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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  March 8, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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philadelphia phone store. one person has died. two others are hurt. >> and new jersey state police mourning the loss of trooper sean cullen hit and killed in the line of duty last night in we west deptford township. >> we have a lot to cover tonight. we begin with deadly stabbing in southwest philly. fox 29's chris o'connell at the scene. chris? >> reporter: lucy, 51-year-old man is in police custody tonight after apparently police say stabbing three people here near the intersection of 55th and baltimore in southwest philly. police are calling this a random and unprovoked attack. let me walk you through it here. it all started when police say a suspect entered the cricket wireless store confronted someone he had a 95 stabbed them had the hand then he walk out into a car right outside the cricket store got into that car and got into it with another man establish the him in the hands, again, the defendant walk out into the middle of 55th and
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baltimore. if we can go over to that car that -- man who was getting that car fixed in there with his fiance' got into the scuffle with the guy. that 30-year-old man was stabbed in the chest. he died on the scene here. meanwhile, police say the suspect walked a block away to a shopping center calmly where he was are a revved the knife was in his possession. police say they are still looking for a motive. >> just people doing chores on normal day unexpected to come upon a violent individual like this who obviously caused great damage out here. you injure two people and caused the death of a third. this is a terrible situation that has happened out here. beautiful day. first beautiful day of the year. >> reporter: now, police and crime scene investigators still on the scene collecting evidence, collecting interviews. the two other people that were
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established they were taken to mercy hospital. they are listed in stable condition at this point. but right now, police are looking for a motive perhaps the man has psychological problems but the good news is, he is in custody at this point. two people injured, one person dead in triple stabbing here on the streets of southwest philadelphia, guys. >> all right, chris, thank you. also tonight breaking at 5:00 local police officer rushed to the hospital trains on the lansdale doylestown septa line at a halt as a police officer is rush to the hospital and authorities search for a suspe suspect. police say the officer was injured on the rails in doylestown while he was chasing that suspect. let's get right out to fox 29's dave schratwieser at temple university hospital tonight. dave? >> reporter: iain, some good news to report. corporal michael pitcher a 38-year-old police officer with the morrisville police department, nine year veteran, is now reported to be in good condition after a narcotics investigation this afternoon turned into a chase and ended
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with the police officer trying to retrieve contraband thrown by the suspect on top of the train while he was doing that the train which he thought apparently had been shut down electronically his back was touched by wires op top of the train he suffered severe burns to his back. he was taken to the hospital and medivacked here to temple. few moments ago we spoke with his chief morrisville police chief george mcclay he walks us through exactly what happened. >> this afternoon, corporal pitcher was working with other members of the bucks county narcotics task force out of our district attorney's office. a male came from philadelphia to deliver drugs up to doylestown. the officer was a look out. apparently he was recognized as a police officer while he was in plain clothes by the defendant. he ran through the narcotics on top of the train. the officer chased him for pretty good distance apprehended him afterwards wept back to find the narcotics.
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when he was on top of the train apparently he thought the electric was off. apparently the electric wasn't off. the transformer pulled him in which severely burned his back and from there he was transported to doylestown hospital flown down here to temple. >> reporter: how is he doing right now. >> he's in very good condition amazingly a bad burn on the back. but he's conscious. he's talking. he's actually joking with us but he's very lucky to be alive. >> reporter: now, again, corporal michael pitcher 38 years old. he was a nine year veteran of the force. he does work patrol in morri morrisville and then work with the county narcotics strike force again apprehension has been made and the evidence that was thrown on top of the train according to chief mcclay was eventually retrieved. the officer is in good condition here at the hospital. we expect to get update to the from the chief sometime in the next hour and bring that to you at 6:00 o'clock. iain? >> dave, thanks. we'll see you then. we will continue to follow these breaking stories on our website at we'll post any and all updates right on the home page.
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developing out of new jersey a state trooper has died after responding to a car fire. trooper sean cullen was walking at the scene on the i-295 in west deptford when a driver hit him and he died overnight. dawn timmeney at state police headquarters in trenton. dawn? >> reporter: lucy, state police are still investigating what happened and say that it will probably be another 24 hours before they release their findings, but sean cullen was a young man who always dreamed of being a new jersey state troop trooper. his brother is a state police detective. it was in his blood and he died doing what he loved. it was just after 8:00 o'clock last night, new jersey state trooper sean cullen and a west deptford police officer responding to a fiery two-car accident on i-295 in deptford township when the unthinkable happened. trooper cullen is hit by a pas passing driver as he's walking near the crash scene. >> you're dealing with a very chaotic scene. both he and the west deptford
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cop were trying to manage the scene when he was struck by a vehicle. >> reporter: state police say the 22-year-old female driver stopped immediately and is cooperating. trooper cullen suffering severe head injuries is rushed to cooper university hospital in camden. the new jersey state police superintendent says more than 100 troopers and officers from all over showing up at the hospital last night to offer support. >> at one time during the course of the evening while sean was actually still alive, his father came down with one of our chaplains monsignor and actually prayed with the troopers and thanked them for being there. >> reporter: 31-year-old who always wanted to be a new jersey state trooper losing his fight at 12:30 this morning. he had been at the bellmawr barrack just shy of two years a member of the 154th recruiting class. the flags at bellmawr now lowered at half staff in trooper cullen's honor. >> he died living his dream. he died doing what he wanted to do.
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that's what his parents told us. it's great to be ail to live your dream. not everybody gets the opportunity to do that. >> reporter: sean cullen leaves behind a fiance' and a nine month old little boy making this even more heartbreaking. he is the third new jersey state trooper to lose his live in the last 10 months all dying in traffic accidents making this particularly tough here today at the new jersey state police barracks. iain? >> dawn, thank you. trooper sean cullen had been with the state police for only a couple of years after serving the people of south jersey at several local police departmen departments. >> let's get oh our bruce gordon standing in westampton township right now. bruce? >> reporter: 31-year-old sean cullen was actually born in dublin, i island but moved to this country with his family when he was just three years o old. cullen proceeded to build a life of service here in south jersey that won't soon be forgotten. memorial that sits beneath the
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lowered flag outside the mt. holly police department one of the stops on trooper cullen's career path one word is larger than all the others, dedicated. a word uniquely suited to the men and women who risk their lives to protect and serve a public in need of both. >> police officers not an easy job, sir. it's a very hard job. all police should be commended for every job they do. >> reporter: sean cullen grew up in cinnaminson at the local high school he was popular engaging voted class chatter box as senior in 2003. says principal darlene lou well land. >> very energetic. very athletic. he was very involved in school. >> reporter: cullen collected more than a hundred victories as a varsity wrestler in high school. he went on to earn all american status at wycombing college in williamsport, pennsylvania but returned to work with high school resealers along his former teammate and michael mcconnell. >> he was just gritty as a freshman he wasn't that over powering he just was tough.
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and he was confident and i mean he worked hard, too. >> reporter: cullen's police career took him to sea isle city, to mt. holly and then to westampton township. where he rose from part-time to full-time patrol officer. >> he was a police officer, he was a police policeman. steadfast in his duties. sure in what he was doing yet when he was around his guys, he made them laugh. he was the life of the party, full. >> in the wake of the crash that claimed cullen's live, mayor daniels paid a visit to the trooper's parents and his fiance'. cullen's young son was by her side. >> probably the most poignant moment was a 10 month old toddlers do saying daddy, da, da. >> you're talking to the family and the toddler says da-da. >> it's tough. it's tough. >> reporter: it most assuredly is.
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sean cullen a life well lived. >> we'll continue to follow this story on our website at we'll post any updates including final arrangement right on the home page. temperatures are rising to near record levels and your fox 29 winter wet authority. what a day and here's a live look at allentown. just one of the spots in our area where it was refreshingly warm today. usually don't put those two words together. i think it's apropos for today. temperatures yet to hit their peak this week. let's check in with meteorologist kathy orr soaking in the glory in old city. kathy? what beautiful day, yeah, absolutely gorgeous out here. everyone is walking by, hey, there, the bus, happy, tooting their horn. just really excited to be outside. without a coat and short sleeves, lucy, take look behind meme you can see it's real busy out there and we have our musicians back on the street really feeling like a spring day. take a look at the high temperatures. so far today in philadelphia 20 to 25 degrees above normal. in philadelphia the high
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75 degrees. in allentown 74. the same in reading and wilmington. 72 in trenton and mt. holly. the home of our local national weather service. right now in the city it is 72. 70 in millville. down the shore as usual it's cooler because of that ocean water influence. it is 73 in reading. now this evening, temperatures will be falling through the 60s. but remember the average high for this time of year is 50. so at 11:00 o'clock, it will still be 10 degrees above our normal high. ultimate doppler you can see all the storminess to the west. we stay high and dry and we are going for double records this week. wednesday's record is 73. thursday's record 76. we are expected to break both of them by more than just a few degrees. we'll talk about when we'll be hitting 80 in the seven day when i join you inside. >> did you hear that iain. >> i did. 80. >> thank you, kathy. can't wait for that. another case of zika virus confirmed right here in our area. how that person contracted it and whether it's time for you to start worrying.
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politics turning ugly in a small town with the candidates face left bruised and bloodied. why police are not getting very much help figuring this one out. and more proof that life television is unpredictable. it can be dangerous a car just miss as reporter and its photographer. the amazing thing that happened next. >> that can be embarrassing you're not alone. the mishap that destroys phones a lot more often than you might think. >> coming up at 6:00 imagine finding a bag of cash on the street. it just happened to someone in a local community. but there's a lot more to this story w that money came from and what the person did with it that's getting major kudos. ♪
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>> in wilmington police are trying find a gunman who shot and killed a man in the street this morning. police raced to the scene along the first block of gordon street just before noon. officers found a 27-year-old man unresponsive. gunshots in his upper body. he died shortly after arriving in the hospital. authorities in camden county, new jersey, are trying to find whoever broke into an animal shelter overnight. someone busted the window here at the camden county animal shelter in gloucester city. investigatoinvestigators they ws someone was trying to get into vending machines sign inside that shelter. no animals were hunch the shelter is now operating normally. happening now in montgomery county, health officials confi confirming county's first case of zika virus. 55-year-old woman got the virus traveling outside the us. >> makes six known cases of zika in pennsylvania. bill anderson spoke with our dr. mike about the growing
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concerns. bill. >> reporter: i did, lucy. unfortunately, every time people hear of another case of zika they get more concerned. dr. mike and others continue to try and let people know that zika in the united states is relatively mild. he also emphasizes not to panic with little information we should all be just fine. >> it is a concern. >> concern over the current international zika virus outbreak has continued to grow and we now have the first reported case in montgomery county. >> when you look at the progression of this virus throughout the world, it's clear that as the summer comes and the warmer weather comes, there will be cases. >> reporter: 55-year-old woman was the sixth confirm case in pennsylvania and like four of the others she contracted the virus while traveling overseas from infected mosquitoes. our own dr. mike told me that information is good but there's no reason to panic. >> when it comes to the zika virus, it's a very mild virus.
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many people about 80% don't even know that they have the zika virus. >> reporter: with our mosquito season approaching i asked the experts at the academy of natural sciences if we should be concerned and if we even have the species of mosquito that's carrying the zika virus. >> it's not a species that regularly occurs here and if it does come in on -- on something, that it's able to get a little foot hold of summer it doesn't survive the winters. >> reporter: the virus is spreading rapidly in certain areas outside the united states. but even so, dr. mike said it isn't especially dangerous in unless you're pregnant or pla planning to get pregnant in the near future. >> because there is an association with something called micro selfly in the feet muss that can profoundly problematic down the road. >> how wide a concern it will be i don't know myself. and i think a lot of people are still trying to figure that out. >> reporter: now although the specific species of mosquito
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carrying zika overseas is rare in the united states, the expert told me that other which is carry it. so they tell to us take normal mosquito precautions, minimize staning water, usery pell atlantic, wear long sleeves. essentially be cautious and your chances of any serious illness highly unlikely. iain we'll stay on it. >> bill, thank you very much. a nasty mess building on a philadelphia street corner. news desk got a tip about the trash here heap at mascher and cambria in fair hill neighbor of the city. it appear this mess has been building over time. a call has been put in 311 and officers tell us the earliest the mess could be removed that is late tonight. you decide 2016. the battle for the white house moves forward and four mower states voters from michigan, mississippi, idaho and hawaii are heading to the polls today. michigan is tuesday's biggest delegate prize. where 59 republican delegates are up for grabs. the latest national poll still showed trump in the lead with 34% but the race is tightening
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with ted cruz in second place. marco rubio third. john kasich still in fourth rising in some polls. hillary clinton and bernie sanders fighting for michigan 130 democratic delegates. a new project in philadelphia's north broad street corridor has a lofty goal which is breaking the cycle of homelessness and poverty. the organization project home had ground breaking this afternoon near temple's main campus. the new development will include 88 affordable apartments along with street level retail space. residents will have access to health, employment and social services through project home. city leaders say one of the most important aspects of preventing homelessness is providing help and hope. >> the reality is that whole creates a level that everybody will have an opportunity to do what they want to do in life. everybody will have an opportunity to have a position in life. everybody will have an opportunity to sit and stand on this stage because therefore the grace of god i could have been
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in a transitional facility because i grew up in that community that some challenge. >> project home's funding comes from city, state and local governments along with donations from business and every day people. new grant could move philadelphia closer to the mayor's goal of universal pre k. the mayor making an appearance at rising rising star pre-schoon feltonville this afternoon of the william penn foundation announcing a $15 million grant to go to the fund for quality. the fund began back in 2014 with nearly $5 million from william penn. the organizations are working to expand early education to low income children. universal pre k was a major platform of may kenny's campai campaign. >> a super day at camden's county middle school with super heroes filling the halls. teachers at the winslow township middle school did it up big time for the school's dress like a champion day. teachers at the school had just finish reading a book called teach like a champion. they followed through then with
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what they learned. the school says the book introduced powerful teaching techniques to help students become college and career ready. you need to take close look at this video to figure out what's really going on here. there's a tree you see that jammed into the grill of that car. >> my goodness. >> police think they got a pretty good idea of what happened here. >> driving with a tree in your car. and having a boys night out may be a bit of a sore subject in your household but what if there's a were good reason for to you let your guy hang out with his buds. we'll explain. >> there's always good reason for that. all right. may not be the first reason you'd visit the zoo but in one part of the country people are flocking to their zoo and it's not to see the animals. the big money item that you might find pretty gross. ♪
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all right. do you see what's going on here this is dash cam video. that's a tree on the right side of your screen, kind of middle of your screen. jammed into the grill of the c car. manage of imagine being the officer who noticed this off the
5:25 pm
bet and definitely a double ta take. the officer said the woman who was driving the car with the tree stuck it in had her air bags deployed as well. not surprisingly. her arrest soon followed for driving under the influence. fbi agents involved in a january traffic stop that turned deadly in the oregon wildlife refuge stan used are now under investigation themselves for not disclosing that they fired shots during the confrontation. the standoff led to a death. police say only eight shots were fired at his truck the man who died's truck. which difference from accounts of witnesses who say police shot more than 100 times at that truck. investigators say six shots came from oregon state police, two others fired from the fbi. the u.s. department of justice says it's investigating the fbi agent's actions during the confrontation. scientists find a rare ghost like octopus near neck kerr island off hawaii. underwater research craft
5:26 pm
spotted the creature at a depth of 2.5 of fie miles. scientists say this is the first time they found an animal like this so deep in the ocean. researchers are now trying to figure out where it came from. which could be tough because officials believe the octopus may not belong to any known species groups. some visitors to the philadelphia flower show went home with some flowers of their own today. ftd giving away thousands of flowers to celebrate international women's day. flower show encouraging recipients to take photo under a special floral exhibit that spells out hash tag i look to her. >> more proof tonight that live tv is in fact unpredictable. wow! car narrowly missed a reporter and his photographer. amazing things that happened next. >> and you'll see a lot of, the st. patrick's day is a lot of fun but the preparation very serious. we'll show you how it happens. >> i'll try my luck as well. that's worth sticking around for. we'll take look at how warm it's
5:27 pm
going get over the next couple of days as we shatter records that are decades old. that coming up when we come back. that coming up when we come back. ♪ when it comes to the things you love, you want more. love romance? get lost in every embrace. into sports? follow every pitch, every play and every win. change the way you experience tv with x1 from xfinity.
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here's live look at absecon, inform tonight. weather like this has many of us thinking about spring and eventually trips down the shore. things are going to get even warmer this week. you'll feel like heading down the shore. meteorologist kathy orr will tell was to expect in a few minutes. one person has died and two people are hurt after a stabbing in southwest philadelphia. police say a 55-year-old man
5:30 pm
stabbed three men along the 5500 block of baltimore avenue at about 1:30 this afternoon. two men, one in his 50s one in his 30s are both in stable condition at mercy fitzgerald hospital. a 30-year-old man died at the scene. police say they have arrested the attacker. n bucks county morrisville police officer whose also part of the county narcotics task force is in the hospital tonight after he was shock at the septa station in doylestown. authorities are telling us the 38-year-old corporal was working a crime scene when he tried to grab some evidence on top of a septa train. that's when he got shocked. we're toll his injuries are not life threatening. montgomery county health officials have confirm the first case of the zika various in the county. officials say a 55-year-old woman tested positive for the virus after she traveled outside of the u.s. to an area where the zika virus had been found. this case marks the sixth confirm case in pennsylvania. doctors say zika usual system not a big deal and lasts for
5:31 pm
less than week but pregnant women are at the biggest risk. zika is believed to be caused birth defects. >> nine people hurt after the train they were on derailed in california. authorities say the packed train was traveling from silicon val toll stockton last night when it hit a tree on the tracks because of a mudslide they've had lot of rain recently. the front car of that train plunged into the water. >> it was scary. i mean we weren't quite sure what was going to happen. once we finally stopped we realized okay we're up right. we looked around and made sure -- asked each other you okay, i'm okay. >> 200 people were on that tra train. authorities say four seriously injured and crews are still cleaning up the mess. while covering the train story for our sister station in san francisco, a reporter found himself at the center of a very different story. >> this shows how life can be unpredictable. >> car crash this morning narr
5:32 pm
narrowly missing that reporter alex savage and his photographer during their live report. you see he jumps out of the way the camera guy did too. thankfully everyone is okay. no word on what why that car crash. alex and his crew did, of course, manage to keep reporting on that derailment. >> looked like -- throughout the morning. >> those two cars looked like they hit each other and the one guy lost control. >> lucky to be okay. >> back to your fox 29 winter weather authority. spring is making an early appearance and temperatures haven't even reached their peak yet. >> nope. meteorologist kathy orr has that fabulous forecast in 15 seconds. it's amazing. first full week of march and look at this. plenty of deep blue skies. our camera shaking a little bit at the airport with a breeze out of the southwest but temperatures in the 70s everywhere. it's 72 in the city.
5:33 pm
the average high is 50 degrees for this time of year. so temperatures running over 20 degrees above normal. yesterday 61. today 75. wednesday and thursday gradually warmer so the peak of the heat will be on thursday. you can see our national temperature some tort of 40s and 50s through new york and new england. some 70s all the way down through the deep south. clearwater 77. orlando 77. we will be warmer than they are today by tomorrow. how do you like that ultimate doppler you can see dry conditions for most of the eastern half of the nation. some storms to the west will be riding up and over the delaware valley as an area of high pressure almost a summer like setup will be anchored over the southeast and we stay really warm. these are the numbers to beat tomorrow. temperatures rise about 20 to 25 degrees above average. in philadelphia the record is 73 for your wednesday. wilmington 74. 70 in allentown and trenton 73. 74 in reading and atlantic city
5:34 pm
at the airport 78 but of course it will be cooler close to the shore because ocean water temperatures still in the 30s. then we have to watch the track of these storms that are going to be as we're seeing them now to the west moving to the north of the delaware valley but some of these will make it into the region by the weekend. you can see all these yellows, oranges and reds that is very heavy rain and the track of that low it will be moving through the midwest and then into canada and the northeast we see a few showers over the course of saturday and sunday. we're watching sunday carefully because of the philadelphia st. patrick's day parade you can watch it right here on fox 29 news sunday beginning at noon. in the city overnight, 53 degrees. in the suburbs 48. during the day tomorrow, the high 79 in philadelphia. shattering those records skies will be mostly sunny. if you think that's warm, take look at the exclusive fox 29 seven day forecast. thursday, iain that's the day we make a date. iain is saying i don't believe it. you got to believe it. another record breaker.
5:35 pm
perfect 10. by friday it will still be mild. 68. saturday 62. with a chance of a few late showers. a few showers still possible on sunday. daylight saving time begins of course we have the parade on sunday afternoon. and then monday and tuesday a little unsettled and cooler but temperatures still above avera average. the high monday 58. the high tuesday 57 degrees. look at that. when was the last time we had three perfect tens in the seven day forecast. >> been awhile. >> yeah. >> it's been quiet awhile. >> next tuesday it will be 57. it will feel chilly after 80. >> i put away the winter coats today. >> i did, too. >> it's still winter, though. i'm still thinking getting hit with something. i'm not planting anything yet. >> okay. >> garden is waiting. >> all right. >> politics turned ugh until small town with a candidate's face left bruised and look at that blood. why police aren't getting very much help figuring all of this out. a boys night out may ab soar subject in your household, maybe
5:36 pm
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>> neithers including first lady michelle obama shining a spotlight on the importance of girl' education as people around the world mark international women's day. >> leaders around the globe are focusing not only on the plight of migrants fleeing the violent that's middle east but also on gender equality and women's empowerment. millions of girls around the world still struggle to get an education and that is tip of the proverbial iceberg as far as challenges. the obama administration wants more than $100 million from american taxpayers to fund its let girls learn initiative.
5:40 pm
>> the ability to read, write and analyze, the confidence to stand up and demand justice and equality, the qualifications and connections to get your foot in that door and take your seat at the table all of that starts with education. >> within the next few days, secretary of state john kerry is supposed to unveil the obama administration's strategy. two young piano players from texas getting a special invitation to play at carnegie hall in new york city. they won international competition here is part of the reason why. ♪ >> that younger brother arthur chow is only five years old. >> nine-year-old sister julianne they'll go to carnegie hall in new york after winning the american protegee international piano and strings competition. thousands from around the world enter that competition. siblings won by playing a duet.
5:41 pm
>> piano was fun and it's easy to learn. >> do you want to play any other instruments? >> no. >> not like the drums. >> no. it's boring. >> drums are boring. they are g the mother and father they're not musically incline. mom says arthur only practices around 30 to 40 minutes a day. supposed to get carnegie by practice practice practice. they head to carnegie hall in may. isn't man when i was five i was -- i don't know what i was doing. play dough. >> not much. >> no. good for them. you'll see a lot of dancing like this at the st. patrick's day parade this weekend. so fun to watch. what it takes to get it right that's rather amazing how the routines come together ahead. >> it can be embarrassing but you're not alone. the kind of accident that destroys phones and a lot more often than you might think. >> howard? >> the eagles less than 24 hours away from making two trades
5:42 pm
official. and today have signed a free agent. details on the new cornerback and that's coming up in sports. ♪
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♪ chicago area political candidate is claiming volunteers for his opponent attacked him. bob, says campaign volunteers cynthia so tow tacked him after he confronted them about putting um campaign posters in front of his office. they're both running for seat in the illinois house. an attorney for soto's campaign says that is not what happened. volunteers are the victims and
5:46 pm
that so lynn ski grabbed and pushed them sending one to the hospital. >> 2016 obviously you hear stories about, old school politics but you know it's just ridiculous. >> police are investigating. both sides claim surveillance cameras on the block will prove their innocence. to your health now and a reason to plan a boys night out especially true or if you the man in your life is stressed. >> new study says a little bromance could do you some good. >> reporter: from ben affleck and matt damon to bert and ernie bromances have been stopping for decades new scientific research shows all that bring out could be good to your health. >> it's just a good guy friend you can go out with, grab a drink, just kind of talk about sports, what's going on in your life, important part of your life. >> reporter: here at the staggs headboroughs mark and karl wl out in full force. >> yeah. it's a way of, like, unwinding
5:47 pm
and like relieving stress to have somebody of the same sex going through maybe the same things as you talking about girlfriends or relationships. >> reporter: there was even so bro drama with jerry who was enjoying drinks with mike. >> it was embarrassing. i'm sort of the committed bro to dr. owen in an harbor michigan. >> are you cheating op your bro. >> no. that's just a word. >> according to research from the university of california berkeley there could be long-term benefits for these male friends sharing strong platonic relationships. >> there's amazing date that shows that your survival, your longevity depends on not just having some friends but absolute number so the more friends you have, the bigger your social network the longer you will li live. what we're seeing bromances a lot like female friendships are great. they're great for health, great for the brain and they can reallreally be important particy in times of stress. >> according to psycho therapist and coach heather edwards
5:48 pm
developing a bromance may be easier than you think. >> sometimes it doesn't mean necessarily going out and trying to find new people or new friends although that can be part of it, you could reach out and open up instead of trying to muscle through problems on your own so they can connect on things that are meaningful to both of them. and just take a risk. >> stop bro craft 98ing and embrace the bromance. legendary tennis coach nick poll will he tarry in the city today helping young tennis players improve their skills. he's coached the greats like venus and serena williams andre agassi but today he was helping out some kids on the court in north philadelphia. the coach appearing on "good day philadelphia" this morning all part of world tennis day. he gave some pointers to kids taking part in the down and beyond program. >> they're all excited. they're concentrating. when you're concentrate on the court, that will help them in
5:49 pm
school. the other thing is, look how they're moving around. obesity is killing america tod today. so we get these kids to do physical activity, and build self-esteem they'll do good on the court and good off the court especially in school. >> it's a non-profit that offers free out reach programs for the city's youth. big day is almost here one of philadelphia's favorite celebrations of the year but saint patrick day parade isn't just about fun. >> there's a whole lot of hard work and of course tradition that goes in all of this. so kathy, you've been kind of dealing with all of this having fun. >> yes. i've been covering irish dance for over a decade and i really never knew how athletic it was. i mean they do drills. >> wow. >> they train. we visited the cummings school of irish dance and met three childhood friends who are now coaching the next generation of irish dancers. ♪ >> five, six, ready and go. >> reporter: these are the
5:50 pm
first of countless steps these irish dancers will try to perfect in time for the parade. >> we maybe went through 15 different pieces but that's only part of a few steps. >> you can ease until one night drill 50 different elements. >> dozens of drills to practice before they even dance. >> watch mary grace. >> instructor meghan, noreen and kathleen know it all so well -- >> very busy month. >> they are childhood friends. >> it feels great because we work so well together. we've been friends and we have the same style of irish dance since we danced together our whole lives and we have some more styles of teaching. >> reporter: and part of that instruction strengthening the dancers to prevent injuries. >> by doing the core work that they're doing they're going to be able to strengthen those muscles. >> the steps have gotten a lot more athletic from five or 10 years ago.
5:51 pm
as teachers and dancers we're expecting them to jump higher and reach further with each step and so this is helping them. >> it's amazing how high they can go. >> we practice a lot. every single day. it's just really comes with practice and hard work. >> so when it was time for me to try -- >> point. >> point. >> heel. >> heel. >> up. >> up. ♪ >> i can't do the heel. my leg is killing me. my thigh. >> y. >> whoo! >> i guess i got to work it out. >> i think i'll leave it to the experts. >> i was waiting for the high kick there, kathy. >> just trying to balance on one leg, my thigh was killing me. i think i'm out of shape. they do such a nice job and of course the cummings school of irish dance one of about 200 different groups marching in the philadelphia st. patrick's day parade. it may look easy.
5:52 pm
>> it's not easy. >> boy is that hard. >> i love irish dance. noland is a good irish name. >> quits. >> you mentioned the parade. parade is sunday. we are hoping for great weather, kathy. >> we're working on that. >> it will be live right here on fox 29 from noon until 3:00. of course kathy our own mike jerrick bob kelly hosting. iain and i are walking in it. >> we are going to march in it. >> it will be so much fun. >> maybe a sprinkle. >> it's okay. >> liquid gold. >> exactly. may not the first reason you visit the zoo. in one part of the country people are flocking to their zoo. it's not to see the animals. the big money item you moo might find pretty gross. coming up all new at 6:00 imagine finding a bag of cash on the street. that's a lot of cash. just happen to someone in a local community. there's a lot more to this story where that money came from. >> plus another case of the zika virus confirmed right here in our area. how this person got the disease and whether it's time for you to start worrying.
5:53 pm
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>> fox 29 news in hd sponsored by x1 from xfinity changing the way you experience tv. normally families go to the zoo for the animals but at one zoo in washington state it's all about zoo do. the woodland park seattle zoo kicked off its annual spring fecal fest. visitors have a chance to buy the popular poop and much desired dunk from animals like giraffes, hippos and mountain goats. the microbes in the stuff are really good for your garden. >> i'm not saying your tomatoes will be as big as a hippo or
5:57 pm
that your corn will be as tall as a giraffe, but your neighbors will be envious and so will your dog. >> the zoo do is available in five, 10, 25 and 50-gallon containers. >> tis the season. most of us have done it your phone slips out of your hand. i know it never happened to you. >> not yet. >> it happened to me. that phone is contracted or submerged in water. >> new study shows how common it is to have cell phone kind of accidents, fox's lydia soar ron night talked to the worst offenders. >> reporter: making another visit to the verizon store. it's always for the same reason. how often do you break your phone? >> maybe like twice a month. she's far from alone. according to a verizon survey nearly half of americans sell cell phone users broken or lost their phones. >> i drop it in the toilet all the time. >> reporter: 43% people admit to doing the sea very same thing. dropping the phone in water top the list for the most embarrassing ways to damage it.
5:58 pm
seam says she's lot of track of how many phones she's had to replace. >> i would say average, um, oman i probably back in the razor phone, went that was 50 of them. >> reporter: how often do you see people coming with their phone broken and cracked. >> every day. i got to tell you something we see all the time. >> reporter: adrian horter is the general manager of the verizon wireless store in herald square. he says a new phone can easily cost you hundreds of dollars. >> now days we're talking about spending 750 overarch average. 750 to 950 depending on the phone you're buying. >> about 54% of cell phone users report dropping their phone at least once a week. the why the manager here at verizon says everyone should invest in a protection plan. >> instead of paying full price for the hand set protection allows to you get a new hand set. gives you peace of mind you're not paying all that money up front which can be detrimental to some owners. >> according to the survey your age and whether or not you have kids seem to be telling factors.
5:59 pm
parents are almost twice as likely to break or lose their phone than users without children. and millennials, they drop their phone at least four times a we week. >> i try. i do. but it always falls out of my hasn't. >> she might want to invest in a good case as well. tonight at 6:00 continuing coverage of self breaking stories. police officer injured on the train tracks in doylestown. while chasing a suspect. we are at the hospital where he's being treated. deadly stab tag local cricket wireless store. one person has died. to people are injured. tonight, the first clues about what happened. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. tonight at 6:00 saying goodbye to a man who dedicated his live to protecting and saving others. a driver hit new jersey state state trooper someone cullen at the scene of a car fire.
6:00 pm
>> he leaves behind a family and fiance' an young child. community is remembering him with trying to come to terms with tragedy. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. investigators pieced together what exactly happened thon road in west deptford. dawn timmeney at state police headquarters in trenton. dawn? >> reporter: lucy and iain, that woman who hit trooper cullen has yet been charged with a crime. police say they are still trying to figure out exactly what happened. she did stop but trooper cullen was someone who always wanted to be a state trooper. it was in his blood. his brother is a detective here at the new jersey state police barracks. and this is something he wanted to do. he died sadly doing what he loved. >> dealing with a very chaotic scene. >> reporter: it was just after 8:00 o'clock last night sky fox over enter state 295 in deptford township. new jersey state trooper sean cullen responding to a fiery two-car crash when he's hit by a passing driver while walking near the accident. >> both


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