. >> and everyone says it the same way, in one cares about the proper way. >> meredith cassidy used to work here. she's a good follow on instagram by the way.
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>> hi, meredith. >> we've got. we see this all the time in our copy. we've got, i have got. >> we have kevin mccarthey on the line and he is our movie reviewer. >> good morning mike, alex and karen. >> good morning. >> i was riveted by discussion because your and you're thing is something i'm fascinated by. everyone gets that wrong. they will say kevin, you're stupid but they will use your. i'll respond and correct their grammar with the retweet. no, you're the idiot. >> right. >> hey kevin. >> you're getting it wrong. >> we haddon our show last week the woman that whiskey, tango fox trot it is based on her life. the it is really fascinating. >> her name is kim parker. the interview, she is so
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fascinating because movie itself, they had not change her name to kim baker because they removed r because writers had to fictional ice a lot what was going on in the movie. it is still based on her story, book, she was a war correspondent, in afghanistan but movie focuses on teen fey playing her in the movie and, the will wolf of wall street and leo nard or dicaprio, alfred molina. i was expecting an oh, yeah from you. i was waiting for the. i was going to pause and wait for it. the she's amazing. >> did you see it. >> yes, this is a cool thing. i walk in this room, mike and i had five to seven questions written down. i walk in, i sat down, ready for my interview and they completely, changed it up on me. i had absolutely no idea that this would happen. check this out. >> margot and i both play war journalist, and actually which is why, kevin, we will
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interview you. >> okay. >> oh, wow. >> yes. >> okay. >> so kevin mccarthey, you are from washington d.c. >> yes. >> it says you have a fiance. but you proposed to her last halloween in disney land is that correct. >> you are freaking me out. >> how was it. >> fantastic. >> what part of the park. >> nightmare before christmas, yes. >> we have heard that you you cried nerd tears when a movie, i moving to you. what was the last movie, nerd tears. >> probably deadpool. before that was the -- unaudible. >> there was an action scene. >> yes. >> that would be nerd tears. >> yes. >> you wanted to talk about that today but you you are not letting me. >> your dog's name is oscar.
9:19 am
>> yes. >> where do you get this information. >> we don't reveal our sources. >> i will show it to you. would you like to see it. >> that is it. >> that was a good line from tina fey from upper darby. >> yes. >> i have no idea, they had these flash cards that had all my information on them and studio reached out to somebody locally in d.c. and got that weird fur about me and they just went at me, and i had no clue. it was really cool good that is great. >> you looked surprised. >> yes, trust me, i was surprised. i gave movie three and a half out of five. full interview is on my facebook. >> that is not what i post. >> yes. >> kevin, thanks. we will see you next week. >> bye, kevin. >> go see zootopia of the week, it is so good. best movie of the week.
9:20 am
don't see it in 3-d. don't waste your money. >> utopia. >> no, zootopia. >> i actually seen a screening, with my kids. i saw a movie did you like it. >> i did like it. >> i thought it was fun. >> some kids cried though. >> the sloth scene was funny did the mv with the sloth. >> biz, kevin. >> it is an animated film. >> okay. >> big issues, it deals with race, it deals with political issues we are dealing with, in a kid way but good for grown ups as well. >> it is big time he is still not going to go. >> i got to look for fruit flies. >> did you see this last night on american idol, our girl from jackson, new jersey got booted. >> oh, no. >> she can come on our show all the time now. >> plus everyone still tweeting about gif and jif and we will break it down when we come back. >> i have the a answer and on
9:21 am
tape from the inventor. >> i will have it in a gif. >> it is... >> no in no.
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>> thanks, mike. you you look fantastic. >> thank you, very nice. >> now he want to be nice to me. >> anyway i got so, excited. >> about what. >> everyone in the news room heard me, screaming run a around we had a gif party. so twitter, yesterday revealed the gif keyboard, right. so i was like give it to me now. the basically, on twitter, everyone using gif when something is funny. now on twitter you can use it whenever you are tweeting. >> yes. >> i started once i figured this out and started tweeting out all kind of things i tell everybody. gif party was trending. lets have one in the news room. i will get together and then it got ugly. >> wait a minute, what did you say, alex holley you say torey
9:25 am
and i are too late. >> yes, the party was an hour ago, and new you guys want to show up, okay. >> yes. >> wait a minute. >> yes, she punch me right in the face, that is torey from torey's take segment. >> so, after being knocked out, in the gif party, this is another gi i said it is time to gif this party started. we say gif and gif differently. then we have to do a twitter poll because some people say gif, other said jif like peanut butter. >> what are the winners. >> according to my poll, 72 percent of the people say it is gif. >> raining. >> and 28 percent say it is jif like peanut butter. people are like no, one guy tells me. >> karen hepp. >> no. >> clues looks. the is what a gif party. >> i will show you how to do it now. one guy spells it out gif.
9:26 am
>> gif. >> too lazy for that. >> you go to twitter. it is national pound cake day. >> and look at here, you have have a latest update for twitter. there should be a button here that say gif or gif however you prefer to see it. >> you will go, click on that, load and it will give you all these categories, right. >> so first, oh, pick one of these six. no, these are categories. you you get through, scroll down. lets do the eye roll. click on eye roll and in that category you have all kind of other ones you can pick. >> judge judy there. >> this cutie right here. >> and then you can pick that. >> look at tina fey. i will click tina fey and now it is in your tweet because it is gif or gif keyboard and i can say i am, doing this live, on fox. >> okay. >> oops. >> okay. you got to love auto correct,
9:27 am
right. on fox 29 philly. >> and it makes it so much easier. >> okay. >> so, just tie to the bow, the man who invented this stupid thing is named steve willheit so at the web award two years ago, almost three years ago now, he pronounced, the name of his invention. >> instead of speaking, in five words tonight, instead of speaking of five word tonight, we have a own invention to accept this a ward. >> oh, no. >> it is jif. >> no, gif good no one is even saying peanut butter.
9:28 am
everyone is saying gif. >> it standings for graphic, something, something, format. >> graphic integrated for math. >> no. >> gif, gif. >> okay bobby rydelis here. >> this is story of the day on good day philadelphia this little girl seven and a half, they share a liver, someone donated a liver years ago and so she has part and bobby rydell philly icon has the other half of the liver. let's talk to them next. your daughter wants to stay organic.
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>> is a mother is stunned to find out had your dart shares with a liver with a very famous philadelphia and, bobby rydel. now that child has written a
9:32 am
book, to help other kids under stands, the sometimes scary transplant process. >> my book is titled: i'm a transplant. it tells the story after girl named asia, sad and confused about a liver transplant. she thinks she is leading, asks a friends to help her find one. >> goes on a great adventure through magical greenhouse. >> in her short life, asia has undergone four major surgeries. she received her first liver transplant back in 2009. but her body rejected it. then, three years later, when she was just four years old, her mother got the offer for an adult's liver. there was enough left over from that liver to help someone else. and that someone else ended up being bobby rydel. of course, famous in philly,
9:33 am
for his songs, and great movie back in the 60s bye bye birdie. >> this is such a touching story. so they're here, bobby rydel, asi a and her mom, rashina. only the second time you guys have met. >> second time, yes. we met, it was about, well, it was 212 actually. it was about somewhere in the vicinity of five months after our surgeries, our transplant surgeries, and my doctor, my surgeon, doctor kataldo would i come and sing couple of songs at his christmas show that he puts on for his staff. and asia was there. >> she was a lot younger then, now she has done a lot in that time. asia, tell us about your book. >> well, it is about me, and how my liver transplant started, and what happened to me. and i was actually looking for a plant, but i didn't know what type of plant i needed.
9:34 am
so the book does actually trees talk, but we all know trees don't talk for real. >> rashina, your mom has a puppet, who is the puppet? what's her name? >> asia. >> oh, it is, okay. now, why do you have a puppet? were you a little frightened when you were about to get that transplant at four years old? >> yes. >> bobby rydel, were you a little bit frightened when were you getting your transplant? >> no, i was just very, very happy, extremely lucky and very, very happen. >> i don't you think if you had a puppet it might have helped, a little bit? >> the idea, rashita, of course -- >> my focus at home. >> i forget to take it with me. >> the idea to ease the fears of children undergoing similar surgy? >> absolutely, with the puppet show, of course we want to raise awareness, we want to get the information out to schools, the organizations, but we also want to have liver friends for our liver kids
9:35 am
while they are going those scary experiences so that they know that they're not alone. >> right. and i love the outfit. >> thank you. >> you and asia. >> yes. >> that's amazing. >> now, how are you feeling these days? >> feeling good with your new liver? isn't it amazing, bobby, she got a quarter of liver, you got three quarters of the liver, now in the time that's pass in the. >> that's the only organ of the bod that i rejuvenates. now she has a full liver, asi a and i both have a liver at the same time. >> and you got a kidney? >> my surgery, yes, in the vicinity of 20 some odd hours. >> are you feeling? >> i feel fantastic, i feel great. and it is so nice to be able to, you know, do what i love to do and that's, you know, get on stage, and perform, yes. >> what do you think you're going to do, asia, when you grow up? still thinking about it? >> what do you want a to be when you grow up? >> a scientist. >> well, that's a great way to
9:36 am
help other kids potentially who might have to go through what you go through, because you sure look great. and it looks like the liver is working really well. now what's going to happen with this book? >> we're going to turn it into a puppet show. that's why we have this puppet. >> oh, okay. >> and we're going to do a world-wide tour, and i hope we go to florida first. >> do you guys feel like family now, even though this is only the second time you've met? >> sure do. >> do you feel that bond. >> i was doing an interview with someone, well, they said how do you feel about, you know, sharing, our donor, who was from reading, pennsylvania, and she was only 21 years old, and i said, well, to tell you the truth, i said, at that time i was what 70, 71 years old. >> hard to believe everybody, isn't it? >> and i really lived my life. you know? i've had a good life. i said now here's a little girl, she is only four years
9:37 am
old. and now she has her whole life ahead of her. >> as your sang in bye bye birdie, you got a lot of living to do. >> we both, right? >> all three of you. >> i'm sorry, all four of you, thank you for being here today. and listen to there is join fox 29 and our sponsor the gift of life for the 21st annual organ donor dash, april 17th of the philadelphia museum of art. and no matter what your fitness level, you can participate, 5k rock, 10k run, 3k walk. up a in april. >> thank you. >> alex? >> beautiful, sue, really beautiful. >> i didn't cry. >> there is still time. justin bieber said it best, or did he? the famous actor's epic condition of the song love yourself. i love this song. >> ♪ >> ♪
9:38 am
9:39 am
9:40 am
9:41 am
>> ♪ >> is that beebs? >> yes. >> that's love yourself. you're with to hear aver sean like you probably haven't heard before. >> okay. >> you know the guy doing it. >> all right. >> my mama didn't like you. and she likes everyone. and i never like to admit that i was wrong. and i've been so caught up in my job, didn't see what was going on, but now i know.
9:42 am
i'm better sleeping on my own. >> by morgan freeman of the beebs. >> isn't that good? >> vanity fair put that together, right? >> he can just make anything sound important. remember what he did, he voices so many things, but the march of the penguins, the movie? >> and there was even for awhile there, to promote a movie, he was doing the gps directions on the app wave. so can you imagine? ing in traffic and hearing morgan freeman telling you which way to do? >> the voice overs in shaw shank redemption, by morgan freeman, and i think he did hillary clinton's tape, promoting her campaign. >> good choice. jen is at the flower show, you little pan pansy. >> you're in big trouble. come back. bob will tell us what we should be doing to get ready for spring, what the easiest thing to do for spring is, and just all of the spring
9:43 am
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the flower show opens tomorrow morning? >> yes, 11:00. >> and a lot of people are going to be inspired. we've looked up the stuff, your fancy chandeliers,
9:46 am
explore america is the theme. but not everyone can do something like that. but they are getting the itch to do some springness. >> yes, and up from get here to the flower show, you are going to find inspiration, and creative ideas, easy ways to get out there and become a gardner. i'm going to show how to plant peas. >> why peas first of all? >> my husband is a really incredible gardner, and certain things like peas, he's like, barb even you can do this. >> fine. >> so it is the time of year, and he always says around saint patty's day, get out there, so your peas, you can do it right in the ground. >> so kneel. >> so you pick that up. and we will do like two-inch trench, right down, and this is exactly how do you it, in your garden. >> this is after we pick all of the leaves from the winter. >> the time of year to get out there, clean it. >> okay? >> find your seed packs, finds the ones you want to grow, peas in your garden are absolutely delicious.
9:47 am
jen i'm going to gave you a handful, be generous, put it right there. >> really? >> now, you know when you read this stuff, always like put it 2 inches apart, all of that other stuff? >> do you want to follow the rules on the seed pack. you're going to have much better result, but real which something like peas, you can't make a mistake. >> okay? >> you will just lightly cover it. >> oh, okay? >> this is awesome. >> and you'll need something for the peas to grow up on. you're going to plant these middle of march, saint patty's day, need something for it to grow up on, and in two weeks you're going to have sprouts, nan about eight weeks you're going to have a trellis covered with peas. >> really? >> was that difficult? >> not hard at all. >> another thing i love to do this time of year is get your plants, and your pots, your pot and your tools ready. so, this is a pot that we painted, just a terra could the a pot. it cleanings things up it, looks really cool in your garden. >> just regular pot, make it bright? >> the time of year that you can do these projects, have fun, also, your tool handles?
9:48 am
>> yes. >> real hard to find your tools in the green grass? if you paint them really hot color. >> yes? >> hot pink, orange, bright green, when you leave it laying in the garden, you can actually find it. >> i like that idea. >> it is something we all do. >> now, i've always said to you what's your favorite spring flower in a lot of them are bold? >> believe it or not most of us think of bulbs, plant your bulbs in the fall because a lot of them you do. but there are some splint planting bulbs that will flower in the summer like glad old a's, and plant them saint patrick's day. >> after the first frost. so little later than that. just check your zone and you'll see, and the directions common the back. these you can find right here at the phs store, what i find amazing, yes, you're inspiration is incredible here, the beautiful flowers are unbelievable. but you have the best shopping of your life here at the philadelphia flower show. the marketplace is incredible. i always finds finds here.
9:49 am
>> do you a lot of stuff with qvc. >> i do. >> you see some of the things you use for your own shop, some of the things that they're selling on qvc, the buyers come here, and they finds it here? >> yes, because, this is the biggest indoor flower show in the worlds, the best of the best, in the industry, comes here. so, when we want to find things that are really special, and really unique, we come to the philadelphia flower show, so a lot of the vendors know that, and they are really good vendors here at the philadelphia flower show. >> i love it. back to you guys in the studio. the reason we couldn't show you the thing is it is definately open, previewing the whole thing, it was pretty cool though, guys. >> it is cool, it is a happening, everyone, my parents are going, everyone i know is going, they get all of their ideas, i love it. >> are they having the black tie thing tonight? i think they still are. >> we're not in the fancy pants crowd. >> oh, you are, i've seen you out and about with your husband and the little tuxedo. >> with all of the kids. >> i figured out my weekend planned. trying to guess what i'm be
9:50 am
doing this weekend, but now i'll be busy, house of cards back, 13 new episodes, on netflix right now. >> hold on. you can watch all 13? >> netflix, so i'll be bing watching, pretty much 13 hours of my weekends gone. so house of cards fan. you know what that means. >> boy, do you have one exciting life. >> i do. it is so exciting. i can't wait. >> what will you bewaring? >> probably sweats and some nice house slippers. >> okay. >> ya. >> big weekend. >> well, what are you doing this weekend? >> party after party, baby. >> right. >> not happening. >> ya. >> the fruit has to be a little rotten, in my offense. >> didn't we know that already? >> we'll leave it here until monday's show, you check it over the weekends on good day. >> it will probably be black. >> revolting. we have people coming in. >> thinking it was fresh, we just cut it open.
9:51 am
they didn't do that in the textbook? >> it must have been a rotten peach. i'll get a fly in the next ten minutes. >> it will be 10:01, i'm telling you, 10:01. >> the things do you. >> last night on american idol they had a double elimination. oh, and darn it, the woman i was rooting for, gianna, from jackson, new jersey is coming home. now the only good thing is she can be on the show every week now. right? talk about idol with us. >> and she will be doing the tour when they go. so much fun. >> you'll meet her next, next up on good day philadelphia.
9:52 am
9:53 am
9:54 am
>> who again the final spot in the top eight tonight? >> that's probably one of the most painful decisions we've had to make.
9:55 am
i don't think we've ever seen a bottom three with this much vocal ability ever. so strong. but the last person who made the top eight tonight is avalon. >> welcome to philadelphia, gianna, olivia. darn it. >> i know, we're so upset. >> you know, this is philly, man. you know, i know where jackson, new jersey is. >> darn it. how are you feeling, gianna? >> happy. i feel like making top ten alone was an amazing accomplishmentment for me to make top eight that would be insane. but i'm definitely not sad. i mean, it is casino of disappoint that i didn't make it further, but in a way, i'm casino of happy because now i can get ready to make new originals, work on an ep, learn some new instruments, maybe take some acting classes and just keeping one music. so i feel like in a way this helped me like it was a realization of how much better
9:56 am
i can be than i already a.m. this whole like short amount of time, definately, showed me how, like, much bitter i can be. >> well, you have some big plans. >> yes. >> now, olivia, what about you? pretty cool to hear jennifer lopez say hey this is one of the hardest ability we had to make. you have great vocal ability. >> it is great to hear all of the judge's comments, going from these three judges, everyone has their at boost, like the sealing of the song, then j-lo incredible performer all around, dancer, actress. and then harry is just such a musical genius, it is just like oh, my gosh, this is awesome. so, to hear them have such great, well, critiques, i would say, constructive criticism, it is awesome. it is great to hear that. and, ya, they've always been honest, which is awesome, too. >> oh, olivia. >> you're a rock g that stage. >> a rock star. >> thank you. >> jen, here is the plan. are you ready? you'll flying
9:57 am
back to jersey here. and we have an idol, american idol segment every, women, wednesday, thursday, you know? can you come on, and talk to us about it? we're just across the river. >> i would love that. i just have to make sure it is okay with everybody in like management and stuff like that. >> oh, ya. >> and send some emails, then definitely i would love to. that would be awesome. >> have your people contact our people. >> is that what they say? >> i'll just call your mom. >> awe. yeah, mom, mom is the people. >> at apple doesn't fall far from the tree. congratulations to you both. you made it to top ten, that's huge. >> thank you so much. >> see you on tour. we love it when you come around. >> we'll see you soon. >> best of luck to you. >> we celebrated with in and out burgers. >> oh, ya. >> love it. >> it is good. >> let's go get something to eat. >> no fruit fries. >> karen?
9:58 am
>> we stair at this the rest of the day. >> see you on good day tomorrow. have a great weekend. go villanova.
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. >> with all due respect, my girlsq are always turned out. i give itt( to you straight.ñi >> now, here's wendy!ok [ cheers and applause ]qlp >ef what can i say but, hey! it's


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