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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  March 8, 2016 4:00am-5:01am EST

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and, we will begin with a developing story new jersey state trooper hit the by a koran 295 abe was rushed to the hospital where he remains, right the now. more on his injuries straight ahead. another traffic accident... this time a local mother fighting for her life this morning after she and her two kids were hit by a tow truck, what police say happened moment before this accident. chip era is now officially over, all of the big names he brought in the off season last year, gone, or leaving, perhaps biggest number 29 demarco, much more on the big shake up, the with the eagles, from yesterday. good day everybody it is tuesday march 8th, 2016. >> good morning. >> number 29, lets see who gets that, we will talk about all of the trade yesterday and what is going on. i have to tell you with all of
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the negative news in philly sports, sue serio, the flyers won, again. >> they sure did. >> when we see bus stop buddy later on. the it is too early for him to be up he will be wearing a flyers cap. lets see we are looking at a area of rain which wasn't supposed to be here and doesn't look like it will last very long, it a appears to be, actually lake effect rain, coming on down into lancaster county, chester county, north of harrisburg we are seeing a stray shower. it is not supposed to last object part of the forecast but it is there and we may have to deal witt for a little while. here's the big thing, it is warmer then it was yesterday at this time. the it is in the 40's. 47 degrees in philadelphia a. forty-nine in mount pocono. forty-nine atlantic city. fifty in dover. so the mild, trend has already begun. look at how much warmer then yesterday. 13 degrees.
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18 degrees. 21 degrees warmer then yesterday at this same time and that is because wind are changing direction and once we get those wind out of the south we will usually see milder air moving in. that is the deal with that. the wind are not too strong and we're expect to go see a temperature of around 70 degrees, later on today. so we should crack 70, mostly sunny skies but we have a few cloud around and keeping an eye on that area of showers. that is what is going on for your tuesday and talk bay further warm up, and we will check on the forecast for the parade sunday coming up in the seven day. bob kelly is here, what is going on, this tuesday morning. >> chris brought his entire kitchen cabinet in, sitting it up on the desk here, we will show thaw later. >> oh, we will. >> good morning, everybody 4:02 on a tuesday. what do you have there, go ahead. >> he has his cereals, some soy creamer. >> and just to be healthy, i
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brought questioning earth for you guys and... >> he brought all this down from up to stairs, okay. >> what the heck is wrong with me it is breakfast buffet. >> it is just breakfast. >> can't we all just share breakfast together in the delaware valley. >> can't we all get along. why don't you tweet me and let me know what you are enjoying in your kitchen. >> puffness over there. >> 4:03. live look the a the schuylkill expressway, in problems or delays coming in or out of the city heading out to grab your breakfast buffet. we are looking good here on the 42 freeway coming in toward the city. it was a rough night with the closure of 295, all lanes are opened. we will will go to steve keeley in a moment to give us an update on a accident that involved a new jersey state trooper yesterday or last evening. they are still work together pennsylvania turnpike between street road and heading in to to that delaware valley interchange. that active work zone from
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philadelphia, over toward the connection bridge. otherwise we're in good shape. schuylkill looking good. i-95, in problems out of northeast philadelphia a, construction zone. they are out there but not the blocking any of the lanes but they will be working later on today here in delaware county. route 322, the stretch between route one and i-95 down to one lane during the midday. this is a rough go to begin with so keep that in mind traveling that way later today and midday work coming our way 422, between trooper, and route 23, about 9:00 to 3:00 this nice weather, this is prime construction weather now, guys got the to make up for any of the time they may have lost during the snow and make sure there is projects that stay on type. betsy ross bridge, coming into philadelphia, they will be closing ago this richmond street off ramp which puts everybody on to i-95 and then exiting at bridge street. that little change up there will throw extra volume our way during the next couple of weeks or so.
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otherwise mass transit looking good, lauren, back over to you. developing this morning an outpouring of prayers for a new jersey state trooper hit on i295. the trooper was air lifted to cooper hospital in camden where fellow officers have been gathering since the accident happened. this is video of sky fox over the scene in west deptford last night, around 8:00 o'clock, authorities still trying to figure out exactly what happened. we do know that the trooper was outside of his cruiser when he was hit the by that vehicle will on the outbound side. the interstate just reopened around 3:30. it had been shut down for seven hours while they investigate that accident and try to recreate that scene. the as soon as we have more information we will bring it to you. a mother and her two children are in the hospital this morning after being hit the by a tow truck, this is the the a aftermath of what happened, in fair hill. so, we understand police say a 24 year-old woman was crossing b street and ontario with a four and a one year-old when all three were hit by a truck
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just before 7:00 last night. a person in the area just jumped in to help and rush those kids to the hospital. when an ambulance arrived they found a woman in the road unconscious. the she's in the hospital in critical condition. the four year-old is in critical condition but one year-old at least is in stable condition. witnesses say truck driver appeared to have the green light. >> i can tell you that the intersection of the b and ontario, especially b street is a very, very busy intersection, not the only with vehicular but also pedestrian traffic. >> the driver did stop and wait for police, officers say he was not the impaired. investigators also looking at surveillance video to find out what happened. a child in the hospital after a hit and run and police say a car involved belonged to the city. this happened yesterday afternoon in the 200 block of gaining avenue in olney. investigators say it seemed like one and a half year-old child may have wandered from home and may have walk in the street. that is when the child was hit
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by a white vehicle possibly a van or truck belonging to the the city of philadelphia police say the driver probably did not the see the child. that child is in the hospital in stable condition, lauren. two men are in jail after police pursuit the that started in darby and ended west philadelphia sky fox over the scene on catherine street the where that chase came through a crashing end yesterday afternoon. the suspect's red car could in the go any further after slamming in the couple of parked cars. in all authorities say the suspects were involve in the three collisions a along the way, injuring four different bystanders. a witness says he was on his way home when he saw the chaos. >> the police van was chasing the car, from 53rd street and then next thing i know, cops were all over the place. >> darby officers started pursuing the two suspects when they say they witnessed a drug deal. the those two men are facing a slew of charges, two of the injured bystanders remain hospitalized in critical condition.
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4:08 is the time. voters in four states the will decide heading to the polls to cast their ballots in the race for white house. biggest prize is michigan with 59 republican delegates and 148 democratic delegates up for grabs. latest polls from michigan shows donald trump and hillary clinton have double digit lead over their competitors. the mississippi, ohio and idaho are also voting in their primary today. it the looks like chip kelly's mistakes from last season are trying to be wiped away. sources say running back demarco murray's time with the eagles now over. come tomorrow murray will be officially a tennessee titan. dave kinchen is live in south philadelphia with the details on the trade. is what up, dave. >> reporter: it is chip kelly purge, it continues, demarco murray is set to join the tennessee titans, and there is a lot of reaction, coming in, from the fans, murray, of course, will join the team although details are still being finalized now.
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the it is in the yet known who the bird will get as a replacement. murray cashed in with a 40 million-dollar, five-year contract with the eagles last year, 21 in million of it guarantied, how do you like that but he made no secret in recent months that he wasn't happy in philadelphia fans have some interesting opinions on the move. >> i thought he was horrible. i think the whole team was horrible. >> he didn't have a good year last year but he didn't have a good line either. so i'm giving him the benefit of the doubt. they have to get something good for him. i'm thinking it the is a good player. >> reporter: of course, murray led national football league in rushing with 1845 yards, and 13 touchdowns for dallas in 204. he was nfl offensive player of the year and, of course, this move comes just as kiko a
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alonzo and byron maxwell were also traded as well in exchange for an early draft pick. the big question is who will the bird bring on on now? chip kelly got rid of andy reid's guys and now doug pederson getting rid of chip kelly's guy. cycle continues. >> i think we would rather have andy reid guys. >> yes, can we sign them up. a reunion tour, that is what we will call them. >> i still think shady can run. we got kiko alonzo for shady. what a mess. >> reporter: just awful. >> thanks, dave. 4:10. a fight between two kid may mean more trouble for one, reason civil rights activist wants one of the students expelled from school. swimming coach in trouble with the police this morning, what they say she said, to a teenage boy.
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the warm up has begun. you probably realized yesterday that it was starting to feel a little bit better. we will talk about temperature in a second but we have to watch this weak disturbance that has entered our area. there will be folks later on today that won't realize that it rained a little bit and it probably won't make it to philadelphia but we will keep an eye on this area of showers that is breaking up entering new castle county and chester county in pennsylvania. that is that. now 47 degrees is our current temperature we were in the 20's and 30's yesterday. here's mild air that will be
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heading our way from the southwest. it is already 68 degrees in new orleans, clearwater, florida where phillies are in spring trach, 63 degrees. forty-four in a atlanta a. we will get more of this milder action. we expect to be in the mid 20's above average over next couple days, maybe 21, 26 degrees, 5 degrees a have above average as we get in the middle of the week. the right now in the upper 40's as far north as mount pocono. 50 degrees already in dover. the it is 50 degrees in wildwood. we won't to have bundle seven kids up ourselves quite as much as yesterday. 3 miles an hour wind in philadelphia. coming out of the west we will see that change of direction and eventually get southeasterly wind in here. the as we look at the past day, seven days, we got up to 61 degrees yesterday. it was still on the chilly side at least in the early part of the the day but you could feel the change, beginning, and here we go 70
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today, upper 70's tomorrow and thursday and then upper 60's on friday. >> wow. >> still pretty mild. even saturday, where that is the coolest day of the seven day forecast it is still 60 degrees. >> yeah. >> you see we have change our picture for sunday, we have chance for showers but also chance of sunshine. >> wow. >> how is that for covering you're owe. >> where is leprechaun. >> he is coming. >> he will be back. >> okay. >> he is tired out. >> good morning, everybody. 4:15 on a tuesday morning. we are looking live at the blue route 476, no problems or delays at all. we're off to a pretty good start rolling out of the driveway this morning. grabbing your coffee and heading for the bennie, good to go. in problems up and over in toward downtown philadelphia. they are still working on 202, northbound, between the 30
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bypass and route 401. yesterday, one of those gigantic wide load caravans get stuck in the cattle shoot, so that tied traffic up. having is opened up now. flower show opened up here in center city at the the convention center. we will see volume, unusual the path earns around the convention center over the next couple of days. cone zone coming to northeast philadelphia later today. penndot the will be working on woodhaven road between a academy road and i-95. so just keep that in mind up and down north east philadelphia. philly international looking good heading out to the airport this morning in, problems or delays. at least at the moment. for the gang in wilmington, they are still working on 495, from wilmington all the way up through naamans road, lauren, back over to you. in northeast philadelphia a man walked in the family dollar store immediately pulled out a gun, this happened last thursday, at the torresdale avenue store. the gun man lock the door behind him, forced employees to open up cash register, hand
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over money and cigarettes and then took off. the employee then threatened to shoot them if they watched him as he left. police are hoping you can help catch him. months after a confrontation with the septa officer ended in a man's death the police say a internal review found the officer did nothing wrong as you can see here. separate criminal investigation is ongoing but police released this video during a news conference yesterday afternoon and police say 24 year-old omar lopez got in the fight with that officer. you can see them struggling here, he tried to break it here and fight began with lopez a and another man. police say lopez refused the officer's command and also bit him. during the struggle officer used his taser ten times against lopez, a hard to make that up from this. they took lopez to the hospital because of the number of times he was taserd. police say he was conscious, until he a arrived and then later died. the septa a police say they have made changes since this
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incident. >> it is our duty toe val ways. better service to the public. while there was no fault involved with the transit police officer, and. >> among changes, police radio will verify the location of the closest, hospital, and personnel will be tracked with gps equipment. it took backup officers several minutes to find that location of the incident. chester county judge has sentenced a counselor and swim coach to five years probation after she admitted she tried to see dues a high school student. forty-one year-old emily walked at all boys malvern prep school. investigators say she sent hundreds of e-mails and text messages, including topless photos to a 16 year-old student starting in may 2014. prosecutors say that she promised, to get the boy into harvard in exchange for section. she will serve five years probation a and a judge ordered her to register as a
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sex offender under megan's law for 15 years. police in montgomery county working with the fbi to try to find whoever used a gun to rob a, credit union in horsham. authorities say this person entered the american heritage federal credit union on saturday morning. wore a full faced motorcycle helmet to conceal his identity. after getting cash investigators say he took off in a gray car, a hyundai or honda. if you have any information you are asked to call police. a civil rights activist is calling on the penns grove carney point school district in new jersey to ex-pull a middle school student over a fight between kid, that involved racist word, and dangerous threats. >> walter hudson held a news conference yesterday alongside families of the three african-american boys, two of them brothers. the family's claim a white student followed two brothers home last month, got the in the fight with them and used racially charged word. hudson says that student threatened to kill the two brothers, along with one of
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their friend. hudson also says that the school suspended the two brothers for their involvement in the fight but that student who use racial slurs faces no discipline. >> we are standing here again today demanding that they do the right thing by the kids in this community. i find it the very reprehensible that given the climate of school shootings that have gone on across the country that they would be so lacks on how they are dealing with this. >> hudson also says that the the boy who made the threats is on social media holding an assault rifle. we have reached out to the school district for comment but have not heard back yet. hudson once served on the penns grove carney's point school board and was removed after pleading guilty for assaulting a police officer on school ground. meantime at 4:20 let's talk eagles. what a big day it was yesterday in the off season. they looked like they conduct
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a fire sale with trades, three big name players gone, all chip's guys. howard will weigh in on this straight ahead.
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good morning i'm howard
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eskin. eagles clearing decks of chip kelly players, they say there is a sucker born every day that fits case of teams taking on eagles that really permanent poorly. chip kelly either signed on brought in players with trade last season that turned out to be stiffs just bad players. all will though trades cannot be official until wednesday at 4:00, howie roseman cleaning it out. rose-man sent demarco murray to the tennessee titans. the last season chip kelly brought mur friday dallas as a free agent, signed him to a five-year, 40 million-dollar deal, 21 of which is guaranteed. murray went from 1800-yard to 700-yard with the eagles. he will be gone for what i hear ace fifth round draft pick. eagles really saved money here and also probably will lose 4.5 million of the dead money in the cap. earlier eagles traded cornerback byron maxwell and linebacker kiko alonzo. fans think they should get a second round pick but i would be surprised if they got anything better than a fourth. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin.
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whole new look. how about this bomb shell revelation from tennis superstar maria a sharapova. she received a letter saying she had failed a drug test at the australian opened. now comes fall out nike has decided to suspend its contract with sharapova a. she signed that deal in 2010 and it was to last eight years, worth $70 million. >> she has gotten that money already, right. >> but still. >> i know. >> that is ray hard fall. 4:25. pro wrestler hulk hogan bomb shell testimony in court yesterday, dirty laundry he admitted to on the stand. howie roseman.
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a new jersey state trooper is in the hospital in the car after a dangerous night out on the roads what we know about his injuries this morning. funeral plans have been set for nancy reagan when the world will will say good bye to the laid any red. the eagles blowing up that roster, and demarco murray, one of the three big names reportedly leaving town this morning, and we hear from the fans, who are sounding off and saying their own version of
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the bye, bye, bye. >> exactly. >> thank goodness, goodness, goodness. bye-bye birdie, that makes sense, right. >> right. >> paid too much money for a bunch of guys that weren't in their prime anymore. i just learned every day and thinks what i love about working television news is have day you learn something new and that is quite frankly why i got the in this business. i just learned on tuesday march 8th, 2016, what a shimmy, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, this is a s hiv y a shoe and a booty. >> yes. >> class, that is your word of the day, use it in a sentence. there will be a quiz. all right. we have some clouds around this morning, and then this little area of showers, weak
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disturbance coming through, most of these showers are breaking up as they start to move in the viewing area but lancaster county has seen some showers this morning. maybe a tiny bit in chester county and northeastern maryland. watch out shouldn't last too long or impede beautiful will day we have in store. we're already a whole lot milder then yesterday when we saw temperatures in the 20's and 30's and now we're in the the 40's and 50's with 50 degrees already, in dover, delaware and our 24 hour temperature change, this out, we have at 16, 14, 18, 21, 22, bingo, we're all these very, very warm, compared to yesterday. the not much of a breeze. we're not even dealing with anything called wind chill. maybe we won't have to anymore, for a while, and we have a planner for today that does include sunshine, we have got stray showers that are around this morning, we will start off in the mid 40's, we will gain some 20 degrees, by
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lunchtime topping off in the 07's maybe lower 07's by end of the day. the is there your planner for tuesday. sunset time 6:01. hopefully you'll enjoy boot the full weather today. bob kelly, did you feel the difference out there, little milder. >> i felt difference and i can't wait to use that excuse when i buy my new shoebies because they were sexy and fun >> i got that they were sexy and fun. >> no problems at all on the boulevard as we head out bound from the northeast down toward the schuylkill expressway. via downtown philadelphia on the vine street expressway, coming in and out of the city in problems or delays at the all here. we will see extra volume during the day, unusual volume, all because of the flower show, in town, setting it the up at the convention sent they are week. the just be prepared for that. we had bus trips coming in for the flower show yesterday. then a new ramp closure catching everybody by surprise here, the betsy ross bridge,
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coming into philadelphia, the richmond street off ramp is closed for the next six weeks or so. everyone will have to have use i-95, taking i-95 south and exit at bridge. that little loop around is putting extra volume on i-95 and of course extra volume through the neighborhood. then a pennsylvania turnpike crews are still working between philadelphia bensalem through street road over to that connection bridge until about 6:00 o'clock or so and they will be working on 322, down in delaware county. otherwise, bridges look fine and mass transit running with no delays, chris and lauren, back to you. developing this morning outpouring of support for a new jersey state trooper hit on 295. >> bob was talking about this. the officer was air lifted to cooper hospital in camden. steve keeley has the very latest on this for us, steve good morning. >> reporter: you can see other troopers here keeping vigil will here all night as they have been since they got the word just past eight. there has been no update from new jersey state police, since this tweet at 9:25 p.m. last
4:33 am
night when they tweeted out confirmation that one of their troopers was quote seriously hurt in a real bad accident on 295, not the too far from this accident. the trooper was hit while he was outside of his police cruiser and as you can see in the video he was right next to the exit on 295 south for west deptford at 20 after 8:00 a woman driving hit the trooper and the car that he pulled over. that woman stopped at the scene and spoke to state police helping out trying to explain what happened. the driver in that stopped car, that spun out from that right lane where she was pulled over, all the way over in the left lane shoulder you see in the guardrail then caught fire. that driver also taken to the hospital no condition or update on that person but they weren't as hurt as bad because they were still in the driver's seat. fellow troopers showed up here soon after at cooper showing support for both their collogue and that trooper's
4:34 am
family rush right over here by fellow state the police to be at trooper's bedside as close as possible. now this all comes less than three months after new jersey state police burr that i had young trooper from glassboro killed in icy road crash on the salem county road back in mid december just before christmas, so more awful news for new jersey state police and chris and lauren, again what our viewers watch me every day hear me repeat so often, there is no such thing as any routine car crash and it is eat ago way at the me when i hear one of our collogues say routine car stop. >> steve keeley, thanks very much. well, it is a serious case of damage control underway at the link. eagles front office making big changes to the roster, three players, leaving the eagles nest. >> last year they were six-ten after chip kelly's off the field news in the off season when he was name general manager and coach. one of the the players gone
4:35 am
demarco murray officially becoming a tennessee titan. dave kinchen keeping off field maneuvers straight for us, dave good morning. >> blow it up, that is what they are doing. that is how you take care of business like this. new coach coming in. you are not my guy, you are gone. you are not my guy, you're gone. that is what is happening now. demarco murray on his way to the tennessee titans and getting all kind of reaction from fans as we take a look at some of the memories with demarco murray the running pack in philadelphia. he is set to join tennessee titans with the details of that new deal being finalized still. it is not known who the bird will get in replacement but murray cashed in with a 40 million-dollar, five-year contract with the eagles last year, 21 million of it guarantied but he made in secret the in recent months he was not happy in philadelphia a fans have an interesting set of opinions on the move. >> once again, on behalf of the city of philadelphia
4:36 am
eagles, they always get rid of their prominent, good dominating players and always bring in some second, third string player in the rolls of the first string player. >> chip kelly's offense was based on the passing game and run and shoot and no huddle will or anything. the you are only as good as the offensive line in the trenches. >> reporter: murray led nfl in rushing yard with 1845 yards and 13 touchdowns for dallas in 2014. he was, of course, nfl's offensive player of the year with you demarco murray move comes along the move with kiko alonzo and byron maxwell also being traded in exchange for some early draft picks but the big question, who will the bird get? we don't necessity yet, stay tune dwight. >> you are at the wawa because ostensibly that is the only
4:37 am
place in the delaware valley at 4:30 in the morning people would be up. is anybody saying anything as they come out of the wawa and what are they saying about these moves. >> reporter: they have not. we have talked to a couple guys doing an early construction job and they didn't want to get into it. they had to get their coffee and getting. they are stale wait to go hear from will folks here. the as of yet not a whole lot of feedback. >> just at 4:37 we want to hear it. we will check back. 4:37. hulk hogan takes a stand and drops a bomb shell in court yesterday, what the ex-wrestler said about the truth behind his once secret sex tape
4:38 am
look around pennsylvania and it's not hard to spot winners. and with over 2 million winners match 6, cash 5, and treasure hunt every single month, that's hardly a surprise. winners, winners everywhere! play today!
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well, former professional wrestler hulk hogan has been dropping bomb shells on the stan. >> he is suing web site gawker for 100 million-dollar for posting a sex tape showing him and his best friend's wife. as fox's gloria gomez reports some of the testimony got a little x rated. >> hulk hogan told jury his wife had just asked for a divorce and his world was crumbling. >> i just gave up, gave in, let me guard down and it just happened. >> reporter: what happened was a sexual meeting with heather clamp, wife of his former best friend, buba the love sponge. the first time it happened heather grabbed his hand and led him in the bedroom. >> and buba a walked in right behind us and said okay, you guys, i will go to my office,
4:41 am
here's a condom, and all have of a sudden it was just so weird and so crazy my gut was telling me that this was off, this was wrong. i said buba a, you are not doing this. he just lashed into me. i'm your best friend. how dare you a say that to me. >> with that hogan and heather got together. >> how many times were you with heather. >> three, maybe four but it was only place that i actually felt safe as crazy as that sound, those people made me feel like i was their best friend. they made me feel like they loved me. >> reporter: time passed when hogan got a call telling him there was a sex tape that had him with another woman. >> i felt numb. >> biggest betrayal is when he heard buba, his best friend was behind the secret recording. >> buba was on the other end of the tape, turned camera up
4:42 am
heather if we ever need to retire thinks for our retirement. >> reporter: earlier in video tape testimony, header, who is now divorced from bub, described buba as being funny, loving and giving but she says there is another side. >> he can be equally man nip tive, self fish, intimidating, and hurtful. >> reporter: she often did what he wanted even if it meant, having sex with his best friend. >> i would. >> wow. >> 4:42. brand new app got people upset, like to hear reviews on line but why so many people are saying it is a little offensive.
4:43 am
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we have all been complaining the past couple of days, we must be allergic to juniper because we have been feeling allergy effects early this season. that is really the only pollen offender that is out there right now, that is giving people problems. so today, and tomorrow, we
4:46 am
expect medium levels of that particular pollen, by thursday and friday, medium to high levels of juniper the major offender out there. so with these early warm temperatures comes early springtime allergies and that is the only down side. we have been watching a little a area of rain that seems to be breaking up, just as it enters lancaster county. you might have experienced a couple of showers in chester county, this is not a big deal. bigger deal is how warm it will get later on today. we have got temperatures already that are warmer then they were yesterday at this this time. we were looking at 20's and 30's on this map, 49 degrees in mount pocono. forty-six in reading. fifty in dover. forty-eight in wildwood. wind speeds are in the the that high. it is direction that we will watch. once these wind are coming out of the southwest that means we will see even milder air moving in. we already got in the 60's yesterday. average high 50 degrees. we spent weekend below average, well above yesterday with 61.
4:47 am
that would have been nice enough for this time in march but you look where we are heading into the 70's today, tomorrow and then thursday, just a couple showers this morning. should not be a big deal. then we have a cold front coming through on friday and then that means we won't be quite as warm on saturday, remember at saturday night is when we change the time today light savings time and then bob kelly on sunday we have a chance of showers, chance of sunshine and your leprechaun has returned to dance his gig and hopefully chase the rain away. >> he got his lucky charms and ready to go, reporting for duty. 4:47. good morning everybody. live look at the 422, in problems at all from trooper in toward king of prussia, northeast philadelphia, i-95 as we head southbound between cottman avenue into girard. market frankford broad street subway still using shuttle buses until 5:00 o'clock this morning, after that we will role those trains and we will be in good shape as we heard from steve keeley we are
4:48 am
opened 295 southbound lanes opened from the freeway down toward the delaware memorial bridge. the schuylkill, blue route, so far so good this morning. kind of quiet as we get started but later today crews are coming back to 422 in both directions between trooper and route 23 and if you go to knock at sue serio's door, knock, knock, knock here's what she has hanging on her front door. >> that is my front door. >> she posted that yesterday on facebook and twitter, and that is cool, where did you you get this one at. >> one of the craft stores i can't remember, michael, joann's one of those. i would love to say i made it myself. >> within of your opinion testings there, right. if you have cool st. patrick's day pictures, post them to facebook, twitter, instagram and why that hashtag fox 29 irish as we are getting ready for big parade of course on sunday and st. patrick's day, just over a week away so post pictures. we have got pictures coming up of the irish dancers in the
4:49 am
the next couple of hours, fox 29 irish is hashtag you want to use as we get ready for st. patrick's day parade on sunday. we will invite to you come down and line the parkway from 12:00 to 3:00 or join us here, on fox 29, 12:00 to 3:00 we will broadcast parade and rebroadcast parade gannon st. patrick's day itself, chris and lauren, back over to you. former first lady will will be laid to rest today, ceremony will be held at reagan presidential library any simi valley, california. >> white house says first lady michelle obama will a a ten. reagan will lay in repose wednesday and thursday before being buried. reagan died sunday of congestive heart failure as she was 94 years old. parents, listen up. we have got some information when it comes to your teenager wearing make up, making all natural choices may be better for her health. university of california/berkley researchers discovered switching to chemical free cosmetics and chapel pews quickly lowers
4:50 am
levels of hormone disrupting chemicals in teenage girls. in the study 100 girls went and used chemical free products, during the break, level of the hormone disrupting chemicals in their urine dropped as much as 45 percent. >> 45 percent is huge. >> yes. >> make up has heavy metals in them that can be dangerous. major league baseball teaming up with the lgbt community in a historic partnership. they have signed a deal with the the national the gay and lesbian gay and chamber of commercial giving lgbt owned businesses the chance to become official suppliers for major league baseball. mlb leaders say partnership gives them an equal seat the in the table on bidding on contracts. the interesting development. controversy app is up and running in the u.s., it lets you rate people, just like services or products. app called people, peeple lets users review those they come
4:51 am
to meet. be it professionally, romantically, and personally. similar to yelp. idea of people posting reviews of the neighbors, co-workers, dates and such has prompted outrage from critics who see it all just kind of bullying and cyber revenge. so the people app will not let users rate others without their permission. so there is some protection, built in. breakfast lovers rejoyce today is ihop national pancake day. if you want a stack on the house hop over to ihop. it will serving free short stacks giving diapers and opportunity to leave a charity. later on good day quincy harris will be at a local ihop to talk about what local charities they will benefit. >> are they still pancakes if there are chocolate chip pancakes. >> a little too much for breakfast. >> when my kid pick out the chocolate chips and don't eat the cake. >> is that what you let them
4:52 am
do. >> i'm the best dad sometimes. sportscaster erin andrews awarded millions in the nude video case this morning. we will break down who has to pay what. it is enormous. elmo's got the moves. sesame street live let's dance has abby elmo and cookie monster dancing with you and your family! sesame street live
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let's dance playing liacouras center april 14-17 tickets on sale now!
4:54 am
erin andrews wins big in court over a secretly recorded news video that a stalker took of her inside her hotel room. >> multi million-dollar versace particular comes after the "fox sports" broadcaster gave emotional testimony in court. "fox news" correspondent kelly wright has more, from new
4:55 am
york. >> reporter: injury a ward sportscaster erin andrews 55 million-dollar, over a secretly recorded nude video taken by a stalker, back in 2008 and posted it on line. owners of the national tennessee marriott have argued only the the peeping tom michael fur it should be liable. >> we'd like to say we're disappointed with the outcome. our client westin and windsor learned of this in 2009 and immediately work with the fbi to determine how this happened. >> reporter: barrett was sentenced to two and a half years in prison after being convicted of interstate stalking. but has since been released. settlement comes after andrews emotional testimony in court last week. >> erin andrews has shown phenomenal courage in standing up for security, safety, and privacy. she was a true american hero. >> reporter: former espn and
4:56 am
current "fox sports" reporter claimed she was shamed a and humiliated by the video. attorneys for the hotel has said her reputation has in the been damaged since the incident. claiming her career has taken off in recent years, there is still a chance hotel chain could appeal the decision. >> we will look a at the outcome, and at the proof, what occurred during the trial, with respect to any issues that may exist and make a decision at the that point in time after consultation with our client whether there will be an appeal. >> reporter: although andrews was awarded 55 million-dollar she may only collect 27 million if barrett isn't able to afford to pay his share. in new york, kelly wright, "fox news". still ahead, want secret to glowing skin? it turns out you don't to have look much further then your food choices chris murphy what dermatologists say you should keep on your play and leave off. >> i can eat a bunch of cake. >> or maybe leave that off.
4:57 am
>> oh, okay. did you know trading in your car at a dealer could cost you money? a recent study found consumers who trade in their car pay an average of $990 dollars more. so don't trade in... sell it.... to we buy any car. learn more and get your free online valuation now at we buy any car dot com ♪ find out how much your car is worth at ♪
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a new jersey state trooper hit the by a koran 295, late yesterday, latest on his injuries as he remains in the hospital this morning. the search for a city vehicle is on this morning, investigators working to find
5:00 am
out who slammed into a toddler and took off. and big moves on the eagles roster, the clock has run out for several of the chip kelly's hires, who is being traded and where they are headed. that is news for you right there. >> yeah. >> it is march 8th, 2016, social media blowing up over eagles moves. last night evident thely lesean mccoy and desean jackson got together for a basketball game. >> sunday night. >> it was sunday night at lakers game good they take a picture court side and there it is in the top left there, and that is with floyd may weather. >> floyd money may weather. >> speaking of money, they are hoping to to whatever it takes to lure these two guys back to the eagles. you should see what people are saying on line, come back to philly, talk tour agent, make it happen, get rid of chip's mistakes, undue what chip did. >> it is hard to do though. >> sue, today is a nine or ten, right.


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