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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  March 7, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EST

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clouds out there, bus stop buddy still has a winter coat on because temperatures and wind chills in the 20's and 30's. here we are with 35 degrees, that feels like 29, and bit of the breeze out there, so slightly deceiving sunshine, but it is looking better, all afternoon with a high temperature later on of 60 degrees and 6:00 o'clock is your sunset time, so, with the anticipation bob kelly of warmer temperatures today there is a little more humidity out there as well, and fog. our allergies are bothering us this morning as well and we have fog and haze as an example here on the schuylkill expressway. live look at the schuylkill between conshohocken and belmont avenue where we had an early morning accident. all ease wound lanes are opened near montgomery but that set the first tone, of the backup on that eastbound side. we are heavy from conshohocken through city avenue all the way in toward montgomery
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drive. coming in toward the city well over a 40 minute trip, use kelly drive or martin luther king driving. they are both opened. just watch it, though with the fog or the haze that we will call it out there sun bouncing off the signs here vine street expressway folks heading over to grab trains out of the 30th street. fire in moorestown, new jersey center road at lenola road with local detours. new ramp closure coming into play, betsy ross bridge anyone coming to fail that richmond street ramp will be closed for next six weeks and that will put extra volume on i-95 and exiting at bridge street. the flower show in town. today is first weekday workday that the flower show folks will be opening up their doors at the convention center, so that will throw some unusual volume in and around center city. mike and lauren, back to you. bullets fly in north philadelphia as, a employee is fighting for his life and
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gunman is still on the loose. >> authorities say that shooter is a disgruntled customer eat something chicken there. steve keeley at the round house, steve. >> well, mike homicide investigators here of learned that he was disgruntled because he was upset that the worker near him at another table cleaning up after previous customers was spraying the spray disinfecttent bottle too close and spray vapor was too close to the the man's chicken. he starts the argument. then the 18 year-old, 19 year-old brother comes out from behind the counter trying to resolve it all and he the peace maker gets shot three times by a guy dressed like the matrix movies. >> the offender was inside eating, at which time he became involved in the verbal altercation with an employee. second employee who happened to be his brother of the first employee attempted to squash the argument between the both parties at which time the offender produced a large
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handgun and fired and struck the complaintant several times. >> reporter: upset over spray bottle, he end up spraying bullets throughout a very busy dinner time crowd, restaurant right around 6:00 o'clock. fortunately that restaurant is just two blocks from temple university hospital's emergency room and that is why the guy shot three times is alive and in stable condition this morning. as for guy that shot him probably 50 years old, long black trench coat, black pants, gray beard and they have surveillance of him expect to be released and put out to the public real soon. >> okay, good. sound pretty recognizable. 7:03. >> funeral arrangements have not been finalized for nancy reagan the widow of former president ronald reagan who died yesterday morning at her home in l.a. at the age of 94. >> bellaire section of the city, nice home. >> she was known for her grace, dedication, to ronald reagan whom she called ronnie, the former actress married reagan in 1952 and became the first lady of california in
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the 60's. it was 1967 when he became governor of california. then the pair moved in the white house after his election, that was in january of 1981. nancy always stood by her role of being the president's wife. >> you seldom saw them when they weren't holding hand. they genuinely preferred to be with each other then anyone else. >> nancy and president reagan had two children together, he adopted a child with his first wife jane wyman before they got married in 52. michael still lives in southern california. she stayed right by her husband's side when he went through alzheimer's problem for about ten years. he died in 2004. nancy will be buried next to her husband at the ronald reagan presidential library any simi valley california. >> i have a a fun fact for you. >> nuggets of knowledge. >> she was born ann francis robbins, and then her mother
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nicknamed her nancy. nancy wasn't her first name. >> how did she come up with the name davis. >> i don't know. >> she was nancy davis when she met ronald reagan. >> but she was born ann francis robbins. let me look into that. >> a apparently her mother got a divorce when she was one. i beat you to it. chris murphy. >> yes, sir. >> what else is happening. >> a lot going on locally. philadelphia police giving details on a woman killed in north philadelphia yesterday this happened on the 2500 block of north 17th street. the three two-year old woman was beaten with a hammer, no weapon was found nina rests have been made n. in chester county a lincoln university student was killed during a botched robbery. christopher robinson was shot in a coatsville convenient store saturday night. ron inn son and fellow student were set up as part of the robbery gone bad. evander wilson arrange the ambush and then drove the men
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to this location where officers say three men all wearing masks were waiting, and robinson got shot in the neck. wilson was arrested and charged with second degree murder but other three remain at large. a car slammed in someone's front important inch grays ferry late last night and we have video to show you. it happened just before midnight in the 1300 block of south 28th street. somehow, these cars ended up pack ward into the porch. amazingly no one was hurt in this. in word on what caused it. spot turns to education and important rolls schools play in the community. during a town hall meeting local leaders will release result of the study of community schools and how they can improve quality of the education and strength in our communities. mayor jim kenney says community schools could be key to reworking philadelphia's failing public school district. lauren and mike, back to you. >> thanks very much. well, mayor jim kenney will make his big push to create more summer jobs, for our kid.
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>> dave kinchen live at the free library where marries set to talk about his plans today, hi there dave. >> reporter: when school's out that means jobs will be in this summer. mayor jim kenney will be here at free library any philadelphia to deliver a press conference at the 1:30 this afternoon, to find ways to get thousands of summer jobs for young people across the city. he is teaming up with the organization called the philadelphia youth network to urge business leaders and philanthropic organizations to show brotherly love to the cities youngest residents by letting them earn cash this summer. kenney will say he want to create 16,000 summer jobs for create by the year 2020. philadelphia youth network offers several summer models of employee for youth including in school and out of school opportunities for those between 14 and 21. many focus object work experience, finishing high school and college and career preparation. programs include service
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learning and various internship to build those skills early. the administration says it is way to cut down on crime, of course and keep people out of trouble. the mayor will be speaking here at free library of philadelphia at 1:30. back to you. >> all right dave kinchen thanks very much. >> go get a job. government workers will have a extra job in their pocket. governor tom wolf is expected to sign a executive order insuring a $10.15 minimum wage, increase, for employees under his jurisdiction and employees of the state contractors. the right now, federal minimum wage is $7.25 an hour no word as to how many people this could benefit or how much it will cost the state. before we get down to the d.c. i have a little bit of the conflict of information here. >> um-hmm. >> somebody we know very well in the city, watches the show every morning, hi. go back to nancy reagan. >> her name was nancy davis because she was married before she married ronald reagan. she was first divorced and
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remarried first lady in the u.s. history. >> i just read that she was adopted. the father left the marriage. she have lived with her aunt and unk until maryland. her mom remarried a guy name davis, a prominent chicago neurosurgeon. she took his last name which is why she was davis. >> um-hmm. >> so who is right. >> lets get to the bottom of this. >> we will look to sue serio because she's the determining factor. an active weekend on the campaign trail with several primaries and caucuses, it was all wrapped up with a debate between the bernie sanders and hillary clinton last night in flint michigan, the site of the next primary is tomorrow, the state of the michigan. kristin fischer joins us from washington tc. before we get started talking here. the lets roll a piece of the debate last night. this is where it got testy about being in flint and talking about the water problem, here we go. >> children in flint michigan, in the united states of america in the year 2016 are being poisoned. i believe that the governor of
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this state should understand his dereliction of duty was irresponsible and he should resign. >> i agree, the governor should resign or be recalled. >> it seems like everybody in the room wanted the governor to resign, kristin. >> reporter: yeah, you know, it was important that that was, you know, the big focus on have that debate last night that they were going to address the water issues in flint, michigan. that wasn't the only big talking point, one of the other big things they spared over was auto bail out and hillary clinton said i voted to save the the auto industry, bernie sanders, you voted against it. he took great offense to that. >> play that. >> do you want to play that sound bite right here, kristin, let's do it. >> would i love that. >> if you are talking about the wall street bail out where some of your friend destroyed this economy, excuse me, i'm talking, my friend.
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>> if you are going to talk tell the whole story, senator sanders. >> let me tell my story, you tell yours. >> i will. >> it almost sounded like more of a republican debate, then a democratic one, right. >> yeah. well, i want to play another one for you here, which one, i also say this is what they ultimately to have decide. will it be bernie sanders and hillary clinton who has a better chance of beating donald trump. >> i would love to run a against donald trump and i will tell you why, for a thought, but almost, not the all, but almost every poll has shown is that sanners verse trump does a lot better than clinton verse trump. >> is there only one candidate in either party has more votes then him and that is me. >> i don't know it seemed like a tie to me what do you think, kristin.
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>> reporter: i don't think there were any knock out punches last night. i don't think anything what was said between the two candidates will do much to alter the course of this race. but it just was very interesting to see just thees lacing of the rhetoric. you can tell that these two candidates are really more comfortable going at it with one another and it was pretty evident last night. >> kristin, i don't know you very well, where are you from. >> well, i'm from houston texas but i have been living in d.c. for about six or seven years now and i joined fox last may so i'm almost at my one year mark here. >> i should know you better than that. you did a great job. i will probably see you tomorrow. >> nicely done. >> thank you, i hope so. >> nice to meet you let's have coffee. >> 7:12. saturday night live. >> yes. >> there were chunks of it really good. >> yes good they were having fun with the election over the weekend mocking new jersey governor chris christie's support of donald trump. >> governor christie was ridiculed on social media last
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week for his kind of blank stair and shaking his head, during his acceptance speech of the donald that is on super tuesday. of course, sat the day night live had to get in on this, here we go. >> i mean it is a sad, desperate little potato back there. >> yes, sir, thank you sir, yes sir, may have another? no. >> go on a plane, get home. >> you got it. >> they always do so well. >> he is a good trump, man. >> yes. >> he and jimmy fall on's are the best trump. >> as far as i'm concerned. >> huge. >> huge. >> do i to have say the word sue. >> yes. >> sue. >> because, you know, there might be somebody who just tuned in. >> yeah. >> and doesn't know. >> we have a lot the to look forward to the next couple of weeks. it is only monday but it is always looking ahead to the weekend when we springford,
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this is the weekend the time changes so before you go to bed saturday night you have to set your clock ahead and then you lose that hour of sleep. spring is a week later march 20th and week after that is easter, an early easter this year. so we have no precipitation to show you, everything you saw to the north will stay up there, and we have got several days of dry, weather, but it is cold out there to start your day, 35 degrees in philadelphia, 20's in the a lot of other places. factor in the wind and it feels like the 20's, like the 29 degrees wind chill we have right here in the city right now. even though it is a cold start of the day but will end up better over weekend where we were below average. forty-two is all we managed on saturday. forty-seven on sunday, today after we look at our record for wednesday, because we think we will break a a lot of records especially the one here in philadelphia, so today, 60 degrees. sixty-eight tomorrow. is there your record possibly
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on wednesday and we could tie a record on thursday because record for thursday is 76 degrees. now we will take a look at the weekend which is less than ideal, it does look like an unsettled weekend but right now it is, not certain if we get a shower at all, whether it will be in the morning or in the evening. so we hope we can time this out okay so we're all doing our happy dance just like our little leprechaun there. >> do what sister gertrude had to do put blessed mother statue in the window. >> there we go, we have plenty of time good to assure sunshine. >> good morning, everybody. live look at 202 northbound. we have about four to six cars there all lined up off to the shoulder. an accident. it looks like it is right where the sun glare hits you in the forehead here as you are coming northbound along 202 from say boot road heading in to 401. combination of the volume, sun glare, construction we are stack and pack here heading in
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towards route 401 and schuylkill expressway, running slower than normal because of the early morning accident eastbound, put about 40 minutes from conshohocken to city a avenue. we are dealing with the sun glare issue coming around that conshohocken curve. westbound on the schuylkill heavy the boulevard out to belmont. time to make the doughnuts. southbound i-95 from academy into girard. that haze out through can see it in the the camera shot here. hopefully it will get burned off once we get full soon and blue route southbound from the schuylkill to down i-95. accident in the middle at bryn mawr. north on 55 coming from south jersey heavy in the freeway. all of the bridges looking good and mass transit is running with no delays. mike and lauren, back over to you. bob kelly, that was definitive and very nicely done. >> yes. payton manning will retire. >> he made it official. >> eighteen seasons. >> and that is number two. >> yes. >> i believe that is. >> i like that. >> manning will go down as one of the best players in history, he hold countless records, of course, including
7:17 am
mvp, five different times. he will have a retirement press conference later today in denver. what a way to go out, you win the super bowl and say i'm done. >> i think he went to the pro bowl 14 out of the 18 seasons. >> really. >> isn't that amazing. >> one of the best ever if not the best. >> here's a weird story, now, i want to give you an update. this happened last week. the atlanta falcons have issued an apology to former eastern regional high school over in new jersey. big time star, eli apple, what a high school career he a has had, he is probably going in the first round of the draft. he play as the ohio state or d he is first round draft pick out of our area. look at him. from one of the southeast coaches last month in the nfl combine. he said the first question. >> very first question. he said basically the coach asked him if he likes men. >> first question, do you like men. >> yes. >> he is from voorhees township. mike said he played cornerback for ohio state. that is bad. >> pretty bad. >> i wouldn't doubt if
7:18 am
somebody loses their jobs down there with the falcons. their head coach said i'm incredibly disappointed in the coach who ask that question. >> yes. >> an arrest has been made in the kidnapping of the former, eagles foot paul player. his name was earl wolf. >> he was walking to his car in north carolina where he is from where a group of men with guns attack him, forced him in the car, kidnaped him. he was not hurt. police don't know if he was targeted or if there was complete thely random. one person pass license arrested. wolf is now on the the practice squad for jacksonville jaguars. >> he played a couple years here. >> all right. 7:18. a major upset on the hardwood last night. the best team in the league. >> yep. >> having what could be a record setting season. it probably will be. losing to one of the worst team in the league. now it wasn't the sixers but second worse team the lakers. >> kobe and steph curry. >> lakers and golden state go in the game with the record, golden state 55-five. >> fifty-five and five.
7:19 am
>> yes. >> the lakers though, 12-51. >> yes, um-hmm. >> curry struggled, scoring only 18 points, which is not a lot for him. >> he was one of ten from, three-point, that is unheard of for him. >> that is terrible for him. >> do you see that shot from last week. >> drain that shot. >> it was all about the socks. >> the socks. >> that is what kobe said. >> kobe did say socks. the lakers wore these special socks that paid tribute to kobe who was retiring at the end of the season and games are running out. is there only 17 or 18 games left. >> do you have a pair of lucky socks. >> i have them on right now. >> oh, yeah. >> why don't we see theme will see them a at commercial if you cannot hold them up. >> that is it. >> yes. >> they are plane black socks. >> yes. >> i never take them off if you know what i mean. >> 7:19. more than two decade after o.j. simpson trial captivated america, some not so new
7:20 am
evidence is coming to light. what police are now testing for links to the murders of nicole brown and ron goldman. >> this many years later. >> but first here's your winning lottery numbers.
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good morning. people who work, will enjoy tippedder's new feature because you can play cupid so to speak. >> remind everybody what tinder is, lauren simoneti. >> you are just trying to get me to say i use tinder but i don't, because i'm not dating. well, actually my girlfriend who are single let me play with their tinder, and it is the new app inn a lot of fun pretending to be them. tinder is an app where you swipe based on how like. they match you up. lou at different profiles. you make a match. sometimes as you are looking through tinder you might notice you know what, this person looks okay for me but
7:24 am
so and so might really like this person. >> um-hmm. >> tinder is testing a share bult on for in cyberspace you can play cupid and match maker and set your friend up by sharing that profile. >> lauren, i don't know about this. i have been set up with people before and it hasn't turned out so well. >> do you see, i can tell you stories, but you know, maybe, the human beings aren't so good at doing setting up and computers will do better, the profiles that we're finding on line are better. i don't know. >> you better get some kind of permission from your friend, right. >> that is what i'm's saying. >> isn't it set up that you don't to have see it but you can choose opt in or out. >> you have the the option. the it expires after 72 hours. people are saying this isn't fair. i don't want my profile being shared, but, you know, it is easy to see someone else. >> where did you meet your husband. >> at work actually. >> oh, really, what does he do? >> he is an engineer at fox,
7:25 am
we have covered the 2008 election together in phoenix. >> yes. >> and he had like wiring you, put your microphone up, put your ear piece in your ear and stuff like that. >> no, he didn't do that. >> i don't think he even liked me. >> do i know this guy. >> you might. you might. i don't know. >> but she will not name him. >> no, no. >> bye lauren. >> that is it. >> you are done you are out. >> okay, fine. >> go get back on tinder. >> bye, lauren. >> 7:25. >> a pennsylvania man and his brother win the lottery, on the same day, what? >> but the prizes are far from the same, we will reveal a big difference in their winnings down in florida. >> it is never too early for spring cleaning, right, jen. >> yes, time to get kids involved, look at this. we have brooms, all this stuff. we are in a cool new store in
7:26 am
montgomeryville. so come on back, spring cleaning, get organized, it is time.
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fire fighters suspended for saving a young girl's life, why their boss is saying what they did, violated the rules. and remembering one of the most influential first ladies in history how the world is paying tribute to nancy reagan
7:29 am
this morning. good day. it is 7:28. we have a busy morning for morrisville fire fighters, they were called out to the barn fire at 5:45. it happened in the 100 block of center street. it took crews about 45 minutes to get that fire under control. no one was hurt. no word on how everyone is. >> all right. 7:29. coming up at 7:30. more than two decades after o.j. simpson trial captivated america some possible new evidence is coming to light, did you hear about this over the weekend? a knife that reportedly turned up at o.j. simpson's former home on rockingham street in brentwood is now being analyzed by los angeles police. all of these years later. they are looking for any possible connection to the 1994 stabbing death of simpson's ex-wife, and her friend, ron goldman. the knife was reportedly found at o.j. simpson's home while it is being demol niche 1998.
7:30 am
a construction worker gave it to an off-duty police officer, who was working a security job at a movie site across the street from o.j.'s estate. he only recently turn it over to los angeles police. the news of this fine, has a lot of people talking about what it could mean for the, you know, for simpson legally. probably nothing. but what does it mean to history and the case. hi, ken good to see you. >> good to see you we got word in that some of what i just said may be wrong. this off-duty police officer now insists that back 20 years ago when he got the knife the construction worker he did go to lapd and try to turn it over to them. we don't need it, he was acquitted this trial is over. >> it is interesting. the way they found out now, he supposedly went back to the police department and said i want to frame this and put this in my home. police say wait, you have the knife that was fund back in 1998? let's talk about it. it is making big news.
7:31 am
i don't think anything will happen from this at all. first of all they are doing testing. it would be remarkable if there is dna on it with nicole simpson's blood or ron goldman's blood or o.j. simpson's blood on it. we will see what happens. anything that concerns o.j. is news. >> of course. >> here's the knife, the knife that never has been found. >> that is true. >> well, let me just tell you i find interesting. when do you think o.j. is up for parole. >> what year. >> it is going to be shocking, right. >> october 2017. >> so, he is right on the verge. >> year and a half. >> year and a half from parole. this could effect his parole if it was found this knife comes up and it has something that implicates o.j. >> that is double jeopardy. >> no, they will not try him again but the parole officers, remember these are people that sit and make judgment on whether o.j. should go back out on the street or not. he was sentenced to nine to 33 years.
7:32 am
this is shortened of that nine years. he will go before the parole board. manson goes up every couple years and every coupe years they say go sit back in jail he is in jail. >> still in vegas. >> hes in a vegas jail. >> for robbery. >> trying to get back his memorabilia at gunpoint. >> yeah. >> lets move on to this hulk hogan. i remember ten years ago this alleged sex tape came out, i looked at it, and hulk hogan and all on it. that was >> that is right. >> he is mad. >> he is very mad and new this case will go to court today. you know, we will see what happens. it is first amendment right. gawker says they have first amendment rights and hulk hogan says it is an invasion of his privacy. >> he had sex with his neighbor's wife. his neighbor's wife initially said that he invaded her privacy, and she sued him. he paid her and now he has turned around and sued gawker. >> who shot the tape. >> that, i don't knowy don't
7:33 am
know who shot the tape. hulk hogan said he had no idea. >> it was surveillance tape at the house. the these people had surveillance tapes all around the house and it was her house. i don't know how she didn't know. >> gawk are gets a hold of it. >> spread it all over. >> they put it on the air for 1.40 seconds. it was a 30 minute tape. they only put on one minute and 40 seconds of it. >> it was interesting. >> probably about ten seconds. >> so where does this go now. >> to a jury. he is suing. they are saying he invaded their privacy. he is suing for hundred million-dollar. he will see whether he gets that money. when was last time you heard of hulk hogan in the news. >> it has been a while. >> real while. >> didn't he try to make a come back. >> i think he did but since we don't know about it, probably didn't make a big splash. >> do me a favor. >> sure. >> don't keep me updated. >> i will lose interest in it as soon as i get off the air. >> good to see you. >> hey sue, what is up.
7:34 am
>> well, sunnies up and it is looking pretty good. it is chilly out there. that is most important thing. we know there has been big warm up scheduled this week but kid need to be bundled up at the bus stop. temperatures and wind chills only in the 20's and 30's. we're not the seeing any precipitation in the off go to day. 35 degrees but feels like 29, that is your wind chill this morning and plan on a high, later on of 60 degrees. the plan on the the sunsetting, around 6:00 p.m., but remember it is chilly, this morning. our warm up is starting bob kelly but not quite yet. >> not quite yet. >> we have problems sue at 7:34 getting ready to step outside of the front door this morning. we have had an a accident on the schuylkill. we have a problem on blue route, here's live look at 476 southbound and i wonder if the accidents we have had at least last hour or so has to do with the sun. look at the that sun glare right at dashboard level here
7:35 am
southbound 476 right out of the saint david,ville know of, an accident that should be off to the left shoulder here but that is causing delay heading southbound. you can see shadows cast by the sun. so grab your shade as you head out the trent door heading in toward the city. forty-two freeway, hazy out there until sunburns it off, be careful, keep your head lights on. accident at kelly drive at fountain green. north on 202 an accident right in the work zone right at route 401, same deal, as soon as the sun hits you at the curve there we have four to six cars all off to the shoulder, there in malvern. the fire that lauren mentioned in moorestown, new jersey centered and len ola under control but just watch for local detours, eastbound on the schuylkill some sun glare and 21 minutes to make the trip. the just over half an her on the turnpike from fill will i bensalem over to valley forge. lauren, back over to you. >> what are the questions of
7:36 am
odds of brothers winning lottery on the same day? not really good, right. >> well, it happened to one man from pennsylvania but find out why he has more reasons to smile then his brother. ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪
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so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. new video just in of that morning barn fire in morristown that bob was just speak b crew where is called out at 5:45 to the 100 block of center street. that was burning pretty bad. >> jenny nice footage there by the way. nice insteady this is one, on center street. it took fire fighters 45 minutes to get under control and no one was hurt. we still november clue on how you that got started though. >> have of course not, too early for that. 7:39. >> they a say no good deed goes unpunished and for a pair of fire fighters in virginia it just might be true. >> let me explain this. last weekend a fire started,
7:40 am
and captain responded to a call, that went out for a, toddler having a seizure. >> yes good when they arrived at the scene, the baby was turning blue. they could not get an answer, on how far the ambulance was away from the scene so they decided to drive, her, themselves. >> um-hmm. >> the fire engine wasn't licensed to transport patients so county decided to suspend them. a woman has been since creating a facebook page dedicated to the fire fighters to get their jobs back. so when minutes matter most and they know that they are like lets take matters in our own hand. forget protocol, life is on the line. >> that is dumbest thing, bring in the common sense police again. >> that is right. >> guy shouldn't be suspended. >> because they didn't follow protocol. >> oh, stop it. a pennsylvania judge and his brother, both win the lottery on the exact same day but one of them had a much bigger payday. >> james stocklas behind his
7:41 am
brother bob, they bought ticket on their way home from a vacation in florida. well, james is from bethlehem. he hit the 291 million-dollar power ball with his friends. so he has to split it. his brother won, $7. >> yes. >> they printed them both full sized ticket to take this picture. >> hysterical. >> they are heading back to florida for sure. >> they can buy florida, james could. >> look at that check. >> i hope they get along. >> you know, can you imagine you go in the pot with your friends. i'm getting my own ticket. >> speaking of that lauren dawn johnson where is power ball at right now. bob. >> is it over 400 million then. >> no, they wouldn't have a check that fast. >> no, it is worth some monday think week. >> bob's on it. he is on it. >> i'm on it. >> how much. >> hold on. >> somebody did win it then. >> no. >> no. >> somebody just said 50 million. >> oh, yeah, someone definitely won it.
7:42 am
>> somebody won it then. >> okay. the royal family family goes on a ski trip and that makes news. >> it is cute pictures they were just released overnight and we will show them to you. >> that is a horrible ski trip just too sunny. all right, jen, what is going on. >> meanwhile, people on my vacation they will be cleaning, that is right, we will get kids cleaning, we will get organized, it will be 70 degrees, come on back to montgomeryville, just a great spring cleaning idea, just skiing, cleaning too.
7:43 am
7:44 am
7:45 am
all right. so this is some kind of photography thing where the sun shows up black there, something with the iris or something, i don't know but the sun really is the color it is supposed to be, but it is shining on the pocono mountain. here as well in the philadelphia area. we are starting off with a look at ultimate doppler radar. snow to the north of us in new england and upstate new york, all moving east, not coming anywhere close to the delaware valley. so we're expecting several days of weather like this where we won't see any precipitation, 35 degrees in philadelphia 33 in dover. thirty in lancaster. thirty-two up in mount pocono. factor in the wind which are
7:46 am
pretty light but still makes it feel colder then it actually is. we still have a wind chill in philadelphia in the 20's and many will other places, this morning. the that is perfect because lou out and see sunshine. you have heard about warming up this week. it is cold right now. average high is now up to 50 degrees, so we spent thursday, friday, saturday, sunday below average. yesterday's high was only 47 degrees to day, how about 60, tomorrow 68, and these are your potential record setters, wednesday and thursday, record for wednesday, 73. we could tie that record on thursday if we get to 76 degrees. now thursday night is when some showers moved in with a cold front but it is not a real strong cold front, so we will be still above average on friday and sat the day in the 60's, saturday and sunday, could end up being let's call them unsettled weather days, and yes, there is a chance of rain, on sunday, for the parade bob kelly, just a chance. >> st. pete error st. patrick might to have wash down the
7:47 am
parkway with that rain. >> clean them up. >> good morning. 7:46. live look at the blue route 476 right here near saint david,ville know of, everything off to what would be the left shoulder here, so just watch yourself, as soon as you come up a and over the hill, bam, sun glare hits you in the forehead. we are heavy from academy down to cottman avenue. accident on the kelly drive right at fountain green drive we are dealing with haze, sun glare and volume and new ramp close another for gang in the neighborhood to use betsy ross bridge into philadelphia. they will use and close off ramp to rich machine street beginning today for next six weeks or so. flower show in town through the weekend, thinks first workday where we will see that extra volume in and around the convention center, and east on 422 some sun glare. good morning to molly and mary kate practicing their irish hugs here getting ready for st. patrick's day parade, send us your pictures of you're
7:48 am
establish outfits and how you get ready for the parade. use that hashtag fox 29 irish when you post those pictures to facebook, instagram, twitter to show them here on tv. of course, big parade this coming sunday on the parkway, we will kick it off 12:00 to 3:00 come on out, join us live, myself, mike kathy, the whole gang will be out there or watch it a at home on television, 12 to 3:00 and then rebroadcast the parade gannon st. patrick's day itself on march the 17th, mike and lauren, back to you. >> it will be fantastic. >> all right. in the 07's on wednesday, and thursday of this week. >> yes, kids will be on spring break so why not reorganize, clear the clutter, do it all, jen. >> in montgomeryville. >> yes. >> in montgomeryville where we're at the this cool new store, and we are here, and what store is this place? where are we. >> this is world market. >> it is basically you said before it is like who had a baby. >> i did. home goods and pier one had a baby and it is world market. >> pretty cool.
7:49 am
now is the time, it is going to be 70 degrees. kid will be on spring break or half days and stuff. first of all we need to get kids motivate todd clear out some of the stuff and get their yard looking better. >> you can get kids stuff because they are more likely to do it if they think they have their own supplies. we have to get great outdoor items, indoor items, start getting them sweeping, raking whatever you want to do start with their own room. you'll be surprised what they will find in there. >> i will tell you that our house is a sticky mess, and little girl spa party. you don't even want to start this time of the year. >> but you have to. it is like eating an elephant one bite at a time. just think today we will do the floor, and just work on it. take the broom, vacuum and get kids to do it. >> you have some pretty surprises for yourself. >> so when you are cleaning, you have to make sure it is not dirty stuff. great way to refresh is get yourself a new dustpan and brush. if you look at your broom you
7:50 am
will be repulse had you are cleaning with this. >> yes. >> and other thing you say is have double supplies. >> look, this is like my favorite thing this storage container. we can segway into a million things we can do with this. we will use it for storage. fill witt supplies. it is not expensive at all. i put one in every bathroom or every hallway closet on each level of your house. double up on your supplies. buy two of everything so you are not running up and down the steps looking for windex or whatever you need. fill it up. have everything you need in each floor of the house or each room but put tonight something cute and then you are good to go. >> you feel cuter. >> yes. >> other thing i like is now it is time to fresh even up other accessories, dish towels. my dish cars are pretty funky. >> well, then you are good. the most people have funky dish towels. >> yes, funky and gross. >> we can get funky good and creative. it is really the least expensive thing you can do, just ditch them.
7:51 am
just throw them out. stop using them. come to a place like this look, it is super cute. >> it is cute. >> once you clean your kitchen hang these on the oven and it is like a whole new look for $9.99 and look at how cute, different patterns. >> i love it. >> and then once we have clean the funkiness upstairs you you say throw a couple of canned unless there. >> once you are done cleaning it looks great but an hour later you are done. light a candle. get yourself new candles. another great spot. this place has everything. get a candle for each room, light it up and light them all the time. don't just light it when you are having company coming over. when we get stressed out, get in the shower at night, and light some candles, and your sing. >> yes. >> watching tv. >> cleaning. >> they are cleaning. >> they are cleaning. >> so we will do some more fun stuff, the kids will have a little bit more of the just cleaning to keep them happy. >> we will let them have fun and more sugar. >> fun and little more sugar
7:52 am
coming up. >> yes. >> and so we have any questions, tweet us, denise will answer your questions. so mike, i want you to have a cuter dishpan because i know that you are a slave to the cleaning. >> yes, he is ordering it right now. >> just getting some new sponges as a matter of fact. i like that storage idea. i need that in my two bathrooms. >> it is good in one room. >> get two of everything. >> from marriage to politics now former first lady nancy reagan is being remembered around the world. >> plus moving on after a loss, we asked how soon is too soon to start dating, after significant other pass's away.
7:53 am
7:54 am
7:55 am
just days away right now. >> yes, rain dance to keep the rain away. >> i will do it. >> okay. >> yes, green rain slicker. >> i do have that.
7:56 am
no, i don't. >> well, i will be prepared by sunday in, question bit. >> i hear there is a bowl of irish potatoes on the desk. >> big bowl. >> they essentially, held by me. >> yes. >> of course, i washed my hand. i wore gloves and everything. i went out to the club where they have a irish potato fundraiser, lets take a look. >> let's roll some irish potatoes. >> we're ready for you. here you go. put on your apron. >> getting an apron is this a sign you already think i will be messy. >> absolutely. >> we're ready to roll. >> we are. >> and work me through the process. the irish powe tait the owe dough, had to be frozen for i guess child for a couple days. >> yes. >> what happened from here. >> ladies come here and they move it into a container here. >> do you guys need a hand.
7:57 am
>> yes. >> let's roll. >> so how is everybody doing here so far today, all right. >> yes. >> is it good. >> yes. >> what do you call the big one. >> a meat ball. >> a meat ball. >> that is a meat ball over here. >> okay. >> so you were out in the shed with us when we were putting it all together here. you you are one of the mixers. how did that go mixing process. >> we were done by 1:00 o'clock on sunday. >> it went very well. >> where will you be selling the irish potatoes, containers. >> right now we have over 2,000 sold. >> wow. >> come on, we better get rolling, 2,000 sold already, let's go, pick it up a notch. >> how many years. >> eighteen years, 20 years. wow. >> let's get rolling. get roads.
7:58 am
>> taking a sip of my coffee. >> no coffee breaks here. >> i got it. >> we're rolling. >> look at the size that they're making and look at my size. >> anyone that gets the larger, irish potatoes. >> yeah. >> you know, from me with love >> yes. >> i see you down there. get moving. >> i don't know if they upgraded, i think they downgraded me. i was making the balls too big. to laoh division 87 in port richmond and from all of the rollers here and to all of you, happy st. patrick's day. and that is what started, here. and take them in between between valentines day, and easter. >> yeah,. >> that is not up. >> is there not one bit of potato. >> but coconut, and brown sugar, cinnamon sugar on top.
7:59 am
>> yes, it is rolled, a certain size, because it is a fundraiser. >> they were losing monday which me. >> yes. >> bob kelly. >> yes. >> your tatters were too big. >> yes. >> that looked like fun. >> yes. >> bob kelly and a sea of women, rolling cinnamon balls. all right. 8:50 everybody. by the way, the the parade is coming up this sunday. >> you you got it. if you have pictures, getting ready for the parade, send us pictures put it on twitter, facebook, use the hashtag fox 29 irish. parade thinks coming sunday on its new home here on fox. we kick it off 12 to 3:00. catch it live on tv or come join us. we will be on the parkway. we will rebroadcast the parade for everybody on st. patrick's day itself. >> we will do it like no other tv station ever done it before. >> it will be fun. >> it will be fox-like, okay. >> good day, everybody. monday, march the seventh,
8:00 am
2016. beauty, grace and grit, nation looks back at the life of nancy reagan. >> my life didn't begin until i met ronnie. >> her marriage 30 politics how the former first lady is being remembered right now. >> and, life after a loss, facebook, coo cheryl sandberg rumored to be dating back, ten months after the sudden death of her husband. how soon is too soon to move on. chances are most of you you are extra tired on this monday morning. forget warm milk and cottage cheese the five new secrets to a good night's sleep. >> ♪ and i will always love you. ♪ it is one of the greatest
8:01 am
love songs but can anyone sing it, like whitney. i don't think so. the super star covering whitney houston's mega hit. >> don't do it the. >> don't do it, whoever you are, don't do it. only one person can sing that song. that next shot was great when they come out of her mouth. >> yes. >> what a shot. >> yes. >> this weather is fantastic. we have an eight, record setting week, and it is enjoyable. >> you are speechless. >> i can't wait. >> well, it is still cold this morning. >> you need to bundle up now just not later on. so the kids should be, okay at the bus stop if you make them wear winter coat or gloves, they won't like it, there you go, you won't have any precipitation right now or in the future even though you see clouds, rain out to the west of us and to the north of us, some snow, nope, none of that is coming here.
8:02 am
38 degrees, but feels like 32. there is enough of the the breeze to still give us wind chills that is in the 20's in the suburbs. today high temperature of 60 degrees, breezy and milder then it was over weekend, we have a chilly weekend and tonight we're down to 44 degrees. not as cold as it is right now, that takes care of your monday, we will talk about which high temperature records are in danger. coming up, in the seven day forecast. the that is right, danger bob kelly. >> danger will robinson. >> good morning everybody on a monday, a live look at a schuylkill expressway, jammo both directions here, first of all eastbound hit with the sun glare and as time changes our sun glare hours are changing as well. we will have a early morning delay and an accident east and westbound heavy from the boulevard out toward belmont 95 heavy from academy on into downtown there at girard avenue. we got word of an accident on the new jersey turnpike, it is northbound at exit number four, which is route 73 in mount laurel, new jersey.
8:03 am
295 probably would be your best bet there. crash on the kelly drive right at fountain green. we're dealing with sun glare all around the board and new ramp closure kicks in today. betsy ross bridge ramp to richmond street in the neighborhood will go into shut down mode for the next six weeks. otherwise mass transit looking good, mike and lauren, back to you. >> quick update here on what happened yesterday. funeral arrangements have not yet been finalized, and it makes sense for nancy reagan. widow of former president ronald reagan died yesterday morning in bellaire, los angeles, california. she was 94. good long life. the former actress married ronald reagan in 1952. the pair entered the white house in 1981 for eight years. nancy was known for her grace, and fierce dedication to her husband. >> you seldom saw them when they weren't holding hands. they genuinely preferred to be with each other then anyone else.
8:04 am
>> nancy and president reagan had two children together. he had a adopted a child, michael with his first wife jane wyman. nancy stood by her husband, side until his death of alzheimer's disease at the 2004. nancy will be buried right next to her husband at the ronald reagan presidential library any southern california. former california governor arnold schwartsenager also talk about nancy's devotion to her husband during an event, during john case nick ohio yesterday. >> she was one of the greatest first ladies, extraordinary human being, and such a wonderful, part of her husband, and partner to president reagan was without any doubt one of the greatest presidents in the history of the united states. i know she would join him in heaven and this love affair between the two of them will start all over again.
8:05 am
>> just another reminder, you know, there was also maureen reagan daughter of ronald reagan and jane wyman. there are some of the kid. >> celebrities paying touching tributes on twitter. joan collins had this to say my friend nancy reagan died at aged 94. the end of an another, hashtag love the 80's a. host monday tell williams said nancy reagan has died at 94. a woman who loved her country and her family and did much for each. elizabeth beck tweeted out nancy reagan was like seeing one of my idols. the he was a boss. hashtag rip, nancy. some people never recover after loss of their partner. others, they love again. >> but how soon is too soon, to start dating, after the death of your loved ones. i bring this up, facebook coo, there she is, cheryl sandberg is rumored to be dating again after the death, i mean sudden
8:06 am
death of her husband, dave goldberg, the father have her two children. he collapsed in a hotel gym in mexico back in may. >> in a lengthy facebook post back in june she wrote when tragedy occurs it presents a choice. you can give into the void, emptiness that fills your heart, your lungs, conn stricts your ability to think or breathe or you can try to find meaning. cord to go page six out of the gossip column in new york her new love interest is an act vision video game maker, ceo of the company, bobby copick. hi doctor allen. >> hi, how are you. >> are you still director of clinical training in the couple and family therapy program at drexel. >> yes. >> that is quite a title. >> yes. >> i don't know what you will say but my guess is, you shouldn't put a time frame on grieving. >> in, there is no set time framing. there isn't. it takes time for everyone, but the length of time is different because our experiences are different.
8:07 am
you cannot put a a time frame on it. other thing you need to think about what is it that you will do in that time. cheryl sandberg talked about meaning. there is meaning in the process, while you are moving to try to figure out what you will do without your loved one. >> would you say to some people, stay focused on during that time. >> i would say is there three things you need to focus on but there are many more. three things are prayer, practicing and pacing. the partly prayer and even if you don't, you do not have a particular religion just maybe spiritual foundation where you are praying to something to help you get the through. >> yes. >> and processing means that you have got, you know, whether it is a long term illness or a freak accident like with cheryl sandberg you have to process through what had has happened with you? your life will never be the same. >> you always say give yourself permanent to grief without feeling guilty what does that mean. >> it means, reality of it is sometimes we need to get back to work. we need to get back to living our lives. and grieving without guilt means that we give ourself
8:08 am
permission not the to feel guilty about the fact that we cannot get over this tomorrow. it may take time. for some people a year, for some people many years but don't feel guilty about it. >> what if you start dating and you have not grieved yet. you could get in big trouble there. >> there are pitfalls of dating without grieving awe grieving brings but a lot of raw emotion, sadness, depression, heartache, pain. that could spill over in the dating process and it could cause some problems. >> even to step out in that world you sort of has to take big steps if you start dating. >> one of things i a say if you are starting to date you may begin, indication that maybe it is time to move on. you may start to feel like you are growing through the grief process but don't be too quick about that. because you have to realize that even if you are dating that doesn't mean grief process is over. you still may need to start that grieving processor continue that grieving process, in the middle of dating. >> all and all it is really in of our business, is it.
8:09 am
>> it really isn't, at the end of the day, no. >> whatever you want to do. >> that is too fast, too little. best example for me, vice-president joe biden. he asked, doctor jill by tone ask him three times. you really have to be a special person to partner with someone who has lost their loved one. they didn't divorce them voluntarily. >> you will remember his first wife, died in a car crash. >> car crash. >> and a baby. >> he had two children that he still needed to raise. she had to think long and hard, and really take on the responsibility of knowing that this other person, this previous partner, wife is still very much present even though she's in the the here physically. >> good move on her part. >> it was a good move on her part but grief therapy, couples counseling, spiritual advisor but someone to help you go through the process. >> anyone good at drexel. >> yours truly. you're looking at her. >> thank you. >> encourage, and expect the best lauren.
8:10 am
>> that is right, that is mountain owe of pen wood high school's principal, how he helped a struggling district to win big, he is in our studio. >> yes. super teacher. plus glued to the tv, binge watching is nothing new with house of cards out but what captivating our area most popular shows to binge in pennsylvania, new jersey, and delaware.
8:11 am
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8:13 am
these are records to beat. we have high temperature record from wednesday and from thursday's dates, the high temperature record were set in the year 2006. that is ten years ago. they have only been standing for ten years and all these record including philadelphia's wednesday record at 73. we can tie thursday's record of 76 degrees. we will see what happens. so we're setting the stage here with no precipitation, high pressure in control. we are switching to southeasterly wind today, after the cold weather that we had over the weekend. now we're up to 38 degrees in philadelphia but factor in the
8:14 am
wind that are from the southwest a at 8 miles an hour, feels like 32. these wind chills are still pretty cold, as we get started today, average high is 50 degrees. we mentioned we never got out of the 40's. cold weekend. look at today 60 degrees. tomorrow 68, mid 70's on wednesday, and on thursday, and even if we get cooler after that it is still above average, we just got the to work on that forecast for sunday for the parade because it is not looking ideal at the moment bob kelly. >> well, you have a a whole week to work on it. >> i will. >> 8:14. good morning everybody. a live look at the roosevelt boulevard, and here's the schuylkill expressway, right here near the boulevard. we have you coming and going westbound jammo from the boulevard all the way out to conshohocken. look at the sun glare the shadow cast by the sun here. it is right at dashboard level eastbound schuylkill, jammed up from conshohocken to center city. curb side coming from new jersey the freeway we're all
8:15 am
hitting bridges at the same time here stack up from the acx on to the freeway and that delay continues into bellmawr. ben franklin a little bit of the backup a at downtown eighth and vine. on i-95 through wilmington north bound an accident approaching martin luther king boulevard, also an accident northbound on the new jersey turnpike, and, at exit number four which is route 73 the morel laurel interchange. flower show, opening up, first weekday where we will see volume around the convention center here in center city. mike and lauren, back over to you. i remember when pen wood high school was really struggling years ago but what do you get when you add a principal to a school, always seeing so much taken away from them and problems multiply. >> we have a despite all those challenges we will win. >> meet brandon cooley. >> what were you thinking a as far as college. >> reporter: cooley runs the show at pen wood high school.
8:16 am
parents love their principal. >> thank you very much. >> who has earned respect. >> brandon, i mean, he has large shoes to fill. >> not the just in the hallways. >> he helps out a a lot. he is always in the classroom. he is here every day, supporting us. like he is helpful. he is every where in the school. >> but in the the classroom. >> obviously it is reflect on the test scores and things like that. >> he came to campus in 2010 aware of the struggling school. >> he makes me feel happy that he works for us. >> before coming to penn wood he worked in one of the largest school districts in the country, much easier work but welcomed the challenge here. >> i think it shows that he is willing to work. >> hard work is paying off, in the at attitude. >> he is a great man. >> relationships. >> he really helped us, like, he made us who we are today. >> most of all, test scores. >> i want to take you there and tell them i will go to
8:17 am
this university. >> i want to shake his hand too because one man can make a big difference. good to see you, principal. >> thank you very much. >> brandon cooley. success starts at the top. what did you do when you came in the school and saw what needed to happen. >> it is definitely a team. i have to say. that i work with great teachers a and some amazing student. one of the key components i have found is relationships. whether it be your boss, your teacher, nobody wants to fail. when you build that relationship with students, no one must let you down. i find that there is in limit to our success. so we kind of embody that. there is two things that i instill, their mine set verse growth. smarties something you get. it is not something that you are. so with the growth mind set you always challenge yourself, to the highest levels. you take these advanced course is and things that we have received accolades on. kahn be successful. you will be successful. for example if i'm an athlete and i want to train or run or
8:18 am
lift, i will practice that over and over again, until i become the best. the same thing with a group mine set. when you challenge yourself you you become smarter. so there is no limits. >> in limits at all. >> in limits at all. >> how did you do it. >> the two -- that and big component with working with a great staff. but the fact is if you build a relationship again, in one wants to let you down. you don't want to let your bosses down. i don't want to let my bosses down. it is personal then. >> he said he want to come to your office, shake your hand and say i'm going to college. he does not want to disappoint you. >> when they leave here they need to be college and career ready. i dent want them -- i want them to exceed. i don't want them to be as good as their neighboring district. we overcome, we adapt and we survive. >> right now, brag about yourself and your schools a little bit. you are a humble man. but where were you five years ago and where is this school today.
8:19 am
>> well, right now we're being recognized with some of the elite districts in the country. we are also, we won one award for historically under represented students that we were the only one in the the state of pennsylvania. the student are doing amazing things to me it is an honor and privilege to be part of that. >> they are taking ap classes before there were just a few students and now there are dozens of students. >> we are creating multiple sections. the trickle up effect. if we keep that momentum, we will be fine. it will be sooner then later that we're mentioned with the top in the state. >> they have career take. then i learned the track deem didn't have a track this he were practicing inside. but these kid are like nothing will stop us. when i was there last week it was like high we're here, going in to colleges. >> where do we find more of you. >> again, i'm fortunate enough to work with great people but as lauren mentioned the track team, you know, when people
8:20 am
talk about how good our track team is. they were second in the state. they think it the is a sound bite joke when we don't have a track. it is legitimate. we overcome, we adapt. they run mountain second floor of the hall room. >> and they are second in the state. >> you are unreal. >> great program. >> yes. >> i think you two are great together. you are both single. >> well, yes, i am, i'm still waiting for an answer for the date with the junior and senior prom. >> when is the prom. >> in april. >> she said yes. >> there we go. >> i knew i like her. >> you are the man. >> thanks, brandon. >> do you like a gapy grin? do you like a gumy smile. do you like to see peoples smiles when they smile like this? what you're happy expressions says about the type of person you are, do you like the gapy begin. >> or gummy smile. >> not into that. but first it is one of the greatest love songs of all time but can anyone sing it, like whitney? the superstar covering
8:21 am
houston's historic mega hit. >> beiber. >> no. >> no. >> there is gaga. >> no. >> madonna. >> no. giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy...
8:22 am
8:23 am
kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase.
8:24 am
whatever. prince william, kate, prince george and princess charlotte on vacation in thal ins france. it is first time the two children have ever played in the snow. >> oh, good for them. >> first time they have been together on a vacation a abroad. >> good for them. >> yes. >> you are not too interested in this. >> what else do they have to do. >> vacation, money, take pictures. >> yes. >> i want to talk about zootopia, even though that bores the heck out on of me too. >> teddy wants to see thisy know she does. >> it tops box office and it has bigger debut then frozen. >> what? >> remember when you were elsa. >> yes. >> get ready for this one. it brought in 73.7 million-dollar over the weekend. more than any other
8:25 am
difficulties any animated film even beating frozen's debut weekend, three years ago. >> i'll be darned. i mean those folks, animators in will hollywood sure figured out how to make millions of dollars. >> you don't even need actors. >> no, put silly animation together and children will want to see it and they will cry if you don't get to go. then you have to take them to it. >> you know the drill. >> yes. >> you know how many times i saw you little mermaid. >> how many times did you see frozen. >> i have never seen frozen. >> you never saw let it go, teddy never made you watch it. >> nope. >> lucky you. >> i'm very proud of that. >> all right. >> we brought this up all weekend long. beyonce had a special performance over the weekend in los angeles. >> listen to this.: which
8:26 am
wyche he decent footage. >> a user that posted it to instagram there were cell phones. >> this is her rendition at an event, blue ivy's school in los angeles. >> i will always love you by whether it knew houston. >> she also sang her song craze any love. >> yep. >> and whitney performance though nothing new, beyonce covered i will always love you a at her concerts in the past. she should not the try to do that. >> it is a iconic song. >> and whitney, i mean who else sings like this. >> i don't knowy always thought beyonce is a entertainer, she's not known that much for her vocal ability. >> yes. >> she has a nice voice there. >> she sound god to me there. >> yes. >> who am i to say i cannot sing. >> sleepless sunday. chances are most of you are extra tired on monday morning. people have a hard time falling sleep on sunday night. the it goes back to the school days. we have five ways to get a
8:27 am
restful nights sleep. if i recognize those hand they belong to adam. >> yes. >> in her pajamas. >> how cute.
8:28 am
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it is exactly 8:30 on this monday, a true love story, that is for sure. nancy a and heron i, from holding hands, to love letters, and how does modern day romance stack up. do you ever get letters anymore? and, playing james rejoyce forget trying to look like a super model, why simple is the new sexy a according to a survey of a whole lot of guys. >> okay, i have a question, how did you sleep last night. >> it was okay, i got about five hours, that is what i get every night. >> toss and turny toss and turn. >> a according to a survey by
8:31 am
national sleep foundation. >> by the way, nice robe. >> thank you. >> i just woke up. >> it smells good too. >> yes. >> okay. >> nothing wrong with that. >> one in five americans struggle to fall asleep on sunday night, compared to the other nights of the week. >> i can say that. anna is here a lifestyle expert. what would you say is reason for sunday night. i relate it to back when i was in school. i got homework. i'm not ready for it. >> yeah, same thing, to do list and things of that nature but i guess a few things back to mom, mom gave you a comforting sleep routine. that is what you want to do as an adult. turn to aroma a therapy. is what interesting is even if you have an ultra sense of smell and taste, it still works on a cell level. even if you put it, your skin can breathe aroma therapy. you want to look for lavender, look for sample wood, honey, any of these ingredients in your beauty products is way to
8:32 am
go. >> by spraying it on ourselves we will be able to smell that all night. >> yes. >> and also kind of goes in through your skin, your skin can, benefit from a aroma therapy even if you don't necessarily smell it. >> yes. >> i used sandal wood in my body wash. >> yes. >> and you fall asleep. >> exactly. >> this is from first day beauty. this is great. conditioning oil cleanser. it is like revamped version of mom's cold cream. mom used to put cold cream, and then this is same thing. you put it on and towel it off >> toothpaste. >> so this is also a new revamped way of you being able to drift off to bed. >> there is a number of things on the market that have lavenders. this in particular, which has been used by doctors for century to help women get to sleep. right here your dental routine at night you are able to benefit also from a a aroma therapy and different types. >> where did you get that. >> you you can pick that up at
8:33 am
sephora. >> this is probably a no, no, coffee. >> sunday night typically you have, friend and family over, and a big dinner. then at the end of the night i will brew a pot have of caffeinated coffee. i will go decalf. no, just the scent of coffee whether it is caffeinated or decaffeinated is enough to keep you awake. they did a study of sleep deprived rats and they found with sleep deprivation they stayed awake with just the smell of coffee. >> your brain says let's stay awake. >> i made this mistake last night. i down a bucket of orange juice before i went to bed. >> not good. >> citrus is also very energizing. if you are having a tangerine orr range tea at night you might want to switch to a tea because that will be more suiting. >> i sleep with the phone in my bed. >> not good. >> not good. >> come here. >> not good. >> so we can hop to this one.
8:34 am
so interesting blue light, your body intemperate is it as sunshine. so when you are taking a look at your phone, at night, and it is glowing. if you think bit, take a look at the iphone. do you see an orange cast on it. the color wheel has blue, opposite blue is orange. so it blocks out, the blue from your phone. you just go. absolutely free. you can down load an app. look for blue light filter on itunes store or android store and you are able to down load it, a free app to help cut down on the blue light you are getting at the even of the the night. >> good tips you are something. >> nice pj's too. >> i like them. >> thanks. >> do you sleep in pajamas. >> yes, of course. >> i have an idea for you. >> you are married. >> i'm engaged. >> are you going to have kid. >> yes good listen to this. >> when you are ready to deliver, in the delivery room at the hospital, they crank music up, right.
8:35 am
we just have a list of the top pushing songs. >> push. >> now, push it real good-bye salt and pepper be on that list. >> i would hope not. >> i would not play it. >> push it real good. >> you cannot play this one. >> listen to this. >> that song is not the in the top five. >> okay. >> we will play it for you. >> and local celebrities have governor christie and kevin hart were called out. >> did you hear about the the cat williams fight last night in philly? literally.
8:36 am
8:37 am
8:38 am
saturday night live loves to have fun with the elections here, they are mocking people all over the place. new jersey governor chris christie, you know, he
8:39 am
supported done will old trump last week and they are making fun of him. >> endorsed donald trump. governor christie was ridiculed on sows media and newspapers too for last week because of that blank stair, during donald trump's acceptance speech. that was after the super tuesday win. snl has to get in on this act. >> it is really a sad desperate little potato bag there, aren't you, chris. >> yes, sir, thank you sir, please sir, may i have another. >> no. >> go on a plane, go home. >> you got it. >> he was overheard saying that actually. so, jay farrow impersonated feud between cat williams, who happens to be in philadelphia a right now and philly's own kevin hart after cat called kevin a puppet. >> deaf was like first of all, bam.
8:40 am
only black man get the away with a permanent is prince. i do too but i smile. oh, my god. >> so, he said, the rift has been, settled. well, they apparently talk it over and eddie murphy's private bowling alley during an annual meeting of black comedians, who knew there was a annual meeting of black comedians. >> it is so funny. you say him in houston. he is good. >> really good. >> yeah. >> he is so funny. >> yes. >> but, speaking of cat williams, who i find very funny, so filthy every other word, last night, cat was seen on stage at the trocadero in center city a few blocks from here. >> apparently he was not doing stand up. >> no, we have video from instagram. >> what do you see here. >> people say he wases there for beanie segal's show but
8:41 am
acting kind of weird and strange. >> was beanie there. >> i don't know. >> so much so he runs up, and just punches somebody on stage, out of in where, and then he was doing some crazy dance and doing some push-ups. >> that is him running the stage there. >> yes. >> and then he punches somebody. >> oh, man. >> we have to find out more from quincy. >> done of people there. >> what is that dance. >> well, it is his happy dance. >> and then push-ups. >> q necessary about this. can we get him on the phone or let's text him. >> yes. >> q watches the show. text us, let us know what is happening there. >> we're getting ready, it will be 76 stinking degrees on thursday. >> so instead of going outside we have to spring clean. >> yes, yes, yes, stay home and declutter. that is what i'm into, jen, declutter. >> that is awesome. i'm so happy you were here at 7:00. now we are keeping kid bus which amazing stuff, coming back, denise will not tell me
8:42 am
how she made this so we will find out during the actual segment. we are getting kid ready for easter.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
look at the pocono mountains where the isis slowly starting to melt up there at the lake. as we get closer to spring that will happen but we are off to a chilly start this morning. dress like bus stop buddy, right now with the winter coat and the gloves. here's the temperature only 38 t is freezing outside even with all that sunshine a bit of the breeze. you see american flag blowing there out of the south/southwest a at 8 miles an hour. here is seven day forecast, we will get to a high of 60 degrees today. check out middle of the week, wednesday, thursday, mid 70's and both of these temperatures will either tie, break record and lauren, by the time we get to the weekend, it is still mild. we have to get rid of this rain. not the leprechaun but this rain on sunday. >> yes, we do good come on,
8:46 am
rain, hold off. >> spring break, half day for school, school conferences, plenty of reasons why kids need to be entertain. jen is in montgomeryville, and explaining how we get this done when weather is so nice outside. >> it is beautiful but denise and i didn't know what the weather would be like. we're in world market. new store. very cool. good morning. >> good morning. >> one of the things you talk about is getting kid involved in decor, cleaning up the stuff. so you have these kind of creative easter things for the kid. >> i'm going to call them edible taranriums, you see the moss and stuff. these are edible. mostly. >> i like it. >> you can do it with any kind of glass container you have which they have a conn here. i like different shapes, sizes. you will have a may on jar at home or a vase. you will gather your candy. let the kid dump it out, but they cannot eat it just yet.
8:47 am
>> then it goes in there, right. >> yes. >> they cannot touch it. >> no. >> little museum. >> then you can use it on your easter or brunch table or have it around the house, let them wait. >> what do i do. >> grab a jar. >> this jar because i like that lid. >> it is like that. >> yes. >> fill it with something. >> you have a couple choices. is there edible grass. >> what if i put in here. >> i love that. >> but i will do that. >> you can do whatever you want it to be for. >> this is edible grass, strawberry, blueberry, chew them up. >> wait a minute, let me try it. >> yeah, it is good. you will get pink tease. >> it is decent good i will will say i'm happy to have something to do the grass. because there is nothing to to with it. >> it gets all over. >> now you can have them pick it up and eat it. >> could you eat it off the floor, brody and landry. >> fit is edible and sugar they will eat it off the floor. >> i will do what you do,
8:48 am
sorry. >> you can use whatever you want. >> okay. >> and then put this in here. >> it goes around. >> yes. >> this is so cute. >> i will do one over here. >> sue serio does this pinterest thing where she always has the fails. >> she need me. >> yes. >> this is something that i think everyone can do. >> right. >> i put one of these in here too you can put in whatever you want. you will get easter candice and dodads and it is like you make a little village. >> do you see this one over here. >> my gosh, adorable. >> talk to me about these easter eggs. >> so easter eggs, everyone has plastic easter eggs. >> yes. >> honestly here's the most simple thing i will tell you stick them in a vase. there is your center piece if you think you will have have a pinterest fail or get creative and this keeps kid busy. whenever you get these, you notice there is holes on each end, for what reason i don't know why. i just string them. >> yes. >> you can use ideas you have from other holidays and
8:49 am
christmas garland make easter gar land. >> i like it. >> adorable. >> ginger bread, a and peeps, and i did not have any idea what you were talking about. >> in. >> we will take peeps. dab them with icing. and then decorate them just like would you ginger bread men. >> that is a great idea good take the same concept of decorating a ginger bread man but do it with easter supplies. >> throw that in your little museum for candy a as well. >> if you don't want to buy these supplies separate thely people sell kits new with all kind of car on the cake. >> i love it. >> peeps decorating. >> this is cup cakes. >> can we keep these until 9:00. >> yes, you can keep me. >> at 9:00 we will do more stuff. this by the way is magical. >> i like all that stuff too. guys, are you in. >> we're here. >> totally. >> deathly. >> string the eggs. >> yes, i love this store by the way. it is very nice. coming up, ten minutes way from 9:00 o'clock, glued to
8:50 am
the tr, there was a lot of binge watching over the weekend, lot of people watching that house of cards. >> what is anybody in this area watching. >> we will break it down by states. >> we have most popular shows, in pennsylvania, nj and delaware.
8:51 am
lemme get a mcpick 2. check out the fresh new look on mcdonald's mcpick 2 menu! ♪ lemme get a mcpick 2 now, choose any 2 delicious mcdonald's classics
8:52 am
for just $5 bucks. ♪ mix n match ♪ share n savor ♪ 2 for $5 name your flavor ♪ pick any 2 iconic tastes- a big mac made with 100% beef, flaky filet-o-fish, seared on the grill quarter pounder with cheese or crispy 10-piece chicken mcnuggets for just $5 bucks. grab a friend today and pick your faves! ♪ lemme get a mcpick 2 ♪ bada ba ba ba
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good morning, everybody. 8:53 on a monday. lots of sunshine on a monday, giving us sun glare, live look at the blue route. we had an earlier accident near saint david villanova with some delays. for the gang coming in from new jersey same deal 42 dealing with sun glare. nothing out of the ordinary
8:54 am
working your way in towards 295. we have an accident though on i-95 in wilmington north bound right at martin luther king boulevard and a accident northbound on the new jersey turnpike at exit number four. that is interchange for route 73 there in mount laurel, new jersey. airport looking good and in problems on mass transit, mike and lauren back over to you. there is a new app and it shows people tend to favor their own states when it comes to what they are binge watching on tv. >> okay. >> home released state by state break down of the most popular streaming services of hulu and netflix. >> so i would think pennsylvania it would be about something about pennsylvania, of course. >> you guessed it, mike jerrick. >> it is always sun any philadelphia is what we like to binge watch in the keystone state. that makes sense. >> yes. >> you see new jersey residents like show about them, boardwalk empire. >> how about delaware. >> nurse jackie. >> yes.
8:55 am
>> yes, yes. >> so this web site again is home used google trend to find out which shows were most buzz worthy since netflix and hulu and amazon do not release streaming stats. >> i'm so shocked that is what it is. i guess you go after what is popular in your state. >> never think to binge watch it is always sunny in philadelphia. >> me either. >> people want to see it because it is about philadelphia. >> binge watch i don't even watch it. >> you don't watch house of cardy don't watch anything. i don't want my life. >> you watch whatever that show is every day at 1:00 o'clock. you watch the bold and beautiful. >> i have given up on bold and the beautiful. >> what happened. >> we have breaking news. >> i got bored. >> yes, i got bored with it. >> predictable. >> extremely. >> i can jump back on that horse anytime. you cannot see it for a year and get caught up in a week
8:56 am
you don't want to do it every single day. >> yeah. >> you know, man, when i heard nancy reagan died, i thought instantly of her love story with ronnie as she called him. >> yes. >> nancy and ronnie, from holding hands to have love letters that he would constantly write her, how does modern take romance stack up, do we write love letters anymore. i have an idea, twitter and facebook, and, we will see what you and your partner did. do you leave notes for each other on a fridge or stuff like that. >> so sweet is there let's be sweet on this monday.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
what do we really want, forget super models, plane jane rejoyce, why simple, is the new sexy.
9:00 am
>> really. and, who has the best darn sandwich in philadelphia? the philadelphia area for that matter. will it be, well, will it be a roast pork sandwich, will it be a hoagie. we will crown the winner on our show today, american idol of sandwiches. and, kim kardashian, leaving very little to the imagination how she's showing off her post baby body, right now. >> oh, barf. >> push, play list. >> ladies. >> listen up, a doctor has come up with a perfect play list for, you to listen to while you are giving birth. >> what? >> yes. >> yes. >> the down load, as you down load. >> ♪


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