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tv   Good Day Philadelphia Weekend  FOX  March 6, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EST

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♪ >> this morning on good day, breaking news. an accident in west philadelphia sending police officers to the hospital. a live report coming up. plus, six people injured in a crash. this happened on old york road in the logan section of philadelphia while police believe may have led to that crash. they call it super saturday. voters in several states went to the polls yesterday. the big winners as the race for the white house heats up. what do you make of this one? we've got a controversy, gettysburg the north and the south still battling it after oughlies tears. there's a group that went there to honor the couldn't federal flag. a symbol of civil war history or is this a symbol of hate? and the counter protest that is happened. ♪ >> from the fox 29 studios, this is "good day philadelphia" weekend. good morning, everyone, will bum to good day. as we start, karen, dave, we
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need to remind everyone to follow some us -- follow us on facebook. we have big fun. >> super model coming on the show today. >> yes, we do. >> because the flower show is in town. this used to be super model and victoria secret model now she's a super model into flowers. >> good morning to you. good morning. the sweater almost super. >> not super as the model. >> not as super as the model that might change this coming week. >> are the models super. >> the models are super if you like the warm weather. there's a loft models to look at. believe me. i look at them all. ben franklin parkway, partly cloudy skies, this morning it's dry a few showers trying to work they're way through the area a little cool but not quite as cold as it's been. let's look outside now. market street the live view. we have 37 degrees winds light out of the north northeast at 5 miles an hour. high yesterday was 42 degrees. and the temperatures are into the 30s now. we want to watch these closely
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because there's a few showers working their way through the area. now, it is the first sunday of the month. what do we have weekend wendy actually coming into the city. here's why. >> well, dave, not lot of people know this, but the first sunday of every month is first sunday free day at the barnes foundation on the parkway. yes, it's first come first ser serve. you start lining up at 9:00 o'clock in the morning. the museum opens at 10:00 a.m. they have that fantastic picasso exhibit right now, and also, special activities and music because it's the first sunday of march. so you can count on wendy to be first in line. >> come on down early because right now there's a few showers working their way through the area. this is the radar picks up the snow but a lot of this not really reaching the ground. one place reporting light snow mount pocono but you can see the radar picking up a little light snow working its way through the northern suburbs this is moving southeast.
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we'll continue to move through new jersey and then clear out as this one area pushes south maybe few flurries there in delaware much that's about it. as we're looking at the future weather computer showing the skies will be clearing here and little more sunshine this afternoon. not starting the warming trend yet. that comes a little bit later in the seven day forecast. those numbers are coming up right now. here's some traffic with bob. good morning, everybody. big day in south philadelphia. the harlem globetrotters in town with two shows, one at noon another one at 5:00. looking for something to do with the kids today. nonetheless on the roadways you'll see lot of volume in and out of south philadelphia. and the flower show opened up this weekend at the pennsylvania convention center. so that's going to throw extra volume crossing town on the 59 and around the convention cent center. have great rest of the day. i'll see you bright and early tomorrow morning. we kick it off beginning at 4: 4:00.
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>> we're following some breaking news this morning. a drunk driver rear ends a police car and at least one person is taken to the hospital. it happened about three hours ago. the seen over in chestnut street. we've got jenny joyce out there live in west philly this morning with what we are hearing about this one. jenny, what do you know about the people that were involved in this? one officer? two officers? what are you learning? >> reporter: well, at least one officer is what we're hearing right now and that's from dispatchers and the scene was cleared about 20 minutes ago here at 52nd and chestnut streets. the accident happened just after 4:30 this morning. we know that one person was transported to tress we tanner hospital. we're not sure if it was the officer or the other driver. according to dispatchers again the call came in just after 4:30 this morning as a dui crash. the driver of a vehicle rear ended a police car, taking a look at our video the accident does not appear to be that bad. the cruiser sustain damage to his bumper the suv and the crash doesn't look too bad either. while we are awaiting on official details from police
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again we do know that at least one person was transported from the seen to penn presbyterian hospital. dispatchers con firm which driver was transported. karen and bill. >> thank you very much, jenn feature also looking at another crash. six people were injured in another crash along old york road in logan. here it is. this happened around 3:00 this morning. near the intersection with wyoming avenue. we're told at least one of those injuries is serious and police do believe that alcohol may have been a factor in this crash. we have a couple of fires to tell you about. this one this is at a home in kensington. crews were called out to that scene right there the 3100 block of read street around 3:30 this morning and they found a fire in the basement much this is a a ban bon don. given three people were in the home. they were taken out. the fire was brought under control. clearly you can see in a matter of minutes. officials are trying to figure out that cause and another fire to tell you about. this one over in east oak lane. it happened about midnight. crews were called there to the
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6600 block of sixth street for a fire. investigators say they arrived to find a two-story home with fire in that basement. crews say they were able to place this one under control pretty quickly. nobody was hurt. it was emotional day yesterday for family and friends of sergeant robert wilson. vigil was held in his memory outside the 22nd police district. yesterday marked a year since sergeant robert wilson was killed in the line of duty. he was gunned down by two men accused of trying to rob a game stop store in north philadelph philadelphia. sergeant wilson was inside toyboy game for his son's birthday. during the vigil fellow officers in blue stood in formation and city leaders gave words of comfort. sergeant wilson's sister also spoke tearfully about her brother's commitment to the job and the dedication of other philadelphia police officers. >> he chose a profession. he chose to make that decision to become an officer, to prote protect. officers including him they're
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people. lives are precious and these people that decide they going to take lives it's beyond. >> a commissioner richard ross charged the officers in attendance to continue honoring the memory of sergeant wilson with their service to others. and police are investigating murder of a man in west philadelphia. this one happened about 10:00 o'clock last evening. the victim was shot throw times and later died. it happened at 52nd and arch streets in west fill. the victim was hit once in the shoulder and in the arm and in the back side. raced over to presbyterian hospital but he was pronounced dead there. police are investigating and no arrests have been made. there's a former philadelphia eagle the victim of an alleged kidnapping and it happened at gun point according to the former wolf now on the practice squad for the jackso jacksonville jaguars was visiting some friends and he's walking up to his car when all of a sudden a group of men with guns attacked him and forced him into that car. it happened back on februar february 23rd in north
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carolina. he wasn't injured but clearly shaken up much police say they don't know if he was targeted or if this was random. at least one person has been arrested and police are looking for more suspects. 7:08. firefighters rush to the scene yesterday when a house partially collapsed in frankford. it happened yesterday afternoon around 3:00 o'clock when firefighters got to the 800 block of herbert street. they saw that pile of rubble that you're looking at right now. bricks had fallen from the front of the house and unfortunately no one -- fortunately no one was hurt when the wall gave way. it's not clear what may have caused that collapse. there were clashes yesterday on a battlefield in gettysburg. a war of words still being battled there. an organization called the sons of couldn't federal veterans honored the couldn't federal flag you see it something that many people think is racist and devicive. there was a professor of history and african in a studies at gettysburg college who led a counter demonstration there at the same battlefield where that flag was being praised.
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>> some say that it's heritage not hate, that symbol has been used for white suppress massey and for some people when they see that symbol white supremacy is all they think about. >> i see it as piece of cloth that represents an integral and important part of american history. >> the sons of confederate veterans is based in tennessee and they say the flag is simply a part of inner loop culture and issue debated for hundreds of years. ♪ the race continues. time now for you decide covera coverage. residents in five states are casting -- cast their vote for president on saturday. among republicans, ted cruz scored victories in kansas and maine and donald trump captured louisiana. on democratic side, bernie sanders won in nebraska and hillary clinton won in louisia louisiana. of course we'll have a full
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break down everything that happened in our next hour. this week on fox news sunday with donald trump headed towards the nomination, is the republican party in danger of tearing itself apart? we'll talk with conservative radio talk show host rush limbaugh. then mitt romney joins the never trump movement and donald trump fires back. we'll ask the last republican presidential nominee about his unpress departmented attack on this year's front runner. rush limbaugh and mitt romney only on fox news sunday. closer to home, mayor jim kenney is proposing a soda tax by opposing it just last term. >> what do you make of all that let us know and also we got to help pay for our kids schools. how about universe sat pre k. everyone says it would help the children a lot. will this work? what universal pre k means in our city. the pros and cons of this plan. we'll debate. it's not just a tool for relaxation.
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meditation can really be good for your health. coming up, tips for a successful meditation session and why you might want to do it right now. ♪ >> old school music playing in the background. speaking of old school, segue, right, at what age are you perfect? best career, best looking, most healthy? what do you think? >> it's coming. >> i was going say now. >> let us know what you think. when do you think any of those things in your own life, when you had the best love h was the best love of your life. >> use our hash tag fox 29 good day. we'll be right back. ♪
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♪ take a look out at trenton, new jersey. looks pretty good. they always do. the glowing dome over the state capitol. we'll tell you how the weather is going to be there in just a little bit. but we're talking education now. so this week philadelphia mayor jim kenney delivered his first budget address since being sworn in earlier this year. among several key initiatives that he focused on was educati education. in the address the mayor expressed his desire to specifically focus on creating pre k options for several students in the city and develop community schools that will help stab a partnership between our neighborhoods and our education
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system. >> because most of the child's brain development occurs in the first five years of life. quality early education gives our most vulnerable children the tools to compete with their wealthier peers. in fact, range of studies show children who participate in quality pre k are far likely to succeed than those who don't. >> but what's unique about community school and pre kindergarten ever going to be affordable in philadelphia. >> joining us to discuss that we've got otis chief education officer for the city and ann, city of philadelphia pre k director. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> let's start with you, sir. >> yes. >> kind of us an overview. we're talking pre k. weaver talking community schools. reason behind that and is it realistic we can actually make it happen? >> well first it is very realistic that we can make that happen. when we look at the priorities that the mayor set forward in terms of community schools approach, how do we better align resources that are pre-existing for the children and families of the city so that we can tackle
7:16 am
some of the obstacles children face every day in terms of attending school or in terms of how those obstacles that impact their academics. obviously getting pre k up and running is going to be a great approach in terms how do we make sure we set the table for children so that way when they walk into school for kindergarten they are ready to learn. they've been exposed to academically rich environment that way we ca increase their cs for success. >> pre k your discipline are it's interesting because i read about it and you find people who say, it is -- you know, it is necessary. it will solve all problems. you have other who's say it's not a great use of the resourc resources. >> necessary? >> absolutely necessary. talk to any kindergarten teacher they'll tell you, you know, half of our children in philadelphia are showing up to kindergarten completely unready and behind and that's what we want to change. right now there's great need for it, and a great opportunity because the brain development as our mayor said is just -- it's
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such an opportunity under the age of five to really get a solid foundation on scale, new york kids habits. >> we talked about some of the people who have questions and they're actually -- here's one of them. an article done and they say the reality is there isn't good research basis to say that pre k is a good thing. it's interesting to me because of that conflict and they went on pre-school has been over sold, people too often speak about ats the be all end all. you disagree with that. >> i definitely disagree with that. there's been a few studies that undermine the hundreds of other studies. there are mountains and mountains of research, and the people who are nay sayers at this point are let's just say slightlslightly politically mot. the neuroscience and the mountains of research are really irrefutable. >> can we pay for this. >> i believe so. i think the mayor has put together very comprehensive
7:18 am
budget that will allow us to find the resources that we need to support these two large initiatives around community schools and quality pre k. >> let's touch base on that a little. we talk about pre k and we will expand that. community schooling. >> um-hmm. >> we hear eight lot. >> right. >> how do we implement it and what will it specifically mean to philadelphia. >> what it had mean, even to address the question around the expectations around pre k. i always speak about high expectations with high support. community schools will provide the support that children and families need. what it would look like is, in terms of engaging the community at a very high level, fining out their desires, their wants and for what they want their school to look like and then partnering also with the school district to make sure we're addressing the am dem mick concerns. >> appreciate both of you spent something time with us. >> it's encouraging to be talking about solutions and then figure out the funding. too often we have people say we can't pay for it so we don't
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have the discussion. >> exactly. >> we appreciate both of you getting up with us on sunday morning. >> thank you very much. >> thank you very much. >> hey, karen. >> let's get check of the weather. good morning, dave. >> good morning. there it is. right outside old city. not many people out this morni morning. but that will be changing especially over the next few days as the temperatures shoot well above the average. may not get there today. we still have to work through few snow showers moving through the area. not many problems on the roads. the snow will come down maybe brief slick spots but temperatures right about freezing and continuing to cli climb. very little bit of the snow is making it to the ground. only a few light showers reported in mount pocono. so it look like a lot here on ultimate doppler but maybe not quiet reaching the ground it could van wait before it hits the surface. if it does it could give us a little coat of snow that could make it slippery. >> a little over trenton. maybe few showers through delaware later this afternoon. skies will be clearing, though, that will be the big story.
7:20 am
the cloudy now very little sunshine. this will all move out and look how quickly it clears up by four or 5:00 o'clock looking at sunshine. that will make for a nice afternoon. the temperatures will still be down, though, a bit. take awhile to warm up but that changes. 40 today's. that's right about the average. maybe a degree or two below. but over the next few days, here's the warmup. it starts monday. tuesday and wednesday it continues. these temperatures will be shooting into the 60s and we're trying to get to near 70 degrees so climbs up a few degrees each day. here it is on tuesday. we're close. 40 today's but a good 20-degree jump here in the next 48 hours mid 50s to 60s and close to 70. doesn't quite last though because by the end of the week, things are getting cooler there's more rain back in the forecast. we'll look at that in the seven day coming up a little bit later. bill. >> you had me at 70. >> there you go. >> we all love to be successful in whatever we do but sometimes you may feel like you're stuck in a bit of a rut.
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♪ good morning. welcome back. it's 7:24. i think i saw a couple of flakes coming down. i just saw another one coming in that camera. pocono mountains, you know, it is still great skiing weather and spring skiing is some of the best because it's not so cold. so the resorts would love to see you that is snow falling just in the pocono mountains. >> i've been trying to get you to go skiing with me but you know. >> road trip. here's sports. >> this is fox 29 sports in one minute. >> good morning i'm sean bell. the flyers are starting to get hot. they've won three out of their last four games inching closer to that final wild card spot.
7:25 am
last night they took on columbus. in the second period, already up three to nothing, claude giroux goes back and forthwith wayne simmonds and giroux finishes for the goal. the flyers dominate the blue jackets six-zero. only three points back of the that wild card spot. to college hoops villanova taking on georgetown to wrap up the regular season. first half ryan arcidiacono with the great no look passed josh heart. nova wins 84 someone they're next game will be in the big easton familiar on thursday. in baseball down in bring training the phillies playing the blue jays. michael saunders hits a three run blast off aaron nola. nola had a rough night giving up four hits, four earned runs in just two innings of work. the phils go on to lose nine-six. that's sports in minute. i'm sean bell. ♪ >> thank you, sean. comments already from our last segment. michael says that ann was right
7:26 am
who was just here the science does support the need for quality pre k in philadelphia. thank you for that, michael. another mike says the best time of his live probably mid 20s. first met his wife before we reproduced. >> isn't ain't that the truth? >> after we met. nicely done. we still want to hear from you. the best time of your life and if you have any more input and feedback into the last segment the city has website. we'll make sure we put it up on our website at fox 29.cot com because they want to hear from you. >> hey, jenn. >> meditation has long been proven to be good for your health. how exactly do you do it? coming up meditation tips and the reason why if you haven't started doing it already you might want to begin today. ♪
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♪ start your day off with a look right there in beautiful reading. i'm all about taking the show to different places. we can do the show live from
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read to go. >> we do that during the summer. that's a good idea. we should take the weekend should be going. we'll hit your neck of the woods as well. check out your community and see where you live. >> let's do it. >> 7:30. let's take look at some of the top stories. in ocean county, police arrest a man who they say forced a school lock down. there he is. steven wise. he's charged with criminal trespass and police say wise was on the grounds at washington street elementary school in toms river in south jersey without having a reason for being there. it happened on thursday. officials say although wise was not near any children, just being near the school alarmed many staff members and put the school on lock down. wise told police he was just passing by the school to get to some place else. and tomorrow is the first of three public meetings at septa will be holding about taking other routes to the king of prussia area. we finally going to get trains out to king of prussia? the aim of the project to have that happen. they want to have passengers have a direct ride from 69th
7:31 am
street and norristown to so many different destinations in the king of prussia valley forge area. tomorrow's meeting is going to be held from four to 8:00 p.m. at the radison valley forge. two more meetings coming up if you can't make that one. one wednesday in norristown and the following week on tuesday the 15t 15th in king of prussia. i'll admit i was inspired by the philadelphia flower show being in town. my house needs work. the flowers maybe yours does as welch this year's theme honoring the park service with exhibits inspired by the nation's monuments and other historic sites. park service is celebrating its 100th year and the flower show is running through next weekend closing on march 13th. ♪ weekend wendy is so excited. it is the first weekend of the philadelphia flower show. always a respit at the end of winter. and it's still going to be chilly outside but wait until you get inside the convention center because the theme is
7:32 am
explore america 100 years of the national park service. now, this is the 188th philadelphia flower show the world's largest and indoor show. hours today are 11am until 9:00 p.m. there are northerly displays, a huge plant sail and look wendy came home with some flowers herself. dave, what's it going to be like outside? >> outside getting a little better here. maybe a little improvement hour by hour today. here is our scale. we'll start out okay. little cool this morning maybe a passing flurry it gets better and better each hour boy tomorrow it's still pretty g looking pretty great this coming week witness temperatures climbing into the 60s and 70s. not the case today. we are only into the 30s here this morning. there is a few snowflakes falling here. not many reaching the ground. it looks like there's a lot here but no snow reported in allentown we did have flurries, light snow report the there around mount pocono.
7:33 am
just overcast skies in trenton but radar picking up a bit. you might see a passing light snow shower. they are moving through. they will be clearing out. we will get a little sunshine here but the temperatures they're only into the mid 40s. i know we're talking about the warm weather. relax. hmm. meditate a little bit. it's on its way. here jenn. ♪ in your health this morning, we're talking about meditation. between family and work and everything else on our plates, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. meditation can help ease the stress. but it might come with another benefit as well. studies show regular meditation can actually physically change your brain for better. the fox medical team's beth galvin joins to us talk about this. good morning to you beth. >> good morning, jenn. >> what kind of meditating are we talking about and what did the researchers find in terms of the benefits? >> well, the meditation can be
7:34 am
really a lot of thing. it can be sort of mindful meditation where you meditate and you focus on an object or a sound or thought or it can be yoga or it can be centering prayer if that's -- you know if you're a faith based person. so it can be a lot of those thing that can benefit you and what researchers at massachusetts general hospital found when they did a study awhile mack that meditation can help pretty quick al positive effect on the brain. they took these brand new folks who never meditate brrr'd, had them meditate. taught them how to do it. had them do it at home for eight weeks didn't scans of their brain, jenn, and they found that they had an increase in gray matter which, upping, is kind of a boost on the brain in areas that control sort of thinking and concentration and mood and anxiety. so definitely seeing some physical benefits with just short-term meditating. >> jenn? >> okay. so i know all about this, but it's hard for me, i'm a mom of
7:35 am
two, i have a job, we're doing crazy stuff. did they say whether it's better to do it like first thing in the morning, late at night? did they give time where it might be easier or just better to fit it in? >> so i don't think it's so much time issue much it's what works for you, and i think the practice of sort of doing it day in and day out and getting used to it sort of getting to that point where you can clear your thoughts and let them go when you're trying to meditate and really try to maintain your focus. so i think it's really the practice and the doing it and making it work with your schedule that's going to benefit you more than doing it at a certain time of the day or at a certain amount of time. i think regular day in and day out meditation can probably offer more benefit than doing it sporadically but i don't think there's going to be any perfect time to do it. in other words it's also unless it's the time that works for you, jenn. >> that makes sense. research team also look at 50 something med taters. what do they find in that age group? >> right. so this is going to make lot of
7:36 am
people think twice or think about meditating rather. they found that people who have been meditating in their 50s for about 20 years regularly meditating had brains that looked very much like 20 something brains. that's key, jenn, because our brains tend to shrink as we age. even as we slip into our 40s and 50s our brains are getting smaller. that means, you know, we're being affected cog any ofly. it's harder to remember thing. it's harder to have that fast brain. so the fact that they could look at these 50 something med taters and say hey they have the brains of a 20 something person, that is significant. that's the benefit there that meditation seems to be offering these folks. >> jenn. >> you have to think they've been through so much. they probably have kids. they probably, you know, had alcohol, maybe tried, upping, all kinds of different things, and for them to be able to grow their brain like that, that's awesome. >> yeah, it is i was m it makes me think a lot about meditating and learning to do it right. >> all right. i'm going to find some time for
7:37 am
this. thank you very much. karen and bill. >> thank you jenn. >> i hope you can find some time to meditate. >> thank you, jenn. >> how about now? >> no? >> okay. we've would love to be successful in whatever we do. sometimes you just get stuck in rut. how about now? >> but you're not alone. here's the good news. you're in good company. there's so many folks who say they just feel like they cannot achieve their goals. plus what would happen, how great would life be if we all stopped being mean to each other and just lived nice. it's something one enterprising young woman has made her mission. what she's doing to try and put an end to bullying. all that and more coming up.
7:38 am
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♪ welcome back. here's the question. are you happy with the direction that your life is going in? >> yes. >> yes. >> i got the two most positive people ever. in my ear i got big no! >> if you're not happy, you're not alone. at least you're in good company. explain this one, dave. >> it's more than half americans in the new stewed revealed they feel like they are stuck in a rut. have you been chasing the same dream for over 10 years without any success? >> two-thirds of americans say they have have been held back in their life because of thing like money, lack of motivation and not knowing where to start. prevented them from moving forward.
7:41 am
career finances love were the top areas of improvement. >> where do you start? with y you. you know because you know my instagram feed want have you i'm always posting inspirational posts. self analysis is the hardest thing to do. start with you. are you working hard enough to get to where you want to be. >> kind of reminds me of a song, man in the mirror. >> whoo! >> you like that. >> put that on instagram. >> ♪ >> it can be hard. it can be hard you look at something i've been needing to take something small trying to move it's hard because you like where you are you like your space and you feel comfortable but the prob hem my space is too small and i got all these kids and we're all stuck in a small space. how do you take the next step. it's scary and get over women. >> get out of your own way, karen. >> but i need the money which is problem to get something knew. that can be a challenge. >> what do you think, dave? >> no rut for you? >> yeah, you have a lot going on in your life. tough to focus on yourself. you have to make time for
7:42 am
yourself. >> ♪ >> the man in the mirror. >> that's it. look in the mirror. >> all my problems are solved. >> what would happen if we all stopped with the hate? if we all were supportive and stopped being mean, just nice to each other. living nice. there's a young woman she's pretty inspirational. she made it her mission what she's doing to try and put an end to all the bullying. >> plus the weather is getting warmer. are you looking to sell your home, karen? we were just talking about this. we can help. five simple things you can do to get your house ready to be on the market. now might be the time. >> jerome, it ain't that bad. it ain't that bad. >> i love this commercial.
7:43 am
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>> ♪ we take a look sea isle city, new jersey, dave keeps telling us pretty nice day. maybe little snow. look at that. little chill and enjoy the shot. >> all right. segue, we're all proud of our fox 29 junior reporters and this morning we have the talented and kind of tall nicole from villanova university and you found the story. people just being nice. >> yes. i met this really amazing young
7:46 am
girl who just wanted everyone to be nice and i was so happy to meet her and her message went viral recently and now the country is start to go live nice because of her. >> nice. >> anna maloney is your typical 10-year-old girl. >> what some people don't know anna is also a young entrepreneur. selling t-shirts for her anti bullying movement called live nice. >> my grandfather always told my dad to be nice and so when he died, my dad always told me to, um, be nice and he used to quiz me and so one day i was like, dad, why don't i just live nice? >> right before her last basketball game anna decided to sell some shirts. and her mom told us how it all began. >> sold about 20 t-shirts at a yard sale. we thought that was going to be it. >> 1 yard sale turned into something much bigger. anna has raised $2,000 all of which go to anti bullying charities and positive youth programs.
7:47 am
>> even while she's playing basketball, nan is still making an impact. steve the president of better ball incorporated could see the difference she was making on and off the court. >> i think that's what's so as standing she's so young but she's an old spirit in terms of how she views the world how about she wants everyone to act and how she wants, you know, everybody to play basketball. >> anna hopes she can continue making an impact and is actually calling on certain people to wear her t-shirts. >> i'd like taylor swift to wear my shirt, 'cause she always is saying good messages. >> in the meantime anna would love for pebble to continue going on her web page and spreading her message. it's extremely easy to donate and even i bought a shirt. log on to >> one, two, three, live nice! >> i love this. i try tomorrow brace the whole be nice thing. where is she from? >> she's from havertown, pennsylvania. >> if we all want shirts what do we do. >> log on to her web page it's
7:48 am and i even got my own shirt. i got a pink one. but i kind of think -- >> for me. >> i think the pink looks better on you, bill. >> why is everyone always trying to give me a pink shirt. >> i think you shall keep that one. >> great story. your first time here. that was awesome. >> thank you so much. >> thank you very much. >> we will make sure we put the link up on our page so you can get the shirt. karen, this my color. >> i like it that tight. that's the great part is. >> it's an extra smedium. >> that's if he team thank you so much. nicole, great job. let's get a check of our forecast today so many people want to get out. it is going to be warming. not so much today as tomorrow but we're looking ahead as we look at the platt bridge, dave warren. >> you have to look ahead if you want to see the warmer temperatures. got to cross the bridge to warmer weather, and right now we're just a little cool. there's passing snow shower or two. temperatures, though, they're right about freezing. there's very very light snow out there this morning.
7:49 am
really not a lot of this is reaching the ground. picked up by the radar here. ultimate doppler shows this had light snow coming down across the poconos there mount pocono reported some light snow. but with the temperature right about freezing, the roads should be okay. it was warm yetter. you could see slippery spots fit does create a coating of very little chance of that. just light snow. it's passing through. it's not over the same area. it will be moving out. the temperatures are not warming up much. even though the skies are clearing we're get a it will more sunshine we still have to wait for this warmup that's coming up later this week. there's the sunshine today. maybe a passing cloud overnight tonight. monty g sent us this. hosting a free movie night this friday. how will the weather be. the weather will be warm heading up to this, but things start changing towards the rental of the week here. we're going for 46. they're the warmup. 50, 60, 70. doesn't quite last a few storms coming through later this week. so it's tricky to see how these temperatures react to the rain
7:50 am
coming through. it will try to cool down a bit after that rain on thursday. the showers might linger friday. and saturday but it look like the best chance for the rain is thursday into friday with those showers lingering into saturday. here's jenn. ♪ hey everybody i'm jenn frederick and this is momma log dan i'm going to do little bit of a psa. there's bunch of stuff that our producers have been seeing on the internet. and i don't like any of it. the first thing is did you hear about this? there is a mom who invoiced her full-time student because he wasn't being very appreciative. he didn't like and appreciate what she was doing for him. she charged him a thousand dollars just for being a bleep. right there, the kid is kind of a jerk. the mom is kind of a jerk. i don't like any of it. on the other side, in france, did you know that parents, parents can now face jail time huge fines and other
7:51 am
punishment if's they post a picture of their own child on facebook or other social media without the kid's permission? again, what kid is going to sue their parents for like acute little baby picture on facebook again i say that's kind of being a jerk. bottom line is, we're all in it together. so you just have to be nicer to your kids torque to your moms, to your parents, whoever. i'm jenn frederick and this mom o log. >> sounds good. >> thank you very much, jenn. so today is a sunday and on sundasundays there are many open houses a lost people are trying get their house ready to hit the market because we're finally about to be in that big spring market. >> don't worry. we can help. we've got the five things you can do to get your house ready. they're simple. help you get it ready for the market. >> from fashion model to flower power. a former cover girl with the passion now for plants joins us live. she's going to be in studio and this is fun because she's great
7:52 am
tips much we're all in that node with the flower show here and that's why she's in town. these are things you can do right now to make your house bout full. >> we're all very happy to welcome her into the studio. >> i'll bet she's going to be tall, too. >> that's okay. i'm secure.
7:53 am
7:54 am
7:55 am
absecon, new jersey, taking a look there again dave says a little bit of snow but looks pleasant. pretty woman theme as we talk about will be coming in shortly. getting your house ready, karen has got the tips for you. ♪ good morning, for today's around the house we'll do five simple things that you can do to get your house ready to sell. ♪ we have wanda from bud realty g morning, thanks for joining me. >> thanks for having me f your carpets are soiled if you want to consider there's hardwood floors underneath show off those hardwood floors get them shiny and clean if you already have hardwood floors make sure they're refinish so that they glow. your bathroom if's you can easily maybe put new tile flooring, maybe put some tiles on the walls, maybe replace your fixtures not so much that tub people sometimes ask where is my major improvement? in bathroom if you don't have room for a tub and a shower, if you're going to do one thing or the other choose
7:56 am
that walk in shower. as far as your kitchen, very simple things do you care. upgrade your appliances maybe a back flash in the kitchen maybe that granite countertop. paint, paint, paint neutral colors make it nice and inviti inviting. >> how about laundry. >> laundry if you can take that basement laundry and somehow put that on the main floor or the second floor that's extremely appealing. >> that is today's around the house. if you have any questions or comments use our hash tag fox 29 good day. ♪ sit hearing listening to karen and takin taking notes. new research into the mosquito born see today virus why doctors say there may be more reason for concern. >> plus, cake can be the sent peace avenue great wedding some people are not using cakes to celebrate something else. it's basically when the dee mice of their marriage a divorce ca cake. have you seen them? do you think they're funny or not in good taste? let us know what you think. >> not a fan. look at this. speaking of cake, have you seen divorce cake before? have you
7:57 am
had one? is that your example of divorce cake, i'm done. >> yeah. >> what a beautiful picture. thank you so much for septembering that one. adorable. >> and there we go. flower show, divorce cake, i'm not a fan of the whole divorce cake thing. >> let us know what you think. certainly on that one and we'll see you for another hour of good day when we come right back. ♪ (vo) shop all makes, models and colors in your neighborhood... all with worry-free ownership. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... shift your thinking about buying your next one.
7:58 am
that's not fair, he should give you your rollerblades back. anddddd, she's back. storm coming? a very dangerous cheese storm. so you have 20 more bags. mhm. my yoga instructor calls it the death spiral. i call it living the dream. american express presents the blue cash everyday card with no annual fee. cash back on purchases. see you tomorrow. backed by the service and security of american express.
7:59 am
♪ this morning on good day, new research into the zika vir virus. why doctors say there may be even more reason for concern about the mosquito born virus. and lots of voting this weekend. we had super tuesday. five states that voted or caucus the yesterday. another one today. so who were the big winners? some surprises. interesting twists and turns in this year of twists and turns in
8:00 am
the race for the white house. the flower show is now underway at the pennsylvania convention sent. we've got a special guest stopping by. she is a super model. she's an entrepreneur. fred wreak wander wall will be here soon. >> from the fox 29 studios, this is "good day philadelphia" weekend. >> good day and thank you so much for joining us. it is straight up 8:00 o'clock on this sunday. good morning to you bill anderson. >> good morning to you karen hepp. great day so far. >> first hour goes flying by. >> and to you as well. we have these hats. what's this all about. >> we're going to the 18th century. >> okay. >> not only today. that's good look for you, bill. all month. special event going on and of course i can't describe it because i don't know what this is, but, hey, sue, catch. >> well, this is a try corner hat that they wore in colonial times also women's history month in march. what did these have to do with each other? well, wendy can
8:01 am
tell you. she's wearing one of these hats, too. even though this is a man's hat it's women's history month celebration at the betsy ross house on arch street. she's the one that sewed that first american flag. they've got special celebration today from 11am until 4:00 p.m. so that you can find out exactly what it was like to be a woman in the 18th century. yeah it look like great day for that. once we get rid of snow showers and temperatures will be a little cool. so grab your hatings whatever hat you like to keep warm. 43, 46 down to 45 degrees. the cloudy an cool day today. live look along market street. one or two cars out there. not many people out this hour but that will be changing. the temperatures 37 degrees. high yesterday was 42. we're heading maybe a little warmer today. right now it's 37. surrounding suburb into the mid 30s. so any snow that falls should be okay on the roads he is special physical they're treated. i did see them treating a few roads there yesterday and the snow is very light. it's moving through really not reaching the ground in many areas.
8:02 am
so the radar looks pretty active here but place report something snow was mount pocono with light snow. it continues to move through north jersey and move out here over the next few hours. not much moving in behind this. really about the only snow we're talking about today. 46 is here in philadelphia along 95. 45 north and west. maybe a few lingering showers south and east with a temperature of 45 degrees. >> dave, thank. it is exactly 8:02. we begin with a suspecting drunk driver rear ends a police vehicle creating a chain reaction. four people wind up being taken to the hospital including three police officers. >> just happened very errly this morning. 4:30 on chestnut street in west philadelphia. our jennifer joyce is live in west philadelphia. jenny, this continues to develop. so what can you tell us? >> reporter: we did just get that update. four people were transported from this location 52nd and chestnut street including three police officers all with non-life threatening injuries.
8:03 am
civilian transported was the driver of the car that rear ended a police wagon. the wagon was then knocked into a police cruiser. dispatchers say this was a dui crash. it happened around 4:30 this morning. taking a look at our video the accident doesn't appear to be that bad. the cruiser sustain some damage to its bumper. the suv in the crash doesn't look too bad either. all four people were taken to penn presbyterian hospital. they are expected to be released from the hospital shortly. the philadelphia police department's accident investigation division is looking into this case. karen and bill. >> all right, jenny, thank you. we hope to get those officers speedy recovery. we have a couple of fires we need to tell you about this one happened at a home in kensingt kensington. that's the scene where it happened right there. the 3100 block of reid reach street about 3:30. there was a fire in the baseme basement. now this is abandoned property but there were people inside who were using that home. they needed to be evacuated from the home. they weren't injury. fire was quickly knocked down in a matter of minutes. they're trying to figure out the
8:04 am
cause. and another fire to tell you about. this one is in east oak lane it happened around midnight. there's the scene. 66th street. 6600 block of sixth street there was the fire there. firefighters got out there. two-story home. the fire in the basement. crews brought it under control and no one was hurt there eith either. it was emotional day yesterday for family and friends of sergeant robert wilson. actually his family was here with us yesterday morning on "good day philadelphia". have you weigh jill was held in his memory outside the 22nd police district. the day marked a year since sergeant robert wilson was killed in the line of duty. he was gunned down by two men accused of trying to rob a game stop store in north philadelphia. sergeant wilson was inside to buy a game for his son's birthday. during the vigil, fellow officers stood in formation and city leaders gave words of comfort. sergeant wilson's sister also spoke tearfully about her brother's commitment to the job and the dedication of all philadelphia police officers. >> he chose a profession.
8:05 am
he chose to make that decision to become an officer. to protect. these officers including him they're people. lives are precious and these people that decide they just want to take lives it's beyond. >> we found out yesterday that the police have continued to be supportive of the family throughout this and commissioner are you char ross charged the officers in attendance to continue honoring the memory of sergeant wilson with their on-going service. right now police are investigating the murder of a man in west philadelphia. this was about 10:00 o'clock last night. victim was shot three times and died from those injuries. it happened there at 52nd and arch streets in west philadelphia. police say the victim was hit once in the shoulder. the arm and the back side. then was taken over to presbyterian hospital where he was pronounced dead. police are still investigating and no arrests have been made. how about this? who would try to kidnap a football player? it happened to a former eagle safety who was the victim of an alleged kidnapping and it all
8:06 am
happened at gun point this was back on february 23rd in north carolina. according former eagle earl wolf who's now on the practice squad for the jacksonville jaguars was visiting friends and walking to his tomb car when a group of men attacked him and forced him into his vehicle. he was not injured. police don't know if he was targeted or this was random crime. at least one person has been arrested and police are looking for more suspects. firefighters rushed to the scene yesterday when a house partially collapsed in frankfo frankford. take look at the pictures here and the video. it happened yesterday afternoon around 3:00 when firefighters got to the 800 block of herbert street they saw that pile of bricks. it had all fallen from the front of house. fortunately no one was hurt when the wall gave way. it's not clear still what may have caused the collapse. there's a new war of words yesterday fighting very old battle over the couldn't federal flag and it all happened on the hallowed ground of gettysburg.
8:07 am
an organization that calls itself the sons of the confederate veterans honored the confederate flag something that many view as racist or divisive. there was a professor of history and african in a studies from gettysburg college who led a counter demonstration at the same battlefield where the flag was being praised. >> some say that it's heritage not hate, that symbol has been used for white supremacy and for some people when they see that symbol white supremacy all they think about. >> i see it as a piece of cloth that represents an integral and important part of american history. >> the sons of confederate veterans is based in tennessee and they say the flag is simply a part of american culture. in your health news this morning, we're talking about the zika virus. researchers are finding more evidence the mosquito born virus causes a serious birth defect. in most people zika causes no
8:08 am
more than mild illness, but it may be linked to serious birth defects causing concern for pregnant women. now a lab study is providing expect american evidence that the virus can infect and harm embryotic cells that help form the brain. these findings do not prove that zika causes a condition in which a baby is born with a small head and a brain that hasn't developed properly. the study authors are urging quick further research to find out more. >> assign tift we can be involved in society and make contribution right away. because in general our research takes decades to have impact on society. in this case it could be very fast. >> the reason for all this research the mosquito that carries the virus could arrive in the continental united states as early as april or may. the white house is calling on lawmakers to approve its emergency request for nearly $2 billion to combat zika. ♪
8:09 am
i'm chris murphy it is time for fyi with none other than dr. mike cirigliano from penn medicine. good morning. >> hello there chris. let's talk two big health issues one of which is food. we're talking about feeling full. >> chris, we all struggle with the fact that we gain weight, obesity is a major problem in this country. this new study that look at a number of articles found that if you increase the protein in your diet it makes you feel full quicker. >> okay. so you're talking about this chicken parmesan sandwich and you don't want to see how many ingredients are in here. you're talking about eat the meat, don't eat the bread. >> get rid of the cashes. the bottom line this has been known as the kind of atkins diet. but what you need to do and people forget is you need fruits and vegetables and you want to have lien protein and most nutrition experts suggest that you increase the amount of protein in the diet and that
8:10 am
allows you to feel fuller and eat less. >> perfect would be salmon, vegetables and some fruit. >> oh, yes. >> boom. >> let's talk about hazardous jobs a new study been looking. >> it depends on what you do, and if you do things like office work or you're a truck driver, that job can kill you. why? because you smoke more, you're more sedentary, you don't eat the right kinds of foods and so those are folks that need to be very very very careful about what they eat. >> what kind of truck driver -- what can truck drive do? their job is to sit for extended periods of time. should she get out and walk around and not stack on potato chips because they're bored. >> they stop on the side of the road and get food that's probably not the best for them. they need to be really good at getting good food in their bodies. >> and for office workers, maybe pack a lunch. dope be tomorrowed to go fast food restaurant near your work.
8:11 am
>> fruits, vegetables what you need to do, my friend, walk up the stairs. don't take the elevator. >> all right. let's walk up to the newsroom. >> very informative. we're not take the elevator. dr. mike, thanks so much. >> love you. >> this has been fyi. come on let's walk. >> all right. >> we're walking. >> we're walking. >> come on. walk. >> dr. mike. we love you back. not really a secret. marijuana can do crazy things to your brain. >> let's study it once again. scientists continuing to look into the study of marijuana, p pot. so who they are saying right now should definitely stay away from pot. >> good morning. >> good morning everybody. ready for breakfast. pancakes, eggs, and helicopters. we're live in medford, new jersey, patti's cafe at the flying w. stay there. we're culling right back. ♪ >> and we were asking about divorce cake because we were going to be discussing some of that. would you sever divorce cake?
8:12 am
this couple says uh-uh, joe, no and never will. >> happily married. what's up? >> ♪
8:13 am
8:14 am
♪ we've got our private eyes our cameras trained trying to get a look at some pop pop razzie outside.
8:15 am
>> how cool is that. >> we have a super model in the building as we speak. >> they're not here for us? >> no. >> i'm about to go outside and make sure they got my good side. >> they're trying to get the chiseled picture right there of our own dave warren. good looking human. hey, dave warren. >> good morning. (laughter). >> yes. snapped my picture. >> yes, sir. >> yes. let's take a picture of the weather. not picture perfect but it is going getting a little better. these skies will be clearing a little bit later today. here's in radar we're watching. light snow is moving through the area just a few light snow showers. a lot of this really not reaching the ground. it will be moving through. so maybe a passing light snow shower. that's about it. then it moves out. skies clear. can't say we'll warm up things yet despite the sunshine that we have, we have to wait until about monday, tuesday, wednesday before we see those numbers really climb. there's the sunshine by three or 4:00 o'clock. what happened to big blue, bill he zen us this picture.
8:16 am
either that or he's painted his house purple, too. maybe adjusted the color a little bit. wants riding weather. snow will clear out. temperatures are still pretty cool. but eventually we'll be drying out with temperatures really nice and spring like here over the next few days. 40 today's. the only place that could see a lingering shower south and east. but look at the weather pattern this week. monday, tuesday, to wednesday, 50s, 60s and yes, even 70s. it all starts monday, though, that warm air comes up from the south. that warm front pushes north. we are in that very warm air here for the start of the week but things will change here by, say, wednesday night to thursday we'll be close to 70 degrees as these numbers into the upper 60s near 70. after thursday, some cooler air tries to move in. we'll look at temperatures which are fluctuating right about 60 degrees. no question we'll hit 70 here by wednesday but it does get a little cooler on thursday and we have rain back in the forecast. we'll try to time this rain show was to expect next weekend and
8:17 am
70 day forecast all of that coming up. >> thank through, dave. and some local famous folks celebrities. hey would you look at quincy he's looking fine in that suit right there. he's actually a pretty good dancer. >> i shouldn't say actually. i shouldn't be surprised. adorable. he's helping out raising money for the independence mission schools dancing for our future stars ballroom dancing competition. this to help support education for children who come from disadvantaged backgrounds and neighborhoods. >> look at at the move in the end of the pointing up. nicely done. >> little bit hungry. little bit. >> let's eat. ♪ we're at fat jack's barbecue in malvern with pitt master glenn gross. how are you sir. >> back for more punishment. >> absolutely in my pink shirt. >> what we got today. >> fried green tow 98 toes. green tomato unripe pend tow mate tomorrow this is what a tomato looks like when it's not ripe much these are different stages of ripeness.
8:18 am
got it what are we doing. >> little bit of salt, pepper, seasoning. little seasoning. mix it up. >> get in there. >> get in there and mix it up much get your hands dirty. >> grab a couple of green tomatoes. >> get them in there. >> coat them up. completely. >> they have to be completely covered. >> we'll shake it off a little bit. we'll dump them in the egg wash real quick. >> make sure they're completely coated. >> same with the egg wash, completely coated. >> these are actually four season bread crumbs any brand you want bread crumb. put a little greated cheese in there. >> to make it yours. >> to make it ours. not mine, it's ours. >> team evident. >> little bit of black pepper. very simple. we'll mix it up really good. any way, very simple. this is a little different process than you might see normally. make sure they're separating, completed coated. take your tomato out and bread it completely cover it. we'll go back to the egg wash give it a double coating. >> why are we doing that.
8:19 am
>> just little thicker coating otto mate tow. my preference. >> okay. >> i'm on board with that since it's our recipe. >> this is our recipe. double batter tomato. >> once we get them out, get them coated -- >> get them coated we'll fry them. it's really a simple process. we're going to use our friar at the restaurant obviously. at home, use a flying pan heat your oil up to 350. >> okay. >> okay. and put your tomatoes inform lay the tomatoes in. you don't want to throw them in there. lay them in nicely. and you'll coat them. fry them into their golden brown. >> all right. once we get this all done. >> double dipped. >> double dipped. >> double coated. then we're ready for the friar. >> yup. i think we got enough here, don't uglily yes, i do. let's get to the friar. >> we'll start with a sir rah cho ranch dressing. we'll take the fried green tomatoes and fry them. at home you can do them in a pan of hot oil. 350 degrees. lay them in carefully.
8:20 am
these are going to take about two or 2.5 minutes in the friar. you'll know at home if you're using a pan you'll know at home as soon as the edges start to turn golden brown flip them. >> bill, can you start on that sauce sir rah cho ranch sauce. >> the spicy sir rah cho ranch sauce. two cups of your favorite ranch dressing and then sir rah cha. two table spots comes down how spicy you like it you just mix. >> see how in the big friar they're starting to float. about 10 more seconds i'll pull them out and they're ready to go. give them a little shake. at home put them on tray or plate with paper towels. add them a little dry -- pat them a little dry. >> bill, fried green tomatoes g that looks good. >> we'll sprinkle cheese on the top. >> parsley flakes. done. >> we eat. >> we eat.
8:21 am
>> sauce. >> i couldn't have done better myself p. >> my man. >> you ready? >> yes. >> here we go. >> let's try it. >> let's not be flow sloppy. >> you ready? >> delicious. >> really good. >> well done. >> i scare myself. >> really good. >> fried green tomatoes, fat jack's barbecue. >> glenn gross. >> thank you sir. >> any time, my friend. >> ♪ breaking news -- what's that. >> i want to show you something much we have super model in the building right now. this is a fine looking human she's got her own business. she is a powerful person and new passion right now she even has her own tv show. >> do you know how hurt i was when you said super model and you turn the camera away from me. >> would you get out of here. look at her. she's gorgeous. fine looking man that's standing right now we can pull him out of the shadows. >> you're in the shot.
8:22 am
>> all right. you see her on the cover of the magazines now she's got petal passion in town for the flower show with great ideas for your home and she's coming up life next in studio. >> not really a secret. marijuana can mess with your brain. but a new study finds why some people may really need to stay away from pot. coming up, who shouldn't ever pick up a joint. ♪ and let's take look at celebrity birthdays. rob ryan look at that 69 years old. >> comedian dl hughley celebra celebrating a birthday today. he is 52. happy birthday everybody. >> oh, the easter bunny pictur pictures. send us some of your yours. kendall and the east bunny this year. afterwards she was waving and smiley to him so cute. thank you for sending in that picture jenn. >> zen us pictures of your kids want you're doing on this day. >> lottery numbers. good luck. ♪
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
>> we made it our mission to pull out science -- call out the sciences on research that seems study. would you believe scientists say that patients diagnosed with pyschosis may have trouble staying mentally healthy if they regularly smoke pot? now we're
8:26 am
not saying pot smokers have mental problems, but it does seem to make sense that someone who struggles with mental health issues may not be able to stay healthy if they're self meditating. in a study that appears in bmj open, pot smokers with pyschosis spend more time in the hospital and don't respond as well to their meds as those who don't. patients diagnosed with pyschosis lose touch with reality. hallucinating and having trouble forming thoughts and speech. right now researchers aren't sure if the marijuana affects the brain or if the drug affects amplify the symptoms of pyschosis. but in any case, even the experts at the marijuana rights group normal suggest that patients stay away from pot just like they had to stay away from alcohol while they're under going treatment much that's very sound advice even if this study seems like simple common sense. ♪
8:27 am
the centers for medicare and medicaid
8:28 am
8:29 am
services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3.500 hospitals. fewer than 6% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. slash eastern. ♪ my request as we continue on with the show behind the scenes cam so people can see how you lip sync all the sings when we come back from the break. >> i'm very sorry we have to get
8:30 am
to big news headlines much. >> let's take look at some of this morning's top stories. in ocean county police arrest a man who force add school lock down. steve wean wise charge with criminal trespass. he was on the grounds at washington street elementary school in toms river south jersey without having a reason for being there. it happened on thursday. officials say although wise was not near any children, he was just near the school and that alarmealarmed staff member muche school was put on lock down much wise told police he was just passing by to get some place else. is it ever going to be any easier to get out to king of prussia on the trains? maybe. tomorrow is the first of three public meetings septa is holding to talk about alternative routes for the king of prussia rail project. so the goal is to provide passengers with a direct ride from 69th street in norristown to various destinations in the king of prussia valley forge area. tomorrow's meeting is going to be from four to 8:00 at the radison valley forge. two more meetings coming up one wednesday in norristown and one the week after next tuesday the 15th in king of prussia.
8:31 am
dave, tell us little bit of snow is coming. what we looking forward to. >> a little bit of snow but we're looking forward to better weather here. scale okay today. gettingetting better each hour d we'll be pretty good tomorrow morning. looks great here this coming week. the scale showing that the temperatures a little colder. they will will be warping up a bit but they're right about freezing. that's key because there's light snow moving through the area. a lot of this not reaching the ground moving out. did have some light snow across mount pocono that is cleared out. ray dan picking up snowfalling maybe not quiet reaching the ground not many reports at the surface of light snow. it will clear out and maybe could have a lingering shower now to the south but that's about all the rain or snow we're talking about today. these temperatures are into the 40s. climbing into the mid 40s today. 50s, 60s even 70s in the seven day forecast coming up later right now. it's time for breakfast. here's bob. good morning, everybody. breakfast time means you also have to keep the kids busy if you're like me you take the kids out only matter of minutes
8:32 am
before the tick tack tow on the place mats and crayons. they lose their attention. check out this place. patti's cafe at the flying w airport over here in medford, new jersey. where the planes, the helicopt helicopters, are right here. you get a chance to sit right up on the glass on the runway. there's nothing better than that keeping the kids busy while you're eat something breakfast. come on you hungry. let's go inside and make panca pancake. >> okay. we're in the kitchen with patti. patti you ready. >> famous item is the blueberry pancakes. blueberries fresh. >> yes, all fresh fruits and vegetables. >> over here in medford, new jersey. got the farms right out back. anthony on the grill. you have what i hear is a famous airplane pancake? >> yeah. >> come on. let's do it. >> do the airplane pancake for the kids. >> all right. >> okay. >> look at that. we're over here at the flying w airport in medford, new jersey. look at that.
8:33 am
anthony. you got it. patti what's the big pancake event you have once a month. >> last sunday of every month we do a pancake breakfast buffet all you can eat pancakes, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, fresh fruit. home fries. home fries, your drink is included and $10 a head for adults, $5 for children. >> there you go. >> we'll put all the information up on our website if you would like me to come to your favorite breakfast all you have to do is hit me up on facebook and twitter. back to you guys in the studio. >> i remember when i first saw frederique van der wal on the cover of cosmo magazine an original super model. she was on the covers of the victoria secret, shape and vogue. today she's a business woman and entrepreneur and her passion is flowers. she's got her own flower company frederique's choice and her own tv show home grown makeover with freed wreak and carter on fwyi. our goal to really make your space super stylish. >> bring the outdoors in.
8:34 am
>> wicked awesome. >> this is how it comes together. >> fantastic. >> as you would say. >> fantastic. >> it is fantastic. >> it is fantastic. >> frederique you're here right now. you'll be at the flower show today thanks for coming in. >> yes. i brought you already a little bit what flowers do to us. we're smiling. >> what's neat you decided to come up with a new way to have flowers delivered and package. why these canvass bags. >> i grew up in holland. holland is the country of flowers. >> yes. >> and that's where the seed was planned and then the dutch government in recognition of my career in fashion named a flour after me. and then i did documentary of hour flowers came to us and i thought how interesting we don't really have brand around flowers. the name of so many brands. something that with flowers which is i mean to me it's so much part of life. >> it makes you so happy.
8:35 am
e commerce platform where you can order the flowers, they come in the bag, the canvass bag in bio degradable vase so you have it immediately and this is, you know, makes you happy. >> i just had the issue yesterday. we have a couple pictures of these van cass bags because they're totally fabulous. so it's hard to carry the flowers home. we had flowers come in. how am i going to carry it i wish i had one of these bags. here's another picture of with these wonderful bags. you think bouquets tell a story. i'll show you two pictures of bouquet and tell me the story they tell. this one right here. what does that convey? >> so i mean one of the things i firmly believe colors and moods come together. so we created a mood collection so where the blues are more tranquility, where this is cheery. >> yes. >> it feels cheery. also yellow. we also did a hour scope line. so where your hour scope conveys certain colors like in pisces it's more green, little bit more
8:36 am
in those colors. we've created, you know, a line around it. so working with the flours to tell little bit more. >> i love that. i'm november. what would it be for scorpio. >> you're scorpio. darker colors. very i use actual wal we just received could have been a scorpio because lillys is definitely something deeper reds, maybe even a calo lilly where it's like, you know, those deep burgundies. >> i love those colors. there you go. exactly. you're coloring. isn't that funny. it's tran sends you to have that around, too. >> i like some of the ideas that you show on the show. two pictures. these are so cool. a lofts have small spaces we don't know how we can decorate and pop up the color. what did you do with this. >> the whole idea of the show was to show people how you can bring the outdoors in and using flowers not just like you can have a bouquet but i could take a flour out and show you in a second to put it, say, hang and on your staircase or we did it on a wall exactly there. we used actually this is a great flower. arose lilly, it's a lilly that
8:37 am
has almost the feeling like arose it has layers to it. so again, it's not sometimes that you have to have a ton of flowers. i mean having a bouquet like this is wonderful i often do where i take a flower like this and then i will -- let me see, if i can get it. good put it in a small space. >> those are littles the frederique littlely. >> actually that one is not. these are white -- eighths white lilly with a little bit of pink. where you kind of dee construction it and you put this in your kids room. >> gorgeous. >> in the bathroom. so also thinking a little bit different how to live with flowers. >> we love it. thank for your time this morni morning. we appreciate it. >> you're welcome. >> freed wreak will be at the flower show. here's the information if you want to chick out. the doors open at 11:00 o'clock. you do need tickets. we'll put the information on our website and thank you for joining us. and we will be right back. ♪
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
♪ think about that men. the man down under. >> where the winds below and the then thunder from the man down under. >> plunder. >> is it plunder. >> how many songs have you gotten wrong. the lyrics are -- werewolves of
8:41 am
london was bare foot in london. let us know songs that you've screwed up over the years. >> all right. we want your opinion on this one. newly divorced men and women some are celebrating their relationship break downs with hilarious divorce cakes. >> these divorce cakes are on the rise around world. social media has been flooded with pictures of the amusing cakes. you see some of them, some frightening cakes topped with violent bitter brides and grooms there's inspiring message tousle brought freedom one man even iced his with a flying witch and wrote unhitched from the witch. >> look at this, dave. >> take out the trash. >> wow. >> okay. some people think that this is -- it's funny. entertaining. taking a look at them. i will defer to the married people. celebrating divorce. funny? >> sometimes you just, you know,
8:42 am
it's time to move on you want to put it in the past. >> celebrating though you put it on social media lot of your friends who are with you through the marriage might take offense to that. >> to you celebrating it. >> yeah. >> having pear. >> look whatever. >> we're looking at your comments right now. i'm looking at my phone. because a lot of actually don't like the idea. let us know what you think. take poll on this one. how about they want to know what you buy a divorce cake if you got did you veried? this is the subject of our instant reaction poll. go right to the weekend section of or on twitter you can use the hash tag fox 29 yes or fox 29 no. we'll have the results in just a couple of minutes. ♪
8:43 am
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♪ welcome back. time for your political coverage right now. we'll have caucusing tonight and we certainly have had a lot of races yesterday. >> it's getting closer. five states voted yesterday. among republicans ted cruz scored victories in kansas and maine. donald trump captured louisiana. >> it is getting interesting. let's go to the democratic side right now. bernie sanders won nebraska. hillary clinton took louisiana. doug mckelway has more. >> reporter: five states holding presidential contests saturday republicans going to the polls in maine, kansas, kentucky and louisiana. texas senator ted cruz winning in kansas. >> if donald wins in all likelihood hillary wins. we have to come together and unite wife i've made a very explicit invitation.
8:46 am
>> donald trump looking to extent his lead including florida senator marco rubio. >> i watched it yesterday little marco is going, well, donald will not win. i mean this guy has got so many problems i don't think he'll come close to winning his own state. >> conservative is not how loud can you be. how offense can you be, how many bad words can you say. how many lid ridiculous things can you say on television much that is not conservatism. >> meanwhile democrats in nebraska, kansas and louisiana are choosing between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. we all know that stakes keep g getting higher and the rhetoric we're hearing from the other side keeps singing lower. >> poll after poll including a recent cnn poll we are defeating trump by pretty big numbers and bigger numbers hasn't hillary clinton is. >> democrats in maine and republicans in puerto rico head to the polls on sunday. >> that was doug mckelway reporting. now, of course, it was saturday. so saturday night live had some
8:47 am
fun with the primary season. >> and during last night's show they par rod deeded the republican front runner donald trump you know they would do and also former republican nominee mitt romney. >> what a great great night. i really am running the best campaign, aren't i? >> the media is saying they haven't seen anything like this not since germany in the 1930s. (laughter). >> i mean everyone loves me racists, ugly racists, people who didn't even know they were racist. people whose eyes are like this. and this guy loves meek don't you? >> wait. what's that? >> get him out. >> i went out there and i gave the most aggressive passionate well measured anti trump speech i can. and do you think your speech changed the minds of any trump supporters? >> i do not. >> do you think any trump sports even watched? >> not on purpose, no. >> do you think your speech
8:48 am
heard trauma -- hurt trump at all? >> honestly i would assume it probably helped him. >> is there anything you would like to say direct toll donald trump? >> yes. yes, there is. donald, you duplicities you wreck less and if you become the republican nomination knee, know this. i would make a great vice-president. (laughter). >> all right. catch the real mitt romney when he sits down with chris wallace coming up in matter of minutes. 12 minutes on fox news sun tod today. >> not just national politics. here in philadelphia mayor jim ken see proposing a soda tax even he opposed that same tax under mayor nutter. >> one of those situations that can happen only in philly. ♪ i'm bruce gordon with a question. will the third time be the charm for philadelphia's so-called soda tax? former mayor michael nutter twice failed to pass levee on sugary drinks. each time city councilman jim kenney was among the opponents.
8:49 am
of course now kenney is the new mayor. he's taking a look at campaign promises he's made the money in the budget and the taxes already raised and he's decided that, you know what, maybe an even heftier tax on soda is a swell idea after all. kenney has smartly promised to use the majority of the revenue raised by that tax to fund greatly expanded pre kindergarten programs across the city that could buy him some support. the usual opponents are already hyped up against the tax. among them, the drivers who distribute those sugary drinks and if those opponents succeed for a third time in killing the tax, mayor kenney warns most of his ambitious agenda on those campaign promises will disappear like that. he said as much in this week's budget speech. >> none of that can happen, not the stimulus, not the reduction in taxes, not the pre k, not community schools, not debt palely needed investments in park centers and libraries if we don't pass this tax. there's simply nowhere else to
8:50 am
fine the revenue. >> funny things like taxes on sewed dark liquor and cigarett cigarettes. they're bill as being good for pot correct and good for our health. if the real goal is to greatly reduce consumption of these unhealthy products even eliminate their use, there wouldn't be any added revenue to pay for all of those worthwhile program. to sum up, mayor kenney's ambitious agenda all those campaign promises are likely to be broken unless he can pass an even more onerous version of a tack that's already been rejected twice. attacks that if its health goes goals are fully realized won't actually raise any money. makes sense to me. only in philly. ♪ make it plain like only bruce can. take a look at the poconos. doesn't look like skiing. looks like nice chilling. >> mountains are open for skiing but earlier today, dave, we saw snow. not right now. little bit of flurries out there early not now. it look like jim thorpe and the
8:51 am
skies will start to clear up a bit. the snow has cleared out. what little snow we had. really not causing much of a problem. temperatures are into the mid to low 30s on the mt. pocono 24 degrees. was a little issue it could be fairly slick if they gave us a coating of snow does look like we're seeing much of that. this is what it look like on the radar. it's cleared out. mount pocono there has the light snow but it's move out. little farther east, just a light snow picked up by the radar maybe not even reaching the ground in areas of new jersey. look how it's moving. clearing out pushing to the south. we got to get rid of the clouds. not really doing much this morning but by this afternoon, little bit of sunshine. pushing the temperature up into the mid 40s. so we're still cool today. 46, 59, 60s, 70s wednesday could be the peak it will get a little cooler on thursday. but a big warmup here thanks to the storm going well over the great lakes pulls up all the warm air. maybe brings in a few clouds with it on monday. but by tuesday and wednesday, just looks perfect with partly cloudy skies. temperatures into the 60s and
8:52 am
70s. maybe a little rain will come through by thursday as these storms move through. this will be a series of storms that we're talking about and each one will try to bring up warm air or pull down cold air so it's a tricky forecast after thursday because depending on how these storms set up and where that front actually sits will determine our temperatures. we can have big 20-degree temperature swings depending on how far or south -- north or south those fronts go. one thing for sure, though, 71 degrees on wednesday. we get that rain coming in thursday, friday, maybe even saturday. temperatures a little tricky. we'll say they're right about 50 degrees both fry and saturd saturday. >> for the parade. we have the parade. >> watch that closely. >> dave warren, you'll be in trouble. >> all right. 8:52 is the time right now. we have the different milestones in our lives. we were talking about marriages and divorces but what ages do we hit the best milestones in our life? >> there's an age list from a poll in england.
8:53 am
so apparently we're the healthiest at 30 years old. >> that makes sense. >> most confident in our body at 31. we have the best sex and find true love at 32. >> do you think that's true? >> no. >> dave, any thoughts about th that? >> to be determined is my point. >> right. >> okay. >> we can -- we're the happiest at 39 it turns out. we attain our greatest wealth at 47. >> that's just absolutely depressing to me. >> why? >> i'm sitting here looking at that list. essentially i've been my healthiest. -my best sex. i've been my most confident and i'm still broke. >> but you can get nor money in the future. >> but i've got awhile to be happy. i've passed all the things i was going to enjoy but i'm broke for several more years. i'm out of here. that poll stinks.
8:54 am
>> you can change that average and pull it up. >> chris wallace help us. >> this week on fox news sunday with donald trump headed towards the nomination, is there republican party in danger of tearing itself apart? we'll talk with conservative radio talk show host rush limbaugh. then mitt romney joins the never trump movement and drum many fires back. we'll ask the last republican presidential nominee about his unprecedented attack on this year's front runner. rush limb paw and mitt romney only on fox news sunday.
8:55 am
8:56 am
8:57 am
♪ welcome back. this is one of the songs that people like to sink outloud very loudly. (laughter). >> okay. there you go. >> right. you can do it if you like. would you buy divorce cake? 60% of you cynical individuals say yes. 40% no. >> it's fun to live in the moment and celebrate the future and what's going to happen. >> save that party money for your attorney. >> some people said they go on divorce vacation. >> thank you for spending your sunday with us. we real dollar appreciate it and we love when you chat with us and share your comments. thank you so much for that. >> have a wonderful sunday. we'll see you soon. great discussion continuing after our show watch fox 29 all
8:58 am
day. >> the gang will see you tomorrow morning. ♪
8:59 am
9:00 am
i'm chris wallace. with donald trump headed towards the nomination, is the republican party in danger of tearing itself apart? we'll ask rush limbaugh and mitt romney. >> they have no idea why trump is attracting a crowd. they have no idea why trump's crowd is loyal to him. >> conservative radio talk show host rush limbaugh in a rare television interview. it's a "fox news sunday" exclusive. then, mitt romney joins the never trump movement, and donald trump fires back. >> donald trump is a phony, a fraud. his promises are as worthless as a degree from trump university. >> he was a failed candidate. he should have beaten president obama very easy. >> we'll talk with the last republican presidential nominee about his unprecedented attack on


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