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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  March 11, 2016 4:00am-5:01am EST

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breaking overnight a woman abduct and where it happened and who police are looking for in a live report. developing this this morning if you ride september awe may have to take another way into work or school this morning if you ride paoli line, reason for massive problem, bob has more coming up. and breaking news out of trenton this morning, four people have been shot in a shooting that happened around 2:30 this morning. >> we have no word on victims or the shooter, this story is developing right now. we have a crew on the way to the scene. we will give you latest as soon as we get more information in the the news room. >> good day it is friday, march 11th, 2016. lets get out to bob with more information on the septa tie up. >> good morning, everybody. what was a hot mess for everybody on the way home using that paoli thorndale regional rail line, it is
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status quo right now. because septa says that service is still suspended, as of the moment, on paoli thorndale line. they say it is all due to an amtrak issue, we tried reaching out to amtrak, since last night, there has been no return phone call and septa a's hand are basically tied at this point. septa, rents the tracks and the wires from amtrak so amtrak runs the deal, and right now, service suspended on that paoli thorndale regional rail line what folks had to do last night from center city they had to get to 69th street and from there to norristown high speed line was able to take them, back into the station as long the main line, and then take a cab or an uber driver to where ever you parked your car along the line. so, right now, for morning rush hour, we will do that reverse. norristown high speed line, to 69th street, and at 69th street you can take market
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frankford line to work your way in to center city. i think a lot of foulke will drive this morning or at least thinking about driving this morning. there are other alternatives depending upon where you begin and end your trip available at this could lead to an amtrak issue because again, it is an amtrak signal problem that started yesterday morning and worked its way through the day and then finally went to a full shut down in the afternoon. so expect some delays on amtrak and again at the moment paoli thorndale line right out of the gate, services suspended and bridge opening coming our way on the burlington bristol. for better news, lets go to dave warren over in the weather center. >> i got something moving and it is the rain. this is moving through this morning. one or two light showers already pick up at the surface, a lot of green here but some of this rain not quite reaching the ground. here's a line further north, this will be moving through here, over the next few hours. look for a brief period of some light rain.
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maybe a few showers, there in parts of the camden, gloucester county and burlington county just south of the 295. here's a live of the heavier showers. it is working its way south. it will be moving through. this will be followed by a cool breeze today. look at these temperatures, 66 in the city there. philadelphia, 59 in trenton. cooler, 57 in allentown. dover is at 65. so very, very mild this morning. the it may in the get much warmer then this once that rain clears out. cool breeze kicks up but sunshine will try to warm these temperatures up. we are in the 60's here. number today because of the rain, well, not quite a perfect ten, we will put it at a seven today. we have early showers, with temperatures, pretty much where they are right now in the 60's. showers this afternoon, we will look at the sunshine with just a few clouds, not the a bad day once this rain clears out, chris and lauren. we're following breaking news out of northeast philadelphia a scene of the abduction. police are on the scene in the lawncrest section on adams avenue and the boulevard,
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details are still coming into us right the now, here's what we do know. a woman was on a septa bus when a man arm with the gun forced her off at gunpoint, he then forced her into a car, authorities are telling us that car had non-valid delaware to tags. this happened just before 2:00 . authorities are now searching the area for those two, of course, we will keep you updated throughout the morning and as soon as we get new information we will bring it to you. also developing this morning septa paoli thorndale line still suspended. >> as you heard from bob kelly. septa tells us it is due to power issues with amtrak. dave kinchen at 30th street station with the the very latest on this. this is crippling the main line, dave. >> reporter: it is, and just a little while before the morning rush hour, now septa officials say that they are optimistic that services along paoli thorndale regional rail line will be backup with crews, working overnight, septa buses were actually called into get people who work in center city home to
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the suburbs during last night's evening rush. the buses traveled outbound from 30th the street station where we are right the now to thorndale and amtrak power problems forced suspension of the the paoli thorndale line around 5:30, thursday and that was perhaps the worst time that it could happen because it is one of the septa's busiest line. amtrak owns the tracks that septa line, that septa line runs on and amtrak reported one hour delays on the keystone line. there are delays still posted a at this time here, for amtrak as well. it the is not just affecting paoli thorndale line but affecting amtrak as well. now crews have been working throughout the overnight hours to make repairs and again, septa officials say they are optimistic everything will be back on line, before the morning rush, but of course, count down continues at this early hour. back to you. >> of course, everybody is waiting to see what happens. thanks, dave kinchen. 4:06. special tribute to honor new jersey state trooper hit and killed by the driver killed on
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295-6789 hundreds paid their respects to trooper sean cullen they gathered at the fallen officer's memorial in burlington county. thirty-one year-old is remembered for his passion and fulfilling his life long dream of joining the state police, two years ago. his sister, jen, shared fun memories from their childhood. >> it was impossible for him to gain those swings but we're so happy that we know that now he is watching over us, and he gave super hero strength. >> it goes without saying he will be deeply missed. everyone he came in contact with, he affected us, tremendously. >> trooper cullen was fatally injured after being hit by a car in west deptford monday night. thirty-one year-old was about to be married and have a nine month-old son. how sad is this? his funeral is plan for monday in cinnamon son. chester police officer is off the job after being arrested for assaulting female inmates. officials want to make sure
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there are no more victims out there officer roosevelt turner accused of victimizing three female detainees from april to a august, of last year. according to the district attorney. he asked victims to show him name pictures, forced them to show their genitals and at one point he put on a condom. investigators say it happened out view of jail surveillance cameras at chester police department. turner a seven year police veteran spent most of his time as a patrol officers so investigators want to know if there are anymore victims. >> we have documented three individuals that were arrested , lawfully arrested and evict timized these individual, manipulated them, he humiliated them. >> turner is free, on $25,000 bail. his attorney has not returned calls for a comment. 4:07. right the now authorities are still working to put out this brush fire in burlington county. look at the this burn. sky fox was over the fire in wood land. authorities say it started at 5:00 last night, 350 acres of
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acres burn. authorities are warning drivers you may run into smoke on route 72 in that area. however, authorities do not say they expect any evacuations at this point. we will keep an eye on this. things got heated during last night's meeting about temple a's proposal to build a sports stadium in north philadelphia. >> enough is enough, not on our watch. >> group of residents, business owners and temple students met at the church of the advocate, they do not the want a 35,000 seat sports stadium in their backyard. many are concerned it will not be able to afford to stay in those homes and could be forced out. they say they are closed in by temple development by student housing and rental units. one by one they voiced concerned. >> is there a place for the residents, by some homeowners, increase for renters, noise, traffic.
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>> i don't want to see a stadium there. i don't want to be a big mall. i can see center city. i want to continue to see that. >> what is going on now with temple kind of makes me want to go but i want to stay at the same time to fight. >> some people also upset because they claim, temple officials didn't seek their input before coming up with that proposal and a location for that stadium. 4:09. new details about the the case against, temple, well known graduate, bill cosby. now former prosecutor, who declined to charge cosby wants access to the case files. the reason to defend the a accuser's defamation lawsuit. andrea constand has sued bruce castor for defamation over his comments that she change her story about her 2004 encounter with cosby. the current prosecutor, kevin steele says bruce is no longer entitled to those files. castor insists he promised cosby would never be charged in that case.
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meanwhile, camille cosby will now answer more questions surrounding her husband's case on april 18th. she originally answered questions on february 22nd and scheduled to answer more questions the following week. but that was push back after lawyers for camille, asked for more time. seven women claim cosby defamed them by branding them as liars after they went public with accusations that he sexually assaulted them decade ago. today family, friend and people who knew nancy reagan will say their final good bye. private funeral services will be held for former first lady. relatives of the presidents dating all the way back to john f. kennedy are expected to attend today's services. the reagan died sunday at 94, from congestive heart failure. 4:10. the philadelphia officer who was ambushed, shot three times, testifying in a center city courtroom, what he says happened the night of that shooting. plus an all out brawl erupts in the middle of this plane, women throwing punches, pulling hair, what was so
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offensive that caused a fight to break out.
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good morning, 43:00. here's the latest from septa and amtrak. a a as of right now services still suspended on the paoli thorndale regional rail lines. so right now folks are getting up after a rough night home trying to work their way back without the trains, and thinking how am i going to get there this morning. if you typically use paoli thorndale line one of the
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options you can get to the norristown high speed line that will get to you 69th street and then from there you can take market frankford line into center city. not everyone comes into center city obviously so there are alternate options depending upon where you're starting your trip and what station and where you need to go to. a a lot of folks will use their car, car pooling, or coming up a at all types of different options as you get ready to head out the door and decide what you will do. i know septa says they are optimistic but right now we have no trains running on the paoli thorndale line. this all started with amtrak signal problems, yesterday, and then resulted in this that cancellation, right the at the start of our evening rush hour. expect delays on amtrak, amtrak, owns the tracks and the wires. this is an amtrak issue that they are trying to make repairs, so their trains will be delayed as well. the a acela express, there were some trains heading west out toward harrisburg, harrisburg trains use that
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same line, as the paoli trains do, whether or not this will impact trains heading to new york or not, again, amtrak has not returned any phone calls, since last night. so, right now, we're all kind of in the dark, looking for alternate means of transportation this morning. the westbound pennsylvania turnpike an accident, right here near the turnpike connection bridge as soon as you come into pennsylvania over toward neshaminy. here's i-95 in the stadium area, no problems heading to or from the airport, in problems, at the airport, philly international looking good, if you are moving out of town, this weekend, lucky you, and, moving into town, this morning is dave warren filling in for sueby this morning. good morning. >> yes, the rain is coming through the area this morning. it is moving. it is very, very light. you might to have dodge a few showers, just this morning, so if you take umbrella you may need it briefly.
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but this line here a lot of this rain in the quite reaching the ground. it did move through earlier but it the is all moving pushing south this line here may be heavier pushing through lehigh valley, philadelphia, south jersey and delaware, it is falling apart if you it should hold together enough, where we will get a brief shower as it pushes through. north of the area right now a few light showers in new jersey. a a lot of rain pick up on the radar but not quite reaching the ground. a few areas reporting light rain in the surface. light breeze, that will change this afternoon, in the 60's now but that wind will pick up and bring in cooler air. likely this could be the warmest temperature we will see all day to day. showers, this morning, and then it clears out this afternoon. in more record high temperatures, still warm day to day but we will get a a chilly start tomorrow, a cool start with temperatures in the 30's. we have not felt that in a while. these temperatures will drop quickly. sixty's now, dropping a little bit and sunshine trying to warm things up as win picks up and brings in cooler air, that
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all changes tonight, lose sunshine, temperatures will drop overnight tonight. fifty-nine, so it could drop briefly and then backup to 64-degree mark. sixty-two by 5:00. notice no more rain, rain this morning, it will be cleared out by 10:00 o'clock this morning. dry day once these showers pass through. the let's talk about the weekend here. we could have some showers, coming back, st. patrick's day parade there this sunday. 64 degrees, just a chance of the shower. that could be late in the day, so watching that one closely, you'll see the clouds begin to move in, saturday night, and then, there is a few showers early sunday maybe just a passing shower and warmer air tries to move back into the area. seven day forecast, looking like this, 65 down to 58. is there that shower chance for monday. better chance of rain on sunday to monday, but by tuesday, we're in the upper 60's. the is there 70-degree mark there on wednesday with sunshine but it will get cooler on thursday. we are back down to 66 degrees. chris and lauren.
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>> dave, thanks very much. a philadelphia man and his son are in jail accused of killing a relative for insurance money. authorities arrested edward and eddie kirby in the death of six three-year old george kirby, older brother and uncle to the pair. investigators say they used methadone pills to kill him, and used his identity to fraudulently collect tens of thousands of dollars. >> he decided to take advantage of his brother's illness and began planning, plotting with his son, eddie, to fraudulently obtain ten life insurance policies by pretending to be george kirby so they can collect more than 100 you this dollars in benefits. >> authorities say the son used some of that money to buy himself a new car. 4:18. philadelphia police officer ambushed by a gunman in janice now talking about what happened, and talking about it under oath. he testified in the center city courtroom yesterday. the man shot officer jesse
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hartnett while sitting in his patrol car in west philadelphia police commissioner richard ross was in that courtroom yesterday and he said hartnett's memory of the violent attack is impeccable. >> just an absolutely remarkable young man, even his ability to recount specific details down to trying to retrieve his tourniquet after he was injured is nothing short of remarkable. >> the a accused shooter edward a archer was held for trial, on attempted murder charges and among other things. hartnett also provided details about how he kick his way out of the cruz tore run ought archer and return fire. investigators say admitted to caring out the shooter in the name of islam. archer's attorney says he is looking into whether his client has mental health issues. >> i wouldn't be doing my job if i was than the exploring whether or not that is a viable defense whether or not he could not differentiate right from wrong at the time that this happened. it is my job to explore that
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and see if that is the case. >> officer hartnett has had seven surgeries so far, and now has a titanium rod in his arm. archer is due back in court for his arraignment march 31st. man accused of shooting a worker inside a north philadelphia a restaurant is now in jail. ronald graham also goes by roland. investigators say he opened fire at church's chicken on north broad street sunday after april argument over where the worker was cleaning tables. the 19 year-old worker still in the hospital, in stable condition. talks between new jersey transit and rail worker unions resumed in newark. both side trying to avoid a rail strike this weekend. more than 4,000nj transit rail workers authorized a strike for early sunday morning. two sides have yet to gree on wage increasing, health care cost and length of contract. unions have been working without a contract for nearly five years, now. coming up on 4:21. a brawl breaks out between
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passengers inside an airplane, take a look at this and it is all over, blaring music. imagine seeing this on your flight, according to reports, two women on this spirit plane heading from baltimore to los angeles were listening to a boom box. remember those? but when a passenger asked them to turn it down, they turned it up, fists started flying, police escorted five women off that plane, they were questioned and then released. if they agreed what was playing maybe they would have sung a along. you got to love this cute story this morning. so it is a mother dog reunited with her young puppiesment this was taken inside humane society in nevada, california, 30 minute drive north of san francisco. the dog was given up by her owner. well, society realized the dog had just given birth and convinced the owner to also surrender the four little puppies. the mother dog was reportedly
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sulking in the off spring until they were brought n from there it is all tait wagging until they bassing in the rejune beyond. doug pederson very clear on all of the talk who will be number one quarterback for the eagles. howard breaks down the chatter in sports in a minute. >> let's hope they win next year. speaking of winning, here's your winning lottery numbers.
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good morning i'm howard eskin. eagles had their free agents in town. new players all say the right thing but social media and bloggers always try to create issues there was one addressed yesterday down at the eag false silt right from the start. quarterback chase daniel is one of the the free agents in town coming from kansas city. he has been a career backup. but between twitter, sports talk radio and other outlets the argument a road there would be a good chance he would be a starter for the eagles. doug pederson cleared up that quickly. >> sam bradford is number one, chase daniel is number two and then we're working on the number three. i just want to put that out there right now. villanova wins opening game of the big east tournament yesterday at madison square garden they were down by six. never should have been to
4:26 am
george ton. fifteen-18 team. archie key ago necessity with the three. villanova wins 81-67. they play providence today. phillies in spring training, got the all big 6-foot six guy. but aaron nola gave up two runs and four hits, in two and three things. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. and 4:26. we are following breaking news this morning, out of lawncrest where a woman was abduct off a septa bus. steve keeley is there and whiffle a live report after the break.
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weave breaking news the scene of the an apparent abduction this is happening in the lawncrest section of northeast philadelphia steve keeley is there with the very latest, steve, good morning. >> people in philadelphia will know it as adams and the boulevard which is one of the main intersections out here. this is probably just a domestic situation, but a a violent one. here's what happened. look at the video that we have you'll see a septa bus in our shot. woman was on the septa bus and a man, who obviously knows
4:30 am
would the man was following the septa bus, and when it stopped at a typical stop, the man ran up to the bus trying to get through to the women. while doors were shut, woman was sitting on the busy went up and smacked window so hard with an opened palm he smashed and shattered that big septa side passenger window. the bus driver seeing a problem not knowing what is going on, not knowing if these two people necessity each other, takes off and starts going down the boulevard. this guy, then they learn is in a pontiac grant preor grand am, with a paper tag, a temporary tag from the state of the delaware. that guy, then drives in front of the bus, cuts it off, forced the bus to stop on the boulevard, and then he gets out of the car, comes back over to the bus, bus driver does not let him in but woman demand to be let off the bus for some reason despite how violent that guy was acting. the as bus driver's door is opened, the guy gets up into
4:31 am
the doorway where woman was trying to get off the bus and start punching her in the face and head. he pulls her off the bus, drags her down to his car, throws her in the back of this pontiac grand am and takes off. they all have the same memory of the same tag, the police ran the tag. they get nothing. nothing comes up because it is a temporary paper tag that maybe has been altered. the car took off. that is what they are looking for right now. they think come particular because they think this guy knew this woman. so he had in weapons, just his hand which can be pretty lethal weapons when beating up a young woman. no one else on the bus was hurt. the busies over at the depot at pratt and bridge in frankford that big septa area over there where they shattered the window. reason i mention that had is there are several surveillance cameras on septa abuses which we learned from watching this show every day and there happened to be a camera aimed at that window where he is smashing it and woman is
4:32 am
seated. police are over there looking at surveillance to get a good picture of this guy to put it out to the public and maybe identify him that way to figure out where he is with this car that took off south on the boulevard. so that is what they have here. it happened at 2:00 in the morning. the least busiest time in the day you would think but crazy time of the day when you are a police officer in this town where bad things happen and this is the latest. chris and lauren, i hope i summed it up. >> boy would i like to see that video after investigators get a chance to look at it, and we can figure out what happened. other developing story we will get to, in a minute but first dave kinchen you have some weather on that raid are a a. >> not dave kinchen, dave warren. >> but we will get to the other story with septa and the platform, next, but first lets go to dave warren. >> thank you very much, mr. murphy. we have some rain, talking about, moving through. this it is a lot of green,
4:33 am
some not reaching the ground. we have reports of the light rain showers. that line will hold together. you will see a brief period of the light rain shower between now and about 6:00 o'clock this morning. it is moving, it is moving south, that will be followed by a cooler breeze. right now right along i80 there moving in carbon, monroe county, pushing south, a light green color not really reaching the ground, maybe a light shower here, from cape may county, up the garden state parkway through atlantic city. light breeze at 66 degrees. that is the high temperature today, maybe dropping and then sunshine, warming things up, big tug of war with the cooler breeze and sunshine, once you get to tonight we will lose that sunshine cold night tonight, today though just enjoy the mild temperature. in more record, just passing shower and a comfortable day with temperatures in the 60's. sixty-two in millville. sixty's to the south here. here is few you tour weather computer showing that line at 6:00 o'clock. then it moves out. the getting sunshine here. sun returns with the cool breeze this this afternoon.
4:34 am
temperatures will be right around where they are right now. mid 50's once that rain clears out. we're in the clear. we are seeing sunshine and a few clouds. now for all of the latest traffic issues this morning lets get over to bob kelly, good morning. >> good morning. more septa a issues at the moment both septa and amtrak i just heard from septa here's the latest they are officially saying that starting the morning service will be suspended, on the paoli thorndale regional rail line. here is some options before we toss over to dave at 30th street station. if you typically use the paoli line and you have no other means of transportation as in a car, then the norristown high speed line will get to you 69th street. from there you can take the market frankford line into downtown. everyone had to do the reverse on the way home last night, with the power outage. there are other options on septa a's web site, again, all of the train station as long the line depending upon which station with you typically board the train and where you
4:35 am
are going, there could be alternate bus options, but basically, throwing the whole deck of card in the air for the morning rush hour. this is an amtrak signal problem, amtrak owns the tracks, they own the line so septa is landlord i guess you can say. amtrak is still making repairs to that stretch of the track. it effects the amtrak trains heading west, out to harrisburg as well, expect delays on amtrak this morning, and expect a rough go for regional rail riders. lets go to dave, live at 30th street station, dave, what can you tell us. >> reporter: bob, it is not just impacting, of course, septa paoli thorndale line there but we are looking at 30th street station saying amtrak keystone line will be impacted with delays as well, and as of earlier, amtrak was talking about delays up to an hour for that line. crews have been working
4:36 am
overnight on this problem. we want to show you everything that happened last night. the septa buses were called into get people in center city, who just left work to get them home to the suburbs during last night's evening rush, the buses traveled outbound from 30th street station where we are toward thorndale. as you mentioned bob, amtrak power problems forced suspension of the the paoli thorndale line around 5:30 yesterday evening and that was probably the worst time. it was about the tail end of rush hour there and amtrak owns the track that septa lines, that septa line runs on, and, as crews continued to work, the big question is when will all of this be in place. people will to have mention, consider other options in addition to other options we mentioned bob, maybe uber, in fact, that gives you, distance without paying a whole lot or car pooling, but certainly, a big problem for a lot of commuters this morning, back to you. we have learned that
4:37 am
heather red fern a spokesperson with septa will join us on the phone to give us very latest, she will talk to bob kelly about how to sort this out, great work, we will check this back out. 4:37. drastic turn off events during last night's g.o.p. debate, why it was very different from the previous once.
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updating our breaking news, service still suspended on septa's paoli thorndale, regional rail line and for the latest, lets go to the phone, heather redfern our spokesperson from septa a. heather good morning. >> good morning, bob. >> unfortunately we're getting up early here but this is a left over from last night. what is latest for folks watching right now and deciding what they have to do
4:44 am
for morning rush hour. >> paoli thorndale line is still suspended. amtrak crews were still working. there were two situations last evening that involved their wire, their overhead wire, one in the ardmore station area and one in the area near the yard where we store most of our trains for the paoli thorndale line and when they got in there last night, and started working on it, it has taken longer then what was anticipated. services on the line was suspended for the time being. we're offering passengers need an alternative means the norristown high speed line would be an alternative into 69th street and then transfer to the market frankford line. >> just to be clear last night you offered shuttle bus services for folks home. there is no shuttle bus services this morning is that correct. >> that is correct, as far as this morning, and last evening, those buses were made
4:45 am
available after the evening rush hour, because we had buses outside on the line. it happened during rush hour. it is the flower show. we had a lot of heavy travel, and then every time something like this happens, it is in the good but especially touring a rush hour. we had people, steering people in the direction of the norristown high speed line because it toss stop at villanova a, radnor and bryn mawr and then when we were able to after we got buses to take people who were on trains at station that is weren't able to move, we got them off of those trains and able to bring those buses and some other buses to 30th street to get people going to the flower show, people were normal evening commuters to get them back out to fern dale. >> what i think will happen this morning if you do have an option to drive, if it was me i'm driving this morning. if i don't have have a car your option would be to get to
4:46 am
what villanova, radnor or -- >> bryn mawr. >> soville know of, radnor, bryn mawr and take norristown high speed line, to 69th street. >> yes. >> and from the 69th street terminal and market frankford line will get you into center city. >> right. >> heather, thanks very much. heather redfern from septa if anything changes here for morning rush hour, we will bring it to you first but that is very latest from the paoli thorndale line and as heather mentioned this is as a result of amtrak power problems and amtrak's keystone line using same set of tracks as paoli thorndale line n1 from amtrak has responded to any of their calls even their twitter page still has a date of march 1st, last time they were updated. so if you use amtrak and head west this morning, again you are on your own, keystone line most likely at least a delay if in the worse service
4:47 am
suspended and paoli thorndale line services suspended for morning rush hour. as we go live to the bennie looking good coming into downtown philadelphia, but tacony palmyra bridge is accepting an opening at 5:05. how are we looking for that parade day forecast. >> parade day forecast, little tricky because what we had right now rain on the radar, there is some green there. some not reaching the ground. this is working its way through lehigh valley moving through philadelphia and south jersey and delaware over the next two hours or so, so a brief light rain shower is what we will see. it is moving and pushing south, breaking up a little bit moving south. not have been seeing rain but don't be surprised to see a light shower passing through. it is down through lehigh valley. carbon, monroe, what little rain in south jersey has moved off the coast. temperatures in the 60es a and 50's, dropping to 49 degrees. it will be here throughout the
4:48 am
day. maybe dropping in the 50's a and climbing backup a a lit built in the 60's. we will have sunshine and we will have a cool breeze overnight tonight that cool's wins out but during the day in the afternoon that is a tug of war happening so it is trying to get cooler but sunshine keeping temperatures in the 60's there. sixty-five. early shower. maybe not talking about the records, it will not be quite as warm. future cast, will go through sunday look a at the clouds increasing where it gets tricky. a few light showers in the morning maybe more widespread around 12:00 to 2:00 o'clock. parade weather we have bus stop buddy during week, weekend wendy here, cloud mild, up to 56 degrees, with a few light showers. just a chance of a shower for the parade. watch that closely. rain and mild on monday, we have a mix of sun and clouds on tuesday, temperatures in the upper 60's, 70, milder on wednesday and actual st. patrick's day thursday look for a passing shower and
4:49 am
cooler temperature down to 66 degrees, chris and lauren. family friend of the people who knew nancy reagan will say their final good bye. private funeral services will be held for former first lady. relatives and presidents dating back to john f. kennedy are expect to attend today's service. reagan died at 94 from congestive heart failure. we all know carbs can be bad for your waist line but also bad for your lungs. overloading on carbs could cause lung cancer. researchers at the university of texas found people who have had high carbs diet were twice as likely to develop lung cancer then those who didn't. people most at risk a had never smoke cigarettes but they say there is in definite link between diets and lung cancer. coming up at 7:55 on "good day philadelphia" our doctor mike will break this down. interesting development nonetheless. whole food is trying to unload unwanted fruits and veggies. it is experimenting with selling so-called ugly food.
4:50 am
they will sell it at a discount. those are fruits and veggies that are miss shaped, uneven, maybe slightly bruised. the goal to reduce waste, lower prices and help farmers sell more. you know slogan it is not delivery it the is dell journal owe. they are under recall after several people reported finding glass. company still investigating where this may have originated but it believes common ingredient in the product is spinach. the recall includes the pizza a, lean cuisine pizza a, paninis and lasagna and sufflets. they have no reports of any injury. if you want to check out is what in your freezer all of the details are on fox 29 home page fox get your money back, america if you have not filed your 2012 federal income taxes the government is preparing to pocket your refund. more than 950 million-dollar in tax refund will disappear
4:51 am
after april 18th deadline. about 1 million americans have refund checks of at least $600 waiting for them. for those don't file a 2012 tax return by deadline you may be losing out on the 202 earned income tax credit that scored $6,000. >> just go to their web site at irs dot gov. oprah finally revealing what she looks like with her weight loss. we will see that in a minute. but first a live picture of the ben franklin parkway.
4:52 am
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4:54 am
good morning, we are getting ready for philadelphia st. patrick's day parade which is on sunday. how are you getting ready for st. patrick's day. you have kid all fired up doing irish dancing. we have hats, sweaters all pick out. make sure when you put it up, use that hashtag fox 29 irish and, of course, the big parade, the biggest parade, right here, on fox. the st. patrick's day parade on sunday. come join us live, we will stroll up the parkway 12:00 to 3:00. myself, mike, kathy, rest of
4:55 am
the the fox 29 gang will be in the parade. catch it here on fox 29 beginning at 12:00 noonan sunday. chris and lauren, back to you. oprah winfrey friday showcasing her dramatic weight loss. she's showing off all those new curbs in the april issue of o magazine. it fee he tours diet struggles of all woman. oprah has already lost 26-pound on weight watchers and best part of it all she still gets to eat her favorite foods which is bread. >> yes, but the carbs. >> new stud bye carbs and linked to lung cancer. >> maroon five front man adam le vine will have another age until his life. he and his super model wife are expecting their first child. it is being reported she's still in her first trimester but victoria secret super model married le vine in july 2014. >> hoist better looking when you look at that. >> who is better looking.
4:56 am
>> can we, the best video of the morning, you put it up there for like two seconds. can we look at her again, can we look at mahati1 more time. >> can we talk about something else really quickly. >> are you okay. >> i don't think so. >> is what going on. >> i think it is asthma anal geese combined. >> thank you for being here. >> i'm happy to be here. >> i was going to talk about, there you get, is there your video. >> i love his hair. >> where is she though. >> she's coming, wait a second. >> i'm over him. >> there she is. >> they are going to have the best looking child in the world, so congratulations to them. >> yes. >> okay. >> thanks for hanging in there. >> i'll talk. we are following a lot going on, the breaking news out of the northeast philadelphia area woman abduct off septa bus steve keeley has
4:57 am
more information. we will join him live in just a minute. stay with us.
4:58 am
4:59 am
a terrifying situation on a septa bus, a woman abducted, search right now is on. major septa line suspended, problem that may impact your community this morning and touching word as crowd gathers to remember a fallen new jersey trooper, heartfelt memories, family members are sharing.
5:00 am
>> good day, it is friday march 11th, 2016. >> and it is a morning that a lot of people will remember in a dubious way when it comes to travel because of the suspended line, the septa line, and are we go to go get any resolution to this? septa is not offering any alternatives bob. >> no, right now it is still status quo, same situation from last night. we will hear more about last night's problem when we go to dave but service suspended for morning rush hour on septa's paoli thorndale regional rail line. this all started last night as a result of the a amtrak power issues, we have not heard a word from amtrak, even amtrak social media pages are dated march 1st and they are advertising deals heading out to other destinations. we are trying to get an answer on a eta time-wise here. right now if you typically use paoli thorndale line, if it was me, going alternate


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