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tv   Good Day Philadelphia Weekend  FOX  March 12, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EST

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mornings on good day, chaos in chicago. a donald trump rally canceled after clashes between protestors and supporters get out of hand. plus, a collective sigh of rereel for new jersey transit riders, a strike is averted and commuters will be able to get t to work on sunday. how about this, something only 11 other high school students in the entire world have pulled off, a perfect test score. a great kid from our a. we'll break down the numbers on this amazing accomplishment. > from the fox 29 studio, this is good day philadelphia weekend. and good day everyone. good morning, the team is all here ready to go. as you take a look at the control room, everything getting up and running. i am bill anderson, karen hepp,
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dave warren. good morning. >> you know what brought me such joy yesterday? > what's that. >> the cherry blooms were starting to bloom and i was in camden. i didn't know they had that many gorgeous trees. > send her pictures. >> what makes you happy, that's one of my questions for you this morning. > what makes you happy. >> maybe you like the little birds sipping and the sunshine. > i wasn't making fun of you. >> so cherry blossoms mean we've had decent weather, changing a little bit. >> speaking of stepping outside. obviously, what happened? it was nice. > it dropped 20-degrees from the past few days. right now, the sunshine is is out. a big temperature difference between the city and the suburbs, but look at these numbers, 20 to 25-degrees colder than we were yesterday at h time. so a little l chill outside this morning. but the warm weather this week certainly making it feel like
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spring. maybe you're in the mood. weekend wendy is here. and we have got the place for you, spring is still blooming at the philadelphia flour show and weekend wendy is there. they freshened up everything during the week so all better blooms. it's the last two days at the pennsylvania convention center with the theme explore america, 100 years of national park service. so join the crowds and have some fun. grab the coat before you step outside, though. there's the 30-degree temperature in allentown. it jumps up to 44 in philadelphia. and then drops to 34 in millville. a little chill this morning, but we will quickly warm up with the sunshine. there's some warmer air to the south. ultimate doppler is clear for now, but some of these showers might try to work their way into the area tomorrow. i'll look at the timing and what it means for a little bit later. a look at the roads. here's bob with a look at traffic. good morning, everybody.
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it's the last weekend for the flour show here in center city. we'll see a lot of extra involve today in and out of the convention center area off of the vine street expressway. with also the nice weather comes the regattas and eve ' got one for you, the martin luther king drive and the kelly drive both restricted. it all goes down tomorrow, the st. patrick's day parade here in philadelphia, here on fox. 1 to 3. we kick off at 16th and jfk parkway. hopefully you can join us life, if not, catch us right here on fox 29. have a great rest of the day. i'll see you bright and early tomorrow for good day philadelphia and then at the parade. > we're following some breaking news this morning. at least one person is in the hospital after a truck crashed into the home in burlington county. this happened at the 700 block
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of styles avenue just before 6 in maple shade. we don't know who the person is. investigators are trying to figure out what sparked this house fire in camden. firefighters were called out to the 900 block of south fifth street. this was just before 11 last evening. that fire started in a vacant home, but there were people who live right next store. they needed to be he vac it withed. 7:04 happening right now, police need your help this morning. they're trying to track down a man accused of brutally attacking a p woman right near penny pack park. let's get out to jennifer joist. the details of this acan that, they're frightening, they're disturbing. do we have jenny? is she ready to go with us. >> i think we lost that feed. we will get you the detail. that is a really scary story and as we get more information we'll share it. she was out for a run, a guy jumps her, ties her. we have a screech of him.
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friends and families will gather to celebrate the life of former miss new jersey. at the ocean city tabernacle in ocean city, of course. last month the 24 year old crashed her car along route 55 in pittsgrove township hitting several trees. investigators say she was not wearing her set belt and there were wet conditions on the roads that may have contributed to the crash. she died a week later. now, ma cullen won the 2013 miss new jersey pageant and was lead anchor for sna news in south jersey. remember that runaway blimp there could be some issues linked to a problem to a blimp that came down in rural pennsylvania. it tethered in and beer dean, maryland broke free and went through causing thousands of
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dollar as in document age. some of that was in our a. the blimp was all called of a program called j lens it was being tested to detect the washington d.c. area from low flying threats. there's a the lot of people rethinking the program. the blimp jeopardizes safety of a lot of people on the ground. do you remember this fact afterwards, they figured out one of the problems why they couldn't stop it because nobody put the batteries in the device that could have stopped it, even the military for gets. if you're going to try something like that and charge $27 million it better work. > new jersey rail commute cans won't need to about getting to work on monday, a strike has been averted. they've reached a tentative agreement with nj transit avoiding a strike that could have effected more than 100,000 riders. governor chris christies says the hike should not result in
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fair identification. we've reached an agreement is that longer covering not only the period since 2011 when the last contract expired, but now through the end of 2019. this is going to give workers and commuters a measure of certainty and stability. that agreement still needs to be ratified by all the parties involved before its officially put in place. 7:07 is the time. tracking down a person accused of brutally attacking a woman near penny pack park. she was out there and then she was attacked. details starting to come in, scary and disturbing. >>reporter: police want everyone to be on the look out for this man. we do have a sketch of this suspect believed to be in his 30s, weighing 250 to 300 pounds, six feet tall. this is the man who philadelphia police believe sexually and
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assaulted a 22 year old woman wednesday night. she was working on run street when a man came up behind her, covered her mouth and forced her into the woods. and then he put duct tape on the mouth and assaulted her. according to police, the weather was very nice h week bringing a the mr. of people outside. this assault is unsettling news to the people who live in this area. the suspect has brown courseç hair, a scuff i beard, a heart tattoo with trouble symbols on his chest. and crooked teeth. he was carrying a blue pack back. > thank you. so disturbing, the time now 7:08. in political coverage, a donald trump rally, did you hear about this? they had to cancel, the problem was security concerns after scuffles broke out between the protestors between supporters and donald trump. this is in chicago.
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an estimated 6,000 demonstrators voiced their anger at the presidential candidate. there were punches thrown. it got violent. lots of people holding signs and calling trump unamerica for his controversial statements. some of the police were there in the middle. they eventually did get control of the situation and they canned everyone to leave in a a piecefl manner. there was a police officer -- there was police officers in the middle of this whole mess. one was injured. here's what trump had to say. >> i don't want to see people get hurt. i don't want people to get hurt or worse and i decided very strongly to make a decision in the to do it and to postpone the rally. it was a big rally with tremendous people, but i just don't want to see people get hurt, any people, on either side. we have such a divided country now. it's been so differented under this president and i've been saying it for a long time. > now, trump is facing a lot of
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criticism. am people say he insights some of this violence. encouraging people in his crowd when it comes to some of the protestors, but this is the most recent example. we'll examine to stay on top of this. it's not going away any time soon. we all want to lose a few pounds r now and then, but there are some people who seemingly always need to take off ten pounds. >> that is me. > no, it's not. coming up, who is most likely to be on what we call a permanent diet? i feel like i've been on a diet since i was 1 years old. first, we have a new law that's taking affect monday, it will prevent employers from asking about criminal histories in job interviews. it's controversial. is it protecting rights or is it bad for business. we'll discuss it coming up. > share with us, show us your irish. use your fox tag fox 29 irish. i know a lot of you have
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celebrations, birthdays this weekend. you can use the little hashtag, fox 29 good day. some of our posts are already coming in. thank you for sharing. w??ççóo?ç
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controversial new piece of legs goes into affect in philadelphia
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on monday. this has been sparking some pretty heated debate out the city. the legislation is referred to as ban the box. it makes it illegal for employers to do a criminal background check on potential employees until they decide to offer them a job. some say it create needed opportunities for ex offenders, but others think it's an unfair burden on employers. people have been debating it, discussing it and so we wanted to bring that discussion to you. joining us life this morning, colonies john feather land who opposes ban the box. and professor of criminal justice jennifer taylor. good p morning. >> you have an opposition to this. the two of you were going back and forth on twitter. tell me why you have strong oppositions. first let me tell you that i'd like to thank professor taylor on this. there are two sides.
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i actually did a lot. i did a followup piece that went on air yesterday. i learned quite a about it from her. we would like to see people coming out of prisons have a second chance because if they can't get a job they're not going to be able to stay out of prison. however shall the issue is that ban the box has been in effect in philly a couple of years now. the issue is that there is a new revision of ban the box. they're essentially three differences between the updated version and the new one. the new one you can no longer inquire about the criminal history until after you've made a conditional offer to them. the second is you can only go back seven years in the criminal history. the third is it used to apply to employers that had ten or more people. now it is regardless of the size of the company. > now e, i got to say i appreciate the back and forth you guys had and the fact that you're learning from each other. and professor, you said that he learned from you, you've kind of
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opened his eyes, but in that back and forth you said that there are two misconceptions that people justin to go forward with. explain them to us. the first major misconception is that employers function under a lot of assumptions and store types about returning citizens. there are absolutely a lot of people who come home who still have vocational social needs that make employment really challenging for them but there are also lots of people who come home with a strong work ethic, a level of resiliency and a sincere desire to support their families through legitimate employment and if ban the box goes in affect and could help reduce resituateddism rates this gives the community a better chance at hole. they expect ex offender to be reoffending. we know the longer somebody is out, the more likely it is t@ex're going to stay clean if
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they are employed. the risk they hire, the risk of reoffending goes down the longer the period of time that they've been home. this is something that we need to continue expanding on. we're up against the clock. i want to thank both of you for spending sometime with us. let's get the twitter battle going back and forth. let us know what you think. we appreciate it. you can tell us what you think. just make sure you use our hashtag, fox 29 good day. let's look at immediate poconos. they still have snow. a lot of the resorts are still open. people are thinking about going into spring break. maybe they'll be getting away up there, dave warren. the warming weather will make it difficult to keep the snow. but it is fun to go up there. >> they can make some snow today, but it's been so warm recently where they've had some problems here trying to make the snow. we do have a lot happening here this weekend. here is one event happening
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right here in philadelphia. what a great day for a run. the 2016 run benefiting special olympics is starting soon. what's the weather going to be like for the raise. a perfect weather for the run. 56 to 62 by 1:00. the clouds will continue to increase. there's sunshine out here. 44-degrees. light breeze about seven miles. relative humidity at 49 percent. 50s, maybe just above 60 degrees. we will climb above 60. not nearly as warm as it's been. dropping into the 40s overnight. clouds will increase and it will keep the temperature from dropping too much. if you're traveling maybe a little cooler north and west. only into the mid to 40s. the question is the rain, though.
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we have a big parade tomorrow. here's what to expect. we'll have some clouds increasing and the warmer air is trying to move back in and that brings in the clouds. we have to say a few showers tomorrow and it's ice it lated. 12:00 is the kickoff for the parade. the showers begin to move in, maybe one or two rain drops coming down. they really become a about it more widespread by about 4 or 5:00 and that's in the western suburbs. we do have to put some rain in the forecast. rain or show is the parade. look for a few showers coming in with the temperature in the mid to low 60s. 70s coming a lit later. > it better not rain on our parade. we'll keep marching right on through it. it will be fine. as we said, tomorrow is the big day, st. patrick's day parade. you know this started -- you know because you can did a story on this 1771. this his the fun part about this
7:20 am
year's parade. you're going to hear rebel songs, rebel dances, why, because this year's theme honors the heros who fought for irish independent. villanova is back. coming up we have reaction from coach jay wright following last night's game at madison square garden. here's your winning lottery numbers, hope you have them. good luck.
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i got something for you. ocean city, new jersey, the third annual mr. mature america panel event for men 55 and older down the shore in ocean city. the entire boardwalk has now reopened in ocean city. i know a lot of folks will be going down there to check out the seashore. nicely done. >> if the weather gets better you can check it out. > let's talk sports and it will be villanova and seton hall batting it out for the big east championship. of course that's life this afternoon on fox 29 and our own, tom shed check, the shredder wraps up what happened last
7:24 am
night in semi final action. good morning, villanova was supposed to be here. they are the number one seed. they're the third ranked team in the nation, but the guest of march pasts are still with this team. failures in the ncaa tournament, no trips beyond the 32 in the last two ncaaa tournaments. in two games they accepted the pressure. georgetown thursday, providence last night. maybe it's a good sign as they get ready for the game tonight. last night against providence it was a comfortable night until the friers made the patented big east run. when cartwright hits the three, it is a 2-point game. but villanova takes over, instead of folding, the cats win to advance to the finals 76 to 668. afterwards, jay wright with sean
7:25 am
bell. villanova is in the big east title game for the second straight year. that game took a lot of mental skill. they stepped it up and came harder at us. we took a big punch there and then came back. great college basketball game. > the second straight trip to the title game for villanova than a a reminderç that big eat title game will be right here on fox tonight. tip off is set for 56789. 30. st. joe's and temple also have conference tournament games this afternoon. they both picked up quarter final withins yesterday. let's go back to you guys. i got that important text from my husband. he says that the hawks are down, gw, bill al ma mutterer. i am torn because i went to gw, love the colonials, i. i'm not mad about that. the pipes are calling you to join us. see karen all decked out in
7:26 am
green. it's the big st. patrick day tomorrow. we're all marching in it. you can at least watch it on tv. this year is extra special because it's the 100 anniversary of the easter rebell on, the big up rising that launched irish independent. who is that guy? he's the grand marshal. here's something only eleven other high school students in the world pulled off. fyi, none of them in this year. a perfect test score. coming up, we'll take you behind this young man's academic accomplishment. check out this one that was from james. not a cloud in the sky. pretty chilly. also this one from matt. charlotte. i love this. happy to 18th birthday and also she's going to be a big sister in just two months. these are our pictures, your birthday shout jut, fox 29
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hashtag, good day. we'll be back. find fantasy shows. when it comes to the things you love, you want more. love romance?
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bobbing your head as we take a look at the airport. dave says weather dropping just a little bit. i guess some people are trying
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to get out of dodge. much that's ' kay. let's take a look at some of this morning's top story. a philadelphia police officer is sent to the hospital after he is struck by a car. authorities say thats of oner was on bike patrol when he was hit along the 3900 block of whitaker avenue. sky fox was over the scene just after the officer was taken to temple university hospital. police tell us that thankfully he should be okay. and two new castle, delaware men now under arrest after investigators say they caught the two in the middle of a drug deal. authorities arrested 37 year old michael deal and 29 year old joshua shorts. according to investigators they must hey had all that stuff right there. they witnessed the two men exchange drugs and money and it looks like it was a whole heck of a lot when they searched one of the suspect's cars they found those glass vials of liquid codeine. you know the scorch is on this country right now.
7:31 am
it's also known as skiesor. they also found more than 500 bags of heroin in one ofs suspect's cars. both of them are from newark and er facing charges. there is a brand new exhibit opening today at the franklin institute. weekend wendy is so excited about the science behind picks area. 9:30:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at the franklin and you can learn just how the characters were made, characters like finding knee mow and mike from monsters, incorporated. dave warren has seen these movies many times with his kids. dave, do you speak whale? >> of course i speak whale. can i do hump back now or do i have to move on? >> thank you. 44-degrees right now in philadelphia. 33 in pottstown. big temperature difference here if you head out for that event, grab the coat this morning. it's cold out there, but quickly
7:32 am
warming up with the sunshine. colder up north, warmer to the south. this could be the problem tomorrow as that warm air tries to return. it will bring in some clouds and then a few showers could be working their way into the area maybe impacting part of your sunday. it's not every where, but they'll certainly be around. the breeze out the northeast at 7 miles an hour. humidity at 49 percent. up to the 50s and 60s today, but look at the clouds increasing. we're sunny this morning, that will help bump the temperatures up. the clouds keeps us from cooling off tonight. thank you, dave. we are all excited, it's tomorrow. one of philadelphia's biggest celebrations of the year. you can watch it on fox 29. it's the st. patrick's day parade and it's always filled with bag pipes. who is the guy leading it. it's a big honor leading the parade and i had a chance to meet him. the pipes are calling, the
7:33 am
dancers practicing and in a quiet corner of the northeast, paul doris is secretly a little nervous. he's the grand marshal of this year's st. patrick's day parade. the guys up at the ancient order of high person ands have a huge banner. it's not only for me, it's for all the people that i work with throughout the years. he came here as an irish football 30 years ago to play kalic football raising a family during the way. his daughter is a nurse, son an officer. his passing was helping ireland. he proudly displays sell particular harps. his cousin tony was killed in the troubles. the theme of this year's parade is saint patrick bless the heros of the 1916 easterç rising.
7:34 am
on easter of 1916, men and women took up arms against the british in dublin. the rebell onlasted six days and failed, but ultimately sparked irish independent. it awoke the irish people to a need for unity. what incensed so many, the murder of the rebels. 156 the leaders were killed within a few days. the irish got their rage up. i think it's significant as the birth of the united states. i think that the irish people are very proud of that moment when they were able to break away. michael bradley is the parade director. he says the 100 year anniversary of the easter rebaloney's the perfect time to celebrate the heros and history. there will rebel songs and dances to celebrate the revolution of the irish folk and faith. it's probably the only parade
7:35 am
that tarts with a mass. it's important to note that we are irish catholicment we're celebrateing our ethnic and our background. i know we're going to have great weather. if you have bob kelly involved we won't have any traffic involved that sunday, either. and if you're excited as we're sure you are, excited for the st. patrick's day parade we want to hear from you, use the hashtag fox 9 irish. send us your pictures. us know how you're celebrating this otherand we'll share the pictures with the irish. brittany thank you for sending this in. quinn, i have a wipe, my quinn is turning nine tomorrow and we're requesting to go tomorrow. that one celebrates a little mike jerrick. that is danny, her little irish grandson. even the dogs are getting into
7:36 am
the act. an adorable bow tie. of course you can watch the st. patrick's day parade life here right on fox 29. and then we're going to reair it again on march 17th. it's the not the sound of silence just because they can't hear, doesn't mean that they don't love music. this is so cool. in can pennsylvania, this is a choir and they're a signing choir and they join some -- look at this. and we call them king. king high school and they need your help. the simple thing you can do right now that can help change kids' lives. we'll tell you. ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪
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no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase changes everything. > well, losing weight can be a little difficult, right. >> sure. > how often are women really working to shed those pounds. >> you have the goals and then it's hard to do them. we found a study that reveals one-third of all women are on a permanent diet and they've been most of their life. the majority of them have tried to lose weight over, well, decades now. that's a mistake that so am people make, scientists say that women are working to lose weight all or most of the time which compares to 40 percent of men who have tried to slim down in the past 12 months. i think you can talk to women and they can tell you every
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single diet they've ever done. i got to tell you, when i got married when i was 19, i blew up. i was big. you know what my sunday morning routine was. >> what. >> wake up late after being out on saturday night. trying to get upcoming out of my sleep, my wife then, joy would go to mcdonald's and bring me back two cheeseburgers and fridays. that was a typical meal. ever since then i've been trying to lose ten pounds. a decade after decade. >> that ten pounds, that hangs right here, they say that's really dangerous for you, too, belly fat. > you don't have the belly fat. >> don't make me take this off. > take it off. so are you constantly thinking about dieting? >> it's constantly a problem. i feel that you slip off so quickly.
7:41 am
if i go one weekend where i have winnings i feel like i go up a couple of pounds from that and it takes me the whole rest of the week. > i just like eating. let's take a break and eat. i'm buying. > hello, somebody has to actually work. how are we go all going to leave and leave me here to do the work and probably won't bring me any food. > you are sending us in pictures and we certainly appreciate it. apollo loves waking up with fox 29 good day. thank you, jamie for sending us that. happy six month birthday to document t from jacqueline and also from us, your fox 29 family and this one, we're sending out our prayers, little noaa sullivan wants to come a little bit early at 28 weeksment we know that everything will be okay, but we will join you in prayer as well. noaa, come on, get to us and get here safely and we'll be right
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ithere was 14 of us in a four bedroom apartment in the projects in boston. to be the first, actually, kid to buy a house in my family... ...i just realized that, i'm the first kid to buy a house...'s a very proud moment. whatever home means to you, we'll help you find it. zillow. it is today to spring forward. we will be losing an hour of sleep tonight so don't forget to change the clocks. this is actually a local band that plays in our area.
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don mat way and the great whatever. thanks for sending this one in. you know so much of your music. now i'm learning things. thanks for that. > it's time to take you in focus. a group of students in camden county are gathering up for a very special performance. they are part of a signing choir and their music is making a big impact. here's our photo journalist bill record. the students at the bancroft school in haddonfield, new jersey, are practicing for their upcoming spring show. they're all part of the bancroft signing choir and 18 year old paul cuss up is one of the stars. it gives us the opportunity to teach the students about defense culture. i get to sink in front of the audience. melissa shaw is this year's choir conductor.
7:46 am
they know how to interact and they're really comfortable. what do you think, it was music from the beginning. the students picked i believe i canfully. are we ready to sign with music. i have one student who sees another student from signing choir and practically runs up to him to sign to him any possible sign that he has learned. the signing choir has given the kids a the look of tools to be able to months fer new friendships and relationships. haddonfield, new jersey, bill record, fox 29 news. > that was a very cool story. nice job, bill record, always finding great stories. i doesn't happen often, in can pennsylvania, a student's chance getting a perfect chance on an
7:47 am
ap calculous, really rare. this is great news, a kid doing a great job, he's delaware county. a rare example. he goes to ridley high. he is a senior there. he was called into the principal's office, gets a little nervous. not in any trouble because he's a great kid. he found out how well he did on his ap calculous exam. he answered every single one of the tough questions correctly. to get a perfect score on the ap exam is a phenomenal feet. there are over 300,000 students take the ap exam for calculous every year in the entire world and we found out that 12, just 12 in the whole world got a perfect score. it's pretty overwhelming. it's pretty cool, too. he's a great kid. he's just 17, a gifted student and a gifted athlete. he runs cross country. he interned for the navy last summer. he hopes to attend an elite
7:48 am
college to study computer science and he wants to make sure colleges know about his special academic achievement. > i'll be working for him one day. nice job. time to check out the weather, trenton, new jersey, getting a little bit chilly, but still looks great. it looks grit out there and i want to add that there's a lot of calculous in meteorology. >> just throwing it out there for him. > did you get a perfect score. >> no. i got enough to get a degree. that's all. a look at some weather out there. we're looking at star scale. pretty good. not bad. it's looking like it's not great, but not bad. we have some rain coming in, that's why we drugs and alcohol a little bit tomorrow. the rain holds off until tomorrow. it's into the 40s right now and a 10-degree difference. you get that when you have the light breeze like we've had this morning. we've not seen numbers like this in a few days. grab the coat before you step outside this morning. it will warm up nicely this afternoon, the clouds will increase and the rain gets a
7:49 am
little closer. here's ultimate doppler radar. as the warmer air begins to move in it will bring the rain with it tomorrow. here's the timing. we'll look at this each hour because the parade kicks off at noon. by 8:00 in the morning there's a few showers. they're getting closer. they'll try to work their way north, but it looks like they're falling apart just a about it. later in the day you'll see the showers get more widespread. 630-degrees, but there could be a few showers between 2, 3:00 especially in the western suburbs and a few may try to work their way across the philadelphia area. there will be a few showers out there tomorrow. the seven day forecast, turn the clocks ahead, overnight tonight. rainy and cool, that rain really comes in on monday. two nie days tuesday and wednesday a and as the rain comes in on thursday it will be followed by some cooler air from 72 down to 52 between wednesday, thursday and friday. sounds like i heard a window in
7:50 am
there for the parade, a dry window. that's all i heard. don't worry about it. i meta local mom yesterday. she says her child and two others were hurt while at school. a bebe gun is to blame and now she's trying to share the story to get some justice. it's a story you'll hear only on fox. > hey, l a ex. your cellphone may let you see the world in a whole new way. coming up, how some new technology may change the way you read mag deans, look at a billboard, or even go shopping.
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and help reduce the risk of dvt and pe blood clots. xarelto® is also proven to reduce the risk of stroke in people with afib, not caused by a heart valve problem. for people with afib currently well managed on warfarin, there's limited information on how xarelto® and warfarin compare in reducing the risk of stroke. you know, i tried warfarin, but the blood testing and dietary restrictions... don't get me started on that. i didn't have to. we started on xarelto®. nice pass. safety first. like all blood thinners, don't stop taking xarelto® without talking to your doctor, as this may increase your risk of a blood clot or stroke. while taking, you may bruise more easily and it may take longer for bleeding to stop. xarelto® may increase your sk of bleeding if you take certain medicines. xarelto® can cause serious, and in rare cases, fatal bleeding. get help right away for unexpected bleeding, unusual bruising, or tingling. if you have had spinal anesthesia while on xarelto®, watch for back pain or any nerve or muscle related signs or symptoms. do not take xarelto® if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. tell your doctor before all planned medical or dental procedures. before starting xarelto®,
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tell your doctor about any kidney, liver, or bleeding problems. you know xarelto® is the #1 prescribed blood thinner in its class. that's a big win. it is for me. with xarelto® there is no regular blood monitoring and no known dietary strictions. treatment with xarelto®. ...was the right move for us. ask your doctor about xarelto®. time now to introduce you to one off our regions spectacular high school athlete. this week we are showcasing a wrestler. rowan university student and fox 29 junior reporter it in a contend owe introduces us to our athlete of the week. buena high school, he's senior a and captain of the wrestling team. he works day in and day out. every minute of practice he sets an example. he sets an example here, in the classroom and just the way he carries himself in h life. coast mass could he has had the
7:54 am
opportunity to coach breast toll before his career. it took him a few years to perform up to the level he performs at today. wrestling has always been a california evening. it builds a lot of character and helps you develop as a person. the sport didn't come natural to him and he had to keep at it. it wasn't until seventh grade that i said this kid could be someone great. it's more mental than physical. it's hard work and determination rather than the skills. i'd rather win at the end of of the match by just being tougher than the other guy. he's willing to win matches in over time. he's willing to take him down to the very end. that's because how tough he is. he placed second in district 31 this year which qualified him to wrestle at the region 8 tournament. after batting through regions he qualified to compete in states.
7:55 am
it exposes what kind of kid he is. i know he's going to be a huge success in life. i'm excited to sit back and watch that. on behalf of fox 29 i would like to congratulate you on being our high school athlete of the week. thank you very much. > good day philadelphia weekend, i'm it in a content owe. do you have someone you'd like to nominate for our high school athlete of the week. simply tweet us or post-it on our fox 29 facebook page. just use the hashtag, fox 29 good day. his friending yeah afterwards. speaking of athletes, he's been called one of the greatest basketball players of all time and tonight former sixers player and coach dog shades will be honored his jersey retirement. coming up we speak to his son about the amazing legacy that his father left. i may be going to the justin
7:56 am
bieber concert because -- because it's cool. this is a good song. the music is pretty darn good. doing a little spring cleaning right now, but you don't want all the harsh chemicals. we have some things already in your home that will get your house clean, i promise. we thank you, pamela for saying good morning to your good day weekend family. good morning to you, pamela. we appreciate you. and also, susan, the dress you're wearing -- thank you. she's complimenting me. in green for st. patrick's day. look at this. that's us. you've renamed us billow anderson and you of course are karen hepp sullivan. show us your fox 29 irish as well. w??ççóo?óñçoñçwwññçñç
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
this morning on good day, a story you'll see only on fox. a local mom says her child and two others were hurt at school. she says a bibi gun is to blame. what she's doing to get justice. it got pretty ugly last night, some chases on up there inç chicago, a donald trump rally they had to cancel between of the clashers between the protestors and supporters got out of hand. ready to do some spring cleaning, do you want to make some extra cash doing it. coming up how your spring cleaning projects could leave you with some cold, hard cash. from the fox 29 studios, this is good day philadelphia weekend. and thank you so much for joining us on this saturday. i know so am of you have plans. we're like in full-on spring. in fact, it is the day that we should be springing forward. i'm not nearly as excited about
8:00 am
it as you are. it means we'll be getting up an hour earlier. it's all good. we'll have more light. i will sleep through more light. i feel p we've made it through the other side of the tunnel. when we get to this side i feel like winter over. which i guess it is. almost. one more week to go. and we have to get through the morning first. i'm over all that. > it certainly doesn't feel like it's been the last few days. it's about freezing there in allentown. so the sunshine is helping, warming things up. it's a nice looking shot this morning, a few people out, the bright sunshine. we need that because it was down to about 30. here are the 4 hour temperature changes. about 20-degrees colder than it's been over the past few mornings. we have a big festival in town. this one doesn't involve beer or food. here is wendy to tell us about it. that's right, dave, but you can get popcorn because it's a film
8:01 am
festival. philly has become quite the film festival this one, since it's the month of march. it's the women's film festive happening at the university of the arts. films by and about and for women. grab your popcorn and go to the womens film get the popcorn ready and the temperatures. you'll need the coat this morning. step outside it's the upper 30s, the sunshine helping to warm things up. we'll have clouds increasing, so a little chill. by this afternoon, maybe into the 50s and 6 20s. a few clouds are moving in. watching those showers closely because they could impact the day tomorrow. there's the sunshine. it's 47-degrees. a light breeze out of the east, northeast. temperatures into the 50s and then just above 60-degrees this afternoon, tracking those showers tomorrow. i'll have the seven day forecast coming up. > thank you, dave. in just a few hours, friends and
8:02 am
pamly will gather to celebrate the life of former miss new jersey, karen ma cullen. it will happen at the ocean city tabernacle in ocean city. last month, the 24 year old crashed her car along route 55 in pittsgrove township. she was not wearing her set belt and the wet road conditions may have contributed to the crash as well. she died a week later. ma cullen won the 2013 miss new jersey pang gent and was lead anchor for snj news. new jersey transit rail commuters will not need to worry about making some different plans come basically tomorrow or monday. the strike has been averted. the union representing rail workers say they've reached a tentative agreement with new jersey transit avoiding what could have been a huge headache for the nearly 200,000 people who take new jersey transit. govern chris christie says thls agreement should not result in
8:03 am
fair heights or service cuts. we've reached an agreement that is longer than the presidential executive board recommendation covering not objection to the form the period since 2011 when the last contract expired, but now through the end of 2019. this is going to give workers and commuters a measure of certainty and stability. great job. we're so glad you guys worked it all out and the workers will get some better benefits and that the riders will still have the trains when they need them. it still needs to be ratified, of course, boy all parties. > you decide political coverage, a donald trump rally is canceled. the problem, security concerns after skulls broke out between protestors and pro-trump supporters. of course this what the scene at the uic pennsylvania intravenous onin chicago. an approximately 6,000 demonstrators voiced their concerns. calling trump unamerican. fights were breaking out,
8:04 am
punches then. the pro anti trump camps were going at it. police eventually got untoll of the situation and asked people to leave in a pieceful manner. i don't want to see people get hurt or worse. i decided very strongly to make a decision not to do it and to postpone the rally. it was a big rally. it was a tremendous rally with tremendous people, but i just don't want to see people get hurt, any people, on either side. we have such a divided country now. it's been so divided under this president. i've been saying it for a long time. > donald trump is facing intensifying criticism for violent clashes between supporters and protestors at his rallies. in a victory for democrat bernie sanders, 17 year olds will be allude to vote in the primary in ohio. they have allow 17 year olds to vote in primary elections if they'll be 18 on the big
8:05 am
election day. the secretary of state in ohio ordered otherwise, but a judge over turned that ruling. a sanders spokesperson calls the ruling a victory for demsy. democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton is apologizing after calling nancy reagan an effective aides advocate. fancy reagan was laid to rest yesterday in an interview with msnbc clinton went on and said the former first lady started a national conversation on the disease, but aides advocates say the reagans didn't do enough to address the epidemic. president ronald reagan didn't deliver a major speech on it until 1987, six years after the cdc first reported on it. later, clinton tweeted, while the rage answer were strong advocates for stem cell research and finding a cure for alzheimer's disease i misspoke about their record on hiv and aides and for that i'm sorry. > let's help our schools. here's an easy thing and it will
8:06 am
make a big difference. it can help get one of our high schools new computers. we've got to work together on this one. go fund me is donating more than 100 google chrome books to more than nine schools and martin luther king in east germantown wants to claim 1 of them. they will award those computers to the school that has the most shares on facebook. we can do it. mlk is competing. joining us this morning, the principal so proud, teisha wilkins. good morning to you. >> good morning. thank you for having me. i posted this. we'll post-it on the fox 29 website. what do we need to do to get your school computers? >> share, share, share. we're all a village. we're all here to help our students move forward. technology is the key. with technology, our students are able to do owe am great things. not just, of course, watch fox
8:07 am
and be advocates for the city of philadelphia, but also to lead the world in industry and technology. we have programs at our school, career and technology, education with students across the country, interact with students in other classrooms as well as students right here in philadelphia. i want to show everybody the go fund me page. take a look at this go fund me page. if we get the most shares you're going to get the 100 computers, but no matter what, any of the money that is raised they're going to matching some of that as well. >> absolutely. what happens is they match our donations, our go fund -- go found me actuallyç reached outo me and said we're noting whying to charge you guys any of the percentage that they usually take off to do this kind of programing. every dollar that we put in is
8:08 am
matched and will be used to buy chrome books. if we share and have the most shares we'll get an additional 100 chrome books. >> for their school. > yes, absolutely. we want to have this happen. we're all going to do this together. thank you for coming in and spending your time with us. i am on go to share this on our facebook, bill is going to do it. we'll all get in on the action. hopefully we can get you guys on computers. > thank you for coming in t this morning. >> thank you for having me. > we've been talking about this story all morning. police need your help tracking down a man accused of brutally attacking a woman near penny pack park. let's get out to generally joist. it's so disturb ting. >>reporter: good morning, it is disturbing and it's a beautiful morning out here. we have seen people come through jogging in the park. it's on the minds of everybody hearing about the incident from wednesday night. we do have the sketch of the
8:09 am
person. he is described as a man in his 30s, about six feet tall weighing 250 to 300 pounds. this is the man who police believe physically assaulted a 22 year old woman on wednesday night. she was walking on run street near winchester around # 1. 30:00 p.m. when a man came up behind her, covered her mouth and forced her into the woods. he cuffed her wrists to her ankles and assaulted her, according to police. the weather was very nice this week, bringing a lot of people outside. this assault is unsettling news to people in this area. one woman says she's lived in the area for 20 years. she has a teenage daughter and she's telling her daughter to be aware of her surrounding. be careful. don't walk with your head phones on. pay attention. i hope they catch the guy. i have a wife with two kids, i
8:10 am
wouldn't want her -- she jogs, too. i would never run at way, but you should be able to. it's scary. > police say the suspect has brown course air, a scuff i beard and crooked front teeth at the time he was carrying a blue backpack. as always if you have anything or sea anything suspicion call the philadelphia police department. karen and bill. > we hope to get that guy off the streets. thank you, jenny, he is a men as. i'm going to name some names for you. doctor j. yes. will chamber land. >> okay. > some of the greatest basketball players of all time, but he would have somebody else. dog shades. he is already in the haul of fame and tonight his jersey will be retired by the sixers. we're going to be speaking to his son about his father's amazing legacy that he has left for all of us. > plus, online dating can be tough, but we have some advice.
8:11 am
one thing you can do to help get a match, right? >> one thing and it's easy. > okay. >> hey, alex. remember those old virtual reality glasses, the ones you put on. they used to look put stick, but now it's old news. coming up, how your cellphone can help you see the world in a whole new way. thank you so much for sending in your pictures and sharing with us your celebrations. it looks like someone has a broken arm up there on the left-hand side. people try to figure out, just do it like this. you pose, you take your picture, you tweet it to us. use our fox 29 good day and it's all good. we'll be right back. (vo) want to be happy with your next vehicle purchase?
8:12 am
8:13 am
at enterprise, we guarantee it. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... change your thinking about buying your next one.
8:14 am
taking a look at old city, it looks like a beautiful day. and in just a second we have a about it of a funny story to tell you about what happened during the break. we will get to that in just a moment. dog shades is one of those names hardcore sixes fans will likely know. he played his entire career with the sixers and their predecessor.
8:15 am
he was the first coach. he was also failed one of the 50 greatest players in all of nba history and inducted into the memorial basketball haul of fame up there. and he was a founding member of the national museum of american jewish history right here in philadelphia and tonight here's the big headline. his number is going to be retired by the philadelphia sixers. his son who also had a long career himself joins us life in studio. we just realized you're about seven feet tall. i think you need a bigger studio is the problem. luckily i made it in here without taking any of the lights down. so far so good. we appreciate you coming in. for someone who had a long and successful career themselves what does it mean to have your father already in the haul of fame, but have his number retired by the sixers. >> it's a big honor. my dad obviously loved basketball. it was a big part of his life. he made his home in syracuse. he was best friends with the
8:16 am
team owner, who i was named after, danny by done. he invented the 24 second clock. it really saved the game in the 50s and to have his number retired and being honored by the franchise would mean the world to him. what are you expecting tonight when everybody is there and everyone is cheering? what doç you think about having this all happened. the whole family is coming down. most of them still live up in the syracuse area. we're going to have a big tournament, 15 or 206 us and a bunch of friends. we're excited for a great evening, a lot of family love. and hopefully a sixers win. are you all tall? >> it depends on who you're talking to, but i'm the baby of the family. you can get a bigger camera. i'm the baby of the family, which is a good for a lieutenant of amusement. there's four of us, we all get six inches taller as we get
8:17 am
younger. my we're reading about your father and the founding of the museum and his involvement there. it was very important to him, seemingly important to you are, because you've been involved in things as well. >> sure. > tell us about the significance of that. not a lot of jewish players in the nba even still. >> there were more back in is era and even before that, the 30s, 40s. there have been less and less over time. there was a long time when i was the only jewish player in the nba, wobble 15 years. now there's a sprinkle l of them. my dad was very proud of his jewish heritage. his parents came over from romania to escape what was happening over there in the early part of the century, very involved still in his local synagogue. and the world ma cab games. it's a great part of our family
8:18 am
for a long time. objection to the form a handful of people have had their number retired by the sick sixers so it's a great honor. >> thank you. we're very excited. it would have meant the world to him. he loved this organization so much. > love it. thanks for coming in, big guy. >> give me a high five. > give me a high five. there we go. good luck. dave, what's the weather like? >> let's bring it down a little bit here. that's a picture this morning of a golf course. seaview, new jersey. maybe the golfers thatted to wait a little bit this morning. they had a little l frost on my car up the northern suburbs there. it could have delayed things just a little bit. about 10, 15-degrees colder but now we're warming up thanks to the sunshine. east wind about six miles an hour, so not all that bad this morning, just a light breeze and
8:19 am
these treatments are warming up. a little colder in the surrounding suburbs. we'll call it a little chill, by the this afternoon, mid 50s every where. you don't see the difference between the city and the suburbs. 40ss overnight tonight. it's not quite as cold tonight. the clouds are moving in and that's a sign of things to come because there will be some rain approaching throughout the day tomorrow. we'll still be about 630, but it's quite a bit colder along the suburbs north and west and especially along the coast. 40s there in ocean city and atlantic city. ultimate doppler right now shows that we have just a few showers to our west and that will try to work its way into the area tomorrow. the timing of this looks like it will be later in the day tomorrow, starting off with 8:00 with a few showers, but by 1:00 the parade start time you we could see a few drops coming down. warm, but not completely dry. here's mike. with this great weather we've been having are you thinking about doing some spring cleaning this weekend? there is a way to
8:20 am
make some extra cash just by cleaning up your place, so let's cash in. i hate to be whatever, but it is springtime. there's a bunch of junk in my garage. my kids have out grown it. >> do you want to get motivated? >> yeah, here's a couple of trips tips. inside my house we also have old printers? should i donate that stuff. >> you can get some cash for that because a lot of retailer will take it in as a trade and give you a gift card to recycle it? you can put some green in your bank account check out best for their program. >> okay. > what about this stuff, how about donating it and get a tax refund. check out goodwill. org for a location near you.
8:21 am
jen, your kids are into sports. >> we've got snow boards, tennis reacts, all kinds of stuff. you can get top dollar for this stuff by selling it on craigslist. >> i don't want a creeper coming to my house. you want to be careful. don't meet anyone at your house. always go to a public place. you got a bunch of old cellphones. >> yes. instead of gathering dust in the closet you can sell these online, get cash right on the spot. i love selling my husband's stuff. so jen, now you've got all this cash, what are you going to do i. >> maybe i can afford to go on spring break. what about pay the kids to clean up their room. > it's a great idea. we're cashing out.
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
> ladies, i have something for you here. >> let's debate this. there's a new study i found, talking about dating websites. >> uh-huh. > according to this website called okay cupid, pretty famous, women who initiate the conversations online rather than the men are more than twice as likely to get a response. on top of that, the men who are receiving the messages are more likelyç to be attractive. better men, better selection. would you ever -- have you ever used an online dating service. >> i haven't. > and why not. >> i don't know.
8:25 am
just the thought of it. i've been to a lot of dinner parties and things and it's to the point now when i go there's all knees couples there. every single l one, we meant on a dating site. that's the new thing. >> i know four people that we work with that have gotten married that have met their partner on dating sites. >> spill it. the people that have done it? >> do you think they would mind if you say who they are? > if they're going to do it, be proud. >> what's the name of the thing of the day, the year that the girls asked the boys out. > the sadie hawkins day. >> no. > it's also every four years on leap day. the 29th of february. it's an irish tradition. how appropriate for this weekend. > i heard about this website bumbler. it sounds like something i would go on, people that bumble
8:26 am
around. >> i think it solves this problem, because what happens is all the guys, whenever they're trying to hit you up, they're like hi, what's up? >> something you don't want to hear. >> explain bumbler, then it's women initiating. >> the women is a little bit more in control. at least i think. i don't even know on tinder, do you swipe left or right because i haven't been on any of these things. i'm kind old fashioned. you see you're the x person and they both swipe the same way. they were meant to be and tender showed them. they swiped together. so if you are ever going to use it, either one of you, would you go to the bumbler because that's where women initiate? it makes sense to me, if you're initiating, you're weeding out
8:27 am
all the weirdoes. >> true. i can't imagine myself ever getting to do that. would you ever do it and which one is the best one? what's the who the one that everyone is on give me some recommendations. >> i'm the only single one. > we'll be right back.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
all through the winter you promised me we were going skiing or snowboarding or something. >> i said that too early. we could still go. > fair enough. next week. >> next week, spring break, the kids are off. > we're going up there. >> nice. i will meet you there. true story. there's a new player the eagles just signed yesterday, did you see it. >> linebacker. > i'm listening on the radio and he's talking about why did you come to philadelphia. >> he said i came to philadelphia for the skiing. > i think he said skiing, but i was literally going to call bill anderson, but -- >> black people don't ski. there's a whole list of things that we don't do. we can do that show another time. > this is a story we're going to see only right her on fox. maybe this is a little bit disturbing, a little boy, 10
8:31 am
years old facing charges for taking a bibi gun to an elementary school. the child showed classmates the gun in the lunchroom. this happened on thursday. according to school officials he started shooting. three students were hit. they suffered cuts and bruises and the mother of one of the children talked only to fox 29 and she asked that not show her face. >> parents, we can all come together and push for more security, more school police in these schools so that our children are safe because when we send our children out into these institutions for education we expect that our children are going to be safe. the school district says the 10 year old was arrested, being charged with simple assault and weapons offenses. > let's check get a check the weather. >> it looks pretty good. > in fact, dave, what are you going to do today. >> working. > i have a bar mitzvah this evening. >> nozzle to.
8:32 am
>> this mom weather getting you warm weather gets you in the mood for this. dave, as you all know my one year old is a walker now. and we're going to take her to the park to do some rung around. what is the weather going to be like in sewell, new jersey. do you see here's my t-shirt weather question. >> where is the shirt? see that. it's the invisible man. the invisible shirt. park weather looks pretty good. 62, but not the bright sunshine. the clouds -- okay. what is going on today? 57.& there you go. i would love to do that one day, by the way. not in a dress. 57-degrees, the clouds will increase. let's look at these temperatures right now, pottstown 41,
8:33 am
47-degrees in philadelphia. so it's slowly warming up with the bright sunshine. a few clouds to our south and we'll keep a close eye on that area of rain because that may lead to some showers. a look at those and the seven day forecast ands that he's youç parade forecost calming up. > virtual reality. one future stick, no, that's a thing of the past, but actual reality, well, we live that. what's left? how about august meanted reality in what is it? how does it work? let's find out in the tech tank. actual reality, we live that, so what's left? how about augmented reality. what is it, how does it work, let's find out in the tech tank. i'm anthony mongeluzzo and this is your tech bite from the tech tank. we talked about it a bit when google release glasses. it is augmented reality.
8:34 am
a company out in pennsylvania came up with a really cool app. let's so you augmented reality in action. this looks like a regular old magazine cover, right? but we take this app from ims and we're going to see how i do. now, the magazine cover is actually coming to life. so augmented reality is going to be big on your iphone, on your android and a lot of your mobile devises where basically i guess real life for us technology people isn't good enough. we need to augment it. we're going to start seeing a lot of this in your newspaper ads, your tv screens. is it good, is it bad really tough to say but it's going to be coming down the horizon. you want to talk more technologiy, more future stick stuff, reach out to us. hashtag tank tank and i'll continue the conversation online. > thank you so much anthony. the big day is almost here, one
8:35 am
of philadelphia's favorite celebrations of the year. the st. patrick's parade fund takes a lot of prepare. >> what did kathy orr find? she found some cancers, i think. >> five, six, go. these are the first of countless steps these irish cancers will try to perfect in time for the parade. we may be went through 15 different pieces, but that's only part of a few steps. you can easily in one night drill 50 different elements. dozens of drills to practice before they even dance. instructors, meaghan, noreen and kathleen know it all so well. >> they are childhood friends. it feels great because we work so well together. we've been friends and we have the same style of irish dance since we danced together our whole life and we have similar styles of teaching. and part of that instruction,
8:36 am
strengthening the cancers to prevent injuries. by doing the core work that they're dog they're going to be able to strengthen those muscles. hire. the steps have gotten a lot more athletic from five or ten years ago. as teachers and adjudicators and cancers, we're expecting them to jump hire and reach further with each step. and so this is helping them. it's amazing how high they can go. we practice this a lot every single day. it just really comes with practice and hard work. so when it was time for me to try. point, heel, up. i can't get my heel. my leg is killing me, my thigh. i think i'll leave it to the
8:37 am
experts. > and are you getting excited for the big parade? i'm looking at your pictures on twitter and facebook. they're so much fun, just why our fox 29 irish and tell us how you're getting ready and send us your pictures and show us how you are celebrating. this one from george, good morning, love you guys, all decked out and ready for st. patrick's day. we also have this one. this is from last year's parade, this is so cute. i love the hats. even the dogs are getting in on it. thank you carol. this is the -- these are the two irish seaters, kay line, delanely, can ily and cassidy. i'm getting my education as we go through the process. >> top of morning to you. > there was that. don't forget you can watch the st. patrick's day par ride life right here on fox 29. it's happening tomorrow march 13 and of course we'll reair it on st. patrick's day, march 17.
8:38 am
it's time to clean the house
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
welcome back. we need to get your opinion about this one. there's a new service that will allow you to watch movies at home the same day they come out into the theaters. >> it's called screening room. it's the brainstorm of shawn parker and napster fame. for $150 you'd buy a special set top box. >> after paying $50 to watch the movie, people familiar with the idea say several major studios are interested in the service, but there are no firm deals just yet. $50 is about what it cost to go to the movies. >> that's a good point. initially i was thinking it was so expensive. if you have a family with kids. withç popcorn. it's just to walk in the door. forget the candy and the popcorn. >> i'll deny this if i wasn't saying it on tv. there's a guy on 52nd street who has them for five dollars.
8:42 am
that would be wrong. the whole point of paying to go out, is you go out. i'm not going to pay $50 to watch in my own house. >> if you have kids, to pay a babysitter. >> this is for the whole family. i'm too cheap, i wouldn't pay $50. i can wait a couple weeks. 1.49 on red box. >> no movie i want to see that bad. > we want to get your opinion on this. we're cheap stakes so we wouldn't actually do this. would you pay to see movies in your own living room? h these are the ones right the same day they come out. i'll pay to watch them just because it's keeper than going out. 50 bucks. this is your instant reaction poll. you can vote on fox or fox 29 yes or fox 29 no. > it only has to be one no.
8:43 am
send. keep sending us your pictures, they're so cute, the irish pictures. they're just bringing us so much joy. and we'll be right back. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. when we breathe in allergens our bodies react by over producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. complete allergy relief or incomplete.
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let your eyes decide. flonase. 6>1 changes everything.
8:45 am
taking a look at the ben franklin bridge. it's getting chilly. you'd never know property pictures. we're still encouraging people to get out and enjoy the day. >> we have sunshine.
8:46 am
it's trying to warm the temperatures up just a about it. but it's still pretty chilly out mr. . lansdale had a nice picture coming in and they want to know what it would be like for lacrosse practice. ive' been to am of these parks. it's my hometown. no rain, though. there it is, let's take a wider view and show we're pretty clear across much of the area except these showers across kentucky and north carolina and west virginia. they're all moving close and that's what we have to watch for tomorrow because that area of rain could move in along with the clouds and the warmer temperatures. right now it's l cool. it's clear and cool, but the clouds will increase today. as far as the showers, let's time this out. there they are tomorrow morning to our south. they'll slowly start to push north but fall apart by noon. it looks pretty clear. between 2 or 3:00 a few more showers develop. tomorrow for the parade, if you're doing anything outside, you cannot promise a completely dry day. maybe a few showers especially later in the day. our temperatures are into the
8:47 am
30s and 40s now. a little colder in the suburbs, but up above freezing. close to 50 in the city. down to 44-degrees in millville. as far as our weather scale goes it looks like it will be pretty good today and tomorrow but by tomorrow evening there are those showers. the temperatures will stay into the 60s, dropping into the 60s on monday. there's a 72-degree on wednesday followed by a few showers and a cooler breeze thursday and friday. > it is time now to go around the house. it is time for spring cleaning, but if you don't like all the harsh chemicals, how to do things naturally. it's called spit that out. that is the overly informed parents' guide to raising healthy kids in the age of environmental guilt. good morning. thank you so much for coming in. thank you so much for having me on the show. what can we do to not use the harsh chemicals. first step you have a spray bottle here and what do we put it in and is it going to work. >> it is.
8:48 am
this is not your mother's spring cleaning, but probably your great-grandmothers and you know what, they had some things right. plain white vinegar, baking soda, essential oils. this stuff is keep cheap and it works. anti bacterial properties. these really do clean your house. thieves oil, thieves is actually i think trademark brand. it goes by a few different names. it's essentially a combination of five oils that for hundreds of years have been used and they really help me when i'm feeling sick to feel better. it's got clove and you can lip tuesday is a strong one in there. they are -- there's been tests scientifically shown that they really do a great job killing bacteria. the banner that we're running at the bottom of our screen, all the rosemaries and ^berg mount. that's not in thieves oil, but that is a citrus which i
8:49 am
actually didn't know. main sit truss are main sit truss you can use lemons and oranges cut up around your house. they do a great job of cleaning. when people have plug in air fresheners that give him a headache, what do you recommend instead. that is my biggest pet peeves. it's bad news. you can still use candles. candles that are scented with natural fragrances. there's plenty of them on the market. they smell amazing. > why did you bring a plant in. plants are wonderful for detoxifying the air. they work as a natural filter. this one is called a.locks plant. i'vehood this for over 15 years. i barely water this thing and it's lasted forever. i try to keep these in every room of the house and the other
8:50 am
thing i keep in every room of the house is a help a air filter. i don't know about you but p my allergies have been killing me. my son has allergies and asthma. when you change out that filter you see all the guck and the dirt that's inside of it. you can get these different sizes and different places. >> all over the place. > absolutely. >> natural cleaning, some natural scents. wonderful tips right there for your house. we'll be right back.
8:51 am
turns out lemon juice doesn't cure pink eye. hi. how are you doing today? that's how i am. red head fred. ultra rare. i collect these too. nah, these are for my dog because he can never decide which one he wants until he gets home, so... american express presents the blue cash everyday card with no annual fee. cash back on purchases. my only concern is that this is where we put food. a dog's foot is cleaner than a human's mouth. that's what they say. is it? cleaner than my mouth. backed by the service and security of american express.
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> i'm not going to lie, the fox food bite segment is some of my favorite segments because we get to make delicious food. i'm a breakfast guy. what are we making today in we're making a new signature redville yet french toast. this is really simple. i want to warn everybody first, the gloves are very important because your hands will get stained if you do not. let's start with a couple of eggs, four to be exact. i'll see how he place he the eggs. that's mostly because he doesn't trust me cooking. >> you are more than welcome to hand me the eggs. >> that's my role.
8:54 am
and he will add yet another egg. >> four eggs in tote l al. the butter milk. four eggs, butter milk. if you don't have butter milk you can use milk as well. also cocoa powder, a very important, staple ingredient in red velvet. > we have two teaspoons of vanilla extract. >> can you tell i'm hungry. this is really important, the red food coloring. this is the red food coloring. >> because this is red velvet french toast. > i will mix because i want to contribute to all of this. i will mix. you can see it getting red, the flavor starting to pop. i want to make sure i get the
8:55 am
eggs going in there. standard white bread. this is where the gloves are really important. you are going to dip this in there and soak it up. we're going to get rid of this. we will move aside because the magic of tv, we have prepared this delicious dish. so boom, that's what it looks like when it comes out after you've cockade. in your saute pan or your grid l l at home. >> and then we add the touches to it that make it special. this is stuffing. > what is this? >> this is a vanilla, no bake cheese cake. >> we will show you all the ingredients. they are on our website, fox we will get that up so people can see how to make this as well. that that in there almost ike a sandwich. >> a little bit more here.
8:56 am
pull ought this together and make it look good. if this was in my kitchen i would have picked this up and been chewing by now. i like to put a a little bit of fresh fruit to make it a little more healthy. > this is basically it. >> this is basically it. we throw a little l powdered sugar on there. > last but not least. >> is what? > our house made raspberry maim syrup. >> we would put a little about it on the side. > we will also put the ingredients of that up on our website, fox let me step back so everybody can see it quickry. >> this is red veal set stuffed french toast. it's stuffed with the vanilla bean cheese cake. >> exclusively at little lions, during our brunch on saturdays and sundays. > let everybody know how delicious it is.
8:57 am
anchors. thank you, everyone. little l lyons, in the area you can go by and check out red velvet stuffed french toast. this is delicious. thank you. > thank you very much. the fox food bite. thank you for sending in your pictures. this one from darling. kink wanted to say hi. he cannot wait for the parade tomorrow. neither can we. look at this, a cool picture sent in from casey, celebrating fox 29 irish. and also, bill and karen, thank you for having your breakfast with us, whether it's your dog or your own self, good morning from jersey and philly. that looks like a goat. we got our irish, we got the parade tomorrow. go inova and don't forget to spring forward and set your
8:58 am
clocks forward and wake up an extra hour early tomorrow morning. we'll see you:
8:59 am
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